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FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

Version: Final | Updated: 06/29/01

JVC Musical Industries, Inc
A Lucas Arts Production
A Factor 5 Development
	Indiana Jones: The Greatest Adventures

	A Walkthrough, By J.T. (jt@flipmode.com)

	Version Final

Revision History:

6/26/01 - Started Walkthrough/Raiders of Lost Ark

6/27/01 - Added story for Lost Ark, finished Lost Ark, started on Temple of Doom

6/28/01 - Added story for Temple of Doom finished Temple of Doom, transmitted 
guide from MS Word to WordPad.

6/29/01 - Added story for Last Crusade, finished Last Crusade, added Boss and 
Password sections

Here's the lowdown on each of the stories, since this game is made up from the 
trilogy box office smash.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones, a well known adventurer and 
archaeologist looks for the golden idol but after he gets it, another 
archaeologist takes it from him. So Indiana follows him and finds out that he is 
helping the German Nazis to find the coveted Ark of the Covenant. He goes inside 
the Well of Souls and gets it, but the same archaeologist who took the golden 
idol takes the Ark from him and locks him in the Well of Souls, along with 
thousands of snakes. He escapes, and with this girl who likes him they are tied 
up as the Nazis open the Covenant. The Covenant's angels kill everyone who has 
their eyes open but Indiana and his girl have them widely shut. The U.S. seizes 
the Ark and catalogues it in the pentagon?

Temple of Doom: Indiana Jones is a club bartering with the Mafia I believe. 
Anyway he tries to bargain this green topaz, a remnant of the first dynasty. He 
doesn't give it to them so they poison his drink and make a deal: the topaz for 
the antidote. However they throw the antidote and in a big shootout scene 
Indiana is forced to escape along with a woman and a kid. They look to leave the 
country, but they board the Mafia's guy plane. The pilot & co-pilot jump out of 
the plane, leaving the crew stranded in India. They find out something has 
happened to the locals so they uncover a plot to sacrifice people and help Kali-
Ma rule the world with the Sankara Stones. Dr. Jones puts a stop to that and 
saves the day once again.

Last Crusade: Our hero is hired to find the person who was last looking for the 
Holy Grail, which happened to be his father. He gets information that his father 
is being held at a Castle in Austria, so he goes and rescues him then they board 
a zeppelin. Indiana dumps a German out of the airplane and they escape via 
emergency plane. They crash in the desert and happen to find the temple where 
the Grail is being kept. Inside there are three tests, I forgot the names of 
them but they require thinking. The crew is ambushed at the temple and Donovan 
shoots one of his friends. Indiana has his faith tested and a bridge appears 
across a canyon to the Grail's room. He makes it there to discover a knight who 
has been there 700 years waiting for him. Donovan sneaks in through a back way 
and drinks from the wrong cup, thus ending his life. Indiana picks the right and 
makes it back to heal his friend with the grail, but some moron takes the Grail 
out of the boundary and thus it is lost again. Quite the adventure eh?

		=Raiders of the Lost Ark=

-Peruvian Temple-

-Infamous Boulder Chase-


-Himalayan Mountains-

-Burning Bar-



-Cart Chase-

-Streets at Night-

-German Dig Site-

-Well of Souls-

-Well of Souls/Closed-


-Island Surface-


Peruvian Temple
Punch the gray thing and your whip falls out. Run and leap over the piranha-
infested waters all while moving quick enough to not get hit by the stalactites. 
Once you see the circle dot in the air use the whip to swing and grab an extra 
life. Leap over more pools of water to fight your first native. Whip him twice 
along with the spider-web. With a spider-web a spider is not far away, so get 
away from him too. Test your whipping skills by swinging over the water then 
whipping all of the bats with a native. Grab the five rubies and jump over the 
ground spikes. Take five more then another five while leaping over the spikes. 
Be careful since the little totem pole blows out a spike also. Jump from 
platform to platform and you'll receive a grenade. Jump over another totem pole 
to find three bats. A native with a spider also cross your path. Run fast past 
the dropping things but not too fast or you'll get ambushed with a spike tower. 
Roll underneath the blowing totem and keep leaping over the piranha-infested 
waters. Face a bat, three natives and you'll run right on to the exit.

"That wasn't so bad" "I finally found the golden idol" Little does he know what 
happens to people who mess around with the golden idol.

Infamous Boulder Chase
What more can I type, you must run and jump over all types of obstacles while 
keeping ahead of the giant boulder. Here are some tips to help you out though. 
Keep jumping, even when you don't see some spikes. Always leap off of cliffs, 
there are generally no spikes going up/down hills. Keep jumping instead of flat 
out running. When you see two ground spikes followed by a tower spike your 
almost done. Right after 2 spikes and 2 spike towers is the exit.


Himalayan Mountains
Walk up to the mailbox. Continuously roll into it so you can use it as a boost 
to the higher ground. Punch the gray thing for your whip, and swing across the 
canyon. Jump over a bear trap and whip a wolf along with two birds. Right after 
the next wolf & bird is a guy shooting at you, jump over the bullets then whip 
him quick. Keep hopping downward, and whip the two objects in front of you for a 
pistol! Use it on the guy right there, then another one further up the hill. 
Gather up the scattered rubies, hiding under a tree is another guy. Leap behind 
him and shoot him in the back. After three bear traps you'll see a bird and a 
guy firing at you. Drop down and take everything. Run quickly across the fading 
bridge to leave this place.

Burning Bar
Get the grenade then punch the vase for your whip. Go inside, leap over the 
tumbling fire to see the morons still drinking their beer. Jump up and move to 
the left. Push the crate over and hop up. Swing over with the whip to the next 
platform while avoiding the rat. Behind the crate is a grenade so picks that up. 
Jump over the occasional fireball and reach the stairs. In the middle of the 
stairs jump, so you reach the next floor. Quickly run past the crumbling floors 
while dodging the rats. When you reach the next staircase, roll into the crate 
from the right so it's still on the stairs then use it to jump up. Advance left 
and you can find heaps of rubies along with a grenade & a pistol. Go back right 
to face your first boss. Details are in the boss section.


Slide the basket over on the enemy. Climb up then make a jump to the left and 
climb up again. Walk on top of the building then jump over the barrier. Collect 
the rubies and jump on top of the blue sheet use it to climb up. Dodge the pot 
dropping person to receive your whip. Whip those two soldiers & drop down. Move 
carefully past the three pot throwers and push the yellow basket over. While 
doing this whip the next two soldiers then leap up. Use your whip to swing on 
the peg and whip the monkey. Drop down then crouch while whipping the soldier. 
Use the blue sheet to bounce up and swing your way across three pegs. Hop up and 
leap over the bullets while whipping the Arab and take the extra life behind him. 
Jump the gap and take out the monkey. Drop down and whip the pots, they mostly 
have rubies. Where the three rubies are, jump and punch the basket down. Use it 
to get on the blue sheet where you'll find another basket. Punch that down and 
use it to move up. Kill the sword-wielding guy and move down. Toss a grenade at 
the monkey and rat. Move on to find another monkey and rat then sneak up on a 
sword-wielding guy. Swing on the peg to get the blue sheet then jump to the clay 
pot maniac. Whip her and jump to climb up for lots of rubies. The camera 
advances to the boss, who can be found somewhere in this FAQ.

Cart Chase
Pick up the pistol immediately and move. Jump over the bales of hay constantly 
being thrown at you. You have to shoot the driver 12 times, and then leap on his 
vehicle before the donkeys speed up. Yeah I know it isn't easy. The best way to 
do it is to run right in front of the guy and fire shots at him. The hard way is 
to do jump shots. After a bit a German pops onto the cart and knocks your weapon 
away. Simply crouch and punch combos on him and after like 5 punches he'll go to 
the graveyard.

Streets at Night
The rats are getting bolder, so tame them and grab your whip and all the rubies. 
Crouch since there is a German soldier coming. Use the peg to swing up there and 
take out another German soldier. Drop down off the roof to find a German soldier, 
rat and a sword-wielding maniac. Push the basket over to the blue sheet and use 
the pegs to swing across. Take the ruby then whip the German soldier followed by 
a sword-wielder. Slide the wicker basket past rats and another German and use it 
to reach the blue sheet. Swing across the peg for a big pile of rubies and on 
the rooftop past three enemies is a heart with a grenade. Back to where you were 
are three consecutive Germans then a sword-wielder. Drop and return the fire of 
the guy above you. Climb up and shoot both pot throwers. If you want more rubies 
leap to the left, otherwise jump right and continue. Two Germans and a rat block 
your escape path, remedy that and leave.

German Dig Site
In front of you is your whip; to the left is a grenade. Get both and take out 
the birds with the German. Leap to where the cart was and keep going. Gather up 
all the rubies while whipping birds. Move fast on these because the plywood is 
weak. Toss a grenade at the next guy and leap over the weak plywood. Fight the 
next guy and move up to three birds by the track area. When you reach the end 
drop down and take even more rubies. Keep going while hitting the birds and 
you'll find another German by a tent. The tent cues the exit, so leave already.

Well of Souls
Bash the column that drops in front of you. Punch the eye and get your whip. 
Time jumps so you can get over the snake pit. Get past two stone columns and 
descend the steps while picking up rubies. Hit the bats fluttering around and 
you'll reach what you think is the exit. Instead drop down and move right. 
You'll continue downward, whipping bats then move right over lots of snakes. If 
you're in the right spot you can push a yellow stone. Use it to help across the 
snake pit and smash the Germans. Now move down then left, making big jumps over 
snake pits and you'll see the Ark for a moment.

Well of Souls/Closed
Since they closed the opening on you, you have to find the way out. Punch the 
pharaoh for your whip and jump across the snakes. When you reach the seemingly 
dead end, use the barely visible platforms to work your way up. Kill the two 
Germans (they're not supposed to be down here) and get to the wall. Jump up 
while gathering rubies. When you amass 100 rubies that's an extra life. To the 
right top is a big pile of them. Move left and time the jump so the pillars 
won't crush you. There's another German and one of those spike towers will drop 
out. After the snake pits is yet another German then drop and bomb the rats. 
Fare left while collecting more rubies to find another German with a spike tower. 
Also a bat is flying around. Hurdle over three large snake pits and you'll 
hurdle right out. The exit is on the left side.


Island Surface
Pick up your whip and take out the rock carrying birds, these guys really are 
annoying. Just past that are some rubies and more rock dropping birds. Take out 
another German and leap up. Move on and push over a can, but not before you get 
the pile of rubies. Lob a grenade at the German and the birds too. Hop from 
column to column, but not too sloppily or you'll run into a bird. Kill the next 
German and duck from some bullets and rocks being thrown. Past two tents is a 
grenade and past the third tent you can leave.

And past the exit is a guy, and past the guy is the ark. This guy happens to be 
a boss, so get the scoop on him.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've finished one movie, but that leaves two more to go.

		=Temple of Doom=

-Club Obi-Wan-

-Shanghai Streets-


-Snow Rafting-

-The Palace-


-Pankot Caves-

-Pankot Caves2-

-Mine Cart Ride-


Club Obi-Wan
This level to me is pretty cool. Punch the thing in front of you and take your 
pistol. Then promptly start running. Hide behind the first cabinet with a dish 
on it. Move to crouch beneath the piano, then the table. Now you must run like 
heck, hurdle over the table then crouch under the next piano. The chandelier 
will drop on your head though so watch out. Move to the table then shoot the 
flame-throwing waiter that comes then continue to the following piano. Move to 
the next object, and a sliding table with a falling chandelier are there. Make 
it to the next piano, when the snipers cease for a little bit run right past and 
grab the antidote.

Shanghai Streets
You'll fall onto the top of a convertible and bounce up; don't prowl the streets 
since there are gangsters around. Bounce right and collect rubies. Then hop left 
and when you reach the non-bouncing sheet, jump up quickly. Pretty soon you'll 
find your whip, use it on the pegs. Your pistol is on the rooftop, along with a 
gangster. Try to make the jump across to the next rooftop, if you don't it'll be 
difficult on the streets. Make sure gangsters don't ambush you, climb up and use 
the whip to swing. Keep bouncing right then whip (or shoot) the wood dropping 
person. Hop left and take out another wood thrower with a pacing gangster. 
Repeat the process and at the far left use the purple sheets and whip your way 
quickly to the next roof. This roof yields the exit.


Snow Rafting
This is the best but frustrating level for me. You have to raft while dodging 
tree stumps and trees. Occasionally you'll hit a cliff and go flying, just let 
it flow. There are also jewels in the snow. What can I say, have a good time? 
When you are about to the hit the canyon press B to jump over it. Repeat this 
strategy for all canyons. When you think the button locks up it doesn't, you'll 
just fall into the village.

The Palace
Travel backward and get your whip and rubies. You can take the right path, as 
the left one is a false one and leads back here. Make sure you have your whip 
and kill the sword-wielding guy. Push the wicker basket over and hop over the 
statue to get an extra life and some rubies. Kill the sword guy, it doesn't 
matter then enter the statue. Push the wicker basket left and jumps over the 
statue. Push it rightward and you should be in the fireplace. Roll into the 
basket so that your pushing it left and jump over the statue again and push it 
right then enter. If done correctly you should hear the theme music.


Pankot Caves
Smash the cross looking figure for your whip. Stand at the higher elevation and 
swing across then kill the bat. Run down, killing bats and collecting rubies and 
you will jump onto a lava raft. Make it so that when you jump onto the other 
raft, you'll have enough time to throw a grenade at the sword wielder and get 
off the lava. Leap from basalt rock to basalt rock then drop down and roll under 
it. Stand on the lava rafts to get across and over again but jump before the 
burst hits you. There are a total of six rafts on this piece, and a knife 
thrower awaits you. Roll through the crack carefully and whip all of the bats. 
Drop down for two more than a knife thrower. When the ceiling is too high roll 
under it and enjoy another lava ride. After three or four bats there are two 
knife throwers so take care of them. Be careful now, after the next lava ride 
the rock is loose and the fragments could hit you. The fragments magically seem 
to fly where you are so move quickly. After that you are out of here. 

Pankot Caves2
Annihilate the knife thrower and bat quickly. Run up to the slave to free him, 
and get 500 points. Up the hill is a guard and some bats then a spear shooting 
guard. Take them all out and move on. Down is another slave then three rock 
parts are loose and fragments are flying all over the place. Try to make it 
through this chaos and reach the slave. Climb up and kill the spear guard then 
free the slave and fare left. Climb up again and make the bats deceased. You 
must go up about five assembly lines while avoiding the bats. The easiest way to 
get past the rock manufacturer is to crest up and jump over, but you have the 
knife thrower to worry about. Maneuver away from the rocks & the spear guard, 
and you can grab your pistol. Go back to the rock manufacturer and above that, 
use the whip to swing over and free the slave. Past more bats and loose rock 
fragments are another slave and a grenade nearby, also with a spear guard nearby. 
There's another grenade and a knife thrower. When you reach the dead end, press 
down + B to hop down the convector belts. You'll hop right down to the exit, but 
before you go in free the slave on the right side.

Mine Cart Rafting
You aim the trigger to shoot anything on the tracks. Just in case you forgot, 
the Y button shoots. Even if they're not in you're way yet, shoot the things 
blocking you because they try to knock you out of the cart. When you're about to 
go the wrong way, shoot the switch and the tracks will cross over, enabling you 
to go the other path. This is necessary many parts of this ride. Some times they 
will try to trick you, but remember when the stick is leaning to the left, 
you'll go left and vice versa. Soon the enemies will get really populated then 
the tracks will intersect. Soon you will come to a stop just before a dead end. 
You must now fight the boss so have a good time!

When you're done partying with Mola Ram, watch the FMV.
You've just finished the second movie!@!@!@!@!

		=Last Crusade=



-Outside Castle-

-Inside Castle-


-Zeppelin Interior-

-Biplane Dogfight-



-Grail Tomb-


Rats. I hate rats. And believe you and me; there are plenty to go around. Don't 
be lured by the green rock, you can't jump on it. Land on the brown rock and 
receive your whip. Occasionally you have to duck from the huge fire stream. Jump 
and suck, oops I mean duck to find a guy with a knife. Quickly disarm him with 
the rat then find another dastardly duo. Keep moving fast while snatching up 
rubies. You'll find yet another duo then a rat by itself. Use the whip across 
the in jumpable canyon and duck from the oncoming fire. Bounce over the caskets 
to bomb your last duo and jog right out.


Inside Castle
Get your whip then approach your first Nazi. You can damage him by rolling into 
him also. Keep moving, sacking Nazis and opening packages for rubies. After you 
get down the stairs there's a Nazi trying to walk up so kill him and drop to the 
second floor. On this floor there are only two enemies, and a big pile of rubies. 
The next level has two regular Nazi soldiers, then two who are crouched on the 
ground firing at you. Kill them both by standing on top of the fireplace & 
shooting. Descend the long staircase to find more Nazis and up the left 
staircase is a heart. A sword wielder will try to leap at you, toss a grenade at 
him. Another crouched soldier is waiting so be careful. Yet two more soldiers 
are waiting, a stand up and a crouch down. On the last floor, there are four 
soldiers but I'll let you guess the types. Find your father who has been 
lollygagging around here.

Outside Castle
Get your whip and run to the second window, just move expeditiously past the 
burning windows and kill the Nazi. The tree hides the stone ending, so stop 
there and now you really have to use your whip like an expert. And what makes it 
worse is you have to make it across the windows without getting burned. After 
like what seems like forever your back on solid ground. You'll grab rubies, a 
grenade power up and the pistol. Switch back to the whip, since the solid ground 
has run out again. But this time, a German soldier is firing right at you so 
crouch then shoot him. The ground ends even earlier this time so move. 10 pegs 
later is a sword guy with another grenade power up, pistol and even more rubies. 
Pick those up and get out of here.


Zeppelin Interior
The whip, as always is right in front of you. Travel to find an angry mechanic, 
quickly end his suffering. Up the stairs to find a mechanic throwing wrenches at 
you, take him out and keep moving to the right. Explore this big place, getting 
giant piles of rubies and grenades. If you forgot how to drop down stairs, press 
down + B. After your satisfied with this place, the exit is on the right side.

Biplane Dogfight
To get past these other planes you must use flying tactics. Don't just stick to 
the top of the sky; you'll get shot down. Keep moving all over the place, while 
trading shots yourself. Now far the hard part; you have to shoot down 20 
airplanes without getting shot yourself. It'll take a bit of practice, but I'm 
sure you can do it. Just remember to shoot then dodge. The easiest way is to 
keep firing in the direction they come in.


Follow the trail of jewels, which leads to a knife thrower and his kin. Kill 
both of them and down the hill are at least 3 more knife throwers. Next up are 
two Germans, what's up with the increased security? Over a cliff jump is yet 
another knife thrower and another trail of jewels. You'll reach an army tank, 
hop aboard and prepare to fight. Don't use your whip use your fists. Use the 
'bob and weave' method the boxers now and you should come out on top. If you 
punched him out before the tank falls out the cliff you'll move to the next 

Grail Tomb
This place is chock full of traps. The crushing pillars should lend you a clue 
and with the scything blades and rock fragments this place is downright deadly. 
To make it even worse a knife thrower is trying to prevent you from getting 
across the canyon. You must maneuver through four scythes then there are wall 
scythes, roll under them and past the chunk of rock about to fall on you. After 
the crushing pillar, swing across the canyon for more traps. Lead the knife 
thrower towards you then throw a bomb. Cross more nails, scythes and chunks of 
rock falling onto you for more nails, scythes and chunks of rock falling onto 
you. After the nail platforms are another crushing pillar with a stupid knife 
thrower, be careful while trying to kill him. Never once stop moving, there are 
traps everywhere. Pretty soon you'll have to roll under the wall and there's 
another knife thrower. This one is hard to kill because of the position, but 
manageable. Run past the rocks and another kt is waiting. There are two more, 
one across the canyon and one by a crushing pillar. Once the last kt is dead, 
just leave this death trap. Face Donovan and come out alive (unlike him).

Hurray! You have just beaten Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures!
Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.

=Boss Strategies=

Burning Bar - Toht
Pronounced 'toat'. This one eyed guy will hop across the top platforms. Shoot 
him twice; don't bother to get the whip. After he's been hit twice, he starts 
throwing fire bottles at you. They even bounce off the walls. So dodge them 
effectively and keep firing at him. After you hit him more times the bottles get 
more bounce. The right side there is a weak spot of the floor so try to stay 
away from that too. He takes about 12 pistol hits. Leap over to the lady to grab 
the medallion.

Streets - Cairo Swordsman
Whip the basket for your pistol. As soon as he comes out, take one (uno) shot at 
him. That wasn't very hard, was it?

Island - Belloq
Belloq has opened up the ark, and it's up to you to stop him. On the right you 
can pick up your whip, immediately hit him before any souls come out. After some 
hits he sends out a chain of energy. If you dodge the souls long enough they 
fade away, but there are often two or more out at a time so be cautious. Jump 
over all of the energy, if you don't want to dodge the heads just whip them too. 
Concentrate on hitting him one at a time, then getting away from the attacks. 
Soon the ark will close and open again, this means his power is fading. Once it 
closes again, you have defeated him and the Ark closes for good.

Bridge - Mola Ram
Hit the camera for your whip. Notice when you step down on the bridge, it shifts, 
so keep hopping. You'll meet up with the priest. The hardest part is staying on 
the bridge long enough to whip him. His cronies with swords come and try to 
swipe you, leap over as they plummet to the death. Besides that, you have to 
avoid the stones he throws at you. Just stay close to him and keep hitting him, 
he's pretty much defenseless without his cronies. After roughly 12 whips he's 
alligator food.

Grail Tomb - Donovan
Uh oh, somebody had a little too much false grail. Seriously, since Donovan is a 
skeleton now, he's much more powerful. So get your whip, and hit him. Jump over 
his head when he throws it, and when he comes back. Get away when he tries to 
jump on you, and when he shoots his bones. He'll send his head again, and then 
will keep trying to stomp on you. The worst attack is when he implodes and his 
bones go flying then he comes back together. Just crouch when this happens and 
whip him and roll under when he hops around. When he's back in the bone yard, 
walk up to the knight.

These passwords were obtained on normal mode
Password status: 100% operative

Delta: triangle thick on two sides
Epsilon: resembles an E
Phi: circle with a line through it
Omega: an O curled on both sides
Psi: a pointing up fork

Start you off at Nepal

Start you off at Cairo

Start you off at the Island

Start you off at Shanghai

Start you off at India

Start you off at Pankot

Start you off at Venice

Start you off at Salzburg

Start you off at the Zeppelin

Start you off at Alexandretta

(c) Copyright 2001 J.T. This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot 
be reproduced in any way, shape or form (physical, electronically, or otherwise) 
aside from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's 
original, unedited and unaltered format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable 
purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or promotional 
purposes. It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction. It cannot be 
given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this creates 
incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.

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