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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SRusher

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    ,__________. ,__. ,__.
    |          | |  | |  |
    `---.  ,---' |  | |  |                    ,--.
        |  |     |  | |  |                    `--'
        |  |     |  | |  | ,--. ,--. ,------. ,--. ,------. ,--.----.
        |  |     |  | |  | |  | |  | |   ---' |  | |  ,.  | |  ,-.  |
    ,___'  `___. |  | |  | |  | |  | .____  ` |  | |  ||  | |  | |  |
    |          | |  | |  | |  `-'  | |      | |  | |  `'  | |  | |  |
    `----------' `--' `--' `-----^-' `------' `--' `------' `--' `--'
                                  |  .--'
       ,---------.     ,------. ,-'  `-.
     ,'           \    |  ,.  | |      |
    /    ,----.    .   |  ||  | '-.  ,-'
    |   /      \___'   |  `'  |   |  |
    |   |              `------'   `--'
    |   |                          ,--.
    |   |                          `--'
    |   |   ,-------.   ,-------.  ,--.   ,-------.
    |   |   |       |  |  ,__.  |  |  |  |  ,__.  |
    |   |   `--.  ,-'  `--'  |  |  |  |  `--'  |  |
    |   `_____/   |    ,-----'  |  |  |  ,-----'  |
    \             /    |  ,--.  |  |  |  |  ,--.  |
     `.         ,'     |  '--'  |  |  |  |  '--'  |    ASCII Art
       `-------'       `-------'   `--'  `-------'     2000-2002 Steve Rusher
    FAQ created by Steve Rusher
    << tern@rochester.rr.com >>
      *** Please see disclaimer at bottom of document before e-mailing me! ***
         My policies regarding questions and hints have changed a lot since
                              the last release.
    Release #8  (Finalization Candidate 1)
    DATE: 11/14/02
    I.    INTRO
    No matter where I looked, the only FAQ I could find for Illusion of Gaia was
    one constructed by Darth GGW.  Yeah, it was pretty good, but I found it to
    be rather incomplete.  Certain things weren't explained very well, some
    not at all, certain things were missing, and some things were flat out
    wrong.  Besides that, I got lost a lot.
    It dawned on me that perhaps I could write a better one, so I restarted the
    game and began writing this document.  This isn't a replacement for
    Darth's FAQ, just an improvement.  Some people may like Darth's FAQ
    better, and I don't blame you.  Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.
    However, I took a few extra steps, especially including inserting the Red
    Jewel locations in to the actual walkthrough!
    I will acknowledge, however, that I've used Darth's FAQ as a guide
    whenever I needed it.  Nothing has been ripped off, I simply used it as a
    light to guide my way.
    -= HISTORY =-
    (For detailed version changes, see the Brief Version History section)
    When I released the first version on GameFAQs.com, it was slightly
    incomplete.  Several Red Jewel locations were missing, certain things were
    left out, the guide was pretty unrefined.  After a while, e-mail started
    pouring in about this guide, many providing tips on how to make this guide
    better.  The first to e-mail me specific tips were credited with their
    inclusion, and the guide slowly expanded to serve the public better.
    Now, this walkthrough is as you see it.  The product of one writer and
    many contributors, striving to build a better guide.  As this guide gets
    bigger, it also gets better.  Spread this around, I'm loving every second
    of popularity this guide is giving me!
    - Steve Rusher
    ROM Type:  Nintendo Super Famicom/SNES
    ROM Size:  2MB
    Save RAM:  Yes
    Players:   1
    Genre:     Adventure/RPG
    Publisher: Quintet/Enix
    Year:      1994
    To do a JUMP ATTACK when you are Will, face a direction, tap ATTACK, and then
    hold the D-Pad in whatever direction you are facing.  JUMP ATTACKS do 1hp
    more damage than normal attacks.
    When you go down a ramp, hold the D-Pad in the direction your running to do
    a CONTINUED RUN.  Usually you need this to jump ramps and such.
    For more stuff, see the MICROMANUAL section:
    Thanks to the world of emulation, "classic" games like Illusion of Gaia
    are being resurrected and reaching a whole new level.  Note that you may
    not legally download an Illusion of Gaia ROM file unless you actually own
    the game.  However, the pirate ROM trade observes the same respect for
    copyright laws as the typical MP3 exchange: 99% of it is illegal.
    Unfortunately, most emulated console systems are no longer in production,
    as well the games that run on them.  This means that the number of players
    only increases through the spread of pirated (illegally copied) ROM files
    and legal emulators, such as SNES9X, Genecyst, ZSNES, Boycott, NESticle,
    MasterGear, etc.
    Personally, I believe that the gamemakers who make such games should
    either allow all copyrighted cartridges that are no longer manufactured to
    become freely distributable, or come up with a licensing scheme that would
    make upholding copyright laws worthwhile.  While I do not intend to promote
    copyright infringement and piracy, I do promote the resurrection of the
    "classic game."  Long live emulation!
    Because a large amount of Illusion of Gaia players are using emulated
    copies, I'm providing a small manual here.
            ,--------------.----- Telekinesis/Block
           /               |
         ,______.       ,______.
     /     _                       \
     |  __| |__             <X>    |
     | |__   __| Sel Sta <Y>   (A) ----- Attack/Talk
     |  | |_|     |---|     (B) ----- Use item
     `. |        ||   ||           |
       `|-------' |   | `---------'
        |         |   |
        `-- Move  |   `-- Pause/Enemy Map
                  `-- Menu
      WILL: Flute
        Coverage: Medium
        Range: Short
        Damage: Low
      FREEDAN: Long sword
        Coverage: Low
        Range: Medium
        Damage: High
      SHADOW: Arms
        Coverage: High
        Range: High
        Damage: High
      To move around, simply press the direction on the D-Pad corresponding to
      the direction you want to move.  To DASH, tap the direction you want to
      go, then hold the direction down.
      To interact with an object, such as talk to a person, search a barrel,
      etc., walk right up to it, face it, and press ATTACK/TALK.  Treasure
      chests may be opened simply by approaching them from the bottom!
      A basic attack can be executed by pressing the ATTACK/TALK button.  This
      simply swings whatever weapon you have in the direction you are facing.
      Advanced attacks, which can do anything from projectile attacks to spin
      assaults, must be learned along your journey.
        To select an item, highlight the Items entry, and press your
        ATTACK/TALK button.  Then, use the D-Pad to select an item.  Press
        ATTACK/TALK to equip it, or USE ITEM to cancel.
        To re-arrange your items palette, highlight the Order entry, and press
        ATTACK/TALK.  Use the D-Pad to select an item, then move the cursor to
        a different spot, and press ATTACK/TALK to swap the two slots.
        To discard an item (you shouldn't have to, ever!), select Remove, and
        press ATTACK/TALK.  Use the D-Pad to select the item, then press
        ATTACK/TALK to discard it.  Press USE ITEM to cancel it.
        Highlighting the Cond. entry shows your current condition:
        STYLE - What form you are currently in
        HP    - Hit points.  Every time you take damage, a certain amount of
                hit points is subtracted.  When your HP hits zero, you die.
        DP    - Dark power.  The number after the S is the number of lives you
                have.  For every 100 DP you collect, you'll gain a life.
        STR   - Strength.  This is how much damage you'll do per hit with your
        DEF   - Defense.  The higher your defense, the less damage you'll take
                from enemy attacks.
        DARK POWER:
          This shows what your current special abilities are.
        PSYCHO DASH: Hold down ATTACK until you start glowing.  When you start
          flashing rapidly, release ATTACK to Psycho Dash
        PSYCHO SLIDER: When running, press ATTACK to use Psycho Slider
        SPIN DASH: Hold down Attack until you're flashing rapidly (i.e. if you
          let go of Attack, you'd do a Psycho Dash), and while holding attack,
          press L and R very fast.  Alternate, so do L then R then L then R etc.
          When you see 4 directional arrows pop up, you have two options:
          1.) Hold a direction on the D-Pad to go in that direction REALLY fast,
          which is why this skill is useful
          2.) Wait for the arrows to disappear, then just hold directions to
          manually move yourself around.
        DARK FRIAR: Hold down ATTACK until you start glowing.  When you start
          flashing rapidly, release ATTACK to use Dark Friar.  If you have
          upgraded your Dark Friar, press ATTACK while the fireball is in the
          air to detonate it.
        AURA BARRIER: Hold down ATTACK until you start glowing.  When you start
          flashing rapidly, hold down L or R to create an Aura Barrier.
        EARTHQUAKER: When jumping off of a ledge, hit ATTACK to perform
        AURA: Equip the Aura and use it
        FIREBIRD: (Only useful on final boss) Press ATTACK to launch a firebird.
    If you have any suggestions to add on to this section, read the disclaimer
    at the bottom of the document.  If you agree to the conditions, e-mail me
    at tern@rochester.rr.com
    First off, you get a quick briefing on what the game's storyline will be
    revolving around.  Then, Seth will tell you to meet him at "the usual
    place."  More on that later.  First, go up the staircase to the left.
    Approach the energy ball from below to enter Dark Space.  In Dark Space,
    you can save your game, or later in the game, transform.
    Go in, and you'll find you have the Dark Power, therefore you are the
    chosen one.  Save your game.
    Go back to the school, and then exit to enter town.  Talk to as many
    people as you can.  When you're done, go down all the way until you reach
    the dock.  Then, go right.  There's a boarded up cave, but you can get in
    anyway.  Talk to the fisherman before you enter!
    Once in the cave, talk to both of them.  Erik will rush in, with news that
    the Princess of Edward Castle has run away.  Then, they'll start playing
    cards.  Move to the left of Erik.
    They then want to see your "mysterious power"  To show them, stand to the
    left of the statue and push the L or R button, and it'll move towards
    you.  AMAZING!  This is one of the game's most useful skills, so remember
    it.  Talk to Lance.  He'll lay out 4 cards, and ask you which is the Ace
    of Diamonds.  The one you pick is always right cuz you're psychic.
    Leave the cave, and take a RED JEWEL out of the fisherman's pot.  When
    you leave the dock, you'll be facing a red house, which is LANCE'S HOUSE.
    Enter it, take the stairs on the right, and search the pot on the
    upper-right for another RED JEWEL.  Go back to the School, go on to the
    roof, and look for another RED JEWEL on the left side of the bell tower.
    Then, jump off the ledge to your left.  There's a man on the roof, so talk
    to him.  He's the JEWELER GEM.  Give him your Red Jewels for an Herb.
    NOTE: Later in the game, your inventory might start getting crowded with
    Red Jewels.  To lighten your Jewel load, just equip the Jewel, and use
    it.  It'll be removed from your inventory and sent to the Jeweler Gem.
    NEVER drop a Red Jewel!
    Finally, go to the school and save your game.  Like most RPGs, you should
    save often to prevent constant backtracking every time you screw up.
    Go to WILL'S HOUSE (It's just to the right of the School) and you'll see a
    pig wrecking the place.  Try to go upstairs.  The pig will push you away
    and Kara will come out.  Go upstairs, and talk to your grandparents.
    You'll hear a scream from downstairs.  Go investigate!  Two guards will
    be there to haul Kara away.  Talk to your grandparents again, and go
    upstairs to eat, then you will go to sleep.  When you wake up, go
    downstairs and talk to your grandmother to learn LOLA'S MELODY.
    Leave town and go to Edward Castle.
    Go right until you see two sets of stairs.  Go up the stairs until you
    reach the top, and then cross the bridge.  Talk to the guard, and Kara
    will let you pass.  Talk to Kara.  You will find that the King has hired a
    hunter.  If you want to have some cheap fun, stand to the right of the
    guard and talk to him to get thrown really fast.  Go back to the ground
    There is now a person behind the pillar all the way to the right on the
    ground floor.  Talk to them.  They'll give you a RED JEWEL.
    Go left until you see a guard standing next to a doorway.  Enter the
    doorway, and talk to the king.  He'll put you in a cell no matter what
    your answer is.
    NOTE: Actually, you do have the Crystal Ring... You just don't know
    Now, this seems unnecessary, but press your ATTACK/TALK button in the
    following locations:
    1.) Facing the ball on the ball and chain
    2.) Facing the wall standing on the moss heap at the upper-right corner
    3.) Facing the wall standing on the moss heap at the lower-left corner
    2.) Facing outside standing at the cell door
    Then, wait about 15-20 seconds, and a guard will drop down some bread.
    Eat it.  Wait about 10 more seconds, and you'll drift off to sleep, and
    your father will start talking to you from the flute.  You will be
    presented with two options.  Choose either one, it doesn't matter.  Use
    telekinesis to grab the item that drops from the ceiling.  Go over to the
    cell door and wait about 5 seconds and you will hear Hamlet, who walks up
    to the cell.  Go to the left of the door, face down, and press ATTACK/TALK
    to talk to it.  You will receive a key.  Equip it, and use it on the
    door.  Enter the cell on the right to save your game.
    Go down, and enter the first fight so far!
    NOTE: I like referring to the first insanely easy fights in games as
    "Newbie Lane."  Only newbies die in such places, so please, watch your step
    and avoid stereotypes.
        Bat/3   Skeleton/6   Water Snake/5   Brown Bat/10
        Brown Skeleton/14   Brown Skeleton Head/10
    Use the jump-attack tactic mentioned in the HINTS FOR ANY WORLD section to
    easily beat this area.  There is no reason for not finishing off every single
    enemy in this place.
    To get by the two statues, use telekinesis to move either one out of the
    You can deflect the fireballs shot by the water snakes by using
    telekinesis while facing them.  In the third screen, hit the switch by
    attacking it and follow the new path for an Herb.  Hit the switch again to
    Watch out for falling spears!  If you see the shadow, move away from it,
    obviously.  The weird spike things tend to follow the walls.  Remember
    To flip the "rusty" switch, go up the stairs, and jump off the ledge above
    it.  As a reward, you get a RED JEWEL.
    If you're extremely new to this, you might have to resume from a saved game.
    When you reach a room with two switches, equip LOLA'S MELODY and use it.
    Go to the right switch.  When the timer hits 3, whack the switch.  Then,
    back to fighting!
    When you reach the part with 4 water snakes, you only have to kill the
    upper-left one, but kill 'em all for the reward.  :)   Enter the newly
    formed Dark Space to transform in to Freedan.  Go back and hit the switch
    with your new, really long sword.  Take the top path to avoid the
    spikeballs.  When the path forks, go left for a RED JEWEL, then go right.
    When all is said and done, you'll meet Lilly.  When she leaves, search the
    bottom barrel in the row of four from the right side for a RED JEWEL.
    Searching it from the left does not work.  Leave the room, and go up the
    stairs until you're to the roof.  Cross the bridge and rescue Kara.
    Before you leave, go back to the bottom floor.  There's a big fat Roast
    Leg of Yak (scrumptious) in the first open barrel you'll see.  Finally, you
    can leave!
    Oh, no!  The Jackal's after you!  Don't worry, you never actually fight
    him.  Talk to Lilly.  Leave Will's House, talk to anyone you want
    You should do two things in particular before you leave:
    1.) If you didn't get it before, go in and out of the Seaside Cave until
    the fisherman pulls up a pot.  Look in it for a RED JEWEL.
    2.) Trade your RED JEWELS for a Defense Force.
    Then talk to Lilly again when you're ready to go.  When Lilly says you won't
    be back for a long time, what she REALLY means is, you WON'T be back.
    Sorry if she got your hopes up!
    Once you get to ITORY VILLAGE, play LOLA'S MELODY to reveal its true
    First things first.  Go left, and search the first log pile in the row of
    3 from below for a RED JEWEL.
    Go all the way to the top and save your game.  Go to the statue on the
    left to learn Psycho Dash.  Then, run down the ramp.  Don't stop running,
    and you'll wind up at a different part of the map.  Go down until you hear
    a voice talking to you.  Go up to the gravestones and talk to the elder.
    Go down the ladder and in to the cave.  Hit the wall with your flute until
    you hear a hollow sound.  Psycho Dash the wall, go in, and you'll get Incan
    Statue A.
    Go back to the village, SAVE, and go all the way to the bottom.  Go right,
    up the staircase, and then right to enter Lilly's House.  Talk to Lilly
    to go to the Home of the Moon Tribe.
        Green Insect/6
    First, go up until the Moon Tribe will talk to you.  Then, they will
    appear.  Talk to all of them and go down and in to the cave.  You have 20
    seconds to kill all of the insects.  Not too difficult, just try to hit as
    many at once as possible.
    Then, it's off to the Incan Ruins.
        Mud Monster/8   Needle Gun/9   Green Insect/6   Green Slime/6
        Blue Insect/6   Statue Head/8   Living Statue A/11
        Living Statue B/11
    NOTE ON THE TWO LIVING STATUE TYPES: There are two types.  One has purple
    hair and shoots fire, the other has blue hair and throws spears.  I thought
    there was only one type, but later noticed the difference.
    First, go left.  Kill guys until you reach the exit at the bottom, where
    you get a Diamond-Shaped Block.  Go back to the spike pit and use it on
    the diamond-shaped hole in the ground.
    Go outside, kill anything along the way, and go as far right as you can.
    Go down the ladder and in the doorway.  Use Psycho Dash to destroy the
    statues.  In the chest is an Herb.  Go back up the ladder, go left, cross
    the bridge, and jump off the ledge.  Go in the doorway.  Use Psycho Dash to
    destroy the statue.  Then, you'll encounter some Green Slimes.  Make quick
    work of them.  After the Statue Head, go up the stairs, left, down the
    next set of stairs, and outside.
    When you see the 4 gold statues, DON'T go near them!  If they come to life,
    run and come back.  Use Telekinesis to move each one on to a gold tile,
    OR, move 3 of them on to the tiles, and stand on the remaining one.  A door
    will form.  Go in to the next room.  At the top is a Dark Space.  Transform
    in to Freedan, go up the stairs, and work your way to the exit at the bottom,
    where you will learn the Melody of the Wind.
    Backtrack until you reach the room with two Statue Heads.  Kill the one you
    couldn't reach before, and a miniramp will form.  Use the same continued-run
    technique as the one you used in Itory to access a new area.  Kill everything
    you see, especially the still Statue Head.  Then, use the continued-run
    technique again.
    Keep going, and when the road forks, go up.  Then go left for an Herb.  Go
    down the stairs.  Twice you'll see four gold statues with a switch nearby
    that don't come to life when you approach them.  The switch is what brings
    them to life.
    When you reach the ramp, run down it and continue running to the right.
    You'll see a door.  Go through it.  Go down, and when you find the Dark
    Space, save.  Change back in to Will.  In the chest past all the Blue
    Insects is a RED JEWEL.  Use your map (press START) if you can't seem to
    locate it.
    Go back through the door, and down the stairs.  Keep heading down until you
    reach a room full of gold tiles.  Play the Melody of the Wind.  A tile
    will start to glow, so stand on it.  Be patient.  After about 12 seconds
    of standing on it, a door will open at the bottom of the room.  Go through
    it, go left, and you'll see a Dark Space entrance.  Save your game, and
    transform in to Freedan.
    NOTE: Many people get stuck at this part because of emulator
    misconfiguration!  If you don't see a glowing tile, READ THE FREQUENTLY
    Go right and then down the ladder.  Use Incan Statue A on top of the stone
    head.  Then, go back up, left, down the next ladder, and use Incan Statue B
    on top of the other one.  Go back up, save again, then go left.  To fight
    the boss, stand on the tile between the three pylons, then through the door.
    BOSS: HP-40
    STRATEGY: First, knock out his hands.  They take about 5 hits each to
    neutralize.  Then, when his eyes light up, whack his head as many times as
    NOTE: You don't have to stand near the edge of the gap to hit him.  You
    can stand all the way at the bottom, and if you're Freedan (which you
    should be), your long sword can hit him anyway.
    When he starts shaking, stand right near the upper-right corner of the gap.
    If you stand behind him, you get burned, despite what Gaia tells you.  The
    3-flame crystal-thing is the most you really have to worry about.  When a
    hand pops up, whack it fast.  Stay near the bottom of the room until he's
    vulnerable and you should be fine.  It may take an herb to beat this guy.
    Once he's dead, go up, and jump down the pit to reach the Incan Gold Ship.
    Go down the stairs near the bottom of the screen.  Then, go up through the
    doorway.  Go all the way to the right and grab the Mystic Statue in the
    chest.  Go back to the place you started, and climb the ladder to the
    Crow's Nest.  Yes, you can jump off the top if you want to.  ;)
    Talk to the guy up there and the ship will set sail.  Go back down and
    downstairs again.  Go right, talk to the lady next to the ladder going up
    the bunkbed, and then go up to go to sleep.  In your dream, go downstairs
    and talk to your grandmother.  When you wake up, before you do anything, go
    left and talk to Seth (Purple robe...) for a RED JEWEL.  Then go back
    downstairs.  Go right and "talk" to the mummified queen.  Then, the ship
    will start to shake.  Go back on deck and find out why I told you to talk
    to Seth first.  :)
    The ship will then be blown to pieces and you'll be stuck with Kara on a
    small raft.
    NOTE: This is pathetically boring.  If there is one thing I hate about this
    game, it's this sequence.
    Day 1: Keep talking to Kara until she suggests that you both eat.  Use the
    meat you stole from Edward Castle.
    Day 2: Wait...  If you haven't noticed by now, your HP is slowly
    Day 4: Talk to Kara.  A pot will drift towards you.  In it is a letter
    which will tell you what your next adventure will be...  Anyhow, talk to
    Kara repeatedly until the day ends.
    Day 7: Stand near the top of the boat and hit ATTACK to smack fish.  When
    they land on the boat, stand on them and press ATTACK to eat them.  Do this
    until you're at full health, then talk to Kara.  She'll move.  Stand near
    the top of the boat, to her left, and smack more fish until she eats it.
    Day 12: Nothing happens, but you see a red star...
    Day 18: Talk to Kara.  No your hair didn't get longer.  :)   Ignore the
    sharks, and you'll be taught another one of the lame morals this game has
    to offer.
    Day 21: Talk to Kara.  You'll pass out, and wake up, FINALLY OFF THE DAMN
    That's right, you've got Scurvy.  Fun stuff, huh?  Despite the fact that
    back in the times of this game, scurvy was usually fatal, you're still
    acting just fine.  Go down to jump off the bed, talk to Kara, go outside,
    and search the pot to the right of the doorway for a RED JEWEL.  Talk to
    Kara to depart to Freejia
    NOTE: The dog's name is Turbo, eh?  Hey, guess what?  In the sequel to
    Illusion of Gaia (Terranigma), Turbo returns as a key part of the storyline!
    Go right, and then up the staircase.  Talk to Kara, then go inside.
    Instead of following her, go up and through the doorway.  Go all the way
    to the right, and in to the last door.  Search the open pot for a RED
    JEWEL.  Go back to the ground floor, go right, and talk to everyone.  Leave
    the hotel, go as far right as you can, and jump down on to the flower
    bed.  (Between the two buildings with the blue roofs)  The spot you can
    jump down on is right below the last door.  Then, go down until you can
    jump back on to the pathway.  Talk to the cloaked guy for a RED JEWEL.
    Then, go back up, in to the flower bed, left, and back out again.
    You might be overloaded with RED JEWELS, so go in the building that the
    little girl is standing next to (head left....) and go up the stairs until
    you reach the roof.  Go right on to the next roof and talk to the man.
    He's the Jeweler Gem.  Go back down, and through the alley between the
    last two buildings.
    Search the trash can next to the man with the blue robe for an HP Jewel.
    Keep going right until you see a man blocking your path.  Search the trash
    can right in front of him for an Herb.  Go back in to the building that
    the two purple-robed guys are in front of and you can save your game at
    last!  Head right a bit and you'll see a staircase with a guy on top (talk
    to him for a quick laugh).  The trashcan near the base of the staircase
    contains 2 herbs.  Go right and in to the last building.  Go up the stairs
    and jump off the right ledge to get by the doofus who was guarding the path.
    Go right, down, up the ladder, and jump off the ledge.  Go down the stairs
    and talk to the man at the table.  Go outside, and retrace your steps
    until you find the two purple-robed guys.  Talk to the one on the right,
    and tell him the slave's location (It sounds bad, but don't worry) for a
    Get by the guy blocking your way again (after saving of course) and go
    right, then in to the Labor Market.  Talk to the robed guy, say you're
    there to get a laborer, and talk to all 3.  The third has a dirty secret.
    Go back outside, talk to the guy blocking your path again (He'll shove you
    back) then go left all the way to the place where the guy slams the door in
    your face.
    Approach the door and "talk" to it.  You'll hear Erik inside.  To break
    the door, just attack it.  You don't need to Psycho Dash it like some
    people claim you do.  Talk to Erik to learn where the Diamond Mines are.
    Then, save, leave, and go there.
      Lizard Man/10   Ground Worm/5   Evil Eye/5
    Pretty straight-forward.  Here are basic instructions:
    When you find the elevator door and the sign, go up a little bit and
    left.  Talk to the laborer, then whack the ball and chain to free him.
    The second one is easy to find, but guarded better.  When you find the
    first switch, look above, below, and to the left of the wood platform to
    find the other 3.  Flip them all and go down.  After a while, the road will
    fork.  You can go down another level, or left.  Go left, then up.  In the
    corner, your hair will blow around.  Psycho Dash the wall, and a laborer
    will give you 3 RED JEWELS.  (Hint submitted by Logan Hudson
    Go left, and kill everything for access to a Dark Space, where you can heal
    and transform to Freedan.  Head, down, and go down a level.
    In the room with the 4 statued Evil Eyes, you only have to kill the
    upper-left one, but kill 'em all anyways.  You'll reach a Dark Space.
    Enter, transform to Will.  Don't save.  Go left and up in to the little
    crevice.  See how your hair blows around?  Psycho Dash the wall there to
    access ANOTHER Dark Space.  Here, you learn Dark Friar.  Now you can save.
    Go back to the place where you couldn't do a continued-run because a fence
    blocked your way.  Charge a Dark Friar attack, and blast the Ground Worm on
    the ledge to the right of the fence.  Then, go left, up and Continued Run
    up the ramp.  You'll find the third laborer.  Save him, then talk to him
    for the Elevator Key.  Go back to the room with the elevator in it, and use
    the elevator key on the steel grating.
    NOTE: To simplify your life, when you reach the area with the 4 switches,
    just go left and jump off the ledge.
    After you go up the elevator, you'll find a room with two staircases.  Go
    down the left one to fight a bunch of Ground Worms.  It's worth it for the
    powerup.  Near the lower-right corner is the Mine Key.  Look for a little
    sparkle, then stand on it and hit ATTACK to pick it up.
    Then go down the right one to fight a little bit of everything.
    Dark Friar wastes most of 'em.  Free the laborer for they key to the mine.
    Go back and use both keys on the steel grating.  Go down the stairs, free
    the 3 laborers, and talk to all three of them.  Sam will teach you the
    Memory Melody.  He'll also relieve you of two useless items in your
    Go to the hotel and use the Memory Melody on Erik.  Kara will announce
    another obvious moral...  Off to Neil's Cottage!
    Neil has some interesting toys: An oxygen tank, an airplane wing, a
    telescope, and a primitive camera.  Sure...
    Talk to everyone, check out Neil's inventions, then talk to Neil again to
    leave for the Nazca Desert.
    Okay, here's basically what to do.  Wait until everyone stops walking.
    Then, talk to everyone once.  Then talk to Kara again.  Go down to the
    lower-left.  Follow the ghost until you lose it.  Then, go back to the main
    group, and talk to Neil.  The answer would be the Left Foot.  Go there, and
    when they all stop moving, stand at the knee and press ATTACK.  The Sky
    Garden will descend, and you'll be transported there.
      TOP SIDE:
        Blue Statue/16   Orb Worm/12
        Red Statue/16     Silver Orb Worm/12
      DIFFERENCES:  Silver Orb Worms, when dead, the pieces will fall down
      again, but they hurt if you're too close, plus Silver Orb Worms jump
      around.  Red Statues, when they fire their fists, the fists return
    First things first.  When you arrive, go down, left, and back up to save!
    Take the upper-left passageway first.  Continued-Run down the ramp and
    hold UP to jump.  Then, progress until you have two options: 1.)
    Continued-Run down another ramp and jump again   or 2.) Jump off a ledge
    on to the other side.
    Continued-Run-Jump the ramp, but when you land, hold LEFT so you don't jump
    the next one.  Go down and jump off the edge to switch to the other side.
    Go right until you hit a wall, then go up.  There's a tunnel "blocked" by a
    chain of 3 light balls bouncing around.  It's invincible, and it hurts.
    Stay in the corners and it can't hurt you.  Sneak by it, and keep going
    until you find a Dark Space.  SAVE!  USE FREEDAN NOW!
    Go down and to the place where the energy-ball thing was originally
    blocking your path.  It still is, but go right and down.  You'll see a
    knight with a sword in his hands.  Use Dark Friar on it, and the sword will
    spring loose.  Those things hurt, so avoid it until you can charge Dark
    Friar, and then blast it.  The Knight is now yours to pull along with
    Telekinesis.  Pull it on to the switch to its left to remove the
    ministatue from your path.  Go down.  Kill as much as you can, but
    conserve health.  Jump off the ledge to return to the normal side.
    Go up to the ramp, and continued run, but hold UP for an herb.  Go right,
    up, and off the edge again.  To get back to the ramp, go right, down, and
    then off the edge.  Go down the ramp again, but this time hold DOWN for a
    Crystal Ball (You need 4)
    To get back to the main area, jump off the edge, go right, then follow the
    right wall and go as far up as you can.  Watch out for the fireball
    thing.  When you hit the top, go left, jump off the small step, then jump
    off the edge.  Climb the stairs, and continued-run down the ramp.  Hold
    RIGHT, and you'll jump two ramps.
    Next path: Take the bottom-left one.  Yes, the Moon Tribe guy told you to
    do it clockwise.  He lied.  Anyhow, kill the blue statue and go up the
    newly revealed path.  Just to the right of the end of the bridge is a
    ledge you can use to jump to the other side.  Do so, but don't hit the
    switch.  First, go left for a RED JEWEL.  Go back, flip the switch, and
    jump off the ledge again.  Before you go left, charge a Dark Friar.  Use
    it to quickly kill the first blue statue, then go up and kill the others.
    Go down, kill the orb worm, charge a Dark Friar, go left, and kill the
    Blue Statues.  Go up, and jump off the ledge.  Go right, and use a Dark
    Friar on the switch from far away.  Jump back off the ledge again.  Go
    left, change back to Will, and save.  Go down until you see a chest, then
    go right until you see four mini-pillars grouped together.  Stand to the
    right of them, and continued-run to the right until you run in to two
    statues.  Psycho Dash them.  You can't do anything with the ramp yet, so
    jump off the edge to the backside.  Go right, avoid the fireballs, then go
    up the middle of the statues.  Kill the red statue, and quickly go right.
    Keep going right until you see 3 red statues.  Kill them all, and prepare
    to fight a flying sword without Freedan... It's a bit tougher.  Hit the
    knight, kill the sword, and go left.  Ignore the knight, kill the red
    cyclops.  Then, go back and drag the knight left using Telekinesis on to
    the switch the red statue was standing on.  Go up, left (to the room with
    all the fireball things), down, left, and off the edge again.  Go up the
    stairs, Psycho Dash the statues again, and continued-run left until you
    reach the chest.  Inside is the second Crystal Ball.
    Go up twice and change to Freedan.  Go back down to the chest.
    To get back to the main part, go RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, and UP.
    Save, and take the lower-right path.  Use Dark Friar to waste the statues,
    then go down.  Go down the ladder, right, back up, around, down, etc.
    Eventually you'll see a ramp.  Kill the knight's sword, then continued-run
    down the ramp to jump.  when you land, you'll be able to go up, so do it.
    Go up until you can't any more.  Then, jump off the edge to the back of the
    garden.  Go right.  You'll see a red statue.  Use Dark Friar to kill it,
    go right, and jump off the edge.  Kill the blue statue with a few Dark
    Friar attacks, then go down the newly revealed path.  Keep going down, and
    jump off the edge again.
    If you want to kill some guys, go left.  If not, go right.  Kill the red
    statues (try to keep your HP high, this part's annoying), and progress
    right.  Then, go up.  Kill the red statue.  Go up (watch out for
    fireballs) for another Crystal Ball.  One more and you're done!  Just
    retrace your steps to get back to the main area.  Heal and save.
    Take the upper-right path.  Go down all the way, then right, then up all
    the way.  Go right, and down to a place full of guys.  Okay, now go right,
    not down.  Go up the staircase to the far right for a RED JEWEL.
    To get the crystal ball, go RIGHT from the room full of guys, then DOWN.
    At the 4-way junction blocked by a red statue, go left.  Go as far left as
    you can, down, right, and off the ledge,  In the top-right is a chest with
    the crystal ball in it.  Go back to the junction, and go right.  Jump off
    the ledge and you can get an herb.  Go back the start point again.
    Now, there are 4 holes in the ground.  Use a Crystal Ball on each one of
    them.  Then, save.  Go up to fight the boss.
    BOSS: HP-40
    STRATEGY: If you're not insanely careless, this guy's a snap!  He attacks
    as follows:
    1.) He drops a cluster of 4 feathers in a cross-shape.  It'll stop moving,
    and then burst in to 4 feathers.  Minimal damage.
    2.) He dives at you.  Smack him with your sword.
    3.) He'll sit on the upper wall.  MOVE AWAY FROM HIM!  You'll see a little
    blue thing form near his mouth, and then he'll spit out a bunch of
    crystals.  Heavy damage, but REAL easy to avoid.  You should be able to get
    about 2 hits off when he's perched.
    NOTE: You may think he only fires at a 45-degree angle.  NO!  He fires down
    too, so don't try to get under him for a few cheap shots, or you'll
    probably wind up wasting an herb.
    4.) He fires 6 feathers at you, sort of like a curve-shot.  They level out
    and go horizontal, so if they curve your way, try to get between the bottom
    two sets.
    Simple stuff.  You get a statue!  To leave, go left, and jump off the
    ledge that's left from the place you entered through.  Neil will miss you
    (hehe), then come around again and get you.  On your way to Mu, Neil's
    plane crashes.  Blah.  You wake up in a strange place....
    PART 1:
    You can't kill stuff here, but you can neutralize it by hitting it.  Go as
    far right as you can for a RED JEWEL.  Kara can't seem to find you...  Go
    back out, SAVE, and go down the stairs.  Go left as far as you can.  Take
    the door on the left, and go left to meet Erik.  Then, go right until you
    reach the chest.  Inside is another RED JEWEL.  If your inventory is getting
    crowded, equip RED JEWELs and use them to send them to the Jeweler Gem.  Go
    left, back down the stairs, and then down the stairs directly to your right.
    Ignore the other stairs, just go as far right as you can.  You'll meet
    Lilly, who tags along.  Go back to the main room, and go down the first set
    of stairs you see (the one all the way on the right), then left, and
    downstairs again, then left, and downstairs.  Here you can actually fight
    PART 2:
      TOP SIDE:
        Blue Slime/12   Silver Slime/8
    Go as far right as you can until you find two doorways.  Take the right
    one to go upstairs.  Inspect both closed coffins from the top and you'll
    get a Purification Stone.  Go back down, and then through the door on your
    left.  Go as far left as you can, and up the stairs for a RED JEWEL.  Go
    back down, and go right until you see a doorway with stairs going down.
    Go left to find Neil and Lance.  Anyhow, go back out, and go right
    cautiously.  When silver slimes start falling down, you're near the end.
    Kill them all, and enter the doorway.  You'll see a dark fountain.  Stand
    above it and use the Purification Stone to taint it.  Now, go back
    outside.  Go left, and up the stairs, right, up the stairs, left, up the
    stairs, right, up the stairs, right, up the stairs, left, and down the
    stairs.  Go left, and talk to the man at the dead-end for the Key to the
    Seaside Palace.  Go back up the stairs, left, up the stairs, right, up the
    stairs, left, and save your game.  Leave the Dark Space, and go left until
    you reach a sealed door.  Use the key on it.  Go down the passageway to
    reach Mu.
        Blue Slime/12   Rock Monster/26   Phantom/22   Silver Slime/8
    NOTE: This area is one of the hardest in the game, at least in my opinion
    Go right until you encounter a rock monster.  Jump-attacks shred those
    things.  Go down, and DON'T run or the blue slimes will cause you much
    pain.  Kill the rock monster to reveal a new path.  Using jump-attacks on
    blue slimes works quite well.  Go right, and then up.  Go right again to
    the next screen.
    NOTE ON PHANTOMS: Their shots go one direction for about .75 seconds, then
    rotate until they're facing where you are when they start rotating.  After
    they rotate, they go one direction.  Use this to dodge any lucky shots.
    Or, you can BLOCK the shots.
    NOTE ON BOUNCERS: To move them, attack them or use Telekinesis
    Work your way to the exit of this screen, and go down to the next one.
    You'll see some spike traps.  Timing solves this puzzle easily.  DON'T
    jump-attack the blue slime or you'll probably eat spike.  You'll see a
    little temple, which is the Room of Hope.  Ignore it.  Keep going...
    You'll eventually reach the end of the screen.  After it is a room with two
    statues, and... Well, nothing.  Actually, there is something.  Stand at
    the intersect between both statue's line of sight (both of them are looking
    at you....) and hit ATTACK for a Statue of Hope.  Go back to the Temple of
    Hope and use it.  Backtrack until you find a ramp going down into the
    previously flooded water.  Go down, and keep going until you find a row of
    spikes.  When they're down, go in to the crevice.  They'll go back up, go
    down, and then you should make a break for it.
    You'll find a Dark Space.  DON'T turn in to Freedan.  DO save.  Go back to
    the ramp.  DON'T go up it.  Instead, go down along the right wall.  Get by
    the energy chain, and go left.  Then, head down to the next screen.  Keep
    going until you reach a blue ramp.  See the bouncer below it?  Run in to
    the bouncer from above and hold UP to run up the blue ramp.  Kill the rock
    monster and continue on.  You'll probably run in to a Phantom.  Kill it.
    Then, continue to the next screen.  You'll see 4 blue slimes, which are
    trapped, and one which is not.  Ignore the untrapped one, and kill the
    trapped ones.  Then, kill the untrapped one.  If you kill the untrapped
    one first, the others are set loose.  Now, you can go either up or down.
    Go down, and to the next screen.
    Before you hit the switch, kill the blue slime.  Then, hit the switch, and
    RUN up, go right, then RUN down, and you should easily clear the spikes.
    Go right.  Progress through the next screen, and then you'll encounter an
    area full of energy chains.  To pass them, just run when they shoot out
    AWAY from the small gap you want to run through.  When you get through it,
    you'll find a Dark Space and learn PSYCHO SLIDER.   Save.
    Go back through the room with the energy chains, and on the screen after,
    you'll see a small hole in the bottom of the wall.  Seriously, it's hard to
    miss.  Slide through it, and go right.  You'll see a blue ramp.  Go down
    to find a bouncer.  Use telekinesis to drag it in to position, then
    bounce up the ramp.  Go left, up, and right again.  When you hit the right
    wall, remember this: DON'T run downwards, or you'll run in to an energy
    chain.  Use jump attacks to kill the rock monsters effectively.  Kill the
    gray slimes, and a statue will appear.  Go right, down, and past the first
    two sets of spikes.  Reference the diagram below in reference to the
    second set of spikes (the ones on the left).
    # = wall
    ^ = spikes
    Search where the X is for another Statue of Hope.  NOTE: It's right in the
    line of sight of the statue, obviously.  :)   Go right again, and go back
    to the hole in the wall you came through.  Backtrack until you reach the
    room where the four blue slimes were trapped.  Go up until you can't any
    more, then go right.  Slide through the hole in the wall.  Go left, then
    up.  If you want to save/heal, go left, and back to the palace.  The Dark
    Space is just to the right of the Palace entrance...  Then, go back.  See
    that ramp that leads to the lower level about 3 screen widths right of the
    entrance?  Go down it, right, and up to the other Temple of Hope.  Use the
    Statue of Hope on the altar.  Leave, go straight down, and open the chest
    for a RED JEWEL.  If you didn't save before, save now.  Go back up the
    ramp, left, down, right, and through the opening in the wall (again).
    Go left, down the ramp, and right.  Go down the next ramp.  Go left, slide
    through the hole in the wall, kill the phantoms, go left, and go up the
    ramp to save.  DON'T turn in to Freedan for reasons that should be
    painfully obvious.  Go back down, and up to the next screen.  Keep going up
    until you reach the top, then go right.  You'll see a chest.  Inside is
    Rama's Statue.  Go back down to the previous screen.  Slide through the
    hole you came in through.  Go right to the next screen.  Then, go up to
    the next after taking out the phantoms.  Go up, right, and up.  You'll
    encounter two rock monsters, guarding a chest with the other Rama's
    Statue.  Go back, slide through the whole one last time, save, and go back
    down.  Go right, to the next screen, right, and up in to the large
    doorway.  Use one Rama's Statue on each altar.  Go to the top of the
    graveyard, and "talk" to the front of the statue that stands out from the
    rest.  Yep, that's Rama.  Talk to some of the spirits.  I recommend talking
    to them from top to bottom, as the story they tell makes the most sense
    that way...
    Talk to Rama again for a Mystic Statue.  If you want to save before
    fighting the boss, do it NOW!  This one's annoying!
    SERIOUS thanks to Nathanael Neisen for this hint!  Okay, if you want to
    fight them as Freedan (Recommended, especially if you don't like using
    herbs!), go to the Dark Space closest to the boss room.  It's not too hard
    to find.  No, you can't turn in to Freedan in there, so here's where to go
    from there:
    Head left, then down to the next screen.  Go past the fire chains, and to
    the next screen.  Keep going, IGNORE THE HOLE IN THE FLOOR, and head around
    and left to the next screen.  Hit the switch, go past the spikes, and up
    to the next screen.  Head right to the next screen.  Go right, up the
    ramp, down the blue ramp, up, left, and up to the next screen.  Keep going
    until you see the brown ramp.  Don't go up it.  Instead, head left, down,
    past the spikes, and in to the Dark Space to transform into Freedan!
    Now just backtrack to the boss room, save along the way, and enjoy!
    BOSS: HP-40 x2
    STRATEGY: These two are ANNOYING!  DO NOT use Psycho Slider, it only makes
    life more painful.  You CAN however, jump-attack over their shots.
    The blond-haired one in my opinion is much easier.  To kill her, just run
    up to him, hit him 3 times, then RUN AWAY FROM HIM before his fireball
    attack can hurt you.  When the two join together to fire an energy ball,
    get as far away as you can, and DON'T let yourself get hit.  If your HP is
    low enough, it can kill you instantly.
    To kill the other one, just get right up in his face when he stops moving
    and hack away.  Then, back off.  I successfully used up about 6 herbs
    winning this battle, so don't expect this to be any sort of cakewalk.
    Some people find that walking right up to them and hacking away is
    actually the most effective way of winning...
    If you really really really really can't beat them, C2A5-44A2 is the Game
    Genie code for invincibility.
    Yes, you CAN fight these two with Freedan!   You do 2x the damage, so
    these guys are MUCH MUCH MUCH simpler!  Dark Friar works decently, but just
    thwacking them with all you got works nice too!
    Afterwards, go up to the bomb, and hit ATTACK/TALK to attempt to diffuse
    it.  Cut either wire, it doesn't matter, because your psychic so of course
    you know which one is right...  Then, talk to Erik.  Attempt to leave, and
    everyone else will show up.
    (From Hemphills, UNVERIFIED)
    "I decided to do it again and see what happened if the bomb exploded.  Its
    just a dud."
    Go right, pick up the mushroom, and talk to Kara.  After a while, you
    begin to hear Seth, who has apparently taken the form of a Riverson...
    Well, this area's pretty pointless.  At the end, you reach the Angel
    There are two parts to this.  There's the guest area, which you get to by
    going down the right ladder at the start, and the main village which you
    get to by going left and down the other one.   You should go to the guest
    area and talk to everyone first, it's just good for the storyline... Then
    go to the main village.
    Go all the way to the right, and through the doorway.  Then, go right, and
    in through the next doorway.  Talk to the two angels, they'll tell you how
    to get to Ishtar's studio...
    Anyhow, go back down, and head left.  Go in through the doorway on that
    tight-fitting area to enter the Dance Hall.  Search the fountain for a RED
    JEWEL.  Leave, and continue left.  You'll see an angel staring at the
    river.  That's the Jeweler Gem.  Behind the Jeweler is a doorway heading
    down.  Go in it.  The doorway to your left has a Dark Space in it.  You
    should save.  Continue all the way to the right until you see a large
    door.  Talk to the angel, and answer YES.  To open the door, face it and
    press the TALK/ATTACK button.  Then, go in.
        Brown Bat/5    Blue Skeleton/20    Guardian Lizard/10
        Demon Statue/10
    Okay, this is pretty easy.  The flames on the wall blow away from the
    correct way.  So if one is slanted like this: \   Go right   If it's
    slanted like this: /   Go left.   Simple?  Good!  Just take doorways
    between two opposing flames.
    Blue Skeletons inflict quite a bit of damage, so if one approaches you,
    just keep swinging and eventually its stupidity will lead to its demise.
    Bats are simple to take out: Just intercept them with your flute when they
    When you reach the screen with a river at the bottom, search the wall
    between the area where the two wall flames would imply that there's a
    doorway, and one will appear.
    When you encounter two guardian lizards, take them both out, and slide
    under the small gap in the wall behind the one on the left for a RED
    JEWEL.  In the Wind Tunnel, life is a lot easier if you run, and when
    close to a demon statue, shift up or down and Psycho Slider it to death.
    After the wind tunnel, you will encounter columns of demon statues.
    Obviously, stay near the top and use Telekinesis to block the shots, then
    Psycho Slider them to remove them.  In the last room, the entrance to
    Ishtar's Studio is hidden:
    Between the last two statues is a V-like point in the wall of the cave.
    Between that V-point and the statue just left of the last one is the
    Method 2: Your hair blows around in one part of the room.  Go straight up.
    The entrance is there.   Go to the right of the waterfalls, and you'll see
    three doorways.
    Door 1: Kara is trapped in the painting.  Obviously, you're the one that
    has to get her out...
    Door 2: Search the red pot on the left for a RED JEWEL.
    Door 3: Talk to Ishtar.  Solve the riddles, you get Kara back?  Okay,
    fine.  Go on to the riddle section.
    PART I:   The jar all the way on the right changed color from brown to
    blue-ish gray.
    PART II:  The two jars in the bottom-left changed color.
    PART III: Open the chest in the first room, obviously.  The contents have
    changed, so select the chest.  Inside the new chest is a RED JEWEL, so get
    it before you continue.
    PART IV:  Your hair blows around, so select your head.
    Anyhow, after solving all the riddles, go back to Ishtar's studio, and talk
    to the portrait (yup!), then open the chest for Magic Dust.  Go back
    outside, in to the first door, and use the Magic Dust on the portrait of
    Kara.  Then, talk to the portrait.  Will gets pissed, for reasons beyond my
    comprehension.  Please don't e-mail me explanations.  Talk to Neil to
    leave for the Floating City, also known as Watermia.
    First, talk to everyone, then leave the house.  To read Kara's diary, go
    to the left side of the raft that keeps the house you were just in afloat,
    and stand on the second plank from the top.  Go right.  When you're
    basically right above the ladder, press your TALK/ATTACK button to read it.
    Go left until you reach a house with two pots in front of it.  Go in.
    Talk to Lance, then his father, then Lance again.  Then leave.  Lance will
    cut in front of you.  Go back to Luke's house (the place you started...)
    Lilly's birthday party progresses, and afterwards, Lilly and Lance go
    outside.  Lance reveals his true feelings for Lilly, and Lilly runs away.
    Okay, now exit Luke's house, go down to the next raft, and left to the
    next.  Go down to the little miniraft with 4 exits, and go left to the edge
    of the next raft.  There's a woman surrounded by a bunch of pots.  Search
    the upper-left one for a RED JEWEL.  (Hint submitted by Drowsy Head)
    Go back to the miniraft, and head right to the gambling house.  There are
    three people facing downwards.  The one on the left is the Jeweler Gem.
    Anyhow, leave the gambling house, go to your inventory, equip Lance's
    Letter, and use it anywhere.  Go back to the miniraft, and go left.  In the
    house is a Dark Space.  SAVE!  Now, go back to the miniraft, and go down.
    Off to the Great Wall!
        Archer/25     Firebomber/22    Rainbomber/22    Snake/15
    NOTE: Yes, it's called "China's Great Wall" in this, so DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!
    NOTE REGARDING ARCHERS: Yes, Telekinesis DOES block arrows!  Use this to
    your extreme advantage!  Also, arrows do damage even if the Invincibility
    Game Genie code is active!
    NOTE REGARDING RAINBOMBERS: Yes, they look exactly like firebombers.
    NOTE REGARDING SNAKES: If one latches on to you, hit LEFT and RIGHT over
    and over again really fast until it falls off.
    Big place, but truly easy.  Go right until you see a doorway.  Enter.  Go
    left, kill the archers, and jump in to the pit.  You CAN take the ladder,
    but doing such is much slower.  Go right.  If you take the first ladder you
    see, you'll encounter 2 archers, and that's it.  When you go up the second
    one, you'll see something on the ground.  Pick it up.  It's part of
    Lilly's necklace...  Go right, up the stairs, left, and up the stairs
    again.  Continue right.  Avoid the spears.
    Next screen.... Jump in to the really deep pit.  Now, most people would
    explode in to unrecognizable pieces upon jumping this far, but of course
    you emerge without a scratch... :p
    Anyhow, continue right.
    NOTE: In rows of statues like these, some usually come to life.  If you
    encounter a large amount of statues, use your map (Hit START) to predict
    when you'll encounter one.
    Go up the stairs, go left, defeat the archers, and go up the stairs BEHIND
    the archers.  You'll see a chest.  Inside is a RED JEWEL.  Go back down,
    right, and up the middle set of stairs.  Kill the two rainbombers, go
    right, and upstairs again.  Go left, and watch out for the snake!  If you
    want, you can go up the stairs behind the spear trap and fight another
    firebomber and two snakes.  Anyhow, go up the stairs all the way to the
    left, and then go up again.  You'll see a bunch of doorways with stairs
    leading up.  One of them has a necklace stone in front of it.  Enter that
    one, and hit the switch.  Then, take the first doorway (not the one you
    came in through, the one after it)   Go left, up the stairs, and right.
    Kill the firebomber, and run by the spikes when they all retract.   Lilly
    will now join you.
    Next screen... You'll see a bunch of ramps in a staircase-like fashion.
    Now, you have two choices:
    1.) You can continued-run and perform a series of jumps leading you to the
    next screen
    2.) You can stop before you hit the first jump, go down, fight a bunch of
    guys, and get an herb.
    In the end, you'll have to take Option 1 one way or another.
    Next screen... Okay, there are 3 doors and a large pit.  Explore them all,
    kill all the snakes you find...  When you're done, return to the top.
    Here's how to reach the Dark Space...  Jump in to the gap just to the
    right of the middle doorway (on the top), move left a little bit, jump down
    again, and then jump down one more time without moving left or right.  You
    learn Spin Dash!  SAVE!
    HOW TO USE SPIN DASH: I thought Spin Dash was very poorly explained, so
    here's my explanation: Hold down Attack until you're flashing rapidly
    (i.e. if you let go of Attack, you'd do a Psycho Dash), and while holding
    attack, press L and R very fast.  Alternate, so do L then R then L then R
    etc.    When you see 4 directional arrows pop up, you have two options:
    1.) Hold a direction on the D-Pad to go in that direction REALLY fast,
    which is why this skill is useful
    2.) Wait for the arrows to disappear, then just hold directions to manually
    move yourself around.
    Anyhow, jump down, and go through the doorway to return to the top.  Then,
    go LEFT to the previous screen.  Get near the jump, and Spin Dash over to
    the doorway you couldn't get to before.  Go through the doorway, left, and
    through the doorway at the end.  Then, you'll encounter a rather tricky
    scenario.  Go left, hit the switch on the bottom, RUN left, move up a bit,
    and RUN right past the spear trap before it closes again.  Hit the switch
    on the bottom again, and quickly hit the other switch.  RUN left past the
    other spear trap.  Then, progress left until you reach a Dark Space.
    Transform to Freedan and save.  Go right.  To lift the spear trap, hit the
    switch to the left of it.  Go back up the stairs you entered through.  Go
    right until you see a switch.  Hit it twice, then go past the spears and
    through the doorway.  Go right to the "chasm screen", and then right to
    the screen after that.
    Dark Friar the archer to death to gain access to the doorway.  Go in,
    obviously.  Go left, and down the next set of stairs.  There will be
    statues blocking your way.  Here's how to dispose of them:
    1.) Pull it left
    2.) Pull it left
    3.) Pull it left, get above it, pull it up a bit, get to the left of it,
    then pull it left.  Go around it.
    4+.) Your sword is a handy tool... Smack them out of the way
    If you for any reason want them all to come to life, flip the red switch.
    Go up the stairs, left past the spear traps, up the stairs again, and
    right to the next screen.
    Go down the stairs, right, down the stairs again, and use your map to
    selectively kill the correct statues.  Go back to the stairs and a Dark
    Space will appear.  Return to Will, and save.  Then, go back up to the top
    floor.  Spin Dash over the jump, and go to the next screen.  Jump off the
    ledge to fight a BOSS!
    BOSS: HP-40
    STRATEGY: IMO, this guy's a LOT easier than those two vampires!  Anyhow,
    my advice is to charge Spin Dashes and place yourself so that his head
    will land on you when you're spinning.  When he sticks his head out of the
    sand just to spit out eggs, just slash away.  When eggs hatch, killing the
    minibugs is your top priority.  Remember: It's better to get shot by a
    minibug than hit by the big one.  Big one causes about 4hp damage per hit,
    small rocks only do about 1.  This is easily doable without wasting an
    NOTE: Darth GGW's guide refers to this as the "Sand Finger"   No, actually,
    it's "Sand Fanger", which not only makes more sense, but it's what the
    game calls it after you beat it.  :)
    Okay, boss defeated.  Go right, up the ladder, right, down the stairs,
    left, and attempt to approach Lance.  Yeah, it is pretty interesting how
    you have to learn new abilities and beat a giant sand bug to get this far
    but Lance mysteriously can breeze through the entire area without even
    seeming slightly exhausted...  Oh well.   After Lilly and Lance talk for a
    bit, talk to Lance.  Then, LEAVE!   Watch the soap-opera-ish cutscene...
    Back to Watermia!  Go back to the gambling hall, and search the jar in the
    upper-right corner (the right one) for a RED JEWEL.
    Talk to the Jeweler if this means anything for you...  If you got ALL of
    the red jewels so far, you should be able to upgrade your Dark Friar
    Anyhow, leave the gambling house, and go to the upper-right corner of the
    raft that the gambling house is floating on.  Wait patiently for a lotus
    leaf to come to you, then hop on.  Ride it to another raft, where people
    are gambling.  Be very patient, for some reason it likes to sit there a
    while before it actually moves when you're on it.
    Talk to the man blocking your way.  Yes, you do want to join, so answer Yes
    to both questions.  Talk to the man in the straw hat.  Take any glass
    except for the one all the way on the right, and you'll be fine.  After
    each glass, talk to your opponent again, and he'll take his turn.
    REMEMBER: Will is psychic.  If you try to drink the poison glass, it warns
    In your opponent's will are 4 Kruks.  Oh, boy, go back to Luke's house and
    talk to Neil, then talk to everyone else going counter-clockwise from Neil,
    then Neil again.  Off to Euro!
    Okay, first off, get out of the mansion.  Go down through the
    marketplace.  On the left, there's an apple vendor.  Talk to them for a
    free apple.  Then, go to the mansion again, go left and go up the stairs.
    Talk to Ann to give her the apple.  If she asks you something, answer "No"
    Do this until she gets 3 apples, and you'll get a RED JEWEL.
    Then, go down to the very end of the marketplace.  Go right, and leave
    Euro.  Go back to Watermia, go to Luke's house, and talk to Lance and Lilly
    for another RED JEWEL.  Return to Euro.
    From the Euro entrance, head up to the upper-right corner.  There's a man
    who tells you outsiders are not allowed.  About half a screen below him is
    a small gap between two buildings.  Head left between the gap, and then up
    the ladder.  Enter the shrine, and search the statue.  Look?  Of course!
    You'll find a small labor camp.  The one in the upper-left has something
    to say that you should definately remember.  Also, keep in mind how many
    skeletons are on the ground...  Look in the barrel in the lower-right corner
    for a RED JEWEL.  (Hint submitted by Drowsy Head)
    Go back to Euro, and go to the entrance (I'm just using this as a
    reference point)
    From the Euro entrance, go up until you meet a woman with blue hair who
    STANDS STILL.  There's another one that moves, so be sure you get the
    right one.  She'll tell you about Rofsky, world-famous violinist.  Anyhow,
    make it so that you are approaching her from the bottom of the screen and
    are able to talk to her, meaning you're basically about 1 tile below her.
    Now, hold LEFT until you can't any more.  When you stop, press TALK/ATTACK
    for a RED JEWEL.  Then, go in to Rofsky's house, and talk to both of them
    repeatedly until one of them marks off Mount Temple on your map.
    Leave Rofsky's, go right, up, and left.  Look for a guy peering out the
    window.  Enter and talk to the guy.  He's the Jeweler Gem.  Go back to the
    exit (don't leave, just go to the exit)   Enter the doorway right above
    the green-haired guy standing near the exit.  Go up the stairs to save your
        Floating Skull/18   Spider/18    Hag/15    Gold Skull/18
    NOTE: I refer to this area as the "beanstalk"   Don't ask why, I just
    do.  :)
    First, go as far left as you can.  Then, head upwards to the top of the
    screen, but stay left as much as possible.  Then, go left to the next
    screen.  Go left until you can't, then go up.  The path will fork.  Right
    leads to a walkway of mushrooms, left leads down another vine path.  Go
    left until you can't any more.  Go down, and watch out for the spider on
    the left.  Spin Dash over the ramp.  Go up to the Dark Space, turn in to
    Freedan, and save.  Go left as far as you can, and up.  You'll see two
    paths parallel to each other.  Take the right one, and watch out for the
    skulls everywhere.  With Freedan's sword, you should easily be able to
    pick off the Gold Skulls.  Go up as far as you can to advance to the next
    Now, go up as far as you can.  You should jump off the end of the vine and
    land on a set of 4 huge mushrooms.  Go left to advance to the next
    screen.  Stay along the right side of the screen and just go down until
    you reach the bottom-right corner.  Then, go left as far as you can.  Go
    up, left a bit, and back down to the bottom edge of the screen.  Go left
    until you can't any more.  Go up until you see two Gold Skulls facing each
    other.  To kill the right one, stand along the right side of the vine, face
    up, and swing.  To kill the left one, stand along the left side of the
    vine, face down, and swing.  This should prevent you from getting shot by
    either one.  Keep going up until you see a bunch of large mushrooms.  To
    your left should be a square-shaped set of vines.  Go to the top edge of
    the square, and then go right until you can't.  Go up a bit, and right.
    Kill the two Gold Skulls, and a new vine will be formed.  IGNORE IT!  Keep
    going right until you can go up to the top edge.  Wipe out all the floating
    skulls, go left, down, and left.  Open the chest for Mushroom Drops.
    Backtrack to the newly formed vine, and this time go down it.  Go right and
    you'll be back on the previous screen.
    Now, go up, right, and down.  The path will fork to the left and right.
    Go right, and keep going right until you reach the next screen.  The
    screen you enter is basically a one-way course, just stay as far up as you
    can and keep going right until you reach a Dark Space.  Save, and DON'T
    turn back in to Will.  Leave the Dark Space, go down as far as you can,
    then left all the way until you leave the screen.  Open the chest for a
    RED JEWEL.  Backtrack to the Dark Space.  From the Dark Space, there should
    be two vines to your left.  You came from the upper one.  Take the lower
    one to backtrack quite a ways in minimal time.  Go up, left, and to the
    previous screen.
    Now, go up the first vine you see, and keep going up until you reach what
    would appear to be a dead end.  See the chopped off point?  Use the
    Mushroom Drops on it to make it grow.
    NOTE: You can do this to all cut off points on the Mountain Temple
    Anyhow, go across the newly formed bridge, and up to the next screen.  Go
    as far up as you can until you see a set of giant mushrooms.  Go right,
    past the mushrooms, and down.  Cross the "mushroom bridge," and then go
    up.  Note that there's another "chopped off" point...  Go right, down, and
    right to the next screen.
    Welcome to what I have dubbed the "shroom screen"   There are two ways to
    go, up and right.  If you go right, you'll fight a bunch of guys and reach
    a dead end.  Only do this if you're one of those people who likes to kill
    every enemy in the game (like me!) because you'll have to take the upper
    path anyways.  Use an herb if the witches hurt you too much.  Anyhow, go
    right, up, and left again.  Keep going left until you reach the chest
    containing more Mushroom Drops.
    NOTE: I now have 9 lives and 99 Dark Power.  >:)
    Go back to the previous screen, up a bit, and use the Mushroom Drops on
    the chopoff point.  Cross the new vine, and go up.  If you go left a bit,
    you'll see another chopoff point.  Remember it.  Go up to the next screen.
    Now, this screen is confusing.  Go up, right, down, and as far right as
    you can.  Then go up a bit, and right.  Enter the Dark Space to learn Aura
    Barrier, a non-essential, but rather important Freedan skill.  SAVE!
    NOTE: To use Aura Barrier, charge up a Dark Friar, but instead of letting
    go of Attack to fire it, hold down L or R.  You need not hit both at once
    to execute the technique.
    Anyhow, backtrack until you can go up a vine, and obviously when you can,
    go up it!   Keep going up, ignoring the ramp to your right, until you can't
    any more.  Go as far left as you can, and this time, do jump the ramp at
    the end.  You'll land on yet another giant mushroom patch.  Go left a bit,
    and then up.  Go right, and jump the ramp.  Go down, right, across the
    ramp (you don't have to jump the ramp, but it saves time), right, up the
    next set of giant shrooms, and go across the vine just below the top one.
    Then, go down, watch out for the 3 Gold Skulls, go down a little more,
    left, across the ramp, and up the only ramp you'll be able to jump to reach
    a chest with more Mushroom Drops in it.  Phew!
    Now to get out.... Go down, left, across the ramp, up the mushroom patch
    to the top, right, across the next ramp, and then just keep taking the
    vines heading downward that are closest to you to reach the exit.  Now go
    down, left, and use the Mushroom Drops on the chopoff point.  Go left as
    far as you can, and then up, and left to the next screen.
    This screen is a one-way track until you reach a point where it forks up to
    the next screen and down.  Go up.  Now, go up the long walk of red
    mushrooms until you reach a chest containing the Teapot, which is your
    1.) Just go back the way you came, like I said, it's a one-way track.
    2.) Go right until you see a ramp.  Jump the ramp, then go left, down,
    left, and down.
    3.) Right, down, right, down, right
    4.) Right, down, right, up, right, down, right, up, right as far as you
    can.  Save, TURN IN TO WILL, then take the vine right below the way you got
    to the Dark Space through.  Go up, and left.
    5.) Same as screen 3...  Go left all the way, then down.
    6.) Go down until you reach the red mushrooms, DON'T GO ON THE MUSHROOMS,
    instead take the right vine.  Go up until you see a ramp.  Spin Dash over
    it.  Go right, down, left a bit, down, and right.  If you want, hunt out
    the rest of the enemies.  If not, you know where the exit is by now...
    7.) Right, down a small bit, right as far as you can, down as far as you
    can, and right.
    Okay, if you want an extra HP point tacked to your stats, go down to the
    long line, and wait in it.  Yes, it takes a ridiculous amount of time.
    The line moves at a rate of about 1 person every 30 seconds.  When you hit
    the end of the line, you still have to wait another 30 seconds to get in.
    This 3.5minute wait seems like forever.  Inside the building are 2 potions.
    The left one gives you an extra HP point.  The other is the same as Jeweler
    Gem's Dark Friar powerup.  I'm not sure if you can use both, cuz I was
    denied access to the second because my Dark Friar is "powerful enough."
    Oh well.  If you've been bad about getting jewels and don't have the Dark
    Friar powerup yet, DEFINITELY take it now!  Anyhow, return to the main
    Euro screen...  (Hint submitted by the_rat_killah)
    If you want to save yourself a minute or so, go in to the door to the
    right of the entrance, and when you get kicked out, immediately dash into
    the starting position.  (Hint submitted by an anonymous contributor)
    Go left all the way, and then up all the way to the mansion.  Enter!  Go
    right, up the stairs, and use the Teapot on either of Neil's parents.
    They'll reveal their true identities (moon tribe members.  Skeletons
    underneath the shrine?  Yeah, you remember those, right?) and leave.  Talk
    to Neil.  After a cutscene, Neil leaves.  Talk to Kara to leave for the
    Natives' Village.
    There's nothing to do here, really.  Talk to Kara, enter the hut she
    enters, and talk to her again to spend the night.  The natives will capture
    If you are extremely sadistic and are using an emulator, freeze-frame when
    Kara says "It's as if we will soon be separated"   Anyhow, I need not
    reveal what happens next, you have to see it for yourself.  ;)
    Will's mother will appear as a spirit and restate your mission.  After the
    spirit leaves, enter the hut on the right, and search the pot near the
    bottom for a RED JEWEL.  Go back outside to the little native
    congregation.  Talk to the top one on the right side and Ankor War will be
    marked on your map.  There's a Dark Space in the far upper-right corner of
    the village.  Use it!  Then, leave and head for Ankor Wat.
        Bush Monster/15    Fly/7    Zombie Warrior/20
        Zombie Head/25    Rock Warrior/28    Purple Zombie Head/20
        Wall Scarab/30    Green Miniworm/1   Wall Scarab 2/20?
    NOTE ON THE TWO WALL SCARABS: I believe there are two kinds.  One has 20hp,
    I believe, and the other 30.  However, the one with 20 takes about 4hp
    more damage per hit than the other one.  It might not drop bugs either.
    If you can tell them apart visually, read the disclaimer at the bottom and
    e-mail me.
    NOTE ON PURPLE ZOMBIE HEADS: These guys speed up based on NUMBER OF IMPACTS
    not TOTAL DAMAGE, so if you hit them with high-powered attacks like Psycho
    Dash, they'll stay slow but take plenty of damage.
    NOTE ON ROCK WARRIORS: These guys are wimps!  Use Jump Attacks and
    Freedan's extra-long sword to mop the floor with them!
    NOTE ON ZOMBIE WARRIORS: To kill these guys, hit their head as much as
    possible when they extend it, and when it dies, the body is vulnerable.
    Believe it or not, this place is probably easier to get lost in than the
    Mountain Temple.  Just go straight up from the start to enter the actual
    From the entrance, go right, up, and right.  You'll encounter a Rock
    Warrior.  Use hit-and-run tactics to kill it.  Go up the stairs and
    Continued-Run down the ramp and up the next one for an easy RED JEWEL.
    Go back down, and keep going right until you can't any more, then go up to
    the next screen.  Spin Dash up the ramp.  Keep going up, kill the Wall
    Scarab, and continue up.  Kill the next two Wall Scarabs, or at least the
    right one, and Psycho Slider through the little hole.  Keep going up and
    you'll eventually reach the next screen...
    Go up, and jump off the ledge.  You'll land in a pit full of bugs.  They
    can't hurt you, so don't worry.  Just go up the stairs, and continue.
    You'll reach a room full of zombie heads.  This part is a great place to
    lose health, so do hit-and-run Psycho Dashes on the normal Zombie Heads to
    make life a lot easier.  In the upper-left corner is a Wall Scarab.  Kill
    it and a staircase will form.  Go up to the next screen.  There are two
    ways to go now: Right (which leads to more Wall Scarabs and little else) or
    down.  You can go right if you want, but you must go down eventually.
    Anyhow, the exit you need to take is in the lower-left corner of the
    You'll see a small gap in the wall.  DON'T Psycho Slider under it.  First,
    stand right up near it.  Two rock warriors will jump off.  Stay away from
    the shadows to avoid getting hit.  Now, time your Psycho Slider carefully
    so you don't hit either Purple Zombie Head.  After you finish that chamber,
    Psycho Slider to the next.  Now, you can kill the two Rock Warriors
    without ever having to face them:  Stand next to the wall closer to
    whichever one you want to kill.  Smack it if it gets too close to the
    edge.  If it gets too close, it my hit you with its spin attack.  Repeat
    until one is dead.  Do the same for the other.  Use Psycho Dashes to take
    out the Purple Zombie Head with ease.  Go down, kill the Wall Scarabs, go
    down some more, and open up the chest for an herb.  Then, go back down,
    stand behind the ramp (which is right above the chest), and Spin Dash to
    jump it.  Go down to the next screen.
    Now, head right.  The Purple Zombie Heads shouldn't pose much of a
    threat...  You'll see two statues, and between them a walkway, heading
    outside to the next area.  Go down, up the stairs, right, and kill the Wall
    Scarab for a way back if you want to bail and go save or something.
    Anyhow, go through the walkway between the statues to reach the Garden.
    The Garden is infested with pesky shrub monsters.  They look slightly
    off-color, but if you can't tell them apart, hit START to use your map.
    Yeah, there are a lot of enemies.  Navigating the garden: Go up, left,
    down, left, up as far as you can (DON'T go right!), left, down, left,
    across the little stairway bridge, up all the way, right across the
    bridge.  There are 3 ways you can go: up, right, and down.  Go right!  Now
    go up a bit, right, down, right, Psycho Dash to make quick work of the bush
    monster wall, right, up, right as far as you can (ignore the stairs),
    across the minibridge, down, kill the bush monster wall, down all the way,
    across the minibridge, down (up against the wall), left, and in to the Dark
    Space.  Turn in to Freedan, and obviously, SAVE!  Leave the dark space.
    If you need kills, go up and right, and kill the bush monster wall, but
    return to the save point afterwards.  Backtrack to the staircase, and
    re-enter the structure.
    Now, head right.  Kill as many Purple Zombie Heads as you can with Dark
    Friar or better yet, Aura Barrier.  Go right all the way, then up to the
    next screen.  Use Dark Friar to kill the Purple Zombie Head on the right.
    It will allow you to continue upwards to the next area.  Keep going up,
    and you will reach a Dark Space, where you will learn Earthquaker!  To use
    it, just jump off a ledge and hit your TALK/ATTACK button as you're going
    Go back down to the previous screen, and then keep going left until you hit
    the far left wall.  If you go up, you'll see a Rock Warrior which won't
    stop spinning.  Go right, up the stairs, and jump off the ledge.  Execute
    Earthquaker to remove the pest.
    NOTE: If you attempt to get by the Rock Warrior, he'll block your path.  If
    he does this, exit the building and then re-enter.  You have to use
    Earthquaker to stop him from moving in to the way!
    Keep going up, to the next screen, and then keep going up until you get to
    the chest for a RED JEWEL.  Go back down.  Remember the path you came in
    through?  Take the one just to the right of it.  Go right, and through the
    pathway marked by statues to reach the "Road to Main Hall"
    Just go straight up and back in to the structure.  Go left, up, and keep
    going until you reach a staircase.  Don't go up it.  Instead, go right,
    and follow the pathway until you reach an exit.  Once you're back outside,
    go down, across the minibridge, and kill the bush monster.  You'll see a
    little sparkle on the ground.  Hit TALK/ATTACK on top of it for the Black
    Crystal Glasses.  Backtrack to the staircase I told you not to go up, and
    go up it.  You'll be basically blinded, so use the Black Crystal Glasses
    to make the area visible.  Head right, and then go down.  Jump in the
    large pit, enter the Dark Space, and turn back in to Will.  Oh, and save
    of course.
    Leave the Dark Space, jump off the ledge, go left, up, and continue until
    you reach the staircase again.  Head left, ignoring the holes in the
    floor, until you see a gap in the wall.  Psycho Slider under it, and go
    right.  Jump in the pit and open the chest for a RED JEWEL.  Make your way
    back to the stairs, again, this time Psycho Slider under the wall, keep
    going down, and then go right and up the stairs.  Head left, and continue
    through the one-way course until you reach a staircase.  Go up to the 4th
    Go left, and down.  There are two ways to go.  If you want to kill more
    enemies and get a RED JEWEL, take the right path.  Either way, you'll have
    to jump down the pit.  Now, head left until you reach the left wall, then
    go up, and up the stairs.  Head right, and go up the stairs.  Go up, talk
    to the spirit, and you get a Gorgon Flower.
    Now, you have to backtrack all the way back to the start... Right now is
    about the time I start wishing Illusion of Gaia had something like the
    Magic Rope in Secret of Mana or the Mirror in Zelda 3...
    Okay, return to the Natives' Village.  Go to the upper-right hut, and use
    the Gorgon Flower on each statue.  Erik and Kara will come in.  Talk to
    the woman in the middle for a RED JEWEL.  Do whatever you want (trade in
    Red Jewels maybe?) and then come back and talk to Kara to leave for Dao.
    When you arrive, leave the first building then talk to the man just to
    your left.  Yes, you are Will.  :)   You'll get your father's journal,
    which is essential to finishing the Pyramid.  Go left a bit and up to
    reach a Dark Space, where you can save.  Leave, then go right past the
    first two doorways.  In a little alley is a guy just standing there.  Yep,
    that's the Jeweler!  If you've been good about getting jewels, you should
    easily have a Dark Friar powerup by now...  And believe me, it's one hell
    of a powerup!
    NOTE: If you have never used a single herb so far, your inventory should
    be overflowing now!  :)
    If you continue right, you'll see two men talking to each other.  The one
    on the left has something to say regarding what Neil's been doing... :)
    Anyhow, go up a bit, and you'll see a blue-haired woman.  Talk to her for a
    warning from The Jackal... *gasp!*
    By the way, to the right of the woman are two rocks one right above the
    other.  3 tiles to the right of the top one on the ground is a RED JEWEL.
    Do whatever you want, and then go in the building just to the right of the
    one you entered through to talk to Neil, who will tell you how to get to
    the Pyramid.
    Leave Dao, and head for the Pyramid.
        Laser Ball/20    Dragoon/30    Flameshooter/25    Mummy/12
        Mummy Spirit/28
    NOTE: In my opinion, this place is far more amusing than Ankor Wat.
    NOTE ON FLAMESHOOTERS: You can't see 'em, but you can hit 'em!
    NOTE ON MUMMIES: Hey, guess what?  You can BLOCK the spirits that come
    out!  Now THAT saves health!
    First, go right.  Psycho Slider kills the Laser Balls rather well.  After
    killing both of them, a Dark Space will appear.  Enter, talk to Gaia for
    the Aura, and then transform in to Shadow!
    LAME NOTE: When I went through this game my third time (using massive
    amounts of cheats) my inventory was maxxed out, and Gaia told me "Cut down
    on your inventory and come back)   :D   If Gaia tells you this, discard
    your Will and Lola's Letter and you'll still be maxed out on herbs!
    Leave the Dark Space, but don't use the aura... Head right.  Go right
    until you're right at the flat part in front of the exit.  Use the Aura
    there, and you'll wind up in a small room.  Search the left pillar near
    the top of the room for a RED JEWEL.  Use the Aura again to go down again.
    To return to the top, press the TALK/ATTACK button on top of the blue
    puddle thing, and select Jump In.  Once back at the top, use Aura at the
    base of the staircase at the center.  You'll see a Dark Space, so save!
    Now, there 6 doors, and each one must be done differently, with different
    characters.  The way I'm structuring this is assuming Door 1 is on the far
    left, Door 2 is the one to the right of it, Door 3 to the right of door 2,
    etc.   Got it?  Good!
    1 2 3 Dark Space 4 5 6
    NOTE: If a character's name has an X next to it, you may use it to solve
    the door.
    > DOOR 1
        [X] Will
        [ ] Freedan
        [ ] Shadow
    First, head left.  Use Spin Dash to get up both ramps, and then keep
    taking the doorways with stairs heading down until you leave the screen.
    Now, head left, down the staircase, and use Spin Dash to clear the next
    ramp set as well.  Keep going over it if you want to kill the laser orbs.
    Then, head left and down the stairs.  Go right, and you'll see a small
    ramp.  Start a Spin Dash before the ramp, and hold RIGHT to clear the
    second one as well.  Go right, down the staircase, Spin Dash over the next
    jump, and enter the doorway.  Take the Hieroglyph Stone off of the wall,
    go out, and jump in to the blue puddle.
    > DOOR 2
        [ ] Will
        [ ] Freedan
        [X] Shadow
    Okay, if you see a spot in this area with a bunch of bricks below it, use
    the Aura.  Just keep going down.  There's a RED JEWEL on the far right side
    of the second screen.  To get the Hieroglyph Stone, use the Aura right
    below the big lion drawing on the wall.  If you didn't get the RED JEWEL
    first, then use the Aura right below the doorway leading to the stone.
    > DOOR 3
        [X] Will
        [ ] Freedan
        [X] Shadow
    If you use Will, you can get a RED JEWEL by Spin Dashing over the ramp.
    However, you need Shadow to win.  On the second screen, just keep stepping
    on tiles.  Easy stuff.
    > DOOR 4
        [X] Will
        [ ] Freedan
        [ ] Shadow
    This is insanely easy and one-track, although it can be rather damaging.
    When you reach the area with spikes coming down from the ceiling, use Spin
    Dash to get over the ramps.  Down the stairs at the end are about 6 mummies
    and a chest with a RED JEWEL in it.  Keep going right...
    > DOOR 5
        [ ] Will
        [ ] Freedan
        [X] Shadow
    Use the Aura at the point which is straight above the treasure chest (Hit
    START to use your map) for a RED JEWEL.
    > DOOR 6
        [X] Will
        [X] Freedan
        [X] Shadow
    I advise you use Freedan... It's more fun.  No, you don't need Aura,
    because a good amount of the mummies that come out of the wall have
    staircases behind them...  i.e. Walk in to the place the mummies walked out
    Finally, go through the door you keep arriving in after each door is
    finished.  Obey the voice, and walk left.  The Jackal will show up!
    AAAAA!  After you hear another voice tell you to play the flute, you
    should freeze-frame if you're using an emulator (this part is fun), GET
    AWAY FROM THE STATUE ON YOUR LEFT, and use Lola's Melody.  Yeah, this is
    why you never forgot it... KABOOF!  No more Jackal.  >:)
    Why does this work?  Well, if you talked to the guy in the room you're in
    now before you started solving doors, you'd know.  ;)
    To solve the wall puzzle, reference the journal in your inventory.  A blue
    puddle will appear outside.  SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!  You may fight with whoever
    you wish.  I advise using Freedan, because Dark Friar makes life a lot
    easier for me.
    BOSS: HP-40
    STRATEGY: If you're all nice and upgraded like me, this is a snap.  :)
    Anyhow, when the queen solidifies, hit her.  Then, get away, cuz she'll
    explode in to 8 spirits.  The 8 spirits will then attempt to seek you out,
    and NO, you CAN'T kill them!  Then, the spirits will re-combine in to the
    queen.  The queen does occasionally fire energy balls at you from her
    staff.  Avoid them.  After she drops below 1/2 health or so, instead of 8
    random spirits, you'll get a ring of 8 that follows you.  7 of them
    flicker, but one remains solid.  Hit the solid one and she'll reform.
    The best way I find to dodge the 8-seeking-spirits attacks is as follows:
    If you're on the lower level, stay near a teleporter.  When they start
    getting near, take the teleporter up, charge a Dark Friar, and hit her.
    If you're on the upper level, try to get between them, but when they start
    getting close, jump off the ledge.
    If you're using Freedan with an upgraded Dark Friar, detonate it within the
    spirit ring to quickly neutralize it, then run right up to the queen and
    smack her with your sword.
    I finished this boss with less than half my health gone and didn't use any
    herbs.  EASY!
    If you want, you can play Snake Panic.  It's in one of the buildings near
    the top, so look around.  If you do good (I got 76) you get two RED JEWELS.
    There are 2 effective ways I've found to win:
    1.) Stand near the middle pot, and do jump-attacks when snakes pop up near the
        sides.  You'll bounce off and land near the middle.  If one pops up in the
        center, just swing and you'll hit it.
    2.) Stand between two of the pots and just hack away at ones that pop up from
        those two.  You won't get any of the ones that pop up from one of them,
        but you'll be almost guaranteed to hit the rest.
        (Submitted by Ryan Taylor, reworded)
    Okay, now save, and talk to Neil.  He'll take you to the Tower of Babel.
    Notice that two parachutes dropped off...
    Search the altar where you supposedly found the flute for a RED JEWEL.
    Continue right and try to pass through the lasers.  You'll find the Crystal
    Ring!  Equip it, and pass through.  There's only one way to go, so talk to
    spirits along the way.  When you see a metal-framed doorway, go right,
    enter the Dark Space, and SAVE!  Then, enter the doorway.
    NOTE: You will now fight each boss again as Shadow.  Yeah, they all LOOK
    harder, but I think that with Shadow, they're all easier.  After each boss,
    continue and a doorway formerly blocked by lasers will open up.
    Good luck!
    1.) Fires off two sets of triangular fireball things at once instead of one
    2.) 6-shot goes faster, 4-shot goes slower, significantly more damage.
       - Shadow has long arms, so you can smack him when he fires the diamond
         gun now!  Just be cautious
    3.) The big fat energy-ball attack goes faster, both seem to do slightly
        more damage.  In my opinion, another difference is that it no longer
        takes herbs to defeat them.  :p
    NOTE: If you lose lots of health to the vampires, I say restore from a save
    until you lose little more than half your health, because you can't revive
    yourself between them and the next two without using herbs.
    4.) Goes faster?  I dunno.  BMSirius says it shoots a walking eyeball
    instead of a crawling worm.
    Okay, now go outside, talk to the bird thing, and he'll take you up.  Go
    left, and in to the door.
    5.) Stronger, I suppose.  Be extremely careful.  You might have to use an
    herb here.  Well, this time you're injured as well.  Difficult!!!
    Now, you'll be able to save one last time.  If you want to return to Dao
    for any reason (Wanna trade in that final Red Jewel, perhaps?) talk to the
    spirit and request to be returned.
    From this point forward, it's no turning back!  Eventually, you'll reach a
    room with bones in them.  Talk to them.  Really, you can.  You'll hear
    Will's father explain quite a bit.  I never knew the Camel was a
    biological experiment... hehe    Talk to the spirits on the roof all you
    want... The spirit on the upper-right is the Russian Glass player....
    When you're done, talk to the center spirit, then to Kara.  Prepare for
    the final battle!
    MY FINAL STATS: (Copied from the "Cond." item from the menu)
      HP  40/40   (Contributors, I OWE YOU ONE!)
      DP  99 S9   (Hell yeah!)
      STR 29
      DEF 32
    BOSS: HP-20 and 40
    STRATEGY: This boss has two stages:
    1.) The comet itself... Okay, when it opens its mouth, shoot its mouth with
    a firebird.  That's right, you shoot projectiles now!  Avoid the energy
    storm, obviously.  Each energy spike does about 5hp damage.
    2.) When it fires two large green energy balls at you, use Telekinesis to
    deflect them.  Kill as many of those pesky little blue balls as you can.
    When the boss opens her mouth, fire at her head about 4 times then GET BACK
    OR GET BLASTED!  Took me 2 tries to win this one.  Second time I didn't
    use any herbs...
    My personal strategy for beating phase 2: Stay in the center, right at the
    bottom, facing upwards, hitting ATTACK as much as possible.  When I see
    green energy balls, I hit L or R to block them.  Because of how Shadow
    attacks, any blue balls that get too close get knocked anyway.  When the
    boss suddenly starts taking damage, I move, and when she fires, I move back.
    Now, sit back and watch the dreadfully boring ending...  You've won!
      Lizard Man+/20   Ground Worm+/30   Evil Eye+/16
    "50... Suddenly you've gathered 50 Red Jewels...  The time has come to tell
    you some of my secrets.  Follow me!!"
    Hence starts your journey into Gem's mansion... That is, IF you got all 50
    Red Jewels!  Yes, the enemies here are the exact same as the Diamond Mine,
    except they'be been pumped up, and the Evil Eyes have many more
    constricting spaces to nail you in.
    DARK POWER!  You don't even get an upgrade jewel for killing all of the
    Okay, the whole thing is essentially a one-way course, except for two
    1.) There are two thin passages headed down and one hallway heading right.
        Take the lower-right passage.
    2.) You can jump off the staircase, or go up a hallway past the end of
        it.  The hallway leads to two Evil Eye+'s and a chest with an Herb in
        it.  Wow.  You need to go to the base of the stairs anyway.
    I will bet that a lot of people get stuck when they reach the first
    staircase.  To get by it, Psycho Slider under the left side of it!
    Eventually, you'll reach a doorway, where you can fight Solid Arm.  What's
    so great about Solid Arm?  Well, a few things are revealed, and one major
    storyline component uncovered:
    1.) Solid Arm was a boss in Soul Blazer, which I believe is the prequel to
        Illusion of Gaia.
    2.) Solid Arm was defeated by Blazer, and scattered in to 50 pieces we
        like to call "Red Jewels"
    3.) Gem was the head of the whole labor trade operation!  He's been using
        slaves to attempt to dig up the Red Jewels.
    4.) Now that he's back, you have to beat him!
    BOSS: HP-40
    STRATEGY: Hey, you thought the vampires were annoying as hell!?  Enter
    Solid Arm!  This guy is a PAIN!  Only 1 damage per hit means expect this
    to be a LONG fight... Or maybe not, if you die fast enough.  His persistent
    fireball attacks are very hard to block (Try standing near the corners) and
    you can't attack him from the side.
    Well, here's the extremely basic strategy: Don't use the center conveyer
    unless you like pain.  Try to lure him to the side conveyers, block
    fireballs (difficult, but possible), and then jump-attack him.  This takes
    a long time!
    (Submitted by Gerko)
    Another method is using Spin Dash repeatedly, and charging a new one while
    doing the one you're on.  This maximizes damage and minimizes
    vulnerability.  Try it, it might work!
    (Submitted by Jon Atkinson, edited for clarity)
    There is a easier way to beat Solid Arm.  Go up to the middle conveyor belt
    but stop just in front of it.  Slash him 3 or 4 times then go downleft or
    downright then up that direction.  This should dodge the fireballs.  Turn
    around and use your flute just incase it doesn't.  Then repeat until he's
    (Submitted by Angie Fu)
    You have to go across the center bridge and maneuver so that you are in the
    far right or far left and the boss is coming towards you. Then, just do a
    psycho slider through him so that you get to the opposite side while doing
    damage to Solid Arm. Once you get to the other side, immediately do another
    psycho slider through Solid Arm. Just keep repeating this, going from one
    corner to the other and back, until Solid Arm dies. He won't shoot
    fireballs at you (he didn't to me at least) and will only attack you with
    his pincer. As long as he doesn't force you into a corner and prevent you
    from using psycho slider, you should be fine.
    "A quiet voice is heard.  I was defeated again...   Blazer was strong, but
    you are stronger...  Danger approaches this planet.  You should hurry to
    the Tower of Babel..."
    Yeah, if you look around, you don't see the Jeweler Gem anymore either...
    And you thought you'd actually GET something for searching every last
    corner of this game...  :P
    Download an SRM file there.  Instructions included too.  Have fun!
    This game is full of obvious morals designed to make society a little more
    G-Rated.  I thought I'd take the time to point out the stupidity of Enix in
    making them so blatantly obvious:
    1.) When you're drifting on the raft, Kara basically reveals that society
    is full of spoiled brats, and that you should be more respectful,
    especially about being picky about things.  She also shows that humans are
    disrespectful pigs who kill when they aren't hungry.  Thanks to Dustin
    Larison for pointing out the second half... :p
    2.) When Erik gets his memory back, Kara gives a weak G-Rated version of
    the typical "war is hell" speech.
    3.) The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, a concept presented
    vaguely in the Natives' Village, during one of the cutscenes.  You'll know
    what I'm talking about.
    4.) A modern world isn't as good as a natural world even if people like to
    think it is.  Well, maybe that's not the exact moral, but that's what I
    picked up from the spirit at the end of Ankor Wat.
    5.) Humans are overconfident and believe that they are the best beings in
        the world: Seaside Tunnel
    6.) "Why must people hate each other?"
              - Kara, Pyramid
        (My personal answer: Because if they didn't we would have video games!)
    I documented the systematic destruction of your party for no particular
    reason.  Your party slowly disintegrates piece by piece throughout the
    game.  Read this only if you are prepared for SEVERE spoilers!
    SETH: Gets swallowed by a Riverson, and then becomes one.  However, Seth is
    not particularly disappointed with his new form...
    LOCATION: Incan Gold Ship
    LILLY and LANCE: Fall in love with each other.  Lance stays with his
    father, Lilly stays with Lance...
    LOCATION: Watermia
    NEIL: Becomes president of Rolek, and decides to stop the slave trade.
    LOCATION: Euro
    HAMLET: Baked
    LOCATION: Natives' Village
    ERIK: He returns to South Cape
    LOCATION: Shortly after Dao
    Okay, anything that didn't fit anywhere else went here.  This is sort of
    like my personal doodling section...
    If you have stupid tricks to add, voice 'em!  Read the disclaimer at the
    bottom and e-mail me!
    If you charge a Dark Friar and walk in to a Dark Space, release the ATTACK
    button after you disappear, but before the screen fades, a Dark Friar will
    fly out of the Dark Space.
    Main complaint about this game: There's a bunch of stupid crap that
    doesn't need to happen that takes FOREVER!!!  Here's my list of the
    extremely boring parts of this game that should have been cut out or
    1.) Learning Lola's Melody  (*yawn*)
    2.) Seaside Tunnel  (Why couldn't Seth just be dead?)
    3.) Jail cell of Edward Castle  (Waste of time!)
    4.) Waiting in line in Euro  (Longest 3:30 of my life)
    5.) "Adrift"
    6.) The ending sequence!!!
    From what was once at http://sages.ign.com/genie/12/6484.html
    C2A5-44A2       Infinite energy
    D98F-4F0C       Less charge time for psycho dash
    D98B-4DDC       Less charge time for dark friar
    F061-44DD       Start with a lot more energy
    F065-4D0D       Start with 20 strength points
    7465-4D0D       Start with 50 strength points
    9D65-4D0D       Start with 80 strength points
    D9AA-1F0B + E8A5-14AB   Super run left/right only
    EAA7-1D6B + D0A3-446B   Super run up/down only
    FD6B-47A3       Get 2x the energy from herbs
    F66B-47A3       Get 3x the energy from herbs
    1.) Solid Arm (Gem's Mansion)
    2.) Vampires
    3.) Mummy Queen (In Tower of Babel)
    Those three are definitely the hardest... Well, that's just my opinion...
    These are a few quotes leeched from various e-mails I've received.  Thanks
    everyone for reading THE best IoG FAQ on the Internet!  ;)
    "yo faq beats em all"
    "Hey! I read your FAQ and it was great"
    "I like your walkthrough"
    "nice FAQ you have about Illusion of Gaia"
    "Your guide was very good"
    "I have just been playing Illusion of Gaia with help from your FAQ.  It
     helped a great deal, thank you."
    "I just read through your guide to Illusion of Gaia and I personally
    thought it was really good"
    "I read over your entire FAQ word for word and I think it's completely awsome"
    "in fact all FAQs suck if you compare them with ur FAQ and well it was the
     best FAQ i ever read"
    "Hey, I just read your faq/walkthrough for Illusion of Gaia and it really
     helped me out a lot while playing the game!"
    "let me say the walkthru was, by far, the best I have ever used"
    Q. I haven't played Illusion of Gaia yet.  What's it like?
    A. Sort of like Zelda and Secret of Mana.  The gameplay is rather unique,
       actually, but unfortunately, you can't go back to gain experience, and
       unlike almost all other RPG/Adventure games, there is NO MONEY SYSTEM!
    Q. Is Enix still in business?
    A. Yup!  Ever heard of the game Bust a Groove?  Yeah, that's them!
    Q. Can I beat the game without getting all 50 Red Jewels?
    A. Yes
    Q. Do I need Red Jewels at all?
    A. No
    Q. Then why should I get them?
    A. If you get the Dark Friar powerup, believe me, you'll understand why you
       "wasted" it...
    Q. Where's the 40th HP point?
    A. Thanks to the_rat_killah for pointing this out.  See the Finishing Euro
    Q. How do I use Psycho Dash/Dark Friar?   (I am sick of this question...)
    A. Just hold down Attack until you start flashing rapidly, then let go to
       use the move.  It's really not that hard...
    Q. I'm out of herbs and the bosses at Mu are destroying me!
    A. I revised that section.  Apparently, you can fight them as Freedan.  See
       the Mu section for details!
    Q. I played the Wind Melody and none of the tiles are glowing.  What gives?
    A. Look in the lower-right corner of the room.  Nothing's flashing?
       If you're using an emulator, chances are you have Transparency Effects
       off, so TURN THEM ON!  In ZSNES, this requires you to go to the "Video"
       options and select something that says "x16" at the end of it.  If it
       specifically says "But nothing happened", play it in other parts of
       the room until something does.
    Q. Are you obsessed with freeze-framing right before something burns to
    A. No
    Q. Do you cheat a lot?
    A. Only if I get stuck in some ridiculously difficult part of a game (like
       the boss of the Mana Forest in Secret of Mana), the game is lame as
       hell anyways, or if it's my second time through.
    Q. What did you make this on?
    A. Version 7 and below:
          Hardware: Motorola StarMax 5000/225 (a Macintosh clone)
          Software: SNES9X for Macintosh 1.0.9a, Alpha 7.2, Musashi
       Version 8 and up:
          Hardware: Soyata tower, 750mHz Athlon
          Software: EditPad Lite, ZSNES
    Q. This is an FAQ, but do people really frequently ask these questions?
    A. Some yes, most no
    Q. Is there a sequel to this game?
    A. If I'm not mistaken, Illusion of Gaia is the sequel to Soul Blazer.  I
       hated Soul Blazer.  Terranigma is the sequel to Illusion of Gaia, and
       it is a LOT better in my opinion.  Terranigma's graphics are simply
       astounding for SNES.
    Q. I liked this game.  What other games are out there like it?
    A. Soul Blazer, Zelda games, Secret of Mana, Secret of Mana 2 (You can
       find translation patches for it on the internet.  I suggest you try
       it), and Terranigma are good places to start.  If you have a
       Playstation, I hear Brave Fencer Musashi and Legend of Mana are similar.
    Q. Where can I download a ROM?
    A. Downloading pirated ROMs is technically illegal (Although most people
       can do it anyway).  Therefore, I am not going to put any emulation
       sites out of commission or get arrested for revealing URLs.  Go find
       one yourself, just go to AltaVista and enter this in the search field:
       +"Illusion of Gaia"+"ROM"
    Q. Why the disclaimer at the bottom?
    A. Legal issues.  If someone gives me a hint, should they own part of my
       guide?  Not in my opinion.  Also, it addresses a simple issue: If
       someone gives me a hint, am I obliged to give them credit because they
       gave me the hint, or am I obliged to leave them anonymous unless they
       ask because of privacy issues?
    Q. Why's that ASCII art at the top look so bad?
    A. Before Release 5, it just said "(Insert fancy ASCII art here)"   At
       2:30 AM the night of Release 5, I decided to waste my time making an
       ASCII art logo.
    Q. Have you written any other FAQs?
    A. Yes.  I've written a comprehensive guide to Obsidian, an easter egg
       overview for Super Mario Brothers 3, and a walkthrough to Legend of
       Zelda: A Link to the Past.
    Q. Hey, I have the official names for all of the enemies, and you're dead
       wrong on most of 'em!  What gives!?
    A. I honestly don't care.  Do not send me a list of the correct monster
       names, because I will ignore it.  I don't intend for this guide to be
       inaccurate, it's just that I feel the names I give are much more
       descriptive than the "real names."
    Q. Why did you bloat this guide up so much?
    A. I wanted to cover as much as I possibly could, and I'm bored, so I need
       something to occupy my time.  Nothing occupies time as much as adding
       "fat" to an FAQ!
    Q. Are there really 50 Red Jewels!?
    A. Yes.  No more, no less.
    Q. How do I get the jewel from that fisherman!?
    A. You have to talk to the fisherman at least once to get it at all.  Then,
       just keep going in and out of the Seaside Cave until he appears on the
       RIGHT side of the dock.  When that happens, search his pot for a Red
       Jewel.  If you miss this chance, i.e. you accidentally go back in the cave
       when he pulls the pot up, that jewel is GONE FOREVER.
       Also, it takes time.  It's totally random.  It may take 1 try, it may take
       500.  But it does happen.
    Locations same as in Darth GGW's guide, only I worded them to be a bit
    more clear, added locations, and corrected #28 (Which is NOT in the
    1. SOUTH CAPE: School bell tower
    2. SOUTH CAPE: Jar in the basement of Lance's house
    3. SOUTH CAPE: Pot that fisherman pulls up
    4. EDWARD CASTLE: Person hidden behind a pillar
    5. EDWARD CASTLE: Chest in the dungeon, behind the doorway opened by
       hitting the rusty switch
    6. EDWARD CASTLE: Chest in the dungeon
    7. EDWARD CASTLE: In one of the barrels in the room where you first meet
    8. ITORY VILLAGE: In a log pile
    9. INCA: Treasure chest
    10: INCAN GOLD SHIP: Talk to Seth before Riverson eats him
    11: DIAMOND COAST: In a jar outside the building you wake up in.
    12. FREEJIA: Pot in the Inn
    13. FREEJIA: Hidden labor trader
    14. FREEJIA: Reveal location of the hiding laborer
    15-17: DIAMOND MINE: Trapped laborer sends them to the Jeweler
    18+19: SKY GARDEN: Treasure chests
    20-22: SEASIDE PALACE: Treasure chest
    23: MU: Treasure chest
    24. ANGEL VILLAGE: Dance hall fountain
    25. ANGEL VILLAGE: Treasure chest
    26. ANGEL VILLAGE: Red pot on the left in the door right to the left of
        Ishtar's studio
    27. ANGEL VILLAGE: Chest in second half one of Ishtar's puzzles
    28: WATERMIA: Pot in lower-left portion of town
    29: WATERMIA: Pot in the Gambling Hall
    30: CHINA'S GREAT WALL: Treasure chest
    31: EURO: Near Rofsky's
    32: EURO: Give Ann 3 apples from the market
    33: EURO: Barrel in lower-right corner of the labor camp hidden under the
    34. WATERMIA: Return to Watermia, and talk to Lilly, then Lance
    35. MOUNTAIN TEMPLE: Treasure chest
    36. NATIVES' VILLAGE: Jar in the room with 3 maidens
    37-40: ANKOR WAT: Treasure chests
    41: NATIVES' VILLAGE: Talk to the middle maiden when she's revived.
    42: DAO: In the bushes above the Kruks
    43+44: DAO: Get a good score in Snake Panic
    45: PYRAMID: First room, use Aura at the top of the right staircase, then
        search the upper-left pillar.
    46-49: PYRAMID: Treasure chests
    50: TOWER OF BABEL: On the altar where you found the flute.
    Originally listed by SiegfriedH
    This document is (c)2002 Orbiter Productions.  However, I am giving
    permission to anyone who wishes to edit this document permission simply by
    adding their name and e-mail address to the list below!
    The following conditions, however, must be met at all times, regardless of
    The disclaimer, and all mentions of me and my e-mail address, as well as
    this section may NOT be removed or modified!  You may not remove hints given by
    individual contributors unless the entire hint given by them is removed as
    well.  You may not remove the names of hint contributors either, unless the
    hint is removed.
    As for sites that want to include this walkthrough among their material...
    You may not include my guide unless you provide me with an address or method
    to submit updates to it, since I don't want a bunch of obsolete guides
    propagating on the 'net.  You may not put my FAQ in places that require paid
    membership to view, since my guide is a free piece of material.  Finally, if
    you want to include my guide in any compilation, CD-ROM, or reference
    material, you may not increase the price of the product or charge extra
    money for its inclusion.
    Last and perhaps most importantly, this section may be updated, modified,
    or otherwise changed by me at any time without prior notification.
    Steve Rusher <tern@rochester.rr.com>
    Your Name Here <Your Email Here>
    11/14/02 - Release 8
      - Minor changes to FAQ
      - Changed contact info to note lack of support for this game.
      - Snake Panic strategies added.
      - Several Solid Arm strategies added.
      - Other very minor changes scattered throughout the guide, mostly spelling.
    9/10/00 - Release 7
      - Minor fixes.  I think I missed a few.  If I told you I'd implement
        something and I didn't, e-mail me again.
      - Made note of the fact that Will lives with his GRANDPARENTS, not his
        PARENTS.  Thanks to Gordon Hemsley for that.
    7/31/00 - Release 6
      - Fixed a "General Stupidity Error" in the acknowledgements section
      - Minor cosmetic changes
      - Modified disclaimer a bit
      - 50 e-mails regarding this guide to date!  Questions and hint
        submissions seem to be slowing up a bit, suggesting that I'm doing a
        good job of keeping this guide "complete."
    7/7/00 - Release 5
      - Since the initial publication of this document, I've received at least
        30 messages regarding this guide.  Thanks everyone!
      - Fixed more minor typographical errors
      - Expanded intro
      - Added fancy ASCII art to the top (woo!)
      - Revised the earlier portions of the guide
      - Increased overall FAQ size by about 4K
    6/19/00 - Release 4
      - New strategy for Mu vampires... This one's good!
      - Found the 40th HP point!!!
      - New Solid Arm strategy
      - Revisited FAQ section, and separated it from the Other Stuff section
        (It's big enough now!)
      - Added boredom point list to the Other Stuff section
      - Increased overall FAQ size by about 2K
    6/11/00 - Release 3
      - Removed a question from the FAQ section
      - Minor fixes
      - Appended extra stuff to the disclaimer regarding asking questions
      - Added version history (What you're reading now)
      - Increased overall FAQ size by about 2K
    6/6/00 - Release 2
      - Added a ton of RED JEWEL locations
      - Added Game Genie codes
      - Added disclaimer
      - Added technical data
      - Added micromanual
      - Added Gem's Mansion (Since I finally got to it)
      - Added "A tribute to me"
      - Added "stupid tricks"
      - Minor technical fixes
      - Increased overall FAQ size by over 20K!
    5/12/00 - Release 1
      - Initial Public Release
    Thanks to Darth GGW for the original guide.  It proved very useful my
    first time through.  I also got most of the RED JEWEL locations from it.
    Darth says that the RED JEWEL locations were initially provided by
    SiegfriedH from siegfriedh@aol.com.
    Big fat thanks to all the hint contributors:
    StxGrl, the_rat_killah, Gerko, Drowsy Head, Logan Hudson, Nathanael
    Neisen, Andy Craft, Gordon Hemsley, Ryan Taylor, Jon Atkinson, and Angie Fu.
    You have made a difference!
    Thanks also to anyone who has contributed a hint anonymously... Your voices
    have been heard!
    And thanks to anyone who submitted a hint but didn't get it included because
    someone else submitted it first.  Your contribution is appreciated anyway.
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/    - The best in gaming guides!  No popups too.
    http://www.cmgsccc.com/     - Got a Gameshark?  Free codes here!
    http://www.rpgclassics.com/ - Many "shrines", including an excellent IoG shrine
                                  with a huge graphical version of this walkthrough
    http://alpha.olm.net/       - The best text editor for Macintosh, period
    http://www.emulation.net/   - A shrine to Macintosh emulation products
    http://www.enix.com/        - Illusion of Gaia's producer company
       - My recognition page.  Check it often to see what else I've written!
       - The GameFAQs.com Illusion of Gaia profile page.
    -= HINTS =-
    If you submit any instructions, hints, or information to me, your
    submission becomes my sole property!  PERIOD!  This means that:
      1.) I don't have to include your information
      2.) I am not obliged to give you credit if I do
      3.) I may edit your information for clarity, precision, appropriateness,
          or because I just feel like it
      4.) I may put your information anywhere I want, even in places other
          than this guide!
    Now, I believe that people are entitled to credit for their work.  I will
    include your name only if you do not specify otherwise.  If you want your
    e-mail address included as well, tell me.  If you want to remain anonymous,
    say so.  If you say nothing and no name is supplied, I will include the
    username in your e-mail address.
    This policy may be changed by me at any time without notice.
    AS OF RELEASE 8: This guide is in "FC" state, which means "Finalization
    Candidate."  As in, I'm done adding info to it.  I *MAY* add info to it,
    or make corrections, but it is VERY VERY UNLIKELY.
    -= QUESTIONS =-
    !!! CHANGED as of release 8 !!!
    I am VERY unlikely to answer questions regarding how to do individual parts of
    this game any more.  I have changed computers, and in the process have lost
    all of my save states, and I don't like this game enough to go through it
    again to rebuild them.  Without them, it's impossible for me to jump around
    through the game, UNLESS you are using an emulator and send me your SRM file.
    The SRM file is an emulator-independent Save RAM file, which I can use to
    access your save games, and figure out how to solve an individual section.
    If you DON'T use an emulator, or can't figure out how to send me your SRM file
    *   If you are STUCK, then I'm sorry, but this guide contains my best
        explanation of how to beat EVERYTHING.
    *   If you are stuck on the MU VAMPIRES, ARE OUT OF HERBS, AND CAN'T BEAT
        THEM EVEN WITH FREEDAN, then sorry, I can't help you.  Restart the
        game and conserve herbs next time.
    *   If you are LOST, then backtrack to the start, or if worse comes to worse,
        reload a save.  This guide assumes you do everything it tells you to,
        in the order it tells you to.
        then please read the FAQ and MicroManual.
        object of reference in the guide section.  That means find something you
        DO know the location of, and follow the guide from there.
    *   If you MISSED A RED JEWEL, then you're out of luck.
    For all remaining questions, please read the FAQ.
    If that doesn't help, check RPGClassic's excellent graphical walkthrough based
    on my guide, loaded with screenshots and other stuff, which is at:
    If that doesn't help, try posting to the message board.  GameFAQs prides
    itself on its "advertising morality," so you won't get any spam, newsletters,
    or other junk for registration.
    I may leech quotes out of your e-mail at my leisure.
    By e-mailing me, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above
    terms and conditions.
    << tern@rochester.rr.com >>
    Document size: 123K
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