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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 04/19/03 Atom Edge 1.0 235K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/20/01 CDexter 5.0 101K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/01/96 Darth_GGW 1.0 136K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/03/13 KeyBlade999 Final 274K
FAQ/Walkthrough 11/14/02 SRusher 8 123K

In-Depth FAQs

Game Script 10/09/04 Sei Kasagi 1.01 159K
Item List 10/11/02 Fallen Wings 1.1 4K
Maximum Stats Guide 09/28/13 stuffgamer1 1.01 13K
Red Jewel Locations 09/20/08 Xi 1.1.1 9K

Maps and Charts

Angel Village/Wind Tunnel Map (GIF) 05/11/05 StarFighters76 36K
Ankor Wat: Main Hall Section Map (GIF) 10/14/03 StarFighters76 24K
Ankor Wat: Passage Indoor Section Map (GIF) 10/09/03 StarFighters76 32K
Ankor Wat: Passage Outdoor Section Map (GIF) 10/07/03 StarFighters76 34K
Dao Map (PNG) 09/30/13 KeyBlade999 103K
Diamond Mine Map (GIF) 09/21/03 StarFighters76 37K
Edward's Castle Map (PNG) 09/26/13 KeyBlade999 114K
Edward's Prison Map (GIF) 09/22/03 StarFighters76 28K
Euro Map (PNG) 12/03/13 KeyBlade999 287K
Freejia Map (PNG) 09/30/13 KeyBlade999 290K
Gem The Jeweler's Secret Mansion Map (GIF) 05/11/05 StarFighters76 22K
Great Pyramid: East Section Map (GIF) 05/12/05 StarFighters76 48K
Great Pyramid: West Section Map (GIF) 05/12/05 StarFighters76 48K
Great Wall Of China Map (GIF) 09/30/03 StarFighters76 35K
Home of the Moon Tribe Map (PNG) 09/26/13 KeyBlade999 91K
Incan Gold Ship Map (PNG) 09/27/13 KeyBlade999 109K
Itory Village Map (PNG) 09/26/13 KeyBlade999 134K
Larai Cliffs Map (GIF) 09/20/03 StarFighters76 55K
Mountain Temple Map (GIF) 10/03/03 StarFighters76 53K
Mu Waterway Map (GIF) 09/27/03 StarFighters76 46K
Natives Village Map (PNG) 09/30/13 KeyBlade999 35K
Oakton Map (PNG) 09/30/13 KeyBlade999 48K
Seaside Palace Map (GIF) 09/26/03 StarFighters76 16K
Sky Garden East/Southeast Map (GIF) 09/25/03 StarFighters76 34K
Sky Garden West/Southwest Map (GIF) 09/24/03 StarFighters76 38K
South Cape Map (PNG) 09/25/13 KeyBlade999 178K
Tower of Babel Map (PNG) 09/30/13 KeyBlade999 251K
Watermia Map (PNG) 09/30/13 KeyBlade999 254K
World Map (PNG) 10/04/14 KeyBlade999 203K

Foreign Language FAQs

Patch Code Lists

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