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Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

Fool Time

Hey everybody, it's fool time!, and wow you will feel like a fool after playing this game.

Story 2/10

If you are familiar with the show you know it stars Tim ''The Tool Man'' Taylor (played by Tim Allen). In the game you play as him, and Tool Time is about to begin,.. but OH NO!! your tools are stolen with a note saying ''If you ever want to see your special tools again, go back to the stone age where you belong''. So then Tim realizes the tools are placed in different movie studios (including jurassic park type stage where he has to fight dinosaurs, in which he must go to.

Control 5/10

Not the worse control in the world, but definitely could be improved. Main problem is when you use weapons. In order to use a weapon you have to hit a button and a directional button at the same time (or just hit the directional button for the default weapon) but whenever i'm walking and attacking I constantly find myself using the wrong weapon. Not to mention if two enemies are on screen coming toward you from the sky and from ground, getting hit would seem unavoidable. Despite this problem , the controls are fine. No lag or delay when jumping, nor problems walking/running.

Graphics 5/10
Graphics are quite grainy, but this is often with some SNES game. Other than this such things as the animation (Tim at a cliff, walking, running, Tool Time cut scenes) are nice, but doesn't save or redeem the game much.

Sound 4/10
The FX is done well, but the music gets old really quick. Listening to it while trying to complete big jumps just makes you more nervous or more angry when you don't make it.

Game Play 4/10
Now this is where it hurts. This game is hard, and I mean HARD. It took me an hour to beat just the first level. Strangely enough this game uses a Sonic The Hedgehog style life system. In which you collect nuts (which look like silver rings most of the ring) and if you get hit you drop all of them, but unlike Sonic it's nearly impossible to get any of them back. Once I got hit holding 60 nuts and was only able to retain 2 back. Main problem with this is when you get hit they bounce so far away from you and they disappear in a matter of 2 seconds. Also unlike Sonic, Sonic was alot of fun. Although in this game you do get a cool arsenal such as a chainsaw, nail gun, magical hammer (it does the moonwalker effect), drill, and grappling hook, and believe me if you plan on actually beating this game you will need all of it and more.

Overall 4/10
This may not be the worst game in the world, but it's damn near one of the hardest. Although it can be used as something to pass time with if you don't take it seriously. Just doesn't really warrant a rental, or a price tag more than $3 if that.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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