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Reviewed: 10/22/01 | Updated: 10/22/01

This is the hardest damn game I've ever played for any platform

This game is loosely based on the once popular show, ''Home Improvement''. I say loosely because the game centers around Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, and the “Tool Time” show. I also say “once” because frankly I don’t come in contact with people.
Gameplay Over all: 8
Game play can be broken down to 3 categories:
Fun: As a person who can sometimes seem easily amused I had a great time playing this game. Not just when it was new in 1994, but even now. When I have nothing else to do, playing this game is one of the first things that come to mind.
As the Synopsis says this is the hardest game I have ever played in my many years of game play. If I were to rate everything on a 1-10 scale challenge would be a ten. I must say this is the only game I own in which I have never beaten. I’m not ashamed to say it either, once you get through the first set you will know what I mean.
Home Improvement has some pretty easily mastered controls. The only slight problem would be that to run and shoot at the same time you have to press the D-pad, Y, and A at the same time, which can be inconveniencing.
Story 6
The Basic story is simple. The Benford Tool Company has a new line of tools named after Tim. These tools are stolen and Tim must search though the TV studios to find them.
During the game Tim must fight off monsters from the different Television sets. On his way, Tim utilizes tools as weapons. These tools are a nail gun, a welding torch, a chain saw, another type of torch, a sledgehammer, a normal hammer, and a grappling hook like thing.
Audio/Video 7
For a SNES game the animations is surprisingly good. All movements are smooth, and the people look like they did on the show.
Music- The only good thing about the music is you get to hear the old “Home Improvement” opening intro at the beginning. Other than this the music may cause insanity
Sound effects- The sound effects were good, the tools made noise and so did the monsters.
. Replay Value
The generic definition is “When you beat the game is it worth playing again?”
Honestly, I’ve never beaten, “Home Improvement”, but I keep coming back to it over and over. That has to say something.
Buy or Rent? If I had to appraise the value of this game it would be around $25. The only thing that lowers the value is the fact that you can not save, and the lack of a password feature.
A short overview is that I love the game, even if it compromises my game playing skills by not being beat able for me…

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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