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FAQ/Walkthrough by Desert Gunstar

Updated: 08/02/01

Walkthrough for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
By Shadow2099

E-mail da foo' dat wrote dis rushed FAQ at shadow_2099@hotmail.com if ya want.
This FAQ was completed on Thursday August 2, 2001.

1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Items
4. Enemies
5. The Actual Walkthrough Part
6. Legal Issues

1. Introduction
This FAQ is all about Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. It's about a boy named
Kevin McAllister who is lost in...uhh...was it Florida? Oh right, New York.
Have you seen the movie? That's what it basically is. Kevin and his family are
going on a vacation to Florida, and things are hectic when they are packing up
and leaving. So, once they make it to the airport, Kevin was a little left
behind checking his bag for...batteries. Kevin thought he was lost, until he
says someone resembling his dad rush past him and through the masses of people
at the airport. "Dad!" Kevin yells out. "Wait up!" He begins to follow that
man, not knowing that he is leading him to the wrong flight. Eventually, he
makes it to the Boarding Gateway, but he suddenly slams into an attendant.
A bunch of papers fall out of Kevin's hands. Kevin apologizes and the lady
accepts it. "Do you have a ticket?" the lady asks. "It's somewhere..." he says
while struggling to look for his ticket. But then, another flight attendant
comes and says that they're ready to go. "Wait!" Kevin stutters, remembering
his last vacation, and how it was ruined because he was left home. "I have to
go on that plane!" "Are you sure this is the right plane?" "Yeah, I saw my dad
run in, right before I bumped into this lady." "All right...board him, but
make sure he identifies his family before you leave him." So Kevin went, and
pointed out the man who had resembled his father because of the coat. Kevin
had never seen his face, but he was sure it was him. Hurrying to find a seat,
he sits down and puts his earphones on, not hearing the message that the plane
is going to New York City. "What!" Once he exits the plane, he realizes that
he's in the wrong place because when he looked out the window, he could see
Statue of Liberty. "I'm all alone...in New York." He quickly turned his
misfortune into the best vacation that he could have. He went around the city,
and he had a lot of cash from his dad's bag that he was carrying around.
Eventually, Kevin checked into the plaza hotel and used his dad's credit card
to pay for the room. He told an alibi so that they'd let him use the card, but
the concierge was suspicious. He did some checking, and it looks like that
Kevin committed Credit Card Fraud. Now he has to get out of the Plaza hotel,
and that is where the game picks up...

2. Controls
B-Uses weapon
X-Presses elevator button
Y-Calls for help on the second part of "The Chase"
L/R-Switches between items
Select-Not used
Knee Sliding: Press down while moving to slide.

3. Items
Coins: Range from 50 to 250 points.
Pizza: I think it's his favorite food. Anyway, get 6 for an extra life.
Bottle: The contents of this bottle seem to be alcoholic, giving Kevin the
        power to run fast and kill about anything he touches for a while.
Credit Card: Gives you temporary invincibility.
Turtle Dove: Allows you to spin jump, which can get rid of enemies. But once
             you get hit, you lose the power up. 

Attack Items:
Stun Gun: A little hand pistol that can only stun things.
Necklace: Kevin throws the whole necklace a tiny range. A little side note:
          When I say shoot, I also mean throwing a necklace. But it doesn't
          Really matter, as this is the most useless weapon.
"Hand" Gun: This toy can pack a punch against enemies.
"Hand" Bazooka: This toy packs an even bigger punch. Works like the Hand Gun.

4. Enemies in order of first appearance
Concierge: Will strangle you. Avoid or use a weapon. Spin-jump won't work.
Suitcases: Mere annoyance. Jump over them or slide attack them.
Vacuums that jump: Another annoyance. Slide 'em.
Vacuums that vacuum: Avoid. Will instantly kill you if you touch it.
Gift shop owner: Throws necklaces. And more farther than Kevin. Slide her.
Old woman: Uses an umbrella. Slide under her as she jumps or use a weapon.
Desk Defenders: Throws keys and bombs. Slide and shoot 'em.
Old man: Will strangle you. Use a weapon or avoid. Spin Jumping won't work.
Pail 'n' Broom: Slide it or jump over when the broom is out of the pail.
Room Service Man: The cart won't hurt you, but he will if you touch him.
Maids: Throws pillows a fair range. Doesn't move around.
Bellboy: Like the Room Service Man, only that the bags will hurt you.
Cooking Lady: Throws plates at you. Shoot her down.
Cooking Man: Chops pieces of meat in order to hurt you. It must be tainted.
Harry and Marv: Just like the old man, only they keep coming back.
Rats: Think of them as a Suitcase DX. They are fast, and make annoying sounds.
Park Criminals: They'll try to whack you with a club. Shoot them.
Bats: Flying annoyance. Shoot it out of the sky.
Mad Bomber: Like the maid, only that you can walk up to him and won't get hit.
Dogs: Nothing to worry about. Slides attack them.
Garbage Lid: Hovering annoyance. Shoot it or avoid.
TV set: Falls from a rope. Still hurts when you touch it on the ground.
Flower Vase: Falls from a windowsill.

5. The Actual Walkthrough Part

12:30 PM-The Plaza Hotel

Right from the start, the concierge will make an attempt to chase after you
and try to strangle you in an orderly fashion. If you don't move fast enough,
you'll lose a life. Oh, what's that? You've died before I even finished this?
Don't worry, it happened to me, too. Moving on, grab that necklace at the top
by jumping on the flowerpot. If you want a Turtle Dove, you can jump over the
concierge then hit the light above the garbage can. Don't try to attack him
with it, or you'll be choked out. Or you can just use your new pearl necklace
to take him out for a measly 10 points. Whatever the case, continue on, slide
attacking those suitcases. Make sure to grab the pizza near the vacuum...wait
a minute, I don't have to tell you to get that, do I? After that jumping
vacuum is a painting. Hit it to get a stun gun. Now, avoid the vacuum or you
will be sucked in, and if you do, you got sucked, you sucking sucker. Enter
the Gift Shop if you want, where you can get a Hand Gun if you get rid/avoid
the owner first. Continue on to the old lady, who you can either slide under
after she jumps, shoot/stun her, or jump-spin if you have it. Keep running
and you'll meet the Desk Defenders. Simply run past 'em, or take this path.
Notice that there are bombs coming from the top of the screen. Jump on the 
couch, then jump up. Once you're about to land, press A and you'll bounce up. 
If you're successful, you'll make it to the rail, where you'll grab the Hand
Bazooka and can slide attack those pesky bombers. Go on to the Newsroom,
where you will see an old man. He's not too friendly and will strangle you
if you go near him. You can stun/shoot him, then grab stun gun bullets from
the cash register. Wait... Kevin steals? Oh yeah, I forgot, the credit card
fraud. Move on to the Pail and Broom enemies, which you can simply slide.
Now, you'll face some sort of a boss.

Mini Boss: The Elevator

I consider this a boss for some reason. Maybe it's the music? Here, you just
have to press the elevator button 5 times with X while talking care of the
vacuums and suitcases that come through the elevator. Once the elevator
comes, just stand there, thinking about this elevator is unsafe, and you'd
wish to go on the other one. Once you're in, you'll ride to the 10th floor.

Here, you just move on, invading the privacy of people's rooms until you
reach the last room of that floor and then return to the elevator to go to
the next floor and repeat. Heck, you only have to reach the end of the floor
until the elevator lets you go to the next floor, but there are a lot of
goodies in the rooms. Now that you know about most of the enemies, you don't
need me to tell you how to take care off them, do you? Watch out in the
second room of the 12th floor and the third room of the 16th though, as the 
concierge will be very close to you on your right side, and maids will begin 
pillow attacks immediately. Once you take the service elevator on the 16th
floor, grab that Hand Gun. You'll encounter an Old Man. Shoot him with the
Hand Gun. He'll be in a bent-down "Ow, my groin!" position. Immediately fire
before he recovers. On the moving platform, watch out for the smoke and
cross when the smoke is small. You'll soon be attacked with plates. Move
and fire at the cooking lady. Don't get sucked in by the machine, but jump 
over it. Hmm, I wonder what will happen to the cookware when you walk under
it... After crossing the falling pots and pans, avoid the flying pieces of
super death meat. Now meet... the Knife-Throwing Chef!

Boss: Knife-Throwing Chef

Simply stun him when he touches the ground then slide attack him 3 times.
Oh, did I mention to avoid the knives? I didn't? Good. When he gets hit by
a slide attack, he will be temporarily invulnerable to attacks, so you'll
have to wait a small time before you slide attack again. Exit through the
door after you win (you did win, didn't you?).

Oh no, it's Harry and Marv! Let's jump into them so they can capture me!
You'll see a small rehash of the movie.

5:00 PM-Central Park

Just keep moving left, taking care of the rats and park criminals any way
you want to. Eventually, you'll meet some bats, and then you'll see some
steps that you can use to jump to the top. You don't have to jump all the
way to the top if you're to frustrated or lazy, but, as always, you can get
some goodies. There's pizza, a Bottle, coins and a Hand Gun. Whatever way
you take, you'll meet the Mad Bomber. Simply shoot or stun him to get past.
Continue on, avoiding the criminals and rats. Watch out for the upcoming
pack of dogs. I hope your reflexes aren't too sluggish. Slide or jump over
those dogs of war and head into the sewer hole. Here, you'll meet the
Bird Woman, just like in the movie.

Boss: Bird Woman

You don't really hurt anything. You just avoid the sticks that the birds
drop. Huh? Sticks? I'd expect bird droppings or even birds swooping down at
you like the bats, but sticks? Watch out for the ice. Jumping will get you
back into direction and sliding will get you into your current direction
faster and safer. Don't try spin-jumping the birds that carry sticks because
by the time you reach the bird's height, the bird will drop the stick. You
will have to survive 3 sessions until you finish the level.

12:30 AM-The Uncle's House

Oh, we have a maze. Here's a nice map to navigate your way through.
           |                              |
           | SV           %          ·    |
      |                                   |
      |      SS         X              ?  |
|     **   |                      **      |
|     **   | SS     =         Z   **      |
|      K _                                |
|           S                             |

S Stairs
\_/ A pit in the floor
* Entry way into the ** in the other room
K A Door Key
Z Door with a Z
X Door with an X
% Door that has a symbol of two separated triangles
? Door that has a 3 square symbol
= Door that has a 3 stripe symbol
V Door that has a diamond symbol
· Door that has a symbol of a dot in between two stripes

The simple premise is to navigate your way through these doors until you find
the exit. The first key that you find will always be different, so that means
the sequence of doors that you have to go through will always change on each
game. You'll find Harry, Marv or both in a room. In order to get the next key,
you have to knock them out, but you simply cannot shoot them. You'll have to
solve the room's puzzle and knock them out with a carefully planned trap. 
Remember that you can always exit then re-enter if you ever screw anything up.
Each room contains the following puzzles:

Room with 3 stripes:
Harry and Marv will pop out of holes. Jump on one of their heads to force them
back into the hole they come out of. Once you stomp one of them into the hole,
you'll get the next key.

Room with an X:
Jump over the wire and let Marv trip over the string.

Room with a Z:
Shoot the candle with your Stun Gun to light up the rope attached to the ten
ton weight. Don't worry if you run out of Stun Gun ammo. A new Stun Gun will
pop up if you do.

Room with the dot in between two stripes:
Take aim at the oil canister with your Stunner first, then fire at the candle.

Room with the 3 squares:
Jump up on to the very top of the chair, then on the filing cabinet. With your
Stun Gun, fire at the bowling ball so that it falls on Harry.

Room with the 2 triangles:
Jump on one of their heads then alternate between them to get the key. There's
a bottle at the bottom if you want to get it.

Once you make it to the room with the diamond, you finish the level.

1:30 AM-The Chase

Here we go, the final level. Climb down the rope, avoiding the bats while
hurrying to the bottom before Marv catches you. Of course, you can always take
him out before climbing down. Harry will start chasing you . You can shoot him
and take the chase out of The Chase or just keep going. Watch out for the TVs
that fall, as they cause damage even when they have dropped from the rope.
Take out the first bat you see to find a bottle. At the end, you'll reach the
Christmas Tree.

Boss: Harry and Marv

One note. If you try to shoot them, they won't die. You can't kill that way.
Now, hurry up the tree. You can jump on a tree branch end and bounce up. Right
at the very top will be a blue diamond, so hit it to summon the Bird Woman.
She will throw some bird seed down. Now you can call for her help using Y. You
have to time it so that she'll throw some bird seed on them. Hit each guy 3
times to turn them into the next meal for the birds. Congratulations, you've
beaten the game! (Disregard the last message if you haven't beaten the game.)

6. Legal Stuff that I couldn't care less about

This FAQ is copyrighted by Shadow2099. If you want to use it on your site or
something, go right ahead. If you're gonna plagiarize it, I will have to kill
you, but not on the act of stealing from my FAQ, but on the act of plagiarism.
And if anyone wants to make money off of it, you'd be better off looking for
loose change on the ground.

Special thanks to the boredom that was in me which let me write this FAQ.

If you care, this Walkthrough was written in Word Pad and probably best viewed

If you care, this Walkthrough was written in 2 days.

If you notice, I haven't stopped yet.

Ok...I'll shut up now.

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