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From the pages of Mary Shelley's classic novel and the blockbuster film comes your own living nightmare - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein! Brought to life by Dr. Frankenstein, you're plunged into six huge levels of intense action. Dramatically unfolding through a unique "storyteller" feature, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein demands that you use both brains and brute strength to defeat a fearsome array of enemies, ranging from leeches and giant spiders to wolves and mounted soldiers. This fantastic world of Gothic horror is brought to life through stunningly realistic graphics and an eerie soundtrack, creating an atmosphere of unrelenting suspense.

- Six huge levels of action from the cholera-infested streets of Ingolstadt to the freezing ice fields of the Arctic
- Fantastic assortment of bosses, including mounted soldiers, giant spiders, leeches and wolves
- Graphics and music combine to create authentic Gothic atmosphere straight out of Mary Shelley's novel
- Unique "storyteller" feature brings Mary Shelley's classic to life with cinematic intermission integral to game play and plot progression
- Innovative game play offers both brain and brawn solutions to defeat enemies
- All characters based on rotoscoped animations of real actors

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