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Reviewed: 12/26/02 | Updated: 12/26/02

Club... Anyone? *POW*

The Flinstone's is a classic Cartoon that has been transformed into a great game. You get the best of The Flinstones in this game.

Gameplay: 10
This game is extremely addictive, it's a sidescrolling platformer, but in the overworld, it has a sense of 'Board Game' platform. This makes the game so perfectly original... I give Gameplay 10/10, or ''Amazingly Perfect'' rating.

Controls: 10
There is nothing at all complicated when it comes to controls, all thats basically needed is a basic knowledge of the Super NES controller. A jump and an attack is used in this game... I give Controls 10/10, or ''Amazingly Perfect'' rating.

Story: 8
Fred: ''Hey, Barney! Why all the Hubbub?'' Barney: ''Gee, Fred. Haven't you heard?'' Fred: ''Heard about what?'' Barney: ''There's a rumor going around that the Grand Poobah's going to retire.'' Fred: ''Then this could be our big break, Barney my boy!'' Barney: ''You're going to run for Grand Poobah?'' Fred: ''Can you think of anyone more qualified?'' Barney: ''Gee, Fred. I'd be happy to help you out!'' Poobah: ''My fellow Water Buffaloes! I've called you all here tonight for an important reason. It has been my great honor to serve as your Grand Poobah for 15 years. But the time has finally come for me to retire.'' Crowd: ''What? Oh No! Say it's not so, Poobah!'' Poobah: ''Therefore, a new Poobah must be chosen. But, there are so many worthy candidates, and only one person can be Poobah. Thus! I have come up with a way to find my successor!'' (Poobah shows treasure) Poobah: ''This... is the legendary treasure of ''Sierra Madrock.'' The one finds the treasure will take my place as Grand Poobah and leader of all Water Buffaloes.'' Crowd: ''OOOOOH! AAAAAH!'' Fred: ''What do you say, brother Rubble, old pal?'' Barney: ''I'm with you, brother flinstone! Let's go for it!'' Fred: ''And away we go!''
This is definitely a classic Flinstone adventure!!. I give Story 8/10, or ''Particularly Great'' rating.

Graphics: 9
The graphics live up to the capabilities of the Super NES fairly well, Crisp and clear graphics are emminent, with few glitches... I give Graphics 9/10, or ''Simply Superb'' rating.

Play Time: 8
The first time I played this game was about 7 years ago, I was about eight and not a very hardcore gamer. It took me about a month to complete this game.. Now I can beat it in a few hours but that's merely because i've been playing for seven years. It would take the average gamer about 20 hours to complete with no help... I give Play Time 8/10, or ''Particularly Great'' rating.

Music/Sound: 6
The sound is not the best I've heard on the console but they aren't bad, i'd call them simply average for it's time... I give Music/Sound 6/10, or ''Significantly Fair'' rating.

Challenge: 7
This game is'nt exactly that hard, but it's length makes up for the challenge. Each level isn't very hard, but the frustration of your wives finding you and dragging you back a few spaces can make the player angry... I give Challenge 7/10 or ''Respectably Good'' rating.

Replay Value: 10
I've been playing this game for over seven years just as I've stated above, This game never gets tiring!.. Classic original gameplay is the key to the replay value of this game... I give Replay Value 10/10, or ''Amazingly Perfect'' rating.

Buy...? Rent...?:
This one is a definite buy, especially if you love the Flinstone clan. Look around at yard sales, video game traders, and flea markets for this classic game and pick it up. I'll guarantee you'll love it...

Overall Rating: 9
I give The Flinstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock 9/10, or ''Simply Superb'' rating...

This is definitely a game to own with your Super NES system, It will give you hours of gameplay and the addiction is almost uncanny. Believe me, get this game! Play on, Gamers!!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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