Review by Alain Garamonde

Reviewed: 08/10/02 | Updated: 08/26/02

Yabba Dabba Doo!

The Flintstones cartoon has been a favourite of mine for a very long time, and when I saw this game, I was more than eager to try it out. And after playing the horrendous movie version of the video game, I was also a tad skeptical. But, this game lived up to my expectations and was a lot better than the game based on the movie starring John Goodman. Guide Fred and Barney (yes, you control both) through five worlds of fun and quality cartoonish graphics. Though the sound was somewhat lacking, as well as difficulty (heck, I can finish the game with 70+ lives!), this game is still fun to play.

Graphics - 9/10
Taito, as you may know, had the license to make video-games based on Hanna-Barbara cartoons (ie. Flintstones, Jetsons, etc.). And of all Hanna-Barbara games, this one looks the best. Fred and Barney look like their small-screen counterparts, backgrounds are well-detailed, and the colours are bright. You'll see some familiar faces in this this game, like Wilma and Betty, Joe Rockhead, Quartz, the Grand Poobah, and a whole lot more!

Sound - 6/10
The music in this game is a bit below par compared to other games. Music in the levels is constantly re-used in the world you are in (in each world, there is one music piece used for every level). The sound effects are good, but I find that Barney and Fred have strange yells when they get hit. They included the famous theme, which was a nice touch. I love the remixes used on the overworld maps in each world (especially Magmarock's music)

Gameplay - 6/10
The game could have done a whole lot better here. In each level, you are given a time limit (anywhere between 99 and as low as 30 seconds). A time limit makes the levels too short, I find. The game is also terribly easy, even if you give yourself one life at the beginning of the game. You can gain at least 6 lives every two or three levels, especially on the small tic-tac-toe screen at the end of each level. But the mini-games are a nice touch and relieve the constant tedium of each level. Too bad you have to pay to play!

All in all, this game is very enjoyable. The graphics are of high-quality for a cartoonish 2-D platformer, a genre that is now obsolete due to 3-D technology and the use of polygons instead of sprites. Though the sound and difficulty may less than expected, the game is still a good one. This one doesn't last long however (one or two sittings at most). Once it's complete, there is little else you can do. A little more challenge would have made the game more enjoyable.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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