Review by zeldadomer

Reviewed: 06/12/05

Classic Cyberpunk

I hear a lot of criticism about how this game stacks up against others, but quite frankly I think it is all misplaced.

Up front, yes, the controls can be difficult. I have the SNES version, and I find that after a little while the controls are manageable. This is the only part of the game that I find lacking.

Sounds and Graphics
These are great. The music during the cutscenes is good, and the little ditties that play every now and then during the game are cool. But the graphics... amazing! The animation is top-notch for this era of games and the environment itself is beautifully detailed. In particular, the Earth and Cyber Tower levels look fantastic. Your character, Conrad, looks pretty sweet when he is capping aliens and the shells are flying over his shoulder.

The game's challenges come in two forms: figuring out what to do (or a better way to do it) and then executing that plan. The puzzles themselves are not overly difficult, because it is easy to experiment, but the execution of your puzzle solution can be very taxing. If you do not like this type of challenge (Oddworld players will find it relatively easy), then YOU WILL NOT LIKE THIS GAME. If you enjoy or do not mind such challenges, you will like this game because...

This is where the game excels. The story is a classic "only you can stop the secret alien invasion" plot while the gameplay creates a great futuristic world. I think someone once described it as several Arnold Schwarzeneggar films in one, but those films are mostly based on cyberpunk stories from the seventies and eighties , so I would say the game is more like several Philip K Dick stories all in one. In particular, the Cyber Tower and Earth levels are excellent. They look and feel great, and the jungle scenery in the first level (and through the windows of the second level) is sweet. The alien homeworld is probably the least attractive of all the levels with its typically purple-bubble motif, but the various installations are well done.

I like this game a lot. It is not for impatient or casual players, though. It is a game for careful gamers who like games that go off the beaten path.

Rating: 8

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