Review by freeze43

Reviewed: 05/09/05

This game isn't so bad, as it being so incredibly unambitious...

Final Fight 3 , past its paradoxical title, gave the SNES a solid beat em up in a fair legion of beat em ups. Sure, there are alot, lot worse, but quite honestly it touches on Power Rangers in terms of not nessarily mediocrity, but lack of imagination, flavour and gameplay. I won't moan about this game, there's little point considering capcom is going for bigger and better things theseday/bankrupt.

Graphics consist of big, chunky sprites with well defined (albeit intensely muscular) characters. Animation rates are average, but slowdown with lots of characters is highly noticeable. Environments are nice, not so detailed as to make note, but certainly not constantly as being annoying. Collision detection is spot-on, and reactions to attacks quick good being full of little touches such as, when a big blow has been struck, an opponent will kneel for a little while, gasping for breath. Back in the day, graphics were sort of a mainstay for the 16-bit beat em up era, considering sound was, and continues to be a tricky piece on a cartridge system and controls were solid enough for pretty much everyone to make their games reponsive. This fact certainly stands out here, animations and so forth definitely show themselves to be good factors throughout.

A simple fare of SNES background music and appropriately chunky punches and gasps. A little too dull for my tastes, no big explosions etc. Shows a distinct average for the game. Btw if you are looking for better sound, take a look at Super Probotector/Contra 3 for nice loud explosions and decent 'ows'.

The game's biggest gripe. Attacks from basics include 1 normal attack and jumping, then attacking. Jumping btw seems to do no more than give you access to other moves. There are a few other ones, such as picking up opponents, piledrivers and some quite dull holds, but these are all either done by a)being close to an opponent, b) pulling of a button and direction move while being close to an opponent or c) completely random. In any case it always feels and seems like it is c) and only livens up the game a tad. Enemies are carbon copies of the millions seen before it. So that is- token average enemy, claw apparel enemy (which is shockingly similar to Vega of Street Fighter II so who knows how Capcom thought it would be taking away similarities), and of course, the fat boss who I know is there, yet I couldn't be bothered to reach him. Effects such as smashing open walls to go through are done by computer, and no special animation either which makes you wonder why you couldn't do it. Walking is stopped quickly by an imaginary wall, which your enemies can pass, but you can't. Going closer to this wall doesn't let you see what's going on, hence you are mincemeat for any decent attacker, which isn't anything much. If you go 2 player, chances are that you will be hitting your friend often, with from what I could see, no option of turning off friendly fire. Regardless of these flaws, it still could make a good game, problem is, it's very dull. I wonder if the NES could of done this.Obviously, Super Double Dragon destroys this game in every conceivable fashion.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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