Review by J J N

Reviewed: 01/22/04

Is this the final fight they're ever engage in?


The Final fight 3 series can be desribe as the best fighting game adventure series for the SNES console. Now they're back with probably the final installment of the game, Final fight 3 3. Yes, I can confirm this game is the best in the series. It has good graphics and some what more fun then mindless beating them up type of tactic game; it offers addiction before the boredom kicks in, which makes this game one mean game.

Game play

The game play of this game consist of you having selectable three characters. You can choose a musclear dude who is very strong and powerful, but slow. Then there is two other dudes, including Guy, who uses ninja martial arts to fight the bad guys.

Each of the characters got kicks and punches and throws that they can use against the baddies; also, they have this 'special' move that you should use sparingly, because it is powerfull and does massive damage but it takes away your life each time you use it.

The bad guys in this game are juse your normal looking street punks and thugs. Sometimes they wield knives and base ball bats and other weapons in which you have to defend yourself against.

What I noticed about this game and alot of other games for the SNES is that your bad guys just change colors and have more health as you advance in the game.

The game is fun because you have two players in which you can coperate and fight against the enemies. It is fun because you want to beat then whole game, but after that there isn't much anything to complete and it gets boring - just like alot of other beat them up type of games. But what makes this game different is that the game play is fun, darn it.


The graphics for this game is good for the SNES, I mean, not good but very good. The graphic is fluid and not choppy or anything. You can see the details in the characters such as when they're stationary they're swaying from the left to right, left to right and you can see them as something living - its the little details in this game that makes it good.

I like the character design because your big body building looking dude looks like rambo and your other dudes, well, they just look like average Joes you see in the streets and no special elite commando. This mundane design breaks the chain from your other typical games - such as Double Dragon - in which your characters look like martial arts who won Mr. Universe (body building contest award)


FInal Fight 3 is indeed is the game's ''final fight''.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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