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Final Fight—Improved!

Final Fight III is either better or worse than the past two series of Final Fight. Final Fight I was a hit back then in 1989, when it was out in Arcade. Later it went to Snes, though it was terrible. So I regret playing the Snes version of Final Fight. It was humiliating and embarrassing. Then I played Final Fight II, which was not at all one of my favorite Final Fights ever. I don't know why, but maybe because it didn't have Guy in it, I didn't like that game. Then I finally played Final Fight III. I have got to say, it is one of the best beat 'em up games ever! Now it is pretty much an old game. Today people are playing on the awesome RPGs, such as Final Fantasy 3 or Chrono Trigger. I played both of them, and I love both of them. But this game is not an RPG, so it has its own value. Here is my review.

Story 8/10
The Story is just another crime story. Yes, it is quite easy to know the story, since this is NOT just an ONLY beat 'em up game. It has the story too, remember that. The story continues on from the previous Final Fight versions. At the ending of Final Fight I, Guy heads to Japan to his training schedule. In Final Fight II, Cody and Jessica are on vacation, so Cody is not in Final Fight III. Mike Haggar, the newly-elected mayor of Metro City is in all Final Fights. Where can he go? Anyway, in the third Final Fight, Guy returns from his training in Japan back to Metro City. He meets up with his old and good friend, Haggar.

Before that, if you have played the first two Final Fights, then you would know that the Mad Gear has been destroyed in Final Fight I. But then it rebuilds itself and strikes back again in Hong Kong! Again, Mike Haggar, along with his two assistants, kicks their butts for the second time. This time the Mad Gear learns their lesson. It is destroyed for sure. But then again, the Mad Gear was the head gang of Metro City! Without a leader Gang that will control crime in Metro City, all the street gangs fight each other to gain authority. In the end, the Skull Cross Gang takes Mad Gear's position.

Guy and Haggar have a short conversation when they suddenly hear a giant explosion outside! Then, a girl named Lucia enters the room and tells Mayor Haggar that the city is in Chaos. The gangsters of Skull Cross are destroying everything in Metro City. It looks like it is up to Guy, Haggar, and Lucia to save the day. But no, another guy shows up. His name is Dean. He later on tells you that he is a rival to Skull Cross Gang because he has no family thanks to them. Later on, you find out that the gangsters were viciously demolishing Metro City because they needed to keep the cops as busy as possible, so they can help one of their very top leaders escape from Jail. Their plan is successful, but then Guy, Haggar, Lucia, and Dean all unite to kick Skull Cross Gang just like they (Guy and Haggar) did to Mad Gear.

Gameplay 9/10
The Gameplay is probably the best part of this whole game. The gameplay is so much better and advanced than Final Fight I and Final Fight II. In this game, each character has a variety of abilities. Each move is different than the other, and each character has different abilities and moves. There is even a meter at the bottom of the screen, which is maxed up to Super when you've beaten up alot of enemies. When it goes to Super, a character can do a ''Super'' move which is really useful against some big dudes that have a lot of Energy. This makes the game so much better. Also, the players can run in this game as well. That makes the game faster too! Even a heavy guy like Haggar can run.

There are six stages in this game. But that doesn't make the game short. Each stage takes really long to end. It takes about five to ten minutes to end a stage. Then, you meet an end-of-the-stage boss at the end of every single stage. Each boss is hard in its own way. For example, the first boss of the stage may be hard if you haven't beaten him before. That is, because when you use your combo on him, he will fall down. When he gets up, the about five-hundred pound enemy will jump up (incredible, isn't it?) and try to fall on you! You can see his shadow, so you can possibly miss his body crunch. However, the enemies get harder as you keep going further. You also get loads of weapons, to make things better and faster.

Difficulty 7/10
Final Fight III is not an easy-to-beat game. In fact, it is difficult. You may get tired and bored of beating up the easy guys that die after two-three hits, but the bosses are quite hard. Plus there are some hard enemies like Fat Jack, and Andore. The bosses of this game are not easy, either. They are hard, and each boss has to get more than fifteen combos. The final boss is really hard. Each boss has variety of moves, so you need to know all their moves to beat them up easily. However, some bosses don't do things in order, so the game can't be easy for you. You might think each boss has a rhythm, but that's not true. But this game needs to be more harder. It needs more difficulty. It needs more challenge. This is one of the game's weak and disappointing points.

Control 10/10
The controls are excellent and perfect. A game needs very good controls, so you don't have problems, and this game's controls are just fine. The controls have improved from the previous Final Fight games. In Final Fight I, Guy could only do the spinning-kick if you press jump and attack repeatedly. In this version, however, all you have to do is press the button ''A'' and Guy does the spinning kick! How hard could that be? That is definitely a good improvement. Also, like the previous Final Fights, you can move upward and downward in this game. That doesn't make it 3D, because it is still a 2D game, but that is a great thing.

The moves are easy to do. For example, if you need to do Guy's fireshot attack, all you have to do is press down, towards, and attack. It is so simple! Even the supers are easy to do. Guy's super attack is done by holding someone, and then pressing towards, down, attack. It's that easy! That's how good the controls are. I'm telling you, you would have no problems with the controls. They are excellent.

Graphics & Sound 5/10
Yes. Now the graphics. The graphics are good. But if I have to compare these graphics to the ones in Final Fight I, then I say they're bad. In Final Fight I, you could see everything clearly. I think it is because of the arcade thingy. Arcade always has awesome graphics. And poor Final Fight III is on Snes, which is probably the reason the graphics are poor. You might not be able to see everything clearly. You will enter many dark places, where there are these little enemies in black that you can hardly see. It makes the game very frustrating and aggressive. I wish they had made the graphics better. The graphics don't really need improvement, but they do.

The sound of this game is same, but not exactly. For example, when Guy is using a combo on someone, he makes the same ''Haaaa!!'' or ''Yeaaaah!!'' sounds. I wish he had stopped those annoying karate sounds, or rather changed them. However, that's not really to look at when you're hearing the background music of each stage. The background music is all right, but it still annoys me. I wish they rather kept the awesome background musics of Final Fight I, which were so cool you just felt like playing and playing. You know, background music is one of those things that encourage you to keep playing, but not in Final Fight III. You're just discouraged from the music , that's all. Final Fight I was made back in 1989, and Final Fight III was made much later, and atleast it should've had some cooler music.

Replayability 8/10
Ah, yes. You might want to play this game over and over again, but not everyday. You might want to play it once a week as you get less and less interested in it. Beat 'em up games are always played more than once, and that is because they are enjoying, just like Final Fight III. This game is perfect. The ''cool'' part in this game is that there is an option in which you can play as the first player, and the computer can help you as a second player! Isn't that cool? The computer does come in handy, but sometimes it attacks you accidently! However, you'll like this game and you will want to play it again, and I'm pretty much sure.

Overall - 8/10
You can download this game's Rom and play it on the Snes Emulator—Enjoy!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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