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Reviewed: 03/02/02 | Updated: 03/02/02

A classic series with a game that has an unreal plot

Okay, okay, you must be thinking ''Why is this dude doggin' the Final Fight plot?'' But my opinion/point is a good one.

First off, this is a game that you see and think, ''This looks tight!'' And well, for the most part it is. The thing about the game is. . . it goes way off the Final Fight story. The story mainly consists of Mayor Mike Haggar, Cody, Guy and Guy' or Cody's girlfriend(I don't know her name or who she sleeps/loves with but, I know that you save her in Final Fight 2). In Final Fight and Final Fight 2, you walk around jackin' peeps up and teachin' them a lesson or two about being BAD! You pick a normal human and so did your friend(only in FF2 though). But in number three you jack up bad guys(and bad girls, all named May) and have MUTANT powers! That's right, I said MUTANT powers! All four of the main characters have mutant powers, I think even some bad guys have mutant powers, too! Let's see Mike has super strength like Beast and Rogue(without her flying ability though). Guy has agility plus strength like Nightcrawler(without the teleport ability). Dean has electricity like our favorite African American mutant, Ororo Monroe, aka Storm! Lucia, the only female, has levitation only for a few seconds while she dishes out devasting kicks. Now come on! Were Capcom trying to make Street Fighter characters, or X-Men? Because it seems to me that none of the characters seem to go along with the other Final Fight series. This time the story seems to revolve around Dean, who lost his family by a gang, while he tried to quit a gang(?). Dean wants justice for his family's death, so he contacts Mike the Mayor for help(I think). I seriously don't know where or why Guy comes in the game. Lucia flirts or, I guess, shows intimate affection for Dean(What a cheesy ho!). Well that sums up the story or plot line for ya. Now, one with the scores:

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay for FF3 is quite good. You get to choose where you want to go, like on level 3, you choose to wait at the bus stop to go on extra levels(you fight on the bus and in a junkyard) or wait up by a broken glass car dealer place. Plus there is a more interaction with game when you brake glass(windows), doors(which lead to some goodies or make the game shorter or longer), or things that just stick out. The bad guys are fun to jack up with you MUTANT powers, especially the chicks. Speaking of bad guys, the Andores come back as major white trash! Plus there are some new enemies, like Fat Jack, Arby(whom is also fat), and the girls come back this time all as May(not Roxy or Poison), and bloodsuckers Joe(this midgets are annoying). The fighting style is still the same. Beat 'em up, then attack the next foe. Also there is something new that I have only seen in one other game, it's computer co-operation. It's where you play with the CPU, but its on your side. It quickly dies though if you don't cover/protect it.The other game is Perfect Dark. Oh yeah, I've seen it in X-Men for the NES, too. The gameplay is very good, but there is still something missing from it. . .

GRAPHICS: The graphics are so-so in this game. The main characters, besides Mike, are nicely drawn. Guy is wearing his red uniform in Tae Kwan do? Karate? I don't know that stuff! Dean is a little chubby looking, I guess that's why he weighs 215, or something like that. Lucia is wearing a blue bra under an unzipped leather jacket. She has on blue jean daisy-dukes(Most guys would like to be kicked by her, or kneed by her, I wouldn't!). Lucia's boobs aren't tight in her bra, they bounce up and down if she just stands there breathing. Now about Mike, he is very dumb looking. He looks like Tony Little, ponytail 'n' all! They made him way too buff, and wear stupid clothes! The bad guys are horribly looped or reused with olive color clothing! At least the Mays are nicely looped, but with different clothes and hair colors. The bosses are ugly and way too big. It's like come on. They are twice the size of Mike Hagger. And when you whoop their @$$es the cry like babies.

SOUND: The sound is under averaged. The grunts are ear blaring and the cries are too. The music changes every level, so that's a good thing. But the music sounds like it came from a keyboard play-along. That's pretty cheesy. When the enemies hit the ground/floor it sounds like a piece of woodblock slamming against the wall, table, or the floor itself! It sounds like that too, when the Fat Jack and Arby charge at you with all their weight. When they run it sounds like a piece of woodblock slamming onto the floor at multiple times!

VALUE: If your a Final Fight series collector( like me ), and have both 1st and 2nd game, you should just buy it. Because having the first and second doesn't make you a collector. You need FF3 and Final Fight on GameBoy Advance, too. Or if you just want a fun beat 'em up title, game for fun then I'd recommend this game to you. 9/10

OVERALL: Overall this game is a good beat 'em up title for having if you want to just. . . well. . . BEAT 'EM UP!

Final thought: Well this time I really don't have a final thought for you but I sure hope you buy this game with the help me and the other game reviewers.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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