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Reviewed: 05/07/01 | Updated: 05/07/01

Is this really the Final Fight?

After putting Guy and Sodom in Street Fighter Alpha the guys at Capcom though it would be a good idea to make the third Final Fight game(Unless you count Final Fight Guy then it would be the fourth but that was a rehash of the first). Guy has just returned from his training and decides to visit his pal Mike Haggar but when he does a new gang is tearing up Metro City so they team up again along with two Cody inspired characters who are Dean who uses electric type attacks and could give a certain yellow mouse from Nintendo a run for his money(Dean must have stolen from Cody's wardrobe since he wears almost the same attire that Cody does),and Lucia who unlike the other guys uses kicks instead of punches and she even has a vertical self damaging kick like Cody's(Too bad Cody didn't make it would have been cool to play as him again). Well there are a ton of new features here that make it differ from past games for one there is now a super meter and when it is full and you grab an enemy and also perform that command you will execute that(You got to see Haggar's super it looks kind of like Zangief's Final Atomic Buster). You smash things in the background like doors and sometimes you will end up in a different part of the level and it could change your game progress(At some points I discovered new paths that I never knew were there to begin with). Characters can now dash and there are also some Street Fighter special moves here like if you do a regular fireball motion with Guy then he will do a short but powerful Dan like projectile. To add to that there is an auto two player mode where one player can fight with a CPU controlled character(Can't beat the real thing but it is cool). Well now on to my review on this wonderful beat em up.

They look great. All of the characters animate flawlessly even their regular standing animation has lots of frames to it(We sure have come a long way since the first FF hit the SNES). The levels show lots of detail and at points you can break stuff in the background like I already said. Most of the enemies bear some resemblance to past foes from the first game like there are two big guys Fat Jack and Arby who look somewhat like the Big Bulls and Wong Whos from the first,and the boss in the first level Dave looks a great deal like Edi E(Thankfully not as hard and he doesn't have that annoying gun). They really did a great job on the graphics and I applaud Capcom for the effort.

You can still play the regular one or two player game and if you wish you can also play the two player auto mode if you don't have any friends to play with. The added paths really gave the gameplay a boost and you can end up in a different level at certain points depending on your progress(There are two versions of level four and some paths could have you skip the boss that you would normally fight). The added special and super moves were also a great addition and I have yet to see another beat em up that uses something like that(No Streets of Rage does not count since they didn't use Street Fighter type control motions). With all of the new features the whole idea of beating up bad guys is still present and and it has not been tortured by the new stuff(The new things only made it better and not worse). The gameplay is great and it is pretty addicting once you think about it.

At first I thought doing Street Fighter motions in a beat em up would not be too good but I was wrong and doing them is a cinch. The new supers are also done pretty good and are not as complicated as some of the Street Fighter super moves(Thank goodness that Haggar's super does not have you doing a 720 motion like Zangief's FAB). The regular control setup of attack,jump,and self damaging move is also present and accounting and to also add to that buy holding down the L or R buttons depending on which direction you are facing you will walk backwards instead of turning the other way around. While the control was not broken to begin with they did a nice job at fixing it.

The voices are your usual grunts and shouts(Dean doesn't have a voice to begin with except when his life runs out and Lucia'a voice sounded like Chun Li's somewhat). The sound effects are mostly the sounds of your attacks connecting. The music was well done and it is the regular stuff you would hear in Final Fight(The classic tunes are gone however). Nice job with the sound overall.

Since there are multiple paths to take you will spend some time finding them all if you are up to the task(I found some paths by mistake) and with the ton of new stuff and all it makes the game differ from others like it. The replay value is high and you might end up playing it over and over again like I did.

Final Word
A great game for the SNES and also a great beat em up game. Finally we have a Final Fight game on the SNES that can stand up against the arcade original(The last two were good but not as good as the arcade version of the first one). Beat em fans look no further then this and with the new stuff added it makes it an even better deal so if you happen to find this anywhere then let me just this. BUY IT NOW.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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