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Reviewed: 04/25/01 | Updated: 04/25/01

The last true 2D Final Fight game for a console system

Final Fight 3 is a sequel to Final Fight 2. This game was made in 1995. It was the final Final Fight game on the SNES. This game is the most hated by most people but I don't see why. I actually don't think that this Final Fight is that bad. I have lots of fun beating up the people in this game. Well, now that the introduction is over let's go onto the review shall we?

Story (5): Well I will say one thing about this Final Fight. It's story was slightly better then the first two Final Fight games. This time the story doesn't have anything to do with kidnapping, and that's a good thing in my own humble opinion. After the Mad Gear Gang died out the rest of the city's gangs began fighting over for control of the streets. In the end, the Skull Cross Gang won and it's up to Haggar, Guy, and their new friends Lucia and Dean to stop the Skull Cross Gang.

Graphics (8): Once again I don't see any improvement here. I think the enemies look more like the enemies from number 1 and I liked the way the enemies in Final Fight 1 more then I did in Final Fight 2. There isn't any improvement in the backgrounds though, but that isn't a bad thing because the backgrounds in Final Fight 2 looked fabulous also.

Audio (8): The music is just as good as the first two Final Fights and the sound is just as good also. The super annoying attack noises and screams from Final Fight 2 are are gone but the audio still aren't as good as in number 1. Overall it's the best out of all three Final Fight games but it could still be better.

Controls (10): I don't really think I have to describe the controls again do I? The SNES has many more buttons then necessary for this game. One button attacks, one button jumps, one button pauses the game, and one button does your special attack.

Gameplay (8): This time there are seven levels but you'll only go through six of them. The 4th level is decided on how you do in level 3. This time you can have a cpu controlled 2nd player help you if you are playing by yourself. He's actually quite a good helper in helping you beat up throngs of thugs. Unfortunately, the three enemy limit still applies here although this time there can be four enemies if they are the exact same enemy. I thought that was a welcome change to this game. Also, in the background you can destroy doors and windows too. If you walk up to the newly opened door or window, you'll go through it and this totally adds to the reply value. Plus the addition of super moves and special moves also adds to the replay value. Overall, this game has the best replay value out of all three Final Fight SNES games.

Overall (8): While I still prefer the Sega CD and Arcade versions of Final Fight 1 I think that this Final Fight is the third best out of all of them. If you're looking at the SNES Final Fight games and want the one with the most characters, features, and replay value, then this is the one to get. I think it's a better two-player Final Fight game then Final Fight 1 was. But nothing will ever touch Final Fight CD or Final Fight Arcade.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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