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  • Poison (one of the name of the thugs) was suppose to be a female, but Capcom changed the gender to male to avoid getting hate mail from feminist.

    Contributed By: nsplayer.

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  • In Japan when the thug sees a wrecked car he says "Oh my god!" when the game was ported over, Capcom censored it by having the thug say "Oh, my car!"

    Contributed By: nsplayer.

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  • The Andore characters are an homage to world-famous wrestler Andre the Giant.

    Contributed By: Sour.

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  • Final Fight was originally planned to be a sequel to the first Street Fighter game, and it was to be called Street Fighter '89. This was scrapped when tests audiences pointed out that the two games had virtually nothing in common with each other.

    Contributed By: The Retro Goat.

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Famous Quote

  • Thug: Oh! My Car

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

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  • Metro City, a well known Crime Capital, has been ruled by violence and death for many years. A fact which the newly-elected mayor and former Street Fighter, Mike Haggar, plans to change. At the center of the problem is the huge gang known as Mad Gear. Mad Gear controls all of the major criminal activity in the city. When they learned of Haggar's plans, they took immediate action to bring this new mayor under their control. Sometime in the 1990's...

    M. Haggar: Hello, Mike Haggar here.
    Thrasher: Hee hee hee, Mr. Haggar. So pleased to make your acquaintance. I believe you know who I am. Don't hang up! We have a little business proposition for you... Your daughter for your cooperation. And we'll throw in the regular monthly bonus to your salary we offered before.
    M. Haggar: What?! What's happened to Jessica? Who is this?!
    Thrasher: Not so fast, Mike. Turn on your TV.
    M. Haggar: You fiend! What have you done to her?
    Thrasher: Nothing yet... but we will if you don't cooperate. Listen to reason. Why make your job difficult? Just let us do as we please like the mayor before you did.
    Cody: What?! Jessica was kidnapped?! The Mad Gears must pay!

    Contributed By: Bass_X0.

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