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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/22/01

The most interesting game of the serie

A masterpiece by Squaresoft! Another evolution in rpg battles. This time, what's new is the system of jobs. Battles were never the same again...


This is a Super Famicom game after all! Better than FF4 but they are no FF6 graphics. They seem to be better as the game progress. But a truly fan of Rpg will see past that.

Sound effects/musics:

The music is just perfect to create a powerful ambiance. That way you can almost sense the feelings of the characters. Those sound effects doesn't play a role as big as the music but they are good enough.


Rpg always equal easy gameplay and this one makes no exception. The most difficult part is to play a little faster than usual Rpgs because this one, as in FF4, has the active battle system.

Fun Factor:

This game is made for battles! When you got all the jobs, you have the choice between about 20+ jobs to choose from for each of your 4 characters. That is what makes the game very interesting. The game never needs level ups (except if you flee often...), boosting the fun again. (avoiding doing level ups are always fun). The best game for the battle fun still as today (august 1999).


Ah... the downside, what makes it a masterpiece instead of the greatest game ever... That story is too cliché and at some point, childish. You and 3 other heros must go on an adventure to save the 4 crystals of the element. The good point is that because you only have 5 different characters troughout the game, theyare well described and you can easily identify to them.

Replay value:

You want to try every jobs? Want to discover every secret? Then th replay value just gained a boost. But this rpg, as almost every other one, is too linear. Going through the game again is basically the same... with different class. For some it'll be a downside, for others an another opportunity to try other combo in battles.


This game surprised me! One of the best of the serie and it hasn't been imported. Well, the playstation version will come soon. I suf=ggest to buy it.I still havn't found the perfect game that will score my 10.10 is perfection, 9 is a masterpiece and a must play.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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