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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/22/01

Best SNES RPG buy this when it comes out for Playstation.

I LOVE this game! It is possibly the best RPG. They took the Job System from Final Fantasy 3(NES) and made it an awesome game in every category.

Graphics: The only thing that should get lower than a 10. The graphics needed to be improved a lot. I wish the graphics were like Final Fantasy 3(SNES). But its a big improvement from Final Fantasy 4(SNES).

Menu's: The menu's in this game are top-notch! They make having a new job easy. Plus I love the idea of automatically putting optimum equipment on your people.changing abilities is easy too. The only problem is accessing certain Blue Magic spells in the game.

Story: It's not a Final Fantasy 3(SNES) storyline but still its pretty good. It was pretty poor and could've been better(sob).

Sound: This is where the game exceeds! I love the music especially the music on the bridge in the Other World. And the music when you're on a chocobo. Each song sets a mood! It's just lovely!

Replayability: ASTOUNDING! With so much jobs you'll have a lot of time to and ways to win. It's so awesome to try to fight different bosses with different jobs and abilities!

Longevity: This game will last you a good year of fun and RPG excitement! This definetly is what dust can't touch.

Overall: Square makes another masterpeice in their best works of SNES. It's super Square just needs to make more quality games like this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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