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Reviewed: 12/16/01 | Updated: 12/16/01

The BEST of the FF games ever(except FFX...)!

Final Fantasy V is one of the lesser known games of the Final Fantasy series. This is due to the fact that it was only released in Japan, until the release of the botched Final Fantasy Anthology, which contained hideously translated versions of both Final Fantasy V and VI. However, thanks to emulators, people can enjoy the game in proper English with all intended humor and jokes. In my opinion, this is the greatest of the Final Fantasy games that has been released. The gameplay, storyline, and job system all give this game the honor of being the best out of 9.
Story: 9
The story of this game is slightly weak, and leaves a bit to be desired, unlike FFVI. It loosely holds to a “evil person wants to take over the world, good people go to stop him” line, but throws in the Crystals for good measure, and adds another level with the two different worlds. The story is good, but just not the best there is. But, the other areas more than make up for this.
Gameplay: 10
Final Fantasy V plays much like all of the other games before it, but FFV adds extra “spices” that make it better than the rest. Firstly, the Job System makes this game more special than the rest. With 27 different Jobs and 4 (well, there are truly 5…) characters, you have the opportunity for 108 combinations! Also, to master every job, you’ll have to put hours of effort and care into them.
Replayability: 11
As was stated before, Final Fantasy V’s Job System not only increases the width of the gameplay, but also adds a whole slew of replay options. Perhaps the first time you play you make Butz a heavy attacker, mastering the Knight, Samuri, and Ninja. Perhaps the next time, you can make him balanced with magic and attack, mastering a Red Mage, a Magic Knight, and a Blue Mage. Also, you can take the ultimate challenge, and try to master every class with every character and get every character to Level 99. This takes hours upon hours, but this is truly how you beat the game. Besides, Exdeath won’t stand a chance!
Sound: 11
As with every Final Fantasy game before it and after it, Final Fantasy V has amazing music composed by Squaresoft’s musical genius, Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of music for EVERY Final Fantasy game. The music fits the mood perfectly, from intense music for the boss battles; soft, peaceful music while traveling; a wonderful, tear-jerking ending. Like every other Final Fantasy game, the music is divine.
Graphics: 8
Seeing as how this game was on the SNES, it can be expected to have sub-par graphics according to today’s standards. Unfortunately, the graphics of FFV were below the standards of the day it was created. It cannot match the beauty of games like FFVI, and other games released in close proximity to it. But, they are far better than most games, earning it an 8 ranking.
Fun Factor: 10
When it comes to RPGs, everyone has 1 type that they like alone. Some people prefer the more action-oriented RPGs. I, however, prefer the menu and turned-based play of the Final Fantasy series. The wonderful storyline and humor, the intense battles, and the awesomely emotional ending all make a wonderful package that is totally deserving of a ranking of at least 10, if not higher.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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