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Reviewed: 09/01/01 | Updated: 09/01/01

A fun-filled (if albeit cheesy) entry in the FF series

INTRO: After being sorely dissapointed with ''Final Fantasy IV'', I only had to pray that ''Final Fantasy V'' would be much better. And strangely, in Mitora's humble opinion of hers, FF5 was waaaay better than it's precessor in 1991!

STORYLINE: The Winds have all of the sudden stopped blowing, gargantuan meteoroid strike the hapless planet and the elemental crystals that are in charge of the planet's balance have shattered. Some strange force or entity is releasing MU(Nothingness) upon this ailing world and it's up to four heroes to become the world's saviours.

A much better plot than FF4's as well, but sometimes, the plot has it's cheesy and un-intentionally funny moments as well (but cheesy in a GOOD way though).

CHARACTERS: Hmmmmmm, even though there are not as many characters that join your party in FF5 (unlike FF4 and FF6), but I think the characters in this game are more lovable and endearing than it's last precessor and it's follow up in 1994. You just could not help but to laugh, cry and lay back and enjoy what the characters all go though and what odd-ball events happen.

So you see, you don't always have to have a big immense cast of playable character to enjoy a game.

GRAPHICS: Even though they are not as great as they should have been (still looks like NES/Famicom graphics), but the graphics are a tad polished up and the enemy designs look way better now.So I guess there were small improvements.

SOUND: Okay, here come the dissapointing part. You either loved the music or hate the music. Personally, there were a little too bouncy and happy sounding. If this were the Mother games by Nintendo, it would be understandable, but in a fantasy world where nothing seems to be going right?

GAMEPLAY: Here is yet another big improvement. It is sort of like a remake of FF3j's battle system, except that if you dis-like a certain class on that character (examples: Beserker was bad), you can switch it with another class that you like (eg: Summoner can come in handy). So the battle system is quite fun and addictive.

FUN: ''Final Fantasy V'' has to be one of the more fun-filled entries in the SNES/SFC ''Final Fantasy'' series. Once you have picked this game up, you can't put it down.

CHALLENGE: HARD. Yes, there will be eventually frustrating moments in the game, but it's not frustrating to the point where you do some head-banging on your own window. But then again, once you pick up, it's hard to put down.

OVERALL: Even though it does have it's cheesy and un-intentionally goofy moments in the game, ''Final Fantasy V'' is still (in my opinion) the best 16-bit FF.


But if you want, you can either import it (the PSX version is more common).However, if you want a (good) translated version, download it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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