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Reviewed: 08/09/01 | Updated: 08/09/01

The best Final Fantasy Game!

Intro: This game is my favorite game. It is the best RPG ever to me (currently), and possibly always will be. It is a Final Fantasy game (duh) and only in japanese, unless you can get a rom and a patch (check!). The game just keeps getting better and better every step. Many people complain that this game is hard. I do not believe it is that hard. It is sort of easy for me, below normal difficulty but above Yoshi's Story =p. This game is great, and a worth addition to any gamer's (or snes rom collector's)library. And you can't go wrong with square.

Graphics:9:Even though we have 3d graphics out now, this games graphics still catch my eye. Some of the best graphics are from magic, and when Karnak Castle explodes. The characters look like your normal sprites (alot better than the crappy looking megaman on the NES!) and have funky hairdos! =p. Sometimes there are flashes of light in the game, which can be annoying, but when that happens close your eyes (and that is what gave the graphics a 9)! Overall, good graphics in old school final fantasy style.

Story:10:Ok, so it's not the most original story in the world, but i like the idea! A princesses's father goes to the Wind Shrine to do something. Then, he mysteriously dissapears. However, the Princess, Butz, Galuf, and a crossdresser named Faris have to save the crystals from shattering. The story gets better with each step, from the time you meet Xdeath, to the time you beat the game. Overall, a fun story that makes you play deeper into the game to hear it, I mean who wouldn't want to see a crossdressing pirate get caught!

Control:10:The control is excellent. This has no moves to do using the d-pad (ie FF6 Sabin) and normally all you do in battle is press one button. However, it all depends on how good of a condition your controller is in mostly (or keyboard! =)). Overall, the control is easy to pull off, much unlike Sabin's more complicated moves in FF6.

Music:10:The music is very, very good. We hear my favorite song, the ''Final Fantasy Crystal Theme'' and many others, like the ''Pirate Song'', ''Village Song'' and ''You better move your butt'' song (lol). Unfortunately, like all final fantasys to date (1-9), there are no voiceovers. However, if FF8 doesn't have my favorite FF game music, this does. Overall, great music worthy of a sound track.

Gameplay:10:Isn't this the strong point of every game (ecept a few)? This uses the Final fantasy battle system, uses one of my favorite final fantasy thingies, Jobs, and uses the ever-popular blackmage! The gameplay is the best in the final fantasy series (Do i make myself clear?), and has tons of weapons to collect, sidequests to complete, and bosses to beat. But the fun doesn't stop now! Let me introduce you to the Job feature. It allows you to make your characters different traits (ie blackmage, knight, ninja, whitemage, Monk, etc.) which gives it a good replay value. Another thing that adds to the experience is there is a part where you can only take 1 of 2 weapons: The ??????? ????? or the ????? ?????. You must figure out which one to pick on your own, which can be hard, because you can' remember how many times you ??? or ??????. Overall, excellent gameplay, the best in the final fantasy series, and not to be underestimated.

Replay Value:9:Yes, the replay on this is pretty high folks. One time you may want to get that other weapon, or try to win with 4 white mages, or try to win with different traits, which is always fun. This game will keep you coming back for more even if you've had enough of it. Seriously, i cannot go without playing this for a month, it makes me feel all nostalgic, thinking about me, my friends, and the other thing i played this on, final fantasy anthology. Overall, great replay value to keep you playing for atleast (this i the total play sum of all time) 10 months long (not consecutive).

RentBuyrom: I reccomend buying this if you see it. Sure, it's in japanese, but that's what ROMs are for, and then your ROM download can atleast be legal. I am telling you not to rent before buying, that would just make some of the game completed for you. And if you cannot wait after reading this review then get a rom and patch or translated rom of it now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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