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Reviewed: 03/27/09

This one should have stayed in Japan.

Opening Confession:

We all have our prejudices, things we know we have no real good reason for disliking yet hate them anyway. Deep down, we know that our dislike for a particular thing stems from the subconscious realization that the same things you dislike about said thing are what you really dislike about yourself. Loathing and self loathing are often bed buddies.

Then we have this game, which offers plenty of valid reasons to dislike it.

Strong Points:

1) Not many, so getting three was pretty tough. The game did introduce the job system in its modern form. Although not executed as well as in other Final Fantasy games, you do have to give credit to the fact that this one obviously started the job system. That's why it even gets five stars.

2) Man, can't really think of anything else. But I'll keep trying.

3) Oh now I remember! The timing system in battles that they kept for Final Fantasy VI. Seriously, I really think this game was just meant as a test run for VI.

Weak Points:

1) Not enough space in the quick review format to list them all, so I'll just hit the ones that I think are the most glaring. Let's start with the god-awful story and characters. Completely terrible from start to finish. I know square was putting together a gem at that time with Final Fantasy VI, but still... The main character's name is Butz, and the main villain is Exdeath.... yeah. And Exdeath's goal is... wait for it... to destroy the world. And Butz.... wait for it... is out to stop him!

2) Horrible dialogue. It usually centers around running off to stop some villain, or to ponder why Butz has no parents. Seriously bud, look at your name and that should answer any questions you have in that department.

3) Graphics and design are pretty much an uninspired attempt to make another Final Fantasy IV. But even compared to IV they are just god awful. Music is equally offensive and forgettable.

Final Decision

Square made a good decision not to initially release this game when it first came out. Had they, it's possible Final Fantasy VI would have been met with less fanfare as fans would still have been in the process of washing the taste of this unpallatable disaster from their mouths. Do yourself a favor and play any other of the installments in this series except this one.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Final Fantasy V (JP, 12/06/92)

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