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Great in originality, but occasionally the plot slows down. 02/22/01 AlphabetMan
Not much of a storyline... but an incredibly fun game 09/26/00 Artisan
Best SNES RPG buy this when it comes out for Playstation. 02/22/01 Billslates
The most addicting game in the series! 02/22/01 BrakZero
One of the greatest unknown (in the US) RPGs... 02/22/01 DemiGodX
The muddled Final Fantasy 04/06/00 Falsiloquos
A Must Have 08/02/01 ffkid1
This one should have stayed in Japan. 03/27/09 japanzaman
Perhaps the finest of the series 02/22/01 Jeromec
The most mind blowing, exciting, hardest Final Fantasy! 07/22/01 Lagunathemoron
Low key plot, but the the Ability System makes for a great game. 11/09/02 LegendaryFrog
A well crafted game. A fine RPG that's worth playing. But it's only ONE of the best RPGs put there. Not THE best (FF) RPG. 07/10/13 Lichmassacre
A fun-filled (if albeit cheesy) entry in the FF series 09/01/01 Mitora
It should've been released in the US 02/22/01 Mogster11
Yes! I don't like it! 10/13/09 Ofisil
It's a crying shame that the US didn't receive the second best FF of all time! 10/19/00 PWolfstien
An incredible and challenging RPG from Square. Too bad it stayed in Japan... until now! 02/22/01 Sephirstein
The most interesting game of the serie 02/22/01 Shadow_
Possibly the Best RPG ever Created 02/21/00 Shinryuu64
The BEST of the FF games ever(except FFX...)! 12/16/01 Tails3
Not the Best Final Fantasy Game, But OK 08/28/12 theking375
The best Final Fantasy Game! 08/09/01 Undertaker Powerbomb

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