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    FAQ/Walkthrough Part 1/3 by ChrisK2018

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/18/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    _/        _/                __/ _/    _/   By: Chris Kohler (chrisk2018@aol.com)
    Final Fantasy Vj FAQ       _/  _/      : Nora Stevens (nstevens@umich.edu)
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       _/_/        : Tatsushi Nakao
    Version: 2.0                                     (tatsushi.nakao@colorado.edu)
    PART 1
    In this version of the FAQ, I've tried to make it much more readable to
    English-speaking readers.  This includes tightening up Tat's walkthroughs,
    fixing the kana, and fixing the English translations (i.e. Burieku:Break). 
    PART 1: Character Introductions
    PART 2: The Job System
    PART 3: Ability List
    PART 4: Translations of Magic Spells/Songs/Chougou (Mixing Items)
    PART 5: Partial Item List
    PART 6: Types Of Weapons/Armor
    PART 7: How do I get FFV?
    PART 8: Version 2.1
    Part  One:  Character 
    By Tatsushi Nakao (Tatsushi.Nakao@colorado.EDU)
    Edited by Chris Kohler (ChrisK2018@aol.COM)
    Playable  Characters:
    Butz Klauzer
    Age: 20, Place of Birth: Lix
    Height 176cm (5'9"), Weight 58 kg (128lb)
    He had been traveling around the world with his father, Dorgann,
    for a long time. His mother had died when he was three years old and
    Dorgann had died three years ago due to illness.  Although he
    is not a sociable person, his feeling of righteousness is
    much stronger than others'.  Also, he likes to live freely rather than
    to live in constrained urban life.  When he was left alone, he met a
    chocobo who became separated from the group.  From then on, he
    began his journey with that chocobo, named Boko.
    Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
    Age: 19, Place of Birth: Tycoon
    Height 161cm (5'3"), Weight 45 kg (99lb)
    She is the open-hearted princess of Tycoon.  Seven years ago, her
    mother, the Queen of Tycoon, died of a strange illness.  In order to cure
    her illness, a tongue of a Hiryuu (flying dragon) was needed, but if she had
    killed a Hiryuu to get the tongue, the Hiryuu would have became extinct.  Lenna
    suffered from this, and her father, King of Tycoon, brought
    numerous doctors from around the world, but the Queen died.  Lenna's doing
    something to save others by sacrificing herself comes from this experience.
    After that event, Lenna willingly learned the martial arts and has
    been the support of the heart of King Tycoon.
    Galuf Doe
    Age: 60, Place of Birth: Unknown
    Height 168cm (5'6"), Weight 64 kg (141lb)
    An old man who was found by the meteor.  Due to the shock of the crashing
    meteor, he has lost his memory.  Although he is old, his sword techniques
    are great and he loves peace more than anyone else.  Also, he is the
    moodmaker of the party.
    Faris Scherwiz
    Age: 20, Place of Birth: Unknown
    Height 172cm (5'7"), Weight 53 kg (117lb)
    Faris lives with pirates, but he is more of a lone wolf type
    person.  5 years ago, there was a time when pirates were having a hard
    time against a whirlpool.  At that time, Faris jumped into the
    whirlpool to check the origin of this matter.  Everyone thinked that
    Faris had died, but after sometime later, Faris returned with sea dragon,
    Syldra, which was causing the mysterious whirlpool.  After this incident,
    Faris was acknowledged as a superior person, and hence became the youngest
    head of the pirates.
    Later  in  the  Game・・・
    Galuf Halm Baldesion (This is his true name after he recalled his memory)
    Height 168 cm, Weight 64 kg, Birthplace: Bal, Age 60
    The sword fighter who came to Butz's world in order to save the crystal.
    He is king of Bal, but loses his memory with the shock caused by the
    landing of his meteor.  Galuf Doe is a name he used when he didn't have
    his memory.
    Kururu Maia Baldesion
    Height 154 cm
    Weight 40 kg
    Birthplace: Bal, Age 14
    From the time of birth, she was able to talk to Mouguli (Moogles) and Hiryuu.
    Her parents became lost shortly after birth of Kururu when they
    went to search for Hiryuu to Grosiana Desert.  From then, Kururu
    especially likes the Hiryuu which returned alone. Before she recieved
    the Crystal's power, she was better off with magic.
    Non‐Playable  Characters
    Cid Previa
    He has made numerous inventions that helped the world in many
    ways. ((Many Cids do... --Chris)) His greatest invention was the fire driven
    engine which supports the economy of Karnac.
    Mid Previa
    Cid's grandchild.  From his youth, he was always
    by the side of Cid, looking at his inventions.  His mother had left
    due to lack of interest toward his father who was always in the laboratory.
    His father, who was a scholar, had died three years ago due to the explosion
    of one of his inventions.  He now lives with Cid.
    Alexander Highwind Tycoon
    Unlike the former king of Tycoon who tried to conquer the world,
    he is more of peace lover.  Reflecting his characteristics, the government
    of Tycoon is rather conservative.  There is a rumor that no one in Tycoon
    has better sword skills than him.
    Zezae Matias Surgate
    Height 177 cm
    Weight 69 kg
    Birthplace: Surgate, Age 58
    The king of the Surgate Castle.  He's very experienced at both
    sword techniques and magics.  Due to his cool judgements,
    he is also known as "Zezae of Ice".  He does not have any family,
    but recieves much respect from his soldiers.
    Dorgann Klauser
    Height 170 cm
    Weight 59 kg
    Birthplace: Rugolu, Age 51 (at his death)
    The youngest of the Four Braves, but he was recognized by the others
    with his sword techniques.  He refused to seal Exdeath in an unknown land,
    and he stayed in that land to look after the seal.  He is Butz's father
    who died three years ago due to illness.
    Kelger Vlondett
    Height 174 cm
    Weight 52 kg
    Birthplace: Quelb, Age 63
    Chief of the Quelb.  As a leader of Werewolves, he successfully
    rules over the very tempered young werewolves.  Using his natural
    talented agility, he does the "Lupine attack" which had no enemy
    until Dorgann bested it.  (Kelger does this to Butz in the game)
    He used to be a tree in Muah's Great Forest.  When all of the evilness
    gathered into single tree, that tree became the Exdeath.  He tried to
    control the power of "Mu" (Nothingness), but sealed by Four Braves of
    Dawn 30 years ago.  FYI, Exdeath means EXceeding DEATH.
    He is the chief of the Exdeath's bodyguards.  He seems to came from the
    land where code of Samurai (Bushido) was heavily worshipped, but
    details are unknown.  He is more interested in stealing the weapons
    from the loser than killing the oponent.  He is not that good at magic.
    The Wise One who lived to the age of 700 years in the form of a turtle.
    He is a fortune teller and he foreseed the shattering of the Crystals
    which sealed Exdeath.  He is normally dull, but he has power to fight fairly
    against Exdeath.
    Part  2:  The  Job  System
    by Nora Stevens (NEStevens@aol.COM)
    ジョッブ紹介  Introduction to Jobs
    ?クリスタルの力でジョブを入手  Obtaining Jobs from Crystals
    A few crystals exist somewhere in the world of FFV.  The heroes and heroines can
    be granted great powers from these crystals.  These powers are "Jobs".  The
    following is an introduction to each job's characteristics and accompanying
    ◆特殊コマンド  Special Command
    The job's unique command.  During battles, you may use these commands that are
    displayed in the window.
    ◆ジョブ特性  Job Description
    A description of the job.  These commands may not be displayed, as they are used
    ◆装備可能な武器  Possible
    What this job may wield as weapons.  For a description of weapons, please see
    the information to the bottom right, "Types of Weapons".
    ナイト  Knight
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    Completely defend oneself from the enemy's direct attacks (by sword, axe, etc.;
    magic attacks excluded); damage received is zero.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    When a friends' HP are very low, the Knight occasionally intercepts an enemy's
    attack by shielding the weakened character.  The Knight's defense is high; he or
    she is also well-protected.  Because only the Knight can use powerful Knight
    Swords, this job's offensive/defensive power is balanced, making it a very
    dependable job.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, swords
    モンク  Monk (Black Belt/Karate)
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    The Monk will jump into the enemy's midst, delivering a powerful kick to each
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    "Counter"; "Fight"
    Fighting with his or her bare hands is the monk's strong point.  Since the Monk
    cannot equip any weapons, he or she is preeminent in hand-to-hand combat
    strength.  After receiving an enemy's direct attack, the Monk will occasionally
    lash back with a counterattack doing a set amount of damage.  The Monk is
    strong; HP are high.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Unable to equip weapons.
    シーフ  Thief
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    Steal items from monsters during battle.  If you fail, you may try again.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    "Hidden Passages"; "Caution"; "Dash"
    The thief has great agility.  In dungeons and castles, the Thief can see hidden
    passageways; in battle, they will never receive surprise attacks.  By pressing
    the B button and moving in any direction, the Thief can move twice as fast as
    usual in towns and dungeons.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    竜騎士  Dragoon
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    The Dragoon will jump high into the air and attack enemies with a dive.  With
    this command, the hit rate is 100%; with a spear, the damage is doubled.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilites.
    Agility is not that high, but the Jump attack is powerful.  Their defense is
    high, as they may wear protective equipment.  The job is unique in that Dragoons
    can equip spears.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, spears
    忍者  Ninja
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    Throw shurikens and ninja scrolls (Scroll of Katon [god of fire], etc.).  The
    Ninja can also throw swords and other weapons.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    "Wield Two Weapons"; "First Attack"
    The Ninja can wield weapons in both hands, making him or her an agile fighter. 
    They up the chances of receiving "First Attack" when entering a battle.  The
    "Scroll of Katon [god of fire]" (fire roasts enemies), "Scroll of Raijin [god of
    thunder]" (lightning attack), and "Scroll of Suiton [god of water]" (water
    attack to all enemies) are powerful ninja scrolls.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    侍  Samurai
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Coin Toss"
    One's money (GP) is thrown in this attack.  The higher the character's level,
    the more the money thrown.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    "Blade Catching"
    As the Samurai is the only character who can wield the katana, he or she is an
    exotic warrior.  A Samurai will randomly catch direct attacks (by sword, axe,
    and other weapons, magic attacks excluded), rendering them harmless.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, katana
    バーサーカー  Berserker
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    【ジョブ特性】  Job Description
    The enemy will suffer a crashing defeat at the hands of this earnestly fighting
    soldier who attacks continuously and automatically in battle.  The strength of a
    Berserker is the highest out of all the jobs; he or she has a heavy destructive
    power with the capability to equip axes.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, axes
    狩人  Hunter
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    It takes a little longer to attack, but Aim raises your hit rate to a definite
    100 percent, assuming the target has not duplicated itself.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    With his or her lightness, a bow and arrow makes the Hunter an excellent archer. 
    The bow and arrow may be used in either front or back row with no change in
    power, which is convenient.  As job levels rise, the Hunter will learn
    "Animals", and be able to call upon various small animals of the forest to lend
    a helping hand.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, bows and arrows
    魔法剣士  Magic Swordsman
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Sword Magic"
    Can use all Sword Magic.  Once Sword Magic is selected, it is in effect until
    the end of the battle, barring ineffectiveness in battle [i.e., death,
    petrification, Mute, etc.] or a new choice of Sword Magic.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    "Magic Barrier"
    The Swordsman's magic is in the sword attack "Magic Sword".  Magic is certain to
    strike the enemy with this attack.  When the Swordsman's HP is low, he or she
    will automatically put up a magic barrier (Shell).
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, swords
    白魔道士  White Mage
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "White Magic"
    Can use all White Magic.  However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it
    may not be cast.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    "White Magic" is used primarily for recovery and defense.  The weak White Mage's
    ability to wear defensive equipment is also limited, but for retaliation and
    defense, one White Mage is necessary.  Especially when entering deep dungeons
    and when fighting against bosses, the White Mage's recovery ability is
    黒魔道士  Black Mage
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Black Magic"
    Can use all Black Magic.  However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it
    may not be cast.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    Fire and lightning attacks are the main result of "Black Magic".  The Black Mage
    can use only weak equipment, and he or she is weak in physical attacks. 
    However, the Black Mage's skill with powerful magic helps his or her friends. He
    or she can dish out some real power, especially against a large group of
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, rods
    時魔道士  Time Mage
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Time/Space Magic"
    Can use all Time/Space Magic.  However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell,
    it may not be cast.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    Freely manipulate time and space by casting "Time/Space Magic".  With this
    magic, a Time Mage can stop enemy's movements, turn back time to their
    advantage, and hasten battles with formidable enemies--and especially show their
    power against bosses.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, staffs
    召喚士  Caller
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    Can use all Call Magic.  However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it
    may not be cast.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    Call upon the phantom world's beasts with "Call Magic".  Sweep away normal
    monsters with weak Call Magic; a Callers has the most MP.  Some call beasts may
    be purchased, but the strongest ones lay in wait to be defeated.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, rods
    青魔道士  Blue Mage
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Blue Magic"
    Learn each monster's special attacks and use them as blue magic.  However, if
    you don't have enough MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    ┐襪海箸?任?⊆,寮鐺??蕁?个┐薪┐旅況發髻崟痛睨 廚箸靴鴇Г┐襪海箸
    A Blue Mage can learn monsters' special attacks (BloodSuck, Goblin Punch, etc.)
    and use them in the next battle with the command "Blue Magic".  He or she can
    eqiup weapons and armor of standard strength.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, swords, rods
    赤魔道士  Red Mage
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "White/Black Magic"
    Can use up to Level 3 white and black magic.  However, if you don't have enough
    MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    With standard-strength weapons and armor, the balanced Red Mage can cast both
    restorative white magic and damaging black magic.  However, even with the use of
    heavy equipment, the Red Mage is limited to magic up to level 3.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, swords, rods, staffs
    魔獣使い  Monster Trainer
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Catch (Release)"
    Catch a monster once it is weakened.  You can then release the monster in battle
    using the command "Release".
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    The Monster Trainer leads enemies by the nose; weakened monsters may be
    captured.  The Trainer's weapon is the whip, which paralyzes enemies.  As job
    levels rise, the Trainer will learn "Control", allowing him or her to manipulate
    the enemy.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, whips
    薬師  Chemist
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Giant's Medicine" and other exclusive items may be drunk during battle, thus
    raising one's power.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    "Knowledge of Medicine"
    The Chemist is a specialist in Potions, Eyedrops, and other recovery items. 
    When a Chemist uses these items, their effectiveness doubles.  As job levels
    rise, the Chemist will learn "Mixing", whereby two medicines may be combined to
    form a new third medicine (see "Mixing Items" for more information).
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    風水師  Elemental Mage
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    "Elemental Attack"
    "Wind Gust", "Whirlpool", "<?>", etc., are natural attacks used for various
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    "Damage Floor"; "Evade Hidden Holes"
    By utilizing the power of Nature, several different attacks are unleashed by
    this super-capable person.  Although the Elemental Mage cannot use swords, he or
    she may equip bells, producing sound waves that deal out damage to the enemy. 
    Also, "Damage Floor" reduces the damage normally received from walking on
    certain floors to zero, and hidden holes will become visible.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, bells
    吟遊詩人  Bard
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    Sing songs learned in various places for varying effects.  (See "Songs" for more
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    The songs of the Bard have strange powers.  The Bard plays harps whose music has
    different effects on the enemy.  Some powerful songs are learned from fellow
    Bards throughout the world, so be sure to seek out these masters.
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Daggers, harps
    踊り子  Dancer
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    Dance strange dances to put the enemy into disorder.
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    Equipment is limited, but the special attack method "Dance" makes up for it. 
    However, the Dancer has the best defense against magic attacks:  the Ribbon,
    which only the Dancer and the Suppin can wear.  The Dancer is a difficult person
    to have in your party, but he or she can make your trip adventurous and fun,
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    すっぴん  Suppin [roughly, "no mask"]
    【特殊コマンド】 Special Command
    【ジョブ特性】 Job Description
    No special abilities.
    The Suppin can use all weapons and armor, but their job levels do not go up. 
    They can select two abilities for use (see "Abilities and Their Selection" for
    more information).
    【装備可能武器】 Possible Weapon(s)
    Every weapon may be used.
    Part  Three:  Ability  List
    by Nora Stevens (NEStevens@aol.COM)
    Intro by Chris Kohler (ChrisK2018@aol.COM)
    In Part 2, you read about the different jobs that a character can use.  They
    gain different abilities as their Job Level goes up.  This is a list of
    abilities for different jobs and at what Job Level they earn these abilities.
    Each magic and ability with a "!" in front of its name will appear on the
    command menu for use in battle.
    * ナイト NAITO (Knight)
    1. かばう Kabau (Protect)
    Protect weakened friends from direct attacks.
    2.!まもり !Mamori (Protection)
    直接攻撃を、完全に防御(ダメージ  0)する。
    Defend oneself perfectly against direct attacks (damage 0).
    3. りょうてもち Ryoutemochi (Two-Handed Wielding)
    Attack power is doubled, but you can't wear a shield.
    4. たてそうび Tatesoubi (Shield Wearing)
    Characters who don't usually wear a shield may wear one.
    5. よろいそうび Yoroisoubi (Armor Wearing)
    Characters who don't usually wear armor may wear it.
    6. けんそうび Kensoubi (Sword Wielding)
    Wield a sword with the strength of a Knight.
    * モンク MONKU (Monk) [Black Belt/Karate]
    1.!ためる !Tameru (Store Up)
    Store up power for a while, then unleash a doubly powerful attack.
    2. かくとう Kakutou (Fight)
    Fight with the empty-handed strength of a Monk.
    3.!チャクラ !Chakra
    One's HP is recovered, and darkness and poisoning are healed.
    4. カウンター Counter
    After being directly attacked, will randomly counterattack.
    5.  HP 10% アップ (Up)
    Maximum HP is raised by 10 percent.
    6.  HP 20% アップ
    Maximum HP is raised by 20 percent.
    7.  HP 30% アップ
    Maximum HP is raised by 30 percent.
    * シーフ SHIIFU (Thief)
    1. かくしつうろ Kakushi Tsuuro (Hidden Passages)
    Hidden passages become visible.
    2.!とんずら !Tonzura (Escape)
    Run from battles.  Press the L and R buttons early on [in the battle].
    3. ダシュ Dash
    Use the B button and the crosspad to move twice as fast in towns and
    4.!ぬすむ !Nusumu (Steal)
    Steal treasures from monsters.
    5. けいかい Keikai (Caution)
    Avoid back attacks 100 percent.
    6.!ぶんどる !Bundoru (Capture)
    Steal from monsters while attacking them.
    7. ちょこまか動く Chokomakaugoku (Restlessly Moving)
    Have the speed of a Thief.
    * 竜騎士 Ryuukishi (Dragoon)
    1.!ジャンプ !Jump
    A jump attack.  Wielding a spear does twice the damage [in this attack].
    2.!りゅうけん !Ryuuken (Dragon Sword)
    HP and MP are stolen [from the enemy] and applied to one's own.
    3. やりそうび Yarisoubi (Spear Wielding)
    Wield spears with the power of a Dragoon.
    * 忍者 Ninja
    1.!けむりだま !Kemuridama (Smoke Bomb)
    Run from battles.  Press the L and R buttons early on [in the battle].
    2.!ぶんしん !Bunshin (The Other Self)
    Make a second image of oneself and avoid two direct attacks.
    3. せんせいこうげき Sensei Kougeki (First Attack)
    Probability of a surprise attack is increased.
    4.!なげる !Nageru (Throw)
    Weapon-throwing attack; usually very powerful.
    5. にとりゅう Nitouryuu (Wield Two Weapons)
    Weapons in both hands; two attacks [each round].
    * 侍 Samurai
    1.!みねうち !Mineuchi (Defensive Offense)
    Enemy is numbed by the attack [?].
    2.!ぜになげ !Zeninage (Coin Toss)
    GP-throwing attack.  The higher the level, the more the damage given.
    3. しらはどり Shirahadori (Catching White Feathers [?])
    Occasionally catches a blow [causing no damage].
    4. かたなそうび Katanasoubi (Katana Wielding)
    Wield a katana with the strength of a samurai.
    5.!いあいぬき !Iainuki (Quick Sword Display)
    Flash one's katana quicker than the eye can see and do away with one
    * バーサーカ BAASAAKAA (Berserker)
    1. バーサーク Berserk
    Always Berserked in battle.
    2. おのそうび Onosoubi (Axe Wielding)
    Wield an axe with the strength of a Berserker.
    * 狩人 Karyudo (Hunter)
    1.!どうぶつ !Doubutsu (Animals)
    Call upon forest friends (animals) [to help in battle].
    2.!ねらう !Nerau (Aim)
    "Aim" ups your Hit rate.
    3. ゆみやそうび Yumiyasoubi (Bow and Arrow Wielding)
    Wield a bow and arrows with the strength of a Hunter.
    4.!みだれうち !Midare Uchi (Disorder Shot)
    Four consecutive attacks.  However, each has half the power of one
    * 魔法剣士 Mahoukenshi (Magic Swordsman)
    1. ひんしでバリア Hinshide Barrier (Dying Barrier)
    When near death, cast oShell.
    2. まほうけん (Mahouken) Lv1 (Lv1 Sword Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Sword Magic.
    3. まほうけん Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Sword Magic.
    4. まほうけん Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Sword Magic.
    5. まほうけん Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Sword Magic.
    6. まほうけん Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Sword Magic.
    7. まほうけん Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Sword Magic.
    * 白魔道士 Shiromadoushi (White Mage)
    1. しろまほう (Shiromahou) Lv1 (Lv1 White Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 White Magic (see magic table).
    2. しろまほう Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 White Magic (see magic table).
    3. しろまほう Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 White Magic (see magic table).
    4. しろまほう Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 White Magic (see magic table).
    5. しろまほう Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 White Magic (see magic table).
    6. しろまほう Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 White Magic (see magic table).
    7.  MP 10% アップ (Up)
    MP  MAXが10%アップする。
    Maximum MP is raised by 10 percent.
    * 黒魔道士 Kuromadoushi (Black Mage)
    1. くろまほう (Kuromahou) Lv1 (Lv1 Black Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Black Magic (see magic table).
    2. くろまほう Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Black Magic (see magic table).
    3. くろまほう Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Black Magic (see magic table).
    4. くろまほう Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Black Magic (see magic table).
    5. くろまほう Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Black Magic (see magic table).
    6. くろまほう Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Black Magic (see magic table).
    7.  MP 30% アップ (Up)
    MP  MAXが30%アップする。
    Maximum MP is raised by 30 percent.
    * 時魔道士 Tokimadoushi (Time Mage)
    1. じきゅう (Jikuu) Lv1 (Lv1 Time/Space)
    Cast up to Level 1 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
    2. じきゅう Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
    3. じきゅう Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
    4. じきゅう Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
    5. じきゅう Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
    6. じきゅう Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
    7. ロッドそうび Rod Soubi (Rod Wielding)
    Wield rods.
    * 召喚士 Shoukanshi (Caller)
    1. しょうかん (Shoukan) Lv1 (Lv1 Call)
    Cast up to Level 1 Call Magic (see magic table).
    2. しょうかん Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Call Magic (see magic table).
    3. しょうかん Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Call Magic (see magic table).
    4. しょうかん Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Call Magic.
    5. しょうかん Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Call Magic.
    6.!よびだす !Yobidasu (Call)
    Call one of your Call Beasts [Espers]; uses MP.
    * 青魔道士 Aomadoushi (Blue Mage)
    1.!しらべる !Shiraberu (Examine)
    モンスターのHP/MP  MAXと弱点を調べる。
    See a monster's maximum HP, MP, and weaknesses.
    2. ラーニング Learning
    Learn a monster's special attacks for use in Blue Magic.
    3.!あおまほう !Aomahou (Blue Magic)
    Cast Blue Magic (see magic table).
    4.!みやぶる !Miyaburu (See Through)
    In addition to the traits seen in "Examine", see also the current status
    [of the monster].
    * 赤魔道士 Akamadoushi (Red Mage)
    1. しろくろ (Shirokuro) Lv1 (Lv1 Black/White [Magic])
    Cast up to Level 1 Black and White Magic (see magic table).
    2. しろくろ Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Black and White Magic (see magic table).
    3. しろくろ Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Black and White Magic (see magic table).
    4.!れんぞくま !Renzokuma (Continuous Magic)
    Cast two consecutive spells.
    * 魔獣使い Majuutsukai ([Magic] Monster Trainer)
    1.!なだめる !Nadameru (Calm)
    Make a monster docile.  [something else...?]
    2.!あやつる !Ayatsuru (Control/Manipulate)
    Control a monster; use their "commands".
    3. むちそうび Muchisoubi (Whip Wielding)
    Wield a whip with the strength and speed of a Monster Trainer.
    4.!とらえる !Toraeru (Catch)
    After sufficiently weakening a monster, capture it.
    * 薬師 Kusurishi (Chemist)
    1. くすりのちまき Kusuri no Chimaki (Knowledge of Medicine)
    Potions and Ethers [etc.] are twice as effective.
    2.!ちょうごう !Chougou (Mix)
    In battle, mix two medicines to make a new one.
    3.!のむ !Nomu (Drink)
    Drink items exclusive to the Chemist.
    4.!ちう !Chiyu (Recover)
    Recover the entire party's status.
    5.!そせい !Sosei (Revive)
    Completely revive all fallen party members in battle.
    * 風水士 Fuusuishi (Elemental Mage)
    1.!ちけい !Chikei (Elemental Attack)
    Use elemental attacks.
    2. ダメージゆか Damage Yuka (Damage Floor)
    Damage Floors do no damage.
    3. おとしあなかいひ Otoshi Ana Kaihi (Evade Hidden Holes)
    See hidden holes.
    * 吟遊詩人 Ginyuushijin (Bard)
    1.!かくれる !Kakureru (Hide)
    Hide.  By hiding, one is not a target for attack.
    2. たてごとそうび Tategotosoubi (Harp Wielding)
    Wield a harp with the speed and magic powers of a Bard.
    3.!うたう !Utau (Sing)
    Sing songs for various effects (see song list).
    * 踊り子 Odoriko (Dancer)
    1.!いろめ !Irome (Flirt)
    Succeed and the monsters will be flustered [lit. 'hearts will beat
    2.!おどる !Odoru (Dance)
    Strange dances can confuse monsters or turn them into frogs.
    3.!リボそうび Ribbon Soubi (Ribbon Wearing)
    Wear a Ribbon.
    Part  Four:  Magic 
    Chougou (Mixing Items)
    By Nora Stevens (NEStevens@aol.COM)
    ?  白まほう White Magic
    This holy magic can recover wounded friends and up one's defense.  It can bring
    you out of deep dungeon exploration--and out of battles with powerful enemy
    monsters--alive.  White magic is essential in your adventure.  With practice,
    the ability to use white magic can be a great addition to a job.
    白魔法 (White Magic) 効果 (Effect)
    ケアル         Kearu HPを回復。アンデッドを攻撃。
    <Cure 1/Cure>     Recovers HP.  Undead attack.
    ライブラ   Raibura      敵の情報を読み取る。
    <Peep/Scan>     See an enemy's status info.
    ポイゾナ    Poizona 毒素を体内から消し去る。
    <Antidote>     Remove toxins from one's body.
    サイレス    Sairensu  呪文を封じ込めてしまう。
    <Mute>     Prevent one from casting spells.
    プロテス    Purotesu   防御力をアップさせる。
    <Safe>     Raises Defense.
    ミニマム    Miniman 小さくしたり戻したりする。
    <Size>     Restores size.
    ケアルラ    Kearura HPを回復。ケアルの強力版。
    <Cure2>     Recovers HP.  Stronger version of Cure.
    レイズ        Raizu   戦闘不能を回復。HP少し回復。
    <Life>     Recovers those fallen in battle, plus a little HP.
    コンフュ      Konfyu  脳に作用し、混乱させる。
    <Confuse>     Mental functions are confused.
    ブリンク      Burinku   分身を出し攻撃を防ぐ。
    <Blink>     Creates a second image of oneself (defensive).
    シェル        Sheru       魔法防御をアップさせる。
    <Shell>     Raises Magic Defense.
    エスナ        Esuna 石化、マヒなどを回復する。
    <Heal>     Cures petrification and paralysis among other status changes.
    ケアルガ    Kearuga    HPを回復。ケアル系の最高位。
    <Cure3>     Recovers HP.  The highest Cure magic.
    リフレク  Rifureku      バリアを張り魔法を跳ね返す。
    <Wall>     Puts up a barrier to reflect magic.
    バーサク    Baasaku    バーサク状態にする。
    <Berserk>     Berserks someone.
    アレイズ     Areizu      戦闘不能を回復。HP完全回復。
    <Life2>     Recovers those fallen in battle, plus full HP.
    ホーリー       Hoorii    聖なるエネルギーで攻撃する。
    <White>     A sacred attack.
    ディスペル   Disuperu     魔法効果を消し去る。
    <Dispel>     Removes the effects of a spell.
    ?  黒魔法 Black Magic
    This powerful attack magic can exploit the enemy's attack.  As levels rise, one
    will gradually obtain the ability to cast black magic of immeasurable power.  If
    white magic is positive, black magic is negative.
    黒魔法 (Black Magic) 結果 (Effect)
    ファイア       Faia    炎で攻撃する(ダメージ小)。
    <Fire>     Flame attack (damage: small).
    ブリザド   Burizado   冷気で攻撃する(ダメージ小)。
    <Ice>     Freeze attack (damage: small).
    サンダー    Sandaa   稲妻で攻撃する(ダメージ小)。
    <Lit>     Lightning attack (damage: small).
    ポイスン     Poisun    毒の力除々にHPを奪う。
    <Poison>     Poisonous power gradually snatches away HP.
    スリプル      Suripuru  脳に直接作用して眠らせる。
    <Sleep>     Immediately fall asleep.
    トード         Toodo   蛙にしたり、戻したりする。
    <Toad>     Turn into a frog, or turn back.
    ファイラ    Faira      炎で攻撃する(ダメージ中)。
    <Fire2>     Flame attack (damage: medium).
    ブリザラ   Burizara     冷気で攻撃する(ダメージ中)。
    <Ice2>     Freeze attack (damage: medium).
    サンダラ  Sandara       稲妻で攻撃する(ダメージ中)。
    <Lit2>      Lightning attack (damage: medium).
    ドレイン      Dorein        HPを奪い自分のものにする。
    <Drain>     Steal HP and add it to one's own.
    ブレイク      Bureiku   敵の体を石化し、一撃で倒す。
    <Break>     Enemy's body petrifies and is defeated in one blow.
    バイオ          Baio           細菌の力で除々にHPを奪う。
    <Bio>         Bacteria power gradually snatches away HP.
    ファイガ    Faiaga       炎系最強、巨大な火球を炸裂。
    <Fire3>     The strongest Fire; huge fireballs explode.
    ブリザガ   Burizaga    氷系最強、氷の柱で敵を貫く。
    <Ice3>     The strongest Blizzard; icicles impale the enemy.
    サンダガ  Sandaga       雷系最強、超高圧の電撃で攻撃。
    <Lit3>     The strongest Thunder; a super-high voltage attack.
    フレア        Furea        凄まじい光と熱で攻撃する。
    <Flare>     An attack of terrific light and heat.
    デス          Desu       敵を一撃で死に至らしめる。
    <Doom>     Enemy dies in one blow.
    アスピル     Asupiru    敵のMPを吸い取る。
    <Psych>     Absorb enemy's MP.
    ?時空魔法 (Time/Space Magic)
    This magic works with time and space to damage enemies.  Free to manipulate time
    and space, it is possible to freeze enemies' attacks with Stop or send them into
    a world of a different dimension.  Moreover, as time and space is twisted,
    natural disasters may be called upon to occur.
    時空魔法 (T/S Magic) 結果 (Effect)
    スピード      Supiido バトルスピードを遅くする。
    <Speed>   Slows down the battle speed.
    スロウ         Surou   敵の周囲の時間経過を遅くする。
    <Slow>     Enemies are slowed by the passage of time.
    リジェネ     Rijene    一定時間ごとにHPを回復。
    <Regen>     A certain amount of HP is gradually recovered.
    ミュート       Myuuto   呪文や歌などを使用不能にする。 
    <Mute>  Spells and songs may not be cast/sung.
    ヘイスト      Heisuto 味方周辺の時間経過を早くする。
    <Haste>     Speeds up one friend.
    レビテト   Rebiteto      地面から受けるダメージを防ぐ。
    <Float>     Defend oneself from damage on the ground.
    グラビテ    Gurabite    重力弾でHPを1/2にする。
    <Demi>     HP is reduced to 1/2 via the power of gravity.
    ストップ       Sutoppu     敵周辺の時間を一時的に止める。
    <Stop>     Enemies stop moving.
    テレポ         Terepo         ダンジョンや戦闘から脱出する。
    <Exit>    Escape from dungeons and battles.
    コメット      Kometto  いん石群を降らせて攻撃する。
    <Comet>    A group of meteorites rain down.
    スロウガ    Surouga    スロウの強力版(全体)。
    <Slow2>     A more powerful Slow (on everyone).
    リターン     Ritaan             戦闘開始時に時間を戻す。
    <Return>         Go back to the start of a battle.
    グラビガ    Gurabiga       グラビテの強力版(HP1/4)。
    <Quarter>     A stronger Gravity (HP [is reduced to] 1/4).
    ヘイスガ   Heisuga      ヘイストの強力版(全体)。
    <Haste2>     A more powerful Haste (on everyone).
    オールド        Oorudo 敵を老化し能力を低下させる。
    <Old>     Enemies age and lose their abilities.
    メテオ        Meteo いん石群を降らせて敵全体に攻撃。
    <Meteo>     A swarm of meteorites rain down upon everyone.
    クイック      Kuiiku     自分周辺以外の時間を止める。
    <Quake>     Everyone is affected unless Levitating.
    デジョン     Dejon         次元の歪みに敵を放り込む。
    <X-Zone>     Distorts the dimensional fabric; enemies disappear.
    ?  青魔法 (Blue Magic)
    Blue magic can neither be bought from a store nor found in a treasure chest.  It
    is received from a monster's attack and memorized.  For example, from a Steel
    Bat's "BloodSuck", the blue magic "BloodSuck" may be memorized, and used in the
    next battle.  However, one cannot learn blue magic without the Blue Mage's
    Learning ability (see "Customizing Abilities").  Later, other blue magic spells
    will comsume equal amounts of MP, while some do not use MP [?].  Below is a list
    of some blue magic spells; there are still many other spells to be learned from
    various monsters (you can only learn a spell if it has been cast on you).
    青魔法 (Blue Magic) 効果 (Effect)
    レベル5デス   Reberu 5 Desu  5の倍数レベルの敵に「デス」。
    <Level 5 Doom>     Casts "Death" on level 5, 10, 15...enemies.
    かえるのうた       Kaero no Uta 敵を蛙にしてしまう。
    <Song of Frogs>  Enemies become frogs.
    フラッシュ             Furasshu 強力な光で視力を奪う。
    <Flash>    A powerful light snatches away sight.
    ゆうごう              Yuugou  自分を犠牲にして仲間を回復。
    <Pep Up>     A friend recovers via one's self-sacrifice.
    きゅうけつ         Kyuuketsu    敵からHPを吸収する。
    <Bloodsuck>   Absorb an enemy's HP.
    じばく                     Jibaku          
    <Exploder>     Damage enemies via one's self-sacrifice.
    エアロ                  Earo   風の力に弱い敵にダメージ。
    <Aero>        Wind damage to weak enemies.
    ゴブリンパンチ  Goburinpanchi     強力な見えないパンチで攻撃。
    <Goblin Punch>  A powerful, invisible punch attack.
    ホワイトウインド  Howaitouindo   自分のHP分だけ全員を回復。
    <White Wind>Restores everyone's HP.
    しのせんこく  Shinosankoku   30カウント後に死に至らしめる。
    <Condemned>     A 30-count leading to death.
    ?  召喚魔法 (Call Magic)
    The phantom world's phantom beasts are monster fighters that may be called by
    the Caller.  Low-level Espers may be purchased at magic shops.  Plus, here is an
    introductory list of Espers.  You'll find others on your own.
    召喚魔法 (Call Magic) 効果 (Effect)
    チョコボ     Chokobo チョコボが蹴りをくらわす。
    <Chocobo>    Chocobos dish out kicks.
    シルフ         Shirufu 風による攻撃&全員のHP回復。
    <Sylph>    A wind attack, plus everyone recovers some HP.
    レモラ        Remora 敵に吸いつき動きを止める。
    Sucks an enemy's HP, then stops their movement.
    シヴァ         Shiva 吹雪を呼び敵を凍りつかせる。
    <Shiva>    A blizzard freezes enemies solid.
    ラムウ         Ramuu 敵に強力な雷を落とす。
    <Ramuh>    Mighty lightning bolts strike enemies.
    イフリート     Ifuriito  地獄の火炎で敵を焼きつくす。
    <Ifrit>    The flames of Hell roast enemies.
    タイタン       Taitan     地震をおこし敵全体を攻撃。
    <Titan>    Earthquake attack affects all enemies.
    ?うた (Songs)
    Literally, songs are sung to give damage to enemies and strength and speed to
    comrades.  While one's companions continue to attack and re-attack, with this
    ability, the effects are continuous.  However, only one tune may be sung at a
    歌 (Songs) 効果 (Effect)
    ちからのうた         Power Song 味方全員の「ちから」UP。
    All friends' Attack Power up.
    すばやさのうた       Speed Song 味方全員の「すばやさ」UP。
    All friends' Speed up.
    たいりょくのうた  Strength Song 味方全員の「たいりょく」UP。
    All friends' Strength up.
    まりょくのうた  MagicPower Song 味方全員の「まりょく」UP。
    All friends' Magic Power up.
    えいゆうのうた    Hero's Ballad 味方全員の「レベル」UP。
    All friends' levels up.
    レクイエム              Requiem アンデッド系にダメージを与える。
    Deals damage to the undead.
    あいのうた            Love Song 敵全体の動きを止める。
    All enemies stop moving.
    ゆうわくのうた  Temptation Song 敵全体を混乱させる。
    All enemies are confused.
    ?調合アイテム (Mixing Items)
    ?  戦闘中に「ちょうごう」を選んでAボタン。
    ?  現れたアイテムの中から、調合したいアイテムを選んでAボタン。
    ?  もうひとつの調合したいアイテムを選んでAボタン。
    When a Chemist learns the ability !Chougou, he or she can mix items together.
    Mixing two items together produces a new third item.  You can make items that
    recover allies or damage enemies with poison, etc.  Chougou items are readily
    available in shops; you may need to try several experiments to find a
    combination that works.
    ** How to Mix **
    ? In battle, select "Chougou" with the A button.
    ? When your item list comes up, select an item you'd like to use.
    ? Using the A button, select the second item.
    ? Choose the friend you'd like to use it on (if the new item does damage
    to     an enemy instead, use the cursor to select the enemy on which you want to    
    use the mix).
    The Complete Chougou List
    How to use this list:
    Search for the effect you want from the list below.
    Then go to the chart to search for the combo that will make that effect.
    NOTE: Order of Chougou doesn't matter.
    Chart of Items
    | A:  B:  C:  D:  E:  F:  G:  H:  I:  J:  K:  L:
    A: Potion                 | A   2   3   D   4   F   A   C   5   6   7   8
    B: HiPotion             | 2   B   9   D   4   F   B   10  5   6   7   8
    C: Ether                  | 3   9   C   D   11  12  C   3   13  14  15  16
    D: Elixer                 | D   D   D   D   11  12  D   1   D   D   17  18
    E: Fenix no O          | 4   4   11  11  E   19  20  21  22  23  24  25
    F: Otomeno Kiss     | F   F   12  12  19  F   26  27  28  29  30  31
    G: Seisui                 | A   B   C   D   20  26  G   32  33  34  35  36
    H: Kame no Koura  | C   10  3   1   21  27  32  37  38  39  1   40
    I: Dokukeshi           | 5   5   13  D   22  28  33  38  I   41  42  43
    J: Megusuri            | 6   6   14  D   23  29  34  39  41  J   44  45
    K: Ryuu no Kiba     | 7   7   15  17  24  30  35  1   42  44  46  47
    L: Dark Matter       | 8   8   16  18  25  31  36  40  43  45  47  48
    No.Name of Effect      Effect
    1:Shippaisaku       : Slip + Confuyu
    2:Seimei no Mizu    : Regene
    3:X-potion          : Kearuga
    4:Rezalection       : Araise
    5:Neutralize        : Heal HP and poison
    6:Cure Blind        : Heal HP and darkness
    7:Dragon Power      : Raise level by 20
    8:Dark Potion       : Damage of 666 points
    9:Half Elixer       : Heal MP to max
    10:Ether-dry         : Heal 3x as much as ether
    11:Reincarnation     : Araise + Half Elixer
    12:Kiss of Lilis     : Aspil
    13:Resist Poison     : Make poison resistant barrier
    14:Resist Fire       : Make fire resistant barrier
    15:Dragon Shield     : Make sheild that nullifies Fire, Ice and Thunder
    16:Dark Ether        : Decrease MP to 1/4
    17:Kyojin no Kusuri  : Raise maxHP to 2x.
    18:Dark Elixer       : Decrease HP to 1 digit
    19:Inochi no Kiss    : Raise + 1/2 HP + full MP
    20:Life Shield       : Make death resistant barrier
    21:Bannouyaku        : Same as Esna
    22:Resist Ice        : Make ice resistant barrier
    23:Resist Thunder    : Make thunder resistant barrier
    24:Dragon Armor      : Increase Bougyoryoku and MahouBougyoryoku
    25:Death Potion      : Same as Death
    26:Shukufuku no Kiss : Baasaku + Haste + Blink
    27:Drain Kiss        : Same as Drain
    28:Leviteto          : Same as Leviteto
    29:Ramia no Kiss     : Same as Confuyu
    30:Dragon no Kiss    : Change bodytype to that of dragon
    31:Kaeru no Kiss     : Same as Toad
    32:Bakkasu no Sake   : Same as Baasaku
    33:Samuson Power     : Raise level by 10
    34:Elemental Power   : Increase magic damage by 50%
    35:Holy Breath       : Inflict damage via Holy Breath
    36:Shippaisaku       : Same as Poison
    37:Mamori no Kusuri  : Same as Protesu
    38:Kame no Kourawari : Decrease Bougyoryoku by 1/2
    39:Haste Drink       : Same as Haste
    40:Bakuyaku          : Same as Jibaku of Aomahou
    41:Kitsuke Gusuri    : Cure status that will hold only during battle
    42:Poison Breath     : Same as Poison
    43:Dokuyaku          : Same as Poison
    44:Ankoku no Toiki   : Kurayami + Confuyu
    45:Ankoku no Gasu    : Kurayami
    46:Dragon Breath     : Fire + Ice + Thunder breath damage
    47:Dark Breath       : Inflict damage via Dark Fire
    48:Shadow Flare      : Cast Ankoku no Flare
    Part  Five:  Partial  Item 
    by Nora Stevens (NEStevens@aol.COM)
    ポーション              Pooshon  HP回復(効果小)。
    <Potion>     Recovers HP (effect: small).
    ハイポーション        Haipooshon HP回復(効果大)。
    <Cure2/Potion>     Recovers HP (effect: big).
    エーテル                 Eeteru  MP回復。
    <Ether>     Recovers MP.
    エリクサー              Erikusaa HP・MP完全回復。
    <Elixir>     Completely recovers HP and MP.
    フェニックスのお  Fenikkusu no O 戦闘不能回復。
    <Fenix Down>     Revives fallen allies.
    おとめのキッス   Maiden's Kiss 「かえる」状態回復。
    Cures Toaded state.
    せいすい            Holy Water 「ゾンビ」状態回復。
    <Revivify>     Cures Zombied state.
    かめのこうら    Turtle's Shell 調合専用アイテム。
    Exclusively for Chougou.
    りゅうのきば     Dragon's Horn 調合専用アイテム。
    Exclusively for Chougou.
    ダークマター       Dark Matter 調合専用アイテム。
    Exclusively for Chougou.
    Part  Six:  Types  of 
    by Nora Stevens (NEStevens@aol.com)
    This is a list of weapon types.  Some jobs can use only certain kinds of
    equipment, while others use different types altogether.  [On the item list]
    Rods, for example, are listed by type from weakest to strongest.
    短剣  Daggers
    The Knife, Dagger, etc. are classified as daggers.  (There are also knives
    exclusively for the Ninja.)
    剣 Swords
    The Broad Sword and Defender, etc., are long swords.  (There are also swords
    excusively for the Knight.)
    槍 Spears
    The Mithril Spear, Heavy Lance, etc., are classified as spears.  These are
    weapons for the Dragoon.
    斧 Axes
    The War Hammer, Battle Axe, etc., are axes.  These are weapons for the
    刀 Katana
    The Kotetsu, Kikuichi Monja, etc., are single-edged blades imported from exotic
    lands.  These are weapons for the Samurai.
    ロッド Rods
    The Ice Rod, Fire Rod, etc., are rods.  Rods have different effects when used.
    杖 Staffs
    The Flail, Humble Staff, etc., are imbued with magic.  They are staffs used by
    弓矢 Bows and Arrows
    The Fire Bow, etc., are bows and arrows.  Used exclusively by the Hunter, they
    may be used to attack from the back row as well.
    竪琴 Harps
    The Silver Harp, Dream Harp, etc., are weapons for the Bard.
    鞭 Whips
    The Chain Whip, Shock Whip, etc., have a paralyzing effect and are weapons for
    the Monster Trainer.
    ベル Bells
    The Giamon Bell, Great Knowledge Bell, etc., are bells.  These are weapons for
    the Elemental Mage.
    ★防具マークの見方  Types of Armor
    There are also many kinds of armor.  Most jobs can wear some armor (except for
    shields), but each job can wear a certain kind of armor.
    盾  Shields
    Shields defend from an enemy's attack.  Bronze Shield, Aegis Shield, etc.
    兜  Helmets
    Helmets protect the head from an enemy's attack.  Bronze Helm, Three-Sided Cap,
    Ribbon, etc.
    鎧 Armor
    Armor protects the body from an enemy's attack.  Bronze armor, Kendo Suit, etc.
    アクセサリー  Accessories
    Worn on the body, accessories have various effects.  Iron Shoes, Rings, etc.
    Part  Seven:  How  do  I 
    get  FFV?
    by Chris Kohler (ChrisK2018@aol.COM)
    Well, by now you have read this whole FAQ full of great information about Final
    Fantasy V and are probably wondering, "Just how am I supposed to get a copy of
    this great game, and how did the people who worked on this FAQ get it?"  It's
    actually very easy to get your hands on FFV.  Myself, I just mail-ordered it
    from a U.S. distributor.  The one I used was Game Land in California.  If you
    are interested in getting a copy of FFV, and I'm sure you are, get in touch with
    them at:
    Game Land
    23112 Hawthorne Blvd.
    Torrance, CA 90505
    (310) 791-3861
    FAX (310) 791-3865
    And if you are wondering just how much it cost me, let me say this: You will pay
    less for FFV than you will a new game in the U.S. because FFV is very old and
    Japanese game that are more than a year old get heavily discounted in Japan, and
    USED games are dirt cheap.  Yes, being imported, marked up, and shipped would
    add a lot on to the total cost of the game, but the whole thing wound up costing
    me $54.95 ($49.95 +$5 S+H). REALLY!  I found GameLand to be very courteous on
    the phone as well.  So getting a copy of FFV is really easy, and the benefits
    are worth it!
    Part  Eight:  FFV  FAQ  2。1
    FFVFAQ21.jis is the continuation of the FAQ.

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