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Walkthrough by Seltox

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 07/04/2008

###---------------------Final Fantasy IV - Walkthrough----------------------###

------------------------------[Table of Contents]------------------------------
    I. - Version History
   II. - Introduction
  III. - Walkthrough
   IV. - General Gameplay Tips
    V. - Special Thanks
   VI. - Legal Stuff
  VII. - Contact Me

------------------------------[I. - Version History]---------------------------

    -Introduction completed
    -Walkthrough completed up to Magnetic Cavern
    -Legalities completed
    -Contact Details completed

    -Walkthrough completed through to Tower of Babil

    -Rewrote the Introduction
    -Rewrote the walkthrough Introduction
    -Minor directional corrections, mostly left/right corrections
    -Minor spelling and grammatical corrections
    -Redone the "My Levels" section to be in sync with new sava data
    -Minor additions throughout the walkthrough
    -Special Thanks section added

    -Walkthrough completed to the end of the game.
    -General Gameplay Tips section added

------------------------------[II. - Introduction]-----------------------------
     IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are looking for monster lists, magic lists, 
charater bio's, or anything like that, you will not find it here.  This guide
is to be a walkthrough only.  I will include useful information about monsters
or magic or something like that in the walkthrough itself when it becomes 
useful information.  I will perhaps add a side quest section after the 
walkthrough is complete, but I am hoping to cover all the side quests in the
walkthrough itself.  So if you want just the walkthrough, none of the other
info you probably won't use, this guide should be good for you.  You can always
just go look at another guide for a second if you actually do need some of the
information I have left out.

     Hello all.  This is my walkthrough for the game Final Fantasy IV.  The
game is very old, yet I felt it still lacked a certain type of walkthrough.  I
was unable to find a walkthrough to my liking in my search of the internet, so
I decided i'd write my own.  I have had some troubles while writing the guide,
unforunately.  I started writing it in mid-2006 (so long after the game was
released) but lost my personal copy of the walkthrough which was further 
written that the guide on the net.  I was stupid enough to not have backup
saves so I had to start my whole game again, using my own guide to play 
though back to where the guide was written to.
     It has taken me until a few days before christmas, 2007, to get back to
attempting to write this guide again.
     A note on the game I am playing.  I am playing the PAL version of Final
Fantasy Anthology (bought in Australia).  FF Anthology contains both Final 
Fantasy IV and V, on seperate discs.  So there may be some subtle differences
between my version of the game and the one you, the reader, may have.  These
differences most likely will not effect anything, but if it does, do not 
hesitate to get in contact with me so I can make a note.

------------------------------[III. - Walkthrough]-----------------------------

     During the overall introduction I mentioned that I thought the internet 
lacked a certain type of walkthrough.  Mainly, a walkthrough that would not 
describe the freaking scenes to you.  "Cecil will follow Baigan, and then 
Baigan will tell Cecil to wait" blah blah.  I would MUCH prefer it to simply 
acknowlege there is a scene there, then continue with the guide.  "After the 
scene has finished."  When I mention north,south,east,west,etc I am talking 
simpy about up, down, left, right, etc.  Not actual compass directions.
     Okay, here's the layout I will use for the walkthrough.

Area title
List of items that will be found.
My Levels
The levels of my characters at this point of the game.  When a number is in
brackets, that is the level that my characters were upon leaving the area.
If a character name is in brackets, this means that the character either joined
or left the party in the area - I will state whether they join or leave.
A list of the bosses you will face in this area.

    Make sense? No? here is an example then

My Levels
Cecil - 13, (Rydia - 1)
Soldier(3) - 30HP
General - 240HP, ??? Gil, ??? Exp

    This will then be followed with directions.
    If it is an area you have never been to, I will most likely give
directions to the items you can get before giving directions to advance the
storyline.  Also, i like to put items in capital letters, as i find it to be 
   Anyway, that should make sense to you, so lets start the walkthrough!

Castle Baron
480 Gil
My Levels
Cecil - 10
    During the first scene you are thrust into a battle, you don't have to do
anything though, just watch.  I count these 'forced' battles as part of the
scene and will not mention them in the future, unless you actually have to
control the battle.
    When the scene ends head down the stairs to your south.  On 1F, head to
the bottom right and check the button behind the man standing there to open a
secret door.  Claim the chests inside for 480 GIL, an ETHER1 and a TENT.
Continue to the far left and up the stairs there.  Go along this short path and
down another set of stairs.  Go south a little bit for a short scene.  Continue
south.  Outside, go between the 2 buildings for another short scene.  Head
straight up into the tower and go up the stairs.  Talk to the woman blocking
your way and go up some more steps.  Go all the way left and into your bed for
a much longer scene.  This scene contains the typical pre-playstation text
   After the scene you will be outside the castle, but before you go anywhere
in the Overworld, head into the town (not the castle).

Baron Village
Potion x3
Tent x2
My Levels
Cecil - 10, (Kain - 10[joins])
    Firstly, head all the way to the right in the Inn's alley and check the
pot, it contains a POTION.  Head into the Inn and check the bottom pot in the
room on your left for another POTION.  Head to the right and up to get to the
back half of the Inn.  Check the swords on the wall here to open the secret
door.  Claim the 3 chests inside, containing EAGLEEYE, a TENT and some
EYEDROPS.  Exit the Inn.  there are 4 pots to the left of the house above the
Inn, check the bottom of the 4 for a POTION.  Enter the house and check the
left half of the shelf for an ETHER1 and check the pot in the top left for a
MAIDKISS.  Exit the house and go to the top of the town where it is possible to
enter the water.  Do so and follow the stream to the outside of the wall.  When
you are blocked, tap X to find a TENT.  There is also a HRGLASS1 near the
bottom right of this pool.  You will be blocked by it, so it isn't hard to
    This is also your first chance to rename your characters.  If you enter
the small house above the item store and go down the stairs there is an odd
looking guy on the right.  He is Namingway, and speaking to him will give you
the chance to rename a character.  Anyway, buy any items you want from the item
store and exit the town to the Overworld.

My Levels
Cecil - 10(11), Kain - 10(11)
    The enemies out here are absolutely pathetic and should be no problem at
all.  Simply holding down the X button will yield a win with no damage taken
(unless you are extremely unlucky).  I strongly reccomend that you do not run
from ANY battles out here, as they are easy Exp and money.
    This is your first opportunity to save so do so.  There should be a bridge 
in view near the top of the screen, cross it and head left to find another 
bridge, cross it also.  Continue left, into the path created by mounatins.  
Follow this path to the end where there is an entranceto Mist Cave.  I would 
suggest that you get to level 11 before entering the cave, as it will make 
proceedings easier, and it won't take very long at all.

Mist Cave
Potion x2
My Levels
Cecil - 11(13), Kain - 11(13)
Mist Dragon - 475 HP, 200 Gil, 700 Exp
    This cave is exceedingly easy and shouldn't require much explanation to
get through.  The enemies in here can be slightly harder than outside, but
holding the X button will again ensure a flawless victory.  A quick note about
SandMoth, let Kain attack these, as they are flying, and he will do a lot of
extra damage.  So in the SandMoth/Larva combo of enemies, let Cecil take the
Larva, and Kain take the SandMoth.  If you happen to run into 6 swordrats or
whatever they are called, it might be a decent idea to use Cecil's dark attack
once or twice to kill them all.  Remember, using dark will lower Cecil's hp,
but you're not going to be using many potions throughout the game, so do feel
bad about using some to replenish his hp afterwards.
    Head to the right, up the stairs, and to the left. Go past the 2 sets of
stairs, and up.  When you go over the first set of stairs, you will get a
mysterious message.  ignore it and continue up the next set.  Grab the chest
for a POTION.  Go back down 1 set of stairs, and right across the bridge.  Head
up the first set of stairs you get to and check the chest up there to get
EYEDROPS. Head back down the steps.  Continue south and down 2 more stairs,
follow this path left a bit then up to some more steps.  This chest contains a
TENT.  Head back to the previous double-set of stairs.  Climb 1, and then head
right.  There is a chest in plain sight here, it contains a POTION.  Go up and
towards the exit now.  Before you get there though, you will get some more of
the mysterious voice.  Ignore it yet again and continue on, select 'yes' when
prompted to fight the first boss.

Mist Dragon
HP: 475
Gil: 200
Exp: 700    (*Note: Exp is divided among characters, so you will only get
                    350 Exp for this battle, as it will say.  that is 350 
                    each, 700 all up.)
    This boss really isn't too hard.  No first boss ever is.  Anyway, for this
battle, have Kain use his Jump ability, while Cecil uses his standard attack.
Kain cannot be hit while he is in the air, so this may mean Cecil will get
pounded with attacks.  So have some potions handy just in case.
    After a few rounds, the dragon will lose shape and turn into mist. DO NOT
ATTACK at this point, as it will result in no damage and it countering with a
powerful attack, ColdMist, which damages both party members AND has an annoying
message which explains why not to attack it.  Use this as an opportunity to
heal if you need to.  All in all, an easy battle.
    Head out of the cave to the Overworld.
On the overworld head towards the village, before you actually enter the
village unequip Kain.  By the way, the enemies here are the strongest you've
faced yet but shouldn't be a real problem.  You shouldn't even face an enemy
between the cave and the town.

My Levels
Cecil - 13, (Kain - 13[leaves])
    There is absolutely nothing to do here, except for walk to the right a
little to start a scene.
    After this scene you will be on the overworld, without Kain (that's why
you unequipped him).  You may want to be a little more careful here without
the second party member, so just head up to the desert.  In the middle of the
desert is an oasis, and with the oasis comes a town, called Kaipo.

My Levels
Cecil - 13(14), (Rydia - 1(7)[joins])
General + Soldier(3) - 240 HP(General) 30 HP(Soldier), 242 Gil, 869 Exp
    Step forward a bit to start a scene.  During this scene, you have to fight
a boss.
General + Soldier(3)
General - 240 HP, 242 Gil, 869 Exp
Soldier - 30 HP (each), 162 Gil, 471 Exp
    There are 2 ways to fight this battle.
    This being the more favourable, attack the General until he dies.  When he
is dead, the soldiers will just attack eachother until they die.  Plus you will
get the Exp from killing the General.
    If you don't want to do that, just kill each soldier, as the General will
run after doing so.
    The specs listed after 'General' are what you will get when killing the
General, whereas the specs listed after 'Soldier' is what you will get for
defeating the soldiers.
    Following this battle Rydia will join your party.  Exit the Inn and head
over the bridge to your right.  Check the top of the 2 pots here for an ETHER1.
    Head into the house in the top right of town.  Head down the hallway for a
scene.  Talk to the man and woman in this house if you want to know what you'll
be doing.  Before you leave, buy some items, and some gear for Rydia if you
want to.  *Note on bows:  You have the chance to buy a bow for Rydia here, if
you do, do not just put the bow in her good hand.  This is a mistake i made for
a  long time.  Think about it, how do you use a bow?  You use your good arm to
pull back the arrow.  So put the arrows in her good arm, the bow in her bad.
    Exit Kaipo and train for a while, Rydia is only level 1.  You will want
her to have some decent hp before going to the water cavern.  A small tip, 
Rydia takes damage very easily, so you may want to put her in the back row.  
Once you've trained for a  bit, head to the top right of the desert, you will 
find the entrance to the Water Cavern here.

Water Cavern
Potion x3
Bomb x2
Ether1 x2
580 Gil
Dark (sword)
Hades (Helm)
Hades (Gloves)
Hades (Armour)
My Levels
Cecil - 14(16), Rydia - 7(12), (Tellah - 20[joins])
Octomamm - 2400 HP, 500 Gil, 1200 Exp
    Head up and across the bridge.  Grab the 2 chests over here for a POTION
and a MAIDKISS.  Go back to the entrance, but go left this time.  Cross a
bridge, then get the chest on the bottom of the screen for a TENT.  Head across
the to the north and talk to the crazy old man blocking your way.  This is the
sage Tellah, and he will join your party after you speak to him.  He is level
20, and a great attribute to your party.  His 'recall' ability can be very
useful, but don't rely on it.  You may want to put him in the back row, as he
is a spell caster.
    Go across the bridge to your right a little bit and get the chest here, it
contains a BOMB.  Continue right across another bridge and go down the steps
into the water.  Go up the series of small waterfalls just to your left and get
the chest containing an IRONRING.  I would advice you to put this on Tellah.
Head back down the waterfalls and continue left.  This may seem like a
dead-end, but go into the middle of the waterfall to find a 'secret area'.  the
chests here contain an ETHER2, X-POTION and a LIFE.  Pretty nifty, eh?  Head
out of the secret area and make your way to the top left of the area (yes, you
have to go all the way around).  Exit into the next area from here.
    Head straigh up and across the bridge, down the stairs, and into the
water. Go to the left, and up some stairs to find a chest containing a POTION.
Go back down to the water, but this time go to the bottom and up the stairs.
Head to the left to get a chest containing an ETHER1.  Go back to the right a
bit, and across the bridge.  Make your way to the left, then up and into a
save room.  Stepping forward will instigate a scene, after which you will be
    Head straight up to the next room.  Go across the bridge and get the chest
at the top of the screen for an ICEROD.  Equip this on whom you feel it should
be and continue on down the 2 sets of stairs into the water.  Head right a bit
and back onto dry land.  Head up through the door to get to B3F.  Go across the
bridge, and then when faced with 2 choices, take the right bridge.  Get the 2
chests containing 580 GIL and a BOMB.  Take the left bridge and go through the
door when you get to it.
    In this room head straight to your left to find a secret path.  Follow it
to the end where you will find a chest with a POTION in it.  And before you all
email me about saying that was pointless, you are wrong.  Go back into the path
and head up this time, go to the end where you will find a FEATHER.  This is a
feather cap, and i would suggest you equip it on someone now.  Go back around
and exit up the stairs.
    Go up a bit, and down the stairs to your left.  grab the 2 chests here for
an ETHER1 and NOTUS. Cross the bridge to your right and head down the stairs
to get chests containing an HRGLASS1 and DARK.  Getting DARK is very important.
As it is actually a weapon for Cecil, and will take his attack up by 10.  Go
back up the stairs and exit to the overworld.
    The overworld! It's been a while, hasn't it?  you may like to rest out
here.  Why?  Because it's not over yet, you still have more Water Cavern to go
through.  Yes, annoying isn't it? but it's got plenty of items to keep you
motivated!  Go up into the next section.
    Before you do anything make sure you have got everything you want from
Kaipo, as you will not be able to go back for a while after this.  Putting that
aside, walk straight into the waterfall.  You are now stuck here :).  Go up the
steps and follow the path to the bottom where you can go down some stairs and
get 2 chests containing HADES and HADES.  These are gear for Cecil, one is a
helm, while the other is just some gloves.  equip them both.  Go back up the
stairs and continue across the bridge into a door.  On the other side, go to
the right and cross a bridge.  get the 2 chests here for HADES and HERMES. Go
up across the bridge, then down the stairs.  Go up a little and you will be
able to see 2 flailing tenticles.  That is our boss.  Be sure you have all
three hades items equipped on Cecil. Examine the tenticles.

2300 HP, 500 Gil, 1200 Exp
    Don't be intimidated by the amount of HP, he really isn't that hard.  You
have TWO spell casters now, make sure they're both in the back row.  Cecil
should have pretty good defense and HP, so he'll be able to handle being in the
front row.  Get Tellah to use Recall a lot if you feel up to it.  Getting a
spell like bio is awesome, mass damage.  Rydia should summon Chocobo a lot, or
use bolt1.  If you don't feel up to taking the risk of recall, just use bolt1
with Tellah.  Cecil should just use his normal attack, it should deal a nice
amount of damage.
    The amount of attacks he uses in the beginning is a little scary, but as
you deal damage, he will lose tenticles, and his amount of attacks will drop
dramatically.  So as long as you can get in a few Bolt1's and attacks before
you die (which is very easy) you will have no problem.
    Step forward twice and you will be in the overworld again!  Save you game
because you're finally finished with that place.
    Head around towards the desert, before you get to the desert there will be
a short scene.  Before you enter the castle, unequip Tellah.  Enter it now.

Damcyan Castle
Holy x2
My Levels
Cecil - 16(17), Rydia - 12(14), (Tellah - 20[leaves]), (Edward - 5(11)[joins])
    Head into the castle.  Just keep going until you find a room full of
opened chests, there is one here that isn't opened, get it for a TENT.
Continue up the steps and walk forward a bit for a scene.  After the scene you
will be in a hovercraft outside the castle.  Get out of it and enter the castle
again.  You need to walk away from the castle, not enough to exit, but enough
so you can walk around the side.  Walk around the right side of the castle and
into the side door.  Examine the man here, and he will disappear, leaving you
free to press the switch he was guarding.  The switch opens a secret door into
an empty cell.  One of the walls between this cell and the one with the 2
chests isn't real, find it and cross through it.  Open the chests for a
CROSSBOW and a FEATHER.  Cross over into the next cell for a RUBYRING.  Head
out and down the stairs.  Check the bottom left pot for a HOLY and the bottom
 right for another HOLY and the top right for BRASS.  The 'Brass' and 'Holy'
are arrows, if you didn't know. Check the chests for a POTION, ANTIDOTE,
    Now, if you need to be healed, enter the main of the castle and go to the
room the large scene took place in before.  Head to the right and check the pot
to restore MP and then go to the left and check the pot to restore HP and get
rid of any status problems you have.  You can now exit the castle.
    The first thing i done here was train, taking full advantage of the free
healing.  I got Edward to level 11, because him at level 5 is extremely
    After training, get in your hovercraft and go north of the castle.  See
the little rock looking things in the water? these are 'shallows'.  you can
fly your hovercraft over them.  Make your way to the island right next to the
one you are on now.  Head down to a little patch of desert.  The entrance to
the Antlion cave is here.  Save and go in.

Antlion Den
Silk Web x2
Potion x3
Tent x2
My Levels
Cecil - 17, Rydia - 14(15), Edward - 11(13)
Antlion - 1000 HP, 800 Gil, 1500 Exp
    Head over the bridge straight to your left and get the chest containing a
SILK WEB.  Go down the stairs and under the bridge you just crossed to get a
chest containing a POTION.  Head down the stairs below you and then go right
until you see a bridge you can go under.  Go under it and get the chest for a
POTION.  Head back down and go up the stairs on your right.  Go as far up as
you can here to find a chest containing a SOFT.  Go back down the stairs and
head to the left until you can go down.  Follow this path to find 2 chests
which hold a TENT and a POTION.  Go back out of this path, all the way to the
right, and down to the next area.
    Keep going down until you find a chest, open it for NOTUS.  Go into the
door just left of here.  Inside there is a chest containing LAMIA.  This is a
harp for Edward, so equip it on him straight away as it will take his attack
power up by 10.  The Lamia confuses opponent it is used on, unlike the dreamer
which puts them to sleep.  Exit the room and head around to your left.  Go up
some stairs and go in the door.  Follow this path until you find another door
and go in that one.  In here is a save point, and 3 chests containing a LIFE,
ETHER1 and an EXIT.  If you need to be healed, then use a tent in the square
thingo.  Head out and back to B2F.  See the chest just at the top of the
screen, go around and get it for an HRGLASS1.  Head back down the stairs and
to your left, across a bridge to get another SILK WEB from a chest.  Go back
across the bridge and down 3 sets of stairs to your south.  Continue south
into the Antlion Nest.  Prepare yourself because you are about to face a boss.
If you need to heal, go back and use a tent.  Head down all the steps to start
a scene, resulting in fighting the Antlion.

1000 HP, 800 Gil, 1500 Exp
    This Antlion looks pussy compared to the one from FF9, but ya get that.
Anyway, he IS a complete pussy.  The only thing you need to watch out for is
his counterattack.  Rydia should use spells or summons, as he will not counter
magic attacks.  Cecil can just attack, but keep in mind that who the couter
hits is completely random.  You just just hope it hits Cecil the most, as he
can take the damage easily.  Edward can sit around and heal if you need him to.
But if you've leveled him up as much as I have he should be able to deal 20-40
damage a round, so that's alright and you can just attack.  Overall, this is a
very, very easy battle.
    The battle is followed by a short scene in which you will get the
SANDRUBY.  Now you have what you need to help Rosa, so lets get back to her.
You can use the 'Exit' item you got before if you are lazy, or Rydia's 'Warp'
spell (this will probably take a lot of time and MP though), but I prefer to
walk.  Head straight up and out of this room.  Instead of going all the way
around though, head to your left.  Don't go up the stairs just go past them
into the little block of land.  Go down from here.  This secret path goes down,
right, up.  And eliminates having to go all the way around.  You should be able
to get out on your own from here.

My Levels
Cecil - 17(18), Rydia - 15(16), Edward - 13(15), (Rosa - 10(12)[joins])
    Hop back in your hovercraft and head back over to Damcyan castle.  Heal up
in here, then leave the castle and save your game.
    Now then, we have to get back to Kaipo, but we can't go back through the
Water Cavern (thank god) as that path is being blocked.  So get in your
hovercraft and head left of Damcyan castle.  Follow the desert until it splits
and then follow it left.  Ride of the shallows here to get back to the desert
at Kaipo.  Find Kaipo and go in.  And something cool here, you can fly over
the oasis ;).  Go into the house Rosa is at (The top right one) and you will
be prompted to select the SandRuby from your inventory.  Do so and a scene
will start, during which Rosa will join the party.  During the scene you will
also be thrust into a battle, but with Edward only.  Just keep attacking and
you will win no problem, especially if you are keeping up with my levels.
You will get a nice 800 Exp for Edward after this battle ;).
    After the scene you will have Rosa.  You will want Edward, Rosa and Rydia
in the back row, so in the main menu, select 'Row' to give 3 slots in the back
row and 2 in the front.  Rearrange your guys as you want.  Buy anything you
need from the weapon/armour/item stores and then leave Kaipo.
    You will probably want to train Rosa a bit.  So we will yet again take
advantage of the free healing at Damcyan.  Get back in your hovercraft and go
back to Damcyan.  You can just train around the castle if you like, but I
would suggest going back to the Antlion Den.  Or even better, go to Mt. Hobs
and train there.  If you are simply training, don't go very far into Mt. Hobs.
For those of you who don't know, that is where we are going next.  So do not
advance the story anymore than you have to until you want to continue.
    Mt. Hobs is on the same section of land as the Antlion Den, but it is
much further to the right.
Mt. Hobs
960 Gil
My Levels
Cecil - 18(19), Rydia - 16, Edward -- 15(16), Rosa - 12(14), 
(Yang - 10(11)[joins])
Mom Bomb - 3200 Hp, 543 Gil, 2415 Exp
    Head forward a few steps to trigger a scene.  Rydia will learn Fire1
during this scene.  If you are only here to train, do not go any further than
here.  You can find enemies here, so just wander around here training, and go
back to Damcyan when you need to heal.  The enemies here are really quite weak
but offer quite decent Exp.  Cocatris are capable of casting break, which
petrifies a character.  Using Edward to attack these and confuse them is
useful, as quite often they will cast break on one of your enemies and kill
them instantly.  Watch out for back attacks though, as this will leave your
3 weak members in the front row and open to attack.  Expecially watch out for
back attacks with Gargoyle's, as they are capable of dealing up to 100 damage
to one of these members, yet the same attack would only do 1 damage to Cecil.
Gargoyle's can also cast 'Wind' which will lower your HP to 5.  Meaning, it
instantly took my Cecil from about 340 hp to 5.  So watch out for these
    Enough about training, onto the actual mountain.  Go up the lot of stairs,
and head into the first door you see.  Follow this path and you will find a
save point, and some chests containing a TENT, POTION, SOFT and 960 GIL.
Save if you want then head back to the door.  Continue right, and into another
door.  Open the chest for HOLY (10 holy arrows).  Go up one of three sets of
stairs and make sure you are healed.  When you get to the bottom of the second
set, a scene is triggered.  You will be thrust into a boss battle here.

Mom Bomb
3200 Hp, 543 Gil, 2415 Exp
    This will be by far your hardest battle yet.  Fortunately you will have
Yang in your party for this battle.  Have Rydia use her Chocobo summon, Cecil
use his normal attack, Yang use his normal attack, Edward use his normal attack
unless you want to use him to heal, and Rosa use aim.  Have Rosa keep all your
hp high, because the Mom Bomb will explode eventually, and cause heavy damage
to all your characters, making the rest of the battle a lot harder.  So make
sure you keep all your hp topped up.  You may also want Rosa to cast 'Armour'
on your weaker characters to give them some protection.  At a point during the
battle the Mom Bomb will get pissed and turn into a huge fire cloud thingo.
You will get a warning saying that it is going to explode soon after it does
this.  Continue your attacking until it does explode.  You will probably want
Rydia and Rosa to cast Cure1 on all, and maybe even have Edward use Heal after
it explodes.  Because you are now facing 3 bombs and 3 GrayBomb's.  They can
deal plenty of damage.  Top up your hp, then continue fighting until all 6 die.
Be warned though, as these bombs can blow up also, and deal up to 120 damage to
a character, so keep hp topped up at all times!  If you have kept levels with
me it shouldn't be too hard.  But it can cause a lot of trouble.  The key is to
keep your hp high.
    After the battle Yang will officially join your party.  He is only level
10, yet is exceptionally powerful.  You will not need to spend time leveling
him up just yet.  You are not out of danger just yet, so heal up and continue
through the door to your north.  Go across the bridge to your east and follow
the path to the end of the mountain.

    Now that you are out on the Overworld you have to find Fabul Castle.  Go
the only direction you can, and when you get to a forest, follow it.  When the
forest ends, head to your east.  You will soon see a bridge, and on the other
side of the bridge is an island which Fabul Castle is on.

Silk Web
Demon (shield)
Death (Sword)
My Levels
Cecil - 19, (Rydia - 16[leaves]), (Edward - 16[leaves]),
(Rosa - 14[leaves]), (Yang - 11(13)[leaves])
    Go straight up and inside.  Once you are inside, head into the door on the
right, it is the Weapon/Armour store.  Buy all the 'Demon' gear for Cecil if
you can afford it.  And buy the claw of your choice for Yang.  Yang already
has a Fireclaw, so you should probably get the other 2, for when you need to
change the element you want to use.  If you havn't yet, sell all your old
armour and weapons for some extra space in your inventory.  Now head over to
the door on the left side.  This is the Inn/Item store.  Rest up, and continue
further into the castle.  In the next room, head to the bottom and out that
door.  Go into the left tower.  Check the left pot on the top for THORRAGE.
Open the chests for a POTION, NOTUS and BOMB.  Go up the stairs to find
Namingway in a bed.  Talk to him if you wish to change the name of any of your
characters.  On the next floor up you can find Yang's wife.  Exit this tower
and enter the right tower.  On the second floor check the bottom pot for
BACCHUS.  On the next floor you can find a chest containing a TENT.  You can
go out and train for a little if you feel a little unsure of how strong you
are.  When you're finished, heal, unequip Rosa, and continue up to the throne
room for a scene.  Select 'yes' when prompted.
    You will be forced into a battle with a Captain and 2 Fighters.  Some
may class this as a Boss Battle, but I do not just kill them, they're rather
easy, even with only Edward, Yang and Cecil.  After that battle, there will
be another, against a Weeper, Imp Cap. and Water Hag.  After that, there is
ANOTHER battle, it is a Captain with 2 Fighters again.  And another battle,
just one gargoyle this time though.After that battle, there will be another,
against a Weeper, Imp Cap. and Water Hag.  Yet again, another battle.  Two
Fighters and a Captain...again.  After that, you must battle Kain.  You are
absolutely no match for him.  Just keep attacking until you die.  you're
meant to lose, so don't worry.
    After the scene, leave the crystal room.  Check the pot in the throne
room for HERMES.  Go to the opposite side of the room and stand on the switch
to open a secret door.  Follow the hidden path to a room with 3 chests.  Get
these chests for a SILK WEB, DEMON (shield) and an ETHER1.  Equip Demon on
Cecil straight away.  Leave the throne room and go and rest in the Inn.
Upon entering the Inn, there will be a Scene.  During the scene you will get
DEATH (sword) for Cecil.  Equip it on him as it is extremely powerful, taking
his attack power up a lot, and even taking his defense up.  Unequip everyone
else.  Exit the castle.  You will see the boat to the right of your screen.
Go and board it.  There will be a large scene here.
    When you have control again, Cecil will be on his own, on a strange
island.  Head to your right and enter the town.

My Levels
Cecil - 19, (Palom - 10(12)[joins]), (Porom - 10(12)[joins])
    Uh-oh... Not the best place to end up.  They kinda hate you around here
coz you stole their crystal.  Cool music though.  Ignore everyone and head
straight for the building at the top of town.  Talk to the elder (the guy
between the black and white mages).  During this scene, Palom and Porom will
join your party.  Palom is a Black Mage, while Porom is a White Mage.  They are
a lot more useful than you would think =).  Go to the weapon store, which is on
the left of town.  Buy a flame rod for Palom, and the cure staff for Porom.
Take note of Palom being left handed, and Porom right.  What hand they weild
their weapon in effects their damage.  Also make sure the 2 of them are in the
back row.  Enter the armour store now.  Buy each twin a Magus hat, Gaia Gear
and and the Silver ring thingo.  Equip them with their new gear.  Now buy all
the Paladin gear.  If you have to train for some extra gil for these, do so.
    A few tips on Palom and Porom.  They have rather low HP at this point
so training them a little bit isn't a bad idea.  Their 'Twin' command will
let them use an exceedingly powerful spell.  This might sound really good,
but there are a few down sides with it.  It takes like many rounds to charge up
and neither of them can do anything during this time.  Because of their low
HP it is easy for one of them to die, and this ruins the whole spell.  So
don't use it in a situation where it is likely that one of them will die.
Also, it is not important to get levels for Cecil anymore, you will see why
soon.  Namingway is in the Inn if you wish to rename Palom and Porom.  When
you have bought all the Paladin gear, leave Mysidia.

    On the overworld, head to your right, and keep following the path.  When
you get to a mountain surrounded by forest, look around the south side of the
forest for a little circle gap in the forst.  Go to the center of it.  This
is Chocobo Forest.  The white Chocobo will restore your MP, so use Poroms
white magic to heal you, then examine the white Chocobo to get back your MP.
There is a GYSAHL hidden somewhere in the grass, if you can find it, go to
the top of the screen where it says 'I smell chocobo in the air." and use
it.  Fat Chocobo will show up.  select 'Feed' to feed him items.  and 'Barf'
to barf them up.  He is just an item bank.  He is my best buddy.  When you're
done here, catch a yellow chocobo.  Go up a little bit on the Overworld and you
will see a path into the mountain.  Go to it and get off of your chocobo.
Enter Mt. Ordeals.

Mt. Ordeals
Potion x2
Ether1 x2
My Levels
Cecil - 19(20), Palom - 12(18), Porom - 12(18), (Tellah - 22(23)[joins])
Milon - 3500 HP, 2000 Gil, 3200 Exp
Milon Zombie - 3523 HP, 2500 Gil, 3600 Exp
Dark Knight - 100,000 HP, 0 Gil, 0 Exp
    Follow the path for a scene.  Continue along the path ignoring the stairs
to find a chest containing a POTION.  Go up the stairs and claim the second
chest for another POTION.  Continue up the steps and into a door.  Go along
the path and you will have a scene, after which Tellah will be back in your
party.  Make sure Tellah is in the back row, and continue through the door.
Head to your left and up some stairs to get an ETHER1.  Go up the ramp between
the stairs and the door.  Then up some stairs, across a bridge, down a ramp
and open the chest for another ETHER1.  Go back up and through the door.
At the summit, make sure you cross the bridge on the right before going up the
stairs.  Over the bridge is a save point.  Heal and save.  Head up the stairs
and get ready for a boss fight

Milon + Ghast (4)
Milon - 3500 HP, 2000 Gil, 3200 Exp
Ghast - 200 HP (each), 100 Gil, 50 Exp
    This battle can be difficult.  You will want to kill off the 4 Ghasts
first.  So focus all your fire power on them.  Except for Cecil.  Have Cecil
attack Milon straight away, as his blade will do extremely little to the
Ghasts.  Use Fire1 (or 2 if you have it) on the Ghasts, while Porom heals.
When all 4 ghasts are dead, you may want to heal up.  Make sure all of your
characters are on high HP when Milon actually dies.
    After that battle, go back to the save point.  Use a tent and save before
continuing along the bridge, and to another boss battle.
Milon Zombie
3523 HP, 2500 Gil, 3600 Exp
    This is a back attack, so the very first thing you should do is have a
character use the 'row' ability (press left in the command menu).  When your
characters are back to their rightful place you can start attacking.  Have
Tellah and Palom cast fire magic, while Porom heals and Cecil just uses normal
attacks.  Milon Z. hits heavy, so you may need to use Tellah to heal sometimes.
If Palom has Fire2, this is EXTREMELY powerful.  Dealing up to 1200 damage.
So use it as often as possible.  Milon can poison via his attacks.  So have
Tellah cast Esuna on a poisoned Character.  This really isn't such a hard
    Walk into the middle of the thingos for a scene.
Dark Knight
100,000 HP, 0 Gil, 0 Exp
    Not really a boss battle, but I will count it as one.  It is nearly
impossible to lose, although the first time I played through the game i lost it
many times.  All you have to do is Parry.  Parry until the battle ends.
    After this battle Cecil becomes a Paladin, Tellah remembers all his spells
and he also learns Meteo.  The problem here is that Cecil reverts all the way
back to level 1.  Although this isn't really a problem, as he will gain levels
extremely quickly.  Equip the paladin gear on Cecil before moving.  I reccomend
training him up to around level 20 before going back to Mysidia.  Just heal mp 
in the chocobo forest then use white magic to heal your mp.  Cecil can now use 
basic white magic spells, too.  Tellah's spells are strong, but he has very 
little mp so they're almost useless.  You can kill your party members except
Cecil when he's strong enough if you want him to get all of the exp.  When 
going back to Mysidia, get on a yellow chocobo to avoid battles.

My Levels
Cecil - 20, Palom - 18, Porom - 18, Tellah - 23
    Rest up at the Inn if you need to.  You can also take note of how the
whole town is in awe of you ;).  Go talk to the Elder for a scene.  You must
now travel the Devils Road, which is in the building above the Inn.  Go into
building and step onto the white dot.

Baron Village
2000 Gil
My Levels
Cecil - 20, Palom - 18, Porom - 18, Tellah - 23, (Yang - 22[joins])
    Exit the building and head straight to the Inn.  Go into the top half and
speak with Yang.  You will be forced into a fight with 2 Guards.  Easy.  After
that you will have to fight a Monk (Yang).  Just beat him up, he really isn't
hard.  Heal after he kicks if you need to.  After the battle Yang will join
the party.  During the scene you will get BARONKEY.
    When you have control again, head over to the weapon and armour joint.
Unlock it with your new key and go in.  Buy some new gear for Yang.  While
in here, go to the bottom right of the store and go down and right.  This path
takes you around the back of the counter.  Open the chests for 2000 GIL and
THORRAGE.  Exit the store and go all the way to the left of town.  Open the
door to the Waterway.  Go through the door and down the stairs.

Silk Web
Ancient (sword)
My Levels
Cecil - 20(21), Palom - 18(20), Porom - 18(20), Tellah - 23, Yang - 22
    Some people think it's really hard down here.  Here is my advise.

                   P + B = Everything dies
             When P is Palom/Tellah, and B is Bolt2 on all.  The exception to
this rule is the Elecfish, it in fact gets health back.  Just kill these any
way you please.  Nothing down here is exceptionally hard.

    Make sense?  Just use Bolt2 a lot and everything dies =p.  Cecil's white
magic is very powerful, so use him as a healer outside of battle if you need
to.  Because you want him to attack IN battle.  Equipping Yang with a bolt
claw or two might be a good idea, just don't attack the elecfish with him.
    Anway, just follow the path down until it splits.  Take the path going
down to find 3 chests.  Open them for a HIPOTION, ETHER1 and THORRAGE.  Go back
around and go up this time.  Follow the path to the next room.
    This room is full of hidden paths.  Go into the water and follow it down.
Follow it into the section below where you entered and open the chest for a
HRGLASS1.  Go down again, and get the SILK WEB here.  Go back up to the top
and go right through 2 sections.  Climb the stairs in this section onto the
little island to get HERMES.  Go to the top right of this area.  See the rock
formation that implies there is a fake wall there?  Go through that section
of wall.  Then go up and into the next area.
    Just follow the path here.  But when you get to the top of the stairs go
left and through the secret path to get the ETHER1.  Exit the area into B1F
after this.
    Enter the door on the left.  This is a save room, but before you save...
See the 4 rocks at the right of the room?  Well, see the gap above them?
Hidden pathway.  Go through it to get ANCIENT (sword).  It is a sword for
Cecil...But it seems to be weaker than Legend, i don't know what the point
of it is.  Anyway, save your game and continue out of the room.  Go
to your right and up the steps, exit out the door.

Castle Baron
Ether1 x4
Unihorn x2
Life x2
Hermes x2
Bacchus x2
HiPotion x2
Tent x2
My Levels
Cecil - 21, (Palom - 20[leaves]), (Porom - 20[leaves]), Tellah - 23, Yang - 22
(Cid - 20[joins])
Baigan - 4444 HP, 3000 Gil, 4000 Exp

Cagnazzo - 5312 HP, 4000 Gil, 5500 Exp
    Go around to the left and into the courtyard on the west side of the
castle.  Enter the tower, and go to the top.  Rest in your bed.  Leave the
tower and Head into the bulk of the castle.  Here you will have a scene.  This
will result in a boss battle.

Left Arm
Right Arm
Baigan - 4444 HP, 3000 Gil, 4000 Exp
Left/Right arms - 444 HP, 0 Gil, 10 Exp
    Your focus here is the body.  It may be tempting to attack the arms, but
there isn't much point, as they just regenerate.  You may want to use the twins
to use their cool power thing to take care of them for a while.  If you wish
to deal some heavy damage to the body before it is to late, use Tellah instead
of the twins to hit him with Bio or a level 3 spell or something.  The body
will cast wall on itself after being hit with a spell, so you only get one
choice.  Cecil and Yang should attack normally.  It's wall spell will wear
off eventually, but until then, use Tellah to cast wall on someone and then
use a spell on that character.  The spell will bounce of them and hit your
enemy, completely ignorning his wall.  Use Porom/Tellah to heal and the battle
should be over soon enough.  After the body dies, try to kill the arms as
quickly as possible, or they will detonate and cause some heavy damage to a
random character.
    Go back to your bed and heal up.  Go to the bottom right of the room and
up the stairs here.  Go along the walkway and down some stairs.  Hit the switch
in this room that was being guarded previous to you leaving.  Follow the secret
path to a room with 6 chests.  Open them for 2 ETHER1's, 2 UNIHORN's and 2
LIFE's.  Continue out into the courtyard and into the tower.  Open the 4 chests
here for 2 HERMES and 2 BACCHUS.  Go down the steps and check the second pot
for an ELIXIR.  Go back up the stairs, and up the next set.  Open the 2 chests
for 2 HIPOTION's.  Go up the next set of stairs and open the chests for 2 TENTs
and an ETHER1.  Check the pot just under the stairs for another ETHER1.  Now
head to the Throne room.  Make sure you are ready for a boss battle before you
go in though.  When inside, make sure Yang has a bolt claw equipped and then
talk to the king.

5312 HP, 4000 Gil, 5500 Exp
    Okay, he's the 'devil of water' right? so use bolt magic! simple.  He
isn't very hard.  I've said that about every boss so far, havn't I? Oh well.
Cecil should just normal attack, and heal maybe.  Porom should heal, Tellah and
Palom should use Bolt2/3 and Yang should use power.  Simple.  He has a big
powerful attack though.  "Wave" can deal up to 170-ish to every character.
So watch out for that one.  When he retreats into his shell, you can use it as
a chance to heal.  But if you want, just keep attacking him until he dies, like
I did.
    After this rather long scene, you will no longer have Palom or Porom.  It
is a very great loss, they are like my favourite characters =(.  But you get
Cid (...joy).  At least you have your own airship now!!!.  First off, land the
ship and enter Castle Baron again.  Unlock the doors and go into the castle.
Go up the stairs on the right and make your way to the northeast tower.  Go
down the stairs into the basemen tand check the pots for an ELIXIR.  Go down
the next lot of stairs.  Go along this bit here for a Scene.  
    After that, make your way out of the castle and head into Baron Village and
buy some armour for Cid.  Resting at the Inn might be a good idea too.  Head 
out of the village and get into your airship.  Now that we have an airship, we 
should go do some stuff before we advance the storyline.  Head to the village
of Mist.

Bomb x3
Change (rod)
    Walk to the bottom right of town.  Go through the hidden path right of the
well.  Check the grass for 2 BOMB's.  Then head to the top right of town and
check the grass here for another BOMB.  Head into the top left house and go
through the fireplace to get to a secret room with 3 chests chich contain a
TIARA, CLOTHES anda RUBYRING.  There is another secret room if you continue
right through this secret room.  The second secret room contains a CHANGE (rod)
There is nothing of any worth in the weapon/armour stores.  But Namingway is in
the Inn if you want to rename Cid.  That's it for now, leave town.
    If you go straight south from Baron, you will find Agart, enter the town.

    There isn't much to do in this village.  Go around to the left until you
find some long grass.  at the bottom right of this grass is BOREAS.  In the
bottom left houses top floor you can look through a telescope if you want.
Leave the village, time to go to Mythril Village.  Head left from Baron until
you see some islands.  Mythril Village is on one of these islands just to your
north a bit.

Mythril Village
Mythril (staff)
Mythril (dagger)
5000 Gil
    Yeah...heaps of midgets and frogs and pigs and stuff.  Great.
    Head up and right a bit into the grass, grab the MYTHRIL (staff) from
here.  Go around and up past the weapon shop.  Then to the right patch of
grass.  grab the MYTHRIL (dagger) from here.  Go to the grass directly behind
the weapon shop now, and grab the 5000 GIL from here.
    Go into the weapon store and buy the Mythril hammer for Cid, and the
Mythril sword for Cecil.  Go to the armour store and buy the Mythril helm,
armour and gauntlets for Cecil and Cid.  And the Mythril shield also for Cecil.
I expect you to be broke after this, and probably can't even afford the second
Mytrhil Armour.  Train around until you have all this gear.  If you're going to
train I would suggest putting Cid in the front row.
    Now it's time to go to Troia Village.  Head west from Kaipo to find a
whole heap of forest.  In the northern part of this forest you will find a
castle and a town.  Land the airship in the one little square provided and
enter the town.

Troia Village
1000 Gil
Get in the water and follow it around to the back of the town.  get out and go
left through the trees and into a grassy area.  In this area you can find
1000 GIL, ILLUSION, ETHER1, ETHER2.  That's all for now, unless you want to go
to the pub.  in the pub, you can buy a 'pass' and use it to go to a show
thingo.  This pub is just one big brothel.  Time to go to Troia Castle.

Troia Castle
Tent x2
HiPotion x2
Ether1 x2
RubyRing x2
    Enter the castle.  Go to the left side and exit.  Follow this path into
the next building.  Edward is in here, talk to him to get the TWINHARP.  Exit
this room, and go back into the castle.  Enter the door opposite and then go
into the next building.  Go down the centre stairs and get BACCHUS from the top
right pot.  Go down the right stairs and stand on the switch.  This opens the
far left door.  Go in to open the next one.  Before going to the next one open
both the chests here for 2 TENT's.  When you exit the third door will open.
Go into the second door to open the fourth.  Open these 2 chests for
2 HIPOTION's.  Go to the next chests for 2 ETHER1's.  And the next 2 for
2 RUBYRING's.  You are done here, exit the castle.
    Now would be a good time to do some training.  So train up for a while.
Train until Cid is at least level 24, he should have over 1000 HP then.  So
all your characters, except Tellah, should have over 1000 HP.  I bet you feel
tough.  By the way, the levels I suggest or whatever in here aren't minimum
levels or anything.  If anything they are total overkill.  You don't need to
keep up with my levels if you don't want to.
    From Troia, go north a while until you find a Chocobo forest.  This is
actually the Chocobo Village.  It has black, flying Chocobo's as well.  Go to
the bottom right, just above the area you can't get to you should be able to
find a hidden path goin right, then down.  Search the grass for a GYSAHL.  once
you are healed, catch one of these Black Chocobo's.  If you fly straight to
the right you will see where we need to go, but the mountains are blocking us
right now, so go around them.  You've got to land the chocobo in the forest, so
do that, and then save.  Inside this cave, you can't have anything metal
equipped.  So either go back to Troia and buy non-metal weapons, or just do the
stupid thing (and what i done) and take off all your weapons and armour and 
just run from every battle you get in to.

Magnetic Cavern
HiPotion x2
Ether1 x2
2000 Gil
Silk Web
Fairy (claw)
Earth (crystal)
My Levels
Cecil - 26, Tellah - 26, Yang - 26, Cid - 24
Dark Elf - 23890 HP, 4000 Gil, 1000 Exp
Dark Dragon - 3927 HP, 5000 Gil, 6000 Exp
    Go right, all the way across the bridge and get the chest for a HIPOTION.
Go back halfway along the bridge and go down.  Follow this path to the last
block and get the UNIHORN from the chest, then go down the stairs.
    On B2F go up, then left and open a chest for an ETHER1.  Go back to the
right and cross the bridge.  Go in the door on your right and open the chests
for an ETHER1 and 2000 GIL.  Exit the room and head all the way to your left
and down the stairs.
    Now on B3F go left and into the door.  Save your game in here and then
exit.  Go down across the bridge and into the room on the block.  Open the 3
chests for a HIPOTION, SILK WEB and HRGLASS1.  Exit the room and go left and
across the bridge.  Go up between the rock thingos and into the door.  Open the
chest in here for FAIRY (claw) for Yang.  Go down the stairs on the bottom
    Now we're on B4F, it isn't all that bad having no weapons, is it?  Head
across the bridge on your left.  Then go across the bridge on your right and
go in the room.  Save in here, then leave.  Go back across the 2 little bridges
and then go up.  Go around the door thingo and get the chest for an EXIT.  Go
back around and into the door.  In the crystal room, go forward and talk to the
Dark Elf to start a fight.  In this fight, just don't do anything.  Don't waste
any MP or anything, you are meant to lose.  After the scene, you can equip your
swords again (yay!) so do so.  Get ready for a boss fight and talk to the Dark
Elf again.

Dark Elf
23890 HP, 4000 Gil, 1000 Exp
    Yes, he has a lot of HP.  But remember how he is weak to metal?  Well,
just thrash him.  He's simple.  His attacks are really weak now that you have
armour.  Just try not to waste a heap of MP, especially from Tellah.  If you
need to heal, use Cecil.  His 'Wind' Attack is still a problem though, as it
will just take your HP down to under 10 in most cases.  He can also use an
attack that will turn you into a pig.  Use Esuna or DietFood to cure this.
When you've dealt enough damage, he will turn into Dark Dragon.
Dark Dragon
3927 HP, 5000 Gil, 6000 Exp
    Keep your HP high.  Have Tellah use level 3 Cure whenever it uses it's
breath attack.  If Tellah isn't strong enough (like mine wasn't) the Dragon can
kill him in one attack.  You will have to use a Life to get him back, as he is
the only character here than can revive.  I had a lot of trouble here because
the Dragons first attack killed Tellah, then as soon as i revived him, it used
it's breath and killed him again.  This also left Cecil dangerously low on HP.
I revived him again, and the Dragon Used it's breath again, leaving Tellah
and Cecil dead.  Then it attacked Yang, and then he was dead.  It was all up
to Cid... I loaded my save again.  This is the first boss where i won't say
that is he easy.  He's a pain in the ass.  I probably should have trained more
but...i didn't.  hehe.  Just keep trying until he dies.  The second time around
i was more careful about my HP, and i found him terribly easy =p.

|I got an email about this fight, showing me an easier way to defeat Dark D.|
|Dark D. is able to be "stop"ed.  Have Tellah cast stop on him whenever he  |
|is not stopped anymore, and this battle will be a breeze.  Using this      |
|method, that difficulty of this battle would be about 1/10.                |
|                                                                           |
|Thanks to 'Tanner' (Blackmaila23@excite.com)                               |
    Examine the crystal to recieve EARTH (crystal).  Exit the Crystal room and
have Tellah use his 'exit' spell a heap to get out.  Get back on your chocobo
and it will fly to Chocobo Village.  heal up using the white chocobo and then
catch another black chocobo and fly back to Troia Castle.

Troia Castle
HiPotion x2
Remedy x2
Ether1 x2
Ether2 x2
Echonote x2
Fire (arrows) x2
Bolt (arrows)
Ice (arrows) x2
Ag Apple
    Go straight up all the way to the clerics room and there will be a scene.
Exit the room to the south and exit via the east door.  Go into the next door
then down the left set of stairs.  Talk to the guard here.  Go through the
secret passage and down the stairs to find a whopping 18 chests!!! Open them
more FIRE (arrows), BOLT (arrows), ICE (arrows), more ICE (arrows), ECHONOTE,
AG APPLE, ETHER2, ETHER1, REMEDY and finally, another HIPOTION.  Whew.  That
was fun.  Go to Edward to view a scene.  Note on Ag Apple:  It will take the
max HP of a character up by 100.  But do not use it on anyone but Cecil at
this point in the game!  As none of the other characters will be your final
characters.  You can wait til later to use it.
    Go and climb into your airship to get another scene.  After the scene
you will be in the Tower of Zot.  That name so reflects what time the game
was made in...

Tower of Zot
Flame (armour)
Flame (sword)
Flame (shield)
Gaia (hammer)
Wizard (robe)
My Levels
Cecil - 26(30), (Tellah - 26[leaves]), Yang - 26(29), Cid - 24(28)
(Kain - 32[joins]), (Rosa - 30(31)[joins])
Magus Sisters - Sandy - 2591 HP, 3000 Gil, 2500 Exp
                Cindy - 4599 HP, 3000 Gil, 2500 Exp
                Mindy - 2590 HP, 3000 Gil, 2500 Exp

Valvalis - 8636 HP, 5500 Gil, 9000 Exp
    First, go to the top left corner to get FLAME (armour) for Cecil.  Equip
it straight away.  Marion enemies on this floor can drop a 'Silence' staff.
Equip this in Tellah as soon as you get it, as it will take his attack to near
60.  Try to get 2 of these as they are the most powerful staff in the whole
game.  Head to the top right to find the door to the next floor.  Just a quick
note here - This is a good place to train, the enemies give you a lot of exp
and gil, and you can just go to the bottom left and return to Troia to heal.
    Go down and make the first left, then the first down, then right, then
the first down then head left and make the first up.  Keep going up to find
a chest containg...Monsters! The monster is a FlameDog, and he is really
quite tough.  I didn't bother healing while fighting him and Cecil and Tellah
were dead when i won.  But it was worth it.  Behold, FLAME (sword).  Equip
this on Cecil.  Head to the next floor.  You can see the door to it from where
you get the Flame sword.
    Just follow the path through this section, anyway you go will get you to
the next floor.
    Follow the path and make the first up you can.  Go through the left door
to find a chest containg HELLCLAW.  I would suggest equipping this on Yang.
Follow this path to the left and down to find FLAME (shield).  Equip this on
Cecil.  Return through the door.  This was about the time i went "Oh shit,
I'm running out of MP".  So just be careful.  We'll get to a save point soon.
Go into the door on your right and grab GAIA (hammer) for Cid.  Exit and go
into the NEXT door.  Open the chest here for WIZARD (robe).  Head to the
bottom and follow the path right, to the door to the next floor.
    Head down a bit, and into the door.  A save point!  Use a tent and save.
Exit the save room and head left toward the next door.  Get ready for a boss

Magus Sisters
Sandy - 2591 HP, 3000 Gil, 2500 Exp
Cindy - 4599 HP, 3000 Gil, 2500 Exp
Mindy - 2590 HP, 3000 Gil, 2500 Exp
    Just use physical attacks in this battle, it's easy.  Take out the middle
one first so it doesn't heal anymore.  Take out he front one next.  Then the
back one.  Battle over.  Probably THE easiest boss battle you've had yet.
    Go back and save and heal at the save point.  Remove all the items from
Tellah.  Now go through the door the Magus Sisters were guarding.  Go up over
the bridge and watch the scene.  No more Tellah.  Speak to Kain to continue
the scene.  Rosa and Kain will join your party.  Kain has good gear, but Rosa
has crappy gear.  Equip her with whatever Tellah had on.  But put on the Tiara
we found a long time ago.  I put Yang in the back row here, just because he
doesn't have great defense.  Prepare for a boss battle, and try to exit the 

8636 HP, 5500 Gil, 9000 Exp
    Valvalis has the power to turn herself into a tornado sort of thing.  Your
attacks are weaked while she is in this state, and she will continually cast
wind (takes your characters to critical hp) and Glare (gradual petrify).  So in
order to make her revert to her normal self, have Kain jump at her.  She is 
much less annoying in her normal form, but she will turn into the tornado a 
LOT.  Have Rosa cast cure3 (she has lots of mp, woot!) to heal wind, and have
either her or Cecil cast esuna to cure the gradual petrify.  Cid and Cecil 
should attack normaly, Yang use power and Kain jump.  Rosa, of course, should
be the healer, and she is the best damn white mage i've seen from any FF game.
I love Rosa :).  With her incredible healing prowess, this battle shouldn't be
too difficult.
    During the next scene you will recieve MAGMA.  Leave Baron and head south
in your airship to Agart.

    Enter Agart and go straight to the building section in the middle of town.
Examine the well and drop the Magma down it.  Exit Agart, get into your airship
and press X while over the big black crater.  Watch the following Scene.

Congrats, you've made it to the underworld.  It really isn't that big a deal,
but i feel like making a fuss over it =D.  Anyway, just save your game, then go
into the castle right next to you.

Dwarven Castle
5000 Gil
Bacchus x2
Ether1 x2
Elixir x2
Dwarf (axe)
Power (ring)
Gysahl x3
Cabin x3
My Levels
Cecil - 30(38), Kain - 32(36), (Cid - 28[leaves]), Rosa - 31(35), Yang - 29(34)
(Rydia - 30(34)[joins])
Calbrina - 5315 HP, 5000 Gil, 12000 Exp

Golbez/Shadow - ???? HP, 11000 Gil, 15000 Exp
    Unequpping Cid might be a decent idea, then go to the throne toom.  Cid 
will leave the party.
    You will have to fight 3 Cal's and 3 Brina's here.  The Brina's (front) are
much weaker than the Cal's so take them out.  Then take out 2 Cal's, and have
Rosa heal everyone before killing the last one.  If you're too slow they will
unite to form one big doll.  "Calbrina".

5315 HP, 5000 Gil(extra for each little doll killed), 12000 Exp(ditto)
    I am so sick of all these boss battles.  Anyway...Calbrina is a pussy,
fight like any normal battle, and heal when you need to.
    Watch the scene for a bit...ANOTHER boss fight.  COME ON!!!
???? HP, 11000 Gil, 15000 Exp
    Golbez will cast Hold Gas on your entire party, making you immobile.  Then
to piss you off even more, he will summon Shadow, who will then crush your
entire party, except for Cecil.  Just before Cecil dies, Rydia shows up and
saves him. Yay.  Now the real battle starts.  First of all, bring Rosa to life
and get her HP up.  From there, have her revive characters, and heal them.
Rydia can no longer do white magic, but she rocks anyway.  Have her summon
Titan while Rosa heals, Cecil attacks, Kain jumps and Yang attacks.  Rydia's
Titan absolutely crushes Golbez, so this battle isn't all that hard.  Just get
your guys alive again and it's easy.  The hardest part is getting your party
alive in time for them all to get Exp.  I couldn't do it.  Kain and Yang were
still dead when he died for me.
    Rydia officially joins the party after the battle.
    Exit the throne room and head to your right, and up the stairs.  Buy
everything you want from the weapon/armour stores, and sell what you don't
want.  I would reccomend the FireSpear for Kain from the weapon store.  And
from the armour store i would reccomend the Flame armour and shield for Kain.
Wizard hat for Rosa (Put the Tiara on Rydia) and get Wizard armour for Rydia.
Also get Rune Gauntlets for both of them.  Go between the 2 stores to get to
the pub.  On the bottom right there is a secret path to the Developer's room.
You can get into a battle with Takahasi in here.  You can only do 1 damage to
him, and his normal attack will do 9999 damage to you.  But he RARELY attacks
and just says "You wanna die?" a lot.  If you want to have any chance at
killing him you will have to poison him, as this will do like 8000 damage for
every 'poison damage'.  He has like 65000 HP and you only get 5 Exp for killing
him.  There are heaps of useless enemies down here.  If you go down the steps
and check the left side of the bookcase, you can get SMUT.  Exit to the Weapon
store and go back down the bottom left stairs.  Go up the stairs on the left
this time.
    You should now be at the Inn.  Check the pot left of the counter for
5000 GIL.  Take the stairs on the left hand side.  Go up the stairs in this
room.  There is a BACCHUS in one of the pots at the bottom.  Go up the next set
of stairs.  Go to your right and open the chest.  The chests in this room are
connected by hidden paths, and the paths aren't hard to find.  The chests
contain a HIPOTION, BLKBELT, ETHER1 and an ELIXIR.  Go down 2 sets of stairs
and exit through the door to the south.  Go to the right and enter the next
tower.  In this room, go to the top and open the chest for DWARF (axe).  go up
the stairs and go through the secret passage at the bottom and check the pots
for a BACCHUS.  Go up the stairs and open the chests for POWER (ring),
HRGLASS2, ELIXIR and ETHER1.  Head down 3 sets of stairs to be back at the
weapon/armour stores.  Head down the stairs in the top left and check the pots
above you for 3 GYSAHLS.  You can summon Fat Chocobo on the carpet to your
left.  Talk to the far left guard and he will open a door for you.  Go through
the door.  Follow the path and take the first down you can.  Then take the
first right.  Open the chests here for 3 CABINS.  Now head to the bottom left
and up the stairs.  In the Dwarven base there is a Pot on the far left side on
it's own.  Check this pot to restore HP/MP.  The exit to the south leads
outside.  So it's a perfect place to train.  Train a lot here, healing when you
need to.

    Go in a northwest direction and you should eventually find some desert like
places.  Go straight north from here and when you see some tanks, go right and
around the mountain.  Enter the big towers.

Tower Of Babil
Ice (arrows) x2
Archer (bow)
HiPotion x2
My Levels
(Yang - 34(35)[leaves]), Rydia - 34(35), Cecil - 38(39), Rosa - 35(36),
Kain - 36(37)
    You can find the Marion enemy in this tower, so it might be worth it trying
to get a Silence staff or two if you don't have them yet.  You can also kill
the puppets it has and let it summon more.  Just kill each summoned puppet over
and over, you get gil and exp for each one you kill.  
    Run up the stairs and then head to the right.  Open the chest for an 
ETHER1.  Head over to the left side of the room and open the chest for ICE
(arrows).  Go down and open another chest for more ICE (arrows).  Go up into
the door in the top of the room to get to 2F.
    Open the chest on your left for a BANDANNA.  Equip this on Yang if you've
nothing better.  Head down and go into the room at the bottom.  Open the chest
to fight an Alert.  For this fight you will recieve an ICESPEAR.  This spear
is much stronger than his current FireSpr, so equip it immediately.  It will 
also help out a lot against the flamedog enemy.  But it makes an annoying noise
when you attack.  Exit the room and enter the room to the northeast of you.
Open the chest to fight another Alert.  You will recieve an ICEBRAND for this.
Equp this on Cecil immediately for the same reasons you equipped the IceSpear
on Kain.  Exit the room and enter the door a little to your northwest to get 
to 3F.
    Open the chest to your left for a CATCLAW for Yang.  Head right and then
down and open the chest for a LIFE.  Enter the door just above you and open
the chest on your left for ARCHER.  I equipped this on Rosa, giving her 48
attack.  Go to the right and open the chest for a NOTUS.  Head back through
the door.  See the chest on the right?  Go up and around and open it for a
HIPOTION.  Go up and follow the path to the end.  Go through the door to 4F
    Enter the door on your left and save your game, use a tent if you need to.
Exit the room and go up the path to your right.  When you're across the bridge
go into the door and open the chest to fight another Alert.  You will recieve
ICEARMOR for this.  Equip it on Cecil or Kain.  Exit the room and head south
from here and enter the door on the left.  Open the chest to fight yet anoteher
Alert.  You will recieve an ICESHLD.  Equip this if you want to.  Exit the
room.  The door on your right contains northing so go back north and over the
northern bridge.  Enter the door to get to 5F.
     Head down and around to reach the chest on your right, it contains a
BOREAS.  Return back to the bottom and head all the way east.  Head up and
around to get to the chest containing a HIPOTION.  Head to the north and 
through the door to get to 6F.  Go west and in the door to get to 7F.
    Go to the east and into the door to find a save point.  Save and heal up
if necessary.  Exit the room and head back west, then south.  Grab the chest
on your left for an ETHER2.  Head right and enter the door up to 8F.  Follow
the path, but be ready for a boss battle before you cross the bridge.  Cross
the bridge and watch the scene.

Dr. Lugae
Dr. Lugae - ???
Balnab - ???
Balnab-Z - ???
    Not hard at all really.  Balnab is exceedinly weak.  Simpy have Kain jump,
Cecil attack, Yang attack or power, Rydia do whatever, and Rosa do whatever,
healing when you need her to (IF you need her to).  Once Balnab is dead, you
will be in battle with Dr. Lugae for a little.  Just pick away at him for a bit
and he will turn into Balnab-Z.  Balnab-Z can hit hard, but will probably only
attack one before he uses the detonate move.  this will certainly kill one of
your characters (dealing in excess of 3000 to my Cecil).
Tiny scene.
Lugaborg - ???
    This is the "real" boss of here.  Once you are fighting Lugaborg, he will
probably start the fight with "Poison" which sucks.  It will poison all of your
characters.  If you wait long enough Lugaborg will heal you of it.  Lugaborg has
an attack called "Beam" which seems to hit rather randomly.  Dealing 200 to
Yang, and then 1700 to Kain.  Lugaborg's hp isn't very impressive thankfully,
as he can hit fairly hard.  I had Cecil healing, Rosa healing/reviving, Rydia
summoning Titan, Kain jumping and Yang using power.  Cecil was dead at the end
of the fight dude to a very strong beam from Lugaborg.
    For winning this battle you will recieve the TOWERKEY.  Head all the way 
down to 5F.  Go to the bottom of the room, then up through the middle section.
Use the TowerKey on the door and then remove all of Yang's equipment.  Enter
the door and fight a VERY easy battle.  After a scene, Yang is no longer in
your party.  Make your way all the way down to 1F.  There will be a scene
when you start heading down the stairs.

Baron Castle
My Levels
Rydia - 35, Cecil - 39, Rosa - 36, Kain - 37
     Fly north and enter Baron Castle.  Go up into the building, then head east
and up the stairs.  Follow the path until you see 2 guys dressed in blue, talk
to them.  After talking to them your airship will now be able to pick up the
hovercraft that you used much earlier in the game.  Fly north-ish to Damcyan
and then east to Mt Hobs, where you left the hovercraft.  When the ships circle
shadow is over the hovercraft, press X to pick it up.  Fly back to Baron, but
don't enter it.  From Baron head southwesterly and you will find an island
that the Tower of Babil is sticking out of.  On the south of this island is
a castle.  Land next to it and enter.

Eblan Castle
Cabin x2
Sleep (sword)
Bacchus x2
10,000 Gil
Mute (arrows)
Ether1 x3
Ag Apple
My Levels
Rydia - 35, Cecil - 39, Rosa - 36, Kain - 37
    Go straight north into the main castle.  Go north to just below the start
of the stairs and go straight right through the wall.  Open the chest for a
HIPOTION.  Go north twice into the Throne Room.  Go west through a secret
passage in the northwest corner.  Open the two chests for a UNIHORN and an
ALARM.  Now go back to the throne room and do the same except in the northeast
corner to get a SOFT, MAIDKISS and a CABIN.  Go back to the throne room and
leave south 3 times to get back to the castle courtyard.
    Take the west path and enter the West Tower.  When you enter, go south
exactly two steps and then press right to get to a chest containing monsters.
For defeating the monsters you will get SLEEP (sword).  Go up the stairs to 2F
and check the bottom pot in the upper left to get a BACCHUS.  Go down through
the gap in the pots at the bottom and go right.  Check the pot you can only get
access to from the back to get another BACCHUS.  Continue on to the two chests
and open them for 10,000 GIL and MUTE arrows.  Go to the very west of this
room and then go down to find the steps to another chest.  Open it for a
KAMIKAZE.  Exit the West Tower and enter the East Tower.
    Go above the northwestern pillar and head west to find a secret passage.
Open the chest for a COFFIN.  Head up the stairs to 2F.  Hit the switch on the
right side of the stairs, and then go through the new door (go around the
stairs).  Check the pot on the right for a HERMES and open the two chests on
the left for an EXIT and an ETHER1.  Open the chest on the right below the hole
for a CABIN.  Head right from the pots to find a secret passage in the 
northwest corner.  Open the chest to find some monsters.  You will recieve a 
BLOODSPR for defeating them.  Equip it on Kain immediately.  Go ahead and drop 
down the hole, which I know you've been dying to do, and open the chest to find
an HRGLASS2.  Go south from here to end up in the Basement.  Follow the path 
and open the two chests on the left for two ETHER1's.  Open the chest on the 
right to fight some monsters.  You will recieve an AG APPLE for winning.  
Follow the path to the end to exit the castle.

    If you need to, get in your airship and head to a town to rest at their
inn.  If not, hop into the hovercraft and cross the shallows to get to a cave
that was inaccessable without the hovercraft.

Cave Eblan
Shuriken x2
Potion x2
HiPotion x3
Elixir x2
Silk Web
Life x2
My Levels
Rydia - 35(37), Cecil - 39(41), Rosa - 36(39), Kain - 37(40), 
(Edge - 25(30)[joins])
    Whatever you do, do NOT attack any skeleton-monsters with Kain if he is
using the BloodSpr.  It will heal them and damage him a LOT.
    Go through the wall to the east and open the chest for a SHURIKEN.  Head
east through another wall and open the chest for a REMEDY.  Go down the steps
into the water and follow it until there are some steps on the right side.  Go
up the steps and open the chest for a VAMPIRE.  Go across the two bridges to
your right and then go all the way west and then south down the stairs to get
to B2F.
    This is pretty much a town, so no monsters here.  Open the first door to 
find an inn and item shop.  Enter the second door for Weapons and Armor.  Buy
'Black' armour for Rydia and IceArmor/IceShld for Kain/Cecil if either of them
doesn't have it (My Kain didn't).  From the weapon store, buy poison arrows
for each of your archers (Rydia and Rosa in my case) and the 'Archer' bow for
whichever one doesn't have it.  Exit the store and enter the door in the 
southwest.  Check the pots here to find two POTION's.  Exit the room and go up
the stairs in the northwest to get to the Pass to Babil.
    Open the chest for an ETHER1 and continue along the path to find another
chest containing a TENT.  Head south through the obvious secret passage and
open the chest for a HIPOTION.  Go back through the passage and exit through
the stairs to the north.  Follow the path and when it splits, go northeast and
up the steps to find a chest containing a KAMIKAZE.  Go back down the steps
and go right just below the semi-circle of land next to you to find a secret
passage.  Open the chest for a SHURIKEN.  Go back through the wall and then
south and down the stairs to the next area.
    Open the three chests for a HIPOTION, CABIN and another HIPOTION.  Go right
through the wall just above the two chests to get to two more chests containing
two ELIXIR's.  Go back through the wall and continue south, right and the left
to get a SILK WEB.  Go right and open three chests containing an HRGLASS2, and
two LIFE's.  Go north to the next room.  Go west to find a chest containing a
SOFT.  Head back east and go into the door to find a saving place, so save and
use a tent/cabin if you need to.  Still in the save room, go right through the
wall above the rocks to find a chest containing monsters.  When they are
defeated you will recieve a BLOODSWD.  Exit the room and then head north for a
scene.  After the scene Edge will join the party.  He kind of reminds me of
Setzer from Final Fantasy 6.  Head left through the wall and open the chest to
get an ETHER2.  Now, run around the cave training edge for a while.  Edge pwns.
End of story.  When you're ready, proceed north from where you got Edge to
enter the Tower of Babil again.

Tower of Babil
Ogre (axe)
82,000 Gil
HiPotion x2

---------------------------Dwarven Castle
My Levels
Edge - 30, Rydia - 37, Cecil - 41, Rosa - 39, Kain - 40
     Run straight up and you will be sent through the wall.  You can return
back to the cave by walking up to the area where you landed.  Open the chest to
your left for a UNIHORN.  Follow the path all the way around, ignoring the door
to find a chest containg an HRGLASS2.  Go through the ignored door.
    Head east and up the path.  Follow it to the middle of the top and then go
down the bridge.  Open the chest to fight some monsters.  You will recieve an
OGRE (axe) for defeating them.  I equipped this on Kain.  Go back across the 
bridge and continue alone west.  Enter the door at the end.
    Head east past the door to find a chest containg a SUCCUBUS, then go
through the passed door.
    Head east and follow the path until you find a chest.  Open it for an 
ASHURA.  This is a sword for Edge, make sure you equip it immediately.  
Continue along the path and through the door.
    Head east past the bridge and into the first door.  Save your game and rest
if need here.  Exit this room and enter the next door on your right.  Enter the
door on your left.
    Take the left path and follow it.  Go past the bridge leading up and you
will find a chest containg 82,000 GIL.  Go back to the bridge you went past and
cross it.  You will be thrust into a battle during the scene.  Deal with it 
however you feel like.  After the battle and the scene afterwards, Edge learns
Blitz and Flood.  Return to the save point and save your game.  avoid using a
tent or anything.  Talk to Rubicant when you're ready to have him heal your
HP/MP and then initiate a boss battle.

Rubicant - ?? HP, 7000 Gil, 18000 exp
    Rubicant is weak to ice, but be warned.  When he covers himself in his
cloak (his leg isn't showing) he will absorb ice.  Cecil will do a lot of
damage with his attack when he isn't covered.  It's not a hard fight as long as
you keep you hp high, and don't do ice attacks on him when he's covered.
Remember, 'Shiva' is Rydia's ice summon.  Use it for >4000 damage.  Sometimes
Rubicant will even cast Ice2 on himself when he isn't covered for >1000 damage.
He's silly, isn't he? :)
    After the scene, walk forward through the door.  Go forward a little to
fall down a whole heap of floors.  Open the chest to your north for a HIPOTION.
Follow the very linear path through a few floors until the path splits left and
right.  Head right to find another HIPOTION, then head left.  Go through the
door for a scene.

    Awlright!  Airship in the underworld :).  Unfortunately your airship sucks.
It cannot fly over the lava.  Only place for you to go is to the Dwarven
castle, so head there.  You'll hafta stick to land, by the way.

Dwarven Castle
    Head up to the throne room for a scene, during which you will recieve the
NECKLACE.  Exit the throne room and head west, up the stairs.  Go straight
north and down the stairs.  Enter the first room you see and go and talk to Cid
in one of the beds for a scene.  Yay, your airship can fly over the lava now.
This opens up quite a few things for us to do before we continue with the 
story!  So anyway, sell all your useless items and such, and then go and board
your airship.

    Once in your airship, head west and you'll spot a small island with a cave.
This is the Cave of Summons, head southeast from here and you'll find a town.  
This is Tomra.  Enter it.

2000 Gil
    Start by heading to the weapon store.  I would suggest buying another
Ashura for Edge, Chain whip for Rydia and lots of Mute arrows for Rosa.  Head
east through the wall to get into the armour shop.  Here I would suggest buying
Diamond gear for Cecil and Kain, Tiara for Rydia/Rosa (whoever doesn't have
one), and GoldRings for Rydia, Rosa and Edge.
    Enter the house in the top left and open the chests for 2000 GIL, ETHER2,
THORRAGE and a BOMB.  Examine the pots for a NOTUS and BESTIARY.  Exit the 

    Board your airship.  We're off to the Land of Summons.  Make sure Rosa is
level 35 before going.  You need the float spell.  Head northwest to a little
island with a cave on it.  Land and enter the cave.

Cave of Summons
Life x2
HiPotion x3
Defense (sword)
My Levels
Edge - 30(31), Rydia - 38, Cecil - 41, Rosa - 39, Kain - 40
    First, have Rosa cast float on the entire party.  Some of the floor will
deal you damage when you walk on it, but floating avoids this.  Head east and
then north.  Open the chest for a LIFE.  Head straight left from the chest,
through a secret passage and open the chest for an ETHER1.  Go back east 
through the passage and then head south to find a chest containing a HIPOTION.
Head west from here and follow the path to find the exit to B2F.
    When you enter a new room, you will not be floating anymore, so have Rosa
cast it again.  Head to the east, ignoring going north, to find a chest with
another HIPOTION in it.  Go up the ignored nortern path.  Head west at the 
split for a CABIN, then head east from the split.  Go to B3F.
    Cast float again.  Follow the path until you find a chest containing a
LIFE.  Head east all the way to find a chest containing a BESTIARY.  From here,
go east into the secret passage, following it down and you will eventually get
to a room with 3 chests containing a HIPOTION, a VENOMAXE and a KIKUICHI.
Kikuichi is a weapon for Edge, equip it on him to turn Edge into *ahem* 'TeH
T0t@l Pwnz0rz' (Makes him awesome).  Enter the secret passage again and head
back to the south.  Don't exit the path where you entered, go further north.
Go north to find a chest containing monsters.  You have to fight 5 warriors, 
and they can deal a lot of damage out quickly.  For this battle I had Edge use
Blitz once, Rydia use Ifrit once and Rosa healed.  Everyone just attacked, even
Edge and Rydia after they'd used their attacks.  For winning you will get the
DEFENSE (sword).  Equip this on Cecil immediately.  It will boost his attack
_and_ defense considerably.  Head back to where the secret path is, but head
left from it instead of entering it to go through the wall.  Make sure Rosa
knows wall, then step on the thing to enter the Land of Summons.

Land of Summons
Bestiary x2
Rat Tail
11000 Gil
Yoichi (arrows)
Yoichu (bow)
My Levels
Edge - 31(32), Rydia - 38, Cecil - 41(42), Rosa - 39, Kain - 40(41)
    Head west and open the chest for an ETHER1.  Just north from here is a 
chest containing a BESTIARY.  Head east a little and step on the teleporter
tile thing, then step on it again, so you have access to the south side of it.
Go south and open the chest for a RAT TAIL.  Go back to the north side of the
teleporter.  Continue heading east and open the chest for 5000 GIL.  Head south
and open the next chest for 6000 GIL.  Go one tile east of this chest, and then
all north, onto the tile that is outlined in shadows.  This is a secret room 
with 4 chests.  Open them for YOICHI (arrows), an ELIXIR, an ETHER2 and more
YOICHI (bow).  Equip the bow on Rosa, but avoid using the arrows, as you only
have 10.  Great arrows though.  Exit the secret room, then use the teleporter
at the north. 
    Head south and go into the armour shop.  Buy an Aegis shield for Cecil and
Kain, and Sorcerer armour for Rydia and Rosa.  Exit the store and head west
to the weapon shop.  Buy a Blitz whip for Rydia, Angel arrows for Rosa and a
Kotetsu for Edge (replacing the Ashura.  Edge should have a Kotetsu and a
Kikuichi).  Head to the northeast and enter the item shop.  This is actually
the inn too, so buy some items if you feel like it, and then rest up.  Exit the
inn and enter the building to your left.  Open the two chests for a BESTIARY 
and a LIFE.  The star thing at the top of this room is a save point, so save
your game.  Exit this room and enter the building directly at the bottom.  This
is the library.  Head to the bottom via some stairs then a teleporter.  Talk
to the queen and say yes to initiate a boss battle.

Asura - 31005 hp, 20000 exp
    Straight off have Rosa cast wall on Asura, as she will cast restoring 
spells on herself quite often.  They will now be reflected at you.  Avoid using
spells on her now.  She will counter attack your attacks for some fairly huge
damage sometimes (Killed my Edge in one hit :(...twice)  Once you have her 
walled, she becomes a lot easier, and the battle can only get annoying.  If you
need to heal you can just stop attacking her.  Rydia was summoning titan, Rosa 
healing, Kain jumping, Edge and Cecil attacking with Cecil healing 
    After this battle, Rydia will learn the Asura summon.  You're probably very
low on mp, so I suggest going back to rest at the inn.  When you are ready, go
to the king and talk to him.  Select yes to initiate the next boss battle.

Leviatan - 50001 hp, 28000 exp
    While I personally think this battle is easier than the battle against 
Asura, Leviatan can make quick work of you if you let your hp drop.  This 
battle is all about keeping your hp high.  When Leviatans head is sticking out
he will use the 'big wave' attack.  This will usually deal 300-400 to your
party, but can deal more (nearly 600 to my Cecil once).  Leviatan managed to
KO Rydia for me, and I had to use an item to revive her, as Rosa wasn't getting
enough rounds between his big waves.  I had Edge use Blitz until he had no mp,
then he attacked.  Rydia summoned Titan, Rosa healed every round (mainly cure3,
cure4 occasionally), Kain jumped, and Cecil mainly attacked (cure2
    After the battle, Rydia will learn the Leviatan summon!  yay!  Exit all the
way back to the Cave of Summons and have Rosa use Exit to exit the cave.

    First things first, save your game.  Then head to a town to rest at an inn
if you need to.  There is still some more to do before we get on with the
storyline.  Namely, Sylvan cave.  Head to the northwest corner and land near
the cave.  Enter it.

Sylvan Cave
Bestiary x2
Angel (arrows)
6000 Gil
HiPotion x2
Ether1 x2
Bolt (arrows)
Ice (arrows)
Fire (arrows)
MageMash (dagger)
MaidKiss x3
My Levels
Edge - 32(33), Rydia - 38(39), Cecil - 42, Rosa - 39(40), Kain - 41
    Just like the Cave of Summons, cast float on your party here.  Head east
and open the two chests for a BESTIARY and ANGEL (arrows).  Head south from the
entrance to the next room.
    Cast float.  Head south and enter the next room.  Cast float.  There is a
save point to the right.  Rest/save at it if you want to.  Head north then
right into a hidden path.  Open the chest at the end of it for an ELVENBOW.
The Yoichi bow is better, so leave that equipped.  Head west from the save 
point, past two exits to find two chests containing a CABIN and 1000 GIL.  Go
through the exit just south of these chests.
    Cast float.  Follow the path and head east when possible.  Go into the
first door you see.  Cast float.  Head north to find 5 chests containing a
HIPOTION, ETHER1 and BOLT, ICE and FIRE (arrows).  Exit the room.  Cast float.
Continue to follow the path to the north.  Before going into the exit, go right
and into a secret path.  Follow it around and then open the chest to find some
monsters.  There are 6 TinyToads and  ToadLady.  I _hate_ TinToads.  They just
sit there casting Toad or Frog or whatever it is on your people.  I chose to 
make quick work of them with a Blitz from Edge.  For winning you will recieve
the MAGEMASH dagger.  Return through the secret passage and exit to the south.
    Cast float.  Take two steps down, then west twice.  Open the chest for an
ELIXIR.  Continue south and around the path to a building.  Enter the building.
Talk to the Sylphs to learn some about Yang, then open the chests for a CATCLAW
and HELLCLAW.  Go upstairs and walk directly north.  This will teleport you
from the cave, so reenter.
    Cast float.  Just go south to the next room.  Cast float.  Go around to the
left and go in the exit you come to.  Cast float.  As soon as you enter this 
room, hit left to go through the wall.  Head north and open the chests for a
HIPOTION and a MAIDKISS.  Go right from below the MaidKiss to get access to
the third chest.  Open it for a FAIRYROD.  Return to the start of this room, 
But instead of going west through a secret passage, go east into one.  Follow
it to the end, then go south one, and east.  Go up the stairs to the next room.
    Cast float.  Head east then south and open the chests you see to get a
REMEDY, KAMIKAZE, 3000 GIL and 2000 GIL.  Continue south to find 5 more chests.
Open them for a BESTIARY, EXIT, MAIDKISS, MAIDKISS and an ETHER1.  Drop down
through the hole.
    Cast float.  Go north all the way, then west through a secret passage.
Step on the teleporter tile to find a 'treasure room' of sorts.
    Cast float.  There are 6 chests here.  All containing monsters.  For 
defeating all of the monsters you will get INFERNO, FULLMOON (boomerang, equip
it on Edge if you want.  Replace the Kotetsu if you do this.  It won't change
his attack, but you might want to do it for 'shits and giggles'), BLIZZARD,
AVENGER (two handed sword.  equip it if you want, your physical defense will
go above what the Aegis shield gives, but makes you attack on your own like
beserk), LITSTORM and MEDUSA (arrows).  A bit of help here, you will have to 
fight four (yes, FOUR) Malboro's.  They start off their battles with breath,
breath renders a character pretty much useless in all aspects.  I find the best
course of action against ANY Malboro is to use a summon.  I used Leviathan, it
can do >4000 damage to all, killing all the malboros in one (I was unlucky and
it only killed 2 for me :P).  Go and step on the teleporter to your right to
be teleported out of the cave.

    Okay, NOW it's time to advance the storyline and head to the sealed cave.
First you will want to go to a town and rest and sell all your old crappy gear.
To find the Sealed Cave, go northwest a tiny bit from Tomra.  There is a little
crater like place with a cave in it.  Enter there.

Sealed Cave
Ether1 x2
HiPotion x2
StarVeil x2
Life x2
Ninja (helm)
Dark (crystal)
My Levels

Edge - 33(37), Rydia - 39(41), Cecil - 42(45),Rosa - 40(42), 
(Kain - 41(44)[leaves])
    Walk up to the door and use the Necklace to open it.  When you're inside,
go south and climb down the wire.  Examine the door just below you for it to
turn into a monster.  Trapdoors are annoying.  They'll use a move that
instantly kills one of your party members, and if they get low on hp (try to
use high damage moves) they will turn into another monster.  Once it is dead
enter the room.  Open the two chests in here for a KOTETSU and an ETHER1.  Exit
the room.  Open the chest to your southwest for a BESTIARY.  Head north then 
west and up another wire.  Kill the trapdoor and go inside.  Open the chests 
for a HIPOTION and an ETHER1.  You can then kill the two trapdoors at the top
for experience if you want.  Afterwards, exit south on the east side.
    Go down the wire and then go east to get a STARVEIL.  Go back up the wire
and then head to the east.  Open the chest for a LIFE.  Go north from here.
There are 6 TrapDoors to fight.  I suggest fighting all of them.  If not, the
second room contains a chest containing LIGHT (sword) for Cecil.  The third
contains a FUMA, ELIXIR and a STARVEIL.  The fifth contains a save point, and
the sixth contains NINJA (helm, equip on Edge) and a KOTETSU.  When you've 
killed all 6 doors (if you wanted to) go and save/rest at the save point.  When
you're ready, exit and continue west.  Follow the path to yet another trapdoor.
    After you've gone through the door, go up and open the chest for an ETHER1.
Follow the path around to the left and down the stairs.  Open the two chests
for a LIFE and a HIPOTION.  Kill the trapdoor for it's exp.  Exit the room to
the south to get to B3F.
    Cross the bridge and go east.  Kill the trapdoor then get the chest just 
above it for a MUTEBELL.  Go west a bit and slide all the way down the wire.
Go east and defeat the Trapdoor.  Enter the door and open the two chests for
an ETHER2 and an X-POTION.  Exit the room and head west this time.  Go down the
stairs.  Save your game and rest if need be, then exit to the south.
    In here, go all the way around the outside and then north to the middle and
down some stairs to B5F.  Go north and across the bridge to fight the last 
trapdoor.  Save again if you want, a boss battle is coming up.  Enter the last
trapdoor door.  Walk forward and take DARK (crystal).  Exit the crystal room
and try to cross the bridge for a scene that initiates a boss battle.

EvilWall - 28000 hp, ??? Gil (I missed it >_<), 23000 exp
    The EvilWall will continually move forward while hitting you with weak
attacks constantly.  It is VERY VERY fast, so the weak attacks can add up.
Kain should attack, Cecil should Attack, Edge can throw things if you have them
but I just attacked.  Rydia should cast Ice3 or Leviathan, and Rosa MUST cast
slow on it first chance possible.  Then I had her Beserk the attacking 
characters.  If the EvilWall gets close enough it will simply begin killing 
random characters.  I had no problem defeating it before this happened though.
    Unequip Kain and make your way out.  Warp or Exit won't work here 
unfortunately.  When you get back to the entrance, there will be a scene.  Kain
will leave the party.  Exit to the Underworld

    Simply enter your airship and fly to the dwarven castle.  Enter the castle.

Dwarven Castle
    Go straight to the throne room.  There will be a scene.  Cid will have 
modified your airship again.  Your next destination is Mysidia, so heal up and
then climb into your airship.

    Go to the northeast and you'll see a crater in the ground.  Try to land 
here and you will dig up to the overworld.

    Mysidia is a short trip east.  So get to it!

    Start walking into town for a scene.

Extras (Some side quests and junk)
------------------------Adamant Grotto

------------------------Kokkol's Smithy


------------------------Lunar Path
Au Apple
    The Lunar Whale!  You now control the Lunar Whale.  Inside, there is a 
crystal that when used will take you to and from the moon.  There are also
seats that when you sit in them will let you rest, just like an inn.  And it 
even seems that this is where the fat chocobo lives when you havn't summoned
him elsewhere!  You can also examine the panel north of the crystal to use it
like a normal airship.  Dream come true, eh?  Get in your new Lunar Whale and
start flying it like a normal airship.  Before we head to the moon, there's 
some more things to do.  Fly west to the continent where the Tower of Babil is
and land next to the Enterprise.  Switch over to the Enterprise and grab the
hovercraft.  Fly east to Mt. Ordeals then north to Mithril Village.  Drop the
hovercraft off next to Mithril Village and then get in it.  Head to the island
with the cave on it just southeast of you.

    Go up and talk to the tiny man.  He'll ask for a tail.  Give him the Rat 
Tail you should have picked up in the Land of Summons and he will give you
ADAMANT.  Leave the grotto and head all the way back to the underworld.  You
will need the airship that Cid fixed the drill too.  It's the one that can 
handle the lava.

    Head straight south and you should find a little house.  Enter it.

Kokkol's Smithy
    Check the pots on the first floor to find a REMEDY and a HIPOTION.  Head
upstairs and check out the left side of the shelf for a SOMADROP.  Talk to the
guy in the bed and give give him the Adamant ore and he will take Legend (the
sword Cecil got when he became a paladin).  Head downstairs and talk to the
old guy again.  He will give you the EXCALIBUR sword.  I'm sure you know what
to do!  Yay for good weapons.

---I'm just going to title the main area you will be in from here on, as it
gets annoying ti type "underworld" for just once sentence.  I imagine it would
get annoying to read too.

    Anyway, head back to the overworld and go to Fabul.  Go north from Mt.
Ordeals to get there.

    Enter Fabul and head to where Yang's wife is.  The west tower.  She will
give you a PAN when you talk to her.  Now you have to go to Yang.  He's in the
sylvan cave.  View above for a guide to that area.  Remember to cast Float!
Examin Yang and select to use the pan.  Rydia will learn the sylph summon.  Now
head back to Fabul and speak with Yang's wife.  Give her back the pan and she
will give you a KNIFE.  The knife is the ultimate throwing weapon.

    NOW we get to go to the moon.  Go and board your Lunar Whale, and while
inside, examine the crystal.

    Fly kind of south-eastish and you will see the Crystal Palace.  Land on the
grey plateau just above it.  Rest up before you leave the Lunar Whale.  Go down
the little path from the plateau and enter the cave on your left.

Lunar Path
    Head east at the split and open the chest to fight some monsters.  For 
defeating them you will get an AU APPLE.  Head west and follow the path to the
end to find 2 chests containing STARDUST and a MOONVEIL.  Head west to the 
previous 'room' like thing.  The strange looking tile in the north wall is the
exit.   Back outside, go east and then south to find the next cave and entrance
to the next Lunar path.  Linear.  Follow it to the end.  Head west and then
north into the cave entrance at the foot of the Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace
    If you head to the left and right there will be tiles that will restore 
your hp and mp.  When you're ready, head up through the middle for a scene.
FuSoYa will join the party.  To explain FuSoYa... Tellah on steroids.  He can
even use meteo.  Head all the way back to the Lunar Whale.  It is now time to 
get another summon.  Start flying the Lunar Whale (using control panel, not the
crystal) and head west a tiny bit.  There should be a big circle with a cave in
the middle.  Land on the outer plateau and make your way down into the cave.

Cave Bahamut
Genji (shield)
Genji (gloves)
Genji (armour)
Genji (helmet)
My Levels
Rydia - 42(44), Edge - 38(40), FuSoYa - 50(51), Cecil - 45(47), Rosa - 43(45)
    Head south and then east at the first split.  Go to the top and then east
to find a secret passge through the block.  Open the chest for GENJI (shield).
Equip it on Cecil if you want to.  Go back through the passage and take the 
south route this time.  Open the chest to get GENJI (gloves).  Follow the east
path to the end and through a door.
    Follow the path and you will spot a chest that contains GENJI (armour).
Head all the way to the east to find a chest containing GENJI (helmt).  I would
suggest equipping all the Genji gear on Cecil.  Head back west a bit and then
go north across the bridgey-section.  You will enter what seems to be a normal
battle against a Behemoth.  This is vaguely a boss battle, as it is unavoidable
and has boss music.  It's up to you how to do this.  You may want to go back to
your Lunar Whale to heal after this battle.  There are still more Behemoths to
kill, too.
    When you manage to defeat the Behemoth, head north and through the door.  
On the next floor, head south along the narrow path.  You will fight 2 more
Behemoth's on this path, so watch out for those.  Go up the stairs and talk to
Bahamut.  If you have Leviathan, he will fight you.

    This is almost a ridiculously easy battle if you know what you're doing.
Bahamut's only attack is MegaFlare, which will count down from 5, and then 
happen.  It's just a spell of sorts though, so simply wall all your characters
(Might wanna use star veils and moon veils for Edge, Cecil and Rydia, as they
can't cast wall on themselves, and the countdown is rather quick).  Megaflare
will be reflected back at him for 9999 damage.  Just beat him down in between
MegaFlares, trying to keep all characters walled.
    After defeating Bahamut, Rydia will learn to summon him.  Bahamut is the
god of summons, and is exceedingly powerful.  Let your enemies cower before 
your might.  Exit Cave Bahamut (using exit magic if you want).

    Board the Lunar Whale and rest in a thingo.  Save your game outside, and 
then head back to the overworld by examining the crystal.  There will be a
scene once you reach the overworld.

Giant of Babil
Ag Apple
My Levels
Rydia - 44, Edge - 40, FuSoYa - 51, Cecil - 47, Rosa - 45
    Once you are inside the Giant of Babil, head north and step on the grey,
teleporting tile.  This will bring you into the Giant's neck.  Step on the next
teleporter tile.  Run down and left and open the chest for a SHURIKEN.  
Continue along the linear path and you will find another chest containing a 
HIPOTION.  Continue along a little futher to find a chest with an ETHER1.  Go
northeast when the path splits and open the chest for YOICHI (arrows).  Go west
at the path split to find another chest that contains an ALERT.  Go northwest
from the split and step on a grey tile to get to the Stomach.
    Go north to find a chest containing an AG APPLE.  Go east from the grey
teleporter tile.  When the path splits, take the right side to get a SOMADROP.
Take the left side and follow it to a teleporter.
    Follow the linear path and you will find a chest that contains monster.
For defeating the Last Arm you will recieve an ELIXIR.  Continue along the
linear path and head west when the path splits to find a save point.  Save and
rest if you need to, then head north.  Step on the teleporter to get to the
    Head north for a scene.  You will have to fight the 4 elements again.  My
advice would be to go all out offensive on them, with Rosa healing every turn.
Try to conserve mp with FuSoYa by use #2 spells, instead of #3.  Go back to the
save point and save/rest.  Continue north from where the elements were to get
to the core.  Cross the bridge for a scene.

CPU, Attacker, Defender
    This is a very very easy battle.  Start out with Rydia summoning Bahamut.
In fact, have her summon Bahamut over and over and you will win.  Bahamut will
kill the attacker and defender easily on one hit, and the CPU in about 3.  You
can use a meteo or something from FuSoYa if you want.  Otherwise, keep your 
party alive.  the CPU can do 9999 damage to any one party member.
    There will quite a long scene where FuSoYa will leave the party and Kain
will rejoin.  Kain will have all sweet Genji gear, too.  After the scene, you
will be on the moon.  Go back to the overworld so we can get the Odin summon.

    Simply head towards Baron.

Castle Baron
    Remember how the kings ghost said to go back to him after you've been to 
the Land of Summons?  Head into the bulk of the castle and then make your way
to the east tower.  Head to the bottom of the tower.  You will have to fight
Odin.  Odin is very easy.  Just go all out offensive with everyone except Rosa.
Or you could even use Aim with Rosa, as there is little chance Odin will deal
enough damage to even kill one character.  After defeating Odin, Rydia will be
able to summon him in battle.  Now, head to the moon for the final dungeon of
the game!
    When you're on the moon, rest up.  Make your way to the Crystal Palace 
(where FuSoYa was found).  Save your game before entering.

Crystal Palace
    Head to the left and right at the start to restore your hp and mp.  When
you are ready, head up, past where you met FuSoYa and into a crystal room.  You
can examine the crystals, and they will 'say' some things to you.  Some of it
might be interesting.  When you're ready stand on the centre tile.

Lunar Subterrane
Sage (staff)
Murasame (ninja blade)
Ninja (armour)
FireLash (whip)
Dragon (shield)
Dragon (helm)
Dragon (armour)
Dragon (gauntlets)
Artemis (arrows)
Elixir x2
Stardust (rod)
Crystal (shield)
Protect (ring) x2
Crystal (armour)
Crystal (gauntlets)
White (robe)
Crystal (helm)
Fuma x4
Artemis (arrows)
Minerva (robe)
Au Apple
Ragnarok (sword)
HolyLnce (spear)
Ribbon (head armour) x2
Masamune (ninja blade)
My Levels
I trained a whole heap around here.  I'll give you my levels before actually 
going to fight the final boss when it gets to that point.
    With the healing tiles back in the Crystal Palace, and this being the final
dungeon and all, you may want to run around and do some healing.  Just a hint,
you have to go through the flashy green colours and annoying sounds EVERY time
you enter the Lunar Subterrane.  If you have any sort of troubles, you may want
to go through the Lunar Subterrane a bit to acquire some more powerful weapons.
I'm going to do that before I start training at least.
    Now, see the little break in the walk directly west of you?  Go through
that.  Go south and stand on the teleporter.  Go north through the door and 
open the chest on the following room to fight some monsters.  For defeating 
them you will recieve the SAGE (staff).  Go southwest and onto the next 
teleporter.  Follow the linear path into the next room.
    Cast float on your party.  Go around towards the two pillars.  What's that
floating between them?  It looks mighty like a... Ninja sword?!  My god it is!
Examine it to fight a White D. (Dragon).

White Dragon
    Not too hard.  As long as you cast float before the battle.  He has a nasty
GaiaRage attack, but it will miss if you are floating.  Kain jump, Cecil 
attack, Rydia summon bahamut, Edge throw things or attack, Rosa cure4.  Pretty
much it.
    After the battle you will recieve the MURASAME sword.  Equip this on Edge
and rejoice.  He should now have Kikuichi and Murasame.  I am a happy man.
Backtrack all the way to first room of the Lunar Subterrane.  Take this 
opportunity to return to the Crystal Palace to heal.  Head through the east
wall in the first room this time, instead of the west.  Follow this linear
path to a chest that contains monsters.  For defeating them you will get the
NINJA armour for Edge.  Woot!  more Edge gear!  Equip this immediately and
head back to the Crystal Palace to heal if you need.  Back in the Lunar
Subterrane, head south from the start this time.  Not through any secret
passages.  Go through the door to B2.
    Follow the linear path to the end and then go into the secret passage.  
Follow it towards the chest in the middle of the black and open the chest for
the FIRELASH whip for Rydia.  Equip this immediately.  Instead of turning left
off of the secret path to get to the FireLash whip, head striaght north and 
then west.  Head through two more blocks of passage and then open the chest for
the DRAGON shield for Kain or Cecil.  Your choice.  Go through the door just
to your east.
    Head all the way to the south and then to the east into a secret passage.
Follow the passage and open the chest for the DRAGON helm.  Equip it on Cecil
or Kain.  Yet again, your choice.  I like Cecil more than Kain, so I put it on
him personally.  Head southeast out of this room through another secret passage
to get to a room with 2 chests containing the DRAGON armour and DRAGON 
gauntlets.  Either spread the Dragon gear between them or put it all on one.  I
like putting it on one, it looks cool when you check their equipment :).  Go 
back through the secret passages and into the door just to your north.
    Head all the way to the east and open the chest to get some ARTEMIS arrows.
Go down the steps just to your west and then into the room on your west.  Open
the chest for an ELIXIR.  Head all the way to the east and down some more 
stairs.  Go into the door.
    Follow the linear path and go northeast when it splits.  Open the chest for
a BLIZZARD.  Head all the way to the west now to get an X-POTION.  Head out the
door just to your east.  Open the chest in view to fight a Behemoth.  You will
get the STARDUST rod for winning.  Head down the steps just to the east.
    Go down the steps and head west, past the door and open the chest to fight
a Blue Dragon and a Red Dragon.  They can be kind of tough, but for winning you
will get the CRYSTAL shield.  Again, equip this on who you want.  It is better
than the Dragon gear, so I put it on Cecil and gave the Dragon shield to Kain.
Head into the room just to your southeast.
    Head up and east through the wall.  Open the chest to score a PROTECT ring.
Equip this on someone immediately, it is very very good.  I personally put it 
on Edge, because I like Edge, and his armour isn't that great for being in the
front row.  Rydia is _probably_ a better choice though, due to her very low hp.
Go east through the next wall and exit this room to the south.  Open the chest
to fight a Behemoth.  For defeating it you will get the CRYSTAL armour.  Equip
it immediately.  Go back into the previous room and exit north this time. 
    Open the chest to your east to fight two Red Dragons (oh noes!).  For 
killing them you will recieve the CRYSTAL gauntlets, which should be equipped
immediately.  Head to the west and into that door.  Open the chest on your left
to get the WHITE robe.  Equip this on Rosa immediately.  Exit to the north.
    Head to the west and open the chest to fight a Warlock and a Dragon Fossil.
You will recieve  the CRYSTAL helm for defeating them.  Equip this on Cecil 
immediately.  Cecil and Kain should now have a full Dragon and full Crystal
set between them.  Enter the room to the east of the one you came out of and 
open the chest to get an INFERNO.  In this room there is a 1/64 chance of an
enemy called PinkPuff appearing.  And then a 1/64 chance of it dropping an item
called PinkTail.  The reason why the PinkTail item is so good, is that once you
get it, you can take it to the guy in Adamant Grotto (the cave just southest
from Mihtril Village) and he will trade you the Adamant armour for it.  Adamant
armour is the best armour in the game and can be equipped by everyone!  A 
little note on finding PinkPuffs - If you have any alert items, use them in the
room and you will, always, encounter 5 PinkPuffs.
    Leave the room and go down the stairs to B6.  Open the two chests here for
a FUMA and some ARTEMIS arrows.  Head down the bridge on the left and open the
chest for a CABIN.  Head around to the right and enter the door.  Open the
chest to fight some monsters.  For winning you will recieve the MINERVA robe.
Equip this on Rydia or Rosa.  Exit the room. Just above the chest where the
cabin was there is a thin bit of land stretching out to the west.  Run across 
here, there is an invisible bridge.  Head to the northwest part of this block 
and then east into a hidden path.  Go east and then south down some stairs.  
Open the chest for an AU APPLE.  Go all the way to the east and step on the 
teleporter tile.
    Head north to the next teleporter.  Head north and open the chest to fight
a Behemoth.  For defeating it you will recieve another PROTECT ring.  yaaaaaay!
Be sure to equip this immediately.  Continue north to the next teleporter.
There is a save point here, so save and use a cabin/tent.  Exit to the south.
Oooh, more pillars, another sword.  Who do you think that could be for?  Cecil!
Go and examine the sword to initiate a boss battle.

    In my opinion, this is one of, if not THE hardest battle in the game. 
Wyvern will start the battle with a MegaFire, which deals huge damage.  I in
fact had to go and spend a few hours training after I died to him like 10 times
in a row.
    Anyway, I can't give much advice for this battle.  Your main goal should be
to get everyone alive as soon as possible.  Rosa should _definately_ heal 
_every_ turn, maybe even casting haste on her.  A lot of people seem to think
that you should wall your party (good idea if you have a lot of moonveils or
that other veil that makes a wall) and then summon Bahamut.  If you summon
anything at Wyvern, he will counter with a MegaFire.  MegaFire can be reflected
back at him for huge damage though.  I never have the items for this and I
refuse to waste turns casting wall.  For this battle I had Edge throw powerful
items (this is where most of my damage came from), Kain jump, Cecil 
attack/heal, and Rydia just attack (I casted wall on her at one point and
had her reflect spells off of herself onto Wyvern, but the wall only lasted one
    After the battle you will recieve the RAGNAROK sword.  Equip this on Cecil
immediately.  Oh yeah.  This sword is a freaking breast.  Go back to the save
point and save your game.  Backtrack to where you got the Minerva robe.
    Go through the door to the north.  Follow the linear path and enter the
first door you come to.  Save your game and rest if needed.  Exit the room and
get into a random battle.  Kill one of your members, except for Rosa, as you 
will want her alive to revive.  I killed Rydia personally.  You'll see why we
done this in a second.  With one character dead, enter the first door to the
left of the save room  Awlright!  More pillars and another sweet as weapon!
It's long... It's pointy.  It must be a spear!  Examine the spear for a boss
battle to start.

   This is an easy battle, or a very hard battle.  Depending on how much you
know about him.  Plague will cast a mass-doom on your party, giving you a timer
until you die.  Seems impossible, eh?  There are two ways to do this battle.
The first, and stupid way is to run around leveling until you are an incredibly
high level and then just smash him away before the 10 timer runs out.  Or you 
can do it the start way, and enter battle with one character dead.  When the
timer start's getting a little lower, revive the character and Plague will cast
the spell again, resetting the timer for everyone.  Repeat as necessary.
    After the battle you will recieve the HOLYLNCE.  Equip this on Kain 
immediately.  Sweet.  Kains best weapon :).  Go back to the save room and save
your game again.  Rest if needed.  Enter the door two doors east of the save
room.  Looky!  pillars again!  This time there are two chests rather then a 
weapon though.  Approach the chests to enter another boss battle.

Lunasaur x2
    Cecil is your key to victory.  The Lunasaurs are mainly just overpowered
random battle enemies, but they are dangerous.  Cecil should deal 9999 damage
with his normal attack though, which is very helpful.  They will cast recover
on themselves for 2300 hp recovery if you summon anything against them.  They
don't have a lot of hp, especially with the 9999 damage Cecil can deal, and the
8700-ish Edge can deal by throwing Excaliburs (There is a glitch that lets you
get a near unlimited amount of any weapon that can be wielded by Cecil, check
the Hints & Tips section).  Kain should be able to do 3000-4000 damage with his
jump, which is always welcome.  Rosa should continue to heal every round, but 
if she is killed, it's not that big of a bother, I never even bothered to 
revive her when that happened to me.  I won the battle with Cecil, Kain and 
Edge (barely, he had 5hp :P) alive.
    After the battle, open the chests for a RIBBON and a RIBBON.  Ribbons are
head armour, so equip them on Rydia and Rosa.  Go back to the save point and
save/rest.  Exit the save room and continue following the path to your east.
Head down the stairs and into the door on your left.
    You're almost at the end of the game now!  Hurrah!  Be very careful.  This
area contains the strongest enemies in the game.  They are all boss-worthy in
my opinion.  It's a great place to train if you can survive here, as they give
pretty damn awesome exp.  Going back to try and get adamant armour might be a
decent idea.  But just so you know, only devout players ever really end up 
getting that armour.  I've never actually go it :P.
    Head to the east and down some stairs.  Head to the west, and continue 
past the stairs a tiny bit and open the chest to get a FUMA.  Head down the 
stairs you just went past and follow the path until it splits east and south.
ooh, pillars!  Another ninja sword! oh I must be dreaming.  Oh no i'm not!
Run over and examine the sword to initiate a boss battle.

    Okay.  Second last boss of the entire game.  Woo.  He's a bit difficult.
He uses Big Wave, twice.  In one attack, and it will deal around 1500-2000
damage.  Big ouch.  Aside from that he uses a few physical attacks and an 
attack called 'weak' that will take a character down to single digit hp.  
Anyways, Rosa.  Wonderful Rosa.  Have her cast cure4, EVERY turn.  Without 
fail.  Rydia summon bahamut or asura, depending on circumstance.  Have Edge
throw Fuma's or Excaliburs, or just attack.  Cecil attack, and Kain jump or
attack.  Edge is my big damage dealer, dealing his 8500+ every round with his
Excaliburs.  I won this battle on low hp with Cecil and Kain dead.
    When you win, you will recieve the MASAMUNE sword for Edge!  Woot!  Equip
it on him, leaving him with the Masamune and the Murasame.  Head back to the
save point and save/heal.  You're heading towards the final boss now.  Go back
to where you fought Ogopogo, except instead of going down to where he was, go
right and around down the stairs.
    Head down the stairs just on your right and then head around and check the
chest for an ELIXIR.  Go down the next set of stairs and follow the path til
you find a chest containing a WHISTLE.  Continue east from here and step on the
teleporter to get to the next part.
    Simpy follow the path and you will find two chests containing a FUMA and
another FUMA.  Follow the path to the bottom right and stand on the telepoter.
    Simply follow the linear path to the next teleporter.  You should now be in
a room with a pedestal at your back.  Make sure you're equipped and healed.
May as well use those Artemis arrows now, eh!  Walk to the top of the stairs 
for a scene.

    The final battle, phew.  First things first, have everyone parry except for
Edge.  Have him steal over and over until you get DkMatter.  This is important.
It can take 10+ attempts.  I got it on the 6th.  Next, kill of Rydia and Kain.
This might sound silly, but they cannot do much for this battle, and With them
dead, Rosa will get to her round quicker and she will heal for more.  Once you
have killed off Rydia and Rosa, parry until you get to Cecils round and have
him use the Crystal.
    Once you use the Crystal, the real fight begins.  Have Rosa heal every 
round, or maybe cast haste occassionally.  Anyway, Zeromus uses an attack 
called Big Bang which can spell death for an unprepared party.  Having the 
DkMatter in your inventory will lessen the damage that Big Bang does.  That's
why we stole it earlier.  Now, have Edge throw Excaliburs, or that knife you
got from Yangs wife, and Cecil should just attack.
    When he starts casting Meteo, rejoice.  This is his sign that he is getting
low on hp.  And Meteo only hits one character for under 1000 damage, so...
    Well.  Congratulations.  You've finished Final Fantasy IV.  Enjoy watching
the ending scene.  Ahah, love the quote "All this formality crap is makin' my
neck stiff".  I really think the game needs a few more scenes like the final 
one, as some of the characters are 'shallow' through the game.  The final scene
really gives you more insight into their personalities.
    Oh, and you can't help but giggle at the FMV at the end :P.  The animation
is kind of corny.  They shoulda made it like Final Fantasy VIII level.  I was
very impressed with the FMV animation in that game.  Woot, we get to sit 
through the credits!

-------------------------[IV. - General Gameplay Tips]-------------------------
|I can't hope to offer you too much here, I don't consider myself a great     |
|technical player of this game, like I am with other Final Fantasy's.         |
    First tip.  This should be rather obvious as you progress through the game,
but the enemies you defeat have a set amount of exp that must be distributed.
exp cannot be gained by dead allies.  So if an enemy has a set exp amount of 2,
if you finish the battle with two allies alive, they will get 1 exp each, as
1+1=2.  But if one of those allies is dead, the 2 must still be dispersed among
the living characters.  2+0=2.  So that one character will gain all the exp.
    This can be very useful for training new characters, or just training in
general.  It is especially useful at the end of the game, when if you finish a
battle with only one character alive, that character might get a whopping 
100,000+ exp (You CAN get 900,000+ exp in one battle apparently).
    Second tip.  This is a game that makes you rely on white magic a LOT.  So
do not be afraid at all to use a lot of white magic.  I find that during the
second half of the game, I run from almost all enemies I encounter and just set
aside time to train my party.  I'm not a big user of tents or cabins though.
    Now, this is kind of cheating.  More taking advantage of a glitch.  First,
make sure you have the 'Avenger' sword.  This sword is found in the Sylvan 
cave.  You will also need a bow and arrows.  And preferably the Excalibur 
sword.  Mainly because Excalibur is the best weapon to duplicate, and that's
what we're going to do.  
1.)  Equip Cecil with the bow in his left hand, and the arrows in his right.
2.)  Get into battle with an enemy (preferably weak, find some imps around
        the town of Baron or something).
3.)  Don't do anything but parry until you get to Cecil's turn.
4.)  When it is Cecil's turn, go into items, and scroll down to an empty slot.
5.)  Select the empty slot then scroll to the top of the list, and press up once
        again to access the weapons.
6.)  Select either the bow or arrow.  This will send it to the empty slot you
        selected earlier.
7.)  Repeat for the other wielded thing.
8.)  Select Cecil's left hand and equip the Avenger sword.
9.)  Exit to the battle menu and simply wait.  The Avenger sword makes your
        character attack on his own.  Don't attack with anyone.  Let Cecil
        finish off the enemies.
10.) Open the menu and select equip.  There should be a strange symbol next to
         Cecils right hand.  Select the Avenger (should be in left hand) and 
         then select an empty slot to de-equip it.
11.) Select the weapon you want to multiply (preferably Excalibur) and equip 
         it to Cecils right hand.  Unequip it and exit the 'equip' menu.
12.) Check items.  The Excalibur sword should have a strange symbol next to it
         This will represent roughly 255 I believe.  So now go ahead and start
         throwing Excaliburs at anything that moves.  This is what makes Edge
         my absolute hero.  Go Edge.

Note:  I have successfully done this on the PAL version of Final Fantasy IV,
           that I bought as part of "Final Fantasy Anthology" in Australia.
       The game is for PSX (Playstation 1).
       To avoid confusion i'd like to clear this up now.  Final Fantasy
           Anthology, when bought in NTSC regions is Final Fantasy V, and
           Final Fantasy VI.  When bought in PAL regions it is Final Fantasy IV
           and Final Fantasy V.  Final Fantasy VI is sold as a seperate game in
           PAL regions.  Final Fantasy IV can be bought for PSX in NTSC in a
           package called Final Fantasy Chronicles.  This contains Final 
           Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger is an absolutely 
           INCREDIBLE game.  It is a MUST play for any rpg fan, no matter 

------------------------------[V. - Special Thanks]----------------------------
    In this section I will give a mention to the people who send in some info
that I use in my guide.  Know something I don't?  Send me an email and if it
is useful information, i'll add it into the guide and put your name here.

*"Tanner" (Blackmaila23@excite.com)                                           *
*Special thanks for: Providing an excellent way to defeat Dark D.(Dragon).    *

------------------------------[VI. - Legal Stuff]------------------------------
    All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and in
part in any form.  Playstation and Playstation logos are registered trademarks
of Sony, Inc.  Final Fantasy IV is a registered trademark of Squaresoft.  The
author of this document is in no way affiliated with Sony Entertainment and/or
Squaresoft.  You may not place this document on your website or reproduce it in
any way without the author's consent.
    This guide  may only be  used for private and personal use only.  You may
not permit anyone under any patents to reproduce it, in part or in whole, or
use it for profitable purposes. All content within this file is owned and
created by Joel Smith (Seltox).  Should you neglect any of the above said,
I will track you down, and probably have my way with you.  but seriously, don't
do it, or you will be branded a complete moron and no one will like you

------------------------------[VII. - Contact Me]------------------------------
    If you wish to get in contact with me for any purpose my email is
The.Seltox@gmail.com.  And if you wish to add me on a form of instant messenger
just know that I only use MSN Messenger, and that I really can't be bothered
putting up with arrogant people.  So if you add me, and are nice, i will talk
to you.  If you're arrogant or ignorant or annoy me, i will simply block you
and you will have to email me.

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