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Boss/Enemy FAQ by Gbness

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/13/2005


Final Fantasy IV Boss/Enemy FAQ
For the Sony Playstation
Copyright 2003-2005 Richard Beast
Email: richard_power1000@yahoo.com

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Legal Disclaimer
3. Contact Rules
4. Characters
5. Boss FAQ
6. Enemy List
7. Outro/Credits

      +\+ 1. Introduction +/+

Well... this has sure gone a long way; looking at this (originally) crappy FAQ
made me sick. Not to mention a certain person was opposed to some stuff in the
original version, so here it is... I've removed my stupid attitude which showed
throughout much of the FAQ, as well as corrected some things. I removed all the
useless filler, took out most of the lists besides the enemies (Devin has those
in his guide), and overall turned it into a much better piece of work. But you
can't blame me, since all of us are terrible in our first six months of writing
or so. I was no different. =P

Anyway, I'd like to drop a note on how I'm gonna run things in this guide. I've
got the introduction, legal disclaimer, and contact rules first, which you can
skip if you want, then some info on the characters. Even a boss FAQ needs info
on the characters, you know. So after that, then comes the meat and bones of the
FAQ itself, the boss guide. Once you're done reading through that, you'll meet
up with the enemy list, which has now been combined with the steal list and been
formatted far better. So that's basically it. Have fun reading; this guide is
now a HELL of a lot better.

- Richard Beast

      +\+ 2. Legal Disclaimer +/+

You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be sold
on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either, or
pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to think.

Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like
your site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it
has to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have
the luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.

      +\+ 3. Contact Rules +/+

Oh, and also, rules for contacting me. Those are important, ya? First of all,
feel free to check out the stuff I've written on GameFAQs. Those include a
guide for Mega Man 5, a few other Mega Man games, and tons of random PSX games.
Honor to the PSX, yanno? Hopefully, that'll be added with awesome Legend of
Zelda: Majora's Mask and Tales of Symphonia guides. As you might be able to
guess, I'm a large RPG fan and writer.

Alright, enough shameless advertisement about me. You can e-mail me if there is
a question you wish to ask that hasn't been answered in the guide, but I REALLY
don't want to bother answering questions that have already been done, answered,
and done again in the guide, if it isn't too much trouble. Feel free to tell me
if there's something I've forgotten, however.

My e-mail address is richard_power1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Except, replace
the [at] and spaces with a "@" symbol and the [dot] and spaces with a period; I
have to write like that so I don't get a dozen spam bots e-mailing me and
getting me viruses. Just be polite in the e-mail, don't talk like "omg wtf rich
ur gides r t3h su><0rz & how du i beat grean cupu", and don't ask something
that's already been answered in the guide, and I'll respond.

And don't bother sending things like:

"You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"


"What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
of crap?

"I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"

"u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"

I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
through with it too much.

Okay, that's enough for that. My AIM name is rbeast288; sorry, I don't have MSN
or YIM. The list is closed, but I'll add you if you ask politely via e-mail. I
like chatting with people, but try not to overdo it on AIM if I add you to my
list. Since I am busy a majority of the time and all.

      +\+ 4. Characters +/+

I can tell that you're glad we're past the introductory stuff, haha. But anyway
the character info has been taken from the manual with the exception of the
Cecil (Paladin) and FuSoYa descriptions.

Cecil (Dark Knight):

Introducion: The main character, commander of Baron Kingdom's fleet of military
airships, the Red Wings. At the king's command, he masters the dark sword,
which embodies the power of darkness. He maintains his humanity, however, and
as a dark knight will not allow himself to accept Rosa's affection. But no one
could ever understand the pain and suffering masked beneath his helmet.

In Battle: Cecil's one good character as a dark knight. He starts out at Level
10, with 200 HP, but is strong nonetheless, especially with his special command
Dark, which sacrifices his own HP to attack. Unfortunately, he becomes a
Paladin, so you can't use his Dark again.

Cecil (Paladin):

Introduction: Cecil, as a paladin, wielding the holy sword of the Mysidian
Legend. The dark and evil once living in Cecil has left him, and his quest is
to protect Rosa and save the world.

In Battle: Cecil starts out on Level 1 with 600 HP, so he's sort of weak now,
but once he gets some better levels, he's possibly the best character. His
White magic kind of sucks, except for his Esuna and Exit, but it's helpful
nonetheless, and his Cover command can make the difference between a victorious
battle and a lost one. So he's extremely good.


Introduction: Cecil's rival and best friend, who specializes in fighting from
the air. Kain comes from a long line of dragoons and is a master of the spear.
In Baron, where most soldiers are pressured to master the dark sword, he shuns
the path of a dark knight and chooses instead to live as a dragoon. Aloof but
compassionate, Kain is a proud warrior who secretly has feelings for Rosa.

In Battle: Kain is also a super-duper fighter. He starts at Level 10 with 190
HP, but it gets much better later. He cannot use any magic, but his Jump is
extremely powerful, especially at the end of the game. So he's quite a useful


Introduction: Childhood friend of Cecil and Kain, and the heroine of the story.
She follows in the footsteps of the mother, who once fought for Baron as a
white mage. As her mother did for her father, Rosa studies white magic largely
to help Cecil. Although she can be reserved at times, Rosa has a strong will
and an adamant side to her that surprises even Cecil.

In Battle: Rosa is better placed in the back row. She is an excellent character
because of her white magic, and without her the game would be nigh impossible,
if not impossible. Her Will stat starts low, but becomes VERY high to enable
her to use extremely strong white magic. Her Pray ability is pretty useless,
even in the end of the game, but she can do a great amount of damage in the end
of the game. She starts out on Level 10 with only 150 HP, and never gets big
strength or huge HP, but she's easily the best healer in the game and quite
possibly the most useful character in the entire game.


Introduction: A girl who once lived peacefully with her mother in the
summoners' village, Mist. Like her mother, she has the magical ability to
summon beasts, and can cast black magic and white magic spells. Her honest,
cheerful, and courageous personality lifts the party's spirits when the going
gets rough.

In Battle: Rydia has VERY low HP. When you get her, she starts off at Level 1
with only 30 HP, and it goes up very little when she levels up, but besides
this, Rydia's strength lies within Black magic. She will eventually...(there
are gigantic spoilers here, so quickly read somewhere else unless you desire to
have the plot totally spoiled), for some reason, lose the ability to use her
white magic, and will join later as an adult. She's a fantastic character
because of her amazing Black magic, and the ability to use summons, such as
Titan, Leviatan, and Bahamut later.


Introduction: Baron's chief airship engineer, who loves the skies and being
around young people. Since he has just one daughter, he treats Cecil like a

In Battle: Cid is one of the worst characters. He starts out at Level 20 with
788 HP, much less than Cecil has at Level 20. Also, he can't really use magic,
except his Study ability, which is the same effect as Scan. Plus he leaves your
party when you reach the Dwarven Castle, so he's not that good, at all.


Introduction: The prince of the desert kingdom Damcyan. He despises his royal
status and prefers to live in freedom as a wandering bard. An attractive young
man filled with sadness, his appearance reflects his gentle personality. His
soft-heartedness, which stems from his benevolent nature, may be his downfall.

In Battle: Edward is not all that great. His attack power is fairly low, his
defense is low, he starts on Level 5 with a feeble 60 HP, he doesn't have one
magic spell he can use, and hides from the fight when in critical status.
However, he can use Sing to inflict status effects on his enemies, and his
physical attack randomly does a status effect, but this "spoony bard" is not
all that great at all.


Introduction: A powerful sage, renowned even among the highest mages. He
controlled powerful magic when he was younger, but his magic prowess has faded.
He seems unfriendly, but is a man of principle. Tellah has a mysterious
connection to the mage kingdom of Mysidia.

In Battle: When Tellah joins, he knows few magic spells, but is at Level 20
with some good HP compared to Rydia's. He leaves soon but rejoins at Mt.
Ordeals, and after Cecil becomes a Paladin, he learns all the spells he used to
know. Now he is a fantastic member except for the fact he only has 90 MP.
Still, he is worthy of being called the best party member until quite a while.


Introduction: Leader of the monks of Fabul. Like many monks, he is polite and
taciturn. Beneath his serene exterior lies an invincible soul. He uses his
trademark elemental claws to decimate his opponents. Rumor has it that his
skill is second to none.

In Battle: Yang has GREAT HP. When he first joins, he has 300 HP at Level 10.
Until he leaves in the middle of the game his HP is usually higher than Cecil's
is. His Kick ability isn't useful at all as it does quite a small amount of
damage to all enemies, but he's a great character because he can make his
attacks elemental by equipping certain claws like Rosa and use Power to double
the damage, and pretty much kill elemental enemies such as Cagnazzo. His Bear
ability is okay, so he's quite a decent character.


Introduction: A prince of the Eblan royal family, which has passed down the
secrets and traditions of ninjutsu for generations. A confident and often brash
man, he acts recklessly at times, but can also be affable and comedic.

In Battle: When Edge joins, he's at Level 25 with a pathetic 790 HP, sometimes
even less than Rydia if you're at about Level 32-33 when you get him. His HP is
barely higher than Rosa's, but besides his HP, Edge is a spectacular character.
His Ninja magic is extremely useful at certain parts of the game. His Throw
ability's value cannot be calculated in the final boss fight, and his Steal
ability is also extremely useful in the last fight. He's sort of average, but
can be one of the best characters, especially in the end.

Palom & Porom:

Introduction: Apprentice mages who live in the mage kingdom of Mysidia. Palom
studies to be a black mage, while Porom aspires to be a white mage, both under
the guidance of the town elder. They are twins.

In Battle: Palom starts with 100 HP while Porom starts with 110, both starting
at Level 10. Despite their miniscule HP, they are both useful, as Palom can use
Black magic like Bolt2 very well with his Bluff ability and when you need to
escape in quite a hurry, Porom has the Cry ability, and she has some very
useful White magic like Cure2. Their Twin ability is extremely useful because
of its power, so overall, both mages are useful, but you don't have them for a
very long time.


Introduction: A mysterious individual the characters encounter during their
journey. FuSoYa is the guardian of the Lunarians on the Moon, and comes from
the same race as the evil Zemus does. He seems to have a strange connection
with Cecil and Golbez.

In Battle: FuSoYa is one great sage! When you get him, he's on Level 50 with
1900 HP, which sadly is not really a very good amount and plus his Regen is
worthless, as it only restores 10 HP every few seconds and he cannot act when
his HP is being restored, but he actually knows EVERY white magic spell and
EVERY black one too, so he's incredibly good. His attack power is low, but who
needs THAT, anyway? Unfortunately, he only has 190 MP, and won't gain any more
until you level him up about 20 times, but regardless of his low HP and MP,
he's a fantastic character, but he's better for using his White magic than he
is for Black magic.

      +\+ 5. Boss FAQ +/+

You just love RPG bosses, admit it. Anyway, the legend...

Number: Number of the boss.
Name: Name of the boss.
HP: How many hit points the boss has.
EXP: EXP you get after battle. To tell how much each character will get, divide
the number by the number of living characters.
Difficulty: They range from 1 to 10, and tell how hard the battle is, of
Location: Where the boss is fought.
Steal: What to steal.
My Levels: Your party and my levels.

Then the strategy. Enjoy!

Boss Fight #1
Name: Mist Dragon
HP: 465
EXP: 700
Difficulty: 2
Location: Mist Cavern
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 11, Kain: 11

This is an extremely easy boss. Cecil should attack while Kain jumps. The Mist
Dragon can't really attack you too well. The only tricky spot is when the Mist
Dragon turns into mist. Don't attack it because your attacks will not only miss
but the Mist Dragon will counterattack with Cold Mist, for about 30-40 damage
to both Cecil and Kain, although it will not counterattack Jump. Take this time
to heal with Potions as the Mist Dragon won't attack. When it turns back into
the Mist Dragon, attack and Jump more and this battle will be over soon.

NOTE: Picture available of Mist Dragon!:


Boss Fight #2
Name: General, 3 Soldiers
HP: 221, (General), 27, (Soldiers)
EXP: 398, (General), 27, (Soldiers)
Difficulty: 1
Location: Kaipo
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 11

I don't really consider this battle as a boss fight, but it should be covered
here anyway. This battle is actually even easier than the Mist Dragon. Your
first priority will be to take care of two of the soldiers, then you should get
rid of the General, because the EXP is well worth it. The soldiers can quite
easily be taken down in one blow apiece, but don't use Dark or there's a chance
you will kill all three of the soldiers, and if you do then the general will
run away, and you'll miss the good EXP. A few good blows will rid the general.
This is pretty easy.

Boss Fight #3
Name: Octomann
HP: 2350
EXP: 1200
Difficulty: 2
Location: Lake
Steal: N/A
Weakness: Dark, Bolt
My Levels: Cecil: 14, Rydia: 10, Tellah: 20

This is another rather easy battle. Have Cecil attack every turn while Tellah
uses Recall, (a few times I recalled Bio for about 700 damage), or Bolt1 while
Rydia uses Chocobo every turn. Tellah may use Bio or similar powerful spells at
random, and they may do big damage. Octomann isn't very dangerous, do not worry
about healing. If you keep this up you'll win this battle.

NOTE: Picture available of Octomann!:


Boss Fight #4
Name: Antlion
HP: 1100
EXP: 1500
Difficulty: 3
Location: Antlion's Nest
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 15, Rydia: 12, Edward: 10

This battle isn't nearly as hard as it might look. You'll notice that when you
attack the Antlion, it will counterattack a random party member, for about
30-40 damage. If it does this too much to Rydia or Edward it might decimate
your party. Its regular attacks are weak, so its counterattack is the only
threat. Have Cecil attack every turn while Edward can heal with a Potion or his
Heal ability, and Rydia summons Chocobo. Antlion isn't too tough.

Boss Fight #5
Name: Mom Bomb
HP: 11000
EXP: 1900
Difficulty: 5
Location: Mt. Hobs Summit
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 16, Rydia: 13, Edward: 13, Rosa: 13, Yang: 10

This fight is tougher than the last fights. The Mom Bomb starts out quite
harmless, until you get rid of its HP. Have Cecil attack, Rydia summon the
Chocobo, Edward use a Potion or Heal if needed, or otherwise attack, Yang use
Power, and Rosa Aim. You do not need to do 11000 damage, but when this Mom Bomb
puffs up, have everyone quickly Parry until you get to Rosa. Do absolutely
nothing until it explodes, for about 50-75 damage to everyone, and then cast
Cure2 on everyone. Now have Cecil use Dark and Yang use Kick. The Bombs will
probably die and the GreyBombs will most likely detonate, and the battle is

Boss Fights #6, 7, 8
Name: Captain, 2 Fighters
HP: 320 (Captain), 65 (Fighters)
EXP: 999 (Captain), 399, (Fighters)
Difficulty: 5
Location: Fabul Castle
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels 1: Cecil: 16, Edward: 14, Yang: 12
My Levels 2: Cecil: 16, Edward: 15, Yang: 13
My Levels 3: Cecil: 17, Edward: 15, Yang: 14

Just like the last fight, this fight isn't actually a boss battle but it should
be covered here anyway, for random. This battle is much harder than the last
one. If Edward is in the front row he'll be knocked out in two or three good
blows, so by all means don't put him there. The Fighters are much stronger than
they used to be, even with Edward and Yang here. Make sure that Edward does not
get in critical status or he will hide, and have him heal Cecil and Yang or
himself. Have Cecil take care of one soldier, while Yang uses Power on the
General for the usual great EXP, and then leave the other soldier alone while
you have Cecil and Yang beat up the general, who will be gone quite soon. You
will have to fight this battle twice more, so follow this strategy to win all
three battles with ease!

Boss Fight #9
Name: Milon, 4 Ghasts
HP: 3500, (Milon), 200, (Ghasts)
EXP: 3400
Difficulty: 7
Location: Mt. Ordeals Summit
Steal: N/A
Weakness: Milon: Fire, Ghast: Holy, Fire
My Levels: Cecil: 19, Palom: 16, Porom: 16, Tellah: 22

This battle can be a bit tough. The Ghasts will attack but aren't too bad, so
have Palom cast Fire2 on all of them, then have Tellah cast Fire1, and most
likely they will all be dead. Milon uses Bolt1 a lot, for about 60-70 damage,
so have Porom ready to cast Cure2 when needed. Tellah should use spells like
Fire1 while Palom and Porom use Twin and Cecil attacks. Make sure that Tellah
is ready to cast Cure2 on someone when needed, because Milon uses Bolt1 a lot.
Otherwise this battle is pretty simple and easy now.

Boss Fight #10
Name: Milon Zombie
HP: 3523
EXP: 3600
Difficulty: 5
Location: Mt. Ordeals Summit
Steal: N/A
Weakness: Fire, Holy, Projectiles
My Levels: Cecil: 19, Palom: 17, Porom: 17, Tellah: 22

I actually think this battle is easier than the last. Hopefully you put Cecil
in the back and others in the front before this battle because Milon attacks
you from behind. If you didn't it's no problem, just use Row. Have Palom use
Fire2 while Tellah uses Fire1 every turn, and have Porom heal when necessary.
If you have one, using a Bomb would also help, because Cecil's attack is pretty
useless here.

Boss Fight #11
Name: Dark Knight
Difficulty: 2
Location: Mt. Ordeals Shrine
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 1

The one-on-one fight between Cecil and his old self is actually very simple.
You must act like a paladin, so instead of attacking this Dark Knight, Parry
and if your HP gets too low, use a Hi-Potion. Eventually this battle will be

(Now it might be a good idea to knock Palom, Porom, and Tellah out, and have
Cecil take all the glory until he reaches a sensible level, such as 18.)

Boss Fight #12
Name: Baigan
HP: 4444 (Main Body), 444 (Arms)
EXP: 4000
Difficulty: 5
Location: Baron Castle
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 20, Palom: 19, Porom: 19, Tellah: 22, Yang: 22

This battle can be tough if you don't know what to do. As soon as Tellah gets
the chance, have him use Ice3, (which seems for me to work the best of three
Level 3 Elemental magics) on the body, which will do about 1800 damage. He will
use Wall now. DO NOT attack the arms, because Baigan will revive them. Have
Porom heal your party while you might have Palom use a Hi-Potion and Yang uses
Power. When Baigan uses Haste, you'll know he's no longer under Wall. Use Ice3
on him again quickly, and do some big damage. Shortly afterwards, the two arms
will detonate and do some damage to a character.

Boss Fight #13
Name: Cagnazzo
HP: 5312
EXP: 5500
Difficulty: 3
Location: Baron Castle
Steal: N/A
Weakness: Bolt
My Levels: Cecil: 20, Palom: 19, Porom: 19, Tellah: 22, Yang: 22

This battle is tough if you don't know what to do, but is VERY easy actually.
Cagnazzo will shortly use Big Wave for about 220+ damage to your group, but
Palom should be able to survive. Have him do Bolt2, and have Tellah use Bolt3.
If Porom survived, have her heal someone. Yang should have the Bolt Claw
equipped and should be using Power for about 700 damage while Cecil attacks,
and this battle should be over in no time. Also, don't be afraid to kill off
Palom and Porom because this is the last boss fight you will have them in.

Boss Fight #14
Name: Dark Elf, Dark Dragon
HP: 23890, (Dark Elf), 3927, (Dark Dragon)
EXP: 6000
Difficulty: 7
Location: Magnetic Cavern (Crystal Room)
Steal: N/A
Weakness: Holy
My Levels: Cecil: 23, Cid: 23, Tellah: 24, Yang: 24

This battle should prove your first real challenge in FFIV. Have Cecil equipped
with the Legend because whenever he attacks he'll do a whopping 1000 damage or
so! This first form isn't all that tough actually. It'll do that nasty combo of
Fire2, Bolt2, and Ice2, but it'll only do about 40-50 damage to your party, it
uses Wind to reduce your party's HP to a single digit, and Whisper to turn a
character into a pig, always in this order. Whenever Yang or Tellah is turned
into a pig, immediately use a DietFood. When the Dark Elf uses Wind on Tellah,
use Cure2. If on anyone else, Cure3 is advised. You don't have to do 23890
damage, but once some damage is done to the Dark Elf, it'll turn into a Dark
Dragon, a far tougher form. It does Dark Breath for about 250-300 damage to
your party, and physical attacks for about 400 damage. When Dark Dragon uses
Dark Breath, immediately have Tellah use Cure3 on the party to keep yourself in
good shape. Cecil will do the usual 1000 damage, and Yang will do about 400-500
damage, so you should be able to kill the Dark Dragon fairly quickly, as long
as you never have Tellah use anything but Cure magic. If you have a few Ethers,
you may also want to have Tellah cast Haste on himself and Cecil, so you can do
this all quicker, but if you don't want to take any risks, then don't.

Boss Fight #15
Name: Sandy, Cindy, Mindy (Magus Sisters)
HP: 2590 (Sandy), 4600 (Cindy), 2590 (Mindy)
EXP: 2500 apiece
Difficulty: 3
Location: Tower of Zot B5
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 24, Cid: 24, Tellah: 25, Yang: 25

This battle is pretty easy. Our main target here is Cindy in the middle,
because she's not only the greatest threat but she can revive Sandy or Mindy if
they're killed first. Sandy will cast Wall on Cindy, and then Cindy will order
Mindy to do a Level 2 spell on her to reflect to a random character in your
party for about 150 damage. Once in a while Sandy will cast Wall on Cindy when
there already is one, and reflect it on to a party member. You should have
Tellah cast Fire3 on that party member to reflect it onto one of the sisters,
and the chance is pretty high that it'll be Cindy. Have Cid, (with the Gaia),
and Cecil, (with the Flame), attack, while Yang, (with the HellClaw and Fairy)
uses Power. It won't be too long until Cindy is gone. Now beat up Sandy,
because she uses some status effects on your party. She'll go down very soon,
and now have Tellah use all of his strongest spells and Mindy will be dead very
soon. Also, don't be afraid to knock Tellah out, but I wouldn't want to spoil
the upcoming...

Boss Fight #16
Name: Valvalis
HP: 8636
EXP: 9000
Difficulty: 8
Location: Tower of Zot B7
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 24, Kain: 27, Cid: 24, Rosa: 26, Yang: 25

This is definitely the toughest boss fight that you have fought so far. When
Valvalis turns into a tornado, by ALL MEANS, don't attack her because you'll do
very small damage. Have Kain Jump every turn, and if it doesn't miss, it'll do
400-500 damage, and the tornado will be down, and Valvalis will counterattack.
Don't have Rosa use Esuna when Valvalis uses Wind then Glare, use Cure2. When
Valvalis is not a tornado, have Cecil and Cid attack, and Yang use Power. Rosa
should cast Cure2 every turn, and when someone is very close to becoming stone,
have her cast Esuna if Cecil hasn't learned it yet, (he does at Level 25.) Have
Kain on standby at all times to ensure he can Jump when you need to, and have
Rosa heal at all times, and then repeat, then the fight can pretty much be won.

Boss Fight #17
Name: 3 Cals, 3 Brinas, (Calbrina)
HP: 1369 (Cals), 369 (Brinas), 5315 (Calbrina)
EXP: 1000, (each doll), 12000, (Calbrina)
Difficulty: 4
Location: Dwarven Castle
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 27, Kain: 29, Rosa: 28, Yang: 27

If you don't want to fight the Calbrina, kill off the blue dolls, the Cals,
then immediately kill the red dolls, the Brinas. This is how to take care of
the Cals to avoid fighting Calbrina: Have Kain jump, then have Yang attack one
Cal, then it's going to die. Now have everyone concentrate on another Cal until
it's Kain's turn. Have him Jump the OTHER Cal, then take out the Cal you were
working on, then have Yang attack the other Cal and it'll be gone. Have Yang
use Power on a Brina, then have Cecil and Kain attack another, and have Rosa
cast Aim on another, and possibly have someone else attack, and then the battle
is won. If you want to fight the Calbrina for the EXP, kill off the Brinas.
Wait for a short while and the Cals will turn into the Calbrina. Have Cecil
attack, Kain jump, Yang do Power, and have Rosa cast Cure2 on anyone who's been
injured by Calbrina's strong attack. Have someone use a Unihorn if Calbrina
uses Glance for confusion and the fight will be over shortly.

Boss Fight #18
Name: Golbez
HP: Don't think he has an amount.
EXP: 15000
Difficulty: 2
Location: Dwarven Castle Crystal Room
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 27, Kain: 29, Rosa: 28, Rydia: 27, Yang: 27

Quite unfortunately, this is a very easy battle. Quickly have Kain Jump, and
soon Golbez will taunt your party and then use Hold Gas on the party, then he
summons a Shadow dragon. Golbez will threaten Cecil and a Mist Dragon appears
and deals fair damage to Golbez and will kill Shadow. Cecil will be healed, and
Rydia will appear at last! Don't bother reviving Rosa and Yang, instead have
Cecil attack, Kain Jump, and Rydia summon Titan for a whooping 1400 damage, and
Golbez will finally be defeated!

Boss Fight #19
Name: Dr. Lugae, Balnab, Balnab-Z
HP: 4936 (Lugae), 4832 (Balnab), 4518 (Balnab-Z)
Difficulty: 3
Location: Tower of Babil B8
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 30, Kain: 31, Rosa: 30, Rydia: 29, Yang: 29

This battle is fairly easy. Balnab will attack Dr. Lugae for about 600 damage,
and then the battle begins. Aim to destroy Balnab, not to kill Dr. Lugae. Have
Cecil attack, Rydia use Titan, Rosa heal the damage, Kain Jump, and Yang use
Power. Balnab isn't too dangerous. Eventually, Balnab will be destroyed and
then Lugae will control Balnab for himself, turning into Balnab-Z. Attack WELL
and do it a lot, because after a few turns, Balnab-Z will detonate and do major
damage to a character and almost definitely knock him/her out. Prevent this by
having Cecil attack, Kain Jump, Yang use Power, and Rydia use Titan. Have
everyone quickly do this and this battle will be won.

Boss Fight #20
Name: Lugaborg
HP: 9321
EXP: 10100
Difficulty: 5
Location: Tower of Babil B8
Steal: N/A
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 30, Kain: 31, Rosa: 30, Rydia: 29, Yang: 29

This a rather strange battle, and a rather difficult one compared to the last
couple, but it still isn't all that hard. Lugaborg uses Gas often to put a
character to sleep, Beams and Lasers for seemingly random damage, as sometimes
it does 150 while sometimes it does more like 1500 to the same character, and
poison. Don't worry about curing Sleep and Poison. Instead have Cecil attack,
Kain jump, Rosa heal the party with Cure3, Rydia summon Titan, and Yang do
Power. Lugaborg will, for some reason heal the whole party of the status
effects. Have yourself healed at all times, and rinse, wash, repeat, and this
battle will be over soon.

(De-equip Yang right at the end of this fight, because he's going to go soon.)

(When you get Edge, he's at Level 25. It'd be a good idea to knock out everyone
else and have him kill some enemies and get him to Level 31. The Tower of Babil
is a spectacular place to level up, so why not do so?)

Boss Fight #21
Name: Queen Eblan, King Eblan
HP: 7000 apiece
Difficulty: 1
Location: Tower of Babil
Steal: Potion, Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 35, Kain: 36, Rosa: 34, Edge: 34, Rydia: 34

This is a very easy fight and not really even a boss fight actually. Their
attacks are very weak, so have Rydia summon Titan and have Cecil attack, Edge
use Flame, Rosa use Aim, and Kain Jump, and once you do 7000 damage, they'll
get a hold of themselves. Do nothing and soon both of them will die.

Boss Fight #22
Name: Rubicant
HP: 34000
EXP: 18000
Difficulty: 5
Location: Tower of Babil
Steal: Potion
Weakness: Ice
My Levels: Cecil: 35, Kain: 36, Rosa: 34, Edge: 34, Rydia: 34

This isn't a tough fight at all. Just have Cecil attack for about 1500 damage,
and Kain jump for a good 5000 damage! Rosa should Aim Ice arrows, while Edge
uses Flood, and Rydia summons Shiva. When Rubicant covers himself, DO NOT use
Ice Elements, because he absorbs them now. Have Rosa use Cure2, Cure3 or Life1
when Rubicant uses Scorch, which probably knocks someone out, or his nasty
Fire2. Be healed all times, and make sure that Kain is not knocked out, and
this battle will be over quickly.

(Perksposse noted that Cecil and Kain were only doing 1000 and 2500 damage with
their attacks. To make them do the correct damage, be at a moderate level, and
have them both equipped with the Ice equipment, while you may have Edge
equipped with the IceClaw, from Yang. If you have the equipment, Rubicant is
insanely easy.)

(Now that Cid has upgraded our new Falcon, we can go to the Cave of Summons! If
you get past there and go to the Land of Summons and into the library, we can
fight these two.)

Boss Fight #23
Name: Asura
HP: 31005
EXP: 20000
Difficulty: 6
Location: Land of Summons
Steal: Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 39, Kain: 39, Rosa: 38, Rydia: 37, Edge: 38

First things first. Don't fight Asura unless Rosa is at the very least Level
36, or this will be an insanely difficult fight. Asura casts Cure3 to restore
about 2500 HP very frequently, so to beat her you have to reflect it to your
party. Have Rosa use Wall on Asura so that her spells are worthless, and now
have Rydia summon Titan, Rosa use Cure3 or Cure4 if you know it, and Edge throw
a Shuriken or a Fuma. Whenever you attack Asura, she will counterattack a
random party member for some good damage, so try to make sure that Rosa can
keep everyone at as high HP as possible. Her spells are now reflected at you so
just make sure you keep in good shape at all times.

Boss Fight #24
Name: Leviatan
HP: 50001
EXP: 28000
Difficulty: 5
Location: Land of Summons
Steal: Potion
Weakness: Bolt
My Levels: Cecil: 39, Kain: 40, Rosa: 38, Rydia: 38, Edge: 38

This battle can get to be tough if you're not careful. When Leviatan's head if
is sticking out, he will use Big Wave for about 300-400 damage to your party.
When he hides his head, he will use Ice2 for about 600 damage. Ramuh is not a
very good summon compared to Titan, so summon him instead, while having Rosa
use Cure3 or Cure4, Kain jumps, Cecil attacks, and Edge either uses Blitz or
attacks with his great ninja swords, or throws a Fuma. This battle is all a
matter of keeping your HP high at all times and knowing how to attack well.
Keep in mind that if you're not at high HP at all times then Leviatan will make
short work of you, so be careful!

Boss Fight #25
Name: EvilWall
HP: 28000
EXP: 23000
Difficulty: 4
Location: Sealed Cave
Steal: Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 42, Kain: 43, Rosa: 42, Rydia: 41, Edge: 42

This battle can quite easily be a toughie. You must kill it before it gets
close to you or it will start killing random party members. To start off, have
Edge throw weapons, Rydia summon Leviatan or do Ice3, Rosa cast Slow on the
EvilWall, Kain attack, (his Jump is pretty useless here), and Cecil attack.
Also, you might even want to have Rosa cast Bersk on Cecil to have him attack
quicker. I hate this boss, but if you can get in enough damage quickly enough
then it will be gone pretty soon.

(Now that we're on the moon, it wouldn't hurt to go to that cave surrounded by
the walls, would it? It's well worth it, to get Rydia's very best summon. Make
sure that you have gotten FuSoYa and these battles will be more than twice as

Boss Fights #26, 27, 28
Name: Behemoth
HP: 23000
EXP: 57000
Difficulty: 7
Location: Bahamut Cave
Steal: Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels 1: Cecil: 44, Rosa: 43, Rydia: 43, Edge: 43, FuSoYa: 50
My Levels 2: Cecil: 44, Rosa: 44, Rydia: 43, Edge: 43, FuSoYa: 50
My Levels 3: Cecil: 45, Rosa: 44, Rydia: 43, Edge: 43, FuSoYa: 51

This is not really a boss battle, but if your levels are really low, these
creatures can make short work of you. They have high defense and high attack
power. Have Rydia summon Asura while Rosa casts Cure4, Cecil attacks, Edge
Throws Shurikens or Fumas, and when the Behemoth goes below 7000 HP, Meteo.
Meteo will only do about 7000 damage, and the Behemoth will counter Meteo and
Holy with Storm, which is Wind on everyone. Be very careful and keep healed and
alive at all times and you'll beat it. Keep in mind that there are three of
these menacing creatures, so after this fight you may want to get out of this
place, save your game, and enter again.

(Remember one thing before this fight. You MUST have beaten Leviatan, or he
will not challenge you.)

Boss Fight #29
Name: Bahamut
HP: 45001
EXP: 35000
Difficulty: 3
Location: Bahamut Cave
Steal: Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 45, Rosa: 44, Rydia: 43, Edge: 44, FuSoYa: 51

As the god of summons, you'd think this would be an extremely difficult battle,
but it's not, as long as you know exactly what to do. Bahamut will start off by
counting down from 5 to 0, and when at 0, he will use MegaFire on everyone, and
pretty much kill them all. Just as the book in the Land of Summons said, you
need to reflect Bahamut's strength. Have Cecil, Edge, and Rydia use StarVeils
or MoonVeils on themselves, and then have Rosa and FuSoYa use Wall. After this
is done, try to have FuSoYa cast Meteo. When Bahamut uses Mega Fire, it will
reflect back at him for 9999 damage. Try to keep Wall on as many characters as
possible while having FuSoYa cast Meteo and Rydia cast Leviatan. Try to beat
him fast, before he uses MegaFire again to kill you.

Boss Fight #30
Name: Elements
HP: 28000 apiece
EXP: 62500
Difficulty: 8
Location: Giant of Babil
Steal: Potion
Weakness: Milon: Fire, Holy, Projectiles, Rubicant: Ice, Cagnazzo: Bolt,
Valvalis: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 47, Rosa: 46, Rydia: 45, Edge: 46, FuSoYa: 52

This can be a very tough battle unless you're careful. We start off fighting
Milon. He is weak against Fire and Holy, so have Cecil attack with his
Excalibur, Rosa heal or use a Cross when Milon uses Curse, or she can use Cure4
on Milon, while Rydia casts Fire3, Edge uses Flame, and FuSoYa uses Fire3. Soon
afterwards, we'll fight Rubicant, but although he's supposedly the strongest
Fiend, he's not that hard at all. He uses Fire2 on everyone for about 100
damage to your party, Fire3 for about 250 damage to it, and Scorch for about
400 damage to it. Have Rosa heal everyone while Cecil attacks, Rydia and FuSoYa
use Ice3, and Edge uses Flood. Soon enough we'll end up with the same old
Cagnazzo, although now his Big Wave does about 500 damage to everyone. Have
Cecil attack, Rosa use Cure4 when needed, Rydia use Bolt3, Edge use Blitz, and
FuSoYa either use Bolt3 or Cure4. Now for the tough part. We are here fighting
Valvalis, and she's no pushover at all. She has a new technique called Storm to
put you in critical status, and all the other attacks. Have Cecil attack, Rosa
on standby at ALL times to use Cure4, Rydia use Bolt3, Edge throw a Fuma if you
have one, and FuSoYa cast Cure4, or possibly Flare or Meteo. Be very careful
while fighting Valvalis, and this battle will be over.

Boss Fight #31
Name: CPU, Attacker, Defender
HP: 30000, (CPU), 3000, (Attacker, Defender)
EXP: 50000
Difficulty: 6
Location: Giant of Babil
Steal: Potion, Potion, Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 47, Rosa: 46, Rydia: 45, Edge: 46, FuSoYa: 52

This is a little easier than the last fight. First of all, our target is
definitely the Defender because every turn it will heal the CPU. The Defender
is the orb at the bottom. It won't take long to decimate it. The CPU will cast
Wall on itself now, so don't use magic. As tempting as it is to attack the
Attacker to remove its 200 damage Maser attack, DON'T! If you do, the CPU will
use Globe99 for a good 9999 damage to a character, and does it twice or maybe
even thrice. We don't want this to happen, because then it'll revive both the
Attacker and Defender. So have Cecil attack with the Excalibur, Rosa Aim Yoichi
arrows, Rydia attack or Parry, (an attack will do more than Chocobo ever will)
Edge throw a Shuriken or two, and FuSoYa heal. Once you're sure it'll destroy
it, you may want to have him cast Meteo though, because it does 9999 damage as

(Odin is located in Baron Castle's hidden throne room. You MUST have defeated
Leviatan to challenge him. You could have done this as soon as Cid upgraded the
Falcon to fly to the overworld, but you want Kain in this battle, right?)

Boss Fight #32
Name: Odin
HP: 20001
EXP: 18000
Difficulty: 5
Location: Baron Castle
Steal: Potion
Weakness: Bolt
My Levels: Cecil: 47, Kain: 48, Rosa: 46, Rydia: 45, Edge: 47

What we have to do is beat Odin before he uses Odin, a skill which does about
4000 damage to your party, and needless to say will rip it apart. Don't heal
Odin's attacks, just beat on him with Rosa's Bolt arrows, Kain's Jump, Cecil's
attacks, Rydia's Bolt3, and Blitz from Edge (or a Fuma if you have one). If you
need to, you can use a Silk Web on Odin to slow him down, should your levels be
too low. But if you do these attacks properly then Odin will be toast.

Boss Fight #33
Name: White Dragon
HP: 32700
EXP: 55000
Difficulty: 6
Location: Lunar Subterrane
Steal: Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 50, Kain: 51, Rosa: 49, Rydia: 48, Edge: 49

This guy is sort of tough, especially if you didn't cast Float before this
fight. If you did, his nasty Gaia Rage will miss. What we do here is have Cecil
attack, Kain Jump, Rosa use Cure4, Rydia call Bahamut, and Edge throw a Fuma.
Whenever you attack, he'll do the annoying Slow spell on you to reduce your
speed, which isn't bad, but the White Dragon also uses that terrible Storm
attack, which will reduce everyone's HP to one digit. Immediately have Rosa
cast Cure4 or Rydia try luck and summon Asura, and this battle shouldn't be all
that difficult.

Boss Fight #34
Name: Wyvern
HP: 60000
EXP: 64000
Difficulty: 7
Location: Lunar Subterrane
Steal: Potion
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 52, Kain: 53, Rosa: 51, Rydia: 51, Edge: 51

Wyvern can be fairly difficult too. Some say he's harder than the final boss,
but he's not actually, as long as you know what to do. He starts the battle
with the use of MegaFire, which will almost definitely kill Rydia and maybe
Rosa too. Have Edge throw a Fuma while Cecil and Kain revive Rydia and Rosa,
(if Rosa isn't knocked out then Kain's jump is worthwhile.) Now, have Rosa heal
the whole party, and use StarVeils or MoonVeils on Rosa and Rydia, and have
Rosa cast Wall on your weakest other characters, and then have Rydia summon
Bahamut. He will do some great damage, and now Wyvern will use MegaFire again,
and it'll be reflected on him for some even more damage. Now just have Cecil
attack, Kain Jump, Edge throw Fumas or weapons, while Rydia can summon Bahamut
or use something like Bolt3. Wyvern will go down pretty soon.

Boss Fight #35
Name: Plague
HP: 33333
EXP: 31108
Difficulty: 2
Location: Lunar Subterrane
Steal: Potion
Weakness: Projectiles
My Levels: Cecil: 54, Kain: 55, Rosa: 53, Rydia: 52, Edge: 54

This battle has a technique to easily win. You should enter the battle with one
character dead, such as Rosa. Plague will start out the battle by using Doom,
which puts everyone in a countdown from 10 to 0. At 0, you're dead meat. Have
Cecil attack with the Ragnarok, Kain Jump, Rydia summon Bahamut, and Edge throw
a good Fuma. Now immediately put Rosa back to life. Now Plague will reset the
timers to 10. Have Rosa Aim Yoichi Arrows while everyone else does their job,
and you should exit this battle with a victory. If you don't have enough time,
just kill off another character and revive him/her, and then Plague will
restart. This is the easiest way to defeat Plague, bar none. Or, if you want a
challenge, then you'll just have to level up more and kill Plague. The correct
attacks to use are Cecil's Ragnarok attacks, Kain's Jump, Rosa's Holy, Rydia's
Bahamut instead of Meteo, because Meteo is much too slow, and an Excalibur,
thrown by Edge. I'd raise the difficulty to about 8 is you choose this. I've
done it, but it's VERY difficult to do it. Good luck!

Boss Fight #36
Name: 2 Lunasaurs
HP: 23000 apiece
EXP: 29500 apiece
Difficulty: 5
Location: Lunar Subterrane
Steal: Potion
Weakness: Holy
My Levels: Cecil: 55, Kain: 55, Rosa: 53, Rydia: 53, Edge: 54

This is a hard battle, but it can be easy if Cecil has the Ragnarok equipped.
If he does then he'll do 9999 damage whenever he attacks. These Lunasaurs use
Fire for about 350-500 damage to everyone, they use Wall, and then they reflect
Bio onto your party for a nasty 1800 damage or so. Concentrate on one Lunasaur
at a time, but by all means don't have Rydia summon anyone. If you do, they'll
get 2300 HP back, and plus she can do about 1600 damage when she attacks
anyway, as long as she's at a moderate level and has the Fire Lash equipped.
Have Edge throw a Fuma, Rosa heal at ALL times, and Kain jump, while Cecil
takes off 9999 HP from a SINGLE Lunasaur. Once there's just one left, this
battle is cake. Just make sure you're healed when needed.

Boss Fight #37
Name: Ogopogo
HP: 50000
EXP: 61000
Difficulty: 7
Location: Lunar Subterrane
Steal: Potion
Weakness: Bolt
My Levels: Cecil: 58, Kain: 58, Rosa: 56, Rydia: 56, Edge: 58

And you thought that Leviatan was terrible! Ogopogo doesn't use Big Wave once,
he uses it twice, and will probably do 1000 damage to your whole party. Have
Rosa cast Cure4 at ALL times, because Ogopogo can take one of your characters
down to a single digit HP. Have Rosa do this as fast as possible, while Cecil
attacks, Edge throws a Fuma or Excalibur, Kain Jumps, and Rydia uses Bolt3 like
you would on any other water creature. Be sure to keep your HP up at all times,
while keeping in the powerful attacks from the four characters, and you may end
up winning this fight, but be careful at all times!


Boss Fight #38 (Final Boss)
Name: Zeromus
HP: 133333
Difficulty: 9
Location: Lunar Subterrane
Steal: DkMatter
Weakness: N/A
My Levels: Cecil: 63, Kain: 64, Rosa: 63, Rydia: 62, Edge: 63

These are my preparations: Have Cecil equipped with the Ragnarok you got from
Wyvern and all of the Crystal equipment. Have Kain equipped with all the Dragon
equipment and Plague's Holy Lance, have Rosa with a Protect Ring, a Yoichi bow
with Artemis arrows and a Ribbon, have Rydia equipped with the FireLash, a
Ribbon, a Minerva Robe, and the other Protect Ring, and have Edge equipped with
White Dragon's Murasame, Ogopogo's Masamune, a Ninja Helmet, and a Ninja Gear.
Before this fight, if you don't feel guilty by doing this, do this: Enter a
battle with Cecil equipped with the Excalibur. Click on a blank space and then
the Excalibur. Now finish off the battle. Go to the menu and choose to equip
the Excalibur, and you'll see you have two. Remove them, and then re-equip the
Excalibur, and then you'll equip ONE, while another is already in your
inventory! Repeat this tedious process until you have about 12 Excaliburs. Yes,
I know it is boring, but it is more than worth doing it because he'll be a lot

If you're REALLY, REALLY patient, have a lot of Alerts, and some coffee to stay
awake with, you can also do this. On Floor B5 of the Lunar Subterrane, there's
a 1/64 chance you will find a Pink Puff. Then, there's a 1/64 chance it will
drop a Pink Tail. So, there's a 1/4096 chance you'll get the Pink Tail. This is
much easier if you have lots of Alerts. If you do, then you'll immediately get
a Pink Puff and all you have to worry about is the 1/64 chance of getting the
Pink Tail. Now, go to the Adamant Cave. Give that adamant guy the Pink Tail,
and he'll give you the Adamant Armor, the strongest armor in the game. I'm not
entirely sure about that thing with the Adamant Armor, as you may get an
Adamant Ore. Please correct me if you know. Go to Each time you throw one at
Zeromus you will do 9999 damage. Now when you start the battle, you'll realize
you cannot hit Zeromus in any way. Take this time to have every single person
Parry, while Edge attempts to steal a DkMatter item. If you have it in your
inventory, Zeromus' Big Bang attack will do less damage. This may take as many
as 10+ attempts, but keep at it until you have the DkMatter.

Another tactic would be to knock out everyone except Edge. This will assure you
won't have to deal with Parrying with everyone else. Now that this is done,
revive everyone except Kain and Rydia. Rydia cannot do much in this fight and
Kain can't really do much damage with his Jump. You'll get to Rosa for healing
quicker if you do this, plus you will notice a small difference in the healing
amount. Now Parry until you get to Cecil. Use the Crystal now, and we'll finally
enter the fight with Zeromus. He'll use Big Bang, so have Edge throw an
Excalibur and have Rosa cast Cure4. Constantly have Cecil attack, Edge throw the
Excaliburs and Rosa heal. Don't use Holy though. Also, don't worry about Bio,
just worry about Big Bang and possibly Flare. Keep yourself at good health at
all times and eventually Zeromus will start casting Meteo. If you do feel guilty
about getting all of those duplicate Excaliburs, this battle is much harder, so
try this.

Always have Cecil attack while Edge throws the Light Sword, the Excalibur, the
Defense Sword, and the Gungir Spear. After he's thrown everything that you have,
have him kill himself off. Zeromus and Cecil will trade hits probably, and Rosa
can heal the damage. Now you'll know you've got the battle won because Meteo
doesn't even hit your whole party, and only does 800-900 damage. Keep up with
Cecil's strong attacks and Edge's Excaliburs, and eventually you will defeat
Zeromus. Enjoy the excellent ending!

      +\+ 6. Enemy List +/+

The second part of the guide. I know no one enjoys enemies as much as bosses,
but... eh, I'll get to the point.

Name: Alert
HP: 1425
EXP: 2008
Steal: Alert
Weakness: N/A

Name: AquaWorm
HP: 638
EXP: 690
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Arachne
HP: 3650
EXP: 4388
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Armadilo
HP: 325
EXP: 1555
Weakness: N/A

Name: Balloon
HP: 697
EXP: 2459
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Basilisk
HP: 90
EXP: 110
Weakness: N/A

Name: Beamer
HP: 3000
EXP: 3199
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Behemoth
HP: 23000
EXP: 57000
Weakness: N/A

Name: BlackCat
HP: 593
EXP: 2758
Weakness: N/A

Name: BlackLiz
HP: 792
EXP: 1298
Weakness: Ice

Name: BladeMan
HP: 1050
EXP: 2559
Weakness: Holy

Name: Blue D.
HP: 15000
EXP: 36000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Bomb
HP: 55
EXP: 361
Weakness: N/A

Name: Breath
HP: 40000
EXP: 60000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Cannibal
HP: 440
EXP: 650
Weakness: Fire

Name: Carapace
HP: 700
EXP: 920
Weakness: Ice

Name: Cave Bat
HP: 334
EXP: 598
Weakness: Holy, Projectiles

Name: CaveNaga
HP: 285
EXP: 800
Weakness: Holy

Name: CaveToad
HP: 47
EXP: 89
Weakness: Ice

Name: Centaur
HP: 380
EXP: 860
Weakness: N/A

Name: Centpede
HP: 655
EXP: 2714
Weakness: N/A

Name: Chimera
HP: 700
EXP: 1708
Weakness: N/A

Name: Clapper
HP: 7600
EXP: 7777
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Cocatris
HP: 149
EXP: 275
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Conjurer
HP: 3600
EXP: 3688
Weakness: N/A

Name: Crawler
HP: 1855
EXP: 3437
Weakness: N/A

Name: Cream
HP: 55
EXP: 144
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Crocodile
HP: 292
EXP: 660
Weakness: Ice

Name: D. Bone
HP: 12000
EXP: 14000
Weakness: Fire

Name: D. Fossil
HP: 12000
EXP: 15000
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: DarkTree
HP: 3900
EXP: 5041
Weakness: Fire

Name: Dark Imp
HP: 199
EXP: 1930
Weakness: N/A

Name: Eagle
HP: 18
EXP: 40
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Egg
Weakness: N/A

Name: ElecFish
HP: 284
EXP: 240
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: EpeeGirl
HP: 425
EXP: 1050
Weakness: N/A

Name: EvilDoll
HP: 388
EXP: 1408
Weakness: N/A

Name: EvilMask
HP: 37000
EXP: 50000
Weakness: N/A

Name: EvilShel
HP: 58
EXP: 101
Weakness: Bolt

Name: FangShel
HP: 380
EXP: 1030
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Fiend
HP: 2480
EXP: 6388
Weakness: N/A

Name: FlameDog
HP: 1221
EXP: 1700
Weakness: Ice

Name: FlameMan
HP: 579
EXP: 1700
Weakness: Ice

Name: FloatEye
HP: 20
EXP: 42
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Gargoyle
HP: 160
EXP: 315
Weakness: Holy, Projectiles

Name: Gator
HP: 175
EXP: 236
Weakness: Ice

Name: Ghost
HP: 2800
EXP: 3141
Weakness: N/A

Name: Ghoul
HP: 222
EXP: 505
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: GiantBat
HP: 439
EXP: 1977
Weakness: Fire, Projectiles

Name: Ging-Ryu
HP: 7500
EXP: 25000
Weakness: N/A

Name: GlomWing
HP: 1580
EXP: 2837
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Gorgon
HP: 2550
EXP: 3003
Weakness: N/A

Name: GrayBomb
HP: 111
EXP: 445
Weakness: N/A

Name: Gremlin
HP: 410
EXP: 1221
Weakness: Fire

Name: Grenade
HP: 1820
EXP: 2644
Weakness: Bolt, Projectiles

Name: Grudger
HP: 1400
EXP: 2459
Weakness: Holy

Name: Guard
HP: 280
EXP: 710
Weakness: N/A

Name: Hooligan
HP: 2200
EXP: 4088
Weakness: Holy

Name: Horseman
HP: 3500
EXP: 9699
Weakness: Bolt

Name: HugeCell
HP: 695
EXP: 1504
Weakness: N/A

Name: HugeNaga
HP: 1480
EXP: 3582
Weakness: N/A

Name: Hydra
HP: 257
EXP: 670
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Ice Liz
HP: 480
EXP: 1331
Weakness: Fire

Name: IceBeast
HP: 520
EXP: 1441
Weakness: Fire

Name: Imp
HP: 6
EXP: 28
Weakness: N/A

Name: Imp Cap.
HP: 37
EXP: 184
Weakness: N/A

Name: Ironback
HP: 100
EXP: 1077
Weakness: N/A

Name: Jelly
HP: 35
EXP: 134
Weakness: Fire

Name: Juclyote
HP: 1700
EXP: 6999
Weakness: N/A

Name: Kary
HP: 4000
EXP: 13000
Weakness: N/A

Name: King-Ryu
HP: 8200
EXP: 30000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Lamia
HP: 1200
EXP: 2059
Weakness: N/A

Name: Larva
HP: 28
EXP: 49
Weakness: N/A

Name: Last Arm
HP: 3580
EXP: 8703
Weakness: N/A

Name: Lilith
HP: 466
EXP: 2703
Weakness: Fire

Name: MacGiant
HP: 10000
EXP: 31000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Machine
HP: 4900
EXP: 7999
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Mad Ogre
HP: 2000
EXP: 2359
Weakness: N/A

Name: Mad Toad
HP: 59
EXP: 127
Weakness: Ice

Name: Mage
HP: 300
EXP: 1000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Malboro
HP: 4200
EXP: 5641
Weakness: N/A

Name: Mantcore
HP: 3400
EXP: 28000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Marion
HP: 473
EXP: 1000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Mech D.
HP: 18000
EXP: 41400
Weakness: N/A

Name: Medusa
HP: 490
EXP: 1208
Weakness: N/A

Name: Mind
HP: 20000
EXP: 65000
Weakness: N/A

Name: MoonCell
HP: 980
EXP: 3237
Weakness: N/A

Name: Naga
HP: 320
EXP: 1118
Weakness: N/A

Name: Needler
HP: 115
EXP: 335
Weakness: N/A

Name: Ogre
HP: 865
EXP: 800
Weakness: Holy

Name: Panther
HP: 342
EXP: 820
Weakness: Holy

Name: Pike
HP: 65
EXP: 119
Weakness: Bolt

Name: PinkPuff
HP: 20000
EXP: 10000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Piranha
HP: 180
EXP: 430
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Procyote
HP: 2600
EXP: 7999
Weakness: N/A

Name: Pudding
HP: 1357
EXP: 3044
Weakness: Ice

Name: Puppet
HP: 256
EXP: 800
Weakness: Fire

Name: Python
HP: 108
EXP: 700
Weakness: Ice, Holy

Name: Red Bone
HP: 210
EXP: 315
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: Red D.
HP: 15000
EXP: 41500
Weakness: Ice

Name: Red Eye
HP: 2400
EXP: 3444
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Red Worm
HP: 7000
EXP: 6303
Weakness: Fire

Name: RedGiant
HP: 14000
EXP: 18500
Weakness: N/A

Name: Revenant
HP: 250
EXP: 575
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: Roc
HP: 500
EXP: 1404
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: RocBaby
HP: 50
EXP: 1004
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: RockMoth
HP: 900
EXP: 3114
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: RocLarva
HP: 986
EXP: 2822
Weakness: N/A

Name: Sand Man
HP: 20
EXP: 70
Weakness: Ice

Name: SandMoth
HP: 40
EXP: 74
Weakness: N/A

Name: Sandpede
HP: 60
EXP: 79
Weakness: N/A

Name: SandWorm
HP: 75
EXP: 82
Weakness: N/A

Name: Screamer
HP: 1400
EXP: 3082
Weakness: Ice

Name: Searcher
HP: 5500
EXP: 15004
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Skeleton
HP: 135
EXP: 238
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: Skull
HP: 740
EXP: 1577
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: Slime
HP: 105
EXP: 750
Weakness: Fire

Name: Sorcerer
HP: 1000
EXP: 2359
Weakness: N/A

Name: Soul
HP: 200
EXP: 460
Weakness: Holy

Name: Spirit
HP: 86
EXP: 278
Weakness: Holy

Name: Staleman
HP: 1950
EXP: 703
Weakness: Ice

Name: StingRat
HP: 398
EXP: 700
Weakness: N/A

Name: Stoneman
HP: 2560
EXP: 2908
Weakness: Ice

Name: SwordMan
HP: 360
EXP: 840
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: SwordRat
HP: 30
EXP: 66
Weakness: N/A

Name: TinyMage
HP: 69
EXP: 132
Weakness: N/A

Name: TinyToad
HP: 600
EXP: 1841
Weakness: Ice

Name: ToadLady
HP: 2960
EXP: 3441
Weakness: N/A

Name: Tofu
HP: 298
EXP: 1008
Weakness: Ice

Name: Tortoise
HP: 435
EXP: 1666
Weakness: Ice

Name: TrapDoor
HP: 5000
EXP: 30000
Weakness: N/A

Name: TrapRose
HP: 370
EXP: 1204
Weakness: Fire

Name: Treant
HP: 335
EXP: 687
Weakness: Fire

Name: Tricker
HP: 12000
EXP: 20000
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Turtle
HP: 190
EXP: 234
Weakness: Ice

Name: VampGirl
HP: 270
EXP: 810
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: VampLady
HP: 2375
EXP: 3582
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: Veteran
HP: 25000
EXP: 33333
Weakness: Projectiles

Name: Warlock
HP: 5100
EXP: 17003
Weakness: N/A

Name: Warrior
HP: 2900
EXP: 4288
Weakness: N/A

Name: WaterBug
HP: 125
EXP: 225
Weakness: Bolt

Name: WaterHag
HP: 64
EXP: 136
Weakness: Bolt

Name: Weeper
HP: 130
EXP: 157
Weakness: Holy

Name: Were Bat
HP: 1014
EXP: 2306
Weakness: Fire, Projectiles

Name: Yellow D
HP: 3100
EXP: 28000
Weakness: N/A

Name: Zombie
HP: 52
EXP: 112
Weakness: Fire, Holy

Name: Zuu
HP: 941
EXP: 432
Weakness: Projectiles

      +\+ 7. Outro/Credits +/+

This is the end, my beautiful friend... errr... right. The end of this guide.
Or whatever. Hope you enjoyed this guide; it's a huge improvement over what was
originally here, but then again, anything is.

- Richard "Gbness" Beast: Yeah, this incredibly sexy and modest person wrote the
very thing you are reading at the moment. He deserves a medal for that, would
you agree? Right...

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For running the whole site of GameFAQs, the main site
that I work for. It's an awesome site, and I must commend CJayC for running
this great site for 6 whole years and posting this guide.

- Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.

- Devin Morgan: Thanks a lot for the information that was needed to create this
guide; tis been very helpful. He's got some very good stuff for FF4 up, so like,
check it out.

- Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, The Eagles, Queen, Van Halen, The Beatles, and
many others: You probably know why I'm thanking you, but I don't believe this
guide would be up as quickly if it weren't for all of you.

- The people who support me and still keep me writing today; stuff happened a
year ago, and without these people, I would not still be writing: SinirothX,
Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah, ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel,
asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril, supernova54321, Minesweeper,
AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom Hayes, wayalla, djg40,
MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and definitely more that I'm
forgetting: you don't know all that you have done to support me since I began
to write almost two years ago.

=-= END OF FILE =-=

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