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Take a wild look at American life through the eyes of the Family Dog. Dodge the mischievous antics of the prankster son as he teaches the little pup new tricks. "Play Dead" has a whole new meaning as the youth bombards pooch with tennis balls and chases after him with a high powered vacuum cleaner. Just when the hound thinks it's safe - it's off to Obedience school.
Here he is surrounded by overly enthusiastic instructors and their very hungry Doberman pinschers. His goal is to escape the compound and make it back to his "loving" family. Dash across the heavily guarded fortress, bound through the limbs of a dark forest and let out powerful barks to ward off creepy creatures.
Make it through the cliff-hanging challenges and prove you're the top dog!

- Do acrobatic flips and spins to make it to the top!
- Master the fine art of fetching in fast-paced bonus games!
- Sensational graphics and incredible music bring this animated wonder to life!

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