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Experience the excitement of real racing competition. Strap on your crash helmet, settle down into the cockpit, and go head to head against the world's greatest F-1 drivers, including Nigel Mansell & Michael Andretti, on the most challenging race tracks in the world!
This IS Formula 1 Racing!
- Awesome graphics, smooth control, and incredible speed deliver the most gut wrenching F-1 experience possible.
- Customize and fine-tune your car using a variety of settings. Adapt your state-of-the-art racing machine to changing road and weather conditions.
- Three different playing modes, with split screen competition, for 1 or 2 players.
Test your nerves and hone your racing skills as you fly down straightaways and feel the tug of the G-forces as you take dangerous hairpin turns. F-1 Pole Position offers non-stop racing excitement and gets your adrenaline pumping!

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#26 lowest rated SNES racing game (#424 on SNES, #13950 overall)


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#9 easiest SNES racing game (#162 on SNES, #15115 overall)


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#34 shortest SNES racing game (#546 on SNES, #19870 overall)


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