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FAQ/Walkthrough by AstroBlue

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 12/12/02

     ___          ____   ______      __           __      ____
    |   |        |  _ `.|      |__   \_\         / ,'---.|  _ `|`.    ,´|
    |  _|   .    | | `. |_   __   |  | |\       / /      \ | `. \ \  /  |
    | |_   / \   | |_,´ / | |  |  |  | | \  /\ / |        ||_,´ /  \/   |
    |  _| / /\\  |    ,´  | |  |  |__| |\ \/ `/  |  ,--.  |   ,| |\  /| |
    | |_ / /__\\_| |\ \   | |  |  .--. | \  /\  / \ `--´ / |\ \| | \/ | |
    '---, .----..--' \_\  |_|  |__|  |_|  \/  \/   `.__,´'-' \_\_|    |_|
       ´--'    '-`
           ____________        /\     __      __        _
          /____      __| |¯¯¯¯/-/¯|  /  \    /  \      / \         /|
               |    |    |   /-/  | /    \  /    \       /  | |\ |  |
               |    |    |  |¯¯|  | |     \/     |      /   | | \|  |
               |    |    |  |__|  | |            |     /__         _|_
         __    |    |    |  /-/   | |            |
         \ \__,'    |    | /-/    | |   |\  /|   |        G U I D E
          `._______,'    |/-/_____| |___| \/ |___|       Version 1.4
                          \/                            By AstroBlue

                       Last Updated: December 12th, 2002


Welcome to the Earthworm Jim 2-in-1 Guide! It covers the two EWJ Games for the
Super NES, but it probably does cover the Genesis/Mega Drive versions to some
extent. These two games are probably close to being the most innovative and
enjoyable platformers to date, so I thought they deserved a good FAQ! Hopefully
I have supplied it!

  i)Earthworm Jim: Profile
  ii)Friends and Foes
  ii)Level Guide
  iii)New Stuff!
  iv)Level Guide

i)Earthworm Jim: Profile
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 280lbs
Money in pocket: £208
Love Interest: Maggie Thatcher
Number of crows destroyed: 3,467
Fave TV show: Blue Peter
Fave Movie: Squirm
It was a day like any other! A crow pursues a worm through a field.
Today, the worm makes it home... The crow, however, eats some grass... Wham!
Meanwhile, out in space, a tiny renegade ship piloted by Snott a booper-being
escapes from the evil Queen with a stolen ultra-high tech, indestructible,
super space cyber suit on board. The craft is being pursued by the infamous
bounty hunter Psycrow.

Psycrow pulls out a gun to make Snott hand over the suit. Snott reaches inside
for a slightly bigger gun. This of course worries Psycrow because he has gun
envy.  He reaches inside and pulls out the huge Motha' Blaster of them all!
Snott throws up his hands in numb despair, but as Psycrow pulls the trigger
Snott jumps in the backpack of the suit... Blaze! The ship is cooked away,
the suit falls helplessly to Earth, Psycrow sees he must pursue the suit.

Back on Earth the worm wonders if it is safe to come out of his hole. He looks
right, he looks left.. It seems to be safe unknown to him the suit falls to
earth. The suit land right on top of the worm. Luckily, he rest safely within
the neck section of the suit. The space particles interact with the worm's soft
flesh causing some kind of radical light speed evolution. Suddenly, the worm
realises he is in control of the suit. Thus ...The birth of EARTHWORM JIM.

Jim's creativity is kicked into action as he realises he has something attached
to his belt He pulls it out Unknown to him, its a plasma blaster. Meanwhile the
crow in the background investigates the hole... BLAM! Jim fires off a plasma
shot ...SQUAWK! Is heard in the background. The crow attempts to get up.
Earthworm Jim lean against a tree to rest a bit, but he doesn't realise that
the suit possesses overwhelming power and he topples the tree with ease...
on to the crow, destroying his old nemesis.

Earthworm Jim figures he has it easy from now on, until he hears something over
his shoulder. Spying over the toppled tree, Jim sees Psycrow talking to the
Queen, announcing that he has evidence that her suit is very near.
Jim disappears into the city and embarks on the greatest adventure of his life.
|QUESTIONS ABOUT EWJ (Answered by Dave Perry)|
Where did the suit come from ?
 It was invented by Professor Monkey-for-a-Head for the evil Queen of planet

What was the suit's purpose ?
 To house the Queen's army of grubworms of course. Only one prototype was made
 before it was stolen by a spy.

How did Jim end up with the suit ?
 It was stolen by the Booper-beings who ran as far away from the Queen as they
 could. Unfortunately, the ship that was carrying the suit was blasted out of
 the sky by the Psycrow, a freelance bounty hunter, the suit fell out of the
 sky and landed on a lowly earthworm, who was then transformed into the mighty
 Earthworm Jim by the suit's molecular moulding properties.

What is Jim's favourite food ?
 Earth dirt.

What is his favourite saying ?
 Eat Dirt!

What is his goal in life ?
 To protect Earth from hostile aliens.

Who is Earthworm Jim's idol ?
 David Perry, head of Shiny (of course).

GENESIS OF EARTHWORM JIM is from Issue #18 (September 94) of NINTENDO MAGAZINE
supplement free with Issue #8 (November 94) of SUPER GAMER.
All official names of enemies are from various issues of GamePro Magazine.

ii)Friends and Foes
|Peter the Puppy|
Peter is Earthworm Jim's best friend! But with friends like this, who needs
enemies. He is a normal mild mannered cute puppy until you piss him off, then
he becomes a real pain in the arse, literally. He turns into one huge Purple
Monster with a penchant for super powered Earthworm's.
A booper-being spy who stole the super suit in the first place, before Psycrow
blasted his ship into smithereens. Now Snott has vowed to join EWJ in his quest
against the Evil Queen.
Twin sister of the Queen, fraternal twins obviously. EWJ's love interest and
damsel in distress. She hates her sister and most of the people of Insectica
because of the constant teasing she is the butt of because of her misfortunes
in the look's department (Their bugs remember).
Psy-Crow is one psychotic crow, hence his name. He will follow Jim to the far
reaches of space for that Super Suit. He is loyal only to the evil Queen,
which is quite strange since he is a crow and crows eat bugs.
|Evil the Cat|
This is one twisted Cat. His home Heck is filled with lawyers and demons,
not to mention elevator music (OH! NO! The humanity!). When not in Heck, Evil
swaps jobs with his cousin Flagitious and runs "The Circus of the Scars", a
travelling circus with a difference. Evil likes nothing more then inflicting
pain, well maybe after cleaning his fur.
|Professor Monkey for a Head|
The Professor created the prototype suit that Jim is wearing. The Professor
wants it back and is willing to create anything to stop EWJ. Jim is going to
have a tough time tackling this foe (he cracks up every time he sees that
monkey, wouldn't you).
|Bob the Goldfish and #4|
Bob is a goldfish with plans of universal domination & #4 is one giant drone
cat that does what Bob say's. EWJ's Super Suit is Bob's ticket for universal
domination so he and #4 are going to make EWJ's travel through their
underwater city hard.
|Major Mucus|
A booger with a penchant for adventure sports and indestructible suits, So
expect a Bungee Jump duel to the death.
|The evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Pus-filled slug for a Butt...|
She is one giant Queen termite/ant that is mighty angry that you have her suit.
Maybe you should just explain that it fell off the back of a spaceship so it's
rightly yours (she'll understand).

(These are the controls for all the basic platform levels)

Control Pad- ·Moves Earthworm Jim Around.
             ·While shooting it aims the Blaster.

A Button- Whip, used as a weapon or to swing from hooks.

B Button- ·Jump
          ·In mid air if pressed repetitively causes jim to spin his head
           around fast, which causes him to float. AKA the helicopter.

Y Button- Shoots the Blaster

Start- Pauses game

ii)Level Guide
It would be silly to write a walkthrough for a platformer. So I will just give
you tips, secrets & strategies on the bosses.

        N E W  J U N K  C I T Y
• Crows can be killed with a single whip.
• Fifi's can be killed with a couple of shots from your blaster.
• Pressing up while swinging across a chain prevents Fifi from taking a good
  chunk out of your arse.
• At the start, whip the fridge to launch the cow so you can continue.
• Jumping while climbing the conveyer belt speeds up the process.
• Hooked rocks and mounted moose heads are great things to swing from. Use the
  Whip (A button) to grapple onto them.
• At the second continue point the level splits into two paths. The high road
  to the right that has lots of weapon power-ups, and the low road to the left;
  accessible from swinging from the moose antler. will lead to an extra life.
  I suggest taking the "high road" then backtrack and take the "low road".
• If you are on a zip-line that is going nowhere, shoot in the opposite
  direction you want to move.
• An Extra Life & a Mega Plasma Blast-
Just ahead after launching the cow, there will be a ledge leading to a pile of
tires. Between the ledge and the tires is a gap. You can jump off the ledge and
helicopter (tap the B button repetitively ) down the gap to a lower section of
the level. Now swing across the long chain and you will find an Extra Life and
a Mega Plasma Blast (MPB).

• Shortcut & 7 Mega Plasma Blasts-
Climb to the top of the first tire pile, then bounce to the left. There should
be a platform there. From this platform jump onto the zip-line, when you see
another zip-line, jump and whip so you grapple onto the moose antlers, you
should land onto a chain. Climb across the chain to a platform, from this
platform jump to the zip-line. Now jump from zip-line to pulley to the next
platform.  Now make your way to the warp toilet, killing two Fifi's and
collecting one MPB on the way. Now jump on the toilet and you will warp.
Collect the close MPB and jump on the platform on the right with another MPB.
Jump again and collect another MPB. Now jump and whip the hook collecting
another four MPB's in the process. Walk left now and you will emerge into the
cavern below the Junk Thing.

• An Extra Life & 2 Mega Plasma Blasts-
Climb to the top of the first tire pile then bounce to the left, there should
be a platform there. From this platform jump onto the zip-line. While on the
zip-line hold right even once you fall off, you should land on the next
zip-line. This will lead to a tire cavern with a MPB. Jump in the alcove to the
right until a swirl of light appears. Now there will be an Extra Life next to
the MPB above the conveyor belt. To get them, after the conveyor belt there is
a Continue point, from that walk right until you see a higher platform. Jump up
to it, and jump from it and swing across the hooks to the bonuses.

• 750 Plasma Rounds and 2 Mega Plasma Blasts-
After the first tire pile, climb up the platforms to a platform with a Fifi.
Walk left until you can't any more, then climb up the rock face whilst jumping.
You should unlock 3 Plasma Power Cells below the chains to the right. After
collecting them, walk right until you see a cow road sign. Jump to the rock
face and climb as high as you can then move to the left, you should be
climbing on an off-screen chain, follow it to the two MPB's.

• 100% Suit Power after fighting the Junk Thing-
After killing the Junk Thing, walk right and jump up and pull yourself up from
the edge, then walk a little right until you see a swirl of light. Now swing
from the hook above you to the left so you collect the 100% Suit Power.

• 500 Plasma Rounds and 16% Suit Power while fighting Chuck-
After Chuck starts moving back, jump on the spring but hold down B once you
land on it. You should fly up to a platform with bonuses. You can also do this
before Chuck even appears.
|Junk Thing| (Mid-level Boss)
WARNING! will flash up on the screen halfway through this level. Now you will
have to fight the Junk Thing. First it will be in its Human phase, where it
will stomp so trumpets fall on you, simply shoot it. Now it will go to its
Tank phase, where it will shoot anvils at you, so shoot it some more until it
starts moving. Now you must not let it get close to you, or it will quickly
change back to the Human phase and uppercut you. So continue shooting, while
avoiding it with well timed jumps.
|Chuck| (Boss)
Ok, this guy is pretty easy when you know what you're doing. Do not shoot Chuck
or he will just regurgitate fish at you. To kill him you must wait for the
magnet to drop a crate, then you must whip it to right onto the spring
so it bounces up and hits Chuck. Beware though, if there is already a crate on
the screen the magnet will drop a trumpet, which is quite painful. So whip it
or shoot it before it falls on you. After being hit, he will regurgitate fish
at you, so walk towards the spring. After you whip three crates at him, he will
start moving. You must time your whips so the crates will hit him. After
six crates to the hiney, he will explode off screen.

 A N D Y  A S T E R I O D S - Sub-level
Control Pad- Steer Pocket Rocket
A Button- Use Asteroid Shield
B Button- Accelerate

This level is sandwiched between most levels. In it you race against Psycrow
on your Pocket Rocket while avoiding asteroids on the way to the finish line.
If you lose you will be forced to fight Psycrow. If you lose, just shoot him
till he's dizzy then whip him. Try to collect the Asteroid Shields because
when used they give you invincibility for a short time, and any contact with
Psycrow will cause him to drop back considerably. Obviously, always try to beat
Psycrow to the Atomic Accelerators, and try nudging him into the asteroids.
Also collecting 50 Fuel Pods will earn you a continue.

       W H A T  T H E  H E C K ?
This level is kind of cool! The music and Evil the Cat dancing in the back
gives it real atmosphere. Evil the Cat is one of the coolest bosses! He acts
like a real cat; cleaning and preening himself mid-battle and the 9 lives
to kill him is a comical touch!
• Kill Demons with the whip attack. It is more economical then blasting them.
• Lawyers can be killed with a whip then a flurry of plasma, You will be given
  a Mega Plasma Blast for your trouble.
• Watch out for the blisters on the ground. If you step on them you will be
  chased by a wall of fire, so jump over them.
• Run on the Gems in the opposite direction they're spinning for effects.
• Whip the cranks to open the gates. But be quick, they will only be open for
  a short time.
• After killing the Snowman, to avoid the stalactite shower caused by Evil's
  bomb do not go near the 100% Suit Power (Orange Orb) up ahead.
• After floating up on the Gems that don't require running on them, jump to the
  left to collect a life.
• Extra Life and Shortcut-
After the first fire wave there is a large hill with a 100% Suit Power on top.
From the top, jump off to the left and helicopter to the left, you should land
on a platform. Whip the hook above and you will swing to an Extra Life. Run
back up the hill and helicopter down to the platform again, jump to the
platform above by jumping out then back in, you should pull yourself up onto
the platform.

• Avoid the Snowman-
When you meet the first Lawyer there should be a crank nearby. So stand in
front of the crank then press down (while facing right) then whip. You should
grab onto a hook and you will swing down.

• An Extra Life & 4 Mega Plasma Blasts-
After the Snowman there is a Continue Point. Above it is a hook, jump and swing
to the right from the hook and you should land in a cavern with a Life and
4 MPB's.

• Shortcut-
On the platform after floating up on the Gems that don't require running. Jump
and helicopter to the right, you will land on a glitched platform. Now jump up
and to the right.
|Snowman| (Mid-level Boss)
Simply attack him while jumping to avoid his fireballs.
|Evil the Cat| (Boss)
In the first phase Jim will be without his suit and Evil will have a really big
gun that shoots fire. Simply jump the fire it shoots out. After 20 blast go
into the pillar below Evil, it will move to the next phase. Now you will have
to use your reflexes (hopefully they're like a steel trap). Evil will jump from
seemingly random places, so shoot him when he pops up. After each hit 2 waves
of fire will appear so jump and helicopter to avoid them. After he loses all
9 lives you will win.

       D O W N  T H E  T U B E S
I consider this and Tube Race one level, since the graphics are the same and
there is no Andy Asteroid level in between.
• Sea Mines can be killed with single whip.
• To avoid the Drone Cats, wait until they start walking away from you, then
  follow them up to the bubble. Jump up and press up to pick up your bum, then
  after it walks past, jump down and continue.
• To get past the Drone Kittens, find the switch (it is above the hamster cage)
  and whip it. Then jump on the hamster and hold down any button so the
  hamster chomps all of the Kittens.
• In the Sea Pods, use short bursts to prevent cracking the hull.
• If you cannot go any further because of an airlock, look for a switch.
• To refuel the Sea Pods with air, line the spout to the left of the pod with
  the tip of the air supply station.
• 100% Suit Power & 3 Mega Plasma Blasts-
In the first Sea Pod, float up then follow the sea roof (?) to the right until
you get to a steel bar coming out of the rocks. Then float up and to the left
to collect the bonuses.

• An Extra Life-
After the 2nd Sea Pod you will have to be beaten up by a Drone Kitten to
continue. Right after being thrown by the kitten, jump. You will float up to
the Extra Life.

          T U B E  R A C E
This level contains the hardest boss in the game, Bob is so hard I won't even
give a strategy to kill him, you're on your own.
• Jump over the kitties at the start, don't bother shooting them.
• In the Pod Race you can probably go full boar for the first half, but slow
  down when the turns get sharper.
• After the Pod Race, in the mine field jump up a lot, you will be sucked up
  and will be able to collect 750 Plasma Rounds.
• 100% Suit Power-
At the start, after walking past some kitties and going through another tube,
you should appear in a large room. Whip the hook above you and swing to the
right as hard as you can, you should cling onto an edge above the hamsters
cage. Climb up and you will be rewarded with 100% Suit Power.

• 2 Extra Lives and 750 Plasma Rounds-
In the Pod Race, after the first steel bar lattice slow down and inspect the
rock above. You should find a hole to a grotto with an Extra Life. Exit and
soon above you is a cache with 3 Plasma Power Cells. Now continue but after the
2nd lattice, inspect the rock above for another cache with an Extra Life.

• Hidden Air Supply-
After the small gap which is a shortcut, there is a U-Turn. Inspect the bottom
left of this U-Turn for a passage into the Hidden Air Supply.

       S N O T  A  P R O B L E M
Control Pad- Shifts Jim's weight in the direction pressed.
A Button- Shoulder barge.

This one of the most fun levels in the game. You and Major Mucus have a bungee
jump contest to the death, that is quite easy to pass once you get the hang of
it. Mucus Phlegm Brain in the goo below is the biggest threat in this level.
He can kill you with one bite, so stay away. The easiest way to beat Major
Mucus is to follow this pattern; on the way up, hug the wall but hold up on the
Control Pad so the Major can't hurt you, he will follow your example and hug
the wall too. Then when you reach the top push out then down then back. Press A
and barge the Major into the wall a lot. Repeat.

             L E V E L  5
• At the start swing to the left from the hook above to get some Plasma Rounds.
• Shoot at the One-Eyed Slimes until they explode, then shoot all the grubs
  they release. Though it is possible to kill them with whips.
• The Brains can be killed with one whip.
• To get the escalators working, jump from the ions at the start (but time it
  so you don't get electrocuted), then swing from the hook to the plasma balls
  and make your way up to the target, then shoot it.
• Whenever EWJ disappears behind a pillar, jump to collect power-ups.
• When you hop in a cage, it will take you to two places with 8 chutes that
  amoeba will come down at you from. You must shoot them so you don't loose any
  life. Here is the sequences that they come down from the chutes:
  Think of it like a compass. eg. The left chute is the W chute.
  1st set of chutes- NE, W then NW, W then NW, NE, W then NW then finally NE.
  2nd set of chutes- W then NW, E then NE, W then NW, E the NE, W then NW,
                     E the NE, W then NW then finally E the NE.
• If Professor Monkey for a Head is beside a value, whip him then shoot all the
  flying eyes he has released.
• In the "Naked Worm" sub-level, when you are naked for the second time jump
  for two 100% Suit Powers and Plasma Rounds.
• Also when you are naked jump in the fans as they will speed you up.
• If Professor Monkey for a head is swinging on a chain, jump up onto the chain
  and shoot him until he goes to the next chain.
• To destroy the irises that release flying eyes, whip them.
• Whip the red valve for bonuses, beware after a couple of spins it will
  produce One-Eyed Slimes.
• Who Turned Out the Lights? - Secret Level
After your third encounter with Professor Monkey for a Head, there should be a
group of red lights in this pattern up ahead, after you swing from a hook

:       :
·   •   ·    Jump into the larger middle light to warp to the secret level.
:       :

·1st Area- Head right until you get to a spotlight, then jump up to the left to
           the spotlighted platform, but kill the eyes before you jump. Now
           shoot the eyes to your left then jump towards them, then jump to
           your right so you can grab onto the chain. Follow the chain to the
           right until you get to an Extra Life then drop down to the exit.

·2nd Area- Move right until you can't any more then shoot the eyes above then
           jump up to where they were. Now jump from spotlighted platform to
           spotlighted platform until you get to the exit door.

·3rd Area- Go right until a wall blocks you, then jump up to a platform, then
           walk right until you hit another wall then jump to the left for
           another platform. From this platform jump and helicopter to the
           right. Walk as far as you can to the right, then walk left to
           collect an Extra Life then walk left through the. Go back to the
           platform you helicoptered from, then walk left until you get to a
           spotlight. Now jump up and walk right to the exit door.

·4th Area- Walk to the right until you hit a wall, then swing to the left from
           the hook (It sparkles), hold left constantly and whip again to latch
           onto the next hook which will take you to the exit door.

·5th Area- Walk right until you meet the huge eyes then run left until you are
           much higher then the eyes. Then jump over the eyes and make a run
           for the teleporter.

• 20% Suit Power & an Extra Life-
In the "Naked Worm" sub-level, after the first time you're re-united with your
suit, head left on the conveyor belt but jump before the caged roof ends. Whip
up the hooks with a pendulum motion to the platform with the bonuses.

• 100% Suit Power & 1000 Plasma Rounds-
After you're re-united with your suit for the second time and you have to swing
from a hook to continue, jump down below instead, then jump left and collect
the bonuses. Once your finished go up the suction tube.
|Chicken Walker| (Boss)
Avoid the Chicken Walker by jumping over it when it is walking, and running
under it when it is floating. Shoot all the eggs it lays. To kill it you must
whip the target when it is below the chute, so an amoeba falls on it. After a
couple of hits you will warp to the next phase. Where you and the Chicken
Walker are falling in a shaft. You must shoot it a lot, when it starts laying
eggs instead of bombs, you know it's almost dead. If it gets too low pull up
and it will follow.

      F O R  P E T E ' S  S A K E
|How to care for your Purple Worm Eating Puppy|
• My puppy keeps falling into the abyss!
This is easily solved, just give the little dear a good whip to the arse and it
will send him flying with a sharp yelp!

• My puppy is too fast, I can't keep up!
Shoot a Plasma Blaster at the little dear and he will hit the decks faster then
someone on the other side of Mike Tyson's fist. That should slow him down.

• My puppy gets angry when he is constricted by the tentacle of a Unipuss,
  is this preventable?
Yes, Simply shoot the tentacle until it hides in submission or whip your puppy
so it flies over it. Anyway, it doesn't matter if your puppy is constricted,
that tentacle won't bother you any more...

• I cannot attend to my puppy, U.F.O's keep getting me with their magnets!
Try shooting the U.F.O's until they explode.

• Are asteroid showers good for my puppy?
Your puppy has been applied with Scotch Guard™ Asteroid Plus so it shouldn't
be affected by asteroid showers. But they do affect you, so blast away!

• How do I use springs with my puppy?
Whip him onto them, then jump on the spring. When he reaches the edge jump off.

• How do I play with my puppy on the See-Saw?
Jump on the See-Saw so it dips to the left side. When your puppy walks on this
side, quickly run to the other and it will send him flying. But you and your
puppy would have more fun if you just whip him constantly to get over gaps!

• I cannot attend to my puppy, cement mixer things get in my way!
Just shoot them until they explode.
|Advanced Route|
Once you reach Peter's House, whip him so he glides over it. You can then take
the Advanced Route. The Advanced Route is fairly hard but you will net many
Extra Lives on the way to Peter's Castle.

           B U T T V I L E
|Use your Head!| (Sub-level)
All you basically have to do is jump off the platform then helicopter all the
way to the bottom, while avoiding thorns. But it does split into two ways
twice. So here are your choices:

·1st Fork- The left way is narrower and more twisty, it has 2 MPB's and an
           Extra Life. The right way is wider and less twisty, but its bonuses
           can only be got with a well timed whip to a hook. It has 4 MPB's
           and an Extra Life. You can also get the left way's Extra Life if
           you helicopter to the left as hard as you can, and then you land on
           a thorn so you jump up to collect it.

·2nd Fork- The left way is much easier, but you will only get some health and
           an Extra Life. The right way is much harder but you will get 4 MPB's
           and an Extra Life.
• The hanging moss can be swung across like chains and ropes
• To get the power-ups below the hanging moss that are out of reach, swing
  across all the way to the right edge. Then swing all the way back.
• To get the 2 MPB's below the column of hooks. Swing from the lowest hook
  from both sides.
• If you are having trouble with the 2 columns of hooks. Try holding up when
  you swing from hook to hook in a pendulum motion.
• If you are stuck, try looking for a hook or take a leap of faith and
  helicopter over some thorns.
• To destroy the hives, shoot them until they explode. Then the bugs they
  produce won't affect you.
• To destroy the Butler Worms which can chop you in half with one bite. Lure
  them out then whip them.
• The Green Grubworms that lick you are invincible, so just avoid them.
• You can only stand on the cocoons (look like basketballs) for a limited
  time, so jump around on them.
• The swirl of light that appears on a cocoon, makes a Continue point appear
  on the Queen's butt.
• If you see any swirls of light on your final walk to the Queen. Backtrack for
• An Extra Life, 100% Suit Power, a Mega Plasma Blast and 1000 Plasma Rounds-
After the first Green Grubworms, you have to helicopter past thorns to get to
the lower platform. Walk all the way to the edge of this platform so a swirl
of light appears. Now continue with the level until you land on a cocoon after
you helicopter past spikes. Then you must whip the hidden hook to the left of
this cocoon, this will take you to a Continue point. Now jump to the left and
helicopter to the platform with the Extra Life and the 100% Suit Power. Now
jump up on the platform above it and walk on it until a swirl of light appears.
Now jump up to the MPB then jump again. Now jump and helicopter to the right
collecting Plasma Rounds on the way.

• An Extra Life & 4 Mega Plasma Blasts-
After you land on the Queen's butt, you will find some cocoons with Butler
Worms above them. Kill them then on the 3rd cocoon jump and whip to the left.
You should grapple onto a hook and swing to a platform. On this platform grab
the Extra Life and set a swirl of light. This swirl of light will make 4 MPB's
appear further on.
|The Evil Queen... ...slug for a butt's butt| (Warm-up Boss)
Just jump and whip her butt, while you avoid the spike platforms that appear.
After several whips it will die. Remember to collect the 100% Suit Power after
you kill it.
|The Evil Queen... ...slug for a butt| (End Boss)
Simply shoot her in this pattern:
When you are directly above her shoot down, when you are directly to the left
of her shoot right, when you are directly below her shoot up, then
surprisingly, when you are directly to the right of her shoot left. This will
suppress her enough so that she won't be able to sick her bugs on you.

All codes mentioned below are input while paused in any stage
Some acquire you to unpause right after they have been input.
|Debug Menu|
Left + A, B, X, A, A, B, X then A.
After a black & white view of the creators of the game. You will be able to
view the Debug Menu; from it you have the options:
·Cheat Mode- Invincibility
·Start Level- Level select.
·Freezeability- No dim when paused.
·Map View Mode- Select where you want to start.
Press Y to enable codes and select the level in the Start Level option.
Press B to disable codes.
Press Start to reset game with the options you have selected.
|    Cheats      |
|Energy Refill   | A + X, B, A, B, B, X + Y, B then A.           |
|Extra Life      | B, B, A, X + Y, A, A, A then A.               |
|Extra Continue  | Y + X, B, Y, B, X, B, X then X.               |
|Ammo Refill     | A + X, B, A, B, X, X, X then X.               |
|9 Mega Plasma   | A + X, B, B, A, A, X, B then L + R together.  |
|Level Skip      | A, B, X, A, A + X, B + X, B + X then A + X.   |
|Skip to The End | Left + A, X, X, X + B, X, A, X then Left + A. |
| Skip to Level  |
|Andy Asteroids  | A + R, A, A + R, A, B, B, X then B.                      |
|What the Heck?  | Y, X, Y, X, A, B, A then X.                              |
|Down the Tubes  | Up, Down, Left + Down, Left, Down, Down,                 |
|                | Up + Left then Down.                                     |
|Snot a Problem  | A, B, X, B, A, B, B then B + L.                          |
|Level 5         | A + B, B + X, Y + X, Left, Left, Right, Left then Right. |
|Secret Level    | A, B, Up + Y, Up + Y, Left, Right, Left then Right.      |
|For Pete's Sake | A, B, X, A, B, X, A then B + R.                          |
|Buttville       | A, X, Left, Left, X + Y, Up, Down then Left.             |
|Map View Mode|
A, X, A, X, A, A, A then A.
|Many faces of Nick Jones|
*CAUTION* This code resets the game!
 Y, A, B, B, A, Y, A then B.

(These are the controls for all the basic platform levels)

Control Pad- ·Moves Earthworm Jim Around.
             ·While shooting it aims the gun.

A Button- Whip, only used as a weapon in this game.

B Button- ·Jump
          ·If pressed while in mid air, it causes Snott to flick out of your
           backpack. It's used to swing from mucus dripping from platforms.

Y Button- ·Shoots the Gun Selected.
          ·If pressed while in mid air it causes Snott to become a parachute,
           it replaces the helicopter move.

X Button- ·Scrolls through the guns you have collected.
          ·When pressed with Up makes Jim use the Manta Shield which will
           leave Jim Invincible but unable to move for 4 seconds.

Start- Pauses game.

(From the Instruction Booklet)
Psy-Crow has kidnapped the lovely aristocrat Princess What's-Her-Name. A the
only heir o the throne, her husband would become Monarch of the Galaxy! Ruler
of the Universe! Master of All! Psy-Crow wants that crown for his own
diminutive head. Jim has to stop them before they reach the Lost Vegas system
where they can get a quick, non-consenting wedding 24 hours a day. Jim blasts
off on their trail, following them from planet to planet. Many of these worlds
are summer homes of his worst enemies like Evil the Cat (let's face it, Heck
gets just too darn hot in August, even for Evil). Jim's not going alone this
time. He's enlisted his pal Snott to help him chase down Psy-Crow and nab the
woman of his dreams.

iii)New Stuff!
• All new levels (dah!).
• Snott swing replaces the whip swing.
• Snott parachute replaces the helicopter head.
• Andy Asteroids is replaced with Puppy Love which is far more infrequent.
• Different Animations (Jim is running constantly).
• More Power-ups
 ·Meal Worms: Currency for use in the Mini-Games
 ·Chip Butty: Increases Suit Power to 200%
 ·Can O' Worms: Extra Continue
 ·Television: Changes colour configuration of level.
• More Weapons
 · 3-Finger Gun: Shots bullets 3 ways.
 · Barn Blaster: Destroys everything on screen.
 · Homing Missile: Homes in on closest target.
 · Bubble Gun: Blows pretty bubbles
• Password System
   It's not really a password system, it's just called that. You have to
   collect 3 flags (An Earth Flag, a Worm Flag, and a Jim Flag) and finish the
   level. If you reset the game or die you can skip in front of that level.

iv)Level Guide

 A N Y T H I N G  B U T  T A N G E R I N E S ?
• At the start, snott swing from mucus patch to mucus patch to the left,
  beginning from rightmost one. To get an Extra Life.
• You can kill the musket wielding Octopi with a single whip, but you will
  probably be more successful with normal Plasma Rounds or Homing Missiles.
• To get past the Goldfish and its Drone Cat, get a pig from the "Happy
  Oinkers" pigpen (press down while standing in the pen), and walk past the
  pigchute with it in tow. Now walk past the switch at the bottom of the chute.
• To collect the 2 Barn Blasters out of reach near the Bubble Gun, Go to the
  platform just after the first Continue point and snott swing across the two
  mucus patches to the branch that has them below it.
• Before the stair climber, go left and whip the bike chains above the Drone
  Cats to get past them. You will be able to collect another 2 Barn Blasters.
• On the stair climber, press forward to speed up and backward to slow down.
  To get past the grannies, speed up, slow down, speed up, speed up then
  slow down.
• You can kill the half-piping Goldfish with a Mega Plasma Blast or a Homing
• To lift the weighted plug, pick up a pig from the "Heavy Pigs" pigpen, then
  stand on the wooden platform connected to the plug and whip to let it go.
  After putting two pigs on that platform the plug should rise.
• Before Bob there is a platform above you, climb up on it and walk around
  until a swirl of light appears, then backtrack for 1000 Plasma Rounds.
• 32% Suit Power & 1000 3-Finger Gun Rounds-
Before the "Happy Oinkers" pigpen is a base of a large tree with a hole in it.
Stand so you can see EWJ through the hole and jump.

• 12 Homing Missiles & a Television-
Drop off the rail after the Stair climber and parachute to the left, you will
land in a cavern with bonuses.

• An Extra Life & 6 Mega Plasma Blasts-
This ain't that secret, but anyway. When you see a sign with the word "BONUS"
take its advice and follow it to a teleporter. It will teleport you to another
stair climber. To get past the grannies, slow down, speed up, slow down, speed
up, slow down then slow down. Jump off the platform and parachute back to get
the Extra Life. After teleporting out, go back to where the first teleporter
was to get 6 MPB's.

• 100% Suit Power & a Television-
After the Can of Worms, you have to swing across rope like branches to get the
next platform, a swirl of light should appear on that platform. Go back
across the branches, then jump to the right to get bonuses.
NOTE: If you collected the other TV then went into the "BONUS" level, the TV
will do diddly squat.

• A Chip Butty & 2 Ammo Refills-
Right after falling down the hole that you had to lift a plug to get to.
Face to the left and press B twice really quickly. You should snott swing to a
secret chamber with the bonuses.
• Earth Flag- At the start while you're walking, you will notice some Suit
              Power atoms below you. Go down the hole to the right of them,
              walk to the left until you collect a Homing Missile, then walk to
              the right until you get the flag.
• Worm Flag-  On the way up the waterfall. Hard to miss!
• Jim Flag-   Below a completely mucus covered roof is a pond, follow this pond
              to the left to get the last flag.

    L O R E N Z E N ' S  S O I L
This is a bit different to a normal EWJ platform level. This is because you use
the Plasma Drill to dig through the level, and you have to continually collect
Stopwatches to delay an earthquake that will damage your suit. I tried doing
the usual Tips & Secrets for this level, but it was too hard to put it in that
format. So I decided to write a walkthrough in which you collect all the
secrets on the way. Here it is, it's quite comprehensive:
|Excavation Walkthrough|
Walk right and drill at the soil blocking your way. Collect the first Stopwatch
and kill the two larvae up ahead with the drill. Now drill a hole diagonally
right (diagonally always means diagonally up in this walkthrough) until you
break through (the screen will stop shaking). Walk right then drop down and
kill the two larvae down there. Now stand a little back from the right wall
then clear all the soil above it by pivoting the drill back and forth (rub your
thumb between the up and right arrows of the control pad). Now do the same for
each step until you get to top of the wall and then collect the next Stopwatch.
Now drill diagonally left until you break through then climb up to the Continue

Hhead left drilling any soil in your way and collect the Stopwatch. Kill any
ants then bury their hole by drilling the soil above it. Head up and to the
right until you get to a flame. Ignore it and jump and snott swing to a Chip
Butty. Now head back to the flame, but ignore it again and jump to the left
onto the platform with the mucus dripping off it. Shoot the Psy-Crow Statue
before it shoots something at you. Snott swing from the mucus above you to the
left to get to the next platform, then jump to the right and snott swing from
the mucus above you to the left. Now jump to the right and destroy the statue,
then jump to the left to another platform then jump up again to the platform
above it. Head right drilling any soil or larvae in your way and collect the
Extra Life. Jump off the edge of the platform and parachute to the right.

You should collect a Worm Flag & a 100% Suit Power on the way down. Then
distinguish the flame by drilling at the soil above it. Continue right, killing
larvae on the way. Once you reach the right wall excavate all the soil above
you so you can snot swing to the left. Head right and kill any ants then bury
their hole. Now jump up to the platform with the Psy-Crow Statue and quickly
destroy it. Snott swing to the right from the mucus. Now continue through the
level, destroying any statues on the way until you get to a Continue point.

Head up collecting the Stopwatch on the way. Now from the right wall, drill
diagonally left pivoting a bit until the platform is cleared. Then jump up to
the cleared platform and drill diagonally to the right again pivoting a little
bit to clear the platform. Then jump up to the platform you just cleared and
drill directly up, killing the larvae in the process. Distinguish the flame
ahead. Now you will have to dig a very low tunnel, to do this hold left and tap
Y just a little faster then once a second. You should dig a tunnel that just
misses the chambers of ants and larvae above you.

After you break through, collect the Stopwatch and jump down and parachute
to the left, collecting Suit Power atoms on the way. Now dig a low tunnel to
the right using the process stated before. Once you break through, head right
and collect the Stopwatch and the Earth Flag while destroying the larvae. Now
jump up to the mouth of your last tunnel and drill diagonally left until you
clear the platform above. Now jump up on the platform you cleared and drill
directly up killing larvae in the process, then jump up and walk right setting
off a swirl of light, then from this platform drill diagonally left until you
clear the next platform then jump up on it. Now stand in the middle of the
platform and clear all the soil directly above you, then stand on the right
edge of this platform and drill diagonally left. Climb up to the platform
shaped like this '¯¯ . From that platform drill diagonally right, until you
clear the platform then jump up.

Now from that platform drill diagonally left until you clear the next platform
killing larvae in the process. Drill diagonally right until you break through,
then head up and collect the Stopwatch. Head right and you will see mucus on
the other side of a wall. Jump and snott swing at the mucus and you will swing
through the wall to the other side. Collect the 100% Suit Power, an Extra Life
an a Stopwatch, kill the larvae. Now snott swing back and head left,
distinguishing the flame on the way to the Continue point.

Jump up to the right and excavate the soil clinging to the platform above you
from the right to the left. It should be high enough to jump onto the platform
above you. Walk to the right until you get to the edge then jump and parachute
to the Chip Butty below. Now jump down and head right then excavate all the
soil above you pivoting a lot. Now jump to the left and bury all the ant holes,
but drill all the way up above the middle one. From where you buried the middle
hole, excavate the soil above from left to right. Now it should be high enough
to jump to the right and snott swing, but as soon as you finish swinging
parachute to the right. You should land on a platform with a Stopwatch an some
Suit Power. Now drop from this platform and parachute to the right you should
land on another platform.

Drill the soil to the right, then drill all the soil above you, then jump up
and walk left drilling any soil in your way you should collect 100% Suit Power,
an Extra Life & the Earth Flag. Now head back to where you buried the ant holes
and excavate the remaining soil from the right to the left. Now jump up and
head right collecting a Stopwatch and setting off a Continue point on the way.
Now drill diagonally right until you break through. Then jump up and head to
the left distinguish the first two flames and jump over the third. Now bury the
ant hole and excavate all the soil above you. Then jump up and snott swing to
the right then jump to the left. Then snott swing to the right, then head right
and set off the Continue point and head to Pedro Pupa.
|Pedro Pupa|
Whip him to wake him up, and will ride back and forth on his unicycle.
You can probably kill him by whipping him until he dies. But if you really want
to be safe, shoot him until he gets close then jump over him, shoot him again
until he gets close, then repeat...

    P U P P Y  L O V E - Sub-level
Control Pad- Moves Earthworm Jim back and forth.
A Button- Makes Jim dive for puppies.
B Button- Makes Jim face the other direction.

In this level Psy-Crow has kidnapped all 600 of Peter's Puppies, and he is
flinging him out of an abandoned house. To save them from hitting the pavement
in a yellowy mess you have to bounce them with a giant marshmallow across a
courtyard to Peter's House. Puppy Love is featured three times in this game,
each time getting progressively harder. It is sandwiched between Lorenzen's
Soil & Villi People, The Flyin'King & Udderly Abducted and between ISO 9000 &
Level Ate. If you drop enough puppies and the expendable puppy limit in the
corner says 0, Peter is gonna put a can of whipass on you.

This level is split into 4 Rounds, to finish a round you have to bounce a bomb
thrown by Psy-Crow into the funnel, Peter will then get it out and throw it at
Psy-Crow. Psy-Crow will also toss Flags, Extra Lives & Can O' Worms. If you get
them in the funnel, they will be counted as being collected.

         V I L L I  P E O P L E
Control Pad- ·Moves "Blind Sally" around.
             ·While shooting it aims the Blaster.
B Button- Hold to swim upwards
Y Button- Shoot the Plasma Gun
• Do not touch the digestive lining (villi), or you will get hurt! So stay away
  at all costs.
• Shoot the little bluish sheep thingies from a distance because the explosion
  can hurt you.
• Collect at least 9 Meal Worms on the way to the Game Show. You can get Extra
  Lives and a Can O' Worms.
• After the first Continue point, if you see a swirl of light, backtrack.
• At the 1st split in the road, if you go the Hard way you will get 4 Meal
  Worms. If you go the Easy way you will bypass the Hard section. (dah!)
• At the 2nd split in the path, the Hard way has twice as much Suit Power to
  collect on the way, but it is harder.
• Since you collected at least 9 meal worms, if use the answers below you will
  get: 200% Suit Power, 3×Ammo Refills, a Meal Worm, Chip Butty, 2×Extra Lives
  and a Can O' Worms.
• For "Repeat the Sequence", I'd have a pen and paper ready to jot down the
  sequence. Repeat the sequence, all 12 bumps of it and you will get a Suit
  Power atom, a Chip Butty, an Extra Life & a Can O' Worms.
|Game Show Answers|
• How does Jim spell his first name? (B) MIJ
• What color is Jim's red gun? (B) Green
• What is Doc Duodenum's favorite cheese? (Y) Camembert
• What is Princess What's-Her-Name's real name? (Y) What's-Her-Name
• When is Jim's birthday? (B) June 9, 1994
• In what year did the battle of hamstrings take place? (A) 101 D.M.
• Can you rub your stomach and pat your head? (B) No
• Phrase your response in the form of a question? (Y) Yes
• May I please be excused to go to the bathroom? (B) The Industrial Revolution
• Can Jim speak french? (B) No
• Can Jim speak german? (A) Bitte, woist de toileten
• Can Jim speak spanish? (Y) Si
• Can Jim speak japanese? (B) Lie
• Can Jim tie himself into a knot? (Y) No
• Does Jim have a piranha in his aquarium? (A) Both A & B
• Does Jim's mother approve of the girls he dates? (Y) No she does not
• Can Peter Puppy have a bite of your icecream sandwich? (A) Over my dead body
• In a dogfight between a spitfire and a harrier which plane would win?
  (B) The harrier
• How long is a piece of string? (Y) The same shape as something beige
• What broadway musical is based on annelids? (A) the worm of the opera
• How do you compute the area of a circle? (A) Ask your doctor
• What is a paradox? (A) I don't know
• How many legs does a shark have? (Y) As many as it wants
• What is the Union Jack? (B) Organised labor's tool for changing a tire
• Coal is to water as a lightbulb is to: (A) Wet coal
• If cigarettes cause cancer what causes Capricorn?
  (A) One and one half pounds of butter
• Hey kids, what time is it? (A) Nick
• Who is the king of the animals in Africa? (A) Earthworm Jimba
• What is the meaning of life? (B) 42
• Does misery love company? (Y) None of your biz
• What food isn't available on the streets of New York City?
  (B) Real beef hot dogs
• Use what in place of butter while cooking? (Y) Shortening
• Who are you? (Y) Who, who, who, who?
• If tim runs east with two apples, when does the train arrive with peaches?
  (Y) As soon as herb arrives
• I don't get it. (A) The right answer is wrong and the rest don't make sense
• Seven times seven equals: (A) C'mon, I really need this power-up!
• W.W.W stands for: (Y) Weewy wascawy wabbit
• These walk down stairs, alone or in pairs: (Y) Shoes
• How many donuts are in a dozen? (Y) 8, by the time you get home
• How fast does Jim's plasma gun fire? (Y) A bazillion round a second
• What is Earthworm Jim's favorite christmas carol? (A) My funny valentine
• "Alas, poor yorrick... " was written by: (B) Chocolate Shake
• What exactly is "Mojo"? (B) A tiny Elvis
• Jim's super suit's what size? (A) One size fits all
• What is Earthworm Jim's favorite disco dance step? (A) The funky cow
• During his short-lived rap career, Jim was known as: (Y) M.C. Sweet N Low
• Can Psy-Crow beat Jim at arm wrestling? (B) Jim has no arms
• Jim's super suit is: (A) Filled with healthy oat bran
• What is Jim's favorite magazine? (Y) Annelid Monthly
• Why are Jim's eyes different in color and size? (Y) The ladies love it
• Have you read the instruction manual? (Y) No
• In college, Jim played what sport? (Y) Jousting
• When bowling Psy-Crow needs 7 more pins to win. He should:
  (Y) Hit reset and get a spare if nobody is looking
• What is Jim's second favorite disguise after "Blind Sally"?
  (Y) Steve's Shop Vacuum
• Have you seen the Earthworm Jim cartoon? (Y) Yes
• Is this a trick question? (Y) The sock
• What was the answer to the previous question? (B) Y
• Who is Leo Tolstoy? (Y) Dead
• What is Jim's favorite fighting game? (B) Samurai Slowdown
• Jim was born in what state? (B) Texas
• What kind of license do you need to fly a pocket rocket? (Y) Class 'C'
• Where does Mrs. Schultz lie? (A) Germany
• Animotion 2 is: (Y) Vaporware
• In China, this American cartoon character was renamed, there he was called:
  (Y) Mickey Mao
• Psy-Crow was named after which Shiny employee? (Y) Steve Crow
• Where is Jim originally from? (Y) Texas
• Is Jim dyslexic? (Y) Sey
• What is a Chip Butty? (A) A totally radical power-up
• What flavor is a cow? (Y) Milk
• Which character was not in the first EWJ game? (A) Shemp
• Fore! (Y) Nice shot!
• Would you like that on account or gift certificate
 (B) On account of I'm cool
• What is " The Manta"? (A) A Secret Jim move
• Earth Flag- To the left of the first bumpers you see, go under them.
• Worm Flag-  In the darkened section, if you look up you'll see a small tunnel
              with the flag in it and an Ammo Refill as well.
• Jim Flag-   Near the end. Hard to miss!

      T H E  F L Y I N '  K I N G
Control Pad- Steer Pocket Rocket
B Button- Use to flip the Pocket Rocket around, so you can fly backwards
Y Button- Shoots the Pocket Rocket's Plasma Blaster

You just have to bounce the "Boom Balloon" across the level to Major Mucus.
You then have to detonate it, by shooting at it. The tower Major Mucus is
standing on will then disintegrate, and he will fall into the abyss.
• Pirate Ships can be killed by shooting them.
• If a Sumo/Roman Centurion grabs on to your ship, press B a lot.
• Shoot at the boulders so they roll down hills and destroy all the catapults
  flinging Sumo/Roman Centurions at you.
• Destroy the Snott Saucers to get a Big Block Engine. It will allow your
  Pocket Rocket to move around better.
• To bounce the balloon far, put it in front of an express lane then jump on
  the express lane. Or just try to hit it after jumping onto an express lane.
• To get the balloon past the mucus barriers, bounce it off screen to the
• Earth Flag- After an express lane to the left.
• Worm Flag- Above a body of water.
• Jim Flag- In the mucus section to the right.

    U D D E R L Y  A B D U C T E D
In this level you have to take a certain amount of Cows to Milking Sheds, so
you can continue with the level.
• To snag an Extra Life at the start, swing from the mucus hidden behind the
  rocks, and then when you get high enough, parachute to the right.
• Shoot all the Udder U.F.O's and Super Penguins before you go for any cows.
  You will have a much easier road to the shed.
• If you are carrying a Cow, don't stand on the hinged platforms for too long
  or they will collapse on you.
• If the U.F.O starts abducting a Cow, whip it to stop it.
• If you snott swing at the mucus to the left of the 1st Cow of the 2nd Shed,
  you will get many power-ups.
|Dairy Farmer Guide|
• 1st Milking Shed-
Only Cow: This cow is hard to miss. Press down to pick it up the head right and
          jump over the gap on the way.

• 2nd Milking Shed-
1st Cow: This cow in the 1st chasm of this section. Once you pick it up, jump
         to the platform on the left then to the one on the right. Do it
         quickly so they don't collapse. Head right and when you get to a ledge
         jump up to the right and you will just get to the next platform, then
         head right to the Shed.

2nd Cow: This cow is in the chasm before the 2nd Shed. Just head right in the
         chasm, then snott swing from the mucus on the roof to the left. After
         you pick her up, drop down then head left and jump up to the higher
         bit. Jump from platform to platform until you get to the highest one
         to the right, then just head right to the milking shed.

• 3rd Milking Shed-
1st Cow: This cow is in the chasm before the Continue point to the right of the
         bath tub. This cow is loaded, so you must dunk it in the bathtub to
         put out its fuse. Just jump to the right onto the little platform,
         then jump to the left and jump into the tub. Once the fuse is out,
         jump to the left out of the tub, then jump up onto the collapsible
         platform and to the right to the Continue Point. Now head right and
         jump or climb any obstacles on the way.

2nd Cow: This cow is in the right section of the chasm before the shed. After
         picking her up, drop to the right and jump over the iron maiden and
         the electric chair. Now head left and climb up onto the ledge, then
         jump up the collapsible platforms and head right to the shed.

3rd Cow: This cow is in the left section of the chasm before the shed. This cow
         is also loaded, so drop down to the left. Head right and jump up the
         collapsible platforms and head left to the tub. Once the fuse is out,
         jump to the left out of the tub, then jump up onto the collapsible
         platform and to the right to the Continue Point. Now head right and
         jump or climb any obstacles on the way.

• 4th Milking Shed-
1st Cow: This cow is in the higher path of this section. It is loaded, so jump
         off the ledge to the right. Once the fuse is out head left and jump
         over the electric chair. Head up the collapsible platforms and head
         right, jumping over chasms and climbing ledges on the way to the
         cannon. Load the cow into the cannon, then quickly snott swing to
         the right and pick it back up.

2nd Cow: This cow is at the bottom of the chasm with the Continue Point. It is
         another loaded one, so just head right to the Bath Tub. Now once the
         fuse is out, head left and jump over the electric chair. Head up the
         collapsible platforms, head right, drop down, jump over the gap,
         climb the ledge and then load the cannon. Then do what you did with
         the last one.

3rd Cow: This cow is to the left of the cannon, just drop down. Surprise,
         surprise, it's loaded. Jump off and head left to the tub. Then do the
         same walk you did with the last two.
• 7 Ammo Refills, 3 Homing Missiles, a Chip Butty and the Earth & Worm Flags-
Just after the 1st Cow is a ledge. Fall off it, stand at the left wall and
jump while holding left. Now walk left in the secret passage and collect the
4 Ammo Refills, then jump to the left and into the teleporter. Collect the
2 Ammo Refills and the Homing Missile then jump over the teleporter and
collect the Earth Flag. Now from where you collected the Earth Flag, jump to
the right and snott swing. You should swing to platform with a Worm Flag, an
Ammo Refill & a Chip Butty.

• 2 Mega Plasma Blasts & 4 Ammo Refills-
After the first shed, climb up to a solid platform then run all the way right,
but don't drop off the edge. Instead, head back to the left. From this higher
section jump up to the above platform and collect the bonuses.

• 100% Suit Power, 2 Mega Plasma Blasts & 4 Ammo Refills-
Below the last shed is the last secret cavern of this level. Simply snott
swing into it, from the mucus just under the ledge the shed is on. Then head
right to drop down to the section with all the bonuses, and head right to
collect the Jim Flag.
• Earth Flag- See the first secret
• Worm Flag-  See the first secret
• Jim Flag-   See the third secret

       I N F L A T E D  H E A D
• After walking near an air pump, the A button deflates your head and the
  B button re-inflates your head.
• Watch out for Evil's pea shooter! If you get hit by a pea, your head
  burst and you will plummet to the ground.
• In the section where Evil helicopters up then drops down on you with claws
  retracted, where he disappears from at the top of the screen is where he will
  drop down from.
• To win always in the "Test your strength" Mini-Game, stand in the middle of
  the screen and jump and hold B as soon as the power-up appears from the
  lion's mouth and land on the pad.
• 8% Suit Power & a Meal Worm-
At the start, jump over the air pump then head right to the Meal Worm and Suit
Power atoms.

• A Chip Butty, 2 Meal Worms, an Ammo Refill and the Worm Flag-
After your first encounter with Evil the Cat, head way to the right and deflate
down the tube into the bonus chamber.
• Earth Flag- To the right after the 2nd time Evil the Cat pea shoots you.
• Worm Flag-  See the second secret
• Jim Flag-   When the paths splits in two during the part where Evil drops
              down take the right route.

            I S O  9 0 0 0
• To kill the Bondage Lawyers/Accountants just whip them.
• To get the machinery to work, find a mouse in a cage and pick it up (press
  down) then walk past the circular impression. Jump into the grinders to go
  for a ride.
• To get past the Filing Cabinets, run around so papers fly up, jump on the
  drawer then jump over the Filing Cabinet.
• After the 1st set of Filing Cabinets and before the 1st Furnace, jump and
  snott swing to the right from the post to get a MPB.
• Before the candles, jump down to get some Suit Power and a 3-Finger Gun.
• Whip the switches to turn off the furnaces.
• After the 2nd continue point, drop off to the left then parachute to the
  right, now climb up to get a 100% Suit Power.
• To get to the end door, chase the door so it's on the left edge of the
  top platform. Then pick up (press down) the wardrobe with the foot hanging
  out of it and jump up at the door so you grab onto the platform.
• 4 Ammo Refills and a Chip Butty-
At the start, head all the way to the right then jump up onto the ducting. Now
follow it left collecting Ammo Refill's on the way then drop down and head
right to collect the Chip Butty.

• 36% Suit Power, a Television & The Worm Flag-
From the first furnace, snott swing then parachute to the left. Jump up to
collect the bonuses.

• A Chip Butty, 250 Plasma Rounds & an Extra Life-
After the 2nd Continue Point, snott swing twice across the mucus to the Chip
Butty and continue left on a hidden chain. Drop off and collect the Plasma
rounds then jump and parachute to the left to get an Extra Life.
• Earth Flag- To the right of the 1st printing press.
• Worm Flag-  See the second secret
• Jim Flag-   Jump and parachute to the right from the furnace after the going
              through the 2nd Print Press

           L E V E L  A T E
Very straight forward level.
• Just whip or shoot the Bendy Straws to destroy them.
• Avoid landing on forks.
• Run for shelter from the salt shaker or destroy it with a Homing Missile.
• Whip the switches to turn off the hotplates.
• Shoot the eggs then jump on them to cross the hotplates.
|Secret Level|
To get to the secret level "Totally Forked", just after the first mucusy eggs,
there will be three forks with a platform of bacon to the left of them and
a platform of salami to the right. You have to parachute between the bacon and
the forks and you will teleport to "Totally Forked" AKA Secret Room No. 37.
• Earth Flag- It's in plain sight, just whip from the salami to get it.
• Worm Flag-  Same as the Earth Flag but in a different spot.
• Jim Flag- At the end walk near the teleporter then walk back to get it.
|Flamin' Yawn|
He is easy enough, just stand on the peperoni to avoid sinking in the cheese,
and watch out for his paper plate. To kill him, when he jumps down from his
plate and spits fire, shoot him. After a couple of blasts he will die.

 S E E  J I M  R U N .  R U N  J I M  R U N .
|Sprint Walkthrough|
Start running and collect the first Mega Plasma Blaster, but don't collect the
2nd, just jump over it to the next platform. Now keep running and jump for the
next MPB. Shoot the rotor until all its blades are gone, then continue and
jump up to the higher route, but avoid the Bubble Gun (if you do collect it,
quickly press X). Now blast the gates ahead, just shoot them and jump before
the last one for another MPB.

Snott swing at the moving mucus pad to swing ahead. If you are too slow,
Psy-Crow will drop a gate down and giant balls will roll down at you. If this
happens, just shoot at the gate (i think it speeds up the process). Destroy all
the rotor blades up ahead and avoid the Homing Missiles, as they take too long
to fire. Now when you get up to a backwards rotor just jump on it and it will
hopefully fling you to the next platform. Then there is really nothing new,
just make sure you destroy all gates and rotor blades, swing off all the mucus
pads, collect all the Turbo's (Blue J's) and avoid the balls at the end!

All codes mentioned below are input while paused in any stage.
Some acquire you to unpause right after they have been input.
|Debug Menu|
Select, Left, Right, A, X, X, Left then Right.
The Debug Menu will now appear, from it you have the options:
·Cheat Mode- Invincibility
·Start Level- Level select.
·Pause / Dim- No dim when paused.
·Map View Mode- Select where you want to start.
·Sound Effects- Use left and Right to select the sound and A or B to hear it.
Press Y to enable codes and select the level in the Start Level option.
Press B to disable codes.
Press Start to reset game with the options you have selected.
|     Cheats     |
|Invincibility   | A, A, X, A, Left, Right, Right then Left.                 |
|Energy Refill   | X, Select, X, B, X, Select, X then A.                     |
|Extra Life      | Left, Select, Right, Select, Left, Select, Right, Select. |
|Extra Continue  | A, Select, A, B, X, Y, X then Y.                          |
|Ammo Refill     | Select, X, X, X, X, X, X then Select.                     |
|Mega Plasma     | X, X, X, X, A, A, A then Select.                          |
|3 Finger Gun    | X, X, X, X, A, A, X then Select.                          |
|Barn Blaster    | X, X, X, X, A, B, X then Select.                          |
|Homing Missiles | X, X, X, X, A, A, B then Select.                          |
|Bubble Gun      | X, X, X, X, A, B, A then Select.                          |
|Level Skip      | Select, B, X, A, A, X, B then Select.                     |
|Skip to The End | Select, Left, Right, L, R, Left, Right then Select.       |
| Skip to Level   |
|Lorenzen's Soil  | A, X, Left, Right, X, Left, Right then Left. |
|Puppy Love 1     | Left, Right, A, B, X, Left, Right then A.    |
|Villi People     | A, B, X, A, B, X, Left then Right            |
|The Flyin' King  | A, B, X, Left, Right, Left, A then B.        |
|Puppy Love 2     | Down, Right, A, B, X, Left, Right then A.    |
|Udderly Abducted | Up, B, X, Left, Right, Down, A then X.       |
|Inflated Head    | Up, Down, X, A, B, Y, Left then Right.       |
|Puppy Love 3     | Up, Right, A, B, X, Left, Right then A.      |
|ISO 9000         | A, B, X, Left, Left, Right, Left then Right. |
|Level Ate        | X, X, Down, Down, A, Left, Right then Left.  |
|See Jim Run...   | A, B, X, Left, Left, Left, Left then Right.  |
|No dim when paused|
Also causes the soil to not refresh in Lorenzen's Soil.
A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A then A.
·No soil refresh in Lorenzen's Soil.
·10 Meal Worms in Villi People & Inflated Head.
 A, A, B, A, A, X then B.
|Many faces of Nick Jones 2|
*CAUTION* This code resets the game!
 Y, A, B, B, A, Y, A then B.


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