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Text Dump by Blueberry Buttface

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/20/08

Document #8
Text Dump Version 1.0
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
By: Blueberry Buttface
Important Note
There are some errors, specifically with the following:

1) the value for laughing ("ha")
  It was not until about halfway through formatting that I realized what the
  value was, so some laughs are missing a few ha's.

2) the value for "for the"
  I did not have the value in my table when dumping. I have replaced all I 
  could find, though.

3) the value for "give you"
  Same as 2

4) control codes (e.g. <character or party member performing action>)
  I consulted starmen.net for a general idea for the tougher ones. I 
  generalized the information, so errors are present, especially in regards to
  if an enemy or party member or specific character is the subject or target.
  I also made contextual guesses for other control codes that may be 

Overall, these errors should not prove harmful to the usefulness of
this document.
Text Dump

Hello there!
How may I help you?
Thank you very much.
Please come again.

Can I get you anything? <item>? All right.
Which of you will carry this?
Thank you
Are you going to equip it here?
Would you like me to buy the <item> for $<money>?
<party member> cannot equip this.
Do you still want to buy it?
Please come again.

Excuse me, uhhh... you don't seem to have enough money.
I'm afraid you cannot carry anything else.
Do you want to sell some things that you don't need?
What do you want to sell? <item>? I can buy it for $<money>. Would you like to
do that?
Please come again.

I don't think you have any thing that you can sell.

I am sorry, but we cannot buy the <item>.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for shopping here.

Can I get you anything else?

What would you like to get next?

It looks like <party member> can't carry any more stuff. Would someone else
like to carry it?

Hi, come in, come in! What can I do for you today?

Thanks a bunch!

You don't want to buy anything from me? Oh, you hurt my feelings.

Can I help you find something? <item>? Who's going to carry it?

Do you want to, like, "equip" it here?

I can buy your <item> for $<money>.

<party member> can't equip this. Do you still want to buy it?
So, you say you don't want it... Hmmmm...

Oh no! Don't tell me you don't have enough money!!

Oh, my! I just don't think you can carry any more than what you already have.
But you know, I might be able to buy some of the stuff you don't need.
What do you want to sell?

The <item>? I'll buy it for $<money>. Do you wanna sell it?
Oh, so you don't want to do that? Well, all right.

Well, it looks like you don't have anything to sell to us.

Oh, no! You can't sell that here.

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks again.

Do you need anything else from me?

What can I do for you?

<party member> is already carrying too much stuff. Does anyone else want to
carry it?

Hey dudes! It's summer! It's the manly time of year! Time for sports, guys!
What can I do you for?

Hey buddy, thanks! See you around!

If you ever need anything, come back here, and I'll set you up!

So what'll it be today? <item>? Which of you is going to carry this?

So, man, are you gonna equip it here?

Can I buy your <item> for $<money>?

<party member> can't equip this. Do ya still want to buy it?

Catch ya later!

Oh, most heinous! You dudes don't have enough money for this.

Dudes! You simply have too much stuff in your kit! But don't sweat it, I can
buy some stuff you don't need.

Now, you're sure you want to sell this to me...

The <item>? I'll buy it for $<money>. You positive you want to sell it?

Man, you don't have anything to sell me!

Sorry dude, but I can't buy that.


Thanks, buddy!

Is there anything else I can do for you?

What is it?

<party member> has too many things. Does somebody else want to carry it?

Hi! Can I help you?
Thanks so much!

Are you here just to say "Hi"? What a loser!

So, what are you going to buy?

<item>? Who's going to carry this?

Would you like to equip it here?

Do you want me to buy your <item> for <money>?

Even though <party member> can't equip this, do you still want to purchase

Please come again.

I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money.

Oh, how are you planning to carry this? You've got too much stuff! Well, I
guess I could buy the stuff you don't need. Do you want to sell anything?

What can you sell me?

<item>? I'll pay <money> for it. Is that okay?

Hummm. Is that so?

Oh, so you don't really have anything to sell?

I'm sorry, but I can't buy that.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Is there anything I can do for you?

What can I do for you now?

<party member> can't carry any more. Will another one of you take it?

Hi! Welcome to my store. What do you need?

Thank you!

This place isn't for looky loos. If you're not buying, get out!

So, you're going to buy something, eh?

<item>? Who's going to carry it?

Are you going to equip it here?

I'll buy your <item> for <money>.

Even though <party member> can't put this on, you still want to buy it? Well,
it's your money...

Hurry back now.

Hey! What are you trying to pull?! You haven't got enough money!!

Hey! You've already have got enough junk! Do you want to sell me some of the
junk you don't need?

What can you sell me?

<item>? I'll give you $<money>. How would that be?

Hurrm Changed your mind, eh?

C'mon! You don't have anything to sell, do you?!

Sorry, but I have no use for that.

Hey, it was nice doing business with you.


Will there be anything else?

What else do you want?

<party member> can't carry anymore stuff. Can one of you others carry it?

If ye be headin' to Scaraba, ye ought to shop here. Things're expensive down
there... So, what're ye lookin' fer?

Thanks much. If'n yer going to Scaraba, take care of yerself.

Please come again!

What wouldye like, then?

<item>? Which of ye is goin' to carry this?

Would ye like to equip it here, then?

Would ye like it if I bought yer <item> for $<money>?

<party member> cannot equip this. Do ye still want to buy it?

Yer not goin' to buy this thing? All righty then.

Beggin' yer pardon, but it appears ye don't have enough money...

You've got entirely too many goodies. Would ye like me to take some of those
things off yer hands? I can buy the ones ye don't need, if ye want.

What wouldye like to sell me, then?

<item>? I would pay $<money>. Are ye happy with my offer?

Oh, it's not quite what ye expected? Well, all righty then.

Oh? Well, it appears to me that ye don't have anything to sell.

Beggin' yer pardon, but I can't buy that.

Here ye go. Thank ye.

Thank ye kindly.

Will ye be needin' anything else?

What do ye need now?

It appears <party member> has a full load. Will someone else take this

Welcome welcome! Ach, the heat! Is your body okay? Can I interest you in
some of my merchandise?

Ohh, thank you very much May you never find rocks in your sandals.

Why don't you buy something? I've got a family to feed!

What would you like?

<item>? So, which of you will take this wonderful item?

Will you equip it here?

Would you be interested in selling your <item> for $<money>?

<party member> will have no use for this. Do you still want to buy this
marvelous thing?

Very well then.

A thousand pardons, but you do not seem to have the money required to make
this purchase.

Ahh, I can see that your caravan is overloaded. Would you like to sell some of
your extra items to me?

Very well then, what would you like to sell?

<item>? Ahhh, I would pay you... $<money> for that. A trifle, I realize, but
do you accept?

Very well then.

From my humble vantage point, it appears you have nothing to sell.

A thousand pardons. We do not carry that item here.

Ahh, you are most gracious and kind. Thank you for visiting my poor shop. If
there is anything else I can do for you, please, do not hesitate to ask.

So, what more can I do for you?

<party member> simply cannot carry any more goods. Perhaps another of your
party could bear this load?

If you've already got what you need, great! But if you don't, well, that
would be a real shame. Take a good look at my menu and decide. Is there
anything listed that you might want?

If you do decide that you need any of my goodies, you just hurry on back now,

Come back any time, if do need any of my goods.

What'll it be?

The <item>, you say? Who's going to carry this?

Will you be equipping that here?

I can buy your <item> for <money>.

<party member> won't be able to equip this. Are you sure you really need it?

Oh? Decided you don't want to buy it, huh?

Hmmm... Hate to break this to you, but you don't have enough money.

Oh... uh... it looks like you've got too many goods to carry. Would you be
willing to sell me some of the goods you don't need?

Fantastic! What do you wanna sell?

<item>? I'd say it's worth about... $<money>. Whaddya say, partner?

OK, I see. Y'allcome back now, hear? What gives? You don't have anything to

Look, I'm really sorry, but we can't buy that.

Thanks a million!

Thanks a bunch!

Is there anything else I can get for you while you're here?

What'll it be?

Sakes alive! <party member> can't carry another thing. Maybe someone else can
carry it.

Please come again.

Sssshhh! Don't talk too loud! What do you want?

...you again?! What do you want now?

Will that be all? Good luck, buddy!

So that's everything? Keep on the watch for bad guys.

I've got what you need.

<item>? Who's gonna lug this around?

OK. I suppose you're going to want to equip it here?

The <item>...? I'd say about $<money>. Take it or leave it.

<party member> won't be able to equip this. Are you intent on purchasing it

Well, that's showing good sense You shouldn't strain yourself too much.

Hold it just a second! You haven't got enough money!

You aren't going to be able to carry any more stuff. You're dragging around
all that junk... I guess I could help you out by buying some things that you
don't need...

What are you going to pawn off on me?
<item>? I'll give you <money>, and not a penny more. Take it or leave it.

...I don't think you'll find a better price anywhere else.

What are you trying to pull, anyway? You say you want to sell, but you have
nothing to offer?! You've got some nerve, kid!

Forget it! I don't want to buy that junk!

Excellent. Glad we could work something out.

Thank you. Things must be pretty tough, especially for a kid like you.

So, will there be anything else?

What is it now?

<party member> can't carry any more. Is anyone else willing to carry it?

Hi Hi Hi. You come buying? You can sell, too. I, Mr. Saturn, boing can do
all for you. What do you want zoom?

Oh, you thank!

Thank you. Boing!

What you buying zoom?

The <item>? Which you carry this burden?

Equip here?

<item>? Uhh, that one is $<money>. What think you about that price... zoom?

<party member> is not be able to equip this. Boing! Still wanna buy?

If you not gonna buy, don't buy zoom!

Uhh, at a looking boing glance, no chance. No enough cashoooooola. Zoicks!

What a happy happy surprise. Zoom... You have much junk.

You want to sell me things at me boing?

<item>? The most us pay that is $<money>. That kay-o on you? Ding! Ding!

Oh Joy! Zooooom!

Ah-choo! Hi Hi Hi! try of tricking boing? 'Cause you have no anything
selling. Ding Ding!

Dear, dear, dear ...Boing! No can buy that.

Oh, you thank.

Thanks! Ding Zoom!

Is there anything Zoom else need?

What next, Boing?

<party member> has kookie much junk? Does anyone want help Zoom?

Let's play store. My friend Ay-go loves this game So... Hi! May I help you?

Bye bye! Let's play again some time!

Bye bye! Let's play again some time!

Are you looking for anything in particular?

<item>? Who is going to carry this?

Do you want to try equipping it here?

Do you want me to buy your <item> for <money>?

Did you realize that <party member> can't equip this? Do you still want to
purchase it?

Well, the customer is always right.

<party member>, it appears you do not have the money necessary for this

I really don't think you can carry any more purchases. You can come again
after you sell something, or you can simply discard an item to lighten your
load. Or, you might want to sell the things you don't need here!

What would you like to sell?

<item>? I'm authorized to pay up to $<money> for that. How about it?

That's fine. It's the customer's prerogative to change his or her mind.

Though I really would like to buy something from you, you have nothing to

Sorry, I'm not authorized to buy that.

Thank you very much, <party member>.

I'll give Ay-go these colorful papers you gave me.

Will there be anything else today?

What are you going to do now?

It looks like <party member> is overloaded with items. You want to have one
of your friends carry it?

"Franklin Badge"
By keeping it as one of your items, it deflects a lightning attack back at
the attacker.

"Teddy Bear"

"Super Plush Bear"

"Broken Machine"
There's no way of knowing its original use. It's just some kind of broken

"Broken Gadget"
There's no way of knowing its original use. It's just some kind of broken

"Broken Air Gun"
A broken air gun.

"Broken Spray Can"
A broken spray can.

"Broken Laser"
A broken laser gun.

"Broken Iron"
A contraption that looks like an iron.

"Broken Pipe"
It looks like a busted water pipe.

"Broken Cannon"
A broken beam cannon.

"Broken Tube"
A broken tube-shaped item.

"Broken Bazooka"
A broken bazooka.

"Broken Trumpet"
A broken apparatus that is shaped like a trumpet.

"Broken Harmonica"
A broken device that looks like a harmonica.

"Broken Antenna"
A piece of broken equipment that looks like a satellite dish.

"Cracked Bat"

"Tee Ball Bat"

"Sand Lot Bat"

"Minor League Bat"

"Mr. Baseball Bat"

"Big League Bat"
This item looks like it could have had cork put into the core!

"Hall of Fame Bat"

"Magicant Bat"

"Legendary Bat"

"Gutsy Bat"
When equipped, it increases your guts.

"Casey Bat"
You can't help but swing this bat with all your might. There's a good chance
that you may just whiff.

"Fry Pan"

"Thick Fry Pan"

"Deluxe Fry Pan"

"Chef's Fry Pan"

"French Fry Pan"

"Magic Fry Pan"

"Holy Fry Pan"

"Sword of Kings"
It increases your offense.

"Pop Gun"

"Stun Gun"

"Toy Air Gun"

"Magnum Air Gun"

"Zip Gun"

"Laser Gun"

"Hyper Beam"

"Crusher Beam"

"Spectrum Beam"

"Death Ray"

"Baddest Beam"

"Moon Beam Gun"

"Gaia Beam"

A so-so weapon.

A decent little weapon.

"Bionic Slingshot"
A pretty powerful weapon.

"Trick Yo-Yo"
A tough, strong weapon!

"Combat Yo-Yo"
This one rocks, for sure.

"Travel Charm"

"Great Charm"
Also, it adds a bit of Speed.

"Crystal Charm"
It also increases your Speed.

"Rabbit's Foot"
It increases your Speed in a big way.

"Flame Pendant"
It protects you from fire attacks.

"Rain Pendant"
It protects you from freeze attacks.

"night Pendant"
It absorbs the light of a flash attack.

"Sea Pendant"
It protects you from fire, freeze and flash attacks.

"Star Pendant"
It protects you from fire, freeze, flash and paralysis attacks.

"Cloak of Kings"
Poo's body equipment. It increases his Defense.

"Cheap Bracelet"

"Copper Bracelet"

"Silver Bracelet"

"Gold Bracelet"

"Platinum Bracelet"

"Diamond Bracelet"

"Pixie's Bracelet"

"Cherub's Band"

"Goddess Band"

"Bracer of Kings"
To be equipped on Poo's arm. Helps protect from being hypnotized, and Luck
goes up. Of course, Defense also goes up.

"Baseball Cap"
It has the logo of your favorite baseball team.

"Holmes Hat"
It makes you feel like the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, when equipped.

"Mr. Baseball Cap"
It is said to have been given to your friend by a famous player at the

"Hard Hat"
Should be worn when searching for buried treasure, or while you are at the
construction site.


"Red Ribbon"

"Goddess Ribbon"

"Coin of Slumber"

"Coin of Defense"

"Lucky Coin"

"Talisman Coin"

"Shiny Coin"

"Souvenir Coin"

"Diadem of Kings"
It increases his Defense.


"Bag of Fries"

100% beef.

"Boiled Egg"

"Fresh Egg"
So fresh, it's still warm!

"Picnic Lunch"
There's even a slice of your favorite cake!

"Pasta di Summers"
This is a pasta dish which legend holds was a favorite of King Summers the
Third in the 16th century. Back then, there were many great chefs, confident
of their culinary skills, always going to and from Summer's Palace. One day,
King Summers wife, Anna Summers, said, "Oh what I wouldn't give for some
really delicious pasta!" ... ... ... ...Well, let's just leave it at that. The
story is too long to go through completely... but it really is a beautiful,
touching tale...


"Chef's Special"
This is today's special. It is highly recommended by our chef, who trained at
a five-star restaurant in Paris.

"Large Pizza"
Since it's a really big pizza, everyone can recover about 240 HP when eaten.

"PSI Caramel"
Replenishes 20 PP.

"Magic Truffle"
A dream-like delicacy that is said to grow at the base of trees in wet, muddy
places. It restores about 80 PP.

"Brain Food Lunch"
HP and about 50 PP.

"Rock Candy"
When you eat this, it will increase either Speed, Guts, Vitality, IQ or Luck.


"Bread Roll"

"Pak of Bubble Gum"
This is the Balloon Monkey's favorite. It will not help you recover, but
you'll also never run out, 'cause it's a super jumbo pack!

"Jar of Fly Honey" Belch's most favorite food in the whole world. However...
it smells REALLY, really nasty! We're talkin' major stinkage here!

"Can Of Fruit Juice"

"Royal Iced Tea"
The highest quality tea, produced by tea expert Mr. Y. Todaar, who carefully
selects only hand-picked tea leaves. Long ago, only aristocrats at a king's
court were allowed to drink this tea.

"Protein Drink"
For building a stronger, healthier body. It gives you a blast of nourishment
when you are fatigued.

"Kraken Soup"
Soup made from the fin of the sea monster known as Kraken. This beast lives in
the ocean off the shore of Summers. Very expensive, but a sizable power boost
is guaranteed.

"Bottle of Water"
When you drink it, your PP slightly increases.

"Cold Remedy"
This is the most effective thing to take when you catch a cold.

"Vial of Serum"
This is the best thing to take when you get poisoned.

"IQ Capsule"
It increases your IQ when taken.

"Guts Capsule"
It increases your Guts when taken.

"Speed Capsule"
It increases your Speed when taken.

"Vital Capsule"
It increases your Vitality when taken.

"Luck Capsule"
It increases your Luck when taken.

"Ketchup Packet"

"Sugar Packet"

"Tin of Cocoa"

"Carton of Cream"

"Sprig of Parsley"

"Jar of Hot Sauce"

"Salt Packet"

"Backstage Pass"
It allows you go back stage at the Chaos Theater. Of course, you can also
watch the show using the pass.

"Jar of Delisauce"
Use by sprinkling it over food. It tastes good with any kind of food, thereby
increasing the recovery power of the food.

"Wet Towel"
It's great for those times that you get sunstroke.

"Refreshing Herb"
It helps when you have been poisoned, or you are feeling nauseous. It also
has other uses...

"Secret Herb"
May revive a friend who is unconscious.

"Horn of Life"
Revives a friend who is unconscious.

"Counter-PSI Unit"
Contains the enemy's PSI during a battle.

"Shield Killer"
Breaks through the enemy's shield during a battle.

Because of its explosive power, it may effect others besides the target

"Heavy Bazooka"
Really dishes out a lot of damage to the enemy during a battle. Because of its
explosive power, it may effect others besides the target creature.

Sucks up some HP from the target creature. The more HP an enemy has, the more
you get.

"Hungry HP-Sucker"
Sucks up some HP from all the enemies. The more HP the enemies have, the more
you get.

"X-Terminator Spray"
Deals 200 points of damage to any bug when used during combat.

"Slime Generator"
Sprays a sticky substance that stops the enemy from moving.

"Yogurt Dispenser"
Invented by Apple Kid. If used during combat, some damage will be dealt to
the enemy, though it's not understood why this happens... it's just yogurt
after all...

You can even use this during battle!

"Snake Bag"
During battle, a snake pops out of the bag and bites the enemy. There are
thousands of small snakes living in the bag, so you should be able to use it
over and over again. It can possibly poison the enemy, too.

"Mummy Wrap"
If used as a whip during battle, the enemy will take some damage and stop
moving for a while.

You can even use this during battle!

"Bottle Rocket"

"Big Bottle Rocket"
Fires a fast, powerful bottle rocket.

"Multi Bottle Rocket"
Possibly the strongest weapon around, it does a lot of damage due to its
massive warhead.

Because of its explosive power, it may effect others besides the target

"Super Bomb"
Able to dish out some heavy-duty destruction in combat. Because of its
explosive power, it may effect others besides the target creature.

Deals 100 points of damage to any bug when used during combat.

"Rust Promoter"
Quickly rusts metallic enemies when used during battle. The enemy will take
about 200 points of damage.

"Rust Promoter DX"
Causes almost instantaneous rusting when used on metallic enemies during
battle. The enemy takes about 400 points of damage.

"Pair of Dirty Socks" When used during battle, the enemy gets so nauseous from
the ripe odor, they cannot fight.

"Stag Beetle"
By throwing this at the enemy during battle, the enemy is shocked and stops

Can be used during battle.

"Handbag Strap"
When used as a whip during battle, the enemy takes enough damage to stop
moving for a short time.

"Pharaoh's Curse"
An ectoplasmic ooze is disgorged out of the dreadful box, and the enemy may be

"Defense Shower"
Increases the Defense of all the friends.

"Letter from Mom"
A letter from Mom to Ness.

"Sudden Guts Pill"
Doubles your guts during battle. However, after a battle, your guts return to

"Bag of Dragonite"
If you sprinkle the powder on one of your friends during battle, that friend
turns into a dragon and attacks all enemies.

"Defense Spray"
Increase one of the friends Defense during battle.

"Piggy Nose"
If you wear this on your nose, you can find and root out magic truffles. ...let
me explain a bit about Magic Truffles. They are a kind of mushroom that grow
in damp places, like at the base of big trees. They are almost always buried,
so they cannot be seen. If you find one and eat it, it is said to greatly
recover a person's PP! You can see more info about the wondrous Magic Truffle
after you have obtained one.

"For Sale Sign"
It invites people to come and buy your unnecessary goods.

"Shyness Book"
As the title says, it helps one overcome shyness.

"Picture Postcard"
Not really horrible, but the scene on the front doesn't make you want to go

"King Banana"
A king-sized banana. Not edible.

"Letter from Tony"
A letter from Tony to Jeff.

A chick that just hatched.

A real, live chicken. Don't eat it, please.

"Key to the Shack"
A key to the traveling entertainer's shack.

"Key to the Cabin"
A key to a holding cell made specially for Paula.

"Bad Key Machine"
The "Machine that Opens Doors, especially when you have a slightly bad key"

"Temporary Goods"
A key given to you by a maid who works at the Monotoli building.

"Zombie Paper"
Apple Kid's invention. Lay this out in the tent, and the next day, a lot of
zombies may be stuck to it.

"Hawk Eye"
What a miracle! Now you can see in the dark!

Riding this makes you feel like whistling! You can even ring the bell by
pressing the R button.

"ATM Card"
You know, you shouldn't leave home without... It even works overseas!

"Show Ticket"
It says, "Section B, seat 3D."

"Letter from Kids"
A letter from the preschool kids to Paula.

"Wad of Bills"
A bundle of brand new, crisp bills.

"Receiver Phone"
Apple Kid's invention. Now, you can receive important calls.

A big, beautiful, and expensive-looking gem.

"Signed Banana"
A banana skin with Venus's autograph.

"Pencil Eraser"
Apple Kid's invention. It makes something blocking your way that looks like a
pencil disappear in just a second.

"Hieroglyph Copy"
A copy of a hieroglyph. Something important is recorded in the ancient

It can be sold for a very high price. Nothing happens if you use it. A good
explanation is kind of tough...

"Contact Lens"
It must belong to someone.

A hand-made Band Aid. It heals your wounded body.

"Trout Yogurt"
A fashionable treat for snobby, haute cuisine people in some big cities.


"Calorie Stick"

"Key to the Tower"
An old key.

"Meteorite Piece"
It looks like a plain old rock, but for someone who knows about it, it is
actually a very precious, unusual element.

"Earth Pendant"
It protects you from fire, freeze, and flash attacks.

When used during battle, this item resets the abilities of all creatures
(friend or enemy) to their normal levels. Any changes that had taken place due
to PSI and such is neutralized. It also neutralizes all shields (friend or
enemy) that were in effect. (Remember, the abilities that I am talking about
are Offense, Defense, Guts, etc.)

"Sound Stone"
If you touch this to your forehead and concentrate on your thoughts, Your
Sanctuary melodies can be heard.

"Exit Mouse"
If you use this in a dungeon or some such place, the mouse brings you back to
the place where you entered. It's a very smart mouse.

"Gelato de Resort"
Ice cream that is all the rage among fashionable, young women.

When used during battle, it bites the enemy and disappears. It may also
poison the enemy.

When used during battle, it bites the enemy and disappears.
It always poisons the enemy.

"Brain Stone"
A miraculous stone that enables you to "concentrate" without using your own
brain. This is accomplished just by your keeping this item. This is great
because if you can't concentrate, you can't use PSI.

"Town Map"
A handy town map. It can be used in Onett, as well as other towns. You can
view the map quickly, simply by pressing the X button.

"Video Relaxant"
What the hey is this?

Orange Kid's invention. The full name is the "Super Orange Machine."

"Key to the Locker"
A key to a regular locker.

"Insignificant Item"
It doesn't look like it would do much of anything, but...

"Magic Tart"
Recovers about 20 PP.

"Tiny Ruby"
An old treasure from Dalaam.

"Monkey's Love"
A gift from a monkey. It can be used during battle.

"Eraser Eraser"
Apple Kid's invention. It erases something that looks like an eraser that also
might be blocking your way.

A very strong-smelling dish. Those who like it go nuts for it...

"T-Rex's Bat"

"Big League Bat"
Wow! Look at the pine tar! It's almost all the way to the end!

"Ultimate Bat"

"Double Beam"

"Platinum Band"

"Diamond Band"

"Defense Ribbon"
When equipped, Luck is increased.

"Talisman Ribbon"
When equipped, Luck is increased.

"Saturn Ribbon"
When equipped, Luck is increased. Same as the one that Mr. Saturn wears on his

"Coin of Silence"

"Charm Coin"

"Cup of Noodles"
You know what this is...

"Skip Sandwich"
Gives you a spring in your step for about 10 seconds. It also helps you
recover your power a bit.

"Skip Sandwich DX"
Gives you a spring in your step for about 20 seconds. It also helps you
recover your power a bit.

"Lucky Sandwich"
It helps you recover your power... How much and what you exactly recover
depends on your luck!

"Cup of Coffee"
I guess it tastes good to adults.

"Double Burger"
100% beef.

"Peanut Cheese Bar"
It's one of Mr Saturn's favorite foods. It tastes pretty yummy.

"Piggy Jelly"
It's one of Mr. Saturn's favorite foods. It tastes all right.

"Bowl of Rice Gruel"
An everyday dish in Dalaam.

"Bean Corquette"
A croquette made with mashed chick peas, then breaded and deep fried. Gen-san
in Scaraba loves to cook this. Salt improves it and the olive oil gives it a
wonderful flavor.

"Molokheiya Soup"
Molokheiya is a summer vegetable from Scaraba. It's high in nutrients, and it
has a light flavor that Scarabans love.

"Plain Roll"
I don't have a lot to say about this. I guess there are some people who think
it's good.

Broiled lamb's liver, etc. allserved on a skewer. Sometimes meat other than
lamb is included... that's what someone told me...

"Plain Yogurt"
Tastes okay in some respects.

"Beef Jerky"
Recipe for making jerky. Obtain some type of meat, slice it into pieces about
a half of an inch thick. Hang the pieces on a laundry line or something like
it and leave out in the sun for maybe 6 months... Well, that's what my recipe

"Mammoth Burger"

"Spicy Jerky"
Recipe for making spicy jerky. Obtain some type of meat, slice it into pieces
about a half of an inch thick. Season the pieces as much as possible, hang the
pieces on a laundry line or something like it and leave out in the sun for
maybe 8 months... Well, that's what my recipe says...

"Luxury Jerky"
A gourmet version of jerky that is considered a delicacy. It is created by a
skillful artisan who has been making jerky for over 60 years. Jerky fans
consider this the caviar of all jerkys. I understand that they don't dry
gourmet jerky on a laundry line...

"Bottle of DXwater"
Very expensive water, but almost the same as the water you drink in town. It
recovers PP a little bit.

"Magic Pudding"
Recovers about 40 PP.

"Non-stick Fry Pan"

"Mr. Saturn Coin"
It's not money even though it's called a coin.

It can be sold for a very high price. Nothing happens if you use it. A good
explanation is kind of tough...


"Cup of Lifenoodles"

"Carrot Key"
A special type of bunny's favorite carrot.

A deadly PSI attack which only Ness can use. It's a psychokinetic wave
generated by concentration that deals

Fire bursts from the fingers and a row of enemies take

Causes a very cold wind to swirl around one enemy,

May freeze the enemy completely.

You may miss when there are few enemies. Eliminates a psychic or psychic
power shield.

It generates a strong flash and can make the enemy start crying

The method of "shaking off the stars" which Poo learned in his training.

Decreases by one half the amount of damage caused by an enemy's hit.

Decreases by one half the damage caused by an enemy's hit. The damage that
was blocked is then dealt back to the enemy.

It can block an enemy's PSI attack.

It reflects an enemy's PSI attack back to the attacker.

"numbed" condition.

Makes the target feel strange.

Allows you to immediately return to a place where you have already been.

It is most effective if you use this power multiple times to "layer" the

It may not be so effective against some enemies.

A cute teddy bear!

That genius Jeff should be able to fix it sometime.

can equip this weapon.

It protects you from paralysis attacks.

Must be equipped on your body.

Must be equipped on your arm. It increases your Defense.

Helps keep you from being hypnotized, and it also increases your Luck.

Must be equipped as "other."

Increases your Defense and Luck.

Miscellaneous equipment that can only be used by Paula.

Miscellaneous equipment that can only be used by Poo.

When eaten, you recover about

If you drink this, you recover about HP.

In addition, it also works well on poison, nausea, colds, sunstroke, falling
asleep, uncontrollable crying, and feeling strange.

This is effective when you have paralysis, or you have been diamondized.

To use, sprinkle over food. A good combination increases the strength of your

Can be used many times.

Gone after one use.

Items for Jeff.

Damages an enemy when used during battle.

When equipped, it increases your Luck.

No, I don't want any mummy bandages! No soliciting allowed please!

I've never seen you around here. What do you want? I do not have anything you
would want.

Did you come from Toto by ship? There's a scary monster in the sea... ...Did
you beat him? Or did you escape? Either way, you are fantastic!

Snakes are so unpleasant, but so cute... Oh, I don't know what I may be

Should I keep a snake at home? Perhaps I should "asp" an expert.

Poisonous snakes cost more.

Why woulda fine young like you need one?

The Snake Bag can hold live snakes! There are snakes in the sack! Please, it
is a very useful item! Shall you buy one? I am humbly offering it to you...
You are afraid of snakes, are you not? Heh heh heh.

That is 290 dollars, kind .

I'll give you a discount as the sack has a hole in it. (Snake sack dealer
marked the price down to 98 dollars from 290 dollars.)

Without any money, I cannot sell to you..

Since you have too many items, I humbly keep this important Snake Bag.

I bought a "Piggy Nose." This will help out a large amount while I am humbly
searching for the Magic truffle in the Deep Darkness. You too can learn how to
use a Piggy Nose with the "Use" command under "Goods." So please rest easy.

Oh, you have the mark of bad luck on your face... No... Don't worry... If you
want to know, I'll humbly tell you. "You shall come back here... After you
have encountered a dangerous situation." However, I may be wrong, and if so...
a thousand pardons.

Oh! You have the mark of bad luck on your face... Yet, I could be wrong, as
you didn't wash your face lately.

In the pyramid there's hidden treasure. My husband was looking for it. Before
he found it... he slipped on a banana peel. ...So he gave up the search.

The Tenda tribe used to live here. They went to the back of the Deep Darkness
as they were too innocent. I wonder if they are still alive.

If you're going to the Pyramid, prepare well, and be ready for whatever may

Well done. You have made it!

We finally meet, Prince Poo.

The stars foretold that I would meet you here... So, now it's the time to show
you the way of the Starstorm... For a while, you must live far away from your
friends and live with me. Do you understand? ...There's only one answer. I
must stop you here even if you don't want to. Stay with me for a while, do you

It depends on Poo's efforts. That will determine the reuniting of the group.
Be faithful, and wait until the time comes!

I'm doing this as a hobby. Isn't it cool? I recently made a friend. He used
to be a Dungeon Maker. And now he's a "Dungeon Man." Would you like to meet
I understand, he is a very strange fellow.

All righty then, I'll give you the key so that you can enter him. Oh no... I
don't have it! I must have lost it somewhere. I'm sorry, I don't worry about
small things.

I stayed here the whole time you were gone. But now I don't know why I did.

I am not sure if it was the "Dungeon Man," but... there is a strange looking
tower to the northwest. ...This key I picked up a little while ago shall maybe
open the tower. You may have it, I do not need it.

I'm not sure if it was the "Dungeon Man"... There's a strange looking tower to
the northwest.

...But it seems that you have too many things.

(Looks like you could enter, but it's locked.)

(The key worked to open the door. You may enter.)

(The key doesn't fit!)

(The door's already opened.)

A scary place called Deep Darkness is on the other side of the river. The
monsters are very strong and you can lose your health just by wandering in the
swamp. Do you want to cross the river, even though you know it's a stupid
It was stupid of me to ask. Let's watch the sunset over Deep Darkness together
from here.

The swamp is bottomless. Even if you're swimming, you'll be dragged in. It is
a different story if you have a submarine.

You returned from exploring the Deep Darkness? I cannot believe you made it
back alive.


Long time, no see. Mr. Jeff, we met in Winters a long time ago. I'm Brick
Road. Dr. Andonuts finally made me Dungeon Man. If you want, I'll come with
you guys for a while. The "Return Hole" is over there. Jump in that hole and
then walk out.

There's an old submarine at the back of the dungeon. It can be used to cross
the river. There's a "Goodbye Exit" ...over there. It will take you to the
submarine. Don't make a mistake on which exit you take. You need to take the
"Goodbye Exit!" Hope to see you again!

I don't know how, but my homemade dungeon helped you out. I'm glad.

"Goodbye Exit" Some day, you should enter with courage. ...Brick Road.

This path is closed. ...Brick Road.

"Good Night Bench."
May you relax and recover your health and spirits.

<party member>'s health is restored.

(Jeff checked the broken submarine.) Yes! It can still work.\

(No one can repair the submarine except Jeff.)

Oh, be careful where you walk. It's filthy. A chubby kid did his business out
here somewhere...

(Pokey's stink still hangs in the air...)

You need to be able to read hieroglyphs to solve the mystery of the Pyramid.

...I couldn't solve it, although I read it. Didn't you read the hieroglyphs at
the museum in Summers?
Well, that means that you must go back, read it and then come back here.
Then, you should be able to solve the mystery somehow.

Hassan's Shop ($ dollars acceptable.)

That face is mine. (Feel free to talk to it.) ...Brick Road.

Ness! Are you surprised? It's me, Pokey. I assist only the strong and able!
That's Pokey. You guys look pathetic! The Apple of Enlightenment has already
made a prediction. ...But I won't let what the Apple of Enlightenment
predicted take place. You guys will be beaten by Giygas. Giygas will be
stronger, a more powerful entity than any other! Why? 'Cause of me. I was led
by Giygas, and now I'm here. The Apple of Enlightenment couldn't predict this.
Master Giygas. No, Giygas is no longer the wielder of Evil. He has become the
embodiment of Evil itself... which he cannot control on his own. He is the
Evil Power.

Since I'm dealing in some pretty rough stuff, I can't run my business in town.

See you later.

See you... later.

I've got a wide selection What are you looking for?
<item>? Who's going to get this?

Do you want to equip it here?

Would you like me to buy your <item> for $<money>?

<party member> can't equip this. Are you still interested in buying it?

Ain't that the pits... I'm actually gonna have to wait for another customer in
this crazy heat? That's harsh...

If you don't have enough money, it's a waste of my time to even talk about
dealing with you.

You guys are completely overloaded. However, I can buy the stuff you don't
need. What do you want to do?

What are you going to sell me?
<item>? Let's see... How about $<money>?

OK. I thought my offer was more than fair.

Are you trying to con me? You've got nothing to sell!!

Sorry, that is an item I just don't deal in.

Hey, thanks!

Hey, thanks! Is there anything else you need?

So what's the deal?

<party member> has way too much stuff and can't carry anything else. Can
someone else carry it?

Hey mon! You got to expand your mind an' use this stuff creatively. C'mon,
buy some of my junk!

Take care, mon!

A scientific mon might be able to make good use of this here thing...

So, what would you like, mon?
<item>? Who's goin' to take it?

Thank you, mon. Do you want to equip that here then?

Would you be liking me to buy your <item> for $<money>?

<party member> cannot equip this here thing. Are you still willing to buy it?

Ah, I see mon. That's too bad.

Ah, mon, you are short of the green stuff, if you know what I mean, mon.

Well, you're straining with too many things now. I'll buy the things you don't
need, mon.

What is it you want to sell?
<item>? Oh, I can give you about $<money>, OK?

Not goin' to go for it, eh mon? No problem.

But look, you don't have any things to sell!

Hold on, mon. We don't carry that kind of stuff.

Thanks a lot, mon.

There you go. Thanks a lot, mon. Is there anything else you need, mon?

Lay it on me.

Oh, <party member> has too many things already. Won't one of your friends
carry it for you?

Hi! This shop specializes in puddings and pendants! You'd like to buy some,
wouldn't you?

Thank you so much!

Please come back soon!

What do you want to buy?!
<item>? OK, who's going to carry it?!

Oh, thank you! Do you want to equip it in the store?!

Shall I buy your <item> for $<money>?

But <party member> will not be able to equip this?! Do you still want to buy

Please hurry back!

Shame on you! You don't have enough money!

You've got too much stuff already! How about selling me some of the things you
don't need?!

OK, what do you want to sell?!
<item>? I can buy that for $<money>. Is it a deal?!

Please come again!

Uhhh, what's the deal?! You don't have anything to sell!

Don't mean to rain on your parade, but there's no possible way I can buy your

Thank you!

Thank you! Can I do anything else for you?

What do you want to do now?!

<party member> has too much stuff! Can someone else carry it?

Hello. May I help you?

Thank you very much.
Please come again.

What shall I get you?

<item>? Who is going to carry it?
Please come again.

It seems like you don't have enough money.

You have so many belongings... You just can't carry any more!

Thank you very much.

Thank you so much. Do you have any other orders?

<party member> doesn't seem to be able to accept any more things. Can someone
else carry it?

Hello, may I take your order? (smile, smile)

Thank you very much. (smile, smile)

Have a nice day! (smile, smile)

What can I get for you?

<item>? Who is going to take this?

Please come again.

Whoops! You don't have enough money.

Ooops! You already have too much stuff.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for shopping here. Do you have any other orders?

<party member> seems to have too many things. Does someone else want to carry

I like to sell my goodies on the street. Sure, flies land on them, but in my
opinion, it makes them taste even better!

Thanks a lot.

Please come again.

What would you like?
<item>? Who is going to carry this?

Please come again.

It looks like you don't have enough money.

You are already carrying too much stuff. You should sell some things, or throw
them away, or just leave them somewhere.

Thank you very much.

Thanks. Do you want to buy anything else?

<party member> is carrying too many things already. Can anyone else carry it
for <party member>?

So, where's your mom and dad? You mean you kids came in here all by
yourselves...? Well, I can make your order to go.

Thank you. Be careful not to drop or spill it.

We are looking forward to seeing you again.

What can I get for you?
You want a <item>?

Whose order is this?

Please come again.

Sorry, but you haven't got enough to cover the check.

You are already carrying too much stuff. You can sell your stuff, throw
something away, or just abandon it. Then, come again.

Thank you.

Thank you. Do you want to order anything else?

<party member> is already carrying too many things. Can someone else carry it
for <party member>?

Hello! Would you like some seasonings to add to your foods at meal time? They
are really quite miraculous! Whenever you eat something, the seasonings will
sprinkle automatically. They come in these cute little packets and jars.

Come again.

Come again.

What kind do you like?
You want the <item>? Who is going to take it?

Come again.

Oh, you don't have enough money.

You already have the maximum number of things you can carry. You're going to
have to sell some things, or just throw them away. Then come again.

Thank you.

Thank you. Do you want to buy anything else?

<party member> is already carrying too many things. Can someone else carry it?

Hissss, I'm Red Snake... come on in! Kissss of Fire! Armpit hair fertilizer!

Yesssss, you got ssssome good sssstuff!

Oh, no... You dissssappoint me...

What issss it you want to buy?

Hisssss, here isssss your <item>! Who issss going to carry thisssss?

Oh, no... You dissssappoint me...

Oh, no... You dissssappoint me... You don't have enough money...

You are carrying too much ssssstuff Ssssell it, or tossss it, and come again!


Thanksssss! Can I do anything elsssse for you?

You have too many thingssss to carry. Can anyone elsssse carry it?

C'mon in! We've got the goods, G!

Thanks a lot, bro!

Mod-boy Jerk! You can't do me like that!

What are you looking for?!
Okay, man. You want the <item>?

Hey guys, who's going to carry this?

I'm with you. Lookin' for anything else?

Hey homiee! You ain't got the dough for this purchase!

Most unfortunately for you, you're carrying too much stuff.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, thank you. Do you need anything else?

Sorry, buddy! <party member> has got too much stuff already. One of you other
guys want to haul it for <party member>?

You must have a long, tough road ahead of you, do you not? No, there is no
need to explain. I already know... you must be hungry. This is good timing
for you. I happen to be carrying something to eat. If you want to fully
recover, there is a village full of... interesting people... just ahead. Go
there and take a good rest. I have heard that the name of this village is
Saturn Valley, but it cannot be found on any map. I enjoy helping those who
are in trouble. ...though I charge them for my trouble.

Please, by all means, come again ... Ah, I just remembered... There is a
village with many... interesting people... just ahead. You should go there and
visit. I heard that the name of the village is Saturn Valley, but it cannot be
found on any map.

What would you like?
You want the <item>? Who is going to carry this?

I see. That's ...too bad.

You... do no seem to have enough money.

You're already carrying too much stuff. Sell something, or just abandon
something, and come again.

Thank you.

Thank you. Do you want to buy anything else?

<party member> has too many things already. Can anyone else carry it?

Hello there! Welcome to my humble shop! How about some of our famous Scaraba

Oh well, please find a way to come again.

The sun is merciless today, so please take care of yourself.

We carry a variety of things. What would you like?

Here you go! Your <item>!

Who is going to carry this?

Oh? You're not going to buy after all? Is that right?

Oh, my! You don't have enough money.

For heaven's sake! You're already carrying too much stuff. Sell something, or
throw something away, and come again.

Thank you very, very much!

Thanks for shopping here! Do you want to buy anything else?

For heaven's sake! <party member> already has too many things! Can anyone else
carry it?

Out walking in the desert must make you very hungry and thirsty!

Thank you very much.

So, you don't want to buy anything?

What do you want?
You want the <item>? Who is going to carry it?

Oh? So you changed your mind and don't want anything after all?

You don't have enough money.

You're already carrying too much stuff. Sell something, or just throw
something away, and then come back to see me.

Thank you very much.

Thanks a lot. Do you need anything else?

<party member> seems to have too many things already. I don't think he can
carry any more. Can someone else carry it?

We serve water, rice gruel and those sorts of things.


Good-bye. Please take care.

What would you like to do?
<item>? Who is going to carry it?

You are not interested in our menu? I see.

You do not have enough money.

You're already carrying too many things. Sell something, or throw something
away, or just leave something somewhere, and come again.

Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Do you want to buy anything else?

<party member> seems to have too many things already. I don't think he can
carry any more. Can someone else carry it?

Hi, how are you doing? From the look of things, I would say, not so good.

See ya!

See ya!

Do you need anything?
The <item>...? Who is going to carry it?

So you're saying you don't want it after all...?

You don't have enough money.

You're carrying too many things already.


Thanks. Are you going to buy anything else?

<party member> seems to have too many things already. I don't think he can
carry any more. Can someone else carry it?

I can no longer make Magic Cakes... But it doesn't matter because now I'm
selling Magic Tarts, which taste even better than Magic Cakes!

You reminded me how much I love this job!

You reminded me how much I love this job!

I only have this.....
You are going to buy my <item>? Who is going to carry it?

That's too bad.

You don't have enough money.

You are carrying too many things. Come again when you reduce the number of
things you are carrying.

Thank you very much.

Thank you again.

Would you like to buy anything else?

<party member> seems to have too many things already. I don't think he can
carry any more. Can someone else carry it?

I sell water to those who are thirsty.

The price of things is determined by the relationship between supply and
demand. You kids are pretty sharp to be able to understand this theory so

Well, you'll die by dehydration! I'm warning you!

It's expensive, though!

You've changed your mind and want to buy some <item>? Who is going to carry

You'll be dead of dehydration! I'm warning you!

I don't think you have enough money.

You cannot carry any more.

I think it was a good buy!

I think it was a good buy! Do you want to buy some more?

<party member> is already carrying too many things. Can someone else carry it?

Would you like some bananas?

Thank you.

Well, when you want to eat bananas, I'll be here, selling them!

Hey kid! Do you want to buy some?
You want the <item>? Who is going to carry it?

You don't want any? Whatever you say.

You can't buy the bananas if you don't have enough money.

You cannot carry any more.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, thank you. I have more bananas... Do you want some more?

<party member> has too many things to carry a banana. Will someone else carry
it for <party member>?

Hello there! How would you like to buy some seasonings that go great on your
food at meal time? These are not just your average seasonings! Whenever you
try to eat something, the seasoning will automatically sprinkle on your food.
It's really almost magical!

Please come again.

Please come again.

What would you like?
<item>? Who is going to carry it?

Please come again.

Oh, it looks like you don't have enough money.

Oh, I don't think you can carry any more.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. Would you like to buy anything else?

<party member> is already carrying too many things. Can someone else carry

We 've got some really spectacular things!

Please come again.

You really should eat here!

What would you like?
<item>? Who is going to carry it?

Do you mean to tell me you are not going to buy anything...?

You don't have enough money.

You are carrying too many things already. Sell something, or throw something
away, and come back.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. Would you like to buy one more?

<party member> is already carrying too many things. Can someone else carry

Oooga boooga. (May I help you?)

Ungawa goongaloo! (Thank you very much.)

Woongu Goongaree! (Please come again.)

Wakka ungawa? (What would you like?)

Wunga Din? (<item>?)

Spoongawa goonga ugh!? (Who is going to carry it?)

Goongoo, woo woo! (Come again.)

Wunga woo gun woonga wakka!!

(You don't have enough money.)

Whoa! Woon woonga wakka woo!

(You are already carrying too many things.)

Ungaah, goon wakkawoo!

(Thank you very much.)

Wanga woon gawa din goo!

(Thank you for shopping here.)

Wakka gowoon din woo?!

(Would you like anything else?)

Ungawa ungawa ungawa woo! Wonga wakka woonga!

(<party member> is already carrying too many things. Can someone else help
<party member> out?)

Huff, puff, huff... wheeeeze! I ran here as fast as I could. I'm plum tuckered

What have you got for sale? Thanks, sonny. You certainly made it worth my
while to come all this way!

Oh, say it ain't so! And after I ran here as fast as I could!

<item>? I'll give you $<money>. How's that for a fair offer?

That's too bad... Do you have anything else you want to sell?

Oh, jumpin' jehosaphat! I don't think I can buy that. What else can you sell

I saw your sign. So, I thought I'd stop by. What're you peddlin'?

Oh, thank you so much! It was well worth the trip!

I can't believe it! After I took all the trouble to get out here!

The <item>? Hmmm... How about $<money>? How does that offer strike you?

My, my! You can't do that to me! Well, have you got anything else for sale?

Already got me one of those. Anything else worthwhile for sale?

Hi! Is this a tool shop? Cool! What are you selling?

Thanks a lot! It sure was worth it to come all the way out here!

Oh, c'mon! You have no idea how much trouble it was for me to get here!

The <item>? How about $<money>... Is that a fair trade?
You don't think so? OK, have you got anything else then?

Uhhh, I can't buy that... Got anything else?

Hi, how are ya? Is this a tool shop or something? What are you selling,

Thanks! I have to say, it was well worth my trouble to come out here.

That's just great! You can't do this to me!

The <item>? I'd offer about $<money> for that. Is it a deal?

Have it your way. Did you say you have some other things for sale?

I'm not interested in one of those. Can you show me anything else?

Hello! (gasp... pant...) I saw your sign (gasp... pant...), and thought I
should stop and buy something. I tried and tried to find it (gasp... pant...)
but no such luck. I think you should give this up and go home. If you took
your business more seriously, you would be more considerate of your

Hey Ness!

So, are you just gonna wander around wherever you please? Don't you think we
should focus on getting Picky home?


Oh! You woke me up... Pokey! I've been looking all over for you... You see,
Pokey got scared and ran away... Well, I'm glad that you're okay at least...
Let's go home now. I bet Mom and Dad are worried sick about us. Geez!
Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the real big brother.

wooooof! (If I knew this was going to be such a scary place, I wouldn't have
come along... I'm outta here!)

Ness! Do you hear a buzzing that sounds like a bee flying around?
Oh, c'mon... You must hear it...

Yes! You can hear it!

A bee I am not... I'm from 10 years in the future. And, in the future, all is
devastation... Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer, sent all to the horror
of eternal darkness... ..... However, you must listen! Where I am from, there
is a well-known legend that has been handed down from ancient times. It says
"When the chosen boy reaches the point, he will find the light. The passing of
time will shatter the nightmare rock and will reveal the path of light." You
see, it is my opinion that you are that boy, Ness. This I believe... .....
Giygas' monstrous plan must have been set in motion somewhere on Earth... If
you start to confront the enemy immediately, you may have time to counter the
evil intentions of Giygas. Three things are of the utmost importance wisdom,
courage, and friendship. ...The legends from the ancient times tell of three
boys and a girl who defeat Giygas. ...I will tell you more later. Go now! And
do not be anxious about the future. You have much work to do, Ness. Did you
listen to what I told you?
I hate to go over it again, but I guess I'll start over... We 'll be here 'til

Thank you for listening to my long story. You are as exceptional as I expected
you to be...

Buzz Buzz now joins you.

Ness! It looks like you're really in a lot of trouble this time... Three boys,
he said? ...Uhhh... I'm not one of those three, am I?... ...'Cause... I'm not
into this kind of thing at all... Geez. My heart is almost pounding right out
of my chest!...

I'm really sorry that my kids troubled you so much... Both of you are really
going to get it now!

By the way, I would be happy if you left sometime soon. I'm tired of your
family living next door. We 've loaned your father a lot of money. It may have
been a hundred thousand dollars or more... Well, I guess it really could have
been less, but because of the loan, my family and I now live in poverty!

My husband is much too lenient with the children. Oh well, nice guys finish
last. That's the story of our life...

Ayaaaeee! I think it's a dung beetle! I'll smash your guts out!

*Sigh* ...I'm so tired... nag, nag, nag...

Agh! *Gasp* I was... ...much weaker than I thought... So you must now begin
your adventure... see... you...

Oh, I just remembered... Listen to my final words...

To defeat Giygas, your own power must unite with the Earth's... the Earth will
then channel your power and multiply it... There are eight points that you
must visit. Make these places your own... Each of these locations is
"Your Sanctuary." One of them is near Onett. It is called "Giant Step." Go
there first... Do you understand?
...I see. I apologize. I guess I didn't explain it well enough...

All right. You are a very intelligent young man... and... Oh! The pain!...
Everything is getting dark... urgh!... *Gasp*... Before I pass on, I want to
give you something... It is the Sound Stone. You can record the melodies from
the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations into this stone. It is an awesome
item... By the way... I'm almost gone, but did you want to hear the story one
more time?

It's already dawn outside... But it doesn't matter to me. I'm fading fast...
Argh! *Gasp*

Oh, okay...

What the...? It seems that you have too many things to carry already... Since
you can't take it, I'll give it to your sister. In the blink of an eye, like
magic, she'll have it. Eeeyah! ..... It's already dawn outside... but it
doesn't matter to me. I'm fading fast... Argh! *Gasp*

Be quiet!! Don't get so upset!

Doesn't it seem like restrooms in bookstores and libraries are always crowded?

'Scuse me! Just ten more minutes, please! Show some self control, will ya!

'Scuse me! Just ten more minutes, please! Show some self control, will ya!
Sorry for keeping your waiting! Do you need a change of pants? Ah ha!

The Mayor is busting his butt with all the troubles in town, like the Sharks
and the meteorite... Hey, are you the guy who's trying to reform the Sharks?
Wa ho! Wa ho! Wa ho! You've got to be kidding! Scram!

Thank you so much for all of your help...

Show me what you got...

See if you can get past five of my best men...

Eeeeyah! Hey, smallfry! You must be shaking in your boots!

You're tough You should join the police force!

Your average policeman is stronger than any super hero!

Oh... you won...

Don't let the Mayor's compliments give you a big head... Bring it on, fat

Let's do this again sometime... Next time, I'll take you out with my nuclear
suplex attack!

C'mon! I'm going to take you apart right here, right now, baby!

Grrr... I lost...

That's it, buddy... You can forget about me, I'm going to call for my boss!

There is no way I can beat you in a straight competition, so... get ready for
my "Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts!"

I didn't think you would do so well against the mighty Onett police force...
You want me to open the road to Twoson? Hang on for a sec, I'll radio my staff
and give them the word...

*Beep, beep* ...*Click*... *Rrrr* *Click* Strong here... do you read me?
...*Krrrr* ...Hey!... ...It's me, Captain Strong!... Okay, listen, a kid named
Ness will be there in a few minutes... He's a kid in a red cap... I want you
to open the road to Twoson for him... I know that... I know that!... Don't ask
me why, just do it! That's an order! ...Strong out...

Well kid, I'm not going to question you now, but I do want to see you again...
Good luck!

(<party member> checked the bus schedule.)

(It looks like the next bus will come pretty soon.)

(It looks like it's going to be a while before the next bus comes.)

(<party member> checked the bus schedule.)

(It looks like the next bus will come pretty soon.)

(<party member> checked the bus schedule.)

(It looks like the next bus will come pretty soon.)

Due to hazardous conditions, bus service has been canceled in this area.
(Zombie Relief Corps.)

Danger! Do not stand in the street. (Read the schedule from the sidewalk.)

<party member>, we also have motel facilities.

It's a small house, but please stay the night.

Here, I'll give you this now... for sure.

Come on! You haven't got room again! Please take care of it right away.

This traffic jam is taking forever. ...Man, do I need to go... I heard that a
little ways ahead a herd of buffalo is running across the road. I can't move
an inch!

I feel sorry for the guys behind me, but I'm so bent, I'm leaving my car here
and walking instead!

I was going to see my girlfriend in Fourside... At this pace I'll be 100 years
old by the time I get there!

We sleep in the desert, so we're often mistaken for corpses. But a corpse
doesn't usually wear a bathing suit, right? ...Hey, stop staring at my tan
lines... Go away.

Annoying kids... What a group of brats!... Scat you little monsters!

(I lost a pair of contact lenses here in the Dusty Dunes Desert. They were a
momento from my grandma, and very important to me. If you find them, bring
them to me and I'll give you a reward. I'm Penetella Giovanni. Find me at the
Fourside Bakery, second floor.)

(Thank you, I found them. Thanks again for all your help.)

This hole's great! Good hole, good hole, good hole... First, someone asked me
to dig for buried gold. I began to feel like I was obligated to find it. Man,
am I starving. Do you have any food you can spare?

The humanitarian thing is to help people out when they're hungry. Although I
hate it, Pizza would work for me...

Seems like you have a lot of stuff. What are you gonna give me?

Thank you. If I find the gold, I'll give it to you.

Come on! I can't eat this! I'm still hard at work digging and digging. Hey,
wait a second.

You've gotten rid of the monster?! Good job. Ok, from here on, just let me
dig... You'll see, I'll find the buried gold! Before I start digging I'm
going to set a careful plan of action...

If we could just find a diamond even... It's a shame that a digger like me
can't find buried gold. I'll try even harder.

I've been watching them dig for a while... I wonder what they'll find.

They only found a diamond... well, you take what you get...

If they have a live broadcast from the dig, I can check out the dig while
relaxing on the floor.

I think he should dig somewhere else.

I have lots of work to do, but I can't seem to move. I'm so curious about the
dig. I can't help it.

(I'm a broken slot machine. But, the Sanchez Brothers and their friend are a
very cheerful trio... they will make you happy.) (Would you like to insert a


(You have no money.)

(I'm a slot machine. Can you talk to me from the front side?)

Amigo, you won a very big jackpot! Here's a big prize for you, amigo!

<party member> won a Chick as a prize.

Amigo, you won! A very big winning, I think! Here's a very nice prize for the
important amigo!

<party member> won a Skip Sandwich as a prize.

Amigo, you won! A very big winning, and you hit it! Here's the prize for the
important amigo!

<party member> won a PSI Caramel as a prize.

Amigo, you won! A very big winning, my friend! Here's the big prize for you!

<party member> won a Can Of Fruit Juice as a prize.

That's what I thought, but amigo, you have no more room. I'm sorry, but the
deal's off. Your pay off took the day off, amigo.

I'm big brother Pancho.

I'm kid brother Pincho.

I'm Tomas Jefferson.

(...I'm just a pile of bleached bones. I can't talk.)

(Even though I'm just a pile of bones, I can talk and I'm lonely out here in
the desert.)

(Why would you feel like talking to a tiny black sesame like me. I wanna
apologize to the white sesame that I hurt before . If I could just see her.)

(What? The white sesame still... loves me?! Weep, weep...)

(I heard that the black sesame I used to love is somewhere in this desert. If
you see him, please tell him that I still love him.)

(Really? You've seen him already? Was he okay? ...Hmmm, I see.)

<party member> spotted something shiny. It was a set of contact lenses!

You have no more room.

As sea monkeys live in the sea... desert monkeys live in the dessert. I mean
desert, not dessert! I am happy that there are animals in the desert, aren't

The truth of space and time moves through the universe like a wave... Truth
speaks through space and matter and makes itself known to human beings. I was
waiting for you, and you came. This was destined to happen. In truth, all is
pre-determined... Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo, when these four powers gather,
twisted space will bring back peace to the world. Do you understand? It
doesn't matter. Proceed as you wish. Open the treasure box and take what is
inside with you. ...Did you come in search of this? Someone left it behind in
this hole.

The adventure that lies ahead won't be easy. I'll give you a special skill to
help you move through space as you wish. Learn the skill from the monkey over
there... Would you like to learn this special power?
Ha. That's your prerogative. Be sure that you do not talk to the monkey, and
Ha. That's wonderful! Speak to the monkey over there.

You cannot carry anything else. Why don't you get rid of something you don't
need. You will need this, the Gourmet Yogurt Machine.

The truth of space and time moves through the universe like a wave... Truth
speaks through space and matter and makes itself known to human beings. I was
waiting for you, and you came. This was destined to happen. In truth, all is

You've been exceedingly patient. You've overcome many hardships. I praise all
of you for your courage.

I didn't have a problem digging until this... I found a maze. Lots of monsters
appeared, so I couldn't proceed. There's 5 big moles...! If I beat the
monsters, I can continue on. I think I have a bleeding ulcer from worrying too
much. I'm helpless to really do anything.

I'm one of the masters of this hole. There are five masters in all. We are
all moles, of course. I believe I'm the third strongest amongst us. Take your
best shot!

I'm really the third strongest master. I'll destroy you now!

My strength falls between the second and fourth strongest masters. Do you
wanna test me?

I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole. I'll demonstrate the power
of being third to you!

Ha. You've fought the strongest master of this hole, the second strongest
master of this hole, the fourth strongest master of this hole, and the weakest
master of this hole! I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole. Now
you see the true advantage of being third!

Ukippkyako Ukikiki? (Do you have a Skip Sandwich?) Ukii Ukieki... (I'll move
away if you give me one.) Ukiki? (Can you give me one?)

Uki, Ukyakikya (I won't move.)

Ukippu Kyako! (A Skip Sandwich!)

Ukki. (Lucky.)

Kikiki Kiki! (I wanna eat a Picnic Lunch!) Kikiki Kiki (If you grant my wish,
I might open the entrance.) Kikiki Kiki? (Will you give me a Picnic Lunch?)

Kikiki Kiki! (I wanna eat a Picnic Lunch!)

Kikie! (Great!)

Kikki (Hee he he)

Uki Ukikie (Doesn't it feel hot in here? My fur's all sweaty!) Ukie Kikukie
(Maybe you don't usually keep a Wet Towel, but) Ukke Ukiki Ukkikie? (if you
have one, will you share it with me?)

Ukie Ukie Ukikie (Anyway, it is humid in here.)

Ukokkie? Ukike? (Do you have one? Thank you!)

Ukri Ukrikie (It's humid here.)

Ukkkin Uki Uki Ukkin (Oooooooo..., I'm Monkonna. I wanna eat a tasty Pizza.)
Ukkyou kikinkyou (If you have some, will you give it to me?)

Uki Ukiekkiki! (You useless monkey hater!)

Ukkin Ukkikeen (Hah, Monkonna's happy.)

Ukkien (Oooooooo...)

Ukyakki KyaKye (I'd like to have a Protein Drink.) Kya Kya? (Can you give me

KyaKya Kyokyokyo? ('Cause I'm still a kid?)

Gulp, gulp... Bliekki! (Gulp, gulp... Bliekki!)

Kya Kya (Kya Kya)

If you have a Pizza, please give me one. ...Ukiki Ukkike (...Woops, I spoke to
you in the human's language.) Ukiki Ukkike (If you have a Pizza, please give
me one.)

Kye... (Darn...)

Ukki Ukikii! (Great, pizza time!)

Thank you. ...Kie ukkya (...crap, I used the human's language again.)

Unkikie! Uukiuki! (I love hamburgers!) Ukie Unkikie... (The monkey next to me
loves hamburgers too...) Uuu. Unkikkie Uki? (If you have a Hamburger, will
you please give it to me?)

..... (.....)

Unkikie! (Hamburger!)

Uki Unkinki Ukinkie (Truth is, the monkey next to me is my twin brother.)

Unkikkie Uuki Uki! (I love hamburgers!) Ukie Unkikie... (The monkey next to me
loves hamburgers too...) Uuu. Unkikkie Uki? (If you have a Hamburger, will
you please give it to me?)

..... (.....)

Unkikkie! (Hamburger!)

Uki Ukkinki Ukinkie (The monkey next to me is my twin brother.)

Ukie Ukikikie (I am Man K. Man.) Ukie Ukikikie (To me the most interesting
thing is the King Banana.) Ukie Ukikikie (What? Are you giving me a present?)

Uki... (Tight wad...)

Ukie! (Oh, I've died and gone to monkey heaven!)

Ukki Ukikie (I am Man K. Man.)

Uikkie Uiki Uki (Let's get to the point. Give me a Hamburger.)

Uiki Uikki (Ok, shove off then.)

Uikki Uiki Uiki Uiki (I'm very grateful to you.)

Uiki (Please take care.)

Meow Meow fss fss fssss? (What strange chattering for a monkey.) Coo Coo
pepepe. (If I eat a Fresh Egg, I recover some health.) Croak croak breeeeeep?
(If you have one, can I have one?)

Bow wow ruff ruff bark! (Fine, I'll just be a weird monkey.)

Gulp, gulp... Ukiki! (Gulp, gulp... See!)

Ukiki! (Monkey's true chattering!)

Kiki kikkeki! (Oh, I wanna measure something!) Kiki kiku eki! (But I don't
have a Ruler...) Kuki keikuki? (Do you have one I may borrow?)

Kiki Kikurek ki! (No measuring!)

Kikki ekruiki! (Finally, I can measure my own tail!)

Kikoke Ukike! (I can measure his tail too!)

Kyakyako Kyakie (Somewhere amongst all these rooms...) Ukkiki Kyako Kyakki
(you should be able to obtain Dragonite.) Ukyakki Kikiyakoke? (Do you think
Dragonite is really made from dragons?) KyokeKyoke Ukyokie (By the way, I'll
give you a Fresh Egg.) Ukyakyokyo Kiekyo (If you run out, just come back and
I'll give you as many eggs as you want.)

Kyokyukyo kyakie (You have too much stuff!)

Ukyako kyakki? (Did you find a Flame Pendant?) Ukyakki Kokekyakya? (Oh no, you
don't have to answer.) KyokeKyoke Ukyokie (Here's another Fresh Egg...)

Kyuie (One of my friends can use the teleport.) Kyu? Kyikki? (What? You've
never heard of it?) Kyukyu Kyui (Then, I'll give you King Banana.)

Kyu Ukyukui? (That didn't make sense, did it? But, anyway, I'm attractive,
don't you think?)

Kiee Kiee (You can't carry any more items. You've got too much stuff.)

Kyu Kyuii (We're born in the desert.) Kyu? Kyuikki? (What? You didn't ask me
about that?) Kyukyu Kyui kyukyu (You guys must be hard workers.) Kyu ukyukyoi?
(I'm not making sense, am I? But I am attractive, don't you think?)

Ukikki Rukikki (I love Talah Rama the most.) Waakikki Hoikikki (He's a friend
of the monkeys.) ...Uki Ukiukiukya (...Here's a song I madeup for Talah Rama!)

Kyakyakyaa Kya (I've been waiting for you.)

Kyakyekyai kya (I'll teach you teleportation.) Kyakyakya (Let's go outside.)

Kyakya kyekyi? (So... how 've you been?)

Hikikki. (Follow me,like this way.)

Kyakya Kyokyo (Ok, I'll do a teacher's demonstration.) Kyakyakya Kyakkya (If
you can learn this, you can go anywhere you've been previously.) Kyakkyaki
kiki (You can go there instantly.) Kyakki Kyaki (This skill can't be used in a
room or underground, though.)

Ukkie (I went to Fourside and returned.) Kyaakyakkya (I showed you the basic,
straight course, but you can also build up enough speed while turning, if you
have enough room.) Ukkikie (Ok! Why don't you try it, young man!)

Kyakyakyakya (Try again by believing in the monkey teacher.)
Kyakyakya (You don'tlike the monkey teacher?...)

uKI? (What happened to the boy with the red cap? I was only going to teach him
something.) Kyakyo (He's not here...)

Ness learned how to use PSI Teleportation.

Kyaho! (Great! Okay, the teacher is going home now.)

Kyai Kyai (Bye bye.)

Kukkukukku (Welcome!) Kikikiykki (Our paradise exists beneath that hole.)
Kuykku kikki... (Talah Rama is great and kind...) Kikki Kuykku (and he knows
everything, Talah Rama does...) Kikku Kuekki (He madeus the underground

Kyakkyekyaekya Kyikkya (Talah Rama is now fasting and) Kyakkyakyekyakya
(practicing silent meditaion, he is also abstaining from anything that would
make him sick or smelly too.) Kyapi Kyapi (Please don't bother him.)


(Dusty Dunes Headquarters for finding buried gold.)

(East to Fourside.)

Welcome to the Automatic Teller Machine. Please select a transaction
Thank you very much.
Your account will be credited $<money>. Thank you very much.
Invalid instruction input. Please try again.
You do not have that much money for a deposit.
This machine cannot accept a deposit greater than $9,999,999.
Your account has been debited $<money>. Please take your cash.
The requested amount is in excess of your account balance.
You are not allowed to carry more than $99,999.
Your account is currently showing a zero balance
You are not allowed to carry more than $99,999.
Please enter the amount of your withdrawal. Balance $<money>
Please enter the amount of your deposit. Balance $<money>
Your account currently shows a balance of $<money>.


Hello! Hello! Maxwell Labs here. Oh, hello Jeff! Would you like me to keep a
record of your journey?
You just wanted to hear my voice? Gwahahahahahahah!

All right, I have everything written down. Do you want to take a break now?
You've become such a hard worker! I've got to get back to work myself! Go for
it, bad boy!
I don't know where you are planning on sleeping, but have a good rest! Go
ahead and turn the power OFF, and have a good night.

Hello? ...Is that you, Ness? Why are you disguising your voice like that? Who
are you pretending to be? Oh, well. It's not a big deal. I suppose you need
to have a sense of humor at a time like this.

Ness? It's your dad.
I deposited $<money> into your bank account. Taking away what you've spent,
you should now have $<money> in the bank.

Well, exp to get to the next level,
<party member>...
<party member>... has already reached <party member>'s maximum level. That's
just fine, but...

Anyway, what do you need from me?
Nothing, really
Good luck!
All done. Your dear old dad was also thinking about hitting the hay for the
night. I have created a record of your adventure to this point. Good night,
sleep tight.

Ness, you like to work hard, just like your mother. But, I don't think it's
good to work too hard.

(Click! Beep-beep-beep...)
we're a great team, aren't we? Well, you should turn the power OFF instead of
just pressing RESET. All right?

Who is this?! Ness?! Do you have a cold or something? Your voice sounds
kind of funny. Oh, well. That's OK.

I hope you get over your cold soon.

Hi, it's your dad! To get to the next level... Ha hahh! I guess I don't need
to tell you this any more! ... Next week will be your birthday, Ness. I'm
trying very hard to be home for that big day! I'll be sure to get you a good
present! I've been following your adventures closely, but I want to hear
about them from you, in person. You sound a lot more... mature over the phone.
...Well, I'll see you at home, then. Bye!
(Click! Beep-beep-beep...)


<item>? Do you need anything else?

Select an item.
<item>? Do you need anything else?

Select an item.
Just to confirm, you're expecting delivery of the <item> <item> and <item>.
Is that correct?

we're not storing any of <party member>'s stuff right now.

Well, please start over again.

Hello! This is Escargo Express.
Oh, is that you, Ness? Big Bro! It's me, Tracy. I'm working part-time for
Escargo Express.

Hello! This is Escargo Express. Tracy doesn't work here any more Yeah, she
used to work here, part-time. Hunh? This is Ness? Tracy's big brother? I've
heard about the great work you're doing. It's an honor to talk to you, sir!
Oh, you're calling for a delivery? I'm very sorry. My wife is out on maternity
leave, so I'm taking care of my other kid. I decided to take some time off
from the delivery business. It's right next to the fridge! Put it into the
microwave... ...that's it. ...Sorry about that. I'm a little busy right now,
as you heard. I really would like to hear some of your stories. Zoicks! That
was the dog's food! *Crash!* Hey, hey! Now look what you've done! ...I'm
sorry. I have to go. Good bye.

What can I do for you?

What do you need?

Come again.

Please come again.

Well, come again.

You want us to store something for you? We 'll send someone over immediately
to pick it up.

Well, I'll pick it up personally. Who am I? I'm the president!

I'm very sorry. Our storage lockers are all full right now.

I'm sorry. Our storage lockers are all full right now.

You would like us to deliver something? We can deliver up to three things.
Please select the goods you want.

You would like us to deliver something? We can deliver up to three things.
Please select the goods you want.

We 'll send someone over right away!

I'll come and help you personally!

Hey big brother Ness, we don't have any of your stuff in storage right now.

<party member>, we do not have anything stored for someone by the name of
<party member>.

I don't think we have anything of yours in storage.

Hello! This is Escargo Express. I'm very sorry, but all our delivery people
are out, serving other customers. We can't take any delivery orders right now.
Please call back a little later.

Hello, you have reached Escargo Express. All of our staff members are
currently out of the office. Please call again. This is a recording.

Hello, this is Escargo Express! Your delivery charge is $18. You can cover the
bill, right?

Oh, I see. Please try us again.

Hi, I'm from Escargo Express. I'm here to pick up your stuff.
What do you want me to take? I can take up to three things.
Will there be anything else?
What do you want me to take?
Will there be anything else?
Which one do you want me to take?
<item>? Let me just confirm your request. You want me to take the <item>
the <item> and the <item>. Is this correct?
All right, certainly, thanks a lot!

Well, let's start again, shall we?

Excuse me. We checked your records and found that we are already storing too
many of your items. We cannot accept any more goods from you at this time.
Please contact us later when we may have space for your items.

we're sorry, we cannot carry more than three items. Please understand that
it's our policy.

You don't have enough money. Call us at another time.

I'm from Escargo Express!! I'm here to deliver your <item>, <item>, and

Your charge is $18. You can pay for this, right?

Well, I need to take these things back then. Is that OK?

Hmmm, what should I do? You actually don't have any money, right?

Okay. Call us again later.

Oh, you have too many things. Please call us again later.

I don't think you can carry everything.

Well, I'll leave just the <item>.

I don't think you can carry everything.

Well, I'll leave just the <item> and the <item>.

Ah, I see... You don't have enough money. Call us again later.

Hello! This is Escargo Express. (hee, ha, he, ha) I just (hee, ha, he, ha)
couldn't find your location... ...You must be somewhere really strange.(hee,
ha, he, ha) I've decided, honestly, that... I should give up. I'm outta here.
(hee, ha, he, ha) Sometimes this happens, you know?

OK, here we are. Thank you!

I think you should keep it. Do you have anything else you want me to take?

Oh, it's my line now? Ooops!

What the hey? Well, see you!

What do you want me to do?
Check out
Well, take care and I'll talk to you later!

Well, take care and talk to you later! Oh, I said "take care"! It just slipped
out of my mouth, just like I was talking to you when you were gone...

What do you want to store?
The <item>? Don't worry, I'll keep it safe.

Do you have anything else that you want me to store?
I'm sorry. My locker is full.

I don't think you have anything to store.

I think you should hang on to that.

What would you like returned?
The <item>? Take good care of it. Is there anything else you want returned?
I'm not storing any of your stuff.

I think you are already carrying too many things.

Do you need anything else from me?

I think <party member> is carrying too many things.

Are you calling about the delivery of the "Pencil Eraser"?

Oh, that's not what you want?

We'll send someone right away.

This is about the delivery of the "Hawk Eye"?
Oh, that's not what you want?

We 'll send someone right away.

Hello! This is Mach Pizza!
What would you like to order?
Call again!
Sorry, they are all sold out.
You want one small pizza?
You want one large pizza?
We'll deliver it within 3 minutes.

Our deliverymen are not available right now. We can't deliver any pizza for
the time being.

Our delivery men got tired and quit. So, we decided to close the shop. Thank
you for consistently using us for all of your pizza needs.

Hello! Mach Pizza delivery! Here is your pizza pie, sir.
That'll be $<money>.
You have the money, don't you?

I see. Call us again.

Thank you very much.

Oh, it looks like you can not carry any more. Call us again some other time.

Oh? You are a little short of cash. Well, call us again some other time.

Hello! This is Mach Pizza. (hee, ha, he, ha) ...You must be at somewhere
really strange, (hee, ha, he, ha)... I couldn't deliver the pizza. The pizza
got really cold and hard, and my legs are tired... I am going to give up and
go back. ...I hope I can find the way home... (hee, ha, he, ha)

Would you like to return something?

Oh, that's good. Please stop by again.

What do you want to return?
The <item>? We can give you back $<money>. Would you like to do that?

Thank you very much. Do you have anything else?

we're very sorry, but we don't deal with that product.

(We trust you. Feel free to shop here.) What would you like to buy?
How much do you want to pay?
Ness paid $<money> at the self-service stand.
Ness decided not to buy anything.
Ness did not pay.
Ness could not carry any more stuff.

Ness did not have that much money.

I like the Horn of Life. Give me the Horn of Life, I give you something. Look
at list.
Plain roll
Plain yogurt
Plain roll
Spicy jerky
Bag of Dragonite
Talisman coin
Hall of fame bat
Will you give Horn of Life?
Okay. I give you the <item>. You happy. I happy.
You not want? It Okay. Come again.

That not the one.

More Horn of Life? I satisfied. See ya!

Shhhhh! Be quiet! I look very important, but I'm not really..... I'm a cash
dispenser man. If you want to withdraw cash..... I'll charge you a handling
fee, which is the same amount as your withdrawal. So, do you want a

...I'll be here, so... Come back any time.

You have $<money> in your account now.
I have registered your deposit of $<money>.
Your cash withdrawal is $<money>, and the handling charge is $<money>. I will
subtract this amount from your account. Is that okay with you?
Your withdrawal is $<money>.

Okay... Please don't bother yourself with me...you should continue your

I don't think you can deposit any more money.

I don't think you have that much money.

I don't think you have any savings in the bank.

I don't think you can withdraw any more money.

I don't think you have that much money in your account.

I don't think you have enough money for my handling fee.

How much will you deposit? Balance: $<money>

How much do you want to withdraw? Balance: $<money>

You're a foreigner, aren't you? I am a world-wise Tenda. I was an exchange
student who traveled to a country that is known as an economic superpower. My
name is Ay-go Stikke. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Shall I loan
you some money?

I don't feel strange about it at all. Please ask me any time.

If you want to withdraw..... I will charge you a handling fee that is equal to
the amount of your withdrawal. Is that okay with you?

I don't think you've ever really gotten into bad trouble.

You have $<money> in your account now.

I have registered your deposit of $<money>.

Your withdrawal is $<money>, and the handling fee is $<money>. Is it okay if I
subtract this amount from your account?

Your withdrawal is $<money>.

It was a very good opportunity for the both of us. Please come again.

I don't think you can deposit any more money.

I don't think you have that much money.

You don't have any money in your account.

I think it's impossible for you to carry any more money.

You don't have that much money in your account.

I don't think you can cover my handling charge.

Hi! I'm Ay-go.
How much do you want to deposit? (account:$<money>)
How much do you want to withdraw? (account:$<money>)

The point overlooking the sea has beautiful scenery. It's over that away.
Such a beautiful place gets me all choked up.

You look so helpless. Are you okay?

You used to look much more helpless.

Rumor has it that the Sharks' boss is hanging out near the Giant Step.

I don't think Frank's a regular crazy and wild-type guy.

Frank's not in the arcade. He's in the hamburger shop smiling away...

This town is out of control. The wild boys are hanging out in the town and the
cops have really been cracking down on everyone. I'm considering moving to
Twoson, a town in the south.

The wild punks have calmed down, but I still don't feel very safe.

In this town, you're famous. I heard you asked a Twoson girl out on a date.
What's her name? You know, you have one of those baby faces that really
attracts the girls, you lucky boy.

If one of your friends becomes unconscious, you should visit them at the
hospital. You should check with the nurse receptionist, and she will release
your friend. It's a nice thing to remember, but it's all right if you forget.

Bow-wow! (Don't you think you'll be needing a weapon? Did you know the drug
store sells things you can use? ...I knew about it.)


Doesn't this house look good? You can buy it for only $7500! It has an ocean
view, and the sunsets are beautiful. Folks should have a place of their own.
Do you want to buy it?
You can't afford $7500? It was a waste of time talking to you.

Thank you. It's all yours now. Take some time and relax.

Hey! You've got your own place now!

Hey! You've got your own place now!
A house in such good condition can't be that cheap.

I must be the happiest man in the world. I can practice my trumpet in this
scenic spot. I'll send my haunting melody throughout the town!

Do you want to start a fight, or what?

I won't fight you since you're stronger than I am.

Do you want to meet Frank? You don't want Frank to beat you up, do you?

You look pretty healthy.

Don't talk to me! I'm on duty. Until I have Chief Strong's permission, I can't
let you through!

You're doing well. Keep it up. The "Town Map" can be checked out at the
library. You can also use the map in Twoson. It's really useful.

The road to Twoson is closed. You can't just squeeze through road blocks,
either! Onett is famous for roadblocks!

Hey, aren't you Ness? Well, I got the okay from Chief Strong to let you
through. Take care of yourself.

..... ...I'm Frank. You are? C'mon, can't you at least say your name?

"Fail-proof" Frank can't be beaten. Puff, puff, puff And this is "Frankystein
Mark II."

...This is my first defeat. "Fail-proof" Frank is now just "failure" Frank. I
know you've been asking around, so I'll tell you about Giant Step. It...
seems... to be quite a powerful spot. Some kind of special power is stored
there that allows certain people to perform wondrous feats. However... a
monster sucked up all the energy at that spot. It's difficult to get to Giant
Step. That's all I know... I suggest you collect more informationon your own.
The entrance to the path leading to Giant Step is behind the touring
entertainers' shack. Pirkle, the Mayor of Onett, has a key to the shack. Ness,
you've become stronger than I! Your adventure is just beginning...

You look much stronger. Would you like to rest?

Ness, you've become stronger than I! Your adventure is just beginning...

Ness, you're now stronger than I! Your adventure is just beginning.

What? You're a friend of Ness's? Ness is my friend, however I can't remember
becoming a friend of a friend of Ness's. Quit joking about a "Circle of
Friends" and go home!

It's you again... Do you really think you can beat Franky's "Frankystein
Mark II"?
Did you come here feeling not-so-fit? Don't even think of looking beyond me,
chump. Go! "Frankystein Mark II"!

Aren't you overconfident?

Hello sir, how may I help you? ...Uh... Aren't you Ness? After our battle I
became serious, and have been working very hard. I've even been doing some
training for... for... Well, a little bit of pro wrasslin'. It's the ring for
me, baby... So you made it back alive. You must have many stories to tell.
Let's get together for a drink, when you have a chance so I can hear your
stories. ...I'm talking about drinking mineral water. I'm still under age,
you know.

You finally got here. This is the first "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

...So Ness buddy, I've found proof of a great treasure... a huge haul... yah,
hah, hah... I'll show you, but you're the only one. C'mon.

If this is a sign of what lies below, I just need a little time. My destiny is
to find and dig up the buried treasure. I'll eat garlic and work out to help
strengthen myself. Go home now. You're getting in the way of my work. You may
start to get greedy thoughts...

Hey Ness, pal. There was a man who insisted that he buy the golden statue, so
I sold it to him. It's not that I needed the money... It's just that his
unbridled mania affected me. As you know, I'm a sucker for sentiment. Bye, for

Hey Ness, pal. There was a man who insisted that he buy the golden statue, so
I sold it to him. It's not that I needed the money... It's just that his mania
affected me. As you know, I'm a sucker for sentiment. Bye, for now.

I haven't been able to get my hands on the treasure... But when I do a job, I
do it well. I'm a man's man. When the game is over, I may be a hero. You
might ignore me now, but you'll see later...

Go ahead and laugh at me. But when I do a job, I do it well. I'm a man's man.
When the game is over, I may be a hero. You might ignore me now, but you'll
see later...

(The Golden Statue is glowing strangely...)

Hey, bro. Did the sound wake you up? Were you freaked out?

Do you think Mom will let me stay up late tonight? I can't seem to fall back

I can only help by keeping your items here... I support you whole-heartedly.
Don't get yourself knocked off. ...I will be strong while you're gone.

Someone's knocking at the door. What an annoying knock!

Hey bro... you're here for the Pencil Eraser, aren't you?
Oh, you aren't? ...I was ready to give it to you...
Here's the Pencil Eraser. What are you going to use it for? Sorry... I
really shouldn't inquire about a customer's private matters.

Hey, bro. You're here for the "Hawk Eye," aren't you?
Here's the "Hawk Eye." What are you going to use it for? Sorry. I'm not
supposed to inquire about a customer's private matters.

It seems you have too many items to carry!

What was that noise? Ness, you don't seem scared. Are you nuts? And now you
want to go check it out? ...oh ...okay. You'll sneak out of your room anyway,
even if I asked you not to. At least change out of your jammies before you

Be careful! Come home as soon as you can.

What was that noise? You don't seem scared at all. Be careful!

Welcome home, Ness. It's not necessary to talk about it tonight. It's late,
scoot off to bed now.
Oh, Ness. You don't understand the importance of a good night's sleep!

Don't you know what time it is?! Get yer butt home, pronto!

I want to return home, but the road is closed. People are taking this
meteorite situation too seriously!

Don't panic! It's just a... what?!... meteorite that... who?!... fell. I just
wanna... what?! ...go home...

Onett police are infamous for closing roads if something is going on. We are
going for the world record...

Did you hear the big bang? I think a meteorite landed nearby. I want to be the
first to see it. Okay? I am going to try to be the first to get there...

A meteorite has landed, the Sharks are running wild in town, you kids are
wandering around, and, I'm hungry... I hate my job!

It's dangerous to go to the hilltop. Even if I advise you not to go, it won't
stop you, will it?

Aaaaah--h... If I yawn like this... it looks like I'm goofing off.
Aaaaah--h... ...yes, it does...

Hey, you! Don't you know what time it is?

Clear out. Get out of my way. Clear out. Get out of my way. Clear out. Get
out of my way. Clear out. Of way out get my Whoops, my mistake... I mean "get
out of my way!"

Shh. Shh!

Nice timing, Ness. Will you do something about Pokey? He's driving me nuts.
Are you two friends?
You're not friends, but aren't you neighbors? C'mon, help me out here!
And you live in the house next to his... I see...

That meteorite looks different than usual. It's strange and marvelous... as
well as mysterious... ooooo!...

Hey, Ness. Don't be rubberneckin'. You're gettin' in the cops, oops... I mean
officer's way!

You can go home now. Tomorrow I, Pokey, will tell you more about the strange
meteorite. I'm fine here, but you're bugging the officers!

Oh, hi. Pokey, my brother, ran out of here to chase after a police car. He
said "Picky, you should stay home." So I'm home watching our house. Mom and
Dad aren't home yet. They went out to an elegant restaurant.

I'm so sleepy... Mom and Dad haven't gotten back from town yet. Pokey ran out,
and he hasn't returned. I'm thinking about going to bed.

It's been a long time, Buzz Buzz. You've been successful at foiling Master
Giygas' plans. But... Buzz Buzz, you must now surrender. You're no longer a
hero, but just a useless insect. I'll stomp you hard!

Whew!... I was taking a big chance there... He came from 10 years in the
future to kill me, so we can't relax yet! From now on, you'll be fighting
enemies sent by Giygas, as well as humans who have evil thoughts. They'll
definitely make trouble during your adventure! Animals are also becoming
violent due to Giygas' influence over the evil in their minds! It is the
truth, so listen!

(Please take my son along. He may look like a regular, small mouse, but he can
lead you to an exit if you're lost in a maze.)

(Will you take one of my sons along?)
(You understand that you don't need any money for this...)

(He's a tough boy. You can treat him as one of your items.)

(Oh, you have him already.)

(Didn't you leave my son with someone?)

(You have too many items. You can't take my son.)

(Trust me on the dark road.)

(Oooo. Do I get to come along too?)

(Please take my son along. He may look like a regular, small mouse, but he can
lead you to an exit if you're lost in a maze.)

(Will you take one of my sons along?)

(He's a tough boy. You can treat him as one of your items.)

(Please take my son along. He may look like a regular, small mouse, but he can
lead you to an exit if you're lost in a maze.)

(Will you take one of my sons along?)
(He's a tough boy. You can treat him as one of your items.)

Welcome to Onett Hospital. I run the place.

Ah... gotcha!! Sorry. I'm just a patient here.

Have I told you this joke already? Oh, sorry...

I was SMAAAAASHED by a mouse.

My SMAAAAASH wound will soon heal.

What? You're here to visit my daughter? So you're the one who calls her in
the middle of the night and talks for hours! ...oh, it's not you. Then why
did you come to this room?

It's you again.

(Treasure Hunter! This is Lier X. Agerate's house!)

(Looks like quite a piece of work...)

Do Not Enter

I heard there's a guy who stops to read each bulletin board he encounters.
Then he says, "check-a-roony!" Is that you?

Oh, oh... The road's closed again. It's Onett's claim to fame!

You've found an old magazine. Are you going to read it?
Good. That may be the best choice.
"My Secret Life, chapter three." (Story from the previous chapter.) I was
neither a murder suspect, nor a target for an international spy organization.
But I drove a car down the Jersey Turnpike at 80 mph. ...A police officer
pulled me over and asked for my driver's license. He said I was going 20 mph
over the speed limit. I instantly pointed to my wife and said "I'm in a hurry,
my wife is in labor." Fortunately, my wife actually had a big stomach. I hoped
he'd let me go with this excuse. "Oh, since it's an emergency. I'll lead you
to the hospital with my police car," he said. "No, it's not necessary." "Why
not?" asked the officer. "Uh... well..." "Let's get going," said the
officer... "No, no! We can't! This baby is a demon child!"

<party member> picked up the receiver.

<party member> picked up the receiver.

(The pay phone costs one dollar.)

Please insert your ATM card.

Nothing happened.

King joins you.

King joins you.

(Pokey joins you.)

(Pokey joins you.)

(Picky joins you.)

(The Bubble Monkey joins you.)

(Paula joins you.)

(The Flying Man joins you.)

(The Flying Man joins you.)

(The Flying Man joins you.)

(The Flying Man joins you.)

(The Flying Man joins you.)

Carpainter's lightning was reflected by the Franklin Badge.

But, you can't carry anything else.

But, it was empty.

Working through the night, Jeff fixed the <item>.

After being fixed, the <item> became the <item>.

Hello, it's me... your dad. I don't mean to butt in, but don't you think you
should take a break?
Like mother, like son... Ness, you are a hard worker. I've made a record of
your adventure. Don't work too hard, though...
Okay. Y'know, I'm feeling kind of tired myself. I made a record of your
adventure. Now I'm gonna hit the sack. Be sure you get some rest.

<party member>, you're a hard worker, just like your mom. Don't work too hard,
What a great adventure we had together. Please turn off the power.

Hello, Jeff? Oh, happy day! I finally got a hold of you...

Oh, Jeff!

Hey... Oh, no! You're not Jeff! I've got to contact Jeff! I know... just put
the receiver close to his ear, and he'll hear me... I know he will. Hi, it's
me--Tony. I'm collecting player's names for a school project. You know,
players just like you! That's right, you--the one holding the controller.
Would you register your name, please? Don't spell your name wrong!

Thanks, game player! Thank you very much! Is this correct?

I apologize for any trouble this may have caused you. Don't put my friend
Jeff in any dangerous situations, okay? I worry about him. I really do...
Well, talk to you later... ...Jeff...

It seems like you're not feeling well... Get better soon... I hope that I can
see you again when you are feeling up to it... From T-O-N-Y... You got that?
Well I've been on the phone too long... Gotta go... Good luck... Take care...
So long... This time, I'm really gonna hang up. Goodbye. *Beeeeep*

..... Ness? ... Ness ...Ness... I'm a friend who you have never
met before ... My name is Paula.

Can you hear me calling you? I am Paula... ... ..... ..... Ness! I...Paula...
I am Paula... Can you hear me calling you? Help! Come and help me! Um, I don't
know where I am... I can hear water running in the distance...

Ness, please help me!

You are a friend who I have never met before ... Jeff... Head south... I am
Paula... If you hear this message, go to the south...

Ahhhhh. Hummmmmm.

He he heh.

(This dungeon has no entrance fee. Come on in!)

(It looks like a doorway...)

Hello! Is this Mr. Fork of the Scaraba Cultural Museum?... It doesn't sound
like you... Well, I'll quickly tell you my story, 'cause I'm busy, busy, busy!
I found something so extraordinary that mere words could not do it justice.
What do you mean "who am I"? Don't you recognize my voice? It's me, Mr. Spoon
from the Fourside Museum of Natural History! Look Mr. Fork, I'm not
exaggerating this find! I'm telling you... It's fantastic!..... It's
outrageous!... *Click* Beeeeep

Do you really think this looks like a pencil? It looks sort of like some
primitive human statue if you look at it from the right angle... But it
definitely doesn't look like an eraser... does it?

Cows and carrots?... That's a nutty combination!

Ah, Ness... you've read it already. ...That Tony has a heart of gold...

Only Ness can absorb the power of this place.

Hey, hey!! Stop putting your grimy fingerprints all over my car, you little

Welcome to the very end of the world's longest traffic jam!

So... what?





You're annoying!

Dang me!

Yeah, yeah!

Ah, !

Hey, you!

Later days, pal!

Ah! Hah Hahhhh...

It's sooo hot today. It rocks!

Is it cold today?

Oh ho ho! See ya!

Here, get yourself a juice or something... *Ka-ching*

(Ness got 50 dollars.)

Good luck, ok?

Sorry to bother you, big bro... This is Escargo Express. I had a phone call
from a friend of yours recently.

She asked me to hold onto the Pencil Eraser machine. Do you know anything
about this?

He asked me to hold onto the Hawk Eye for you. Do you know anything about

Well, since you know about the item, I'll hold onto it for you. If you need
it, I'll deliver it to you anytime you want. Oh yeah, big bro... I'm glad that
I could help out you and your friends. *Click*

Escargo Express! "We treat your package like it was our only child"... I'm
here with your Pencil Eraser.

Here you are. Thank you very much!

You've really got too much stuff already. I hope I can deliver this to you

Escargo Express. "We treat your package like it was our only child"... I'm
here to deliver the Hawk Eye.

Here you are. Thank you very much!

You've really got too much stuff already. I hope I can deliver this to you

Yum yum... mmm... I'm eating a skip sandwich. It makes you want to start
skipping! I saw it on a TV ad, and I just had to try one. I'll bet I can
really move after eating this...

It seems like every bakery has been making lucky sandwiches these days.
They're kind of like fortune cookies, except you can win stuff. Oh yeah, and
it's a sandwich. Okay, so maybe it's not like a fortune cookie. Anyway, the
best thing that can happen is "recover PP." I just wish I knew what "PP"

Don't you think you get more food value out of 14 bucks worth of burgers than
8 bucks worth of french fries? You'll feel better and more energetic if you
eat better foods. You know--you'll recover more health if you eat more
expensive food.

The information on the back of the "refreshing herb" reads as follows: If you
catch a cold, if you're ill, or if you can't seem to heal, if you're poisoned,
if you're depressed, a refreshing herb is the real deal. I know, it seems
pretty iffy, but you should give it a try!

So Boing! You have 380 dollars, we trade Secret herb. So Boing! You have
1780 dollars, we trade Horn of Life.

That teddy bear they sell over there...I heard it helps in battle. I don't
know what they're talking about. It looks like a plain ol' teddy bear to

Woof! Woof! (I'm Ruffini the dog. I'm being possessed by the spirit of the
game designer... (RUFF!) Do you see the window showing HP and PP at the bottom
of the screen? When you go to a store that has equippable items, this window
will either flash, look normal or become black. If you are allowed to equip an
item, and it is stronger than your current item, the window will flash. If the
item's power is equal to, or less than your current equipped item, the window
looks normal. If you can't equip an item, the window is black. *Ruff* I
thought you'd like to know. Now it's time to become a regular dog again...)

Woof! Woof! I'm Ruffini the dog. Here comes the spirit of the game designer
again... Ruff! (You're finally almost to the end of the game. If you want to
tell me your comments on this game, you may write to me using Nintendo's
address on the box. Send your comments attention EarthBound, Ruffini the dog.
Now, get ready for the ending! It's all that's left... enjoy it! Bow woow wow!
Well, I told you some strange info again... I'll go back to being a normal dog
now...) Woof!

I'm cramming for the big test tomorrow. It's about games. "Hotel Rule" ...if
you stay at a hotel, you'll wake up with full HP and PP. "Life Recovery Rule"
...recovering your life will full HP, but zero PP. ...Hmmm... I bet this stuff
will be on the test...

I recently read a book titled "Our Convenient Society." It said that our
modern society demands that there always be an ATM in hotels and drugstores.
Just knowing that is convenient! I'm glad I read the book... I can't believe
I didn't know this stuff. I'll check whether or not we have an ATM in our

I read the book called "Our Society is Convenient." It said that these days,
there are always telephones in hotels and drugstores. I also learned that to
use a green pay phone costs a dollar, while the black phones are free. If you
weren't aware of this, all your money could get eaten up by your phone calls.
I'm glad I read that book...

I can't believe I saw it with my own eyes. I was staring out the window and
there it was, just fluttering there... I'd only seen it in the encyclopedia
before . What was it? A Magic butterfly! If you get close to a Magic
butterfly, all your cares fly away, just like a fluttering butterfly. Yep,
yep! That's the effect of the legendary Magic butterfly. I love talking about
it! Ooops! Sorry about the outburst... I got carried away with all the talk
about lovely butterflies...

(I am not your enemy. I am simply your average run-of-the-mill mole. Would you
like some hints on fighting enemies?)
(Ah, I see... You've already got a good grasp of how to fight effectively.)

(Listen carefully. My hint involves which way you are facing when a battle
with an enemy occurs. If you allow enemies to approach you from your back or
side, they may get a surprise opening attack. When they approach you this way,
your TV screen, no... no... I mean the world in front of you will show a red
swirl for a second. On the other hand, if you approach an enemy from the back
or side, you may get a surprise opening attack. In that case, your TV... Oops
again! ...The world in front of you shows a green swirl. The point is, try to
fight so that you always have the advantage.)

(I am not your enemy. I am just a plain ol' mole. You are certainly stronger
than you were while wandering around Onett. Have you ever suddenly gotten
the "You Won" message when you met a weak enemy? That's sure-fire proof that
you've become stronger. You don't want to waste your time fighting wimpy
enemies, do you?)

Hello... and you are...? Say, have you ever suffered from some type of
sickness or condition that you couldn't get cured at a hospital? For example,
being "Diamondized," where your head gets as hard as a diamond... Or...
"Mushroomized," where you have a mushroom on your head... If you're ever stuck
with these types of embarrassing conditions, we of the magic healing shrine
are here to ease your pain. We're ready and waiting... in the lobby of
hospitals all over the world. The person next to me is the great teacher of
magic healing.

I wish I could recover my PP just by drinking water... Even though I have
never seen him before , I heard that the prince can do that. I guess I need
more training... By the way, just what is PP anyway?...

I came to buy condiments... I wonder what would be good... The right condiment
makes a dish taste better, while the wrong one makes it taste worse. If the
condiment matches the food, you will get more power than if you ate the food
item plain.

I live rent-free in the mouse's house. The mice are known as "Exit mice." They
are very kind, and boy are they fast! I really love these guys!

I always feel much better after hearing my mom's voice over the phone. I was
really homesick recently, and my mom cheered me right up. You should call your
mom sometime. Believe me, those melancholy feelings will be gone before you
know it.

I have a lot of old, broken junk, but I hate to throw anything away. If you
have a friend who is knowledgeable about mechanics, that person might be able
to fix something for you overnight... Man, a friend like that would be so

When you buy an item that should be equipped, do you bother to actually equip
it? Heh eh, I gave a hint to my own enemy... I'm such a rockin' dude! I
obviously have total confidence in my own abilities. So... are you ready to
get it on, Spanky?

The Magic butterfly made <party member> relax.

"Hotel Onett"
35 dollars per night for a single room.

"Twoson Hotel"
50 dollars per night for a single room.

"Threed Sunset Hotel"
60 dollars per night for a single room.

"L'hotel du Summer"
150 dollars per night for a single room.

"Monotoli Grand Hotel"
75 dollars per night for a single room.

"Enrich Grand Hotel"
75 dollars per night for a single room.

"Hotel Dark Moon"
75 dollars for one sleep period for a single room.

"Great Southern International Resort Hotel"
100 dollars per night for a single room.

I escaped. Zoom! Buurp! Boing! Goody! Buuurp!

Hole "Milky Well." What this... Ding! Ding!

Grandma's gonna get better, huh.

I'm just enjoying being with my grandchildren. I'll be better soon. Do you
have grandchildren?
Yes, yes... you seem a little young for that...

Oh? At your age? Oh... the youth of today shock me... My lands...

Ah, Jeff, I just dreamt that you and I were taking a walk. ...What's wrong?

Jeff and Tony. You startled me. Are you looking for a late night snack? I'm
having some trouble with my project. If only Jeff's father, Dr. Andonuts, were
here. He'd be able to provide a great deal of help. I heard he's an
astounding person. He was the first leader of our Ultra Science Club... I
heard he's greater than Einstein or Heisenberg. Rumor has it he's also very
strange. If you're heading to the locker room, take this key along. It's a
little bent though.

If you leave, call me, and I'll record your adventure. It's like saving the
game. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Hah, ha, ha. The key didn't work, did it? I thought that might be the case.
So I just invented the... "Machine that Opens Doors, especially when you have
a slightly bad key." Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are Dr. Andonut's son, you should be able to repair small tools and
make them useful. Just try to keep a positive attitude.

Seems like you're trying to carry too much. You aren't able to carry the key.
Hah, ha, ha What a greedy guy! Hah, ha, ha.

If you leave, call me, and I'll record your adventure. It's like saving a
game. Ha, ha, ha.

There's a monkey at the entrance. Take the monkey. He's really noisy. If you
buy a pack of bubble gum, you can have the monkey for free. Otherwise, he will
cost you a buck. So, do you want him?

You absolutely, positively should buy him. You know what I mean?

Thanks! The monkey's yours.

What? You don't even have a buck? Then, I'll let you have the monkey for free.

Here's a pack of bubble gum. Don't forget to take the monkey.

Oh, oh, you can't carry anything else. Why don't you return after you get rid
of something.

Sorry, the bubble gum is sold out.

The bubble gum here is incredible. You should see the size of the bubbles I
can blow!

Is it cold outside?

Kyee Kyee! (Yeah!)

Kyu Ukyee (Gimme some gum.) (The monkey got a piece of bubble gum from Jeff
and blew a bubble!)

I'm the cook for the Tessie-Watching club. How about some stew?
You're full, aren't you?
No, no. There's no need to pay me.

Kya kyi kya kyoo. (Give me some gum now.) Kaki kuke ko. (I'll take care of

If I find Tessie, do you think I'll get in the newspaper? I'm looking for my
15 minutes of fame...

Do you think my name will make it into the newspaper?

Do you think Sebastian's kidnapping will be in tomorrow's paper?

Mr. Brickroad, the dungeon maker referred you, right? And not only that...
What? Who? My son? Oh... I... can't... I can't believe it... You're Jeff,
my son. It's been maybe 10 years since I last saw you. I'm so glad you're
such a healthy boy. Uh, those glasses look good on you. How about a donut?
Ah... fine, fine.

Well, I was only offering... I'd also like a donut right about now. Have you
already checked out Stonehenge?
Well, at least I asked...
Well, at least I asked... Mmmm... mmhmm okay. By the way, why are you here?
Oh, I see. That girl named Paula must have sensed I was here. Ok, I'll try to
help you out. I'm trying to make a Phase Distorter that can connect two points
in space and time. It's still incomplete. I'll let you use another invention I
call the Sky Runner. It's a little bit old but it'll certainly help. When you
board, always listen for the message that comes from your destination. You'll
get there for sure if you listen to the message. The round machine over there
is the Sky Runner. What do you think? Isn't it neat? Get in! Let's get
together again in 10 years or so.

Oh! You surprised me!

You're <party member>, aren't you?

Oh, Jeff--it's you!

Oh, <party member>! Jeff wets his bed sometimes. But other than that, he's a
good boy. Take care of yourself and Jeff!...

Appokid? No, I've never tried it before , or, I mean, I've never met him...

A boy named Apple Kid called. I don't know how he got the phone number...
He's sounds very smart. Don't worry, he's on his way here.

The Bubble Monkey said there's a cave north of Stonehenge. I've known about it
for a long time. The locals call the area "Rainy Circle," but I haven't been
there. I wonder what's inside the cave... I uh, huh... I understand... While
you're checking out that place, I'll work on remodeling the Sky Runner.

Oh yes, yes. My co-worker, Big Foot, dislikes violence. He's such a nice guy,
and he loves people. He often shares his beef jerky with me...

Hmm... ...It looks like you found something out. I finished remodeling the Sky
Runner. You can leave for Summers whenever you wish. It shouldn't break this
time... Well, maybe...

Jeff! Long time no see. You've gotten taller... Oh, I don't have time to
chat right now. Tony's missing. I thought he was with you... He suddenly
disappeared. He's usually very responsible and leaves a note at least...

What? You're Jeff's friends? Good timing. Tony, Jeff's friend, suddenly
disappeared. I thought he left to go see Jeff... ...There is a good
probability that something is wrong.

You're right. we're here at "Lake Tess" waiting to see "Tessie." We're known
as the "Tessie-Watching Club"...

This is what we've been waiting for! Finally... it's coming out! ... *fart*
...'scuse me... Tessie is emerging!

I finally saw Tessie! It's like seeing a UFO. It emerged from the lake and
flew toward Stonehenge. ...It kidnapped one of my friends along the way.

I'm so glad I finally saw it. I'm so happy, it brings tears to my eyes and
makes my nose run. Boo hoo hoo. *snort* Boo hoo...

So, you've also been bitten by Tessie-mania. You're in luck. We may be able
to see Tessie tomorrow. I can't wait...

Maybe that whirlpool is...

Where are you, my friend? They came and took you away. Come back, Sebastian.
Hey, that's a Haiku poem!

I waited for you. I'm glad to see you again. You're back, Sebastian. ...I just
love making Haiku.

Why, hello! I wonder if there are any monkeys around! Y'know, they say that
Tessie is friendly with monkeys...

What a cute little monkey. Would you like a piece of gum? Maybe monkeys don't
like gum.

I can't believe that I was so brave...

Ki-kye-kye-kye-kiii. (Yep, I have some cheeeewing gum!)

Kya ke ke kiya. (In the monkey community, Ness is famous. You're such a great

Maybe it was too easy...? My name's Brickroad, the dungeon developer. I've
devoted my life to making dungeons. Well, by combining my skills and
Dr. Andonuts intelligence, I can become "Dungeon Man," the first combination
of human and dungeon in history. Let's meet again once I have become dungeon

...Would you like to get a good night's rest?
You don't want to rest?
Take care Come back again.
You don't look very bright. Let me explain. These stones are making a
pattern. It's called Stonehenge. UFO's often visit here. You must have seen
it on TV or read about it in the tabloids. Yes, THAT Stonehenge.

You finally got here. This is the fourth "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

(There's no response.)

I expected there to be about a seven percent chance that you would rescue me.
I just thought it was a good opportunity to meet Mr. Saturn. I also got to
meet Dr. Andonuts... See you.

What? You're looking for the book "Overcoming Shyness"? I returned it to the
Onett library. Please use the book to help the shy Tenda tribe. ...Anyway,
because I knew you, I had an incredible experience... wow! I was kidnapped by
some of Giygas' toadies!

Kidnapped Happy. Rescued.

I give you ribbon.

Too much. ...can't carry all.

Jeff, Jeff buddy! Oh me, oh my... You... came to rescue me! Pal!

...Oh, Ness?

...Oh, Paula?

...Oh, Poo?

I'm Tony. I'm Jeff's best friend. I've known him for the longest time.

Where's Jeff?

<party member>, you've altered Jeff's destiny. Bring back Jeff! Bring back my
friendship with Jeff!! Jeff Jeff!

I was scared, but I knew I'd be saved if I courageously just sat here and
waited long enough... That's what I thought, but I began to lose hope... I'm
so glad you saved me after all.

I was kidnapped while milkin' a cow on m' farm. I didn't think they'd git a
ransom by kidnappin' little ol' me.

This is the happiest moment of my life. No matter what happens I will live,
live, live ten thousand years. Thanks for all that you've done.

I heard that the wind is always blowing when Tessie appears. Ahh Choo! I feel
like I'm catching a cold.

Boo hoo hoo. Te Te Te Tessie! I'm fogging up my binoculars! Boo hoo hoo!

I wonder what Tessie thinks of me?

Sebastian, chum, was kidnapped!

Tessie may unexpectedly be living in the woods. I personally think so.

Tessie appeared again today and smiled at me.

...It's so shocking... He was such a great guy...

I heard a creature called Tessie lives in the southern lake... I don't believe
it! I think someone made a model and placed it in the lake.

I heard a more interesting story than the rumor about Tessie. It's about the
Cave Boys at Stonehenge. Many claim to have actually seen them.

I wonder if the rumor is true that the center of Stonehenge has an entrance
leading someplace. Some day, we should check it out.

I'm sleepy. I'll wash my face, brush my teeth, do my business, and go to bed.

If you're going outside, stop by and say hi to Maxwell before you leave. He
always looks out for the younger students. Maxwell is still working hard in
the lab downstairs. Anyway, these days there are many dangerous animals
wandering around outside.

The tame animals have become wild. Something evil is going on.

Outside there are many monsters I've never seen before ... I wonder what's
happening. You should stay here where it's safe. We don't mind if you stay.

So, why don't you rest here for a short while... Have something to drink,
perhaps some tea?
Are you feeling much better now? Good luck.

Are you feeling much better now? Good luck.

There's something... south of the lake... it looks like a research building.

It is of course, some sort of lab where they do some high-level scientific
research. I get the feeling that it is a very important lab.

I've been waiting for you. My master, Apple Kid completed this "Eraser Eraser
Machine." While he was calling you, he was kidnapped. He felt like
this...!!!!! I was there, but was helpless. Sorry about that. Anyway, take
this machine.

I think this is an important item. Get rid of something you don't need, and
come back for it.

Way to go.

I've been taking care of this place while waiting for you. I no longer need
to stay, since you have arrived... I'll leave for Saturn Valley as quiet as a

It was in Winters that we last met? I just got here. Tee tee tee.

Kyi kya kiko kree. (I saw you once before just for a second... You know my
fiancee.) Koo kya keke (My fiancee loves to chew gum. He went to visit Dr.
Andonuts' lab... but he hasn't returned yet.) Kye koko kikkya kekra, (I want
to go there so I can get him home, but without him, I can't cross Lake Tess.)
Kri kekko kya ko (I'm really worried that the mad doctor will use him in a
crash test.)

Ku kyo kika. (It's me again, that chewing gum monkey's wife.) Kako kyuka kre.
(My husband left me here to go play with Tessie along the shores of Lake

Kyakkro ki kyokke (Ah, Ness, my husband has been returning home late these
days. He says he's busy.) Kya. (I know he's out saving the earth, but a
marriage is also important.)

Kekye koo kikkro (Thanks for taking care of my husband the other day...) (Oh
yes, we finally tied the knot...)

Kooki kekye ki! (Honey, don't just stand there with your mouth open, say

Krikko kyakya (So...) Kekroo kyaki (You passed by a cave north of Stonehenge.
Don't you ever wonder what's inside?) Kikkyo kukru ki (Can't seem to stop
thinking about it!) Keke kike (Go and see what's there!) Kyoke kyakroo koo
(We're going to get out of here. We're still newlyweds, you know...

I'm so sleepy. Tony's birthday party is tomorrow. I hand decorated each
cookie to pass out at the party tomorrow.

Jeff, I can't believe you could do something so nasty...

Instant Revitalizing Device (In only a few seconds, this machine fully
revitalizes you, just like a good night's sleep.)

Since our imprisonment is now over, I want to start on the Phase Distorter as
soon as possible. ...Oh, I almost forgot to thank you. Thank you. Don't worry
about us. You've got important things to do...

Jeff just called. He's with Dr. Andonuts. The two of them may be able to
develop a new scientific theory. You've helped make a beautiful life for

...Jeff doesn't call me. Maybe he thinks I'm too annoying... But I don't think
so. Ness, did you tell him not to call me? ...No, I know you wouldn't do that.
If you see Jeff, please, please ask him to call Tony. Thanks!

You're much stronger *whirrr* than our intelligence indicated... We were not
*beep* prepared for that eventuality... The Prophecy from the *click* Apple of
Enlightenment may be true... but you must not *whirrr* underestimate us.

(Drug Store "Best Friend")

*Bloop* *Glub* Can't... last... much... longer...

Next *Bloop* Next *Bloop* Room...

*Glub* ...can't breathe...

Kay-o. Can breathe... *Bloop* *Bloop* *Bloop* Oh, no!

Oh, no... *Bloop* *Glub* Can't see anything... *Bloop* *Glub* Jeff!...
*Bloop*... Where... is... Jeff... *Bloop*

So, you're a Runaway Five fan, huh? What? Excuse me? No, no! This band owes me
a million bucks. If they break their contract, they'll be in deep doodoo with
the police. The police would probably say, "Hey, you guys!" or something like
that... Unless you're able to pay a million dollars on their behalf? You'd
have to find buried gold, or you would never be able to pay such a huge sum of
money. Ho ho ho... Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

(Thump, thump!... thump, thump! I madeso much money, I can hear my heartbeat!)

Ok? Don't forget. Life is money. I've lived that life. You can buy everything
but "love," "friendship" and "exp points."

Yaaaieeee!! That that that Diamond... you're going to pay with that Diamond?!
O... o... okay, th... that's fine. I'll rip up this contract. *rrrrrip!*
Don't tell anyone about the Diamond... Now the Runaway Five are free! ...You
should thank me. That Diamond is worth maybe... MAYBE... $50. So I gave you a
bargain. (Thump, thump... Thump, thump! I made lots of money...)

What, what, what? I can't tell what it is from this distance. Bring it closer!

Hey, kid... This is a restricted area. Back stage is right behind this door.

When Ness arrives, the Runaway Five told me to let him in. So please come in.

Ah, you're a friend of the Runaway Five... Did you come to see Miss Venus?
Come inside quickly. Don't let the other fans see you enter.

If Ness arrives, the Runaway Five told me to let him in.

Ah, you're a friend of the Runaway Five? Did you come to see Miss Venus? Come
inside quickly. Don't let the other fans see you enter.

Oh, you're just a little kid. I'm too busy right now to give you my autograph.
Maybe next time, little man.

Oh, you want an autograph? Okay, I'll give you my autograph on this banana
peel... Here you go.

Oh, and this is a bonus... Smack!

Oh, uh huh... I can't give you the banana 'cause you have too much stuff.

Oh, you again... Look, I'm busy right now. I'll give you an autograph next
time. Are you here to see my show?
...Oh, I see. Looks like you aren't too busy. Make yourself at home for a

Okay. ...Then, you should give me a big hand.

Again, we've been cheated by the theater owner. We're stuck here with a phony
contract. Oh yeah!

Once again, I've made trouble for you. This is it... we'll stop being so
naive... But right now, our fans are waiting for us. We 'll sing one more song
before we go. Ready? Okay, let's go! Thanks, boogie boy!

We know how to sing but we don't know how to handle money or women. Do-wap,
do do wop.

We owe you guys so much. Sorry.

We're so helpless. Really helpless, and hopeless... Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

To meet Geldegarde Monotoli, you'll need our help. I don't exactly know why...
it's just a hunch.

Do you wanna buy a ticket?
Please come again.

bucks, please.
Thanks a lot.

Excuse me , but your hands are full...

I'm sorry sir...

We don't just give away the tickets... you must pay 30 dollars.

Please have your tickets ready...

Boys and girls, ladies and gents... this is a very special show, the final
Runaway Five show here at the Topolla! Please, please, please don't miss this
once in a lifetime chance to see their show.

Oh, hi.
Are you enjoying yourself?

No kidding...

Thanks a lot. Please hurry. The show will be starting at any moment.

Thanks a lot. Please hurry. The show will be starting at any moment.

Bread in this town has a very plain, nondescript flavor to it. To tell you the
truth, I'm the owner of this bakery.

I was thinking "There's a tight wad born every minute..."

What? You came to deliver my grandma's momento, the Contact Lens?! Thank you.
Thank you sooooo much! It's our family tradition to keep things forever.
...Okay, I'll give you something as a reward. Here's my socks that I use only
for special occasions. I've worn these socks for just five years. There are no
holes, and they've only been worn once since the last washing. They stink a
little... but they're still good. Hey, don't refuse me here... I'm being

Please take good care of my socks... *sniff!*

This elevator is only for Master Pokey's use. It goes directly to the 47th
floor. Quit staring at my hips... why don't you stand somewhere else instead
of behind me?

47th floor...

This elevator goes directly to the 47th floor. All aboard! Just kidding.

Last night there was a solitaire tournament. ...I lost my shirt.... I'll
invite you next time. Hey, wait... Do you even know what solitaire is?

I'm an elite businessman who works in Mr. Monotoli's office.

I hope my salary stays the same. You don't understand. This is a huge concern
of elite businessmen like me.

It sounds like your lifestyle ...isn't something I'd be that proud of!

Hello, baby face. What brings you to the Monotoli Building?

Hello, baby face. What brings you to the Enrich Flavor Building?

Are you a friend of Master Pokey? It's okay to visit him here, but don't
wander around the building. Someone might be suspicious of you and take a pot
shot at you with a machine gun...

A lot has happened to me. I have to try and sort it all out... thinking is
tough for me.

Whoops... I was almost gonna beat you up.

When I'm off duty from my body guard job, I still have a lot of pent-up
energy. But don't worry, I won't come after you. Unless you're kinda itchin'
for a fight...

This elevator is going down. Look, don't stand behind me and stare at my hips!

Ground floor.

Oooo la la. This... this is my poor old friend... Ah... what's your name...
Ah, Pig's Butt... No, You're Ness's friend. Pig's Butt, you came here to beg
me for some money, right?

Pig's Butt... no no, Ness! Didn't you come here to beg me for some money?
Oooo la la. Don't you recognize me? I'm Master Pokey! Pokey! Get it? I'm now
Geldegarde Monotoli's partner, and I give him political and economic advice. I
heard there were some ratty-looking kids asking for Mr. Monotoli...

Was that you Ness? This isn't a place for the likes of you! Get outta here!
Now, loser!

Oooo la la. You shouldn't be satisfied with eating just some more <favorite
food>. You're so out of it. I've ordered "Trout-flavored Yogurt." It's very
popular among gourmets. Aren't you jealous that I get to eat such a
tongue-tickling treat? Ha! "Trout-flavored Yogurt"... Oooo, I can't wait! I'm
starting to drool all over myself just thinking about it.

You haven't changed much, Ness.

Have I met you before ? You're just annoying kids to me... I'm Aloysius Minch,
Pokey's dad. Due to my son's success, I now live the life of a rich man.
"Every dog has its day..." That's the perfect proverb to describe me! HA!
Haha! hahaha! hohohoho! GWA HA Ha Ha hahahaha! Heeha hehe haha! Ha hahaha...
*cough, cough, COOOOUGH!* Oooo... my jaw is tired!

Aren't you <party member>? Mr. Monotoli's maid, Electra, told me about you.
I'll take you to Mr. Monotoli's office on the 48th floor. Only you may go.

48th floor. A robot bodyguard is patrolling the floor. Be careful!

This elevator goes to the top of this building, the 48th floor. Enjoy your
ride, even though it's only one floor.

48th floor.

Get away from me, kid!

You won't get away from me, kid!

You might run into the maid, Electra. I wonder what your relationship is...
(smile). This elevator takes you to the 47th floor.

47th floor.

Are you a friend of the Runaway Five? Would an autograph be asking for too
I don't mean your autograph, silly.

This elevator takes you to the 47th floor.

Your Trout-flavored yogurt, .

Master Pokey's cool! He gave me something the other day, and said "this is fit
for a maid..."

Thanks for dropping by, even though there's nothing to do, honey.

Look at my skinny arms, thin body, and gray hair... I've become so weak since
I lost the Mani Mani Statue. I'm sorry I kidnapped Paula. I haven't done
anything to her. ...Paula is a nice girl.

Paula. Return to Ness. I'm sorry I've created so much troublefor you.

..... I'll tell you everything. The Mani Mani Statue creates an illusion. It
attracts evil spirits and weakens your heart. The power scared me so much, I
hid the statue in the warehouse at Jackie's Cafe. I often went there to pray.
..... Cryptic words appeared to me while I was in the illusion. Ness, your
name appeared in the cryptic messages. "Stop Ness, and do so by your own
hand." Or... "Don't let them go to Summers." Or... "Make sure they know
nothing of the Pyramid"... I don't fully understand the messages, but someone
obviously doesn't want you to go to Summers. ...Evil... Giygas... or
something... I could hear the name... Anyway, the evil side would be in
trouble if you visit Summers... Oh! On the contrary, you should definitely go
to Summers, especially because they don't want you to make it there. .....
...Would you like to hear the whole story again?
Summers is located across the ocean. Take my helicopter. I'll open the door
to my heliport.

You must go on! Ness! This is your destiny.

Paula, it's time we said goodbye. Take care.

Pokey took the helicopter... I hope he's okay...

(This bear won't attack you. He's stuffed!)

...Ness! You finally made it here! ...I'm fine. I believed you'd come and save

Mr. Monotoli isn't really a bad person. Take some time to listen to him.

Ping! Clankety clankety... Rattle, rattle dwourrrrr!... Squeeeek, tweet
tweet... CLANK!!

Secret code, please. Say your code in 10 seconds. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,

<party member>, ... Are you staying here tonight? Thanks for being so generous
with your tips... ...You never gave me a tip?... never mind...

Hey, you!... If you meet a beautiful, seductive woman who's looking for me,
tell her "hi." ...Anyway, I don't think a woman like that would be looking for

What? Does Mr. Geldegarde Monotoli come here often? Hello! Time to get up!!
It could never happen!... Well, actually that's not true.

Sorry about the other day. This sidewalk cafe isn't as profitable as it used
to be. This is just a hangout for the regulars.

Kids shouldn't be drinking espresso! You shouldn't be hanging around here.
What? Mr. Monotoli's here? You got that wrong, kid!

There's a loud noise outside. Must be the seventh inning stretch, and the fans
are singing "Take me out to the ball game" at the stadium.

Kids shouldn't drink espresso. It'll stunt your growth, stubby! And quit
hanging out around here. What? Mr. Monotoli's here? You must be thinking of
someone else!

Good evening, hero! How about an espresso?

I'm surprised you talked to an ordinary guy like me. I have no information or
items to help you out. Don't you think it's natural for a guy like me to be
here?! I enjoy the atmosphere here. By the way, let me quiz you. There are 5
apples. If you eat one, how many are left? 5 minus 1 is 4... so 4's left.
...Ah, it's not funny? Okay, here's another one... Master Pokey's maid
Electra is "maid" to order... ...Oh, puns aren't funny either...

I've been trying to think of some funny jokes... I scream, you scream, we all
scream for ice cream! Waaa ha. That's so funny! That should really make you
laugh. C'mon, laugh! If you hear any funny jokes, be sure you let loose and
laugh... Please... I'm counting on you to laugh! *boo hoo hoo*...

Hey, long time no see! I've thought of a new joke since before ... Knock,
knock!... (who's there?) Sawyer... (Sawyer who?) Sawyer doin' well, I'm fine,
too! Baaa ha!... ...You don't think it's funny? I really thought this would be
funny to you. Now my self confidence is TOTALLY shot! Back to therapy...

I was in the middle of a caffeine buzz, and I had to get to the bathroom fast!
When I got there, I accidentally knocked on the wall instead of the restroom
door... The next thing I knew, someone asked "Who is it?" and really surprised
me! Maybe I just imagined it?...

The hint that I gave you was critical to helping you win... Happy happy! We
rock! Ha.

I used to be Monotoli's employer. Then I realized his schemes made my company
go bankrupt. My house and land were taken away... Now I'm homeless... Monotoli
didn't used to be so powerful. I want to find out his secrets, so I'm spending
my time here, watching to see if he ever drops in.

I wanna say thanks. Monotoli destroyed my life... but I've decided not to
blame anyone. I'm having a wonderful time each and every day now. Thank you,
thank you!

You've brought the town of Fourside back to life. I appreciate it from the
bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Seems like it's just for decoration.

This one is locked.

<party member> opened the locker using the Bad Key Machine.
There was a <item> in the locker.
<party member> got it.

(The key is bent and doesn't fit into the key hole!)

(Unfortunately, there is nothing in this locker.)

However, you already have too many things to carry.

<party member> left it in the locker.

The door is locked.

<party member> used the <item>. The door opened.

It wasn't the right key.

The Suporma sang the song "Ode to Orange Kid." As soon as it finished, the
machine broke down.

By using the Insignificant Present, you had a very fruitful experience that
cannot be understood by someone who does not use something insignificant.

<party member> used the Monkey Love. All of a sudden, a monkey came along, and
pinned the enemy down with its tiny monkey body.

It smelled so unbelievably bad that you could not eat it.

(Dear Ness, How are you? Since you left home on your journey, things have
changed around here. For example, I don't have as much laundry. Also, we don't
seem to eat <favorite food> as much as we used to. I heard that you defeated
some universal evil character--what was it, Googi, or something like that?
Well, that sounds really great! I want to hear all the details, so hurry home,
okay? Tracy, King and I are waiting for you. Love, Mama)

(Dear Jeff, Everything's really going great here. I wish I could have gone
with you on your adventure, even just part of the way, but instead I'm sitting
here, waiting for you in Winters. I want to see you again as soon as possible.
 I can't wait to see your cheerful face. I bet your glasses are dirty... If
you come back, I'll clean them for you! Like I said, I'm waiting for you.
Yours truly, Tony P.S Don't show this letter to anyone!)

(Dear Paula, How are you doing? I'm fine. I fine too! So are me! Me also! Me
okay. Please come and play with us again at the Polestar Preschool. Oh yeah,
one more thing, bring us some presents ...if you have any. Sincerely, Your
friends at the Polestar Preschool)

You would probably regret it if you ate this now...

This phone only receives calls. You cannot make outgoing calls from it.

You'd like a hint, wouldn't you?
So you're telling me that you don't want a hint?
You're either awfully confident or $<money> is too much to pay.
Anyway, a young man like you is very unusual these days.
If you happen to need a hint, c'mon back!
I'm here all the time...

So you're telling me that you don't want a hint?
You're either awfully confident or $<money> is too much to pay.
Anyway, a young man like you is very unusual these days.
You say that you don't want a hint?
Well, so long.

It seems that the citizens of Onett have been harassed by those dang street
punks called the Sharks. I wonder if going and talking to Frank, the leader of
the Sharks, would do any good?

So, have you met B. H. Pirkle, the mayor of Onett? Mayor Pirkle's office is on
the second floor of Onett City Hall.

Go northwest. A traveling entertainer is having some trouble getting into a
locked shack...

You'reon your way to Giant Step, aren't you? Just be careful, the police are
pretty touchy about people, not to mention kids, going up there...

The police were here looking for you. Did you do something illegal? Head
south on the street in front of my shop You'll find the Onett Police Station.
I think it's best if you turn yourself in... no matter what you may have done.

Have you heard of a girl named Paula? She lives in Twoson, the town next to
Onett... They say she has some pretty spectacular supernatural powers. You can
get to Twoson by heading south.

Have you been to Apple Kid and Orange Kid's houses? Their places are south of
the Polestar Preschool. They are great inventors ...to be. They need some
financial help. If you help them ...later, for sure, without fail, certainly,
something wonderful will happen. Believe me, this hint is worth a lot more
than you paid.

If you go east from the bus stop, you will enter the Peaceful Rest Valley. If
you keep going east, you will come to Happy Happy Village. You should maybe go
there, unless you have something better to do?

You got a call from Apple Kid on your Receiver phone? What are you doing here,
so far away from his home? I can't give you any hints, but I'll keep your

Have you spoken to Everdred in Burglin Park?

Well, well, well... That's not good. You really should take the time out to
meet Everdred.

What? You DID talk to him? So, why are you here? Go back to the Peaceful
Rest Valley.

Have you been to the Happy Happyism headquarters at the center of Happy Happy
village? Do you want to go there? Or not? What? Why can't you make up your

Do you remember seeing a little mountain cabin on the way through the Peaceful
Rest Valley? There must be a cave in the Happy Happy village that leads to
that cabin.

This is my business, so I'm happy to have customers. But, don't you know this
is a crisis? You shouldn't be wasting time here. Anyway, I'll keep your

You know that Paula is in the mountain cabin, right? By rescuing her, you
actually rescue yourself.

Paula's father at the Polestar Preschool must be really worried. You should be
considerate of a father's feelings toward his daughter. He's only human,

Go and see Everdred, the boss of Burglin Park. Just trust me... you go see

The Runaway Five, the band at the Chaos theater, is up to their eyes in debt.
Could anyone pay off their debt for them?

I don't think there is anything else you need to do in this town. It's okay of
you stay, but it's really okay if you leave...

There's a tunnel northwest of this town. There are two guard zombies that hang
out at the entrance. They are actually pretty nice guys... It might be a good
idea to meet those guys... But it's quite all right if you don't... Though I
think that you really ought to go there.

So, how are you doin', kid? If you're tired, you should go to the hotel and

Do you know about that mysterious tent that appeared at the south end of town?
I don't know, but... it looks kinda... strange...

"Zombie Paper only works well in a tent." "After you set the paper in a tent,
go to the hotel and put your dogs up." What, didn't you read the Zombie paper

There's an underground path northwest of this town. Those guard zombies should
be gone now.

Saturn Valley is very nice! You should go at least once or twice.

It seems like you don't know what to do in Saturn Valley. The Mr. Saturn on
the second floor of the cave should be able to tell you a password to get you
into the secret base. Now that sounds like some handy info!

Mr. Saturn must have told you to wait for three minutes in front of the
waterfall. What? You don't know where the waterfall is? The waterfall is
actually named Grapefruit Falls. After you exit the tunnel that begins in the
Threed graveyard, go to the north. You certainly know about the cave to Saturn
Valley that is then on your right. But... You should not go in that cave. Keep
going straight north. You'll eventually come to the Grapefruit Falls. Then,
wait patiently for three minutes.

Oh, you've forgotten to get something really important. Be sure to check the
garbage can that is left behind by the Boogey Tent.

How about this for some extra special help--I'll teach you some great tactics
for dealing with Belch. Belch really loves Fly Honey, from what I've heard.
Therefore, you should use the Fly Honey during battle.

In the middle of Dusty Dunes Desert, there is someone who's starving. ...I
just sense it.

At the Topolla Theater in Fourside, the Runaway Five have booked a series of
gigs. This is just a rumor, but I hear that they've been snowed again and are
in some kind of trouble. So... If I were you, I'd go and talk with them.

At the Topolla Theater, the Runaway Five have booked a series of gigs. This is
just a rumor, but I hear that they've been snowed again and are in some kind
of trouble. So... If I were you, I'd go and talk with them.

If you happen to get weak, you should just go to sleep. This is basic. That
way, you can recover your strength.

The Runaway Five, who are now appearing at the Topolla Theater, got stuck
again because of financial problems. To help them, a tremendous amount of
money will be needed. Hey, talking about a tremendous amount of money, do you
know about the Dusty Dunes Desert? You should head to the desert to look for
buried treasure. It would be fabulous if you found it!

Have you told the treasure hunter in the desert that you beat five bosses? I
used to be a businessman, and I can tell you from experience. Reporting is

So, have you been out taking any walks lately? Walking is great. You know,
it's not good for you to always be riding the bus 'cause it's way too easy.
Walk down the road between Dusty Dunes Desert and Fourside. Especially be sure
to walk across the bridge. There's nothing quite as exciting as walking across
a bridge when you don't know the train schedule...

It's such a pity... The Runaway Five have managed to get stuck at the Topolla
Theater because of their debt problems. Why don't you go and talk to Miss
Fake, the manager of the theater? That diamond you're carrying should come in

The department store in Fourside has reopened after being renovated. People
say that they have a good variety of things, but the prices are a little bit
high. Have you been there yet?

Well... I'm not exactly sure, but it seems to me that... the top floor of the
department store is kind of suspicious...

Have you been to Jackie's Cafe? It's not difficult to find... the sign says

These days, young people seem to be so indifferent to what's happening in the
real world. It's disappointing that you seem to be indifferent about the real
world, too. For example, if you see someone lying in the street, don't you
think that you should really stop and try to help him?

Did you go back to Jackie's Cafe? There seems to be something mighty
suspicious behind the counter...

The monkey... got charred. Is he all right?

You should be able to find something out at the Monkey Cave in the Dusty Dunes
Desert. That's what I say... on to the desert!

The maid out front of the Monotoli Building is waiting for the Yogurt

I heard that you were asked to dinner by the cute maid at the Monotoli
Building. Lucky you! I envy kids like you... but just a bit.

It was a while ago, but I heard that a silver flying contraption of some sort
 crash landed in the graveyard in Threed.

In Winters, you've been to the cave north of Stonehenge, right? I would bet
it's one of "Your Sanctuary."

Do you remember that Dr. Andonuts had the sky runner? What do you say to your
going and giving it a whirl?

You need to make a reservation by phone to go to the Stoic Club. Someone in
Toto, the port town next to Summers, should know the phone number.

Try placing a call to the Strip... ooops! sorry, I mean the Stoic Club.

After you get into the Stoic Club, be sure to talk to the man with the
mustache at the back table. This is a pretty important hint.

People say that there is a Magic cake vendor on the pavement by the beach in
the resort of Summers. Oh yeah, "Pavement" means "sidewalk." Well, I was just
testing you... Are you angry? I didn't mean it... sorry!

Scaraba Cultural Museum... Scaraba Cultural Museum... Scaraba Cultural

Did you go to the second floor of the Scaraba Cultural Museum in Summers? If
you are lucky... you'll get to see the hieroglyph. ...Yeah, you sure would be

If you want to sail across the ocean, who better than to ask but a sailor?

After you've made all the necessary preparations, go to the pyramid. In front
of the pyramid, as the writing on the hieroglyph told, step on the round stone
plates in front of the sphinx, and draw a star. That was really too much info
to give out as a hint, wasn't it?

Deep in the pyramid, there is an item called the Hawk Eye, or so I've heard.
You shouldn't exit the pyramid unless you have the Hawk Eye.

I don't know if he's an enemy of yours or not, but the guy called "Dungeon
Man" seems to be waiting for you. Have you already met him before this?

There is a broken submarine in the Dungeon Man's tummy. Once the submarine
gets fixed, you can go to the Deep Darkness. Uhhh... maybe...

If you need to brighten up a dark street you use... Yep, that's right! A
flashlight! Oh... you don't have one? Actually, I knew that you didn't. Well,
what comes in handy is something that you, y'know, picked up in, y'know, the
pyramid... I forgot the name... It's that whatchyamacall it... ohhh... crud!

It's tough, but you have to keep pressing on through the Deep Darkness. That
way, you'll find the village of the Tenda. Don't give up yet.

Apple... Winters... Andonuts...

The Pencil Eraser makes pencil-shaped stuff disappear. What do you think the
Eraser Eraser machine does?

It looks like Apple Kid is trapped deep, deep, deep in the Stonehenge enemy

Well, usually you find books at the library. One who goes to the the
fishmonger and expects to find books is likely to get very embarrassed indeed.

To correct shyness, you should let that person read a self-help book.
"Overcoming Shyness" is probably the best... It was a best-seller, y'know. If
a whole group is shy, the leader of the group should read the book on shyness
to all the group members, and the whole group may get over shyness. Though at
least a part will certainly stop being shy. So, how many times did I use the
word "shy"?...

Oh, heeey! Have you have you spoken with like, the Tenda deep in the cute,
little Tenda village? Oh... my... gosh... Really??? Are you like, really
serious??? I sound like a y'know, teenage girl? Do you like the way I talk

There is a very important place under the Tenda Village.

Do you know about the talking rock in the Lost Underworld? You should listen
to what the rock has to say and then put it into practice.

Do you know that talking rock in the Lost Underworld? You should listen to
what the rock has to say.

Maybe ... where you should visit is Saturn Valley...

A very special substance is necessary to complete the Phase Distorter. You
know, I wonder if the site in Onett where the meteorite landed has something
to do with this? I say, go there and check out the site.

I have no more hints for you. You've done such a good job to this point. From
here on out... Trust your judgement, and also your luck.

Well, I want to thank you for all the times that you used the hint shop. It's
been a while since I first saw you... This is my final day in business. ..
.. .. .. .. Well, so long kid, No, no... Master Ness. See you again, if fate
allows it.

At the Dinosaur Museum in Fourside... A man called called Mr. Spoon has a
heavy mustache...

If you want to meet Venus, you should go backstage at the Topolla Theater.

An autograph with a banana! I mean, A banana with an autograph! You'd better
get this to Mr. Spoon right away!

Heck, since the door to the sewer is open, why not go all the way inside and
look around? I know the stink and the vermin could overpower you, but it might
make you tougher, too.

If you have the Carrot Key, you should go to Dalaam and give it to the bunny
at Pink Cloud. If you don't have the Carrot Key, you should go to Magnet Hill.
You should be able to find the Carrot Key there.

I'd love to give you a hint, but I can't think of even one. I'm sorry. I'll
return your money.

Oh, you don't have any money. Don't you understand? This is how I make my
living... I can't just give you a hint for free, kid.
my dear.

Now wait a minute, youngster!

That's it for today.

Do you want to hear the hint once more? This is a special service just for

There are lots of snakes and stray dogs around Onett. Is the mayor going to
let them just run around, doing whatever they want? I'm here to protest!

I work for City Hall, but somehow Mayor Pirkle bugs me. Let's keep this
between you and me.

We don't have any openings for part-time employees at this time.

Did I tell you that I saw a Giant Ant one time at Giant Step? ... Oh, sorry.
I did ant mean to spoil itfor you.

Some suspicious-looking kids are hanging out in the woods north of the
library. I wonder if they are members of the Sharks. To stop the spread of the
gang, someone should shut down their gathering places, don't you think? I've
started a movement that will stop all of the bad influences on the children of
Onett. I call it the "Fresh Breeze Movement." Hum de dum dum...

I'm really in a foul mood. Why? Because the Mayor doesn't like me. I think
I'll just kick back for a while. It just may take me a couple of hours to sign
this paper. *snicker* *snort*

Oh, aren't you <party member>? Is it a school holiday today? Have you done
your homework? Remember to brush your teeth before going to bed. Have you
been wetting your bed?

The Mayor's office is on the second floor. You need an appointment before you
visit. I'm going to have to stop you if you try to see the Mayor.

Look. I told you so...

Since you beat up the Sharks, you're the talk of the town. Mayor Pirkle is
waiting for you.

You look like someone who's going to do something big.

What was I thinking-- you did something really big!

Hey hey hey! I'm Mayor B.H. Pirkle. It's so nice to meet you. You beat up
the town bullies, punched them out big time, kicked their butts, bit their
heads off, spit in their eyes, and made them wet their pants. Then you forced
them to promise not to make any more trouble. Thank you! What? You want a key
to the touring entertainers' shack? For someone as great as you, giving you
the key could help keep the town peaceful. However, if you encounter a
dangerous situation, please don't ask me to take any responsibility. I'll be
able to avoid any responsibility, right?
I'm a very important man in these parts. Do you think I'm important?
Look, I'm the big cheese around here, and a brat like you should realize when
someone is trying to be nice.

You're such a smart kid... Here's the key to the shack.

Although it's small, the key is very important. You seem to have too much to
carry. Get rid of some stuff you don't need, and come back for the key later

Hey, what's-your-name! I'm so busy with my election that I don't have time to
meet with you.

Oh, Ness I saw a picture in the international newspaper of someone who looks
like you, but there's no way it was you. Maybe you'd like to study my city
management techniques so that you could become Mayor someday? Waha! Since I
returned peace to the town of Onett I was re-elected Mayor. Are you here to
Don't be so shy! A child shouldn't be so self conscious.

Thanks a lot. From this day forward... until the day I die... *sniff* I will
dedicate my life *sniff* to peace in Onett... *boo hoo*

In the next election, please give a speech supporting Mayor Pirkle. Hee hee

Since way, way back, you and I have been very tight. Pals basically Yahaha.

City Hall is to the east. You know, where the sun rises!

I moved here from the way, way, way away next town. In the next town, there is
the... what is the name?... uh... Polar Star preschool. The preschool is at
Paula's house. Paula uses... what is it called?... uh... magic.

I wanted to see you, Paula!

When you're in trouble, do you think you'd ever like to have a hint?
All righty then, you're on your own. Good luck!

Why don't you get a hint from the next house?

Mr. Lier X. Agerate, the treasure hunter, finally found something interesting.
I heard he will only show it to you.

The hotel is located to the west. I'm sad 'cause I only got this short

I wonder if "EarthBound" has been released yet.

Listen to this! I finished EarthBound!


Kids can borrow only maps at this library. Do you want to borrow one?
A man without a map isn't popular with the girls. Do you want one now?
Here's a map. Onett isn't the only thing on the map. All the info is there,
except for the info that isn't there. Pressing the X Button allows you to view
the map at any time. How convenient! You know, the X Button... located near
the top. Haha.

I suggest you bring a map along, even if you have to give up something else.
You seem to be carrying many worthless items.

It's not necessary to return the map now. Come back in the year 2001 to return

Please return our book "Overcoming Shyness" later!

That book's great! Study it hard.

...Finally, you've come to return the book. Seems like you finished it.
You're such a good boy. As a reward, I'll give you a kiss. Smack!

At "Giant Step" there's a monster guarding that spot from the outside world.
No one knows when the monster made Giant Step its territory. I wonder if he's
stronger than my wife...

..... ..... ..... (A man of few words. It's useless talking to him now.)

Oh, hi Ness. It's another nice day. What? You'd like the book "Overcoming
Shyness"? I've read it. It's a great book. So you want to overcome shyness
also? You should be able to find it on the bookcase.

Are you a friend of Ness?

Hi! Nice to meetchya! I'd really love to sit down and chat with you someday.
I'll talk about my adventure, and you can tell me about all of your mistakes.

Shhh! You're bothering people!

The truth is, I like to talk! Since I'm in a library, I'm trying to be quiet.
Oh man!

Recently, I sensed the presence of UFO's flying around... or am I just

These days have been peaceful. I miss the UFO's and monsters, 'cause they
haven't been around recently.


Shh! Shh! You're too loud! Try to move around quietly, Mr. Noisy pants.

I'm researching "Giant Step." It's located north and west of Onett. I heard it
possesses a special power!

Clap, clap, clap. When I see you, I get the urge to give you a hand.

I heard that around here, our doctor is No. 1. Hee hee hee...

When I came to visit my friend at this hospital, I somehow slipped and fell in
the hallway. So now I'm staying in the hospital too. This could be the basis
for a great, tragic tearjerker. Well, maybe not...!

I'm doing this because I trust you. First, let's go to the basement.

Ah! I can tell by the look on your face you don't want to hang out, do you?
That's all right. After all, we are not even related. I know you think I'm a
big liar but maybe I'll surprise you!

I'm doing this because I trust you. First, let's go to the basement. Ah! I can
tell by the look on your face you don't want to hang out, do you? That's all
right. After all, we are not even related. Someone like you should just hang
around that dreamer Gerardo Montague.

You're being vain, Ness. Life is... Not that easy. You just saved the Earth
from a crisis... Don't act so stuck up. ...When I was younger I too saved the
Earth many times. I live a modest life. That's the way it should be. Don't
you think a real hero is someone like me?
Ness, Don't be such a snob!

When you grow up, why don't you become my partner and we'll make lots of

You might think me a fool but when I do a job, I do it well. I'm a man's man.
I'll be a big hero. Ignore me for now if you want...

You've grown since I last saw you. You're beginning to look like a man.
You're so cool! I... I think I really like you. Well, you know what I mean.

You know what I mean.

Aren't you Ness's new friend? How could I tell? It's just a feeling! You
might have the feeling that Ness is around.

Hi, Ness! It's starting to get crowded in this hide out. I was considering
moving to Beak's Point. What do you think?
You're right. This space might be just the right size for us.

Do you really agree? Let's build a strong, sturdy shack.

I had a dream about you, and you were traveling with a cute girl. If the dream
comes true, say hi to her for me. After all, I'm single...


I maybe wrong, but I feel like you're being accompanied by a cute girl.

You... seem to be gaining self confidence or something... During your trip,
were you popular everywhere you went? ...I'm jealous. I wish I was popular
like you...

How did you find this hide out? Ness must have told you about it.

I'll give you my Mr. Baseball Cap, I know you've wanted it for a long time.
It's the best cap for someone really brave like you.

Ah! You can't carry anything else. You should either sell or throw away some
junk and come back.

I'd like to go on an adventure with you once I become a little stronger.

I'll give you my Mr. Baseball Cap, I know Ness wanted it for a long time.
Putting this cap on will make you stronger. Yep, yep, yep!

Are you Ness's friend? Did he ever talk about me?
Maybe he didn't talk much about his friends.

Oh! That's the Ness I know...!
Ness, I've been thinking about our gang's name. It's "We'll laugh about it
tomorrow." Do you like it?
...Okay. Laugh doesn't really mean "laugh." It means "chuckle."

My philosophy is "peace to all men"! Really? You like it? I knew you would

Hey, Ness! I was too busy to investigate, but I heard a child's voice on the
hilltop. I'm a busy man, but when I do a job, I do it well. I'm a man's man.

Hey Ness, hiya buddy! A meteorite fell down and went boom! It was a real mess
for a while. I was fine because I always eat garlic and work out to help make
my body stronger. However, the weaker citizens probably fainted. I also want
to tell you... whoops! I almost told you about my... Uh, by the way Ness, did
you check my billboard? I wrote the message myself. That's my real job, you
know... I'm a billboard guy. Why don't you check out my work?

Sigh. I wonder when the cops will leave...

Ness, buddy... I have something to tell you, and only you. Can you come visit
me later, alone?

Hey you, the board says "Do Not Enter." Couldn't you read it?
What a rebellious kid! Come to the Onett Police Station later!

So you just didn't want to read the sign, huh kid... Get yer butt to the Onett
Police Station later!

<party member>, I'm doing watch-out duty for the hideout. Can you take over?
You're busy. I understand.

Just kidding. Being watch-out is my job.

Ah! So you've realized that this is our hideout?
(Oh!... Hmmm) This is not a hideout!

I must totally stand out...

Ness, that rocks! Yesterday, I finally became a hideout member. Please come
back and visit.

I heard there's a big foot print on the hilltop behind this shack. I haven't
seen it myself... It's just a rumor.

Uh, huh. The big foot print is called Giant Step. What a way cool name!

Yep, that's the key! Hurry and open the door.

This shack was locked by someone from City Hall, so we can't use it. The
reason it was closed was 'cause a punk named Frank may have trashed the place.
What a drag. We can't even change our clothes, and hotels are too

Wow. You opened the door! All right! Here's a trinket for good luck. It's
the Travel Charm!

I decided that... you have too many items to carry, and are unable to carry
more. After you've organized your items why don't you come back.

Do you like traveling too?

A library is a nice place to learn stuff. I got a lot of info about
EarthBound. You can borrow maps for nothing!

What a cute, yellow backpack.

It's a good idea to talk to lots of people.

If she's in a good mood, a lady in the library will kiss you.

Hey! You have lipstick on your cheek.

(I'm not an enemy. I'm just a friendly mole. I'll tell you how to distinguish
between your friends and enemies. It's easy to tell an enemy just by looking
at them. Enemies look like humans with weird-colored faces. Beware of them.
However... you can't get more powerful if you avoid your enemies.)

(You listened to my advise and fought courageously. You rock!)

The arcade is full of Sharks. I can't play there.

Hurray! The Sharks are gone from the arcade! Now I can go in... Except I
don't have any money to play the games...

A girl named Paula lives in Twoson. Her mother runs a preschool out of their
home. I can't remember the name of the school, but I heard Paula's really
special. Why is she special? I forgot to ask. Oh, well...

Ah, it's you... I've seen you in the newspaper. Aren't you the extraordinary
girl from Twoson?
I see... Maybe you're not especially special.

"Can I have your autograph?" is an airheaded question. I won't ask you for it.

What? You want to meet our boss, Frank? He's in the backyard of the game
arcade, thinking about peace and love. You might want to visit him.

Hey kid! Do you wanna become a member?
Don't be such a snob!

Come back after you finish EarthBound!


It was you! YOU beat up my buddy, didn't you? You'd better just beat it!


Uh huh... Uh huh... You sound like a real whiner to me. Don't get lippy, or
I'll kick your butt!

You sure are strong! You got me, at least...

Spit spit spit Saliva spit spit Do you want some gum? Get yer own, twit.

To tell you the truth, I like drinking tea and eating fresh vegetables, but
that doesn't fit my super cool image. I guess I just have to accept this about

Frank has an incredibly powerful weapon. If you get your hands on it, I bet
you can stand against any enemy.

So you're a real Rambo-type guy? I don't think so.

Hey, I know your hard-earned cash is important to you, but you should call
your mom. She's probably got an ulcer from worrying about you.

The younger manager of this shop has a strange way of talking... Anyway, be
sure to pick up some items that would be helpful in the future, not just stuff
you need right now.

My land! Who could be knocking at the door at this time of night? Would you
answer it?

Pokey's waiting for you. You should listen to what he has to say.

Could you get that?

I know that the dog is unreliable, but you should take King along. The Cracked
Bat in Tracy's room could help out at a time like this... No matter what
anyone says, you're a courageous, strong boy. You're my very own natural born
fighter...You'll go far... Remember to "Go for it!".

But, I think you should change out of your jammies before you leave.

Yeah, sure, you're cool! Whatever...

Any friend of Ness is welcome in our home... I think it's great the way you
kids have been working together.

You're back! Don't bother yourself with talking now, you look too tired.
Mothers understand these things. Eat some <favorite food> and scoot up to

You're hungry already? Why don't you have some <favorite food>? Pokey, you
don't like <favorite food>, do you?


Good morning, sleepy bones! Are you ready to start your adventure? I'm so
proud of you! My little man is growing up too fast...

Good morning everyone! Are you ready for your adventure? I think all of you
are the bee's knees. Yes, I do! You are all so... cool! Yes, you're hip!

Oh, Ness! You finally showed up... There are plenty of creepy monsters
running around Onett now. The townspeople are barricaded in their homes,
afraid to go out. I'm fine... But I am a bit scared. Everything will be okay
if we just sit here quietly in the dark. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat
some <favorite food>?
I agree. It's not good for you to eat too much...

Are you more relaxed? Okay...

Wow, you've become such a strong, young man. I'd like to hear all of your
stories, but I don't want to annoy you as soon as you walk through the door.

I want to have a chance to get to know your little girlfriend. It's good to
meet you, Paula.

After all your chats with people you meton your adventure are finally over,
please come back here. The photo-man brought an album by. I'd like to look at
it with you...

Ness, could you get the phone?

Did you finish doing everything that you wanted to?
You'd better do everything, because once you start looking at the album, you
can't stop!

Okay! Now you can finally share your incredible experiences with me... You
did so well!

(I've got fleas sucking me dry, so I'm just going to lie still for now.)

(Besides humans, dogs also sleep at night. Why aren't you asleep?)

(Do you want me to go with you?)
(Oh, I get it. You just wanted to talk to me because I'm so lovable.)

(I guess I have no choice. Let's go.)

(I don't wanna go out anymore. I don't care if everyone thinks I'm a stubborn

(At this point, you guys just might be the strongest force in the world, don't
you think?)

(Other dogs haven't figured it out yet, but I know that you guys saved the

(I like being at home, relaxing quietly... Can't ya see--I don't wanna go


Ness answered the phone.

Hello, it's your dad. "Work to exhaustion when you're young..." Have you ever
heard of a weird saying like this? Just remember, I'm always behind you 100%
Don't be afraid. I know that you're brave. You can do it! Don't forget to
call me periodically during your adventure. I can make a record of your
progress when you call me. Oh yeah, I deposited $30 into your bank account. Do
you have your ATM card? Withdraw your money from any cash machine and buy
whatever you need. Good Luck, m'boy! I feel like such a hero! What? Well, the
father of a hero, at least Waha! Slam! Beeeeeeeep!

Hello? Is this Ness's residence? Is Ness around? Ah! You're Ness, right?
It's me, the tough business man! You remember--from the Deep Darkness. I never
got the money back that you borrowed, but, lucky you, I bumped into your dad
and he paid the debt for you. I just wanted to let you know. Gotta go
now--busy, busy, busy! Slam. Beeeeep!

Hey! L-L-Listen to what I've got to say! When I took Picky to the place where
the meteorite landed...

Oh! Good evening ma'am. You're looking lovely as usual *snicker*

Anyway, as I was saying, the police that were guarding the meteorite landing
left suddenly to deal with the Sharks. You know the Sharks, they're the local
ruffians, and they were really going wild. Suddenly, I noticed that Picky was
gone. I blame the cops... it certainly wasn't my fault at all. When my dad
gets back, I know I'm gonna get it... You're my bestest friend. Won't YOU
help me find Picky?
If you refuse me, I'll say something that'll cut you like a knife. Will you
come with me?
Okay, okay... I won't say anything to hurt you. Will you please come with me?
Ok, good buddy! Let's blow this popsicle stand... Before we go, why don't you
say "goodbye" to your mom.

Don't you agree, ma'am?

Before we go, why don't you say "goodbye" to your mom.

You're not taking anything on our big adventure? Why don't you look around for
your Cracked Bat or something?

Sorry about giving you this game-type advice, but you should equip your
weapon! Do you know what "equip" means?
It means "use" or "wear." You must equip items in order to use or wear them.
"Equip" is used a lot in games like this, but you already knew that...

Okay, that's good. Be sure to pay attention to details like that.

All right! You go out in front, and I'll follow at a safe distance. Let's get

I'll do everything I can to help you! Good luck on your adventure. You might
get hungry along the way, so here is a Cookie.

You can also leave anything you don't need with me. Do you want me to hang on
to something?
Be careful!

You have too much stuff.

What? The Sound Stone? I wonder when I got this from you? Let me give it
back to you...

Ooops! You seem to be carrying too much stuff already!

Goody! My brother is back! You've got a lot of catching up to do with your
schoolwork, *Hyork*! If you have any problems with your assignments, I'll help
you. Don't get freaked out. Did Escargo Express, my old company, help you?
I've saved some money, so we'll do the lunch thing sometime. You also got a
new girlfriend?

Your adventure must have been pretty good! Do you need help with anything
other than your schoolwork?
Okay, you relax now.

If you buy something from me, I'll give you a big discount, tee hee hee.

It seems like I'm always here... I hope you don't mind!

I'm so much more relaxed here... They never ask me "Would you like fries with
that shake?"

I want to tell you the story of the creature from the vegetable soup, but I
won't because I don't want to bother you with a story that has nothing to do
with your adventure. If I keep talking about unrelated stuff, you might start
ignoring important messages. It's important for you to talk to people. Also,
a person might give you a different message, depending on when you speak to

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me again. Ah! So you see what I mean!
It's important to take time out to talk with many people.

Yes! Keep the lines of communication open. Just like you are doing now.

Isn't it nice to talk to so many people?

I gave you some advice when I spoke to you the first time, right?

I like cottage cheese on bread! You haven't tried it? It's the latest craze
in culinary circles!

My husband is very soft-hearted.

Where in sam hill have you boys been? I'll have to think of a suitable

As usual, you're wearing your grubbies! So, what do you want? My son isn't at
home now. He's walking around somewhere. My husband is also gone. Oh yes,
this is Mr. Prettyman. He always has great advice. He's a real gentleman, he
is. You'll be happy that you met him.

Salutations! You're the boy living next door. I heard that your family is in
debt. Ms. Minch told me about it. Well, live and learn. You just have to
keep plugging away.

My dad really got after me. He said I get no dessert for the rest of the

I don't wanna look at the meteorite anymore.

I haven't seen you in a while. You look cool. I'm nowhere near as cool as
you. I'm just average cool.

Our nightly rate is not cheap, but we have clean sheets, and the rooms are
secure. I'm sure you understand that this keeps us very busy.

You look like you'd be a real target for the Sharks. You'd better be careful.

Can you believe it? A group of ruffians spit their gum on me as I was passing

Do you actually think you can just come up and talk to me anytime you want?

I've seen you around a lot lately. He he he.

The townspeople are in a state of confusion. At times like this, riots break
out, or people start acting wild, so we police are being ultra cautious.

Why is the road to Twoson closed? An emergency, of course. At times like
this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games. Anyway, are you sure you
want to go to Twoson?
Well then, perhaps you should just crawl back to your shack, little mister.

Okay, *chortle* Follow me.

I've been playing "EarthBound" lately... I'm having a tough time.

So you've traveled all over the world. I bet you didn't meet anyone stronger
than I, did you? I know that you didn't... Waha ha!

I would rather be working as a parking meter cop... It's just been too busy
lately. I'm sick of it.

Well, the riot's over. Now I can move on to parking enforcement! Hooray! Life
is good. Dum dee dee dee...

Man, am I steamed... Don't even try talking to me.

Why are you asking about a driver's license? You're way too young to even
think about getting behind the wheel, you little pest.

So here you are. You're the little delinquent that came back from Giant Step!
Now you listen here... "Don't Enter" means just that-- DO NOT ENTER! You got
that? And furthermore... Blah blah Blah blah It's usually those tax evaders
who... Blah blah Blah blah We don't enjoy blocking off the roads, you know...
Blah blah Blah blah It's usually the local whiners that make a big deal about
emergencies and meteorites! Blah blah Blah blah Blah blah

Didn't you see the "Don't Enter" sign? That means I'm there to stop you when
you're on your way out! So pay attention next time... And furthermore... Blah,
blah Blah, blah

Psst! I'm not really one of the gang. I'm a cop, even if I don't look like

Let's go, go og! Oops! My mistake, go!

'scuse me! Uuuuuh... yeah.

I am your courage. I follow you here in Magicant. ...My name? Let's say Flying

I'll be your courage. I'll remain unless you lose your courage. Call me Flying
Man 2.

I'm Flying Man 3. Your courage hasn't died yet. Let's go!

I'm also your courage. Call me Return of the Flying Man! ...How's that?
However... don't treat us like trash.

Of course, we're your courage. But we warned you not to treat us like trash!
Didn't you get it?! This isn't courage, it's desperation. If you don't
understand "courage," look it up in the dictionary. Okay? My name's The Final
Flying Man.

Did you want to talk to me? I'm sorry, there's really not much to say...

Please rest. The dream you'll have here is a dream within a dream. Your heart
knows things you aren't aware of. Do you want to sleep?
Okay. If you walk outside, beware of the monsters.

If you walk outside, beware of the monsters.

Oh Ness, are you tired from traveling on your adventure?
Yeah, that's right. You can't even think about being tired at a time like
this. Be strong!

If you wish, you can stay here forever. I'll make some <favorite food> for

Brother Ness! The "Sea of Eden" is at the end of Magicant. Other people can't
get close to it. It's a strange place.

Is there anything I can do for you?

Whimper... whine. (I lived in your house before you were born... Ness used to
be small and weak.)

Pi pi pi pi pi (I'm just a faint memory. You don't usually remember me. But
you've heard my song in the back of your mind.)

This is the realm of Magicant, which your mind created. Why don't you explore
your mind. Take your time, Ness.

It's me... I'm you when you were younger. Hey, let's play ball. Do you
prefer reading comics or playing games? What? You're busy?...

You kicked my butt badly... I won't forget!

You destroyed my pride... AAaaaargh!

Ness I still feel pain where you wounded me.

Waaaa, Ness, let's play.

Gyaaa. Long time no see Ness!

La lalala. My name's Nico... Let's run and sing and dance!

Ness! Pokey took my snack!


Kya Kya.

Peace! We haven't played together lately.

I'd like you to take your time, 'cause this country will disappear when you
wake up.

Hey me! I found my cap that you lost.

I'm so stupid! There's lots of junk in my backpack at a time like this. Why
don't I get rid of something I don't use.

Hey me!

Chi chi chi chi chi (Onett was a quiet, small town, wasn't it?)

Look at the sun. Face the sun and smile...

Ness's courage is resting here. He fought well and died.

Another one of Ness's courage is resting here. He damaged evil terribly, and
finally died.

Here he rests... I didn't have time to have his name chiseled into the

Someone's tombstone.


This is Buzz Buzz's tombstone. He appeared earlier in the game and gave up the
ghost before he achieved his goal.

The Sea of Eden is filled with ultimate intelligence. You can't go there
unless you're truly ready. It's a place where you can touch the truth of the
universe. Going there may bring sorrow.

Ness, you've stood on the eight power spots of the earth. From these, you
created Magicant, the realm of your mind. In Magicant, there's beauty,
kindness, sorrow, and hatred. Of course, there's an evil and violent side of
you. The Sea of Eden sits at the center of those feelings. It takes you to the
truth about yourself.

(I'm the evil part of your brain. You can't beat me. Because you are the one
who forced me into being...)

(Ness heard a familiar voice at the center of the Sea of Eden.)

Giygas' goal is to destroy you. Listen carefully! Everything in the unverse
could be destroyed at the hands of Giygas. But he and his followers are also
in trouble. The Apple of Enlightenment has foretold that Giygas' attempt will
fail. It is because of the existence of a boy named Ness. ...That's me!
Listen. Free your mind and KNOW what you must do! Your destiny has already
been decided. You... I... where should we go? You know deep within the reaches
of your mind. ...S ...Sat... ...Saturn ..... Saturn Valley... yes... Go to the
valley where the Mr. Saturn live. ...You'll get something new there. Soon,
Magicant will be no more. We must be quick!

(Ness really heard his own voice. Go to Saturn Valley! Go to Saturn Valley

Ness! Did you learn how to tell what time I'm indicating?

We had fun one snowy day. I melted, but I am still real in your memory.

I know the name of the girl you used to like.

Thank you for remembering me.

Ness, you're so lucky... I envy you. ..... I have no luck.

But, Ness... well, okay...

Let's be friends forever, all right?

Ness! Maybe you don't wanna hear this, but you remind me of myself when I was
young. I can't do anything more for you. Good luck, Ness!

The Sound Stone that Ness used to have is now gone.

<party member> used the <item>. But nothing happened.

<party member> used the <item>. But nothing happened.

<party member> equipped the <item> instead.

<party member> could not equip the <item>. Since there was no alternative,
<party member> fought with <party member>'s previous weapon.

<party member> tried to equip the <item>. but <item> wasn't meant for
<party member>.

<party member> tried to use the <item>. but <party member> could not use the
<item> very well.

<party member> could not use the <item> very well.

Yep, this is the bus to Threed, but, ...I'm not sure if we can get there or
not. The fare is $<money>. ...do you want to go?
Yep, I personally think it's better if you don't go. ...I'm also not real
confident about getting there.

Okay. Let's give it a shot. ...I have a feeling this could get ugly, though.

I can't let you on if you don't pay.

This bus goes to Fourside via Threed. If you don't pay $<money> for the
fare, I can't take you there. ...Do you want to go?
If you don't have any money, you should stroll around. Besides, walking is
good for you...

Well, hop aboard then!

If you don't have any money, you should stroll around. Besides, walking is
good for you...

This bus continues on to Fourside. Do you want to get off here?

(For some reason, the bus returned to Twoson.)

...Yep! Just like I thought... ...Okay, I'm starting to get the creeps...
We're going back to the bus station. Do you want to get off here?

Finally, the bus can make its full run. To Twoson, it's going to cost
$<money>. Do you want to go?
Ok, we're off!

I can't do much for you if you don't have any money...

(Due to traffic jams, bus service has been temporarily suspended.)

(<party member> checked the bus schedule. It looks like the next bus will come
pretty soon.)
To Threed, it's going to cost $<money>. Do you want to go?
Okay, we're off!

(<party member> checked the bus schedule. It looks like the next bus will come
pretty soon.)
This bus goes to Fourside. I can't let you on if you don't pay $<money> for
the fare. Do you want to go?
Ok, we're off!

This bus goes to Fourside. I can't let you on if you don't pay $<money> for
the fare. Do you want to go?
Ok, we're off!

Oh... okay... see you!

This bus goes to Fourside. Do you want to get off here?

(<party member> checked the bus schedule. It looks like the next bus will come
This bus goes to Twoson via Threed. It is going to cost $<money>. Do you want
to go?
Ok, we're off!

This bus continues on to Twoson. Do you want to get off here?

This bus continues on to Twoson. Do you want to get off here?

It is going to cost $<money>. Do you want to go?
Oh... okay... see you!
Ok, we're off!

I can't let you on if you don't pay.

I can't let you on if you don't pay $<money> for the fare. Do you want to go?

If you don't have any money, you should just stroll around. Besides, walking
is good for you.

Okay, let's give it a shot!

Woooo! Wooo! Wooooooo! (Go back! Go back!)
Woooo! Wooo! Wooooooo! (Go back! Go back!)
Woooo! Wooo! Wooooooo! (Go back! Go back!)

(For some weird reason, a pencil-shaped iron statue is blocking the path.)

<party member> used the Pencil Eraser. For some weird reason, the iron pencil
statue was erased!

Hello... this is the Apple Kid. I've just finished work on this great
invention! Get over here as fast as you can! This thing is soooo cool! See
you soon! Slam! Beeeep...

Yeah! That's right! Tonight, you got the Chaos Theater's Soul Men comin' at
ya! Rockin' and rollin' live on this here stage for a limited time only! The
world's greatest Bluesmen, the Runaway Five! And here they come! Oh yeah!

A young fan like you really gets into the Runaway Five's music? Wow, I'm

Seeing the Runaway Five on stage is my life...

The Runaway Five are so sexy! My husband definitely is... in need of some
help in that area!

When I sit close to the stage, sometimes I get sweat or spit on me from the
Runaway Five.
Oh, that was almost too much!

Hey Ness! You're just here to bother me, aren't you. You can call me Master
Pokey, since Mr. Carpainter made me an important person in Happy-Happyism. You
should join us, but I know you won't... I'm glad I joined... I'm not going to
fight you, but these guys will... Later potater...

(Ness used the Key to the Cabin.)

Thank you, Ness! You're just like I imagined you would be... I'm sure that
some people in Twoson are worried about me... Getting back there may be
dangerous, but we can do it if we combine our strength. I'm able to use a
little psychic power that is actually pretty deadly... Let's head back to

Paula joined you.

(You must use the Key to the Cabin to open this.)

Oh Paula!

Ness, thank you so much! You must be the boy who will save the world, like in
Paula's dream. Paula, I'm sure you'd be a big help to Ness. It's not every day
a father lets his daughter embark on a journey to save the world!

Dad, don't worry about me. Ness and I will be able to take care of ourselves.
In Threed, the next town, we'll meet another friend. If the three of us can
combine our power, no one can beat us. Now wipe your eyes, blow your nose, and
smile before we take off.

Goodbye Paula. Don't worry, I won't cry anymore...

Oh, Paula! ..... Am I dreaming? I feel like she just came home...

Where's Ness? He isn't here? I just wanted to thank him. You know, I bet he's
the boy you dreamt would save the world...

Well, what do you know? This little nipper took us from a nightmare to a

Ow! This means we can get out of this dump!

I'm a good driver. C'mon, I'll show you.

All right, let's move on to the next town. I'm sure our ol' hunk o' junk will
get us there...

Hurry and get on! Our tour bus is too loud for the ghosts!

Okay, guys, here we go!

Hey, sidewalk! Get out of my way!

Looks like we have to say goodbye for now. This town seems pretty gloomy, but
I'm sure you can light up the place with your own little brand of sunshine...

Hope to see you again sometime. Look for us to be singing at some theater in

(Oh, oh... you're losing consciousness... What could be the fate of Ness and
his friend?)

I'm calling out to you who I've never met... I'm calling our friend who we've
never met... Jeff! Jeff! We need your help! I am Paula and I am with another
friend, Ness... We are trying to contact you...

I am Paula, and I am with another friend, Ness... We are trying to contact
you... If you hear me, please wake up and... head south! Only you, though far
away, can save us, Jeff... Please hear my call and begin heading south...
Jeff! You are a friend who we've never met... But you are our one and only

Jeff, where are you going in the middle of the night?

You know the dorm rules, right? If you get caught, you'll get punished big
time... W...what's wrong, Jeff.

...All right. There must be some reason that I don't understand. I won't stop
you. But it's dangerous to leave without taking anything along. Hey, I think
there's some stuff in the locker room that you should get. I'll help you get
out of here...

(Tony joined you.)

I think you can get out by going over the gate... But you need to get some
stuff to take with you.

Okay, now use me as a step and climb over the gate.

Well... I'll say goodbye for now. I don't know where you're going or why, but
remember, we are best friends forever.

Hello, this is Apple Kid. I just wanted to let you know that I finished a
pretty unique invention. I'm not sure if it will help you or not... It's
called "Zombie Paper," and it can be used to trap zombies. It works kind of
like fly paper... All you need to do is place the paper on the floor of a tent
or something... You've seen at least one tent around, right?.... and then the
zombies get stuck to the paper when they move around inside the tent. You can
catch a lot of zombies this way... In fact, I bet you could get rid of all
the zombies that are terrorizing the area with this paper!

Anyway, I just asked the Mach Pizza delivery man to deliver the Zombie Paper
to you, Ness. You should get it pretty soon. I've never actually seen a
zombie, but if there really are any, Zombie Paper would be very useful... I'll
be calling you if I come up with anything else... *Click!* Beeeeep!

While delivering pizza, this weird guy asked me to help him out... He wanted
me to deliver this to someone named Ness ...who is wandering around Threed. No
one else knows about this, right? Let's just pretend that you're Ness, and
I'll give this to you. Oh! Hello, Ness! Just go along with me on this one,
okay. I made the decision that you're Ness, no matter what...

That's right, Ness... *wink, wink* I've done my duty and given you Apple Kid's
thingamajig... Well, goodbye!...

You have too much stuff, so I can't give this to you... Why don't you get rid
of something?
Look, this is really important! You've got to dump something!!
All righty, I'm just going to hang out around here, then. Ya gotta have some
space for this thing by the time I come back, okay?

Hang on! That's way too cool to just throw away! Keep it!

Hello, this is Apple Kid. I've come up with another wacky invention that I
think has real potential. Maybe you won't, but anyway... it's called the
"Gourmet Yogurt Machine." It makes many different flavors of yogurt. The only
problem is, right now, it can only make trout-flavored yogurt... So, I'm
having the machine delivered to you via Escargo Express. It's coming
"Neglected Class." Hopefully, you'll get it soon. Yeah, everything is...
(Kaboooom!) Uh, I'vegotsomeproblemsheregottago, bye!

*Crash* Ooops! *Crunch* Ooops! ...Greetings! (It's Escargo Express's neglected
class.) Whew! I just got here from the Dusty Dune desert. There was this
sunbathing guy, and he told me about a cave with lots of monkeys... or was it
orangutans? Anyway, he said... well... uh... I forgot. Yep, I forgot...
actually I forgot the stuff I was supposed to deliver, too. I think it was
some weird machine to make trout-flavored yogurt. Yeah, I forgot it at the
desert... I'm not going back that way, so don't ask me to get the package... I
mean, it's your package, right? So YOU go get it! Go on, get out of here.
Maybe that thing I forgot is important to you... So... have a good time in the

Pictures taken instantaneously! I'm a photographic genius, if I do say so
myself! Okay, get ready for an instant memory! Look at the camera... Ready...
Say, "fuzzy pickles."

Wow, what a great photograph! It will always bring back the fondest of

Ness, I haven't talked with you in ages! This is Orange Kid. We're finally
coming near to the end of our research on... how to change a boiled egg back
into a raw egg. By the way, Apple Kid is missing. He left here saying that he
was going to see Dr. Andonuts in Winters, and he never came back. I was hoping
to borrow the book "Overcoming Shyness" from him, but suddenly, he
disappeared... I haven't read the book, so I'm not very good at talking...
sorry. I'm also working hard on my invention, so I hope you'll understand. Say
hello to your friends for me! *click*

Hello, it's been a while since we talked... this is Apple Kid. We're having
beautiful weather here... I'm now at Dr. Andonuts lab in Winters. The doctor
doesn't seem to be around right now, but I'm just working on my Eraser Eraser
Machine...!!!!!! Hey! Oh no! What are you doing to me? Who are you ?!!!...

Hello! How are you? This is Apple Kid. I think I'm a real genius... In fact,
I know I'm a genius. Why? Well, I have discovered the primary enemy of you
and of all humanity. We have to fight and defeat this being... To do so, we
need to invent a machine called the "Phase Distorter." I've got to find the
wandering scientist, Dr. Andonuts, and make the distorter. So, I may be gone
for a while. Later... *click*

Hello! This is Orange Kid. Sorry I haven't called lately. I'm still working
on the way to change boiled eggs into raw eggs. It's taking longer than I
thought... I'm going to really work at it, though... talk to me later. *click*

Hey, you! Over there! Get over here!

The admission fee is $5.00 per person. Is that okay with you?
You can't afford to spend $<money>?, or are you just not into dinosaurs? You
must be nuts...

You don't even have $<money>?, an unusual specimen like you should be on
display in the museum.

Please go in. You'll find an expert in the area of Arts and Sciences.

Tsk, tsk, tsk... You should know better...

You cannot get in without paying admission. It's $3 per person. You'll pay,
won't you?
Is $<money> too expensive for you? Or are you just not interested in
ancient culture?

You don't even have $<money>? If it were up to me, an oddity like you would be
exhibited in the museum...

Please go right in. Ask someone inside for more detailed information.

Kikye uke kya (I'm not a delivery man.) Keke ku iokki kokyo (I can't remember
if we've met.) Kyu ukki ukki ko (Talah Rama just finished fasting) Kyu ukyo
uki (and now wants to meet you) Uko uke kauike (at the west end of Dusty Dunes
desert) Kekoi kiko ukkeke (in a cave with lots of monkeys.) Kokyu uke ku
akki (I'll use my teleportation to...) Kya (Bye!)

Hello! I heard you talking about trout-flavored yogurt. I'm a maid who serves
Mr. Monotoli, and I'm looking for trout-flavored yogurt to give to our special
guest. If you know anything about it, please tell me! I've been searching and

(The hot spring energized you completely.)

(The hot spring cured you completely.)

(The hot spring energizes you completely.)

(Resting well in the hot spring healed you.)

Ness, you pin-headed idiot, you're just a half-step too slow!

I'm getting outta here!

Since Monotoli has become a plain, old man again, I have no more use for him.

This helicopter will really come in handy. Looks like you're the world-class
loser again!

The power of Giant Step
Ness caught a glimpse of a small, cute puppy.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Giant Step.

The power of Liliput step
Ness briefly had a vision of a baby in a red cap.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Lilliput Steps.

The power of Rainy Circle
Ness caught a whiff of <favorite food>, but just for a second.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Rainy Circle.

The power of Milkey Well
Ness thought he heard his mother from far away... she said "Be a thoughtful,
strong boy..."
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Milky Well.

The power of Magnet Hill
Ness saw a baby's bottle, but just for an instant.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of Magnet Hill.

The power of Pink Cloud
Ness had a short vision of seeing his mother when she was young.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Pink Cloud.

The power of Lumine Hall
Ness saw a vision of his father holding him.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of Lumine Hall.

The power of Fire Spring
Ness had the feeling that he was being watched by himself as a baby.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Fire Spring.

flowed into Ness.

Ness was revived.

Who are you talking to?

No problem here.

<party member>'s belongings.

<party member> failed.

<party member> got rid of the <item>.

You shouldn't throw the <item> away.

Don't spit your gum out. Even if it has lost its flavor...

got rid of <party member>'s <item>.

You can't use the <item>.

<party member> is the only one who should carry the <item>.

The <item> can't be used here.

Why would you do that? The <item> would probably make you barf.

The <item> is one of the items that can be equipped.

<party member> chewed the <item>.

<party member> got sunstroke.

<party member> was horribly poisoned and collapsed.

Alert! <character or enemy performing action>'s condition is critical.

will collapse if condition isn't treated.

Be careful!

There is only one seat, so you can't ride the bike now.

You cannot ride your bike here.

You should ride your bike in a less confining area.

You cannot teleport here.

You cannot teleport now.

You should wait to teleport until after the pizza arrives.

You should wait to teleport until after a customer has shown up.

You should wait to teleport until after Escargo Express arrives.

You cannot teleport while Dungeon Man is with you.

<party member> got off the bike.

We're very sorry... but the record of adventure number <save file number> has
been lost...

Hello, this is the Stoic Club. Oh, <party member>, !

Would you like to make a reservation? Certainly. We are looking forward to
having you here. Thank you. Click!

Beep-beep-beep... Yo, this is the "The Lazy Cowpoke Stop'n Go" Yeah, we're a
new truck stop... we just opened... What's that? The Stoic Club?! That lame
old place shut down ages ago! We totally remodeled the place! Now we've got
loud music, great food, and really rowdy crowds... Listen, buddy, I'm too busy
to talk to you right now! Just drop by anytime! You come you enjoy... I
promise! Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Ness? ..... Don't say a word; I know exactly what you're thinking. My son,
who'd have thought he was such a brave kid? Oh, yeah... you're a hero,
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Is that you, Ness? You called me back sooner than I thought... Everyone here
is doing just fine. Oh yes, Tracy started working part-time for Escargo
Express. Here, I'll let you talk to her. And call me when you have some time
... Oh... you don't have any free time? Well, here's Tracy.

Hey, Ness! You sound terrible! Do you have a cold or something? Whatever
dangerous stuff you're doing, remember that good health is very important!
Try to keep as healthy as possible, even if it kills you! Well, I'd better go,
I think my omlette might be on fire! Bye!
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Hello, Ness? What's wrong? You sound so sad... Are you homesick?... Well, I
knew there would be days like this. It must make you feel better, listening to
your mom's sweet voice. ...So, do you feel any better? Well, I'd better get
going. I'm in the middle of my ironing Bye!
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Ness got over being homesick.

Hello, Ness? So, I heard that you got a new girlfriend on your journey...
Well, why don't you tell me about her later... You see, I have this feeling
that she is right next to you, or something. Well, if she is right there, say
hello to her for me. I have to go now... I'm right in the middle of cleaning
the toilet... Bye!
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Hello, Ness? So, how is your adventure going? ...Hmmmm, I see... It sounds
like you're having some tough times, then. Your teacher dropped by, looking
for you... don't worry--I covered for you. Everything is fine here... you just
keep on truckin'! Well, my soap opera is getting to a really steamy part, so
I'd better let you go. Bye!
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Hello? Hello?! Is that you, Ness? I can hardly hear you... It sounds like
you're calling from the moon or something. ...If you're doing okay, that's
great. Listen, I have to get going. I'm trying to give King a flea bath. Bye!
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Click! Beep-beep-beep... ...No, no... I was just teasing... I wanted to see if
my new impression would fool you. Everyone here is doing just fine *puff* Hope
you're doing all right, too. Well, I better go... I'm in the middle of my
dance aerobics! Bye!
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Oh, is this that darling little <party member>? Is my sweet child Ness doing
okay? Please come visit us sometime.
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Hello, Ness? You can finally come home? ...So that means... Oh, thank
heavens! You did it and you're safe! I'm not exactly sure what you did, but...
Anyway, if you come home quick, I'll make some <favorite food>. Get here as
soon as you can. I can't wait to see your bright and shining face!
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

I thought we would look at your album together... So what are you doing
calling me?
Click! Beep-beep-beep...

Hello, it's your dad. You've been out there for a long time now... It may be
none of my business, but don't you think it would be a good idea if you took a
Ah, I see... Well, it doesn't make me happy, but I understand your point about
the fate of the world being at stake.
All right. You should find a place to stay in the nearest town. When you get
to the hotel, be sure to give your dear ol' dad a call. And hey, keep an eye
out for bad guys!

Hello, it's your dad. You've been out there for a long time now... It may be
none of my business, but don't you think it would be a good idea if you took a
Ahhh... and this would be...? So, this isn't Ness. Oh well, it's okay...
Anyway, don't strain yourself on your journey. Good luck... whoever you are.

Ahhh... and this would be...? So, this isn't Ness. I'm glad that you decided
to take my advice. All right, then. Stay at a nearby town and get some rest.
Before you take a break, be sure to call me. Be on the lookout for any shady

Hello, it's your dad. You've been out there for a long time now... It may be
none of my business, but don't you think it would be a good idea if you took a
Ahhh... and this would be...? So, this isn't Ness. I don't know who you are,
but thanks for taking care of my son, Ness. Don't work too hard while you
continue your journey. You must be a hard worker, if you are a friend of
Ness. Remember, I'm rooting for you guys!

Ahhh... and this would be...? So, this isn't Ness. Whoever you are, thank you
for watching after my son, Ness. I just wish that you guys would take a break.
You'd feel so much more refreshed later on. You'd also probably have much
better luck on your adventure. Stay in a nearby town and get some rest. If you
see a phone, please call Ness's father... well, actually, that's me. And, be
sure to be careful of the hoodlums.

There is a <item> inside! <party member> takes it. <party member> added the
<item> to <party member>'s stuff. But, <party member> has got too much stuff
already. <party member> got $<money> dollars.

<party member> opened the present. But it was empty.

<party member> dug around in the trash can. Well, let's see here... There was
just plain ol' garbage in the trash can.

<party member> opened the chest. WHOAAAAAAAAAAH! But the chest was empty.

<party member> opened the casket. TAAAAAH-DAAAAAH! But the casket was empty.

(<party member> got the <item>.)

(<party member> added the <item> to <party member>'s stuff.)

<party member> used the <item>.

<party member>! It looks like you got your head handed to you.

So, how about giving it another shot?
Are you sure? The next time you start your adventure, you'll begin where you
last saved.
Is that okay?

<party member> decided to return after summoning all the courage and energy he

Good luck!

It must have all just been a bad dream.

See you, <party member>!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Giant Step! Ness's Speed increased by 5!
Ness's Vitality increased by 5!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Lilliput Steps! Ness's Guts increased
by 5! Ness's Luck increased by 5!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Milky Well! Ness's Speed increased by 5!
Ness's IQ increased by 5!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Magnet Hill! Ness's Vitality increased
by 5! Ness's Luck increased by 5!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Rainy Circle! Ness's Guts increased
by 5! Ness's IQ increased by 5!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Pink Cloud! Ness's Speed increased by 5!
Ness's Guts increased by 5!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Lumine Hole! Ness's Luck increased by 5!
Ness's IQ increased by 5!

Ness was filled with the Power of the Fire Spring! Ness's Speed increased
by 5! Ness's Luck increased by 5!

Instantly, Ness's mind cleared, and he realized that he had possessed great
power! At that moment, Ness's psychic powers radically expanded!

Ness gained 200,000 exp.

And finally, he realized he had the power of Teleport <Beta>.

Ness made all of the hidden powers his own. Ness absorbed the power of the
land into his heart, and Magicant was no more.

<party member> rearranged <party member>'s own items and the <item> moved.

<party member> tried to give the <item> to <party member>, but <party member>
was already carrying too much stuff.

<party member> tried to add the <item> to <party member>'s stuff, but there
was no room for it.

<party member> gave the <item> to <party member>.

<party member> added the <item> to <party member>'s stuff.

<party member> rearranged <party member>'s items and the <item> moved.

<party member> tried to take the <item> from <party member>'s stuff, but
<party member> was already carrying too much stuff.

<party member> tried to add <party member>'s <item> to <party member>'s stuff,
but there was no room for it.

<party member> took the <item> from <party member>'s stuff.

<party member> added <party member>'s <item> to <party member>'s stuff.

Do you want slumber?
Kay-o. Kay-o.
Healthful and dandy!

We feel groove!
Hi ho. Me Mr. Saturn.
This place, all are Mr. Saturn.

Impressed! Someday, Sometime We help you.
I do What I say... Cross heart...

Once upon a time, we were many, many. Everyday, slowly are less, less.

Why? Hmmmm... Boing!


<party member>! You good name. We no name! Boing! ...All have same name!


Hot springs make happy...! Happy happy! Ding ding! Jump in hot spring!

Go in hot spring. Wash barf off you body! Sweet fresh feel.

We look like same! I give you special thing. Not now, Zoom! I give you on the
way back, boing! Bye later! Here is present.

I hand you <item>.

I hand you <item>.

I no hand you my <item>...Oh! Tease you!

I have no something.

You no room. Bye later!

Eureka! Ding!

Scary, scary guy, boing! Grapefruit Falls! Scary, sick, barfy... Go and... la
la la! Ding! Scary!

No scared.

Make new thing! Must make! Daddy! Boing!

Lots of friends... Taken behind falls... Why? Why? Boing!

All home! Zoom!



Threed is zombie full! I saw! Bad stink behind falls! Zoom!


Dance is over...


Base... secret. Base behind Grapefruit Falls. Password? I tell. Belch man say
Say password. Then stand still, wait for three minutes.

You wait three minutes! Zoom! You come here to wait three minutes? No?

I wish fallin love...

Drink coffee before go? Say yes to me? Say no to me?
Why you say no?

Bottoms up! Boing!

Why? Why? You no go to hot springs... Boo boo's.

Appreciate! I so happy, happy, happy... Zoom!

Oh! Oh! *wheeze* Breathe is sooooo good!

I think new things... Difficult things... from now...

Ah, <party member>. The Phase Distorter will certainly be completed someday,
in my humble opinion.

Excellent, excellent! Everything proceeded as planned. Dr. Andonuts,
Mr. Saturn and I worked together and finally completed the Phase Distorter.
The purpose of the device is to enable instantaneous travel through space and
time. In this prototype, you can only travel to different points within the
same time period. It is able, however, to search out the locations of enemies.
Right now, it is indicating the presence of enemies in the Lost Underworld!

The chance of Giygas gaining victory with his monstrous plan is 99%. However,
your courage has produced a 1% chance that Giygas fails. I must try to come to
a deeper understanding of this trait called "courage."

Yahah! The Mr. Saturns are incredible folk. And the Apple Kid... He is a
most exceptional young man, very different from other kids. ...Well, anyway...
The prototype Phase Distorter has been stolen. Someone resembling a pig
wearing clothes took Mr. Saturn captive and stole the device!

Hmmmm... If I only had a piece of a meteorite, I might be able to extract some

Ah, yes! This is fantastic!

What? Well, I've never actually seen this incredibly rare element before ...
It is very intriguing. All right, leave everything to us, and you get some
rest. This is getting most fascinating!

Finally, it's complete! The Phase Distorter, version two, is equipped with
two new features. First, it can repair your biological functions. Second, it
can save your progress. Don't be afraid, get right in! ...There is just one
thing, though... You might not be able to return. So, make sure you are
optimally outfitted. Are you ready to go?
Even if you're not 100%, perfectly, completely ready... Well, you should be as
prepared as possible. It would be for the best. Without careful preparation,
you would be in big trouble. I just want to make sure you're ready. Let me
know when your preparations are complete.

Good. At last, the time has come. Are you ready?
Remember, the Phase Distorter, version 2, is equipped with two new features.
First, it can repair your biological functions. Second, it can save your
progress. Don't be afraid! Get right in!

Yes... Most intriguing... Leave everything to us, and you get some rest. This
is getting most fascinating!

It's a miracle! A miracle that has only happened because of your great
courage! ...Believe me, I went through a lifetime's worth of stress while you
were gone... I just wish I could have come with you as a robot. I should have
used the Phase Distorter. What a story that would have been... "Scientist and
four kids save the world!"

The Apple Kid was lost, and he was just wandering around, so I brought him
here. That was quite a while ago... Would you like some tea? Ah, I see that
you're busy. It looks like things are pretty rough. You take care now...

I'm not sure what will happen, but I sense big-time trouble ahead for you. I'm
going to stay here for a while and help Mr. Saturn. It's important for a man
to enjoy doing his duty.

Incredible! Excellent! I'm not quite sure what for, but congratulations on a
job well done! If we ever have the chance to get together again, let's go on a
picnic or something. Maybe we could play horseshoes, too!

(Hot springs... Rest here.)

Happy. Boing. More happy. Ding ding. Much more Happy. Boo boo's. Big big
happy. Zooooom!

Was scared. Now kay-o. I strong. Boing!

Our travels together end here. I must return to Dalaam, and use this
experience for the good of my country. Ness, Paula, Jeff... Let me demonstrate
a strange power before I go. I realized this power as a child. PSI Farewell!

Paula, Ness... It was great to hang out with you guys. It really was. I'm glad
that I had the chance to use some of the theories that I have been studying
so hard. It's remarkable. ..... If... Just maybe... Well, if you two get
hitched someday, maybe I'll be the one that fixes your broken electronic
appliances. ..... I'm going to stay here for a while and see if I can learn
more from Dr. Andonuts. I mean, from my dad. ...So it looks like this is good
bye for now, my friends.

It was fun hanging out together.

Ness, will you escort me home?
Well then, I'll escort you!

I'll miss all of you, but, I have to go back to being just a regular kid...
Well, I gotta get going...

Ness... Thank you for escorting me home. ..... ...There was something I wanted
to tell you, but I've forgotten it. I'm sure I'll remember by the time I see
you again. Well, I guess this is it... Good-bye. Uhhh... ...So long ...See ya.

I really should go home. I shouldn't be out just wandering here and there.
Don't you think so?
All right. Let's go back to Polestar Preschool in Twoson... You remember
where it is, right? Let's go...

Well... Okay. I guess I would like to be with you a little longer.

You worn down? Ahhh... Boing!

Buuurp! Barf! Stinky! Peeee-yeuuu!

Longer ladder! Can go to hot springs!

Bell rings ding, ding. Boing!

(You enjoyed the hot springs immensely. It made you feel reborn.)

(You got in and washed all of the extremely dirty gunk off of your body.)

This is the cycle shop "Punk-Sure"! Bicycles are so much fun and are so
convenient... It's a lot faster than walking. You'll be really popular with
the biking crowd. Do you want a bicycle?
Oh... you don't know how to ride a bike. Me neither.
Unfortunately, we don't have any more bikes for sale. We only have rentals. Do
you want to rent one?
I really like your straight-forward style. I'll tell you what, I'll let you
borrow a bike for free.

You know that two people can't ride on one bicycle, so of course three or four
people on a bike would be impossible! Did you also know that you can't ride a
bike with anything following you? Teddy bears, for example... Carrying a bear
and riding is impossible for you. And don't even think about riding a bike
into a cave.

You have too many items. Why don't you get rid of something and come back. I
know you want it now, but my hands are tied...

Didn't you already borrow a bicycle? We don't have any more right now...

You're here to return your bike?

Look how low your seat is! Geez, you must have short legs. That's it! I'll
call you stubby legs!

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. You've already borrowed a bicycle.

Hey! Stubby legs!
Do you wanna ride a bike? That's not gonna work... two people on one bike is
strictly forbidden.

You're here to return the bicycle?
Well, don't forget to return it... You're gonna have to sooner or later.

You know that two people can't ride a bike, but did you know that you can't
ride a bike when you are carrying an unconscious friend's stuff? Carrying a
lot of items and riding aroud is impossible for you.

Whistle, whistle anywhere. It makes me smile all the while. I'm Paula's
mother. I'm busy taking care of these kids. You shouldn't worry about Paula.
She has a guardian angel, it seems.

Yahoo! I knew it! You saved Paula.

Paula if you must take a trip, be sure to bring this along. It's my very own
hand-made band-aid! Ooo! That rhymes! I know, I'll call it a Hand-aid!

Did you meet Dad? He is sorry that he suspected Mr. Everdred of Burglin Park.

Is that you, Paula? Oh, I thought she would be back, but not yet... Oh no, I'm
not worried... I'll be okay.

I don't really understand it, but I know that Paula's miraculous power and
your great courage will allow you to stand up to any challenge.

Yahoo! I knew it! You got back here with no problem. Isn't Ness with you?
...Paula, your mom is trusting his courage and your miraculous power. I won't
say I'm not worried. But I'll let you go along... It's for a good cause...

Paula, if you must go, be sure to bring this along. It's my very own hand-made
band-aid! I love the way that rhymes!

What's that? You're being a little impatient... You need to sell, use or drop
something. After that, I can give this to you.

Well, here you are, Ness. I'll make you some <favorite food>, even though I'm
not a very good cook.

You've lost some weight since I saw you last, Ness. Paula must have had quite
an adventure! I'm glad you live so close to us. Why don't you drop by more
often? I'm working at making better <favorite food>.

Paula isn't here! She suddenly left, and I don't know where she went.

(He's smiling).
Oh, Paula! Uh... sorry, I thought you were Paula.

Well, I wanted to play with Paula, but she's gone somewhere...

Thank you for saving Paula. You are my hero.

Help Paula! Hurry, hurry!

Paula, I was worried about you. I'm not going to ask the two of you where you
were wandering...

Paula is like a mother to me. You may not be able to comprehend my emotions. I
might have a baby face, but I possess the mind of an adult. I beg your pardon.

Paula? You know, I thought I saw her for a second out of the corner of my
eye... maybe I was just dreaming...

Paula, you look nice and healthy. What great timing having you show up now!

When I grow up, I wanna be juuuust like Paula.

You skinned your knee, huh.

What happened to Paula?

When I get big, I'm gonna be grown-up Paula. Then, later I'll be old lady

So, you wanna see Paula? Many come here to see her miraculous powers, but
they're just leeches. So... are you from a TV station, or what?
To meet you or not to meet you can only be decided by Paula. Paula has said
that she would only meet with a boy named Ness. So you're Ness! You're the one
that was in Paula's dream. You will save the world! Let me go call Paula.

She doesn't seem to be here. I wonder where she went? I'm sorry, could you
come back later?

Please leave. My daughter doesn't want to talk to media monkeys like you.

Now where did she go? I'm sorry, could you come back after a while?

Paula's not home yet. Everdred in Burglin Park might know something. Oh, boy!
Now I'm really worried.

You're both fine... I'm so relieved! Why don't you get some rest here?
Come on, why don't you put your dogs up and reeeelax.

Ness, you'll sleep on the couch in the den...

Hey! Come on in! No, I don't need to hear about what happened... Paula will
be okay. Why don't you just rest for now. You know where the couch in the den

Oh Paula! So even a tomboy like you thinks of her father occasionally! You
should rest, seeing how this is your own home. How about we share a piece of
pie like we used to? Haha!

Hmm... I understand. So you're a friend of Paula's? Look me in the eye...
Yes, you're telling the truth. Would you like to get some shut eye?

You're a very strong, young man. My opinion of you has changed. Perhaps you
should continue dating Paula. Just treat her right... Come by and visit
anytime. You can even sleep on the living room couch instead of the one in the

Greetings. I'm Orange Kid, the inventor. Have you heard of me? I'm a bit
embarrassed about my reputation. I have a lot of inventions in development,
but I'm running short of cash. I'm basically a happy-go-lucky person, so I'm
not worried. You know, I'm working on this machine that would really help you
in Peaceful Rest Valley. I hope it's ready soon... what? You're actually
willing to help finance the project?
I guess I was just too hopeful. Oh well, never mind.
Oh goody! Would it be okay to get $200 to buy materials?
Thank you very much! Your support should have a tremendous impact on all

Let me give you my new "Super Orange Machine." I call it "Suporma" for short.
Please use it for spreading peace and goodwill on Earth.

Ah ha! You have too many items. I hope you'll accept the Suporma, even if you
have to toss some of your food...

What?! You don't have that much money? Well, perhaps you shouldn't be yappin'
about having cash then, buddy.

I'm hard at work... don't worry, my brilliant invention will be ready soon.
Okay, okay... I'll get back to work!

I'm having more trouble than I expected. I found a problem in one of
Einstein's theories...

You didn't invest any money in my venture, but someone else donated a few
million bucks, so everything is great. So would you like to invest, say, 50
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. ...And you never heard how much money I got, too.
Right? *wink* *wink*...

Well, you never invested in my genius, did you? You had no idea of what I
could do... *chortle* You sorry loser.

Did you come here to get your investment money back? No? Can you wait a
little longer? I promise I'll finish my brilliant invention. I rely on your
support, even though I am a super genius.

Well, I have sort of neglected doing my housework... I know it's a bit of a
pig sty, but anyway... I'm Apple Kid. I haven't taken a bath in quite a while,
so I may be kind of stinky.

By the way, I'm starving. Do you have something to eat? If you do, can I have

Well, go ahead and make yourself comfortable anyway. You can flop down

What can you give me?
Please choose something edible... I'm not a garbage can, you know.
Thanks. You seem very nice. Uh, I wonder if... Maybe you would like to
invest some money in my inventions?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh. Excuse me. I mean thank you! By the way, I could really
use $200.
Thank you. I won't let you down.

Oh, you don't have any money, do you?
Maybe you shouldn't spend too much time wandering around Twoson.

It seems like you are expecting something from me.

I am a mouse. No one has given me a name yet.

I am a mouse. No one has given me a name yet. You took care of my master. In
return, I want to give you this. Please take it and say nothing.

Oh! I must be in your way! *zziipp!*

Unfortunately, you have too many items. Therefore, I can't give this to you.

Hello, please present your ticket.

Sorry, the show is on hold for a while.

Oh, pardon me.

See you.

Please show me your ticket.

Here you go. Hurry! You're just in time to see the Runaway Five show!

The show is on hold for a while.

How do you do?

Oh, here you are! Hurry up, you're just in time to see the Runaway Five show.

I guess I lost my ticket, so now I can't get in. The ticket counter at the
department store was even sold out.

*Sniff* I suppose I'll never see the Runaway Five's show again.

Didn't I see you at the Topolla Theater in Fourside? So you're a Runaway Five
groupie, too!

I am a mouse. My master, Apple Kid, has been waiting for you. We started to
nod off while waiting...

Lucky of the Runaway Five told me I could go backstage, but I don't have a
pass. I'm sure security will stop me. Hey! Really? You have a pass? I can't
believe it! Can you take me with you, please please please? I could pose as
your sister. Yes? This rocks. Let's go. Ooo. My heart is pounding.

Thank you for your kindness!

I'm gonna miss the Runaway Five when they finally leave. But that's life!

The Runaway Five are going to be a world-famous band someday.

Do you like baseball?
Ah... I see. Well, you don't look like you could figure out a sophisticated
game like baseball anyway.
I knew it! Your cap gave it away.

You have the graceful movement of a baseball player. I'm on a baseball team,
so I can recognize these things.

Hey, hey, hey! Don't get too close to me. I just farted, heh, heh... sorry.

You kids are bouncing around, talking to everyone. It's getting annoying.

I'm feeling really out of it because I've been working all night, but finally
the Pencil Eraser is ready. This machine will eradicate all pencil-shaped
figures in just one second. It's incredibly powerful. Just don't use it near
a shop that sells pencils. Here, it's yours now.

If I invent some other brilliant item, I'll call you.

Oh, it won't fit in your backpack. Come back after you have gotten rid of some

This machine will eradicate all pencil-shaped figures in just one second. It's
incredibly powerful. Just don't use it near a shop that sells pencils. I'll
call you if I invent another brilliant item.

The Dinosaur Museum doesn't have any real dinosaurs... They're all replicas.
I'm sure everyone knows that. If you still want to go see the dinosaurs,
pay 5 dollars a piece for the entrance fee. Is that okay?
Maybe you think <money> dollars is too much. Or are you just not interested in
dinosaurs. You're strange, kid!
Please enter. You'll find an academic researcher inside.

You don't even have <money> dollars! You don't deserve to go in the museum.

The Dinosaur Museum doesn't have real dinosaurs... They are all replicas. But
I guess everyone knows that.

I'm so happy there are some visitors today. These days, few people come here.
...I'm Mr. Spoon, the academic researcher.

I wonder if there are any famous stars here today?

Dinosaurs... Huge, aren't they? Well, that's all I've gotten out of my
research! You wanna hear more? (Whispering) To tell you the truth... I heard
that dinosaurs were found near the lower side of Scaraba, and there were lots
of them. There are unconfirmed reports that the dinosaurs ate some of the
natives there. If you go, please try to find the dinosaurs and bring back

You want to know about something "extraordinary"? ..... Hmmmm...

...You know, there's a new singer named Venus at the Topolla Theater. Could
you bring me her autograph on an eraser? Then, I'll show you something
"extraordinary." ...Oh, if you can get her autograph on anything, don't worry
about the eraser... I don't care if the autograph is written on toilet

Please come back again to study, 'cause I don't like being alone...

You got it! That banana peel has an authentic "Venus" autograph? Yep, there's
no doubt about it! Now for my promise. I'll tell you about something
"extraordinary." In the next room, there is a light shining from far, far
below the manhole. There, I found a huge, monster rat! I'm not trying to pull
your leg... I'll let you go there and check it out for yourself.

As I thought, dinosaurs did actually exist in history. Yes, I have sure-fire
proof. I've seen them in so many movies, they must have been real!

...I wonder how many animals go extinct before human beings discover them. I
wanna see a live dinosaur sometime in my life.

Huge!... Not you, I'm talking about the dinosaur bones.

This museum should sell dinosaur t-shirts.

One person requested a "shampoo and cut." They must have thought that a "bad
hair day" could be treated at the hospital. Either that or they wanted their
medical insurance to cover their grooming.

Would you like to buy tickets for the Topolla Theater?
Oh, I see. You're not a customer.
Orchestra seats and balcony seats are sold out. Now, there's "standing room
only" left. It's $30 per person. Is that okay with you?
Thanks a lot. Enjoy the show.
I've never heard of anyone who doesn't even have $30! Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
ho. Oh, excuse me for my laughing in your face.

Sorry, but you can't carry all of these...

Everything's so expensive... Should I return to my hometown?

What did you do during the power outage? I was sitting here 'cause I was

Mumble, mumble, mumble... man, I'm so busy. Don't bother me, kid.

I want to get out of here, because they suddenly shut down the store and the
power goes out. There are lots of strange things happening in this department

Oh, so you're skipping school too, right?

I heard a sound like "gwaaargh!" and it was loud. I wonder if someone was

When I grow up, I wanna work for APE as a programmer... Do you have any
connections with those guys?
Oh, you didn't have to answer. It was dumb of me to ask you that question.

The power supply to the game was cut off. I wasted my money.

I wanna save up some money and go to Summers or somewhere else to relax.

Certainly, it's very dangerous living in the city.

Gwaaagh, Gwarrrgh!. You finally made it. This department store is gonna be
your grave! Gwaaagh. You will be gone, and you'll be burning in... Well,
you'll go to heaven!

...Even though you could beat me... Master Giygas will avenge me...

At this moment, Paula should be...Monotoli... Gwaaaaarrrrgh!!

The city of Fourside has developed quite a bit since Mr. Geldegarde Monotoli
hit the big time. It's been good for the city.

That Mr. Monotoli has lost quite a bit of his resources...

In the future, you will build cities and even create a country... ...I'm
counting on you.

I've heard some bad rumors about Mr. Monotoli. I heard he made a deal with a
pure evil entity in exchange for power... you know... stuff like that.

Just as I thought, Monotoli has a portion of Evil's power.

My grandpa told me that everyone has at least one outstanding skill. When I
look at you, I know he's right.

In the old days, Mr. Monotoli was just a regular, unattractive real estate
agent. Now he has the power to control the police force. I don't think the
city of Fourside is better than before.

You're very young, but you brought something very precious back to the people
in this town. Thank you.

The Runaway Five from Twoson seem very popular. I heard that the Topolla
Theater is always full.

I heard you're friends of the Runaway Five. I'm jealous.

Speaking of the Topolla Theater, there's a new singer called Venus. She's
better than the Runaway Five. I'm totally bonkers about her...

Venus... She's become even more beautiful.

I don't get it. I heard that a guy who looks like Monotoli has been hanging
out at Jackie's Cafe. You know, the totally unpopular place. I heard he
quietly goes in and out.

Jackie's Cafe was where the deal with the evil entity took place. I can't
believe it... can you?

You boys are young, but you did a great job here and out there.

No one know anything. Grrrr. Monotoli's toadies stole everything from me,
including my house and land. Weep, weep... They are evil incarnate. Lawyers,
policemen, everyone that follows Monotoli! They're all his toadies! No matter
how you fight him, you can't win! Yeah, yeah, I'm okay... just leave me here
to cry into my cappucino! Nosy!

Hic! I'm fine. Hic! I'm not drinking the... hic! I hate these hiccups... Yes,
they're... hic! Another cappucino here! Hic!

Protect Mr. Monotoli first. The safety of the citizens of this city comes
second. Heh heh heh. That's our job, you know. Heh heh.

It was stupid of me to let Monotoli do whatever he wanted. We 'll do our best
to create an environment in which people can live safely.

You're getting in better shape every time I see you. Don't you wanna be a
police officer?

You boys are sneaking around, looking for Mr. Monotoli, aren't you? If I catch
you boys doing anything, I'll arrest you--no questions asked! Be prepared! Got
it, <party member>... Haha. I've already checked out your name...

Oh, that rude comment was a slip of the tongue. Now I feel like Monotoli
should eat my shorts.

<party member>, I misjudged you guys. I thought you were little snot-nosed
punks. ...I know better now.

I kept asking around for Trout-flavored yogurt, but... What? You have a
"Yogurt Dispenser"? May I have it?
(Before you could answer, she took the "Yogurt Dispenser.") Now I can make
Trout-flavored yogurt for my guests. ...You are so kind, I'll make some for
you. My room's on the 48th floor. Don't forget to drop by!
My room's on the 48th floor. Don't forget to drop by!

..... *Wheeze, wheeze*... ..... Aren't you Ness...? ...I can't see too well...
Everything's blurry... You are Ness, aren't you? It's me, we met in Twoson...
Everdred from Burglin Park. You must remember. I'm the best thief around.
That... Carpainter in Happy Happy Village was hiding something... *wheeze,
wheeze*... strange. I stole it, and thought about selling it in the big
city... An old, city-wise man called it Mani Mani. It's a strange-colored,
doll-looking thing. ...Ohh... *wheeze*, I'm in pain. ...and ..... Monotoli
tricked me and stole it... from me! He tricked a thief! He wanted me out of
the way because I know his secret... He gets his evil power from that statue!
...Listen! I'll tell you only once. At the cafe, check... behind... the
counter... ...*Gasp*...

I said I'd tell you only once... But if you insist, I'll tell you once more...
...*gasp, gasp* Do do do you wanna hear it again?
I've told you twice already... But if you wanna hear one more time... I'll
tell you once more... D... D... do... you wanna hear it again?
I'm not that nice of a guy. Besides. I'm slipping away... ...Before I go,
here's my last haiku poem
When on your way out Be sure that you say goodbye then lock the door tight.
This is my final request... Don't follow me. I must be on my way... Whoa...
So... long!

There's a person lying on the ground. I wonder if he's... he's...

He's not dead... I thought he may have passed on.

Oooo... I don't like seeing a corpse around here.

He should really go to the hospital like other sick people do.

He's breathing... Has he just been playing too hard?

Do you know him? You must be a dangerous kid! I'll bet you're on your way to
Jackie's Cafe right now!

Don't cut in front of me! If you give me somethin', I'll let you have my spot.
Will you give me somethin'?
Then stay right there where you're too short to see a thing!
So, what do I get?
Are you sure?
If you don't want to give me somethin', don't say you're gonna give me
All right, take my place.
All right, take my place.

Give me somethin' that makes me really happy! And do it in a nice way!

Don't you feel better since you had the chance to talk with your friend? I
helped you find him.

Oh, no no no. I don't want to go like that. I'm glad it wasn't me.

Is that man going to... to...?

He doesn't look like a nice man.

He stared right at me... Ooo... it was scary!

You finally got here. This is the fifth "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

What happened to those guys digging for the buried gold? If they found the
gold, it would be worth a huge amount of money. They'd be able to pay off a
million dollar debt very easily. If I were them, I'd go to Japan and live it

I heard they couldn't find the buried gold. Those guys worked really hard, but
all they got was a diamond!

I wonder why the department store's closed.

When Monotoli became the owner, this department store began having strange

I heard the department store finally re-opened. Hope they have a boffo sale.

Behind this wall, things seem very strange. I feel like this isn't my place...
Maybe it's your place.

The boy stuck to the wall... may be a Peeping Tom.

(You were wandering around the warehouse with a vacant, far away look in your
eyes. We re you daydreaming?)

I'm lucky I'm a rat. We have such easy lives...

Oh, Ness, Paula... I'm Geldegarde Monotoli. Don't you remember me? I returned
this building to Mr. Enrich Flavor. Now I'm working as an elevator man. I'm
very happy, and it's good to be alive. I heard of your many successes.

Wheeee! Hic! Ness. Pokey left me, his own dad, and just disappeared. If you
see him, tell him that he should take better care of his father. Don't tell my
wife in Onett that I've been spending my time here. Hic! Wheeeee!

I heard Venus made an appearance at the Runaway Five show. I missed her 'cause
I went to the bathroom. I'll hate bathrooms for the rest of my life.

Oh, I can't see the Runaway Five here anymore...? I should dump this sorry
excuse of a man and become a Runaway Five groupie.

I'm very punctual about time and careful with money. I don't look like it,

Good morning! Here's your free copy of the morning newspaper! Here's today's
headlines in the Onett Times...

There's an advertisement in today's Onett Times that looks interesting.

"Mysterious meteorite north of Onett still burning brightly"

"Road to Twoson still closed"

"Complaints about Sharks gang suddenly melt into thin air"

"Mayor of Onett teaches Sharks a lesson, brings peace to Onett"

"Tamer of the Sharks actually a boy in a red cap!"

"Many citizens of Onett suffer due to crooked real estate agents"

"Girl named Paula listed as missing in neighboring town of Twoson"

Yes... the Onett Times... Uhhh... Well, I made a mistake and brought you a
newspaper called OnettStar on accident. Let me read you the headline anyway...
"So called Mr. Leader Guy running for mayor of Onett" Well, that's OnettStar
for you.

"Isn't it about time for a fantastic vacation to the dream resort of Summers?
Someday, we'll see you there..."

"Twoson kidnap victim Paula rescued by local Onett hero Ness"

"Situation in the town of Threed is dire"

"Even our clerks get lost in the store! The world's largest department store,
the Fourside Grand"

"Meteorite north of Onett still burning hot"

...Oh, there's no issue today... sorry.

"<favorite food> found to be major source of nutrition and energy"

"Exotic atmosphere! Historical sites! Come to the glorious jewel named
Scaraba! Scaraba Tourist Association"

"Onett Police chief still not through playing EarthBound!"

"Prince Poo of Dalaam traveling incognito to Onett?"

"Even a seasoned world traveler enjoys staying here. Hotel Onett in lovely
downtown Onett." ...Hey, this is our ad!

"International news6A Pyramid in Scaraba vandalized"

"Onett Library facing crisis Many book borrowers giving library books away or
never returning them"

"Local survey shows most popular career among kids in Onett is adventurer"

"Meteorite landing in north Onett finally beginning to cool off"

"Onett police chief finishes EarthBound, asks, "Where is the sequel?"

How about reading the newspaper before you go? Here is this morning's Twoson
Tribune headline...

"Ghosts found to inhabit tunnel to Threed"

"The brave local hero named Ness who broke up the Sharks has left Onett.
Reports that the Mayor stopped the Sharks have been proven to be false"

"Missing girl still not found"

"Regarding Mr. Carpainter Follower states Happy Happyism is wrong Follower
claims temporary insanity..."

"Paula found safe! Parents delighted to have her back"

"Ghosts continue to inhabit tunnel to Threed"

This morning's Twoson Tribune... ...Ooops! My mistake... I brought the
TwosonStar newspaper instead... Well, let me read this anyway...
"Tessie in Lake Tess is cousin of Nessie" ...That's about it.

"Explosion heard recently caused by unknown craft crashing into the graveyard
in Threed"

"Runaway Five present popular show at the Topolla Theater in downtown

"Everdred, Burglin Park crime boss, missing"

"Runaway Five's debut release sells out in minutes"

...There was no morning edition today...

"Prince Poo of Dalaam secretly visiting Twoson?"

"Former Happy Happyism followers claim to have been naive"

"You! With the controller in your hand! Have you been getting enough sleep

There's an interesting advertisement in today's Twoson Tribune. "Are you shy?
Do you have trouble talking to people you don't know? If so, the book
"Overcoming Shyness" is your self-help guide to becoming more outgoing. This
title is now available at your local bookstore or library."

"In Twoson, Nintendo's eight-bit system, the NES, makes a comeback!"

"Onett Times a better newspaper than we imagined here at the Twoson Tribune"

"Monsters disappear! Animals calm down! The town is at peace!"

S... sir...? The guest's newspapers that were delivered to the hotel today...
are different than normal. The paper is called the Zombie Herald... I'm
scared, but let me tell you what is in it...

Good Morning!! Here's your copy of the Threed Journal. Are you going out?

"Destroy the humans! Hold the town for our glory, and for the glory of our

The weather for today is dark and gloomy.

"Today's weather thick, gray clouds all day"

Oh, you got up early today.

"Two human kids escape by somehow opening their cage"

You're working hard, even though you're young.

"Boogey Tent falls! Young human to blame!"

The pride of the Threed publishing community, the Threed Journal, is back with
a vengeance! "Zombies vanquished! Tunnel now open!"

"Tessie exists, eyewitnesses report! But Tessie Watching Society member
forgets to put film in his camera!"

"Department store panic! Blackout hits popular department store in broad

"Someone working to fix machine left in hole at the Threed graveyard"

"Ness and company save Threed confirms chief of Zombie Relief Corps"

This morning's Threed Journal headlines readlike this... Uhh, I made a mistake
and brought the ThreedStar by accident... Well, let me read it to you
anyway... "Zombie gives birth to hawk child" Heh, heh, heh... yeah, right...

"Supernatural powers do not exist Human beings cannot use teleportation states
university professor"

"Prince Poo of Dalaam secretly visiting Threed?"

"Zombie prison warden states inmates believe Our Nest is Best"

"Pyramid mysteriously opens in distant Scaraba. Is this a good portent?"

Here's an interesting advertisement in today's Threed Journal... "Morning
newspapers brought to your room by a handsome, friendly bellboy. Threed
Sunset Hotel" ...Uhhh ...hey! ...this is our ad!

Here's today's Threed Journal!... Uh... whoops... there is no edition today...

"The Twoson Tribune, the neighboring town's newspaper, also woth reading"

"Ness and friends madehonorary citizens!"

Good morning! This is a unique service, exclusive to our hotel only! I'm here
to read you today's headline.

On the front page of the Fourside Post... "Over 70% of Fourside citizens
support Monotoli"

"Over 80% of Fourside citizens support Monotoli"

"Over 90% of Fourside citizens support Monotoli" Then on page 17, "Mysterious
department store blackout caused by mouse"

"Over 50% of Fourside citizens now support Anti-Monotoli campaign" And on
page 23 of the Fourside Post. "Lonely demise in the city Long-haired man with
beard, sunglasses and aloha shirt found in street"

"Famed Mr. Monotoli leaves Fourside States he is going on a trip"

The Fourside Post says... Yoicks! I made a mistake and brought a newspaper
called FoursideStar. Let me read this anyway... "Lucky of the Runaway Five
found to have been in state House of Representatives" ...That's got to be a

"Prince Poo of Dalaam visiting Fourside in secret?"

On page 25 of the Fourside Post... "Venus becomes toast of Fourside Autograph
hunters creating problems for famed singer"

On page 3 of the Fourside Post... "Criminal activity in Scaraba? Sacred
treasure of pyramid, the Hawk Eye stolen"

Here's an advertisement in today's Fourside Post. "Higher than everywhere
else! (That's height, not price) Monotoli Grand Hotel" Hey! That's our

On page 13 of the Fourside Post... "Newspaper reading by bellboys is not
exclusive to Fourside only Do not be taken in by bellboys just looking for a
tip" ...I'm so ashamed...

"The best newspaper of all the others Everyone reads the Fourside Post each
morning" ...Is this the page one headline?

"Megalopolis Fourside to have another busy day"

Ah, sir... Are you already on your way to the beach? Here is this morning's
headlines from the Daily Summers... "People reported missing one after another
in our sister city Winters"

"Yesterday the same as the day before yesterday Today to be the same as

"Prince Poo of Dalaam visiting Summers secretly?"

Today's Daily Summers says... Ooo la la, I brought the wrong paper by mistake.
It is the Summer Inquirerer Listen to this headline... "Huge rat found living
in sewer system" ...I really do not think so...

"Intruders in Scaraba Pyramid! Summers remains a peaceful paradise"

"Breeze blew through the palm trees last night" ...This is big news here.

"Kraken Fin makes a beautiful soup! New gourmet dish makes big waves at the

There's a great advertisement in this morning's Daily Summers "Stop doing
anything complicated. Forget about solving mysteries and completing stages!
Welcome to the easy life in Summers!"

"Yesterday was the same as the day before yesterday Today will be the same as

Good morning, good sir! Please allow me to read to you from the local
newspaper, the Scaraba Papyrus... ...Well ...there is some news here about...

"Kraken, the evil sea monster, now gone forever!"

"Activity at pyramid the first in 300 years"

"Hawk Eye stolen from the pyramid in the desert!"

"Mysterious moving tower sighted in desert!"

"Miraculous foreign children overwhelm Kraken!"

"Children who dash then disappear sighted, but only for an instant"

"Terrible sound recently heard Possibly the sound of evil being destroyed
beyond our time and space"

Good morn...Uhhh... not morning. Here in Moonside, it's always the middle of
the night. This is a headline from tonight's Moonside Press... "Mani Mani is
always Mani Mani at Mani Mani with all Mani Mani Mani"

(Caution! There are still lots of fires burning here and there. It's HOT!)

There is something shiny that you can reach. Do you want to try and get it?
You don't have any more space.

(Seems like a big meteorite landed here not too long ago.)

Even if you're poor, come and see how easy it is to own a luxurious second
home! "Beak Point Real Estate"

"Bush Hospital" The best hospital care in Onett! We put our life into
operating on you!

(The flowers in the garden are representative of those in your heart. Treat
them both nice.)

Traveling entertainer's shack.

"Giant Step" North, at the top of the mountain Danger! Do Not Enter!

Onett City Hall

Road to Twoson.

Mom's really cooking now. "Down Home Burgers"

Break the course of violence Don't break the wind of change. "Fresh Breeze

"Onett Public Library" Use the library more!

South to the suburbs of Onett.

Don't wander this far away from town. "Fresh Breeze Movement"

Welcome to Happy Happy Village!

"Meager Livin' Farm" (Lodgings available)

"Entrance to Burglin Park" No admittance to good kids or police officers.

Twoson-- we got this name because we weren't first.

If you see a suspicious fellow, just pretend not to see him.

If you have time to read this, go to the Chaos Theater immediately.

"Secret Entrance to Burglin Park"

Are you happy now? "Happy Happy Religious Group"

"Two-Three Tunnel" To the town of Threed.

(Home of Orange Kid, inventor)

(Home of Apple Kid, inventor)

"Hint Shop Realization"

(This Bulletin Board greets you this evening. All is well, Good Night.)

(Want to escape to the Beach? If this is your big dream... Come to Carrillon
Beach in Summers! Summers Tourism Bureau.)

If you miss a nice, cozy bed, walk to the west... We're right there! "Threed
Sunset Hotel"

("Horses say "neigh," but the Hint Shop says "yea" to giving you a hint."
Eagleland Hint Union)

No pitching of tents in this area without permission.

<party member> checked the drawers.
There was a Insignificant Item in the drawer.
But there was nothing.
But you don't have any more space.

(There is lots of junk like this bulletin board at the junk shop "Busted Up,"
located in the back alley of the department store.)

(Planning Meeting for EarthBound 2. Only those who are related to this project
are allowed to enter. APE Software Development Team)

First Floor "Fourside Bakery" Second Floor "2F of the Bakery"

(I can sense... that... you have a controller... in your... hands...)

Hey! It's Magicant!

Come on in to Magicant!

Scaraba Cultural Museum (Hieroglyph exhibition currently under

(Recently, a strange fellow has been wandering around this hospital saying he
can cure you of the afflictions that we can't treat. Please be informed that
he has no connection to the hospital. Fourside Hospital Management)

This is not a hotel. Staying for the night is not permitted.

(Aren't you stuck? If you want a hint, come and get it! Eagleland Hint Union)

("Tombstone Blow-out Sale" We have a special discount for those who have
passed on in this hospital. What would you like written on your tombstone?
Onett Hospital Surgery Team)

("Members needed" Popular Music Club. Those who have a guitar, bass or drums,
apply now. Caracas Cathedral, Napalm wound, Minky Cadillac, Sun Bunnies, the
Creeps, Run Around Town Kinky Kids, Bjork, Takashi Hosokawa or Horenso. We
welcome anyone who likes to listen to these bands. Only serious, mature fans
need apply. Please contact Lou.

(Relax, take it easy! It's all in your head... A healthy mind is a healthy

(There is a well-known theory that if you are bitten by zombies, bite back and
you can recover. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to support this

(To recover or not depends on luck. Believe in your luck. Believe your doctor
also. The Doctor believes in his luck.)

(Dinosaur bones believed to be from southern Scaraba. Don't ask for any
details. Our research is continuing.)

No problem here.

No problem here.

(Poo read the Hieroglyphs!) "To fight against the invaders, we built this
pyramid fortress. However, our efforts were futile, and we lost. Nonetheless,
our pyramid was protected by the gods of Scaraba. The invaders will be reborn
every millennium and will attack again. Even now, the invaders hide beyond
space and time and build their evil stronghold. A place out of time is beyond
the Dark, and is even farther beyond the Lost Underworld. The Deep Darkness is
shrouded, it is without light. Only one with the Hawk Eye can pierce the dark.
The Sphinx now watches over everything, waiting for the coming of a truly
brave hero. 0 4 3 2 5 Dance in front of the Sphinx!"

Ness! Let's go to Scaraba. The pyramid is the key!

(This set of hieroglyphs is believed to have been made around 4000 B.C. No
one has ever understood the contents because it's written in an unusual style
with unusual characters. Won't you come closer and try to solve the puzzle of
the ancient stone tablets?)

(Ram Raisin the fifth's training pot.)

(Ram Raisin the fourth's casket.)

(Ram Raisin the third's casket.)

(Toten Karmen's lunch box.)

(Toten Karmen's pencil box.)

(Toten Karmen's casket.)

Are you a thief, a warrior, or one who has come to see my majesty? You must
decide what you really are. Therefore, what will you do?

Warriors, enter now. Search for the Hawk Eye.

Broken down, old submarine. The yellow color is purely coincidental. ...Brick

Rusty Bicycle. Rust is the perfect brake. ...Brick Road

Taxi with no engine. Beautiful, even though the thing doesn't run. ...Brick

Old Vehicle Collection. This is my secret hobby. ...Brick Road

I built a bulletin board without a message. ...Brick Road

The grass is always greener on the other rope... I wonder why that is...
...Brick Road

I put out a bulletin board, but it's probably unnecessary. ...Brick Road

There is a useful item at the dead-end after you make quite a long walk.
...Brick Road

While you explore the dungeon, why don't you make a pit stop? ...Brick Road

Don't be a slacker... If you work hard, you'll get good stuff. ...Brick Road

I couldn't agree more with the opinion on the left bill board. ...Brick Road

I set up a telephone line in the dungeon I wonder if that's controversial.
...Brick Road

You have a long way to go. Getting some rest and relaxation may save you.
...Brick Road

Once a dungeon is built, monsters always start moving in. ...Brick Road

Place an item at the dead end. You are free to take it whenever you want.
...Brick Road

Items that are easy to get to are usually disappointing. ...Brick Road

It is a dungeon owner's obligation to hire a doctor and a nurse. ...Brick Road

Keep this board in mind. ...Brick Road

My statistics show about 70% of the people go to the right first. ...Brick

Your first goal is to reach the four ropes. ...Brick Road

Even though you can't get up there now, you might be able to later. ...Brick

Welcome. You are inside of my body. ...Brick Road

If you work hard, you don't have time to get burned. ...Brick Road

Learn from your mistakes. Follow this, and you're bound to be successful in
EarthBound. ...Brick Road

You have a strong-looking body. Wouldn't you like to be a dungeon worker?
...Brick Road

There are lots of monsters up there, but don't stress out. ...Brick Road

Dungeon exploration is tough, but it's also fun. ...Brick Road

That's a hole down below. You don't have to worry about this for now. ...Brick

This is the second floor of my body. ...Brick Road

What's a dungeon? That is my eternal question. ...Brick Road

There is an item at the dead end, but I have been known to be wrong
occasionally Sorry. ...Brick Road

It smells like flowers here. If you can't smell it, your nose must be stuffy.
...Brick Road

This music is one of my greatest accomplishments. ...Brick Road

Inside the dungeon, flash photography is prohibited. ...Brick Road

You are standing right around my belly button. ...Brick Road

This is the third floor of my body. ...Brick Road

"Mad Duck" They can be a nice pet if they stay far away. ...Brick Road

"Gruff Goat" They are a really gruff kind of goat. ...Brick Road

"Good job, you finally made it!" There is a board upstairs that says that.
...Brick Road

Why don't you take a nice, little rest here? ...Brick Road

"Slimy Little Pile" He has a bad habit of burping. ...Brick Road

Good job, you finally made it. ...Brick Road

"Return Hole" Jump in with all your courage. ...Brick Road

Welcome to my modest dungeon! ...Brick Road

Watch for falling materials! ...Brick Road

Way to go. Please come back again. ...Brick Road

("Safety First" Don't get injured! Burp!)

(Item shop here.)

(Hot Springs Good all over)

(Hotel here.)

(Weird junk.)

(Welcome to beautiful Onett, the wild flower of Eagleland.)

(Clean, quiet and beautiful Onett-- run by Mayor Pirkle...)

(If you have any trouble, consult your kind-hearted mayor!)

(Good and Strong, the kids of Onett... B.H. Pirkle)

(The people of Onett are proud of B.H. Pirkle! The Mayor is proud of the
people of Onett.)

(Help Wanted - Policemen to close roads. Onett Police Dept.)

(Twoson is different from Onett. We have Burglin Park.)

(Tonight, the boogie is back! It's the Runaway Five's night!)

(Do you play some sports? ...If you do, that's fine by us. "Twoson Athletic

(I won't say anything to you adults, but I would stress to you young kids,
don't play for more than two hours. Anything excessive is no good. Parents
Opposing Obsession Plan)

There's graffiti here. (...Just play it!)

There's graffiti here. (Software Development House where you can see Mt. Fuji
- HAL Laboratory)

(There are books other than "Overcoming shyness.")

(You found the book "Overcoming Shyness"!)

(But look, at this glorious moment you have no more room.)

No problem here.

This is a gift from Dr. Andonuts Be careful how you use it. ...Brick Road

If you check into this bench, it's just like checking into a hotel. ...Brick

(The bubble monkey took a piece of bubble gum, chewed it and started blowing.)

<party member> chewed a piece of bubble gum, but it wasn't as satisfying as

Kye uki kukyi (Now she's my type...)
Ki kukkyo uke (I think I'll ask her for a date!)

Man, oh, man, did that ever scare me!...

The Sky Runner... I guess it took a little damage while landing... Oh well...

You don't have to explain a thing... I'm Jeff. I came because you called me.
I'm not very strong, really near-sighted, kind of shy, and I tend to be a
little reckless. This is just the way I am... I hope you want me to be your
friend... okay?
...So why did you callme? Are you just making fun of me? This is just the way
I am... I hope you want me to be your friend... okay?
All right! Let's get back to the journey, then!

Jeff joined you.

What happened? It's not moving! Hey! Why don't you try pressing the button on
the controller!

Say the password!

Okay... you may enter.

Man! It's bumper to bumper! My job is to drive, so I can't get off the bus...
It's up to you if you want to get off the bus and walk around in the desert...
Hey, it's a free country.

Oh, baby baby baaabyyy! Don't make me hurt so bad! These guys are all stone
cold gone for you... Ow!! ...You cute, sexy thing, you!... Baby, sing to
me!... Sing to me only!... Baby!! Venus! Just sing, and I can die a happy
man!... Baby!!... I wanna hold you tight!... Venus!... Baby!...
*Boo, hoo, hoo* ...Venus!... *sob* *sob*

Sorry about bein' such troublemakers!

We won't be so gullible anymore... Well, our fans are waitin', baby...

Let's just do this one last show and then get outta here...

All right! Thanks again!

Money, that's what I want. Money, that's what is hot. Money, that's what I
want. Money, it's what we ain't got 'cept freedom, freedom, freedom is what
we've really sought!

Money, that's what I want. Money, that's what is hot. Money, that's what I

Have I got a bombshell for you tonight, kids!



The Runaway Five!!! Yeah!!


aaaaaAAAAH! We 've got huge talent tonight! You get a beautiful soul show!
Show your appreciation for the last great sinful pleasure... The Runaway
Five!!! Bring it on! Yeah!

Ness! Greetings! I'm George, Gerardo Montague's brother. Gerardo is in his
mine, but he hasn't found any buried treasure yet. We did, however, find a
Diamond instead. Gerardo told me to give it to Ness. Here it is... please
take it.

Well, I've got to go... I'm busy working at the other mine... busy, busy,

Greetings, Ness!... Well, greetings to you since Ness isn't here...

Hey! You've got too many things with you... Well, I've got to go... I'm busy
working at the other mine... I'll certainly hang on to your Diamond. Come and
get it at the treasure hunter's excavation office.

Welcome to the final Runaway Five performance at the Topolla Theater!

Thank you

It's going to be a great show! We're so good it makes me... think that those
kids by the exit will wet their pants! Those kids are hip, baby!

You must never show your face around Master Pokey. You got that?

Your attention please, would the customer from Onett, Mr. Ness, please proceed
to the office on the fourth floor. That was customer Ness, 4th floor office...
Gwaaaaaaaaagh! Ness, Customer Ness, please hurry to Paula... Gwaaaaaaargh!
Ness, Customer Ness... Gwaagh! Gwaargh!!

(Somehow, I feel like the lights will get turned off in the department store.
I guess it's just a mouse's sixth sense...)

(Somehow, I felt like the lights would get turned off in the department store.
I guess it's just a mouse's sixth sense...)

(Hey you! I've got this eerie feeling...like there's a ghost walking along
with you...)

The room next door seems suspicious somehow...

I thought that I heard a girl's voice...

We would like to pay you back...

We'll help you in whatever way we can...

We don't have any money... we are strong, however...

Let's break into the room next door... 'Cept I need to go to the bathroom

Stop! That's enough! Please stop! I give up! I really do!

Oooh... I was a little dizzy, but now I'm okay.

...to get to Summers... we need to go back to Threed.

Yep, somehow I know that's where we must go...

Wow! You guys did a lot while I was in the bathroom! Ha ha... You want to
get to Threed as soon as possible? We can take you to Threed in our tour bus.
I'll get the bus and wait for you just outside the building...

Okay! You can get on the bus now...

Heh heh heh... There's no need to wait...

All right... on to Threed!

All right! We made it! I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you. Remember,
though... we're on your side. When you're having a tough time, just think of
our songs and imagine the Runaway Five singing somewhere far, far away... By
the way, why did you need to come back here? You must have forgotten some very
important item or gadget here... How's that for a guess? Am I close? Well,
you don't have to tell me... See you later and good luck!

Didactically speaking, seminal evidence seems to explicate the fact that your
repudiation of entropy supports my theory of space-time synthesis. Of this, I
am irrefutably confident.

Mmmmm. I think it's a very complicated issue.

..... Oh, sorry! I was sleeping...

You guys can't envision the final collapse of capitalism? Incredible!

You know, I really want to eat some Magic cake. It's a mysterious work of
art... I can't get that cake off my mind. There's only one woman who can make
Magic cake... She's hanging out in this club. Yeah, she's over there at the
entrance... Anyway, the absolute irony and study of self-identification is...
Blah, blah, blah... I don't know what to do!

The woman who sells magic cake seems to have been removed from the members

You don't understand what the hey everyone is talking about, do you? I don't
either, but I try to be patient with the customers. They pay high prices just
for a glass of water and the chance to have serious, intellectual discussions.
Actually, it's an easy business. You want a drink? We only serve water,

The show? It's already started. Everyone stares at the stone on stage and
philosophizes. ...Doesn't it sound stupid?

If you just want water, go to the drug store. It's a lot cheaper there.

Across the sea, there's a town called Scaraba. It's a mysterious town. It's my
dream town.

I'm a grave robber. I was scared of the pyramid in Scaraba... so, I didn't go
in... but I tell people that I saw mummy-type monsters with my very own eyes!

Do you know the Stoic Club, in Summers? You need to call a secret number for a
reservation if you want to get in. What? Yeah, I'll give you the secret
number. I warn you though, it's a strange place...

I think this is a nice town. Come back when you grow up!

If you come closer, I'll play the trumpet! ..... Uhhh, I don't know how to
play yet.

Bow... ...now brown cow?

There's a big monster living in the sea between here and Scaraba. I've seen a
picture of it.

How annoying! Why are you are wandering around? Summers is a posh resort,
made for adults.

That Kung Fu-like hairstyle! You look so cool! I may fall in love with you.
Do you think I'm too forward?

Don't get too excited about this town. It's a tourist trap. Everyone seems to
be nice, but they're just doing it for the money. I know from experience.

Excuse me.

I heard the security guard in the Scaraba Cultural Museum isn't very nice. But
he can be helpful.

Forget about the adventure, come back again!

I can't believe you pronounce Hotel as "Hotel." In this country, Hotel is
pronounced "otel." ...What? So then in your country, is otter pronounced as
"Hotter"? 'Ow should I know these things?

Thank you again, Poke... Uhhh, <party member>.

<favorite food>? Please... we do not have such trash on our menu.

Hey, talking to people at another table in a restaurant is like... breaking
into their room and checking their drawers for valuables. Yeah, other people
on important adventures do such things, but you have to admit that it's

I like the atmosphere in this restaurant. They have good food, too.

I'll have the Braised Boa Over Minced Baby Leeks... Oh, you're not the waiter.

I have fake teeth, so I like soft foods. Not like rocks or stones. They're
too hard.

Right now, part of the Scaraba Cultural Museum is being remodeled. Do you
still want to enter?
Since the Hieroglyph display is closed, people haven't wanted to visit.

Three dollars per person. Study hard.
You don't have any money, right? Okay, since you kids look like you would
study hard, you may enter, free of charge! Oh wait... I can't do that! Good

Since the Hieroglyph display is closed, people haven't wanted to visit.

This room is being remodeled, so I can't show it to you... I can't... well, I
usually don't... show this room... Once you hit adulthood, you'll understand.
I do, however, like jewelry. Perhaps a little, shall we say, "under the table
deal" would be in order...

Oh, the samurai kid is here. Will Poo be giving me that gem?
Excuse me? So, what Poo just handed me is not a gem. Hahha. I'm going to
really enjoy the "cookie" that I just got. Let's pretend this conversation
never took place... While I'm pretending, you go on in...

You're such a good student. I'm impressed by your passion for learning. Come

Excellent! Do you feel like you're really experiencing this great historical
period? The experience is more valuable than a small gem... Haha! The other
day, a rich kid came to Summers by helicopter... He also took a picture of the
Hieroglyphs. I got lots of money from him. Heh heh heh.

Here's a picture of the hieroglyphs, just for you. It's a reward for studying
so hard. Use it in your Human Civilization class Haha!
Oh, you can't carry it 'cause you have too much stuff. It's a pity. You're
such a hard worker. Haha!

Wait one second. Here's a picture of the hieroglyphs just for you. It's a
reward for studying so hard. Use it in your Human Civilization class. Haha!
Oh, you can't carry it 'cause you have too much stuff. It's a pity. You're
such a hard worker. Haha!

...mumble, mumble... Why would Mr. Spoon from the Fourside museum try to call
me? I bet he just wants to brag about something... Well, let him try... I
wonder what he wants to tell me? Bah! I dare him to try and upstage me... Oh!
Pardon me... I was just talking to myself... *cough*

It must be something teeny weeny that Mr. Spoon has found. I don't need to
know the specifics.

You have a good reputation. Wouldn't you like to focus your hard working
energy in the exciting field of archaeology?

I saw a chubby kid about your age here. He looked like he was awfully wealthy.
He was being extravagant!

It's nice seeing you in such good shape. I wonder what porky Pokey's doing.
Yeah, that's the boy I met before.

My cousin is a nurse in Twoson. She's not good at administering shots. The
one she gave me was painful.

Wake up in the morning, fall in love. Eat lunch, fall in love... And at night,
fall in love again... That's my dream life.

The guy next to me is really bugging me. He keeps following me around.

I wonder why such serious looking kids as you would come to this resort
town... You guys are spoiling the atmosphere...

I'm actually a surfer. But you can't surf at this beach. Should I become a
porter so that I can get tips from all the old folks?

Are you from Eagleland? If you like adventure, this isn't your kind of place.
You should travel across the sea to Scaraba from Toto, the port town.

Don't talk to me. My mind is a complete blank.

Asian boy, you're so cool... Don't look at me like that...

I don't know who told you. You came from far off just to eat my Magic cake?...
I thought making cakes would be the best career for me. Dig in! I used all
left over materials. This is a very special Magic cake!

I can't make anymore Magic cakes. If you want to try something tastier... I
have a "Magic Tart." Try it.
...I could make one extra good today.
You seem to have too much stuff to carry. Come back after you get rid of

You look so serious... You're in Summers, a dream paradise. Relax, and have
some fun.

The sky's blue and the sun is high. The prices here are so high, it'll make
your face turn blue! That's Summers!

If you're bored, go check out the "Scaraba Cultural Museum." It may be helpful
to you. They have a hieroglyph from a pyramid.

Another nice day. Summers always has sunny days.

(It's a Myna bird!)

To go to Scaraba, you need to cross the sea. However a monster named Kraken
lives in the open sea. He attacks ships that pass through. Are you scared?

I'm a mighty sailor man A mountain man I'm not The open sea is home for me And
mountains aren't worth snot ...I'm writing a song for sailors.

Dinosaurs existed! I saw one! It had been out of the underground when it dried
out. Of course, it was dead! Believe what I'm saying!

Would you like a boat ride?
Ok, I understand.
I don't feel like sending a ship out. I'm worried about my wife... I'm not
afraid of the Kraken!
.....My wife's totally ignoring her Magic cake business. These days she spends
her time hanging out in a strange club. We no longer have any mutual
interests to discuss. Is our relationship over? ...*Sigh*

Do you wanna hear the same story again?
Thank you! You made my wife wake up. She quit talking about all that serious
crap... Yeah! Let's work hard!
If you're courageous, get on this boat. You'll probably see the Kraken and
experience getting seasick! After all, it could only cost you your life, and
you got that for free! Luck will determine the outcome of this voyage. So, do
you want to sail the seas to Scaraba? Twenty bucks per person is fine with me.
I understand. Stay here and shiver in fear for your future! Hahaha ha!
Ready! We're reckless, baby! Bon Voyage!

What? You have no money?! Come back after you make some money.

Compared to the olden days, this boat ride is like being on a luxury liner. Do
you want another ride? I'll give you a ride if you want, since you destroyed
the Kraken.

Fsst Fsst.


I've finally awakened the inner me, the true self. The patrons of this club
are able to stare into their own soul hard enough to burn a hole in their
psyche. I'm now comfortable enough to stare at the real me, the true self, and
burn the impression into my super-ego. I want to be in this comfort zone at
any time, all the time or at no time. My id is telling me...

What? What? Magic Cake? You came all this way just to eat my Magic Cake?
Okay then, don't get in my way while I search for the little girl within me...
I see... okay... Why don't you stop by a little cart out on the beach later?

Only a tanning pro like me is able to get an actual suntan on the palms of his

I'm just trying to take a nap in the shade. Don't bother me!

Pooooweeeet! Oooo... sorry... Y'know, I can't quite describe it... Drinking
glass after glass of ice coffee is... well... Buuuurp! Oooo... 'scuse me...

(East of here is the port town of Toto) ...No, no... I'm not a billboard...

(Have a fantastic vacation! At least until you run out of money. Hotel Du

There is graffiti on the board... The handwriting is hard to read... (Ness can
eat my shorts! For a neighbor, he's a loser!)

How can we defeat the zombies? ...Oh... Uh... I just don't know!

We should try Zombie Paper or some kind of trap. We have to do something!

Just imagine... when we wake up tomorrow morning... Ugh! *shiver* It'll be
really gross.

Yuck! We caught a lot of zombies! Ugh! *shiver* It's really gross.

The monsters are no longer in the tunnel!

Since the tunnel was cleared, many cars have started driving through it. It's
incredibly noisy.

Why don't we get all the zombies in this tent and then set it on fire? We may
all get munched before we have a chance to do anything...

Maybe a good idea would be to try to get all the zombies into a single spot.

Hey! Stupid zombies! Come out, come out wherever you are! The suspense is
killing me...

I was able to arrest many zombies because of your help. "Arrest" sounds
strange, doesn't it...

It became really quite peaceful compared to before.

I'm glad you're going to help us, but you're pretty young.

Well, we'll give it a try. It's better than nothing, I guess.

Here, zombie, zombie, zombie... I have a nice bonefor you...

You might not understand my saying this, but, poor zombies...

Now you can go through the tunnel anytime you want!

Actually, I'm kind of glad I got to see real zombies.

The zombies are slowly advancing toward the tent. Everyone, I repeat--the
zombies are on the move!

So, this weird object was flying around and crashed in the graveyard... It
looked like it was straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon! Wow! Did you
come here in that flying contraption?

So you're going to use this tent as a trap...

Hey, hey, hey! ...stupid zombies... come on over!

We did it! Did you look in the tent? Ya ha! We taught those stupid zombies
a lesson!

That round flying object... a kid with glasses was on board. The craft landed
near the graveyard, right? Can you fix it?
It was heavily damaged, though, right?
It's such a waste, but we can't do much about it...

I didn't like fighting the zombies, but those days were never dull!

We painted over all the damaged parts of the Sky Runner. Now I wonder how you
start this thing up?

I want you to stay, but if you can't ...so long! Thanks for every little ol'

Be careful while walking around outside, especially near the graveyard.

Especially near the graveyard, it's dangerous. But now it's been cleaned up,
so it's safe, just to let you know.

I'm stronger than a zombie, but a bunch of zombies ganged up on me.

If you would have taken me along to hunt zombies or something, I would have
been a big help.

The zombies got me... I should have gotten some zombie insurance.

I'm not afraid of no zombie. When they come out, I'll beat them by myself.
Actually I don't want them to come out. They're way too scary.

Zombies and ghosts are on the loose here. Welcome to Threed.

Zombies and ghosts are not on the loose anymore. Oh yeah, you guys got rid of
the monsters Ooops! He he.

Zombies and ghosts are on the loose here, so I can't get to Twoson or
Fourside. Maybe the hidden road in the graveyard is safe...

You guys got rid of the zombies, 'cept the ghosts in the tunnel seem scarier
than ever!

If you weren't here, I might have had to be friendly with the zombies!

This town seems very dark, right? The people are mostly living at the center
of town. I wonder how we should get the town back from the zombies?

This town used to be dark, but thanks to you, now it's bright.

Hey, you don't look so happy, you'd better cheer up, or you'll become a
zombie. Some people have already become tools of the zombies.

I'm so glad you wiped out the zombies. Let me give you a kiss. *smooch* Tee
hee hee... I'm blushing.

The headquarters of the Zombie Relief Corps is in the circus tent at the
center of town. We want to crush the zombies, except I think they'll crush

I thought the zombies were gone... But look at the surroundings... It's still

We won because of our brains, guts, and togetherness. Wow! What a rush!

There's a rumor that there is an underground path at the edge of the graveyard
that takes you somewhere. When you get through the path, you'll meet a dirty,
stinky, ugly, powerful monster. I wet my pants just thinking about it.

You've been through some tough battles!

There's been a circus tent at the center of town for a long time. I saw
another tent to the south I wonder when it went up?

That strange tent... It was a monster! I'm glad I didn't go inside!

Visit Threed again!

I'm so scared of the zombies, I spend all of my time running from them. I
can't even get home!

I had to run all over to escape the zombies. Now I can't remember where my
house is...

Hey, do you remember me? I had to run all over to escape the zombies. Now I
can't remember where my house is... I told you this before , remember? Huh? I
never saw you before? I guess I can't remember anything right.

(You're awfully kind taking time out to talk to a mouse. This mouse loves


How can you smile like that in a dangerous place like this?

I thought there was something more to you than just your smile.

I saw a beat-up tour bus going to Fourside. We can't go through the tunnel.
The band was really noisy, so the ghosts didn't approach the bus. It must be
great to be so happy-go-lucky, huh!

I wanted to catch one of the ghosts in the tunnel and keep it as a pet. I'm
just teasin'. I can tease like that now that they're gone.

I'm only telling you this because you look like you're just passing through.
The truth is, I work for the monsters. The humans seem to be losing, so I'm on
the zombies' side for my own protection. The zombies' leader likes Fly Honey.
He makes his followers collect it. You know--bees make bee honey and flies
make Fly Honey. The zombie leader is strong because he always eats peanut
butter and Fly Honey sandwiches...

I got lots of Fly Honey stored in the tent to the south. I'll deliver it to
the zombie leader soon.

I heard that you beat the zombie leader after you got some important info from
me. Heh heh heh... You should at least thank me... or how about a shoulder
massage... Why are you giving me such a dirty look, you brat! Ptooie!

...Since then, I've really matured. I am doing well in the health food
business. People can get over any illness they might catch. Don't you think
it's a great business?
Okay... so it's not for you.
I could make you believe anything...

After the buses started running again, I decided to come see my boyfriend... I
really shouldn't have, though.

Wo! Dude! Like, my old girlfriend from Twoson hunted me down, man. I'm
totally bummed, 'cause I have another girlfriend here in Threed.

Haha ...check him out. I think he's the bee's knees, oops, I mean way cool. He
used to be in a band.

(He stares into your soul.)

(He stares into your soul.)

(He looks you over.)

(He looks you over.)

Take a look at that chick in front of the hotel. Regardless of some of the
people I've seen her hanging out with, I think I'd like to spend some time
with her!

I overheard the zombies whisper, "Master Belch will give us our lives back."
...Master Belch is the zombie leader. He must be really pukey.

Like I told you, there was a barfy bad guy named Belch. Thank you for giving
him the big flush.

This town has completely changed from the first time you were here. Can you
feel the love?

That's right, there is a rumor that a monster called Belch is screwing up the
town. Belch! That's a gross, twisted name even for a monster!

Buuuurp! Oops... now I'll get "Belch" for a nickname. Hee hee hee... uh...

Isn't your backpack worn out? Oh, if only those straps could talk...

Yeah, I worked for the zombies, but I betrayed them too. I'm a con man, so I
know the score. Belch gives life to the zombies, but Belch works for Giygas,
who I heard might be female. Well, I'm not really sure whether Giygas is a
male or a female. I'm a helpful con man, don't you think?

I saw a suspicious woman talking with the zombies around here.

Frankly, I'm running scared. I don't mean that I actually run around. I just
mean I am frightened. Conditions in the town are getting worse.

This guy at the pizza joint told me about a new product called "Zombie Paper."

"Zombie Paper" is a stupid product name.

Zombie Paper really works, so I hope someone comes up with "pretty girl
paper." Oops, that wasn't a nice thing to say.

You made our lives peaceful. I can sleep again. It's like you used a bunch of
"peace paper," right? Haha.

People used to call me evil, but these zombies are much more scary. I left my
wife and kids at home to escape to this tent. That's how scary the zombies

You can do whatever you want-- just save my life.

Those zombies stuck to the floor... I wonder if they could still get me. I
don't care what happens to anyone else, I just want to save my own skin!

The town is at peace, but my wife and kids won't speak to me. What's the

A few days ago, the zombies got some kids at this hotel.

The boy had a red cap... or was it a blue cap?

The boy had a red cap... Hey! It was you!

Thank you for bringing peace and happiness back to Threed. Thanks! Peace!

I really didn't think those kids could have saved the town. Who would have
ever imagined it?

I won't forget you. Won't you come back to Threed sometime?

Since the leader of the monsters is gone, the ghosts in the tunnel have
disappeared. The buses can get through the tunnel now.

I want to go through the desert and on to the big city. I want to see the
city, and I want to smell like the big city. I'm a real urban-type of guy.

From the bus stop at the hotel all the way to Fourside... is how much? Do you

Thank you!

You're heroes. That rocks!


All righty!

I came from Fourside by bus. Buffalo? Oh yeah, I saw lots. It's awesome.

A girl in Fourside called me. There is a really popular band there now. I
think they're called the "Runway Fire."

I told you the wrong band name before. I said "Runway Fire." The real name is
"Runaway Five." My girlfriend corrected me...

I heard there is a guy who is digging for buried treasure in Dusty Dunes
desert. A share of that treasure "share" would be nice.

Hey! I heard you got a share of the treasure found in the desert. It didn't
seem to change you at all, though.

I'm a detective from Twoson. The statue called Mani Mani or something or other
was stolen from the Happy-Happyism headquarters. Do you have any clues for me?
Oh, I see...
Don't try to feed me your lies!

If I try to get away, my body will just fall apart. It's because I'm a

I'll blame you for the rest of my "life."

I'll blame you after my "death."

You're the enemy of all zombies! You monster!

Could... you... help me? ...Maybe not.

You humans are such cowards!

*Gasp* *Gasp*

I don't care if I pass away... Ha! I'm dead already!

Message of the broken SkyWalker.(It's impossible to fix... for the time

<party member>'s offense went up by <number>!

<party member>'s defense went up by <number>!

<party member>'s IQ went up by <number>!

<party member>'s guts went up by <number>!

<party member>'s guts went down by <number>!

Amazingly enough, <party member>'s guts became <number>!

<party member>'s speed went up by <number>!

<party member>'s vitality went up by <number>!

<party member>'s luck went up by <number>!

<party member>'s offense went down by <number>!

<party member>'s defense went down by <number>!

<party member> opened the jar of "Fly Honey"! Master Belch grabbed the "Fly

<party member> opened the jar of "Fly Honey"! It didn't smell like something
<party member> would like!

A mysterious light enveloped <party member>!

A warm light surrounded <party member>!

A dazzling light enveloped <party member>!

Some heavy air flowed into the area!

The dazzling light chased the enemy!

A very subtle light engulfed <party member>!

A golden light poured over the area!

Rainbow colored light shone into the area!

A mysterious aroma wafted into the area!

A terrible, heaven rending sound, echoed in the area!

<party member> lost their PP!

<party member> recovered completely!

Not enough PP!

<character or enemy performing action> tried <PSI ability>! But, <character
or enemy performing action> didn't have enough PP.

It didn't hit anyone!

<character or enemy performing action> does not have any PP!

I understand you guys are already claiming to be heroes. Well, it is a
gazillion years too early for you to oppose Giygas! You must feel pretty
stupid to keep fighting without even knowing what Giygas looks like! If you
were to ever see Giygas, you'd be so petrified with fear, you'd never be able
to run away! ...That's how scary it is! So, do you want me to turn off the
"Devil's Machine?" Well, prepare to be amazed!

So, isn't this terrifying? I'm terrified, too. Giygas cannot think rationally
any more, and he isn't even aware of what he is doing now. His own mind was
destroyed by his incredible power. What an all-mighty idiot! Yep, that's what
he is! Heh heh heh heh... and you... you will be... just another meal to him!
Heh heh heh heh. You must really be at the end of your rope. In this bizarre
dimension, you four are the only force fighting for justice... And here you
stand, waiting to be burned up with all the rest of the garbage of this
universe... Haaaaah! That's so sad. I can't help but shed a tear. You know,
my heart is beating incredibly fast, ...I must be experiencing absolute
terror! Do you want to scream for help here in the dark?! Hahaha! Why not
call your mommy, Ness! Say, "Mommy! Daddy! I'm so frightened! I think I'm
gonna wet my pants!" I know you have telepathy, or something, so just try and
call for help, you pathetically weak heroes of so-called justice! No one will
help you now! Haha haah... Don't worry, your pitiful suffering will be over

Ness! Now, I... well... It's going to seem like I'm running away. But perhaps
I'll just sneak away to another era to think about my next plan. It's a good
bet that we will see each other again... All right! I'll be seeing you! So
now which one of us do you think is the cool guy?!

Blue... blue.

I'm a roaming doctor. Let me know if you're not feeling well.

Blue... blue...

Humm dee dum dum dum. I'm hunting for mushrooms!

Hey! Would you be willing to sell that mushroom on your head for $50?
Ohhh... It's your special mushroom.
Thank you. Such a great mushroom. I'm so happy I got it.
I'm going to collect a ton!

I'm Dr. Saturn. Zoom! and I can repair your body. Boing! Do you want me to
operate on you? Ding?
Are you kay-o? If you all right, that's great. zoomer!
You aaaaaaall fixed up. Goody! Boing!

Healthy, healthy.

"Goodnight Bench" Your fatigue will leave you, and your energy and power will

Hi! How are you today? Oh, you're not feeling well? Be healthy!

(This is a heal stone.)

Welcome to Hotel Onett.

Welcome to Hotel Twoson.

We're all like one big, happy family here in Happy Happy Village! Basically,
our policy is to only allow family members to stay here in the village.
However, if you are interested in learning about Happy Happyism, we may make
an exception and let you stay for $<money>.

Never have I heard such disrespect! Get out and stay out!

Very well... be sure to do your "blue... blue..." chant before bed time.

No faith... No money... You are a hopeless case.

Are you prepared to show the proper respect to Mr. Carpainter now? Blue...

Greetings, <party member>. Please forgive my lecture earlier. You are now
welcome to stay free of charge. Would you like to stay?
Very well. Please come again, any time.
Excellent. Please make yourself comfortable,on your blue sheets... No, no,
I'm just kidding! Hahah!

Good morning. Take care and good luck.
Thank you.

Welcome to the Threed Sunset Hotel.

We are also running an inn, mister. It's $<money> a night if you want to stay
here. Do you want to stay?
That's probably for the best. You see... our beds are really old and dusty.
Well, have a good rest. You'll wake up refreshed!
You... don't have enough money.

When you travel though the desert, you may be hit by sunstroke. If you see
flashing lights before your eyes, you may have sunstroke! But don't worry too
much. If you have a Wet towel, you'll be all right.

Welcome to the Monotoli Grand Hotel.

Welcome to the Enrich Grand Hotel.

Welcome to L'hotel de Summers. My name is Risosha Richmonde, and I am the
assistant manager. I'm sorry <party member>, but I'm afraid that we do not
have any reservation under your name. However, we can offer you a room
at $<money> a night. Would you be interested in a room?
That's too bad, <party member>. Please keep us in mind the next time you come
here on your holiday.

Excellent choice, <party member>! We hope you enjoy our wonderful ocean view.

If you do not have enough cash with you, please feel free to use the ATM just
over there.

Did you have a relaxing sleep? The sound of the ocean waves didn't disturb
you, I trust.

Welcome to the "Great Southern International Resort Hotel." Our rooms range in
price from for $<money> on the to $<money> a night. Right
now, though, we only have our super deluxe suite available. Would you like to

We are very sorry that we do not have any of our less expensive rooms
available at this time.

Please let us know if you find any scorpions... It's very unlikely that they
will come out, but you never can tell...

Good morning! This sure is some nice weather we're having in Scaraba lately.

This is the Dark Moon Hotel. One sleep period is $<money>. Do you want to
You're actually going to try to stay up...? Hah hah hah!
All right. Here we go!
Money rules here in Moonside, too. And you do not seem to have any at this

The monkeys run the inn in the forest. You can stay here for free! Do you
want to spend the night?
I swear, it doesn't smell like monkeys.
You're sure to have fond memories of the monkey's inn after your trip...

Didn't you think it was comfortable? Take care and good bye.

In the hole, inn we have. Free. Stay?
Okay. You stay.
Nice stay?

Thank you for coming all the way into this primitive country. You must be
tired. To stay, it'll run you $<money>. You are going to stay, aren't you?
Please come again... Mr. Traveler.
Well, make yourself comfortable.
Money rules even at the end of the world. We cannot accept a guest who has no

A one night stay will cost you $<money>. Would you like to stay?
Have a nice stay.
See you next time.
It looks like you don't have $<money>...
Good morning. Did you sleep well?

I can examine each one of you for $<money>.
Yes, please
No, thanks
You really don't need any treatment? All right.
Who is sick?
You don't have enough money. Go home, and then come again.
I don't think there is anything wrong with you.
I don't think anyone has anything like that. Or Is it just my
I can only treat an illness. Sorry.
...by the way, What a sad look in your eyes... you, the boy in a red cap. You
must be homesick. That's nothing you need to be ashamed of. Anybody who is on
a long trip will miss home. In this case, the best thing to do is to call home
and hear your mom's voice.

You have a cold.
You have sunstroke.
You've been poisoned.
You must feel nauseous.
You're all well now. What a great doctor I am!

Who do you want to see?
<party member> was just brought in, and is still unconscious. Please pay
$<money> for the doctor's fee.
Your friend, right?... It's very serious.
I'm so glad that you recovered, <party member>. Come back any time you need.
We don't have a person like that in our hospital.
You don't have enough money...? That's too bad.
If you are the patient, come into the back room.
You need to be examined? Then, you need to see the doctor... not me.
I'm not busy right now. Shall I explain about the hospital system?
Yeah, well, I am actually pretty busy.
If a good friend of yours becomes unconscious, come to the hospital right
away. As long as you have money for the doctor's fee, you'll be able to see
your friend completely recovered in no time. Besides being unconscious,
whenever you don't feel so well, come and talk to a doctor. Everything I just
told you applies to hospitals all over the world.

What do you want me to do?
Restore feeling
I need to charge you $<money>.
Mmm, come back when necessary.
Who needs healing?

<party member> isn't hard like a diamond.

<party member> isn't numb.

<party member> isn't possessed.

Who needs to be healed?

Mmm, come back when necessary.

If you don't have any money, you'll just have to keep on going in your current

There! You're already healed! Can I do my job well, or what!

Hey, now that I notice, could you sell me the mushroom growing on top of your
head? Come on, let's make a deal.
Hmmmmm..... That's too bad. Thanks. I'll pay you $50 for each mushroom. All
right, let's do it!

Though you may not believe it, I'm a healer. If you have some illness that can
not be treated at the hospital, it's my job to cure you. Do you need any help?

By the way, do you need any help?

Do you need some help?

I can't see where the problem is from this vantage point. I need to be in the
front. ... Ah! Here's the problem, and it's not too tough to fix. Hang on for
a second or two...There! That should do it! Now, if <we> board, the Sky Runner
will take <us> back to Winters. With Dr. Andonuts' help, I can modify the
machine to fly to Summers. ...If Dad, I mean Dr. Andonuts, is not available,
I'll have to figure it out by myself. Anyway, let's go back to the lab in
Winters. ...That's it... Go, machine, go!

(Only Jeff is able to fix the Sky Runner.)

(<party member> had a dream, it was a very clear, and very strange, dream.)

Prince Poo, the time has now come for you to undertake your final trial.

Go to the "Place of Emptiness" and endure this final test.

I am praying for your success in this final stage of your training.

Ah! Prince Poo... I am a messenger from your master... He sent me to tell you
that you must stop your meditation immediately. Prince Poo! You must come back
with me instead of staying in a place such as this. Your Master wishes it...
please rise, Prince... Your highness, you must give up this trial for now...
believe what I say, it is the truth...

Prince Poo... I am the spirit of your ancient lineage. To complete your trial,
I am going to break your legs. You will lose the use of them. Do you accept
So, Prince Poo... you cannot walk, as your legs are broken. Next, I will tear
your arms off... I shall then take your arms and feed them to the crows. The
taking of your arms... Do you accept this?
Ah, Prince Poo... Without legs and arms, you can only lie there... Now, I'll
cut your ears off. You do not mind my taking your hearing away, do you? Do you
accept this?
(So, Prince Poo. No legs, no arms and no sound... By floating words through
the air, I must ask you... Do you care if I take your eyes? Do you want to
live in eternal darkness? I shall steal your sight... Do you accept this?)
(So, Prince Poo. Now, I can only communicate directly with your mind. Your
mind is all you have left... In the end, I will take your mind, though you
probably don't want to allow that, do you? So... you can't answer? You can't
even move? Are you sad, are you lonely? If you lose your mind, you also lose
any feelings of sadness... Do you accept this? I will take your mind, Prince
Poo, know that I will possess it...)

Prince Poo! You have now completed your training! The old Master must be so
pleased! Hurry, now, and return to the palace.

My name is Poo. I am the one who will fight beside you. I am the servant of
Ness. I will obey Ness. Ness! My life is in your hands.

..... I just communicated with Ness's soul. Do not mind me...

When you defeated the Starman DX, the Stonehenge base ceased functioning.

Oh, man! I thought you guys were just everyday little kids, but you defeated
the Kraken!

I also helped in the battle... I threw my slippers at the beast...

Maybe you didn't notice.

WA A A AIT! Wait! Wait... I need to stop the boat. It's been a long time since
I was out on the open sea, so I feel seasick... Oh, man, what am I going to
do? A sailor who gets seasick? So how come you guys are all right?

So... that bald guy over there... your buddy, right?... He came from Dalaam?
You guys must be quite the adventurers! Aren't there times when you'd just
like to go back home? So, you're not some mama's boy... Well, it wouldn't hurt
you to go back and visit once in a while.

Hey, that's an awfully strange carrot. What kind of bunny would eat that?
Hahaha! I'm feeling much better now! Anchors aweigh!

(The door of the pyramid is firmly sealed...)

(Someone must have stepped on a switch!)

(It sounds like something up above is moving.)

(There is something on the platform. Do you want to get it?)

(Wasn't it the whole reason you came here?)

(It's unbelievable that you would get this far, and not claim your prize just
because you have too much stuff.)

(This casket seems a little suspicious...)

It is important that I study and learn the "Starstorm"... It will be most
helpful to us. ...Once I learn it, I'll meet up with you, Ness. Trust me... I
will see you again.


Oh no! I... am... getting caught in the palm trees! Mmm... I cannot move.
Well, if I cannot move, it is okay. <party member>, it makes me sad, but I
must say goodbye here, at my eternal resting place. I believe it is impossible
for me to move from this spot. Do not worry about me... Please continue on.

A submarine? I believe... that I have one in my old vehicle collection. Please
(Ness and his friends carried out the submarine that Jeff fixed.)

Hey, you! I have a happy little question for you... .....
<player name>... <player name>, are you sure this is the correct player's
name? If it's not right, you can change it...

<player name>, Are you sure it's what you want? Are you happy with the name?
Here's your chance to change it...
Are you absolutely certain?
Yeah, I thought that you had made up your mind...

..... Shy... that we are...

Powerful... I... so... show... everyone... Huuuup! I got it! I got it!
Eeeee yeah!!!

My... power... awe-inspiring!

Hey! Hey!... Talk to me! Hey, hey, hey! Heeeeeey!!

I'm Ness...It's been a long road getting here...Soon, I'll be...Soon, I'll
be...Soon, I'll be...What will happen to us? W...what's happening? My thoughts
are being written out on the wall... or are they?

Would you like me to tell you about Twoson?
It's too much trouble for me too.
Twoson has a modern, clean hotel. There is a hospital and the wonderful Chaos
Theater. There is the Polestar preschool, and a nice bus station. If you're
curious, you might want to check out Burglin Park. It's exciting. East of the
town, you find the Peaceful Rest Valley. On the other side of the valley is
Happy-Happy Village. There's also a pizza parlor. Do you want to know anything
else? Well, tee hee, I don't know anything else.
I've been giving out info about Twoson for years now. I'll quit this job and
I'll, tee hee, get married.

Burglin Park seems kind of dangerous, but there's some great stuff there.

I hear that a girl named Paula was kidnapped while helping out at the Polestar

I heard that you, Paula, beat up the kidnapper. You're my favorite!
I heard that Paula beat up the kidnapper. She's my favorite!

I saw some weird bad guy following Paula. This guy gave me the creeps.

Kidnapping is wrong! I'll be careful not to kidnap anyone!

I see that you're young but have had some adventures. I think that Paula
would be a good friend for you.

Just as I thought, you two make such a nice couple!

Just as I thought, you two make such a nice couple! Well, I think you're
cute... But I'm near-sighted, too...

My grandson is playing a game called "EarthBound." He's now talking to a
plain, old lady in Twoson. I heard that the game has some messages that are
just there for fun.

If you go to the east, you could run into trouble. Peaceful Rest Valley and
Happy-Happy Village are waiting for you. I've also heard that there are UFO's
in the Peaceful Rest Valley.

Well, my thoughts on happiness have changed...

People in Happy-Happy Village are fanatical about a strange religion. Maybe
they've got some sort of bad fever. Be careful.

I'm glad to see you so healthy.

(There was a kidnapping! Believe me, even though I'm just a dog. Woof!)

(You're fantastic...you even take time to talk to animals.)

I own an antique shop. No one is buying or selling anything, so I was thinking
of selling the "For Sale" Sign that sits in front of me. It's only 98 dollars.
Please buy it.
I bet you'll regret not buying it.
If you want to sell something, use this "For Sale" Sign. Customers will flock
to you.
Oh, you can't buy it 'cause you're poor. That's too bad.
I can't help you if you're carrying too many things...

So, did the "For Sale" Sign help you? Yeah, I was the one that sold it to you.

Hey, why don't you buy the world's greatest Ruler.
Do you think it's hot? Look, I didn't steal it...
Thank you! That's <number> clams!
Here you go, one Ruler!
You said yes, even though you need a lot more money.
You said "yes" - that's short and to the point. But you don't have any more
room... Get rid of something and come back. I'll be here.

I sell fresh eggs. They're nutritious! Please buy this beautiful, beautiful
egg! Please?
You won't get through your teen years without at least one egg. Please buy
this beautiful egg. Please!
Ok, but your teen years will be ruined just because you didn't buy an Egg.
You're concerned about your health, even though you're young. That'll be
<number> big ones.
Okay, here you are... one egg to go!
Hey, I'm not just giving it away...
Eggs are easily broken. There's no way to stuff it in with your other things
if you have no more room...

The boss of Burglin Park is Everdred. He's got ties to burglaries and
kidnappings in this area. He's a scary guy.

Everdred is asking for you. He has a present to give you. Please...

I heard that the kidnapped girl was saved. What? You saved her? That's hard
to believe. You don't seem like the hero-type to me.

Will you give me 1,000 dollars? I'll give you all my support.
I'm glad you turned me down. I just want to be an unknown little punk.
You shouldn't give away 1,000 dollars so easily. Let me give it back to you.
Do you think I'm really an honest, reliable person?

It makes me feel good to just sit and look at my pots...
...I like pots, but what I really want is the tool shop "For Sale" Sign. It's
right there. Should I steal it? Hmmm...

Are you looking for that so-called genius, Apple Kid? As a true genius, I'll
tell you that he's in Burglin Park, lookingfor you.

Woooooooo! (Go back, go back!)

(Happy-Happy Village ahead.)

Of course, Everdred isn't a good person, but he's actually quite warm-hearted
for a crime boss.

What? Everdred is gone? That's crap! Don't believe it.

Everdred has always watched over Burglin Park. That's why we don't have to
bribe any crooked cops.

Even if Everdred has passed on, he'll keep watch over us from... from...
wherever he's at.

I'm starting a line here. I want a ticket for today's show, but I may not get

I love standing in a queue. I also love words that start with "Q." Queen,
quiet, quick...

If I had some connections, I could waltz right in, but I'm just a regular joe.

(Runaway Five tour bus.)

We --that's right--we are the Runaway Five. We're popular, but not rich.
We're bein' cheated by this theater, and we're really deep in debt!

You're with a girl today. Ya must be pretty popular. How about introducin'
her to my bandmate? He's right there.

Thanks for talking to me. Didn't ya go off looking for some girls?

Hey, someone was looking for ya.

We may be popular, but that girl who lives at the house with the preschool is
the talk of the town. I wanna see her someday.

Hey, ya came with Paula! Then you deserve a present, playboy. Here's a
Backstage Pass. You can get into our shows with this!

It seems like you've got an awful lot of junk. Get rid of somethin' and come
back for the pass.

Hey, you're Paula! A boy with a red cap seemed to be lookin' for ya.

I heard you're workin' hard tryin' to find the girl who lives at the
preschool. If ya find her, bring her to our concert.

With that Backstage Pass, you can even get into our dressing room. Come with
your girlfriend... We'll be waitin'.

You want to see Poochyfud, the manager? Right through this door, please.

I'm not sure what happened, but it looked like it was good news.

Let's go to Threed! Our tour bus is too loud for any ghosts to bother us. Do
you want a ride?
If ya change your mind, come back anytime.
Oh yeah! Let's go! Get on the bus!

I heard Paula was kidnapped, but it's still unconfirmed.

Congratulations on solving the kidnapping.
This town feels so much more peaceful and safe...

I'm nuts about this one kid inventor. No, not that airheaded, dweeby Apple
Kid. I'm talking about the incredibly hot Orange Kid!

The Orange Kid is deep into a world-class invention. It must be hard being an

That stupid slob, the Apple Kid, always asks me for something to eat. He's the
inventor--he should invent some food for himself.

That stupid slob, the Apple Kid, is suddenly missing. I think the town seems
cleaner somehow.

A while ago, I saw an inventor, the something-or-other kid, buying junk for a
Pencil Eraser, or something-or-other.

Even though it's junk, someone could use it for something.

I got bit by zombies in Threed, the next town over, so I'm stuck in this
hospital. I left something good at the Threed Hospital, but now I can't go get
it because the bus can't get through the tunnel.

I'm in perfect, tip-top health now. I just wish I had more visitors. *cough*
*hack, hack* *cough*

Thank you! You've made me so happy! After my life, this is the second most
important thing to me! Because you're so kind, I want to give you this Magic
Truffle. It's a souvenir from Scaraba.

I had an argument with my friend about Happy-Happyism.

My friend who joined the Happy-happy religion came to see me a while ago.
We've became friends again.

I wanted to see the circus in Threed, the next town over, but I hurt my leg in
the Peaceful Rest Valley.

You look healthy, but you spend a lot of time at the hospital. My story is the
same. Do you want to hear it again?
Well, it's not important.
Okay, you asked for it... ready?
It's just a hunch, but I think the ghosts in the tunnel don't like anything
upbeat and cheerful. When I was driving in the tunnel, I was playing some
grooving tunes and the ghosts moved slower. I think the ghosts can't stand
anything positive.

Ness, I guess it's time for you to go home. Everyone is probably worried about

Hey, you children... how did you get <item>? What are you, the owner's
children or something?

I came here because it's tough to get in, but I'm kind of disappointed. There
are no good-looking waitresses, and there is no room for me to show off my
latest dance moves.

Y'know, I think it's pretty tacky to entertain our company's business partner
by taking him to a Runaway Five show. ...But since I'm new to the company, I
better just toe the line.

Well, well... I got a little kid here talking to me like he' s an adult. I
give you one thing---you got guts, kid...

They seem too proud... I mean, they just filled up this little music hall
after all...

My boyfriend lost the ticket that I gave him. He's waiting outside the
entrance. He's got butter fingers, but he's nice.

La la La la I just love ragtime!

La la Mi mi I'm tone-deaf. My daughter brought me here. Fa la La mi.

(One of the biggest markets you'll ever find--now in Burglin Park.)

I always see you walking around. Walking is good for your health.

I'm so excited! I might just wet myself. My heart is going pitter patter!

Shaba do wap, diddly dee da. Shaba di doo bee, bop wah. I got those debt
blues, hm mm mm. If I had 10,000 dollars, I could pay off my debts and move on
to the next town. I wonder if our bus still runs. It may be rusted out...

Mr. Poochyfud, the Manager, is looking for you. I wonder what he wants?

Don't try to use your play money here, kid. Oh... my... gosh...! That's not
real money, is it? Wow!

Well, yeah, in the old days, there was lots o' dancers and acts at this
theater. 'cept now, we're the only act playin' here. We even gone into debt
here, so we're pretty near stuck, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk. The folks of Twoson'll
enjoy the Runaway Five show for quite a few years, it looks like ta me.

So, whaddya think? Do ya wanna see one more show?
So, our sound is too much for ya, right? I figured as much.
This is your chance fer a once in a lifetime event.
Ya got a once in a lifetime opportunity. How 'bout watchin' one more show?

Well, hello! Ya got cash! And some nice stuff ta boot! Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.

Hey, ya get to see our show, you lucky kid! I hope ya pay attention.

That was a great gig! We can't be this good all the time, can we?

If you give him a chance, the theater manager will cheat you out of your
money, he he he.

I wrote the lyrics to most of the Runaway Five songs. Money, that's what I
want money, that's what is hot money, that's what I want money, it's what we
ain't got 'cept freedom, freedom, freedom is what we've really sought!

Cash, that's what I want cash, that's what is hot cash, that's what I want
...hey, I just made up a new song.

Wow! 10,000 dollars! I can make another song now. Ten G's, ten G's. That's
dollars, baby, dollars. Yeah yeah yeah.

I want some bread. I need the coinage. I want more dough all the time.

I didn't make a spectacle of myself, did I?

That is exactly what I want. I can't believe that you have that much...

The Runaway Five owe me a lot of money. They'll stay here until they pay me
back. They might be here for 100 years, unless you decide to pay off their
debt... Heh, heh, heh.

The Runaway Five are free to leave. I've got no complaints now that I have my

Yipes! You surprised me. Now I'm not sure what to do.

I got the money, of course, and now the Runaway Five are free to leave. I've
got no complaints now that I have my money.

'scuse me? What's that you got there? Let me take a reeeeal close look.

Pardon? You want to talk about money? How about later, after the show, even if
we're talking big bucks. I've got definite rules about how I handle my money

Wahhaha! Why don't we chat later-after we've locked horns!

Yes, I'm Everdred, boss of Burglin Park. When I jumped off the roof, I twisted
my ankle. Anyway, I lost and nothing will change that. You know, you're pretty
strong. Yeah, I know that you want to find out about a girl named Paula. She
went off to a secret hideout in the Peaceful Rest Valley. A chubby boy and a
weird guy in a blue outfit have kidnapped her, though. They said that they
were going to make Paula some sort of human sacrifice. They were definitely
hard-core strange. You know, she might be gone already. You'd better hurry. If
you save Paula, be sure to come back here, okay? Don't forget!

First, you must take her to her parents. They're really worried. I also have
something to give you, so be sure to come back here. Promise? All right.

Paula! I thought you were with your little hero, the kid in the red cap. You
seem cold.

I heard that you've been pretty proud of yourself since you saved Paula's
life. Think about it, you didn't actually save her. Come back when you've
accomplished something.

I was going to ask you to be my partner, but I know you'll refuse. It's
written all over your face. If you accepted, I was going to give you some
money. Actually, I can't keep the money now anyway. Let me give this to you.
It's 10,000 dollars. Use the money any way you like. You cannot refuse my
generosity. Just accept it. Now I plan on looking for the evil Mani Mani
Statue that Lier X. Agerate unearthed in Onett. I'll see you at another time,
in another space.
Your backpack is filled with junk. Get rid of something! I'll put the money
in a safe place until you get back.
I need to talk to Ness. Even if you're his friend, I won't talk to you.
Please use the 10,000 dollars any way you wish. You cannot refuse my
generosity, just accept it.

Welcome to Mach Pizza! We don't sell pizza here. We only deliver. Let me
give you our number so you can place an order sometime. The best pizza is Mach
Pizza. The number is... *psst psst psst*. You got that?

*Munch*munch*gulp* Uh... no, I didn't take a piece of pizza. I would never
think of doing that! It was delicious, though. Enjoy! As you may know, you
need to order by phone, okay?

I wonder if we're going out of business? I thought business was pretty good.
Oh well, I don't think I want to deliver pizza. I'd just get too tired...

You must be quite a rich boy to stay at such a nice, first class hotel like
this one.

Do I have a mushroom on my head?
That's what I thought... Recently, I couldn't walk quite right. It was because
of this mushroom. It's actually kind of fun, so I'll leave it there.
You're one of those people that says "no" right off the bat to any question,

Don't you think I look stylish with the mushroom?

My shot didn't hurt. I'm sure everyone is talking about it, but don't worry
about me.

I'm thinking about catching a bus to Threed. I heard there are ghosts along
the way. I wonder if the bus will have to turn around and come back.

To get to Threed, the bus is most convenient.

To take the bus, or not to take the bus... hmmm. I get scared pretty easily...

To take the bus, or not to take the bus... hmm. I get sick pretty easily...

I was in the last war, so I'm not scared of ghosts. Actually, I'm more scared
of my old lady, ha!

This town's bus system is a little strange. Be sure to check the bus stop
signs. I wonder who came up with this system?

That's right, I'm a bus driver. For now, I'm resting. Life is long... take it
Why don't you check out your town map and learn about this area.
You don't have a town map? You didn't borrow one from the Onett library?
chubs. girlie girl. specs. pajama boy.

My daughter left for the big city to become a superstar. She's using a stage
name--Vein... oh, vein something... she's working hard.

I got a letter from my daughter. She wants me to see her next show. A book of
photographs of her is coming out soon. I really hope she kept her clothes
on... Times have sure changed...

Dad and Mom have left for Happy-Happy Village. They wanna meet with the
founder of the religion there.

Dad and Mom said they won't go to Happy-Happy Village. I'm not sure why, but
now I'm happy.

You woke me from that nightmare.

I'm sorry that I made you worry...

Now I get it. You're not from this town. So, where do you come from? Can you
play with me again someday?

Did you know that two young inventors live in this town? I want to invent
something, too.

The other day, did you speak to a boy who invents stuff?


Do you want to buy a ticket for the Runaway Five show?
Oh, I mistook you for a customer.
The main floor and balcony seats are sold out. We only have box seats, which
cost 20 dollars. Would that be okay? Oh, wait... the box seats sold out a
long time ago. Oops. My mistake. The box seats are the most popular.
Sorry. The Chaos Theater is being remodeled. There is no concert.

This department store isn't crowded. I like that.

Didn't you talk to me before? I believe I said, "This department store isn't
crowded. I like that"... or something to that effect.

I think that my grandchild is older than you. He's a famous inventor. He lives
here, and people call him Orange Kid. He seems to be popular with the girls,
because he's... groovy?

We 've bumped into each other before. You seem to love department stores. I do

I heard a meteorite crashed onto a hilltop near Onett. That must have been

I saw you a long time ago... maybe about the time that the meteorite hit

I wanna visit my boyfriend in Threed 'cept the bus won't go there. I wonder

Happy-Happy Village is getting to be more and more blue. Do you get it?

Someday, Happy-Happy Village will be truly happy.

You're always wearing the same clothes... Do you wash them, or what?
Well, they look clean enough, but who knows?
Hmm. I wouldn't have believed it...

Hey, it's the boy who wears the same outfit all the time! You seem happy
enough, but who knows?

Welcome to Moonside. Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide. No, that's
right. I am the host here.
Yes, that's wrong. I am the hostess here.

What? Fourside? Are you still sleeping? This is Moonside.

"Yes" is "No" and "No" is "Yes." It makes perfect sense in Moonside.

Hello! And... good-bye!

Before the soup gets cold, we must care for Mani Mani. Before the knife gets
rusty, we must care for Mani Mani.

I'll tell ya what I hate in this world. That's <favorite food>. The color, the
smell, the taste, the texture... Hey you, you're drooling!

"Yes" means "No" "No" means "Yes." Or did you already know this?
Ah! You knew it. That's good. I was just wondering.
Oh yeah? You didn't know?

Hello! And... good-bye... Shall I...?
Then... good-bye!

Welcome to Moonside. Welcome to Moo Moo Moo nsi nsi nsi nsi... nside.

I'm pretty forgetful. I even forgot why I'm here. Hmm... I just forgot
something... Who am I? Am I a man?

Do you understand all this?
Good, I'm glad you get it.
No? You don't? To tell you the truth, neither do I.

If you stay here too long, you'll end up frying your brain. Yes, you will. No,
you will... not. Yes no, you will won't.

257 256 255 254 253... So what's your problem? If you don't want
anything, get outta here. I'm counting backwards. 252 251 250...

69 68 67 66 65 64 63... What? Is this a special hobby of yours? You
like watching people count backwards? 62 61 60 59...

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0... Baboooooooom!! Wow! I scared myself.

I got surprised.

I spy with my little eye... Allakazam! I see a country in summer and a big
silver ball. You're burnt, but you're fine. ...That is what I see.

Ha! everyone is someone! Don't you think so?
Waha! ...He he he...!

Moo nsi dem oons ide.

I will send you first and then, you second... to the hospital.

Ness's HP drops to 0! Jeff's HP drops to 0!

Welcome to Moonside. We comel to Soonmide. Moonwel ot cosidme.

How about I sharpen you? I just love sharpening. You don't want me to sharpen?
Sidem oonsi demoon. Welc welc omewelc omeome.

Hey! Parking meters! And you're walking around! Haha... That's so funny.
Wwwweeelcome come to Mmmmmoooonsiddeee.

I'm really busy doing nothing, so I don't have time to talk to you. If you
need something, talk to my partner. He's right over there... see? You mean
you can't see him?

What the...? You're looking for some kind of door? Well, you're not gonna find
one! So, get out of my face, loser... I have no patience when people interrupt
me while I'm busy doing nothing.

Can you see me?
Ha ha. You can, huh? He he You've become a real Moonsidian, haven't you?

Ha ha. You can't? You're definitely not from around here. Hee hee Get
going now. Here's your hat, what's your hurry...

He he ha! It's me! You can see me, right? There's something interesting
about you, so I'm going to follow you. Don't worry, though... Heh heh... If
you get into a fight, I'll stay out of it...

Heh heh. You can't see me... right?

Hyuk huyk. Hey! Don't you wish you had a gold tooth like mine? Give me a
smile! Heh heh

*Grin*Grin*. Heh heh.

*Smile*Smile* Heh heh.

Uh... Heh heh... Yo! Don't you think my eyebrows rock? Check'em out... they're

The Mani Mani Statue is up ahead, but I'm going to stop you right here. Don't
even think about getting past me, 'cause you aren't with a guy whose eyebrows
are connected and who also has a gold tooth.

The Mani Mani Statue is up ahead, but I'm going to stop you right here.
Huzzah! You really surprised me! You're the man whose eyebrows are connected
and who has a gold tooth! How about we dump these kids and go get something
to drink!?

(It is a golden statue that you have seen before .)

(The Mani Mani statue was actually a device that created illusions. The
illusion device was destroyed.)

Bones are great! Do you like bones, too?
You like bones? Bone bone bone.
You don't like bones? Bone Bone Bone.

Do you know whose bones are on display here? The answer is... your bones. My
bones. Bone's bones. Bone bone bone.

Would you like to stay overnight? Thank you for always giving such generous
tips! ...Oh, Excuse me, I haven't gotten any tips from you.

Don't do anything to me! I am... I am not Monotoli!

Welcome to Moonside! Why did you come to Moonside? How long are you staying
in Moonside?

<party member> took the <item> out and <party member> ate it.

<party member> ate the <item>.

<party member> took the <item>, used it on <item> and <party member> ate it.

<party member> took the <item> and used it on the <item>.

<party member> took the <item> and <party member> drank it.

<party member> drank the <item>.

ate the <item> together.

It was pretty good.

It didn't taste very good.

<party member> sprinkled the <item> over <party member>'s head. Yoicks!!
<party member> turned into a gigantic, fire-breathing dragon!

<party member> sprayed a blast of <item>!

<party member> used the <item>! Suddenly, something unknown burst from the

<party member> used the <item>! Then, something sticky stuck to the enemy!

<party member> used the <item>! Suddenly, some Trout Yogurt was produced!

<party member> fired the <item>!

<party member> threw the <item>!

<party member> took a snake out of the <item> and threw it!

<party member> used <item> and <party member>'s teeth were white and breath
was fresh! The brightness of <party member>'s teeth made the enemy scared!

<party member> lashed out with the <item>!

<party member> threw the <item>! The <item> is biting!

(The Mani Mani Statue is glowing strangely...)

Thanks for coming! I've been waiting for you. I need your assistance to help
make the world blue and change it into a happy and peaceful society. Will you
be my right-hand assistant?
If you don't want to be my right hand, my left would be just fine... Just
kidding! Your existence is a problem for me and my religion. Defy me, and I'll
end your pitiful game!

You fool, I have drawn you into my trap.

Do you see the Mani Mani Statue behind me... Since I got the statue, I have
been doing peculiar things. Please forgive me, if you can... I just wanted
to have a normal life. I apologize to everyone. Here's the key to open the
jail in the mountain cabin where Paula is being held. Take the key and go.

Your backpack is full... You should take this even if you need to throw away
one of your items.

Please forgive me, if you can... I just wanted to have a normal life. I
apologize to everyone.

Aaiiiieeeeee! I screamed... 'cause I didn't know what else to do!

So you're the boy that... that... You went after Mr. Carpainter and... you're

Blue, blue. Oh, you'd like to be one of us? Then, give up what you're doing
and go meet the great Mr. Carpainter as soon as possible.

Blue, blue. Give up what you're doing and go meet the great Mr. Carpainter as
soon as possible.

Blue, blue. ...What? I'm blocking you? Ok, I'll move out of your way.

Blue, blue. I moved out of your way.

Blue, blue. ...Don't bother us. We're in the middle of prayer. Okay, I'll
move out of your way. Go quickly!

Blue, blue. ...Is it your hobby or something to bother others while they

Blue, blue. ...What? Are you saying that I'm only capable of walking in
place? That's not true, see!

Blue, blue. You must need help, because you're just standing around!

Green, green. Ooops, that's not it... I'm still new at this.

Blue, blue. Now I got it. Blue, blue.

Blue, blue. I'll stand somewhere else.

Blue, blue Lagoon blue, blue.

Blew, blew. I'm trying to learn how to whistle. I heard that whistling makes
one smile. I'll practice over there.

Blew, blew. Whistling is hard...

Blue, blue. I say, "Arm the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"... or something like
that. So now I'll crush you!

Blue, blue. Don't disrupt our meeting! I'll stomp on you!

Blue, blue. You strange, unmasked fellow Don't go to heaven!

Blue, blue. Hey you! Anti-blue boy! You're getting on my nerves!

Blue, blue. Those who aren't believers must not be good! To eternity with you!

Blue, blue. This should wake you up! Aaaaaagghhh!!!

Blue, blue. Your outfit... the color is wicked.

Blue, blue. Why woulda person who's not blue be here?

Blue, blue. You can't be happy unless you know happy-happyism.

Thanks, ahead of time.

Excuse me, tourist. I'm collecting donations to help protect the world from
contaminants. Donate whatever you can.
I'll be your shadow, then.
Incredible! I can't believe people exist who have no money at all... Blue,
How much would you like to donate? $<money>
Your good deed will be rewarded. Here's a postcard for you.
Go and be happy!
I wanted to give you a postcard. But... you can't accept it. You have too
many items.

...no jokes allowed.

Finally, I have a chance to apologize.

I not know you. My kind are in valley over there. Bye bye.

Hi, you.

Mr. Carpainter wants a girl. No, I don't mean it like that. I meant he's
looking for a girl who can be the high priestess of Happy-happyism. I heard
he's already got her.

I apologize.

Psss psss Psss psss That overweight kid helped me. We kidnapped Paula. You
know, she's hidden in a mountain cabin. Oh, oh! Now I've done it! I thought
you were one of us! You know I was joking! Haha!... Just forget about

I won't tell you anything.

You really think I was a bad boy?

What a horrible nightmare. I somehow woke up. Ness, let's be friends again.
Please answer me. I promise to be good. ...uh ...okay?
Hah! I lied! See you, sucker!

I'm monitoring those who don't pay at the food stand.
Have you already paid? Ok, ok.
I noticed you didn't pay!
You won this confrontation. But the good side of you must ache with regret.

They said someone named Pokey stole all the food from the food stand.

In a different way than before, Mr. Carpainter has become a very good man.

(Thanks for your support over the years. The food stand is going out of
business due to personal reasons.)

One day, Mr. Carpainter received a revelation. He now speaks the real truth.

I woke up from the dream.

You don't seem to understand, so I'll explain it to you. When the world is
changed to blue, a peaceful country can be established. Do you understand now?
Although you don't understand now, some day you will.
I can tell by your face that you're only pretending to understand. You just
want something!

I too was wrong in many ways.

Mr. Carpainter communicates with the divine, so he is able to deliver inspired

We might have been listening to evil messages rather than good.

Don't you think the mental health of everyone in the village is improved?

You might misunderstand what I have to say, but Carpainter's voice affects
one's minds, like a hypnotist.

Seems like I'm no longer hypnotized.

When I painted everything blue, as Mr. Carpainter said, my wife who had run
out on me returned home!

My wife has run away for a second time. I'm such a lucky man!

Wow, it's been a long time. Your cap... Do you ever wash it?

I think that those who won't paint everything blue are opposed to peace. I
want them all to listen, even if it requires kicking their butts.

We need to return the town to its original colors. I'll be very busy.

I shouldn't be so desperate to chase after happiness.

Blue, blue! I wish for everything in this world to become blue.

It was hard on the eyes to have everything blue.

Hey, long time no see. You're a friend of the famous Runaway Five.

You want to talk to Mr. Carpainter directly? You must think you're pretty
important, and boy do you have a lot of nerve! You deserve to be struck by

Mr. Carpainter was pretty strange. But so was everyone else.

Hi! I'm fine. You look fine also.

(I'm just a plain ol' cow, but Mr. Carpainter's messages always mooove me.)


(The blue cow thing wasn't such a great idea after all, huh.)

(You got mooooved here because you gave Mr. Carpainter some lip.)

(I have moooore respect for Mr. Carpainter than others. Even if I become
someone's steak dinner, I'll still respect him.)

(Peaceful Rest Valley ahead. Proceed through cave.)

Blue, blue... Oops! I won't say it again. I fixed the bridge as a sign of
apology. I'm just trying to help.

Is that Ness? You're always so cheerful! Thanks for the help the other day.

There's a place ahead that can't be painted blue. It's a strange and anti-blue
place. I can't stop thinking about it... and I can't even go near that place.

I'm a changed person. I'm no longer a believer in Happy-happyism. Anyway, I'm
very curious about the place that lies ahead of here.

What was the anti-blue place like? Was it scary?
You seem to thrive in places like that.
Did you see a huge mole, like I've heard lives there?

I heard many footprints exist deep down in the east cave. People call that
place Lilliput Steps, and it makes them feel uneasy.

It looks like almost everyone woke up and left...

There are only three people remaining... I don't want to stay. I'll get out
of here...

Sorry about everything! Let's be buddies.

We wanted to join the Happy-Happy religious group. We're a married couple from

Our child is waiting for us in Twoson. As a souvenir we'd like to bring him
some happiness.

This is the famous Happy-Happyism counseling office. When you obtain happiness
you should visit the Happy-Happyism headquarters. It's located at the center
of the village.

Hey Ness, it's been a long time. Since we last met, the whole town has woken
up. The best happiness comes from being free... you kids made me realize that.

(All of our products are blessed. --Blue-Blue Drugstore)

(Not all of our products are blessed. --Nothing Blue Drugstore)

Hey Ness!
Like I said, my dad isn't home yet! You've got to bring Picky back before he
comes home! I'll try to help you a little.

You haven't got a clue about what to do.

(We will be closed for a short period. Thank you for your many years of
support. Mr. Poochyfud, Manager, Chaos Theater.)

The phone is ringing! Answer it! At my house, my dad gets bent if I don't get
the phone... within the first three rings!

Hello? Ness? Everdred is lookingfor you. He's got something for you. What's
that? You're not?! Then, if you see Ness, repeat this message to him word for

(<party member> used the key to the traveling entertainer's shack.)

(The door is locked.)

(<party member> used "Machine that opens doors, especially when you have a
slightly bad key"...to open the door.)

I'm changing my clothes now. Don't come in!
Come in quick! Don't be shy.

(Temporarily closed. ...Gwaargh!)

I not sure. Boing! Friends in valley behind Threed. Ding! Ding! Oh, Hi ho.

(The Happy Happy Religious Group has broken up. This building is temporarily

"Psss. Whisper." "Whisper pssst psssssss." "Shhhhh, what if someone overhears
us...?" "Right. Whisper." "Psst. Pss Wa Ha ha!" "You jerk." "Because..." "Heh
heh he" "Heh heh heh"

The drug store is to the east! ...East is the opposite of west!

If you're trying to sell us the newspaper, go away! We don't read the paper!
And we don't want any milk, either!

(Open Soon! Mach Pizza Onett Branch.)

Are you Ness? My son said something about going to a hide-out. I don't know
what he was talking about.

W-Wh-Who's there? It's creepy in here. What, you won't answer? Say something
funny. I'll listen. ..... ..... Mmm, I can't wait any longer! I'm going back
to watching the news--it's funnier than you.

OK, pop quiz! "A Beatles song, XXXterday." Can you fill in the blanks?
"A Beatles song, Noterday."
That's correct! I'm impressed.

The sound coming from Chaos Theatre is so loud, I have to wear ear plugs. I
probably won't even notice if a guest tries to come in. ...Sheesh, look at
me--I'm talking to myself!

If you're looking for Venus's house, it's next door.

Yes, I'm coming!
*Whiz! Boom Bump Bump Bump Bump... CRASH!!*
Uhhhh... I just fell down the stairs... I can't come to the door now.

I've told you a thousand times. *munch, munch* I won't join the Happy Happy
Religious Group. *munch,munch, munch* If you get pushy with me, I'll pelt you
with peanuts! *munch, munch*

Peanuts, Walnuts... Hazelnuts... Pecans... Macadamia nuts... Cashews...

Giant Pine Nuts... Pine Nuts... Sun Flower Seeds... Pumpkin Seeds...
...Which one do you like?
I asked you "Which one do you like?"...

You a zombie? My mom telled me no open the door, 'cause zombies are comin'.

I am studying right now, so I can't play with you.

Aaaayeeeeee! A zombie!

...I'm watching a zombie movie. Can you come by later?!

I am a wimpy, little guy. So, I can't open the door. ...You know, it's scary.

I'm not sure who you are, but congratulations!

No one is here now!

Hi... hello?

It's sunny out today.

I'm sorry, but I think you ought to leave now... I have no guarantee that
you're not a zombie out looking for a lunch.

Finally, we can again breathe deep the outside air, now that the zombies are
gone. *SNORT* Ahhhh! The outdoors is sooo refreshing! I've lost the key to my
house, so I can't get in. No, no. You don't need to look for it. I'll look
for it myself.

Well, now the key is broken, and I can't go out. Don't bother yourself, I'll
try to fix it on my own.

It's none of your business that we have a small house... Just keep all that
whispering quiet out there...

The bakery is next door!

You never give up, do you? If you don't mind taking it in the shorts, go on

Bleech Blehh Buuuurp!

I don't want to go out to sea because of the Kraken. I mean, any normal person
would feel the same way.

I heard that Kraken fin makes a good soup. I can hardly believe that people
actually eat it! And yet, I've heard that it's a gourmet dish. I just don't
get it!



Hey, I'm in here! Go and find another can! Ha, I was just joking!

This is a jail! You guys have no business being here.

Don't talk to me. I... I'm thinking...!

Uh no, I'm in here. Don't try to come in... especially if you don't need to
use the bathroom!

I wonder why I'm in this rest room right here. Just who am I? What is life
all about?... Oh, I'm sorry. Did I make you nervous? I'm not dangerous. Don't

(Private elevator! Not for operation by the general public. Monotoli Building

(You can't fit through this small entrance with the Dungeon Man....Don't you

Didn't you come here to look for the "Hawk Eye"?

This is not the Stoic Club. Please be on your way...

(This is now a truck stop. Absolutely no minors admitted. The Management, "The
Lazy Cowpoke Stop'n Go")

Ness... Hmmm... I think Ness is the right name for him. Ness... he smiled just
from hearing his own name. Do you think he likes his name? Try putting that
red cap on him. Ha! It's too big, but it looks good on him... I hope King
won't be jealous of the baby. Let's celebrate with some <favorite food>. This
baby will grow up to be a hard worker just like you. I don't think he needs to
be rich or famous... but I want him to be a thoughtful, strong boy. That's
odd... the baby bottle that he pointed at seemed to move a little bit...

Now you can wake up. Your friends are waiting for you. It is time to get up.

What happened, Ness? You've been unconscious for a long time...

You kept saying something... ...Saturn Valley? What's waiting for us there?
Anyway, we need to teleport...

Hmmm... it doesn't work. One thing is missing... But that one material cannot
normally be found on the earth. The material I'm thinking of came from a
meteorite that fell when I was much younger. Have you seen a meteorite
anywhere recently?
Hmmm... so are we just going to wait for a meteorite to suddenly fall from the
sky? Mmm... you haven't seen a meteorite... Hm... think for a minute...

Eureka! That's it! With even just a piece of the meteorite, I can synthesize
the material Zexonyte. ...I doubt that your mortal enemy Giygas, or whatever,
will allow you to go to Onett and get a piece of the meteorite. By now, Onett
is in his evil hands. You must go, though, so take every possible precaution.
The Mr. Saturns have introduced some of their new developments at their shop.
Please check them out before you leave. ...I wonder what Onett is like at
this point in time?...

The Phase Distorter has been completed. We could finish it quickly because of
Mr. Saturn's incredible scientific skill... Giygas is attacking from our exact
location, but he is attacking from many years in the past.

This is very hard for me to tell you, but... In order to defeat Giygas, who is
attacking from the past, you must warp to the past. This can be done by way of
the "Phase Distorter 3." However, the machine cannot warp living things, I
mean lifeforms. Life is demolished in the process of warping. The only way to
accomplish the time travel is to transfer your brain "program" into a robot,
and send the robot to the past. ...The transfer means that your spirit will go
with the robot while your body is left behind... I cannot promise that your
spirit will come back after the battle in the past. Yet, you must understand
that the four of you are the chosen ones. Do you still wish to face Giygas by
traveling to the past?
Yes, it's natural to feel as you do. The only thing left is the destruction of
our planet...

...Hmmm ...you accept this while knowing that you may not be able to return to
your current form, right?

...Yes... I see... You have really set your mind on this... Let me take a good
look at you now... Ness, please give me that red cap...

Ready... stand by...

Ness! Paula! Poo! Jeff!... my son... There is no turning back now. Ness,
activate the Phase Distorter 3 by your own hand, thereby following your own
destiny... Will you do so?

...I see... Jeff! You do it!

Oh, you lost your nerve... Ness! It is up to you...

Only a few people know of your amazing courage, but the number of people you
save through that bravery is immense. I feel very fortunate... to be present
at the beginning of this monumental undertaking...

You must warp to the past and fight, but...

We here too. Boing!

The war against Giygas is over...

I'll see you again someday!

Where are you? It's time for a yummy piece of pie! You guys smell really good!
*sniff, sniff, sniff*

Who am I? I'm a Tenda!

Hey! What are you doing inside our dinosaur cage? I'm going to open the door,
and you get out of there right now! I'm the boss, so I will let you out.

Thank you for the Tendakraut.

(<party member>'s Tendakraut was stolen.)

(The awful smell surrounding the group is now gone.)

A letter arrived from my brother, Pokey... it is addressed to Ness. There's no
stamp, and it's not time for the mailman to come... Anyway, I brought it over.
It says, "come and get me, loser! Spankety, spankety, spankety." ...I wonder
where he is?

I won't say anything. Go to "Mu," the place of emptiness again.
Go quickly!

I am proud. You have completed your Mu training. There is nothing more to
teach you from the holy writings.

Prince Poo, I shall relay a message to you from Eternity. The evil entity that
controls all wickedness is preparing for the greatest struggle of all time...
The only ones who can challenge the entity are three boys and one girl. One
named Ness is the leader of the four. One of the boys is you, Prince Poo. Now
that you've completed your training, search out Ness at once. For all beings,
for the earth herself... I pray for growth in the might of the four.

Your future battle will be considerably more dangerous than you expect. Don't
be careless...

As I thought, the prophecy foretold of our only chance for success. Please
enjoy the life ahead of you as a regular boy.

Use the treasures of Dalaam as you wish. Go in peace.

Didn't you meet up with many monsters along the way? Recently, several bad
incidents occurred in this peaceful country...

We understand that you've experienced hardship in the past. No one could
fight the evil entity, except you. We are proud. We are happy.

<party member> opened the present. Inside was the Brain Food Lunch.
<party member> got it.

Prince Poo. You're my favorite (blush) tee hee hee.

Since you left for a foreign country, the girls of Dalaam have had to endure
their loneliness without you.

Prince Poo has returned, so everyone is extremely happy. Please stay and

Please come in. Look around the house as much as you want.

<party member> opened the present. Inside was a Refreshing Herb.
<party member> got it.

I just roasted some garlic and ate it, so the room still stinks.

I didn't eat any garlic today, so the room doesn't stink.

You know that you do do everything well, right? Do do? Ooops. Say, Prince Poo,
are you still popular with the girls?
You've been acting very serious lately.

I heard you're living a more serious lifestyle these days.

We have difficulty communicating with foreigners.

Hello. Congratulations. Thank you... ...Oh, my foreign language skills

..... preeet!... pooooot!...

What is immortality.....? Is it everlasting life? Mmmmm Mmmmm.

What's the difference between "existing" and "exiting" .....Nothing? Mmmmm

I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but I'll tell you anyway... I thought
"Philosophy" was the study of stones. I now realize it's about studying all
night... ...What? It's not?

I heard that Prince Poo is deeply into "Moo Training." ...I want to help him,
if I can.

I wonder if Prince Poo succeeded in "Moo Training"? I wanted him to come by
and show me his best barnyard impression.

(This is Mu, the place of nothingness. People who train here must first clear
everything from their mind. If you can make your mind blank and learn the true
meaning of "Mu," you'll pass through. Mu is Mu...)

Black rabbits... they're blocking your path to the cave. If you think about
them, you should feel kind of empty. ...But I can't seem to get them off of
my mind.

If it's safe, I want to be inside.

You finally got here. This is the sixth "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

Oh! Prince Poo! I'm surprised you're not in training! It seems like that's
all you do these days. Why don't you take some time to play with me? I'm so
lonely without you...

Prince Poo has good relationships with foreigners. ...What an international

Oh, Prince Poo. Do you have time to play with me?
Hah, I knew it. "Training" changed you! I'm jealous of your "training"!

Happy me! (patty cake, patty cake...)

There are so many monsters around recently, we can't relax and have fun.

Prince Poo is so cool, but you're also young and tough.

Prince Poo... (blush). You are such a hunk.

I'm waiting for Prince Poo to see me and say "I love you."

You have nice eyes. ...You must be Prince Poo. Long ago, I completed Mu
Training. I want to show you a higher level of intelligence... However, I'm
still realizing and learning this high level... I'll see you again. So long!

You're here! We have little, but stay and rest for a while.

But I'm impressed! You did so well for one who hasn't had much training.

(As strange as this may sound, there are statues of rabbits blocking your

(How strange! The rabbits and carrots disappeared all at once!)

That won't move the rabbits.

Dalaam Restaurant. (We accept $ dollars.)

The Tenda turned it down, but really seemed tempted...

..... we're shy...

Welcome. To this far. Take a rest. Long journey, must have been.

...We're all shy. Rumor, I heard a book to fix shyness, there is. Where? Don't
know. Just a rumor.

Since we overcame our shyness, I'll give you a Bag of Dragonite. Take it.

But, you can't take it. You have no space for it. Go and do whatever you have
to and come back.

So long. I say good-bye.

The book "Overcoming Shyness" was very helpful to us! We 've kept it for a
long time, but I'll return it now. Thank you very much.

we're living in peace now, in a wide variety of lifestyles. Thank you very

You have too much stuff to receive the book. Get rid of something.

.....! Book! Can fix shyness. Thanks. Relax. I'll read to everyone. Oh! Just
holding this book in my hands makes me feel like I'm overcoming my shyness
already! I'll really take time to read it to everyone!

(The leader of the Tenda tribe read "Overcoming Shyness" to everyone.)

Chat, Chat whisper, whisper I'd like to give you some "Tendakraut" in return.
"Tendakraut" is a type of dish that all Tenda like. It stinks, but it tastes

Ness lends the leader of the Tenda tribe the book "Overcoming Shyness."

Hi! (smile)

Underground, very large area. Exist. Dinosaurs. Big. Scary. "Lost Underworld."
Stone. There is. Talks lots.

I'm a woman. Did you think I was a man?

Would you like some tea?

There's only one Tenda who's not shy. It's me, bubby! You know what? There's
something scary that comes from the underground. So, we covered up the hole.
There are lots of dinosaurs there. I went there once, but I came right back,
'cause I was so surprised! There was a talking stone that talks a lot. Do you
wanna go and see? I understand. But I'm not as strong as I look. I'm sorry, I
guess I can't help you. The guy next to me is strong, but he lacks
conversation skills. He needs to overcome his shyness first.

Oh, I wanna talk...

Recently, everyone is able to talk a lot, so I've lost my identity.

Thanks for talking to me.

The underground talking rock seems to want to talk a lot more than I do.

This is the earth's belly button!

You finally came, Ness.

Finally, you talk to me. Listen Ness. I'm going to tell you something very
important. You may want to take notes. Ready?

You're the chosen one. Your destiny is not only yours... It's the destiny of
the whole universe. There will be a time in which all of you in the universe
will overlap each other. ...It's not necessary to understand now. Do you
remember "Giant Step" in Onett? That is one of "Your Sanctuary." It is a spot
which gives you power and allows you to realize all your skills. There was a
monster that protected it. The monster was influenced by the power of the
place. You must have beaten those monsters. You must reach all of the eight
power spots in the world... When the Sound Stone records the melodies of
all eight power spots, you can finally see "Your World." I'll tell you all of
the power spots.
"Giant Step" in Onett.
"Lilliput Steps" in Peaceful Rest Valley near Twoson.
"Milky Well" in Grapefruit Falls in Saturn Valley.
"Rainy Circle" found by Jeff in Winters.
"Magnet Hill" at the edge of the city of Fourside.
"Pink Cloud" which Poo knows.
and... "Lumine Hole" where the shining lichen lives in the cave.
A new place is now going to be opened up to you. "Fire Spring," located
southwest of here.
Listen to the melodies of all eight power spots. If you do not fail, you may
upset Giygas' plans... Understand, Ness? The time will come. The time when
the destiny of you and the whole universe will overlap... It is fast
I don't need words anymore. I'll turn back into a simple rock.

You finally got here. This is the seventh "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

Good evening. I'm a talking rock. But the rocks around here don't talk too
much. The rock that talks the most is deep down in the labyrinth a ways
ahead... in the "Lost Underworld." Don't forget to talk to the rock! It's

I heard monkeys living in some desert can teleport. Oh, you learned how to
teleport from the monkeys? ...I wanna try! Will you tell me how to do it?!
You don't want to have a monkey for a student, do you?
Okay... I'll try it.
I'll never give up! I wanna try again.
I did it! Did you see me? That's awesome! Here's a small gift to thank you.
Are you sure you can't accept this? ...I know you have no room, so you can't
carry it, but... ...I wanted to give you the "Monkey's Love."
Do you have the "Monkey's Love"?

It's really dark here in the Deep Darkness, isn't it? It's pretty creepy,
don't you think? If you don't have the Hawk Eye here, you're helpless.

I was born in this dark, creepy area. I live, grow up... and die here. That's
my entire life as a monkey!...

You may have forgotten, but *Buuuuurp!*... I'm the return of Belch!
I've fought you before. Peeeeyouuu! Don't you remember my ripe odor? Belch has
trained more and has returned much stronger. Buuuurp! Belch has also changed
his name to Puke!... Barf! vomit! barf, barf! chuck! chuck! Drown to death
in puke! Don't you think that's an incredibly masculine taunt to throw at

Kaweeeek! Village Tenda's Comes Nobody Far It's Because Kweek.

Hey! There's a Magic Truffle at your feet.

But you have no room.

<party member> gives up the Magic Truffle.

I don't feel it's necessary for us to talk.

Hi, how are you? I'm not a bad guy. I came from one of the world's largest
economic powers to this small rural village. A businessman that is truly
tough has to travel this far for the best opportunities. ...and I'm a tough
businessman, yessir! I am also a representative of the doctor over there.

Do you want to buy...?

Do you want to heal...?

...Needless to say, this is a rural village. ...Heh heh, we have poor items.

If you must talk to the doctor, please, PLEASE talk to me first. Do you have
business with the doctor?
Okay. If you attempt to talk with the doctor without first going through me,
it violates the law. Please be careful.

It's a special treatment. You'll be in perfect health with just one treament.
The fee for one treatment is $500. Do you agree to the fee?

I can pick up the fee for you now, if you want. What would you like to do?
Let him pay
Oh... You don't seem to have enough money.
I can pay for you now.

Doc, please treat the next patient! ...Treat <party member> right, ok!?

(The great doctor whispered in each ear, first right then left, "be healthy.")

I'm happy to do business with men outside of the monkey realm. Please come
back again.

It's completely broken. I thought I could fix it, but on re-examination...
...I noticed that there's no engine. Mmmm.

(It's useless broken. Nobody's in the pilot's seat.)

*Ring* *ring*

This is the Deep Darkness. When you walk through the swamp, you endanger your
health. You can't help it. That's why it's called Deep Darkness.

I wanna become a pig. If I become a pig, I can find the mushrooms called Magic
truffles. They're located in the swamp and can be found by scent. You know, a
Pig's nose would be enough to find those great truffles by scent alone.

It hurts, Ness... ...I'm h...a...p...p...y... ...friends... ...It hurts, ...it
hurts... Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness,
Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness,
Ness..... ...go... b... a... c...k... ...Ness... I feel... g... o... o... d...
...I'm so sad... .....Ness

Ness! Ah, Grrr, Ohhh... Argh... Yaaagh!... It's not right... not right...
not right...

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
...Please give us strength, if it is possible... Please... ................
Somebody... help us...

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
...Please give us strength! Anyone who can hear our plea.... Help us...

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
...Please give us strength! Speed this prayer to all the people of the earth.

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
...Please give us strength! Anyone who can hear our plea... Help us...

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
...Please grant us power! Anyone who can hear our plea... Help us...

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
...Please grant us strength! Anyone who can hear our plea... We ask for

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
...Please grant us power! Speed this prayer to all the people of the earth...

Paula prayed from bottom of her heart!
I can't think of anyone else... ...Someone, anyone... ...Please help us.

Paula prayed from the bottom of her heart!
Someone... can you hear me?! Please, give us strength!

(Suddenly, Ness's mother felt terribly uneasy, and she began to pray for the
safety of her son and his friends.)

(Suddenly, one of the Runaway Five felt something stop him, and he prayed
fervently for the safety of Ness and his friends.)

(Paula's father thought he somehow heard his daughter's voice, and prayed
sincerely for the safety of Paula and her friends.)

(Suddenly, Tony felt anxious about Jeff, and he prayed strongly for the safety
of Jeff and his friends.

(A young woman in Dalaam woke from a dream in which Prince Poo died, and she
began to pray for the well-being of Poo and his friends.)

(Suddenly, Frank recalled Ness's shining young face, and began to pray
diligently for the safety of Ness and his friends.)

(All of the Mr. Saturns felt a new, startling feeling they had never
experienced before, and they all started praying for the safety of Ness and
his friends.)

Paula's call was absorbed by the darkness.

Paula and her friends' calls touched the heart of

prayed for the kids, having never even met them before.

Giygas' defenses became unstable.

<party member> put the <item> on nose!
<party member> searched for the smell of the magic truffle.
(It must be a little further
(It must be right here!)
(It is around here somewhere, but you can't pinpoint the exact location.)
(The Truffle doesn't seem to be around here.)
up and right.)
down and right.)
down and left.)
up and left.)

Thanks to the Magic butterfly, you were able to totally relax.

<party member> used the <item>!
A customer is heading this way.

<party member> used the <item>!
Wait! Someone is already heading this way. Wait for them to get here first.

For a long time, this "For Sale" sign has been useful... Now, it is old, its
message made unreadable by the passage of time. It has now lost its
effectiveness. Thank you, sign. Good bye, sign.

This book should be required reading for any quiet, shy person.

You felt sad and empty.

(If you get this message, it means that something is wrong.)

<party member> opened the <item>. The enemy may not notice that you are

To use this, go to a cash machine and insert the card.

This is a kind of trap used to capture zombies.

It might be useful in a dark place.

<party member> placed the <item> on the floor.

<party member> used the <item>!
(For some reason, something that looks like a very large iron eraser is in the

(For some reason, the iron eraser statue disappeared in an instant!)

<party member> rode a bicycle.

If you are not feeling well, you should not ride a bicycle.

<party member> used <item>! Now, can figure out the length of things easily.

<party member> used the <item>! Now, he can fairly easily figure out the angle
of various things.

Seeing chicks makes you happy.

A chicken ran away as fast as it could.

The Teleport Box started to groan.

The Teleport Box shattered into pieces with a loud explosion.

The Teleport Box began to groan.

The Teleport Box didn't work quite right...

The Teleport Box can't be used here.

<party member> touched the <item> to his forehead and gathered his thoughts.




Saturn Valley






Deep Darkness

Tenda Village


Dusty Dunes



Escargo Express

Mach Pizza

Stoic Club


PSI Fire

PSI Freeze

PSI Thunder

PSI Flash

PSI Starstorm




PSI Shield

Offense up

Defense down


PSI Magnet




Insane Cultist

Dept. Store Spook

Armored Frog

Bad Buffalo

Black Antoid

Red Antoid

Ramblin' Evil Mushroom

Struttin' Evil Mushroom

Mobile Sprout

Tough Mobile Sprout

Enraged Fire Plug

Mystical Record

Atomic Power Robot

Nuclear Reactor Robot

Guardian Hieroglyph

Lethal Asp Hieroglyph

Electro Swoosh

Conducting Menace

Conducting Spirit

Evil Elemental

Ness's Nightmare

Annoying Old Party Man

Annoying Reveler

Unassuming Local Guy

New Age Retro Hippie

Mr. Carpainter

Carbon Dog

Mighty Bear

Mighty Bear Seven

Putrid Moldyman

Thunder Mite

Cranky Lady

Extra Cranky Lady




Titanic Ant

Gigantic Ant


Plague Rat of Doom

Mondo Mole

Guardian Digger

Scalding Coffee Cup

Loaded Dice

Slimy Little Pile

Even Slimier Little Pile




Bionic Kraken

Spinning Robo

Whirling Robo

Hyper Spinning Robo


Coil Snake

Thirsty Coil Snake

Mr. Batty

Elder Batty

Violent Roach

Filthy Attack Roach

Crazed Sign

Wooly Shambler

Wild 'n Wooly Shambler

Skate Punk


Dread Skelpion


Starman Super

Ghost of Starman

Smilin' Sphere

Uncontrollable Sphere

Petrified Royal Guard

Guardian General

Starman Deluxe

Final Starman

Urban Zombie

Zombie Possessor

Zombie Dog

Crooked Cop

Over Zealous Cop

Territorial Oak

Hostile Elder Oak

Diamond Dog

Marauder Octobot

Military Octobot

Mechanical Octobot

Ultimate Octobot

Mad Duck

Dali's Clock

Trillionage Sprout


Desert Wolf

Master Belch

Big Pile of Puke

Master Barf

Kiss of Death

French Kiss of Death



Zap Eel


Boogey Tent

Squatter Demon

Crested Booka

Great Crested Booka

Lesser Mook

Mook Senior

Smelly Ghost

Stinky Ghost


Attack Slug

Pit Bull Slug

Rowdy Mouse

Deadly Mouse

Care Free Bomb

Electro Specter

Handsome Tom

Smilin' Sam

Manly Fish

Manly Fish's Brother

Runaway Dog

Trick or Trick Kid

Cave Boy

Abstract Art

Shattered Man

Fierce Shattered Man

Ego Orb

Thunder and Storm

Yes Man Junior

Frankystein Mark II


Cute Li'l UFO

Beautiful UFO

Pogo Punk

Tough Guy

Mad Taxi

Evil Mani-Mani

Mr. Molecule

Worthless Protoplasm

Sentry Robot

Heavily Armed Pokey

Psychic Psycho

Major Psychic Psycho

Mole Playing Rough

Gruff Goat

Clumsy Robot

Soul Consuming Flame

Demonic Petunia


Li'l UFO

High-class UFO

Noose Man


Plain Crocodile

Strong Crocodile

Hard Crocodile

No Good Fly

Mostly Bad Fly

Spiteful Crow

my pet




Bubble Monkey

Dungeon Man

Flying Man

Teddy Bear

Super Plush Bear

Master Belch

Insane Cultist

Dept. Store Spook

Ness's Nightmare

Mr. Carpainter

Carbon Dog


Titanic Ant

Gigantic Ant


Plague Rat of Doom

Mondo Mole

Guardian Digger


Bionic Kraken


Starman Super

Ghost of Starman

Starman Deluxe

Final Starman

Urban Zombie

Diamond Dog

Trillionage Sprout

Master Belch

Big Pile of Puke

Master Barf

Loaded Dice


Boogey Tent

Squatter Demon


Electro Specter

Thunder and Storm

Frankystein Mark II

Evil Mani-Mani

Heavily Armed Pokey

Clumsy Robot



Guardian General

Black Antoid

Struttin' Evil Mushroom

Runaway Dog

Cave Boy

Tiny Li'l Ghost

Starman Junior

Buzz Buzz

Heavily Armed Pokey

Heavily Armed Pokey





Farm Zombie

Criminal Caterpillar

Evil Eye

Magic Butterfly

Mini Barf

Master Criminal Worm

Captain Strong


Clumsy Robot








You've traveled very far from home... Do you remember how your long and
winding journey began with someone pounding at your door? It was Pokey, the
worst person in your neighborhood, who knocked on the door that fateful night.
On your way, you have walked, thought and fought. Yet through all this, you
have never lost your courage. You have grown steadily stronger, though you
have experienced the pain of battle many times. You are no longer alone in
your adventure, Paula who is steadfast, kind and even pretty, is always at
your side. Jeff is with you as well. Though he is timid, he came from a
distant land to help you. Ness, as you certainly know by now, you are not a
regular young man... You have an awesome destiny to fulfill. The journey from
this point will be long, and it will be more difficult than anything you have
undergone to this point. Yet, I know you will be all right. When good
battles evil, which side do you believe wins? Do you have faith that good is
triumphant? One thing you must never lose is courage. If you believe in the
goal you are striving for, you will be courageous. There are many difficult
times ahead, but you must keep your sense of humor, work through the tough
situations and enjoy yourself. When you have finished this cup of coffee, your
adventure will begin again. Next, you must pass through a vast desert and
proceed to the big city of Fourside. Ness... Paula... Jeff... I wish you

Like a great tapestry, vertical and horizontal threads have met and become
intertwined, creating a huge, beautiful image. You may have cursed this
never-ending journey. You have known injury and defeat, but you have struggled
on to reach this place. Your in-born intelligence and courage have helped
bring you here. You have believed in your friends, and as a group, you have
supported each other. Have you ever stopped to consider how much your power
has grown? Now, you could fell enemies in Onett and Twoson with one blow. As
you certainly know, you cannot turn back. Giygas, the arch fiend of the
universe, is growing frightened of you and your power. He is searching for
ways to end your journey. From here, the challenge grows and your adventure
will take you beyond anything you ever imagined. You are drawing near to
Giygas. Remember, when you are suffering hardships, your enemy is also
struggling. By the way, do you know where Pokey went? When this cup of tea is
finished, your adventure will continue. Your destiny pulls you in the right
direction. Believe in yourself and press forward. Ness! Paula! Jeff! Poo! I
wish you luck...

The year is 199X

Onett, a small town in Eagleland

Ness's house

Winters, a small country to the north

Snow Wood Boarding House

Dalaam, in the Far East

The palace of Poo

The Crown Prince

Later that night...

each enemy about 50 points of damage.

each enemy about 180 points of damage.

each enemy about 320 points of damage.

each enemy about 640 points of damage.

about 80 points of damage each.

about 160 points of damage each.

about 240 points of damage each.

about 320 points of damage each.

inflicting about 180 points of damage.

inflicting about 360 points of damage.

inflicting about 540 points of damage.

inflicting about 720 points of damage.

The enemy is thunder struck for about 120 points of damage.

The enemy is thunder struck for about 120 points of damage two separate times.

The enemy is thunder struck for about 200 points of damage three separate

The enemy is thunder struck for about 200 points of damage four separate

, and in some circumstances, feel strange.

, and in some circumstances, can make the enemy feel strange, become numb, or
even be destroyed.

Often, it will destroy an enemy in a single strike.

It generates glorious rays that have a high probability of destroying all the
enemies on the scene in a single strike.

It deals about 360 points of damage to each enemy.

It deals about 720 points of damage to each enemy. R

Restores 100 HP to one person.

Restores 300 HP to one person.

Completely restores the HP of one person.

Restores 400 HP to everyone.

Cures a cold, sunstroke or sleep conditions.

In addition to the effects of Healing <Alpha>, this cures poisonings, nausea,
feeling strange and uncontrollable crying.

In addition to the effects of Healing <Beta>, this cures being diamondized and
paralysis. It also revives a friend who has become unconscious, though HP is
not maxed out.

In addition to the effects of Healing <Gamma>, this revives a friend who has
become unconscious, and it completely maxes out that person's HP when revived.

Protect one person with the shield of light. It reduces the damage caused by
an enemy's attack by 50%. Using a different shield will cancel these effects.

Protect everyone with the shield of light. It reduces the damage caused by an
enemy's attack by 50%. Using a different shield will cancel these effects.

Protects one person with a power shield. Cuts damage in half and some of the
blocked damage is dealt back to the enemy. Using a different shield will
cancel these effects.

Protects everyone with a power shield. Cuts damage in half and some of the
blocked damage is dealt back to the enemy. Using a different shield will
cancel these effects.

Protects one person with a psychic shield. It blocks an enemy's PSI attack.
Using a different shield will cancel these effects.

Protects everyone with a psychic shield. It blocks an enemy's PSI attack.
Using a different shield will cancel these effects.

Protects one person with a psychic power shield. It reflects an enemy's PSI
attack back at the attacker. Using a different shield will cancel these

Protects everyone with a psychic power shield. It reflects an enemy's PSI
attack back at the attacker. Using a different shield will cancel these

Increase one person's Offense for theduration of the current battle.

Increase everyone's Offense for the duration of the current battle.

Decreases the Defense of one enemy for the duration of the current battle.

Decreases the Defense of all enemies for the duration of the current battle.

Puts one enemy to sleep.

Puts all of the enemies to sleep.

Grabs 2-8 points of PP from one enemy and adds it to your own.

Grabs 2-8 points of PP from each enemy and adds it to your own.

Forces one enemy into

Forces allenemies into

Makes one enemy feels strange.

Makes all of the enemies feel strange.

You need a good running approach for this to work.

You don't need a running approach to use this. It is also called the "Tornado

You finally got here. This is the eighth "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

Kidnapped. I was Boing! Kidnapper. Bad guy. Bad guy gone. Zoom! Where? To the
past. Ding, ding!

<party member> checked the broken Phase Distorter. There was a Horn of Life.

Greetings! So, you are finally here!

Excellent! You are truly excellent! There is only a little time left! I'll
give you the last power. I must go now...

(Poo became conscious of PSI Starstorm <Omega>!)

Even though I listened to the talkative Mystery Rock's story, I don't
understand what he's talking about. The rock suddenly stopped talking. In
other words... it's not saying anything.

...You have a nice item. Since I came to the Lost Underworld, I haven't seen
or smelled Tendakraut.

What are you doing in the dinosaur's cage? I'll open the door for you, and you
get out of the cage quick. That's an order from the boss. ...By the way,
thanks for the Tendakraut.

(<party member>'s Tendakraut was taken.)

(That nasty smell left you at the same time!)

Why don't you see the talkative mystery rock. That rock really jabbers away!!
A rock that doesn't talk is no fun at all.

We are the same Tenda as those above ground. ...We seem different? Yeah, you
know, the Tenda up there are shy and don't like to talk. It may be my
imagination, but I think I hear the sound of other Tenda talking up above. I
wonder... have they overcome their shyness?

Didn't you think that the Tenda up above have some particularly beautiful
women? They're still shy, though.

Tenda women up above ground are pretty, but the men seem kind of run down.

You're strange, but you smell good. So I'll tell you a secret. Did you feel
the earthquake a little while ago? ...You know, we have earthquakes all the
time here. After an earthquake, the hot springs will erupt. The blue springs
are great for recovering health. The Red springs are perfect for healing
paralysis or drawing out poison.

Hey! Strange fellow. After an earthquake, the hot springs erupt out of the
ground. Have you ever noticed that? The blue springs are great for recovering
health. The red springs are perfect for healing paralysis or drawing out

Tenda who like to talk came to the Lost Underworld because we couldn't stand
the quiet up above. So, we established a separate tribe. I hope we can be
friendly again some day. ...Yeah, it was a lot easier to live up above.

You guys helped the upper tribe and the lower tribe gain unity again. Soon,
we'll be one village again! Thank you.

We made a cage for dinosaurs and locked them up... That's what my brother
tells me. But I don't believe it... He's just spewing out of his cake hole.

A chubby, obnoxious kid from some foreign country said something
heartrending... So, I'm healing my wounds in the hot springs.

Hot springs rock!

The bird right there says strange words like "Hello?" and "click beep beep

Here, the dinosaurs don't come and attack me. So, I can relax. ...Except now I
can't get out.

Without dinosaurs, this place seems like it is missing something big.

Ring, ring, rrriiing!!

(Don't feed the dinosaurs in the cage! The Boss)

(Don't talk to the rock if you have nothing to say. The Boss)

(In case of danger, evacuate here! The Boss)

Did you bring some "Fly Honey"? It's Master Belch's favorite.
Then, why are you here?!
You didn't bring it?

You seem kind of suspicious to me... You cannot pass through here!

Ok, you may pass through. Hey, be careful! Be sure you don't drop it!

Urp! ...It's hard to make the gross sounds that Master Belch does. I know I
can't do it.

Master Belch is the slimiest! However, I heard he's also serving some Giygas
guy. That I cannot believe.

Aren't you the Fly Honey delivery boy?

What's the password! It doesn't mean I don't trust you. Just say it! Say it
now! Someone so quiet is either extremely shy or extremely dangerous... What a
suspicious fellow!

So, you're the ones who destroyed the zombies that I assigned to Threed!!

Tired. But so good. Ding!

Ah! Soooo... Honest! Smile Boing!

Buuurp! So you are Ness?

...I see... Gyork! Gyork! Gyork! There's a prophecy that a boy will destroy
Master Giygas. Heeg! Heeg! Heeg! You make me laugh so hard... If Master Giygas
is scared of someone... he would have to be worse than the greatest evil...
Garg! Ga! Garg! Ga! Ga! Ga! I'll take you down big time, so get ready for the
worst fight of your life!

Gha Gha Gha! Get ready to feel the pain of true nausea!

Ghe Ghe! Come on, let's go!

Looks like it was an even fight... Buurp! But, Master Giygas has managed to
get the Mani Mani statue into Fourside.

The city will soon be in worse condition than living in your own puke! Suffer,

Gha, Gha, Gha, Gha, Gha! Buuuurp!

...No?... Gyork, Gyork, Gyork! I heard there's a prophecy that he would defeat
Master Giygas... Heeg Heeg Heeg You make me laugh so hard! If Master Giygas is
scared of someone... he would have to be worse than the greatest evil... I'll
take you down big time, so get ready for the worst fight of your life!

You finally got here. This is the third "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

Gyork Gyork! Hey you, commoner! You there wandering around without any "Fly
Honey"... I am the mortal enemy of your kind.

Gyork! Gyork! Since you had "Fly Honey," I considered you a friend. But
actually, you're just a commoner! I am the mortal enemy of your kind.

You have defeated me... Allow me to eat some Fly Honey for the last time...
Master Belch hates people like you. ...You see, those who don't have "Fly
Honey" are our mortal enemies...

I wanted to get your Fly Honey and gulp it down. Master Belch and I love Fly
Honey. Gyorg Gyorg!...

<party member>'s HP are maxed out!

<party member> recovered HP!

<party member> recovered PP!

<party member> Offense is !

<party member> Defense is !

Vulnerable to PSI Fire!

Vulnerable to PSI Freeze!

Vulnerable to PSI Flash!

Vulnerable to Paralysis!

Open to Hypnosis!

Susceptible to Brain Shock.

Yikes! Poo turned into <enemy>!

Poo could not turn into <enemy>!

<party member> was diamondized!

<party member> body became numb!

<party member> felt somewhat nauseous...

<party member> got poisoned!

<party member> caught a cold!

<party member> began to feel strange!

<party member> was possessed by a mini-ghost!

<party member> could not stop crying!

<party member> suddenly could not move!

<party member> body solidified!

<party member> was not able to concentrate!

<party member> was not able to use PSI!

<party member> felt a little strange...

<party member> fell asleep!

<party member> got hurt and collapsed...

<party member> got hurt and collapsed...

<enemy> became a pile of fluff...

<enemy> became a big pile of fluff...

<enemy> was defeated!

<enemy> stopped moving!

<enemy> became tame!

<enemy> disappeared!

The figure of <enemy> melted into thin air!

<enemy> was broken into pieces!

<enemy> was destroyed!

<enemy> was totally scrapped!

<enemy> turned back to normal!

<enemy> returned to the dust of the earth!

<enemy>'s body returned to normal!

<enemy>'s numbness is gone!

<enemy> felt much better!

The poison was removed from <enemy>'s body!

<enemy> got over the cold!

<enemy> finally stopped crying...

<enemy>'s body again moved freely!

<enemy> was able to move!

<enemy> went back to normal!

<enemy>'s sunstroke was cured!

<enemy> woke up!

<enemy> was able to concentrate!

<party member> was revived!

It didn't work...<party member or enemy>'s body was protected by the shield of

<party member or enemy>'s shield became stronger!

<party member or enemy>'s body was protected by the power shield!

<party member or enemy>'s power shield became stronger!

<party member or enemy>'s body was protected by the psychic shield!

<party member or enemy>'s psychic shield became stronger!

<party member or enemy>'s body was protected by the psychic power shield!

<party member or enemy>'s psychic power shield became stronger!

<party member or enemy>'s shield disappeared!

The power shield deflected the attack!

The psychic power shield1 deflected <PSI attack>!

<party member or enemy>'s psychic shield made <PSI attack> disappear!

The effects of PSI on <party member or enemy> is gone!

Poo returned to his original form!

The Franklin Badge deflected the lightning!

<character or enemy performing action> cannot move!

<character or enemy performing action>'s body is numb and <character or
enemy performing action> can't move!

<character or enemy performing action> feels too sick to move...

<party member or enemy> is poisoned!

<character or enemy performing action> has fallen asleep!

<character or enemy performing action> cannot move around!

<character or enemy performing action> tried <PSI attack>! But it didn't work
very well!

<party member or enemy> is on guard!

Belch lost his mind by wolfing down "Fly Honey"!

Ness misses home.

Ness suddenly thought about his Mom.

Ness thought about eating some <favorite food> and started craving it.

Ness lost all motivation in battle.

Black smoke poured from <character or enemy performing action>'s body!

<party member or enemy> was overcome by the smoke!

You can't see a thing! All of a sudden, some guys rushed into the room! It was
the Runaway Five! Lucky quickly ducked behind the robot! "I flipped the
switch, and it stopped." "Ha hah... Geez, what a loser robot. It was so easy
to stop!"

"That was quick thinking!" Suddenly, Poo swooped down from the sky! Poo used
his new power, PSI Starstorm!

Pokey used Ness as a shield!

Pokey played dead!

Pokey pretended to cry!

Pokey apologized profusely!

Pokey thought to himself!

Pokey acted all innocent!

Pokey smiled insincerely!

Pokey complained to Ness!

Pokey tried to edge closer to the enemy!

<character or enemy performing action> is barking!

<character or enemy performing action> is chanting a magic spell!

<character or enemy performing action> is scratching his head!

HP of damage to <party member or enemy>!

dodged quickly!

It did not work on <party member or enemy>!

It had no visible effect on <party member or enemy>!

Just missed!

...narrowly missed hitting the target!

But <party member or enemy> was already gone...

<character or enemy performing action> drained <character or enemy
performing action>'s own HP!

Drained HP from <party member or enemy>!

Drained PP from <party member or enemy>!

<party member or enemy> lost PP!

<character or enemy performing action> felt sick and took HP damage!

<party member or enemy> felt pain from the poison and took HP damage.

<party member or enemy> felt dizzy and weak and received HP damage!

<party member or enemy> sneezed and received HP damage!

<party member or enemy> joined the battle.

<party member or enemy> started to grow.

But no one came.

But, the seed didn't sprout.

Time started again.


blocked the way!

came after you!

trapped you!

You encounter

You meet

You engage

You confront

Here is a chance for a surprise opening attack!

Here is opening attack!

<character or enemy performing action> and its cohorts

gained exp

lost the battle...

level is now !

Offense went up by !

Defense went up by !

Speed went up by !

Guts went up by <save file number>!

Vitality went up by <save file number>!

IQ went up by <save file number>!

Luck went up by <save file number>!

Maximum HP went up by <save file number>!

Maximum PP went up by <save file number>!

realized the power of <PSI ability>.


That rocks!

Oh, baby!

The enemy left a present! Inside the present, there was a <item>! <party
member> took it. <party member> added the <item> to <party member>'s stuff.
But, <party member> cannot carry anymore stuff. Do you want to throw something
Then, will you leave the <item> behind?
Then, <party member> abandoned the <item>.
What do you want to throw away?
So you want to throw away the <item>?
Throw away
Don't do it
<party member> threw the <item> away and took the <item>.
Do not throw the <item> away.

<party member> saw a present behind the enemy. Inside the present, there was a
<item>. Jeff takes it.

<character or enemy performing action> made something spin around!

<character or enemy performing action> lost his temper!

<character or enemy performing action> said something nasty!

<character or enemy performing action> used a vacuum attack!

<character or enemy performing action> replenished a fuel supply!

<character or enemy performing action> took a bite using its poisonous fangs!

<character or enemy performing action> fired a missile, making itself dizzy.

<character or enemy performing action> started a continuous attack!

<character or enemy performing action> is on guard.

<character or enemy performing action> spewed out a flaming fireball!

<character or enemy performing action> rushed in, and intertwined with you!

<character or enemy performing action> attacked with a crushing chop!

<character or enemy performing action> grappled and used his submission hold!

<character or enemy performing action> revved and accelerated!

<character or enemy performing action> brandished a knife!

<character or enemy performing action> tore into you!

<character or enemy performing action> used a biting attack!

<character or enemy performing action> clawed with <character or enemy
performing action>'s sharp nails!

<character or enemy performing action> swung <character or enemy performing
 action>'s tail very hard!

<character or enemy performing action> growled and lunged forward!

<character or enemy performing action> wielded a shopping bag!

<character or enemy performing action> swung a club!

<character or enemy performing action> generated a tornado!

<character or enemy performing action> sprayed a gigantic blast of water!

<character or enemy performing action> flashed a menacing smile!

<character or enemy performing action> started laughing hysterically!

<character or enemy performing action> edged closer!

<character or enemy performing action> muttered "1..."

<character or enemy performing action> murmured "2..."

<character or enemy performing action> whispered "3..."

<character or enemy performing action> fell down!

<character or enemy performing action> is being absentminded.

<character or enemy performing action> generated a burst of steam!

<character or enemy performing action> is wobbly.

<character or enemy performing action> is reeling.

<character or enemy performing action> has a big grin on <character or enemy
performing action>'s face.

<character or enemy performing action> is taking deep breaths for the next

<character or enemy performing action> sends a greeting!

<character or enemy performing action> is making a loud, piercing howl.

<character or enemy performing action> is saying "tick-tock."

<character or enemy performing action> emitted a glorious light!

<character or enemy performing action> used an electrical shock attack!

<character or enemy performing action> scattered its pollen around!

<character or enemy performing action> reached out with its icy hand.

<character or enemy performing action> played a flute with <character or
enemy performing action>'s poisonous breath!

<character or enemy performing action> spewed exhaust fumes!

<character or enemy performing action> started laughing maniacally!

<character or enemy performing action> breathed in through <character or enemy
performing action>'s flute!

<character or enemy performing action> leaped forward and spread its wings!

<character or enemy performing action> became friendly and affectionate! You
backed off.

<character or enemy performing action> is acting a little bit strange.

<character or enemy performing action> is acting a bit unusual.

<character or enemy performing action> is feeling funky.

<character or enemy performing action> is attacking!

<character or enemy performing action> attacks!

<character or enemy performing action> is on guard.

<character or enemy performing action> relaxed and took a deep breath.

<character or enemy performing action> tried to get away, and did!

<character or enemy performing action> tried to get away, but couldn't!

<character or enemy performing action> spies on <party member or enemy>!

<character or enemy performing action> tried <PSI attack>!

<character or enemy performing action> tried

<character or enemy performing action> prayed with her whole heart!

<character or enemy performing action> made a loud rumble!

<character or enemy performing action> gave you a great big hug.

<character or enemy performing action> let loose with a hacking cough.

<character or enemy performing action> used misery attack!

<character or enemy performing action> utilized a paint attack!

<character or enemy performing action> came out swinging!

<character or enemy performing action> scratched with its claws!

<character or enemy performing action> pecked at your eyes!

<character or enemy performing action> rammed and trampled you!

<character or enemy performing action> threw a punch!

<character or enemy performing action> spit its pumpkin seeds!

<character or enemy performing action> fired a beam!

<character or enemy performing action> jabbed with a spear!

<character or enemy performing action> stomped with huge foot!

<character or enemy performing action> swung his hula hoop.

<character or enemy performing action> charged forward!

<character or enemy performing action> shredded fiercely on a skateboard!

<character or enemy performing action> bit you hard!

<character or enemy performing action> grumbled about today's youth!

<character or enemy performing action> started lecturing you!

<character or enemy performing action> scowled sharply!

<character or enemy performing action> vented a terrible odor!

<character or enemy performing action> shouted in a loud voice!

<character or enemy performing action> shrieked a war cry!

<character or enemy performing action> knitted its brow!

<character or enemy performing action> lost a gear and some bolts!

<character or enemy performing action> re-applied a bandage!

<character or enemy performing action> cleaned the area!

<character or enemy performing action> wanted to go and get a battery!

<character or enemy performing action> ate a bologne sandwich!

<character or enemy performing action> shot a beam that causes night-time

<character or enemy performing action> emitted a pale green light!

<character or enemy performing action> coiled around you and attacked!

All of a sudden, <character or enemy performing action> gave off a rainbow of

<character or enemy performing action> used the <item>!

<character or enemy performing action> discharged a very stinky gas!

You cannot grasp the true form of <character or enemy performing action>'

...Who?... ...Are you Ness? Ness! I'm so glad it's you. I had a dream that a
boy named Ness was my destiny. I know it's hard to believe. Therefore, I knew
you would rescue me. If you didn't come I would have had to try to bust out
of here. You can't open the door. You'll have to get the key from Carpainter.
He's got it hidden away. I heard Carpainter can control lightning. In that
case, you should wear this Franklin Badge, okay?

I'll wait here until you return. Come back here and get me out once you defeat
Carpainter. Don't worry about me, just kick butt like I know you can!

What--do you want to get fried by lightning? Get rid of something so I can
give you the Franklin Badge.

If you didn't come I would have had to try to bust out of here.

Ness! You got the key! Are you hurt?
I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.

(Cross bridge to Happy-Happy Village)

You finally got here. This is the second "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's
mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

I wonder who made the bridge impassable? Why would someone do this? Crud...

(I'm not an enemy. I'm just a regular mole. Would you like to know about how
to survive battles?)
(Well, you seem to know a lot already, even if you don't look like it.)
(You may have noticed that, when you have been badly hurt in battle, you may
survive a mortal attack and still have 1 HP. If this has happened, it was
because of your Guts. Your survival may dependon your Guts level. Also, more
Guts helps you get more SMAAAAASHing hits. Beyond Guts, you should have
noticed that it takes some time for damage to be taken from you. This is
because of the rolling action of your HP meter. Oops! I mean your life. If an
enemy deals mortal damage to you, but you defeat all enemies before your life
is gone, you survive. This is all I know.)

<character or enemy performing action> called for help!

<character or enemy performing action> sowed some seeds around itself!

<character or enemy performing action> exploded into bits!

<character or enemy performing action> burst into flames!

<character or enemy performing action> stole a <item> in the confusion of the
tried to steal something, but failed!

<character or enemy performing action> froze you in time!

<character or enemy performing action> glared with its eerie eyes!

<character or enemy performing action> generated a mysterious electric field!

<character or enemy performing action> stumbled, but fired a strange beam.

<character or enemy performing action> burped and blew his nauseating breath
at you!

<character or enemy performing action> stung with its poison stinger!

<character or enemy performing action> gave the kiss of death!

<character or enemy performing action> exhaled arctic-cold breath!

<character or enemy performing action> scattered some spores!

<character or enemy performing action> tried to possess you in a frightening

<character or enemy performing action> sprinkled around some
wonderful-smelling powder.

<character or enemy performing action> scattered some mold spores!

<character or enemy performing action> employed a binding attack!

<character or enemy performing action> spit out a sticky mucus!

<character or enemy performing action> spewed "Fly Honey" out of his mouth!

<character or enemy performing action> shot spider silk out of its body!

<character or enemy performing action> said something really scary!

<character or enemy performing action> did something very mysterious!

<character or enemy performing action> disrupted your senses!

<character or enemy performing action> is sizing up the situation!

<character or enemy performing action> exhaled a blast of stinky breath!

<character or enemy performing action> summoned a storm!

<character or enemy performing action> spilled some scalding hot espresso!

<character or enemy performing action> played a haunting melody!

<character or enemy performing action> dispensed an extinguishing blast!

<character or enemy performing action> used a Crashing Boom Bang attack!

<character or enemy performing action> shot out a spray of fire!

<character or enemy performing action> breathed fire!

(The mouse found the way out and waved for you to follow.)

(The Exit Mouse cannot do its job unless it is in a hole, cave, or some place
with an exit!)

(At this point in time, the mouse is fast asleep.)

You shouldn't let the mouse go until the pizza has arrived.

If you release the mouse now, it might be stepped on by the approaching
customer. So... it's not a good idea to release the mouse now.

Please stick around until Escargo Express arrives. So... do not use the Exit

For some reason, the exit mouse isn't being agreeable.

<party member> read the hieroglyphs. "To fight against the invaders, we built
this pyramid fortress. However, our efforts were futile, and we lost.
Nonetheless, our pyramid was protected by the gods of Scaraba. The invaders
will be reborn every millennium and will attack again. Even now, the invaders
hide beyond space and time and build their evil stronghold. A place out of
time is beyond the Dark, and is even farther beyond the Lost Underworld. The
Deep Darkness is shrouded, it is without light. Only one with the Hawk Eye can
pierce the dark. The Sphinx now watches over everything, waiting for the
coming of a truly brave hero. Dance in front of the Sphinx!"

This town is not shown on the map.

Talk to







Hit Points

Psychic Points

Experience Points

Exp. for next level.









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