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Game Script by TIDQ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/10/2005
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                                    XMM         M
                                    MMMMi      MX
                                   2M80@MB    @M
                                   MMMMWWMM   M
                                     XMMMMMM M
                                           M   MMM0888@M
                                          .M     MM@00Ma
                                          Mr      rMMMM
                                          M          2
                     MMMM 777r77r:  .       .irrr;r;r;;;irSX
                     M07 :7rr77X;iMMMMMMMMMWX ,r;;;;;;;;;;;XS
                    i. :;7777Xr7;7MMMMMMMMMMM@;rrrr;;r;r;;;;7X
                    M@:7rX7r77rX7,   iSa0@MM@,irrri;rr;;;rr;r2,
                   aMM,7XXXXXS7X;,X;. .      :rrr7X7;;r7rrr;rXa
      rMMMMMa     .7; ,ii;rrrXXS;MMMM;7777r7r7X7rrrr7rrr;;7rr;S.
            ,B@8 .S;i:;;iiii:;rrrSMWrr77777777;X777rr7r77;r;rrXS
        W7XXX7XXSSXSXXrXX77rr7rrrr7;72a2SS227Xr;;;;;r;ii:::,, .:aS;
               MMM@@WWWBBBMMMMMMMMM: .r0MMM@0aZSa22a222XX77XZ
                  XZMMMMMMMMM@82;          :BS2Z8ZZZ2X7rr7;;Sa

                         E  A  R  T  H  B  O  U  N  D

                                The Game Script
                         by TIDQ (Email at the bottom)

Table of Contents

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You can also search directly for a game quote.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Onett
3.0 Twoson
4.0 Threed
5.0 Winters
6.0 Threed Part 2
   6.1 Coffee Break
7.0 The Desert and Fourside
8.0 Moonside and the Monkey Cave
9.0 Fourside Part 2
10.0 The Trip to Summers
11.0 Dalaam
12.0 Summers Part 2
13.0 Scaraba Desert
14.0 Deep Darkness and Stonehenge
   14.1 Tea Break
15.0 Lost Underworld
16.0 Magicant
17.0 The Phase Distorter
18.0 Giygas
19.0 Aftermath
20.0 Mr. Saturn Quotes
21.0 Miscellany
   21.1 Legal Stuff
   21.2 Emailing Me
   21.3 Version History
   21.4 Special Thanks

&                             1.0 Introduction                                &

This FAQ is a transcribed game script of the major quotes from Earthbound for
the Super Nintendo, the English version of the RPG Mother 2 in Japan. Every
word of it was hand-typed by me. The intended purpose is to serve as a
reference to dialogue from any point in the game quickly and easily.

This is NOT a FAQ to help answer gameplay questions. There are plenty of other
FAQs that do that really well. This FAQ will contain spoilers, obviously, so
be forewarned.

For simplicity purposes, all the main characters will be referred to as their
official names: Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, as well as King the dog. Favorite food,
however, will simply be replaced with "(favorite food)." The part of the game
that deals with the player's name will simply become "(player)." I have used
apostrophes to replace the dots that precede every message in the game.

For those a little unfamiliar with the game, Ness is a silent protagonist. He
has almost no dialogue, and most of the speech in the game is of people
speaking to him. When we're first introduced to Jeff and Poo, they temporarily
become silent protagonists as well, until they meet up with Ness.

For now, all nonessential dialogue, such as from random townspeople, is being
omitted. If there's a large enough demand, maybe that'll change. The one
exception to this is Mr. Saturn. At the end of the guide, I have set aside a
section for Mr. Saturn quotes.

I ask that people do not lift my guide or portions of my guide without asking
my permission or without giving me credit.

Now, without further ado, I present the story of Earthbound.

&                                  2.0 Onett                                  &

The year is 199X

Onett, a small town in Eagleland

Ness's house

'Hey, Ness.
'Don't be rubberneckin'. You're gettin' in the cops, oops...
'I mean officer's way!
'You can go home now.
'Tomorrow I, Pokey, will tell you more about the strange meteorite.
'I'm fine here, but you're bugging the officers!

'Welcome home, Ness.
'It's not necessary to talk about it tonight.
'It's late, scoot off to bed now.

If "No":
'Oh, Ness. You don't understand the importance of a good night's sleep!

Later that night...

'Hey! L-L-Listen to what I've got to say!
'When I took Picky to the place where the meteorite landed...
'Oh! Good evening ma'am. You're looking lovely as usual. *snicker*
'Anyway, as I was saying,
'the police that were guarding the meteorite landing left suddenly
'to deal with the Sharks. You know the Sharks, they're the local ruffians,
'and they were really going wild. Suddenly, I noticed that Picky was gone.
'I blame the cops... it certainly wasn't my fault at all.
'When my dad gets back, I know I'm gonna get it...
'You're my bestest friend. Won't YOU help me find Picky?

If "No":
'If you refuse me, I'll say something that'll cut you like a knife.
'Will you come with me?

If "No":
'Okay, okay... I won't say anything to hurt you.
'Will you please come with me?

{Repeats until "Yes"}

'Ok, good buddy! Let's blow this popsicle stand...
'Before we go, why don't you say "goodbye" to your mom. Don't you agree, ma'am?

'I know that the dog is unreliable, but you should take King along.
'The Cracked Bat in Tracy's room could help out at a time like this...
'No matter what anyone says, you're a courageous, strong boy.
'You're my very own natural born fighter...You'll go far...
'Remember to "Go for it!"
'But, I think you should change out of your jammies before you leave.

'All right! You go out in front, and I'll follow at a safe distance.
'Let's get going!
'(Pokey joins you.)

(Ringing Phone)
'Ness answered the phone.
'Hello, it's your dad.
'"Work to exhaustion when you're young..."
'Have you ever heard of a weird saying like this?
'Just remember, I'm always behind you 100%. Don't be afraid.
'I know that you're brave. You can do it!
'Don't forget to call me periodically during your adventure.
'I can make a record of your progress when you call me.
'Oh yeah, I deposited $30 into your bank account.
'Do you have your ATM card?
'Withdraw your money from any cash machine and buy whatever you need.
'Good Luck, m'boy! I feel like such a hero!
'What? Well, the father of a hero, at least. Wa ha ha!
'Slam! Beeeeeeeep!

'(Do you want me to go with you?)

If "No":
'(Oh, I get it. You just wanted to talk to me because I'm so lovable.)

If "Yes":
'(I guess I have no choice. Let's go.)
'King joins you.

'(If I knew this was going to be such a scary place,
'I wouldn't have come along... I'm outta here!)

'You woke me up...
'Pokey! I've been looking all over for you...
'You see, Pokey got scared and ran away...
'Well, I'm glad that you're okay at least...
'Let's go home now. I bet Mom and Dad are worried sick about us.
'Geez! Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the real big brother.
'(Picky joins you.)

(Pokey or Picky)
'Do you hear a buzzing that sounds like a bee flying around?

If "No":
'Oh c'mon... You must hear it...

If "Yes":
'Yes! You can hear it!

'A bee I am
'I'm from 10 years in the future.
'in the future, all is devastation...
'Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer,
'send all to the horror of eternal darkness...
'However, you must listen!
'Where I am from,
'there is a well-known legend that has been handed down from ancient times.
'It says "When the chosen boy reaches the point, he will find the light.
'The passing of time will shatter the nightmare rock
'and will reveal the path of light."
'You see, it is my opinion that you are that boy, Ness.
'This I believe...
'Giygas' monstrous plan must have been set in motion somewhere on Earth...
'If you start to confront the enemy immediately,
'you may have time to counter the evil intentions of Giygas.
'Three things are of the utmost importance: wisdom, courage, and friendship.
'...The legends from the ancient times tell of three boys and a girl
'who defeat Giygas.
'...I will tell you more later.
'Go now! And do not be anxious about the future.
'You have much work to do, Ness.
'Did you listen to what I told you?

If "No":
'I hate to go over it again, but I guess I'll start over...
'We'll be here 'til sunrise!

{Repeat until "Yes"}

'Thank you for listening to my long story.
'You are as exceptional as I expected you to be...
'Buzz Buzz now joins you.

'It looks like you're really in a lot of trouble this time...
'Three boys, he said? ...Uhhh...
'I'm not one of those three, am I?...
'...'Cause... I'm not into this kind of thing at all...
'Geez. My heart is almost pounding right out of my chest!...

(Starman Junior)
'It's been a long time, Buzz Buzz.
'You've been successful at foiling Master Giygas' plans.
'But... Buzz Buzz, you must now surrender.
'You're not longer a hero, but just a useless insect.
'I'll stomp you hard!

(Buzz Buzz)
'Whew!... I was taking a big chance there...
'He came from 10 years in the future to kill me, so we can't relax yet!
'From now on, you'll be fighting enemies sent by Giygas,
'as well as humans who have evil thoughts.
'They'll definitely make trouble during your adventure!
'Animals are also becoming violent
'due to Giygas' influence over the evil in their minds!
'It is the truth, so listen!

(Pokey's Dad)
'I'm really sorry that my kids troubled you so much...
'Both of you are really going to get it now!

'By the way, I would be happy if you left sometime soon.
'I'm tired of your family living next door.
'We've loaned your father a lot of money.
'It may have been a hundred thousand dollars or more...
'Well, I guess it really could have been less,
'but because of the loan, my family and I now live in poverty!

(Pokey's Mom)
'My husband is much too lenient with the children.
'Oh well, nice guys finish last. That's the story of our life...

'I think it's a dung beetle! I'll smash your guts out!

(Buzz Buzz)
'Agh! *gasp* I was...
'...much weaker than I thought...
'So you must now begin your adventure...
'Oh, I just remembered...
'Listen to my final words...
'To defeat Giygas, your own power must unite with the Earth's...
'the Earth will then channel your power and multiply it...
'There are eight points that you must visit. Make these places your own...
'Each of these locations is "Your Sanctuary."
'One of them is near Onett. It is called "Giant Step."
'Go there first...
'Do you understand?

If "No":
'...I see.
'I apologize. I guess I didn't explain it well enough...

{Repeat until "Yes"}

'All right.
'You are a very intelligent young man... and...
'Oh! The pain!... Everything is getting dark...
'urgh!... *Gasp*...
'Before I pass on, I want to give you something...
'It is the Sound Stone.
'You can record the melodies from the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations
'into this stone. It is an awesome item...
'By the way... I'm almost gone,
'but did you want to hear the story one more time?

If "Yes":
'Oh, okay...

{Repeat until "No"}

'It's already dawn outside...
'But it doesn't matter to me. I'm fading fast...
'Argh! *Gasp*
'(Ness got the Sound Stone.)

(Shark A)
'It was you! YOU beat up my buddy, didn't you?
'You'd better just beat it!

(Shark B)
'Hey kid! Do you wanna become a member?

If "Yes":
'Come back after you finish EarthBound!

If "No":
'Don't be such a snob!

'...I'm Frank. You are?
'C'mon, can't you at least say your name?

'"Fail-proof" Frank can't be beaten.
'Puff, puff, puff And this is "Frankystein Mark II."

'...This is my first defeat.
'"Fail-proof" Frank is now just "failure" Frank.
'I know you've been asking around, so I'll tell you about Giant Step.
'It... seems... to be quite a powerful spot.
'Some kind of special power is stored there
'that allows certain people to perform wondrous feats.
'However... a monster sucked up all the energy at that spot.
'It's difficult to get to Giant Step. That's all I know...
'I suggest you collect more information on your own.
'The entrance to the path leading to Giant STep is
'behind the touring entertainers' shack.
'Pirkle, the Mayor of Onett, has a key to the shack.
'Ness, you've become stronger than I! Your adventure is just beginning...

'Hey hey hey! I'm Mayor B.H. Pirkle. It's so nice to meet you.
'You beat up the town bullies,
'punched them out big time, kicked their butts, bit their heads off,
'spit in their eyes, and made them wet their pants.
'Then you forced them to promise not to make any more trouble. Thank you!
'What? You want a key to the touring entertainers' shack?
'For someone as great as you, giving you the key could help keep the town
'However, if you encounter a dangerous situation,
'please don't ask me to take any responsibility.
'I'll be able to avoid any responsibility, right?

If "No":
'I'm a very important man in these parts. Do you think I'm important?

If "No":
'Look, I'm the big cheese around here,
'and a brat like you should realize when someone is trying to be nice.

If "Yes" to either:
'You're such a smart kid... Here's the key to the shack.
'(Ness got the Key to the shack.)

(Titanic Ant)
'You finally got here.
'This is the first "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

(Giant Step)
'Ness caught a glimpse of a small, cute puppy.
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of Giant Step.

'Hey you, the board says "Do Not Enter." Couldn't you read it?

If "No":
'What a rebellious kid! Come to the Onett Police Station later!

'I'm a friend who you have never met before...
'My name is Paula.
'Can you hear me calling you?
'I am Paula...

(Captain Strong)
'Why is the road to Twoson closed? An emergency, of course.
'At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games.
'Anyway, are you sure you want to go to Twoson?

If "No":
'Well then, perhaps you should just crawl back to your shack, little mister.

If "Yes":
'Okay, *chortle* Follow me.

'Show me what you got...
'See if you can get past five of my best men...

(Cop 1)
'Hey, small fry! You must be shaking in your boots!

(Cop 1)
'You're tough. You should join the police force!

(Cop 2)
'Your average policeman is stronger than any super hero!

(Cop 2)
'Oh... you won...

(Cop 3)
'Don't let the Mayor's compliments give you a big head...
'Bring it on, fat boy!

(Cop 3)
'Let's do this again sometime...
'Next time, I'll take you out with my nuclear suplex attack!

(Cop 4)
'C'mon! I'm going to take you apart right here, right now, baby!

(Cop 4)
'Grrr... I lost...

(Cop 5)
'That's it, buddy...
'You can forget about me, I'm going to call for my boss!

(Captain Strong)
'There is no way I can beat you in a straight competition, so...
'get ready for my "Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts!"

(Captain Strong)
'I didn't think you would do so well against the mighty Onett police force...
'You want me to open the road to Twoson?
'Hang on for a sec, I'll radio my staff and give them the word...
'*Beep, beep* ...*Click*... *Rrrr*
'*Click* Strong here... do you read me?
'...*Krrrr* ...Hey!...
'...It's me, Captain Strong!...
'Okay, listen, a kid named Ness will be there in a few minutes...
'He's a kid in a red cap... I want you to open the road to Twoson for him...
'I know that...
'I know that!...
'Don't ask me why, just do it! That's an order! ...Strong out...
'Well kid, I'm not going to question you now,
'but I do want to see you again...
'Good luck!

&                                 3.0 Twoson                                  &

'Wah ha ha ha ha! Why don't we chat later-after we've locked horns!

'Yes, I'm Everdred, boss of Burglin Park.
'When I jumped off the roof, I twisted my ankle.
'Anyway, I lost and nothing will change that.
'You know, you're pretty strong.
'Yeah, I know that you want to find out about a girl named Paula.
'She went off to a secret hideout in the Peaceful Rest Valley.
'A chubby boy and a weird guy in a blue outfit have kidnapped her, though.
'They said that they were going to make Paula some sort of human sacrifice.
'They were definitely hard-core strange.
'You know, she might be gone already. You'd better hurry.
'If you save Paula, be sure to come back here, okay? Don't forget!

(Paula's Dad)
'So, you wanna see Paula?
'Many come here to see her miraculous powers, but they're just leeches.
'So... are you from a TV station, or what?

If "Yes":
'Please leave.
'My daughter doesn't want to talk to media monkeys like you.

If "No":
'To meet you or not to meet you can only be decided by Paula.
'Paula has said that she would only meet with a boy named Ness.
'So you're Ness!
'You're the one that was in Paula's dream.
'You will save the world!
'Let me go call Paula.

'She doesn't seem to be here.
'I wonder where she went? I'm sorry, could you come back later?

(Apple Kid)
'Well, I have sort of neglected doing my housework...
'I know it's a bit of a pig sty, but anyway...
'I'm Apple Kid.
'I haven't taken a bath in quite a while, so I may be kind of stinky.
'By the way, I'm starving. Do you have something to eat?
'If you do, can I have some?

If "No":
'Well, go ahead and make yourself comfortable anyway. You can flop down

If "Yes":
'What can you give me?

If choose a non-food:
'Please choose something edible... I'm not a garbage can, you know.

If choose a food dish:
'Thanks. You seem very nice. Uh, I wonder if...
'Maybe you would like to invest some money in my inventions?

If "No," then talk again:
'It seems like you are expecting something from me.
'Maybe you would like to invest some money in my inventions?

If "Yes":
'Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh. Excuse me. I mean thank you!
'By the way, I could really use $200.

If "Yes" but insufficient money:
'Oh, you don't have any money, do you?

If "Yes":
'Thank you. I won't let you down.

'I am a mouse. No one has given me a name yet.
'You took care of my master.
'In return, I want to give you this. Please take it and say nothing.
'(Ness got the Receiver phone).
'Oh! I must be in your way! *zziipp!*

(Pencil Statue)
'(For some weird reason,
'a pencil-shaped iron statue is blocking the path.)

(Receiver Phone)
'Hello... this is Apple Kid.
'I've just finished work on this great invention!
'Get over here as fast as you can! This thing is soooo cool!
'See you soon! Slam! Beeeep...

'I am Paula...
'Can you hear me calling you?
'Come and help me!
'Um, I don't know where I am...
'I can hear water running in the distance...
'Ness, please help me!

(Paula's Dad)
'P P P Paula! Where are you? It's time for a yummy piece of pie!

(Apple Kid)
'I'm feeling really out of it because I've been working all night,
'but finally the Pencil eraser is ready.
'This machine will eradicate all pencil-shaped figures in just one second.
'It's incredibly powerful. Just don't use it near a shop that sells pencils.
'Here, it's yours now.
'(Ness got the Pencil eraser.)
'If I invent some other brilliant item, I'll call you.

'...Are you Ness?
'Ness! I'm so glad it's you.
'I had a dream that a boy named Ness was my destiny.
'I know it's hard to believe.
'Therefore, I knew you would rescue me.
'If you didn't come, I would have had to try to bust out of here.
'You can't open the door.
'You'll have to get the key from Carpainter. He's got it hidden away.
'I heard Carpainter can control lightning.
'In that case, you should wear this Franklin badge, okay?
'(Ness got the Franklin badge.)
'I'll wait here until you return.
'Come back here and get me out once you defeat Carpainter.
'Don't worry about me, just kick butt like I know you can!

'Hey Ness! You're just here to bother me, aren't you.
'You can call me Master Pokey,
'since Mr. Carpainter made me an important person in Happy-Happyism.
'You should join us, but I know you won't... I'm glad I joined...
'I'm not going to fight you, but these guys will... Later potater...

(Mr. Carpainter)
'Thanks for coming! I've been waiting for you.
'I need your assistance to help make the world blue
'and change it into a happy and peaceful society.
'Will you be my right-hand assistant?

Either answer:
'You fool, I have drawn you into my trap.
'Carpainter's lightning was reflected by the Franklin Badge.

(Mr. Carpainter)
'Do you see the Mani Mani Statue behind me...
'Since I got the statue, I have been doing peculiar things.
'Please forgive me, if you can... I just wanted to have a normal life.
'I apologize to everyone.
'Here's the key to open the jail in the mountain cabin where Paula is being
'Take the key and go.
'(Ness got the Key to the cabin.)

'What a horrible nightmare. I somehow woke up.
'Ness, let's be friends again.
'Please answer me. I promise to be good. ...uh ...okay?
'Hah! I lied! See you, sucker!

'Thank you, Ness!
'You're just like I imagined you would be...
'I'm sure that some people in Twoson are worried about me...
'Getting back there may be dangerous,
'but we can do it if we combine our strength.
'I'm able to use a little psychic power that is actually pretty deadly...
'Let's head back to Twoson!
'Paula joined you.

(Mondo Mole)
'You finally got here.
'This is the second "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

(Lilliput Steps)
'Ness briefly had a vision of a baby in a red cap.
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of Lilliput Steps.

(Paula's Dad)
'Oh Paula!
'Ness, thank you so much!
'You must be the boy who will save the world, like in Paula's dream.
'Paula, I'm sure you'd be a big help to Ness.
'It's not every day a father lets his daughtre embark on a journey to save the

'Dad, don't worry about me.
'Ness and I will be able to take care of ourselves.
'In Threed, the next town, we'll meet another friend.
'If the three of us can combine our power, no one can beat us.
'Now wipe your eyes, blow your nose, and smile before we take off.

(Paula's Dad)
'Goodbye Paula. Don't worry, I won't cry anymore...

'Hello? Ness?
'Everdred is looking for you.
'He's got something for you.

'I was going to ask you to be my partner,
'but I know you'll refuse. It's written all over your face.
'If you accepted, I was going to give you some money.
'Actually, I can't keep the money now anyway. Let me give this to you.
'It's 10,000 dollars.
'Use the money any way you like. You cannot refuse my generosity. Just accept
'Now I plan on looking for the evil Mani Mani Statue.
'that Lier X. Agerate unearthed in Onett.
'I'll see you at another time, in another space.
'(Ness got the Wad of bills.)

(Runaway Five Member)
'Hey, ya came with Paula!
'Then you deserve a present, playboy.
'Here's a Backstage pass. You can get into our shows with this!
'(Ness got the Backstage pass.)

'Yipes! You surprised me. Now I'm not sure what to do.
'I got the money, of course, and now the Runaway Five are free to leave.
'I've got no complaints now that I have my money.

(Runaway Five Member 1)
'Well, what do you know?
'This little nipper took us from a nightmare to a dream...

(Runaway Five Member 2)
'Ow! That means we can get out of this dump!

(Runaway Five Member 3)
'I'm a good driver. C'mon, I'll show you.

(Runaway Five Member 4)
'All right, let's move on to the next town.
'I'm sure our ol' hunk o' junk will get us there...

(Runaway Five Member 5)
'I didn't make a spectacle of myself, did I?

(Runaway Five Member)
'Let's go to Threed!
'Our tour bus is too loud for any ghosts to bother us.
'Do you want a ride?

If "No":
'If ya change your mind, come back anytime.

If "Yes":
'Oh yeah! Let's go! Get on the bus!

(Tour Bus)
'Okay, guys, here we go!
'Hey, sidewalk! Get out of my way!

&                                 4.0 Threed                                  &

(Runaway Five Member)
'Looks like we have to say goodbye for now.
'This town seems pretty gloomy,
'but I'm sure you can light up the place with your own little brand of

(Runaway Five Member)
'Hope to see you again sometime.
'Look for us to be singing at some theater in Fourside...

(Zombie Guards)
'(He stares into your soul.)
'(He looks you over.)

'(Oh, oh... you're losing consciousness...
'What could be the fate of Ness and his friend?)

'The door is locked.

'I'm calling out to you who I've never met...
'I'm calling our friend who we've never met..
'Jeff! Jeff! We need your help!
'I am Paula and I am with another friend, Ness...
'We are trying to contact you...

&                                 5.0 Winters                                 &

Winters, a small country to the North

Snow Wood Boarding House

'I am Paula, and I am with another friend, Ness...
'We are trying to contact you...
'If you hear me, please wake up and... head south!
'Only you, though far away, can save us, Jeff...
'Please hear my call and begin heading south...
'Jeff! You are a friend who we've never met...
'But you are our one and only hope!...

'Jeff, where are you going in the middle of the night?
'You know the dorm rules, right?
'If you get caught, you'll get punished big time...
'W... what's wrong, Jeff.
'...All right.
'There must be some reason that I don't understand. I won't stop you.
'But it's dangerous to leave without takign anything along.
'Hey, I think there's some stuff in the locker room that you should get.
'I'll help you get out of here...
'(Tony joined you.)

'Oh, Jeff and Tony. You startled me.
'Are you looking for a late night snack?
'I'm having some trouble with my project.
'If only Jeff's father, Dr. Andonuts, were here.
'He'd be able to provide a great deal of help.
'I heard he's an astounding person.
'He was the first leader of our Ultra Science Club...
'I heard he's greater than Einstien or Heisenberg.
'Rumor has it he's also very strange.
'If you're heading to the locker room, take this key along.
'It's a little bent though.
'(Jeff got the Key to the locker.)
'If you leave, call me, and I'll record your adventure.
'It's like saving the game. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha.

'(The key is bent and doesn't fit into the key hole!)

'Hah, ha, ha. The key didn't work, did it?
'I thought that might be the case. So I just invented the...
'"Machine that Opens Doors, especially when you have a slightly bad key."
'Sorry for the inconvenience.
'(Jeff got the Bad key machine.)
'If you are Dr. Andonut's son,
'you should be able to repair small tools and make them useful.
'Just try to keep a positive attitude.

'Okay, now use me as a step and climb over the gate.
'Well... I'll say goodbye for now.
'I don't know where you're going or why,
'but remember, we are best friends forever.

'There's a monkey at the entrance. Take the monkey. He's really noisy.
'If you buy a pack of bubble gum, you can have the monkey for free.
'Otherwise, he will cost you a buck. So, do you want him?

If "No":
'You absolutely, positively should buy him. You know what I mean?

If "Yes":
'Thanks! The monkey's yours.
'(Jeff got the Pak of bubble gum.)

(Bubble Monkey)
'Uku kyee (Gimme some gum.)
'(The monkey got a piece of bubble gum from Jeff and blew a bubble!)
'(The Bubble Monkey joins you.)

'I'm the cook for the Tessie-Watching club.
'How about some stew?

If "No":
'You're full, aren't you?

If "Yes":
'No, no. There's no need to pay me.

'You are a friend who I have never met before...
'Head south...
'I am Paula...
'If you hear this message, go to the south...

(Bubble Monkey)
'Kya kyi kya kyoo. (Give me some gum now.)
'Kaki kuke ko. (I'll take care of everything.)

(Bubble Monkey)
'(The bubble monkey took a piece of bubble gum,
'chewed it and started blowing.)

(Bubble Monkey)
'Kye uki kukyi (Now she's my type...)
'Ki kukkyo uke (I think I'll ask her for a date!)

'Maybe it was too easy...?
'My name's Brickroad, the dungeon developer.
'I've devoted my life to making dungeons.
'Well, by combining my skills and Dr. Andonuts intelligence,
'I can become "Dungeon Man,"
'the first combination of human and dungeon in history.
'Let's meet again once I have become dungeon man.
'...Would you like to get a good night's rest?

If "No":
'You don't want to rest?

If "Yes":
'Take care. Come back again.

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Mr. Brickroad, the dungeon maker referred you, right?
'And not only that... What? Who? My son? Oh... I... can't... I can't believe
'You're Jeff, my son. It's been maybe 10 years since I last saw you.
'I'm so glad you're such a healthy boy.
'Uh, those glasses look good on you.
'How about a donut?

If "No":
'Ah... fine, fine.

If "Yes":
'Well, I was only offering... I'd also like a donut right about now.

If either answer:
'Have you already checked out Stonehenge?

If either answer:
'Well, at least I asked...
'Mmmm... mmhmm okay.
'By the way, why are you here?
'Oh, I see.
'That girl named Paula must have sensed I was here.
'Okay, I'll try to help you out.
'I'm trying to make a Phase Distorter that can connect two points in space and
'It's still incomplete.
'I'll let you use another invention I call the Sky Runner.
'It's a little bit old but it'll certainly help.
'When you board, always listen for the message that comes from your
'You'll get there for sure if you listen to the message.
'The round machine over there is the Sky Runner.
'What do you think? Isn't it neat? Get in!'
'Let's get together again in 10 years or so.

(Dr. Andonuts)
'What happened? It's not moving!
'Hey! What don't you try pressing the button on the controller!

&                              6.0 Threed Part 2                              &


'Man, oh, man, did that ever scare me!...
'The Sky Runner... I guess it took a little damage while landing...
'Oh well...
'You don't have to explain a thing... I'm Jeff.
'I came because you called me.
'I'm not really strong, really near-sighted, kind of shy,
'and I tend to be a little reckless. This is just the way I am...
'I hope you want me to be your friend... okay?

If "No":
'...So why did you call me? Are you just making fun of me?

{Repeat until "Yes"}

'All right! Let's get back to the journey, then!
'Jeff joined you.

(Boogey Tent)

(Receiver Phone)
'Hello, this is Apple Kid.
'I just wanted to let you know that I finished a pretty unique invention.
'I'm not sure if it will help you or not...
'It's called "Zombie Paper," and it can be used to trap zombies.
'It works kind of like fly paper...
'All you need to do is place the paper on the floor of a tent or something...
'You've seen at least one tent around, right?....
'and then the zombies get stuck to the paper
'when they move around inside the tent.
'You can catch a lot of zombies this way... In fact,
'I bet you could get rid of all the zombies
'that are terrorizing the area with this paper!
'Anyway, I just asked teh Mach Pizza delivery man
'to deliver the Zombie Paper to you, Ness.
'You should get it pretty soon.
'I've never actually seen a zombie, but if there really are any,
'Zombie Paper would be very useful...
'I'll be calling you if I come up with anything else...
'*Click!* Beeeeep!

(Mach Pizza Delivery Man)
'While delivering pizza, this weird guy asked me to help him out...
'He wanted me to deliver this to someone named Ness
'...who is wandering around Threed.
'No one else knows about this, right?
'Let's just pretend that you're Ness, and I'll give this to you.
'Oh! Hello, Ness!
'Just go along with me on this one, okay.
'I made the decision that you're Ness, no matter what...
'(Ness got the Zombie Paper.)
'That's right, Ness... *wink, wink*
'I've done my duty and given you Apple Kid's thingamajig...
'Well, goodbye!...

(Mini Barf)
'Gyork! Gyork!
'Since you had "Fly Honey," I considered you a friend.
'But actually, you're just a commoner! I am the mortal enemy of your kind.

(Mini Barf)
'I wanted to get your Fly Honey and gulp it down.
'Master Belch and I love Fly Honey. Gyorg Gyorg!...

(Mr. Saturn)
'BaSE... SEcREt.
'BaSE BEHinD GRaPEfRUit fallS.
'PaSSwORD? i tEll.
'BElcH man say
'"Say PaSSwORD."
'tHEn StanD Still,
'wait fOR tHREE minUtES.

(Secret Base)
'Say the password!
'Okay... you may enter.

(Slimy Little Pile)
'Did you bring some "Fly Honey"?
'It's Master Belch's favorite.

If "Yes":
'Ok, you may pass through.
'Hey, be careful! Be sure you don't drop it!

If "No":
'Then, why are you here?!

'So you are Ness?
'...I see... Gyork! Gyork! Gyork!
'There's a prophecy that a boy will destroy Master Giygas.
'Heeg! Heeg! Heeg! You make me laugh so hard...
'If Master Giygas is scared of someone...
'he would have to be worse than the greatest evil...
'Garg! Ga! Garg! Ga! Ga! Ga!
'I'll take you down big time, so get ready for the worst fight of your life!
'Gha Gha Gha! Get ready to feel the pain of true nausea!
'Ghe Ghe! Come on, let's go!

'Looks like it was an even fight... Buurp!
'But, Master Giygas has managed to get the Mani Mani statue into Fourside.
'The city will soon be in worse condition than living in your own puke!
'Suffer, spanky! Gha, Gha, Gha, Gha, Gha!

(Trillionage Sprout)
'You finally got here.
'This is the third "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

(Milky Well)
'Ness thought he heard his mother from far away... she said
'"Be a thoughtful, strong boy..."
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Milky Well.

6.1 Coffee Break

    You've traveled very far from

    Do you remember how your long
    and winding journey began with
    someone pounding at your door?
    It was Pokey, the worst person in
    your neighborhood, who knocked
    on the door that fateful night.

    On your way, you have walked,
    thought and fought. Yet through
    all this, you have never lost your
    courage. You have grown steadily
    stronger, though you have
    experienced the pain of battle
    many times.

    You are no longer alone in your
    adventure, Paula who is
    steadfast, kand and even pretty,
    is always at your side.
    Jeff is with you as well.
    Though he is timid, he came from
    a distant land to help you.
    Ness, as you certainly
    know by now, you are not a
    regular young man... You have
    an awesome destiny to fulfill.

    The journey from this point will
    be long, and it will be more
    difficult than anything you have
    undergone to this point. Yet, I
    know you will be all right. When
    good battles evil, which side do
    you believe wins? Do you have
    faith that good is triumphant?

    One thing you must never lose is
    courage. If you believe in the
    goal you are striving for, you will
    be courageous. There are many
    difficult times ahead, but you
    must keep your sense of humor,
    work through the tough
    situations and enjoy yourself.

    When you have finished this cup
    of coffee, your adventure will
    begin again. NExt you must pass
    though a vast desert and
    proceed to the big city of


    I wish you luck...

&                         7.0 The Desert and Fourside                         &

'This hole's great! Good hole, good hole, good hole...
'First, someone asked me to dig for buried gold.
'I began to feel like I was obligated to find it.
'Man, am I starving.
'Do you have any food you can spare?

If "No":
'The humanitarian thing is to help people out when they're hungry.
'Although I hate it, Pizza would work for me...

If "Yes":
'Seems like you have a lot of stuff.
'What are you gonna give me?

If not edible:
'Come on! I can't eat this.

If edible:
'Thank you. If I find the gold, I'll give it to you.

(Topolla Manager)
'So, you're a Runaway Five fan, huh?
'Excuse me?
'No, no!
'This band owes me a million bucks.
'If they break their contract, they'll be in deep doodoo with the police.
'The police would probably say, "Hey, you guys!" or something like that...
'Unless you're able to pay a million dollars on their behalf?
'You'd have to find buried gold,
'or you would never be able to pay such a huge sum of money.
'Ho ho ho...
'Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

'When Ness arrives, the Runaway Five told me to let him in.
'So please come in.

'Have I got a bombshell for you tonight, kids!
'Ka-Boom!! The Runaway Five!!! Yeah!!
'3-- 2-- 1--GO!

'I'm one of the masters of this hole.
'There are five masters in all. We are all moles, of course.
'I believe I am the third strongest amongst us.
'Take your best shot!

'I'm really the third strongest master.
'I'll destroy you now!

'My strength falls between the second and fourth strongest masters.
'Do you wanna test me?

'I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole.
'I'll demonstrate the power of being third to you!

'Ha ha ha.
'You've fought the strongest master of this hole,
'the second strongest master of this hole,
'the fourth strongest master of this hole,
'and the weakest master of this hole!
'I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole.
'Now you see the true advantage of being third!

'You've gotten rid of the monster?!
'Good job.
'Ok, from here on, just let me dig... You'll see, I'll find the buried gold!
'Before I start digging I'm going to set a careful plan of action...

'Ness! Greetings!
'I'm George, Gerardo Montague's brother.
'Gerardo is in his mine,
'but he hasn't found any buried treasure yet.
'We did, however, find a diamond instead.
'Gerardo told me to give it to Ness.
'Here it is... please take it.
'(Ness got the Diamond.)
'Well, I've got to go...
'I'm busy working at the other mine... busy, busy, busy!

(Topolla Manager)
'That that that Diamond... you're going to pay with that Diamond?!
'O... o... okay, th... that's fine. I'll rip up this contract.
'Don't tell anyone about the Diamond...
'Now the Runaway Five are free!
'...You should thank me.
'That Diamond is worth maybe... MAYBE... $50.
'So I gave you a bargain.
'(Thump, thump... Thump, thump!
'I made lots of money...)

(Runaway Five Member 1)
'Sorry about bein' such troublemakers!

(Runaway Five Member 2)
'We won't be so gullible anymore... Well, our fans are waitin', baby...

(Runaway Five Member 3)
'Let's just do this one last show and then get outta here...

(Runaway Five Member 4)
'All right! Thanks again!

(Runaway Five Member 5)
'Money, that's what I want. Money, that's what is hot. Money, that's what I
'Money, it's what we ain't got 'cept freedom, freedom,
'freedom is what we've really sought!
'Money, that's what I want. Money, that's what is hot. Money, that's what I

(Store Loudspeaker)
'Your attention please,
'would the customer from Onett, Mr. Ness,
'please proceed to the office on the fourth floor.
'That was customer Ness, 4th floor office...

(Store Loudspeaker)
'Ness, Customer Ness, please hurry to Paula...

(Store Loudspeaker)
'Ness, Customer Ness...
'Gwaagh! Gwaargh!!

(Dept. Store Spook)
'Gwaaagh, Gwarrrgh!.
'You finally made it.
'This department store is gonna be your grave! Gwaaagh.
'You will be gone, and you'll be burning in...
'Well, you'll go to heaven!

(Dept. Store Spook)
'...Even thought you could beat me...
'Master Giygas will avenge me...
'At this moment, Paula should be...Monotoli...

'There's a loud noise outside.
'Must be the seventh inning stretch,
'and the fans are singing "Take me out to the ballgame" at the stadium.

'Don't cut in front of me!
'If you give me somethin', I'll let you have my spot.
'Will you give me somethin'?

If "No":
'Then stay right there where you're too short to see a thing!

If "Yes":
'So what do I get?
'Are you sure?

If "No":
'If you don't want to give me somethin',
'don't say you're gonna give me somethin'...
'So what do I get?

If "Yes":
'All right, take my place.

'*Wheeze, wheeze*...
'Aren't you Ness...?
'...I can't see too well...
'Everything's blurry... You are Ness, aren't you?
'It's me, we met in Twoson... Everdred from Burglin Park.
'You must remember. I'm the best thief around.
'That... Carpainter in Happy Happy Village was hiding something...
'*wheeze, wheeze*... strange.
'I stole it, and thought about selling it in the big city...
'An old, city-wise man called it Mani Mani.
'It's a strange-colored, doll-looking thing.
'...Ohh...*wheeze*, I'm in pain.
'Monotoli tricked me and stole it... from me!
'He tricked a thief!
'He wanted me out of the way because I knew his secret...
'He gets his evil power from that statue!
'I'll tell you only once.
'At the cafe, check... behind... the counter...
'I said I'd tell you only once...
'But if you insist, I'll tell you once more...
'...*gasp, gasp*
'Do do do you wanna hear it again?

If "Yes":
'I've told you twice already
'But if you insist, I'll say it again.
'D... D... do... you wanna hear it again?

If "Yes":
'I'm not that nice of a guy. Besides. I'm slipping away...

If either answer:
'...Before I go, here's my last haiku poem:
'When on your way out
'Be sure that you say goodbye
'then lock the door tight.
'This is my final request... Don't follow me.
'I must be on my way...
'So... long!

&                      8.0 Moonside and the Monkey Cave                       &

(Behind the Counter)

'And... good-bye!

'The Mani Mani Statue is up ahead, but I'm going to stop you right here.
'Don't even think about getting past me,
''cause you aren't with a guy
'whose eyebrows are connected and who also has a gold tooth.

(Connected Eyebrow Guy)
'Can you see me?

If "Yes":
'Ha ha. You can't?
'You're definitely not from around here.
'Hee hee. Get going now. Here's your hat, what's your hurry...

If "No":
'Ha ha. You can, huh?
'He he. You've become a real Moonsidian, haven't you?

'What the...? You're looking for some kind of door?
'Well, you're not gonna find one!
'So, get out of my face, loser...
'I have no patience when people interrupt me while I'm busy doing nothing.

(Connected Eyebow Guy)
'He he ha! It's me! You can see me, right?
'There's something interesting about you, so I'm going to follow you.
'Don't worry, though... Heh heh...
'If you get into a fight, I'll stay out of it...

(Connected Eyebow Guy)
'He he ha! It's me! You can see me, right?

(Connected Eyebrow Guy)
'Don't you wish you had a gold tooth like mine? Nyuk.

(Connected Eyebrow Guy)
'Heh heh.

(Connected Eyebrow Guy)
'Uh... Heh heh... Yo!
'Don't you think my eyebrows rock?
'Check'em out... they're connected!

'The Mani Mani Statue is up ahead, but I'm going to stop you right here.
'Huzzah! You really surprised me!
'You're the man whose eyebrows are connected and who has a gold tooth!
'How about we dump these kids and go get something to drink?!

'Don't do anything to me! I am... I am not Monotoli!

(Mani Mani)
'(It is a golden statue that you have seen before.)

'(The Mani Mani statue was actually a device that created illusions.
'The illusion device was destroyed.)

(Receiver Phone)
'Hello, this is Apple Kid.
'I've come up with another wacky invention that I think has real potential.
'Maybe you won't, but anyway...
'it's called the "Gourmet Yogurt Machine."
'It makes many different flavors of yogurt.
'The only problem is, right now,
'it can only make trout-flavored yogurt...
'So, I'm having the machine delivered to you via Escargo Express.
'It's coming "Neglected Class."
'Hopefully, you'll get it soon. Yeah, everything is...
'Uh, I'vegotsomeproblemsheregottago, bye!

'Kikye uke kya (I'm not a delivery man.)
'Keke ku iokki kokyo (I can't remember if we've met.)
'Ky ukki ukki ko (Talah Rama just finished fasting)
'Kyu ukyo uki (and now wants to meet you)
'Uko uke kauike (at the west end of Dusty Dunes desert)
'Kekoi kiko ukkeke (in a cave with lots of monkeys.)
'Kokyu uke ku akki (I'll use my teleportation to...)
'Kya (Bye!)

(Delivery Man)
'...Greetings! (It's Escargo Express's neglected class.)
'Whew! I just got here from the Dusty Dune desert.
'There was this sunbathing guy,
'and he told me about a cave with lots of monkeys... or was it orangutans?
'Anyway, he said... well... uh... I forgot.
'Yup, I forgot... actually I forgot the stuff I was supposed to deliver, too.
'I think it was some weird machine to make trout-flavored yogurt.
'Yeah, I forgot it at the desert...
'I'm not going back that way, so don't ask me to get the package...
'I mean, it's your package, right?
'So YOU go get it!
'Go on, get out of here.
'Maybe that thing I forgot is important to you...
'So... have a good time in the desert!...

'I heard you talking about trout-flavored yogurt.
'I'm a maid who serves Mr. Monotoli,
'and I'm looking for trout-flavored yogurt to give our special guest.
'If you know anything about it, please tell me!
'I've been searching and searching...

'Ukippkyako Ukikiki?
'(Do you have a Skip sandwich?)
'Ukii Ukieki...
'(I'll move away if you give me one.)
'(Can you give me one?)

If "No" or not a Skip Sandwich:
'Uki, Ukyakikya
'(I won't move.)

If "Yes":
'Ukippu Kyako!
'(A Skip sandwich!)

'Ukyakki KyaKye
'(I'd like to have a Protein drink.)
'Kya Kya?
'(Can you give me one?)

If "No" or not a Protein drink:
'KyaKya Kyokyokyo?
'('Cause I'm still a kid?)

If "Yes":
'Gulp, gulp... Bliekki!
'(Gulp, gulp... Bliekki!)

'Meow Meow fss fss fssss?
'(What strange chattering for a monkey.)
'Coo coo pepepe.
'(If I eat a Fresh Egg, I recover some health.)
'Croak croak breeeeeep?
'(If you have one, can I have one?)

If "No" or not a Fresh Egg:
'Bow wow ruff ruff bark!
'(Fine, I'll just be a weird monkey.)

If "Yes":
'Gulp, gulp... Ukiki!
'(Gulp, gulp... See!)

'Kiki kikkeki!
'(Oh, I wanna measure something!)
'Kiki kiku eki!
'(But I don't have a Ruler...)
'Kuki keikuki?
'(Do you have one I may borrow?)

If "No" or not a Ruler:
'Kiki Kikurek ki!
'(No measuring!)

If "Yes":
'Kikki ekruiki!
'(Finally, I can measure my own tail!)

'(One of my friends can use the teleport.)
'Kyu? Kyikki?
'(What? You've never heard of it?)
'Kyukyu Kyui
'(Then, I'll give you King banana.)
'Kyu Ukyukui?
'(That didn't make sense, did it? But, anyway, I'm attractive, don't you
'(Ness got the King banana.)

'If you have a Pizza, please give me one.
'...Ukiki Ukkike
'(...Woops, I spoke to you in the human's language.)
'Ukiki Ukkike
'(If you have a Pizza, please give me one.)

If "No" or not a Pizza:

If "Yes":
'Ukki Ukikii!
'(Great, pizza time!)

'Ukie Ukikikie
'(I am Man K. Man.)
'Ukie Ukikikie
'(To me the most interesting thing is the King banana.)
'Ukie Ukikikie
'(What? Are you giving me a present?)

If "No" or not a King banana:
'(Tight wad...)

If "Yes":
'(Oh, I've died and gone to monkey heaven!)

'Uikkie Uiki Uki
'(Let's get to the point. Give me a Hamburger.)

If "No" or not a Hamburger:
'Uiki Uikki
'(Ok, shove off then.)

If "Yes":
'Uikki Uiki Uiki Uiki
'(I'm very grateful to you.)

'Kikiki Kiki!
'(I wanna eat a Picnic lunch!)
'Kikiki Kiki
'(If you grant my wish, I might open the entrance.)
'Kikiki Kiki?
'(Will you give me a Picnic lunch?)

If "No" or not a Picnic lunch:
'Kikiki Kiki!
(I wanna eat a Picnic lunch!)

If "Yes":

'Uki Ukikie
'(Doesn't it feel hot in here? My fur's all sweaty!)
'Ukie Kikukie
'(Maybe you don't usually keep a Wet twoel, but)
'Ukke Ukiki Ukkikie?
'(if you have one, will you share it with me?)

If "No" or not a Wet towel:
'Ukie Ukie Ukikie
'(Anyway, it is humid in here.)

If "Yes":
'Ukokkie? Ukike?
'(Do you have one? Thank you!)

'Unkikie! Uukiuki!
'(I love hamburgers!)
'Ukie Unkikie...
'(The monkey next to me loves hamburgers too...)
'Uuu. Unkikkie Uki?
'(If you have a Hamburger, will you please give it to me?)

If "No" or not a Hamburger:

If "Yes":

'Unkikkie Uuki Uki!
'(I love hamburgers!)
'Ukie Unkikie...
'(The monkey next to me loves hamburgers too...)
'Uuu. Unkikkie Uki?
'(If you have a Hamburger, will you please give it to me?)

If "No" or not a Hamburger:

If "Yes":

'Ukkkin Uki Uki Ukkin
'(Oooooooo..., I'm Monkonna. I wanna eat a tasty Pizza.)
'Ukkyou kikinkyou
'(If you have some, will you give it to me?)

If "No" or not a Pizza:
'Uki Ukiekkiki!
'(You useless monkey hater!)

If "Yes":
'Ukkin Ukkikeen
'(Hah, Monkonna's happy.)

'Kyakyako Kyakie
'(Somewhere amongst all these rooms...)
'Ukkiki Kyako Kyakki
'(you should be able to obtain Dragonite.)
'Ukyakki Kikiyakoke?
'(Do you think Dragonite is really made from dragons?)
'KyokeKyoke Ukyokie
'(By the way, I'll give you a Fresh Egg.)
'Ukyakyokyo Kiekyo
'(If you run out, just come back and I'll give you as many eggs as you want.)

(Talah Rama)
'The truth of space and time moves through the universe like a wave...
'Truth speaks through space and matter and makes itself known to human beings.
'I was waiting for you, and you came. This was destined to happen.
'In truth, all is pre-determined...
'Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo,
'when these four powers gather,
'twisted space will bring back peace to the world.
'Do you understand?
'It doesn't matter. Proceed as you wish.
'Open the treasure box and take what is inside with you.
'...Did you come in search of this?
'Someone left it behind in this hole.
'(Ness got the Yogurt dispenser.)
'The adventure that lies ahead won't be easy.
'I'll give you a special skill to help you move through space as you wish.
'Learn the skill from the monkey over there...
'Would you like to learn this special power?

If "No":
'Ha ha ha. That's your prerogative.
'Be sure that you do not talk to the monkey, and go.

If "Yes":
'Ha ha ha. That's wonderful!
'Speak to the monkey over there.

'Kyakyekyai kya
'(I'll teach you teleportation.)
'(Let's go outside.)

'(Follow me, like this way.)

'Kyakya Kyokyo
'(Ok, I'll do a teacher's demonstration.)
'Kyakyakyak Kyakkya
'(If you learn this, you can go anywhere you've been previously.)
'Kyakkyaki kiki
'(You can go there instantly.)
'Kyakki Kyaki
'(This skill can't be used in a room or underground, though.)

'(I went to Fourside and returned.)
'(I showed you the basic, straight course,
'but you can also build up enough speed while turning, if you have enough
'(Ok! Why don't you try it, young man!)
'Ness learned how to use PSI Teleportatin.
'(Great! Okay, the teacher is going home now.)

&                             9.0 Fourside Part 2                             &

'I kept asking around for Trout-flavored yogurt, but...
'What? You have a "Yogurt dispenser"?
'May I have it?
'(Before you could answer, she took the "Yogurt dispenser.")
'Now I can make Trout-flavored yogurt for my guests.
'...You are so kind, I'll make some for you.
'My room's on the 48th floor. Don't forget to drop by!
'My room's on the 48th floor. Don't forget to drop by!

(Elevator Operator)
'This elevator is only for Master Pokey's use.
'It goes directly to the 47th floor.
'Quit staring at my hips... why don't you stand somewhere else instead of
behind me?

(Elevator Operator)
'Shhh! Quiet! Aren't you Ness?
'Mr. Monotoli's maid, Electra, told me about you.
'I'll take you to Mr. Monotoli's office on the 48th floor.
'Only you may go.

(Clumsy Robot)
'Ping! Clankety clankety...
'Rattle, rattle dwourrrrr!...
'Squeeeek, tweet tweet... CLANK!!

'All of a sudden, some guys rushed into the room!
'It was the Runaway Five!
'Lucky quickly ducked behind the robot!
'"I flipped the switch, and it stopped."
'"Ha ha ha hah... Geez, what a loser robot. It was so easy to stop!"
'"That was quick thinking!"

'Stop! That's enough! Please stop!
'I give up! I really do!

'You finally made it here!
'...I'm fine.
'I believed you'd come and save me.
'Mr. Monotoli isn't really a bad person.
'Take some time to listen to him.

'Look at my skinny arms, thin body, and gray hair...
'I've become so weak since I lost the Mani Mani Statue.
'I'm sorry I kidnapped Paula.
'I haven't done anything to her.
'...Paula is a nice girl.
'Return to Ness.
'I'm sorry I've created so much trouble for you.
'(Paula joins you.)
'I'll tell you everything.
'The Mani Mani Statue creates an illusion.
'It attracts evil spirits and weakens your heart.
'The power scared me so much, I hid the statue in the warehouse at Jackie's
'I often went there to pray.
'Cryptic words appeared to me while I was in the illusion.
'Ness, your name appeared in the cryptic messages.
'"Stop Ness, and do so by your own hand."
'"Don't let them go to Summers."
'"Make sure they know nothing of the Pyramid"...
'I don't fully understand the messages,
'but someone obviously doesn't want you to go to Summers.
'...Evil... Giygas... or something.... I could hear the name...
'Anyway, the evil side would be in trouble if you visit Summers...
'Oh! On the contrary, you should definitely go to Summers,
'especially because they don't want you to make it there.
'...Would you like to hear the whole story again?

{Repeat until "No"}

'Summers is located across the ocean. Take my helicopter.
'I'll open the door to my heliport.
'You must go on!
'This is your destiny.
'Paula, it's time we said goodbye.
'Take care.

'Ness, you pin-headed idiot, you're just a half-step too slow!
'I'm getting outta here!
'Since Monotoli has become a pain, old man again, I have no more use for him.
'This helicopter will really come in handy.
'Looks like you're the world-class loser again!

'Oooh... I was a little dizzy, but now I'm okay.
'...to get to Summers... we need to go back to Threed.
'Yep, somehow I know that's where we must go...

(Runaway Five Member)
'Wow! You guys did a lot while I was in the bathroom! Ha ha ha ha...
'You want to get to Threed as soon as possible?
'We can take you to Threed in our tour bus.
'I'll get the bus and wait for you just outside the building...

(Receiver Phone)
'Hello! How are you? This is Apple Kid.
'I think I'm a real genius... In fact, I know I'm a genius.
'Why? Well, I have discovered the primary enemy of you and of all humanity.
'We have to fight and defeat this being...
'To do so, we need to invent a machine called the "Phase Distorter."
'I've got to find the wandering scientist,
'Dr. Andonuts, and make the distorter. So, I may be gone for a while.
'Later... *click*

(Elevator Operator)
'Are you a friend of the Runaway Five?
'Would an autograph be asking for too much?

If either answer:
'I don't mean your autograph, silly.

(Elevator Operator)
'This elevator is going down.
'Look, don't stand behind me and stare at my hips!

(Receiver Phone)
'Hello! This is Orange Kid.
'Sorry I haven't called lately.
'I'm still working on the way to change boiled eggs into raw eggs.
'It's taking longer than I thought...
'I'm going to really work at it, though... talk to me later.

(Runaway Five Member)
'Okay! You can get on the bus now...

(Tour Bus)
'All right... on to Threed!

&                          10.0 The Trip to Summers                           &

(Runaway Five Member)
'All right. We're gone now.
'If you get lonely, imagine the Runaway Five singing somewhere far,
'far away...
'By the way, why did you need to come back here?
'You must have forgotten some very important item or gadget here...
'How's that for a guess? Am I close?
'Well, you don't have to tell me...
'See you later and good luck!
{Not an exact quote.}

'Ah! Here's the problem, and it's not too tough to fix.
'Hang on for a second or two...
'That should do it!
'Now, if we board, the Sky Runner will take us back to Winters.
'With Dr. Andonuts' help, I can modify the machine to fly to Summers.
'...If Dad, I mean Dr. Andonuts,
'is not available, I'll have to figure it out by myself.
'Anyway, let's go back to the lab in Winters.
'...That's it... Go, machine, go!

(Bubble Monkey's Wife)
'Kekye koo kikkro (Thanks for taking care of my husband the other day...)
'(Oh yes, we finally tied the knot...)
'Kooki kekye ki!
'(Honey, don't just stand there with your mouth open, say hello!)

(Bubble Monkey)
'Krikko kyakya (So...)
'Kekroo kyaki (You passed by a cave north of Stonehenge.
'Don't you ever wonder what's inside?)
'Kikkyo kukru ki (Can't seem to stop thinking about it!)
'Keke kike (Go and see what's there!)
'Kyoke kyakroo koo (We're going to get out of here.
'We're still newlyweds, you know... Bye-bye!)

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Oh! You surprised me!
'You're Ness, aren't you?
'Jeff wets his bed sometimes. But other than that, he's a good boy.
'Take care of yourself and Jeff!...
'The Bubble Monkey said there's a cave north of Stonehenge.
'I've known about it for a long time.
'The locals call the area "Rainy Circle," but I haven't been there.
'I wonder what's inside the cave... I uh, huh... I understand...
'While you're checking out that place, I'll work on remodeling the Sky Runner.
'Oh yes, yes. My co-worker, Big Foot, dislikes violence.
'He's such a nice guy, and he loves people.
'He often shares his beef jerky with me...

'You finally got here.
'This is the fourth "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

(Rainy Circle)
'Ness caught a whiff of (favorite food), but just for a second.
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Rainy Circle.

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Oh, Ness!
'Jeff wets his bed sometimes. But other than that, he's a good boy.
'Take care of yourself and Jeff!...
'...It looks like you found something out.
'I finished remodeling the Sky Runner.
'You can leave for Summers whenever you wish.
'It shouldn't break this time... Well, maybe...


(Dreadlocked Man)
'Do you know the Stoic Club, in Summers?
'You need to call a secret reservation if you want to get in.
'Yeah, I'll give you the secret number.
'I warn you though, it's a strange place...

(Receiver Phone)
'Hello, Jeff?
'Oh, happy day!
'I finally got a hold of you...
'Oh, Jeff!
'Hi, it's me--Tony.
'I'm collecting player's names for a school project.
'You know, players just like you!
'That's right, you--the one holding the controller.
'Would you register your name, please?
'Don't spell your name wrong!

'Thanks, game player!
'Thank you very much!
'Is this correct?

'I apologize for any trouble this may have caused you.
'Don't put my friend Jeff in any dangerous situations, okay?
'I worry about him.
'I really do...
'Well, talk to you later...
'I hope that I can see you again when you are feeling up to it...
'From T-O-N-Y...
'You got that?
'Well I've been on the phone too long...
'Gotta go...
'Good luck...
'Take care...
'So long...
'This time, I'm really gonna hang up.

'Do you want to ride my boat?

If either answer:
'I don't feel like sending a ship out.
'I'm worried about my wife...
'I'm not afraid of the Kraken!
'My wife's totally ignoring her Magic cake business.
'These days she spends her time hanging out in a strange club.
'We no longer have any mutual interests to discuss.
'Is our relationship over?

'Hello, this is the Stoic Club.
'Oh, Ness, sir! Would you like to make a reservation?
'We are looking forward to having you here. Thank you.
'Click! Beep-beep-beep...

'You know, I really want to eat some Magic cake.
'It's a mysterious work of art... I can't get that cake off my mind.
'There's only one woman who can make Magic cake...
'She's hanging out at this club.
'Yeah, she's over there at the entrance...
'Anyway, the absolute irony and study of self-identification is...
'Blah, blah, blah...
'I don't know what to do!

(Sailor's Wife)
'I've finally awakened the inner me, the true self.
'The patrons of this club are able to stare into their own soul hard
'enough to burn a hole in their psyche.
'I'm now comfortable enough to stare at the real me, the true self,
'and burn the impression into my super-ego.
'I want to be in this comfort zone at any time, all the time or at no time.
'My id is telling me...
'What? What? Magic cake?
'You came all this way just to eat my Magic cake?

If "No":
'Okay then, don't get in my way while I search for the little girl within me...

If "Yes":
'I see... okay...
'Why don't you stop by a little cart out on the beach later?

(Sailor's Wife)
'I don't know who told you.
'You came from far off just to eat my Magic cake?...
'I thought making cakes would be the best career for me.
'Dig in!
'I used all leftover materials. This is a very special Magic cake!

'(Ness had a dream, it was a very clear, and a very strange, dream.)

&                                 11.0 Dalaam                                 &

Dalaam, in the Far East

The palace of Poo

   The Crown Prince

'Prince Poo, the time has now come for you to undertake your final trial.
'Go to the "Place of Emptiness" and endure this final test.
'I am praying for your success in this final stage of your training.

(Old Man)
'You have nice eyes.
'...You must be Prince Poo.
'Long ago, I completed Mu Training.
'I want to show you a higher level of intelligence...
'However, I'm still realizing and learning this high level...
'I'll see you again. So long!

'Ah! Prince Poo...
'I am a messenger from your master...
'He sent me to tell you that you must stop your meditation immediately.
'Prince Poo!
'You must come back with me instead of staying in a place such as this.
'You Master wishes it... please rise, Prince...
'Your highness, you must give up this trial for now... believe what I say,
'it is the truth...

'Prince Poo...
'I am the spirit of your ancient lineage.
'To complete your trial, I am going to break your legs.
'You will lose the use of them.
'Do you accept this?

If "Yes":
'So, Prince Poo...
'you cannot walk, as your legs are broken.
'Next, I will tear your arms off...
'I shall then take your arms and feed them to the crows.
'The taking of your arms...
'Do you accept this?

If "Yes":
'Ah, Prince Poo...
'Without legs and arms, you can only lie there...
'Now, I'll cut your ears off.
'You do not mind my taking your hearing away, do you?
'Do you accept this?

If "Yes":
'(So, Prince Poo.
'No legs, no arms and no sound...
'By floating words through the air, I must ask you...
'Do you care if I take your eyes?
'Do you want to live in eternal darkness?
'I shall steal your sight...
'Do you accept this?)

If "Yes":
'(So, Prince Poo.
'Now, I can only communicate directly with your mind.
'Your mind is all you have left...
'In the end, I will take your mind,
'though you probably don't want to allow that, do you?
'So... you can't answer? You can't even move?
'Are you sad, are you lonely?
'If you lose your mind, you also lose any feelings of sadness...
'Do you accept this?
'I will take your mind, Prince Poo, know that I will possess it...)

'Prince Poo!
'You have now completed your training!
'The old Master must be so pleased!
'Hurry, now, and return to the palace.

'I am proud.
'You have completed your Mu training.
'There is nothing more to teach you from the holy writings.
'Prince Poo,
'I shall relay a message to you from Eternity.
'The evil entity that controls all wickedness is preparing for
'the greatest struggle of all time...
'The only ones who can challenge the entity are three boys and one girl.
'Once named Ness is the leader of the four.
'One of the boys is you, Prince Poo.
'Now that you've completed your training, search out Ness at once.
'For all beings, for the earth herself.
'I pray for growth in the might of the four.

&                             12.0 Summers Part 2                             &

'My name is Poo. I am the one who will fight beside you.
'I am the servant of Ness. I will obey Ness.
'Ness! My life is in your hands.
'Poo joined you.

(Mr. Fork)
'...mumble, mumble...
'Why would Mr. Spoon from the Fourside museum try to call me?
'I bet he just wants to brag about something...
'Well, let him try... I wonder what he wants to tell me?
'Bah! I dare him to try and upstage me...
'Oh! Pardon me... I was just talking to myself... *cough*

(Museum Curator)
'This room is being remodeled, so I can't show it to you...
'Oh, the samurai kid is here.
'Will he be giving me that gem?

If "Yes":
'You're such a good student.
'I'm impressed by your passion for learning. Come in.

If "No":
'Excuse me?
'So, what he just handed me is not a gem.
'Hah ha ha.
'I'm going to really enjoy the "cookie" that I just got.
'Let's pretend this conversation never took place...
'While I'm pretending, you go on in...

'(Poo read the Hieroglyphs!)
'"To fight against invaders, we built this pyramid fortress.
'However, our efforts were futile, and we lost.
'Nonetheless, our pyramid was protected by the gods of Scaraba.
'The invaders will be reborn every millenium and will attack again.
'Even now, the invaders hide beyond space and time and build their evil
'A place out of time is beyond the Dark, and is even farther beyond the Lost
'The Deep Darkness is shrouded, it is without light.
'Only one with the Hawk eye can pierce the dark.
'The Sphinx now watches over everything,
'waiting for the coming of a truly brave hero.
'   .
  4   3
   2 5
'Dance in front of the Sphinx!"

'Ness! Let's go to Scaraba. The pyramid is the key!

(Museum Curator)
'Wait one second.
'Here's a picture of the hieroglyphs just for you.
'It's a reward for studying so hard.
'(Ness got the Hieroglyph copy.)
'Use it in your Human Civilization class.
'Ha ha ha!

(Ringing Phone)
'Is this Mr. Fork of the Scaraba Cultural Museum?...
'It doesn't sound like you...
'Well, I'll quickly tell you my story, 'cause I'm busy, busy, busy!
'I found something so extraordinary that mere words could not do it justice.
'What do you mean "who am I"?
'Don't you recognize my voice?
'It's me, Mr. Spoon from the Fourside Museum of Natural History!
'Look Mr. Fork, I'm not exaggerating this find!
'I'm telling you...
'It's fantastic!...
'It's outrageous!...
'*Click* Beeeeep

(Mr. Spoon)
'Do you want to know about something "extraordinary"?
'...You know, there's a new singer named Venus at the Topolla Theater.
'Could you bring me her autograph on an eraser?
'Then, I'll show you something "extraordinary."
'...Oh, if you can get her autograph on anything, don't worry about the
'I don't care if the autograph is written on toilet paper...

'Oh, baby baby baaabyyy!
'Don't make me hurt so bad!
'These guys are all stone cold gone for you...
'Ow!! ...You cute, sexy thing, you!...
'Baby, sing to me!... Sing to me only!... Baby!! Venus!
'Just sing, and I can die a happy man!... Baby!!...
'I wanna hold you tight!... Venus!... Baby!...
'*Boo, hoo, hoo* ...Venus!... *sob* *sob*

'Ah, you're a friend of the Runaway Five...
'Did you come to see Miss Venus? Come inside quickly.
'Don't let the other fans see you enter.

'Oh, you want an autograph?
'Okay, I'll give you my autograph on this banana peel...
'Here you go.
'(Ness got the Signed banana.)
'Oh, and this is a bonus...

(Mr. Spoon)
'You got it!
'That banana peel has an authentic "Venus" autograph?
'Yup, there's no doubt about it!
'Now for my promise.
'I'll tell you about something "extraordinary."
'In the next room, there is a light shining from far, far below the manhole.
'There, I found a huge, monster rat!
'I'm not trying to pull your leg...
'I'll let you go there and check it out yourself.

(Plague Rat of Doom)
'You finally got here.
'This is the fifth "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

(Magnet Hill)
'Ness saw a baby's bottle, but just for an instant.
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of Magnet Hill.

(Rabbit Statues)
'Ness used the Carrot key.
'(How strange! The rabbits and carrots disappeared all at once!)

(Thunder and Storm)
'You finally got here.
'This is the sixth "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

(Pink Cloud)
'Ness has a short vision of seeing his mother when she was young.
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Pink Cloud.

'Thank you! You made my wife wake up.
'She quit talking about all that serious crap...
'Yeah! Let's work hard!
'If you're courageous, get on this boat.
'You'll probably see the Kraken and experience getting seasick!
'After all, it could only cost you your life, and you got that for free!
'Luck will determine the outcome of this voyage.
'So, do you want to sail the seas to Scaraba?
'Twenty bucks per person is fine with me.

If "No":
'I understand.
'Stay here and shiver in fear for your future!
'Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If "Yes":
'Ready! We're reckless, baby!
'Bon Voyage!

'WAAAAIT! Wait! Wait...
'I need to stop the boat.
'It's been a long time since I was out on the open sea, so I feel seasick...
'Oh, man, what am I going to do? A sailor who gets seasick?
'So how come you guys are all right?
'So... that bald guy over there...
'your buddy, right?... He came from Dalaam?
'You guys must be quite the adventurers!
'Hahaha! I'm feeling much better now!
'Anchors aweigh!

'H... h... here it coooomes!

'Oh, man!
'I thought you guys were just everyday little kids,
'but you defeated the Kraken!
'I also helped in the battle...
'I threw my slippers at the beast... Maybe you didn't notice.

&                             13.0 Scaraba Desert                             &

'Are you a thief, a warrior, or one who has come to see my majesty?
'You must decide what you really are. Therefore, what will you do?

'Warriors, enter now. Search for the Hawk eye.

'(Someone must have stepped on a switch!)
'(It sounds like something up above is moving.)

'(There is something on the platform.
'Do you want to get it?)

If "No":
'(Wasn't it the whole reason you came here?)

If "Yes":
'(Ness got the Hawk eye.)

(Old Man)
'Well done.
'You have made it!
'We finally meet, Prince Poo.
'The stars foretold that I would meet you here...
'So, now it's the time to show you the way of the Starstorm...
'For a while, you must live far away from your friends and live with me.
'Do you understand?
'...There's only one answer.
'I must stop you here even if you don't want to.
'Stay with me for a while, do you understand?!

'It is important that I study and learn the "Starstorm"...
'It will be most helpful to us.
'Once I learn it, I'll meet up with you, Ness.
'Trust me... I will see you again.

(Old Man)
'It depends on Poo's efforts. That will determine the reuniting of the group.
'Be faithful, and wait until the time comes!

'I'm not sure if it was the "Dungeon Man," but...
'there is a strange looking tower to the northwest.
'...This key I picked up a little while ago shall maybe open the tower.
'You may have it, I do not need it.
'(Ness got the Key to the tower.)

'Ness used the Key to the tower.
'(The key worked to open the door.
You may enter.)

(Brick Road)
'Long time, no see.
'Mr. Jeff, we met in Winters a long time ago.
'I'm Brick Road.
'Dr. Andonuts finally made me Dungeon Man.
'If you want, I'll come with you guys for a while.
'The "Return Hole" is over there.
'Jump in that hole and then walk out.

(Brick Road)
'Guargh! Oh no! I... am...
'getting caught in the palm trees! Mmm... I cannot move.
'Well, if I cannot move, it is okay.
'Ness, it makes me sad,
'but I must say goodbye here, at my eternal resting place.

'A scary place called Deep Darkness is on the other side of the river.
'The monsters are very strong and you can lose your health
'just by wandering in the swamp.
'Do you want to cross the river, even though you know it's a stupid idea?

If "No":
'It was stupid of me to ask.
'Let's watch the sunset over Deep Darkness together from here.

If "Yes":
'The swamp is bottomless.
'Even if you're swimming, you'll be dragged in.
'It is a different story if you have a submarine.

(Brick Road)
'A submarine?
'I believe... that I have on in my old vehicle collection.
'Please enter...

(Brick Road)
'There's an old submarine in the back of the dungeon.
'It can be used to cross the river.
'There's a "Goodbye Exit" ...over there.
'It will take you to the submarine.
'Don't make a mistake on which exit you take.
'You need to take the "Goodbye Exit!" Hope to see you again!

'(Jeff checked the broken submarine.)
'Yes! It can still work.

'(Ness and his friends carried out the submarine that Jeff fixed.)

&                      14.0 Deep Darkness and Stonehenge                      &

'You may have forgotten, but *Buuuuurp!*...
'I'm the return of Belch!
'I've fought you before.
'Don't you remember my ripe odor?
'Belch has trained more and has returned much stronger.
'Buuuurp! Belch has also changed his name to Puke!...
'Barf! vomit! barf, barf! chuck! chuck!
'Drown to death in puke!
'Don't you think that's an incredibly masculine taunt to throw at you?

'Suddenly, Poo swooped down from the sky!
'Poo used his new power, PSI Starstorm!

(Tenda Chief)
'...We're all shy.
'Rumor, I heard a book to fix shyness, there is.
'Don't know.
'Just a rumor.

(Receiver Phone)
'Hello, it's been a while since we talked... this is Apple Kid.
'We're having beautiful weather here...
'I'm now at Dr. Andonuts lab in Winters.
'The doctor doesn't seem to be around right now,
'but I'm just working on my Eraser Eraser Machine...
'!  !!!!!
'Hey! Oh no! What are you doing to me?
'Who are you ?!!!... *click*

(Receiver Phone)
'Ness, I haven't talked with you in ages! This is Orange Kid.
'We're finally coming near to the end of our research on...
'how to change a boiled egg back into a raw egg.
'By the way, Apple Kid is missing.
'He left here saying that he was going to see Dr. Andonuts in Winters,
'and he never came back.
'I was hopinh to borrow the book "Overcoming Shyness" from him,
'but suddenly, he disappeared...
'I haven't read the book, so I'm not very good at talking... sorry.
'I'm also working hard on my invention, so I hope you'll understand.
'Say hello to your friends for me!

(Bubble Monkey)
'(Yep, I have some cheeeewing gum!)

'I've been waiting for you.
'My master, Apple Kid completed this "Eraser Eraser Machine."
'While he was calling you, he was kidnapped. He felt like this...!!!!!
'I was there, but was helpless. Sorry about that.
'Anyway, take this machine.
'(Ness got the Eraser eraser.)

(Starman Deluxe)
'You're much stronger *whirr* than our intelligence indicated...
'We were not *beep* prepared for that eventuality...
'The prophecy from the *click* Apple of Enlightenment may be true...
'but you must not *whirr* underestimate us.

'When you defeated the Starman DX, the Stonehenge base ceased functioning.

(Apple Kid)
'I expected there to be about a seven percent chance that you'd rescue me.
'I just thought it was a good opportunity to meet Mr. Saturn.
'I also got to meet Dr. Andonuts... See you.
'You're looking for the book "Overcoming Shyness"?
'I returned it to the Onett library.
'Please use the book to help the shy Tenda tribe.
'...Anyway, because I knew you, I had an incredible experience... wow!
'I was kidnapped by some of Giygas' toadies.

'Oh, hi Ness.
'It's another nice day. What? You'd like the book "Overcoming Shyness"?
'I've read it. It's a great book. So you want to overcome shyness also?
'You should be able to find it on the bookcase.

'(You found the book "Overcoming Shyness"!)
'(Ness got the Shyness book.)

(Tenda Chief)
'Can fix shyness.
'I'll read to everyone.
'Just holding this book in my hands makes me feel like
'I'm overcoming my shyness already!
'I'll really take the time to read it to everyone!

'(The leader of the Tenda tribe read "Overcoming Shyness" to everyone.)

'Chat, Chat whisper, whisper
'I'd like to give you some "Tendakraut" in return.
'"Tendakraut" is a type of dish that all Tenda like.

'It stinks, but it tastes wonderful.
'Ness lends the leader of the Tenda tribe the book "Overcoming Shyness."
'(Ness got the Tendakraut.)

'Hey, you! I have a happy little question for you...
'are you sure this is the correct player's name?
'If it's not right, you can change it...
'Guy Incognito,
'Are you sure it's what you want?
'Are you happy with the name?

If "No":
'Here's your chance to change it...

If "Yes":
'Are you absolutely certain?

{Repeat until "Yes"}

'Yeah, I thought that you had made up your mind...

'Powerful... I...
'so... show... everyone...
'Huuuup! I got it! I got it! Eeeee yeah!!!

(Electro Specter)
'You finally got here.
'This is the seventh "Your Sanctuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

I'm Ness... It's been a long road getting here... Soon, I'll be... Soon, I'll
be... Soon, I'll be... What will happen to us? W...what's happening? My
thoughts are being written out on the wall... or are they?

(Lumine Hall)
'Ness saw a vision of his father holding him.'
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of Lumine Hall.

14.1 Tea Break

    Like a great tapestry, vertical and
    horizontal threads have met and
    become intertwined, creating a
    huge, beautiful image.

    You may have cursed this never-
    ending journey. You have known
    injury and defeat, but you have
    struggled on to reach this place.
    Your in-born intelligence and
    courage have helped bring you
    here. You have believed in your
    friends, and as a group, you have
    supported each other. Have you
    ever stopped to consider how
    much your power has grown?
    Now, you could fell enemies in
    Onett and Twoson with one
    blow. As you certainly know,
    you cannot turn back. Giygas,
    the arch field of the universe, is
    growing frightened of you and
    your power. He is searching for
    ways to end your journey.

    From here, the challenge grows
    and your adventure will take you
    beyond anything you ever
    imagined. You are drawing near
    to Giygas. Remember when you
    are suffering hardships, your
    enemy is also struggling.

    By the way, do you know where
    Pokey went? When this cup of
    tea is finished, your adventure will
    continue. Your destiny pulls you
    in the right direction. Believe in
    yourself and press forward.





    I wish you luck...

&                            15.0 Lost Underworld                             &

'You guys smell really good! *sniff, sniff, sniff*
'Who am I? I'm a Tenda!

'Hey! What are you doing inside our dinosaur cage?
'I'm going to open the door, and you get out of there right now!
'I'm the boss, so I will let you out.
'Thank you for the Tendakraut.
'(Ness's Tendakraut was stolen.)
'(The awful smell surrounding the group is now gone.)

'You finally came, Ness.
'Finally, you talk to me.
'Listen Ness.
'I'm going to tell you something very important.
'You may want to take notes.
'You're the chosen one.
'Your destiny is not only yours...
'It's the destiny of the whole universe.
'There will be a time in which all of you in the universe will overlap each
'It's not necessary to understand now.
'Do you remember "Giant Step" in Onett?
'That is one of "Your Sanctuary."
'It is a spot which gives you power
'and allows you to realize all your skills.
'There was a monster that protected it.
'The monster was influenced by a power of the place.
'You must have beaten those monsters.
'You must reach all of the eight power spots in the world...
'When the Sound Stone records the melodies of all eight power spots,
'you can finally see "Your World."
'I'll tell you all of the power spots.
'1. "Giant Step" in Onett.
'2. "Lilliput Steps" in Peaceful Rest Valley near Twoson.
'3. "Milky Well" in Grapefruit Falls in Saturn Valley.
'4. "Rainy Circle" found by Jeff in Winters.
'5. "Magnet Hill" at the edge of the city of Fourside.
'6. "Pink Cloud" which Poo knows.
'7. and... "Lumine Hole" where the shining lichen lives in the cave.
'8. A new place is now going to be opened up to you.
'"Fire Spring," located southwest of here.
'Listen to the melodies of all eight power spots.
'If you do not fail, you may upset Giygas' plans...
'Understand, Ness?
'The time will come.
'The time when the destiny of you and the whole universe will overlap...
'It is fast approaching.

(Carbon Dog)
'You finally got here.
'This is the eighth "Your Sancuary" location. But it's mine now.
'Take it from me, if you dare...

(Fire Spring)
'Ness had the feeling that he was being watched by himself as a baby.
'Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Fire Spring.

&                                16.0 Magicant                                &

'Ness... Hmmm...
'I think Ness is the right name for him.
'Ness... he smiled just from hearing his own name.
'Do you think he likes the name?
'Try putting that red cap on him.
'Ha ha ha! It's too big, but it looks good on him...
'I hope King won't be jealous of the baby.
'Let's celebrate with some (favorite food).
'The baby will grow up to be a hard worker just like you.
'I don't think he needs to be rich or famous.
'but I want him to be a thoughtful, strong boy.
'That's odd... the baby bottle that he pointed at seemed to move a little

(Ness's Nightmare)
'(I'm the evil part of your brain.
'You can't beat me.
'Because you are the one who forced me into being...)

'(Ness heard a familiar voice at the center of the Sea of Eden.)
'Giygas' goal is to destroy you.
'Listen carefully!
'Everything in the universe could be destroyed at the hands of Giygas.
'But he and his followers are also in trouble.
'The Apple of Enlightenment has foretold
'that Giygas' attempt will fail.
'It is because of the existence of a boy named Ness.
'...That's me!
'Free your mind and KNOW what you must do!
'Your destiny has already been decided.
'You... I... where should we go?
'You know feep within the reaches of your mind.
'...S ...Sat... ...Saturn
'Saturn Valley... yes...
'Go to the valley where the Mr. Saturn live.
'...You'll get something new there.
'Soon, Magicant will be no more. We must be quick!
'(Ness really heard his own voice.
'Go to Saturn Valley!
'Go to Saturn Valley now!)

'Ness was filled with the Power of Giant Step!
'Ness's Speed increased by 5!
'Ness's Vitality increased by 5!
'Ness was filled with the Power of the Lilliput Steps!
'Ness's Guts increased by 5!
'Ness's Luck increased by 5!
'Ness was filled with the Power of the Milky Well!
'Ness's Speed increased by 5!
'Ness's IQ increased by 5!
'Ness was filled with the Power of Magnet Hill!
'Ness's Vitality increased by 5!
'Ness's Luck increased by 5!
'Ness was filled with the Power of the Rainy Circle!
'Ness's Guts increased by 5!
'Ness's IQ increased by 5!
'Ness was filled with the Power of the Pink Cloud!
'Ness's Speed increased by 5!
'Ness's Guts increased by 5!
'Ness was filled with the Power of the Lumine Hole!
'Ness's Luck increased by 5!
'Ness's IQ increased by 5!
'Ness was filled with the Power of the Fire Spring!
'Ness's Speed increased by 5!
'Ness's Luck increased by 5!
'Instantly, Ness's mind cleared,
'and he realized that he had possessed great power!
'At that moment, Ness's psychic powers radically expanded!
'Ness gained 200,000 experience!

'Ness made all of the hidden powers his own.
'Ness absorbed the power of the land into his heart, and Magicant was no more.
'Now you can wake up. Your friends are waiting for you.
'It is time to get up.

&                          17.0 The Phase Distorter                           &

'The Sound Stone that Ness used to have is now gone.

'What happened, Ness? You've been unconscious for a long time...

'You kept saying something...

'...Saturn Valley? What's waiting for us there?
'Anyway, we need to teleport...

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Yahah! The Mr. Saturns are incredible folk.
'And Apple Kid... He is a most exceptional young man,
'very different from other kids.
'...Well, anyway... The prototype Phase Distorter has been stolen.
'Someone resembling a pig wearing clothes took Mr. Saturn captive
'and stole the device!

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Hmmm... it doesn't work. One thing is missing...
'But that one material cannot normally be found on the earth.
'The material I'm thinking of came from a meteorite
'that fell when I was much younger.
'Have you seen a meteorite anywhere recently?

If "No":
'Hmmm... so are we just going to wait for a meteorite
'to suddenly fall from the sky?
'Mmm... you haven't seen a meteorite... Hm... think for a minute...

{Repeat until "Yes"}

'Eureka! That's it!
'With even just a piece of the meteorite, I can synthesize the material
'...I doubt that your mortal enemy Giygas,
'or whatever, will allow you to go to Onett and get a piece of the meteorite.
'By now, Onett is in his evil hands.
'You must go, though, so take every possible precaution.
'The Mr. Saturns have introduced some of their new developments at their shop.
'Please check them out before you leave.
'...I wonder what Onett is like at this point in time?...

'There is something shiny that you can reach.
'Do you want to try and get it?

If "Yes":
'(Ness got the Meteorite piece.)

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Ah, yes! This is fantastic! What?
'Well, I've never actually seen this incredibly rare element before...
'It is very intriguing.
'All right, leave everything to us, and you get some rest.
'This is getting most fascinating!

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Finally, it's complete!
'The Phase Distorter, version two,
'is equipped with two new features.
'First, it can repair your biological functions.
'Second, it can save your progress.
'Don't be afraid, get right in!
'...There is just one thing, though...
'You might not be able to return. So, make sure you are optimally outfitted.
'Are you ready to go?

If "No":
'Even if you're not 100%, perfectly, completely ready...
'Well, you should be as prepared as possible. It would be for the best.
'Without careful preparation, you would be in big trouble.
'I just want to make sure you're ready.
'Let me know when your preparations are complete.

'Good. At last, the time has come.
'Are you ready?

If "Yes":
'Remember, the Phase Distorter, version 2,
'is equipped with two new features.
'First, it can repair your biological functions.
'Second, it can save your progress.
'Don't be afraid! Get right in!

(Old Man)
'Greetings! So, you are finally here!
'Excellent! You are truly excellent!
'There is only a little time left! I'll give you the last power.
'I must go now...
'(Poo became conscious of PSI Starstorm Omega!)

(Mr. Saturn)
'KiDnaPPED. i waS. BOinG!
'KiDnaPPER. BaD GUy.
'Bad GUy GOnE. zOOm!
'wHERE? tO tHE PaSt.
'DinG, DinG!

(Apple Kid)
'The Phase Distorter has been completed.
'We could finish it quickly because of Mr. Saturn's incredible scientific

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Giygas is attacking from our exact location,
'but he is attacking from many years in the past.

(Apple Kid)
'You must warp to the past and fight, but...

(Dr. Andonuts)
'This is very hard for me to tell you, but...

(Dr. Andonuts)
'In order to defeat Giygas, who is attacking from the past,
'you must warp to the past.
'This can be done by way of the "Phase Distorter 3."
'However, the machine cannot warp living things, I mean lifeforms.
'Life is demolished in the process of warping.'
'The only way to accomplish the time travel is
'to transfer your brain "program" into a robot,
'and send the robot to the past.
'...The transfer means that your spirit will go with the robot
'while your body is left behind...
'I cannot promise that your spirit will come back after the battle in the past.
'Yes, you must understand that the four of you are the chosen ones.
'Do you still wish to face Giygas by travelling to the past?

If "No":
'Yes, it's natural to feel as you go.
'The only thing left is the destruction of our planet...

If "Yes":
'...Hmmm ...you accept this while knowing
'that you may not be able to return to your current form,

If "Yes":
'...Yes... I see... You have really set your mind on this...
'Let me take a good look at you now...
'Ness, please give me that red cap...
'Ready... stand by...

(Dr. Andonuts)
'Ness! Paula! Poo!
'Jeff!... my son...
'There is no turning back now.
'Ness, activate the Phase Distorter 3 by your own hand,
'thereby following your own destiny...
'Will you do so?

If "No":
'...I see...
'Jeff! You do it!

If "No":
'Oh, you lost your nerve...
'Ness! It is up to you...

{Repeat until "Yes"}

'Only a few people know of your amazing courage,
'but the number of people you save through that bravery is immense.
'I feel very fortunate...
'to be present at the beginning of this monumental undertaking...

&                                 18.0 Giygas                                 &

'Ness! Are you surprised?
'It's me, Pokey.
'I assist only the strong and able!
'That's Pokey.
'You guys look pathetic!
'The Apple of Enlightenment has already made a prediction.
'...But I won't let what the Apple of Enlightenment predicted take place.
'You guys will be beaten by Giygas.
'Giygas will be stronger, a more powerful entity than any other!
''Cause of me.
'I was led by Giygas, and now I'm here.
'The Apple of Enlightenment couldn't predict this.
'Master Giygas. No, Giygas is no longer the wielder of Evil.
'He has become the embodiment of Evil itself...
'which he cannot control on his own.
'He is the Evil Power.

'I understand you guys are already claiming to be heroes.
'Well, it is a gazillion years too early for you to oppose Giygas!
'You must feel pretty stupid to keep fighting without even knowing
'what Giygas looks like!
'If you were to ever see Giygas, you'd be so petrified with fear,
'you'd never be able to run away!
'...That's how scary it is!
'So, do you want me to turn off the "Devil's Machine?"
'Well, prepare to be amazed!

'So, isn't this terrifying?
'I'm terrified, too.
'Giygas cannot think rationally any more,
'and he isn't even aware of what he is doing now.
'His own mind was destroyed by his incredible power.
'What an all-mighty idiot!
'Yep, that's what he is!
'Heh heh heh heh...



'Heh heh heh heh. You must really be at the end of your rope.
'In this bizarre dimension, you four are the only force fighting for justice...
'And here you stand,
'waiting to be burned up with all the rest of the garbage of this universe...
'Haaaaah! That's so sad. I can't help but shed a tear.
'You know, my heart is beating incredibly fast,
'...I must be experiencing absolute terror!
'Do you want to scream for help here in the dark?!
'Ha ha ha ha ha!
'Why not call your mommy, Ness!
'Say, "Mommy! Daddy! I'm so frightened! I think I'm gonna wet my pants!"
'I know you have telepahty, or something, so just try and call for help,
'you pathetically weak heroes of so-called justice!
'No one will help you now!
'Ha ha ha haah...
'Don't worry, your pitiful suffering with be over soon.

'"I'm h...a...p...p...y..."

'"...Please give us strength,
'If it is possible... Please..."
'"Somebody...... help us."

'(All of the Mr. Saturns felt a new, startling feeling
'they had never experienced before,
'and they all started praying for the safety of Ness and his friends.)

'Giygas' defenses became unstable.

'"It's not right... not... right...
'I feel g...o...o...d...."

'"...Please give us strength!
'Anyone who can hear our plea. Help us!"

'(Suddenly, one of the Runaway Five felt something stop him,
'and he prayed fervently for the safety of Ness and his friends.)

'"I feel g...o...o...d...
'I'm h...a...p...p...y...

'"...Please give us strength!
'Speed this prayer to all the people of earth!"

'(Paula's father thought he somehow heard his daughter's voice,
'and prayed sincerely for the safety of Paula and her friends.

'Ahh, Grr, Ohhh...
'I'm h...a...p...p...y...
'Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness...

'"...Please give us strength!
'Anyone who can hear our plea... Help us."

'(Suddenly, Tony felt anxious about Jeff,
'and he prayed strongly for the safety of Jeff and his friends.)

'"Arrgh! Yaagh!...
'It hurts, Ness...
'Arrgh! Yaagh!..."

'"...Please grant us power!
'Anyone who can hear our plea... Help us."

'(A young woman in Dalaam woke from a dream in which Prince Poo died,
'and she began to pray for the well-being of Poo and his friends.)

'"It's not right... not right... not right...
'Ahh, Grr, Ohhh...

'"...Please grant us strength!
'Anyone who can hear our plea... We ask for this."

'(Suddenly, Frank recalled Ness's shining young face,
'and began to pray diligently for the safety of Ness and his friends.)


'"...Please grant us power!
'Speed this prayer to all the people of the earth..."

'(Suddenly, Ness's mother felt terribly uneasy,
'and she began to pray for the safetly of her son and his friends.)

'Ahh, Grr, Ohhh...
'I feel g...o...o...d..."

'I can't think of anyone else...
'...Someone, anyone... Please help us."

'(Paula's call was absorbed by the darkness.)

'"Someone... can you hear me?!
'Please, give us strength!"

'Paula and her friends' calls touched the heart of (player).
'((player) prayed for the kids.)
'((player) kept praying.)
'((player) kept praying.)
'((player) kept praying.)

'Ness! Now, I... well... It's going to seem like I'm running away.
'But perhaps I'll just sneak away to another era to think about my next plan.
'It's a good bet that we will see each other again...
'All right! I'll be seeing you!
'So now which one of us do you think is the cool guy?!

'The war against Giygas is over...

&                               19.0 Aftermath                                &

'Our travels together end here.
'I must return to Dalaam, and use this experience for the good of my country.
'Ness, Paula, Jeff...
'Let me demonstrate a strange power before I go. I realized this power as a
'PSI Farewell! Now!
'I'll see you again someday!

'Paula, Ness...
'It was great to hang out with you guys. It really was.
'I'm glad that I had the chance to use some of the theories
'that I have been studying so hard.
'It's remarkable.
'Just maybe...
'Well, if you two get hitched someday,
'maybe I'll be the one that fixes your broken electronic appliances.
'I'm going to stay here for a while and see if I can learn more from Dr.
'I mean, from my dad.
'...So it looks like this is good bye for now, my friends.

'Ness, will you escort me home?

If "No":
'Well then, I'll escort you!

'Ness... Thank you for escorting me home.
'...There was something I wanted to tell you, but I've forgotten it.
'I'm sure I'll remember by the time I see you again.
'Well, I guess this is it...
'Uhhh... ...So long
'...See ya.

'Wow, you've become such a strong, young man.
'I'd like to hear all of your stories,
'but I don't want to annoy you as soon as you walk through the door.
'After all your chats with people you met on your adventure are finally over,
'please come back here.
'The photo-man brought an album by.
'I'd like to look at it with you...

'Did you finish doing everything that you wanted to?

If "No":
'You'd better do everything, because once you start looking at the album,
'you can't stop!

If "Yes":
'Okay! Now you can finally share your incredible experiences with me...
'You did so well!

'A letter arrived from my brother, Pokey... it is addressed to Ness.
'There's no stamp, and it's not time for the mailman to come...
'Anyway, I brought it over.
'It says, "come and get me, loser!
'Spankety, spankety, spankety."
'...I wonder where he is?

THE END... ?

&                           20.0 Mr. Saturn Quotes                            &

Although I am not including most non-essential text in the game script, I have
set aside a section for Mr. Saturn quotes, because well, he's Mr. Saturn. The
following is a list of every Mr. Saturn quotation in the game.

Happy Happy Village

'i nOt sURE. BOinG!
'in vallEy BEHinD tHREED.
'DinG! DinG!

'OH, Hi HO.

Saturn Valley Before Belch's Defeat

'wE fEEl GROOvE!
'Hi HO. mE mR. SatURn.
'tHis PlacE, all aRE mR. SatURn.

'DO yOU want SlUmBER?

If "No":

If "Yes":
'HEaltHfUl anD DanDy!

'i'm DR. SatuRn. ZOOm!
'anD i can REPaiR yOUR BODy.
'DO yOU want mE
'tO OPERatE On yOU? DinG?

If "Yes":
'yOU aaaaaaall fiXED UP.
'GOODy! BOinG!

'HEaltHy, HEaltHy.

If "No":
'aRE yOU kay-O?
'if yOU all RiGHt, tHat'S GReat.

'OncE UPOn a timE,
'wE wERE many, many.
'EvERyDay, SlOwly
'aRE lESS, lESS.
'wHy? Hmmmm... BOinG!

'wE lOOk likE samE!
'i GivE yOU SPEcial tHinG.
'nOt nOw, ZOOm!
'i GivE yOU On tHE way Back, BOinG!
'ByE latER!

'BaSE... SEcREt.
'BaSE BEHinD GRaPEfRUit fallS.
'PaSSwORD? i tEll.
'BElcH man say
'"Say PaSSwORD."
'tHEn StanD Still,
'wait fOR tHREE minUtES.

'SO BOinG! yOU HavE 380 DOllaRS,
'wE tRaDE "SEcREt HERB."
'SO BOinG!
'yOU HavE 1780 DOllaRS,
'wE tRaDE "HORn Of lifE."

'ScaRy, ScaRy GUy, BOinG!
'GRaPEfRUit fallS!
'ScaRy, Sick, BaRfy...
'GO anD... la la la!
'DinG! ScaRy!

'tHREED iS ZOmBiE fUll!
'i Saw! BaD Stink BEHinD fallS!

'lOtS Of fRiEnDS...
'takEn BEHinD fallS...
'wHy? wHy? BOinG!

Belch's Base


'aH! SOOOO... HOnESt!
'SmilE. BOinG!

'i EScaPED.

'yOU wORn DOwn?
'aHHH... BOinG!
'Stinky! PEEEE-yEUUU!

Saturn Valley After Belch's Defeat

'GO in HOt SPRinG.
'waSH BaRf Off yOU BODy!

'can GO tO HOt SPRinGS!

'DRink cOffEE BEfORE GO?
'Say yES tO mE?
'Say nO tO mE?

If "No":
'wHy yOU Say nO?

If "Yes":
'BOttOmS UP! BOinG!

'HOlE 'milky wEll.'
'wHat tHiS... DinG!

'i SO HaPPy, HaPPy, HaPPy...

'all HOmE! ZOOm!


'yOU wait tHREE minUtES!
'yOU cOmE HERE tO wait
'tHREE minUtES? nO?

'nO ScaRED.

'I HanD yOU cUP Of lifEnOODlES.
'I HanD yOU mR. SatURn cOin.
'i nO HanD yOU
'my StaG BEEtlE...
'OH! tEaSE yOU!
'i HavE nO SOmEtHinG.

'i tHink nEw tHinGS...
'DifficUlt tHinGs... fROm nOw...

'DEliciOUS. nESS!
'yOU GOOD namE.
'wE nO namE! BOinG!
'...all HavE samE namE!


'SOmEDay, SOmEtimE wE HElP yOU.

Stonehenge Base

'KiDnaPPED. HaPPy.
'I GivE yOU RiBBOn.

Saturn Valley After Magicant

'i DO wHat i Say...
'cROSS HEaRt...


'EUREKa! DinG!

'maKE nEw tHinG!
'mUSt maKE! DaDDy! BOinG!

'DanCE iS OvER...


'SwEEt fRESH fEEl.

Lost Underworld

'KiDnaPPED. i waS. BOinG!
'KiDnaPPER. BaD GUy.
'Bad GUy GOnE. zOOm!
'wHERE? tO tHE PaSt.
'DinG, DinG!

'wE HERE tOO. BoinG!

After Beating Giygas

'waS SCaRED.
'nOw Kay-O. i StROnG.

'HaPPy. BOinG.
'mORE HaPPy. DinG DinG.
'BiG BiG HaPPy. zOOOOOm!

'i wiSH fall in lOvE...


'BEll RinGS DinG, DinG. BOinG!

'Hi, yOU. {In Happy Happy Village}

Saturn Valley Store

'Hi Hi Hi. yOU cOmE BUyinG?
'yOU can SEll, tOO.
'i, mR. SatURn, BOinG
'can DO all fOR yOU.
'wHat DO yOU want ZOOm?

If "Buy":
wHat yOU BUyinG ZOOm?

'tHE (item)?
'wHicH yOU caRRy tHiS BURDEn?

If confirming:
'OH, yOU tHank.

If cancelling:
'if yOU nOt GOnna BUy,
'DOn't BUy ZOOm!


If "Yes":
'UHH, tHat OnE iS (price).
'wHat tHink yOU aBOUt
'tHat PRicE... ZOOm?

If "Sell":
'yOU want tO sEll mE tHinGS
'at mE BOinG?

'tHE (item)?
'tHE mOSt Us Pay tHat is (price).
'tHat kay-O On yOU?
'DinG! DinG!

If cancelling:

'iS tHERE anytHinG ZOOm

If "Yes":
'wHat nEXt, BOinG?

If "No," and no transaction:
'tHank yOU. BOinG!

If "No," after a transaction:
'OH, yOU tHank!

&                              21.0 Miscellany                                &

21.1 Legal Stuff

This FAQ is Copyright 2005 by me. Any publishing of this FAQ without my
explicit permission will be in a world of trouble, and I will find out if that
happens. Earthbound is the Copyright product of Nintendo. I am not in anyway
affiliated with the company or its employees.

21.2 Emailing Me

I'd love to hear any commentary or questions about the Script. I can be reached
at tasteless@gmail.com

If there is something missing or wrong with the Script, please feel free to
email me the correction and I'll try to fix it. The text for the last part of
the Giygas battle is a little off because the text goes off the screen as fast
as I could type it.

Do NOT ask me where to get a copy of the ROM. These emails will go straight 
into the trash.

21.3 Version History

1/10/05 - v1.0  First and complete version of the game script is submitted to
                GameFAQs, along with the complete list of Mr. Saturn quotes.

21.4 Special Thanks

Special Thanks goes out to Ape Studios/HAL Laboratory for making a great game
and providing the script which I have humbly ripped off.

Thanks also goes out to GameFAQs for being one of the greatest resources on
the internet.

Earthbound Game Script (c) 2005 John "TIDQ" Robertson

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