1. M. Hirose Executive Producer
  2. S. Okuhara Executive Producer
  3. M. Shinjo Executive Producer
  4. K. Gotou Graphic Designer
  5. T. Hosoma Graphic Designer
  6. H. Katsube Graphic Designer
  7. K. Kitahara Graphic Designer
  8. Y. Shintaku Graphic Designer
  9. H. Shintaku Graphic Designer
  10. K. Sueda Graphic Designer
  11. S. Watanabe Graphic Designer
  12. R. Gotoh Map Creator
  13. T. Kitagawa Map Creator
  14. M. Yamasaki Map Creator
  15. S. Michiura Producer
  16. H. Masuno Programmer
  17. A. Matsushita Programmer
  18. K. Muneyoshi Programmer
  19. S. Murakami Programmer
  20. H. Nakamoto Programmer
  21. E. Otsuka Programmer
  22. O. Tani Programmer
  23. F. Tono Programmer
  24. A. Yoshino Programmer
  25. M. Komatsu Sound Composer
  26. T. Sekido Sound Composer
  27. M. Takenaka Sound Composer
  28. A. Maeda Sound Performer
  29. H. Masuno Sound Performer
  30. E. Mawatari Sound Performer
  31. K. Gotou Story Maker
  32. S. Hirahara Story Maker
  33. Y. Oishi Story Maker


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blueberry Buttface, Guard Master, odino, oliist, and RFH.

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