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Translation Guide by Exdeath

Version: 0.2 |

Exdeath’s Dragon Quest 6 Script Translation
Version 0.2

Translated by Exdeath <db3f@uwrf.edu>
Original script by Enix of Japan for the Super Famicom

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:

This is the Dragon Quest 6 Script Translation. This copyright belongs 
to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This 
is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use 
this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where it is due. 


1) Version info
2) Things to know about this translation
3) Translation
4) Thanks

1) Version info

-Version 0.2
     *Translation completed through when you get Falshion
     *Made some revisions to the first version
     *A few gramatical errors fixed

-Version 0.1    
     *Translation completed up to Reidock castle
     *Things to know about this translation, Thanks sections
     *First DQ6 translation script on the net!

2) Things to know about this translation
There are several things in this translation that need to be noted 
before translating the game. 

-First of all, I’ll be translating the hero’s name as Eiyu (which means 
“hero” in Japanese ^_^). So, whenever you see “Eiyu” in this translation, 
just replace that with your character’s name. :)

-Translating from Japanese to English is sometimes very tedious. Some 
things aren’t meant to be read in English, and are often difficult to 
understand for someone that doesn’t know the base of the language. 
So, I’ve done the best I can to make the translation as clear as 
possible. So, sometimes I am putting some pretty rough translations 

-By making this guide, I am ultimately trying to make the conversion 
from Japanese to English as clear as possible, so I’m really trying to 
make this as close as possible to the actual game. 

-Frequently during the game, you’ll be asked questions. Whenever 
asked a question, the top option you receive is “yes” and the bottom 
option is “no”. I know most people would be able to catch on to this, 
but I don’t know how intelligent the people reading this will be. ^_^

-If you still have something to clarify about the validity of this 
translation, contact me at <exdeath@earthlink.net>. 

3) Translation
The game starts out where Eiyu, a big guy, and a girl are attacking
Maou Mudo, trying to restore peace to the world.

Girl: You back with me? Did you sleep well? (yes or no)
Girl: Oh, I see. The time has come. We should go when he gets 
Big man: Hey! I’ve seen the castle! We should be able to get in 
Big man: Are you ready too, Eiyu?
Girl: Yeah, we’re both ready. We’ll have to use the whistle to call 
  the dragon to take us.
Big man: Hey Eiyu! No sweat! we can pull through with this!
Girl: Well, I guess it’s time to go...
Girl: Hey, what’s wrong, Eiyu? You’re stalling. I’ll let you 
  come on your own.
Big man: Hey, you look kinda of gloomy. Don’t worry about 
Girl: We better be ready...I’m going to use the whistle now.

[The girl goes up to cliff and throws whistle in the air, then plays a 
tune, a dragon comes and picks the party up, putting them in 
Mudo’s castle]

Girl: Hey, it worked out. Let’s go, Eiyu.
Big man: Wow, that was cool. Guess it’s time to go, though.
[at the door to Mudo]
Big man: Hey Eiyu....it’s too quiet...it’s impossible we could have 
  made it this far without being attacked...do you think so too? 
  (yes or no)
Big man: Alright, it just seems very weird. Let’s go in, Eiyu!
[through the door]
Girl: What?! I can’t see or move!
Big man: Yeah! This mist, what’s happening?! 
Girl: Whoaaaa!
[party becomes levitated]
Mudo: You are fools...you shouldn’t have come here. Go now! 
  I will send you away!
[Mudo sends you twirling around, then blows up the girl, the big 
man, and then Eiyu]
Eiyu: Owww!
Tanya: Hey, what happened to you? I just found you...did you hit 
  your head? (yes or no)
Tanya: Oh, well make sure to get better. The elder is looking for 

[in Lifecod town]
Elder in item shop: Make sure to go to the bazaar when you have 
  a chance.
Merchant by pots: Mudo is trying to take control of the world... I 
  can see it happening. Eiyu, make sure to be careful.
Lady by well: Hey Eiyu. Are you excited about the festival? It only 
  comes around once a year.
Old lady by well: Eiyu, the elder is looking for you. Talk to him 
Boy at front: Welcome to Lifecod.
Kid that runs away: Hey!!
Cat: Meow.
Red shirt guy: Hey Eiyu. The elder needs to talk to you, so go to 
  the north to his home.
Green guy with hat: Hey Eiyu. The elder needs to talk with you.
Red guy on cliff: Aww...it’s a great view up here. You know, there’s 
  a great bazaar in Shiena, with lot’s of different items, so make sure 
  to check it out. It’s just south of the mountain pass.

Elder in factory: The bazaar should be exciting...
Man in factory: I have to close down for the festival. I hope 
  everyone here has a good time there. Make sure to enjoy 
Old lady in factory: Hey, don’t come up and scare me like that!
Lady in factory: Yes, work work...but I’ll soon be able to attend 
  the festival!

[Cow house]
Guy in cow house: Hey, there’s a bazaar going on. It’s in Shiena, 
  just a bit north of Reidock castle.
Cow: Moo.

[at bar]
Bartender: Hey Eiyu. The elder needs to talk to you about 
  something. Take some time off and have a drink.
Helmeted man: Hey, I need to go pick some stuff up at that bazaar.
Old man: Hey hey...the festival of the mountain spirits is about to 
  be celebrated!
Guy: Hey Eiyu. How’s it going? I’m just enjoying a smoke. Can’t 
  wait to take a break from work.

[Elder’s home]
Elder: Hey Eiyu. Thanks for coming. Did you know that the town’s 
  goods can be sold for some good money? (yes or no) Eiyu, In 
  exchange for the Mountain Spirit Crown, would you sell some 
  goods in the bazaar to the south of the mountain? (yes or no)
Elder (when yes): Thanks, Eiyu! Here’s the bag of local goods. 
  Use it as your sack to store any weapons or items you need.

[going down mountain]
Rand: What? Oh, Eiyu. <yawns> There’s monsters here...anyway, 
  did you know that Tanya is going to be the god messenger in the 
  festival? I’m certainly looking forward to it.

[Shiena Bazaar]

Merchant: I hear that the people at Reidock castle know some 
  information on Mudo. 

[Northeastern house]
Girl: Are you looking for my father? He’s not here right now, he 
  went to the western forest for wood, but he’s been gone for 3 
  days. I’m starting to get worried.

Girl in front of town: Welcome to Shiena. Currently, a bazaar is 
  going on. 
Boy in blue suspenders: Bazaars don’t happen very often, so make
  sure you get what you can now.
Elder at table: To the south is Reidock castle.
Girl across table: Reidock castle is known for it’s beautiful gardens 
  and cultural atmosphere. 
Man by Doga: With all these shops, my money is sure to go down 
  the drain fast! I better get the best deals, though.
(Doga is on the left side of the bazaar, Boga on the right)
Old man by Doga: I haven’t seen this big of a festival since I was a 
  little boy. Those were the days.
Guy outside of northeastern house: I haven’t seen the guy that lives 
  in this house for awhile.
Red guy near Boga: Doga and Boga are brothers, but they can 
  never seem to get along.

[at the hole to the west]
Man hanging off edge: Please help! I’m falling! (talk to him)
Man hanging off edge: Hey, my name is Bilte. Did you want to 
  talk to me about something? (yes or no)
Bilte: Hey, could you please help me up? (yes or no)
(Eiyu helps pull Bilte up, but then falls himself)
Bilte: Oh my...

*Note: No one in this town can see or hear you, but you can 
  listen in on some of their conversations.

Soldier: Yeah yeah...
Soldier: Hey! Who’s there? Hey lady, did anyone else come 
  in here? 
Innkeeper: No one that I noticed...
Soldier: Strange...

Priest in church: God? Is that you...? (yes or no) 
If yes: It is! It is God...why have you come to me now?
If no: ...Oh...I guess I have way too much hope for a priest.

[in a house]
Woman: Cook cook cook! Taking care of my son is sometimes 
Boy: I can’t wait to eat. Mommy makes the best food ever.

[Two children near well]
Shimi: Hey, want to know a secret about another well?
Casslor: What? What secret?
Shimi: There’s a well in a house to the north that you can see 
  dreams at, but no one’s ever come back from there...
Caslor: You’re just a dreamer, Shimi...
[in well]
Knight: What? Did someone come down here? I’m scared...

[Two men to the northwest]
Helmeted man: Hey...let’s go kidnap the daughter of that rich guy 
  that lives in the north house. 
Man in red: Oh? Why do you want to do that?!
Helmeted man: We can get a pretty big ransom for it...

[house to north]
Dog: Ra..ruff ruff!
Girl: There’s no one here, buddy. Get away from there. Let’s go 
  back to the table...

[house a bit north of the middle of town]
Man: Ahh...my smoke is relaxing. I just love coming home from 
  work to a home where my wife cooks for me while I relax.
Woman: I always have to do everything for him...but I love him, 
  so I don’t really mind.

Girl by inn: What? Who’s there? I can feel someone’s prescence, 
  but no one seems to be around...strange... 
Woman near item shop: Clean clean...that’s all the average woman 
  does these days around the house.
Man north of inn: Our town is so boring. Sometimes I wish I could 
  get away...
Weapon owner in northwest: What? Who’s there? Oh, I guess that 
  was just shopkeeper’s instincts. I want to find that magic mirror 
  that will show anyone’s true form...that would fetch a fancy profit.

[house to the northeast of Torukka]
Sign in front: Eiyu reads the sign. “Don’t enter! It’s dangerous!”
At the well: Eiyu examines the well. There is a strange light eminating 
  from the well. Enter anyway? (yes or no)

[Back in Shiena]

[Bilte’s house]
Bilte’s daughter: Oh! You’re the ones that saved my father...please 
  talk to him, he’s been worried sick about you.
Bilte: Oh man...what have I done...those people risked their lives 
  for me...
Bilte: Oh! Oh! It’s you! You saved my life...thank you! I knew I 
  needed to repay you somehow, so I’ve made a special crown for 
  you! Just hurry back to Lifecod. Alright, here it is!
[Eiyu receives the Crown!]
Bilte: Make sure to hurry back to Lifecod. The elder is waiting for 

[Lifcod revisited]
Elder: Hey Eiyu! Welcome back! I see you have the crown! 
  Thank you! [Eiyu gives the crown to the elder]
Elder: It must have taken you long to get it, you’ve been gone 
  for awhile. Did anything strange happen while you were gone? 
  (yes or no)
Elder: Oh...I see...well, I’m off to prepare for the ceremony.

The rest of the townspeople: Hey, Eiyu. Why don’t you go home 
  and get some rest?
Old man in bar: Hey Eiyu...I heard about the strange place you 
  said you were at. I heard that this world is affected by what 
  people do in that world. That world is called the World of 

[back at your house]
Old woman: Hi Eiyu. Welcome back. Tanya went off to prepare 
  for the ceremony with the elder. Would you like to get some 
  sleep until the ceremony? (yes or no)
Old woman (when yes): Rest well, then.

[at night]
Rand: Hey Eiyu. Are you ready? Follow me. 
Elder’s daughter: Hey, where is Tanya? Isn’t she supposed to 
  be here?
Guy: Tanya looks great!
Helmeted man: Wow, what a cutie!
[all of them follow into the church]
Priest: Please give me the crown. Our village shall be blessed from 
  that point on. 
[Tanya hands over the crown]
Priest: Thank you, mountain gods, for protecting the village for the 
  entire year. Maybe peace be upon Lifecod in the future.
Priest: This offering is to ensure peace in Lifecod for the next year. 
  Praise this village, gods of the mountain.
Tanya: There, my role is done...time to leave...
[walks over near Eiyu]
Tanya: Hey...
[time stops except for Eiyu and woman]
“Eiyu...you have a special destiny.”
“Darkness is about to engulf the entire world and your power is 
needed to fight it off...”
“Your strength could prove to be the beginning or the end for you”
“Your destiny is to be decided by you, but be sure of what I have
“Eiyu, prepare, and learn your true identity...”
[time is restored again]
Tanya: Hey...what happened to me? I felt very dizzy and warm.
Rand: Strange! The same thing happened to me, Tanya!
Old man: This could be an omen of our village...
Priest: Have peace everyone...enjoy the evening, for the gods 
  will shine upon us.
Tanya: Alright...that was just quite...strange...
Priest: Everyone, enjoy yourselves. Know that the gods shine upon 
[everyone exits]
Priest after incident: I am a bit concerned for Tanya...I have never 
  heard of anything like that happening before. Peace be with you, 
  Eiyu, and choose your destiny wisely.
[outside, everyone is dancing and having a good time]

[Elder’s house]
Elder: Greetings Eiyu. I heard from the old man that you visited the 
  Phantom world. Is this true? (yes or no) 
Elder: I see. You should really find out what is going on. You 
  should go to Reidock, far to the south. Here is the pass that will 
  allow you to entire the castle.
[Eiyu receives the pass to Reidock]
Elder: Make sure to find out what is happening. Your destiny 
  could depend on it.

[Outside, guy by tree]
(the guy is spying on Tanya and Rand)
[guy runs up to you]
Guy: Hey! Come watch this...I’m spying!
Rand: Hey, Tanya....would you marry me?
Tanya: I really don’t think I’m ready for that...
Rand: Tanya, is is just because you are 17 and I am 16? Do you 
  think we are too young?
[Tanya shakes her head]
Tanya: No...that’s not it. There’s just something incide of me that 
  tells me that I shouldn’t.
[more fireworks]
Rand: Why don’t you think about this for awhile?
Tanya: Yes...I will need the night to think about this...it’s such an 
  important decision.
Tanya: I’m going home...to think...
[Tanya leaves]
[more fireworks]
Rand: Tanya...I love you so much. What can I do to prove 
  that to you? 
[a shooting star flies through the air]
Guy that was spying: Wow...that was a handful. I wonder what 
  she will decide upon? 
[more fireworks]

[At your home]
Tanya: Hey Eiyu! I must do a lot of thinking about something... 
  Anyway, would you like to get some sleep? (yes or no)
Tanya (when yes): Sleep well, Eiyu.
“So the gods were praised during the festival...”
“And the future of Lifecod depends on the destiny of the one 
individual with a special power.”
“His destiny...”
[you wake up]
Tanya: Hey, did you sleep well? I was thinking all through the 
  night. I hope you got your rest.

[On mountain, on the way down]
Rand: Hey Eiyu. Last night I asked Tanya to marry me. She said 
  she would think about it. What can I do to assure her that I love 

[Reidock castle]
Soldier: This is Reidock castle. You need a pass to enter. Do you 
  have a pass? (yes or no)
Soldier: Let’s see here...yes, this is valid. You may now enter the 
  castle town area. Just don’t get into trouble.

[at well]
Lady: Hello, sir. I’ve dropped my ring down this well. Would you 
please go down and get it for me? (yes or no)
Lady (if yes): Really? You will? Thank you!
Lady (if no): You’re right...there’s probably monsters down 

[down in well]
Demon: What are you doing down here? Humans are so very 
  worthless. Die, human!
(mini-boss fight with Dark Hobbit)

Lady (if you give her ring back): What? Oh, my ring! You got 
  it back? Thank you very much. Here is something special for 
  you. This will make you much stronger. 
[Eiyu receives the Power Seed]
Lady: Make sure that you use it wisely.

Man in bed: Zzzzz....
Man at table: Hello young man. I’ve lived in Reidock all of my 
  life, and it seems thattension in the town seems to keep 

Old man: I think Mudo can be beat. If he was fought to a 
  standstill once, he’ll be fought to a standstill again. Reidock 
  has plenty of fine warriors that can do it!

[western house]
Man: The king is a strange man. It seems he can never see 
  anyone these days. He’s becoming too distant to the people 
  that live in his town...
Woman: Hey, you startled me! I was applying my make-up!

[northwestern house]
Old woman: The castle has really been shut off for ages. Even 
  some of the best people of the town can’t enter. Why? The 
  king is oblivious. Reidock could be in ruin by the end of that 
  king. Aw well...I can only hope the best for the town.
Woman in bed: Zzzz...

Lady in blue dress: Hey there visitor. Have you ever been to 
  Reidock before? (yes or no) 
Lady in blue dress: It’s very beautiful. This castle has been very 
  beautiful as long as anyone here can remember.
Boy to the southwest: I heard scary stories from my father that 
  Maou Mudo is trying to take over the world.
Soldier in middle: People talk of how hideous Maou Mudo is, 
  but he isn’t that powerful. The youthful king once fought him to 
  a standstill. The king was very strong in his youth. 
Dog in southeast: Ruff ruff!
Lady in red dress to east: The king of Reidock has not slept for 
  many years. That’s why he’s know as the “king who never 
Samurai in orange: Hey! How unusual. Your appearance reminds 
  me of the king. How strange...
Elder in upper left corner: Reidock castle has had peace from 
  Maou Mudo for awhile, but signs show that he is preparing to 
  take us over again. We must be ready.
Guy reading sign: How usual...Reidock will not permit anyone but 
  court members into the castle. Reidock has always been strict 
  about who can step on its grounds.
Woman in upper right: Oh Reidock...I wish I could step on your 
  grounds just once....just once...I wonder what the castle looks 
  like inside...Hey! Were you spying on me?!

[front gate of castle]
Soldier: These are the castle grounds.. Would you like to become 
  a soldier? (yes or no)
Soldier (when yes): Go look around town for awhile. When 
  prospective soldiers meet, a bell is rung.
(you can go back later to say yes and enter)

Big man: Oh...how I wish I could become a soldier...please give 
  me strength enough.
(he bumps into you on his way out)
Big man: Excuse me! 

[front gate of castle (again)]
Soldier: These are the castle grounds.. Would you like to become 
  a soldier? (yes or no)
Soldier (when yes): Alright. The meeting of the prospective soldiers 
  is about to take place. Enter quietly.

[at meeting]
Soldi: Greetings, men. I understand that you all want to become 
  soldiers for Reidock.
Soldi: However, such a task is not an easy undertaking. Great 
  skills are needed to become a soldier here.
Soldi: To the south lies a place called the Tower of Tests. 
Soldi: There is a special item within this tower that I am looking 
Soldi: A true soldier will be able to accomplish this task. 
Soldi: Make sure to use your skills to the best potential, and may 
  the best man find the trophy.
Soldi: Alright, be gone! Depart on your journey, and may valor 
  shine in each one of you!
(everyone leaves)
Soldi (if you talk to him): What? I already told you that the prize 
  is in the Tower of Tests. Go there to seek the item.
Soldiers guarding entrances: You aren’t permitted to pass!

[Tower of Tests]
Soldier in front: Behold the Tower of Tests! Reidock’s knights 
  in training are undertaking this tower to find an item.
Soldier standing in way: You must defeat me to go any farther. 
  You have no choice but to fight. Will you fight me? (yes or no)
Soldier (if yes): Alright then! Have at thee! (engages into fight)
Soldier (if no): It’s your choice, but you will have to fight sooner 
  or later.
Helmeted man near ledge: Hey there, look at that ledge behind 
  you. Right off of that ledge, I can see something great.
(Spare yourself cursing and don’t jump off of it. ^_^)
Samurai in orange: Heyyy! This puzzle is very strange. I can’t 
  figure it out at all.
Big man: There’s so many prospective soldiers here. My name 
  is Hassan. What’s yours?
Hassan: Nice to meet you, Eiyu. May the best of luck be with 
  you in this task.
Hassan: May the best soldier triumph. Let us part as friends. 
  I’ll be sure to see you later.
(Hassan goes farther into the Tower)
Soldier in front of 3 doors test: This is a test of valor. There 
  are three doors. You must pick the correct door to move on. 
  Picking the wrong door will lead to devastation. However, 
  the three doors test is not the final test in this Tower. 

Door #1: There’s nothing interesting behind me. The 
  third door is what you want.
Door #2: Don’t go any farther, young man! You’ll just 
  hurt yourself!
Door #3: You’ll believe me, won’t you? The only person 
  who tells the truth is at the far left.

[if you were deferred and took Door #3]
Man: Yes. I have the item you need. Here it is. Take this back 
  to Reidock castle to present it. Eiyu receives the Gold Ring!
(This is not the correct item. ^_^)
Man: Make sure to show this to Soldi.

(This is a unique puzzle, given what the three people say, you 
have to cancel out the liers and determine which door is correct. 
The correct door is number 1, though, for all you people who 
place no triumph in personal achievement. ^_^)

[at the top of the tower]
Man: This is the final test. You must have been very strong to 
  get this far already. Don’t be so confident yet, though, because 
  this is the toughest test of them all. You must defeat me in a fair 
  fight. A true soldier can do anything if they have faith. Are you 
  ready? Are you ready to fight me? (yes or no)
Man (if yes): Good. May the best of luck be with you! (engages 
  in battle)
Man (if no): I understand. Come back when you’re ready.

(By the way, in the battle, the man’s name is Nelson.)

[after the battle]
Yes! You really are the true soldier! You are the one that has 
  prevailed above the others! Go now and collect your prize.
(Nelson goes in a leads you to the treasure)
Nelson (if you talk to him): I had a feeling that you were the 
  real warrior.

[at treasure]
Eiyu opens the treasure chest! Eiyu finds the Unbroken Heart! 
Eiyu takes the Unbroken Heart.

[back at Reidock]
Soldi: You’re back! Eiyu, will you be the next soldier? 
Soldi: Eiyu, did you get the correct item? Let’s see...
Soldi: Yes, this is what I was looking for! You are the one that 
  is chosen to be soldier!
Soldi: Great job! From this day on, I hereby make you soldier 
  of Reidock. 
Soldi: Eiyu, all the privileges of being a soldier are now at your 
  disposal! Make use of your position!
(now free to go about the castle)

[soldier at king’s chamber]
Soldier: This is the king’s chamber. Are you permitted by the 
  king to enter? (yes or no)
Soldier (if yes): Alright, then step right ahead. Be at your best 
(steps to the side for a moment, then speaks again)
Soldier: Hey, wait a moment! The king isn’t speaking to anyone 
  right now! I’m sorry, you cannot enter.
Soldier (if no): Alright then, I’m sorry. The king is demanding 
  that he be left alone.

[in room with three soldiers]
Soldier 1: The king is never seen by anyone anymore, which is 
  kind of strange. But I must serve the kingdom!
Soldier 2: Reidock castle has been protected from Mudo for 
  quite some time now. Hopefully, we’ll never have to see his 
  ugly face again.
Soldier 3: So, you’re the new soldier. Great job, the average 
  person could never make it. Hopefully you’ll be a great asset 
  to this castle.

[castle courtyard]
Old man: The horse that used to be pulling my wagon has been 
  missing for a long time, and I don’t know where he is. 
Old man: Sometime I’d like to get another horse to pull the 
  wagon somehow. 
Old man: Young man, could you please find me a horse? (yes or 
Old man (if yes): Yes! Thanks for helping out, young man! I 
  heard there was a wild horse to the west!
Old man: (if no): Oh, I understand...

[as you leave Reidock castle]
Voice: Hey, wait up!
Hassan: Hello Eiyu. Congratulations on winning that test! I knew 
  you could do it.
Hassan: You’re trying to look for a horse, aren’t you?
Hassan: I don’t think you can do that all by yourself.
Hassan: How about letting me come along? I’d really like to 
  help you! (yes or no)
Hassan (if yes): Thanks! We must get going now. Let’s find that 
  horse, Eiyu!
Hassan has joined your party!

Hassan (if no): Oh. I really think you need my help, though. 
Hassan: I must help! Let’s get going now. 
Hassan: Let’s find that horse, Eiyu!
Hassan has joined your party!

*Note: Even if you tell Hassan “no”, he’ll still join you. What a 
persistent guy. :)

[at grove to the west]
Horse: Bah!
(the horse runs away)
[when talked to again]
Horse: Bah!
(the horse runs away again)
[when talked to again]
Horse: Bah!
(the horse runs away again)
[when talked to again]
Horse: Bah!
(the horse runs away yet again ^_^)
Hassan: This isn’t working. I’m trying to think of some way to get 
  the horse without it running away all the time.
Hassan: Hmmm...oh! I have a plan now. 
Hassan: I’ll approach the horse from the west, and you approach 
  it from the east. Then’s well grab it.
Hassan: Let’s go now!
(Hassan goes north so they can trap the horse)
(as you approach the horse again...)
Horse: Bah!
(runs off once again)
[as you talk to the horse once more]
Horse: Bah! 
(horse runs off, but is trapped by Hassan this time)
Hassan: Ah-ha! Now you can’t go anywhere, horsey!
(the horse runs into a dead end ^_^)
[when talking to Hassan]
Hassan: Let’s go get the horse, Eiyu. 
[when up near the horse]
Hassan: Hey horsey...
Hassan: Gah!
(both Hassan and the hero grab the horse)
Horse: Bahhh! 
Hassan: Finally caught ya!
Hassan: You were a tough one. You must be some special 
Horse: Bahhh! Bahhh!
Hassan: What? Hey Eiyu, that horse really likes you!
Hassan: Why does he like you so much, and not me?
Hassan: We should really give him a name.
Hassan: Oh...I know! I thought of a name!
Hassan: How about Falshion! Do you like that name, Eiyu? 
  (yes or no)
Hassan (if yes): Oh, that’s good.
Hassan: Let’s go now!
Falshion has joined your party!

Hassan (if no): I think it’s a good name. Let’s name it that.
Hassan: Let’s go now! 
Falshion has joined your party!

4) Thanks

-First and foremost, Enix, for making the best game in the Dragon 
Quest series have such a great impact on what a great RPG should 
be like.

-Nintendo, for not making a translation of this game for Super 
Nintendo, so I could make a translation FAQ for it. ^_^

-Ian Kelley, for writing such a superb FAQ on the game, and 
helping me with tons of questions about this game my first time 
through. If it wasn’t for him, this FAQ might not have been 
written. Make sure to visit his site at:

-Dark Force translations, for putting me to work on beginning to 
translate the game, and pressing me to get more work done.

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