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Walkthrough by BabyRyoga

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/26/97

Dragon Quest V Walkthrough                                    ver1.1

First version:12/96  Current:11/97
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Remember that this walkthrough was created with very little knowledge
of Japanese.  I can't explain the more advanced parts of the plot,and
probably won't be familiar with enemies or items until I play through
it once again.

Monsters that will join you

3=Easy to get.
2=Harder to get,still not too hard.
1=Almost impossible to get. Usually the best monsters. 

    1-Babii Pansaa(Baby Panther).
      Get him in the town of Alcapa.

3   2-Suraimu(Slime-Small blue monsters).
      These are found on the first continent.

3   3-Buraunii(Look like goblins with hammers).
      These are found on the first continent.

2   4-Bakudan Babii(Bomb Baby-Looks like a little spikey creature).
      Once again these are on the first continent.

2   5-Kusatta Shitai(Rotting Corpse-Looks like a zombie).
      Look around the center of the first continent,and Cave of Santa Rose.

2   6-Dorakii(Drakee-Looks like flying blue baby dragon).
      Around the western part of the first continent.

3   7-Surimu Naito(Slime Knight).
      Near the castle of rainhat.

2   8-Doragon Kizzu(Dragon Kizz-Looks like small dragon).
      Found on the first/second continent.

2   9-Dansuni Doru(Dancing Doll-Looks like a cactus man).
      Found at the north end of the first continent.

2   10-Ietei(Yeti-White bear, sticking out tounge).
       Found on the east side of the first continent.

2   11-Kukuruu(Kookooroo-Looks like a plump bird).
       Found near the Tower of God(south first continent).

2   12-Hoimi Suraimu(Hoimi Slime-floating blue squid).
       Summoned by certin monsters,and on the first continent.

2   13-Bekkuai(Beak Eye-looks like an owl/bear with 1 eye).
       Cave of Santa Rose or the first continent.

3   14-Mahou Tsukai<Magic User-Looks like a wizard>.
       By the port selumi town.

    15-Kiraa Pansaa(Killer Panther).
       In the cave of the Demons Nest.

2   16-Papeto Man(Puppet Man).
       Found by the town of Rulafen.

2   17-Kimera(Kimera-Mini dragon).
       Found by Sarabona and in the Death Volcano.

1   18-Bakdan Iwa(Bomb Rock-Looks like a blue bolder).
       Found in the Death Volcano.

2   19-Odoru Hou Seki(Dancing ? Sack?-A yellow bag with jewels).
       Found in the Death Volcano.

1   20-Behoma Suraimu(Behoma Slime-Red floating squid).
       Summoned by monsters, and found by the Metal King's Castle.

1   21-Kingu Suraimu(King Slime-Big blue crowned slime).
       These can be found on the Metal Kings island or by Telpador

2   22-Doragon Maddo(Dragon Mad-Is a dragon with horns).
       These are found by Ned's Inn, on the southeast continent.

2   23-Mini Deemon(Mini Demon-Small, red, has pitchfork).
       Found by Glanvania and Ned's Inn.

2   24-Messaara(Looks like a red demon with 2 horns).
       Found by Glanvania and Ned's Inn.

1   25-Hagure Metaru(Lone Metal-A silver bubbling puddle of slime).
       Found in to many places to mention,but first appears in the Cave to

3   26-Ooku Kingu(Ork King-Big blue ork with a spear).
       found by Glanvania and in the ordeal cave.

2   27-Aamu Raion(Arm Lion-4 arms/legs, looks like lion).
       Found by/in the Demon's Tower.

2   28-Neereusu(?-Looks like a red wizard w/ a shell on his head).
       Found in the southern oceans of the world.

3   29-Gooremu(Golem-Golden/yellow giant man).
       Found on the north east continent.

2   30-Erimineetaa(Eliminator-Fat guy with an axe).
       Found on the north east continent
2   31-Kentarausu(Kentaurous-Looks like a horse man).
       Found on the center continent, and by the Maze Forest.

2   32-Sorujyaa Buru(Soldier Blue-Looks like a blue goblin with a shield and
fancy sword).
       Found north of Santa Rose by the Emblem Cave.

1   33-Suraimu Behomazun(Slime Behomazun-Big green king slime).
       Found in the Tower of the Sky.

3   34-Ankuruhoon(Ankle Horn?-Fat half demon half bull, has 2 horns).
       Found by/in the Forest Maze.

1   35-Mega Zaru Rokku(Mega Zaru Rock-Looks like a red rock).
       Found by/in the Forest Maze.

2   36-Hooku Burizeedo(Hawk Blizard-Flying blue bird,breathing blue flames).
       Found north of Santa Rose and in the Emblem Cave.

2   37-Syupuringaa(?-Looks like a yellow well armored dragon man).
       Found on the island with the Tower of Bobble.

1   38-Gureito Doragon(Great Dragon-Looks like a golden dragon).
       Found in the Demon's World and the Evil Mountain.

1   39-Kiraa Mashin(Killer Machine-Looks like a blue robot with weapons).
       Found in the Demon's World.

1   40-Raioneku(Lion Neck?-Looks like a dragon/demon wizard with 2 wings).
       found in the demon's world and the Evil Mountain.

2   41-Gigantesu(Gigantas-Bluish/greenish cyclops w/ a club).
       Found in the Demon's World and the Evil Mountain.

1   42-Heru Batoraa(Hell Battler-Green/pink with horns.Looks like demon
       Found in the Evil Mountain.

  The Opening shows a baby boy being born. The game starts when this kid,the
is 6 years old, on a ship with his father Papas. They are looking for the
mom/Papas's wife.

  Head north(It's actually automatic)from the harbor of the ship, to find the
town called Santa Rose. You are introduced to Sancho and Bianca here, who
play a role in the plot through alot of the game.Right now,Bianca is in Santa
Rose to get medicine for her sick father. The person who was supposed to give
the medicine is trapped in the cave of Santa Rose, in the north west corner
the town.

Enemies in the Cave of Santa Rose:

ikkau(unicorn) usagi(rabbit)(B1F-B2F)

  Before you go futher than the first floor of this cave, fight some monsters
and get to about level 4 or 5.After the first floor, the monsters can get
When you see the medicine man trapped under a rock, push the rock away. Then
can leave and continue onto Bianca's home town, Alcapa.

  Papas will get sick when you reach this town, so he will sleep at the inn.
are some kids who will give you a baby panther if you can beat the monsters
the deserted castle called Lenule, in the west. Goto the inn and rest. When
comes, Bianca will wake you up and sneak out with you to the castle of

  Linule is in the west, so you must go south/west then north to reach it.
you explore, get to about level 8 or so, with the hero and Bianca.

Enemies in Linule:

Kubinaga Itchi(6F-3F)
Bubble Slime(6F-3F)
Skull Serpent(6F-B1F)
Night Wisp(6F-B1F)
Obake(ghost) Candle(2F-B1F)

  Follow the path up the side and go into the gate, which will slam shut
When you reach a room of complete darkness, press against the walls to find
the way
out. Be sure to search all the pots in the next room for hidden items. After
you have
done this, go back to the dark room and use what you have found previously in
pots. You will find another set of stairs going down.When you reach the end,
the wizard
there will trick you and you will fall in a trap door to a lower floor. Head
back up,
and this time you will have to fight this wizard.

Stats for the Boss Ghost

AP:36  DP:50  AG:20

  Fight with the hero, while Bianca uses magic/herbs to heal. If you are on
the right
level, this fight won't be too hard to win. The ghost's of Eric and Sofia
will give you
a Golden Orb in the area where the tomb stones are. Now you can head back to
The panther is now a member of your party, but Bianca will part for now. You
can choose
1 of 4 names for the panther:


  To pick names, say no when Bianca asks if you like the name.

  Papas will recover soon and you will head back to Santa Rose. Search the
town for
the faint image of a person,who should be siting on a counter in the bar-type
This is the fairy named Bella, who tells you that the head fairy Powan lost
flute, and Spring will not come until the flute is played. Goto the basement
of the
house you and Papas stay at, and you will sorta be beamed up to the faries

(Note:Notice the guy by the Chruch in Santa Rose now who asks if you want to
 Golden Orbs. This will come into the plot later. Trade with him!)

  First talk to everyone occuping the Fairies village, and Bowan. Before you
can goto
the shrine in the north and get the flute back, you need a theif's key, which
is in 
the cave to the south west, called the dwarf's cave. Before you goto this
cave, gain 
to about level 11 or higher.

Enemies in the Dwarf Cave:

Night Wisp(1F-B2F)
Mera Lizard(1F-B4F)
Lava King(B3F-B4F)

  This cave is pretty straight forward, and the monsters aren't too hard.Some
of the
Spinies might explode on you though, so be alert. Get the key at the bottom,
head back to the Fairies village to rest and save.

  With this key, you can open the door to the House of Ice in the north.
About level
13 would go pretty well here.

Enemies in the House of Ice:

Mahou(Magic) Tsukai(user)(1F-B1F)
Drakee Ma(1F-B1F)
Owl Mirage(1F-B1F)
Kabaara Naaga(1F-B1F)
  This is a very short dungeon, but watch out for the slippery ice.Once you
step on it,
you will keep going in that peticular direction until you hit something or
fall into
a hole, or for aprox. 3-4 steps. At the end, you will find zail guarding the

Stats for Zail:

AP:42  DP:40  AG:28

  This guy is easy, but he is not the real boss here. After you beat him, a
harder boss
appears. His stats are:

Yuki(snow) No Jyoau

AP:50  DP:45  AG:18

  The hero and panther should attack, but the hero should also heal with
magic or yakusou.
This boss is a little harder than the first, but still shouldn't pose a major
threat. Take
back the Fairy Flute and head back to the village of the Faries. Bowan will
play, and
spring will start as the hero heads back down to Santa Rose.

  At this time, Papas is invited to Rainhat castle, which is in the east. You
will auto-
matically travel through a shrine heading across the river to get there. One
of the
princes of this town is called Henry. He is a good hearted prince, but a
little on the
grouchy side. Papas was summoned to be a bodyguard for Henry, and the hero
makes friends
with him fast. When he disappears, search the area he was standing in. Some
will come and kidnap him, and leave with the boat on the side of the castle.
Papas will
go east to Relics alone. Gain to about level 14, and head to Relics with lots
of yakusou.

Enemies in Relics:

Hoimi Slime(1F)
Baby Newt(1F)
Doguu senshi(warrior)(1F)
Dark Eye(1F)
Slime Knight(1F)
Kapaara Naaga(1F)

  Make your way through the maze of Relics, and eventually you will find
Papas killing
some monsters. He will join you. With him in your party, you might wanna
fight for some
Exp, as you are almost invincible. Go in the north room and use the boat to
find Henry.
Papas will hold off the incomming monsters and tell you to leave with Henry.
At the
entrance/exit, you will run into the wizard Gema,Jami,and Gonzu.

Stats for Gema:

AP:???  DP:???  AG:???

  Basically, you can't win here. He will beat you, then Papas will come and
defeat his
2 henchmen once. Gema doesn't like this, and threatens to kill the hero if
Papas fights
back. The henchmen keep attacking Papas until he is defeated. Before he goes,
he tells
the hero that his mother is still out there somewhere, and he should go to
find her.
Gema burns Papas, and takes the hero's golden orb, and destroys it. Then he
you and Henry away.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10 Years Pass - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  You awake in a place called the Gland Temple, which is still under
contruction, where
you and Henry have been make slaves for the past 10 years. One day, one of
the slave
drivers is being mean to a girl called Maria, so you decide to fight him. You
win, beacuse you have no equipment that you previously had. For this, the
hero and Henry
are sent to prison. Maria's brother will come and say that you were gonna be
but he will help you and Henry escape with Maria. The 3 of you take a barrel,
to a place 
called Convent. Maria stays here, while the hero and Henry continue the next

  Go south to the town called Oracle Berry.This is a very big Bazzar
has many merchants and it's own Casino Hall.Come here at night and a man in
the north west corner will sell you a Wagon for 3000 gold.Also,here you can
meet the Monster Master Man.After talking to him,monsters can join your
There is a list of the monsters that might join at the begining of this

  For now,you might want to get a Slime or Slime Knight to join you.If you
find one,A Hoimi Slime would be great.

  You will hear that Santa Rose is in the north,and it was attacked and
by the army of Rainhat.Go back here and talk with the few remaining
head into the Cave of Santa Rose once again.This time you can use the boat
that is
outside to go where you couldn't go before.

Enemies for the Cave of Santa Rose:

Owl Mirage(1F-B2F)
Dogou Senshi(warrior)(1F-B2F)
Metal Slime(B2F-B4F)
Kusatta(rotting) shitai(corpse)(B2F-B4F)
Owl Bear(B2F-B4F)

  If you are below level 15 or 16,you might want to fight here.If you get
into A
fight with a Metal Slime,and kill it before it runs away,you will get over
1000 Exp.
At one point,you get to a lake you can't pass.Goto the floor above where the
changes when you walk on it,and walk on every area of it.The lake should be
now.When you get inside the next room,there is a note from Papas,and a weapon
you can't equip called the Celestial Sword.The note says that Papas is
dead now,beacuse you are reading this,and you should continue his quest to
his wife(Your mom)and the legendary hero that can equip the Celestial
Sword.It says
monsters will destroy the world if you don't find the legendary hero.

  If you go back to Alcapa,you find out Bianca has moved to another town with
family.Also,people are talking about the king of Rainhat's mom being a
head back over through the shrine in the east to Rainhat.Be about level 17
this trip,beacuse some of the monsters are much stronger than before.

  When you get to the castle,there is a guard blocking your way to the higher
not to far from the entrance.At night,you notice that the draw bridge is
up,and there
is what looks like a cave in the spot it was covering.When day breaks
again,take the
boat to this area,and enter the cave.

Enemies in Cave of Rainhat:

Slime Knight(B1-B2F)
Kusatta(rotting) Shitai(corpse)(B1-B2F)

  Another not to long dungeon to follow throught.You find the king of
Rainhat's mom
locked away in here.She says that a monster transformed into her,and Henry is

worried beacuse the king is his brother.Exit this cave,not going into the
castle yet.

  It is said there is an item,Raa no kagami(mirror) that will reveal the true
of monsters.This is in a tower south of oracle berry,the Tower of God.

Enemies in the Tower of God

Hoimi Slime(1F-4F)
Slime Knight(1F-2F)
Metal Slime(1F-4F)
Dragon Kizz(1F-2F)
Sanzoku Wolf(1F-2F)
Evil Plant(1F-4F)
Beak Eye(3F-4F)

  There is a sealed door blocking your progress,the Gate of the tower.No
items of
yours will open it.Go back to the Convent and talk to Maria.She will come
to the Tower of God,and pray at the door(s) so they will open.You can fall
levels in the tower,so watch your step.The Samayouyoruis can do alot of
you should have the hero,Henry,and a monster of your choice in the party at
time.The Samayouyoruis look like small knights with lances.Try to run if they
come in large groups.They also call Hoimi Slimes,so if you only have 2 in
party,this is one way you can try to get a Hoimi Slime.At the top,there is a
in the bridge that doesn't look like its crossable.If I remeber right,go 2
up,1 left,1 up,1 right,1 up.This might be wrong,but i'll try to fix it
that you have the mirror,go back to Rainhat.

  In the courtyard,there are Dragon Kizzs for you to beat.Beat them then
enter the
castle and make your way to the top.Go behind the kings throne room and to
the very 
top.You will see the imposter sitting in a chair/throne.Use the mirror,and
to fight the next boss.

Stats for boss:

AP:70  DP:90  AG:35

  This boss can attack,breathe fire in 2 strenghts,or summon help.If she
summons a
Bag,kill it imediately before it blocks all your spells.As long as the boss
breathe the full strenght fire too often,this one should be easier than the
last one.
Rainhat is now at piece,and Henry and Maria will leave the party and bid you

  Goto the port south of Santa Rose where the ship first landed when you were
with your
father,Papas.This ship will go south to the town,Port Selumi.If you goto the
place here,a scene with some bandits might occur.They are easy to beat,but im
sure if you havta do this or not.You hear that there is a village in the
south called
Cabochi Village,that is being terrorized by a Killer Panther.Goto the village
you will see this monster flee.There is a cave in the west where it went to.

Enemies in the Demon's Nest cave:

Mahou(magic) Tsukai(user)(B1F)
Metal Slime(B1F-B3F)
Beak Eye (B1F-3F)
Evil Plant(B1F)
Metal Rider(B1F)
Mystery Doll(B1F)
Big Sloth(B1F-B3F)
Baby Panther(B2F-B3F)
Death Spark(B2F-B3F)

  When you make your way to the bottom of this cave,be on about level 18 or
monsters are pretty strong.You must find the right holes to fall down to get
to the
room in the middle of the bottom floor.Here you fight the Killer Panther.But
Panther doesn't seem to want to kill you.Show him Bianca's ribbon which
should be
in your inventory,and he will recognize you.It's the same Baby Panther you
as A kid,and he is guarding Papas's sword.You can equip it,and the panther
join you.

  Tn the port town,you hear about a town in the west called Rulafen.Go west
this town,but some of the monsters on the way might be hard.Be careful.When 
you get to this town,explore and look for a sign in the north east corner.go
south from this sign and press against the  wall to find the entrance to a
tunnel that leads to the house with smoke comming out.An old man nammed 
Benette lives here,and he says if you get the Rulemoon Grass for him,he will
teach you the Rule spell,that takes you to any town you have visited in the
past.Hw shows you a map,with an X where the grass is.Go to this spot and it
should be glowing.Pick up the grass and return it for the Rule spell.When you
learn it,he won't let you move at all until you cast it.So cast it to goto a
town(Try visiting Rainhat again).

  To the south of Rulafen,is the Rumor Shrine.This is just a place to
and or save/heal yourself/party.The monsters around here get much
you should be at least level 19 or 20 before continuing.Goto the cave south
the Rumor Shrine,called the Tunnel to Sarabona.

Enemies in the Tunnel to Sarabona:

Beak Eye(B1F)
Death Spark(B1F)
Living Dead(B1F)

  This cave is the shortest yet.Just walk through with no trouble,be
monsters on the other side are pretty hard.Go west to the town of
the town with a seemingly useless tower next to it.Around this town,you can
2 decent monsters.The Behoma Slime,which is VERY hard to get to join,and the 
Kimera who has breath weapons for little or no MP.

  When you enter the town of Sarabona,there is a girl named Flora chasing a
Catch the dog for her,then she will thank you and introduce herself.She is
daughter of Rudman,who is looking for a husband for her,and has the Celestial
shield to match the sword you have.Goto Rudman's house,and he will tell you
to bring the Flame Ring,and the Hydro Ring if you want to marry Flora.But
is also someone named Andy there who really wants to marry Flora.

  The first ring you can get is the Flame Ring,which is in the Death
get there,go south around the moutains and north towards the steaming
Be about level 22 or higher,beacuse it starts to get really hard here.

Enemies in the Death Volcano:

Metal Slime(B1F)
Hoosu Devil(B1F-B3F)
Bakudan(bomb) Iwa(rock)(B1F-B3F)
Lance Army(B1F)
Mamono(monster) Tsukai(user)(B1F-B3F)
Mad Ruubaa(B1F-B3F)
Odoru Hou Seki(B1F-B3F)
Metal Hunter(B2F-B3F)
Honoo(flame) No Senshi(warrior)(B2F-B3F)

  This cave can be increadibly annoying.The Bokudan Iwas might blow up
on you which can either kill,or so heavy damage,or both.The Honoo Senshis
have a fire breath attack which does alot of damage.You should run from both.
Also,some red lava-like squares will do damage to you when you step on them.
Near the end,you see the ring,but when you go for it,you get attacked by not
1,not 2,but 3 bosses!

Stats for bosses:

HP:400 each
AP:90  DP:50  AG:21
Gold:250 each
Exp:350 each
  This is one of the harder bosses in the game.They can spit fire at 2 levels
strength,or attack.If they all spit the stronger fire,you are in deep
Take them out 1 by 1 istead of all 3 at once.When you win,get the fire ring
head back to Sarabona.

  Flora has gone to Andy's house to help remedy the burns he got in the
When you go back to Rudman,he tells you he will lend you his ship to find the
hydro ring in a cave in the north.On the way,there is a watergate that is
the ship's path.Go in the moutain village on your right,and into the house at
north end of the village.On the way there,you pass a girl looking at a tomb
When you enter the house,the girl comes in and you find out it is Bianca who
at her mother's tomb stone.She will open the gate for you,and join your
Continue north in the ship and into the waterfall,to arive at the Waterfall

Enemies in the Waterfall Cave:

Lance Army(B1F-B4F)
Mad Ruubaa(B1F-B4F)
Odoru hou saki(B1F-B4F)
Gas Dango(B1F-B9F)
Metal Slime(B4F-B7F)
Behoma Slime(B1F-B9F)
Mamono(monster) Tsukai(user)(B8F-B9F)

  This cave is a bit longer than alot of others you've been in,but there is
no boss
at the end.Remember that you can walk on the shallow water areas.This cave is
no problem
if you are around level 25.I would use the hero,Bianca,and panther.Get the
Hydro Ring
at the end.head back out and sail back to Sarabona.

  When you get back,Rudman says you can marry Flora,but Flora says that
Bianca is 
probably the one the hero loves.You get to think about who you want to marry
In the middle of the night,Bianca syas you should marry Flora.In the
(At this point I chose Bianca).Rudman tells you to goto the Mountain Village
to get
a silk Veil.The man in the cave area of the town will give this to you,so you
can go
back to Sarabona and get married.Both Bianca and Flora are pretty much
exactly the same,
but I think you are meant to marry Bianca and leave Flora to Andy.

  Right before the wedding,you see Maria and Henry get married there as
the wedding,Rudman gives you the celestial sheild,and allows you to use his
at Port Selumi.

  Go back to Oracle Berry at night,and to the man who sold you the wagon.He
will now
sell you a Map that you can use to view the world.

  Now you can goto Port Selumi and sail in the inner ocean with the ship.The
thing you might wanna do is sail directly south to the Metal King's
can trade Chiisana Metals(Items found in pots,chests,drawers,etc)for items
The king will keep all your metals,and give new prizes as you get
his castle,you can fight Behoma Slimes who might join,but they are very
to get.
  Go a bit to the west of the Metal Kings castle,and walk through the desert
you find the desert castle,Telpador.The queen here,named Aisis will give you
Celestial Helmet,and talk about your journy.She says that Papas was the king
a castle in the west called Glanvania.Take the boat to the south western 
continent and stop at the shrine called Ned's Inn to rest.The next cave is
of the longest in the game,so be on about level 28 to complete it.

Enemies in the Mountain Path to Chizot:

Mahou(magic) JiJii(Outside)
Dragon Mad(Outside,1F-2F)
Dark Kite(Outside,1F,2F)
Metal Hunter(1F-2F)
Dead Emperor(1F-2F)

  Make your way through the cave,and when you reach the end you will be in
a mountain village inbetween caves.Bianca will faint beacuse of the
continue onto the next cave.

Enemies in the Cave to Glanvania:

Honoo(flame) No Senshi(warrior)(11F-7F)
Dragon Mad(11F-7F)
Dead Emperor(11F-7F)
Dark Kite(11F-7F)
Mini Demon(11F-1F)
Hagure(lone) Metal(6F-1F)
Meiji Kimera(6F-1F)
Berogon Lord(3F-1F)

  You can gain some levels here,as Hagure Metals give over 10000 Exp
each!When you
decide to complete the gave,just head downwards,and remember where you have
so you don't get lost.When you leave,go north to Glanvania.

  The guards won't let you into the castle at the moment,so go around the
right side
of the castle,and you will meet Sancho in the little building,who is
surprized to see
you and Bianca.He will take you in the castle and to the king,Oziron,who was
brother.Bianca faints,and you find out she is pregnant.Oziron wants to make
king,but first you must goto The Ordeal Cave in the east.

Enemies in The Ordeal Cave:

Hagure Metal(B1F-B3F)
Jelly Man(B1F-B3F)
Norui No Mask(B1F-B3F)
Ork King(B1F-B3F)
Devil Dancer(B1F-B3F)
  The blue Ork Kings here can revive dead monsters,so take care of them
before any
other monsters you fight if you aren't gonna run away.There are some minor
here like the doors at the begining.Just walk through them in the right order
I have now forgoten.When you get to the gate with water,Stand in front of one
of the
bouldiers when you open the gate so the water wont push you back.In the final
search the walls for a bridge over the pit and get the item that awaits
of Kingdom.But some monsters try to steal it.

Stats for Kandata:

AP:95  DP:85  AG:30

Stats for Kandata's guards:

AP:130  DP:90  AG:65

  Kill these Losers and Go back to Glanvania,and you will become the new king
after you 
sit in the throne.Meanwhile,Bianca gives birth to a boy and a girl.At
night,the hero
goes up to check on Bianca,but she is missing.A lady is hiding under the bed
with the
kids and says she was Kidnaped by monsters like Papas's wife Martha was.

  Search the castle minister's room(The drawers)to find Winged Shoes that
take you to
a shrine in the north west when you use them.This is the northern church.Take
time to
rest here,then goto the tower in the north,the Demon's Tower.

Enemies in the Demon's Tower:

Hagure Metal(B1F)
Mini Demon(B1F)
Meiji Kimera(B1F-6F)
Berogon Lord(B1F-6F)
Norui No Mask(1F-6F)
Ork King(1F-6F)
Devil Dancer(1F-6F)
Shield Hippo(1F-10F)
Hawk Man(1F-10F)
Dark Kite(8F-10F)
Arm Lion(8F-10F)

  You should be on about level 30 for this tower,and well equiped beacuse the
are hard,and traps are present.If you goto the basement and talk to the
person there,you
will re-start there if you die in the tower.Also is a spring that will heal
Some of the pots in this tower are monsters,which are hard and cast strong
magic,and Arm
Lions will come out of the teleporters sometimes.There are some switches
you'll need
to hit to make your way all the way up,but it isn't too hard to figure
out.When you
get to boulders and a pit,push the boulders down to the lower level,and block
dragon head statues,or they will breathe fire at you when you step in
front.This does
MAJOR damage to your whole party so watch out.

  At the top,there is a Level 20 ork waiting for you in the throne.Just
hammer away at 
him  for a while,until he croaks,then continue on the path,to find a level 35
This fight might be a little harder,the Kimera can attack,heal,or breathe
fire.Still,not super hard.

Stats for LV 20 Ork:

AP:130  DP:121  AG:70

Stats fir LV 35 Kimera:

AP:110  DP:120  AG:99

  After these 2 annyoing fights,you can finally reach the castles head
recognize him as one of Gema's Henchmen who killed Papas,named Jami.

Stats for Jami:

AP:150  DP:511!  AG:65

  There appears to be a barrier around Jami.Let him kill you since you can't
much damage to him,then Bianca will yell for him to stop,and his barrier will
disappear.Now,all you havta do is use Skura/Skult spells to increase DP and
to increase AP,and this fight should be easy.

  As he is dying,He casts a spell and the hero and Bianca are turned into
statues.Explorers come up to the top of the tower,and take the 2 statues.The
hero is sold to one family on an isolated island in the middle of no
Bianca goes a diffrent way.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 8 Years Pass - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  The place the hero was taken to,is found eventually by Sancho and the son
daughter of the hero.They but the statue,and use the Stross Staff to cure the
stone status.The son will be able to equip Celestial equipment,therefore he
is the legendary hero Papas was looking for.Back in Glanvania,Oziron tells
to goto your mom's home town Elheaven on the north continent,and shows you a
with an X marking the spot.Advice:Use your kids!Especally with the Celestial
equipment and powerful magic.You might want to gain some levels before
on your quest.

  Outside,you will notice your ship is by Glanvania.Sail in the outer
sea,north and
around to the north east continent.There is a cave in the sea around

Enemies in the Sea Temple:

Blizard Man(1F)
Zombie Knight(1F)

  Just use your ship to navagate through this cave.Watch out for the Blizard
their breath attacks can do around 50-60 damageto the entire party at one
that the ship can only sale on shallow parts of the cave.Deep parts act as
you get to the far left and have a choice of going up or down,go
down.Remember this 
location though,the up area has a silver door that looks suspicious.

  Go out of the cave with the ship,and head south in the river.You will
notice you are
in an enclosed valley area.Enter the village of Elheaven.Here,the town's
will talk about you having the same mysterious eyes your mother Martha did.If
walk around the corners of the town,you can find a Magic Carpet and Magic

  Goto the center continent with the newly obtained Magic Carpet.The monsters
are still
getting harder and harder,so be on about level 32 or higher for this task.Go
in the
Sky Tower that awaits you.

Enemies in the Sky Tower:

Shadow Satan(1F)
Lizard Man(1F)
Sherii Man(1F-7F)
Slime Behomazun(1F-7F)
Soldier Blue(2F-7F)

  They say the top of this castle has the entrance to the great Sky
tower is in ruins and the Sky Castle fell into the sea by Elheaven.The
in here are pretty hard,yet there is no boss so this tower should be easier
the Demon's Tower.You might get lost a little though,but the maze isn't too
At the top,you will find a man,who tells you about the fallen castle,and you
get a Magma Staff.

  Fly back to the continent Elheaven is on.Look at the lake carefully and you
see the sunken castle.Go to the set of moutains at the south of this lake,and
the Magma Staff to open up a cave that is there.

Enemies for Tlokko Cave:

Zombie Knight(B1F-B2F)
Soldier Blue(B1F-B2F)
Satan Helm(B1F-B4F)
Great Mamuu(B1F-B4F)
Saurusu Lord(B3F-B4F)
Ryuu(dragon) Senshi(warrior)(B3F-B4F)

  There are Mining carts and tracks in this cave.Flip the necisary switches
and get in
the cart.You must find the way through the maze of carts and
meat someone named Pusan who is going in circles.Flip the switch then talk to
and he will come with you to the Sky Castle.

  When you get there,goto the throne room and Pusan will tell you there was a
staircase behind the throne.Search there to reveal it,and go down.There are 2
with Orbs.One Orb is there,the Silver Orb.But the Golden Orb is gone.Remeber
the Orb
the hero found in the Castle of Linule?This is the orb being talked about.You
go through a type of flashback sequence that shows the hero getting the
orb,and Gema
destroying it.Pusan then tells you about a Forest Maze somewhere in the
hides the village of the faries.

  Fly to the place called the Rumor Shine.If you forgot where it was,it's
south of
Rulafen.Fly over the rivers and towards the south in the area with lots of
You should see a suspicious looking spot in the midst of the forest.Land and
into it.

Monsters in the Forest Maze:

Metal Slime(Outside)
Mega Zaru Rock(Outside)
Ogre Head(Outside)
Ankle Horn(Outside)

  You better be about level 35 for this,beacuse some of the monsters are
As you walk in circles,your kids will see a fairy that you can't.Follow the
and the Fairy,and you will find yourself in the village of the Fairies once
Here you can buy really strong equipment that wasn't here last time.

  Talk to Powan,she will help you and give you the Fairy Horn,beacuse you
her in the past.Head to the Sky Tower,but keep going north to find a Foggy
Use the horn in front of the plant at the center of this lake,then the Faries
will appear.

  The queen will give you a Golden Orb,but says they can no longer give it
to the faries,and learn about your mom and Bianca.Then go upstrairs to the
room with
the paintings and make sure the hero has the Orb you just got in HIS
will be teleported to the past Santa Rose,and see the 6 year old hero
his Golden Orb for yours that has no power,then return to the Faries Castle.

  There is one thing you might wanna do before raising the Sky Castle.Goto
and talk to Rudman.Goto the Seal Shrine in the north,and search the pot
then go back to Sarabona and talk to Rudman again.Goto the Guard Tower that
had no purpouse.When you get to the top,you will see a giant demon comming at
You had better be at least level 36 or higher,beacuse this is one of the
bosses in the game.

Stats for Buoon

AP:220  DP:100  AG:90

  This guy is evil!He can breath high damaging fire attacks,attack,Raise his
or throw lightening.When the fight starts,imediatly use the spell that
damage from breath attacks.You must heal any damage you take,beacuse he can
over 100 at a time sometimes.

  When he is dead,take his treasure.And now,goto the emblem cave which is
north of
Santa Rose.You might wanna pick up some better quipment at Santa Rose.Like
the village
of the faries,Santa Rose has good stuff.

Enemies in the Emblem Cave:

Lizard Man(B1F-B3F)
Zombie Knight(B1F-B3F)
Satan Helm(B1F-B3F)
Moon Face(B1F-B3F)
Evil Master(B1F-B4F)
Red Eater(B1F-B4F)
Blue Eater(B1F-B4F)
Saurusu Lord(B1F-B4F)
Hagure Metal(B4F)
Mad Hand(B4F)
Soldier Blue(B4F)
Silver Demon(B4F)

  This is my least favorite cave in the game.The monsters here can kill you
in a matter of
rounds,and the encounter rate is like one battle every 5 steps on the bottom
floor.When you 
get to the bottom floor,you must cover up the 4 squares with tiles.Then you
can get the
treasure and leave,thank god.

  Now the time has come.Use Rule and go back to the Sky Castle and Pusan.Put
the Gold 
Orb in place and the castle will take off.Drive it to the south western most
the tall Tower of Bobble is.

  Before you leave the castle,search all the dressers,pots,and drawers to
find an item
called the Magic Rope.You will need this imediatly.Exit the castle and go
into the
Tower of Bobble.

Enemies in the Tower of Bobble:

Ryuu(dragon) Senshi(warrior)(6F-4F)
Dragon Zombie(6F-4F)
Hawk Blizard(6F-4F)
Golden Golem(6F-B3F)
Tsurupaa Devil(3F-1F)
Ogre Head(3F-1F)
Black Dragon(3F-B3F)
Mega Zaru Rock(B1F-B3F)
Ankle Horn(B1F-B3F)
Metal Dragon(B1F-B3F)

  This is a real long tower,and it would be good to be between levels 38 and
42 before
you try to take it on.The front door is shut tight,so climb up the stairs and
use the
Magic Rope on the hook at the top.When you get the the ground level floor,you
pull a switch and open the front foor that was closed before,so now you can
from there if you want to leave.Go to the basement levels and you will see a 
monster guarding a box.

Stats for Gonzu:

AP:200  DP:190  AG:80

  This is Gonzu,the other monster who killed Papas with Jami and Gema.He is
you can beat him down with no major damage.Take all,and get one of the
Eye Gems.Now look around a bit more,and you will find another boss,Gema

Stats for Gema:

AP:205  DP:250  AG:90

  This guy is about as hard as Buoon.Use magic to reduce breath attack
and strike away with 1 or 2 members,and have 1 heal.The hero can either heal
or attack.The most annoying of his breath attacks will attempt to paralize
your party.If you have the Dragoram spell,use it,and it will do about 70
a turn.If you can get one good attack for about the same or more in each
you can beat him in about 15 or 16 rounds.Take the other Dragon's Eye gem,and
Find the hook on one of the upper levels of the tower.Use the Magic Rope on
this hook to land on the dragons head.Place them gems in the eyes and a
bridge to his mouth will appear.Go inside the mouth for the Dragon Staff
weapon(This is one of the best),and the Dragon Orb.
  Go back into the Sky Castle and hand the orb over to Pusan,who will
into the Master Dragon,right before the Sky Castle's people get suspicious
of him being a stranger to the castle.He will give you the Celestial Bell,
which will summon him.

  Make sure you are well equiped,and on at least level 42 or 43 for this 
part.Summon Pusan with the Celestial Bell,and head to the center continent.
Fly to the shrine on top of the high moutain.This is a now complete Gland
Shrine(the place where you are Henry were Slaves).Before you get in,you
get the Celestial Armor,and have to fight the guards.After the guards,you
will find alot of people inside,praying.If you goto the altar,you will
see the stoned Bianca Statue.The lady there says she is your mother,Martha.
She tells you that Papas was bad,and You should pray to god,Mildrars.But
this isn't your real mom,it's a monster!

Stats for Ramada:

AP:230  DP:180  AG:55

  This boss isn't really meant to beat you,but she can be annyoing.Just
stay high on the defense,and heal.Once you win,You all will be cursed.
Heal this fast.Then the people of the Gland Temple tell you there are some
hidden stairs.Search the area around where the lady was.

Enemies in the Gland Temple

Black Dragon(B1F-B3F)
Metal Dragon(B1F-B3F)
Akuma(demon) Shinkan(B1F-B3F)
Evil Sprites(B1F-B3F)
Dark Shaman(B1F-B3F)

  This place isn't too big,so you probibly won't get lost.You might get into
alot of fights though.You will find a letter when you are going down,from
brother,that says he will be dead soon.When you get to the end,there will be
a boss guarding the Life Ring.

Stats for Ibuuru

AP:18  DP:180  AG:83

  Compared to Buoon and Gema,this guy isn't majorly hard.Still,don't let your

guard down.Cast the spell to reduce breath attack damage,and attack.Use
When you win,get the Life Ring.Martha's voice will come from it and tell you
that she is holding off the monsters in the dark world,and that you shouldn't
go there to see her,beacuse they are powerful.

  Back at Glanvania,the hero wants to goto the Dark World and help his mom.
Take Your son,daughter,wife,a Slime Behomazun or Behoma Slime,a Golem,The
Panther,and a monster with a powerful breath attack,like a Kimera,or leave
the spot open to get a Great Dragon enrolled.

  Goto Elheaven,and into the Sea Shrine.Take the North path against the west
wall,and open the silver door.There are 3 Statues here.When you walk up to
them,it will say "The goddess's Finger is shining".Try puting each of the
3 rings(Fire,Water,Life)on one of the statues,and one will work.Then find
which ring goes on the other 2 statues.Then the portal to the Dark World
will be opened.

  When you get there,Martha tells you that you shouldn't have come,but you
are like your father.She gives you the WiseMan's Stone,or Sages Stone.The
town on your journey is comming up,the town of Jahanna,built by Martha.Stock
up on suplies and equipment,and head up to the Evil Moutain in the north.

Enemies in the Evil Moutain and Dark World:

Hawk Blizard
Golden Golem
Metal Dragon
Evil Sprites
Great Dragon
Killer Machine
Gamegon Lord
Hagure Metal
Lion Neck
Metal King
Moon Face
White King
Flare Dragon
Metal Slime
Jelly Man
Akuma(demon) shinkan
Evil Master
Dark Shaman
Mega Zaru Rock
Hell battler

  Be about level 45 or 46 before you attempt to attack Mildrars.The Metal
Kings are
worth over 30,000 Exp,so that might be a good way to gain
will meet up with Martha in this cave,and defeat some monsters attacking
her.She will
Start to pray to the gods of Elheaven,and lightening will hit her.She tells
gods to help her sun.Use the items you find in the rooms here in the small
with a pool of lava to continue.There is a room with moving squares.When you
step on the switch,the square will move.You havta put these squares together
you can walk into the door at the north end of the room.Remeber,you can walk
onto an emtpy square,but if you fall into a hole,you havta make your way back

  Finally,you get treasure,including the strongest weapon for the Panther.You
fight 2 green demons called Hell Battlers.

Stats for Hell Battlers:

AP:205  DP:192  AG:124

  After you kill these 2,go on ahead into the final room.Mildrars wants to
you and your family and attacks.

Stats for Mildrars:

AP:??  AP:??  AG:??

  This can be very annoying.As useual,use spells to reduce Ice Breath
that you have the Sage's Stone,which can heal everyone in the party for about
100 HP
when you use it,and you can use it many times.When ever Mildrars summons a
kill it,beacuse if 2 of them get out,they will take turns reviving each other

  After this fight,Mildrars powers up and gets ready to fight again.

Stats for Mildrars:

AP:315  DP:230  AG:75

  This is the final battle.Increase DP and defense against Breath attacks,or
you will be
fried in no time.If he lowers DP,increase it again.If he breaths,use the
Sages Stone or
a Powerful healing spell.Behomazun is very useful if you can spare enough to
use it
alot.Thats where the Behomazun Slime comes in.Keep the attacks on the way,and
you have all 7 members to fight with.Also remember to switch the hero right
before he dies.
That way,if he is the last one left alive,you can cast Mega Zaru.

  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bonus Dungeon - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - 
  After you beat the game,use Rule to goto Evil Mountain,and walk stright
down into
the swamp to goto the super hard bonus dungeon. 

  This section will be added later. For now,all I can give is the stats for
boss, Estark. This guy can kick Mildrars ass, and still have enough strength
to kill 
Buoon and Gema.

  Watch out for real deadly monsters here, and don't be fooled by the second
area that
looks like a maze. Just go right past the treasure chests till you see

  Damnit, someone stole my directions through the first maze...oh well,i
think they are
Left,Up,Up/left/Up/right/down/right/stairs. These are probably wrong as i
remember them right now.

Stats of Estark:

AP:420  DP:150  AG:85

Good luck,!

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