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FAQ/Walkthrough by LDrelick

Dragonquest V - A basic info sheet by Luke Drelick, Danny Seminara, and Cie Siyavash Sharp


1. Thanks
	[a] Who wrote this?
	[b] Who offered insight?

2. Dragonquest Basic Info
	[a] What IS Dragonquest?
	[b] Who makes Dragonquest?
	[c] How many DQ titles are there?
	[d] Explain this "series" thing!
	[e] What systems are these games for?

3. Dragonquest 5 Basic Info
	[a] What's the basic plotline?
	[b] What's the opening story?
	[c] Who are some characters in it?
	[d] What's different between this and other Dragonquest games?
	[e] Where the hell did you get your copy?
	[f] What methods of travel are there?
	[g] What spells do you get to use?
	[h] What Monsters can join you?
	[i] How about items?
	[j] And the special items?
	[k] Gimme info on the Data Screen!        
	[l] Gimme info on the Status Screen!
	[m] Gimme the commands you use at Church!
	[n] Gimme the info on the bank commands!
	[o] Gimme the Fight commands!
	[p] Gimme the second set of Fight commands!        
	[q] Explain each of the AI modes!

4. Generation 1
	[a] Man in the cave
	[b] An uninhabited castle
	[c] Fairlyland/Dressmaker's Village
	[d] Reinhart
	[e] Escape into the cave (SPOILER!)
	[f] Taken to the Mines

5. Generation 2
	[g] New beginnings
	[h] Santorez Revisited
	[i] Arukapa
	[j] Reinhart
	[k] Search the world!
	[l] Port Selmi and the New continent
	[m] Village to the south, Kabochi
	[n] Town west of Port Selmi
	[o] Sarabona
	[p] Exploring the Vast Ocean
	[q] Telpador, Desert Castle in the South
	[r] Granbania

6. Generation 3
	[s] Northeast Continent
	[t] Valley Town
	[u] Sarabona Revisited
	[v] North Cave
	[w] Tower In the Center
	[x] Underwater Palace
	[y] Southwest Tower
	[z] Dorei
	[final] Demon World


a. This whole walkthrough was written completely by Luke Drelick, for
Dustin's Dragonquest Page (http://w3.ime.net/~eca/dragon.htm). With this,
I hope to give information for those unfortunate enough to play this game.

b. I'd like to give thanks to a number of friends right now, who all made
this info file possible.

Dustin Hubbard - Giving me the will to write this file, along with creating
and maintaining one of my favorite sites, Dustin's Dragonquest Page!

Ian Kelley - Gave me A TON of info on Dragonquest V and other Japanese RPG's! 
Provided the AI list. Also wrote the Dragonquest V brief story! And, gave me a free copy 
of Star Ocean!

Danny Seminara - Good friend on IRC, who helped me out with the names of
some places. Also fixed up this document, and made the "Monsters that
join you" section. Helped out a lot on spell names.

Ben Krause - For being the god of MegaZeux, and a loyal Dragonquest otaku.

Cie Siyavash Sharp - Helped out a TON on the Walkthrough part! 


a. Dragonquest is THE premier RPG series. It started way back in 1985 Japan, 
by Enix Corporation for the MSX personal computer and the Nintendo's Famicom.
It spawned a number of sequels and remixes, as well as gave birth to an 
entirely new genre - the "Role Playing Game". Lots of Role Playing Games 
(RPG's) soon followed, including my favorite, the Final Fantasy series. 
The world of Dragonquest was soon no longer confined to the cartridge, as 
it also manifested in the form of toys, stationary, and of course, anime. 
There was a short anime series based upon the series, which was called 
"Dragon Warrior". It aired in the United States in late 1980's/early 1990's, 
and thirteen episodes were aired.

b. Dragonquest is developed by Enix Corporation. It's produced by Yuji
Horii. Music is composed by Koichi Sugiyama. Artwork and original drawings
are done by Akira Toriyama, who is famous for the anime series "Dragon
Ball Z".

c. There are a total of 6 Dragonquests available, 4 US versions (entitled
"Dragon Warrior" for some reason), and 2 Remixes. There's going to be
a 7th Dragonquest, for the Playstation, premier RPG system of the next
generation. Here's a list-

Dragonquest - Released 1986 for the Famicom
Dragonquest II - Released 1987 for the Famicom
Dragonquest III - Released 1988 for the Famicom
Dragonquest IV - Released 1991 for the Famicom
Dragonquest V - Released 1992 for the Super Famicom
Dragonquest VI - Released 1995 for the Super Famicom
Dragonquest I+II Remix - Released 1993 for the Super Famicom
Dragonquest III Remix - Released 1996 for the Super Famicom (Won best RPG for 1996)
Dragon Warrior - Released 1989 for the NES
Dragon Warrior II - Released 1990 for the NES
Dragon Warrior III - Released 1991 for the NES
Dragon Warrior IV - Released 1992 for the NES

This info file only covers Dragonquest V. More info about the others can
be found once again at Dustin's DQ Page. (See above for URL)

d. In Japan, the Dragonquests are divided up into trilogies. The first is
known as "Roto Densetsu" (Legend of Roto), and tells the tale of Roto and
his descendants combatting the force of evil. The second is known as "Tenku"
(Means "Heaven" in j), and introduces some features like AI, the
Wagon, improved storylines. Dragonquest VII will start an entirely new
series up.

e. Dragonquest was exclusive to the Nintendo platforms (Famicom, Super
Famicom), but Yuji Horii decided that he needed the raw power only the
Sony Playstation could provide to make DQ7. I still think that he decided
to work on the Playstation only to provide some competition to FF7 :)


a. The basic story (generously posted by Ian Kelley on a newsgroup, I
REALLY hope he doesn't mind me using this :) ) is this-

	The hero (you name him) is the son of a king and queen of the country of
Granbania. His mother died in childbirth, and shortly thereafter, his
father, Papas started to journey around the world to search for something.
You start out the game as the hero when he's 6 years old, journeying with
Papas. After a few adventures, Papas is made caretaker of Prince Henry of
Reinhart. Prince Reinhart gets kidnapped, and Papas and the hero set out to
save him.  You successfully rescue Henry, but then the hero and Henry get
captured and Papas is blackmailed into not fighting while the capturer's
henchman attack and then kill him. As Papas dies, he tells the hero that
his mother is still alive.
	The hero and Henry are taken as slaves to work on building a huge 
palace, and are forced to do so for 10 years, after which they manage to 
escape. Afterwards, the game primarily focuses on the hero trying to find 
and save his mother. At one point in the game, you have to choose who to 
marry out of two people, and the plot differs slightly depending on who you 

b. Here's the opening scene translation-

Guy - Mr. Papas! Mr. Papas! Something unexpected has occured!
Papas - ?
Girl - Congratulations, Mr. Papas, and good morning! You have given birth
to a cute little bundle of joy!
Papas - ?
Mother - You...
Papas - Very well! My child! The newborn begins to cry...
Papas - We'll name this child immediately, without error.
Papas - Ummm...
Papas - Perhaps we should name him Tanura?
Mother - No! We'll name him Steki! He looks really brave and intelligent!
Mother - I'm happy the baby turned out to be such a fine person.
Mother - Can we please name him Luke (or whatever you picked as your name)?
Papas - Luke? I like that name!
Papas - ?
Papas - ?
Mother - I only... hit...
Papas - I'm a good husband to you, dear!

c. Here's a list of all the main characters I've encountered-

Aisis - Queen of Telpador.

Bianca - A young girl you meet. She wants to travel with you to Renul Castle
and help reclaim it from the evil forces that took it over. She looks real
HOT as a grown-up :)

Borongo - A baby black panther whom you find in Alkapa. He's getting bothered
by some little kids. You scare them off then let him join your party.

Del - Henry's son and successor to the throne.

Duncan - Bianca's foster father.

Eiyu (hero) - This is you. You "play the role" of this character, naming
him and all. You are the Prince of Granbania, son of the mighty warrior 
Papas, and the magically gifted Maasa.

Flora - Daughter of Rudaman.

Gema - The despicable villain. A real mean SOB.

Henry - King of Reinhart. He is taken care of by Papas.

Maasa - Wife of Papas, your mother, she is said to be the daughter of a 
divine being. Fairly well-known in Elheaven. For years, she has been missing 
and presumed dead.

Maria - A woman you meet in the Mines. Companion of Henry.

Ojiron - Prime minister of Granbania.

Papas - Your father. He'll escort you from town to town early on, until
you two finally make it to Reinhart.

Pippin - An intrepid guard at Granbania Castle who joins your party later.

Pusan - The King of the Dragons. Ever since his floating castle sank in a 
lake near Elheaven, he has been missing.

Rudaman - Nobleman of Sarabona.

Sancho - Papas's friend. He lives in Santorez, and allows you two to stay
there for some time. He'll be able to join your party later on.

Sophia - Bianca's mother. Queen of Renul.

Vera - (I've seen her referred to as "Bella" in some of the translations)
An elf who joins you to find the Flute that will change Fairyland, and the 
Dressmaker's Village from winter to spring.

Yoshua - Brother of Maria. The guard at Dorei who frees your party.

d. Dragonquest V is mostly like Dragonquest IV in terms of structure and
options. Little is changed between the two versions. You get a wagon to
travel in, a bunch of AI modes, (Including one called gaNgaN, which really 
sucks!) and a magic carpet to fly around on, like DQ4's balloon. The game's
graphics look almost identical to IV's, except that it utilizes the Super 
Famicom's palette and the enemy design is more detailed. A background
pops up after entering a fight, like Dragon Quest 1.  And, when you damage
a boss, it sounds like it sneezes, like Malroth in DQ2 and Baramos and Zoma 
in DQ3.

e. I purchased my copy of Dragonquest V at http://www.gamelands.com, used,
for around $20. It was a real great deal, considering what I've got :) That
would be the best place to look if you want it used, but if you want it
new, good luck! ROMs exist for DQ5, although the typical emulators run DQ5 
like crap, though, unless you own a powerful PC system as well as a good 
emulator, such as SNES96 or ESNES. So if you don't have these things, or 
even a console copier, don't spend the time getting it :) Also, I might add 
that unless you own the original cartridge, owning ROMs is illegal when 
holding these files for more than 24 hours. (Like *I'M* the one to talk! :) )

f. Like any good RPG, you get a bunch of different vehicles to travel in.
Here's a list of some-

Ship - Your everyday sea vessel. Initially, voyages are controlled by the 
computer, but when you acquire your own ship, you can plot the courses 
manually. You can dock this anywhere you want to.

Magic Carpet - You can fly around on this! At an amazing speed, if I may add. 
I believe there's even a race on one. It cannot cross mountains or forests, 
though, but it's a good way to avoid enemy encounters while travelling :) 
If you press X while on this carpet, you can view the world map.

Wagon - Like in DQ4, the Wagon is a place that holds your party (which
grows real big towards the end of the game).

g. Here's the translations of some spells-

Mera - Weak blaze spell. Works on 1 opponent. Uses 2 MP.
Merami - Stronger blaze spell. Works on 1 opponent. Uses 4 MP.
Merazoma - Strongest blaze spell. Works on 1 opponent. Uses 10 MP.
Gira - Weak fire spell.  Works on 1 enemy group.  Uses 4 MP.
Begirama - Stronger fire spell.  Works on 1 enemy group.  Uses 6 MP.
Begiragoso - Strongest fire spell.  Works on 1 enemy group.  Uses 10 MP.
Io - Weak blast spell.  Works on all enemies.  Uses 5 MP.
Iora - Stronger blast spell.  Works on all enemies.  Uses 8 MP.
Ionazoso - Strongest blast spell.  Works on all enemies.  Uses 15 MP.
Hyado - Weak blizzard spell.  Works on 1 enemy.  Uses 3 MP.
Hyadalko - Stronger blizzard spell.  Works on 1 enemy group.  Uses 5 MP.
Mahyado - Strongest blizzard spell.  Works on all enemies.  Uses 12 MP.

Bagi - Weak air attack.  Affects all enemies in 1 group.  Uses 2 MP.
Bagima - Stronger air attack.  Affects all enemies in 1 group.  Uses 4 MP.
Bagikurosu - Stronger air attack.  Affects all enemies in 1 group.  Uses 6 MP.
Raideiso - Weak bolt attack.  Affects all enemies.  Uses 6 MP.
Gigadeiso - Stronger bolt attack.  Affects all enemies in 1 group.  Uses 15 MP.
Minadeiso - Strongest bolt attack.  Affects 1 enemy.  Uses ?? MP.

Rukani - Enemy's defense down. Affects 1 enemy. Uses 3 MP.
Rukanaso - Enemy's defense down. Affects 1 enemy group. Uses 4 MP.
Nifuram - Attempt to automatically kill all enemies in 1 group.  Uses 1 MP.
Dragoram - Turns caster into a dragon. Uses 18 MP.

Skulto - Ally's defense up.  Uses 3 MP.  

Hoimi - Weak heal spell. Works on 1 ally. Uses 3 MP.
Behoimi - Strong heal spell.  Works on 1 ally. Uses 5 MP.
Behoma - Stronger heal spell.  Works on 1 ally. Uses 7 MP.
Behomara - Strong heal spell.  Works on all allies.  Uses 18 MP.
Behomazuso - Strongest heal spell.  Works on all allies.  Uses 36 MP.
Kiarii - Cure spell. Cures ills such as poisoning. Uses 2 MP

Rura - Transports you to any town that you've already been to.  uses 8 MP.
Rilemito - Transports you outside a dungeon.  Uses 8 MP. 
Isopasu - Appraise 1 item.  Uses 3 MP.

h. Like in DQ4, monsters are able to join your party, once you get the 
Wagon. Here are some:

Slime - armor difficult to acquire for it, but its cute, gains levels very 
fast, and it can use a boomerang!

Drakee - its abilities are similar to the slime, except it has greater magic 
ability, and a wider ranger of equippable items.

Brownie - Your typical barbarian. No magic ability, but it has a lot of HP, 
and can deal much damage.

Slime Knight - A Knight which rides a slime. Healing magic, awesome 
defensive capability, and its ability to use heavy armor and weapons makes 
this "monster" a very favorable party member.

Small yellow dragon - It possesses Magical abilities, and it also uses claw 
weapons to attack.

Magical Envoy - It's basically a mage. All of its magic is combat related 
though, so don't expect him to heal you during a long, gruelling journey.

Wyvern, or Kimera - Fairly good warrior, it also possesses heal spells, which 
can come in handy even if it is put inside the wagon rather than being a 
regular party member.

Mad Dragon - Similar in stat proportions to the Brownie, and even
Borongo. It has very powerful physical attacks, many HP, but no magical 
ability. Personally, I'd rather use Borongo, and his map icon looks like 
Barney the Purple Dinosaur (blue version anyway), so into the monster pen 
he goes!

Golem - Starting with approximately 210 Hit points, it is a very hardy
creature. Although it has no magic abilities, it can be equipped with a
wider assortment of weapons and armor than what one would expect.

Yellow Dragpup- Very weak at first but becomes powerful as level increases. 
Learns all type of fire breathings.

SabotenDoll (Cactus Doll)- A red catus ball with all of its thorns all over. 
This monster really stinks at first then vastly improves as level increases. 
Learns useful attacks.

Rogue Chicken- Pretty strong chicken! Gain lots of HP and Power. Learns few
attacks. A fairly good chicken to have.

Rogue Knight- Alot alike as SlimeKnight, but stronger and more attacks.

 Mud Puppet- This puppet is back from Dragon Warrior 2. Learns all type of
dancings to pest monsters.

Healer- This healer learns all healing spells. HP and MP gains average.

Curer- Alot stronger and better than healer, already know healall spell. This
jellyfish is a better choice.

Mighty Horse- Good power and defenses, HP gains well, and learns some
strong attacks.

MiniDemon- Pretty cheap at first but average mild powerful at the end of his
level. Learns Explodet and Blazemost spells.

Hork- VERY powerful zombie in the game! Learns very powerful attacks.
Gains very high HP and Power.

Metal Babble- Has more than 500 Defenses!! But HP and Power is kinda low
as level increases. Learns fire type spells.

Wyvern- Okay monster to have, but learns very powerful breathings ( Ice
and Fire ). It's good to have this bird for fighting against Metal Babbles 
and King Metals.

Dragon Knight- Handy dragon to have, nothing special. learns increase and
defense spell. Equip most weapons and armors.

Golden Dragon- Whoa! very powerful dragon! you'll want to keep this
dragon afterall!

Dancing Jewel- He's back from DW3! Only gains up to level 7 and has more
than 200 defense and spells are not effective on this bag.

BullBasher- Alot more powerful than DW4, Learns powerful spells and
attacks.  Equips most armors and few weapons.

Blizzard Hawk- Pretty cool looking hawk! Learns frost, hail, and blizzard
breaths. Only equips powerful light weighted weapons and armors.

Orc King- Now he's back from DW2, he's even far more powerful and difficult
to fight this orc, he gains pretty high HP and MP and Power.

Blue Goblin- A huge monster! Gain alot of power and HP each level up. Has
very little bit MP for his healing magic. Good monster to have for your party.

Avenger- He's back from DW3. Alot more powerful than his last war in DW3.
Learns Sap spell and 4xhit! Gain HP very quickly as level ups.

Warlock- The most powerful magican alive! Learns the powerful part of
spells such as SnowStorm, blazemost etc.

Bomb Crag- He's been around since DW3 & 4. This time he's alot more of a
pain in the ass!  But then, once you capture this clay, it's good for him 
to stay in the wagon and gain levels until it maxed out ( not very much 
levels I'm sure it'll max out up to somewhere in the middle of the 50's 
perhaps). Try to look around where there's expensive armors and weapons for 
this bomb.

Gargoyle- Pretty powerful monster! There are lots of list of attacks and
spells.  Only equips the powerful weapons and armors.

Grimlin- One eyed creature knows increases spell and all type of cold

i. Here's the names of some items and their effects-

Healing Herb (Yakuso) - This is useful in the beginning of the game, as it 
raises HP on an average of 40 points.

Seeds (Tane) - Each seed has a different affect. For example, the 
Tsukara-no tane (Seed of Strength increases your Strength stat). These are 
VERY valuable, as you can increase your stats in this way, aside from gaining 
levels. I recommend that you use these on yourself, the hero, since this is 
the character which you will be using for the duration of the game, more so 
than any other character.

Wing of Wyvern (Kimera-no Tsubasa) - Transports you back to the town in which 
you originally emerged from. Note, do not use this ANYWHERE besides the 
"world" area (not in towns, dungeons, etc) since it will be wasting the item.

Small Medal (Chisai-no Medaru) - These seem to be some sort of prizes. I 
believe that they can be traded for powerful items on some island (you'll 
probably need a ship to get there).

j. Here are the special items that you need to get-

Gold Orb (Gorudo Oobu) - A special item of power which you get in Ramul 

Reinhart Key (Reinhaato-no Kagi) - You will receive this upon meeting 
Reinhart's sovereign in Generation II.

Bianca's Ribbon (Bianka no Ribbon) - Keep this, you'll need it to help an old
friend recognize you.

Mirror of Ra (Raa-no Kagami) - Receive this in a tower south of a secluded 
monastary. Use it to reveal the true nature of entities.

Papas' letter (Papasu-no Tegami) - A personal letter from Papas to his son.

Papas' Sword - A VERY powerful sword, though not the most powerful sword 
in the world.

Fire ring - Find it in the volcano after destroying the lava monsters. 
Give it to Rudaman.

Water Ring (Mizu-no ringu) - Find it inside a waterfall cave. Rudaman seeks 
to have it.

Dragon Ring (Ino no Ringu) - The Ring of the Dragon. The final ring you

Dragon Staff (Ino no Tsue) - The Most powerful weapon in the game for the

Magma Staff (Maguma no Tsue) - Staff of Magma. It can be used to erode

Silk Veil (Shiruku Veelu) - You need this before the wedding ceremony 
can begin.

Celestial/Heaven Arms (Tenku no ...) Sword, shield, helmet, and armor.
Only a true Warrior of Heaven can use these arms.

k. When you first turn on Dragonquest 5, and pass through the title screen, you'll come face to face with a menu screen that allows you to fiddle around with your save games. Here are the translations of the commands-

Bouken O Suru - Begin Adventure
Settei O Kaeru - Configure Data (Set speed/sound mode)
Bouken Noshu O Tsukuru - Create a new game
Bouken Noshu O Utsusu - Copy Data
Bouken Noshu O Kesu - Delete Data

l. The Status menu is accessed with the A button. It's your main interface
throughout the DQ world. Here's each of the status commands-

Hanasu - Converse       Jumon - Magic
Tsuyosa - Strength      Dougu - Tools
Soubi - Equipment       Sakusen - Operations/AI
Tobira - Open Door      Shiraberu - Investigate

m. Whenever you get to a Church, you use an interface to do a number of 
special commands. Here are the translations-

Oinori O Suru - Record Adventure
Otsuge O Kiku - Exp. Needed To Gain A Level
Ikikaeriseri - Revive Party Member
Doku No Chiryo - Cure Poison
Norou O Toku - Remove Curse
Yameru - Finish

n. Later on in the game, you will have access to a bank. Here, you can 
deposit and withdraw gold and items. Here are the commands-

Azukeru - Deposit
Hikidasu - Withdraw

Deposit commands:

mochimono - items
okane - money

Withdraw commands:

doogu - items/tools
hoogu - armor
buki - arms/weapons
Okane - money

o. Battles are the essence of any good RPG, and DQ5 is no exception. Here 
is the first combat menu's translation, the one that tells you your opening 

Tatakau - Combat Enemies
Irekae - Switch Party Members
Sakusen - Operations/AI
Nigeru - Flee

p. After selecting your main fight strategy, you will tell your Hero what to
do out of the following commands-

Kogeki - Attack
Jumon - Magic
Bogyo- Parry
Dougu - Tool/Item

q. Dragonquest 5 has a number of different AI modes. Here's a brief 
introduction to each of them-

gaNgaN ni Ikou ze (Let's go all-out) -This is a purely offensive 
battle plan. All of the characters will use their most powerful spells 
and techniques available to kill the monsters as easily as possible. 
The characters will not bother guarding and will usually not use 
healing spells as well. Invented by a mermaid leader, or so they say.

Minna Ganbare (Everyone do your best) - This is a balanced 
attack plan.  The characters will use whatever spells and abilities 
work best against the monsters, and will heal if necessary. Like all 
the other plans, they will not use items.  This is the best all-around 
plan, and is good for exploring or when in dungeons that you know 
don't have a tough boss at the end.

Ore ni Makasero (Leave it to me) - All of the computer-
controlled characters will completely leave the fighting to the hero, 
casting power-up spells on him, protection spells, healing spells, and 
techniques that would hinder but not damage enemies. They will not 
attack.  This plan is kind of useless, unless your main character is 
really strong and the rest of the party is rather weak. Don't use this 
plan if the main character is not in your party because none of the 
characters will attack the monsters.

Jumon o Tsukau na (Don't use magic) - When using this plan, 
none of the computer-controlled characters will use any ability that 
takes MP. They will use the most powerful attack and healing 
techniques they know, as long as they don't use up any MP. This plan 
is the way to go when you're on your way to a tough boss you need 
to conserve MP for or when you're in unknown territory.  I tend to 
use this plan more than any of the others, except for maybe Meirei 

Inochi Daiji ni (Take care of life) - This is a purely defensive 
battle plan; the characters will attack like Minna Ganbare, except that 
they will focus on keeping the characters' defense power and HP as 
high as possible. This is a good plan to use if the monsters you are 
fighting severely outclass you. It's good as an all-around plan too, but 
your characters tend to waste MP on healing spells when they're not 

Meirei Sasero (Follow orders) - With this plan, you control 
exactly what each of your characters do. This is the plan to use when 
fighting just about every boss. It's a good plan to use normally too, 
but fights will take longer and unless you know each monster's 
weakness beforehand is not always the most useful plan, since the 
computer AI knows each monster's weakness and will always try to 
exploit it when controlling your characters.


a. In the beginning, you'll start out on a ship headed to a port near
Santorez. Talk to everybody on here, then talk to Papas. Eventually, you'll
reach the port. Papas will take you to Santorez to stay with Sancho for
some time. In Santorez, you'll see a man who has a ship in his backyard.
You'll get this ship later. For now, your attention is turned on the cave
in the northwest corner. A man is trapped under a few boulders here. You
head into the cave, meet the man, and free him from his little rut. I'd
recommend that you build up to level 4 in the cave, fighting Slimes and
Brownies. After you free the man, he thanks you, and Papas takes you to
the nearby village of Alkapa.

b. In the Inn at Alkapa, you meet a girl named Bianca. She wants to travel
with you to help claim Renul castle from the witch that takes it over. You
go to sleep, and she wakes you up in the middle of night. You agree to go
to Renul with her, but first, build up your level to 8 or 9, and purchase
a Boomerang in the store. This weapon will let you attack a whole group
of enemies at a time, and is VERY useful when you find yourself face to
face with 6 Drakis at a time :) When you feel you're ready, go to Renul
Castle. The front door's locked, so you'll need to climb to the top and
take the elevator down into the castle. Make it all the way through, until
you come to a room that's completely dark. Try finding your way through this,
and you'll come to what seems like a kitchen. Search all the pots in the
kitchen, and you'll find a torch. Return to the dark room, and use the
torch. A new stairway will be revealed to you. Climb up the stairway, and
you'll be in a small room with a bunch of vases. One of the vases, after
being searched, will allow you to teleport to a deserted town. If you sleep
in the Inn here, you'll be taken back to the beginning of the castle. Make
it through the town, and you'll meet the witch who has taken this castle over.
She'll make you fall through a trap door. From here, make your way back up
to the witch's throne, and she'll run away. You'll catch her, and get into
your first major battle. Kick her ass, and you'll bring peace to Renul.
You'll then see a cinema where Bianca visits her mother's, Sophia's, grave,
tell her that the evil is vanquished. Now, return back to Alkapa, and you'll
see Borongo, a baby black panther, being teased by some kids. Free him
from the kids, and he'll join up with you. You and Papas will return to

c. In Santorez, talk goes on about an elf being spotted in the village. Go
to the second floor of the Inn, and you'll meet Vera, an elf who tells you
that Fairyland is permanently in winter, and that you'll need to help
restore spring to it. He tells about a warp to the Dressmaerks' Village in 
the basement of Sancho's house. While Papas waits at Sancho's house, you 
enter the warp.

In Fairyland, you learn that you need a Flute to restore spring to the land.
The Flute was taken by some baddie named Zyr in the Ice Palace, but you need 
to get the Key (Kagi) to enter. The Key is in a cave all the way in the 
south-western portions of Fairyland. Build up to level 11, and go to the cave.
Find the Key in the 5th basement. Now, go to the Ice Palace, and beat the
crap out of the baddie, Zyr. After you beat her, it says "Kuso!" (shit), and
she summons the Ice Queen to kick your ass. Once ou beat that, you grab the 
Flute. Play it, and spring will come! You'll warp back to Santorez.

d. Now, you and Papas will be able to go to Reinhart. He'll take you through
a shrine, and up to the castle, where you'll get aquainted with prince Del
and king Henry. After talking to them, you'll discover the castle's under
attack from some bad guys! Talk to Henry, and he'll lead you down a
secret passage out of the castle. Henry gets kidnapped, and taken to a
cave. Papas leaves without you to the cave, so you naturally follow him.

e. Build up to about level 12, and buy the best armor available. Now, head
through the cave. Eventually, you'll meet up with Papas. You and him search
for Henry, and find him in a jail cell. You free him, but first, he says
"Fun!" (excrements!). On your way out, you get attacked by some monsters, 
and Papas tells you to run away with Henry while he's fighting them. When 
you get to the exit, Gema appears. You fight him, but ultimately lose. 
Papas comes and sees his son and Henry defeated, and then decides to kick 
some ass. Gema saw his own defeat when Papas displayed his strength and 
prowess, so he threatened to kill the hero and Henry if he resisted him, 
and his henchmen Jami and Gonzu. Papas is slowly killed by Gema's henchmen. 
His body is subsequently immolated before the eyes of Henry and 
yourself After his death, you and Henry are kidnapped, while Borongo is 
left behind, forced to fend for himself. You and Henry and taken into the 
Mines to work on building a castle.


f. You find yourself in a mine. The memories of the old days of traveling
with your Father, the king of a now distant land, is still fresh in your
mind despite your tattered clothing and subhuman treatment. Looking around,
you see mines, sleeping quarters, the constructed Palace, and of course,
your old friend Henry. After a day of exploring, it is time to sleep on the
plain mats, on the untidy floor of hewn rock. You wake up, and meet Maria,
a fellow captive. You walk around a bit more, but when you descend back into
the mines, you see two guards beating, an exhausted Maria who can no longer
work. Henry, enraged by this barbaric art, charges into the guards. Although
Henry is a fairly strong man, he stands no match for these guards. You 
must intervene! Getting in the way of the tussle, you find yourself in 
combat with two overseers (fellows with whips, and RIDICULOUS looking hats).
This might be tough since they outnumber you, and have a seemingly unlimited 
supply of healing herbs, you do more damage than them barefisted (hey, your 
weapons and armor was confiscated, not like you had a choice, eh?), but still, 
you could still even the odds a bit. Cast Bagima, an air attack spell which 
will affect everyone in the overseer group. It will do approximately 15-20 
damage on each of them per round. Continue this attack, and heal yourself, 
preferably with Behoimi when needed. You will soon best them. After this, 
heavily armed reinforcements arrive to throw you and Henry in jail. Maria 
is also taken toward the cell, but an unexpected turn of events occurs. One 
guard, Yoshua, informs you that the palace authorities intend to execute 
them for their defiant actions. Yoshua is Maria's brother, so he is very 
concerned about this. He takes you, Henry, and Maria to a cell filled with 
water, where you enter a crude, barrel like raft, and you float to freedom. 
A local nunnery takes care of Maria (she gives you 1000 gold before 
leaving), while you and Henry are able to explore a nearby Casino town.

g. (Oracleberry) The first thing to do is to fight a little, and gain some 
levels. When you get tired, return to the nunnery for free inn, and game 
saving. Go to town, and buy some better equipment, but also go to the town 
at night. When there, go to the northwest corner, where you'll meet a fellow 
by a map clad in green. He will sell you a wagon for 300 Gold. Once you get 
the wagon, you will be able to have a greater number of party members, an 
asset which you sorely need. Fight some more. You'll find a slime, and a 
brownie. Since you cant use 4 party members simultanously, you'll need to 
choose the better monster. I chose the slime, strangely enough, since their 
HP shoots up while they gain levels, they learn spells, and they can use 
boomerangs. You'll find that their specialized armor is fairly cheap. If you 
can find a Drakee, I suggest to use it instead of the slime since one can 
equip more armor on it, and it can use boomerangs as well. Continue gaining 
levels and money until you have great equipment and stats.

h. (Santorez Revisited) You shall find that the town of Santorez is in ruins!
Apparently, many have been killed by the armies of Reinhart, and even Papas' 
friend Sancho is missing. If you need to go to the inn, you shall find one 
within the mountain wall.

If you can remember how Papas used to go into the cave via that boat, you'll 
know what to do next. Go inside the cave using the boat, and make your way 
to the lower depths that you previously had no access to since you didn't 
have the boat. After many fights, and increases in gold and level, you 
will finally find Papas' hidden workroom. There, you will find a weapon, 
the Heaven Blade (which you can't equip since it's for your heir -- so be 
sure to keep it) and a letter from Papas. The letter says, "My son, if you 
are reading this letter, then I have passed on. I am looking for my wife 
Maasa and the "Legendary Hero". Only the Legendary Hero will be able to use 
the Celestial Sword. You must find your mother, and the Legendary Hero, as 
well! If you don't find the Legendary Hero, then the world will be 
destroyed by monsters!!" Your characters wont be able to use the Celestial 
Sword! This is all that you'll be able to find here, so leave Santorez, and 
go to Alkapa.

i. (Alkapa) You'll find that Bianca left Alkapa seven years ago, and that 
several folk are talking about the atrocities of the mother of the King of 
Reinhart. Go sleep at the inn. When night falls, Henry tells you that he 
must return to his homeland, because he's worried about his brother. Wake 
up, and go to the east, using the underground tunnel that Papas used a long 
time ago. 

j. (Reinhart) The guard will let you in after Henry talks to him. You'll 
find Reinhart unscathed unlike poor Santorez, but there is still an uneasy 
feeling. In fact, one guard guards a key passageway leading to the main castle 
areas. A visit at night, will reveal a hidden cave under the drawbridge.
During the day, use the boat (at the side of the castle, use the drawbridge, 
then make a right, and go up, and you shall find it in the moat) and go 
inside. You'll find a dungeon to fight in, and what seems to be a podium, 
and a group of seats. Go to the podium, search it, and then flip the switch 
there. A passage will open. Go inside, and on your way to the castle, you'll 
find a jail, where you can speak to one old man, as well as the queen, who 
says that a monster is posing in her image. Eventually, you will get to  
the castle courtyard. Fight two small yellow dragons (they're easy if you've 
been working out ;) ), then talk to the man on the throne. He'll give you a 
key, which you can use downstairs. Open a door near the area of the kitchen. 
Before going downstairs, be sure to read the books (use "search" on the 
bookcase), then enter the portal. You'll find yourself close to the nunnery, 
north of a tower. Go to the tower, and note that you cannot open the door. 
Go to the nunnery, and talk to the sisters there. Eventually, Maria will tag 
along with your party (don't worry, she doesn't take up space, nor does she 
enter combat). Go back to the tower. She will open the door for you. 
Go all the way to the top, and you'll see the mirror of ra, through the 
bridge separating you from this item seems to be missing. Not so. Just walk 
across. To be exact, walk to the center of the invisible bridge for the 
first two squares, then go to the right area of the invisible bridge. 
You've just crossed it! Congradulations! Now take the mirror. Go back to 
Reinhart via the portal (note that an old man wont let you in if its night 
time), and go immediately, to the queen's chamber above the throne room.
Use the mirror of Ra on both queens. One will turn into a monster. The 
monster itself is fairly weak (if you've been leveling as well as I have), 
but it tends to summon other monsters to its side. Unless its menacing, or 
can interfere in the battle (such as by casting heal), just concentrate your 
attacks on the faux queen. Eventually, the monster dies, and Henry and Maria 
stay at Reinhart, and get married. Congradulations, you saved the day!

k. (Search the world!) Now, you are in an interesting situation. Your 
obligations to your friend Henry have been fulfilled, so now, you are 
alone in your journey (unless you consider slime knights and drakees adequate 
companionship ;) ). Yet, some things on your mind remain unaddressed. Where 
can one begin to find your mother? Who is this Legendary Hero? What has 
become of your home kingdom Granbania? Also, where can one find Bianca? And 
is Borongo still with us in this world? This is the time where Henry no 
longer needs your assistance and you are free to pursue your own quests. 
Assemble a party of monsters, and go to the cabin by the sea (south of 
Santorez) where you and your father came from so long ago. During the day, 
a ship will take you to Port Selmi, in a distant continent ...

l. (Port Selmi and the New continent) The Port town has a lot of options 
available. There's a lighthouse, weapons and armor stores, and even a cabaret 
in the north. Go there, and you will witness a fight between a farmer type 
person, and two thugs. Intervene, and enter the very easy fight. After 
saving the innocent man, he gives you gold, which you can use to upgrade your 
equipment. In the town, there is talk about the village to the south called 
"Kabochi", where a monster is said to be destroying their crop fields.

m. (Village to the south, Kabochi) Upon entering the village in a south, 
you see an odd shadow prowling in the night. It looks like some sort of 
deadly quadruped.

There is much talk among the villagers of a vicious monster in the area 
destroying crop fields. You being the hero, decide to investigate the cave 
to the west. You enter it, and go down two levels. This is where you find 
this mysterious menace. It is a pather, much like the the one you had as a 
child ... he's grown up! It guards a precious sword. When it sees you, it 
pounces on you! Don't attack it, just use Bianca's ribbon. The "monster" 
which you have heard so much about is Borongo! He joins your party, and you 
take the sword, which belonged to your father. As you get out of the cave, 
your next move, is to explore the town west of Port Selmi.

n. (Town west of Port Selmi) This town is interesting. Be sure to explore it, 
as it has a complex system of hills and tunnels. Go inside the house that 
emits smoke rings. Upon entering, issue the old man inside a summons for 
burning flammables without a permit ... heh, just seeing if you were paying 
attention. Talk to him ... be sure to say no to his query, then say yes. 
He will take you upstairs, and ask you to help him find an herb in the west 
called the Rura-moon. Go west, and cross the bridge over the waterfall. 
Next, following the old man's map, find the glow in the green thrushes, 
adjacent to the puff of desert land. It will only be available at night, so 
if it's daytime, wait a while until night falls. Take the herb back to the 
old man Bennet, and he will make a magical potion. It will knock both of you 
unconscious, but when you wake, you will know the Rura spell, which will 
transport you to the town of your choice. Smokin' ;)

o. (Sarabona) Go south of the town that Bennet lived, and you'll find a 
small cabin. Go inside, and heal up and save your game. Go west from there, 
and enter the cave. A guard will block your way. He speaks about Henry and 
Reinhart. Go back to Reinhart, and talk to Henry. When you return to the 
cave, the guard wont bar your way anymore. Find the way out, and you shall 
be in Sarabona. You'll meet Flora, a charming young woman. You'll also meet 
Rudaman, the noble in charge of Sarabona. Apparently, you, and a few others 
are told by Rudaman that a ring of fire can be found at a nearby volcano, 
and this needs to be back in his family's hands. Those that embark upon 
this journey see more than the ring, but perhaps Flora's hand in marriage. 
But the volcano is a gruelling place, possibly the most difficult quest in 
your career so far. There are a lot of twists and turns within, but through 
multiple explorations, you will eventually find the ring. When you find it, 
though, do not attempt to take it unless you have maximum HP and decent MP, 
and optimal equipment (so if you didn't buy that expensive armor back in 
town, now would be a good time to warp back, and buy it). 
Three living mounds of lava will emerge to attack you. They aren't exactly 
a piece of cake to destroy, either. All three are capable of hurling lava 
at multiple characters, causing as much as 30 damage per player, so the 
damage potential for each character can amount to as much as 90 HP per 
round. A picnic, this aint. But as you kill the first one, the fight is 
easier, and when the second one goes down, your fight will be simplified to 
an even greater extent. If you cannot seem to best these monsters, don't 
despair -- just keep leveling until they become easier to contend with. 
Return to Rudaman with the fire ring, and he allows you to use his ship to 
locate the water ring for him (That ruthless taskmaker! ;p). On the way, 
go to the mountain village, and who do you see? BIANCA! She's back after 
ten years! She joins your party, and then your troop can continue to find 
the water ring. Go north, through the cave in the waterfall. Explore the 
cave, until you find the water ring. Don't worry though, no enemy boss this 
time, and the actual enemy encounters inside the cave are very easy. It's 
the actual exploration that's difficult. Once you're inside the large 
chamber with multiple waterfalls, you should find a ladder to go down 
into the lagoon, then wade to the shore. Go under the largest waterfall, 
and push upward. A hidden cave! Get the water ring, and go back to 
Sarabona. Now, with both rings recovered, Rudaman implores you to marry 
Flora. Naturally, when Bianca hears the news, she's not at all happy, so 
you have a choice on who to marry. This is when the plot branches. 
Personally, I chose Bianca, as I'm sure that many reading this would have 
done. The wedding ceremony is underway, and all you need is a silk veil. 
Go to The Mountain Village, and find the item shop cave. The man inside 
will give you a silk veil. Return to Sarabona, and the ceremony shall begin.
Will you and Bianca live happily ever after? If so, this would be a fairly 
short game ;) Talk to Rudaman after the ceremony, and he will give you his 
ship in Port Selmi.

p. (Sea Voyage) The Ocean is a vast place, so it is difficult to figure
out where to go first. Go east a bit, until you see the old nunnery. Go
south from there, staying reasonably close to the coastline (you should see
the tower where you got the mirror of Ra from your ship). Then pass the 
continent and continue Eastward. 

q. (Telpador, Desert Castle in the South and Ned's Inn) Land near the desert 
castle in the south, and talk to the queen, who is in the lower level 
garden. She will tell you that she has mysterious eyes. She beckons you to 
follow her ... eventually you are all in an underground chamber. This is 
where you find the Helmet of Heaven (or Celestial Helm), one of the four 
Celestial/Heaven items equippable on your son. You have a lot of 
Celestial/Heaven items, be sure to keep them. Leave Telpador, and continue 
eastward. You will see a large continent.

Following the coastline, you'll see a small retreat. It's called "Ned's inn". This 
is a good place to level up fighting the strong monsters, as it has 
an inn and place to save your game nearby! North of Ned's Inn, you'll
see a large cave, which will fit your wagon. Go inside. This is the long, 
difficult road to Granbania. The monsters are challenging, but fear not. 
After a while, you shall emerge from the cave, and find an interesting
town within the mountains called "Cheezt". This is when Bianca becomes dizzy 
and falls to the ground. The villagers help you carry her to the inn. 
It could be due to some early stages of pregnancy. She recovers, and you 
have a chance to buy supplies in the well stocked shops. If you use
Bolongo, note that there is a very powerful claw for him to use. You can also
save your game here. After you saw all there is to see in Cheezt, go east, 
on the long bridge. While crossing, you will see the majestic view of a 
fair castle. Granbania? Too bad jumping off the bridge is not a viable 
option, because now, you'll have to explore many more caverns in order
to get out of there, and find your homeland. Optimal equipment is useful to 
have, but if you're strapped for cash, be sure to at least buy that 
claw for Borongo, as he'll be able to kill most monsters in one hit. Make 
your way through the cave (there are many treasure chests along 
the way. Most have Small medals, but some have monster chests, and 
even cursed armor which can only be equipped on the slime. You can also 
find a stat increasing seed, so be sure to find and use it) and lo and 
behold, Granbania will be within a short walking distance!

r. (Granbania) Granbania is one of the largest castles that you will see 
in this game. The citizens live inside the fortress, except for Sancho, 
who has a cottage outside the castle, but at least within the fortress 
walls. Speak to everyone inside. They talk about their sovereign Ojiron, 
and about the late Papas. Unfortunately, you wont be able to get to some 
areas such as one area of the second floor as well as the throne room. 
After you speak to everybody available, talk to Sancho, who will be 
overjoyed to see you. You are introduced to Ojiron, and will have free 
access to the castle. While speaking to the sovereign, Bianca faints,
and stays in bed while you are able to walk about in the castle. After you
speak to townspeople, go back to Sancho's house, and he will implore you to go 
to the caves north east of Granbania, to pick up a medallion. At first, 
you wont be able to find the main entrance, but you merely have to open 
the door in the far right part of the room, go inside, then open 
the second door to the left of the room. You will find the secret
entrance. I must warn you though; do NOT just open the rightmost door and the
second door to the left, and then go in, as the trick wont work. You have to go 
through one door at a time. Now, go back to where you came into the
cave. Instead of an opening, you will see a stairway leading down. Go down
then when in the next level, go east, then north, and then west. You are 
going to see a reservior. Opening the door now will only release the
force of the water and send you flying down to the level below, somewhere that 
doesn't carry the treasure that you need. What you need to do, is go 
down a bit, find a boulder, and then push it toward the right section of 
the door where the latch can be seen. Before opening the reservior, make 
sure that your character is vertically aligned with the rock, so that it 
will prevent you from being carried away from the water. Now, open the
door, and as said before, the boulder will make sure that you don't fall into
the current. Now, go up, and open the treasure chest. You will find some
armor, which can only be equipped on your Slime Knight. Then, go further north, 
into the stairway which leads one level down. You will see a large
chasm, and many pillars which lie between you and the blackness. Go to the
left, and find one of the few broken pillars. It will ask you if you wish to
push a switch. Answer "Yes" or "Hai", or whatever. Now, you will see the
Crest of Granbania in the middle of the room. Step on it, and a bridge will 
appear. Cross it, and get the medallion with the Granbanian seal. Then, 
get back out. On the way back, some thugs (which could be called grave 
robbers, if this were a grave) try to stop you and get your medallion.
Just fight them, and you'll find that they are both a bunch of pansies. The
man with the axe will do approximately 20-30 damage to you, but by the time
that you get his HP fairly low, he will just keep casting Behoimi. Just keep 
attacking him till he's dead, then go for his partner, the shield hippo. 
The shield hippo can do up to 20 damage, but when his partner dies, and 
you in turn focus your attacks on him, he will most likely parry for the 
duration of the fight. Even Borongo will only be able to deal 9 damage
if he parries. Eventually he will either let down his guard, or you will
kill him via a long fight. Either way, it will be very easy. You'll notice
that when you go to the main chamber from where you came out of, the door 
leading outside wont be there anymore, so just cast outside. Who knows, 
by stepping on the crest, it might open a door for you, but I never
tried that. Let me know via e-mail if it opens the way out. Now return to 
Granbania. Ojiron will name you the new Sovereign of Granbania, and 
Bianca will have her two babies. One boy, and one girl. You will be able 
to name them. Remember, the game lets you name the boy first, then the
girl, so try not to get confused ;) After this, Ojiron starts a procession of 
guards and such, and you go to the main town area, and from there,
everyone parties! Of course, when there are parties, there are hangovers. No, I'm 
not kidding. You will wake up in the middle of the night. Everyone, even 
the priest, will be unconscious. You will even see Ojiron lying on the 
floor. You will see a few guards standing up, but don't expect to carry
a coherent conversation with them. Go back to the parlor where Bianca is 
resting. You will find her and the children missing! By leaving the
room, you will hear a baby crying. Go back, and use "search" on Bianca's bed. 
One midwife will emerge from under the bed, with both of your children
in hand. She will tell you that Bianca's been kidnapped! In the morning, 
Ojiron, Sancho, and yourself, will discuss the situation. It turns out 
that Bianca could be held in a tower to the north. Unfortunately, you
wont have a boat in Granbania, so how do you get to the tower? After talking
Ojiron and Sancho in the briefing room, go north, and you will see a
room which you previously could not have access to due to a guard. Now 
that you are the sovereign of Granbania, you may go inside. Search the 
drawer, and find the skyflying shoes. Go outside, and use them. You will
be transported to an inn very close to the tower. It is similar to Ned's inn, 
as it is a sparse house in the middle of nowhere with only inn services, 
and a priest. Now, you are ready to take on the tower. But be warned: the 
tower is a very treaturous place, and the enemy encounters wont be all
that easy, so make sure that your three characters have the best weapons and 
armor that money can buy. Don't be stingy with your money, and if you
don't have the funds to buy armor, then go outside and fight for a while,
until you get enough money.The tower is fairly tricky. There are areas where your 
way is blocked by steal spears, there are areas where you need to flip
two levers in order to extend bridges, and there's also a room where you
need to use boulders to block dragon statuettes from using flame attacks on
you. After a while, you're gonna find the chancellor of Granbania, who is
lying on the ground dying. He tells you that Bianca is in the next few rooms, 
and that there is some nasty stuff in there. The first thing that you
need to kill is a level 20 orc. Fairly easy, but make sure you have
sufficient magic points for healing and such. Next you fight a level 35 wyvern.
It's fairy tough, and it will often get the first attack. Just keep hitting
it and heal accordingly. Then, go Go to the next area, and you'll Fight 
Jimi, the monster which is holding Bianca captive. It also looks like
the monster which Papas fought against 10 years ago. At first, it will be
very tough, inflicting up to 50 damage in single attacks, and 30 damage in 
multiple attacks. You will initially only be able to inflict one HP of 
damage on Jimi, but during the battle, Bianca will talk to you, and your 
HP and MP will be maxxed out (unfortunately, this will not work on your 
monster companions). Jimi's defense will also go way down, and you'll be 
able to inflict much more damage. If you can manage your party well 
by attacking and healing when needed, the monster will lay dying. 
Before it passes on, it casts a spell which turns you and Bianca into 


A while later, some men come into the room, and take your statue-like 
forms, and sell them at an auction. You are sold to a nobleman, which 
Bianca's form did not get sold. Her fate is unknown after this. For
years, you stay at the nobleman's house, as a statue. You watch his yard for years, 
seeing his child JiJyo grow. Unfortunately, monsters come out of nowhere 
and steal the child, en route to Dorei, the same mines which you and
Henry were taken to. Naturally upset and grieved, the nobleman focuses his
grief on your statue form, kicking it to the ground. Seasons pass, and
eventually, Sancho and two children (one boy, and one girl) appear. They see your
form, and the girl chants a spell, which shatters the stone spell. You are
back in human flesh! The children turn out to be your son and daughter, which 
are both 8 years old. You are taken back to Granbania, where your search 
for Bianca and Maasa can begin.

s. (Northeast continent) Your Prime Minister Ojiron informs you of a
place where you may find information about your mother Maasa. It is a
town in the northern continent. First, be sure to check the equipment
status of your two main monster characters, and your son and daughter.
Be sure to equip your son with the Heaven Blade which you acquired in
the caves of Santorez. Also, see if you have any old equipment from your
monsters that might be used on your children. "Hand-me-downs" are an
inexpensive alternative to buying things, after all. Go out of the
castle, and find a ship outside. Go north from here. For now, use your
monsters (I assume you have used Pierre and Borongo for the majority of
Generation II), while you children wait in the wagon and gain experience
while fighting at sea and on the main world area. 
   You will find the continent to north eventually. Explore a little,
and try to best the monsters. You will see a castle under the water, a
cave surrounded by mountains, a town sequestered by a rocky valley, and
a cave only accessable by water. You will eventually need to go to all
four of these notable sites, but for now, the latter cave will be the
only accessable area for you and your party, so when you are finished
leveling up, enter the cave via your ship. The majority of the voyage
will involve navigating through rock hewn tunnels, but you will also be
disembarking occassionally to explore some land formations and open up
treasure chests. You'll eventually get out of here, and emerge from the
cave, into the small valley that you saw. Move your ship through the
river, and go inside the town.

t. (Valley town) This is an interesting, multilevel town. There are many
sisters walking around, and the town is also home to four wise women. On
the ground area, you will find two important items; the magic key, and
the magic carpet. After talking to everyone, and (hopefully) buying optimal 
equipment, you should go out of town, and warp to another town. You should be 
out in the open, so that you can use the magic carpet. It wont work in the 
town in which you got it, since it's surrounded by tall mountains, and the 
carpet cannot fly over them. Now, after exploring the world a while via 
flight, you should return to Sarabona. 

u. (Sarabona Revisted) Upon entering the town of Sarabona A guard will 
warn Rudaman about some upcoming threat, which turns out to be a very old 
demon. Go to Rudaman's house, and you will be able to open the two treasure 
chests. One will have cash, the other will have the Shield of Heaven. Now, 
you will have all the Heaven items, except for the Armor of Heaven. That 
will be difficult to attain, but for now, don't worry about it. Go Northeast, 
and find a shrine adjacent to Bianca's mountain village. Go inside the 
shrine (the door can be opened now that you have the key from that other 
town), and examine the pot in the room. It will make odd noises. Return to 
Sarabona. A guard will tell you to go to the tower next door immediately. 
Go there, and you will find Rudaman. He will tell you about a big threat, 
that was only seen 150 years ago, but by prophecy will return. It is up to 
you to defeat it, and protect the people. Rudaman leaves, and you will 
confront a HUGE demon, probably the biggest monster that you will face in 
any Dragon Quest game! I recommend that your character be at least in his 
mid 30's (in LEVEL), and that you use both your children (your son should 
have all the heaven items except for the armor, and your daughter should 
have decent items as well). This fight is going to last for a long time ... 
and chances are, you'll have to replay this one several times. No problem, 
since you dont have to fight a dungeon full of monsters just to get to it. 
Here's what you do. Use the hero and your son for healing magic. Use your 
daughter for offensive and defensive magics. A few spells will come in handy.
One, is the spell which lowers your opponent's defense (look it up on the 
spell list, I am too lazy to do it now ;p). Another, is one which will 
increase YOUR defense. Yet another, is the Iora spell, the powerful offensive 
spell, though I wouldn't recommend using offensive magics all the time. 
This demon will cast defensive spells often, and unless you counteract his 
increase defense spells, with decrease defense spells of your own, you're 
going to end up dealing less than 10 damage to this demon ... and believe 
me, this fellow has at LEAST 5,000 HP, perhaps twice as much on a good day.
It's best not to keep track of your hits on the monster though. Just keep 
hitting it, and healing yourself, and casting the other spells that I 
mentioned and the demon will die. Then you get another key. Hoo-ray! 
Rudaman congradulates you, and you are free to open jail cell like doors now. 

v. (North Cave) Your next target should be a cave way in the north. It will 
be east of Renul Castle. Open the cell door using your newly acquired key. 
You will notice an odd thing in this cave. Look at that stone slab. Move it 
over, and you're going to see a monster face. Suddenly, you will be fighting 
off tons of enemies. This is the "clincher" of this cave. Each level has a 
monster image on the floor. All you have to do is put a stone slab over it, 
and it will be like turning off the monster tap. It's easier said than done 
though, and the monsters are very very tough here, so don't get too excited. 
In the last level, there will be four monster images that you will need to 
cover. Try to memorize the locations of all four stone slabs, so you can 
cover all four, without getting into too many enemy encounters, which are 
very difficult on the final level. Eventually, when all the monster images 
are covered, you will find the Armor of Heaven! Now your son is armed to the 
hilt, and you will no longer need to find him equipment. HOO-RAY!

w. (Tower in the Center) The Tower in the center of the world (north of the 
desert castle is your next stop. Inside, lies an item which you need, and 
that is, the Staff of Magma. Go Inside the tower, and turn left at first. 
The rest should be easy, since going to the right of the tower initially, 
will take you to a dead end. You will eventually find a fellow in dragon 
looking fatigues, and he congradulates you for making it there. You open the 
chest next to him, and find the Staff of Magma!

x. (The Underwater Palace) With the Staff of Magma in hand, you may now 
begin the long quest of raising the underwater palace. Remember that cave 
surrounded by rocks? Use the Staff of Magma on it, and no more mountainous 
terrain stopping you from going inside! In here, you're going to find 
a complicated system of tunnels and mining carts. Don't fret. Eventually 
you'll figure it out. :) Along the way, you're going to meet a fellow by 
the name of Pusan. He'll be spinning uncontrollably around in circles in a 
mining cart. Just flip a nearby switch to save him. He will follow you, 
until you make it to the Heaven Palace. Explore the area a bit, till you 
find the throne room. Search behind it, ala Dragon Quest I . A staircase! 
Go downstairs, and find one golden orb, and an empty pedestal. The other 
golden orb needed to power the palace is empty! Pusan sees a hole nearby -- 
it must have fallen through the hole long ago! You are taken to a flashback, 
where you see the orb falling into Renul Castle. You had the golden orb 
20 years ago! Unfortunately, Gema destroyed it, so you'll need a new golden 
orb. Speak to the fairy king ... his town is east of Sarabona. It will 
be difficult to find until you see a campfire in the woods, and an invisible 
man. Your son can see the fairy though. He will follow him alone, and you 
can in turn, follow your son to the Fairy Town. Holy Deja vu! This is where 
you liberated the Fairy Town from wintertime! Speak to the king, and he 
will give you the Fairy horn. Now, you are ready to create a new orb. 
Remember that odd foggy lake in the center of the world? North of the tower 
where you got the Staff of Magma? Go there, and play the Fairy Horn when 
you are near the only lily pad in the lake. The fairy castle will appear! 
Go inside, and the king will give you a faux orb. This wont activate the 
Heaven Castle! Go upstairs, and go to the west wing of the castle (while on 
the 2nd floor), and talk to the fairy. Then search the painting, but before 
this, make 100% sure that you have the fake orb with you. You will be 
transported to the past. Santorez to be exact! Speak to everybody, including 
a bewhildered Papas. Unfortunately, you cannot take him with you to the 
future, since you will seriously mess up the past, so putting sentiments on 
the side, continue speaking to everyone in the town, until you see your 
6 year old version standing in front of the church. Say yes to his query, and 
your character will switch the orb! Now you will have the real one, and 
Gema will destroy the fake! Leave Santorez to go Back to the Future (at 
least you didn't have to wait for a lightning storm, eh? Ahh bad joke). 
Return to the Heaven Palace and talk to Pusan. The orb will be placed into 
the drive, and the castle shall fly! Be sure to check out everything in the 
castle, including the burnt out fireplace. Now, you will have a flying 
castle. It is better than the carpet since it can fly over mountains, and 
yet, the carpet is better, since it goes nearly twice as fast. Keep in mind, 
when flying the castle, the controls are exactly like the carpet. Also, when 
you change direction, you will notice that you wont have to hold the 
directional keypad. Rather, the castle will drift on its own. The only time 
that you will need to use the keypad is when changing direction. Needless to 
say, it is very annoying when you are trying to land in a small area, but 
the castle is great for lazy people like me.

y. (SouthWest Tower) The southwest continent will be surrounded entirely by 
Mountains, but that's OK, since the castle can fly over them. Be sure that 
you have rope in your inventory, and make the trek to the tower. Amusingly, 
the only monsters you will have to fight along the way are mice, drakees, 
and such. Things which you have fought in the first generation. Now, once 
you have made it to the tower exterior, you'll notice that there are no 
enemy encounters. Go all the way to the top, and use your rope on that golden 
loophole thing. Then decend into the tower. Once inside, you will find a few 
enemies. Not a problem, if you've been practicing. You're going to find a few 
treasure chests also. Once you decend a level or two, you're going to find 
a loophole next to two horns. Ignore that for now. Go all the way down, 
and you'll see a lever and the front door. Pull the lever, and you'll be 
able to get inside the tower from the front door from now on. Go downstairs 
now, and search the dungeons. First, you're going to encounter one of Gema's 
henchmen, Gonzu, who helped kill your father Papas. Gonzu is a real pansy. 
He doesn't use magic, and he usually just uses conventional attacks on one 
of your party members per round. Not a problem, in fact, I find the block 
dragons to be harder than this boss. He is probably the most pathetic boss 
in this whole adventure. Kill him (I don't think I need to give out a 
strategy), and open the chest, you'll find the left dragon eye. Now you need 
the right one. Keep exploring, and you'll eventually find Gema. He'll ask 
you if you remember the affair that you and he were involved in (affair as 
in the time he killed your father and enslaved you for a while). Either way 
you answer, you finally get to kill the dork who killed your father. Don't 
get too gung ho though, since Gema is probably the most annoying enemy boss 
in the entire game, quite a contrast to Gonzu, indeed. You'll need to be at 
least level 40, and your party members in their late 30's. Now, you're going 
to need to fight Gema with the hero, and the hero's son. You can use whoever 
you want for the third character, but I chose Borongo. The strategy that you 
need to use will depend mainly on your son's revive spell, and your own 
farewell spell. This way, you'll be able to fight Gema even he had almost 
infinite HP. Attack Gema, and heal when needed. His attacks will consist 
of conventional hand to hand combat which will inflict approximately 
80 damage, a spell which will hit one for 110 damage, and a flame spell 
which will hit all for maybe 50-60 damage. He can also breathe fire for a bit 
more. His final ability, and his most annoying, is the ability to immobilize 
your characters by breathing on them. As far as I know, no spell can 
counteract its effects. Gema is indeed a really nasty son of a bitch. 
If anyone gets immobilized, just let them die, and hopefully, your son will 
be able to heal. If your son was immobilized, just keep fighting, and if 
your other character is immobilized, and the hero is left, then just keep 
fighting Gema until the hero is the only one left. Then cast the farewell 
spell, and your other two characters can continue to fight. If both the hero 
and the hero's son are immobilized, and the third character doesn't have 
revive or farewell, then you're pretty much out of luck. Keep attacking and 
healing (if you can), and maybe by chance Gema will die. Otherwise keep 
trying. Above all, don't be discouraged. Gema is really tough with all his 
special abilities, but you have several countermeasures at your disposal. 
When he dies, just open the chest that he was guarding, and find the right 
dragon eye. Now you can complete the statue in the tower! Be sure to go to 
the inn and save first though, since I'm sure that your HP and MP are almost 
depleted. Now, return to the tower, and complete the statue. The dragon's 
tongue will extend, enabling you to go inside. There are no enemies inside 
either, so you should be very happy about that. Get the Dragon Orb, and the 
dragon staff. The staff is simply amazing; equip it on the hero, and what 
happens? You get at least 50 attack points. Now, you are truly a badass. 
Return to the Heaven Palace, and give the orb to Pusan. Lo and behold, he 
becomes the Dragon King. He also gives you the Heaven Bell. You can use it 
whenever you want and Pusan will appear, and you'll be able to ride on him. 
Pusan is the ultimate vehicle. He has the speed of the magic carpet, and the 
ability to pass over forests and mountains like the castle. Next stop ...

z. (Dorei) You now return to this horrid place of your childhood, the area 
where slavery is not taboo. You'll find that the palace has been completed.
There is no longer rubble scattered all over the place. It actually looks 
very nice, as most evil palaces do (you don't think diabolical evil dudes 
are gonna live in filth, do you?). The bad thing is, you can only take 
human characters with you, which sucks since my favorite combination of 
characters consists of the hero, the hero's son, and Borongo. The good 
news is, for some reason, when you fight in this area, all of your characters 
in the wagon will gain exp as well. It's best to keep some good characters 
back there, like a slime knight or a golem. You'll also notice that there are 
no random encounters on the surface of Dorei. Only guards will attack you, 
and you will see them coming. Plus, they are real wusses and easy to kill. 
You don't believe me? Go inside the guard tower. You'll find one guard 
guarding armor. Talk to him, and fight. The battle shouldn't last longer 
than one round. Take the armor. It's the Armor of Heaven! It's amazing 
how they entrusted such a weak guard for such powerful armor. Anyway, go 
up a bit, and you'll find the Palace proper. The slaves will be in an arena, 
chanting "Hail Maasa!" or something. Go up, and find a woman who looks like 
a cleric. She identifies herself as Maasa, but later turns evil and curses 
everyone. This is not Maasa at all, but the monster Ramada. Indeed, his 
parents saw fit to name him after a chain of economy hotels. And it shows, 
since this monster is very cheap. You should be able to kill him easily.
Beyond where the monster died, you see a statue. It's Bianca! You have no 
way of freeing her though ... yet. Search where the monster fell, if you 
forgot the location, it is the only tile on the trident design that wasn't 
painted white. You'll find the stairway! Go into the dungeons below. 
Unfortunately, even if your memories of the mines were vivid, they wont 
help you now, since the caverns have been seriously renovated. You will find 
a network of multilevel walkways. The monsters will be tough initially, 
and you wont even be able to cast Outside or Return. Just explore it a bit, 
and little by little, you're going to know your way around.
s saw fit to name him after a chain of economy hotels. And it shows, 
since this monster is very cheap. You should be able to kill him easily.
Beyond where the monster died, you see a statue. It's Bianca! You have no 
way of freeing her though ... yet. Search where the monster fell, if you 
forgot the location, it is the only tile on the trident design that wasn't 
painted white. You'll find the stairway! Go into the dungeons below. 
Unfortunately, even if your memories of the mines were vivid, they wont 
help you now, since the caverns have been seriously renovated. You will find 
a network of multilevel walkways. The monsters will be tough initially, 
and you wont even be able to cast Outside or Return. Just explore it a bit, 
and little by little, you're going to know your way around. Among other 
things, you find a note on a skeleton addressed to Maria, saying that her 
brother (probably Yoshua, the man who saved the lives of the hero, Henry,
and Maria, and gave them freedom is to die soon, and wishing her a happy 
life. At least she got this wish. Soon, you meet the master of this dungeon, 
a large dragon which resembles Zoma. Although he takes more damage than Gema, 
you will have no problem in destroying him since the other characters in 
your wagon will take over if your first three members die. Remember that 
the "farewell" spell, which kills you, and ressurects your comrades with 
full HP is very helpful here. Basically, this boss is fairly easy to kill, 
compared to Gema; at least he doesn't try to incapacitate your characters. 

Win this battle to receive the dragon ring. After this, there are no longer 
random encounters in the palace, so worry not about walking around in your 
weakened (by the boss) state. Walk outside leisurely. Bianca is restored to 
life from her stone slumber. The ring speaks to you, it is the voice of 
your mother. She says that she is in the demon world, and that only her 
magic is preventing the demons inside from entering. She implores her son 
not to come for her. Heroes never back down from a fight ...

[final]. (Demon World) At this point, you will be warped back to castle 
Granbania(which is a good thing, because your characters are probably 
very weak from that last battle). You will be alone, so when you have 
control of your character, take six members, and the three rings (fire, 
water, and dragon. If the rings aren't in your inventory don't panic. 
Any loose items you have are being held by the lady on the 2nd floor of the 
castle north of the bar with the old man monster tamer and Ruida-san), and 
go to the north, where the multilevel valley town Elheaven is. Go into the 
cave. Remember that door that you couldn't open near the cave exit? Approach 
those silver double doors, and walk up to the 3 statues. The message you get 
is something to the effect of "The shining finger of the Goddesses" Put the 
Fire ring on the right statue, the water ring on the left, and the dragon 
ring on the center. A path will open, leading to the other dimension. 
Eventually, you will be granted passage to the Dark dimension, or the 
"demon world".

Upon entry of this dimension, you hear your mother's voice. She comments 
that you have an amazing resemblence to your father, and says that although 
she advised against his coming, she will not force him to return to his 
dimension, and gives him a present; the sage stone. In the east, past a 
bridge, you will find a town built by your mother called "Jahanna". Go there, 
and upgrade your equipment. Use it for a while as your base of operations, 
and try to gain as much experience as possible. Metal Kings will yield the 
most EXP (30,000) 

The final cave (Evil Mountain) can be found north of the town, so when you 
feel ready, assemble your party, and enter. If you decide to leave, you will 
notice that it is on the list of towns to teleport to via the Teleportation 
spell. Monsters such as golden dragons, putregons, and rainbow hawks will 
pose a challenge, so take care inside. Eventually, you will find your mother 
Maasa via the path. She comments that she is incredibly happy to see you, 
your pretty wife, and your children. She prays to the Light God for your 
benefit. Suddenly she is struck by lightning, and perishes. From there, go 
south, and get a couple of great items, then go south some more, and you'll 
find a lot of lava. use the items you found on the lava, and you can 
continue on. After solving the difficult platform puzzles and moving them to 
the middle top of the area so that the door will be accessable, you will 
immediately find two treasure chests, one treasure is a claw for Borongo. 
Then, you'll get attacked by two huge bull like creatures, which are 
difficult to kill. Persevere, and destroy them. Remember to use barrier 
spells to allieviate damage, and try to take them both out at the same time, 
since they can cast revive. They're very annoying jerks if you give them 
this priveledge. Now ... for the final fight. The battle against Mildlars. 
Confident of victory, he tells you "Come on! I will kill the legendary hero 
and his family!" Remember your boss-killing strategies, and you will 

At Granbania Castle, you, your wife, and your children dance in joy. 
Finally, evil has been vanquished! Suddenly, the hero hears two celestial 

Maasa says, "See! Our son seems to be quite happy." Papas responds, "For a 
long time I have watched our son. Now, his strength surpases ours. 
I feel that I can trust my son's future to him. And you?" Maasa agrees. 
Papas asks his wife to go to Heaven with him, and Maasa says, "Let's go, 
darling ..."

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