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FAQ/Walkthrough by m_dolens

Version: Final | Updated: 02/27/05


	By M_Dolens (diebartdie@yahoo.com)


	A1 : The Beginning
	A2 : In Search of the Herbs
	A3 : A Castle of Ghosts
	A4 : Bring Back the Spring
	A5 : A Royal Kidnapping
	A6 : Ten Years Later
	A7 : Returning Home
	A8 : The True Empress
	A9 : A Reunion
	A10 : The Magic to Return
	A11 : The Ring of Fire
	A12 : The Ring of Water
	A13 : A Desert and a Mountain
	A14 : Trials of Royalty
	A15 : The Demon Tower
	A16 : Odds abd Ends
	A17 : Some Magic Items
	A18 : A Staff and a Cloak
	A19 : Finding Zenithia
	A20 : A Golden Orb From the Past
	A21 : Revenge is Sweet
	A22 : Rescuing Your Love
	A23 : The Demon World
	A23 : Bonus Dungeon

	B1 : Bianca
	B2 : Daughter
	B3 : Flora
	B4 : Henry
	B5 : Hero
	B6 : Papas
	B7 : Pippin
	B8 : Sancho
	B9 : Son


	D1 : Helmets
	D2 : Armor
	D3 : Shields










| A1 : The Beginning |

After a short scene of your birth, and your mother's death, you find 
yourselfon a ship in your room with your father, Papas. Before you leave to 
look around get the *MEDICAL HERB* from the drawer.

Talk to all the sailors on the deck before going down the stairs below deck.
After talking to the sailors down here (all the barrels are empty and the 
chests are locked), head back upstairs and enter the captain's cabin.

When you finish talking to everyone, leave the cabin the ship will arrive at 
Vista. The captain will tell you to go get Papas. Your father mentions 
something about you being here two years ago. Before you can leave the ship, 
Papas asks you if you've checked the drawers. Answer yes and you can leave 
the ship.

Now you are in Vista Port. Papas goes to talk to his friends and leaves you 
toplay by yourself. There's one person upstairs who remembers you and your 
father (the barrels here are empty also).  When you try to leave town, you'll 
be attacked by three slimes. Papas will come to the rescue (although, you'd 
probably be able to win alone).

Papas will heal you after the battle. Then he'll lead you to Santa Rosa. 
There might be random encounters, but Papas will take care of you until you 
reach the next town.

| A2 : In Search of the Herbs |

Papas seems to be very popular in this town. Upon arrival, everyone comes out
to see him. You will end up at Sancho's house. Sancho's daughter, Bianca 
invites you upstairs. She will ask you if you remember her. Either answer 
doesn't matter. After trying to read to you, her mother will come and take 
her away. Check the drawer for the *LEATHER HAT* (don't forget to equipe it).

Go downstairs and talk to Papas. He'll tell you that he has to go out for 
a while. If you talk to Sancho, you can rest. However, you should explore 
the town for a bit first. Grab the *MEDICAL HERB* from the drawer in Sancho's 
house. Downstairs, get the *STRENGTH SEED* from the northern pot.

Upstairs in the Weapons shop, there's a *MEDICAL HERB* in the eastern 

You'll find out that a man is searching in the cave for herbs, and he hasn't 
come back yet. You obviously are supposed to go looking for him. You should 
level up to at least level 4 before you venture deep into the cave. It also 
wouldn't hurt to purchase some weapons from the weapons shop in town. Since 
you can't sleep at the inn, Sancho will let you sleep in his home (if you 
need to replenish your HP and MP).

	Santa Rosa Cave:

	Head north and take your first left to find a *MEDICAL HERB* in a 
	chest. Return to main path and continue north onto the next screen. 
	Turn left take the stairs down to the next floor.

	On this floor, head right and down to find a chest with *50G*. 
	Return to the stairs, and then head left and up (past the sign) to 
	another chest with a *LEATHER SHIELD*. Then head down to the next 
	screen. Turn left and take the stairs going down.

	Head left and up (passing the first right) to find the man trapped 
	under a rock. Move it for him and he will leave to bring the herbs 
	to Duncan's wife.

	If you move east and then south from the where you found the man, you 
	will come across a slime who will give you some helpful information.

	North from the man is a chest with the *WAYFARER'S CLOTHES*. When you 
	are finished leveling up, leave the cave and return to town.

Back in town, go to Sancho's house and have a rest. In the morning, you'll 
find Bianca and her mother there. It seems that they have gotten the herbs 
they needed. Papas decides to accompany them to Alkapa and asks you if you'd 
like to come. Whatever your answer, you find yourself going to Alkapa.

| A3 : A Castle of Ghosts |

Papas decides to talk to his sick friend Duncan upon arrival in Alcapa. When 
you try to leave the inn, Bianca joins you. Go upstairs in the inn and check 
the drawers for a *DEFENSE SEED* and a *WING OF WYVERN*. Then go and talk to 
everyone in the town.

People keep talking about some ghost named Lenoire, and how we shouldn't go 
there (so that's probably where we will end up going). Go back to the inn and 
talk to Papas. Duncan's wife ends up making you stay for the night.

During the night, Bianca will wake you up. She'll want to go with you to 
Lenoire (in order to save the cat from the two mean boys). Before doing so, I 
would suggest purchasing some equipment from town. You will probably have to 
fight around town for a while to save some money. (You can sleep at the inn 
for free when you need to. Papas will wake up with Duncan's cold and stay 
another night until you complete the task.) When you are satisfied with your 
equipment, head west around the mountains and then north to the castle.

	Lenoire Castle

	The front door is locked, so head to the right and go all the way up 
	until you reach the top. When you walk through the door, it will 
	close behind you and lock you in. Head down the only set of stairs 

	In this room, there will be six skeletons lying in beds. When you try 
	take the stairs, they will stand up and take Bianca away. There's no 
	where to go but down.

	Go up and open the northern chest for a *WING OF WYVERN*. The other 
	chest is empty. Now fall down the hole, or take the stairs down. Exit 
	through the southern door to find yourself outside.

	You'll hear a noise, and if you search the left grave, you'll find 
	Bianca. She be annoyed but at least she'll join your party again.

	Return to the room you were just in and you'll find a ghost. Speaking 
	to her will make one of the bookcases move to reveal a staircase. 
	Take these down to the next floor.

	On this floor head west and the north through the door. Speak to the 
	ghost on the bed who will ask you to help her get her grave back. 
	Then exit south and head up to the stairs going down.

	The next room is completely black. Go all the way down, all the way 
	right, and then down to a room. Here you'll find some stairs. 
	Continue down the next sets of stairs until you arrive at the bottom. 
	You'll see a ghost that will want you to follow it. Before you do, 
	look in the pot for a *MEDICAL HERB*. Then take the staircase to the 

	Speak to the ghost here. Erik will ask for your help (which you must 
	agree to give). He'll tell you about a torch that he left in the 
	kitchen. Return there and search the pot to find the torch.

	Now return to the dark room and use the torch. You'll see a set of 
	stairs in the northeast corner that you should take.

	Go south, and you will notice that the statue is following you. If 
	you search it, it will start a fight. This is kind of like a 
	mini-boss. Defeating it will give you a *DEFENSE SEED*. Then just 
	take the stairs to the south.

	Here you will find Erik again. He will tell you to follow him into 
	the pot. Before you do, look in the southern pot for a *MEDICAL 
	HERB*. When you search his pot, you'll be sent to another part of the 

	To the west, you'll find a door to the north and a staircase. Take 
	the stairs down first. On this floor, go south and open the front 
	door of the castle (you'll see why in a second). Then go back to the 
	stairs. Head east and then north if you want to see the skeletons 
	waiting for a feast, otherwise just take the stairs back up and head 
	north through the door.

	The door to the right is an inn (after sleeping here, you will wake 
	up outside, so it's a good thing you left the front door open). Take 
	the north door, then head west and south to find stairs going up. 

	Go east through the door to find a monster in the throne room (you 
	might want to heal before speaking to him). The first time, he'll 
	drop you into the room of skeletons to fight them. They're just 
	regular monsters so kill them quickly and then head back up to the 
	throne room.

	When you enter, you'll see the monster running out the door to the 
	south. Follow him when you are ready.

	This is your first real boss fight. Boss Ghost isn't much stronger 
	than the statue you fought earlier. It shouldn't be a problem.

		Boss Ghost - 195HP

		Have Bianca use Decrease and Surround. Let the Hero just 
		pound away. Boss Ghost likes to cast Sap, so have the Hero 
		counter with Upper (if you have it yet). He should go down 

	After beating him, he'll promise to restore the graves if you let him 
	live. You'll have to say yes. He'll disappear and Sophia and Eric 
	will appear and bring you to the balcony with their graves. They'll 
	thank you and leave behind the *GOLDEN ORB*.

	You'll have to leave the castle and walk back to Alcapa now.

Back at Alcapa, somehow everyone will know that you defeated the monster. In 
the morning, Bianca will confront the two boys for the cat. They give it to 
you since you did beat up the monster. Bianca will prompt you to pick a name 
for it. She'll give you four choices. Borongo (which I named him) is now a 
member of your party. You should purchase him some equipment before returning 
to the inn.

Talk to Papas and answer yes to return to Santa Rosa (Bianca will be leaving 
the party for a bit now, so make sure to take any items from her that you'd 
like to keep). Before you leave, Bianca will give you *BIANCA'S RIBBON*. 
She'll put it on Borongo for you.

| A4 : Bring Back the Spring |

After some talk about a letter for Papas, you will wake up in the morning. 
Papas is, again, busy and leaves you to wonder around. Feel free to talk to 
everyone in town. Don't forget to visit the drawf you saved in the cave. His 
house is the one in the mountain to the north. You'll find a *HANDWOVEN CAPE* 
in the drawer. Some people will be complaining about missing items.

In front of the church, you'll notice someone who looks remarkably similar to 
you. He'll ask to see the *GOLDEN ORB*, which you'll have to agree to. He'll 
give it back and tell you to take care of your father (interesting!).

Head to the inn and upstairs you'll find a ghost. Talk to her and she'll be 
very surprised that someone can see her. She'll ask you to meet her in the 
basement of Sancho's house later. So you might as well head there now.

In the basement, she'll tell you her name is Bella and she's the one who has 
been playing tricks on everyone. She'll want you to return with her to her 
country. She will disappear and a staircase will appear behind you. Take it 
all the way up and you'll be transported to Faerie Village.

As soon as you arrive, Bella will take you see Lady Powan. Powan will ask you 
if you would do her a favor (you have to say yes or you won't be able to 
leave the village). She wants you to get the stolen *FLUTE OF SPRING* back. 
Bella will join your party.

Take this time to search the village and talk to all the elves. There's a 
church under where you spoke to Powan if you want to save. Check the north 
pot next to the inn for a *HOLY WATER*. Inside the inn, you'll find a dwarf 
who's running a general store. I suggest buying the *STONE FANG* for Borongo. 
There's also an armor store to the right of the entrance where you should 
purchase some upgrades.

Before heading to the next destination, the Dwarves' Cave, you should level 
up Borongo a little. When you feel comfortable, exit Faerie Land and head far 
to the west.

Enter the Dwarves' Cave when you come to it.

	Dwarves' Cave

	Head south until you reach a sign, then turn west. Head north when 
	you can to find two chests with *100G* and *25G*.

	Continue south and take the small entrance to the right. You'll come 
	across a slime and a dwarf. Here you'll find out who stole the flute 
	and why. The dwarf will also give you a hint about the *THIEVES' 
	KEY*. Exit the dwarf's room and continue south (ignoring the path to 
	the right) until you find the stairs heading down.

	If you are interested in speaking to some guy who's looking for the 
	theives' key also, head down the stairs to your left. Otherwise, head 
	north (on the west side) and take the opening to the west, and go 
	down the stairs here.

	Take the second path from the top to the east to find a chest with an 
	*AGILITY SEED*. From the chest, turn back west and go south. Take the 
	first path east and take the stairs down here.

	On this floor, the door to the right is locked, so head north. In the 
	chest, you'll find the *SECRETS OF THE KEYS*. This is not an item, 
	but it will help you open the large door to the south. Inside the two 
	chests, you will find *120G* and a *LIFE ACORN*. That's all for the 
	Dwarves' Cave. Head back to Faerie Village now.

Back at Faerie Village, sleep at the inn and save your game. Your next 
destination is the Ice Mansion. Head north from Faerie Village until you hit 
some mountains. Then go west until you come across the Ice Mansion.

	Ice Mansion

	Before entering, head to the northwest corner on the ice. You find 
	an *INTELLIGENCE SEED* in a chest.

	Inside the front door, you'll find more ice. If you accidently fall 
	down the hole, just take the stairs back up. Make your way to the 
	other stairs going down first. The northeast chest is empty. The 
	northwest chest has *5G* and the southwest chest has a *WING OF 

	Go back upstairs and make your way to the stairs going up. Make your 
	way to the center of the room and talk to Zaile and you'll have to 
	fight him. He's pretty easy compared to the the next boss after him.

		Zaile - 160HP

		Zaile can cast RobMagic and Heal. He's pretty weak however, 
		and he'll go down quickly.

	After defeating him, the Snow Queen will appear. She'll be angry and 
	turn into a monster and attack you. This is the most difficult battle 
	so far.

		Snow Queen - 600HP

		Snow Queen has a variety of attacks such as Ice Breath and 
		Ice Bolt. She can cast spells such as Surround and Heal. Have 
		Bella cast decrease and have the Hero and Borongo attack. 
		Heal as necessary. 

	When the Snow Queen dies you'll receive a *WING OF WYVERN*. Speak to 
	Zaile and he'll take off to see his father. Open the two chests for a 
	*BOOMERANG* and the *FLUTE OF SPRING*. Now return to the Faerie 

Back at Faerie Village, give the Flute of Spring to Powan and after a promise 
to help you in the future, she will use the flute and you will be transported 
back to Santa Rosa.

| A5 : A Royal Kidnapping |

You'll be in the basement of Sancho's house. Go upstairs and Sancho will tell 
you that Papas was called to Reinhart. You were supposed to go to, but no one 
could find you. Sancho says if you hurry, maybe you can catch up to him.

Go to the church and you'll find Papas there (I guess he didn't leave quite 
yet). He'll tell you that you should do some praying before you leave, that 
is save your game. Do anything else you need to do in town and then meet 
Papas at the exit of the town. Then you will go to Reinhart.

Upon arrival, you will be taken straight to the king. The king will want to 
speak to Papas, and we will be left (yet again) to wonder around on our own. 
Search the castle and talk to everyone. You'll find an *ACORN OF MAGIC* in 
the drawers in the room above the priest. You may also notice a room full of 
chest that you can access later. Many people seem to be saying how horrible 
Prince Henry is. Once you've spoken to everyone in the castle, return to the 
thrown room and speak to king.

He wants you and Papas to watch Henry and be friends with him. Head to 
Henry's room and you'll meet Papas on the way. He tells you to go in and 
talk to Henry will he waits outside.

Talk to Henry and agree to be his goon. He'll tell you to get a badge from 
the chest in the room to the south. Do so, but the chest will be empty. When 
you return, Henry will be gone. Go talk to Papas and he'll come back to the 
room with you and Henry will be there. Go back to Henry's room again, and 
he'll tell you to get the badge again, and he'll disappear again. This time, 
search the area where Henry was standing and you'll find a staircase.

Downstairs, you'll find Henry. Suddenly, two men will come in and kidnap 
Henry. Follow them and watch them put Henry into a boat. Then return and tell 
Papas. He will tell you not to tell any about Henry being kidnapped. Then 
he'll tell you to follow him. Try to, but you'll lose him outside the castle, 
but at least you outside now. Take the time to search the town and talk to 
everyone. Also, purchase any equipement that you feel you need.

The little girl in town mentions something about a large cave to the 
northeast. Since that is all the information we're given, it seems like 
that's where we are going. Leave the castle and circle around the mountains 
to the north. Head east between the mountains and the water above you. Go 
south when you can and east when you can. Turn north again and pass the swamp. 
You'll see the cave to the north.

	Reinhart Cave

	Go straight through the first room. In the next room, you'll see 
	Papas fighting some monsters, but you can't get to him yet. Head 
	right and take the stairs down you come to. Head north through the 
	door and open the chest for *180G*. 

	Head back up the stairs and go up the stairs east over a small 
	bridge. Then head south and open the chest for an *ANTIDOTE HERB*. 
	From the chest, head north through the door. Here you'll find the men 
	that kidnapped Henry. They will tell you that the queen hired them.

	Exit the room and circle around it north, east and then south. You'll 
	see a chest with a *STRENGTH SEED*. Then take the stairs to the west, 
	and head north through the large door. In this room, just turn left 
	and go south through the door.

	Follow the path until you reach a door and Papas! You can watch him 
	beat the monsters quickly, and then he'll join your party. Now it's 
	time to save Henry. 

	Move forward onto the symbol on the ground and a door will open. On 
	the other side you'll find a boat. Take the boat west and then south 
	to a chest with the *MONSTER LURE*. Then head all the way north and 
	follow the water east to another chest of *ELVEN MEDICINE*. 

	From the chest, head east and north through the hole. You'll arrive 
	in the prison area. You'll automatically go and free Henry. When you 
	try to leave, three monsters will appear and Papas will attack them. 
	He'll tell you to take the boat and save Henry. Sail south and take 
	the southeast passage down. 

	Head all the way back to the entrance of the cave. If you stop to see 
	the kidnappers, you'll find them all unconcious. When you reach the 
	entrance, you will come across Gema. It is not possible to win this 
	fight at this time. So you might as well go down swinging.

	After beating you (and laughing a lot), Gema will leave you lying on 
	the floor. Papas will run in, and Gema will summon two monsters to 
	fight Papas. He beats them, but then Gema threatens your life. Papas 
	gives up and lets himself be beaten.

	As Papas lays on the floor, he'll tell you that your mother is still 
	alive, and that he wants you to try and find her. Gema will then kill 
	Papas. Suddenly he'll notice the *GOLDEN ORB* that you are carrying. 
	He'll take it and crush it into dust before he takes you and Henry 
	away, leaving Borongo alone. This is the end of the first generation.

| A6 : Ten Years Later |

You'll find that you are a slave now. There will be a guard yelling at you to 
move your rock. Wonder around and talk to the guards and the slaves. Then 
head up the stairs to the east and enter the door. Talk to everyone here. 
You'll run into Henry who will tell you he feels sorry about what happened.

Take the stairs in the northwest when you're finished. Talk to the guard here 
and then take the door to the south. You'll find some graves in the next 
room, and a prisoner in the one after that. Since there's nothing else to do, 
return to the temple roof. When you do, the guards will say that you're 
stopping work for the day. Then you'll wake up in a different part of the 

Talk to everyone here. You'll meet Maria (who is related to a guard you spoke 
to earlier). Go back to the other room, and a guard will enter and tell 
everyone it's time to work. Head to the roof of the temple. Some of the 
prisoners have different things to say. Then head to your original work area. 

You'll see that the guards are whipping Maria. Henry will rush to stop them, 
and since you're a good friend, you might want to help also. Remember that 
you don't have any weapons but the guards shouldn't be too difficult.

	Whip Man x2 - 65HP

	The whip men will use Herbs and occassionaly use a strange dance 
	which will lower your MP. Cast upper just in case, and then just 
	pound away. Gale is also a good option. Once you get one down, it 
	shouldn't be too difficult.

After you defeat them, more guards will come and eventually you will be put 
in jail. Just speak to Henry three times and Marina and her brother will 
arrive. He'll open your cell and help you to escape. In return, you have to 
take Maria with you. He'll hide you in a barrel in order to escape. 

You'll wake up in a nunnery on the coast. Search around and talk to everyone. 
Speak to Maria in the southeast corner, and she'll give you 1000g for helping 
her. Try to leave the nunnery and you will see Henry at the entrance. Speak 
to him twice to leave.

Head north from the nunnery and enter the town of Oracleberry. Henry is at 
level 1, so be careful and keep him alive. Once you get to town, you can 
outfit him with some equipment. 

Look around the town. There's a *DEFENSE SEED* in the drawers above the armor 
shop. Go down the stairs in the southwest corner of the town. Inside the pots 
you'll find a *MONSTER LURE* and a *POT LID*. This room belongs to the 
Monster Man. When you can recruit monsters, they will come and stay here. In 
the casino, check the drawers in the dressing room for a *SILVER TIARA* and 

You might have noticed that on the map, the day changes from day to night. In 
Oracleberry, it is essential to search the town during both times. During the 
night, in the northwest corner of town, you'll find a man selling a caravan. 
Buy it for 300g. Now you'll be able to recruit monsters and keep them in the 
caravan. There is also a casino in the center of town. Putting some time into 
the casino could be very beneficial (ie. king metal sword and gringham whip, 
both excellent items).

Now that you can recruit monsters, you may want to  wonder around and catch a 
few. Taking the time to level them up and equip them is advised.

When your trip to Oracleberry is complete, take the Fortune Tellers advice 
and head north and a bit west from the town. You will soon come across Santa 

| A7 : Returning Home |

Santa Rosa has seemed to have suffered since you were last here. You'll hear 
something about Reinhart's soldiers blaming Papas for the loss of their 
prince. Head northwest and you'll find an *INTELLIGENCE SEED* in the pot in 
the corner house. Behind it, speak to the old man. He tell you that Papas 
left something of value in the cave.

	Santa Rosa Cave

	All the old sections of this cave are the same as before. Let's just 
	skip them and head to the new part. Take the boat and follow the 
	water until you reach a set of stairs going down. Take the second set 
	down also.

	On this floor, walk north, west, north until you hit a 
	T-intersection. Turn east here and go north to find a chest with 
	*850G*. The return to the main path, and this time head west. Then 
	turn north and take the stairs down here. 

	Head west and north and east to a set of stairs going up. Move east 
	and north to small open area. What you want to do here is walk around 
	and 'break' the ground beneath you (corresponding to the floor one 
	level down). You don't have to break it all. Just enough to be able 
	to access the chest and the stairs. When your finished head north and 
	downstairs to retrieve the *LAMP OF DARKNESS*. This will change day 
	into night. Then take the stairs to the east down another floor.

	Move all the way west. Then south and take your first turn east. 
	You'll be back in the center. Head all the way south, and turn north 
	and down the stairs here. 

	You'll be in a little room. Check the pots for a *STRENGTH SEED* and 
	the drawers for a *LEATHER LOINCLOTH*. Behind the door, you'll find 
	the *ZENITHIAN SWORD* and *PAPAS' LETTER*. The letter will explain 
	your mother's kidnapping and what will now be your new quest. Leave 
	the cave (or cast outside).

Back in Santa Rosa, go to the church and speak with the nun. She'll tell you 
that we should head to Alcapa. Leave Santa Rosa and head west to Alcapa.

| A8 : The True Empress |

In Alcapa, speak to everyone. Stop off in the armor and weapon shops to 
upgrade your equipment. In the northwest corner of the town, you'll find a 
bar. Talk to the bunny girl and answer no. She'll let you talk to her father 
in the back. Search the pots for the *SMALL MEDAL*. 

Spend a night at the inn. Henry will wake you up in the middle of the night. 
He'll speak of Reinhart. The next morning, leave Alcapa and head all the way 
east to cross the river you come to. Head north after the cross to come to 

Reinhart has fullen on difficult times as well. Enter the castle, and Henry 
will tell you to keep his royalty a secret. Search around (for what little 
you can), and try to leave. Henry will mention the secret passage that was 
used in the past.

Leave the castle, and turn east to follow the right side of the castle up to 
where the secret passage and the boat were in the past. Get in the boat, and 
sail south. Turn west and then north under the drawbridge to find a secret 

Move north onto the pedestal to examine it. You'll find a button of sorts. 
Press it and a door will open to the north. On the other side, head east and 
south to a set of stairs.

Go west past the first hole to the north, and take the second passage north 
to find two chests with the *STEEL FANG* and the *SHELL HAT*. Now return and 
take the first path to north that you just passed. On the next screen, just 
follow the path past the first three cells until you come to the fourth. Here 
you'll find the Queen has been imprisoned. Keep going south to the stairs at 
the end going up.

Follow the path here and you'll notice that you're on the other side of the 
original door you passed by earlier. Stepping on the symbol on the ground 
will open it. Head up the stairs and you'll find yourself in the castle. 

You'll be attacked by a couple dragon pups, but they are average monsters, so 
just kill them quickly. Go north through the first door into the castle 
kitchen. Here's the time to search around and speak to everyone. 

Eventually talk to the king, Dale, and he'll give you *REINHART KEY*. Now you 
can go through some doors that you couldn't before. If you remember the first 
time through this castle, you might have noticed a room with three chests 
that you couldn't get in before. Go there if you like and collect the 
*1200g*, *ACORN OF LIFE* and the *HALF PLATE ARMOR* Head to the kitchen and 
then exit south to the outside. Go through the other northern door, and 
continue north the the next door in front of you. The pot in this room will 
give you a *SMALL MEDAL*. 

Downstairs you'll see a warp. Take it and you'll end up back around the 
nunnery. Head north, over the bridge and west to the nunnery. Upon arrival, 
speak to the nun by the organ, and Maria will join your party. You'll need 
her to enter the south tower.

Make your way back to the warp point. The tower is to the south of that. Make 
sure your party is all leveled up and equiped properly.

	South Tower

	Try to open the door, and Maria will do it for you. Inside, take the 
	stairs to northeast up to the 2nd floor. Head south to a chest with 
	*650G*. Then return to the stairs and turn west and south across the 
	path (be careful not to fall). Take the stairs here. 

	Straight up, you will find stairs going up. Take them if you'd like 
	to get a *MAGIC WATER*. If you head up the middle to the north, 
	you'll come across two chests with a *SCALE SHIELD* and a *ACORN OF 
	MAGIC*. Head west after this and take these stairs up to the next 

	Just follow the path on this floor to the next set of stairs going up. 
	On the top you'll notice a gap in the path. Just take the left most 
	line over the path to find the *MIRROR OF RA*. Cast outside and 
	return to Reinhart.

Just head to the warp which is north of the Tower. Back at Reinhart, head to 
the throne room and the chancelor will tell you that there are two empresses. 
Go upstairs to help them solve this problem. Confront the empresses and use 
the *MIRROR OF RA* on them. The one on the left is the monster.

	Imposter - 350HP

	The Imposter is not an incredibly hard fight. Have the Hero pound 
	away as usual. Henry can cast surround. The Imposter can summon Trick 
	Bags. They can't really hurt you too much, but they can seal your 
	magic. The Imposter can attack with two different fire attacks also. 
	I suggest using a third party party for healing.

After defeating the false empress, you'll wake up the next day in the throne 
room. Henry will be leaving your party now in order to help his brother Dale 
be king. Talk to everyone here. Henry will mention that boats can use Vista 
Port again. He'll also tell you that all his equipment was sent to the 
depository in Oracleberry (just in case you weren't aware of it already).

Before departing for Vista Port, you should head to Oracleberry to organize 
your party and equipment. Then head to the port on the coast.

| A9 : A Reunion |

After boarding the boat, you will be taken to Port Selmi. Here's a whole new 
town to explore. Check the drawers in the lighthouse for a *SMALL MEDAL*. 
Also, search the flowers around the church for another *SMALL MEDAL* (the 
east side) and *100G* (the west side). When you're ready, enter the inn and 
walk to the right side. You'll see a peasant being bothered by to bandits. It 
looks like you'll have to save the day.

	Badit Wolf x2 - 40HP

	These are just normal monsters. You shouldn't have any problems with 

After winning, the peasant will tell you about the problems in his village 
and ask for your help. He'll give you half the money they raised and tell 
you that his village, Kabochi, is way to the south. 

Walk north on the stage to get to the back room. Check the drawers to find a 
*SILK APRON*. Going upstairs and look in the pot in the west room for *50G*. 
Now there's nothing else to do here. Feel free to save your game and sleep at 
the inn. Then head south to Kabochi.

Upon entering, it will be night. You'll see a shadow in the fields which will 
run away. Enter the inn to the north and spend the night. In the morning, go 
around and chat with the inhabitants. Walk by the water and move the plate on 
the ground. Open the chest here for an *ARMBAND OF SACRIFICE*. You can find a 
*STRENGTH SEED* in a pot in one of the houses, and a *LEATHER HAT* in a 
barrel in a barn. 

In the house with the horses outside, you'll come across the village elder 
and the man you met at Port Selmi. They'll thank you for coming. Upstairs, 
look in the pots for a *SMALL MEDAL* and a *MAGIC WATER*. Finally, enter the 
door in the grass to the north. Here's a general store and a church. Search 
in the top left corner of this room to find another *SMALL MEDAL*. 

That's all for Kabochi right now. The elder mentioned something about the 
west, so let's head in that direction to find the monster. Exit the town and 
follow the mountains west until you come across a cave. (make sure you have 
Bianca's Ribbon in your inventory).

	Kabochi Cave

	Enter the cave and head east, ignoring the path south. Turn south 
	when you hit the intersection. You'll see a skeleton and the remains 
	of a campfire to the south. Search above the skeleton for a *SMALL 
	MEDAL*. Then go west to a chest with a *STONE AXE*. Return the way 
	you came and go south to the stairs.

	On this floor, head west over two bridges, then north and east across 
	another bridge to find a man. Speak to him and you'll surprise him. 
	He'll fall down the hole, and you should follow him down. Speak to 
	him again (and again) to get some information about a horrible 
	monster down here. 

	To the south, there's a chest with an *IRON HELM* inside. Pick it up 
	and go back north to the stairs going up. Move south back to the 
	original stairs. Then keep going south and turn west to find a chest. 
	This is a Man-Eater Chest.

		Man-Eater Chest - 90HP

		It can be dangerous at times. Don't fight it unless you want 
		to. They can drop small medals though, so it might be worth 
		your while. They can cast Beat, which is might kill a member 
		instantly. Other than that, they aren't very powerful. 

	On a side note, you can keep fighting Man-Eater Chests to keep 
	getting small medals. Just leave the room and return to fight it 
	again. If you kill it with a critical strike, it will not drop any 
	more medals however.

	When you are finished, go east and then north to a set of stairs. 
	Enter the room and you'll find a Killer Panther. Could this be 
	Borongo? Engage in battle and have the Hero use Bianca's Ribbon. 
	Borongo will realize who you are and join your party. 

	Examine the sword that Borongo was protecting and you notice that 
	it's *PAPAS'SWORD*. Now exit the cave and return to Kabochi.

When everyone sees you with Borongo, they assume that you were behind the 
monster attacking their village in the first place. Go and collect your 
reward from the elder. You're finished with Kabochi, so make your way back to 
Port Selmi.

Enter the inn at night and speak to the patrons. Someone will talk about 
Papas, and another will comment on magic that makes it easier to travel. We 
have nothing else to do, so we might as well search for this magic. Leave 
Port Selmi and head west to Ruraphin.

| A10 : The Magic to Return |

Upon entering Ruraphin, go to the inn. Upstairs you'll find a *SMALL MEDAL* 
in one of the pots here. In the bar, if you go upstairs and then back down 
the other stairs, check the barrels for a *WING OF WYVERN*. Outside the bar, 
go east and head to a small pit area. In the pots here, there is a *SMALL 
MEDAL* and an *AGILITY SEED*. From the entrance to the bar and turn west. 
Follow the path north around the back of the bar until you come to the other 
section of this town. 

The house to the southeast is a weapon shop during the day and an armor shop 
at night. The other house is the one we're looking for. Look in the pots here 
for a *MEDICAL HERB* and the barrels for a *MAGIC WATER*. Speak to the old 
man and agree to help him with his experiment. Then follow him upstairs. 
He'll ask you to get you the Rura Moon Herb. He'll show you on a map where it 

Now use the *LAMP OF DARKNESS* and re-enter the town at night. Upstairs 
insidethe bar, search the barrels for an *ACORN OF MAGIC*. You also might 
want to stop by the armor shop. It does stock some nice items. When you're 
finished, get everything ready and head west to find the herbs.

Head north up the stairs, west over the bridge, and south down the stairs. It 
has to be night in order for you to see the glowing herbs. Head all the way 
south from the stairs and you'll see the glowing herbs. Pick some and return 
to Ruraphin. 

Upon return, take the herbs to Bennet and he will give you the Return spell 
(about time). Now you should travel south of Ruraphin to search more. 
However, you can return to Oracleberry first in order to purchase the 
*WAYFARER'S MAP* from the same dwarf we bought the caravan from (it has to be 
night time). 

| A11 : The Ring of Fire |

South of Ruraphin, you'll come across a small hut. Search the well here for a 
*SMALL MEDAL*. One of the people here will mention something about Henry 
getting married. Leave the hut and move south to a cave.

Go east and south when you can to find a soldier. He's been sent to find you 
by Henry. Cast Return to go back to Reinhart. Enter and go and speak to Dale. 
He'll give you a hint on where to find the *ZENITHIAN SHIELD*. 

Go upstairs and talk to Henry. He's getting married to Maria. Nothing else to 
do here, so return to Ruraphin and head south again to that cave where we met
the soldier.

From the stairs, head east and then south. In the next room, go southeast to 
a chest with a *SMALL MEDAL*. Return and head west and south to a set of 
stairs. Outside, turn west, cross a bridge, and you'll come across Salabona. 

When you enter the town, you will end up catching a dog for a little girl. 
After that, search around the town. In the house south of the entrance, 
there is a *SMALL MEDAL* in the drawers. In the inn, you can find an *IRON 
SHIELD* in the drawers. The house in the southwest area of town has an 
*INTELLIGENT SEED* in the drawers. 

Now you should enter the mansion and speak to the men in line. As you have 
probably learned, Ludman is looking for someone to marry his daughter. In 
order to do so, Ludman wants the man to bring him the fire and water rings. 
Whoever does can marry his daughter (or more importantly, get the family 
shield). Before leaving, head upstairs and find the *SILVER BARRETTE* in the 

It's time to go to the Volcano to find the *RING OF FIRE*. You might need to 
level up for a while before attempting this place. 

To find the Volcano, cross the bridges to the west. Then head south and east 
around the mountains before turning north. 


	Once inside, move west from the stairs. Turn south on the second 
	bridge you come to. Take this path all the way down to a chest with 
	*450G*. Then return north and into the next room where you will loop 
	around the lava and come back south. 

	Continue to follow this path south and east (taking the southern path 
	when you come to a fork). Take the stairs going down when you come to 

	On this floor, head east and north to fight a Man-Eater Chest. Back 
	east, you can step down onto the lava and walk to the chest to get 
	the *STAFF OF ANTIMAGIC*. From the Man-Eater chest, head south all 
	the way, east, and north. Turn east when you can for a chest with an 

	From here, take the northwestern path up to a set of stairs going 

	On this floor, there is a lot of lava on the ground (use Stepguard if 
	you have it). The northeastern path has a *DEFENSE SEED* in a chest. 
	Return to the main path. Move west and then north along to the second 
	opening to the west. Take it and go south over the lava for *1500G*. 

	Now take the middle lava path going north. On the next screen take 
	the lower-right path to a healing fountain. Then return the way you 
	came and take the upper-right path to stairs going down. 

	Here just head north to find the *RING OF FIRE*. Before you can get 
	it, you'll be attacked by three Lava Savages.

		Lava Savage x3 - 400HP

		This is a pretty difficult fight. Each Lava Savage can 
		breathe fire that hurts your whole party. If you stayed at 
		the casino long enough to get a Metal King Sword, it 
		shouldn't be too hard.

	Now you'll get the *RING OF FIRE*. Cast Outside and return to 

Back at Salabona, go and talk to Ludman. He'll give you authorization to use 
his boat to find the *RING OF WATER*. Leave the town and get in the boat. 
Head north until you find a gate blocking your way. Get off the boat and 
head northeast to Mountain Village.

| A12 : The Ring of Water |

In the nameless Mountain Village, go west over the field to find a door in 
the grass. Inside look in the pot for a *STRENGTH SEED*. The east pot is a 
Demon Jar if you feel like a fight. Search downstairs in the inn to find a 
*SMALL MEDAL* in the barrels here. Upstairs, you'll find a *MEDICAL HERB* in 
the drawers. Outside, search the right grave to find another *SMALL MEDAL*. 

Enter the house to the north, and Duncan will be sick in bed. Talk to him and 
Bianca will return from her mother's grave. You'll spend the night talking to 
her about your adventures. In the morning, Bianca will eventually ask you if 
she can join your party. Answer yes (since we do need her to open the gate 
for us).

From the gate, sail northeast to find a river going north. Take the river to
a cave under a waterfall (you may have noticed this earlier in the game). 

	Waterfall Cave

	Inside, take the path south to stairs going down. On the next floor, 
	go north and east around the water, then south to stairs going down. 
	Here ignore the path north, and just go west to more stairs down. 

	Go south until you end up on a bridge heading east. Enter the next 
	cave door you come to. In this room, you can walk on the lighter 
	parts of the water. Follow the path to the north side of the room, 
	and then head west. You'll see a hole in the ground which you should 
	fall into. 

	Head south out the exit, and the east to the chest for a *ROBE OF 
	SERENITY*. Retrace your steps back and fall down the hole. Ignore the 
	stairs in this room and instead go north and east to stairs going 

	From the stairs, go all the way south and out the exit. Now go west 
	(you can cross the water), and south down the stairs. Go east first, 
	up the stairs here and down a floor to a chest with an *ELVEN 
	MEDICINE*. Head back to the first stairs and go north over the water 
	and east under the waterfall to a chest with a *1200G*. Then enter 
	the door to the north. 

	Here is the *RING OF WATER*. Pick it up (without a boss fight), and 
	cast outside and return to Salabona. 

Back at Salabona, go and speak to Ludman. He'll tell you that you'll have to 
make a choice between marrying Flora (his daughter) or Bianca. You'll have 
the night to decide. 

During the night, you won't be able to sleep. Leave the inn and go and talk 
to everyone. Bianca will tell you to marry Flora. Ludman says that he'll pay 
for the wedding no matter who you choose. Finally, head back to the inn and 
sleep until next morning. 

You'll be called to the mansion. Now you'll have to decide who you want to 
marry. You can actually pick either one (I personally chose Bianca), but it 
doesn't matter (besides some minor story details). 

Ludman will tell you that you have to go pick up the *SILK VEIL* for your 
wife. It is in the Mountain Village (which is just to the north by boat). 
Head there and grab the veil then return to Salabona. 

Head to Ludman's second house (surrounded by water). Give the veil to the 
women of your choice. Then escort your bride to the church for the ceremony. 

The next morning, return to Ludman's mansion. He'll let you collect the 
contents of the two chests, *2000G* and the *ZENITHIAN SHIELD*. Whichever 
girl you pick will be able to join your party. 

| A13 : A Desert and a Mountain |

Ludman mentioned that you now have access to his ship. Go to Port Selmi and 
talk to the man standing in front of the ship on the docks (you might 
remember seeing him before). He'll also tell you that you should stop by the 
tavern first. 

Everyone seems to be talking about a great desert to the south. It looks like 
that is where we are headed. Jump into your ship and sail south to find the 
desert. You should have the *WAYFARER'S MAP* by now if you can't find your 
way. You'll pass an island to your right that is surrounded by mountains. 
Keep going south and you'll find the desert. 

Before landing on the desert, follow it's coast to the east and you'll find 
another island. This is the home of the Medal King. Here you can purchase 
some nice items for all the medals you collect. This island also has some 
good monsters for you to recruit. 

In the desert, there is an oasis in the southeastern corner. Check the pot 
for a *SMALL MEDAL*. From the oasis, head west to the castle of Telepador.

Search around and speak to everyone. Downstairs in the weapons shop, there 
is a *WING OF WYVERN* in the pot. Inside the castle, search the pots in the 
kitchen for a *DEFENSE SEED* and a mad pot (the east one). Downstairs, look 
in the well for a *SMALL MEDAL*. You will also find the queen, Isis, down 

Speak to her and she'll take you to the *ZENITHIAN HELM*. You'll try to equip 
it but it won't fit. Return to the downstairs floor and speak to Isis again. 
She'll tell you to head east to Granvania. Jump in your boat and sail east 
until you hit a large continent. 

You'll come across Ned's Inn. Feel free to sleep and save your game here 
before venturing north (over the marsh) to the mountain cave. 

	Mountain Cave

	The path is pretty straightforward. When you come to a fork in the 
	path, take the northeastern stairs to a chest with *550G*. Just 
	return to the main path and take the west stairs to continue on. 

	When you have the option to go north or south, take the northern 
	stairs. Follow the path to a chest with a *RING OF PRAYER*. Then go 
	down the stairs here. Search the pots here. The left one is a *SMALL 
	MEDAL*, and the right is a Mad Pot. Down another set of stairs is a 
	woman who will let you sleep for the night. During the night, your 
	wife will wake you up. When you try to move, you can't. The woman 
	will come and say she casted a spell on you. She also sharpened your 
	sword (which adds some strength points).

	Return to where you had the choice of going north or south. This time 
	take the south stairs to another chest with a *SMALL MEDAL*. Next, 
	head north and east to the cave opening. 

	First go all the way west to a chest with a *SMALL MEDAL*. Then move 
	north, east and north through the opening and up the stairs. On this 
	floor, head south from the stairs and east onto the next level. Go 
	north and circle around to the east and take the stairs up to another 

	Now you are going south, past a wondering priest, to the exit to find 
	the town of Chizod. 

As you enter, your wife will stop and faint. You'll carry her into the inn to 
rest. In the morning, she will be fine. Search the town and speak to the 
people. You can find a *MONSTER LURE* in a barrel in the inn. If you walk 
under the building to the east of the inn, you can find a *FIGHTER'S HAIR* 
in a pot, and a *SMALL MEDAL* in a barrel. When you are finished looking 
around the town, cross the bridge and enter the cave. 

	Mountain Cave Continued

	Head down the two sets of stairs. To the east, you can find a Mimic 
	chest (which drop small medals every time, so they are worth the 
	fight) and a chest with *1500G* (to the left). Return to the stairs 
	and take the southwest path to a *SMALL MEDAL*. Then go back and 
	move along the southeast path. Exit and fall down to a different 

	Enter the door on the ledge here. Head all the way west and south 
	again to fall next to a chest with *ROGUE ARMOR* (which is cursed) 
	in side. Now head through the door and down the stairs. 

	On this floor, go north first to a chest containing a *LEAF OF THE 
	WORLD TREE*. Return and move east to find two chests with a Mimic 
	and a *SMALL MEDAL*. Now go south and west and out the hole to find 
	another *SMALL MEDAL*. 

	Back inside, head all the way east and down the stairs. Here is a 
	chest with *270G*. Exit south and then enter the next door. Go west 
	and take the stairs here. 

	On this floor, head south if you want to speak to a bard that talks 
	about Sancho. The stairs to the west will take you to a chest with a 
	*BOMB STONE*. Back upstairs, go east and down the stairs. Continue 
	going down until you come across a chest to the south. Pick up the 
	*1600G* and then take the stairs going up. 

	Keep going up and find a chest with another Mimic. Up again, and 
	there will be two chests with a Man-Eater and a *WING OF WYVERN* 
	(north chest). Ignore the stairs going up, and instead return down 
	the stairs to the floor with three holes in the ground. Fall into 
	the center hole here. 

	Now exit to the south and fall to the ground. Here's another chest 
	with a *STONE OF LIFE*. North through the door is an *AGILITY SEED* 
	and a Man-Eater. To the west is an exit south. Granvania is a short 
	walk to the north. 

| A14 : Trials of Royalty |

Inside the castle, search some drawers for a *SMALL MEDAL*. Behind the item 
shop you can grab an *INTELLIGENCE SEED*. To the west of the church, there's 
a room full of pots. Search them for the *STRENGTH SEED* and a *SMALL MEDAL*. 
To the east of the church, there is a secret room. Walk east under the stairs. 
You will find three chests with a *HAT OF HAPPINESS*, a *RING OF PRAYER* and 

To the east of the castle (before entering) you can find Sancho's house. 
Search the pot for an *ACORN OF LIFE*. The drawers are hiding *BOXER SHORTS*. 
Go in and speak to him (yet before you do, make sure to take any items that 
you want to keep from your wife). He'll eventually take you to see the king. 
Your wife will faint again while you are talking to him. It turns out that 
you are going to be a father soon. Bianca will now leave your party. Search 
the drawers in here for a *STONE OF LIFE* and a *LACE BISUCHE*. Also on this 
floor, another set of drawers will give you a *DEFENSE SEED*. 

When you head downstairs, the king will want to talk to you. He'll tell you 
that he wants you to become king. However, you'll have to go east the the 
Cave of Trials first and bring back the *SYMBOL OF ROYALTY*. Leave the castle 
and go east across the bridge and then north to find the cave. 

	Cave of Trials

	Upon entering, go through the door on the far right and then back 
	through the same door. Now go through the second door on the left and 
	back through it again. Now move south to a set of stairs. 

	On this floor, head all the way north to find a *SMALL MEDAL*. Return 
	to the main path and go west to a door. Move the rock to the south so 
	it lines up with the latch on the door. Go and open the door and the 
	water will push you into the rock. Then go north for the chest with a 

	Go north through the door and take the stairs down. On the next 
	floor, step on the tile to the left and stairs will appear. Here you 
	will see a row of pillars in front of you. One of them is broken. 
	Search it to find a hidden switch. A tile will appear. Go and step 
	on it to make a bridge appear. 

	Walk all the way north and pick up the *SYMBOL OF ROYALTY*. When you 
	try to leave, you'll be attacked. 

		Kandar - 	600HP 
		Shield Hippo -  88HP

		This should not be a difficult battle for you. Shield Hippo 
		will sometimes block your attacks, but that is about it. 
		Kandarcan cast Healmore on occasion. If you've been leveling 
		up well, they should go down quickly.

	You won't be able to cast Outside, so walk back through the cave to 
	the floor with the four doors. Now you'll have to cast Outside and 
	head back to Granvania.

Back in Granvania, speak to the king. Soon someone will come to tell you that 
your wife is in labor. You will be led upstairs to her. You'll then be told 
to wait downstairs. Go down and speak to everyone. Then you'll hear that you 
now have a son and a daughter. Upstairs you'll have to name your children. 
Your wife will then go to sleep. 

In the morning, head downstairs for the ceremony. First, you have to sit on 
the throne. Then you're told to go and see your subjects. After partying all 
day, you will find yourself alone at night in the church. 

Head up to your room. Search the bed and you'll find the mid-wife with your 
children and your wife missing. Sancho will arrive. The next morning, there 
will be a meeting. Soldiers are already looking for the queen. The chancellor 
is missing also. Go to his room to the northeast to find the *FLYING SHOES*. 

Using the shoes will transport you out of the castle.

| A15 : The Demon Tower |

You'll end up near a small inn with a church on top. Saving here would be a 
good idea. Now make your way north to the tower. 

	Demon Tower

	Go through the door to the right first and head up the stairs. Go 
	west to the tile. You'll have to fight a Leaonar first (just a 
	normal monster). The tile will warp you to a different part in the 

	Search the jars here. The right is a Mad Pot, the left is a *SMALL 
	MEDAL*. The chests have a *WIZARD'S ROBE* and a *STRENGTH SEED*. Then 
	fight the monsters here, and step on one of the tiles.

	Take the stairs to your right up. Here, make your way to the chest 
	through the spikes for an *ARMBAND OF SACRIFICE*. Then take the 
	stairs to the right up to the next floor. 

	From the stairs, go east and north to a set of stairs. Go up as far 
	as you can and exit out the door to the south. Take the stairs down 
	to three chests with a Mimic (east), *880G* and *MAGIC WATER*. 
	Return to the spike room and take the stairs to the left this time. 

	On this floor, follow the path across the hole and around to the 
	stairs. Go out the south exit for a *ZOMBIE MAIL*. Return and take 
	the stairs up. Now head outside, across the ledge, and back inside 
	again. Take the stairs up.

	On this floor, move north and try to avoid the flames from the 
	dragons on the walls. Go up the stairs to the right. Now head west 
	and south to two chests with a *LEAF OF THE WORLD TREE* and a *SMALL 

	Now, push some rocks down the hole in the middle that you already 
	passed. Three should be okay. Go back down the stairs you just took 
	and go west.

	You'll want to push the rocks to the west in order to block the 
	flames from the dragons in order to pass. Go up the stairs to the 
	south. Go up the next set of stairs also. 

	Ignore the door going outside and take yet another set of stairs up. 
	Try to push the switch and you'll be attacked. Move the switch and 
	step on the tile to be transported somewhere else. 

	In this small room, check the pot for a *SMALL MEDAL*. The chest on 
	the right is a Mimic, and the left has a *WING OF WYVERN*. Hit the 
	switch before you step on the tile again. Go back down a set of 
	stairs and go outside. 

	Head across the platform and up the stairs. You'll come across the 
	chancellor lying on the ground. He'll die when you speak to him. Take 
	the stairs up.

	Talk to the orc on the throne. 

		Orc Lv. 20 - 950HP

		Other than casting decrease, he's really not that hard. He 
		does have a lot of HP, so keep pounding away. Feel free to 
		counter his Decrease with an Increase to keep your defense 
		up. When you defeat him, move west.

	Talk to the Wyvern here for another fight. 

		Wyvern Lv. 35 - 800HP

		He's got less HP than the Orc, but a lot more spells. He can 
		cast Firebane and Snowblast as well as breath Flaming Breath. 
		He will also use Healmore on occasion. Keep your HP up and 
		keep hitting away.

	Head back east a little and north down the stairs here. Speak to your 
	wife to learn about the kidnapping plot. Then you'll have to fight 
	Jahmi. This is the real boss fight. 

		Jahmi - 820HP

		Jahmi can cast Blazemore and Aerocross. He will also breath 
		Blizzards. At the beginning of the fight, you won't be able 
		to hit him. Just try to keep your HP up and eventually he'll 
		tell you that he's invincible. Your wife will then destroy 
		his barrier making him beatable. Now you can really fight.

	After defeating him, Jahmi will mention that the blood of the 
	Legendary Hero is in your wife. He'll say that she will eventually 
	give birth to the Hero. In order to stop this from happening 
	(although it's already to late), he'll turn you both into stone. 
	This is the end of the second generation.

| A16 : Odds and Ends |

There will be a lot of scenes where you will be sold and separated from your 
wife. You'll be sold to a man who puts you in his front yard. After years of 
sitting there, finally Sancho and your son and daughter will come and rescue 
you. They will turn you back into a real person. Then you will return to 

In Granvania, your son and daughter will join your party as you try to go 
downstairs. Speak to the chancellor (the old king) and to Sancho. Sancho will 
join the party also. Behind the inn, you'll find Pippin. Both of these 
characters can be picked up by speaking to Ruida.

Now that we are in the third generation, there are a few things we should do 
before moving on. First, your son, the Legendary Hero, needs to fully equip 
himself with the Legendary Equipment. Head to Telepador for the helm.

Speak to the queen downstairs, and then follow her to where the helm is. Sid 
will try it on and it will fit him perfectly. Now you should head to Reinhart 

Go upstairs and speak to Henry. He has a son now, Collins. Collins will take 
your son or daughter away for a tour. Go to Henry's old room and search the 
stool to find Collins hiding from your children. A servant will arrive and 
take him away. Head back upstairs and speak to Collins again. He'll give you 
the *HAT OF WIND*. 

Exit the castle, but before leaving the town head to the west of the castle. 
You'll come across a man with a chest. He'll attack you.

	Kandar Henchman - 500HP

	He can cast Sleep on you, but other than that, it's a pretty easy 
	fight. He actually has less HP than the Kandar you fought in the 

Inside the chest, you'll find the *DEMON ARMOR* (which is cursed). Now travel 
to Mountain Village. Behind Duncan's house is another Kandar Henchman. Attack 
him and pick up the *SILK BUSCHE* from the chest. 

| A17 : Some Magic Items |

From Oracleberry, sail east until you hit land. Follow it around to the south, 
east and then north until you come to a cave on the coast. Sail your ship 
right into it.

	Water Cave

	Follow the path from the entrance and turn north when you can. Get 
	off your boat and walk north and west to find a chest with a *SATAN 
	HELM*. Return to your boat and move east and then north. At this 
	intersection go east and north to a chest with a *SMALL MEDAL*. 

	From the chest, keep heading east. Follow the water under a bridge. 
	When it opens up, to the north is a door that you can't get through 
	yet, so go south and exit the cave.

Outside, follow the river south to find the town of El Heven. Search the town 
and speak to everyone. In a pot, you'll find a *DEFENSE SEED* and a *SMALL 

At the entrance of the town, walk al the way to the west. Then turn north and 
follow the path up to a chest with a *MAGIC KEY*. Return to the entrance. 
This time, walk under the the town directly west of the front door. Turn east 
and south at the inn. Go south until you see a man near a fire. Here go 
north along the east edge of town to a pond and a set of stairs. Downstairs, 
you'll find the *MAGIC CARPET*. 

Now that you possess the *MAGIC KEY* there are a few things that you can pick 
up. First, head back to Port Selmi by casting Return. 

In Port Selmi, go into the inn and walk up the stage to the area in the back. 
On the eastern side is the door. Up the stairs you'll find a *THORN WHIP* and 

In Alcapa, go to the northwest house and speak to the woman behind the 
counter. Tell her no and she'll let you pass the counter into the back room. 
Go and open the door here for two chests with *15G* and a *STONE FANG*. 

Finally, return to Granvania and head up to the second floor. On the west 
side, you'll find two chests with *3000G* and a *METEORITE ARMBAND*. 

Before we can take our new carpet for a ride, there's one more thing we 
should do. This can be done later since the boss you will have to fight is 
extremely difficult. If you choose to do this later, skip the Emblem cave 
and complete that part of the walkthrough later. Head to Salabona. Go 
upstairs in Ludman's house and speak to him. He'll want you to go to an 
island in the northwest. Jump on your carpet and fly there. There is a 
shrine there. Go inside and look at the jar. If the jar is red, go back and 
tell him. 

When you arrive back at Salabona, a guard will tell you that Ludman is 
waiting for you on the tower. Don't go to the top of the tower until you are 
ready. There's a pretty hard boss fight coming up. At the top of the tower, 
Ludman will ask you to stay and keep watch. As soon as he leaves...

	Buorn - 4500HP

	You might have noticed that Buorn has a large amount of HP. It will 
	take a while to bring him down. He can cast Upper, so make sure that 
	someone in your party can counter that with Decrease. He will also 
	summon Thunder storms and breath Raging Flames. Someone casting 
	Barrier can half the damage from the flames. Hit him with everything 
	you've got and eventually he'll go down. After defeating him, you'll 
	get a chest with the *FINAL KEY*. 

Now that you have the *FINAL KEY*, return to Oracleberry. In the north part 
of town, you'll find some stairs that lead to the prison. Open the middle 
cell and the prisoner will tell you to search the chair. Search it for a 
*SMALL MEDAL*. Now go to the Medal King's Castle. 

Inside, open the cell door to reach the three chests. Two are *SMALL MEDALS* 
and the other is a *GOLDEN TIARA*.

| A18 : A Cloak and a Staff |

North and slightly west of Santa Rosa is the Emblem Cave. Get on your carpet 
and fly there. Head inside. 

	Emblem Cave

	Open the door and read the sign, but don't move the tile. Moving the 
	tile would reveal a monster's face, and then there would be random 
	battles. Go north and down the stairs. 

	To the south, you'll find the tile that you can move to cover the 
	face near the stairs. Then move north and down the stairs.

	On this floor, you'll see the tile to the south. Move it up, left, 
	down, right and down into the southwest room to cover the face. The 
	second  path on the left to the south has a *SMALL MEDAL*. The third 
	path to the south has a *ELVEN AMULET*. Take the southeastern path 
	now and go down the stairs here. 

	On this floor, the first path to the east has a *DEMON HAMMER* 
	waiting for you. All the way to the north, you'll find a room with 
	four faces on the ground. You'll have to cover all the faces. From 
	the first room, head west and you'll find a tile to the north. Push 
	it north and into opening with another tile directly south of it. 
	Cover a face and return south to push the second tile up two cover a 
	second face. 

	Return to where you picked up the first tile (the room directly west 
	of the stairs). Head south through the opening here for the third 
	tile. Push it all the way up to the north and cover another face. 
	One more to go. 

	The last tile is west of the faces room. Go west and north to find 
	the final tile. Push it back and cover the last face. The monsters 
	will disappear and the *ROYAL CLOAK* will appear. Now leave the cave. 

Take your carpet and fly to the large middle continent. On the southern end, 
you will find a large tower. Enter the Sky Tower. 

	Sky Tower

	Move north and enter the tower. On the first floor, go to the 
	northeast corner and up the stairs. Then enter the small room here. 
	Open the chest for a *LEAF OF THE WORLD TREE*. Go back down the 
	steps and head to the northwest corner and up the stairs.

	Take the next two sets of stairs up. Here you will find a chest with 
	a *SMALL MEDAL*. Head east and into the small room. Take the stairs 
	to the north up, and take the next set up also. Then head outside. 

	Move to the west and enter the small room here. Up the stairs you'll 
	find the *MAGMA STAFF*. Exit the tower. 

You'll now be heading to the eastern continent. Go slightly south and east of 
El Heven. 

| A19 : Finding Zenithia |

There will be a cave that is surrounded by mountains and water. In the water, 
there is a castle. Stand to the south of the mountains and use the *MAGMA 
STAFF*. The mountains will disappear and you'll be able to enter the cave.

	Water Cave

	Take the stairs down to the next floor. Here you will come across 
	some tracks and carts. Go down the stairs and get into the cart and 
	move to the north. Farther north, there is a switch that you should 
	push. Then go back south and get into the next cart.

	Go west past the cart and tracks to find a chest with *950G*. Then 
	head south avoiding the cart again. To the west, there are stairs up 
	to the two chests with a *SMALL MEDAL* and an *ACORN OF LIFE*. Now 
	go and hit the switch to the south and get into the cart to be 
	thrown over the rocks. 

	This next area has two switches. Hit them both and get into the cart. 
	You'll be thrown into the next room and into another cart. Take the 
	stairs to the north. 

	In this room, go south down the stairs and circle around all the way 
	north for a chest with *750G*. Return to the original stairs and move 
	east to a chest with a *MAGIC WATER*. Now go north down the middle 
	and push the switch here. Go back south and hit the switch at the 
	bottom and get in the cart. You'll fly across a gap. 

	Here, jump in the cart on the left and jump over the gap. Hit the 
	switch here and fall down the hole to return to the second cart. Jump 
	into the second cart and you'll eventually end up down a set of 

	Go west and up some stairs to a chest (which you past a second ago) 
	with a *STAFF OF BENEDICTION*. Go back to the cart going in circles 
	and hit the switch. The man in the cart will crash to the south. Go 
	and talk to Pusan and he'll join your party. 

	Get into the cart he just crashed in and head north and over a gap. 
	Ignore the first cart here (it will take you back to the stairs). 
	Instead, go north and this cart will take you to another room. Get in 
	the cart here which goes into the water and drops you off in 

Head north up through two sets of double doors and up a set of stairs to the 
throne room. Pusan will tell you that there's a hidden staircast behind the 
throne. Search and find it and take it. Then take the long ladder down into 
the darkness. 

When you reach the bottom, move east and Pusan will notice that the *GOLDEN 
ORB* is missing. Speak to him again to watch some cutscenes. You'll have to 
go back to Faerie Village to ask for a second *GOLDEN ORB*. Exit Zenithia. 

| A20 : A Golden Orb From the Past |

From Salabona, get on your carpet and fly east over a bridge and a swamp. 
Follow the river northeast until you come across a desert to the south. Land 
here and start the walk to the Forest of Illusion to the south. Cross two 
bridges and go to the southeast and step on the lighter green trees area.

	Forest of Illusion

	Make sure to have either the Son or the Daughter in order to be able 
	to see the faerie. Inside the forest, go north to the next screen. 
	Enter the little house and look at the pots for a *TINY MEDAL* and 
	the drawers for an *ELVEN MEDICINE*. From the house, go north to the 
	next screen. 

	Go south on the next two screens. Then go east to another screen 
	change. Open the chest here for a *FAERIE SWORD*. Now go north and 
	walk back south to find a chest with *1500G*. Go north again to the 
	campfire screen. 

	Your daughter will tell you that there's someone by the fire. Speak 
	to the invisible person. The faerie will tell you to follow. Follow 
	your children north. They will enter a cave and you'll arrive at 
	Faerie Village.

Go straight north and speak to Powan on the throne. She will give you the 
*FAERIE HORN*. Leave Faerie Village and return to the Sky Tower (located on 
the southern part of the middle continent). You won't be able to cast 
Outside, so just walk south until you exit. 

When you reach the tower, head north to a small lake. You'll find a boat that 
you should sail north into the water to find a lillypad. Use the *FAERIE 
HORN* and you'll find the Faerie Palace. Sail north and enter. 

Get off your boat and speak to the Queen. She'll give you a copy of the 
original orb. Go to the west room and speak to the guard to have him move. 
Pass the stairs going up and take the stairs going down. Open the chests 
here for a *THUNDER STAFF* and a *PRINCESS ROBE*. Now take the stairs up. Go 
to the west and examine the map. 

You'll be transported back to Santa Rosa when you were a child. Walk around 
and talk to everyone (don't miss the soldier in the northwest). After 
speaking to everyone, you can find yourself in front of the church. Speak to 

He'll let you look at the *GOLDEN ORB* and you'll be able to make the switch 
with your copy. Now exit the town and transport back to the Faerie Palace. 
Head back to Zenithia (by casting Return). 

Go to the throne room and search behind the throne to find the stairs. Head 
all the way back to where Pusan is waiting for you. You'll give him the orb 
and the castle will rise out of the water. Now you can search Zenithia. 

Inside the castle, you'll find the *SAP OF THE WORLD TREE* in a room with 
water and plants (you can only carry one of these, but feel free to come 
back here and restock at any time). Next to that room, you'll find a *SMALL 
MEDAL* in the drawers. Go through the door to the north where you found the 
medal and search the drawers to find a *GRAPPLING HOOK*. 

| A21 : Revenge is Sweet |

Search behind the throne in Zenithian and go down the stairs. Stepping on the 
tile here will grant you access to the floating castle. Our first destination 
is to the southwest. Straight south of Salabona, you will eventually come 
across an island surrounded by mountains. Land in the desert and walk east to 
the Tower of Boble.

	Tower of Boble

	The front door is locked so take the ladders all the way up to the 
	top. Use the grappling hook on the hook on the top to lower yourself 
	into the hole. Go down the stairs, then through the door and down 
	another set of stairs. Open the chest here for a *SMALL MEDAL*. 

	Head south out the door. Circle around the room with a nun inside and 
	go through the door and down the stairs. Then exit south. Go up the 
	stairs in the center of the room to find the nun who warns you about 
	two monsters. Go back down the stairs and take the door to the 

	Follow the path and exit south. Move east and ignore the hook for now. 
	Instead, go north through the door. Take the stairs to the right 
	first to find a chest with *2700G*. Go back up and take the left 
	stairs and exit south. 

	Move south, west and north around to the next door. Open the chest 
	here for a *DEVIL'S ARMOR*. Continue east and out the door. South 
	you will find a switch that will open the front door (which might be 
	a good idea to push). Head all the way west and north and down the 

	Move north through the swamp and down the stairs here. On this floor, 
	go west first to a chest with an *ELVEN MEDICINE*. Down the stairs 
	here, you will find a chest with a Mimic (to the north) and a chest 
	with a *SMALL MEDAL*. Now take the stairs to the south up.

	On this floor, go east and then south to stairs going down. Then go 
	east up another set of stairs. Move north and you'll run into Gonz.

		Gonz - 1700HP

		All he will do is use physical attacks. This fight should not 
		be a problem at all. Cast Increase if you feel it's 

	Open the chest Gonz was protecting to find a *DRAGON'S LEFT EYE*. Go 
	back up the previous two sets of stairs. Move north for two screens 
	back to the center room. 

	Go west again and down the stairs. Then go back up them in order to 
	move north. Then go east and north and down the stairs you come to. 
	Move north to find Gema.

		Gema - 4500HP

		Gema is a more difficult fight than Gonz. Gema can breathe 
		Flames and Numbing Breath. He can also cast Bounce and 
		Blazemost. If you don't have someone who can cast Numboff, 
		this might be a difficult fight. Barrier will also cut down 
		on his attacks. 

	Open the chest he was guarding for the *DRAGON'S RIGHT EYE*. Now 
	return south to the stairs. Make your way back to the center of this 
	floor by going south, west, south. Down the stairs and up again. 
	Then go east to the stairs going up. Now move south across the swamp 
	and up the stairs. 

	Move south, east past the entrance and north through the door. Go 
	east past the empty chest and through the next door. Move south, 
	east and north through the door and up the stairs. Exit south and 
	move west to the hook. 

	You'll end up on the Dragon Statue. Insert the eyes in their proper 
	places and the dragon's tongue will move. Jump down off the side of 
	the statue and walk back up and into the mouth and down the stairs. 

	Go down either of the ladders to find a *DRAGON STAFF*. Then climb 
	back up and use the hook to go through the door. Move north around 
	the blue floor and pick up the *DRAGON ORB*. Cast outside and return 
	to Zenithia. 

Back at Zenithia, head up to the throne room to find Pusan and some other 
people. Talk to Pusan and give him the *DRAGON ORB*. He will transform back 
into Master Dragon. He'll then give you the *HEAVEN BELL* (these will summon 
him and you can fly on his back).

| A22 : Rescuing Your Love |

Go outside and use the *HEAVEN BELL* to summon Master Dragon. Fly to the 
center continent and land on the Great Temple on the northern edge. 

	Great Temple

	Go through the door to the east first. Speak to the guard and tell 
	him you won't leave. He'll attack you. This is just a normal monster. 
	Defeat him and pick up the *ZENITHIAN ARMOR*. 

	Now head north into the temple. The guards inside will make you join 
	the ceremony. Try to speak to the guards again and they'll attack 
	you. This is again just two normal monsters. They shouldn't be 

	Walk around the side and make your way north to the stage. You'll see 
	your wife's statue and a nun. Speak to the nun and she'll tell you 
	that she's your mother. 

	She'll talk to you about Papas and ask if you want to serve Ivol. 
	Answer no to serving Ivol and tell her she's not your mother. She'll 
	then change into Ramanda.

		Ramanda - 2000HP

		Ramada can cast Firevolt and Blizzard. He also breathes 
		Flames. He should not be too difficult at this point in the 
		game. Cast Barrier to protect from his magic attacks. Feel 
		free to use Increase if needed. Pound away and he'll 
		eventually go down. 

	After defeating Ramanda, there's nothing you can do to change the 
	statue back to your wife. Search the ground where Ramanda was 
	standing to find a staircase going down. 

	Take the stairs all the way down and exit to the south. Walk down the 
	stairs moving west and go north through the hole. Open the large wood 
	door you come to and enter. Head north here and circle back south. 

	Feel free to kill the guard before taking the stairs here down to the 
	next floor. Go through the door north. Move north, then all the way 
	east. Go south down the ladder. West a little and then north under 
	the path to the ladder. Go up and exit to the west. 

	Move north and south down the stairs. Pick up the chest with the 
	*DEMON CLAW*. Now head back to the first set of stairs. Instead of 
	going up them, move west and then south under the path. Go up the 
	stairs here and exit to the west. On this screen, move south to the 
	exit. Pick up the two chests in this room for a *SHIELD OF RUIN* 
	(which is cursed so don't equip it), and the *SLAVE CLOTHES*. 

	Return to the previous room and move north, a little west, south 
	under the path, west and north up the stairs. Feel free to again 
	attack the guard before taking the stairs down here. 

	Now you will walk north and face Ivol. Your whole party will be here 
	to help you in the fight. 

		Ivol - 4500HP

		This will be the most difficult boss fight yet. Ivol can cast 
		Explodet which can really hurt your party. He can also cast 
		Bounce will protects him from your spells. Along with his 
		magic he will also breath Glittering Ice and Freezing Rays 
		(the latter of which will dispell all your magical effects). 
		Use a combination of Barrier, Increase and Bikill. Feel free 
		to swap characters as needed. 

	After defeating him, he'll try to open the Demon World but nothing 
	will happen. Pick of the *RING OF LIFE* that is left behind. Now 
	retrace your steps all the way back to the exit. You won't be able 
	to cast Outside, but there will be no random encounters. 

	On the way out, you'll hear your mother's voice coming from the ring. 
	She'll tell you not to come to the Demon World and that even the 
	Legendary Hero is no match for the Demon Lord. 

	Outside, you'll find that the statue has turn back into your wife. 
	You will automatically return to Granvania. 

Your children will hug their mother and a guard will come to tell you the 
Ojiron wants to speak to you. Downstairs, Ojiron will ask you if you plan on 
going to the Demon World. Answer yes and he'll plead you not to go. 

Since almost everyone is telling us not to go there, I guess we will be 
heading straight for the Demon World. 

| A23 : The Demon World |

Now we are heading to the Water Shrine. Your children will be taken out of 
your party, so you'll have to pay Ruida a visit if you want to bring them 
along. Make sure you have the *RING OF FLAMES*, the *RING OF LIFE* and the 
*RING OF WATER*. To get to the cave, cast Return to El Heven and take your 
ship north. 

	Water Shrine

	We are heading back to a large door that couldn't be opened until 
	now. Sail straight north and enter the large door. Moving north 
	you'll find three statues. 

	Place the *RING OF FLAMES* on the left statue. Put the *RING OF LIFE* 
	on the middle statue. The *RING OF WATER* goes on the right. Now walk 
	behind the statues and you'll be pulled into the Demon World. 

	Try to exit to the south and you'll hear your mother's voice. She'll 
	give you the gift of a *SAGE STONE*. 

Exit and move east over the bridges and into the mountain maze. It's pretty 
simple, so make your way to the town of Shahanna (or Jahanna). 

Search the town and speak to everyone. Look in the barrel to the northwest of 
the entrance for a *DEFENSE SEED*. From the entrance, walk west, north, east 
and south around the outside of the town. You'll find two barrels. One will 
have a *SMALL MEDAL*. A little farther south you'll find the last Kandar 
Henchman. Fight him and open the chest for the *SANDS OF TIME*. 

Inside the inn, look in the middle drawers for an *ELVEN MEDICINE*. You might 
want to purchase some armor from the armor shop in the northwest also. 

When you are ready, head south from the town and exit the mountain maze. Then 
make your way east and north along the water. Cross the bridges west and 
avoid the swamp to find Evil Mountain. 

	Evil Mountain

	Go straight north and through the door. Inside, use stepguard and 
	walk straight north to the stairs going up. On this floor, there are 
	some pots to the northwest that will attack you if you want. 
	Otherwise, go northeast and then northwest to the stairs going up.

	On this floor, follow the path and take it southwest when it splits. 
	Up the stairs here you'll find a chest with a *ROBE OF DARKNESS*. Go 
	back down and head northwest and up the stairs. 

	On this floor just head south to the stairs going up. Then exit to 
	the south. You'll be outside. Move west and north. Go east when you 
	can and north and west to a chest with an *ORGE SHIELD*. 

	Return back the way you came and go west and north to a set of 
	stairs. Grab the chest here for a *SMALL MEDAL*. Back upstairs, move 
	west into the cave. Then go left and up the stairs. 

	Here you'll find your mother. You'll also be attacked by two Dark 
	Shamans. They're just normal monsters so kill them quickly. Your 
	mother will try to trap Mildrath. She'll fail and she'll die. Papas' 
	ghost will come and Martha and Papas will go off together. 

	Take the ladder to the west and enter the cave here. Move north and 
	down the stairs. On this floor move straight east across the one 
	arrow tile. Continue east to open the chest for the *ECHOING HAT*. 
	Then move west across the proper arrow tiles to get the second chest 
	with a *SMALL MEDAL*. Now go up the stairs that are directly to the 

	Step on the arrows that will take you down a set of stairs. Go back 
	up the stairs and step on the arrows that will take you to the east. 
	Now walk south all the way and step on the arrows that will take you 
	to the *HOLY CHAMBERPOT* and the *SUN CROWN*. 

	Now return all the way until you are back outside. Go south and 
	ignore the cave entrance and move to the west for a chest with the 
	*MULTI-EDGED SWORD*. Now go and enter the cave to the east. 

	In this room, use the *HOLY CHAMBERPOT* you just picked up and a set 
	of stairs will appear. Take them down. 

	On this floor, be careful not to step on the tiles or you'll fall 
	down a floor. First, go north to a chest that is a Mimic. Then 
	return to the stairs and go east for a chest with the *KING METAL 
	HELM*. Return to the stairs again and go south for *3300G*. 

	Now move west until you have no choice but to fall down a hole. Take 
	the only stairs back up and then go all the way north to stairs going 

	Move all the way north again ignoring the path to the east. Go 
	through the door and ignore the stairs. This next area is annoying. 
	Each little room has a tile in the middle. Stepping on it will make 
	the room move to the empty space. You want to move the rooms so the 
	middle room can move one spot north in order to access the door. 

	Move the bottom-left room right. Move the middle-left room down. Move 
	the top-left room down. Move the top-center room left. Finally move 
	the middle-center room up to the door. 

	Just move north on this floor through the door. In the next room, go 
	north up the stairs and try to open the chest. Two Hellbattlers will 
	attack you. They are pretty strong, but they are just normal 
	monsters. Defeat them and pick up the *ORIHALCON FANG*. 

	Go through the next door if you are prepared to fight Mildrath. 

		Mildrath (1) - 1600HP

		Mildrath's first form is pretty easy. His big spell is 
		Blazemost. He can also breathe Glittering Ice and Freezing 
		Rays. He will also summon monsters such as Evil Clowns and 
		Attackbots. Use Barrier, Increase, and BiKill. 

		Mildrath (2) - 4500HP

		Mildrath's second form is much more difficult. His big spell 
		is now Explodet which does a lot of damage. He will still 
		emit Freezing Rays which can be a real pain. On top of 
		healing himself Mildrath will also breath Hellish Flames. 
		Barrier is a necessity. Use Increase if needed and cast 
		BiKill on your big hitters. You will probably have to switch 
		your characters around in order to keep people alive. 

	After defeating him, you will be taken back to Zenithia. You'll be 
	taken, courtesy of Master Dragon, to some of the other towns you've 
	already visited. Speak to everyone. Don't reset the game until the 
	screen reads the end, otherwise you won't be able to get to the 
	secret dungeon. Congratulations! 

| A24 : Bonus Dungeon |

Load the game that you beat Mildrath on and cast Return to Evil Mountain. 
Walk directly south into the swamp to find the bonus dungeon. 

	Bonus Dungeon

	From the stairs, walk west to find two chests with a *RESTORATION 
	ORB* and a *SMALL MEDAL*. Return to the stairs and go north. Ignore 
	the path to the east and continue northeast when the path splits. 
	Grab the chest to fight a Mimic. 

	Return to the main path and take the other route to the northwest. 
	Ignore the south path and continue west to open the gate and move 
	south to the next screen. 

	Make your way around the holes and go east and south to the next 
	screen to find a chest with the *SHIELD OF RADIANCE*. Return the way 
	you came and move southwest. 

	Here you'll come across cracks in the floor. If you step on them 
	you'll fall to the floor below. You'll want to go down the stairs 
	here (or fall) in order to get the *DRUM OF WAR*. The chest with it 
	is directly west of the stairs. You'll have to walk across the swamp 
	to get it. 

	All the way east and north from the stairs, you'll find the *HELL 
	SABRE*. Back upstairs, move south from the stairs, avoiding the holes. 
	Then move west and north to the northwest area of the room and take 
	the stairs going down. 

	On this floor, you'll be in a maze. First you'll want to go right to 
	get the *SWORD OF DECIMATION* (which is cursed). Return to the 
	starting point and go  left, up, up-left, up, right, down, right, 
	and down. The stairs are to the east. 

	On this floor is another maze. From the main room, move left, down 
	and down to find a chest with the *KING METAL ARMOR*. Return to the 
	main room. 

	Move north and take the stairs here to find two chests with a Mimic 
	and an *ELVEN MEDICINE*. Return to the main room again. Now go down 
	and right. The chest here is empty, so take the stairs down. 

	On this floor, follow the path over the swamp. When you come to a 
	fork choose west (instead of south). Then go north to find the *IRON 
	BALL OF DECIMATION*. Head back south one screen and then west to 
	stairs going down. 

	Move north if you are prepared to face Esturk.

		Esturk - 9000HP

		Esturk is much more dangerous than Mildrath. He can attack 
		twice per round. His spells include Explodet and Blazemost. 
		He can, and will use Freezing Rays often to cancel your 
		spells. He can also breath Glittering Ice and Hellish Flames. 
		Make sure to have some Elven Amulets equiped since he will 
		sometimes try to put you to sleep. 

		You'll need Barrier for this fight to protect you from his 
		breath attacks. The *DRUM OF WAR* will also help a lot in 
		doubling your attack power. Esturk can use an Explodet + 
		breath combo that will do about 200HP of damage so try to 
		keep your HP above that. I would suggest a level out 50 to 
		have a good chance. 

	After defeating him, he'll tell you how many turns it took to beat 
	him. You won't get anything if you beat him in a set number of rounds 
	however. Congratulations, you just beat the hardest monster in the 



| B1 : Bianca |

Bianca is decent with magic. Her attack power is okay, but 
not as much as the Hero.

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Blaze
	5	Surround
	7	Decrease
	8	Fireball
	12	Sleep
	13	BiKill
	15	Firebane
	17	StepGuard
	18	Bounce
	20	Blazemore
	23	Defeat
	27	Firebolt
	33	Blazemost

| B2 : Daughter |

The Daughter is much better at magic than her brother, however 
she is obviously not as skilled at attacking.

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	5	Surround
	5	Return
	9	Outside
	11	Bang
	14	Snowblast
	16	BiKill
	18	Day-Night
	20	Sleep
	22	Decrease
	24	Boom
	27	Bounce
	30	Blizzard
	32	Bedragon
	36	Explodet

| B3 : Flora |

Flora is very similar to Biance when it comes to magic and
attacking ability.

| B4 : Henry |

Henry is pretty good at both magic and attacking. However, 
he's not with your party for very long.

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	1	Blaze
	3	Surround
	6	Decrease
	8	Bang
	12	Confuse
	15	Repel

| B5 : Hero |

The Hero is probably the most rounded character in the game.
He is good at magic and attacking.

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	4	Heal
	6	Antidote
	8	Gale
	9	Upper
	11	Healmore
	12	Identify
	14	Outside
	16	Tornado
	18	Absorb
	22	HealAll
	25	Vivify
	28	Farewell
	32	Aerocross
	*	Return
	*	Chance

* learned in Ruraphin

| B6 : Papas |

The hero's father joins you twice during the game. You 
cannot control him, however. Here's purely a fighter.

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	27	Healmore

| B7 : Pippin |

Pippin is purely a fighter. He does not learn any spells
or skills.

| B8 : Sancho |

Sancho is a decent fighter, but the rest of his stats are very

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	20	Increase
	20	Sleep
	25	RobMagic
	28	Beat
	30	Sacrifice
	32	Confuse

| B9 : Son |

The son is the Legendary Warrior. He is very good at attacking 
and is decent with magic.

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	5	StopSpell
	8	Increase
	10	Repel
	12	HealMore
	13	Firebane
	14	Numboff
	15	StepGuard
	16	HealAll
	18	Identify
	20	Curseoff
	23	Barrier
	25	Zap
	27	Revive
	30	HealUs
	34	Lightning
	38	Thordain



Listed in order of Attack Power. The numbers in brackets represent the 

 ------		 -------	 ----------------	 ----------
| Name |	| Power |	| Special Effect |	| Location |
 ------		 -------	 ----------------	 ----------

Staff of
Benidiction	NA	Casts Healmore Spell	Water Cave

Poison Needle	+1	Can Kill in One Hit 	Reinhart (2), Kabochi, 
						Mountain Village,
						Northen Church, 
						Santa Rosa (3)

Cypress Stick	+2	NA			Santa Rosa

Bamboo Spear	+5	NA			Santa Rosa, Alcapa

Fruit Knife	+6	NA 			Alcapa (2)

Sharpened Bone	+6	NA			Santa Rosa

Club		+9	NA 			Port Selmi

Oak Cudgel	+9	NA			Santa Rosa, Alcapa

Big Mallet	+10	NA			Alcapa (2)

Bronze Knife	+12	NA 			Alcapa

Stone Fang	+12	NA 			Faeie Land, Reinhart, 

Copper Sword	+13	NA			Santa Rosa, Alcapa, 
						Faerie Land, Reinhart

Boomerang	+15	NA			Alcapa, Faerie Land, 
						Reinhart, Oracleberry

Thorn Whip	+18	NA			Alcapa

Iron Claw	+19	NA			Reinhart, Alcapa (2), 

Stone Axe	+20	NA 			Reinhart (2), Port Selmi

Iron Staff	+22	NA 			Reinhart, Reinhart (2)

Chain Whip	+24	NA			Reinhart, Oracleberry, 
						Alcapa (2), Reinhart (2), 
Bladed		+25	NA 			Oracleberry, Alcapa (2), 
Boomerang					Port Selmi, Granvania

Chain Sickle	+27	NA			Oracleberry, Alcapa (2)

Saw Blade	+27	NA			Ruraphin, Telepador

Staff of	+29	Casts Firebane Spell	Faerie Palace

Sledge Hammer	+30	NA			Port Selmi, Ruraphin, 
						Mountain Village, Granvania

Broad Sword	+33	NA 			Reinhart (2), Port Selmi, 
						Ruraphin, Salabona, 
						Mountain Village

Steel Fang	+35	NA			Reinhart (2), Ruraphin, 
						Salabona, Telepador, 

Killer Earring	+35	NA			Oracleberry

Papas' Sword	+40	NA			Santa Rosa Cave (2)
Staff of	+40	Casts Stopspell		Volcano

Snake Sword	+42	NA 			Ruraphin, Mountain Village, 
Sword of	+45	Casts Fireball		Salabona, Mountain Village, 
Malice						Telepador, Chizod

Morning Star	+45	NA			Port Selmi, Salabona, 
						Telepador, Chizod

Steel Whip	+45	NA			El Heven

Battle Axe	+45	NA 			Mountain Village, 
						Telepador, Chizod

Fire Claw	+53	Cast Firebane		Chizod, Granvania

Slumber Sword	+55	Can Cause Sleep		Chizod, Granvania, 
						El Heven
Staff of	+55	Changes MP to 		Telepador, El Heven
Force			Attack Power

Staff of	+60	NA			Daughter has it

War Hammer	+60	NA			Northern Church, 
						Santa Rosa (3), El Heven

Magma Staff	+63	NA			Sky Tower

Flame		+65	NA 			Shahanna
Staff of	+66	Can Revive an Ally	Shahanna

Falcon Sword	+67	Attacks twice 		Medal King Castle
Sword of	+70	NA 			El Heven

Ice Blade	+70	NA			Northern Church, 
						Santa Rosa (3), El Heven

Demon Hammer	+70	NA			Emblem Cave

Zombie		+80	Added Attack to		Northern Church, 
Sword			Undead			Santa Rosa (3)

Fairy Sword	+85	NA 			Forest of Illusion
Spear of	+85	NA			Northern Church, 
Zeus						Santa Rosa (3)
Dragon		+90	Added Attack to		Northern Church, 
Killer			Dragons			Shahanna, Santa Rosa (3)	

Demon Claw	+90	NA			Great Temple
Multi-Edge	+99	Cursed			Evil Mountain

Demon Spear	+99	NA			Shahanna

Sword of	+100	Heals 1/4 of Damage 	Medal King Castle
Miracles		Given
Gringham	+100	NA			Oracleberry
Blizzard	+105	NA			Shahanna

Big Bowgun	+110	NA			Shahanna

Zenithan Sword	+110	NA			Santa Rosa Cave (2)			

Orihalcon Fang	+115	NA			Evil Mountain

Hell Saber	+120	NA 			Bonus Dungeon
Iron Ball Of	+125 	NA 			Bonus Dungeon

Dragon Staff	+125	Casts Bedragon		Tower of Boble
Metal King	+130	NA			Oracleberry


			* D : ARMOR LIST *

Listed in order of Defense

| D1 : HELMETS |

 ------		 --------	 ----------------	 ----------
| Name |	|Defense |	| Special Effect |	| Location |
 ------		 --------	 ----------------	 ----------

Leather Hat	+2		NA			Mountain Village

Pointed hat	+3		NA			Oracleberry

Wooden Hat	+6		NA			Alcapa, Oracleberry, 
							Alcapa (2)

Hairband	+7		NA			Alcapa

Fur hood	+11		NA			Faerie Land, Reinhart, 

Silver		+14		NA			Salabona

Iron Helm	+16		NA			Reinhart, Oracleberry, 
							Alcapa (2), 
							Port Selmi, Kabochi, 
Silk Hat	+20		NA			Salabona, Telepador

Iron Mask	+25		NA			Ruraphin, Chizod, 

Hat of the	+28		Return to Last Town	Shahanna

Echoing Hat	+28		Recasts Spell		Evil Mountain
				(no MP)

Satan Helm	+30		Cursed			Water Cave

Hat of		+35		Restores MP While	Granvania
Happiness			Walking

Helm of Wisdom	+40		Raises Intelligence	El Heven, 
							Faerie Land (3)

Golden Tiara	+45		Can Prevent Status	Medal King Castle

Great Helm	+45		NA			Shahanna

Zenithian Helm	+50		NA			Telepador

Crown of	+60		NA			Evil Mountain
the Sun

King Metal	+70		NA			Evil Mountain

| D2 : ARMOR |

 ------		 ---------	 ----------------	 ----------
| Name |	| Defense |	| Special Effect |	| Location |
 ------		 ---------	 ----------------	 ----------

Piece of Cloth	+3		NA			Faerie Land, 

Slave Clothes	+5		NA			Great Temple

Handwoven Cape	+6		NA			Santa Rosa

Wayfarer's	+7		NA			Alcapa

Silk Apron	+10		NA			Alcapa

Leather Armor	+11		NA			Alcapa, Faerie Land

Leather 	+12		NA			Faerie Land, 
Loinclothe						Oracleberry

Silk Robe	+13		NA			Oracleberry

Boxer Shorts	+15		NA			Granvania

Scale Armor	+15		NA			Faerie Land

Leather Dress	+17		NA			Alcapa

Fur Coat	+18		NA			Reinhart

Chain Mail	+19		NA			Oracleberry

Slime Clothes	+20		NA			Oracleberry, 
							Port Selmi

Dancer's	+20		NA			Salabona

Bronze Armor	+21		NA			Reinhart, Oracleberry, 
							Alcapa (2)

Breast Plate	+23		NA			Oracleberry, 
							Port Selmi, 
							Kabochi, Telepador

Naughty		+23		Can Stun Monsters	Granvania

Half Plate	+25		NA			Reinhart, Oracleberry,
Armor							Alcapa (2), 
							Port Selmi

Cloak of	+28		Evades More Attacks	Salabona, Telepador

Full Plate	+30		NA			Port Selmi, Ruraphin,
Armor							Salabona

Rogue Armor	+30		Cursed			Mountain Cave

Turtle Shell	+33		NA			Port Selmi, Ruraphin, 
							Salabona, Granvania

Robe of		+33		NA			Waterfall Cave

Lace Bisuche	+35		NA			Telepador, Chizod

Mysterious	+37		Changes Damage		Medal King Castle
Bolero				into MP

Wizard's Robe	+37             NA			Chizod

Zombie Mail	+38		NA			Demon Tower

Silver		+40		NA			Granvania, El Heven

Combat Pajamas	+40		NA			Medal King Castle

Silver Mail	+40		NA			Telepador, Chizod, 

Dress of	+45		Reduces Damage from 	Granvania, El Heven
Radiance			Spells

Blood Mail	+45		NA			Chizod

Dragon Mail	+50		NA			Granvania

Sage's Robe	+50		Reduces Damage from	El Heven

Swordedge Armor	+55		Attacker Gets 1/4	Cave of Trials
				of Damage

Robe of		+55		Reduces Damage from	Evil Mountain
Darkness			Spells

Water Flying	+55		Reduces Damage from	Faerie Land (3)
Clothes				Fire

Magic Armor	+60		Reduces Damage from	El Heven

Silk Bisuche	+60		NA			Faerie Land (3)

Angel Leotard	+70		NA			Shahanna

Flame Armor	+70		Reduces Damage from	Faerie Land (3),
				Water and Ice		Shahanna

Mystic Armor	+75		Heals HP Each Round	Medal King Castle

Mirror Armor	+80		NA			Shahanna

Demon Armor	+85		Cursed			Reinhart

Zenithian Armor	+85		Reduces Damage from	Great Temple
				Water, Fire and Spells

Royal Cloak	+90		Reduces Damage from	Emblem Cave
				Water, Fire and Spells

King Metal	+95		NA			Bonus Dungeon

| D3 : SHIELDS |

 ------		 ---------	 ----------------	 ----------
| Name |	| Defense |	| Special Effect |	| Location |
 ------		 ---------	 ----------------	 ----------

Pot Lid		+2		NA			Oracleberry

Leather Shield	+4		NA			Salabona

Scale Shield	+7 		NA			Alcapa, Oracleberry,
							Alcapa (2), 
							Port Selmi, 
							Ruraphin, Granvania

Bronze Shield	+11		NA			Faerie Land, 

Iron Shield	+16		NA			Reinhart, Alcapa (2)

Magic Shield	+22		NA			Port Selmi, Ruraphin, 
							Telepador, Chizod

Dragon Shield	+30		Reduces Damage from	El Heven
				Ice and Fire

Aeolus Shield	+30		Casts Expel as Item	Granvania

Flame Shield	+40		Reduces Damage from	Faerie Land (3)

Shield of	+46		Casts Healmore as	Faerie Land (3),
Strength			Item			Shahanna

Ogre Shield	+48		NA			Evil Mountain

Shield of	+55		Reduces Damage from	Shahanna
Reflection			Fire

Zenithian	+60		Casts Bounce as Item	Salabona

Shield of	+65		Reduces Damage from	Bonus Dungeon
Radiance			Ice and Fire

King Metal	+70		NA			Medal King Castle


			* E : ITEMS LIST *

* - Used in battle
# - Unlimited use
@ - Must be Equiped		

 ------				 ----------------
| Name |			| Special Effect |
 ------				 ----------------

Acorns of Life 			Adds 1-5 HP

Acorns of Magic			Adds 1-5 MP

Agility Seed			Adds 1-5 to Agility

Angel’s Bell(*#)		Cures chaos spell

Antidote			Cures Poison
Armband of Sacrifice(@)		Upon dying, you will explode hurting 
				all montsters 
				(doesn’t work on bosses)

Bomb stone*			Casts a Boom Spell

Defense				Adds 1-5 to Defense

Drum of War(*#)			Doubles Attack of Party

Elven Amulet			Protects against Status Spells

Elven Medicine			Heals 30 HP of Party

Fighter’s Hair(*#)		Doubles One Character's Attack

Final Key(#)			Opens All doors

Fragrance Bag(*)		Confuses One Enemy

Full Moon Herb			Cures Paralysis

Herb				Heals 30-40 HP

Holy Water			Decreases Chance of Battles 
Intelligence Seed		Adds 1-5 to Intelligence

Leaf of the World Tree		Revives One Character to Full HP

Magic Key			Opens Certain Doors 
				(doors with red frames)

Magic Water			Restores MP

Meteorite Armband(@)		Doubles One Character's Agility

Monster Lure			Increases Chance of Battles
				(can distract monsters in battle)

Reinhart Key(*)			Opens Doors in Reinhart

Ring of Flame(@)		Used to get into Demon World
				(casts tornado attack in battle
				and needed to get married)

Ring of Life(@)			Used to get into Demon world
				(restores HP as you walk)

Ring of Prayer(@)		Restores MP

Ring of Water			Used to get into Demon World

Sage’s Stone(*#)		Casts HealUs Spell
				(only in battle)

Sap of the World Tree		Revives All Characters and Cures All

Small Medal			Collect and Give to the 
				Medal King for Prizes

Stone of Life			Will Possibly Stop an Instant Kill Spell
				(must be in character's inventory)

Strength Seed			Adds 1-5 to Strength

Wing of Wyvern			Returns Party to the Last Town



Special Items can not be dropped.
@ - Must be Equiped

 ------			 ----------------
| Name |		| Special Effect |
 ------			 ----------------

Bianca’s Ribbon(@)	Used to make the panther join you 
			(increases montsters intelligence) 

Dragon orb		Used to Reveal the Master Dragon

Flute of Spring		Used to Bring Spring to Faerie Village

Flying Shoes		Takes you to the Demon Tower

Gold Orb		Used to Keep Zenithia floating

Grappling Hook		Used to Climb Down from Hooks

Horn of the Fairies	Let's Humans see the Fairy Palace

Lamp of Darkness	Changes Day into Night

Left Dragon Eye		Used on the Dragon Statue
			(gained after beating Gonz)

Magic Carpet		Able to Fly Over Plains and Water

Magma Staff		Destroys Mountains in Front of the Cave to Zenithia
			(can also be used as a weapon)

Mirror of Ra		Reveals the True Objects

Papas’ Letter		Explains the Beginning of the Quest

Right Dragon Eye	Used on the Dragon Statue
			(gained after beating Gema)

Sacred Pitcher		Removes Lava in Mildrath’s Castle

Sands of Time		Restarts a Battle

Silk Veil		Needed to Get Married

Silver Orb		Used to Keep Zenithia floating

Symbol of Royalty	Proves your Royalty

Torch			Lights up Dark Places

Wagon			Carries Extra Party Members

Wayfarer’s Map		World Map

Zenithian Bells		Summons Master Dragon and Lets you Fly Over 
			All Obstacles



 ---	 ------				 ----------
| # |	| Area |			| Location |
 ---	 ------				 ----------
1	Alcapa				Pot  
2 	Reinhart Castle 		Pot in the Storage Room 
3 	Port Selmi 			Dresser in the Light House 
4 	Port Selmi 			In the flowers 
5 	Kabochi 			Pot in the Elder's House 
6 	Kabochi 			General Store (corner) 
7 	Western Cave 			Near the Campfire 
8 	Ruraphin 			Pot in the Inn 
9 	Ruraphin 			Pot on the Upper Level
10 	Rumor Shrine 			Well 
11 	Salabona Tunnel 		Chest 
12 	Salabona 			Drawers in Andy's House 
13 	Mountain Village 		Grave 
14 	Mountain Village 		Barrel in the Inn Basement 
15 	Desert Oasis 			Pot 
16 	Telepador 			Well in Isis's Chambers 
17 	Chizod Mountain Path 		Pot 
18 	Chizod Mountain Path 		Chest 
19 	Chizod Mountain Path 		Chest 
20 	Chizod 				Pot in the Northwestern House 
21 	Granvania Mountain Path 	Chest 
22 	Granvania Mountain Path 	Chest 
23 	Granvania Mountain Path 	Chest 
24 	Granvania 			Pot, NW corner of 1st Floor 
25 	Granvania 			Drawers, SE corner 2nd Floor 
26 	Cave of Trials 			Chest 
27	Demon Tower 			Chest 
28 	Demon Tower 			Chest 
29 	Demon Tower 			Chest 
30 	Jijo's House 			Drawers 
31 	Tunnel to Elhebun 		Chest 
32 	Elhebun 			Pot in the Southeastern Corner 
33 	Oracle Valley 			On the ground in one of the cells 
34 	Medal King Castle 		Chest 
35 	Medal King Castle 		Chest 
36 	Royal Cloak Cave 		Chest 
37 	Sky Tower 			Chest 
38 	Path to Zenithia 		Chest 
39 	Forest of Illusion 		Pot in Dwarf's House 
40 	Zenithia 			Drawers 
41 	Tower of Boble 			Chest 
42 	Tower of Boble 			Chest 
43 	Shahanna 			Pot outside
44 	Evil Mountain 			Chest 
45 	Evil Mountain 			Chest 

* Note : Man-Eater Chests (along with some other monsters) will sometimes
	drop Small Medals. Mimics will always drop small medals.


			* H : MAGIC LIST *

 ------		 ----	 ----------------
| Name |	| MP |	| Special Effect |
 ------		 ----	 ----------------

Absorb		2	Caster absorbs MP of spells cast on him

Aerocross	8	140 damage to group

Antidote	2	Removes poison

Bang		5	25 damage to all enemies

Barrier		3	Protects party from spell damage

Beat		4	Possible instant kill

Bedragon	18	Turns the caster into a dragon

Bikill		6	Doubles attack power

Blaze		2	15 damage

Blazemore	4	80 damage

Blazemost	10	190 damage

Blizzard	12	100 damage to all enemies

Boom		8	60 damage to all enemies

Bounce		4	Reflects one spell back at enemy

Chance		20	Completely random effect

Confuse		5	Confuses one group of enemies

Day-Night	3	Changes between day and night

Defeat		7	Possible instant kill of one 
			group of enemies

Defense		4	Lowers one group of enemies defense

Expel		1	Removes one group of undead enemies

Explodet	15	180 damage to one group

Farewell	All	Revives party with full HP 
			(caster dies)

Fireball	4	20 damage to one group

Firebane	6	40 damage to one group

Firevolt	10	100 damage to one group

Identify	3	Explains an item

Increase	3	Increases defense of party

Gale		2	20 damage to one group

Heal		2	Heals 40 HP of one ally

HealAll		7	Heals all HP of one ally

HealMore	5	Heals 80 HP of one ally

HealUs		18	Heals 100 HP of party

HealUsAll	36	Heals all HP of party

Lightning	15	200 damage to one group

Numboff		2	Removes paralysis of party

Outside		8	Removes party from a dungeon

Repel		4	Repels weak monsters

Return		8	Returns party to visited towns

Revive		20	Revives an ally with full HP

RobMagic	0	Steals MP from one enemy

Sacrifice	1	Caster dies while damaging enemies

Sap		3	Decreases one enemy's defense

Sleep		3	Puts group of enemies to sleep

Sleepmore	5	Same as sleep (greater chance)

Snowblast	5	50 damage to one group

Stepguard	2	Walk over damage areas with no 
			damage to party

StopSpell	3	Stops one group of enemies' spells

Surround	5	Lowers enemies hit percentage

Thordain	10	600 damage to one enemy 
			(all party use)

Tornado		4	40 damage to one group

Upper		2	Increases one ally's defense

Vivify		10	Possible to revive one ally

Zap		8	80 damage to all enemies



Numbers in the brackets are the maximum level.

| Attackbot (30) |

	No Spells or Skills

| Big Eye (20) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	1	Healmore
	1	Cold Breath
	5	Build Up
	8	Dazzling Light
	10	Sweet Breath
	15	HealAll

| Blizzard Hawk (25) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Defeat
	3	Cold Breath
	3	Freezing Breath
	8	Strange Dance 3
	15	HealUs
	23	Sparkling Breath

| Bomb Baby (15) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	1	Sacrifice
	5	Body Attack

| Bombcrag (20) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	5	Sacrifice
	5	Charge Up
	10	Body Attack
	19	Farewell

| Borongo (99) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	17	Charge Up
	21	War Cry
	33	Freeze Ray
	40	Thunder

| Brownie (99) |

	No Spells or Skills

| Centaurus (50) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Healmore
	5	Burning Breath
	9	Repel
	15	Boom
	20	Bikill
	23	HealAll
	27	Barrier

| Curer (50) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	2	HealAll
	3	Healmore
	8	Upper
	10	Increase
	12	Vivify
	18	HealUs
	23	Revive
	30	HealUsAll

| Dancing Jewel (7) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	2	Decrease
	2	Confuse
	2	StopSpell
	2	Strange Dance 1
	4	Absorb
	5	Beat
	6	Sleepmore
	7	Aerocross

| Dancing Needle (23) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Strange Dance 1
	5	Strange Dance 2
	10	Sleep Attack
	15	Strange Dance 3
	20	Numbing Attack
	25	Body Attack

| Dragon Pup (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	1	Fiery Breath
	5	Sweet Breath
	15	Flaming Breath
	28	Violent Flames

| Drakee (99) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	5	Surround
	10	Sleep
	15	Day-Night
	17	Strange Dance 1
	20	RobMagic
	22	Dazzling Lights
	38	Bedragon

| Eigerhorn (50) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	4	Firebane
	4	Tornado
	4	Snowblast
	7	War Cry
	9	Charge Up
	11	Firevolt
	13	Eerie Light
	15	Blizzard

| Eliminator (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	7	Massacre
	20	Sap

| Farewell Crag (20) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Farewell
	6	Body Attack
	8	Bounce
	10	Dazzling Lights
	14	Vivify
	20	Thunder

| Gigantes (7) |

	No Spells or Skills

| Golem (50) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	8	Build Up
	11	Charge Up
	20	Meditate
	45	Thunder

| Great Dragon (60) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Flaming Breath
	10	Violent Flames
	15	Freezing Flames
	20	Burning Breath
	30	Sparkling Breath
	50	Infernal Flames

| Healer (99) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	4	Heal
	5	Repel
	7	Healmore
	10	Antidote
	15	Numboff
	20	HealAll
	25	HealUs
	30	Vivify
	36	HealUsAll

| Hellbattler (15) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Explodet
	3	Violent Flames
	5	Firevolt
	7	Bounce
	8	Revive
	11	Blazemost
	13	Sparkling Breath
	15	Infernal Flames

| Hork (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	5	Lick
	5	Poison Attack
	10	Cold Breath
	15	Tempting Dance
	20	Poison Breath
	25	Deadly Poison

| King Healer (20) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	HealUsAll
	3	RobMagic
	5	Aborb
	7	Barrier
	10	Revive
	14	Farewell
	17	Chance
	20	Bedragon

| King Slime (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Vivify
	5	Increase
	10	Barrier
	12	Blazemore
	15	Revive
	18	Freezing Rays
	20	Violent Flames
	27	Blazemost

| Kukkle (20) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	1	Decrease
	5	Surround
	10	Sleep
	13	Confuse
	15	Expel
	17	Increase
	18	Curseoff
	19	Stopspell
	20	Bikill

| Leaonar (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	5	Surround
	9	Build Up
	12	Decrease
	15	Flaming Breath

| Lionex (23) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	1	Aerocross
	8	Eerie Light
	14	Zap
	20	Lightning

| Mad Dragon (40) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	6	Sweet Breath
	7	Tempting Dance
	8	Flaming Breath
	10	Burning Breath
	13	Deadly Poison
	15	Violent Flames

| Magician (99) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	StopSpell
	3	Blaze
	5	Fireball
	12	Firebane
	15	Robmagic
	19	Blazemore
	24	Absorb
	28	Firevolt

| Messala (50) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	StopSpell
	3	Eerie Light
	6	Beat
	11	Sleepmore
	14	Blazemore
	20	Defeat
	22	Curseoff
	27	Freezing Breath
	30	Blazemost

| Metal Babble (8) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	2	Fireball
	2	Bang
	3	Upper
	4	Firebane
	5	Boom
	6	Firevolt
	7	Farewell
	8	Explodet

| Minidemon (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	2	Blazemore
	4	Lick
	10	Confuse
	13	Sweet Breath
	17	Boom
	20	Day-Night
	23	Chance
	25	Blazemost
	28	Explodet

| Nereus (50) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Snowblast
	3	Tornado
	6	Bounce
	10	Return
	12	Sleep
	17	Vivify
	20	Blizzard
	23	Aerocross
	40	Thunder

| Orc King (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Vivify
	6	Beat
	8	HealUs
	9	StepGuard
	11	Revive
	15	Defeat
	20	Blizzard

| Puppet Man (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Strange Dance 2
	6	Bounce
	10	Strange Dance 3
	15	StopSpell
	18	Absorb
	20	Repel
	23	Tempting Dance
	25	Tornado
	30	Aerocross

| Slime (99) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	7	Expel
	10	Increase
	15	Decrease
	18	Outside
	20	Confuse
	25	StepGuard
	30	Vivify
	45	Eerie Lights
	77	Meditate
	99	Infernal Flames

| Slime Knight (99) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Heal
	3	RobMagic
	5	Healmore
	9	Antidote
	12	Bang
	18	Numboff
	20	HealAll
	23	Boom

| Soldier Bull (30) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Charge Up
	5	Upper
	10	Bikill
	15	Decrease

| Springer (50) |
	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Decrease
	5	Upper
	7	Tornado
	15	Aerocross

| Wyvern (60) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	Healmore
	5	Cold Breath
	10	Sleep
	12	Outside
	15	HealAll
	18	HealUs
	22	Freezing Breath
	24	Return
	28	Sleepmore
	31	Confuse

| Yeti (40) |

	Level	Spell/Skill
	-----	-----------
	3	War Cry
	5	Cold Breath
	8	Sweet Breath
	12	Build Up
	15	Snowblast
	20	Lick
	22	Freezing
	30	Blizzard



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