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Equipment Guide by ytrewq2

Version: .9 | Updated: 06/14/04

*                                                                  *
*            Dragon Quest V Item Guide/FAQ Version 0.9             *   
*     By :  Ytrewq2 (Andrew Schill) Email :  Schillace37@aol.com   *
*                                                                  *

- Table of Contents -

1. Why do this?
2. Introduction
3. Regular Items
4. Special Items
5. Yep, the Weapons
6. Armor
7. Version History
8. Copyright (As if someone wants this)
9. Thanks & Lessons learned & Contacts

1. Why do this? ~Intro-lite & carb free!~

     Hi everyone, and welcome to my item guide. In my first time playing 
through this wonderful game, (I’ve done about 3 runs) I came across items
that I had no idea what to do with. So, I forced myself to go look at the
FAQ’s, to find out what the hell was going on. And so, I finally got around
to creating a FAQ. 


2. Introduction
~Blah Blah Blah~

Ok then, now that we are entertained we can get into the actual FAQ. 
This is my first FAQ, so it isn’t going to be very pretty. 
Moving on, I am going to cover as best I can regular items, 
armor, weapons and special items. Compiling all this stuff is hard, 
and I’m sure I’ll miss some things. Scratch that, a LOT of things, 
so feel free to e-mail me and correct me, so I can praise your name 
and thank you. I don’t speak (or read for that matter) 
a lick of Japanese, so this guide is based on English Patch. There are some
minor spoilers, so ye be warned. Nuff small talk, lets get rocking!


3. Regular items

~Joe-Schmo like items that you can pick up at the five 
and dime er item shop~

*BO= Battle only, U= Unlimited uses*

Acorns of Life- Raises one char. Max HP 1-5 points

Acorns of Magic- Raises one char. Max MP 1-5 points

Agility Seed- Raises one char. max Agility 1-5 points

Angel’s Bell- *BO, U* Cures the chaos spell (Yes!)

Antidote- Cures Poison or Venom Status

Armband of Sacrifice- Monsters got you down? Literally? 
Then equip this sucker and blow them all to hell! 
*doesn’t work on bosses*

Bomb stone- *BO* Basically a Boom spell in item form

Defense- Raises one char. Max Defense 1-5 points

Drum of War- *BO* Doubles Party’s Attack. ;)

Elven Amulet- Equip and protects against Status altering 
(sleep, confusion etc.)

Elven Medicine- Heals 30 HP to party?

Fighter’s Hair- *BO* Doubles selected characters attack

Final Key- *U* Opens ALL doors, even those jail cells. 
Mmm mmm girlfriend. *snaps*

Fragrance Bag- *BO* Confuses One Enemy

Full Moon Herb- Cures Paralysis

Herb- Heals about 30-40 hp

Holy Water- Use to Ward away monsters 

Intelligence Seed- Raises one char. Max Intelligence 1-5 points

Leaf of the World Tree- Revives one character to full HP. Bada bing!

Magic Key- *U* Opens Doors with red Frame

Magic Water- Restores MP (Variable???)

Meteorite Armband- Equip and doubles Wearers Agility ;)

Monster Lure- Increases % of Battles, 
when used in battle causes monsters to be distracted

Reinhart key- *U* See those funky looking doors at Reinhart? 
Now you can open em.

Ring of Flames-Needed to get married, Used to get into Demon World, 
and when used, does a tornado-like attack

Ring of Life- Used to open portal to Demon world, and when equiped, 
restores HP as you walk!

Ring of Prayer- Restores MP (Variable?)

Ring of Water- See Ring of Flames

Sage’s Stone- *U* That’s Right, works Like an UNLIMTED healus spell. 

Sap of the World Tree- Revives & Cures ALL!! BADA BOOM!

Secrets of the thieves key- *U* Not really an item, but 
you CAN open doors that aren’t normal doors, jail cells, or red :)

Small Medal- Save these little monkeys to give to the medal king!

Stone of Life- If you have this in your possession, it 
might stop one instant death spell on that character

Strength Seed- Raises one char. Max Strength 1-5 points

Wing of Wyvern- Returns Party to last town visited


4. Special Items
~To advance the plot. Plus you can’t dump em. ;)~

Bianca’s Ribbon-Used to make Borongo 
(or whatever you named the killer panther) 
join you. It also ups monster’s intelligence when equipped. 

Dragon orb- Used to "reveal" Master Dragon

Flute of Spring- Used to bring spring to faerie....land

Flying Shoes-Transports you to Northern Shrine

Gold Orb- A shiny orb given to the hero at a young age, 
and taken from him. Used to keep Zenithia afloat

Grappling Hook- Allows Floating Castle to latch onto SW island 
(Tower of Bobble)

Horn of the Fairies- Allows mortals to see the Fairy castle.

Lamp of Darkness- Changes Day into Night

Left Dragon Eye- Obtained by defeating Gonz, and used on dragon statue

Magic Carpet- Allows you to fly over water and plains,
no monsters attached :)

Magma Staff- Used to destroy mountains in front of cave to Zenithia, 
and a handy weapon

Mirror of Ra- Reveals the 'Truth' of things

Papas’ Letter- Explains the quest for a good portion of the game. 

Right Dragon Eye- Obtained by beating the **** outta Gema, 
(revenge is just!) and also is put in statue

Sacred Pitcher- Used to remove Lava in Mildrath’s Castle

Sands of Time-Used to restart a battle from the beginning

Silk Veil- Yet another item vital for the Hero to get married. 
(Next time, we do Vegas)

Silver Orb- Also used to keep that Castle in the sky going

Symbol of Royalty- Needed to prove your king-y-ness

Torch- Used to light up *hint hint* 'dark places'

Wagon- As you can’t bum a ride with someone else, 
use this to carry more than 3 party members

Wayfarer’s map- Find out Where in the world is Carme...the hero

Zenithian Bells- Summons Pusan and allows you to fly over everything


5. Weapons

~Le Slice, Le dice!~

Weapon Name     Buying Price      Power         Special Effect

Staff of
Benidiction     NA                NA            Healmore Spell 

Poison Needle   2900g             +1            CAN kill in one hitshot 

Cypress Stick   10g               +2            NA

Bamboo Spear    50g               +5            NA 

Fruit Knife     50g               +6            NA 

Pointed Bone    70g               +6            NA

Club            60g               +9            NA 

Oak Cudgel     130g               +9            NA 

Big Mallet     220g              +10            NA

Bronze Knife   150g              +12            NA 

Stone Fang     240g              +12            NA 

Copper Sword   270g              +13            NA

Boomerang      420g              +15            NA

Thorn Whip     350g              +18            NA

Iron Claw      550g              +19            NA

Stone Axe      700g              +20            NA 

Iron Staff     850g              +22            NA 

Chain Whip     900g              +24            NA
Boomerang     1500g 	         +25            NA 

Chain Sickle   900g              +27            NA

Saw Blade     1200g              +27            NA
Chain Cross   1200g              +28            NA 

Staff of 
Thunder         NA               +29      Firebane Spell

Sledge Hammer 1800g              +30            NA

Broad Sword   2000g              +33            NA 

Steel Fang    2000g              +35            NA

Killer Earring  NA(10000 coins)  +35            NA

Papas' Sword    NA               +40            NA 

Staff of 
Anitmagic       NA               +40      Casts Stopspell  

Snake Sword   3900g              +42            NA 

Sword of 
Malice        4400g              +45       Casts Firebal

Morning Star  3000g              +45            NA

Steel Whip    7400g              +45            NA

Battle Axe    4000g              +45            NA 

Fire Claw     4700g              +53        Cast Firebane

Slumber Sword 6300g              +55       May cause Sleep

Staff of 
Force         2500g              +55       Changes MP to 
                                            Attack power
Staff of
Stoross         NA               +60            NA

War Hammer    6500g              +60            NA

Magma Staff     NA               +63            NA

Boomerang    13000g              +65            NA 

Staff of 
Revival      45000g              +66      Let's take a shot
                                          in the dark here. REVIVAL?

Falcon Sword   NA (30 medals)    +67        Attacks twice 

Sword of 
Temptation    9800g              +70            NA 

Ice Blade     9000g              +70            NA

Demon Hammer   NA                +70            NA

Sword        11500g              +80        Effects undead

Fairy Sword    NA                +85            NA 

Spear of 
Zeus         13500g              +85            NA

Killer       15000g              +90       Effects Dragons more

Demon Claw     NA                +90            NA
Multi-Edge     NA                +99          Cursed 

Demon Spear  25000g              +99            NA

Sword of 
Miracles   NA(16 medals)         +100      Heals 1/4 of damage given

Whip       NA(200000 coins)      +100           NA

Sword        21000g              +105           NA

Big Bowgun   37000g              +110           NA

Zenithan Sword  NA               +110           NA

Orihalcon Fang  NA               +115           NA

Hell Saber      NA               +120           NA 

Iron Ball of 
Decimation      NA               +125           NA 

Dragon Staff    NA               +125      Casts Bedragon

Metal King 
Sword           NA (50000 coins) +130   Kicks serious freaking ass


6. Armor
~In the words of the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared~

Armor Name     Buying Price          Defense      Special Effect

Leather Hat         65G                  +2              NA

Pointed hat         70G                  +3              NA

Wooden Hat         120G                  +6              NA

Hairband           150G                  +7              NA

Scale Hat          150G                  +7              NA

Fur hood           400G                  +11             NA

Silver Barrette    450G                  +14             NA

Iron Helm         1100G                  +16             NA
Silk Hat          2000G                  +20             NA

Iron Mask         3500G                  +25             NA

Hat of the Wind   5000G                  +28   Acts as Wing of Wyvern when used

Echoing Hat          NA                  +28      Any spell cast can be cast
                                                       again,free of MP

Satan Helm           NA                  +30           Cursed

Hat of Happiness     NA                  +35     Restores MP when walking

Helm of Wisdom   13000G                  +40       Raises Intelligence

Golden Tiara         NA                  +45    Sometimes prevents status

Great Helm       20000G                  +45            NA

Zenithian Helm       NA                  +50            NA

Crown of the Sun     NA                  +60      Protects from Mandate?

King Metal Helm      NA                  +70            NA

Armor Name     Buying Price           Defense     Special Effect

Piece of Cloth      25G                 +3              NA

Clothes             30G                 +4              NA

Slave Clothes        NA                 +5              NA

Handwoven Cape       NA                 +6              NA

Wayfarer's Clothes  70G                 +7              NA

Silk Apron         110G                 +10             NA

Leather Armor      180G                 +11             NA

Leather Loincloth  220G                 +12             NA

Silk Robe            NA                 +13             NA

Boxer Shorts         NA                 +15             NA

Scale Armor        350G                 +15             NA

Leather Dress      380G                 +17             NA

Fur Coat           550G                 +18             NA

Chain Mail         500G                 +19             NA

Slime Clothes      330G                 +20             NA

Dancer's Clothes  1300G                 +20             NA

Bronze Armor       700G                 +21             NA

Breast Plate      1000G                 +23             NA

Naughty Underwear    NA                 +23   Sometimes makes monster stunned

Half Plate Armor  1200G                 +25             NA

Cloak of Evasion  3000G                 +28    Raises evasion rate
                                              (Monsters miss more)

Full Plate Armor  2300G                 +30             NA

Rogue Armor          NA                 +30           Cursed

Turtle Shell      2500G                 +33             NA

Robe of Serenity     NA	                +33    Reduces water fire damage?

Lace Bisuche      5500G                 +35             NA

Mysterious Bolero    NA (10 medals)     +37    Asorbs magic damage into MP

Wizard's Robe     6800G                 +37             ?

Zombie Mail          NA                 +38             NA

Breastplate       5000G                 +40             NA

Combat Pajamas       NA(5 small medals) +40             NA

Silver Mail       4800G                 +40             NA

Dress of Radiance 8800G                 +45       Reduces spell damage

Blood Mail        6500G                 +45             NA

Dragon Mail       7500G                 +50              ?

Sage's Robe      12000G                 +50        Reduces spell damage

Swordedge Armor      NA                 +55    Gives 1/4 of damage back to

Robe of Darkness     NA                 +55        Reduces spell damage

Water Flying     14800G                 +55        Reduces Fire Damage

Magic Armor      12000G                 +60        Reduces Spell Damage

Silk Bisuche     18800G                 +60             NA

Angel Leotard    21000G                 +70             ?

Flame Armor      15000G                 +70        Reduces water & ice damage

Mysitc Armor         NA(21 medals)      +75        Heals some HP every round

Princess Armor       NA                 +80        Reduces Fire & water damage

Mirror Armor         NA                 +80             ?

Demon Armor          NA                 +85            Cursed

Zenithian Armor      NA                 +85       Reduces Fire & water & spell 

Royal Cloak          NA                 +90       Reduces Fire & water & spell 

King Metal Armor     NA                 +95             NA

Armor Name    Buying Price            Defense        Special Effect

Pot cover        40G                    +2              NA

Leather Shield   70G                    +4              NA

Scale Shield    180G                    +7              NA

Bronze Shield   370G                    +11             NA

Iron Shield     720G                    +16             NA

Magic Shield   3400G                    +22        Reduces magic damage?

Dragon Shield  7100G                    +30       Reduces Fire & Ice damage

Aeolus Shield  4700G                    +30         Casts Expel when used

Shield of
Darkness         NA                     +37         Casts Absorb when used

Flame Shield  17000G                    +40        Reduces water damage

Shield of     25000G                    +46        Casts Healmore when used

Ogre Shield      NA                     +48                    ?

Shield of
Reflection    33000G                    +55            Reduces Fire damage

Zenithian        NA                     +60           Casts Bounce when used

Shield of        NA                     +65         Reduces Fire & Ice damage

King Metal
Shield       NA (41 small medals)       +70                    ?	


7. Version History

(June 11th, 2004) Started doing this FAQ. 
Finished Regular Items and Special. 
Remind self to never, ever to make fun of FAQ writers.
(June 12th, 2004) Finished version 0.9 
Hope to fill in blanks & ?'s in time.
(June 13th, 2004) Realized did entire armor section w/ tabs. Went back and used 
spaces. ;)


8. Copyright
This guide is Copyright 2004 by Andrew Schill. 
I made it myself, and cannot be used for commercial purposes. 
For the love of God, don't take this, if you really want it 
(I don't see why) Then just email me, and I will let you use it.
The document cannot be altered or shown incomplete without my permission.
Dragon Quest V is trademarked by Enix Corporation.
9.Thanks, Lessons & contacts
I want to thank myself for having nothing to do for two days, 
My friend Will for letting me borrow DW1 & DW2, 
thusly getting me hooked. I want to thank Woodus, the creator
of the dragon's den, www.woodus.com, for showing me that yes,
there WAS a series after DW3. I want to thank the Ramones, for
giving me a something to listen to while writing this, greatest
hits live baby! Hey ho! Let's go!I want to thank dejap for translating 
this great game,so I didn't have to learn Japanese. Now only if they would
work on DQVI. ;) I learned that writing even a small Faq is tiring, and to 
never ever badmouth anyone who has written a faq sometime. I learned 
to save OFTEN, and not type during a electrical storm. 
Ok, to reach me,
my email is Schillace37@aol.com.

Peace out.



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