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Save State Hacking Guide by IFerrel

Version: 1 | Updated: 12/24/2003

                     Save State Monster Hacking guide
                          Dragon Quest 5 DEJAP
                        For ZSNES (HEXWORKSHOP)


1 Disclaimer
2 Character codes
3 Sprite codes
4 Monster codes
5 Item digits
6 Codes that help
7 Legal junk
8 Thanks

1 Disclaimer
I'm not responsible for what happens on you save state
(Data lost,Freeze game,etc)
If you use the offsets correctly nothing bad happens.

2 Character codes
Note:The Max HP and MP is 999(E703),Aglt,Str,Vit,Int,Lck Max is 255(FF)
Max exp is 10,000,000 (809698),in order to know all field spells and battle
spells put FF.

Character 1 offsets                      Character 3 offsets

2C53       Sprite                        2C7D      Sprite
2C54       Condition 80=Normal           2C7E      Condition
2C55-2C56  Current HP                    2C7F-2C80 Current HP
2C57-2C58  Current MP                    2C81-2C82 Current MP
2C59       Agility      Max 255          2C83      Agility
2C5A       Strenght     Max 255          2C84      Strenght
2C5B       Vitality     Max 255          2C85      Vitality
2C5C       Intelligence Max 255          2C86      Intelligence
2C5D       Luck         Max 255          2C87      Luck
2C5E-2C60  Exp                           2C88-2C8A Exp
2C61-2C62  Max HP                        2C8B-2C8C Max HP
2C63-2C64  Max MP                        2C8D-2C8E Max MP
2C65       Level                         2C8F      Level
2C69-2C74  Items 12                      2C93-2C9E Items 12
2C75       Description                   2C9F      Description
2C76       Field spells                  2CA0      Field spells
2C77-2C78  Battle spells                 2CA1-2CA2 Battle spells

Character 4 offsets                      Character 5 offsets

2CA7       Sprite                        2CD1      Sprite
2CA8       Condition 80=Normal           2CD2      Condition
2CA9-2CAA  Current HP                    2CD3-2CD4 Current HP
2CAB-2CAC  Current MP                    2CD5-2CD6 Current MP
2CAD       Agility                       2CD7      Agility
2CAE       Strenght                      2CD8      Strenght
2CAF       Vitality                      2CD9      Vitality
2CB0       Intelligence                  2CDA      Intelligence
2CB1       Luck                          2CDB      Luck
2CB2-2CB4  Exp                           2CDC-2CDE Exp
2CB5-2CB6  Max HP                        2CDF-2CE0 Max HP
2CB7-2CB8  Max MP                        2CE1-2CE2 Max MP
2CB9       Level                         2CE3      Level
2CBD-2CC8  Items 12                      2CE7-2CF2 Items 12
2CC9       Description                   2CF3      Description
2CCA       Field spells                  2CF4      Field spells
2CCB-2CCC  Battle spells                 2CF5-2CF6 Battle spells

Character 6 offsets                      Character 7 offsets

2CFB       Sprite                        2D25      Sprite
2CFC       Condition 80=Normal           2D26      Condition
2CFD-2CFE  Current HP                    2D27-2D28 Current HP
2CFF-2D00  Current MP                    2D29-2D2A Current MP
2D01       Agility                       2D2B      Agility
2D02       Strenght                      2D2C      Strenght
2D03       Vitality                      2D2D      Vitality
2D04       Intelligence                  2D2E      Intelligence
2D05       Luck                          2D2F      Luck
2D06-2D08  Exp                           2D30-2D32 Exp
2D09-2D0A  Max HP                        2D33-2D34 Max HP
2D0B-2D0C  Max MP                        2D35-2D36 Max MP
2D0D       Level                         2D37      Level
2D11-2D1C  Items 12                      2D3B-2D46 Items 12
2D1D       Description                   2D47      Description
2D1E       Field spells                  2D48      Field spells
2D1F-2D20  Battle spells                 2D49-2D4A Battle spells

Character 2 offsets                      Character 8 offsets

2D4F       Sprite                        2D79      Sprite
2D50       Condition 80=Normal           2D7A      Condition
2D51-2D52  Current HP                    2D7B-2D7C Current HP
2D53-2D54  Current MP                    2D7D-2D7E Current MP
2D55       Agility                       2D7F      Agility
2D56       Strenght                      2D80      Strenght
2D57       Vitality                      2D81      Vitality
2D58       Intelligence                  2D82      Intelligence
2D59       Luck                          2D83      Luck
2D5A-2D5C  Exp                           2D84-2D86 Exp
2D5D-2D5E  Max HP                        2D87-2D88 Max HP
2D5F-2D60  Max MP                        2D89-2D8A Max MP
2D61       Level                         2D8B      Level
2D65-2D70  Items 12                      2D8F-2D9A Items 12
2D71       Description                   2D9B      Description
2D72       Field spells                  2D9C      Field spells
2D73-2D74  Battle spells                 2D9D-2D9E Battle spells

3 Sprite codes
This codes change the sprites,spells,names
and description of the characters.

*Be sure to match the character sprite whit the description,
(Sprite-description) Human-Human,Monster-Monster.
*also you can match any character whit any description.
*The monster digits are the same as the gramps digits.
*The monster description in incomplete.

          Number       Character sprite          Description
            1:               2C53                    2C75
            2:               2D4F                    2D71
            3:               2C7D                    2CA0
            4:               2CA7                    2CC9
            5:               2CD1                    2CF3
            6:               2CFB                    2D1D
            7:               2D25                    2D47
            8:               2D79                    2D9B

Sprite                  Human descriptions          Monster descriptions
00=Hero                 00=Son of Papas             00=Slime
01=Hero son             01=InnKeep'Daughter         01=Thorny
02=Hero daughter        02=Prince of Reinhart       02=Gophecada
03=Bianca               03=Hero's wife              03=Drakee
04=Young Bianca         04=Temple servant           04=Whackamole
05=Sancho               05=Hero's son               05=Horned rabbit
06=Pipin                06=Hero's daughter          06=Grenn worm
07=Flora                07=Runaway slave            07=Gapplin
08=Papas                08=Traveller                08=Stinky weasel
09=Henry                09=Monster trainer          09=Babble
0A=Bella                0A=King of Granvadia        0A=Big rat
                        0B=Hero's wife              0B=Skull serpent
                        0C=Faerie                   0C=Troglodyte
                        0D=Granvadia soldier        0D=Blaze lizard
                        0E=Servant                  0E=Baby phanter
                        0F=Hero's father            0F=Mad plant
                        10=Legendary hero           10=Spiny
                                                    13=Cactus ball
                                                    14=Larva king
                                                    15=Night wisp
                                                    17=Goblin rat

Imagine you want two wifes,you are not sure what girl to choose do you?,
well how about marry both girls! You don't want to be lonely in those cool
night's :)
Ok open the .Zst file and go to the offset 2c7d to change the sprite and
replace the digit to 07=Flora;
now go to the offset 2c9f(Character description)and replace the digit whit
0B=Hero's wife,now you have two wifes, what a lucky hero!
The combinations are up to you: Flora and Bianca @_@; The hero and young Bianca
:),The hero and Pipin O_o; well try anything you like the most :)

4 Monster codes
The main reason for making this guide,the monster code's. I remember the days
in the DQ5 board whit mark gardner,SSjvegeta69 arge about the no random battle
code and the challenge to make a monter code;I think I win but,the faq was made
in "CAPITAL LETTERS" and was never posted in gamefaqs until now, I decided to
rewrite the faq and play the game again (2 years latter);
also James Holman was on the board telling the updates of his Walkthrough
I must say is the best The "Puff-Puff" girl anyone?
Ok the puff-puff is something your girlfriend do in Japan for you;
read the Walkthrough for more info :)

*Open the .zst file whit the hexworkshop go to the "edit menu" and find the "Go
to" write the offset 2f45 and find what you are looking for
this offsets are for the 42 monster whit the gramps even if you don't have any

Note:If you don't have any monster then you have to use the max level byte so
the monster can start to build levels Max Exp(809698),Max Level depends
of the monster class, but you can build up to Lvl 99 (63).
(Thanks to SSJVegeta69 for the help in that)

This is the offsets of every monster 42

1  2F45 Type  2F50-2F52=Exp  2F58 Max level exp
2  2F5F Type  2F6A-2F6C Exp  2F72 Max level exp
3  2F79 Type  2F84-2F86 Exp  2F8C Max level exp
4  2F93 Type  2F9E-2FA0 Exp  2FA6 Max level exp
5  2FAD Type  2FB8-2FBA Exp  2FC0 Max level exp
6  2FC7 Type  2FD2-2FD4 Exp  2FDA Max level exp
7  2FE1 Type  2FEC-2FEE Exp  2FF4 Max level exp
8  2FF0 Type  3006-3008 Exp  300E Max level exp
9  3015 Type  3020-3022 Exp  3028 Max level exp
10 302F Type  303A-303C Exp  3042 Max level exp
11 3049 Type  3054-3056 Exp  305C Max level exp
12 3063 Type  306E-3070 Exp  3076 Max level exp
13 307D Type  3088-308A Exp  3090 Max level exp
14 3097 Type  30A2-30A4 Exp  30AA Max level exp
15 30B1 Type  30BC-30BE Exp  30C4 Max level exp
16 30CB Type  30D6-30D8 Exp  30DE Max level exp
17 30E5 Type  30F0-30F2 Exp  30F8 Max level exp
18 30FF Type  310A-310C Exp  3112 Max level exp
19 3119 Type  3124-3126 Exp  312C Max level exp
20 3133 Type  313E-3140 Exp  3146 Max level exp
21 314D Type  3158-315A Exp  3160 Max level exp
22 3167 Type  3172-3174 Exp  317A Max level exp
23 3181 Type  318C-318E Exp  3194 Max level exp
24 319B Type  31A6-31A8 Exp  31AE Max level exp
25 31B5 Type  31C0-31C2 Exp  31C8 Max level exp
26 31CF Type  31DA-31DC Exp  31E2 Max level exp
27 31E9 Type  31F4-31F6 Exp  31FC Max level exp
28 3203 Type  32OE-3210 Exp  3216 Max level exp
29 321D Type  3228-322A Exp  3230 Max level exp
30 3237 Type  3242-3244 Exp  324A Max level exp
31 3251 Type  325C-325E Exp  3264 Max level exp
32 326B Type  3276-3278 Exp  327E Max level exp
33 3285 Type  3290-3292 Exp  3298 Max level exp
34 329F Type  32AA-32AC Exp  32B2 Max level exp
35 32B9 Type  32C4-32C6 Exp  32CB Max level exp
36 32D3 Type  32DE-32E0 Exp  32E6 Max level exp
37 32ED Type  32F8-32FA Exp  3300 Max level exp
38 3307 Type  3312-3314 Exp  331A Max level exp
39 3321 Type  332C-332E Exp  3334 Max level exp
40 333B Type  3346-3348 Exp  334E Max level exp
41 3355 Type  3360-3362 Exp  3368 Max level exp
42 336F Type  337A-337C Exp  3382 Max level exp

Monster digits
80=Baby phanter     Max 99 (63)
81=Kill phanter     Max 99 (63)
82=Slime            Max 99 (63)
83=Drakee           Max 99 (63)
84=Magician         Max 99 (63)
85=Healer           Max 99 (63)
86=Dancing needle   Max 25 (19)
87=Slime knight     Max 99 (63)
88=Brownie          Max 99 (63)
89=Bomb baby        Max 15 (0F)
8A=Hork             Max 30 (1E)
8B=Yeta             Max 40 (28)
8C=Dragon pup       Max 30 (1E)
8D=Kukkle           Max 20 (14)
8E=Big eye          Max 20 (14)
8F=Metal babble     Max  8 (08)
90=Puppet man       Max 30 (1E)
91=Wyvern           Max 60 (3C)
92=Bomb crag        Max 20 (14)
93=Dancing jewel    Max  7 (07)
94=Curer            Max 50 (32)
95=King slime       Max 30 (1E)
96=Mad dragon       Max 40 (28)
97=Minidemon        Max 30 (1E)
98=Messala          Max 50 (32)
99=Orc king         Max 30 (1E)
9A=Leaonar          Max 30 (1E)
9B=Eliminator       Max 30 (1E)
9C=Golem            Max 50 (32)
9D=Centaurus        Max 50 (32)
9E=King healer      Max 20 (14)
9F=Soldier bull     Max 30 (1E)
A0=Farewell crag    Max 20 (14)
A1=Eigerhorn        Max 40 (28)
A2=Blizzard hawk    Max 25 (19)
A3=Springer         Max 50 (32)
A4=Great dragon     Max 60 (3C)
A5=Attack bot       Max 30 (1E)
A6=Lionex           Max 23 (17)
A7=Gigantes         Max  7 (07)
A8=Hell battler     Max 99 (63)
A9=Neileus          Max 50 (32)

5 Item digits
00=Cypress stick
01=Bamboo pole
03=Oak cudgel
04=Fruit knife
05=Bronze knife
06=Copper sword
07=Chain whip
08=Iron staff
09=Stone axe
0A=Sharpened bone
0B=Poison needle
0C=Broad sword
0D=Sword of malice
0E=Dragon killer
0F=Sword of temptation
10=Sword of slumber
11=Falcon sword
12=Multi-edged sword
13=Sword of miracles
14=Hell sabre
15=Zombie killer
16=Snake sword
17=Blizzard sword
18=Papa's sword
19=King metal sword
1A=Faerie sword
1B=Zenithian sword
1C=Thorn whip
1D=Chain whip
1E=Morning star
1F=Steel whip
20=Gringham whip
22=Bladed boomerang
23=Flame boomerang
24=Sword of declamation
25=Iron ball of declamation
26=Staff of force
27=Staff of thunder
28=Staff of punishment
29=Staff of antimagic
2A=Magma staff
2B=Staff of benediction
2C=Staff of revival
2D=Dragon staff
2E=Staff of stoross
2F=Iron claw
30=Flame claw
31=Ice blade
32=Stone fang
33=Steel fang
34=Orihalcon fang
35=Demon claw
36=Big malletI
37=Sledge hammer
38=Battle axe
39=War hammer
3A=Demon hammer
3B=Spear of Zeus
3C=Saw blade
3D=Poison needle
3E=Killer earring
3F=Demon spear
40=Big bowgun
41=Piece of cloth
43=Wayfarer's clothes
44=Handwoven cape
45=Turtle shell
46=Leather loincloth
47=Slave clothes
48=Leather armor
49=Scale armor
4A=Silk apron
4B=Fur coat
4C=Leather dress
4D=Chain mail
4E=Breast plate
4F=Bronze armor
50=Half plate armor
51=Full plate armor
52=Dragon mail
53=Zombie mail
54=Swordedge armor
55=Silver breast plate
56=Magical armor
57=Silver mail
58=Flame mail
59=Devil's armor
5A=Mystic armor
5B=Blood mail
5C=Demon armor
5D=Mirror armor
5E=Roaming armor
5F=Zenithian armor
60=Royal cloack
61=King metal armor
62=Silk robe
63=Dancer's clothes
64=Cloack of evasion
65=Water flying clothes
66=Mysterious bolero
67=Robe of serenity
68=Dress of radiance
69=Angel's leotard
6A=Sage's robe
6B=Wizard robe
6C=Lace bisuche
6D=Silk bisuche
6E=Princess robe
6F=Robe of darkness
70=Slime clothes
71=Combat pajamas
72=Boxer shorts
73=Naughty underwear
74=Pot cover
75=Leather shield
76=Scale shield
77=Bronze shield
78=Iron shield
79=Magi shield
7A=Shield of strenght
7B=Dragon shield
7C=Aeolu's shield
7D=Shield of reflection
7E=Flame shield
7F=Shield of darkness
80=Shield of ruin
81=Ogre shield
82=Zenithian shield
83=Shield of radiance
84=King metal shield
85=Pointed hat
86=Leather hat
87=Wooden hat
88=Shell hat
89=Fur hood
8A=Iron helm
8B=Iron mask
8C=Silk hat
8D=Haor band
8E=Satan helm
8F=Silver barrette
90=Hat of wind
91=Hat of happiness
92=Helm of wisdom
93=Echoing hat
94=Golden tiara
95=Zenithian helm
96=Great helm
97=King metal helm
98=Sun crown
99=Silk veil
9A=Meteorite armband
9B=Elven amulet
9C=Bianca's ribbon
9D=Armband of sacrifice
9E=Ring of flames
9F=Ring of water
A0=Ring of life
A1=Medical herb
A2=Antidote herb
A3=Holy water
A4=Wing of wyvern
A5=Leaf of the world tree
A6=Sap of the world tree
A7=Full moon herb
A8=Ring of prayer
A9=Magic water
AA=Fragance bag
AB=Sands of time
AC=Sage's stone
AD=Strenght seed
AE=Defense seed
AF=Agility seed
B0=Intelligence seed
B1=Acorns of life
B2=Acorns of magic
B3=Mirror of Ra
B4=Lamp of darkness
B5=Small medal
B6=Wayfarer's map
B7=Thief's key
B8=Magic key
B9=Finl key
BA=Magic bag
BB=Monster lure
BC=Bomb stone
BD=Fighter's hair
BE=Demon's toy
BF=Restoration orb
C0=Elven medicine
C1=Angel's bell
C2=Stone of life
C3=Monster munch
C4=Drum of war
C6=Gold orb
C7=Flute of spring
C8=Papa's letter
C9=Reinhart's key
CA=Ruramoon herb
CB=Symbol of royalty
CC=Magic carpet
CD=Flying shoes
CE=Faerie horn
CF=Glowing orb
D0=Grappling hook
D1=Dragon orb
D2=Heaven ball
D3=Ibul's book
D4=Baron's horn
D5=Holy chamberpot
D6=Dragon's right eye
D7=Dragon's left eye

6 Codes that help
7E201BFF Tons money
7E10FEFF Tons exp after battle
7E203F63 Inf medals for the M.King
7E1A9A00 No random battles
7E10EDFF Tons damage to enemy
7E100501 1 Enemy per battle

7 Legal junk
Dragon quest 5 is property of Enix
Hexworkshop is (c) Break point software
This document is (c) Ivan Ferrel

8 Thanks
Zsnes team for is excellent emulator (ipher)
Enix for making the game
Dejap for translating the game
SSJVegeta69 for the help in the Max monster level
mark gardner for the arges in the "no random battle code"
James Holman for his Walkthrough "Puff-Puff" girl anyone?
Myself for hacking this Ivan Ferrel.

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