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FAQ/Walkthrough by JHolman

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 12/12/01

                      Dragon Quest 5 - The Bride of the Sky
                              Walkthrough, V3.0
                    James Holman, grospelina@hotmail.com
                     Copyright (c) 2001 by James Holman

                               C O N T E N T S

    Copyright Notice
    Version History

        Prologue   - The Birth of a Hero
        Chapter 1  - The Journey Begins
        Chapter 2  - The Herbs of Santa Rosa
        Chapter 3  - Lenoire at Night
        Chapter 4  - The Other End of the Rainbow, Well the Stairs ^_^;
        Chapter 5  - The End of a Generation
        Chapter 6  - I've Been Working on the Chain Gang
        Interlude  - A Nameless Nunnery by the Sea
        Chapter 7  - Gamblin' the Night Turned Into Day Away
        Chapter 8  - Descent Into Legend
        Chapter 9  - The Return of the King
        Chapter 10 - Something Old, Something New
        Chapter 11 - Chutes and Ladders in the Moonlight
        Chapter 12 - Jumping Thru Rings for Love and a Shield
        Interlude  - Home Is Where the Heart Is
        Chapter 13 - Hot Fun in the Desert Sun
        Chapter 14 - The Way Home
        Chapter 15 - A Bittersweet Homecoming
        Chapter 16 - A Heart of Stone
        Interlude  - Everything Stone is New Again
        Chapter 17 - A Blast from the Past
        Interlude  - Places to Go, People to See
        Chapter 18 - The Truth At Last
        Interlude  - Christmas Comes Early
        Interlude  - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Old
        Chapter 19 - ...And I'm Climbing a Stairway to Heaven
        Interlude  - To Be Royally Cloaked
        Chapter 20 - From the Depths Comes Hope
        Chapter 21 - ...And If Ever the Two Shall Meet...
        Chapter 22 - What Comes Around, Goes Around
        Interlude  - One for the Road
        Chapter 23 - And Lo, How the Mighty Have Fallen
        Chapter 24 - Descent into Darkness
        Chapter 25 - The Power of Love
        Epilogue   - A New Evil?


                       C O P Y R I G H T   N O T I C E

This document is Copyright 2001 by James Holman.  It was entirely created by
me, James Holman, and is designed for personal use only.  It may not appear
on any web site without my express permission (contact me at the address
above) and it may not be used for any commercial purpose.  Commercial
purposes include, but are not limited to, publishing any and all parts of
this document in a magazine, a book, on a web page, etc.  This document may
not be altered in any way, shape, or form without the author's express
permission nor can it be distributed without the same permission.

Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon
Warrior, and Dragon Warrior 4 are trademarks of Enix Corporation.

Final Fantasy is a trademark of Square.

                           I N T R O D U C T I O N

Many have called Dragon Quest the premier RPG series to ever come out of
Japan.  As a longtime fan of the Final Fantasy series, I had never really
played any of the Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior here in the US) games.  I
guess what got me interested in series was the two years I spent living in
Japan.  I was fortunate enough to be there when Dragon Quest VII came out and
I saw the mass hysteria that goes with the release of a new Dragon Quest
game, especially one so delayed as VII.  I remember seeing the TV commercials
describing the world as only one island and I thought that was an interesting
idea.  My wife is Japanese and on a whim, we bought Dragon Quest VII for her
nephews.  I don't think I'll ever forget the way their eyes glowed when we
handed it to them.  OK, anything that good deserves to be looked at.

So, I tried Dragon Quest VI in Japanese and got fairly far into it.  With the
recent releases of various patches for Dragon Quest VI, I was able to finish
the game with a proper understanding of the story.  To my surprise, the story
of Dragon Quest VI was excellent and very engrossing.  As I really believe
that the key to a good RPG is the story, I immediately went after Dragon
Quest VII and Dragon Quest V.

I am so very glad I did so; Dragon Quest V is a wonderful game with a
meaningful and interesting story and characters that you grow to care about
what happens to them.  Seeing multiple generations of the same family was an
incredible addition to the plot and added so much to the overall story's
worth.  It was also the first Dragon Quest to refine and introduce many of
the standard features seen in Dragon Quest VII - the wagon, a bonus dungeon,
a casino, recruiting monsters, etc.  If I have made a mistake with the list,
please tell me as I am not familiar with the series before Dragon Quest V,
well, I know a little about Dragon Warrior 4.

So, with all that in mind, on with the guide.  As this is a walkthrough for
Dragon Quest V, I have done my best to make it as complete as possible.  This
means that there are spoilers in this document.  I have summarized aspects of
the story, listed solutions for all puzzles, given strategies for fighting
the bosses, listed locations of items, etc.  If you don't want any more of
the story spoiled than is necessary, try not to read ahead.

This is my first FAQ / Walkthrough so please bear with me in regards to any
mistakes.  I welcome all feedback, be it positive or negative.  If I've left
something out or made a mistake, please let me know.  The names used in this
document reflect the names seen in the recent DeJap patch release for
convenience and usability.  Also note that no game play mechanics are
explained here, nor are definitions or descriptions of the magical spells.
If you feel this is needed, please contact me and I will try and add it to a
future version of this document.

                        V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y

November 29, 2001 - Started the guide
                    Completed up to Chapter 3 of the Walkthrough

November 30, 2001 - Completed up to Chapter 5 of the Walkthrouh
                    Modified the format to this current form
                    Wrote the Introduction and Copyright Notice
                    Wrote the Acknowledgements and Disclaimer Sections

November 30, 2001 - Completed Chapter 6 and the Interlude
                    Started Chapter 7

December 1, 2001  - Completed Chapters 7 and 8
                    Started Chapter 9

December 2, 2001  - Completed Chapter 9
                    Completed Chapters 10 and 11
                    Started Chapter 12

December 3, 2001  - Completed Chapter 12, up to the retrieval of the Fire Ring

December 4, 2001  - Completed Chapter 12
                    Completed the Interlude and Chapter 13
                    Started Chapter 14

December 5, 2001  - Completed Chapter 14
                    Started Chapter 15

December 6, 2001  - Completed Chapters 15 and 16 and the subsequent Interlude

December 7, 2001  - Added another Medical Herb to the Item List for Lenoire Castle
                    Added Elven Water to the Item List for the Cave NE of Reinhart
                    Made some grammar corrections
                    Completed up to, but not including Chapter 19

December 8, 2001  - Completed Chapter 19 and the "Royal Cloak" Interlude
                    Completed Chapter 20

December 9, 2001  - Completed up to Chapter 22

December 10, 2001 - Completed Chapters 23 and 24
                    Started Chapter 25

December 11, 2001 - Completed Chapters 25 - 26
                    Completed the Epilogue

December 12, 2001 - Last minute corrections.

                            W A L K T H R O U G H

                      * Prologue:  The Birth of a Hero *

The game opens with a very anxious man pacing back and forth.  A servant
enters and addresses the man as "Lord Papas" and tells him that his wife has
just given birth.  Papas is surprised that the birth has happened so soon and
dashes upstairs.  A maid greets him, congratulating him on the birth of a
beautiful baby boy.  Papas replies that the child has such a strong voice, a
voice so strong he can hear him outside the room.  Martha, Papas's wife,
calls Papas dearest while Papas exclaims that the child is beautiful and that
he already sounds like a little warrior.  Pappas then wonders what the child
should be named and suggests such "manly" names as Jonas, Lazarus, and
Samson.  Martha replies that they are wonderful names for such a little
warrior but she's actually been thinking of <the name that you chose> and
asks Papas what he thinks.  Papas is not sure it has the proper zing to it
but it is catchy and he can't say no to Martha.  Papas picks up the child and
tells him what his name will be from this day forth.  Martha again calls
Papas "dearest" but she suddenly starts to cough.  Papas frantically asks if
she's all right and begs her to talk to him.  However, the only sound heard
is the crying of a newborn baby...

With that, Dragon Quest V begins...

                      * Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins *

        Medical Herb (Your room, dresser)


    Outside of Vista:

        Stinky Weasel
        Healer (Behoimi Slime)
        Green Worm

The Hero (that's you) will wake up in a room with Papas.  You'll tell him
(he's your father) about a dream you had.  In the dream, you remember about
the time you were a baby and something about a castle.  Papas tells you to
walk around on deck to get some air and clear your head.  Leave the cabin,
but be sure to check the dresser for a Medical Herb.
Go out onto the deck and talk to the sailors.  The sailor closest to you will
tell you that the captain is in his cabin, if you want to talk to him.  The
sailor at the helm says you'll reach the port of Vista soon.  He goes on to
say that he's surprised that the captain is going out of his way to help you
and Papas.  Feel free to explore the deck and search the barrels, but you
won't find anything.  ^_^;

Before going into the door (that leads to the captain's cabin), you can take
the other set of stairs to explore more of the ship.  

In the galley, you can talk to the cook.  If you do, the cook wonders who's
the better cook - him or Papas?  

Continuing on, you'll come to the sailors' quarters.  One sailor will tell
you that you and Papas are searching for something and he hopes that you find
it.  The other sailor mentions that Papas must be something to raise you all
by himself.  Note, there are barrels here that are empty and there are 9
locked chests that can't be opened.  ^_^;

When you're done below decks, head back topside and enter the door for the
Captain's cabin.  The large, scary looking guy (the lookout) will ask you if
he's scary, but the intrepid Hero isn't fazed.  ^_^  If you talk to the First
Mate, he'll say that he heard that the Hero and Papas are traveling alone,
just the two of them.  The Captain tells you that a long time ago Papas
helped him out.  He tells you to listen to your father and grow to be a great
man like Papas.
After talking to everyone, the ship arrives at the port of Vista and the
captain asks you to go fetch Papas.  When you do, Papas remarks that they're
finally here and that it's been two years since he's been to this village,
though the Hero probably doesn't remember.  He then leaves, asking the Hero
if he forgot anything.  As you and Papas leave the ship, talk to the crew;
they all encourage the Hero.  Papas asks you if you checked the drawers; if
you say "no", Pappas tells you to do so.  When you're ready to leave, say
"yes".  The ships pulls away as Papas and the Hero disembark...
You're now at Vista Port.  Papas talks to his friend and tells you to play
nearby while you're waiting.  He does warn you though not to go far...  The
woman upstairs says that 2 years ago a man named Papas left this area (by the
same ship he just arrived on) with a small child looking for something dear
to him.  Hmmm, wonder what that is?

To advance the game, leave the port...

When you leave Vista, you're immediately attacked by 3 slimes.

:::3 Slimes:::

    This battle is not too difficult and may even be winnable alone but Papas
    soon comes to the rescue, well, rescue is an understatement. ^_-

After the battle, Papas heals the Hero and tells him it's a bit dangerous to
wander around alone and to be careful.

Papas then automatically leads the Hero to the next town, Santa Rosa.  Note,
you may be enagaged in combat but with the Scourge of All That Is Evil, err,
Papas, ^_^ you'll be fine.  If you do have to fight, Papas will heal you
after every battle, if you were injured.  Finally, you arrive in Santa Rosa...

                  *  Chapter 2 - The Herbs of Santa Rosa *


    Santa Rosa:
        Strength Seed (Sancho's House, B1 pot)
        Medical Herb (Sancho's House, 1F dresser)
        Leather Hat (Sancho's house, 2F dresser)
        Medical Herb (Weapon Store, 2F dresser)
    Santa Rosa Cave:

        Medical Herb (1F Chest)
        50G (B1 Chest)
        Leather Shield (B1 Chest)
        Wayfarer's Clothes (B2 Chest)


    Santa Rosa:

        Weapon Store

            Cypress Stick - 10G
            Bamboo Pole - 50G
            Sharpened Bone - 70G
            Oak Cudgel - 130G
            Copper Sword - 270G


    Santa Rosa Cave:

        Horned Rabbit

At the gates of the town, a guard greets Papas and the Hero and is shocked to
see him as it's been 2 years since he left.  He then heads off to tell
everyone that Papas has returned.  Papas leads you to the inn, where
they're greeted by the Innkeeper.  He too is shocked and remarks on how much
the Hero has grown.  He then proceeds to ask Papas to join him at the tavern
that evening as everyone wants to hear his adventures.  From the inn, Papas
and you meet with the weapon shop owner, who is excited to see Papas,
even though all they ever used to do was fight.  ^_^;  Yet another villager
greets the two and tells Papas there were so many rumors about him while he
was gone.  Next on the hit parade, a nun greets "Lord" Papas and exclaims that
God must have been watching after him to bring him back to the village.
Papas interrupts her, telling her to save that talk for church.  ^_^  The
nun, not insulted in the least, jumps up and down, cheering the return of

Finally, Papas and you arrive at the home of Sancho, a loyal retainer,
who tells him how long he's waited for this day.  They go into his house
together to talk.  Inside, Papas is met by Bianca, who doesn't remember her.
He then meets their friend Duncan's wife (Bianca's mother), who's up from
Alkapa to buy medicine.  Bianca comes up to you, and bored by "grown-up
talk" invites you upstairs.  She asks if you remember her (you have a choice
here).  Saying "yes" results in Bianca scoffing while saying "no" has her
telling you that she's not surprised as you were only a baby the last time
you were there.  Bianca then says that she's eight and two years older the
the Hero, making her his elder.  She then offers to read a book to you.  She
struggles with it, but manages to get out something about the sky before
giving up.  Bianca's mother comes upstairs and tells Bianca that they have to
return to the inn.  Bianca returns the book and then leaves.  Be sure to
search the dresser before going downstairs.

Talk to Papas; he tells you that he has to go out for a while so you're left
to your own devices.  If you talk to Sancho, he offers to let you rest.  But,
before doing that, let's explore.  ^_^  Start with Sancho's house...

There's an old man standing in front of the house that Papas goes to but he
just tells you not to get in your father's way.

A man in the weapon shop tells you not to just carry equipment; you have to
equip it.  :-)  Talking to everyone in town leads you to the conclusion that
the man who's searching the cave in the town for herbs has yet to return.
Papas shows no real sign of leaving, so what the heck, let's check out the
cave (as we can't leave town).  Note, if you talk to Sancho and agree to
rest, when you wake up Papas will be back but as soon as you talk to him, he
goes off again.  Save your game and enter the cave; it's on the left side of

The man by the cave warns you that if you go into the cave, it won't be his
fault if you get hurt.  As such, before advancing too deeply into the cave,
it's probably a good idea to level up to level 4 or 5.  When you feel
confident, proceed downward.  

On the first floor, you'll see a boat; don't worry about it now as you'll get
it later, albeit much later.  Don't be ashamed to return to Sancho's house to
rest; the monsters you encounter are weak, but so are you and you more than
likely can't make it all the way down to the bottom of the cave unless you're
really lucky and/or run away a lot.  At level 4, the Hero learns Heal, which
will help out a great deal.  Be sure to heal yourself if your hit points fall
to 10 or less as the Whackamole can do 10 points of critical damage.

On the second floor (B1), you'll come to a pit surrounded by a fence and two
boulders.  The sign says "Danger, Don't Enter" but the Hero can't read.  :)

On the third floor (B2), you'll find a Blue Slime in the corner, who tells
you that he's not evil and to use the blue button to search.  

Also on the third floor, you'll find the man you're looking for, trapped
under a rock.  Free him (push the rock down) and he'll thank you before
rushing off to take the herbs to Duncan's wife.

If you're done exploring and leveling up, head back to town.

Return to Sancho's house and rest.  When you come downstairs, you'll find
Bianca and her mother are visiting.  Papas tells you that they got the
medicine they needed (thanks to you ^_^;) and they're returning home today.
But, he's afraid to let two women go off by themselves so he offers to escort
them home to Alkapa.  He asks you if you want to come along.  Saying "no"
results in Papas telling you to stop complaining so no matter how you look at
it, you're going to go.  Sancho sees you off, telling Papas and you to take
care.  You'll automatically go to Alkapa.

                      * Chapter 3 - Lenoire at Night *



        Defense Seed (Inn, 2F Dresser)
        Wing of the Wyvern (Inn, 3F Dresser)

    Lenoire Castle:

        Empty Chest (4F)
        Wing of the Wyvern (4F Chest)
        Medical Herb (B1 Chest)
        Medical Herb (3F Pot)
        Torch (Kitchen)

Special Items:

    Alkapa (after Lenoire Castle):

        Bianca's Ribbon

    Lenoire Castle:
        Gold Orb



        Item Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Fragrance Bag - 80G
            Hairband - 150G

        Armor Store

            Wayfarer's Clothes - 70G
            Silk Apron - 110G
            Leather Armor - 180G
            Leather Dress - 380G
            Scale Shield - 180G
            Wooden Hat - 120G

        Weapon Store
            Bamboo Pole - 50G
            Oak Cudgel - 130G
            Bronze Knife - 150G
            Copper Sword - 270G
            Thorn Whip - 350G
            Boomerang - 420G


    Outside Alkapa:

        Big Rat
        Baby Panther
        Horned Rabbit
        Green Worm

    Found in Large Groups in Forests:

        Goblin Rat
        Blaze Lizard
        Mad Plant
        Dancing Needle
        Stinky Weasel
        Baby Newt
        Slime Knight

    Lenoire Castle:

        Night Wisp
        Big Rat
        Skull Serpent
        Stinky Weasel
        Demon Candle

Immediately upon arriving in Alkapa, Papas escorts the party to the inn where
they are met by a healer, who asks if the herbs were obtained.  Papas then
goes to check on his friend Duncan.  Papas tells you that if you're bored,
you can go for a walk.  Upon leaving, Bianca joins you.

A woman outside the inn tells you the legend of the King and Queen of Lenoire
and how wailing can be heard from their castle at night.  Hmm...  Speaking of
which, two children are outside tormenting a strange looking "cat".  Bianca
tells them to stop and to give her the cat but instead of agreeing, the
little monsters say they'll only give up the cat if Bianca and the Hero beat
up the ghosts of Lenoire.  

Return to the inn to talk to Papas, who tells you Duncan just had a simple
cold.  As they begin to return to Santa Rosa, Duncan's wife insists they stay
the night.  

During the night, Bianca comes in and wakes you up, saying it's time to go
fight the ghosts to save the "cat".  At this point, I'd recommend buying some
new armor and weapons for the Hero and Bianca (her especially).  To do this
though, you'll need to go outside and fight monsters to get gold.  This will
help in the castle as well.  Whenever you need to rest, just return to the
inn.  When you wake up the next morning, Papas will have Duncan's cold and
will need to rest.  Bianca will show up the next evening and you can either
go after the ghosts or level up.  All in all, repeat this procedure (talk to
Bianca to rest) until you feel confident, have weapons and armor for the Hero
and Bianca (the boomerang and thorn whip will help _a lot_) and have a
collective level around 7 or 8, well a collective level that allows you to
fairly easily defeat the monsters outside of Alkapa.  The Hero will learn
Antidote at level 6 and Gale at level 8; Bianca learns Blaze at level 4,
Surround at level 5, Decrease (Sap) at level 7, and Fireball at level 8.

When you go out of town at night, you can go as far south as Vista or back to
Santa Rosa (you can't enter though due to a sleeping guard).  A guard who
won't let you cross blocks the eastern tunnel to Reinhart.

Watch out for the forests as you can get hurt in a hurry.  Stinky Weasels can
put you to sleep, Mad Plants cast Surround, and Blaze Lizards can cast Blaze.
Dancing Needles can do Strange Jigs and drain your magic points while
Magicians can block your magic.  All in all, err on the side of caution.

When you're ready, head to Lenoire Castle.

To get to Lenoire Castle from Alkapa, you can go north and cross west over a
bridge; Lenoire Castle will be there right in front of you.  Alternatively,
head southwest and then kick up north; Lenoire Castle will be on the right.

If you're at the right level, the monsters shouldn't be too much of a
problem.  Outside the castle, the door is locked.  So, head around to the
right and climb up the ladder.  As soon as you enter the open top entrance on
the 6th floor (6F), a gate slams behind you.

On the fifth floor (5F), you'll find a roomful of skeletons lying on beds.
Kind of scary...  ^_^;;  As you close in on the entrance, they all leap off
the bed, startling Bianca.  Fortunately, they seemingly disappear...but so
does Bianca!!

On the fourth floor (4F), check the chests for a Wing of the Wyvern.  Then,
either fall down into a pit or take the stairs down to the third floor (3F).

Here, you can check the bookcases, but there's nothing interesting.  You'll
see a collection of pots on the right, but you can't reach them yet.

When you get outside, you'll hear something moaning.  Checking the two graves
(the Hero still can't read) shows that they are the final resting places of
the Hero and Bianca.  Luckily, Bianca doesn't know that and pops out of her
grave.  ^_^;  After berating you for taking so long, she rejoins the party.

Return to the room with the bookcases; there's a ghost there.  There's also a
new note on the wall behind it as well.  Talking to the ghost causes two of
the bookcases to move, revealing a hidden staircase.  If you look at the note
on the wall, Bianca reads it as "Give us back our graves" but she doesn't
know what it means.  Take the newly opened staircase to the second floor

In front of you is a room with a ghost apparently sleeping on a bed.  To the
left, is a set of stairs.  Let's check the room first...

The ghost, whose name is Sophia, begs you to help them retake their graves.
She tells you that even though they couldn't have children, the two of them
lived in this small castle and were so happy together.  This must be the
ghost of the queen you heard about in Alkapa.  She again begs you to help her
and Erik (the king).

The left stairs lead to a completely pitch black room.  Take your time and
walk against the walls to find your way out.  Bianca warns you to be careful.
As you make progress in the room, Bianca notices a light ahead and asks you
what it is.  It's a doorway to a small room, which contains another set of
downward steps.

Continuing down several more stairs finds you in the a room with the ghost of
the king.  As soon as you walk towards him, he begins moving away from you.
Before following him up the stairs, search the pot for a Medical Herb.
[While here, my Hero reached level 9, learning Upper].

The stairs take you up to a balcony on the second floor, where the ghost of
the king is waiting for you,  Talk to him and he tells you that you're the
first to venture this far.  He goes on to say that vile spirits have taken
over the castle and he and Sophia cannot rest.  He then asks you to help rid
the castle of the ghosts.  If you say "no", lightening and thunder will crash
and the king will say he didn't quite hear you.  This only seems to happen if
you say "no" so it looks like you'll be helping.  :)  The king tells you to
follow him and that he left a torch somewhere in the kitchen; it should help
in the dark room you were in earlier.  Recheck the pot in the room you came
from and you'll find it.

Return to the pitch-black room and use the torch (as an item).  You now have
a circle of light surrounding you.  You'll be able to make out the throne
room on your left (but you can't enter) and there's a staircase in the upper
right corner you'll want to take.

In the corridor you come to, you'll see a statue.  If you examine it, you'll
get the silent treatment but as you walk, it follows you.  Examining it again
throws you into a battle with a Walking Statue.

:::Walking Statue, 97 < HP < 111:::

    This is sort of a mini-boss battle so play it safe.  He hits hard, so be
    prepared.  Let Bianca cast Surround to offset its ability to hit (a
    critical hit does around 33 points of damage) and then cast Decrease for
    good measure.  Just watch your hit points and have Bianca heal with
    medical herbs if needed.  Defeating the Walking Statue earns 85
    experience points apiece and a Defense Seed, as well as 70G.  

Taking the stairs sees you back in the aforementioned room of pots; the
king's ghost is waiting for you there.  The king tells you come "this way"
and then disappears into a pot.  Before following him, search the other pots
for a Medical Herb.  Searching the pot the king disappeared into teleports
you to a different part of the castle.

As to walk towards doors, they suddenly open.  Above you is a room and in
front of you are some steps.  Let's check the steps first...  

Going down the steps leads to a dining room.  The skeletons are back!
Talking to them reveals that they're hungry, the feast will start soon, and
they smell the delicious smell of children.  You'll also see ghostly children
being pursued by ghosts.  Unfortunately, there's nothing else you can do here
for the moment.  The door by the steps is the front door by the way, so you
can open it if you like.  In fact, it might not be a bad idea...

If you open the door on right, you'll see an inn.  Going upwards through the
room leads you to the throne room, where you'll find a demon waiting.  Now,
if you took my advice earlier and opened the door, staying at the inn is a
good thing.  It's clear from greeting of the inn keeper that staying is
probably not a good idea but if you do choose to stay, make sure you've opened
the main door.  When you wake up, you are fully healed but you've been
teleported out of the castle and you're in conversation with a mocking old
man.  But, since you've opened the main door, just walk back in and go
upstairs to confront the demon.  :)

Of course, like all good bad guys, he taunts you and tells you that you'll be
the main course of tonight's feast.  He drops you into the center of the
table the skeletons were seating at.  Whee, we can thrash them!  :)

:::Demon Candles x 4:::

    They're just regular enemies; pound them.  ^_^

OK, work your way back to the throne room.  Upon arriving there, the demon
runs out onto the balcony.  Follow him, but make sure you're prepared.

:::Boss Ghost, ~195HP:::

    If you took out the Walking Statue, this shouldn't be much more
    difficult.  Again, let Bianca cast Surround and Decrease to make the
    battle flow more smoothly.  The Boss Ghost likes to case Sap (Decrease)
    so counter it with the Hero's Upper spell as needed.  Attack with the
    Hero and Bianca (when you can) and heal as needed.  This battle shouldn't
    take too long.  Be prepared to heal if the Boss Ghost lands a Fireball
    spell as it can do some damage to your party, especially if your defense
    has been lowered.  Winning nets each character 300 experience points and
    180G is added to the party's gold.

When the battle is over, the Boss Ghost offers to restore the graves of the
King and Queen, if only you'll spare him.  This is another one of those "no
real choice" choices.  :)  When you agree to spare him, the Ghost thanks you
and tells you that you have the makings of a real warrior.  The spirits of
the King and Queen appear and raise you and Bianca to the top of the castle.
Back at the graves, the King and Queen thank you and then lovingly go
together to their final embrace.  Bianca says it's so beautiful that the two
of them can rest in peace now but she wonders why the ghosts were tearing the
castle up in the first place.  Suddenly, a small golden orb appears between
the graves.  Bianca remarks that it must be a thank you gift and that they
should take it with them.  Congratulations, you have the Gold Orb!

Leave the castle now; if you check the note that you read before, it now has
a message thanking you and Bianca.  There won't be any more random battles

When you return to Alkapa, a message comes up telling you that the news the
Hero defeated the ghosts of Lenoire was spread throughout the town.  The
following morning, Bianca confronts the bullies and demands the kitten.  They
give in and the "cat" is yours!  Bianca comforts the kitten and the "cat"
joins your party, as an NPC, a non-player character.  As you head back to the
inn, Bianca exclaims that she forgot to name the "cat"!  She then presents
you with four choices, one at a time:

    - Borongo
    - Puckle
    - Chirol
    - Grolin

She'll recycle through them until you pick one; I chose Borongo but feel free
to choose the one you like.  Borongo is now a full member of the party and
can hold items.  Head back to the inn but before you do, buy a Wooden Hat for
Borongo; he's got pitiful defense at the moment.  If you talk to the
villagers, they'll tell you how impressed they were by your actions.

Upon arriving at the inn, you can talk to Bianca's mother.  She too is
impressed but she doesn't want Bianca going out at night anymore.  Duncan
tells you that your courage must come from Papas and good old dad says that
we was sorry to make you worry but his cold is all-better.  He then tells
you it's time to return to the village (Santa Rosa) and asks you if you've
said good-bye to everyone yet.  Saying "no" lets you go around town one last
time.  When you're ready to leave, say "yes" to Papas.  If Bianca is
carrying anything you want to keep on hand now, transfer it to Borongo as
she'll be leaving the party for the moment.  As you and Papas leave, Bianca
calls out to the Hero saying as he might not see her for a while, she wants
him to take something to remember her by so she gives the Hero her ribbon.
She says she'll put it on Borongo and she asks the Hero to promise to come
back and adventure with her again.

As the party is leaving, Papas tells the Hero how proud he is of all the Hero
has learned from his father.  (Modest isn't he ^_^)  He then cautions the
Hero to remember that he's still just a child and there are much more
dangerous fiends out in the world that are much stronger.  The party
automatically returns to Santa Rosa.

        * Chapter 4 - The Other End of the Rainbow, Well the Stairs *


    Santa Rosa (new):

        Handwoven Cape (Herb Hunter's House, Dresser)

    Faerie Village:

        Holy Water (Pot outside the inn)

    Dwarves's Cave:

        100G (Chest, 1F)
        25G (Chest, 1F)
        Agility Seed (Chest, B2)
        100G (Chest, B3)
        Acorn of Life (Chest, B3)

    Ice Mansion:

        Intelligence Seed (Chest, left of the entrance)
        Wing of the Wyvern (Chest, B1)
        5G (Chest, B1)
        Empty Chest (B1)
        Boomerang (Chest, 2F)

Special Items:

    Dwarves's Cave:

        Secrets of the Key (Thieves's Key)

    Ice Mansion:

        Flute of Spring


    Faerie Village:

        General Store (Inn)

            Stone Fang - 240G
            Copper Sword - 270G
            Boomerang - 420G
            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G

        Armor Store

            Piece of Cloth - 25G
            Leather Armor - 180G
            Leather Loincloth - 220G
            Scale Armor - 350G
            Bronze Shield - 370G
            Fur Hood - 400G


    Outside the Faerie Village:

        Mad Plant
        Cactus Ball
        Skull Serpent

    Dwarves's Cave:

        Blaze Lizard
        Night Wisp
        Larva King

    Ice Mansion:

        Spiked Hare
        Capala Naga

The party heads directly to Sancho's house, where Sancho meets them.  He asks
after Duncan and then tells Papas that while he was away, a letter came for
him.  Sancho takes you (the Hero) away saying that you must be tired and that
Papas can handle this situation.

When you and Borongo wake up the next morning, Papas is waiting in your room.
Papas tells you he has things to do at home today and not to go wandering
outside of the village.

Walk around the village, talking to everyone.  If you go to the house in the
mountain (eastern side of the village) the herb hunter you saved says he has
something for you in the dresser.  Search it for a Handwoven Cape; give it to

Talk to everyone and you'll learn a few things:  someone weird showed up just
yesterday, everyone's stuff is being misplaced, lost, or vandalized, and that
there used to be a king named Papas.  Hmm...

In front of the church, you'll see a strange man, who remarkably looks like
you.  Talk to him and he'll ask you about the gem (Gold Orb) you have.  He
asks if he can have a look; saying "no" won't get you anywhere so agree.  The
stranger tells you the orb is beautiful and then returns it to you.  He then
asks you to promise that you'll take care of your father.  Talk to him again
and he says that no matter what happens, never give up.

If you talk to the old man in front of the house Papas always went to (you
still can't get in), the old man will tell you that Papas has a very powerful
enemy and he laments that if you were older, you could perhaps help him.
Go to the inn.  On the second floor, you'll see a ghostly figure.  Talk to
the figure, which will be surprised and ask if you can really see her.  The
figure is so excited that someone has finally noticed her.  She says that
it's hard for her to relax here (she needs somewhere quiet) and mentions that
there's a house with a basement that should do.  She asks you to wait for her
there.  She's of course referring to Sancho's house, so go back there and go
down to the basement.  

In the basement of Sancho's house, the figure is waiting for you.  She
introduces herself to you as Bella and tells you that she's an Elf.  Her
country is in terrible turmoil and she came to the human world for help, but
no one could see her until she met you.  She tried her best to make people
see her by playing tricks on the villagers (you already heard about these
from the villagers) and then you showed up.  As you talk, Bella hears a noise
and shushes you.  Papas enters saying he though he heard some talking but you
must be alone.  He tells you that it's cold down here though and that you
should come upstairs where it's warm to play.  Papas leaves and Bella says
that you really are the only one that can see her.  She then asks you to come
back to her country where the Lady Powan will explain everything.  Bella
disappears and after a flashing light, a tall staircase appears.  If you're
all done in Santa Rosa, ascend the stairs to the world of the Elves.

You arrive in a spectacularly different looking place, the Village of the
Faeries.  Bella is waiting for you and takes you to the Lady Powan.  Bella
introduces you as the human warrior that will save them all.  Powan, not to
be outdone, refers to you as an "adorable little warrior".  Bella, starting
to panic, says that you might not seem powerful but Powan interrupts her
saying that no excuses are necessary and that she knows all that transpired.
She tells you that you must posses some wonderful power as you can actually
see the Elves.  She then asks you to accept her request.  Saying "no"
actually makes her stop asking but that's not why we're here...  You won't be
able to even leave until you accept, so accept.  It turns out that the
village treasure, the Flute of Spring, has been stolen and Powan wants you to
get it back.  Without the Flute, the Elves can't bring spring to the world.
Agree to return the Flute and Bella joins the party as an NPC.  

Take the time to explore the village and talk to everyone.  You'll learn the
thieves have holed up in the Ice Mansion in the ice lands to the north but a
special key is needed to open the mansion.  Other Elves reveal that Powan
wants a world where everyone can live together.  

Talk to the old man and the slime in front of the inn.  You'll learn that
Borongo is actually a Killer Panther, an assassin of the underworld and he's
shocked that you could tame it.  

There's a skeleton in the inn that tells you that the dwarves from the
Western Cave have a special key called the "Thieves's Key".  Hmm, that might
be what we'll need to open the Ice Mansion.  

There are a couple of stores here so upgrade your equipment and make sure you
get some better things for Borongo, including a Stone Fang.

When you're done upgrading, save your game and leave the village.  Note, if
you stay at the inn, you end up back in Sancho's house so go down to the
basement and return to the Faerie Village via the stairs.

Even though Bella is an NPC, if you have your battle tactics set to "Manual"
you can control her.  ^_^  Bella has Heal, Surround, Fireball, and Decrease.
Anyway, you might want to level up a little bit as Borongo is pretty weak
right now, well, somewhat anyway.  The Hero will learn Heal More at level 11,
which will come in handy.  Don't except to level Bella up though; she only
needs 1,111,111 points for her next level.  ^_^;  When you're done leveling
up, journey far to the west to the Dwarves's Cave.

Upon entering the cave, you'll come to a sign.  Bella reads it; it says
"Restricted Area, Do Not Enter".  She thinks it's silly and hey, you're a
hero, so off we go.

Explore the first floor of the cave, being sure to pick up the two chests of
gold.  As you proceed, you'll come across the entrance to a small room.
Enter and you'll find a dwarf and a Blue Slime.  If you talk to the slime,
he'll tell you that he didn't still the Flute; Zaile did.  The dwarf tells
you that Zaile is an idiot.  It turns out the Zaile stole the Flute to avenge
the dwarf, as Lady Powan exiled him.  The dwarf apologizes and offers the
secret of the (Thieves's) Key as compensation.  The Key has been sealed deep
within the cave.  The dwarf goes onto ask that you lead Zaile back to the
righteous path.  Note, you can be attacked in the dwarf's room, which to me,
was kind of surprising...

Continuing on, you'll find the way to the next floor at the next southern
intersection.  As the eastern path is a dead end, you might as well take it.

On the next floor (B1), the way down is immediately in front of you.  If you
take the northern path, you'll come to a pit.  Falling down the pit leads you
to the same place the stairs do (B2).  Watch out for the poisonous swamp area
though; it will hurt you.

On this part of B2, you will find a man who tells you that you won't beat him
to the Thieves's Key.  As there's nothing else to do, take the stairs back up
to B1 and take the western path.  There, you'll find another set of stairs
that will take you to a different part of B2.

Explore the area; the eastern path will take you to a chest containing an
Agility Seed.  At this time, your items are probably filling up and you may
not be able to carry any more.  Whenever this happens, you're given the
choice of either dropping something or "giving up" on the item.  If you "give
up", the item stays in the chest.  Since you don't have any bag or sack to
carry things, it's probably a good idea to go ahead and use the seeds as you
get them, on the Hero or Borongo, not Bella.

The next path to the east leads to the stairs to B3 and so does the bottom
most eastern path.  Take the upper one first.  In front of you is a locked
door that you can't open.  But, the upper chest is what you're here for.  It
contains the "Secrets of the Key".  This is a special item that you don't
have to carry.  With it, you can open the locked door and collect the 100G
from the chest.  The next chest contains an Acorn of Life and the steps
behind the locked door lead back up the other stairs we skipped.  So, that's
that and you can return to the Faerie Village to rest.  If you talk to the
dwarf you met earlier on the way out, he'll acknowledge that you found the
key and still ask you to help Zaile.  While here, my Hero hit level 12,
learning the spell Identify.

Return to the Faerie Village, rest, and save your game.  You can now either
level up more (if you got pounded in the Dwarves's Cave, this is probably a
good idea as the monsters in the mansion are tougher and there's a couple of
boss fights coming) or you can proceed to the Ice Mansion.  As that's our
next destination, head north, northwest of the village when you're ready.

The Ice Mansion is surrounded by a moat of water.  Hmm, why's the water
flowing with so much ice around?  Anyway, enter the mansion.

Before you open the front door, go over all the way to the left and grab the
Intelligence Seed.  Then, open the front door and enter the mansion proper.

If you ever played Dragon Quest VI, you know all about ice.  I suppose this
is what inspired it.  ^_^  Take some time getting used to the ice.  If you
fall into the either hole, you'll end up in a basement (B1).  There's nothing
there, so make your way to stairs back to 1F.  It will take a little practice
to get used to moving on the ice but you'll get the hang of it.  There are
two other sets of stairs here, one going down to a different part of B1 and
one going up.  Go down first and get the Wing of the Wyvern and the 5G.  The
northeast chest is empty.

Once you have the items, return to 1F and take the stairs up to the second
floor (2F).  After some more fun with the ice, you'll meet Zaile.  Get ready,
as you're about to fight two bosses so make sure you're healed.

Talk to Zaile; he wonders who you are but then decides that Powan must have
sent you to get the Flute back.  Zaile says that Powan is a villain and that
she banished his grandfather from the village.  He then says if you want the
Flute back, you're gonna have to fight for it.

:::Zaile, ~165 HP:::

    This is not a very hard fight.  As you've done before, lead off with
    Surround, this time with Bella casting it.  The Hero and Borongo should
    attack with Bella attacking / healing as necessary.  Zaile can cast Rob
    Magic and Heal so be aware of this and deal with it accordingly.  All in
    all, not a hard fight.  Winning nets you 105 experience points, a Magic
    Water, and 50G.

With his defeat, Zaile admits you're pretty strong.  You go on to tell him
that Powan didn't exile his grandfather from the village.  Zaile doesn't
understand because the Snow Queen said she did.  Speaking of the devil...
The Snow Queen appears and says she was a fool to think she could use a child
(Zaile) to do her bidding.  She says she's going to take matters into her own
hands, beginning with you.  The Snow Queen mutates into a hideous monster
that attacks!

:::Snow Queen, ~600HP:::

    This is the most difficult battle you faced yet, but still, if you've
    been leveling up as recommended, you should be all right.  The Snow
    Queen has a variety of attacks - physical attacks, Ice Bolt, and Ice
    Breath.  She also can cast Heal and use Charge Up.  To deal with the
    physical attacks, let Bella cast Surround.  Decrease also works on her so
    feel free to use that.  There's not much you can do with the ice attacks
    so just let the Hero and Borongo attack and Bella heal when needed.
    Bella's Fireball spell only does around 15 points of damage to the Snow
    Queen but she can do 33 points of critical damage.  Just keep plugging
    away and you'll be victorious.  Winnings earns you 650 experience points,
    a Wing of the Wyvern, and 200G.

After the battle is over, talk to Zaile.  He was unconscious for the fight
with the Snow Queen so you tell him that she was an evil monster.  He
realizes that he was tricked and that his grandfather's gonna kill him.  ^_^
He leaves for home in a hurry.

Now you can get the two chests in front of you.  The one on the right is the
Flute of Spring and the one on the left is a boomerang.  Hold onto that
boomerang; it might come in handy later.  Navigate the ice and leave but be
sure to heal yourself if you need it as you can still be attacked.  Return to
the Faerie Village with your prize.

Back in the village, everyone is happy that you've defeated the Snow Queen
and that spring can finally come.  Present the Flute to Powan.  Powan is
thrilled that you reclaimed the Flute as she can now bring spring back to the
world.  She doesn't know how to thank you so she instead promises you that
if, when you're older, you ever have troubles, you can come to her for help.
Powan then says it's time to say farewell.  Bella tells you that she'll never
forget you and to take care.  Powan then plays the Flute; beautiful cherry
blossoms fall and you're transported back to Santa Rosa and Sancho's
basement.  Go back upstairs where an anxious Sancho asks you where you have
been.  He tells you that Papas was summoned by the King of Reinhart and has
just left.  Papas wanted to take you with him but no one could find you and
the call was urgent.  Sancho tells you if you leave now, you might be able to
catch him.  So, do so.

On your way out of town, stop by the inn, the Innkeeper will tell you some
writing has appeared on the back of the guest registry.  It reads "Dear
<Hero>...  Thank you...  I hope we can meet again one day...  Bella...".  The
Innkeeper doesn't know what to think.  ^_^  The bartender will tell you that
his uncle found his missing cup (that Bella hid) but Papas will have a harder
time finding the object of his quest, the Legendary Warrior.  Hmmm, I wonder
who that is?

Anyway, when you're ready to proceed, go to the church.  Inside, you'll find
Papas.  He says there's no need to yell about this (you being missing) and
that he was just in the church offering a prayer before he left.  He tells
you to do the same (read that, save your game) and that he'll meet you at the
entrance.  After saving, do any other business you have (buying items,
selling items, etc) and then meet Papas at the front of the village.  There's
no need to worry about resting btw as you returned to Santa Rosa fully
healed.  When you meet Papas, he tells you that the trip to Reinhart will be
much shorter than the one you took by sea to get here.  Furthermore, he says
that after this trip, he's planning on the both of you settling down for a
while.  He says he knows it must be rough and lonely on you but he'll make it
up to you after this journey.  With that, you'll leave together for Reinhart
and the guard wishes you well.

                   * Chapter 5 - The End of a Generation *


    Reinhart Castle:

        Acorn of Magic (1F, right wing)
        Empty Chest (2F, below Henry's room)

    Cave Northeast of Reinhart:

        Antidote Herb (Chest, 1F)
        180G (Chest, 1F)
        Seed of Strength (Chest, 1F)
        Monster Lure (Chest, 1F, surrounded by water)
        Elven Medicine (Chest, 1F)


        Item Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Full Moon Herb - 30G
            Fragrance Bag - 80G

        Weapon Store

            Copper Sword - 270G
            Boomerang - 420G
            Iron Staff - 850G
            Chain Sickle - 1200G
            Stone Fang - 240G
            Iron Claw - 550G

        Armor Store (Traveling Merchant)

            Fur Coat - 550G
            Bronze Armor - 700G
            Half Plate Armor - 1200G
            Fur Hood - 400G
            Iron Helm - 1100G


    Outside of Reinhart:

        Slime Knight
        Goblin Rat
        Laughing Grass
        Dancing Needle
        Baby Newt

    Cave Northeast of Reinhart

        Trick Bag
        Skeleton Warrior
        Dark Eye
        Clay Doll
        Baby Newt
        Slime Knight
        Capala Naga
        Magician (faced by Papas)

Papas and the Hero will automatically travel to Reinhart, using that
bridge/tunnel you couldn't pass through earlier.  On the Santa Rosa side,
Papas will tell the guard that the King of Reinhart summoned him and the
guard allows your party passage.  Papas and you walk through an underwater
tunnel.  On the other side, Papas stops to talk to an old man, who is
standing and contemplating the water.  The man tells Papas not to worry about
him; he's merely divining the nation's future by watching the flow of the
river.  Papas acknowledges this and tells the old man to take care as the
wind blows cold and he may catch a chill.  From there, you'll automatically
continue to Reinhart.  Again, you can be attacked but you're in no danger
with "He Who Can Stomp Much Ass" :-) by your side.

When you reach the town of Reinhart, the party heads directly to the castle,
where they are met by two guards.  Papas tells them that he was summoned by
the King and they take the both of you to the King immediately.

The King tells Papas that he has heard the rumors of his heroic efforts from
all over the nation.  The King then, quite embarrassed, admits he has a
*cough* favor to ask Papas.  He dismisses the guards and asks Papas to come
closer, who does so.  Papas tells you that you must be bored so go explore
the castle.  Ever the obedient son, off we go.  ^_^

You need to kill a little time while Papas talks to the King, but the castle
is huge, so let's explore.  If you take the steps going up beside the King's
throne, you'll come to his personal chamber.  It looks ripe for the plucking
but unfortunately, the guard won't let "little boys play here".  There is
another sets of stairs leading up here, but they just take you to the top of
the battlement.  So, from the throne room, go right.  You'll circle around
the castle's walls where you can talk to a man who bemoans that a prince as
childish as Henry might one day be king.  You also notice a scruffy looking
man standing near a boat.  Hmmm...

Back in the throne room, head back the way you came, down the steps.  If you
talk to the guards, one of them will think Papas looks familiar and the other
wonders why the King called for Papas.  From here, let's go meet the princes,
angels that they are.  To the right, the demon terror Henry, the next
"bestest" after the King.  Once again, that circular choice rears its ugly
head.  Henry asks you if you want to be his personal goon.  Once you finally
say "yes", he tell you that he's not interested in a little shrimp like you.
The treasure chest and dresser in the room below Henry are empty.  Go back
the way you came and take the west wing.  Bypass the stairs going down for
now and go to meet the other prince.  Dale, the younger prince, doesn't want
to be king but his "ho ho ho" arrogant mother, the Queen, compliments you on
your perception in recognizing that Dale should be king over Henry.  Funny,
you don't remember doing that...  ^_^;;  The chests below Dale's room can't
be accessed from here so return to those steps and proceed downstairs.

From here (1F), you have two directions to go.  First, head east; you'll come
to the kitchen.  Everyone in the kitchen has things to say about Henry.  The
cook says she's the only one that feels sorry for him.  Henry's mother (the
King's first wife) died when Henry was still very young.  The King, being a
king, promptly remarried the Queen you just met.  The cook tells you that the
Queen only cares about her own children and it's natural for Henry to be
bitter.  The little girl tells you how sorry she is that you're going to be
Henry's new playmate.  She really feels for you, she really does.  The first
time you talk to the man, he'll be shocked and jump away.  Talk to him again
and he'll tell you how paranoid he is and that the Prince (Henry) always is
putting frogs down his shirt.  If you take the door in the kitchen, you'll
end up outside the castle.  If you take the door there, you'll end up in a
corridor with doors you can't open.  Return to the stairs you came from, and
take the southern branch.

Before taking the stairs you find, go down the corridor to your right.  The
castle's exit is here but the guards won't let you leave.  Continue on and
you'll come to the is the palace chapel; save your game if you're so
inclined.  The nun tells you that long ago, a castle in the sky fell to the
ground.  After that happened, monsters begin attacking all over the land.
She'll ask you if you believe that, and regardless of what you say, she'll
tell you that only God knows the truth of things.  Up above the altar, you
can access one of the rooms you saw earlier.  Search the left dresser for an
Acorn of Magic (it will raise your maximum magic points).  Return the way you
came and take the stairs up to a different section of 2F.

The door to those three chests you saw earlier is here, but you don't have
the correct key.  The guard in green wants to know what the deal is with
everyone?  The King is still alive so what's the worry about succession.  The
other guard wonders who will be the next king, Dale or Henry.  He says as
long as nothing drastic happens, Henry will be the next king.  The guard on
the far right tells you that the Queen has recently met with some unsavory
characters but he doesn't know whether or not to tell the King.

Well, that's about all we can do for now, so return to the throne room and
see if Papas is done talking to the king.  Assuming you've talked to
everyone, then he will be.  When you return to the throne room, Papas is gone
so talk to the King.  He's asked Papas to baby-sit (protect) Henry and he
wants you to be Henry's friend.  So, let's go try and talk to the little
monster again.  On the way, you'll run into Papas, who tells you the King
wants him to protect Henry.  He'd like you to befriend Henry since Henry
dislikes him but he'll be right outside to make sure Henry doesn't leave.  

When you talk to Henry, he'll ask you if you really want to be his goon.
Agree, and he'll accept and tell you to go to the next room and get the Goon
Badge and bring it to him.  If you do, he'll make you his personal goon.  Go
check the chest again; it's still empty though.  When you go back to Henry's
room, he's vanished!  Run and get Papas; he doesn't understand how that
happened but he goes with you to check.  Remarkably, Henry's back, right
where he was and he throws Papas out of his room.  Papas asks you if you're
dreaming and to try and befriend the Prince.  So, back we go.  Henry asks you
if you have the Goon Badge; whatever you answer, he'll not believe the chest
is empty and he'll send you to check again.  When you do and come back, he's
gone.  You can go get Papas again but instead, search the area where Henry
was standing; you'll find a descending staircase.  Take the stairs, and
you'll be back on the first floor.

Henry curses you for finding the stairs so quickly and tells you he's bored.
He goes onto to complain that as you didn't bring the Goon Badge, you can't
be his goon.  Suddenly, two "unsavory characters" :-) burst through the door
on the right and kidnap Henry.  Follow them and the scruffy man you saw
earlier will help load Henry onto a ship and then flee the scene.  Now you
should go get Papas.  

You tell Papas that Henry has been kidnapped.  Papas takes you to
investigate, then leaves the castle in pursuit, warning you not to say
anything to anyone yet and asks you to follow him.  Papas must have Warp
Boots as there's no way to keep up.  But hey, we're out of the castle.
Before following Papas, let's take some time to explore the town and upgrade
yours and Borongo's equipment.

Buy the best things you can; the Chain Sickle, like the boomerang, attacks
multiple enemies, but they have to be in the same group.  Make sure you get
an Iron Claw for Borongo and upgrade everyone's armor by buying from the
traveling merchant.  If you've been leveling up like I described, you should
have enough money, provided you sell things you no longer need.

Where did Papas go?  The man on the second floor of the inn tells you that
he's noticed throughout his travels that more and more monsters are
appearing.  You've noticed that too but that doesn't tell you where Papas has
gone.  Talk to the little girl in front of the castle's drawbridge; she'll
tell you about cave to the northeast that's so scary that her mother won't
let her anywhere near there.  Hmm, that sounds like a good place to check.
So, when you're ready, make sure you've saved your game and then head out for
that cave.

As the little girl said, the cave is to the northeast.  Head north from the
castle, go around the mountains, head back south, kick over to the east, and
then swing northeast and you'll find the cave.  There's a sign in the middle
of the swamp but you can't read it so don't hurt yourself wading in to check
on it.  Watch out for the Slime Knights; they can do serious damage with
critical blows and the Dancing Needles can steal your magic points.  If you
get into trouble, use one of your Wings of the Wyvern to return to town to
rest and heal.  Before going into the cave, make sure you're at least level
13 and that Borongo has similar hit points to yours.  Also, be sure to have a
couple of Antidote Herbs as there are monsters in the cave that can poison

Enter the cave and go through the first passageway.  You'll be able to see
Papas and it looks like he's confronting a Drakee, a Slime Knight, and the
same type of enemy as the Boss Ghost you fought earlier.  But, you can't get
directly to him so explore the cave.

If you take the left passageway, you'll see a chest you can't reach yet so go
back to where you entered and head to the right.  Take the first steps you
come to going down and go north through the archway and collect the chest.
Then, retrace your steps and take the upper path.  Go down and pick up the
chest below you then enter the open doorway.  Inside you'll find the men that
kidnapped Henry.  They tell you that children are sold here at this cave and
that even though the Queen hired them to get rid of Henry, they didn't agree
to kill him.  Instead, they want more money so they brought Henry here to
sell.  Leave via the way you came and circle around the room to a new
pathway.  Keep going and you'll reach another chest with a Seed of Strength.
Get it and then go up the nearby stairs.  Follow this new path and open the
large door you probably noticed earlier.

In the next room, if you work yourself around the water to the right, you'll
come to a prison area where you can see Henry.  But, you can't reach him from
here so retrace your steps and go to the left.  Head down the stairs and take
the doorway back to the area you first entered.

Follow this new path and enter yet a new doorway.  Success!  You've reached
Papas!  Fortunately, he tells you that you (plural) need to save the Prince
and he'll beat down anything behind you.  Talk to him again and he'll
slaughter the monsters.  If you need to leave to heal, feel free to do so.
The Hero learns Outside at level 14 but a magical force dispels it.  Papas
joins the party!  Did you hear that sound?  It was the sound of the
monsters's chances of victory going down the toilet.  ^_^  Papas tells you
that he's so proud of you and the bravery you've shown.  Let's go find the

Don't hesitate on spending a little time leveling up; Papas can handle just
about anything so it's more or less free experience.  When you're ready, step
on the symbol on the floor and go through the newly opened door.  Go through
the door and you'll find a boat.  Move onto it to board it and head south
first to collect the chest we saw some time back; inside is a Monster Lure.
Head north on the boat (you can and will be attacked on the boat but don't
worry, Papas is here) and pick up the Elven Medicine, which can be used to
restore magic points.  Again, if you want to level up, do so but when you're
ready to continue, sail the boat back into the prison area you saw earlier.

As soon as you enter the prison area, the boat will automatically dock and
Papas rushes out and enraged, rips the door of Henry's cell.  Henry, true to
form, complains that it took you too long to rescue him and that he doesn't
plan on returning to the castle as no one cares about him.  Papas takes
matters into his own hands, well hand, and slaps the spoiled prince.  Henry
is shocked but Papas asks him what about your father, what about his
feelings?  Papas then says it's time to go but as you're returning to the
boat, 3 Magicians appear.  Papas engages them and tells you to get Henry to
safety.  Board the boat and head for the exit.

Return the way you came.  The kidnappers are passed out drunk and there are
no random battles.  This doesn't look good...  As you reach the exit to the
first corridor you entered, you are met by Gema, a very frightening

Gema scolds you, calling you naughty children that are trying to escape him.
He decides to punish your insolence and attacks.

:::Gema, ??? HP:::

    You're going to get waxed; there's not much to do about it so you can go
    down fighting or stand there and get slaughtered.  I went down fighting
    but it's your choice.

After using your body as a cleaning rag, Gema leaves you, Borongo, and Henry
lying on the floor.  Papas rushes in and Gema taunts him as well, the man
that defeated his men.  Someone should tell Gema the golden rule - "Thou
shalt not tempt Papas nor thou shalt not hurt his son".  As Gema doesn't know
the rule, he calls in his lieutenants, Centarsus and Gonz to deal with Papas.
Seconds later, the score is Papas 2, Team Gema 0.  Gema is suitably impressed
but then places the blade of his Death Scythe to the Hero's throat, asking
Papas what will he do now?  Gema says that if Papas wants to see you die,
then by all means, fight on.  If you do though, Gema will send the Hero's
soul to hell, where it will be doomed to roam there forever.  Centarsus and
Gonz attack Papas again, only this time, heroically, Papas stands and takes
their attacks until he is overwhelmed and collapses.

Gema tells Papas that he's been highly amusing to which Papas groans.  Gema
is surprised that the human Papas still lives.  Papas calls out to the Hero,
telling you that your mother still lives and please for him, find her.  Gema
casts a spell and burns Papas alive, right before your eyes.  As he dies,
Papas screams and Gema remarks on how "touching" the love of a parent for his
child is.  He says that there's no need to worry as you'll live the rest of
your life, enslaved to his High Priest.  Gema orders Centarsus and Gonz to
take you away but Centarsus asks about Borongo.  Gema says throw it back into
the wild; after some time it will regain its killer instincts.  Gema then
notices your Gold Orb.  He thinks it might be something but it's of no
consequence now; he crushes the Orb in his hands.  Gema casts Return, taking
everyone with him except for Borongo, who gets up and starts to run
frantically around the room...

At this point, the game tells you that having lost his father, the Hero and
Prince Henry are taken away to a foreign place.  "Your mother yet lives!"
filled the Hero's head with hope but all that awaits the Hero now is the pain
and cruelty of slavery.

            * Chapter 6 - I've Been Working on the Chain Gang *

10 long years have passed...  You've grown up and the quality of your
clothes have gone down.  A guard is screaming at you to hurry up and get back
to work lifting boulders.  Someone needs to speak to the guard about his
sense of fashion as well, but with only 1 hit point and very little magic
points, maybe you're not the person to do it.  ^_^;

Push the rock towards the conveyor belt; with a little effort you can really
block out everyone from getting any rocks moved.  ^_^  Talking to the guards
in this area is depressing.  They tell you slaves are supposed to work until
they die, have eyes that are dead, and they must work to serve the High
Priest.  Not too encouraging...  If you talk to the slaves, they're not much
better and seemingly have lost the will to live.  Well, you're not going to
give up and you _are_ going to get out of here.  

Feel free to talk to the water girl; she'll offer you a cool drink of water.
While this doesn't heal you, it is nice.  ^_^  After you finish talking to
everyone, follow the people carrying the smaller rocks on the steps on the
eastern side to a new area.

Talk to the rotating chain of people; some are too tired to even talk to you.
One woman tells you that there's no way she's going to try and help you
escape again; she still has lash marks from her punishment.  Continue up
either set of stairs to the top of the temple.

Talking to the guards up here has pretty much the same result though one
guard tells you that although this is hush-hush, the High Priest plans to
free all the slaves when the temple has been completed.  There is a catch
though; the slaves will have to join the Order of Light, whatever that is.
One old slave tells you that the High Priest will be the one to save the
world, or so he says, but what kind of man would use people like this?
You'll also see a guard dressed in the livery of Reinhart.  This is not a
good thing.

Go talk to Henry; he's the guy with the green hair.  He tells you to quit
slacking off or you'll get beaten again.  But then he asks if you're planning
another escape attempt.  He then reflects that 10 years have passed and that
he really is sorry for what happened to Papas.  He knows that you took
Papas's last words to heart and that you want to go out and find your mother.
Henry then tells you that you're lucky (how?) as even if he were to escape,
back at the castle, his little brother is the king.  Henry says that's enough
dredging up of the past and goes back to work.  Continue your exploration and
take the northwest staircase.

Talk to the guard; he tells you that his sister Marina was taken into
slavery.  He wants to do something but he's afraid to go against the High
Priest.  Fortunately, we have no such fears.  ^_^  He wonders what use there
is in telling his problems to a slave...  There's a door here that you don't
have the key for so go out the only door you can, the southern one.

You'll come to a room with 4 recently dug graves.  ^_^;  Continue on through
the northern door.  You'll come to a prison area; there's a man chained to a
wall but you can't reach him.  There's nothing else to do now so go back to
the top floor of the temple.

When you reach there, the guard, affectionately referring to the slaves as
maggots, tells you that work is done for the day.  Since you start bright and
early tomorrow, hurry up and get some rest.  

You wake up in a cavern littered with mats used for sleeping.  Henry greets
you upon waking and asks if you had a bad dream as you seem troubled.  He
goes on to say that you still have a strong fight in you and that you've
never gotten used to being a slave.  Henry says that he's all reformed and
stuff.  The sleep did you good; you're fully healed, have all your magic
points, and access to your magic.  Hmmm, wonder if Outside will work.  Nope,
that would have been too good to be true.  Watch out for that pot though;
it's the used as a toilet.  ^_^;

Talk to everyone.  Two slaves are talking about the "freedom deal" you heard
about earlier but the burly one doesn't believe it and he tells you to never
forget the pain the Order of Light caused you when they killed your father.
The slaves sleeping are mumbling in their dreams, begging not to be hit or
whipped.  One slave tells you that if he can help you forget your pain, he
will.  Go to the far right and talk to the two women.  The older woman tells
you that the girl, Marina, used to be a member of the Order of Light and
even she's a slave.  The rumor is she broke a very valuable artifact of the
High Priest and her brother's a guard here to share in her pain.  Talk to
Marina.  She tells you that she's all right; something happened recently to
made her unable to follow the beliefs of the Order anymore.  And now that
she's seen the suffering these people are undergoing...

Return to the area with the mats; another fashion impaired guard comes in and
tells you that it's time to get up and work or else you'll be whipped.  All
the slaves dash out, leaving just you and the guard.  ^_^  Talk to him.  He
tells you there's something about you that rubs him the wrong way and then he
sends you back to work.  

On your way back to your work area, the slaves on top of the temple have a
few new things to say.  It seems that this is a "time of darkness" and the
power of the High Priest is protecting everyone.  Right...

Return to your work area and talk to the slaves watching.  You'll learn that
someone is being whipped and has been lashed several times.  Continue down
the stairs; it's Marina, the girl you talked to earlier.  As you get closer,
you hear the guard berating Marina for dropping a stone on his foot.  As
she's new, he's going to show her what it means to be a slave - it's his way,
his way, or his way.  Marina begs for mercy and Henry asks you when you got
here.  Henry surprisingly says that they can't allow Marina to be beaten.
Finally, we get to kick some ass!  Rush up to the guards and attack!

:::Whip Man x 2, ~80HP each:::

    OK, bear in mind that you have no weapons and no real armor to speak of.
    As such, play this fight cautiously.  Cast Upper on your self for
    protection and then attack with your Gale spell, healing when necessary.
    Note that the Whip Men can use Strange Jig, which drains your magic
    points.  Just keep casting Gale, or if you get bored, punch them to
    death.  ^_^  You receive 100 experience points for winning as well as

The guards in green (from Reinhart) arrive and the morons tell them that you
tried to start a rebellion and that Marina had to be disciplined for being
difficult.  The guard (Marina's brother) says it's no matter, she's to be
taken to the healer.  You and Henry on the other hand, are to be sent to the

You'll be in a cell, across from the man that's chained to the wall you saw
earlier.  Henry says that you've really done it now, but at least it's better
than being whipped.  Talk to him again and he says that you might as well
take it easy and lays down.  Talk to him a third time and he'll say someone
is coming - it's Marina and her brother!

Marina thanks you for your help and her brother (who introduces himself as
Joshua) thanks you as well.  He says he's been curious about you and Henry
for some time, especially since your eyes are so full of life.  He says
that's why he has a favor to ask.  No matter what choice you choose (if you
choose "no", Joshua will implore you not to decide before you hear him out),
Joshua will tell you that the rumor is when the temple is completed, all the
slaves will be killed to hide evidence of its creation.  He's afraid of what
will happen to Marina so he wants you to leave and take his little sister
with you.  He's prepared things for you and returns your belongings.  YAY!!
He tells you that the nearby water duct is used to wash the carcasses of dead
slaves but if you hide in the barrel he's provided, you'll probably be able
to get out.  Head into the barrel; Henry and Marina will follow while Joshua
presses a switch.  You'll see a scene of the barrel flowing over the ocean
where it finally docks at a small shrine...

                * Interlude - A Nameless Nunnery by the Sea *



        1000G (Marina)


    South of the Bridge Below the Nunnery

        Bandit Wolf
        Evil Apple

You wake up in a bed in a nameless nunnery by the sea were a nun is taking
care of you.  She tells you that you've been unconscious for 3 days now and
everyone was worried you wouldn't wake up?  Everyone?  She tells you that she
was so surprised to find 3 people in a barrel and that your friend said you
escaped from a horrible place.  She tells you to take your time and rest as
much as you need.  Talk to her again; she tells you that she found your
bundle of clothes and *blush* changed your clothes as your prison rags were
in such terrible condition.  One more time, yay!  All your possessions are
back.  That means the weapons and armor you bought (Chain Sickle, Half Plate
Armor, Iron Helm, Iron Shield) are still here.  Remember that boomerang?  You
still have it too, if you held onto it like I suggested.  Finally, though
you're not sure how, you have Bianca's Ribbon.  Poor Borongo...

Explore the nunnery and talk to everyone.  One nun tells you how impressed
she is with Marina and her purity.  Talk to Marina; she tells you that she
can't truly be happy as her brother and the other slaves are still trapped
in the temple.  She tells you that although her brother gave this (1000G) to
her, she asks that you take as she thinks you'll need it more than she will.

Save your game and talk to the other people in this area.  The nun tells you
that you're truly free and that you'll never have to take orders again as a
slave.  The woman tells you that she ran away from a husband that beat her
and how similar your situations are...

Exit to the outer part of the nunnery.  A little girl tells you that far to
the north is a huge center.  She's sure that if you go, you'll have fun.
Exit the nunnery and you'll find Henry waiting for you.  Talk to him and
he'll tell you that although you have stuff, he still looks like a slave.  He
says to tell him when you're ready to go.

If you're done exploring and saving your game, talk to Henry to leave.  He
remembers that you have a quest to find your mother and asks if he can come
along.  If you say "no" you'll get a humorous sequence reminding you that
you're Henry's goon.  ^_^  But yes, it's the circular choice, back in all
it's glory.  When you accept Henry's offer, he'll just dash off to say
good-bye and then rejoins you.  The Mother Superior, the nun that was
impressed with Marina, and Marina herself come to see you off in a very
righteous manner.  You're an adult now and God will look after you.

It's time to go, once more into the fray.

If you head south, you'll come to a shrine.  An old man is blocking the
entrance but he'll tell you that this shrine can teleport you to faraway
lands.  However, perhaps now is not the time...  There's also a tower that
you can't open yet.  So, we should probably head north to the town everyone
talked about...

You'll note that time seems to pass now and after a little while, the skies
darken.  Take some time to level Henry up and make a little money.  Henry
learns Surround at level 3 and Blaze and Decrease shortly thereafter, which
will help.  If you need to rest, return to the nunnery and talk to the nun
you first met.  Bear in mind that you're probably going to have to spend some
time leveling up to upgrade all of your equipment and to raise the levels of
the monsters you will shortly recruit.

When you're confident you can reach Oracle Valley without Henry dying, leave
the region of the nunnery and head north.

             * Chapter 7 - Gamblin' the Night Turned Day Away *


    Oracle Valley:

        Silk Robe (Casino, Dresser in Dancer's Dressing Room)
        Silver Tiara (Casino, Dresser in Dancer's Dressing Room)
        Monster Lure (Monster Master's House, Pot)
        Defense Seed (Armor Shop, 2F Dresser)

Special Items:

    Oracle Valley:

        Wagon (Buy for 300G from Merchant in NW corner; MUST BE NIGHT)


    Oracle Valley:

        Item Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Full Moon Herb - 30G
            Fragrance Bag - 80G

        Weapon Store

            Stone Fang - 240G
            Boomerang - 420G
            Chain Whip - 900G
            Chain Sickle - 1200G
            Bladed Boomerang - 1500G

        Armor Store

            Leather Loincloth - 220G
            Scale Shield - 180G
            Pointed Hat - 70G
            Wooden Hat - 120G
            Piece of Cloth - 25G

        Armor Store (Unmarked)

            Chain Mail - 500G
            Bronze Armor - 700G
            Breastplate - 1000G
            Half Plate Armor - 1200G
            Iron Helm - 1100G
            Slime Clothes - 330G

        Fortune Teller

            Free, you're handsome  ^_^


            Elven Medicine - 300 coins
            Leaf of the World Tree - 1,000 coins
            Armband of Sacrifice - 5,000 coins
            Killer Earring - 10,000 coins
            Medal King Sword - 50,000 coins
            Gringham Whip - 250,000 coins


    Between the Nunnery and Oracle Valley

        Gas Mink
        Baby Newt

As I've already noted, day and night now pass.  You'll want to enter Oracle
Valley during both to be able to take advantage of everything there.  So, for
the sake of simplicity, let's assume we enter first at night.

None of the stores (Weapon, Armor) are open but you can talk to people in the
bar, the Casino, and a few of the houses.  There's also a Fortune Teller with
some interesting comments.

Start with the Casino as it's glaring right in front of you.  One intrepid
bartender will tell you about the Legendary Warrior that is supposed to
return soon and that although he's not sure if the legend is true, he has
1000 coins riding on it.  There's also a guy in the casino that gives you
some real good advice.  Your money is very important and there are things you
need to buy; the casino is a luxury.  See my Dragon Quest V general FAQ for
more details on the games, prizes, and some strategies for winning.  When
you're done with gambling, continue on through the town.

In the northwest corner, there's a merchant whose stall is open only at
night.  Talk to him and you'll learn that he sells cavern wagons to allow
travelers to recruit companions.  His usual price is 3000G but for you,
he'll make a special one-time offer of 300G.  BUY THE WAGON!  You must have
this to recruit monsters and you won't go very far if you don't.  One more
time, BUY THE WAGON!  He'll thank you for your purchase and he'll leave the
wagon outside of town.  If you talk to him after leaving town and
re-entering, he'll tell you to check back with him as he sometimes finds
other useful knickknacks.  We'll be back...

In the southwest corner, there is a downward staircase.  Take the steps and
you'll meet the Monster Gramps and his assistant, the Bunny Girl Inatts.  The
latter tells you that if you want a monster to obey you in battle, raise its
intelligence; anything over 20 should suffice.  Talk to Gramps and he'll
welcome you to the Monster Day Care Center.  He is impressed with your heart
and power and muses that you might be able to tame monsters.  He tells you
that you need a caravan (check, got that) and that you have to fight monsters
with love.  OK, that might be a little tough but if you do, he says they'll
come to you.  Of course, they only respect strength so you have to defeat
them first.  Let him know you understand and he'll tell you there is a limit
with number of monsters that wagon can hold so he wants you to return to him
and he'll take care of the extras.  Search the pots for a Monster Lure and
then return to the town.

At the inn, you can surprise a woman finishing her bath (her husband has less
than nice things to say to you) and a man tells you about the Mysterious
Medal King, who collects small medals.  He tells you never to throw a medal
away; either keep it or send it to the Depository.  Hmm...

Others in the town tell you their fears and dreams while one idiot tells you
she wants to join the wonderful Order of Light.  The Fortune Teller offers to
tell your fortune; accept and she'll tell you that you're looking for a woman
close to you but you're confused as you don't know if she's alive or not.
She tells you to head to the north, where a piece of the puzzle will be

OK, head outside and knock around until the sun comes up.  Re-enter the town
and let's see what we can find...

You'll see the merchant you sold you the wagon asleep and someone tells you
to come back at night as the town will show its *other* face then.  The
casino is still open if you want to gamble.  The Fortune Teller tells you she
doesn't do fortunes during the day but as you're so handsome ^_^ she will
tell you that a "hand of darkness" is trying to seize everything.

I've probably forgotten to mention this but there's a Depository in this town
that can store items and money for you.  The bank section is there to protect
your money, of which you lose half when you die.  The bank only accepts
deposits in 1000G increments.  The property section allows you to store items
that you may no longer have a use for, can't sell, or don't need now.  It's
also the place that the items (item, armor, weapon) your monsters are
carrying are stored when you leave them in the Monster Day Care Center.

If you talk to Monster Gramps after you have recruited a monster, he'll
present you with the following choices:

    - Sign Up
    - Pick Up
    - Check
    - Part
    - Leave

"Sign Up" allows you to leave a recruited monster behind while "Pick Up" lets
a left-behind monster rejoin you.  "Check" lets view a monsters status and
equipped items.  Finally, "Part" removes that monster permanently so only use
it if you sure you're done with said critter.

Well, when you're done enjoying the delights of Oracle Valley and you've
finished your training, follow the Fortune Teller's advice and continue

                     * Chapter 8 - Descent Into Legend *


    Santa Rosa:

        Intelligence Seed (Old Man's House, Pot)

    Santa Rosa Cave (New Section):

        850G (Chest, B2)
        Breastplate (Chest, B3)
        Agility Seed (Chest, B3)
        Lamp of Darkness (Chest, B3)
        Strength Seed (Pot, B5)
        Leather Loincloth (Dresser, B5)

Special Items:

    Santa Rosa Cave (New Section):

        Zenithian Sword (B5)
        Papas's Letter (B5)


    North of the Bridge Above Oracle Valley

        Demon Toadstool
        Gas Mink
        Skeleton Warrior
        Bomb Baby

    Santa Rosa Cave:

        Skeleton Warrior
        Light Boy
        Spiked Hare
        Clay Doll

    Santa Rosa Cave (New Section):

        Metal Slime

If you've been trying to recruit monsters, you more than likely have gotten
Slalin (Blue Slime), Brown (Brownie), and Drakichi (Drakee).  Others are
available, such as the Bomb Baby and the Kukkle, but they won't join as

At this point, in case your interested, my current group members and their
levels are:
    - The Hero, Level 17
    - Henry, Level 14
    - Slalin, Level 14
    - Brown, Level 11
    - Drakichi, Level 13

You can only use three members in battle at a time, but anywhere you can
bring the wagon with you, you can change members on the fly during battle.
Pick your third member wisely; Slalin, Brown, and Drakichi all bring various
skills to the table but they also have their respective weaknesses.
Equipment wise, try and have the best things you can buy...  Bladed
Boomerangs are very useful and if you managed to somehow raise 50,000 coins
in the Casino in Oracle Valley and you're carting around a Medal King
Sword, well, let's just say it's a happy day where you are.  ^_^

Fight your way north and eventually, you'll come up the ruins of Santa Rosa.  

Enter the desolated village; there's destruction everywhere and fresh
graves are immediately viewable.  A small boy welcomes you the village of
Santa Rosa and tells you to the west is the village of Alkapa.  Sancho's
house has been mauled; there's poisonous marsh running through the middle of
it.  The church is still there and the house of the herb hunter is now an

Talk to the nun in the church; she tells you that soldiers from Reinhart
destroyed the town as they blamed the disappearence of the prince (Henry) on
Papas.  The nun apologizes for telling you such a story, with you being a
complete stranger and all.  You tell her no, Papas was you father and she
recognizes you as the Hero, Papas's son.  She is happy to see that you're
taking up the quest to find your mother.

Remember that house you could never get it?  Well, you can now.  ^_^  Go
there, and talk to the old man, who's out behind the house.  He recognizes
you as Papas's son, and yell him about Papas.  He says that is must have been
horrible but that he remembers Papas hid something valuable deep in the cave
and is still there.  You know what to do now, right?  Take the boat into the

If you want, you can explore the parts of the cave you've already been to,
but there's nothing new there.  Even the slime still says the same thing.
So, take the boat to the east side of the cave, dock, and descend the stairs
you find there.

Continue down the next flight of stairs into a new area of the cave.  If
you're in need of more experience, try to kill the Metal Slimes as they yield
1350 experience points per slime killed.  Explore this area for a chest of
gold and then take the northern stairs down to the next level (B3).

Get the two chests to the north that you can reach, then take the upward
stairs to a different section of B2 as you can't seem to get around the green
areas.  You can get a Hork to join you if you're lucky...  I actually got two
Horks, plus another slime so this answers the question of whether you can
have more than one of the same monster.

Walk through the next area and go down the stairs.  Do you notice that part
of the green is gone?  Hmm, it seems to correspond to the area traversed on
the previous floor.  Go back upstairs and walk all over the place.  Be sure
to get the Lamp of Darkness; it has infinite uses and can change day into
night.  Head down to the next level (B4).

This floor has a confusing layout but it's nothing that can't be handled.
Work you way through the various left and right corridors until you end up in
the southern area.  Enter the room and descend the last staircase to B5.

Search the pots and the dresser and then go through the doorway.  There,
you'll find a note from Papas and a magnificent sword.  Take your pick which
item to get first.  The sword is a Zenithian Sword, but no one in your party
can equip it, the Hero included.  The scroll is a Letter from Papas.  

The letter reads that if the Hero is reading it, then Papas is no longer able
to be with him.  Papas's quest begin when a creature of evil kidnapped his
wife, your mother.  She possessed a wonderful power that for some reason, has
a connection to the Demon World.  This power caused her to be taken by this
evil power.  The letter charges the Hero with the task of finding the
Legendary Warrior, the only person who can equip the Zenithian equipment and
the only one that can enter the Demon World.  Papas traveled the world three
times and he could only find the Zenithian Sword and no sign of the Legendary
Warrior.  To those of you thinking the Hero is the Legendary Warrior, guess
again.  Casting the Identify spell on the Sword also verifies what Papas told
you.  Bummer, more searching is in our future.  Henry agrees that the plot,
it hath thickened.  ^_^

If you're done exploring the cave, go ahead and leave.  You can either
retrace you steps or just let the Hero cast Outside.

Outside the cave, go back and talk to the old man.  He's surprised that you
found a Zenithian Sword, a weapon that can only be used by the Legendary
Warrior.  He remembers years ago the frustration experience by Papas when he
discovered he couldn't wield the Sword.  That was the most bitter and
desperate he'd ever seen Papas.

On your way out of town, stop by the church and talk to the nun.  She asks
you if you're searching for the Legendary Warrior.  If you say "yes", she
tell you that information about the Warrior might be able to be found in
Alkapa in the west.  She then asks you that didn't you have a friend there,
Bianca?  Oh no, Bianca!?  What happened to her?  Save your game and visit the
inn to heal.  If you got monsters to join you, you might want to spend a
little time leveling them up and/or dropping off any you don't want with
Monster Gramps.  When you're ready, leave town and head west towards Alkapa.

                   * Chapter 9 - The Return of the King *


    Under Reinhart Castle:

        Scale Hat (B2 Chest)
        Steel Fang (B2 Chest)

    Reinhart Castle:

        1200G (2F Chest)
        Acorn of Life (2F Chest)
        Half Plate Armor (2F Chest)

    Southern Tower:

        650G (2F Chest)
        Scale Shield (3F Chest)
        Acorn of Magic (3F Chest)
        Magic Water (4F Jar)

Special Items:


        Small Medal (Bar, Pot)

    Reinhart Castle:

        Reinhart Key (King Dale)
        Small Medal (Storage Room, Pot)

    Southern Tower:

        The Mirror of Ra (5F)



        Item Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Pot Cover - 40G
            Clothes - 30G

        Armor Store

            Bronze Armor - 700G
            Half Plate Armor - 1200G
            Scale Shield - 180G
            Iron Shield - 720G
            Wooden Hat - 120G
            Iron Helm - 1100G

        Weapon Store

            Big Mallet - 220G
            Iron Claw - 550G
            Chain Whip - 900G
            Chain Sickle - 1200G
            Bladed Boomerang - 1500G
            Fruit Knife - 50G


        Item Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Shell Hat - 150G
            Fur Hood - 400G

        Weapon Store

            Stone Axe - 700G
            Iron Staff - 850G
            Chain Sickle - 1200G
            Board Sword - 2000G
            Steel Fang - 2000G
            Poison Needle - 2900G


    Alkapa Region:

        Demon Toadstool
        Gas Mink
        Skeleton Warrior
        Bomb Baby

    Outside of Reinhart:

        Dragon Pup
        Slime Knight
        Dancing Needle
    Under Reinhart Castle:

        Slime Knight

    Southern Tower:

        Dragon Pup
        Slime Knight
        Metal Slime
        Bandit Wolf
        Evil Plant
        Big Eye
        Rogue Armor

Upon reaching Alkapa, upgrade your equipment at the various shops and then
talk to everyone.  The weapon storeowner tells you he used to travel to
Reinhart but the way he's been treated lately, there's no way he's going

At the inn, you learn that the current owners bought the inn 7 years ago from
a man named Duncan but they don't know a "Bianca".  The Innkeeper's wife
encourages you to stay the night, as maybe something good will happen.  A nun
outside the inn tells you she can feel the seal keeping the Demon World in
check is weakening.  An old man on the second floor tells you that he's an
old friend of Duncan but that years ago, Duncan became ill and had to get out
of the business.  Today, Duncan's family is living in a village near a
mountain across the sea but it's a shame, as he really wanted to see the cute
little girl.  Hmm, how are we going to get there?

A warrior tells you that he's on a quest to get the Legendary equipment and
that someone in the village knows all about it.  Someone in the church is
reminded by your search of a noble king who was searching for his queen.

A villager is talking to a guard from Reinhart, who tells you that Dale has
no real power.  The Empress (Henry's step-mother) rules Reinhart and it was so
bad, he had to leave.  The villager is skeptical and Henry is silent...  The
guard's mother is just glad he's back.

Go to the bar and talk to the Bunny Girl.  If you tell her you don't want
anything to drink, she'll ask if you're here for tales of the Legendary
Warrior.  She opens the area behind the bar and invites you to talk to her
father, who's sort of an expert.  There's a locked door you can't open yet
but search the pots; you'll find your first Small Medal!  You are then asked
if you'd like to send your medals to the Medal King.  Go ahead and do so as
you don't need to take up the space and you'll meet the Medal King shortly,
well, sort of shortly...  ^_^;

Talk to the Bunny Girl's father; he is indeed an expert about the Legendary
Warrior.  Many years ago, a Dark Lord awakened to destroy the world.
However, a warrior wielding the Zenithian sword and wearing the armor of the
Skies defeated the Dark Lord in battle and saved the world.  According to one
story, after the battle, the Warrior was said to return to the heavens, but
the man isn't sure if it's true.  As it was so long ago, the man doubts the
Warrior is still alive but perhaps his bloodline still exists?  

That's about all there is to do in Alkapa.  Rest at the inn to recover your

You wake up in the middle of the night to find Henry, deeply absorbed in his
thoughts.  Henry tells you that he was thinking about the castle (Reinhart)
and that he was shocked at the way the people here talked about Reinhart and
his father's death.  Even though Dale is the king now, Henry has yet to hear
anything good about his reign.  Perhaps it's time to check on things, as
Reinhart is just to the east of here anyway...  With that, Henry goes to
sleep and so do you.

The next morning, save your game and head east to Reinhart castle.  The only
means of access you have is the tunnel you and Papas traveled 10 years
before.  Enter, and Henry will talk to the guard, well, actually, he'll slap
him and address him by name (Tom).  Tom is incensed and demands to know how
Henry knew his name.  Our beloved prince asks if Tom is still afraid of frogs
and that his masterpiece was probably the time he hid several frogs in Tom's
bed.  ^_^  With that, Tom finally realizes who he's talking to and Henry
confirms his identity.  Tom is thrilled that Henry is still alive; he says
the times when Henry tormented him were wonderful compared to the horror of
today.  Henry tells him to say no more, if people like Tom complain, then
times are truly bad.  Tom moves to let you pass, so continue onward now.

On the other side, the same man you and Papas met years ago is still there
contemplating by the water.  Leave the tunnel exit and continue on to
Reinhart.  Now might be a good time to try and recruit Pierre, a Slime
Knight.  He can cast the healing spells that are always so neat to have and
can equip most armor and weapons, including the Medal King Sword.  I
recruited him, and the Bomb Baby, Nitro, when I went back to Oracle Valley to
get a Medal King Sword for Pierre.  Anyway, enter Reinhart when you're ready.

Reinhart hasn't been destroyed or anything like what happened to Santa Rosa,
but the people are suffering.  There are two children that haven't eaten in
days that you can give money to, in 5G increments.  One woman tells you if
you value your life, you should leave.  A soldier on the second floor of the
inn tells you that the Empress is building up Reinhart's army by paying high
fees to mercenaries.  When your done buying new equipment (and staying at the
inn if necessary), enter the castle.

When you enter, Henry tells you that he wants to remain incognito for the
moment.  A guard is blocking the access to most of the castle.  Take the
only set of stairs you can use and you'll meet some less than family oriented
mercenaries.  They love to kill and maim and if you want to be a soldier,
this is the place.  All you have to do is fight and you get lots of money and
all the food you can eat.  Two palace guards express their uncertainty in the
mercenaries and their guilt at having destroyed such a small, defenseless

Try and leave the castle; Henry will sort of berate you for leaving just like
that but he understands with the access blocked, there's not much you can do.
He suddenly remembers though that there used to be a secret passage that
maybe could be useful.  Leave the castle.

When are towns different?  At night!  So, either use the Lamp of Darkness or
knock around until the evening.  Sure enough, with the drawbridge up, there
appears to be an accessible cave under the castle.  So, wait around until
morning and go over to the right side of the castle, where the ruffians
kidnapped Henry 10 years later.  Eureka!  There's still a boat so take it
into the cave.

Dock your boat and examine the pedestal; there appears to be something you
can press.  Do so, and a secret passage will appear.  Enter it to proceed
into the bowels of Reinhart Castle...

The western passage is locked so proceed to the east and take the steps you
encounter down to B2.  Take the second northern passage first and collect the
chests.  Then return and take the first northern passage into a prison area.
Talk to the imprisoned old man and he will tell you that it was the Queen
that rid of Prince Henry 10 years ago.  She's calling herself the "Empress"
now and pretended to be upset about the loss of Henry and blamed it all on
Papas.  He's never met someone so vile and repulsive but he knows she'll soon
get hers.

Continue on from the prison and take the western path.  

After a little while, you'll pass a cell with a woman in it; talk to her and
you'll discover that she's the real Queen!  When you talk to her again, she
asks how could you dare not to believe her?  She tells you it's irritating
and she admits to having Henry kidnapped 10 years ago and sent to his grave.
But, it was all for the good of her son Dale and it was part of being a good
parent.  She says she truly regrets and she begs not to left imprisoned.  You
can't free here now so let's remember she's here.  Continue on, taking the
stairs to a different section of B1.

You're now on the other side of the locked door you encountered earlier.
Stepping on the starred tile will cause the door to open, in case we need it
later.  Take the stairs up to the first floor (1F).

You're outside the kitchen area but before you can go any further, you're

:::Dragon Pup:::

    This is just a normal monster so crush it.

Uh-oh...there's another one...

:::Dragon Pup:::

    See above.  ^_^

You can enter the right doorway but it doesn't take you anywhere useful yet.
So, head through the kitchen into the castle proper.  If you talk to the
people in the kitchen, you'll hear how the Queen seemed to change when Dale
became King and how she almost sees him as a nuisance now, not her son.  Exit
the kitchen and you're on the other side of the guard that was blocking your
way earlier.  Go up the stairs to the second floor (2F).

If you talk to the guard in front of you, he'll tell you the man in the room
behind him is the great scholar Desmond.  Sounds like someone we should talk
to so do so.  Desmond tells you that he studies evolution and that he has
heard there once was a way to manipulate it, or if it is just an act of God.

Continue on; you can go to where Henry's old room used to be but there's
nothing there worth seeing.  Take the stairs up to the third floor (3F) but
talk to the guard first; today he had to execute yet another villager who
couldn't pay his taxes.  Even though the Empress ordered it, it still
bothered him.  

Anyway, on the third floor, you can avoid Dale and the Chancellor and go
upstairs to the Empress's room, but the guard want let you by.  The
Chancellor tells you that the King isn't feeling well and that you should
leave.  Talk to Dale and Henry will whisper something about goons always
obeying their masters.  Dale dismisses the Chancellor so you can talk freely.
Dale is so happy that Henry is alive and the latter apologizes for being
absent.  Henry immediately tells Dale that their mother is in the dungeon.
Dale admits that things have been odd and then tells you about a magical
mirror he read about in a book, a mirror that can show the true nature of
things.  He says it's on a shelf in the castle storage room and gives you the
Reinhart Key.  Whee!!  It's treasure chest time!  He then tells you to be

A word of warning...  If you go back for those chests, that force field on
the floor will really, really hurt you.  But, as you can always head out to
the inn to rest...  ^_^

Head back to the kitchen, go outside, and then enter that doorway I told you
wasn't useful before.  With the Reinhart Key, you can open the door to the
north.  Do so, and examine the pot for a Small Medal!  Dale told you about a
book he read so examine the bookshelves.  A diary there talks about traveling
through the palace's warp gate to a southern land with a great tower.  In
that tower, there's a mirror that reflects the true nature of things.
Unfortunately, the door to the tower wouldn't open and only the nunnery
possesses the key.

Hmm...  We've been to places like that haven't we.  If you're done exploring
the castle, leave Reinhart and return to the Nameless Nunnery.  No, you don't
have to walk all the way there.  ^_^  Descend the stairs into the palace's
warp gate and you'll appear in the area that was behind the old man you met
earlier.  As we still can't open the tower, walk to the nunnery.

Talk to the nun standing outside.  She recognizes you and tells you that
Mariana will be happy to see you.  Talk to Mariana and she says that God has
answered her prayers because she longed to see you and *blush* Lord Henry.
^_^  The little girl tells you that Marina always seems to be praying but she
looks lonely. 

Talk to the nun playing the organ; she says you look troubled and asks if
something is bothering you.  She is surprised that you want to enter the
southern tower where the Mirror is as only a maiden of God can open the
tower.  But, there's too many monsters and no woman would dare enter the
tower.  Enter Marina.  She begs to be allowed to go as you've been so kind to
her and she feels that she owes you.  Furthermore, she wants to, no needs, to
know if she has the power to open the door.  The nun agrees to let Marina
accompany you and Marina promises not to be a burden.  Make sure you're
healed and that you save your game.  When you're ready, return to the
southern tower.  You try and open the door but as before, it refuses to open.
Marina kneels in prayer and the door magically opens!  Enter the tower to

The first floor (1F) has a garden in the center and two staircases leading
upward, one in the northeast corner and one in the southwest corner.  Taking
the southwestern one just leads you to a pit that allows you to fall back to
1F so take the stairs in the northeast corner.

Go south first and pick up the chest of gold.  Then, return the way you came
and take the southern pathway.  Open the door and proceed up the stairs to
the third floor (3F).

The left passageway is blocked and there's a complicated looking hole in
front of us.  So let's proceed north and take the stairs to the fourth floor
(4F).  Search the jars for a Magic Water.  Hmm, we appear to be at a dead
end.  Return to 3F and work your way around the hole; be careful not to fall
as if you do, you'll end up in the garden on 1F.  Grab the two chests and
then work your way to the staircase in the northwest corner and go up to a
different section of 4F.

Not much to do here so follow the path to the stairs to the fifth floor (5F).

It appears that you've reached the top of the tower but there's a gap in the
bridge in front of you.  Well, it's time for a leap of faith, well, a walk of
faith anyway!  Line yourself up with the left side of the bridge and walk
straight ahead; you won't fall.  Congratulations!  You've found the Mirror of
Ra!  If you're done exploring, either cast Outside to leave or start falling
off things.  ^_^

You need to go back to Reinhart Castle and confront the Queen but feel free
to stop at the nunnery to rest and save before taking the Warp Gate back.  As
soon as you are ready, warp to Reinhart and return to the throne room.  Note,
regardless of whom you have in your party before you warp, Henry will be in
the party when you arrive in the castle.

The Chancellor tells you that Dale has brought the Empress out the dungeon
and now there are two Empresses!  Head up to the Empress's room and see if
you can sort things out.  Make sure you're prepared, a boss battle is coming.

Talk to the mercenary by the door.  No one knows what to do; when the two
"Empresses" met, a catfight erupted.  They managed to separate the two women
but not even Dale can identify the true Empress.  Talk to Dale; he doesn't
know which is which and is ashamed that even though he tried not to depend on
Henry and to do something by himself, everything he does must be jinxed.

Talk to the "Empresses".  One is spitting acid so to speak and the other is
talking sweetly.  So, it's time to use the Mirror of Ra on each Empress.  The
one on the right is merely an old woman so that must mean...  One more time,
make sure you're ready for a fight.  Use the Mirror on the other Empress and
the monster growls at you and attacks!

:::Imposter, ~350HP:::

    It's been some time since a real boss battle but the usual strategy
    employed in Part 1 should suffice.  Let Henry cast Surround to limit her
    physical attack ability.  The Impostor will summon Trick Bags but that's
    not a problem.  Pick a party member other than the Hero to heal when
    needed and let everyone else attack.  There's no need to really worry
    about the Trick Bags but do keep in mind that they can block your spells
    so take them out if you're planning on using magic.  Otherwise, just
    pound the Impostor; it will be over soon.  The Impostor has 2 Fire Breath
    attacks and she can use Charge Up, but if your Surround spell is
    successful, you'll have some protection from the latter.  Winning nets
    you 760 experience points.

After the battle, the Impostor curses you, saying that if you hadn't killed
her, Reinhart's king could have been the King of the World.  Rumors of the
Impostor's actions circulated throughout the kingdom and the night turned
into day.

The next morning, Dale thanks you for working with Henry to defeat the
Impostor and he thanks you from the bottom of his heart.  If you hadn't
helped...  Dale says he's a failure as a king and he asks you to help him
convince Henry to be king.  Henry replies "Hey King guy, no means no okay?"
Dale starts to argue and Henry brings up the goon / master bit again.  Henry
says he plans to help Dale rule but he's not king.  Henry then tells you that
he has to say goodbye now to you and your (plural) adventures.  He knows that
you have been through a lot together but he needs to stay here and thanks you
for everything.  Talk to everyone now.  The Chancellor is hopeful as with
both brothers ruling, the land will be peaceful.  The Empress still says she
doesn't know how to thank you and she apologizes and promises to support the
king.  Dale thanks you again and says that along with Henry, he plans on
making Reinhart a place where everyone can live peacefully.  Henry tells you
that the port at Vista is now opened (I didn't mention it but if you checked
the port, you heard that no ships were allowed in by order of the monarchy in
Reinhart) so you can find adventure in another land.  He tells you that he
sent all equipment you bought him to the Depository in Oracle Valley and he
wishes you luck in finding the Legendary Warrior.  Marina says she was so
happy to travel with you and Henry again but she must return to the nunnery.
She wishes you luck on your quest to find the Legendary Warrior.  Leave the
castle when you're ready.

The mood of the townsfolk has changed drastically and you meet people from
across the sea.  Sounds like that's where we're going.  Make a point to visit
the old man by the tunnel you took to get the Reinhart.  He'll tell you why
Reinhart is at piece now.  ^_^   

Before heading across the sea, it's probably a good idea to visit Oracle
Valley to organize your belongs, do any monster recruiting / arranging you
need, play some more in the Casino, etc., although all those facilities are
available in Port Selmi (your next destination) with the exception of the

As a checklist, here's my current party information:


    - The Hero 
        Level 23: Medal King Sword, Half Plate Armor, Iron Helm, Iron Shield 

    - Pierre (Slime Knight)
        Level 17: Medal King Sword, Half Plate Armor, Iron Helm, Iron Shield 

    - Hoimin (Hoimi Slime)
        Level 14: Bladed Boomerang, Slime Clothes, Pot Cover, Shell Hat

    - Nitro (Bomb Baby)
        Level 13: Chain Sickle, Breast Plate, Iron Helm, Scale Shield

    - Drakichi (Drakee)
        Level 23: Bladed Boomerang, Breast Plate, Scale Shield, Iron Helm

    - Slanin (Blue Slime)
        Level 21: Boomerang, Slime Clothes, Pot Cover, Shell Hat

    - Yeta (Yeti)
        Level 11: Copper Sword, Leather Loincloth, Iron Shield, Iron Helm

    - Codoran (Dragon Pup)
        Level 6: Steel Fang, Brest Plate, Shell Hat 

Monster Day Care Center:

    - Robert (Level 5 Hork)
    - Slimeson (Level 3 Blue Slime)
    - Akira (Level 1 Blue Slime)
    - Arthur (Level 2 Blue Slime)
    - Brown (Level 15 Brownie)
    - Smith (Level 17 Hork)
    - Kukkle (Level 3 Kukkle)
    - Lucky (Level 5 Drakee)

I wasn't sure if I should take Smith or not as he has some useful abilities.
For the moment though, I decided to see what Codoran and Yeta can grow into.

Again, make sure you have what you want from the Casino.  While you can
return to this continent later on, you'll be seeing some new and old faces.
I earned enough coins to buy a Gringham Whip, so maybe I'll be able to give
it someone soon.  ^_^

When you're finally ready to go, head to the port of Vista to begin a new

                * Chapter 10 - Something Old, Something New *


    Port Selmi:
        50G (Pot, 2F Inn)
        Silk Apron (Dresser, Dancers's Dressing Room)


        Armband of Sacrifice (Chest, under the strange plate)
        Strength Seed (Jar, First house past the boy and his dog)
        Leather Hat (Barrel, Storage Shed)

    Western Cave:

        Stone Axe (Chest, 1F SW corner)

Special Items:

    Port Selmi:

        Small Medal (Lighthouse, Dresser in room at the top of the ladder)
        Small Medal (Right side of the church, flower patch)


        Small Medal (Elder's House, 2F pot)
        Small Medal (General Store, far left upper corner)

    Western Cave:

        Small Medal (Above a skeleton near a campfire, B1)


    Port Selmi:

        Item Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Full Moon Herb - 30G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Angel's Bell - 500G
            Turtle Shell - 2500G
            Magic Shield - 3400G

        Armor Store

            Breast Plate - 1000G
            Half Plate Armor - 1200G
            Full Plate Armor - 2300G
            Slime Clothes - 330G
            Scale Shield - 180G
            Iron Helm - 1100G

        Weapon Store

            Club - 60G
            Stone Axe - 700G
            Bladed Boomerang - 1500G
            Sledge Hammer - 1800G
            Broad Sword - 2000G
            Morning Star - 3000G


        General Store
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 35G
            Iron Claw - 550G
            Breast Plate - 1000G
            Iron Helm - 1100G
            Poison Needle - 2900G

    Outside Port Selmi:

        Metal Rider
        Rogue Soldier
        Metal Rider

    Outside Kabochi:

        Metal Rider
        Mystery Doll
        Death Parrot
        Death Parrot

    Western Cave:

        Mystery Doll
        Evil Plant
        Big Eye
        Metal Rider
        Mud Slough
        Big Sloth
        Metal Slime
        Death Spark
        Assault Trooper
        Baby Panther

Talk to the woman in front of you and you'll learn that at long last, a ship
has come!  Hurry over to the docking area and talk to the man there.  He'll
say that everyone needs to board now as the ship is the last one going west.
As you cross the gangplank, the captain will say they almost missed you and
that it seems you're the last passenger.  With that, the boat sails away.
The voyage is automatic as the ship sails more or less due west from Vista
and you arrive at Port Selmi.

There are a _lot_ of things to do here, so start by going up from where you
are to the lighthouse.  A man tells you that the lighthouse is a nest for
scary monsters but hey, you're a hero!  Enter the lighthouse.  The dwarf in
the room at the top of the ladder is none to pleased when you call him a
monster.  ^_^;  Search the dresser for a Small Medal and then head upstairs.
Here, the lookout sees some strange smoke.  There's nothing else to do here
now so leave.  If you talk to the man you told you the lighthouse was full of
monsters, he'll be surprised you took him seriously.  ^_^;;

Head south from the lighthouse and go downstairs.  You'll find Monster
Gramps, though he doesn't say why he's here.  Still, it's good to know.

Return to the area you disembarked and talk to the man there.  He'll tell you
that the other ship belongs to a wealthy man named Ludman but he doesn't
think he'd let you use the ship as he doesn't know you.  An old man at the
southern end of the dock tells you about his son, who was a great sailor
until he drowned.

Continue on to Port Selmi proper.  One man asks you if you knew about a spell
that can take you to any town you've been.  Boy, that would be nice...

A man in a house recognizes you as having come from the Eastern lands.  He
has too, so he tells you that if you search the flowers near the church,
you'll find something nice.  Do so and you'll find another Small Medal.

There are lots of new things to buy here so upgrade your equipment as best as
you can.  The item store sells new armor for your monsters.  Be sure to pick
up an Angel's Bell; it cures confusion and can be used infinitely.  The armor
store has new armor for the Hero and Pierre and the weapon store finally has
a weapon for a Hork.

A man in the weapon store says that he'd heard a rumor that Reinhart was
planning to invade.  But, as they have not shown up, it must be bull.  Little
does he know...  ^_^  A boy upstairs tells you that when he grows up, he's
going to be a sailor and find all the treasure in the world.

A nun in the church tells you that according to ancient writings, a Dragon
God watches over the world.  But, if this is true, why doe he allow monsters
to terrorize everyone?  Downstairs in the basement of the church is a
Depository if you need it.

When you're done exploring, enter the inn.  Not that it really is necessary,
but if you need to heal, do so as a fight is coming.

When you enter the inn, you can go to the left and talk to the innkeeper or
go straight across the stage to the dancers's rooms.  But, let's get that
fight over with so go to the right.  

You'll see a man being chased by two thugs.  They're demanding money from him
but the peasant is hesitant as the money is all that the village saved.  One
of the idiots makes the mistake of noticing you and asks if you want a piece
of this.  Regardless of what you say, a fight ensues...

::: Bandit Wolf x 2:::

    Remember these guys from outside the Southern Tower?  Just pound them;
    it will be over quickly.  You may get a Copper Sword from them.

After the whooping is over, the Wolves run off telling you that you'll regret
helping them see the error of their ways.  ^_^  The peasant thanks you, and
addresses you as "Sire".  He says he thinks he can trust you and asks for
your help.  Welcome to the much beloved circular choice.  Save yourself some
time and say "yes".  He tells you that he'll only say this once so you need
to listen.  In a very vernacular sort of way, he tells you about a huge
creature that is attacking his village's fields and destroying the crops.
Without food, the village will starve so he came to Port Selmi to find a
warrior capable of destroying the creature.  Agree or not, and he'll tell you
that he has 3000G for you; you get half now and half when you defeat the
creature.  He tells you that his village (Kabochi) is far to the south and
then leaves before dashing back to ask if you need the information repeated.
Decide and then send him on his way.

One person in the bar area tells you that you're stronger than you look ^_^
and another tells you that Kabochi is super hicksville.  The bartender is
surprised that you're looking for the Legendary Warrior so that he can save
your mother.

Explore the inn.  One woman tells you that her husband is a scientist.  One
day, he suddenly said he had to go on a journey to find the Legendary
Warrior.  Talk to the man; he tells you that the Great Demon Lord plans to
escape from the darkness and that he must find the Warrior to tell him.
There are two chests here, but you can't get them now.  Go back downstairs
and enter the dancers's area.

One girl asks if you're there to see her.  Answer wisely.  ^_-  Another says
that she can't get her makeup right but it doesn't matter as she looks better
"au naturale".  A third girl, Clarice, tells you the show is only at night so
come back then if you want to see it.  There's a Silk Apron in one of the

That's all you can do here for now; if you want to see the show, use the Lamp
of Darkness.  One intrepid sukebe tells you that if you lean over the
railing, you can see the girls's cleavage.  ^_^

When done, stay at the inn to heal and then leave town and make your way
south to Kabochi.

You can recruit a Magician if you want.  They're fair magic users and start
with Blaze and Stop Spell.

On the way, you'll see a sign warning about monsters that directs you to
Kabochi.  Yes, it's not exactly a thriving metropolis...  As you enter, it is
nighttime.  Proceed to the right, and you'll see the silhouette of a
four-legged animal in one of the crop beds.  Walk closer and the creature
will bolt away.  Enter the building above you (the Inn) and rest for the

The next morning, explore the village.  The man working the crops you saw the
creature in the night before tells you his crops have been damaged and that
if this keeps up, he'll starve.  An old woman welcomes you to the village and
says that due to a beast, they can't harvest food.  She herself, she be
thinking of heading for the hills.  ^_^  A small boy says his grandmother has
been acting weird lately.  She'll only eat a bite of food, say she's full,
and then give the rest to him.  ^_^;  From where you met the boy, go south
and push the strange plate you see.  Proceed down the stairs and you'll find
an Armband of Sacrifice.  It will do great damage to enemies when its wearer
is killed.  For now, equip it on the Hero.

Continue on exploring the village.  Search the jars in the next house for a
Strength Seed.  The woman there tells you that if you need to speak to her
father, he's over at the elder's house, the house with the horses.

The next upper building has a man standing out front.  If you talk to him,
he'll say that he works every day but life doesn't get better; what did he do
to deserve being born here.  Enter the building (it's a storage area) and get
the Leather Hat out of the barrel.  The man there tells you he's too weak to

Enter the door in the side of the grass mound.  Inside, you find a General
Store and a church.  Search in the top, left-hand corner for a Small Medal.
Save your game if you'd like and buy anything you might need.

Enter the Elder's house (it's the only one you haven't been to yet).  When
you enter, there appears to be an argument going on.  One man is upset and
wants nothing to do with giving their money to strangers (you) for help.
Head up the second floor (2F) for another Small Medal and a bit of
conversation.  The woman there tells you she's heard stories of violent
monsters in other lands but thankfully, the creature plaguing the village
hasn't hurt anyone.  Go back downstairs and talk to the person who hired you.
He's happy you're here and suggests you talk to the elder.  The other
non-wooly guy (guess what that makes the elder ^_^) says that young people
are too rash.  Talk to the elder; he thanks you for helping them and tells
you that he's not sure where the creature lives, only that it seems to come
from the west.

That's all we can do here for now so rest if needed and save your game.
Then, leave the village and head west.  If you follow the mountain chain,
you'll eventually come to a cave so enter it and begin to explore.  Before
you do, you might want to make sure you have Bianca's Ribbon with you...
Remember the ribbon?  You received it back after escaping the Grand Temple.
If you have it in storage, you're gonna need to go back and get it.  BTW...
these enemies here hit hard so don't hesitate to heal as needed.

The first southern passage leads to a small pool of water and a skeleton.
The eastern / northeastern areas of this floor are empty so take the next
southern passage you come to and you'll come to a branch in the path and the
remains of a campfire with a skeleton.  Search directly above the skeleton
for a Small Medal and then take the SW branch for a Stone Axe and then
continue on south to the stairway to the next floor (B1).

You're looking at a series of bridges and chasms.  First thing, head to the
right and talk to the warrior there.  You'll startle him and he'll fall down
into one of the chasms.  Go ahead and follow him by falling down to the next
floor (B2).  Talk to the warrior, who's laying collapsed on the ground.
You'll startle him again and he'll jump away.  Talk to him one last time and
he'll tell you that there's a vicious monster that supposedly lives in the
cave and to be careful.  Grab the Iron Helm and note what looks to be a small
partition that can be entered.  Take the stairs in the northeast corner and
return to B1.

Work your way to the western edge and, if you dare, open the chest.  It's a

:::Man-Eating Chest (Cannibox), 90HP:::

    It's not too hard; just watch out for its magic and critical attack.
    Usually, the Cannibox is low on magic points, but if you run into a fully
    loaded one, you can expect Blazemore and Beat.  All in all, pound it.
    Winning nets you 23 experience points and 95G.  More importantly, it may
    drop a Small Medal!
Note, you can fight this enemy as much as you want; just leave and the chest
will be reset for battle.  This is important as these chests often drop Small
Medals and you can keep going back for them.  Note that if you kill the
Cannibox with a terrible (critical) blow, then it will no longer drop Small
Medals.  Also, this is not an infinite process; various limits exist and I am
not sure what they are.  Finally, you'll have to carry these Medals around
with you / store them until you meet the Medal King as even when you find a
Medal, these will not be sent to the King.

When you're done stocking Medals (I stocked 18 I think), work your way
carefully around to the other side of the room and take the stairs down to
the final floor (B3).  Enter the structure.

Inside, you see a Killer Panther guarding a magnificent sword.  Talk to it
and you'll enter into battle!

:::Killer Panther, ??? HP:::

    This Panther looks awfully familiar...  Attacking it causes it to guard,
    retaliate, and sometimes...  try to remember?  Could it be?  Use Bianca's
    Ribbon as an item.  As an item, the Hero can't use it but the Panther
    will smell it and suddenly remember!  It licks the Hero's face - it's

The battle ends and Borongo joins your party!  As you've certainly figured
out now, the wagon came with you so if you need to send a monster back, feel
free to do so.  In my case, I had to as I recruited a Big Eye (Gandof) here.

You didn't forget the sword did you?  Examine it and you'll recognize the
crest, it's Papas's sword!  This is a very powerful weapon, though
unfortunately not as powerful as the Medal King Sword.  Moreover, the Hero is
the only one you can equip it.  If you want to transfer the Medal King Sword
(assuming you have one) to another party member, more than likely, only one
of the Slimes can use it.  It's your call.

If you're done exploring now and have gathered all the Medals you wanted to
stockpile (I picked up 2 more for a stocked total of 20), it's time to leave
the cave.  Borongo is still at the same level he was when you last saw him so
leveling him up might be a good thing.

Anyway, leave the cave and return to Kabochi.  Things are not what you
expected...  The old woman earlier sees that you befriended the beast but
most everyone else is the village is afraid of Borongo.  Talk to the man who
rushed out of the Elder's house earlier.  He says that the village has been
had as you were friends with Borongo from the get go.  He says it was a fine
plan and to get the hell out of dodge after you pick the reward.  The man who
hired you can't believe he was fool enough to trust you.  The Elder says he
knows all about your plan and to take your reward and leave, there's nothing
in Kabochi for you now.

Bummer...  Well, we're stuck here.  Head back to Port Selmi; if you need to
get any equipment or deal with Monster Gramps, be sure to do so.  Wait for
nighttime and enter the inn.  Talk to the people in the bar.  The old man
will tell you about the time he saw the Legendary Warrior.  It's a wonderful
story and he even tells you the Warrior's name; it was Papas.  ^_^;

Basically, he talks about how Papas wanted to gather the Zenithian Equipment
and enter the Demon World.  The man sitting at the table by himself tells you
about a man in a western town who researches spells.  He supposedly knows a
spell that makes traveling easier.  Hmm, as we have nothing else to do,
sounds like a plan.  Heal up, save your game, and go look for new magic.

            * Chapter 11 - Chutes and Ladders in the Moonlight *



        Wing of the Wyvern (Barrel, Behind the bar)
        Acorn of Magic (Barrel, 2F Tavern)
        Agility Seed (Jar, small pit "house")
        Medical Herb (Pot, Bennet's House)
        Magic Water (Barrel, Bennet's House)

Special Items:


        Small Medal (Jar, 2F Inn)
        Small Medal (Jar, small pit "house")
        Rura Moon Herb (Peninsula west of Ruraphin at night)

    Oracle Valley 

        Wayfarer's Map (Buy for 1000G from Merchant in NW corner; MUST BE NIGHT)



        Item Store (open during the day only):

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Full Moon Herb - 30G
            Monster Lure - 200G

        Weapon Store (open during the day only):

            Saw Blade - 1200G
            Sledge Hammer - 1800G
            Broad Sword - 2000G
            Steel Fang - 2000G
            Snake Sword - 3900G

        Armor Store (open during the night only):
            Full Plate Armor - 2300G
            Turtle Shell - 2500G
            Iron Helm - 1100G
            Iron Mask - 3500G
            Scale Shield - 180G
            Magic Shield - 3400G


    Outside of Ruraphin:

        Puppet Man
        Death Parrot
        Rogue Soldier
        Metal Rider
        Demon Toadstool
        Bandit Wolf
Head west and you'll come to a sign directing you to the town of Ruraphin,
your next destination.  You can recruit Papeck, the Puppet Man, here if you
want.  Enter the town of Ruraphin.

Go to the inn.  You'll see a very snobbish woman complaining that the inn
will not accommodate her and her wishy-washy husband talking to the
innkeeper.  On the second floor, grab the Small Medal.  A person up there
will tell you they too are looking for the spell researcher.   The big
building above you is the Tavern.  It's closed during the day so we'll want
to come back at night but we can still explore.  On the first floor is a man
who's dying for a drink and if you go behind the bar from the second floor,
he'll get all excited.  There's some unimportant conversation up there (well
a nun does tell you that the Legendary Warrior will come in times of need)
but that's it for now.  The item store there is only open during the day...

A man by the inn wonders what old man Bennet is working on now...  Talk to
the guy living in the pit...  He'll ask your feeling on traveling.  Search
the jars there for a Small Medal and an Agility Seed.

Two people will tell you there was a huge wedding in Reinhart!?  Henry got
married!  Man, we gotta find that spell...  

Ever play Chutes and Ladders?  If so, it will help navigating this town.  ^_^

From the inn's front door, go left, up, and all the way right.  Keep going
and take the stairs down through the tunnel.  The building in front of you is
the Weapon / Armor store.  During the day, you can buy weapons while at night
armor though I must not have had the right monsters for most of the weapons.
We'll be back in the evening for armor.  Take the right tunnel, head up, and
read the notice for a Magician's assistant.  Interested parties should head

Ahh, the smoking house of old man Bennet we've heard about.  ^_^  Go in,
search for some items, and talk to Bennet.  If you say you're there to
complain, you're not going to get far so say you're not complaining.  He'll
say great, you're here to help with the travel spell research.  Agree, and
he'll ask you to follow him upstairs.  Do so and he'll ask you to look at the
map.  He points out your current location and the location of the Rura Moon
herb, the last ingredient he needs for his spell.  The herb can only be
picked at night and glows in the moonlight.  He then says he'll take a nap
while he waits.  ^_^;

That's it for daytime in Ruraphin.  Knock around until night and re-enter.
The tavern is swinging!  One guy tells you what a miserable time he had in
Kabochi, the priest is drunk off his rocker, there's talk of an ancient,
legendary tower that can reach to Heaven, and one guy says Bennet is only
missing one more thing for his research.  The bartender tells you to find the
Legendary Warrior, search for the Zenithian Armor; you'll surely meet.
There's an Acorn of Magic upstairs you couldn't get before.  Go buy Iron
Masks for your fighters.  That's about it so it's time to go herb hunting!

Head west, and climb the ladder.  Cross over a bridge and climb back down the
other side.  From there, head south.  If it's daytime, use the Lamp of
Darkness and you should see a glowing patch of grass.  Search there and you
should find the Rura Moon Herb!  With that, it's time to go back to Ruraphin.  

Take the Herb to the sleeping Bennet.  He's quite excited that you brought
the Herb and rushes back downstairs.  Follow and talk to Bennet; there's a
massive explosion and you're down on the floor.  Get up and talk to Bennet;
there's supposed to be a spell called Return that should have been revived;
check and see if you have it.  You do!  Whee!  Tell Bennet but he keeps
asking you to check.  What the hell... cast it for Oracle Valley.  Bennet
cheers in triumph and you're outside of Oracle Valley.  While we're here,
let's check with the guy who sold us the wagon and see if he has anything
new.  He does, a Wayfarer's (Traveler's) Map, only 1000G.  Buy it, it's
worth the money.  It can only be used outdoors though but that's cool.  Wow,
the world's a big place.  Clearly there's more to do on the western continent
(there's a southern area below Ruraphin) so let's go back there and see what
we can find.  

         * Chapter 12 - Jumping Thru Rings for Love and a Shield *



        Iron Shield (Dresser, Inn)
        Intelligence Seed (Dresser, Mansion Guest House)
        Silver Barrette (Dresser, Flora's Room in Ludman's House)
        2000G (Chest, Ludman's House)


        450G (Chest, 1F)
        Iron Helm (Chest, SE Corner of B1)
        Staff of Antimagic (Chest, Plateau surrounded by Lava on B1)
        Defense Seed (Chest, B2)
        1500G (Chest, B2)

    Mountain Village:

        Medical Herb (Dresser, 2F Inn)

    Waterfall Cave:

        Robe of Serenity (Chest, Bridge on B4)
        1200G (Chest, Underwater on B6)
        Elven Medicine (Chest, B8)

Special Items:
    Rumor Shrine:

        Small Medal (well)

    Cave (Tunnel) to Salabona:

        Small Medal (Chest, SE corner)


        Small Medal (Dresser, 1F Andy's House)
        Zenithian Shield (Chest, Ludman's House)

    Volcano (after defeat the Lava Savages):

        Ring of Fire (Ring of Flames)

    Mountain Village:

        Small Medal (Barrel, Tavern)
        Small Medal (Grave Marker on Right)
        Silk Veil (General Store, after the CHOICE)

    Waterfall Cave:
        Ring of Water (Chest, Secret Cave on B6)


        Armor Store

            Dancer's Clothes - 1300G
            Full Plate Armor - 2300G
            Turtle Shell - 2500G
            Cloak of Evasion - 3000G
            Silver Barrette - 450G
            Silk Hat - 2000G
        Weapon Store

            Chain Sickle - 1200G
            Broad Sword - 2000G
            Morning Star - 3000G
            Sword of Malice - 4400G
            Steel Fang - 2000G

        Item Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Full Moon Herb - 30G
            Leather Shield - 70G
    Mountain Village:

        General Store

            Medical Herb - 8G
            Antidote Herb - 10G
            Holy Water - 20G
            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Full Moon Herb - 30G
            Leather Hat - 65G

        Weapon Store:

            Poison Needle - 900G
            Sledge Hammer - 1800G
            Board Sword - 2000G
            Snake Sword - 3900G
            Battle Axe - 4000G
            Sword of Malice - 4400G


    South of Ruraphin (new continent):

        Killer Panther
        Big Sloth
        Assault Trooper
        Puppet Man
    Cave (Tunnel) to Salabona:

        Big Eye
        Death Spark

    Outside of Salabona:

        Beast Master
        Metal Hunter
        Assault Trooper

    Outside the Volcano:

        Bomb Crag
        Dark Mammoth

    Inside the Volcano

        Beast Master
        Bomb Crag
        Mud Looper
        Dancing Jewel
        Metal Slime
        Horse Devil
        Metal Hunter

    Ocean Outside of Salabona:

    Waterfall Cave

        Mud Looper
        Jewel Bag
        Snake Bat
        Metal Slime
Fairly soon, you'll come across a small building; enter it and you'll find
the Rumor Shrine.  Talk to everyone here.  A nun tells you she's just
returned from escorting a young lady home.  She thinks the girl would make a
wonderful nun but her father wants to marry her off.  A dancer asks you a
tough question...  "Don't you think that women ought to be gentle and
honest?"  If you say "yes", she'll tell you that maybe she should start
studying grace at a nunnery like Flora has while if you say "no", she'll warn
the world to look out as she doesn't care about tradition.  An old man tells
you the Salabona's Lady Flora has finally returned after 8 years.  A woman in
the room at the inn tells you she heard Lord Henry of Reinhart married.  When
you tell her Henry's your friend, she wants to know why you're not there.
She tells you that if you know "Return", you should go back there now.  Oh
yeah...  Henry...  

Search the well for a Small Medal, stay at the inn if you want, and save your

We should go back and see Henry but let's check that cave south of here
first; after all, you are an adventurer.  ^_^

As soon as you try to proceed through the cave, you're stopped by a Reinhart
guard who tells you Henry needs to see you immediately.  OK, we should take
care of this now.

If it's night time and you teleport to Reinhart, you can go upstairs to the
second floor of the inn for a surprise.  There, you'll find a Bunny Girl and
if you talk to her, she'll ask you if you want a puff-puff.  ^_^  She's
surprised that you don't know what a "puff-puff" is but then she realizes
that you haven't been out with a girl yet but that you shouldn't worry as
she's sure you'll find a pretty little thing to show you the ropes.

A "puff-puff" involves a guy putting his face between a girl's...  Well, you
get the idea.  ^_^;;

Anyway, this scene is only available if you "Return" to Reinhart at night.
Walking there won't make it happen; teleporting there during the day and
waiting for night won't make it happen either.

OK, what are we here for...  Oh yeah, Henry, no "puff-puff"; gotta see Henry.

Go to the castle; if it's night, wait until morning as the drawbridge is
closed.  Enter the castle and head to the throne room.  Dale tells you that
as part of his appreciation, he has set his scholars working on the Legendary
Warrior question.  They have determined that the Zenithian Shield can be
found in the town of Salabona.  Cool, we were going there anyway.  He then
tells you to go upstairs and see Henry.  The Chancellor tells you that
Traveler's Maps are for sale now in Oracle Valley and asks if you have one.  

Note, I suppose I did this somewhat out of order but the first time I cast
Return for Bennet, I chose Oracle Valley as I wanted some "Leaves of the
World Tree" from the Casino.  Still, it doesn't really matter as the game
doesn't care about the order you do this event in; you just have to see Henry
before you can go to Salabona.

Go upstairs to Henry's room.  The guard there stops you momentarily but then
recognizes you and allows you to pass.  As you enter the room, Henry dashes
up to you, happy to see you've finally come.  He wanted you at his wedding
but you were nowhere to be found.  Oh my goodness, he married Marina!  ^_^
Henry said he always thought Marina liked you more than she did him but
Marina tells him he's being silly.  Marina is sure you'll find someone much
better for you than she could be.  Henry says at any rate, it's great to see
you again and to stay as long as you like.  Talk to Henry again and he notes
seems like you've been through some rough times.  He asks if you ever wanted
a girl to rough out those times with you.  If you say "no", he'll say that
he supposes saving your mother comes first but he thinks that what your
mother wants the most is to see you happy.  You should be happy with yourself
first; your mother can wait.  If you say "yes", Henry says he thought so as
you're getting to that age and all and that you should go out and find a
beautiful bride like her did, to which Marina blushes.  If you talk to
Marina, she wonders what kind of person you'll marry and she wants you to be
sure and invite them to the wedding.

When you're done in Reinhart, head back to that cave and see if the guard
will let you pass.  By the way...  You might want to check your levels as the
monsters are going to get stronger. At this point, I'd suggest somewhere in
the low 20's for absolute confidence, but 17-19 should suffice if you have a
good mix of skills and monsters.  Currently, my combat party consists of the
Hero, Pierre, and Yeta the Yeti.

Anyway, the cave.  Sure enough, the guard is gone so continue on though the
cave to the other side.  There's a Small Medal in the southeast corner; that
should make 11 you have found now.  There's nothing else to do here so just
continue on and take the steps to the outside.  

Watch out not to step on the large swamp though if Slalin has learned Step
Guard, feel free to do so.  Continue south, cross the bridge, and enter
Salabona.  The tower you see is the "Viewing Tower"; its purpose is to allow
the town to see invading monsters before they arrive.

When you enter the town, you'll hear someone asking for help catching a
puppy, which convenienty runs into you.  A beautiful girl apologizes to you
and says the puppy must have gotten startled.  The girl wonders what's wrong
with her (the puppy) and then calls to Lilian (the puppy again ^_^) to come
on.  Lilian resists though and begins to lick you; the girl replies she's
never seen Lilian so friendly with a stranger before.  She asks, rather
hesitantly, who you are.  The girl says she hopes to see you soon as she
wants to thank you again and with that, she leaves.  I happened to arrive at
night so I talked to the people there before going to sleep at the inn.  

The bar is deserted and the Bunny Girl there asks you if you're going to the
mansion too.  If you see "yes", she says she thought so but that you don't
look like money is your top priority while if you say "no", she'll be
surprised and tell you all the young men are there.  The bartender tells you
to stay as long as you like since it's really slow.  Everyone is out waiting
for an important announcement from Ludman.  Hmm...

A nun at the church tells you marriage is sacred to God; if you choose the
right person, he will watch over you.

The house south of the inn is the home of a man named Andy; while there, you
can speak to his elderly parents.  His mother tells you that her son is about
your age and she wishes he'd find a bride so she would be truly happen for
him.  She then asks if you have someone special in your life; answer as you
see fit.  Andy's father on the other hand...  he says that even though his
wife told you all that, you can't hurry love; if you're meant to find the
right person, you'll find them.  Search the dresser for a Small Medal and
then keep exploring the town.

The item and weapon storeowners are nowhere to be seen.  The armor store has
some good things though so stock up.  The little house surrounded by water is
part of the mansion and has an Intelligence Seed.

A merchant asks if you know what's going on.  Apparently, Ludman (the rich
guy with the mansion) is looking for a husband for his daughter.  The
requirements are strict though but if you get chosen, you'll get an heirloom
shield.  Hmm, a shield...  We need a Zenithian Shield; I wonder...

Talk to the others around the fountain for a little more info on Ludman and
then enter the mansion.  The dog out front looks very familiar...

The maid at the front asks if you're there a suitor for Mistress Flora.  Ahh,
Flora from the Rumor Shrine.  If you say "no", she'll ask you to leave so
what's a little lie.  Say "yes" and she'll ask you to fall in.  Fall in?
Ahh, the line of suitors...  The last man in line is Andy; he doesn't care
about Flora's money but wants to marry her for her as they grew up together.
The guy to Andy's left says the chance to marry Flora is like a dream and the
man to his left says you're fortunate to have arrived in Salabona now but
unfortunate as Flora is going to be his wife.  Sheesh...  At this point,
Ludman thanks you for waiting and asks you to come in...

He welcomes you and tells you that he's looking for a man to marry his
daughter Flora.  No ordinary man can marry her though, he must be of the
highest caliber.  A set of pre-requisites have to be met; ancients legends
tell of two magic rings that have been hidden somewhere on this continent.
They are the Fire and Water rings and are said to bring luck to their wearer.
Whichever man brings back the rings can marry Flora and will receive the
family's heirloom shield.  Methinks that shield is important but marry Flora?
Who is she anyway?  With that, a beautiful young lady comes down the stairs.
Oh no...  She's the girl with the puppy!

Flora says that her father should let her decide whom she wants to marry.
She says that the Fire Ring is hidden a cavern where lava flows freely and
she doesn't want anyone to risk their live for a prize such as herself.
Then, she sees you and is taken aback...  Her father pounces on this and
points out that you do look the handsome youth.  ^_^  He says no matter
though; the one that brings back the rings will marry Flora.  With that,
Ludman takes Flora with him and they return upstairs.

The chests in front of you are locked unfortunately and everyone else (your
competition) runs out.  Go upstairs.

Flora's mother tells you that her husband doesn't listen to anyone.  Oh, if
he'd only care about Flora's feelings...  Ludman says that according to
rumor, the Ring of Fire rests in a cave southeast of Salabona but you have to
bring both rings to marry Flora.  Flora...  She says that her father has been
pushy all his life and she begs you to not endanger yourself.  Even with the
two rings, she'd...

OK, hit the inn to recover, save, and get ready to head out.  The town is
sort of back to normal; people are sleeping and guards are patrolling.  One
such guard mentions that he was injured on the way home and a young woman
patched him up.  Wow...what a girl, walking alone in the mountains.  Now who
can that be?

The next morning, you hear that the heirloom shield is also called the
"Zenithian Shield".  Oh hell...  We gotta do this.  The weapon storeowner is
back; the Sword of Malice is a pretty good weapon and casts a Fireball when
used as an item in battle.  The item store is open now too if you need

OK, be sure you're ready as we're going to war; the upcoming monsters can
kill you in one round and are stronger than what you've seen so far.  The
volcano you're heading to is also a longer dungeon than usual.  When you're
ready, leave Salabona and head to the southeast buy going west over two
bridges and then east over a third.

On the way to the volcano, you can recruit two good monsters; Mechi the
Wyvern and Rocky the Bomb Crag.  Both are excellent to have around though
Rocky doesn't proceed very far in levels...

Head south around the mountains and then turn north when you can; the volcano
is dead ahead...  Enter this forbidding, smoking place...  Excellent, the
wagon came in too!

If you're lucky and a Beast Master summons a Curer, Behoman will join you.  It
starts with the spell Heal All but getting it is very difficult.  Still, good
luck to you.  Also, Jewel, the Dancing Jewel, will join you.  Bomb Crags and
their Sacrifice attack _hurts_ so be careful.  All in all, the monsters here
hit hard.  I'd recommend that you buy the good armor for sale in Salabona as
well as have levels around 24 or 25 to be safe.

When you get in, you'll see some people walking about, including Andy.  Talk
to him, and he'll wish you luck.  Proceed west around the lava; take the
second branch south and grab the chest.  The go north, around the lava, and
then back south.  Once you can go east do so, taking the lower path before
finally turning north and take the stairs down to the next floor, B1.

Go north and take the first right.  From there, go north to face a Man-Eating
Chest.  Remember, they drop Small Medals sometimes...  Return south and head
to the right, if Slalin has learned Step Guard.  If he has, step down into
the lava to work your way towards a chest with a Staff of Antimagic.  You can
do this without Step Guard but it will really HURT!  Return to that first
T-intersection and go south.  Work your way all around the perimeter for a
chest with an Iron Helm.  Then, from the chest, go north on the left branch
to the stairs to the next floor, B2.  

This floor is covered in lava you have to walk on; again, I really recommend
Slanin here, at least in the wagon.  East is a dead end so head up.  If you
go directly in front of you, you'll come to a chest with a Defense Seed.

The next path up leads to two staircases; the upper one takes you down to B3
while the lower one (walk over the lava) takes you to a healing area.  Walk
over the center block and the members of your attack party will be healed.
Keep rearranging your attack party until everyone is healed.

Before leaving the level, bear left and up.  One path will lead to a chest
with 1500G.  Get it, repeat the healing trip, and then exit the level.

OK, the Fire Ring is in front of you.  Make sure you have strong, well
armored characters and that you're as close to fully healed as possible.  A
truly serious boss fight is coming.  If you don't feel your levels are up to
it and/or you want to save, so not lose all the money that you found, cast
Outside to leave the volcano and then try again later.  Same goes for if you
want to level up more.  Examine the ring to begin the most difficult battle
you have faced yet.

:::Lava Savage x 3, 400HP each:::
    This is really hard.  Spells like Increase / Upper are great for raising
    Defense levels.  The fight is going to depend on the skills of your
    monsters.  I didn't have anyone with Surround but I did have Increase and
    Upper, as well as Decrease.  Remember, you have the wagon, so rotate
    characters in as needed.  I would suggest that on the first turn, put
    your two strongest fighters in along with a monster with Increase.  Let
    the fighters attack and the monster cast Increase to beef-up defense.
    Then, bring in another heavy hitter in place of that monster.

    For me, I had the Hero and Pierre attack and Slanin cast Increase.  The
    Lava Savages can throw lava for 30 points of damage per hit and they can
    attack up to three times.  So, watch out; if your health gets low, heal
    immediately.  The Hero has a good compliment of heal spells as does
    Pierre.  Yeta the Yeti's Snowblast skill is good as is his Charge Up
    skill.  Jewel the Jewel Bag as some good status attacking spells and
    Borongo is strong.  If you have Mechi the Wyvern, his Cold Breath attack
    is helpful.  Characters with high hit points never hurt either.

    With a little skill and planning, you'll win this battle; just remember
    to rotate out hurt characters and to attack the Lava Savages one at a
    time.  Winning nets you 1050 experience points and 750G, plus 1G for some
    reason after the battle.

After you have triumphed, get the Ring of Fire (Ring of Flames) and leave
this hellhole.  ^_^  Head back to Salabona to heal and see what you have to
do next.

If you're like me, you cast Outside to leave the volcano.  As such, you
missed seeing what happened to Andy so stop by his house.  His parents tell
you he was burned pretty badly and that he worried poor Flora silly.  Go
upstairs to see him.  

Andy is not doing all that well but he's going to live; he's moaning "So
hot..." and Flora is worried; it seems he was burned badly.  Flora says
he's just gotten a fever that won't go down and then asks if you're ok.  If
you say "no" she starts to panic, asking "where, where" but she sees you're
ok and calls you a "meanie".  If you say "yes", she's happy.  That's all for
now so go see Ludman.

He'll see you have the Ring (if the Hero doesn't have it, he'll note that
some other member does and that they need to give it to you) and tells you
he'll hold on to it for now.  Ludman says all that's left is the Water Ring
and since it's called that, it may be found surrounded by water.  He allows
you to use his ship and tells you it's waiting outside of town.

Heal up if you haven't and save your game.  Then, leave town and board the
ship.  Make sure you have 3 people in your attack party...

Controlling the ship is just like walking.  You can be attacked while using
the ship though so be prepared.  The only direction you can sail is north and
quite soon, you'll encounter a gate.  Beach the ship and read the sign; it
says only authorized persons may open the Water Gate and all others must ask
in the Mountain Village.  Well, there is a village close by...

The village looks like a rural farming community.  The first small hut is a
church and the hole in the wall is a general store.  Inside the general
store, if you look in the pot on the right, you'll face a surprise attack!

:::Demon Pot, 200HP:::

    Similar in nature to the Man-Eating Chest, the Demon Pot can cast spells,
    namely Beat.  But, it has a limited number of magic points, so the most
    you have to worry about (if one of your members isn't instantly killed)
    is its attacks.  With a critical hit, it can do some heavy damage but if
    you've been steadily upgrading equipment, you'll be fine.  Pound it,
    though your attacks will miss sometimes, and receive 71 experience points
    and 79G.  Demon Pots also drop Small Medals occasionally...

A man tells you to talk to the villagers about opening the Water Gate so let's
do that.  

A man in the inn tells you that some order of something is collecting money
to build a land of light...  We don't like them...  Grrr...  A woman upstairs
tells you about Bianca!  Apparently she lives here, at the edge of the
village, and takes care of her ailing father Duncan.  Woo hoo!  The woman
thinks it's dangerous for Bianca to travel the way she does and that she must
have an incredible heart.  Let's go see but check out the hot spring for a
laugh.  ^_^

There's a young woman praying at a grave marker but she's too absorbed to
notice you so continue north to the house there.  Talk to the man on the bed;
it's Duncan!  He seems to recall your face and asks if you've met before.
You tell him who you are and he's shocked!  He's impressed with how you've
grown and he remembers that you used to play with Bianca when you were
children.  He then asks how Papas is and you tell him the bad news...  He
notes how hard things have been for you but you've triumphed over them all.
Duncan tells you that he lost his wife and that you can't really predict
things like this...  He then asks if we ran into Bianca yet?  She's outside,
praying at her mother's grave.  Hey, you did see her and boy, does she look
different.  With that, Bianca returns.

Duncan gets you out of bed and drags you to see her.  She's ecstatic to see
you and tells you that she heard Santa Rosa was destroyed and she was worried
about you.  But, she knew in her heart that you were all right because you
promised her that you would return to adventure with her again someday.  ^_^
But still, it's been over 10 years; she wants to hear all about your travels
and wants you to stay as long as you like.  You say that you can't stay too
long as you're searching for the Water Ring...to get married?  She takes
that...not too badly...

You and Bianca, childhood friends, spend the whole night through talking.
The next morning Bianca tells you breakfast isn't quite ready but to take it
easy and relax.  Duncan says that although he hasn't been able to tell this
to Bianca yet, she's actually not his real daughter.  That makes him feel
even worse as he wants her to be the happiest girl in the world.  But, he's
afraid he won't be around much longer...  So, he tells if you could stay here
with her, it would make him feel so much better.  Go over to the table for

Bianca sits you down, tells you to keep eating and to listen to her.  She has
thought about it all night and she wants to help you find the Water Ring as
she wants you be happy.  She then asks if she can come with you.  It's a
circular choice (she's the only one that can open the Water Gate) and
besides, if you said no, you need to have your head examined.  ^_^  Say yes,
and she'll join; you may need to send a monster packing for a while.  She
says to tell her before you leave so if you're done, let's go.

Bianca rejoins your party!  Whee!  But, she's still at the same level she was
when you met her before.  ^_^;;;  For me, that's level 10.  Sigh...more
leveling up is needed.  Go ahead and take her into the Waterfall Cave
though.  If you beat the Lava Savages, take her and your strongest monster
and you should be all right.  She needs the experience anyway and there's
some cute scenes with her.

Now, your ship will return to Salabona if you decide to teleport away...
Bianca needs new equipment and she needs it now so I recommend you get it for
her.  Do what you need to do to prepare, and then try and sail through the
Gate; Bianca will open it for you.  Continue north and sail directly into a
large lake.  Follow the inlet to a waterfall, and sail directly into the
Waterfall Cave.

When you enter, Bianca tells you this is so exciting, just like when you
thrashed the ghosts.  Gee, it's a shame she missed the volcano.  ^_^  There
is no boss here so sit back and prepare to get lost.

From the entrance, just head south to the stairs for the next level (B1).

You're looking at a large lake; work your way around to the steps, which
lead you to the next floor, B2.

Head west here (the northern room is empty) and take the steps to B3.

Proceed south, out the door, and onto a bridge that spans the waterfall.  You
can see a treasure chest below you and Bianca exclaims how beautiful all this
is.  It's been so long since she's seen anything so beautiful...  She didn't
have time to relax, with her mother passing away.  Enter the door on the
opposite side.

This cave is filled with shallow water than you can walk in.  A man here says
that it's rumored that an awesome ring is hidden here.  Of course, if a man
like him can't find it, a little boy and a stringy girl have no chance.  This
is one of those times the game needs a "kick someone's ass" option.  ^_^
But, we're heroes, so keep going.  As you're walking, Bianca tells you the
man pinched her rear.  ^_^;  OK, let's kill him.  ^_^

You have two choices...  Steps going down or a hole to fall through.  Fall
down the hole once and exit the door.  You can get the chest you saw earlier;
it's a Robe of Serenity, a great robe for Bianca.  Go back to the hole and
fall down to B5.  

Ignore the stairs (they're the ones from above) and go north and descend to

Go south and out to another bridge.  Bianca is still excited as she would
never have expected (such amazing sights).  Cross the bridge and go under
the waterfall.  Notice anything?  You can walk on the shallow water; cross it
to the other side of the rock and continue south.  First, climb the ladder
onto the next rock in front of you.  Follow the path and descend to B7 and
then B8.  There, you'll find a chest but it's only an Elven Medicine.  Bianca
thinks it's odd that wasn't the Water Ring and perhaps it's hidden somewhere,
a hidden room or something...

Retrace your steps and wade through the water on B6 to the small beach.
There's a chest underwater!  Open it to find 1200G.  ^_^;;  Bianca still
thinks it's hidden and it is.  See that cave behind you?  Enter it to find
the Ring of Water!

Bianca says way to go and that you can get married to...  Flora...  She then
stutters and tries to ask you something but says it's nothing.  Besides, if
you marry Flora, you might get the Zenithian Shield.  And if you do, you'll
be closer to your goal so you need to go now.

If you're done exploring, leave the cave and head back to Salabona.

The villagers congratulate you, tell you Andy came back to town injured
again, and that Ludman ordered a special veil for the wedding.  Speaking of
which, go talk to him...

Pierre just left for the wagon on his own so it's just you and Bianca that
enter the mansion.  Ludman, Flora, and her mother are all together.  As you
arrive, Ludman asks if you have the Water Ring.  He's impressed and says that
this proves you're the man to marry Flora.  As promised you are allowed to
marry Flora and he's already started the wedding preparations.  He does ask
you to leave the Ring with him for a while and you agree.  During the
wedding, both rings will be returned to you.  

He then asks Flora if she'll object; but surely, she won't.  Flora says she
won't but she asks you who's the woman over there.  Bianca introduces herself
as an old friend of yours and that at any rate, her work here is done so
she'd better head home.  Flora asks her not to go and says the way she looks
at you, she's in love with you, yes?  She then tells the Hero she knows he
cares for Bianca as well.  Flora then tells you that she can't make you marry
her like this, you'll live to regret it.  Ludman tells her to calm down and
and decides to do the following - tonight, the Hero will decide who to marry:
Bianca or Flora.  He tells you that he'll have a room for you prepared at the
inn and that Bianca will stay in the guesthouse.  Another circular choice so
say you understand.  Ludman asks that you follow your heart.

That night at the inn, you can't sleep.  Leave the inn and go out into the
town.  Everyone has heard of your situation so go see Andy.  His mother says
congratulations and she hopes you'll be happy, though Andy will be
devastated.  Talk to Andy...  All he can do is moan Flora's name in pain...

Hmm...  What to do?

Go visit Ludman's mansion again.  Flora is sleeping peacefully but Ludman is
awake.  He tells you that you must truly be something to have obtained both
the rings.  Even if you don't choose to marry Flora, he'll still handle all
the wedding details.  And, he's already sent invitations to your friends.
So, you're getting married one way or the other.

Go see Bianca, who's also wide-awake.  She tells you that things have gotten
so complicated all of a sudden but you shouldn't worry.  You should marry
Flora, as that's what's right.  She says not to worry about her as she can
take care of herself; she's been doing it for so long anyway...  She tells
you to go to bed as you have a busy day tomorrow.  But, she'll look out the
window a little longer as she just can't sleep...

If you're done walking around, talk to the innkeeper and tell him you're
ready to rest.  The next morning, you're called to Ludman's mansion...

Ludman asks you if you have thought hard over whom to choose.  If you're ready
to choose, say "yes".  Ludman says he knows this isn't an ordinary dilemma
but you can't marry them both so, as agreed, you must choose.  He asks who do
you love, Bianca or Flora?  You must propose to the one your heart chooses.

OK, this is not a circular choice - you either marry Flora or Bianca.  It's a
tough decision but choose what your heart thinks.  ^_^  The plot of the game
will remain the same but there is a chest or two you can't get with Flora /
Bianca as well as some things being introduced at different times.  So, you
make the call.

If you talk to Bianca, she asks if you really want to marry her as Flora
seems so much more feminine.

Flora says she's a woman that needs protecting and could you marry her
despite that.  

If you choose to marry Flora, Bianca will understand and offer to help Flora
to get ready.  Henry and Marina will come, you'll have the ceremony, and will
handle it so-so, etc.  The next morning, Flora will ask you come with you on
your journey.  Talk to Ludman and he says if she can help you learn the color
of a jar in a desert shrine west of the Mountain Village, she can go with
you (if you marry Bianca, this comes into play much, much later).  Talk to
him again and he gives you access to his ship at Port Selmi.  If you go see
Bianca later, she's fine with things and that's that...  This is an
abbreviated version in case you wanted to know but I chose Bianca...

After telling Bianca you _do_ want to marry her, she accuses you of saying
she's unladylike.  ^_^  But, you still want to marry her anyway so she tells
you she loves you.  :)  She says that the two of you will be able to travel
together again.  At this point, Ludman says since you've chosen, it's time to
prepare and that the bride will change at his second house and Flora asks to
help.  Ludman asks you to return to the Mountain Village and get the Silk
Veil he ordered.  You agree and then ask if Ludman minds that you chose
Bianca and why is he still sponsoring everything?  Ludman says it's like he
told you; you're a good man and that you don't need to worry about Flora.  

On your way out of town, stop by and see Andy's family.  His mother is happy
that you're not going to marry Flora and since Andy's getting better,
everything is going to be fine.  Andy is sound asleep...  ^_^

Head to the Mountain Village and talk to the General Store owner.  He'll give
you the Silk Veil, his finest piece of work.  Go talk to Duncan; he'll ask
what happened to Bianca.  You'll tell him the news and he realizes you asked
Bianca to marry you!  Whee!!  He thanks you and says he can truly be at piece
now and asks that you take good care of Bianca.  Head back to Salabona.

Take the veil to the guesthouse.  The main tells you the bride is done
preparing so you can go in.  The woman there tells you to place the veil on
your bride.  Bianca looks great!  Give her the veil to which she calls you
silly and tells you hurry and get them to the church so go.  ^_^

As you leave, Henry and Marina arrive.  Henry tells you what a beautiful
bride you have but not to try and act "all cool" during the ceremony and mess
everything up.  ^_^  Proceed on to the church where the doormen will allow you
to enter.  Bianca won't let you leave town to elope either...  ^_-

You process into the church and the priest says that with God's blessing,
he'll conduct the ceremony.  You'll go through the vows and saying "no" gets
you nowhere fast.  ^_^  You then exchange rings and then as proof before God
of your love, you kiss.  The priest asks God to guide the both of your

You leave the church with Bianca on your arm and Flora and Henry congratulate

Festivities and parties continued on through the night.  The next morning,
Bianca asks you if you slept well, as it's only noon.  ^_^  She then says she
can't believe that they're really married.  She says she knows she's a
terrible tomboy but she'll love you forever.  She then says that didn't sound
at all like her...  ^_^  She never wants the two of you to be apart and you
owe her some adventures.  We'll get to one of those soon.  ^_-  Bianca says
you should go and thanks Ludman.

You're wearing the Ring of Flames now and Bianca has the Ring of Water; both
can be used in battle and do medium damage in with their respective elemets.

Flora tells you that watching your wedding, she was almost jealous.  But, she
says to come see her and visit anytime.  Who knows, maybe the next time you
do, she'll be happily married as well.

Ludman says that you make a cute couple.  He says that Henry and Marina
already left but before they did, they told him the complete story of the
Legendary Warrior.  With that, he tells you to take the treasure boxes as a
gift from him and that he is giving you unlimited use of his ship at Port
Selmi.  He thinks highly of you and wishes you both good luck on your

One of the boxes contains the Zenithian Shield (yay!) and the other, 2000G.
You can now head to Port Selmi and pick up Ludman's ship to explore the Inner

                 * Interlude - Home Is Where the Heart Is *

Before doing anything else, make sure it's just you and Bianca in the party
and teleport to Alkapa.  There, stay at the inn...

In the middle of the night, Bianca calls out to you, apologizing if she woke
you.  She says it's just that she got to thinking about the old days but it's
not sad or anything; then was then, this is now.  She then asks if you mind
if she joins you in your bed.  Doesn't matter what you say, she'll come over
to your bed anyway.  She then tells you she loves you...  Hey, is it
puff-puff time?  ^_^  This is actually quite a romantic scene and you should
see it; I don't think it exists if you married Flora.

Another trip that's worth making is to return to the Mountain Village.
Duncan will be so thrilled to see you and Bianca; in fact, he's gotten
better.  The perverted old man has some choice comments if Bianca is in your
party.  Finally, the General Store owner tells you he made a veil for a king
once but it was when he was a prince...  Prince Papas...

With that, go back to Port Selmi and get the ship.

                 * Chapter 13 - Hot Fun in the Desert Sun *



        Wing of the Wyvern (Pot, B1 Weapon Store)
        Defense Seed (Left Pot, Kitchen)
Special Items:

    Desert Oasis:

        Small Medal (Pot)


        Small Medal (Well)


        Weapon Store

            Staff of Force - 2500G
            Morning Star - 3000G
            Battle Axe - 4000G
            Sword of Malice - 4400G
            Saw Blade - 1200G
            Steel Fang - 2000G

        Armor Store

            Breast Plate - 1000G
            Cloak of Evasion - 3000G
            Silver Mail - 4800G
            Lace Bisuche - 5500G
            Magic Shield - 3400G
            Silk Hat - 2000G

        Ghost Captain
        Sea Dog 
        Man o' War

    Medal King's Island:

        Blue Slime
        King Slime
        Metal Slime

    Great Desert:

        Slime Level 8 (they can fuse into a King Slime)
        Mud Looper

When you go to Port Selmi, head down to the dock and talk to the man blocking
the ship before.  He'll recognize you and give you access to the ship.  He
does tell you though that before you leave, head to the bar and talk to the
guys there.

First off, talk to the guy at the table.  He tells you that if you sail
straight south, you'll come to a desert.  The guy at the bar says he's heard
of that place too; there's a giant castle with the tomb of some Legendary
guy...  Sounds like the place to go.

As before you can be attacked while on the ship.  You're also restricted to
the Inner Sea for now as you can't pass the reefs.  Take a look at the map.
There's a continent in the center that has some _tough_ monsters on it.  It's
a great place to do some leveling up if you're worried about levels.  You can
also recruit an Eliminator there (it has a one-hit death attack).  But, I'll
hold off on describing this area until later on in the game.

So, as you look at the map, you clearly see the desert.  See those little
islands down south, to the east of the desert?  Let's go there first and meet
the Medal King!  Yeah, it's time to do something with all those Small Medals.

When you arrive, you'll notice almost immediately that there are _a lot_ of
slimes here.  Try to recruit Kings, the King Slime and Behoman, the Curer.
Both are hard to get but both are excellent monsters.  Watch for the King
Slimes though, they do hit hard.  Anyway, head into the castle in the center
of the island.  Medal King here we come!

There's a Depository there (perfect for reclaiming those stored Small Medals)
and a locked area with three chests (you can't get them until later).  The
man walking around says he's only gotten enough Medals to get the Warrior's
Pajamas.  ^_^;

When you talk to the King, he'll tell you how many Medals you have; if you're
carrying any, he'll take those and add them to the count.  He'll then ask if
you want to exchange Medals for goods.  Below you'll find a list of the items
available and their exchange rate:

    Combat Pajamas - 5 Medals
    Mysterious Bolero - 10 Medals
    Sword of Miracles - 16 Medals
    Mystic Armor - 21 Medals
    Falcon Sword - 30 Medals
    Medal King Shield - 43 Medals

Some great, great things here.  The Sword of Miracles is almost as strong as
the Medal King Sword and it restores 25% of the damage inflicted back to your
hit points.  The Mystic Armor heals you after every turn.  The Falcon Sword,
though a weaker weapon, allows for two attack a round.  The Bolero absorbs
magic damage into magic points.  And of course, the Medal King Shield is the
ultimate in shields.

This is the first Dragon Quest game I have played that allows you to get
multiple copies of Medal King items.  If you've been following my Small Medal
finds, you'll have 11 and if you stocked any medals from the Man-Eating
Chests, you'll have more.  When I first went in, I had 35 Medals and I was
able to get a Mysterious Bolero for Bianca and a Mystic Armor for the Hero.
I also went back to the cave I found Borongo in and restocked Medals until I
had enough for another Mystic Armor.  A lot of your characters can equip the
Medal King Shield and it is just wonderful...  At some point, I will track
down more Medals to get several Shields.  Have fun with the Medal King and
slime recruiting and then head back to the ship.

From the north side of the Medal King's island, sail west to the desert,
until you find a place to beach.  When you see the oasis, head there for a
little information about the Medal King, though you already know that.
There's a Small Medal here too.  He'll also tell you about the castle of
Telepador in the west.  Now that, we didn't know.  Let's go.

Enter the castle (it's only open during the day) but first, upgrade your
equipment if you'd like.  A bard at the inn tells you that there are just so
many songs about the Legendary Warrior here that it's incredible.  When
you're done outside the castle, it's time to enter.

The door on the right leads to a church.  A nun there tells you that once
upon a time, a beautiful maiden came down from the Heavens and her child
became the Legendary Warrior.  That's just one of the stories surrounding
him.  The stairs lead to the battlements so let's take a stroll.  There's a
magically sealed door in the southeast corner you can't open yet.  So, it's
time to enter the castle proper.

One guard tells you that their queen, Isis, loves to talk to travelers.
Before we go see her, let's explore.  A guard in the training area says that
until the Legendary Warrior returns, they train to protect the Zenithian
Helm.  Yeah, another one!  

People in the kitchen tell you that the founders of Telepador were once
companions of the Legendary Warrior.  There's another Demon Pot in there too.

A scholar in the library tells you that Zenithian blood flowed through the
veins of the Legendary Warrior.  But, he doesn't know what became of the

Let's head up and see the Queen.  Her handmaidens tell you that she's in the
garden and that she is waiting for the return of the Legendary Warrior.

From 1F, take the stairs down to a beautiful garden oasis.  There, a woman
tells Bianca that she looks like a queen and Bianca becomes embarrassed.  The
regal woman in the northwest corner is the Queen.  Tell her that you are
indeed here to pay homage to the Warrior and she'll tell you to follow her.
Do so, out of the castle and to the magically sealed door.

Descend several levels of stairs until you find the Queen; she's waiting at
a small shrine.  She tells you that this is not the Warrior's grave, but a
shrine to honor him.  No one knows where he went after saving the world.
Still however, for years, they have been protecting the Zenithian Helm and
that if the Warrior ever returns, he will be able to equip it.  She then asks
if you will attempt to equip the Helm.

The plate on the floor reads "When Darkness Descends, the Legendary Warrior
Will Come."  Try to equip the Helm (examine it) but you cannot equip it, just
like the rest of the Zenithian equipment.  The Queen tells you that she
expected your failure but that she really thought that there was something
magical about you and Bianca.  She leaves so follow her back to the garden.

She asks you to tell you why you seek the equipment; do so.  She recognizes
Papas's name and tells you he was the king of Granvania, to the east.  In
order to find his kidnapped wife, Papas left alone, taking only his small
son.  She tells you that if you're that son, you should go to Granvania.

We can't get the Zenithian Helm now, only the Legendary Warrior can.  Be sure
to grab the Small Medal from the well and then leave, if you're done

It's time to head east, to the land of your birth.

                        * Chapter 14 - The Way Home *


    Mountain Path to Chizod:

        550G (Chest, Right side of cliffs of the mountain path)
        Ring of Prayer (Chest, Right side of cliffs of the mountain path)


        Monster Lure (Barrel, Inn)
        Fighter's Hair (Pot, B1 Shopping Promenade)

    Mountain Tunnel to Granvania:

        1500G (Chest, 9F northwest corner)
        Roaming Armor (Chest, 6F outcropping)
        Leaf of the World Tree (Chest, 5F)
        240G (Chest, 3F)
        Bomb Stone (Chest, 1F)
        1600G (Chest, 6F)
        Wing of the Wyvern (Chest, 8F)
        Stone of Life (Chest, ground level after a fall)
        Agility Seed (Chest, 2F)

Special Items:

    Mountain Path to Chizod:

        Small Medal (Chest, Left side of cliffs of the mountain path)
        Small Medal (Pot, Basement on the right side of the cliffs)

    Mountain Tunnel to Chizod:

        Small Medal (Chest, 1F Mountain Tunnel)


        Small Medal (Barrel, B1 Shopping Promenade)

    Mountain Tunnel to Granvania:

        Small Medal (Chest, 9F left, southern pathway)
        Small Medal (Chest, 4F right, northern pathway)
        Small Medal (Chest, 4F outside plateau)


        Armor Store

            Silver Mail - 4800G
            Lace Bisuche - 5500G
            Blood Mail - 6500G
            Wizard's Robe - 6800G
            Magic Shield - 3400G
            Iron Mask - 3500G

        Weapon Store

            Morning Star - 3000G
            Battle Axe - 4000G
            Sword of Malice - 4400G
            Flame Claw - 4700G
            Sword of Slumber - 6300G


    Outside Ned's Inn:

        Elder Mage
        Mad Dragon

    Mountain Path to Chizod:

        Duck Kite
        Mad Dragon
        Elder Mage
    Mountain Tunnel to Chizod:

        Dead Emperor
        Thanatos Soldier
        Metal Hunter
    Mountain Tunnel to Granvania:

        Dead Emperor
        Thanatos Soldier
        Duck Kite
        Mad Dragon
        Magic Wyvern
        Metal Babble
Head back to your ship and sail east; follow the coastline and you'll see
what appears to be a small shrine.  This is Ned's Inn, at the foot of the
mountain road to Chizod and Granvania.

The monsters on the way to Granvania are non-trivial, and it's a long, long
trip.  This is a good place to level up if you need, with the inn nearby and
all.  You can also recruit a Mad Dragon here.

When you feel like you're ready, save your game and head north, across the
swamp, to the mountain path (Bianca's Step Guard is good here...)

The man out front tells you once you climb the path, you'll be in Granvania.
But, the way is long...

Go north, then east as far as you can.  Descend from the plateau and head
north as far as you can for 550G.  Return south and make your way west.
Then, head north and then back south for a chest with a Small Medal.  This
really isn't that confusing, just pay attention to what you see and move

Work your way right for a Ring of Prayer and then south, down the stairs.
Inside is a pot with a Small Medal and a Demon Pot.  Go down the next set of
stairs...  You'll meet an old woman you asks if you're tired and want to
rest.  Accept and you'll go to sleep.  That night, you'll be woken up by a
scraping sound.  Bianca asks you to check it out but you can't move.  The old
woman tells you she sharpened your sword and cast a spell on you so you'd
rest better.  The result of this is that the Hero's strength increased by 5!
Cool!  Return to the cliffs and work your way to the top; enter the cavern.

Head all the way to the west to get a Small Medal and then head north from
there and north again to the stairs to the next floor (2F).

Work yourself onto the ledges and talk to the priest.  He's traveling like
you so continue on to Chizod, the mountain top village.  

As you walk through the town, you'll notice Bianca has stopped following you
and a man tells you she looks pale.  Go talk to her.  She tells you it's
nothing, that she just feels...  Suddenly, Bianca collapses!

You carry her to the inn, where a priest makes sure she's ok.  He thinks it's
probably exhaustion but that she should rest.  The man from earlier tells you
how attractive your wife is.  ^_^  Bianca is tired and tells you she needs to

The next morning Bianca is up and around before you, spry as ever.  She tells
you she's excited to go see your hometown.  Before we do though, let's

Enter the big building.  Be sure to buy the Flame Claw for Borongo if he's
with you.  The people at the bar tell you that the King of Granvania left a
long time ago but hasn't returned.  Another says that can't be good for the

Go downstairs, get the items there and talk to the people.  The scholar tells
you that Granvania's queen, Martha, supposedly had power inherited from the
Demon World.  He doesn't know the extent of the power she had though her
eyes... they were so peaceful.  Come to think of it, when he looks at you, he
feels the same way.  The mother and son are fighting about vegetables.  ^_^

Enter the church at the top, save your game, and then leave Chizod to the
east.  As you cross the bridge, you can see Granvania Castle.  Enter the
cavern to continue your journey.

The monsters get stronger now and this place is extremely confusing.  Keep
track of where you're going and where you've been as it's easy to get lost.
Also, you can get _a lot_ of chests here but there are Canniboxes and Mimics
too.  Finally, you can recruit a Mad Dragon (if you haven't yet), a
Minidemon, a Messala, a Metal Babble (if hell freezes over ^_^;), and an Orc
King.  You may need to leave at times to heal; don't worry if you do.  Make
sure to be around level 28 or 29 now but if you manage to kill a Metal
Babble, you'll get 10,000+ experience points.

From the entrance, come down the stairs to 10F and around then the puddle to
the stairs to 9F.  First, head to the right and work yourself around to the
west to two chests.  The one on the right is a Mimic!

:::Mimic, 400HP:::

    This guy is much stronger than a Man-Eating Chest and has more deadly
    attacks.  In particular, it can cast Defeat, which can kill your party in
    one turn.  If need be, cast Increase to up your defensive strength and
    just pound the guy.  If the Defeat spell does get you, your characters
    from the wagon will come out to fight.  Winning will net you a Small
    Medal though and you can keep coming back for more.  I would actually
    encourage you to do this as Mimics always drop Small Medals and it's a
    good way to gain a lot of them in a hurry.  Yes, it's tedious but keep
    saying Medal King Shield...  ^_^  I discovered this by accident, but you
    don't even have to leave the room; just examine the empty Mimic and he'll
    be back.  ^_^  I have heard that there is a limit to the number of Medals
    per Mimic but I am not sure.  To be honest, I don't think there is; I
    once ran off 49 Medals from a Mimic I had already taken at least 30 from.
    I think the true stopping criterion is how you finish off the Mimic.  If
    you kill it with a critical (terrible) blow, then that's it; no more
    Mimic and no more Medals.  If anyone knows, please let me know.

When you're done collecting Medals (I picked up enough for 2 Medal King
Shields, 2 Mysterious Boleros, and 1 Miracle Sword), return to the staircase
that brought you here in the first place.  Head south, around the left
branch, for a chest with a Small Medal.  From there, head back and then to
the right to talk to the man there.  He tells you he's had really bad luck
and that you shouldn't go any further.  But, we're going home, so we're not
going to listen.  ^_^  Head out the door, and fall down a couple of floors
and enter the door in front of you.

North will take you to an area you can't access so go left.  Proceed down the
steps and out the door.  You'll fall down another floor; pick up the cursed
Roaming Armor and continue.  Enter the door and go down the steps to 4F.

Go north for a Leaf of the World Tree and then back and to the right.  Work
your way around the enclosed area and pick up the chests for a Mimic battle
and a Small Medal.  Then head south and left and go outside to pick up
another Small Medal.  Then return inside, go east and take the stairs down to

Grab the chest and head outside.  Work around the cliff and head back inside.
Follow the path until you come to a chasm and a staircase; both lead to the
same place so take your pick.

First, take the southern path outside and talk to the bard.  He tells you
that he wonders if the man that passed by made it safely to Granvania.  His
name was Sancho and he looked so incredibly sad.  Sancho is alive!  Cool!
Head back inside.

First, take the stairs surrounded by the colored tiles and pick up the Bomb
Stone.  Return upstairs and take the far right staircase to 2F.  Take the
next staircase to 3F and then the next to 4F and 5F.  Grab the chest of gold
and then get ready to go back and forth.  We can either go upstairs or fall
down the holes...  As falling down will eventually allow us to leave, let's
take the stairs first to 6F.

Take the next set of stairs to 7F and grab the chest, well, open it if you
want a Mimic fight.  Then, take the steps to 8F.  In front of you are two
chests; the lower one is a Wing of the Wyvern and the upper one a Man-Eating
Chest.  Now, head back to where you started.  The steps take you to a hole
which will take you back to the beginning so don't use it unless you want to
return to Chizod.  So, go back to 5F where you chose the steps before.

Fall down either hole / chasm.  Take the path south and you'll fall all the
way to the ground.  Get the chest and re-enter the tunnels.  Take the first
chest for an Agility Seed and the second for a Man-Eating Chest battle.  The
southern path is the way out so let's go; we're finally done here!

For the record, I killed _a lot_ of Metal Babbles and I actually managed to
recruit two.  ^_^  My Hero is at level 38 now and Bianca moved all the way up
to level 36.  As such, I will not be having too difficult a time for a while
but I will continue to detail strategies for reasonable levels.

Leave the cave and walk to Granvania, the land of your birth.

                  * Chapter 15 - A Bittersweet Homecoming *



        Intelligence Seed (Barrel, Item Store)
        Strength Seed (Pot, 4th from the left, below the church)
        Acorn of Life (Pot, Sancho's House)
        Boxer Shorts (Dresser, Sancho's House)
        Stone of Life (Dresser, Ojiron's Rooms)
        Lace Bisuche (Dresser, Ojiron's Rooms)
        Defense Seed (Dresser, Ojiron's Rooms)
Special Items:

        Small Medal (Pot, 2nd from the left, below the church)
        Small Medal (NE corner, terrace from Ojiron's rooms)
        Small Medal (Dresser, 2F bathing area)
        Flying Shoes (Dresser, Chancellor's room)

    Cave of Trials:
        Small Medal (Chest, B1)
        Symbol of Royalty (B4)


        Armor Store

            Dress of Radiance - 8800G
            Silver Mail - 4800G
            Silver Breastplate - 5000G
            Dragon Mail - 7500G
            Aeolus's Shield - 4700G
            Iron Mask - 3500G

        Item Store

            Wing of the Wyvern - 25G
            Bomb Rock - 450G
            Fighter's Hair - 600G
            Scale Shield - 180G
            Fur Hood - 400G
            Turtle Shell - 2500G

        Weapon Store

            Bladed Boomerang - 1500G
            Sledge Hammer - 1800G
            Steel Fang - 2000G
            Snake Sword - 3900G
            Flame Claw - 4700G
            Sword of Slumber - 6300G


    Outside Granvania:

        Magic Wyvern
        Cursed Mask
        Orc King

    Cave of Trials

        Jelly Man   
        Cursed Mask
        Devil Dancer
        Metal Babble
        Orc King
Granvania is the largest town and castle you've encountered so far.  The town
is based inside the castles and everyone one lives within the walls
themselves.  You won't have a lot of access to the the castle just yet and
you do need to visit the house on the eastern side, inside the first wall.

But, let's explore where we can for now so enter the castle.  

The guard welcomes you to Granvania; head to the left and go up the stairs to
a guest room.  There, a strange, winged individual tells you that they too
are a traveller.  The past king, King Papas, was very kind and took good care
of them.  If only such a terrible thing hadn't happened to Queen Martha,
Papas would still be... there...  Head back to the first floor and then go to
the right, up the stairs there.

In this room, you find a Blue Slime, who tells you that it's not evil.  The
slime used to be a pet of Queen Martha, years ago.  Hmmm...  Martha was an
interesting person.  OK, back to the first floor.

There's an inn, a church, an armor shop, and an item store here.  Upgrade
your equipment as needed, save, and rest.  Then, continue the exploration.

An old man resting can't make himself believe Papas is dead.  Another man
tells you that for the longest time, their king has been on a quest and
they've had to endure this time without him.  The waited many years for him
to return but he never did.  Finally, a few years ago, Lord Ojiron had no
choice but to ascend the throne.  The bard in the little hut says he likes
Papas more than Ojiron; Papas had a dream, some sort of vision.  But now, no
one will ever know what the vision was...

The women in the church are talking about Sancho.  He hasn't come by the church
today, and usually, he's very religious.  Where is Sancho...

Take the steps on the right up to the second floor.  The scholar will tell
you that, by Papas's order, he studied the Legendary Castle.  But now that
Papas is dead, what will become of the research?  Return to the first floor
and take the main steps up to 2F.

The guard there tells you this floor is reserved for soldiers of the castle
and those that work here.  That's not us, so up to the third floor.

Head left, around the battlement and enter the door you find.  After some
climbing, talk to the lookout.  He tells you that for years, he's been
waiting for the return of King Papas.  When he finally saw Sancho return, he
was so very happy.  But, he looked and looked for Papas, but of course didn't
see him.  When he learned of Papas's death, his world collapsed.  Head back
to the battlements and talk to the guards.  Without permission of the king,
only those of the royal line my enter.  Clearly that's you, but they won't
believe you.  The ladies in the garden are the Princess Doris and her
retainer.  Doris never wanted to be a stupid princess but they made her; what
she wants is a more exciting life.

As you cross the right side of the battlements, you see a small house.
That's your next destination so return to the first floor, exit, and go right
to the house.

Upon entering the house, the nun that's there apologizes for bothering Sancho
when he has guests and leaves.  Talk to Sancho; he finally recognizes you and
asks if you're the young master!  Answer "yes" or "no", it doesn't matter.
Sancho is overjoyed and asks to see your face more closely.  He's impressed
at how strong you've become and asks you who the beautiful young woman is.
Bianca, as usual, chides Sancho and calls him silly, telling him who she is.
He's surprised she's become so beautiful and Bianca tells him that you and
she are married.  Sancho doesn't know what to say so settles for sniffling.
He then says that he must report to the King that you have returned.  Ojiron
is Papas's younger brother.  Sancho asks you to follow him and takes you to
the throne room.

Ojiron recognizes Sancho's happiness and asks him what news he has.  Sancho
goes to the King and explains who you are; Ojiron is shocked but once he sees
your eyes, the eyes of Martha, there can be no doubt.  He only remembers you
as a child but now, you're a young man.  He apologizes for his manners and
formally introduces himself to you and asks about Bianca.  Much more formally
this time (than with Sancho), Bianca tries to introduce herself but

Bianca is taken to bed, where a nun examines her.  She berates Bianca, asking
her what she was thinking, traveling in her condition.  The nun says she
heard that Bianca had already collapsed once before and wants to know what
she would have done if something terrible had happened?  Sancho, very much
afraid, asks if it's that bad.  The nun is shocked and says it's great,
Bianca is pregnant!  The nun congratulates you; you can deny it, but it
doesn't matter, you're going to be a father. ^_^  The nun leaves you so talk
to Bianca, who apologizes for hiding this from you.  She was worried that
you would put off your journey for her but she won't be selfish anymore;
she'll stay here and rest so she can have a healthy baby.  Sancho is just
falling apart with happiness.  Take this time to explore the rest of the
castle, talking to everyone.

Bianca is actually resting in the King's personal rooms.  The maid wonders
just who you are, to be treated like this.  Return downstairs to the throne
room and talk to the King.

Ojiron has been thinking of giving the throne up to you but the Chancellor
asks how could he say such a thing without consulting him.  Ojiron says he's
aware of that, but he only became king through luck; this is how it's meant
to be.  He says it's only logical and asks the Chancellor if he agrees.  He
does, somewhat reluctantly, but says traditionally, all kings have gone to
the Cave of Trials.  The king says that generations ago, there weren't
monsters in that cave but today...  The Chancellor interrupts him and says
tradition is tradition, you have to go.  The king agrees and tells you to
go the Cave and return with the Royal Symbol.  He then asks you to rest and
says you'll leave in the morning.

The next morning, Bianca tells you she feels much better.  She's still a
little surprised that you're prince but that would make your son (does she
know something we don't) a prince too.  Bianca says she doesn't care though,
she's happy with the way things are.  The guard tells you that he won't tell
anyone who you are; in fact, the Chancellor ordered him not to.  The
Chancellor just says that they don't want to get anyone's hopes up.  Yeah,

You now have access to the second floor, so let's explore there before
leaving.  There're some items here and some interesting conversation.
Everyone wanted to go with Papas on his search, but he wouldn't let them.
Some wonder who is in charge, the King or the Chancellor.  The latter has
barred access to his chambers as well.  Hmmm...  What is the deal?  There are
some chests you can't get here yet.

It's time to leave and get the symbol.  Note, with Bianca gone, you're a
character short, so teleport to somewhere with a Monster Daycare and fix
that.  When you're ready, leave the castle and head east to the Cave of
Trials.  Before you do, stop by to see Sancho.  

Sancho tells you that in truth, you were to be left behind when Papas went to
look for Martha.  Just as Papas was leaving, you broke out crying, as if all
hell had broken loose.  So, Papas had no choice but to take you along but as
a result, he had to be very cautious.  He said "No one must know he is a
prince until he returns to the palace safely."  Sancho then apologizes for
keeping all of this from you and begs you to forgive an old fool like him.
He then pleads with you to accept Ojiron's proposal and become king; if you
don't, Sancho fears he will never be able to make it up to your father in
heaven.  With that, head to the Cave.  On the way, you can recruit an Orc

Head east and cross the bridge; the Cave is to the north, so enter.    

When you enter, there are four doors.  At first, it appears this is a dead
end; it took me quite some time to figure out.  Skip the next paragraph if
you want to solve this trick yourself.

Open the right most door and enter the room.  Then, leave by that same door.
Repeat with the door second from the left.  Now, return to where you entered
and there should be a staircase leading down.  Take it to B2.

Head north, as far as you can, and get the chest for a Small Medal.  Now,
it's time to solve a puzzle with a boulder. 

Again, if you don't want the solution, skip the next paragraph.

Opening the reservoir door you see will cause the water to rush out and dump
you in the hole.  So, push the rock to where it's even with the latch.  Then,
standing in front of the rock, pull the latch and the rock should keep you
from be carried away.

Get the chest for a Swordedge (Blade) Armor and then continue through the
door.  BTW...  Watch out for the Jelly Men; they can transform into your
party members and that could hurt, depending who it is.  Take the stairs down
to B3.

Nothing much to do here; just step on the left plate and a passageway will
open.  Head down to B4.

Another easy puzzle; examine the broken pillar to continue.  Press the tile
that appears and follow the path that forms to the Symbol of Royalty!  Take
it, and return the way you came.

As you're leaving, a voice stops you.  Some soon to be dead morons tell you
that there are certain people that don't want you to become king.  So, they
decide to take the symbol from you.  One of them tells the other not to talk
too much but it's much too late for them...  They attack!

:::Kandar, 600HP:::
:::Shield Hippo, ~100HP:::

    These guys are no match for you, if you're anywhere near level 30.  I had
    Pierre the Slime Knight with me as well as Buffler, a Messala Demon.  The
    only status altering spells I had were from Buffler, but I didn't need to
    use them.  Let the Hero cast Upper if you feel your defense is low, but
    if you have any kind of armor, you'll be fine.  Just take out Kandar
    first and then his backup.  The Hippo will heal Kandar but take your pick
    and just pound away; it will be over soon.  Note the Hippo will sometimes
    block your attacks, so magic is a good thing too.  ^_^  

Leave the way you came and perform the door trick in reverse to leave or cast

Return to the castle.  For a bonus scene, make sure it's night time when you
try and enter.

The guards at the gate ask you if you're one of Sancho's little
acquaintances.  They tell you to go ask him if you can spend the night at his
place and then come back tomorrow.  Do so and talk to Sancho.  He's shocked
that the Chancellor gave orders not to let you in the castle at night.  He
says the old fox knows you are Papas's son and he still orders such things.
He offers you a room for the night and says it must be more than 10 years
since you spent the night under the same roof.  He then calls you "young
master" and asks you to rest well to which you go to sleep.  The next
morning, Sancho tells you to go see your wife right away as she might be
worried.  So, return to the castle to find Bianca.  

Now, as an aside, the following events sort of suspend reality in the way
they portray time that has passed.  I like to think that time passed
differently in the Cave of Trials but hey, it's still a great game.

Anyway, head into the castle and find Bianca.  You have to pass by the
Chancellor and Ojiron first.  If you stop and talk to them, the game takes
over so see Bianca first.  Unfortunately, all she says is that you're back so
soon and asks if you want to rest.  The dialog here really hasn't been
updated since before you left for the Cave so return to the King.

For more of the story, talk to the Chancellor first.  He, somewhat haughtily
and surprised, admits that you've comeback with the Symbol of Royalty, safe
and sound.  He then corrects his tone and welcomes you back, saying he never
doubted you were your father's son.  He laughs and says he's in awe of your

Talk to Ojiron; he congratulates you on bringing back the Symbol of Royalty
and tells you he can cede his throne to you without worry.  He trusts that
the Chancellor has no complaints on the subject.  The Chancellor whines a
response and Ojiron tells you that you will be crowned the King of Granvania.
The Chancellor says he must inform the country of this and leaves, telling
you that he will personally take care of the Ceremony of Ascension.  The King
tells you that it's odd, the Chancellor seemed so against you becoming king
but now is so willing to please.  Methinks this does not sound good...  Just
then, a maid comes downstairs and says that Bianca's in labor [belief in time
suspended]!  Ojiron takes this as a sign - a new prince (does everyone know
something we don't know?) and a new king, all at the same time.  The maid
takes you upstairs to see Bianca.

The following scenes are kind of fun to watch.  I don't know what monsters
you have with you, but seeing a Slime Knight and a Messala Demon pace is
quite hilarious.  ^_-

Upstairs, Bianca tells you that *huff, huff* she'll try her best to give you
a healthy baby.  Talk to her again and she tells you that she loves you.  The
maid tells you that of course yours and Bianca's child will be beautiful.
The nun tells you to be quiet and the matron suggest you let the experts
handle things and you should go back downstairs.  Do so and as you leave,
talk to the guard who says that all a man can do in this situation is to pace
aimlessly.  ^_^

As soon as you arrive in the throne room, Ojiron tells you to settle down and
take a breather.  Sancho is there already pacing.  If you talk to him, he
tells you that this reminds him of when you were born.  Feel free to pace
around and try to head back up stairs (Ojiron stops you each time).  To
advance the game, talk to the guards at the door.  When you do, the maid
comes to take you back upstairs and you hear the sound of a baby crying.
Everyone tells you not to stand there gawking and to go upstairs.  Do so.

When you get there, you see two babies!  Talking to the women revels you have
a son and a daughter!  Talk to Bianca; she says she tried her best and asks
if you're going to praise her.  Doesn't matter really what you say; she
introduces the children to you and asks you to name them.  This is your
choice but for the walkthrough,  I will continue my clever naming convention.
We now have the Hero, the Son, and the Daughter.  ^_^  You'll get a chance to
change your mind, then the names you chose will be official.  Bianca tells
you that she hopes peace will come as the children grow.  She's tired and
goes to sleep.

The news of the new King, as well as the new Prince and Princess, spread
quickly through the kingdom.  Everyone rejoices that Papas's son is still
alive and that Ojiron is ceding the throne to him.  And so, within the day, a
new King will be born as well.

The next morning, Bianca tell you she slept well.  The children are on the
bad.  The Son says "Bab Babu..." and the Daughter "Kya kya".  ^_^  Bianca
tells you that today is your Ascension Day and that she is so proud of you.
Talk to her again and she tells you it's strange; when she was young, she
thought that your mother and father were born your mother and father and that
she was born she.  Now though, she knows that they were all babies first and
she hopes you can be wonderful parents.  Go find the King, talking to
everyone as you go.

As soon as you reach the throne room, a guard comes to escort you to Ojiron,
who proclaims your coronation.  He asks you to kneel and he relinquishes his
crown to you and asks to take the throne.  Ojiron leads the cheer for you
(to the Dragon Quest theme song) and tells you that it's time for you to
greet your subjects.  Leave the throne room and the game takes over.  

There is much cheering and rejoicing.  Ojiron says everyone has waited to
long and Sancho breaks down in happiness.  ^_^  Celebrations and festivities
are held all through the day and night.  Song people sing, some people
dance, but everyone displays their joy for the new king.  However...

You wake up in the church; everywhere, all around you, people are passed out,
drunk on the floor.  Talking to them won't accomplish much but some are
pretty funny.  When you're done, head up to see Bianca and the children.

When you arrive in the bedroom, no one is there.  Search under the bed to
find the matron and your children.  Bianca has been kidnapped!  The matron
tells you that Bianca felt an evil presence and made her hide with the
children.  Sancho arrives and says it's just like Queen Martha and together,
you go to wake the castle.

Ojiron recaps the events...  The monsters snuck in while everyone was
sleeping but no one knows how they could be so drunk that everyone would fall
asleep.  Perhaps the wine was drugged...  Ojiron thinks it's possible and
wonders where the Chancellor is.  No one has seen him for hours.  Normally,
in a situation like this, the Ojiron would ask the Chancellor what steps
needed to be taken but...  Ojiron orders the guards to search the castle.

The guard in front of the Chancellor's chambers will allow you in now.  Do so
and search the dresser for the Flying Shoes.  These shoes will teleport you
to the Demon's Tower, the place where Bianca is being held.  You learn this
by talking to Doris...  Although no one believes her, she saw that little
toady, the Chancellor, fly away from the castle.  Hmmm...  That rat-bastard
is a dead man walking.   Go check on the kids; they're now saying what the
other was.  ^_^

When you're done exploring the castle, use the Shoes to go after Bianca.

                      * Chapter 16 - A Heart of Stone *


    Demon's Tower:

        Wizard's Robe (Chest, 2F)
        Strength Seed (Chest, 2F)
        880G (Chest, 5F)
        Magic Water (Chest, 5F)
        Armband of Sacrifice (Chest, 3F)
        Zombie Mail (Chest, 5F)
        Leaf of the World Tree (Chest, 8F)
        Wing of the Wyvern (3F Chest, must teleport to it)

Special Items:

    Demon's Tower:

        Small Medal (2F Chest, must teleport to it)
        Small Medal (Chest, 8F)
        Small Medal (3F Chest, must teleport to it)

    Outside the Demon's Tower:

        Cursed Mask
    Demon's Tower:

        Shield Hippo
        Demon Pot
        Hawk Man
        Devil Dancer
        Cursed Mask
        Duck Kite
Remember how hard the Volcano was, with the multiple attacks the Lava Savages
had?  Remember how the mountains tunnels to Chizod and Granvania weren't
always fun due to the constant encounters?  Well, where you're going next
makes those places look like a spring picnic.  ^_^;;

The Demon's Tower is brutal...  There are traps that can wipe out your whole
party, floors that damage you as you walk, spears that block your path,
puzzles, teleporters, 3 boss battles...  Too much fun.

Make sure you are prepared before using the Flying Shoes.  I recommend at
least level 32 for your party and be very aware that the wagon _does not_
come in with you.  This is tough, all around.  Choose your members carefully.

For me, I have the Hero, Pierre, and surprisingly, Slanin the Blue Slime.  I
wanted the latter's Increase / Decrease spells plus his Step Guard.  

Use the Flying Shoes and you'll appear outside a small shrine.  This is a
good place to save and rest if you need to do so.  A nun in the church says
she saw a group of monsters heading to the tower up north and she thinks
there was a human with them.  Hmm...

When you're done saving and preparing, head north from the shrine, to the
Demon's Tower.

The left door leads to a healing fountain and the left staircase leads to a
man that's waiting for his younger brother; they plan to get the great
treasure stored here.  ^_^  And believe me, what they find is pretty great...

Head to the right turret and enter; hold off on the main door for now.  Take
the stairs up to 2F and approach the strange tile; a Leaonar attacks you but
it's just a standard monster, so defeat it.  They can be recruited though...

After winning, take the teleporter to a different section of 2F.  The first
pot is a Demon Pot but they sometimes drop Small Medals so kill it.  ^_^  The
second pot has a Small Medal and the chests have a Wizard's Robe and a
Strength Seed respectively.  Talk to the two Hawk Men in your way (you'll
have to fight them) and then take either teleporter to yet a third part of

As soon as you try to move forward, you're ambushed by a Leaonar and an Orc
King so kill them too.  The steps in front of you to the north take you back
to the first floor, so take the immediate steps up to 3F.

There's a chest on this floor but most places you walk cause spears to block
your path.  First, walk straight to the right wall, head north hugging the
wall, and take the steps to 4F.  Here, head right and north and take the
steps to 5F.  Take the next set of steps to 6F (ignore the door as it doesn't
lead anywhere helpful) and take door here.  Climb down the ladder and use the
stairs to return to a different part of 5F.  In front of you are three
chests; the first is a Mimic while the second and third are money and a Magic
Water.  Return all the way back to the 3F.

Work your way around and get the chest and then take the other set of stairs
back to 4F.  Work your way to the NE corner, being careful not to fall, and
take the steps to 5F.  

Take the door here for a Zombie Mail and then return and take the steps to

Don't enter the small room in front of you, it's a trap.  See those dragon
heads?  They breathe fire that can wipe out your party in a second.  Instead,
take the door and cross the bridge.  Enter the door and take the steps to 7F.

Ignore the magic floor and work your way north between the various dragon
heads but be careful!  The boulder and the skeleton will block the first two
but after that, go the long way around.  You can't move left yet so go
upstairs to 8F.  

First, head all the way to the left and grab the two chests.  Afterwards, you
need to drop some rocks down the northern pit.  Be careful here; some of the
rocks are Bomb Crags.  The goals is to block all the dragons on the left side
of 7F so you can proceed.  Drop and use as many rocks as needed and watch out
for that fire; it kills!  When you're finally on the other side, take these
steps to a new part of 8F.

Take the steps here to 9F and go outside.  You'll be on a bridge, but it's
not connected to the other side.  Go back in and take the stairs to 10F.
Here, you can read a note beside a level; it's "Corridor Switch #1".  Pull it
and before heading back to 9F, take the teleporter to get a Wing of the
Wyvern, a Small Medal, and a Mimic fight.  "Corridor Switch #2" is here as
well so pull it.  Now return the way you came and go back to the bridge on
9F; you should be able to cross, so do so.  Enter the door on the other side
and take the steps to a different section of 10F.

Here, you're find the Chancellor; he tells you that he was wrong and that he
never should have made a deal with such creatures.  Now, he says, Granvania
will be...  He begs your forgiveness and then dies.  Take the steps up to
11F, taking the time to heal up.

In front of you is a Level 20 Orc who wants to stop your progress; you know
how to handle this.  ^_^

:::Level 20 Orc, ~500HP:::

    Cast Upper or Increase if you need it and Surround to hamper his attacks
    if you have it.  With decent armor and levels, he can't do more than
    10-20 points of damage to you per attack.  Winning nets you 350
    experience points and 300G.

With the Orc's death, a new path opens so take it.  Here, you'll face a Level
35 Wyvern!  It tells you that you look quite tasty but not as delicious as
the woman (Bianca!) who passed by with Lord Centarsus (he killed Papas!).
It's time to fry some chicken...

:::Level 35 Magiwyvern, ~900HP:::

    It has some pretty powerful magic attacks, so depending on your armor,
    you may need to heal.  Watch out for its breath attacks as well.
    Finally, the Wyvern can heal itself.  Just pound away at it, healing when
    needed.  Decrease will help make the battle go faster.  Winning nets you
    450 experience points and 300G.

With the Wyvern's death, another pathway opens; heal up and take it.  Use the
stairs to return to 9F.

You'll see Bianca and Centarsus in front of you.  One more time, if you're
not healed, get healed now.

Who would you talk to in this situation?  If you actually decide to talk to
Centarsus first, he'll tell you to talk to the wife you love so much before
you die.  Talk to Bianca; she knew you'd come for her but she thinks it might
have been better had you not.  The whole thing with the Chancellor and the
kidnapping was a ploy to lure you here.  After they kill you, their plan was
to take the place of the Chancellor.  At this point, Centarsus throws Bianca
against the wall and says he's had enough, it's time for you to die.  He
mocks the fact that you're a king with no care for his subjects; you
selfishly came after Bianca.  He tells you that you're not fit to rule
another day and that you and Bianca can die together.

:::Centarsus (Jami), 2000HP:::

    This fight is divided into two parts.  When the battle first begins,
    Centarsus has a 500+ defense and you can't hurt him at all.  He on the
    other hand, can do much damage.  He can cast such spells as Blazemore,
    Snowblast, etc.  He also has medium level breath attacks.  Armor that
    heals you (such as the Mystic Armor from the Medal King) is a real plus.
    Defend each time and heal a hurt character when needed.  Eventually,
    Bianca intervenes just when Centarsus announces that he's invincible.
    Amazingly, her entire body is surrounded by light, which destroys the
    barrier that was protecting Centarsus.  Bianca then tells you now is the

    Well, it surely is.  Cast Increase if you think you need it and Decrease
    will make this go faster.  Use Fighter's Hair on your heavy hitters (the
    Hero) to double their attack strength.  Heal as needed and this will be
    over in no time.  If you're still getting hurt, dedicate one of your
    party members to full-time healing.  Winning nets you 3500 experience

At his defeat, Centarsus can't believe he has lost.  He recognizes the light
used by Bianca and realizes the blood of the Legendary Warrior still exists.
Bianca doesn't understand and really doesn't believe it.  Centarsus tells her
it's true and that soon she'll give birth to the Legendary Warrior (he's a
little late there).  But, he says, that must never happen, that can't
happen...  Using the will of the Dark God, with his last breath, he casts a
spell that turn you and Bianca into stone.  As he dies, he taunts you saying
that you can watch the end of the world from your stony graves...

Some time passes, then the man you met at the base of the tower, along with
his brother, enter the top of the tower.  They couldn't find any treasure (we
found it all ^_^) but the younger brother is impressed by how life-like the
statues (you and Bianca) look.  The younger brother goes onto say that they
could sell them for a lot of money.  The older brother agrees, impressed by
Bianca's breasts, and says he wants the statue of the big kitten (Borongo,
though he didn't come with me on this battle).  They take the statues and

Back in the throne room of Granvania, the Son and the Daughter (still babies)
are on the throne while Ojiron and Sancho discuss what could have happened to
you.  A guard comes in, saying that you were sighted at a shrine to the far
north.  Ojiron sends out the troops, saying ironically, to leave no stone
unturned.  Ojiron prays for your safety and at that moment, the Son and the
Daughter start to loudly cry.  They've never cried this way before and the
matron thinks they might sense that something has happened to their parents.
Ojiron will hear none of this and everyone tries to comfort the children,
telling them that their parents will soon be safely home...

                * Interlude - Everything Stone is New Again *

The brothers are holding an auction, and your statue is on the block.  The
bidding starts at 1000G and ends with a wealthy looking man bidding 2000G.
You've been sold!  The man takes you with him but the statue of Bianca was
not offered; the older brother says he has plans for it...

The man arrives home and is greeted by the maid, who tells his wife that he
has returned.  The man's wife and their newborn baby come outside to meet the
man.  The mother tells the baby, Jijo, that his father is home and the man
shows them the statue.  The man tells his wife that, with Jijo being born, he
thought they needed some extra luck.  The wife says all he thinks of is Jijo
and asks where her gift is.  He makes a couple of excuses and then asks her
to forgive him, he forgot.  The maid says he must be tired and asks if she
should pour something cold to drink for him and his wife.  They all go
outside, leaving you outside, all alone...

Time passes...  The wife is outside playing with Jijo when she suddenly calls
her husband.  Jijo has started walking and both parents are so very happy.
But, the man becomes pensive and the wife asks what is wrong.  He says it's
nothing, it's just that he's heard some disturbing rumors lately.  He just
hopes that by the time Jijo grows up...  His wife says not to worry as they
have had nothing but good luck since he brought you (the statue) home a year
ago.  The man agrees and more time passes...

Jijo is now a young boy and is running around outside while his mother
watches.  His mother chides him, saying that if he runs too much, he'll fall.
Suddenly, two monsters appear!  The mother calls for Jijo to come to her but
he asks the demons who they are.  The demons ask each other "if this is the
kid" but it's no matter, if it's not, they have another slave, which is very
lucrative at the moment.  The mother begs them to leave Jijo alone but they
take him anyway.  The man comes outside and asks what has happened and his
wife tells him that some monsters have taken Jijo away.  A month passes...

There's still no sign of Jijo and the man is becoming more and more
despondent.  One of his servants return but the servant was not able to find
any information regarding Jijo.  Furious, the man blames you (the statue) and
knocks you to the ground, kicking you.  The servant begs the man to calm
down, reminding him of his blood pressure.  The man relents, and both go
inside the house.  You are left abandoned on the ground...

Day turns into night, summer into fall, fall into winter, winter into spring,
spring into summer...   8 years pass...

One day, Sancho and two children arrive at the house and quickly gather
around the statue.  The man comes out asking what they want.  Sancho quickly
assures him they mean no harm and merely want to borrow the statue.  The man
doesn't want you anymore and just tells Sancho to take it.  The Daughter asks
"Uncle Sancho" if she just has to use the staff and brandishes the Staff of
Stoross.  A light illuminates the statue and you return to normal!  The man
is scared by all of this...

Sancho is overjoyed that it's you and asks if you remember him.  Either
answer is fine as Sancho introduces the children to their father.  The Son is
most impressed with you and tells you that they have traveled all over the
world to find you.  The Daughter is much more dignified and introduces
herself.  She says she's heard a lot about you from Uncle Sancho and she
learned... about mother as well.  The Son tells you they also learned that
the world is in trouble and he wants you to help save the world and Mama.
Sancho tells the kids that they shouldn't "inundate" you with so many
questions at once and that they should return to Granvania so you can rest.
Sancho prompts the Daughter and she casts Return...

News that the king had returned spread quickly all over Granvania.  Some
expressed their joy by shedding tears, some held each other, but everyone was
glad of his return.  A festival to commemorate your return continued on
throughout the night...  The next morning...

                   * Chapter 17 - A Blast from the Past *



        Ring of Prayer (1F Chest, Secret Room)
        Naughty Underwear (1F Chest, Secret Room)
        Hat of Happiness (1F Chest, Secret Room)

You wake up feeling much more refreshed.  That does make sense as you spent
the last 8 years as a big rock.  ^_^;  The matron asks you to follow her as
Lord Ojiron is waiting.  As you go to see Ojiron, your children meet you.
The Son again asks if you're going to find Mama.  And then he asks if you're
going to beat up the bad guys that are being mean to the world.  A fine idea
my boy, a fine idea...  :-)  The Son, being yours and Bianca's, asks if he
can go too.  The Daughter also wants to go, as she heard the whole story from
Uncle Sancho.  She very logically points out that you went on a great
adventure with Grampa Papas when you were about their age and they've decided
that it's only fair that they go with you as well.  And with that, they join
your party!

In case you haven't figured it out now, the Son is the Legendary Warrior and
he can wear the Zenithian equipment!  So, if you have any of it that's not in
storage, give it him and then continue to find Ojiron.  

Ojiron now looks like a chancellor, and you're surprised at the change in
him.  He's happy that you've finally woken up and tells you that while
searching for you and Bianca, they found the place of your mother's birth.
The people there hated your father but Ojiron hopes that time has healed the
wounds.  And, you are Martha's child, maybe they will help you.  He shows you
on the map where the town is located.

Talk to Sancho; Ojiron has prepared a ship for your use and persuaded Monster
Gramps to open a shop in the tavern.  He also tells you that if you speak to
Ruida, the tavern keeper, she'll make it so that your human friends can come
too.  He takes this time to subtly remind you that he isn't too old to travel
and hopes you will take him with you sometimes.

Head to the second floor and go to the tavern.  Ruida, the Bunny Girl, is at
the bar.  If you talk to her, you can switch out human characters in your
party, well, everyone but the Hero.  More importantly, this is where you can
get Sancho to join, as well as Pipin (Nello), a guard you can talk to above
the inn.  It's your choice if you want them; Sancho starts at level 20 but
Pipin is all the way at level 1.  Monster Gramps is there too if you want to
organize your monsters, so if you need, assemble your party.  When you're
done exploring and talking to everyone, let's go to the first floor and see
that scholar...

Head all the way to the northeast corner and enter the door.  The steps lead
to the scholar but if you go to the right of the first staircase, there's a
secret door!  It may have been here all along but I didn't find it until now.
Anyway, enter to find some great items - a Ring of Prayer, the Naughty
Underwear, and the Hat of Happiness.  The latter regenerates magic points as
you walk and the Underwear often makes monsters forget to attack.  ^_^  Leave
the room and head upstairs to talk to the scholar.  He tells you he has
learned that the Palace in the Sky no longer exists in the skies and the
Dragon God himself has vanished without a trace.  If someone can restore the
Palace, peace may once again reign.

When you're done, leave the castle; let's go run some errands.

                 * Interlude - Places to Go, People to See *



        Demon Armor (Chest guarded by Kandar's Henchman)
        Hat of the Wind (Given to you by Collins)

    Mountain Village:

        Silk Bisuche (Chest guarded by Kandar's Henchman)

Special Items:


        Zenithian Helm (Shrine to the Legendary Warrior)

    Jijo's House:

        Small Medal (Dresser, Wife's Room)


    Santa Rosa:

        Poison Needle - 900G
        War Hammer - 6500G
        Zombie Killer - 11500G
        Spear of Zeus - 13500G
        Dragon Killer - 15000G
        Ice Blade - 9000G

As an aside, let's return to the Medal King's castle if you have any business
there, and then stop by Telepador and get the Zenithian Helm for you son.
Easy way to get there is to Return to Ned's Inn and sail from there.

Go talk to the Queen and she realizes that you have visited before.  She
tells you that ever since that day, she has been unable to turn you from her
mind.  Just days ago, she received a message that the Legendary Warrior will
appear.  Well, he's right here.  ^_^  She asks if the boy with you is your
son.  The Queen asks his name and then says she feels something impossibly
strong from him.  She then asks you to follow her.

You return to the area where the Helm is and the Queen asks the Son to try it
on.  Examine it and he will, but it's too big.  Amazingly though, the Helm
begins to shrink until it is a perfect fit!  Isis is thrilled at this and
praises the gods, for at long last, the Legendary Warrior has returned!  She
then begs you to save the world from darkness (it was on our list of things
to do anyway ^_^) and then asks you go with her to inform the people of this

Head to the throne room and talk to the Queen once more.  She greets your son
and tells him that her people will pray for his safety.  That's it here for
so on to our next location.

Cast Return and go to Reinhart Castle; let's see how Henry is doing.  An old
man tells you all about the Prince of Granvania and how he helped free the
kingdom of Reinhart.  Then, something happened to him and Granvania troops
came searching for him here.  He then realizes that you look sort of like
that Prince...  Enter the castle.

The guards recognize you and allow you to pass.  The scholar on the second
floor (Desmond) tells you that the mantle a courageous king once wore in
battle years ago is hidden somewhere in the land.  Well-worn armor is only
great when then one who wears it is great.  If you were to become the King of
Granvania (you are ^_^) you could master the armor.  Head up the throne room.

Wow, Dale has changed!  Dale is happy to see you and begs you to stay as long
as you like.  Head upstairs to see Henry.

Wahhh!!  There's a small-looking Henry!  Collins, the little Henry, is
shocked at your arrival.  Henry berates him, saying it's not polite to treat
guests that way.  Talk to Collins; he's just like young Henry.  ^_^  If you
talk to Henry, he'll apologize that his son is so rude but then he realizes
who you are.  He was so happy to hear that you returned to Granvania and he's
been waiting for you to come visit.  Henry says it must have been so hard for
you and that all you've had is...  He's very happy to see you though and
tells you about Collins.  Collins is unusually silent and Henry whacks him on
the back of the head.  ^_^  Henry tells you that Collins isn't much on
manners just yet.  He then says he heard about your kids and has Collins take
your children on a tour.  Henry is happy things are quiet now and Marina
chastises him, saying he loves Collins so very much, embarrassing him.  He
says he doesn't understand who Collins could have taken after; when
he was a kid, he was very mature.  ^_^;  Marina tells you that she knows you
still travel to finish your harsh destiny but if anyone can do it, you can.
Let's go find the kids...

Head over towards where Henry's room used to be; as you're walking, your
children run up and tell you Collins disappeared.  You know where he went.
^_^  He sent them for the Goon Badge!  Search for the secret passage (your
Son is most impressed) and go downstairs to find Collins.  He's disappointed
you found him but he says no Good Badge, no Personal Goon.  ^_^  At that
point, one of the Chancellors arrive to claim Collins and escort him back to
Henry.  Go out the secret door to where the boat was long ago; on the other
side of the castle is one of Kandar's Henchmen with a treasure chest.  Talk
to him and he attacks!

:::Kandar's Henchman, ~500HP:::

    There's very little this henchman of the monster who tried to take the
    Symbol of Royalty from you 8 years ago can do to you.  It's you and the
    kids but that's not a problem.  Let the Son attack / cast Increase if
    needed and let the Daughter cast Bikill on the Hero for maximum
    punishment.  Winning nets you 750 experience points and 150G.  

After the battle, the Henchman tells you that you'll pay for this (not in his
lifetime) and runs off.  Open the chest for a Demon Armor!  

Return to see Henry et al before leaving.  Collins apologizes to you and
gives you the Hat of the Wind (which acts like a Wing of the Wyvern).  Say
your farewells and then teleport / go to Santa Rosa.

The town is still in ruins but there's a new weapon shop, with some
incredibly powerful weapons.  Spend that money you've been stocking!  :-)

Next stop, the Mountain Village...  Return to Salabona and take the ship
there to the Village and go to see Duncan.  When you enter, a man is telling
Duncan that it's hard being the son of an innkeeper and learning to run an
inn is not easy.  Talk to Duncan, who had fallen asleep listening to the man
complain.  He's excited to see you and asks what you've been up to all these
years.  You tell him about being a statue and he says you don't need to tell
him about Bianca because he knows you'll save her.  He then asks about the
children so tell him.  ^_^  He's happy to see them and notes how they look
like you and Bianca, and him for that matter.  Even though he's older now, if
there's anything he can do for you, just ask.  

Leave Duncan's house; there's another one of Kandar's Henchman here.  Pound
him (for strategies, see above).

You'll get a Silk Bisuche after opening the chest he was guarding.

OK, next stop Granvania, so we can access the ship prepared for us.

Take the ship and sail to the tiny island in the southeast corner of the map.
That's the location of Jijo's house, the boy that was taken by monsters while
you were there as a statue.

Talk to the man outside the house; he'll lament that he doesn't know where
his dear son Jijo went.  It seems that when Jijo was taken, all life was
taken from his family as well.  Inside, the maid says that the Lord and Lady
of the House have been so disheartened lately and she sighs, wishing that
someone could return Jijo.  We're going to work on that.  The Lady of the
House keeps calling for her dearest Jijo...  There's a Small Medal in the
dresser as well.

OK, return to your ship and sail south around the world until you reach the
continent Ojiron showed you on the map.

                     * Chapter 18 - The Truth at Last *


    Farthest Shrine:

        Intelligence Seed (Jar, 1F)
        Stone of Life (Chest, B1)

    The Water Shrine:

        Satan Helm (Chest, Water Shrine)

        Defense Seed (Pot, Old Couple's House)

Special Items:

    Farthest Shrine:

        Small Medal (Bucket beside the well)

    The Water Shrine:

        Small Medal (Chest)

        Small Medal (Pot, Old Couple's House)
        Magic Key (Chest, left side of town, ground level)
        Magic Carpet (Chest, right side underground passage)



        Weapon Store:

            Sword of Slumber - 6300G
            War Hammer - 6500G
            Steep Whip - 7400G
            Ice Blade - 9000G
            Sword of Temptation - 9800G
            Staff of Force - 2500G

        Armor Store:

            Silver Breastplate - 5000G
            Magical Armor - 12000G
            Dress of Radiance - 8800G
            Sage's Robe - 12000G
            Dragon Shield - 7100G
            Helm of Wisdom - 13000G


        Captain Kook
        Sea Dog

    The Water Shrine:

        Zombie Knight
        Mother Octo
        Man o' War

        Shadow Satan
As you're sailing south, the first part of the new continent you'll probably
reach is a small peninsula.  There, you'll see a small shrine, the "Farthest
Shrine".  Enter, and the man there will ask you if you've heard.  Say no, and
he'll tell you that somewhere in this world, there exists a helm called the
Crown of the Sun.  It is said that if this Helm is worn, even the most
powerful spell in the world, Megante, won't be able to hurt you.  Cool, add
that to the "must have" list.  Get the items and then return to the boat.

Sail around the east side of the continent and be on the lookout for a cave,
surrounded by mountains.  This is the route to your mother's home village,
Elhebun.  Enter (the boat and wagon comes in with you).

The Zombie Knights poison you so be on the lookout.  Ignore the left branch
and go north.  Get off the boat and work your way to the chest to get a Satan
Helm.   Return to the boat and head east (ignore the SE branch) and go north.
At the intersection, go right and up for a Small Medal.  Then, continue
onward throughout the cave.  

Finally, you'll reach the last intersection.  To the north is a silver door
that you can't open yet so head to the south and leave the Shrine area.

Sail into the lake; Elhebun is on the left.  Take note that you can recruit
an Eliminator and a Golem (they both rock) in this area.

Enter the town.  Think of this as "Chutes and Ladders" Part 2.  ^_^

The first nun you meet tells you that this is the place where the forgotten
live and another is surprised to see a traveler.  Take the staircase on the
right.  There are some incredible things to be bought here, especially armor.
Buy what you can; it's well worth it.  

A guard tells you that you should meet the four elders.  Climb the ladder and
talk to the couple.  The old woman tells you that she was supposed to be one
of the women who go out of the town as a "bride".  The old man tells you that
he still remembers the day that man wandered into the village and how he fell
in love with Martha.  That man's name was Papas...

The nun nearby tells you that Martha was kidnapped due to the power of her
eyes.  Climb the stairs and talk to the old man.  He asks if you're related
to Martha and if you say yes, he tells you he will give you the Magic Carpet
and the Magic Key, but only if you can find them.  Continue on and the guards
you meet tell you the elders are up the stair in front of you.  

Go upstairs and talk to the women, going counter-clockwise, starting with the
elder in front of you.  She calls you by name and welcomes you as the son of
Martha.  For the longest time, the Elhebun people have despised Papas for
stealing Martha away.  However you, the product of the love of Martha and
Papas, have committed no crime against them.  Thus, they will explain
everything to you.

In ancient times, God divided the world into three parts:  the Heavens, where
he himself lived, the Earth where the humans lived, and the Dark World, where
the demons and evil creatures were sealed.  In order that these three worlds
never collide, God created "gatekeepers" to each realm and the people of
Elhebun are the gatekeepers.  

Talk to the next elder.  Those of the blood of Elhebun were once able to
freely open and close the gates between the worlds.  But, as time passed,
their powers became weaker and weaker.  

The next elder tells you that when Martha was born, her power was greater
than any of the Elhebun people had ever seen.  No doubt the monsters
kidnapped Lady Martha to force her to open the gate to the Dark World.    

The final elder tells you she is able to sense certain things.  As the years
pass, the gates sealing the gates of the Dark World are forced wider and
wider.  If this continues, a great beast from the Darkness will make its way
into our world.  Before that can happen, Lady Martha must be rescued and the
gate resealed.  Only you have the power to save her.

When you're done exploring, return to the area you entered the town.  The man
on the left tells you that with the Magic Carpet, you can explore many areas.
Go left and up as far as you can until you see a chest.  Open to find the
Magic Key.  Repeat the procedure on the right side; the old man there tells
you that supposedly somewhere there exists a tower so tall that it can reach
the Zenithian Castle where God lives.  Eventually you'll see a staircase;
descend and claim the Magic Carpet!

When you're done exploring, exit the village.

                    * Interlude - Christmas Comes Early *



        3000G (2F Chest, behind Magic Door)
        Meteorite Armband (2F Chest, behind Magic Door)

    Port Selmi:

        Thorn Whip (2F Chest, access behind a Magic Door)
        Acorn of Life (2F Chest, access behind a Magic Door)


        15G (Chest, behind Magic Door)
        Stone Fang (Chest, behind Magic Door)
We need the Magic Carpet to go to our next destination, the center continent.
But first, let's go open all those Magically Sealed doors we saw.

Return to Granvania; the doors at the Depository yield 3000G and the
Meteorite Armband, which doubles the wearer's agility.

Return to Port Selmi and enter the door behind the stage.  Open the Magic
Door on the right and go upstairs to claim a Thorn Whip and an Acorn of Life.

Return to Alkapa and go to the bar.  Indicate you want to talk about the
Legendary Warrior and then open the Magic Door for 15G and a Stone Fang.

Return to Oracle Valley and go to the dungeon in the northwest corner.  You
can open the Magic Doors (we'll be back for the barred doors later).  Talk to
the prisoner; he tells you it's the first time in over 10 years that someone
has ever spoken to him so he wants to tell you something good.  In the
Casino, the second slot machine on the right, on the very last row, pays out
the best.  It's true, it does.  

            10  10  10  10
            10  10  10  10
When you're done playing the slots, return to Granvania and save your game
and rest.

              * Interlude - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Old *


    Medal King's Castle:

        Golden Tiara (Barred Area, requires Final Key)

Special Items:

    Tower of Viewing:

        Final Key (Chest, after the BATTLE)

    Oracle Valley:

        Small Medal (Stool, occupied prison cell, requires Final Key)

    Medal King's Castle:

        Small Medal (Barred area, requires Final Key)
        Small Medal (Barred area, requires Final Key)
The following section _does not_ need to be done now, but it must be done
before beating the game.  The reason I am listing it at this time is you have
obtained the item (the Magic Key) needed to trigger it.  A level of 35 or
higher is recommended for your combat party and you need to have the best
armor and weapons that you can buy (at this point, it's the stuff from the
Medal King or Elhebun).  Before proceeding any further, make sure your game
is saved and you are fully healed.  Note, some of the following events were
already hinted at if you married Flora; if you married Bianca, some of the
following events will not occur.

Return to Salabona and enter the town; at the gate, you see Ludman talking to
a soldier.  He tells him that he's counting on him and that he must be more
vigilant than ever.  The soldier leaves and Ludman returns to his mansion.

As it's been a while since you've been here, let's check up on things.  Andy
is not in his house, though his parents say nice things to you.  ^_^  

Go to the mansion.  The man out front says in the shrine west of the Mountain
Village, he found a red jar.  He told Master Ludman, who got pale and said he
was crazy.  First, enter the guesthouse.

Andy and Flora are there!  Talk to Andy and he'll say that they've thought
often of you these past years and he tells you that he and Flora were
married.  Flora tells asks how you are and tells you that due to you, they
were able to get married.  She blushes and says she's been living happily
with Andy ever since.  However, there is one thing that bothers them...
Ludman has been acting strange lately; he's restless and sometimes, he even
shivers.  Flora begs you to talk to him since he might open up to you.  

Enter the mansion; Ludman's wife tells you basically the same thing so go
upstairs and talk to him.  Ludman is happy to see you but he wants to save
the small talk for later.  He tells you about the shrine north of Salabona on
a small island west of the Mountain Village.  Inside, there should be a
single, ancient jar.  He needs to know what color it is, that's all.  If it's
red, you must hurry back to Salabona and tell him.

OK, it's a strange request but we'll do it.  As you leave, the maid tells you
that she didn't mean to listen, but she has heard Master Ludman say that when
the jar glows red, a most vile creature will return.

Return to Granvania and pilot your ship to the west side of Salabona and then
go north to the island.  Enter the shrine (you have the Magic Key) and go
downstairs; sure enough, the jar is glowing red.  Go somewhere to save your
game and then Return to Salabona (you can save there too) to tell Ludman.

As you enter, a guard tells you Ludman is waiting in the Tower of Viewing so
leave town and enter it.  It's the big tower to the left of Salabona...

Head to the top and talk to Ludman.  He says he already knew from your face
that the jar is red and tells you to quickly come and look.  The demon of the
jar will soon be free and will come here; over a century ago, his great
grandfather stood right were you're standing now.  He was able to stop the
demon and sealed it away inside the sacred jar but now the seal is so weak,
it might as well not be there.  Ludman suspects the monster will take out
its revenge on him and then Salabona.  He says he must go prepare and asks
you to watch over the area while he's gone.

Lucky us...  Here comes the monster!  He tells you that it was a good nap but
he has a cramp.  He wonders where Rudolph is and just decides to work out his
irritation on you.

:::Buorn, ~4000HP:::

    This is a _non trivial_ fight.  Buorn has more hit points than Bill Gates
    has money.  OK, maybe not that much, but at times it sure feels like it.

    As you've noticed by now, when you enter towns, it's usually you, the
    Son, and the Daughter.  This time will be no different and this could
    hurt you.  My Hero came in at level 40, and the kids around level 26 but
    I had been spending some serious time training the children.

    It's important to plan this battle very carefully.  On the first round,
    let the Hero attack, the Son cast Barrier (I'll explain why soon), and
    let the Daughter cast Bikill on the Hero.  On the second round, depending
    on how much damage you took the first round, let the Hero attack again,
    the Son cast Increase, and the Daughter cast Decrease.  

    Buorn likes to lower your defense so boost it back as soon as you can.
    He also has a very serious breath weapon but the Barrier spell the Son
    can cast will help lessen the damage.  The more Increases you let the
    Daughter cast, the better it will be.  

    When the opportunities present themselves, let the Son attack (though he
    should usually concentrate on healing the Daughter), and let the Daughter
    cast Bikill on the Son and cast Boom.  

    If you have done the Mimic / Small Medal trick I have described in
    earlier chapters, you'll more than likely have some Mystic Armors.  If
    you equip the Hero and the Son with this armor, they'll be able to heal
    back most of the damage they receive each round, thus leaving them free
    to attack or heal the Daughter.  If the breath attacks start doing more
    damage, have the Son cast Barrier again.

    All in all, if you have trained everyone enough and you stick to the
    above game plan, you should be victorious.  Winning this battle earns
    9500 experience points each.

After the battle is over, a strange chest has appeared.  Open it to receive
the Final Key!  You can open barred doors (like the ones in the Medal King's
castle) now.  But, before we go door-hopping, let's go back to the town and
let Ludman know what happened.

Ludman says "Joy cookies" (?????) and that all's right in the world; he can't
believe you defeated Buorn while he was making preparations.  He
congratulates you and tells you he didn't think it was possible, but he's
even more impressed with you now.  He says that, from now on, he hopes that
you can continue to work together like this, as family.  Ludman's wife
notices your children and gives you some advice - having children doesn't
make you a parent, learning from you children does.  The maid thanks you as
well as Master Ludman is smiling and laughing again.

Go see Flora and Andy; Flora thanks you for saving her father and the town
and she will pray for your safety daily.  Andy is impressed that beast from
150 years ago reappeared and he didn't notice old man Rudolph was missing...

Hit the inn and rest and SAVE!  Then, let's use that key!

Return to Oracle Valley and go back to the dungeon;  free the man and he'll
tell you to search the chair.  If you do, you'll find a Small Medal!

Now, head to the Medal King's castle; you can open the barred area now for
two Small Medals and a Golden Tiara.  The Tiara is a nice helmet for the
Daughter though it doesn't regenerate magic points like the Hat of Happiness.
Let her keep both and switch as needed.

BTW...  If you have been getting the Medals as I listed them, you should have
found a total of 37.  I know of 48 Medals that can be found naturally so
you're well on your way to all of them.  But, I can't stress the important of
not forgetting the Mimic trick.  ^_^

OK...  We're done with this non-linear thingie so back to the story.

          * Chapter 19 - ...And I'm Climbing a Stairway to Heaven *


    Sky Tower:

        Leaf of the World Tree (Chest, 2F)

Special Items:

    Sky Tower:

        Small Medal (Chest, 4F)
        Magma Staff (Chest, 7F)
    Sky Tower:

        Jelly Man   
        King Healer
        Soldier Bull
There are several places we haven't been yet but you might have seen earlier:

    - The cave north of Santa Rosa
    - The weird patch of forest south of the Rumor Shrine
    - The mountain so tall it touches the sky
    - The castle in the water

But, we haven't even set foot on the center continent yet, so that's the next
destination.  Remember that Tower to the Heavens you heard about?  I wonder
if it's there...

Use the carpet as an item in an open area.  You can't be attacked while on
the Carpet and it goes very, very fast.  But, it can't pass over mountains,
hills, or forests.  Anyway, work your way to the center of the map and land
on the south side of the continent, north of the marsh.  The tower should be
to the north so enter it.

You can recruit a lot of good monsters here - Centaurus, Golem, Soldier Bull,
and more importantly, the King Healer.  Get that last one (I lucked up and
got it on my first encounter) as it knows the spell HealUsAll.

Work your way to the opening on the right and take the stairs in the NE
corner to 2F.  Enter the first doorway you encounter and get the Leaf of the
World Tree.  Climb the steps and talk to the man (he's heard there's a
fantastic treasure in this tower) and then return to the first room.  This
time, work your way to the NW corner and ascend to a different section of 2F.
Continue taking the stairs until you reach 4F.

Open the chest in front of you for a Small Medal and then head all the way to
the right.  You should be above the man you saw earlier so enter the room you

There are two staircases here; the lower stairs take you to a dead end so
take the upper ones to 5F.  From here, take the stairs to 6F.

Exit the room and walk to the left; above you, you should see another strange
winged person like the one you saw in Granvania earlier.  The steps you see
going down lead to a dead end so enter the door and climb the steps.

Take the Magma Staff from the chest and talk to the person.  He's impressed
that there's a person brave enough to climb the Tower.  He tells you that
once, the Zenithian Castle was accessible from the top of this tower but no
longer; the castle has fallen into the bottom of this lake.  But, he says, if
you still want to go, be sure to take the Magma Staff.  ^_^  Using this will
allow you to clear out the rocks blocking the cavern.

Remember that castle and the cave surrounded by mountains?  They were near
the town of Elhebun...  We need to return there but first, let's get one of
the Sacred Treasures, the Royal Cloak, for the Hero.

                    * Interlude - To Be Royally Cloaked *


    Emblem Cave:

        Elven Amulet (Chest, B2)
        Demon Hammer (Chest, B3)

Special Items:

    Emblem Cave:

        Small Medal (Chest, B2)
        Royal Cloak (Altar, after covering all 4 faces)


    Emblem Cave:

        Boss Garm
        Lizard Man
        Zombie Knight
        Moon Face
        Blue Eater
        Evil Master
        Red Eater
        Satan Helm
        Silver Devil
        Soldier Bull

A quick note before we continue...  You can only carry up to 99,999G at a
time so if you're getting close to the limit, go to a Depository and deposit
some money.  Of course, if you bought the things in Elhebun that you should
have, you're probably not too rich right now.

Return to Santa Rosa; your ship should be above you so sail north and land.
Head northwest and there should be a cave.  Enter and be welcome to the
Emblem Cave.  Make sure one of the members of your active party has the Final
Key or this is going to be a short trip.  The monsters here hit really hard
so levels around 35-36 are suggested.  Be sure you have good armor and
weapons, as you did in the fight with Buorn.  Also, the wagon doesn't come
with you so choose your members wisely.  Don't be afraid to leave here
either; I got into real trouble when all my characters had their magic points
drained to 0.

As you enter, the stairs to B1 are to the north.  The sign warns you not to
move the stone; do it anyway.  ^_^  The stone was covering the face of a
monster and as soon as it was exposed, you were attacked.  Get the idea?  If
the monster face isn't covered, you'll be attacked so your goal for each
floor is to cover the faces as fast as possible.  There is no requirement
that you cover faces until you reach the last floor.  Recover the face and
proceed to B1.

The stairs to B2 are pretty easy to find but if you'd like, follow the path
and get the slab to cover the face before continuing. 

A word of warning...  The Moon Faces cast Chance; this spell can do a number
of things.  For example, a scary demon scares the monsters off, a demon
attacks you for massive damage, everyone in your party is numbed, everyone in
your party is healed, all your magic points are drained, etc.  The
Sauruslords can kill you with one wild attack.  The Red and Blue Eaters go
for your throat and do serious damage.  The Evil Masters can take a lot of
punishment and summon allies like there's no tomorrow.  All in all, this
place ain't fun.  Also, if you're not strong enough to do this now, come back
later as this is optional and you still have plenty of time.

On B2, you see a slab early on the floor but no face so push the slab south.
There are two sets of stairs here; one in the rightmost southern passage and
one in the northwestern corner (it's a dead end).  Go ahead and cover the
face; it's in the leftmost southern passage.  Then, take the next two
passages to find a Small Medal and an Elven Amulet.  Finally, take the final
southern passage to B3.

Head north and take the eastern path; follow it a chest with a Demon Hammer.
From there, return the way you came and go north.  At the T-intersection, go
right and read the sign.  To wear the mantle that is here, all the demons
must be sealed away.  If you go left at the T-intersection, you'll see 4
faces.  Sheesh...  Get the slab you saw on the way here and cover a face.
Return to where you entered and take the left branch for two slabs; cover two
more faces.

Finally, go left from the four faces and head north.  Retrieve the last slab
and cover the last face.  The monsters will leave and the mantle will appear.
Walk up and claim the Royal Cloak, one of the 4 Sacred Treasures (of which
you are aware of two).  This is a strong piece of armor that only the Hero
can wear; it's actually stronger than the Mystic Armor but doesn't regenerate
hit points.  Either keep the Mystic Armor and equip it as needed or bring
along a Miracle Sword and equip it when you're running low on hit points.
Either way, we still need to raise that castle...

                 * Chapter 20 - From the Depths Comes Hope *



        950G (Chest, B1)
        Acorn of Life (Chest, B1)
        750G (Chest, B2)
        Magic Water (Chest, B2)
        Staff of Benediction (Chest, B2)
Special Items:


        Small Medal (Chest, B1)


        Satan Helm
        Great Mamoo
        Soldier Bull
        Zombie Knight
        Dragon Warrior

Remember when you were exploring the northeast continent searching for
Elhebun?  If you look on your map, you'll see a circular lake around the
center of this area.  So, from Granvania, sail north through the straights
out into the Outer Ocean and then sail north.  Beach the ship and the
mountain-surrounded cave should be to northwest, as well as the underwater
castle.  Proceed as close as you to the cave, and then use the Staff of
Magma, which will cause three mountains to collapse (wow) and a path to open.
Make sure you're healed and that you saved your game, then enter the cave.

The Satan Helms here can curse you so the Son's CurseOff spell is a good

Not much happening on the first floor so take the steps to B1 to continue.

A scene out of a nightmare greets you here on B1; everywhere you look, there
are railways, mine carts, and levers.  Oh man...  Who wants to bet we're
going to have to learn to use them?  

From the steps, take the path south, enter the mine cart, and ride it a
little ways north.  Before boarding the next cart, go north then east and
flip the switch to change the track configuration.  Then return to the cart
and ride it to the next area of B1.

Before getting on any more carts, go west and get the chest there and then
head south and up the ramp to get the chests.  From where you got those last
two chests, go right to the mine cart.

This is going to be trial and error.  If you don't want the solution, skip
the following paragraphs.

We want to use the carts to throw us over impassable areas.  So, flip the
switch you see and then ride the cart.  You should be able to access a
northern pathway now so do so.  Flip the switch on your immediate right and
then go north and flip the next switch you come to.  Return to the cart
behind you and ride it into a new area.  Get off the cart and proceed to B2.

First, proceed north and get the 750G and then return to where you entered.
Head north and east to get a Magic Water then make sure the switch is in a
position that the track in front of you is going NE.  Go down the ladder and
up the next and flip the switch so that track now runs west.  Now, board the
mine cart and ride it to the other side.

Ride the leftmost cart across the chasm and flip the switch, making the track
to the right of you run north.  Fall down the hole and return to where you
took the leftmost cart; now take the one on the right.  If you aligned all
the switches correctly, you'll take a long ride and end up on B3.  Note the
chest you passed; we'll be back.

As soon as you enter, you'll see a man going in circles on a cart.  Before
dealing with him, work your way west and climb the ladder and then take the
steps back to B2.  Open the chest for a Staff of Benediction, which can be
used as an item in battle to cast HealMore.  Cool!  Return to B3; we need to
help that guy.

Flip the switch; you'll discover it's rusted and you use all of your strength
no move it.  There's good new and bad news...  The good news is it moved and
the guy was able to escape the loop.  The bad news is his escape bounced him
off the wall.  ^_^;;  Go make sure he's ok.  He thanks you and tells you he's
been trapped for 20 years.  He introduces himself as Pusan and tells you that
he used to live in Zenithia.  He says it appears that's where you're heading
as well so he'll go with you.  With a "more the merrier" he joins the group.

Take the crashed cart over to a new area of B3.  Ignore the cart beside you
(it will take you back to the steps you entered from) and climb on the
ladder.  Take the cart there and then the next and you'll be out of the caves
and in the water?  You then arrive at the Castle of the Sky, Zenithia!

Most of the castle is underwater and Pusan remarks he doesn't know what
caused it to fall.  Head up the stairs and work your way to the large doors.
Enter them and follow the path; eventually you'll be in the throne room.

Pusan says he guesses there's no one around to ask about all of this and
tells you that there's a hidden staircase behind the throne.  Search behind
the throne and descend the stairs.  You'll come to a long ladder so go down.

You'll come to an area with two pedestals; go right and Pusan is shocked that
the Golden Orb is missing!  He sees a hole and surmises that it must have
fallen through.  A Golden Orb...  Hmm...  Didn't you have one of those a
long, long, time ago?  With only one Orb, the castle couldn't stay afloat and
hence, crashed.  Talk to him and Pusan tells you that a faint trace of the
Orb's aura remains so he will use it to meditate on in hopes of finding where
the Orb went.  

You see the Orb falling from the sky and into a castle; it's Lenoire!  There
you are, along with the child Bianca, finding the Gold Orb.  You then see
yourself, as a child, talking to you as an adult!  Oh my word!  That was you,
all that time ago back in Santa Rosa.  You then see yourself and little
Borongo with young Henry.  Finally, you have to relive the scene where Gema
killed Papas and crushed your Orb.  ^_^;;  

Pusan laments that the Orb has already been destroyed and the palace will
never float again.  Pusan then remembers that ancient legends say the Faeries
were said to have created the two Orbs.  He suggests you ask the Faerie Queen
(doesn't she owe us a favor?) to recreate the Orbs.  He tells you that
somewhere in the world, there is a forest that can take you there.  Pusan
will tell you he's waiting for you so it's time to go.

The left pedestal currently bears the Silver Orb, which is emitting a sad
light.  You can use "Return" to come to Zenithia now so cast Outside and go
back to Granvania and save and heal.  Next stop, our past?

            * Chapter 21 - ...And If Ever the Two Shall Meet... *


    Forest of Illusions:

        Faerie Sword (Chest)
        Elven Medicine (Dresser, Dwarf's House)
        1500G (Chest, below campfire)

    Faerie Palace:

        Staff of Thunder (Chest, B1)
        Princess Robe (Chest, B1)

    Zenithia Castle:

        Sap of the World Tree (Pool, 2F)

Special Items:

    Forest of Illusions:

        Small Medal (Jar, Dwarf's House)
    Faerie Village:

        Horn of the Faeries (Powan)

    Zenithia Castle:

        Small Medal (Dresser, 2F)
        Grappling Hook (Dresser, 2F)

    Faerie Village:

        Armor Store

            Flame Armor - 15000G
            Water Flying Clothes - 14800G
            Silk Bisuche - 18800G
            Flame Shield - 17000G
            Shield of Strength - 25000G
            Helm of Wisdom - 13000G

    Outside Forest of Illusions:

        Farewell Crag
        Silver Devil

    Forest of Illusions:

        Farewell Crag
        Ogre Head
        Dancing Jewel

Return to Salabona and use the Magic Carpet to go south.  Fly towards the
southernmost peninsula, heading east then north; you're now on the east side
of the continent.  Cross the reefs and continue north; you should soon see
the strange area in the forest.  Go northeast around the mountains until you
can go south, in between a sandy area.  You should see some bridges; land the
carpet and follow the bridges to the Faerie Forest.

Here, you can recruit two good monsters - Uncle the Eigerhorn (he's easy to
get) and Megazu the Farewell Crag (he was the most difficult to date for me
to get).

I recommend bringing your son with you as well as a heavy fighter as the
monsters can hit hard.  

Once inside, you'll quickly find that this place seems to repeat itself,

From the entrance, go east, south, and then north to get the chest with a
Faerie Sword (a nice weapon for the Daughter).

Return to the entrance and go north and enter the house.  The dwarf tells you
that this is the Forest of Illusions and supposedly, a path here will lead
you to the Faerie Village.  However, ordinary people can't seem to find it.
He says that if you could see faeries, you could see that path.  Well, we
used to be able to see them...  The woman says when she was younger she
caught a glimpse of some Faeries but not now...

From the house, go north then east.  Then, south, east, and finally north;
you should see a campfire.  Before doing anything else, go back south and
you should now be in a small hollow with a chest.  Get the gold and then
return north to the campfire.  

Your daughter tells you that there is someonee, by the fire.  Talk to the
right "side" of the fire.  The Son says that he can see this person and the
Faerie (you know it's a Faerie) asks what it can do for you.  The Son says
that you want to go to the Faerie Village.  The Faerie doesn't think you're
bad people so it will take you.  The Son runs off, asking you to follow.  Do
so, and you will find the entrance to the Faerie Village.

It's just like you remember it, so many years ago.  The old man and the Blue
Slime are still here and they will remember you.  The Elf out front suggests
you talk to Lady Powan about the Orb.

Enter the area below Powan's throne; Luna will tell you that ordinarily,
humans cannot see the great palace of the Faeries.  But, if you blow the Horn
of the Faeries, then you will be able to see it.  It's located in a forest
surrounded by mountains, in the center of a solitary lake.  We've been
somewhere like that...

Go upstairs and talk to Bella first; she tells you she immediately knew it
was you and that it's been quite some time since you last met.  She suggests
you talk to Luna (we've done that ^_^) as she can help you meet the Queen of
the Faeries.  Talk to Powan.

She's happy to see you and she is still grateful for what you did so many
years ago.  She asks if there's anything she can do for so say yes.  Powan
understands and says she can finally repay your kindness.  She gives you the

Buy some kickass armor and then leave the village.  Return to Granvania to
heal and save and then head back to the Tower where you got the Staff of
Magma.  From there, head north to the Lake.

Enter the Lake area and board the boat.  Sail north until you reach a lily
pad; there, use the Horn.  After the melody of the Horn is played, the castle
appears!  Sail north and enter the castle.

The Elf there welcomes you and there's a church on the right.  The Elves in
the room on the left tells you that since you have the blood of Elhebun, it's
no wonder the Legendary Warrior is your issue.  The guard says the Queen
awaits you so head to the throne.  The Elf near the throne knows the
Legendary Warrior has returned and wishes that your son will be blessed.
Talk to the Queen.

She tells you that Powan has explained the situation to her and she admits
that it was her ancestors that first made the Gold and Silver Orbs.
Unfortunately, they can no longer make the Orb you need and she asks you to
watch.  She makes an Orb out of the air but she cannot give it the power to
levitate Zenithia.  But, she thinks you can do something about this problem.
She gives you the orb and tells you to go.

OK, let's explore.  The guard allows you to pass and the scholar on the other
side tells you that he is in charge of recording the history of the world.
Take the steps below him to B1 and grab the chests.  Go back the way you came
and take the stairs to 2F.

The room on the right has a painting in it; the Elf tells you that the
painting was done in honor of the return of the Legendary Warrior.  

The room on the left has a strange painting.  The Elf tells you that it can
take you wherever your heart desires, the place you need to go.  Make sure
the Hero has the Orb and look (examine) the picture.  The Hero is transported
to Santa Rosa, 18 years ago!

You can't leave the town, but it's exactly like you remember.  Talk to

From some of the things you're hearing, it's around the time Bella appeared
and began to play pranks.  The innkeeper tells you that Papas has just
returned to the area with his small son.  The old man tells you that you
(young you ^_^) have just come back from ghost busting.  ^_^

Go see Sancho; he asks if you've met before and you tell him you're a friend
of Papas.  Sancho says you're free to see him and he's upstairs.  There he
is...  Papas...  As real as life.

Talk to your father; you can try to tell him you're his son but he doesn't
believe you.  You can warn him not to go to Reinhart, but that doesn't work
either.  He finally says he'll take your warning into consideration.  Sigh...
It's time to find yourself now.

You're right were you were, so many years ago, in front of the church.  You
tell yourself that you (young you) must be the cute guy you heard about
hanging around the church.  You (young you) asks yourself if you (older you)
want to see your Orb.  Say yes and you'll let yourself and then, exchange the
Orbs.  You (young you) reminds you how pretty it is and then you promise your
older self that you will never give up.  Then the younger you leaves to go to
the Faerie Village.  Sigh...

When you're done with this little trip down memory lane, leave Santa Rosa and
you'll return to the Faerie Castle.

Return downstairs and talk to the Queen but she says nothing different.  The
only thing to do is to return to Zenithia and see if you were successful.

Talk to Pusan and give him the Orb.  He places it on the pedestal and asks
you to follow him.  Do so and he tells you it's time for Zenithia Castle to
reclaim the skies and tells you that this is all due to you.  

The castle does rise from the water but not all that high.  Pusan shrugs it
off and says he's going to look around now that the water is all drained.
You should do the same.

If you step on the control tile, the castle will be begin to move.  It works
essentially like the Carpet except that it always drifts unless it is on the
ground.  It can however fly over everything!  

Leave via the southern door; you appear to be walking on clouds!  Investigate
the castle; the Zenithians have returned!  From where you are, take the door
on the lower right (not the main castle door) and you should find yourself in
a church.  

The female Zenithian tells you that when the world was at piece, the Master
Dragon looked upon the lands and said that humans weren't all that bad.  With
those words, he decided to hide himself away from the rest of Zenithia.  She
goes on to say that no one could have predicted that the castle would fall
from the heavens.  If in only the castle hadn't fallen, the world might still
be at piece.

Save your game if you'd like and then take the stairs to 2F.  

Ignore the southern door for now and enter the room above you.  The Zenithian
there tells you that they have waited for this day so long and that you
should tell his grandfather inside the opening.  Enter the fireplace and talk
to his grandfather.  He's overjoyed to hear that the castle floats again and
all they have to do now is wait for the rebirth of the Dragon God.  He goes
on to say that the Master Dragon sealed his power away in the Tower of Boble
that stands on a northeastern isle (this is a mistake; it's the southwestern
isle with mountains everywhere).  He tells you to take the contents of the
dresser as it might come in handy.  Do so; it's a Grappling Hook!  Return to
the hall and enter the next room.  

The Elf there thanks you and as a gesture of goodwill, tells you to take a
drop of the Dew.  Examine either pool for some Sap of the World Tree.  This
stuff is great; it will heal all your party completely!  You can only carry
one at a time, but the Elf tells you to come back for more when you need it.

Head to the third floor and enter the opening on the right; you'll be in a
large library.  You ask the Zenithian there about Pusan but he doesn't
remember a Zenithian with that name.

Return to the throne room, where you'll find Pusan.  He tells you that some
of the people trapped in the castle are still alive (you noticed that) and
that time stopped for them.  Even with all that, it's a miracle they're still
alive.  He's so happy to get to talk to people he thought he'd never see

There's nothing else to do here now, so fly back to Granvania to heal and
save, as well any reorganization of your party that you might need to do;
it's payback time!

               * Chapter 22 - What Comes Around, Goes Around *


    Tower of Boble:

        2700G (Chest, 2F)
        Devil Armor (Chest, Mezzanine between 2F and 1F)
        Shield of Darkness (Chest, B3)
        Elven Medicine (Chest, B2)
Special Items:

    Tower of Boble:

        Small Medal (Chest, 5F)
        Small Medal (Chest, B3)
        Left Dragon Eye (Defeat *****)
        Right Dragon Eye (Defeat *****)
        Dragon Orb (Hidden room inside the Dragon Statue)
        Dragon Staff (Inside base of the Dragon Statue)


    Tower of Boble:

        Dragon Warrior
        Golden Golem
        Blizzard Hawk
        Black Dragon
        Ogre Head
        Silver Devil
        Farewell Crag
        Metal Dragon
        Golem (summoned only)
This is a very difficult dungeon.  The monsters are all very high level and
some are just outright dangerous.  Black and Metal Dragons can hurt you
seriously with their physical attacks as well as breath attacks.  At this
point in the game, you should be at least level 39 or 40 with very, very
powerful armor and weapons.  If you haven't been building up the Small Medals
via the Mimic trick described earlier, now's a good time.  The Miracle Sword
and Mystic Armor can be literal lifesavers.  If you have found all the Medals
I have listed, you have found 42.  There are two more in the Tower so just 4
more after that.

Pick a good mix of characters as there are two boss fights.  If you have been
building up the Son, he's a good choice, or monsters like Pierre, Borongo,
Golemath (the Golem), Uncle (the Eigerhorn), etc. are also worthwhile.  You
can recruit a Blizzard Hawk, Eigerhorn, Farewell Crag, and Springer here.

When you feel you're ready, take the Castle to the southwestern island and
land in the little desert area.  From there, head southeast to the Tower.
Make sure your combat party has the Grappling Hook and enter.

You can't open the main door so climb the ladders all the way to the top.
Once there, you'll see a place you can tie the Grappling Hook to so use it
and climb down into the seventh floor of the Tower.

Take the steps down to 6F and then proceed through the room to the stairs
descending to 5F.  Take the Small Medal from the chest and the exit through
the door into 5F proper.  In the center of the room, you'll see a nun
collapsed on the floor.  Unfortunately, you can't reach her now so continue
through the room and take the stairs to 4F.  

Take the stairs in the center of the room back to 5F and talk to the nun.
She'll tell you that two vile individuals have stolen the Eyes of the Dragon
and warns you to get away from here, less than find you.  She passes out in
pain.  Hmmm, I feel a can of whoop ass might be needed...

Return to 4F and exit the door in the NE corner.  Follow the path and exit
through the door to 3F.  You'll be in a room overlooking a large dragon
statue.  Ignore the grapple location for now and exit again in the NE corner.
Take the right staircase to 2F and get the chest.  Return to 3F and take the
left staircase to a different part of 2F and exit the door.

You can clearly see the dragon statue now; go around to the left side and
exit the door.  Grab the chest and continue to the right and exit the door to
the first floor!  Wow, we made it all the way down.  Flip the lever to open
the main door (you never know when that will come in handy) and then head to
left.  There, you'll find a staircase leading to the basement.

Now on B1, some areas of the ground are poisoned so be careful.  Proceed
through the corridor and take the steps to B2.  

You're in a 4-way intersection.  First, go right; you'll see Gonz, one of the
monsters that killed your father Papas.  He's meat, no doubt about it.  We
can't get him now so return to the intersection and go north.

From here, go east and take the stairs down to B3.  Follow the path and get
the Shield of Darkness and then return to the intersection.

From the 4-way, go west.  Grab the chest and then head down the stairs to a
different section of B3.  If you go north, you have the harder boss battle to
deal with so we'll be back.

The first chest is a Mimic so fight if it you want.  The other chest contains
a Small Medal.  Take the steps to a different section of B2.

Ignore the steps (they lead to a dead end) and head south.  Take the stairs
to yet another section of B3.  Take the stairs there back to B2 and go north.
Ahh, Gonz.  Talk to the "dead man standing" and he'll say you must be the
person Lord Gema has been talking about.  He says you're not worthy of dying
by Gema's hands but he's not picky.  Sayonora baby...

:::Gonz, 1700HP:::

    This guy is a pushover.  He has no magic and just uses physical attacks.
    If you think you need it, cast Upper or Increase.  Anyone with Decrease,
    Sap, or Surround can cast them to speed things up, but it's not needed.
    Heal when required and enjoy pounding this guy.  Winning nets 3500
    experience points and 650G.

Open the chest to get the Dragon's Left Eye!  Cool, I bet we can use that
with the statue.  Return the way you came and go back to that section of B2
where I discouraged you from going north.  It's time to go north now.
However, if you're weak, leave the Tower, heal and save, and then come back
since you've opened the door to the Tower.

Follow the path and take the stairs to the final section of B3.

As you proceed north, you'll see Gema and a chest.  Make sure you're healed
because, unlike Gonz, Gema plays for keeps.

Talk to Gema; he says he was waiting for you to fall into his trap and he
asks if you recognize him.  Regardless of what you answer, he says now is not
the time for remembrances; his only regret is that he didn't kill you back
then.  However, he says, he won't make that mistake again.  Just like he
burned your father to ashes, he'll make toast out of you as well!

:::Gema, 2000HP:::

    The strategy here depends on what characters you have with you.  If the
    Son is available, Barrier is an absolute must.  Increase is good if
    anyone has it and it might not be a bad idea to have a dedicated healer.
    You should still be carrying the Staff of Benediction, which casts
    HealMore when used in battle.  Build Up and Charge Up are great skills,
    if anyone has them, to inflict extra damage.  Let your fighters use
    Fighter's Hair to double their attack strength.  

    Make sure the Hero is wearing the Elven Amulet.  Gema has all the
    mid-level spells but his most irritating attack is a paralysis attack.
    The Elven Amulet will sometimes protect its wearer from paralysis and if
    things are going really bad (i.e., characters are dying, let the Hero
    cast Farewell).  If your entire party is numbed, it's game over.

    Keep plugging and you'll get him eventually.  Winning nets you 12,000
    experience points, 900G, and a warm, fuzzy feeling for avenging Papas.

Gema can't believe he lost and cheers on the High Priest as he dies.  Open
the chest for the Dragon's Right Eye!  It's time to return to the grapple
area on 3F.  Again though, as you opened the main door, it's ok to head out
to heal and save first.

Once you're there, use the Grappling Hook and descend onto the snout of the
dragon statue.  Insert the Eyes into their respective places and when you do,
the "tongue" of the dragon extends, revealing a secret passage into the
statue.  Fall of the statue and then work your way back to the tongue and
enter the statue.

Descend the stairs; first take either ladder down and retrieve the Dragon
Staff!  This is one of the four Sacred Treasures and only the Hero can use
it.  As an item, it casts BeDragon, which transforms you into a dragon and
it's almost as strong the Medal King Sword.  Then return upstairs, use the
Grappling Hook and descend to the outcropping.  Enter and you'll find the
Dragon Orb.  Let's take it back to Zenithia, since that's where we heard
about this Tower in the first place.

Climb the ladder and go to the throne room to see Pusan.  When you arrive,
two Zenithians tell you a very suspicious character has arrived and that
there's no known Zenithian named Pusan.  Talk to Pusan and he'll see you have
the Dragon Orb and ask you for it.  Give it to him and Pusan will feel a new
strength flowing through his body.  Upon meditating on the Orb, Pusan reveals
his true form, that of the Master Dragon, the god of the world.

The Zenithians are shocked and the Dragon tells you who he is and what he
does.  It is his pleasure to meet the Legendary Warrior and his noble blood
(that's you).  Apparently, while he was living life in human form, world
peace was shattered and the gates of the Demon World were opened.  In fact,
the Demon Lord itself seeks to enter this world.  However, the Dragon
believes that you have the power to stop him and he will lend you his
strength and gives you the Zenithian Bells, which will summon him and allow
you to ride on his back.  Pusan is the ultimate form of transportation in
DQ5.  ^_^

                      * Interlude - One for the Road *

At this point in the game, things are beginning to wind down.  This section
is here to remind you of a few things to do.

Check your levels; something around 41-42 would be nice for the upcoming
battles.  Remember, Metal Babbles give 10,050 experience points for each one

Go to Ruraphin and talk to Bennet in his house.  He's really tired this time,
but he's discovered another spell, Chance (Parupunte), which he'll teach you.
Remember the Moon Eye's usage of this?  It can rock someone's world, one way
or another.  ^_^;  Use it at your own risk.

If you haven't opened the Magic Doors yet, do so; there are some good things
to be had.  See the Interlude "Christmas Comes Early" for more details.

If you haven't saved Salabona and Ludman from Buorn yet, do so.  See the
Interlude "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Old" for more details.  You'll get
the Final Key, which gives you access to barred, cell doors.

If you haven't gotten the Royal Cloak yet for the Hero, do so.  See the
Interlude "To Be Royally Cloaked" for more details.

Be sure to be keeping up with the Medal King and the items you can get from
him.  Like I've said before, Mystic Armors are _real_ helpful and well, the
Medal King Shield is the Medal King Shield.  ^_^  The Mimic trick will be
helpful here to beef up your Medal Count.

You should have the Zenithian Sword, Shield, and Helm by now and we're on our
way for the Armor.

You should have gotten all the treasures from Kandar's Henchmen; see the
Interlude "Places to Go, People to See" for more details.

See how you stand on monster recruiting; in case you haven't seen one yet, a
Neileus can be recruited in the southern oceans.  They start with the
mid-level magic spells and learn some of the strongest spells in the game,
when all is said and done.  If you don't have a King Healer, revisit the Sky
Tower and keep trying.  At this point, I have a Blue Slime, a Golem, a King
Healer, a Killer Panther (Borongo), and a Slime Knight, along with the Hero
and his children.  When I get Bianca back, I'm going to loose the Blue Slime
and if I get a Great Dragon, I'm probably gonna send Borongo back to the

As far as equipment goes, make sure the members of your caravan group have
the best armor and weapons available.  If need be, hit the Casino again and
work on earning coins for the Medal King Sword or Gringham Whip.  
If there's any more exploring or checking in you want to do, now might be a
good time to do it.  ^_^

             * Chapter 23 - And Lo, How the Mighty Have Fallen *


    Great Temple:

        Demon Claw (Chest, B2)
        Slave Clothes (Chest, B2)
        Shield of Ruin (Chest, B2)
Special Items:

    Great Temple:

        Zenithian Armor (Defeat the Guard)
        Ring of Life (Defeat Ivol)


    Black Dragon
    Evil Clown
    Evil Spirit
    Dark Shaman
    Metal Dragon

Only human members can enter the Temple but everyone in the wagon is
available to cast spells after battles and to earn experience.  So, more than
likely, your combat party will consist of the Hero, the Son, and the

Call Pusan and fly to the northern most part of the center continent.  You've
probably already seen this area before, but it's a temple on top of a
mountain.  Point Pusan right at it and he'll drop you off.

As you enter, go into the small area on the right.  Inside, a single guard is
protecting a magnificent set of armor.  If you talk to him, he'll say the
armor belonged to the Legendary Warrior.  He then threatens you but you're
not gonna agree to kowtow.  ^_^

:::Snakehand, 131HP:::

    This is just a normal enemy; crush him.

After the fight is over, take the armor and give it to the Son.  The
Legendary Warrior is back, ladies and gentlemen, in all his glory.  ^_^

Leave the room and enter the Temple proper.  As you do, you'll see a large
crowd of people, apparently waiting for something.  Talk to the guards; they
tell you to hurry and get ready for the High Priest's lecture.  Talk to some
of the slaves; they're all cheering the High Priest and Lady Martha?!  We
need to see what's coming on so talk to the guards again.  They tell you
there's something strange about you as all the slaves have had their souls
taken from them.  They realize that you're not like everyone else and attack!

:::Dragon Warrior x 2, 123HP:::

    This is another normal fight; pound them

Circle around the area and you'll see Bianca!  She's still a statue though
and a strange nun seems to be talking to the masses.  If you let the Daughter
try to use the Staff of Stoross to reverse the curse, you find the curse is
too strong.  Talk to some more of the slaves; one of them is Jijo from way
back, the little boy that was taken!  OK, we've put it off long enough; talk
to "Martha".

She tells you she is Martha and that as High Priest Ivol is not present now,
so she is in charge.  She tells you that although you may not know this, she
is your mother.  She whimsically says that you have grown so much and she's
wanted to see you so very badly.  When she thinks back, Papas was really a
pathetic man (huh?) and she heard this story about him.  She asks if you want
to hear it; say "yes".  "Martha" strangely tells you to never mind then and
asks if you will promise to serve Ivol, along with her.  If for some bizarre
reason you say "yes", she'll curse you.  I would suggest going with "no" ^_^
to which she thinks you don't want to hear her story.  Say "yes" and you're
back to the "pathetic Papas" bit; bummer.  It looks like we're going to have
to agree to serve Ivol after all.  

She curses all 3 of you and calls you fools, telling you that Martha no
longer exits on this plane.  She then shows her true form, that of Ramada,
one of Ivol's priests and says it will destroy your souls as well.

:::Ramada, 1800HP:::

    At this point, you should know the drill.  Cast Increase accordingly as
    well as Barrier; Ramada has some moderate physical attacks but can cast
    Blizzard.  Unfortunately, Decrease and Surround are ineffective.
    Let the Daughter cast Bikill on the Hero and the Son, as well as cast
    Bounce.  The Hero should always attack and the Son should heal with magic
    when needed.  Hopefully you gave the Staff of Benediction to the Daughter
    so she can use it to provide healing.  

    All in all, the fight will be over soon; winning nets you 8500 experience
    points and 800G.

Ramada can't believe it lost to you (why can't the bad guys ever believe this
sort of thing?) but tells you that even with your strength, you won't defeat
Ivol.  With the death of Ramada, the slaves are given back their souls!  Talk
to them.

Jijo tells you that you look very much like the guardian statue of his house.
^_^  He then realizes he'd better get home as soon as possible.  Another
tells you that they saw Ivol curse the statue (Bianca) and that as along as
the curse held, the Legendary Warrior can't be born.  Thank goodness we
stopped off at Alkapa that time.  ^_-  A slave in the front tells you there's
a hidden staircase.  

Don't forget you're still cursed, so take care of that.  Go ahead and leave
for a moment to get healed and save.  Then, return to the where Ramada was
standing to find a hidden staircase.  Descend into the Temple...

The monsters here are tough and if you're into running, you will have very
little success here.

Take the next set of stairs you come to; you should be in a familiar area.
You're back to the hellhole you spent 10 years in as a child.  Go down the
stairs and enter the cave in the back.  Go through the door and you'll be in
a new part of the temple.

In these areas, the guards will attack you if you talk to them.  Go through
the corridor and around the stairs in to SE corner.  The rest of this floor
(B2) is blocked so this is the only way to go; kill the guard if you want to

Proceed through the next area until you can exit the small opening in western
part of the room. 

You're now back in that portion of B2 you couldn't access before.  Get the
chest for the Demon Claw, a really powerful weapon for Borongo, then continue
on through the room.  Although there are two western paths out of the room,
the lower one is the only one accessible now.  

When you're in the next room, take either ladder and head out the door.
You'll see skeletons and two chests.  Examine the first skeleton and you'll
find some writing on the wall - "Dear Marina, I am afraid I will not be able
to live much longer but as long as you are happy, I have no regrets in this
life..."  This must be the remains of Joshua, the man who helped you escape
so many years ago.  Take the chests and then return to the previous room.
Work your way around and you'll end up on that other western path mentioned
earlier.  Follow it and take the stairs to B3 (kill the guard if you'd like).

If you did talk to the guard, you know Ivol is coming up; take this moment to
heal and prepare.  

Talk to Ivol and he'll be impressed you made it this far and you've even
managed to defeat Ramada.  After all he did, the Legendary Warrior was still
born.  He tells you that up until now, the All-Mighty's vision could not be
achieved but that's going to change now; the finale is at hand.  

Somehow, your companions from the wagon are summoned; oh yeah!  He's gonna
get his ass kicked...  ^_^

:::Ivol, 2000HP:::

    If you've defeated Gema and Buorn, this is not going to be too hard.  As
    you have your companions now, adjust your lineup accordingly.  Barrier is
    a good spell as Ivol has several breath attacks.  Ivol can also cast
    Explodet and can negate all of your status increasing magic.

    I'd suggest at the start of the fight, let the Hero attack, the Son cast
    Barrier, and the Daughter cast Bikill on the Hero.  Then, exchange the
    Son with a stronger fighter (Pierre, Golemath, Borongo) and let the
    Daughter cast Bikill on them.  Next round, exchange the Daughter for
    another fighter.  Note, more than likely, the Daughter has learned
    BeDragon, but I recommend against using it as you lose control of her.

    At this point, attack, attack, and attack.  Remember, everyone is here
    now so rotate in as needed.  If you have a King Healer, bring it in to
    cast HealUsAll, which heals everyone, including those in the wagon, to
    their maximum hit points.  If Ivol takes away your Barrier / Bikill,
    bring in the Son and Daughter respectively to recast them. 

    All in all, if you make use of all your members and have levels around
    42, you should be fine.  When you win, you get 21,000 experience points
    and 1000G.

Ivol accepts his death as his fate and tells you it was just how the great
Demon Lord Mildrath foretold.  He tells you that Martha is in the Demon World
and that she serves Lord Mildrath.  If you want to save her, you must go
there.  However, when you do, it will be the end of you and your family.  He
then tells you he will open the gateway to the Demon World and calls on
Mildrath for the power to do so but nothing happens.  Ivol dies and a ring is
left behind.  Pick it up and you find the Ring of Life.  The Ring still
retains some of your mother's warmth...  Mom...

Return the way you came; there are no more random encounters and go look for
Bianca.  As you exit the cavern, you hear a warm, soothing voice from the
Ring of Life; Martha is calling you!  Tell her that you hear her and she's so
happy!  She says she could wish for nothing but to see how you have grown.
However, that wish must never come true, you must never come to the World of
the Demons as even the Legendary Warrior will be no match for the Demon Lord.
She then tells you that she has heard you have a wife and children; forget
about her and live happily with your family.  She swears to you, on her life,
that she will not allow Mildrath to escape the Demon World.  She then tells
you to go, as there is someone waiting for you.  Return to the top of the
Temple; Bianca is back to normal!

She's a bit disoriented but then recognizes you and the scene shifts back to

                   * Chapter 24 - Descent into Darkness *



        Defense Seed (Barrel)
        Elven Medicine (Dresser, Inn)
Special Items:

    Warp Portal:

        Sage's Stone (Given to you by Martha)

        Sands of Time (Defeat the last of Kandar's Henchmen)
        Small Medal (Barrel, outskirts of Town)



        Weapon Store

            Dragon Killer - 15000G
            Blizzard Sword - 21000G
            Demon Spear - 25000G
            Big Bowgun - 37000G
            Staff of Revival - 45000G
            Flame Boomerang - 13000G
        Item Store
            Fragrance Bag - 80G
            Bomb Stone - 450G
            Elven Amulet - 3000G
            Hat of Wind - 5000G
        Armor Store

            Flame Armor - 15000G
            Angel's Leotard - 21000G
            Mirror Armor - 30000G
            Shield of Strength - 25000G
            Shield of Reflection - 33000G
            Great Helm - 20000G

    Outside of Shahanna and the Evil Mountain

        Metal Dragon
        Blizzard Hawk
        Great Dragon
        Golden Golem
        Evil Spirit
        King Tortragon
        Metal Babble
        Metal Slime
Bianca now understands that she was turned to stone for 8 years and thanks
you for saving her.  She apologizes to the children for not being there for
them but they don't care and simply embrace her.  A guard interrupts this
joyous scene and tells you that Ojiron needs to see you.  Before leaving,
talk to your family.  Bianca tells you that you need to go and not to worry
because she loves you and you will be together always.  The Son is just to
choked up for conversation but the Daughter says she didn't realize her
mother was so beautiful and that you must have been quite the stud.  ^_^

Return to the throne room and talk to Sancho.  He tells you that he doesn't
exactly understand what Ojiron wants to do but if the decision were left to
him, he wants to fulfill Papas's wish.  He'll go to the ends of the earth
with you to save Lady Martha.  Talk to Ojiron.

He apologizes for tearing you away from your family but there is something he
must discuss with you immediately.  He gets right to the point and asks if
you plan to go to the Demon World.  If you say "no", he'll be glad as
Granvania will be safe.  But, that's not what you're going to say so...  He
tells you that you must not go to the Demon World as he too, heard Lady
Martha's warning from the Ring.  

Return upstairs and talk to your family.  None of your family is part of the
party now and the kids want to go and the Son tells you to let Ruida know
he's coming.  ^_^  Bianca also wants to go and has fond memories of your

It's time to assemble what will more or less be your final party.  Here's
what mine looks like:

    Character       Level   Equipped Items
    ---------       -----   --------------

    Hero              45     Ring of Flames, Medal King Shield, Helm of Wisdom,
                             Royal Cloak, Meteorite Armband, Dragon Staff

    Bianca            36     Gringham Whip, Scale Shield, Princess Robe,
                             Hat of Wind, Bianca's Ribbon, Ring of Water

    Son               33     Zenithian Sword, Zenithian Shield, 
                             Zenithian Helm, Zenithian Armor, Elven Amulet

    Daughter          33     Faerie Sword, Silk Bisuche, Scale Shield,
                             Golden Tiara, Ring of Life

    Golemath          25     Medal King Sword, Demon Armor, Helm of Wisdom,
    (Golem)                  Shield of Darkness

    Behozen           12     Magical Armor, Magic Shield, Medal King Sword,
    (King Healer)            Silk Hat

    Pierre            45     Medal King Sword, Medal King Shield,
    (Slime Knight)           Mystic Armor, Helm of Wisdom

    Borongo           37     Demon Claw, Iron Helm, Water Flying Clothes
    (Killer Panther)  
Everyone is also carrying such items as Leaves of the World Tree, Rings of
Prayers, Magic Waters, Elven Medicines, etc.  The Daughter also has the Staff
of Benediction.  I plan on recruiting a Great Dragon so I will probably lose
Borongo; he's not as strong as Golemath and doesn't have the magic that
Pierre does.

When you're done preparing, it's time to go to the Demon World.  Remember
that Silver Door in the Water Shrine on the way to Elhebun?  Well, you can
open it now, if you have the Final Key.  Return to Elhebun and sail your boat
to the door.

Enter the room and you'll see the Goddess Statues.  You're going to need to
use the Rings now.  Arrange them in this order (there are probably others
that work):


                            Fire            Water

A portal will open at the back of the cave; walk in front of it and you will
be pulled into the Demon World!

As you try to leave the warp gate, you hear your mother's voice.  She admits
that you have finally come this far and that you're much stronger than she
could have ever imagined.  As such, she will no longer turn you away.  She
will believe in your strength and gives you the Sage's Stone, a great item
that heals everyone at once and can be used many times.

The gate will take you back to your world but for now, let's explore.

Head east, across the bridge and through the rock maze until you reach a
small town.  Note, the Bazuzus and Blizzard Hawks have breath weapons and/or
can cast Blizzard; bottom line, they can hurt you in a hurry.  The Great
Dragons have powerful breath attacks too.  Attackbots can attack twice each
turn...  Let me put it this way; the monsters here are not your friends.
However, the new recruitable monsters include the Great Dragon and the
Attackbot, but both are really hard to get.

Anyway, work your way through the rock maze and enter the town of Shahanna.
Before exploring the town, go left, all the way around the outskirts and
you'll find two barrels.  Search the first one for a Small Medal and then
keep going to find yet another of Kandar's Henchmen; actually, it's the last
one, and well, you know what to do.  Winning allows you to open the chest,
where you'll find the Sands of Time.  Using this item resets a battle to the
beginning and it has infinite uses.

OK, go into the town proper now; the first woman you meet tells you that this
is the only town that exists in the Demon World.  And boy, it's some town.
The best weapons and armor money can buy are here; Monster Gramps and a
Depository are also available and the item store has cool things too.

The man at the table tells you that the scared water surrounding the town was
brought forth by Martha and that she's the savior of the city.  When you
talk to the woman sitting at a different table, she says you have a strange
look about you and is it possible that you came from the surface?  She laughs
that idea off and says it's more likely that Martha freed you soul from evil
and she wishes you luck being a human.  Huh?  The man there tells you that he
used to be a Demon Priest and his life was full of evil.  But, because of
Martha, he's become a well-rounded individual, as well as fat.  ^_^  

The man at the bar tells you Martha is holding the Demon Lord at bay but with
each moment, her life weakens.  Oh, if only there was someone who could help
her.  Here's looking at ya kid.  ^_^

Gramps is in the NE corner, as is the Weapon Store (it requires the Magic
Key).  The soldier in the weapon store, even though a human now, still sings
the praises of the Demon Lord and tells you that the Legendary Warrior can't
stand against him.  

The booth with two people serves as the item store and the Depository.  

When you're done exploring the town proper, head back out and hit the inn.
The slime is still a slime but the boy is excited to be human and hopes his
friend will become human soon.

Inside the inn, you'll find a Zenithian!  He tells you that the Great Demon
Lord's power grows every day and if this continues, he will break free.  

When you're done, head out of town, raise some levels and make some money.
I'd recommend at least level 47 before heading into the mountain, which is
north of Shahanna, if you want a fair chance.  

When you think you're ready, head south from Shahanna, over the hills, and
then north along the coast.  Cross the bridge and then to the northeast,
above a large swamp, is Evil Mountain.  Enter for the final battle between
the light and the dark...

                   * Chapter 25 - The Power of Love *


    Evil Mountain:

        Robe of Darkness (Chest, 4F)
        Ogre Shield (Chest, 5F)
        Multi-Edge Sword (Chest, 5F)
        Echoing Hat (Chest, 4F)
        3300G (Chest, 4F)
        Medal King Helm (Chest, 4F)
Special Items:

    Evil Mountain:

        Small Medal (Chest, 4F)
        Small Medal (Chest, 4F)
        Sacred Pitcher (Chest, 5F)
        Sun Crown (Chest, 5F)

    Evil Mountain:

        Evil Spirit
        Jelly Man
        Dark Shaman
        Flare Dragon
        Great Dragon
        Evil Clown
        Metal Babble 
        Metal Slime
        Wight King
        King Metal
        Moon Face

This place is made of stuff from nightmares - traps, falling floors, puzzles
from hell, and a demonic host of things that just don't want you here.  ^_^

From the first floor, proceed through the door and then work your way around
the white, poisonous areas (or cast Stepguard) and head to the steps straight
in front of you to 2F.  

The two gray pots you see are Urnites (Demon Pots on steroids).  Fight them
if you want (they have 500HP) and they'll occasionally drop Small Medals.
When you're ready, take the steps in the southeast corner to 3F.

Proceed through 3F and when you reach the branch, take the lower path to
stairs to 4F.  Grab the Robe of Darkness from the chest and then return to 3F
and take the upper branch.  There, you'll find stairs to a different section
of 4F.

From here, ignore the path going left (it's a dead end) and head south and
take the stairs to 5F.

Exit the room into a strange area; there are several plateaus floating over a
smoky surface.  Proceed west and then head north.  At the intersection, go
right and work your way to a chest for an Ogre Shield.  Return back to the
intersection and head left.  Before entering the cavern, head north and
return to 4F for a Small Medal.  Then, back on 5F, enter the cavern.

Follow the path and ascend to an upper area; there, you'll see a woman
imprisoned by two demons.  As you approach, they stop you saying that Lady
Martha is busy giving prayer to the Demon Lord and that you will die for
interrupting.  It's Martha so we're going to pound them!

:::Dark Shaman x 2, 170HP each:::

    You've been fighting them already so pound them.

Martha tells you that she's always wanted to see you and not a day has passed
since she was kidnapped that she didn't think of you.  She's so happy to see
how strong you've become and it's like a dream, being able to finally see and
touch you.  She then tells you that there's nothing she could wish for that
could make he happier than she is now.  But, she says, you must go; the power
of Mildrath is much too strong, but with her life, she will attempt to seal
the power away, for once and for all.  Martha then proceeds to pray to God,
asking him to take her life, and in turn, seal the Demon Lord away forever!
Lightening begins to flash and Martha recognizes it to be Mildrath's power.
An incredible bolt of lightening strikes Martha and she collapses!  Martha
can't believe the Demon Lord is this powerful, but she continues to pray to
God, for you, to give her the strength.  Out of the darkness, a voice says
that Martha has done enough; it's Papas!

Papas tells you their children have become much stronger than they ever were
and they should be allowed to determine their own fate.  He then asks Martha
to come back to him and Martha's spirit joins him.  As they leave, Papas
tells you that they will be watching over you always and wishes you luck.
No!!!  To find Martha only to lose her again...  Someone's going to pay and
Mildrath's days are numbered!

Continue on and climb down the ladder; go south and take the western branch
for a chest with a Multi-Edge Sword (it's cursed).  Return to the split in
the path and enter the small cave.  You see a lava pit and Martha's voice can
be heard; she tells you to use the Sacred Pitcher.  But, we don't have that
yet so exit the cave and enter the cavern beside the ladder you climbed down.

Welcome to arrow hell; you'll slide all around these tracks.  You probably
saw the Pitcher and another item as you walked in.  Take the stairs down to
4F and then head right, across the arrow pointing east to get the chest with
the Echoing Hat!  This is a great item, it allows any spell that's cast to be
recast, at no additional MP cost.  Then take the appropriate arrow and grab
the Small Medal.  From here, take the other set of stairs you can reach and
head back to 5F.  

Maneuver around and get the items; the trick is to look at the directions of
the arrows before stepping on them.  Eventually, you'll get the Sacred
Pitcher (we needed that) and the Sun Crown!  Remember the Sun Crown?  That
old scholar at the "Farthest Shrine" told you about it.  Another of the four
Sacred Treasures is yours!  Only one more to go, the Shield of Radiance.

We're done in this maze so head back to the area where Martha spoke to you.
Use the Sacred Pitcher (the translation is not so accurate here with "Holy
Chamberpot") and the lava will drain away, revealing steps to a different
part of 4F.  Descend into the darkness...

See those squares?  If you step on one, you'll fall down to a room in 3F
where you can fight King Metals!  30000+ experience points!  Have fun
leveling up!  When you're done playing, grab all the chests, one of which is
the Medal King Helm!  Woo hoo!  After collecting all the treasure, purposely
fall through the floor on the left side of the room.  You'll be in an
enclosed area with one staircase; take it back to 4F and then use the stairs
in the northwest corner.  You're back to 3F, in yet another area.

Follow the path (see the eyes watching you) and enter the door for another
frustrating puzzle.  You want to get to the door on the north side and you
have to slide the blocks around.  Just remember that you can walk on the
brown areas.  For the solution, see the next paragraph.

Use the following layout; when you enter, #8 doesn't have a block.

                                  1   2   3
                                  4   5   6
                                  7   8   9

Move the block in #9 to the empty #8 position.  Then, move #6 into the now
empty #9 position.  Next up, #3 to the empty #6.  Almost there...  #5 to #2.
Yes, the door!  Follow the path into a frightening area with demons holding

Climb the steps and open the chest for a battle with Hellbattlers!

:::Hellbattler x 2, 450HP:::

    They're tough, but not much worse than the enemies you've faced here
    already.  Just pound them.  Winning gets you 2740 experience points and

Search the chest to the find the Orihalcon Fang, the most powerful fang/claw
weapon there is!  Give it to Borongo or any other monster that can use it.

OK, this is it...  If you've followed my suggestions, you've gotten all the
items out of here, including two Small Medals (which brings your "findable"
count to 47).  Through this door is the end, Mildrath.  My suggestion now is
to teleport out of here with Outside.  If you're planning on completing the
Bonus Dungeon (see the Epilogue for details), the access to it comes from
winning the game and starts with your last save.  At this point, you have
some great items and they will be very useful in the Bonus Dungeon.  So,
teleport out, save and heal, and then get back to this door.

Head north through the darkness and you will encounter Mildrath.  He taunts
you, saying that you and your brood have come far.  He then tells you that he
is the King of the Demon World, a king amongst kings, Mildrath.  Over all of
time itself, he has become something even beyond a god and that he doesn't
need the weak powers of the fools in Elhebun to break his bonds.  He then
dares you to attack him as he will show you what real power is...

:::Mildrath, 1563 - 2245HP (my guess is 2000HP but I have heard 1700HP):::

    OK, this is it.  This form of Mildrath relies on summoning monsters such
    as Attackbots and Evil Priests (that love to revive each other) as well
    as high level magic attacks.  Don't forget you have the wagon so rotate
    people in as needed.  Barrier and Increase are a must and Decrease is
    useful for lowering Mildrath's defense.

    Play it safe; attack all out when you can on Mildrath but look out for
    heavy breath / spell damage.  You have the Sage's Stone and it will heal
    the active party, as well as everyone in the wagon.  Bikill on your heavy
    fighters combined with Charge Up can do serious damage; I have seen
    Golemath the Golem do 684 points of damage!  Don't use all your magic
    though, as there's another battle coming.  The Echoing Hat on the
    Daughter or Bianca can cause much havoc.

When the battle is over, Mildrath congratulates you but tells you that you're
very unfortunate.  Since your strength was so impressive, Mildrath will now
allow you to taste his full power!  Before attacking, he tells you to "cry if
you must, scream if you wish; your fear and your cowardice" are like prayers
to him.  He then tells the Legendary Warrior that he will die now, by the
hand of Mildrath and transforms into a horrible demon!

:::Mildrath, 5000HP:::

    This round is much harder; be sure to get Barrier and Increase cast
    early on or you'll regret it.  This form can use the high level breath
    attacks as well as attack spells.  To make matters worse, he can use
    Meditate to heal 500HP at a time.  He also tends to Decrease your defense
    and Increase his own.  Counter that accordingly and watch out for his
    Bounce spell, lest you have your own magic reflected back at you.
    Finally, Mildrath can dispel all your magic status enhancements so bring
    back Barrier.

    By this point, you should have numerous healing options available to you.
    The Hero and The Son have most of the healing spells, you should still
    have the Sage's Stone and the Staff of Benediction, and if you recruited
    a King Healer like I told you, you have HealUsAll.  If things get really
    bad and party members are dying left and right, let the Hero cast
    Farewell and then revive them.

    If you attack with all you have (now is the time ^_^) and heal when
    needed, and if you have levels around 47 - 48 (killing those King Metals
    will do it), then you'll be fine.

Mildrath can't believe he's lost; he disappears and the air begins to
sparkle.  Suddenly, you find yourself in Zenithia, talking to the Master
Dragon.  The Dragon thanks you and your entire family; because of your deeds,
peace has returned to the world.  The Dragon then chides himself for rambling
on about your heroics; pretending to be a human has made him soft.  ^_^  His
guards start to worry but the Dragon tells them not to be so tight.  Finally,
he tells you that your friends and many familiar faces await your return to
the surface and he will escort you there; besides, he wants to visit the
human world again.  :-)  He leaves the castle, telling you he'll be outside.

If you'd like, talk to everyone.  The guards are worried that the Dragon is
going to pretend to be a human again.  Dancing elves tell you the world is at
peace now and that their friend Bella said to say hello.  The Zenithian in
charge of the library is hard at work; she has to write a whole new history
that includes you!  The old man who gave you the Grappling Hook is out of the
fireplace now and tells you that you're great.  From talking to him, you get
the impression that wasn't what he always thought.  ^_^  

When you're done talking to everyone, meet the Master Dragon at the main
steps to return to the surface.

                   * Chapter 26 - The Song of Peace *

First stop is Elhebun, where the elders are glad you finally met your mother,
even if it was only once.  When they close their eyes, they can almost see
Lady Martha's smiling face when she first saw you.  They tell you that they
always had respect for your mother and that they're sure she will live in
your heart forever.  Feel free to walk around Elhebun and talk to the people.
Most of them will thank you and tell you because of your family, the world is
safe.  The old couple who told you about Papas realize that his first visit
here was the beginning of everything.  When you're done talking to everyone,
leave the town; the Master Dragon is waiting for you.

Your next stop is Reinhart; there you meet with Henry's family and Henry's
quite surprised that your son turned out to be the Legendary Warrior.  The
apple really didn't fall too far from the tree.  ^_^  Marina is impressed
with the nice things Henry is saying to you and that Bianca must be so proud.
Henry, realizing he was being too nice, promptly tells you that Bianca is too
good for you.  ^_^  Nonetheless, the world is at peace and the citizens of
Reinhart are celebrating.  And hey, Henry says he gets to gloat about being
your friend.  ^_-  But, seriously, he says it's true and he hopes you can
remain friends for a long time to come.  If you talk to Collins, he tells the
Son it's cool that he's the Legendary Warrior and that he can probably be
persuaded to let the Son become one of his goons.  ^_^  If you talk to
Marina, you tell her what her brother Joshua's last words were and she's glad
that his death was not in vain.  Again, talking to the people in the castle
reveals everyone's thanks and appreciation.  Dale thanks you on behalf of the
kingdom and even though he'd love you to stay, the people in Granvania must
be anxious for you return.  When you're done in the castle, leave and the
Dragon will take you to your next destination, Santa Rosa.

The nun there welcomes you back to the village and after thanking you again,
once more jumps up and down cheering, like she did for Papas so long ago.
^_^  The old man tells you that a man from this village named Papas turned
out to be the King of Granvania.  Sancho's house has been restored; the new
owner brags to you about the house's former owners, and then realizes who you
are.  :)  The innkeeper tells you that your deeds have made you the most
successful person in this village.  Once again, leave when you're finished
talking for your next destination, Salabona.

Ludman is was again talking about happy cookies ^_^ but is amazed you beat
the Demon Lord.  Of course, since it was you and your family, it's natural
for him to be amazed as you all still amaze him.  :)  He says he wishes you
had married Flora back then but that's a thing of the past and today is
today, and he can't remember a happier day ever.  Ludman's wife says you and
Bianca must be bound together by fate, as your son is the Legendary Warrior.
Go see Andy and Flora; Andy tells you all that you're great and he can't
believe he was actually in competition with you for Flora; he's even more
confident in his own manhood.  ^_^;;  Flora thanks you for all that you have
done and hopes you will always be happy.  Everyone in the town is singing and
dancing so head on to your next destination.

In the Mountain Village, you tell Duncan about the defeat of the Demon Lord.
But to him, even better than that, you brought your family to visit!  He
wants you to stay for a while but Bianca regretfully tells him you can't.
Duncan then realizes that you are a king; guess what that makes Bianca.  ^_^
Bianca tells him they will come to visit later.  That fine with him, but he
tells her not to come running to him after time she gets into a fight with
you.  :-)  Final stop...  Granvania.

The guard welcomes you home.  Talk to everyone before heading to the throne
room.  Borongo is there, as it Pusan (oh no, the Dragon's gone AWOL again) as
are all the inhabitants of the castle.  Head to the throne room.  On the way,
you can talk to Doris, who's still learning how to talk to a king.  ^_^  At
the door, Sancho awaits.  He's so happy that you have saved the world and
it's been such a long time since he and Papas left; everything is like a
dream.  Follow him into the throne room.  

To the Dragon Quest theme, you and Bianca take the throne, with your children
standing beside you.  All your subjects come to pay their respects and then a
great ball is held, with you and Bianca taking the lead dance.  ^_^ Suddenly,
you hear a magical voice from the skies.  

        "Oh husband, can you see how happy out children are?"

        "Of course I can.  Our children were able to craft reality from what
        were only dreams to us.  Now, come to me my love..."

        "Yes, my husband..."

Everyone is still dancing in celebration.  Outside, Zenithia Castle rises
from the ground as the credits begin to play...  The castle flies over many
of the places and towns you've been before finally rising above the clouds,
back to where it belongs.  

                                T H E  E N D

                         * Epilogue - A New Evil? *


    Restoration Orb (Chest, B1)
    Drum of War (Chest, B2)
    Hell Saber (Chest, B2)
    Sword of Decimation (Chest, B2)
    Medal King Armor (Chest, B3)
    Elven Medicine (Chest, B2)
    Iron Ball of Decimation (Chest, B4)

Special Items:

    Small Medal (Chest, B1)
    Shield of Radiance (Chest, B1)


    Farewell Crag
    Evil Spirit
    Great Dragon
    King Metal
    Evil Clown
    Metal Slime
    Metal Babble
    Jelly Man
    Flare Dragon

Be sure to wait until you see "The End" before resetting the game.  Then,
select the game you defeated Mildrath with and teleport to the Evil Mountain.
There, walk directly south into the swamp to enter the Bonus Dungeon.  Note,
all these events are occurring before you defeated Mildrath...

The monsters here are rough, but more or less, are the same ones you saw in
Evil Mountain.  Hellbattlers and Lionexes will join here too, as well
Springers, Farewell Crags, Great Dragons, and Attackbots.

From the entrance, head left and grab the two chests, including the last
findable Small Medal (woo hoo, 48!!)!  Then, from the stairs, head north
until you see two paths continuing NE and NW.  Take the NE for a Mimic battle
if you want, and then head NW and use the Final Key to unlock the gate and
proceed through.

In this next area, be careful not to fall.  Work your way to the SE corner
(fall and head up the steps to make this easier) and then take the passageway
and open the chest.  You've found the Shield of Radiance!!!  The last Sacred
Treasure!  Return the way you came and then head southwest to the next area.

See the cracks on the floor?  If you step on them, you'll fall.  Of course,
you want to fall at least once.  ^_^  The Drum of War is down there and it
doubles everyone's attack power!!!!  Monsters, run for your lives!  There's
also a Hell Saber here.  Anyway, get the items and then dodge the holes as
you head to the steps in the NW corner.  Take them to a different part of B2.

You're in a maze; from the start, head right for a Sword of Decimation.
Then, from the starting point go:
    Left, Up, Up-Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down

The exit to B3 should be in the NE corner.  Take it.

It's another maze...  From the start, go:

    Left, Down, Down

There should be a chest there; open it and you'll find the Medal King Armor!
Return to the beginning.  Then go:

    Up (take the stairs here for a chest and a Mimic), Down, Left, Up, Right,
    Down, Down, Right

The above is much more complicated than it needs to be, but it let me check
all the paths for treasure.  Anyway, you should now be on B4 and see swamp in
front of you.  Follow the path all the way around; when you have a choice of
going down through swamp or left, go left.  Then go up for an Iron Ball of
Decimation (Destruction).  This is a great weapon that attacks all enemies.
Then, go back to the way you came and head left for the stairs to B5.

You're on the outskirts of a bridge projecting out over a pool of bubbling
lava.  At the very end, a strange figure stands motionless.  Make sure you're
fully healed and have as much of your magic points as possible.  Also, make
sure your support items (Sage's Stone, Drum of War, Staff of Benediction,
Restoration Orb, etc.) are distributed amongst the characters you want.
You're about to face a much deadlier opponent than Mildrath, Esturk.

Approach the figure and talk to him; watch for all 3 of his eyes to open.  He
asks who dares to disturb his sleep and announces his name as Esturk.
Unfortunately, that's all he can remember now; he doesn't know who he was nor
what he's doing there.  He asks what you want of him and then thinking
better, asks if you're here to destroy him.  If you say "no", he'll tell you
to be gone and go back to sleep.  But, that's not why we're here...  Upon
saying "yes", Esturk says that he has no choice but he will not be destroyed
by the likes of you; come, let the battle begin.

:::Esturk, 9000HP:::

    This is by far, the most difficult battle of the game.  He has an amazing
    array of weapons and support techniques and can attack twice per round.
    Esturk really loves Explodet and will cast it as much as he can.  Also,
    he can use the most powerful fire and ice breath attacks.  His defenses
    include Bounce and a spell that will remove all your magic status
    enhancements.  Finally, when he opens / closes his third eye, he'll try
    to put you to sleep so Elven Amulets are _real_ helpful here...

    Start the battle off immediately with one character casting Barrier (the
    Son and King Healer both should have it) and another character using the
    Drum of War.  You'll repeat this throughout the fight as Esturk will take
    these enhancements away sometimes.  

    Then, on the next turn, put in your heavy hitters and just attack,
    attack, attack.  Remember, you have 8 characters to work with and
    hopefully a solid half of them have healing skills.  The King Healer is
    great here as he can be rotated in for a group heal and then rotated out
    for a better fighter.  

    Spells like Increase are useful but nearly as helpful as Barrier.  If you
    use the Drum of War - Bikill - Charge Up combo with the Golem, you'll do
    damage approaching 1000+ points.  It's very important to heal your
    characters when their hit points drop below 200 as Esturk could use the
    breath weapon / Explodet combo his next turn.

    Levels around 50 are recommended for a fair fight; just keep plugging
    away and fighting smart and he will go down.  Winning gives you 5000
    experience points and 510G.  Sometimes, he even drops a Small Medal.  ^_^

When the battle is over, Esturk asks how you managed to defeat him in a mere
<xxx> turns.  <xxx> is the number of turns it took you to win.  However, he
moans, next time it will be his victory and he disappears.  Unlike Dragon
Quest VI and Dragon Quest VII, as well as the Dragon Quest III Remake, there
is no prize for beating him in less than a certain number of turns.  You can
fight him again if you leave the dungeon and then return to the same spot.
And of course, you'll see him again in Dragon Quest IV...  ^_^

Anyway, if you've gotten to this point, that's about all there is.  With
everything you've found in this dungeon, Mildrath doesn't stand a chance so
if you want, go pound him again and watch the ending one last time.

If there's anything you think I'm missing or is wrong, please let me know and
I'll try and take care of it.  I have heard that there is an additional scene
with Bianca in Port Selmi (similar to the one in Alkapa) but I didn't see it.
If anyone knows the pre-requisites for it, just let me know and I'll add it
to the walkthrough and give you credit.  I hope this walkthrough has been
useful to you and I'd love to hear any feedback that you might have.  Thanks
and enjoy.

                                                James Holman
                                                December 11, 2001

                       A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S

I'd like to thank the following people and organizations, in no particular
order; if you feel you have contributed to this document and I left you out,
please let me know:

Ian Kelley, for his wonderful FAQs for Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest VII,
as well as his dedication to the world of Japanese RPGs that aren't easily
accessible and understandable to non-Japanese speakers.

Cjayc and www.gamefaqs.com for the wonderful service he provides to video
game fans everywhere.  I'd also like to thank the posters to the Dragon Quest
V board for their thoughts and analyses of this game.

Edhan on the GameFAQS Dragon Quest V message board for posting the link of
DQ5 secrets (http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~JY6S-YGC/jr/index_j/dq5.html),
JY6S-YGC for creating the aforementioned link, and Alex Jackson for
translating it.  The "Puff-Puff" girl trick seen in Chapter 11 and the scene
with the Hero and Bianca in Alkapa from Chapter 12 comes from here.

The Red Rose and Captain Vittles, for help with information on where and how
certain monsters can be recruited.

Hayato and Takeshi Ogou, for being there to buy Dragon Quest VII for.  ^_^

Enix, for continuing to produce so many wonderful games.

DeJap, for their translation of Dragon Quest V; thanks guys!

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