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    FAQ/Move List by Vegita

    Version: 3.1415 | Updated: 03/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2
     Game by Bandai
     For the Super Famicom (SNES)
    General Game FAQ
     Written by Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
     Version 3.1415
    I    - Introduction
    II   - Game Story
    III  - Basics
         A   - The Menu Screen/Modes of Play
         B   - Basic Attacks/Movements
         C   - More Complex Attacks/Movements
    IV   - Advanced Tactics
         A   - Throws and their Counters
         B   - Dealing With Super Ki Blasts
         C   - Other Various Notes
    V    - Character Analysis
         A   - Short Move List
             ----- Long Move List (By Character) -----
         B   - Vegita
         C   - Piccolo
         D   - Son Gohan
         E   - Trunks
         F   - Perfect Cell
         G   - Cell Junior
         H   - Bojack
         I   - Zangya
             ----- Hidden/Special Characters -----
         J   - Son Gokuu
         K   - Buroli
    VI   - Various
         A   - Special Move Ranking
         B   - Cheats
         C   - Rants about the Game (and Dragon Ball in General)
         D   - Revision History
         E   - Thanks
         F   - NO THANKS
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
         ---------------------------I: Introduction---------------------------
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
    Welcome!  I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the 
    Super Famicom game "Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2".  Well, you've come to the
    right place, because this game is my speciality.  I have owned it for several
    years now, and am quite proficient at it.  So much so, in fact, that as soon as
    I discovered someone has finally uploaded it as a ROM so everyone could play it
    (you illegal ninnies, you), I decided to write a FAQ so everyone would know how
    to play it.
    First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try to
    write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best at
    everything).  Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this FAQ,
    ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little sentences like "First off, let's get
    one thing straight), I will destroy you.  I will rip you limb from limb like
    the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will sue you for copyright
    infringment.  Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, the names of
    the characters in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership whatsoever of this
    game (except for the cartridge sitting in my room, that is).  Those are the
    property of their respective owners.
    Hey folks, if you're going to write me about this game, I must insist that you
    put, in the subject header of the e-mail, the name of game that you are writing
    about.  I am tired of having people write me, asking about games that I've 
    written for, but they never tell me WHAT game they need help with.  This will 
    help me in identifying what game you are talking about, and will also help me 
    weed your e-mails out from the Spam I constantly receive.  If you do not put
    the name of the game in the Subject header, then I may not read your e-mail at
    all; I get a lot of spam, and people like trying to send me viruses, so if you
    don't do something that will actually help me in determining whether or not
    your e-mail is legitimate, you can only blame yourself.
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
         ---------------------------II:  Game Story---------------------------
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
    Dragon Ball was a Manga (Japanese cartoon or comic) created by Akira Toriyama,
    an artist in Japan, in 1982.  The manga, which dealt with an absurdly strong
    little boy named Gokuu (off of the Japanese stories of a monkey god of the same
    name), became wildly successful, and a cartoon version was put on the air in
    1984.  It ran all through the course of the show until the main character, 
    Gokuu, finally grew to adulthood.  This signified the end of Dragon Ball, but
    promised that something new would return next week in it's place.  This new
    show: Dragon Ball Z.
    Dragon Ball Z picked up right where Dragon Ball left off, with Gokuu as an 
    adult.  He has a child now, and his arch-nemesis, Piccolo, was as bad and mean
    as ever.  This series introduced an entirely new set of characters, mostly from
    outer space, and revealed Gokuu's origins (he's from another planet too).
    Dragon Ball was such a large success, before and during it's "Z" stage, so it
    was obvious enough that there would be video games made about it.   There are
    RPGs, Fighting games, Strategy games, and even a few arcade games.  This is
    where Super Butoden 2 comes in.
    Super Butoden 2's plot starts right before the Cell game, the contest created
    by Cell to determine the strongest fighter in the world.  You pick one of 4
    characters - Vegita, Gohan, Piccolo, or Trunks - and prepare for the battle
    with Cell by training against another character (Gokuu and the other 3 
    characters you didn't pick).  After the fight with Cell, the plot then takes a
    wild turn.  Apparently, one of your friends beat up another of your friends
    (dpending on which character you play as in the Story Mode).  Along the way,
    you end up fighting clones of your friends, eventually meeting up with the
    nefarious villains behind it all - Zangya and Bojack, the evil Space Pirates
    from Movie # 9.  The final battle, though, is a match-up against Buroli, the
    Legendary Super Saiya-Jin (only on difficulty levels 3 and 4, though).  Have
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
         -----------------------------III: Basics-----------------------------
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
    To begin the game, insert the cartridge into your Super Famicom (or modified 
    Super NES) console, and press the power button.  If you're running it off of
    an emulator, you're a pansy, and should get the actual game.  After the intro 
    sequence (you can skip it if you want to), press start at the title screen to
    bring up the menu.
    _~A~ The Menu Screens/Modes of Play____________________________________________
    Upon starting the game, you will be taken to the main menu screen.  It has this
          STORY MODE
    To select one, move the cursor up and down using the Directional Pad and select
    the one you want with the A BUTTON (for those that take you to a second menu,
    you can cancel back to the first menu by pressing the B BUTTON).  Now, let's
    talk about each, shall we?
    ---Story Mode---
    Upon picking the Story Mode, you will go through the game by picking a single
    character, then the difficulty (1-4, with 1 being the easiest and 4 being the
    hardest).  From there, it's all fighting (with the occasional decision, such as
    where to go and who to talk to).
    ---Multiplayer Mode---
    Upon picking this menu, you're taken to a new set of options:
          1 PLAYER VS. 2 PLAYER
    Each is rather self-explanitory - the 1 Player vs. 2 Player match pits the
    person with the controller going into the first controller slot against the
    person with the controller going into the second controller slot.  1 Player vs.
    computer has the first player picking his player, and the computer randomly
    picks their player.  In Computer vs. Computer, you pick the players and watch
    as the computer beats itself up (afterwards, you're returned to the main menu).
    Now, what's the deal with the menu after picking your characters?  Let's find
    out (yay, bad ASCII art!):
    |                                  |
    |              Handicap            |
    | 1 Player                Player 2 |
    |    1----------Life---------2     |  Heh...I'm still not good at this.
    |    3-------Special Ki------4     |
    |                                  |
    |              Settings            |
    |    Difficulty--------------5     |
    |    Stage-------------------6     |
    |    Music-------------------7     |
    |                                  |
    Ok, here's what all that means:
    1 = This is Player 1's starting amount of life.  You can change it in 
        increments of 10, from 10 to 400 (10 being near dead and 400 being 
        2 full bars of health).
    2 = Same as #1, except this is for either Player 2 or the Computer 
        (depending on who you're fighting).
    3 = This is the toggle for whether or not you want to turn on your 
        "Special Ki" ability.  What does this mean?  When it's turned on,
        your character will automatically throw out the largest Ki attack
        they have enough energy for when you press the A button.  When it's
        turned off, you have to manually perform each attack.
    4 = See #3?  Ok, now apply that to player 2.
    5 = Here is where you change the difficulty of who you're going to face 
        off against.  1 is easy, 2, is normal, 3 is hard, and 4 is extreme
        difficulty.  Also, if it is a Computer vs. Computer fight, this 
        determines how intelligent the computer players will be.
    6 = This allows you to change which stage you want to fight in.  
    7 = This determines which piece of music will be playing during the 
    ---Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai Mode---
    In the Boudokai Mode, you're taken to the character select screen where you 
    have to pick which player you will fight as.  You may continue to select 
    players for however many people will actually be participating (up to 8 
    fighters can compete).  Once you are done selecting characters, press START to
    have the remaining slots (if any) filled by the computer.  After picking your
    character(s), everyone will be put into random slots to face off against each
    other in elimination-style matches.  The 4 winners will proceed into the 
    semi-finals, then the 2 winners will face off in the finals.
    Now, you're probably wondering how more than 2 players can compete.  It's 
    actually fairly simple - whoever is listed first in the match will be 
    controlled by Controller 1, while the second player will be controlled by 
    Controller 2.  Since only 2 people face off at a time, there's no need for more
    than 2 controllers.
    If you want to de-select a player you've picked, press the B BUTTON.  If you
    wish to exit the Boudokai entirely and return to the Main Menu, de-select all
    players and press the B BUTTON again.  This will return you to the menu screen.
    ---Options Menu---
    Unlike the previous game, the Options Menu is a LOT shorter.  Here's all that
    you have to pick from:
    MUSICAL TASTES = This option allows you to change the music from Stereo 
                     to Mono (and vice versa).  Not too difficult, yes?
    MUSIC TEST     = This allows you to scroll through the music and listen
                     to it, track by track.  To do so, scroll through the
                     music list by pressing LEFT or RIGHT and start the song
                     with the A BUTTON.  Sadly, the only way to stop the 
                     music is to exit the Menu entirely (by pressing the B
    SOUND TEST     = This option allows you to scroll through the various
                     sounds in the game and listen to each one.  The drill
                     is the same as for the music - scroll through using
                     LEFT and RIGHT, start the sound by pressing the A
                     BUTTON, and cancel out of it by pressing the B BUTTON.
    ___~B~  Basic Attacks/Movements________________________________________________
    Here are the basic attacks and movements that every character can utilize.  If
    you don't know how to do any of these, you should learn how immediately.
    A BUTTON      = Ki blast.   This is your typical Ki attack.  Most 
                    characters throw a small blast, while others launch 
                    something different. 
    B BUTTON      = Kick.  This button causes your character to throw a 
    X BUTTON      = Switch.  This button causes your character to switch 
                    from the ground, where you stand and fight, to the Sky
                    Area, where you float and fight.  Keep in mind that 
                    you can only move from the Sky Area to the Ground (and
                    vice versa) when the 2 fighters are far enough away
                    that the screen splits.  If you try to do so when
                    there is no split, nothing will happen.
    Y BUTTON      = Punch.  This button causes your character to throw a 
    L/R BUTTONS   = Holding down either the L or R BUTTON will cause your 
                    character to dash.
    START         = This pauses and unpauses the game.
    SELECT        = Once the game is paused, pressing SELECT will take you
                    to the menu screen, where you can browse through each
                    characters' moves, reconfigure the buttons, etc.
    UP            = Jump.  This causes your character to jump up in the 
                    air.  Characters can also jump UP-TOWARDS and UP-AWAY. 
                    NOTE - when in the Aerial Fighting Plane, your 
                    characters don't really "jump", they float up and 
                    down.  This is due to the fact that your characters
                    are, through either the use of their Ki or repulsors
                    jets, floating in the air, and in order to "jump"
                    they have to temporarily increase the amount of energy
                    devoted to "floating", causing a small burst of downward
                    force.  This burst causes that character to quickly rise
                    up, then fall back to their original level.  See, physics
                    DOES have its place in cheesy Japanese Fighting Series'!
    DOWN          = Crouch.  This causes your character to duck.  While 
                    this is seemingly useless, some of the shorter 
                    characters can dodge quite a few attacks by ducking.  
                    Every character only drops about 1 head in length, but
                    for those smaller characters that 1 head of room is
                    enough (Gohan, #18).  NOTE - you cannot duck in air.
    TOWARDS/AWAY  = Press the directional pad LEFT or RIGHT, which ever
                    direction is towards your opponent.  Since, thoughout 
                    the course of the fight, your characters will (most 
                    likely) switch sides, the direction you must press for 
                    certain moves will switch from LEFT to RIGHT (and vice 
                    versa).  Therefore, to save time and effort I simply 
                    say TOWARDS your opponent and AWAY from your opponent.
    AWAY         =  BLOCK (usually).  If you hold AWAY from your opponent 
                    while they are attacking, you will block at a mid 
                    level.  If you hold DOWN-AWAY, your character will block 
                    at a low level.  If you hold AWAY and your opponent is
                    not attacking, you will walk (or float) in that 
                    direction.  However, if you block Ki blasts or special
                    attacks, you will still sustain minor damage.  Don't be
                    a turtle - come out and attack once in a while!
    CHARGE       =  The "CHARGE" command is holding the direction listed for 
                    whatever amount of time listed.  In other words, if you come 
                    across a move that says "CHARGE AWAY (for 2 seconds)", then 
                    you would hold AWAY for approximately 2 seconds, then press 
                    whatever commands would remain.  Got it?  Good.
    You can win the game off of just the basic attacks, but if you want to actually
    win against another opponent or a harder computer setting, you should learn
    these attacks as well.
    Y + B        = Charge Ki.  In this game, your character has 2 life bars: Your 
                   health bar, which is your life (how many hits you can take), 
                   and your Ki bar, which is how much energy you have to throw 
                   special Ki attacks.  If your bar runs out, and you continue to 
                   try to do Ki attacks, your character will get tired, and stop 
                   attacking to take a breather.  In order to counteract this, 
                   you can charge up your Ki by by pressing the Y and B BUTTONS 
                   at the same time.
    TOWARDS + Y  = Throw your Opponent.  This causes your character to throw the 
                   opposing character.  Unfortunately, these can be stopped or 
                   countered.  (See Advanced Tactics, Section IV.)  Also, you 
                   have to be in extreme-close range to be able to throw your
    DASHING      = This game continues on the idea of "dashing" encorporated in
                   Super Butoden 1.  However, in this one you cannot damage your
                   opponent by simply flying into them.  Therefore, don't expect 
                   to pull a quick knock-down when you rush your enemy.
    Finally, so you can understand the notation I use (such as above for throwing
    and charging up):
    -            = When I list certain directions that are hyphenated, 
                   such as "DOWN-AWAY", that means you press both 
                   directions at the same time.  This means that the move 
                   is a diagonal.
    +            = When I list directional movements with a +, that means
                   that the button is pressed at the same time as the 
                   direction indicated.  In other words, if you see "Away 
                   + A Button" that means you would press AWAY and the A
                   BUTTON at the same time.  I use the Hyphen (+) and the
                   Plus (+) both for continuity - one is used for 
                   directions, while the other is used for buttons.
    ,            = When I list commas in between moves, that means you 
                   must press the direction and/or button, then press the 
                   next direction/button, etc.  If you see "Away, Down, 
                   Towards", that means you would press AWAY, then DOWN, 
                   then TOWARDS. 
    You don't have to press the Direction and/or button, then release, then press
    the next command.  In fact, it often works better if you perform the movements
    in one fluid motion.  This can be easily accomplished by rolling one's thumb
    across the Directional Pad.  This game allows some leeway in performing each
    move, so if you are required to press "AWAY, DOWN + A" but press "AWAY, 
    AWAY-DOWN, DOWN +A" through rolling of the thumb, the game will still register
    the move as "AWAY, DOWN + A".  I list the bare minimum you HAVE to press in
    order for the moves to work.  If you feel that you could perform the move
    better by rolling, then by all means do so.  Also, if you're having trouble
    getting an attack to work, trying jumping, then doing the motion right as you
    land.  Your character will be more likely to do the attack.
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
         ------------------------IV:  Advanced Tactics------------------------
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
    Well, Mr. Hot Shot, here's you think you're all that and a loaf of rye now that
    you've mastered the basics, huh?  Well, here's the more advanced workings of 
    the game:
    _~A~  Throws and Counters______________________________________________________
    In order to throw someone, you need to be close to them and press Towards + Y.
    The throw will hurl your opponent away, causing damage and giving you enough
    time to start another attack.  Throws, however, can be blocked and even 
    countered.  If, while being thrown, you press either the L button twice or the
    R button twice, you character will do 1 of 2 things, depending on the side 
    you're on:
    ---If you're being thrown to the left side of the screen, and you press the L  
       button twice, then your character will flip over and land safely, without 
       taking any damage.  
    ---If, while being thrown to the left side, you press the R button twice, 
       your character will fly back with a kick.
    These buttons are reversed for the opposite side of the screen; meaning that if
    you are being thrown right, pressing L twice will make you counterattack 
    instead of land safely.
    ___~B~  Dealing With Super Ki Blasts___________________________________________
    Every character has 2 super Ki blasts: a weaker one (that takes less from the
    Ki bar), and a stronger one (taking more from the Ki bar).  These are used as
    regular attacks if you are close enough to your opponent; you will just charge
    up and throw it like a regular Ki attack.  If, however, you are at a great 
    enough distance, then you will go a through special screenshot of just you 
    doing the movements of your attack, then the standard throwing of said Ki 
    blast.  At this point, the screen will switch over to the other character, who
    must attempt to block or dodge the attack.  Here are the various ways you can't
    attempt to avoid damage:
    ---1) Block = AWAY + A.  By pressing away and A at the same time once the 
          screen switches back to you, your character will throw up their arms in 
          defense, taking the attack.  They will take half the normal amount of 
          damage this way.
    ---2) Reflect = AWAY, DOWN + A.  By rolling from AWAY to DOWN, your character 
          can repel the blast by attempting to collect the blast with their 
          hands, then safely deflect the whole lot away.  Be careful, though, as 
          this can blow up in your face!  This defense will reduce the damage you 
          take to 25% of the normal amount.  If the Ki blast still explodes, 
          though, you take the full amount!  I've found that the attack is more
          likely to work if you jam on the A BUTTON after inputting the motion
          (once you begin "reflecting" the attack).
    ---3) Shield = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A.  By pressing TOWARDS, then AWAY, 
          then TOWARDS and A, your character will quickly create a shield of 
          sorts around themselves, defending against the attack.  The blast will 
          be destroyed harmlessly when it connects with the shield.  You take no 
          damage when you do this, but the move DOES require a small amount of Ki 
          to use.
    ---4) Counter = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A.  By rolling from DOWN to AWAY, then 
          pressing TOWARDS and A your character will throw out a Ki blast of 
          their own in an attempt to overpower the incoming blast.  When this 
          happens, you become engaged in a "Blast War".  What do you do then?  
          Well, that takes us right to our next section:
    ---When Attacks Collide---
    If two character's Super Ki blasts collide, then it becomes a furious battle of
    who can press the A BUTTON more in the time alloted - either the first person
    to 50 button presses or whoever has pressed the button the most after the time
    is up.  Whoever wins has their attack follow through, and the loser can only
    defend, dodge, or disperse (or attempt to do so).  Wasn't that simple?
    _____~C~  Other Various Notes__________________________________________________
    ---Aerial Movement---
    In the game, if you switch to the upper level, you will be flying around 
    instead of standing.  This means that you cannot duck low attacks, but you are
    able to slowly glide up and down over attacks by "jumping" (in the air, you're
    not really jumping).  You can, however, throw Ki attacks (regular attacks, 
    specials, supers), and they will automatically travel to the lower playing 
    field to seek out your opponent (unless they're on the same level as you). 
    When in the Sky Area, it can be very hard to dodge certain attacks, while other
    attacks are even easier to dodge and counter.  Learn to use whatever works best
    for your character.
    ---Regular Ki Blasts---
    Unlike other fighting games, the Super Butoden Series (as well has Hyper 
    Dimension) does not use several buttons for varying punch or kick attacks.
    Instead, there is only 1 button for a kick, 1 button for a punch, 2 buttons for
    dashing Left/Right, 1 button for flight, and 1 button for throwing a Ki blast.
    That's right - each character has a projectile as a standard attack.  However,
    don't think this is the end-all solution to the game.  In fact, you'll find 
    that a regular Ki blast won't do near as much damage as simply getting in close
    and slugging it out.  Also, if you do nothing but throw Ki blasts, you'll 
    notice that your character will stop and take a breather.  Don't go nuts with 
    these, they're just another attack.  If you abuse it, you'll lose.
    ---Special Ki Blasts---
    Each character has more than just the regular Ki blast.  Your more powerful Ki
    attacks use segments of the Ki Bar - the more Ki required, the stronger the 
    attack (and usually the more damage it does).  You can't perform a certain Ki
    attack unless you have enough Ki to use it, and the only way to charge up Ki is
    to either sit and wait for your Ki to charge up, or to block attacks.  Frankly,
    I don't like the idea of gaining energy by allowing my enemy to pound on me, 
    but I didn't design the game...
    ---Super Ki Blasts---
    Just like in Super Butoden 1, every character has a Super Ki Blast (unlike SB1,
    though, every character in this one has 2 blasts).  However, a modification has
    come from game to game - you are no longer required to be at a certain distance
    to fire off these Super Ki Blasts, nor are you required to have enough Ki to
    launch the attack.  If you input the command for a certain Super Ki blast and
    your character isn't far enough away for the screen to split, then they will go
    through the movements of the attack and throw a small Ki blast resembling the
    normal attack.  Because they are in close, the person who is defending against
    this can react as if this is a regular move, and can try to hit the person out
    of it or simply avoid the attack.  However, the attack itself does as much 
    damage as it would normally, and it will overtake ANY attack coming for it.
    No one is safe!
    Having trouble finding your opponent?  Well, that's ok - this game is equipped
    with a radar system.  The system is based around the Dragon Ball ability to
    sense others by feeling their Ki.  This extrodinary ability translates into the
    game via a small icon representing each character, located directly below the
    Ki Bar.  With the radar, you can see where your character is in relation to the
    other character, as well as Ki blasts that might be thrown.  Each tiny 
    character will even demonstrate (on a smaller scale) various attacks being
    performed by either character!
    ---Stunned Opponents---
    If you wail on your opponent enough, they may become stunned.  When this 
    happens, the are rendered unable to move, attack, or defend - they are forced
    to catch their breath.  After a few seconds (or being hit), they will be 
    knocked out of it.  However, until then they are open game to whatever you wish
    to hit them with unabated, including Super Ki Blasts!
    ---Tired Opponents---
    As opposed to Stunned opponents, Tired Opponents are ones that either fired off
    regular Ki bolts too much, or used a Ki attack that required more energy then
    they had drawn in at the time.  In either case, when this happens your opponent
    is forced to stand there, breathing heavily, while they recharge their Ki.  It
    is, essentially, a self-infliced "Stunned Opponent".
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
         ------------------------V: Character Analysis------------------------
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
    Ok, here's what you've been waiting for, right?  The special moves of each 
    character.  Well, here ya go! 
    * = denotes characters that can only be accessed by a secret code.
    % = denotes a Weaker Super Ki blast.  A Weaker Super Ki blast takes 25% of the 
        Ki bar and damages 25% of one's HP.  A fair trade-off, if I do say so.  
        Also, when used in close proximity, the Weaker Super Ki blast has a fairly
        short start-up.
    %% = denotes a Stronger Super Ki blast.  A Stronger Super Ki blast takes 50% of
         the Ki bar and damages 50% of 1 HP bar.  Very nice; however, the Stronger
         Super Ki blast takes a long time to hurl in close proximity, so it's less
         effective in close range.
    #  = Denotes a Meteo attack (an attack that does an unusually large amount of
         damage and sends your enemy a great distance, causing a great explosion
         where they hit the ground).
    _~A~  Short Move List__________________________________________________________
    Diagonal Kicking           = AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B
    Punch/Kick combo           = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
    Elbow Smash                = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
    Renzoku Energy Dan         = DOWN, AWAY + A
    Bakuhatsu-Ha               = DOWN, UP + A
    KienZan                    = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    % Big Bang Attack          = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Final Flash             = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Super Meteo Hitting      = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + Y 
    Double Horizontal Kick     = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Diving Flurry Kick         = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (While in air) 
    Mystic Grab                = CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
    Seeking Ki Blast           = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    Eyebeams                   = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    Mental Shocker             = AWAY, DOWN + A
    % Mankaksopoppo            = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Gekiretsukodan          = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Aerial Bashing Meteo     = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + Y
    ----Son Gohan----
    Sliding Kick               = DOWN + B
    Renzoku Naguru-Ken         = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
    Diving Kick Flurry         = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (While in air) 
    Super Charging Fist        = CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
    Renzoku Energy Dan         = DOWN, AWAY + A
    Seeking Ki Blast           = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    Telekinetic Slam           = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    Bakuhatsu-Ha               = DOWN, UP + A
    % Masenkou                 = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Kamehame-Ha             = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Gohan's Meteo...?        = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B
    ----Mirai Trunks----
    Sliding Kick               = DOWN + B
    Super Sliding Kick         = DOWN, TOWARDS + B
    Rushing Combo              = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
    Bakuken-Ha                 = CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
    Seeking Ki Blast           = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    Kakusan Energy Dan         = DOWN, AWAY + A
    Energy Zan                 = AWAY, DOWN + A
    % Burning Attack           = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Finishing Buster        = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Rushing Combo Meteo      = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B
    ----Perfect Cell----
    Bakuhatsu-ha               = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Punch/Kick Combo           = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
    Sliding Double Kick        = DOWN, TOWARDS + B
    Taiyo-Ken                  = DOWN, UP + A
    Renzoku Energy Dan         = DOWN, AWAY + A
    Finger Laser               = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    % Kamehame-Ha              = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Chou Kamehame-Ha        = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A 
    # Volleyball Kick-Spike    = CHARGE TOWARDS, AWAY + Y
    ----Cell Junior----
    Diving Kick Combo          = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (While in air) 
    Triangle Kick              = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
    Double Kick                = CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Reverse Diving Kick Flurry = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Finger Laser               = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    Renzoku Energy Dan         = DOWN, AWAY + A
    KienZan                    = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    % Mankaksopoppo            = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Kamehame-Ha             = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    Sliding Kick-Reverse Elbow = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Punching Combo             = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
    Kicking Combo              = DOWN, TOWARDS + B
    Finger Laser               = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    Energy Zan                 = AWAY, DOWN + A
    Kakusan Energy Dan         = DOWN, AWAY + A
    % Super Laser              = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Ki Volleyball           = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Somersault Strike        = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B
    # Kick/Uppercut            = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B
    Double Kick                = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Double Knee Smack          = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
    Finger Laser               = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    Energy Zan                 = AWAY, DOWN + A
    Tsuiseki Energy Dan        = DOWN, AWAY + A
    % Double-Hand Blast        = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Super Double-Hand Blast = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Disappearing Kick        = AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B
    # Kick Meteo               = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B
    ----* Son Gokuu----
    Spinning Kicks             = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B
    Flip Kick                  = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Elbow to Kick Spin         = CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Seeking Ki Blast           = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    Telekinetic Slam           = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    Taiyo-Ken                  = DOWN, UP + A
    % Kamehame-Ha              = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Chou Kamehame-Ha        = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Neo Meteo Juggle         = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B
    ----* Buroli----
    Super Clothesline, Part 1  = CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
    Super Clothesline, Part 2  = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
    Machine Gun Kicks          = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
    Renzoku Energy Dan         = DOWN, AWAY + A
    Bakuhatsu-Ha               = DOWN, UP + A
    Telekinetic Slam           = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    % Super Energy Ball        = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
    %% Super Energy Throw      = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
    # Super Pile Driver        = TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B
              ---------- Long Move List (by Character) ----------
    Each special attack is rated on a 1-10 scale, the first 5 (1-5) for how easy it
    is to get it to work, the second 5 (6-10) for effectiveness.  If an attack is
    really easy to do, and does very little damage or just plain misses a lot, then
    it'll rank a 6.  If it is impossible to pull off, yet is unblockable and does
    massive damage, it'll get a 6 for different reasons.  Also, some attacks go off
    of the scale, achieving a 6 in either effectiveness or difficulty.  These moves
    go beyond my opinion of the "perfect attack", meaning that the particular 
    attack is unbelieveably useful (usually because of several different 
    factors/abilities the move has).
    -All these attacks were taken from the attack list in the game, which is 
    accessed during a fight by pressing start, then select.  This brings up a
    separate menu.  Scroll down to your character name and press A, and this will
    take you to a movelist for your character.  To exit the movelist, move back up
    to the character's name and press B.  If there is an attack that does not 
    appear on the move list but does appear on my list, it is probably a "secret"
    move for that character.  Relish in your extra ability!  Oh yeah, and if you
    come across any moves I forgot, please e-mail me with it.  I'll verify it and
    add it to the FAQ!
    ___~B~  Vegita_________________________________________________________________
    Vegita is the archrival of Gokuu.  Gokuu, 4 years after being married and 
    fathering Gohan, he had a rude awakening - he isn't an Earthling at all, but
    rather from a race of Space Mercenaries called "Saiya-Jins".  He was informed
    of this by his super-powerful brother, Raditz.  Gokuu and Piccolo teamed up
    against Raditz in an effort to save the Earth.  During the fight, Gokuu and
    Piccolo talked of the Dragon Balls, the mystic orbs that could grant a wish to
    the person who collected them all.  Raditz, who had a communicator on him, was
    able to transmit this information to the Prince of all Saiya-Jins, Vegita.  
    Vegita, intrigued by these Wish-Giving objects, immediately headed to Earth.
    Vegita and Nappa, the General of the Saiya-Jin army, engauged in a massive 
    fight that resulted in Nappa's death, as well as several of the Z-Senshi. 
    Vegita, however, was spared by Gokuu.  Vegita, who's pride couldn't allow this
    thing to happen, created a rivalry against Gokuu.  Since then, they have 
    clashed a few times, but a true winner has yet to be determined...
    Vegita has fought along side Gokuu and his friends and occasionally against 
    them.  He is both friend and foe, and one bad man all around.  Vegita is a 
    Saiya-Jin with black hair going up into a point, and sports the traditional
    Saiya-Jin Armor (minus the shoulder pads) over a blue outfit.  Vegita is one of
    the 4 characters you can play as in the Story Mode.
    ----------Move list----------
    AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B = Diagonal Kicking              2/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Vegita flies upwards with a kick, then dives back towards where he was standing
    with another kick.  While the damage this attack does isn't that great, it's
    very quick to come out and his great priority.  Use it as an anti-air to really
    annoy your opponents!  Also, if the person you're fighting like to dash past
    you whenever you jump, throw 'em off and use this to peg them as the zoom on
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Punch/Kick combo             3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Vegita rushes forward, kicking and punching.  This attack leaves you on the
    other side of them!  If they don't know what's coming, they'll get barraged
    from both sides!  Now, for those you who don't know, this move was one of
    Vegita (and SSj Vegita)'s main attack weapons in Super Butoden 1.  Here, the
    move has simply been modified so that it looks different, but in the same way.
    Also like Super Butoden 1, sadly, is that you can break out of the combo after
    the first hit if you so choose.
    DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Elbow Smash                           4/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Vegita quickly moves to the other side of the opponent and smacks them with his
    elbow so hard, they fly a great distance.  A confused opponent usually can't
    block it (which side to I press?).  Unfortunately, this sends them REALLY far
    away, so you can't easily follow it up with another attack.  This attack is
    useful in the fact that you can attack your opponent from behind; however, your
    opponent can easily sock you before you even get to the other side of them, and
    if they block or you miss you're going to be left VERY wide open.  This attack
    has what is known as the "Knockback" feature, meaning that the attack will send
    the opponent flying a VERY far distance, rather than knocking them back or
    making them fall down.
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Vegita launches 3 Ki blasts in rapid succession.  This attack is pretty much
    THE number one attack Vegita will use.  It's quick, it's effective, and due to
    Vegita's shorter stature it will bypass the larger characters' Ki blasts and
    strike them.  Sure, this means that you'll probably end up trading blows, but
    odds are you'll get 2 blasts off to their one.  Also, Vegita is unable to do
    anything until all 3 blasts have been fired, and he is helpless in between each
    throw - meaning if your opponent dodges the attack, you will be left wide open
    until the blast disperses.  Still, for the quick and efficient damage it does,
    this attack is a keeper.
    DOWN, UP + A = Bakuhatsu-Ha                               /5  - Movement
                                                              /5  - Effectiveness
                                                              /10 - Overall
    Vegita turns, raises his hand, and the ground erupts with energy, sending the
    enemy flying.  Great for incoming attackers, or the fool who wants to rush you
    on the ground.  A slight lag time, however, makes it somewhat ineffective.
    This attack was originally used by Nappa, Vegita's oversized friend and General
    of the Saiya-Jin armies.  Vegita, apparently seeking to use this attack as
    well, has adopted it in this game.  Unfortunately, it doesn't do very good
    damage, the startup and lag are atrocious, and the move itself isn't exactly
    the easiest thing in the world to pull off.  I highly suggest that you not use
    this move, unless you're a fan of losing.
    Down, Towards + A = KienZan                               4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Vegita throws a small disc which heat-seeks the opponent.  Great for stupid
    enemies that like to hop back and forth into the two playing fields.  Once
    again, this attack isn't of Vegita-Origin.  It actually originated from the
    Z-Senshi named Kuririn, a bald monk who was good friends with Gokuu throughout
    their younger years.  Kuririn developed a Ki attack that, instead of the
    traditional beam or ball of energy, was actually a ball of Ki flattened until
    its edges were razor sharp.  Since it was a projectile, it could be easily
    controlled; since it was a razor, it could be used to cut; since it was a Ki
    attack, it could be used to explode at any time.  Vegita, upon watching Kuririn
    use it against his hapless cohort Nappa, immediately picked up the attack and
    used it himself in various instances.  In this game, the cutting ability of the
    move was dropped in favor of a much simpler heat-seeking explosive.  Therefore,
    that's what you get - a move that seeks out its opponent, travels quickly,
    looks neat, and explodes on contact.  An all-around good attack, if I do say so
    myself...you can throw it after an opponent has hit the ground, so when they
    get up they'll be hit by it!
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Big Bang Attack               3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Vegita charges up, raises one hand towards his opponent, and launches a large
    blast.  One of Vegita's 2 most popular moves, this one pretty well defines the
    entire attitude of the Saiya-Jin prince - I don't have to fully face you, I
    don't even have to use both hands...I can just use one and destroy you!  While
    the attack is Vegita's weaker Super Ki blast, that hardly makes it useless -
    in fact, I find myself using it in far more situations than his Final Flash!
    Since you aren't restricted to waiting until you have enough energy for a
    certain Ki attack (like in Super Butoden 1), you can immediately start the
    match by launching one of these (provided your opponent doesn't hit you first).
    That's the beauty of the attack - it's quick enough that if you are just a
    couple of screens away from your opponent, you can pull this attack off and
    destroy them before they even realize what you're doing!
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Final Flash                  2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Vegita charges up, puts his palms together, and launches a large, two-handed
    blast.  This is Vegita's Stronger Super Ki Blast (as denoted by the dual
    Percentages prior to the movement).  What that means for you is that if you use
    it when you have little or no Ki, you're going to be tired as soon as you're
    done using it.  The attack does a decent amount of damage, but it's entirely
    TOO slow to use in close-proximity to be worth anything.  Sure, for the damage
    it does you think it'd be worth it, but in the time it takes to use this attack
    you could be pelted by a Weaker Ki blast and still have time to jump.  It takes
    longer than the Big Bang Attack, but it DOES do more damage.  Therefore, I
    bumped the usefulness ranking up 1 point (more damage = good), while the
    movement rank was dropped a notch. (see Section IV.A).
    # TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + Y = Super Meteo Hitting       0/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              4/10 - Overall
    Vegita hits them up in the air, smacks them back towards the ground, the stops
    them and elbows them in the other direction.  While the damage is nice and the
    combo itself looks cool, the attack is an attack I wouldn't suggest you spend
    much time attempting to use.  The difficult movement of this attack makes it
    something you shouldn't constantly try to get to hit - however, the range of
    the starter hit is actually a lot better than most others in the game, so you
    don't have THAT much to fear...if the opportunity is there, you will have more
    leeway in performing this move than you would with, say, Piccolo or Gohan's
    Vegita lost a LOT from the transition from Super Butoden to Super Butoden 2.
    He no longer has attacks that give him incredible speed and priority over his
    opponents, he doesn't have his "quick escape" moves anymore (the Handspring and
    the Backstep Headbutt), and the attacks he DID get are HARDLY an effective
    trade.  His new Elbow attack is almost worthless unless used as a confusion
    tactic, his punching combo is worthless unless you're trying to quickly get to
    the other side of your opponent, and his anti-air move is slower and returns
    him right back to where he was, putting him BACK in the line of fire!  However,
    for the detriments Vegita gained, he still packs a whallop.  He seems to be
    evenly balanced between close-range and long-range fighting.  Although the
    emphasis FEELS like it's on his close-range abilities, you'll no doubt find
    that his long-range abilities are the ones to use.  He has the Renzoku Energy
    Dan for repeated strikes, as well as the KienZan for characters that like to
    jump a lot.  He can get his licks in, then rush in and deliver a quick combo or
    two to stun his opponent or create an opening for him to use his close-range
    Big Bang attack.  Don't underestimate the Prince of all Saiya-Jins - he'll
    pound you into the dirt the second you give him the chance.
    _____~C~  Piccolo______________________________________________________________
    Piccolo is Gokuu's oldest rival (unless you count Kuririn or Yamcha).  His
    father was Piccolo Daimou, the evil incarnate that was released when Kami
    (Earth's God) ascended to Godhood - in order to do so, he had to purge his body
    of all evil.  When Gokuu finally killed Piccolo Daimou, he vowed his revenge,
    and spit out an egg with the present Piccolo in it.  This Piccolo has fought
    alongside and against Gokuu, but has played an even more important role in
    Gohan's life.  As Gohan's fighting trainer, he instilled a fighting sense into
    Gohan.  He even began to care for the little tyke.  After a while, Piccolo gave
    up on the whole rivalry, and became a "good guy" with the Z-Senshi.  
    Being a Namekian, Piccolo has the ability to regenerate lost limbs, extend body
    parts great distances, and use magical powers.  Piccolo is a large Green
    Namekian, wearing a Purple Gi (uniform).  Piccolo is one of the 4 characters
    you can play as in the Story Mode.
    ----------Move list----------
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Sliding Retort Kick          3/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Piccolo flies forward with a kick, then flies back to his starting point with
    another kick.  This attack was ported directly from Super Butoden 1.  In SB1,
    the attack didn't serve much of a purpose since Piccolo flew so far that you
    could effectively block him on each passing of the kick.  In Butoden 2, though,
    this attack is MUCH more potent - the attack travels slower (well, maybe it
    just appears to travel slower since there are larger sprites this time around),
    but it covers a much smaller space, so if you connect with the first hit you're
    probably going to connect with the second one as well.  This attack is great
    for adding up damage in a hurry, and it can throw off your opponent as well!
    Yes, it is possible to block he second hit, but depending on just how close
    Piccolo is the amount of time you'll have to turn and block the attack will
    vary - meaning a wise Piccolo player can mix-up his starting distances, making
    it more difficult for you to block the move at ALL.
    (While in air) TOWARDS, DOWN + B = Diving Flurry Kick     4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Piccolo, while in the air, can dive and kick his opponent into submission.  If
    it is blocked, he will still kick rapidly, and fly to a safe distance.  This
    attack is, essentially, an upgrade to his Diving Kick from the first Butoden.
    While in the first one he only dove diagonally downward, in this one he dives
    and, upon connecting, will compound the damage by throwing in more kicks.
    Gosh, ain't it swell?  Since Piccolo can effectively move around in air with
    this move, it also serves as a great defensive tool.  Just make sure you're not
    encountering rising enemies at the same time (like Vegita's Double Kick)!  The
    funny thing about this attack is that even if it's blocked, you'll be planted
    right next to your opponent the moment the kicking ends, so the amount of time
    they have to counter your missed attack is practically nothing.  You can use
    this attack pretty much whenever you want without worrying about being smacked
    out of it!
    CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Mystic Grab                    1/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              3/10 - Overall
    Piccolo extends his arm, grabbing you from a distance and throwing you.  As
    demonstrated throughout the manga, anime, and even the movies, Piccolo can do
    some strange things with his body - namely, he can stretch his limbs to extreme
    lengths while attacking, making every part of his body a long-distance weapon!
    Thus is the basis for this move - Picolo stretches his arm in an attempt to
    grab his opponent.  If he succeeds in grabbing them, he will turn and throw
    them over his shoulder.  While looking neat, this move is probably the worst
    one in Piccolo's arsenal - it's hard to pull off, it's hard to connect with,
    and while the damage is ok, you could do much better with a Sliding Kick Retort
    while remaining relatively safe.  I suggest you not use this move in a REAL
    DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Seeking Ki Blast                      4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Piccolo can create a small blast that seeks the enemy, like Vegita's KienZan.
    The attack is simple - Piccolo puts his hands together, then throws his arms
    out, hurling a small ball of energy that seeks out its target.  This attack,
    while not terribly great in terms of damage, makes up its usefulness in the
    fact that it hunts down its enemy without any work from the player.  You can
    use this attack to trap your opponent if you want to, as it's just as effective
    as it was in the first Super Butoden.  Confuse your opponent into taking a few
    AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Eyebeams                              4/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Piccolo's stare can kill!  What happens is that Piccolo shoots a small beam of
    energy out of his eyes.  While this attack is quick and has no start-up, it
    really doesn't do much damage, nor does it travel very far.  Of course, what
    did you expect - Piccolo probably doesn't enjoy funnelling raw energy through
    his eyes, as the beam (when being discharged) probably temporarily obscures his
    vision, and since the attack is coming from an orifice he's probably not used
    to firing from it would take a little more effort for the attack to come 
    through.  Plus - think if someone were able to make the attack backfire! 
    Therefore, Piccolo really CAN'T put too much energy into the beams.  They CAN
    take out other Ki blasts (except for multiple Ki blasts or Super Ki blasts),
    as long as they're in range!
    AWAY, DOWN + A = Mental Shocker                           4/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Piccolo can use his amazing mental powers to send out a powerful blast of
    electricity, shocking his opponents into a daze.  This attack has some serious
    downsides to it - it has pathetic range (seriously, I think Piccolo's legs
    stretch further than this), it leaves Piccolo frozen for a LONG period of time
    (actual seconds, folks!) and it does pathetic damage.  However, it also has
    some serious upsides to it - it has amazing priority, it holds your opponent in
    place, and it can nullify ANY Ki blast coming at him.  That's right, I said ANY
    Ki blast coming at him.  If someone is getting ready to shoot a Super Ki blast
    at you in close-range, start this up and it'll destroy the blast, sparing you
    the damage.
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Mankaksopoppo                 3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Piccolo puts 2 fingers to his forehead, drawing in as much energy as he can in
    and around him.  He then points his fingers towards his target, then funnels
    the energy into 2 combined beams - one a small blast of energy, another
    rotating around the beam so as to act as a "screw" attack.  This extremely
    potent attack is considered Picccolo's trademark attack, first being used
    against the evil Saiya-Jin Raditz (Gokuu's brother).  In fact, this was the
    attack that killed Gokuu for the first time!  In the game, however, it is
    actually Piccolo's weaker Super Ki blast.  Its close-proximity start-up is
    fairly quick, so it is much more effective when you aren't outside of close-
    quarters combat.
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Gekiretsukodan               2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Piccolo begins drawing in as much energy as his can into his body, then stores
    it in one arm (so much so, in fact, that his arm will begin to swell from the
    amount of energy contained within).  He then aims his arm at his opponent,
    using his other hand to steady the shot, then releases all that energy in one
    giant ball of destructive energy.  Although not nearly as famous as the
    Mankaksopoppo, this attack (for whatever reason) was made Piccolo's Stronger
    Super Ki blast.  I don't understand the reasoning behind it, I just know that
    they did it.  The attack has a rather slow close-proximity start-up (since it
    IS a Strong Super Ki blast), so don't expect to be able to pull this out of
    thin air and fire it without having your opponent knock you out of it first.
    # TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + Y = Aerial Bashing Meteo      0/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              3/10 - Overall
    Piccolo hits them upwards, then pummels them while descending back towards the
    ground.  Sadly, Piccolo's meteo is one move I suggest you stay away from - just
    like most every other meteo in the game, it has that atrocious movement just to
    get it to work (which means that unless you've practiced a lot, you're just
    going to be wasting your time attempting this).  This, combined with Piccolo's
    extreme-short range starter, makes you wonder what the Namekian was thinking.
    Seriously, all he does is raise his arm as if he were shaking his fist at the
    sky, complaining about something.  I know I was whenever I attempted this move,
    only to find that its range was too short to bat the fly off of his nose.
    Piccolo's abilities seem to make him able to handle opponents that are in
    extreme-close proximity.  By this, I mean that he seems to work best when he is
    anywhere up to 2 screens away from his opponent.  If they go past that, the
    most effective attack he's got is the Seeking Ki blast, which can still be seen
    and swatted down from that distance.  Keep Piccolo in close enough to wear down
    his opponent using a myriad of attacks (Sliding Retort Kick, Mental Shocker,
    Diving Flurry Kick, etc), wait until you've got an opening, then either try for
    his Meteo (which will probably require your opponent being stunned for you to
    get in that close) or dash backward and throw out a Super Ki blast.  Just make
    sure your opponent doesn't get too far away, or else you'll be at a 
    _______~D~  Son Gohan__________________________________________________________
    Shortly after the defeat of Piccolo Jr. at the finals of the 23rd Tenkai-Ichi
    Boudokai, Gokuu and Chi-Chi were married.  About 1 year later, their son Gohan
    was born.  Gohan, because of his half-Saiya-Jin and half-Human blood, had
    enormous potential as a fighter.  He first showed this potential when he was
    kidnapped by Garlic Jr. and his minions, and later demonstrated it again when
    Raditz, Gokuu's evil brother, kidnapped him.  Gohan was trained by Piccolo, and
    showed very strong signs of respect towards him afterward - he had a suit made
    that resembled Piccolo's, and stayed good friends with his former teacher.
    Gohan participated in every major battle he was exposed to after his 
    introduction, from Raditz to Vegita to Furiza to the Artificial Humans.
    The game's Title Screen is that of a shot of Gohan flying towards Kami's
    Lookout, then a short of him overlooking the edge of the lookout.  He normally
    has black hair (in whatever hair style his mother has cooked up for him), but
    in battle he sports the blond SSj style.  He also had a special purple uniform
    made that matches Piccolo's, as well as the weighted cloak to boot.  Gohan is
    one of the 4 characters you can play as in the Story Mode.
    ----------Move list----------
    DOWN + B = Sliding Kick                                   5/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                             10/10 - Overall
    Although not quite as nice as Trunks', Gohan can slide across the ground with
    his foot extended, seeking to knock down his opponent.  The usefulness of this
    attack lies in the fact that Gohan, being a short fighter, can make himself an
    even smaller target, all the while moving towards his opponent and hitting them
    at the same time.  Provided you're not fighting anyone near your size, Gohan
    will automatically have an advantage in the way of an on-the-fly counter for
    any projectiles thrown.
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Renzoku Naguru-Ken           3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Gohan slides forward punching rapidly, then slides back.  This attack is, in
    general, the epitome of Gohan's fighting attitude - rush in, punching like mad
    and not caring for one's own safety.  Sadly, this attack is extremely bad for
    Gohan if it misses - you're going to be left VERY wide open should that happen.
    Also, the attack can be knocked out of after the first few hits (provided the
    other person either uses an attack that has more priority or speed that Gohan's
    next hit).  However, the attack DOES do great regular (and blocked) damage and
    has little start-up, so you can use it in an instant and most likely connect
    with it.  Go for it, Mighty Saiya-Jin!
    (While in air) TOWARDS, DOWN + B = Diving Kick Flurry     4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Gohan, just like his teacher, Piccolo, can dive out of the air and kick rapidly
    at whatever he hits (except the ground).  This attack does a decent amount of
    damage, and can be used as an aerial defensive maneuver - dodge attacks by
    jumping and dashing over them!  Also, even if this attack is blocked the window
    of opportunity for retaliation is incredibly small, so you can safely throw
    this attack out without fear of being countered and punished.
    CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Super Charging Fist            1/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              3/10 - Overall
    Gohan rears back, then lunges forward with a punch, his fist covered in a field
    of Ki energy.  If this attack connects, his opponent will go sailing across the
    screen a good distance.  However, the difficulty of the move, combined with the
    lack of opportunities you're going to have when trying to apply it, will make
    you think twice about using this attack.  EVER.
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Gohan, using an attack oft used by characters in the Manga/Anime, can launch 3
    quick bolts of Ki in rapid succession.  These attacks, while not overwhelming
    in damage, easily make up for it in speed and number.  You can use these to
    chip away at someone's life or stop an enemy from performing certain attacks
    (such as Super Ki blasts or rushing you).  All in all, this is a GREAT attack.
    Abuse it whenever you can.
    DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Seeking Ki Blast                      4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Gohan can throw a small Ki blast that homes in on it's target.  As for any
    other character with the Seeking Ki Blast, this has a variety of purposes -
    pressure, long-distance attacking, and ground-confusion.  If you want to, you
    can use this as an in-close attack - be forewarned, though, as it has some lag
    to it.  If you miss with it (although it will still come around to hit your
    opponent), you will be left open for a bit.  If you connect with it, though,
    the recoil time is longer than it takes for Gohan to snap out of it - 
    therefore, as long as you connect with it (blocked or not) you'll be safe from
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Telekinetic Slam             3/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Gohan throws his hand out, sending out a telekinetic burst of energy that slams
    opponents a good distance away.  This attack uses the "Knockback" feature,
    sending hit opponents sprawling a few screens away.  While the attack doesn't
    do much damage, it doesn't take very much Ki at all and moves incredibly
    quickly.  However, it is cancelled by regular blasts, so it's dropped another
    point for usefulness.  Aside from that, the attack is great, and should be used
    whenever you need to get rid of a pesky rush-down player (::cough:: GOKUU
    ::cough::) or just feel the need to gain some space.
    DOWN, UP + A = Bakuhatsu-Ha                               3/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Gohan can not only charge up Ki, but can expell it in the same manner, creating
    a temporary barrier around him.   This attack, while not to terribly easy to
    pull off, it does have its uses - namely, it looks like Gohan is charging up,
    so you can confuse your opponent into attacking you when you're in an offensive
    position.  However, this move doesn't protect you from certain attacks (Super
    Ki blasts will rip you apart in close), so don't think it's a move you should
    abuse.  Also, since there is a noticable lack of the "charging" sound, like
    when your character is charging up, you're not very likely to fool your
    opponent more than once or at a distance.  This move is mostly good for those
    times when you fight someone who likes to jump in the air to attack you, only
    to find that you've become a porcupine of sort (the quills being replaced by
    raw energy).
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Masenkou                      3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Gohan holds his hands above his forehead, charging up energy.  He then points
    his arms towards his opponent, one hand behind each other with the palms facing
    out, and lets loose with a beam of energy.  This is Gohan's Trademark attack,
    which was taught to him by Piccolo during their training before the arrival of
    the Saiya-Jins.  However, this attack was soon abandoned in favor of the most
    commonly-used "special" attack of the series - the Kamehame-Ha.  Since this is
    Gohan's Weaker super Ki Blast, it has a quicker close-range startup, but does
    less damage.
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-Ha                  2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Ah, his daddy's training does show through!  Gohan finally uses an attack that
    his father taught him (instead of Piccolo).  Charging up a ball of Energy,
    Gohan calls out the name of the attack "Ka...me...ha...me..." then points his
    hands at his opponent and releases the ball in a beam of energy "HA!!!".  This
    attack is Gohan's Stronger Super Ki blast, which means that while it does more
    damage, it takes longer to throw while in close-proximity to your opponent.
    Also, since the movement is more difficult than that of Gohan's weaker Super Ki
    blast (Masenkou), it drops 1 point.  Due to the power, it gained a point, 
    though, so it all evens out, n'est pas?
    # TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B = Gohan's Meteo...?         0/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              2/10 - Overall
    Gohan performs - surprise, surprise - his Father's meteo (not Piccolo's)!  Upon
    connecting, Gohan boots his opponent up into the air, reappears above them to
    kick them back to the ground, then touches down next to them and hits them,
    propelling them a few screens away.  This attack, for the damage it does, flat-
    out stinks.  Sure, it's effective an' all, but the movement is difficult to
    pull off, not to mention the fact that it's doubly-hard to connect with because
    of Gohan's short legs!  Since I can't take anything else away from the movement
    rating, I have to drop Usefulness by 1.
    I don't really understand the choice of attacks for Gohan.  He has some VERY
    nice close-range attacks, yet he was also given several attacks that either
    attack from a distance or simply send opponents flying to a distance!  I guess
    the emphasis should be put on keeping Gohan out of the close-proximity fight,
    attacking from a distance.  Due to his short stature, he can safely attack from
    a distance and be marginally safer from attacks than the larger characters, so
    pelt your opponent until you're ready to try a larger attack (Super Ki blasts
    and a meteo).
    _________~E~  Trunks___________________________________________________________
    Mirai Trunks (Future Trunks) is the son of Vegita and Bulma.  His first
    appearance from the future was to deliver a special medicine that would prevent
    Gokuu from dying.  In his timeline, Gokuu died from the a heart disease, and
    because he hadn't been there the Artificial Humans #17 and #18 destroyed most
    of the population of the Earth, including the Z-Senshi.  By saving Gokuu's
    life, Trunks created a seperate timeline than the one he came from - one that
    dealt with 3 different Artificial Humans, plus a more powerful set of the 2 he
    was familiar with.  Trunks stayed with the Z-Senshi of the past, training and
    fighting the Artificial Humans and (eventually) Cell.  Trunks finally got to
    meet his father, Vegita, but was bothered by the arrogant, uncaring person he
    saw.  He eventually came to realize how his father was, and respected the man -
    but that doesn't mean he necessarily LIKED him.  
    Trunks showed his support by showing up at the Cell games, ready to 
    participate.  Unfortunately, his appearance was more bad than good, as he was
    killed by Perfect Cell.  This enraged Vegita enough to cause him to blast Cell,
    distracting him enough for Gohan to overpower him and kill him.  Trunks was
    wished back to life with the Dragon Balls, and then returned to his own
    timeline.  Because of his incredible growth in strength, Trunks was able to
    defeat the Artificial Humans and Cell in his own timeline, thus stopping the
    cycle from continueing.  
    This Trunks is the Trunks from the future, not the lazy Trunks that fought
    during the Buu saga.  He has long Purple hair (which came from his mother,
    obviously), and sports a set of grey-ish (gray-ish?) pants and a black
    sleeveless shirt with a Purple "Capsule Corp." jacket over it.  When Trunks
    enters battle, he automatically powers up to SSj, making his purple hair fray
    out in every direction and turn blond, and ditches the jacket.  
    ----------Move list----------
    DOWN + B = Sliding Kick                                   5/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                             10/10 - Overall
    Trunks can perform an easy tripping attack by sliding on the ground and 
    kicking.  Despite being much taller than Gohan, Trunks' sliding kick actually
    puts him lower to the ground than Gohan!  I guess it's all in the style of the
    attack - while Gohan slides forward with 1 foot extended, Trunks slides on his
    back with BOTH feet extended, making himself a much smaller target.  This is
    good when you're close to an opponent and want to create an opening or simply
    stop them from attacking you, without worrying about any extraneous motions or
    DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Super Sliding Kick                    4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Trunks runs forwards and slides along the ground, much like his DOWN + B
    Sliding Kick.  The different between the attacks is that with this one, Trunks
    will slide much further and do more damage upon collision with an enemy.  If
    you thought the first Sliding Kick was nice, you should see this one!  However,
    since this special requires that much more movement to initiate, it does lose a
    point in the Movement rating.  However, don't let that dissuade you from the
    fact that this is a really good attack!  NOTE - one of the most useful features
    of this attack is that it can be used in the Aerial Fighting zones, where no
    ducking is allowed.  Since you can't duck, you can't block low, and thus Trunks
    has a free hit whenever he wants one!
    DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Rushing Attacks                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Trunks rushes forward, punching and kicking.  This attack, while not terribly
    damaging, comes out quick and can be used as a good pressure tactic.  However,
    the attack does have one problem - after the first hit he can be knocked out of
    the move (or it can be blocked or avoided), so ultimately it's not the best
    attack to use against more experienced opponents.  One could easily block the
    first hit and retaliate.  While I suggest you not use this attack against more
    knowledged opponents, it is perfectly safe to use against the CPU ranks 1 and 2
    (and occasionally 3).
    CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Bakuken-Ha                     1/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              3/10 - Overall
    Trunks, quickly summoning an amount of Ki to his hands, released a powerful
    blast of energy from his palms, sending anything within range sprawling.  This
    attack is difficult to pull off and difficult to connect with.  It uses the
    Knockback feature, but the problem with the attack is that even if you DO
    manage to connect with it, Trunks' really doesn't have much in the way of
    effective distance attacks!  Sure, he has the Seeking Ki blast, the Kakusan
    Energy Dan, the Energy Dan, and his Super Ki blasts, but the Seeking Ki blast
    is geared more towards confusion, the Energy Zan is used more for getting
    around Ki blasts, and his Super Ki blasts take a LOT of energy.  Ultimately,
    this attack only sets up for the Kakusan, so there's not really much point in
    having a special move where it feels like its only good use is to prepare for
    another special move.
    DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Seeking Ki Blast                      4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Trunks launches a blast that seeks out it's opponent.  As with everyone else
    who has this style of attack, the Seeking Ki Blast can be used for confusion,
    evasion, and hunting down your opponent.  Dash past it and sandwich your
    opponent, or simply throw it out and watch as your opponent takes the time and
    energy to destroy the attack - and while they do that, you can rush them and
    beat 'em up!
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Kakusan Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Trunks holds his hands out as if he were performing the Bakuken-Ha, then
    releases 3 bolts of Ki that travel parallel to each other, flying towards his
    opponent.  This attack does a nice amount of damage and travels fairly quickly,
    but the thing that makes it exceedingly nice is the fact that it will tear
    through regular Ki blasts and continue on towards its target, making it
    difficult to overcome.  However, it can still be avoided by jumping or
    travelling to the other fighting area (it doesn't seek from ground to air and
    vice versa), and it doesn't beat Super Ki blasts, so don't overuse it TOO 
    AWAY, DOWN + A = Energy Zan (Ground Energy)               4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Trunks quickly hurls a burst of energy that skims along the surface of the
    ground, headed towards his opponent.  This attack is good because, like the
    Kakusan energy Dan, it takes a relatively small amount of energy (about 1/8th
    of the bar) and deals out a nice bit of damage.  However, the focus of the
    attack is that it travels along the ground rather than through the air, making
    it an attack that you have to block low against.  This means that you can throw
    it out and not worry about having other Ki blasts stopping it cold (unless
    another Trunks throws one at you!).
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Finishing Buster              3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    One of Trunks' trademark attacks, this attack is shown by Trunks performing a
    myriad of arm movements, then holding his arms out; his hands are together
    horizontally with the palms facing his opponent, while his forefingers and
    thumbs are pressed together as if making an OK sign.  He then lets loose with
    a blast, headed towards his opponent.  Ok, descriptions aside, this attack
    really isn't much to write home about.  It's Trunks' weaker Super Ki blast.
    However, I do have a bit of a gripe about the choosing of certain attacks over
    others as their "stronger" and "weaker" Ki blasts...
    %%  DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Burning Attack              2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    The "other" trademark attack of Trunks', this one depicts him charging up a
    massive ball of energy behind his head, then hurling it at his opponent.  As
    with the Finishing Buster, this attack didn't actually have a name until it was
    given one in the video games (I believe the first one these attacks were named
    in was "Hot Battle! the Androids!" for the NES/Famicom).  At any rate, this
    attack has a slow start-up in close proximity, but generally looks cool, being
    a large ball of energy being hurled at high speeds towards unsuspecting 
    enemies.  Rock!
    # TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B = Rushing Combo Meteo       0/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              4/10 - Overall
    Trunks' meteo starts with him kicking his opponent, then dashing after them as
    they fly, pummelling them all the while.  While Trunks' startup for the meteo
    has decent range (his standing kick), it's still nothing major enough to
    warrant an additional point in usefulness.  However, since you can link into
    this off of Trunks' sliding kick, it's still a VERY potent attack (should you
    be able to pull it off, that is).
    Trunks is a very agile and dangerous player.  He can slink around attacks
    extremely well, he can combo off of his sliding kick, and his long-range
    attacks are not to be scoffed at.  He can throw out attacks that will
    essentially ignore his opponents' attacks, and he can ignore most Ki attacks
    himself by sliding underneath.  When it comes to playing as Trunks, create
    whatever opening you can in your opponents' defense by rushing them, sliding
    under them, and launching a variety of special blasts at them.  If you're going
    up against Trunks, never forget about the importance of blocking low and
    responding accordingly to missed or blocked combos.
    ___________~F~  Perfect Cell___________________________________________________
    Cell was created to absorb Artificial Humans #17 and #18 in order to achieve
    his "perfect" form.  he managed to surprise #17, and due to Kuririn's desire to
    NOT blow up #18, Cell managed to absorb her as well.  This Cell was incredibly
    powerful.  Thus having reached his perfect state, Cell had a quandry - what
    should he do now?  He'd accomplished what his programming stipulated, so what
    should he do now?  Cell decided - he took over the Boudokai and changed it to
    the "Cell Games", a new fighting contest.  The rules were simple - everyone who
    showed up would fight Cell.  If they lost, the next person would fight him.  If
    Cell defeated everyone, then he would blow up the world.  If Cell lost, then he
    Perfect Cell, in a fairly close match, defeated Gokuu.  The next contender was
    Gohan, whom wouldn't fight all out.  Cell, interested in finding out what kind
    of "hidden powers" the boy had, released several Cell Juniors to beat up on his
    friends (Vegita held his own, but everyone else got beat around).  Cell,
    seeking to infuriate the boy, proceeded to step on #16's head, silencing the
    robot forever.  This drove Gohan to the edge, causing him to transform to SSj
    level 2.  This Gohan bet the ever-lovin' tar out of Cell, hitting him so hard
    he puked up #18 (whom Kuririn promptly rescued).  Cell, whom had dropped back
    to an imperfect form (from the lost of #18) and bewildered at the sudden change
    of tide in the fight, decided to commit suicide and blow up the world.  Gokuu,
    sacrificing himself, grabbed Cell and teleported him to Kai-oh Sama's planet
    (sacrificing him too).  Unfortunately, the explosion didn't kill Cell - it only
    made him stronger, restoring him to his Perfect Form.  Gohan, with a little
    help from Vegita, managed to overpower Cell again, this time atomizing him in a
    massive Kamehame-Ha.
    Perfect Cell is the second person you fight in the Story Mode (after whomever
    you decided to train with at the beginning).  He has an all-white face with
    black stripes, and sports a sort of "upgraded" version of Imperfect Cell's
    suit.  His crest has become a hat, his skin has become an armor of sorts, and
    his stinger tail is now concealed by the "wing flaps" on his back.
    ----------Move list----------
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Bakuhatsu-ha                 3/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Perfect Cell, just like Gohan, can emit an aura of dangerous energy around
    himself that resembles a regular Ki draw.  This attack can be used as a
    confusion tactic, stopping opponents from rushing in and attacking what looks
    like an opening.  Your character isn't REALLY drawing in Ki, they're letting
    loose with it in a harmful way!  Don't go near him now, kiddies, shoot him or
    wait 'til he's done!
    DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Punch Uppercut-Kick Uppercut          4/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Cell slides forward and delivers an uppercut with his fist, then flies upwards
    with a kick, knocking the other guy down.  This is a nice, damaging combo that
    Cell can utilize, as it comes out quickly and is certainly painful (assuming it
    connects), and works well as an anti-air.  However, the lagtime on it is bad,
    so if you happen to miss with it, you're an open target to all sorts of abuse.
    DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Sliding Double Kick                   4/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    This attack is much like the other "combo" moves - it's quick to come out and
    does decent damage both attacks connect, but after the first hit the move can
    be countered/blocked/avoided.  However, the move is quick to come out and
    doesn't have much in the way of lag, so it's one of the safer "combo" specials
    in the game.
    DOWN, UP + A = Taiyo-Ken                                  3/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Cell holds his hands up to his face and discharges a burst of energy in the
    form of a blinding light.  If this attack connects, your opponent will be
    temporarily immobilize d(as if they'd become tired or stunned).  This attack is
    great in how effective it is and its amazing priority (it will even knock
    opponents out of the air, but sadly won't stun them); however, it does have its
    downsides, namely pulling the move off and the lag time (if they block this
    attack or are out of range, you're VERY wide open).  Still, it's a great attack
    to use and abuse due to the openings it can create.
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Cell can hurl out 3 Ki blasts in rapid succession, just like anyone else with
    this move.  Due to Cell's large stature, this attack is thoroughly useless on
    the likes of the smallest character (Cell Junior, Vegita, & Gohan).  However,
    this doesn't mean it's not effective - it can still be used to take out other
    Ki blasts (provided they're not being thrown by someone so small that they'd
    fly right underneath), and the damage it does is quite nice.
    AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Finger Laser                          4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Cell fires a laser from his finger.  What else is there to say?  It's really
    quick, and can stop a regular Ki shot.  It doesn't do much damage, but it's
    quick enough to stop enemies from rushing it.  You can use this in close
    proximity to stop attacks, but to be honest I think another attack would most
    likely be more suiting.  However, that doesn't mean this attack should be
    ignored; on the contrary, it should be your first line of defense against Ki
    blasts from a distance (aside from using regular Ki blasts yourself).  It could
    be better, but it could be a LOT worse...
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-Ha                   3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Cell charges up and lets loose with Kamesennin's trademark attack.  This is
    Cell's weaker Super Ki blast, so it's quick to start up in Close Proximity and
    doesn't take much Ki.  As with any other weaker Super Ki blast, though, it
    still only takes off 25% of one bar, and from a distance it can be nullified by
    just as many defenses as the Stronger Super Ki blasts.  Oh well...
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Chou Kamehame-Ha             2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Cell lets loose with Gokuu's biggest attack (except for the Genki Tama, which
    they conviniently left out of this one).  This attack, for those of you who
    don't know, is actually stronger than the regular Kamehame-Ha (I'll cover it in
    Gokuu's section, since it seems more fitting to talk about it there).  Cell can
    use this attack as well, and it is his stronger Super Ki blast, so you know the
    drill - more damage, more Ki required, longer close-proximity start-up, blah 
    blah blah.  Nachos!
    % CHARGE TOWARDS, AWAY + Y = Volleyball Kick-Spike        1/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Cell grabs his opponent, throws them skyward, then spikes them into the ground
    with a kick.  Unlike most of the other meteos in this game, Perfect Cell's is
    marginally easier to pull off.  Also, due to Cell's incredible leg length, it's
    VERY easy to connect with it.  The only problem with this move is that it DOES
    have a difficult movement required, that of a charge move.  The most 
    frustrating aspect of this move, though, is the fact that it is the only move
    that requires you to charge TOWARDS your opponent.  This means that you pretty
    much HAVE to be on the offensive, due to the fact that you have to be close
    enough to your opponent to connect with it (not too much of a problem with P.
    Celly) while holding TOWARDS them long enough for the move to work.  In other
    words, you have to be close enough to your opponent (who is not very likely to
    hold still) while continually holding TOWARDS.  This means that if you're going
    for this move, you can't block.  This makes it VERY troublesome.   However,
    Cell's reach and the damage make it a fine tool to have.
    Cell is, as he was in Super Butoden 1, a walking tank.  He has some very
    powerful moves at his disposal, and he is surprisingly agile for being a large
    character.  However, his individual moves don't really do much damage on their
    own - you have to have all hits connect to do the damage you want to.  This can
    be very problematic, given the fact that Cell is a large target.  However, his
    Taiyo-Ken ability easily makes up for his size disadvantage, giving him the
    ability to stop you cold at any given second. 
    You know, I was wondering - everyone in the game (except Zangya) either has the
    Renzoku Energy Dan or the Seeking Ki blast (or both).  Why is it they don't?
    The reason I'm bringing it up in Perfect Cell's "Overall" section is that it
    also made me realize - why doesn't Cell have BOTH moves?  He's made up from the
    cells of the other Z fighters and he knows their moves, so why didn't the
    programmers give him some moves from the other characters?  You'd think that
    the "perfect" amalgam of the characters would have the best moves, right?  I
    mean, they could have taken his Sliding Double Kick and given him Gokuu's
    multiple kicks, or given him Vegita's Diagonal Kicking attack in lieu of his
    Punch/Kick combo.  Oh well...maybe giving him Vegita's Diagonal Kicking would
    not have been a very good idea...
    _____________~G~  Cell Junior__________________________________________________
    SSj Gohan just wouldn't go all-out against Perfect Cell.  Cell taunted the boy,
    trying to get him to fight 100% and use his full potential.  And why shouldn't
    Cell want to see this?  Cell had reached his pinnacle, and wanted to see if
    this Saiya-Jin boy could compete - Gokuu had said he was capable, so why not
    see just how good the boy could be when Gohan reached HIS maximum?  After a few
    failed attempts, Cell decided to see if he could incite fury be attacking his
    friends.  Rather than try to attack everyone himself, Cell opted for a 
    different style - due to Piccolo's blood, he was able to create several smaller
    versions of himself that could do the dirty work for him.  This smaller, weaker
    version of Cell resembled a childlike-version of him, but was still strong
    enough to pound on the other Z-Senshi (except for Vegita, who was on a par with
    Cell Junior is a tiny, bluish-tinted version of Perfect Cell.  His "crest"
    (hat) is shorter, his limbs are smaller, and his is a thinner target then his
    "father".  Cell Junior can be fought against if you initially fail against
    Perfect Cell, and also makes small cameos guarding either a Dragon Ball or a
    Devil's Tower.
                        ----------Move list----------
    TOWARDS, DOWN + B (While in air) = Diving Kick Combo      4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Cell Jr. can drop out of the air with a kick, hit two more times, and then fly
    back up into the air with another kick.  Now, what makes this attack so good?
    Well, for starters, you can perform this move whenever you want during a jump
    (even immediately after you've jumped), making it a good surprise tool.  The
    second factor is that if you use it and land short of your opponent, you're
    still not an open target - remember, you'll keep attacking before returning to
    the air. The only detriment to the move itself is that if you completely miss
    or your opponent blocks the lot of it, you'll be left wide open.
    DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B = Triangle Kick                 2/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Junior can fly diagonally upwards with a kick, then drop straight down and
    slide back to his original position with another kick.  It's a triangle, see?
    The purpose of this attack, aside from damaging your opponent (duh) is 
    primarily trickery and dodging of attacks.  If there's anything Cell Jr. can do
    well, it's dodge attacks and confuse your enemy.  That's where this attack
    comes into play - his flying upwards can hit his opponent, forcing them to
    remain groundward (or otherwise take a hit).  After that, he quickly drops back
    to the ground and slides back to his original position.  This portion of the
    attack can be effective for routing enemies that are attempting to attack you -
    they'll be forced to turn around when you switch sides and block from a 
    different angle.  The sudden switch can often make for a free hit, unless your
    opponent has incredible reflexes or you telegraph the attack too much (meaning
    they know when to block).  The move gets a 5 in usefulness because of all of
    this, and probably should be dropped down 1 notch because ultimately Cell Jr.
    can't use this to dodge Ki blasts on reflex - if he does, he'll return back to
    his spot in time to have the Ki blast connect.  Still, for non-Ki-related
    attacks this is the way to go!
    CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Double Kick                    1/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              4/10 - Overall
    Cell Junior, with his small size, can easily evade certain attacks and come
    back with his own fun attacks, like this one.  He jumps towards and kicks
    twice.  Now, unlike the previous 2 attacks of Cell Junior's, this one really
    isn't that useful.  Granted, it utilizes the Knockback feature, but that really
    doesn't help Junior much as he's more of a close-proximity fighter than 
    anything.  Also, it's not entirely useful when it comes to dodging blasts - he
    can still be knocked out of it with regular attacks (provided you have the
    better range, which isn't that hard), and if your timing is poor then you will
    simply collide with whatever attack you're trying to avoid.  Finally, the
    movement for this attack isn't to whippy, so I suggest you stay away from this
    move unless you're in dire need of getting your opponent away from you!
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Reverse Diving Kick Flurry   3/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Cell Junior can quickly rush past his opponent, jump in the air, then return
    with a Diving Kick.  If the Diving Kick connects, he will proceed with a
    Piccolo and Gohan-esque Kick Flurry.  What makes this attack so great?  Well,
    aside from the simplicity of the movement, the attack does decent damage, comes
    out quick, and is very easy to connect with!  Play a quick mind game, mix up
    attacks, then pull this one out and force your opponent to block from the other
    side - it's very likely that they won't block quick enough and instead take the
    hit.  Surprisingly enough, this attack also makes an excellent Anti-air - when
    your opponent jumps in, dash past 'em and catch them right as they're landing
    with a flying flurry of feet!  Sadly, the only real problem with the attack is
    that Junior can be hit out of the initial dashing, meaning that if you try to
    dash past someone who's in the middle of attacking (think special moves with
    repeated hits), you'll take the hit instead of moving past them.  However, you
    shouldn't be thinking about rushing your opponent when they're doing this 
    anyways, so it's generally a safe move to work with!
    AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Finger Laser                          4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Cell Junior, just like his father (I THINK you can call him his father), can
    shoot a laser out of his finger.  We can only assume which host's DNA this came
    from - Piccolo used it, as well as Furiza, so who did the attack originate
    with?  Since it's coming out of the finger rather than the eyes, one could
    argue that it was initially Furiza's attack - however, Piccolo did originate
    the "Small Beam(s) of Energy" attack, so you could say it came from him as
    well.  Arguments aside, the attack is just as useful as everyone else that has
    it - a quick attack that's good for stopping rushing opponents or a seeking Ki
    blast.  However, Cell Junior is too short to use it against regular Ki blasts.
    However, he IS really short, so if it's a regular Ki blast he doesn't have to
    worry anyways!  Therefore, the attack is just as useful as it normally would be
    (for someone else).
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Just like nearly every FRIGGIN' person in the game, Cell Junior has the Renzoku
    Energy Dan.  In case you hadn't been paying attention throughout all the other
    characters' movelists, this move is as follows - Cell Junior, at the cost of a
    little bit of the Ki bar, can throw out 3 ki bolts in rapid succession.  The
    usefulness of this attack, for most people, is that they can hurl them and stop
    other Ki blasts from tagging them while retaliating with 2 more Ki blasts
    following it.  The thing about Cell Junior's Renzoku Energy Dan is that due to
    his lack of height, he can simply chuck these out and not worry about it
    colliding with other Ki blasts (not counting the Energy Zans or Seeking Ki
    Blasts that have dropped to his level).  The result - Cell Junior can throw out
    3 bolts of Ki in a rapid manner, only you don't have to worry about sacrificing
    1 of the blasts to destroy an attack and hit with the other 2.  He can simply
    connect with all 3 and add on to the damage!  The only detriment to the attack
    that I can think of is that if he's facing off against the other really short
    players, his shots can and will collide with regular Ki attacks (Gohan, Zangya,
    Veggie, etc).  Don't let that phase you, though - if they're not short, you've
    got nothing to fear!
    DOWN, TOWARDS + A = KienZan                               4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Kuririn's trademark attack is also utilized by Vegita in this game.  Cell
    Junior makes a small, homing disk of pure energy and launches it at his enemy.
    Also, just like Vegita's, the attack will home in on his opponent, so this is
    essentially a "fire and forget" missile.  Ain't it great?  Now, what kind of
    uses does this attack have?  Well, Cell Junior works best when he's in close
    combat, so what should you do if your opponent keeps jumping out of range of
    even you Renzoku Energy Dan?  Why, chuck this attack out and use it to prevent
    your opponent from running away while you rush them.  However, just like
    regular Ki blasts and the like, if you are too far away and manage to dash into
    your own Ki blast, you WILL collide and take damage for it.  Granted, Cell
    Junior is short and might shoot underneath it, but there's no sense in taking
    that sort of risk.  Therefore, fly above/below them after chucking the KienZan,
    then let the pressure begin!
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Mankaksopoppo                 3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Cell Jr. can use Piccolo's most popular attack.  For those of you who don't
    know what that is, then it's the Mankaksopoppo - the powerful beam of energy
    that looks and acts like a "screw" blast.  The main blast carries most of the
    power, while a secondary beam of energy twirls around the main beam acting as a
    drill.  The effect is that you have a powerful blast of energy that both does a
    lot of damage and also can and will drill through its target.  Since this is
    Cell Junior's weaker Super Ki Blast (as denoted by the single Percentage Sign),
    it has a short start-up while in close proximity (where Junior does the best
    when fighting) and takes 25% of the Ki bar; the downside is that it only does
    25% damage.  It's a trade-off, n'est pas?
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-Ha                  2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Cell Junior charges up and lets loose with Kamesennin's trademark attack...ok,
    to be honest, we don't know if he actually trademarked it or not.  We know that
    Gokuu used the attack a LOT throughout the course of the series, so most people
    simply consider it Gokuu's attack.  However, Kamesennin DID devise the attack,
    and there's no telling how often he's used the attack throughout his lifetime,
    so it's up for grabs.  I prefer to think of it as Kamesennin's attack, since he
    DID make it.  Sure, Gokuu eventually upgraded it with the "Chou Kamehame-Ha",
    but that was really just an improvement on the regular ol' Kamehame-Ha.  Ok,
    ownership aside, this is Cell Junior's Stronger Super Ki Blast.  You know what
    that means - longer close-proximity start-up, more Ki required, more damage
    Cell Junior is a short fighter.  Sure, that much is obvious, but you have to
    stop and take into account as to how effective this can be.  Granted, because
    of his short stature that means his appendages are short as well, and any
    attacks made with them are going to have poor range.  However, you'll find that
    Cell Junior's size and mobility make it easy enough for him to get in close to
    attack, and his ability to dodge attacks more than make up for his lack of
    range.  If you desperately need an attack with some range to it, Junior can
    toss out a regular Ki bolt, a Renzoku Energy Dan, or a KienZan.  When in close,
    range won't matter as much as priority and speed - and Cell Junior has that in
    spades.  If you can bully your opponent into a dizzy spell (which Cell Junior
    seems to be good at with his relentless attacks), you're free to let loose with
    a Super Ki blast (since he doesn't have any meteos)!
    _______________~H~  Zangya_____________________________________________________
    Zangya and Bojack were 2 villains that came from the Dragon Ball Z movies
    rather than the manga and/or series.  Because of this, many say that they were
    never "real" villains.  Hey, man, it's your call.  I thought they were pretty
    neat in Movie #9.  So what it if might not fit into the overall storyline?
    The plot of Movie 9 was simple - evil Pirates from deep in space came to Earth,
    and the Z Senshi have to stop their fun (participating in a Boudokai) so they
    can stop them.  Ultimately, Gohan powers up to SSj2 and trashes them all.  The
    pirates were lead by Bojack, the oversized Male Alien, and Zangya, his second-
    in-command.  Zangya was known for her ruthlessness as well as extreme strength.
     She has long Orange hair and blue skin, and is one of the 2 final enemies of
    the game you can fight (aside from Buroli, that is).
    ----------Move list----------
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Sliding Kick-Reverse Elbow   3/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Zangya slides forward, past her opponent (doing damage in the process), then
    returns with an elbow attack.  This attack, while not terribly damaging, is
    effective in the sense that even if they block the attack, you'll still pass
    through and attempt the second hit.  Granted, it's possible to block both hits,
    but you'll still do chip damage for both attacks.  This makes the attack quite
    effective - you will either do a miniscule amount of damage on each pass, 
    you'll do a larger amount of damage with 1 blocked and 1 hit, or connect with
    both.  In either case, it can work as a confusion tactic (duel-sided attack).
    The only thing that brings this attack's "Usefulness" ranking down is that if
    you miss or if it's blocked, you're wide open to attacking.
    DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Punching Combo                        4/5  - Movement
                                                              1/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Zangya slowly moves forward, punching.  Then she jumps and flies at you with a
    kick.  Sadly, because of this moves' dismal speed and range it isn't very
    effective.  Sure, the damage is there, but the attack is easily 
    blocked/avoided/countered.  Even if your opponent is dizzy, the first hit will
    bring them out of it and the rest will most likely be blocked or avoided or
    countered.  In most instances, I would suggest you not use this move.  This
    move isn't even very effective as an anti-air - the flying kick would be, but
    the attacking before hand takes up too much time for it to be used on the spur-
    of-the-moment.  You would probably have to set up an instance where your
    opponent would jump in the air right as you flew upwards just to connect with
    it as an anti-air!  If you have to construct situations where a move is useful,
    then the move is inherently NOT useful.  There's a difference between comboing
    into Cable's AHVB and having to use an Assist to get Gambit's Royal Flush to
    connect - both are situations created, but one of them is infinitely easier to
    DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Kicking Combo                         4/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Zangya slowly moves forward, kicking.  She ends it with a slide move that
    knocks you off your feet.  Ok, so what is it with Zangya and terrible moves?
    Honestly...this one is marginally more effective than the Punching Combo, and
    that's due to the fact that if your opponent blocks the initial hits, you MIGHT
    score a hit with the sliding kick (provided they forget to block low).  It
    really isn't very good for chipping, since the attack can be avoided/blocked/
    countered after each hit, so this is yet another move I suggest you stay away
    AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Finger Laser                          4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Zangya shoots a quick laser out of her finger.  Just like everyone else that
    has this move, Zangya can fire off a quick beam of energy that can defuse Ki
    blasts and the like.  The reason this move gets an extra point for usefulness
    is that Zangya's short stature allows her to chuck one of these out and even
    stop one of Cell Junior's Ki blasts!  Granted, it will take out Seeking Ki
    blasts just the same as everyone else (which track to the same level as where
    you through out Ki), meaning you can use it there as well, but you can also
    stop Cell Junior with this sucker.  That's just less worrying about the little
    guy getting at you!
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Kakusan Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Zangya, just like Trunks, can create 3 parallel ki shots that fly horizontally
    across the screen.  This (these?) will tear through a regular ki shot, and does
    a fair amount of damage on its own.  To be blunt, this is one of the few GOOD
    attacks Zangya has.  Her close-proximity fighting is weak, so she's left
    playing keep-away and counter-offense, and this move plays right into that
    strategy.  Although it does have a slight start-up, the move makes up for it in
    the fact that it takes out rival Ki blasts and continues on towards its target.
    Sure, she's lacking in some powerful moves, but the ones she's got work great!
    AWAY, DOWN + A = Energy Zan                               4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Zangya can create a ki blast that travels along the ground towards it's
    opponent.  Yet another move taken from Trunks' arsenal, Zangya's usage of this,
    to be honest, seems a little redundant.  Why?  Because she's short, that's why!
    Her regular Ki blasts travel at around the same height as the upper-half of the
    Energy Zan, so why bother using Ki to throw out the blast?  The answer, of
    course, is simple - the damage, silly!  If your regular Ki blast could do this
    much damage when it connected, then why would you bother with a special move?
    Oh well...it's quick, it's damaging, and since it's low to the ground it can
    pass underneath the larger characters' Ki blasts.  Therefore, it's a good
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Super Laser                   3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Zangya charges up and shoots a VERY large laser at her opponents.  What does
    this mean for you, the user?  Well, as the singular Percentage mark denotes,
    it's a "Weaker Super Ki Blast".  Therefore, quick startup in close-proximity
    and 25% of your Ki bar are some of the traits of it.  The other trait is that
    only 25% damage is done (to only 1 bar, that is).  I can't think of anything
    else to say about this move, except...well, a Laser?  C'mon, I was hoping for
    some huge death-crusher beam, and all I got was a laser?  Poo...you know, maybe
    I should have called this move something else.  I mean, the word "Laser" is
    actually an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of 
    Radiation".  Now this attack really is nothing more than Zangya taking a bunch
    of Ki and forming it into a beam of energy.  That doesn't really follow the
    definition of a "laser", now does it?  Also, I supposed "Super Concentrated
    Beam of Ki Energy" is a little too long, and SCBKE isn't a very good acronym,
    is it?   So I can't call it a Laser, and I can't call it a SCBKE...aw, forget
    it.  I'll leave it as Laser.
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Ki Volleyball                2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Zangya creates a ball of energy, then serves it at you (like Jiisu did against
    Vegita).  Not exactly quick, but for the damage it does...so at this point, I
    should just talk about the attack, right?  Ok, if you'll scroll down to section
    VI.C, you'll find a couple of rants about certain things.  Read the one about
    Connected Ki Attacks vs. Disjoined Ki Attacks and you'll see my feelings about
    this attack.
    # (1) AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Somersault Strike         3/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Zangya somersaults towards her opponent, then kicks straight down, sending them
    flying.  Granted, this attack doesn't do the damage of regular meteo's, it DOES
    have the traditional "Look, I've just been knocked through a rock" followup.
    Therefore, I classify this move as a Meteo.  Sure, it does less damage, but
    whoever said that a meteo had to do a certain amount of damage?  It does a fair
    amount of damage, doesn't it?  And they DO get sent through a rock, right?  Ok
    then, I don't really see how an argument could ensue.  Now then, let's talk
    about the attack itself - the move is the same movement as her Weaker Super Ki
    Blast, sans the A BUTTON in lieu of the B BUTTON.  The attack itself isn't very
    easy to connect with, though.  One would have to correct gauge the distance for
    the move and THEN pull it off, which can be VERY troublesome.  Think about it -
    the attack requires for you to connect with the main hit, yes?  Now, what
    happens if that main hit comes after you fly a certain distance, then stop in
    mid-air?  Now you'll have to start thinking about working your opponent so 
    they'll be at just that distance, then making sure the attack connects.  Heck,
    they'll most likely block the attack and you'll be left wide open anyways!
    Therefore, this isn't a very good meteo to bother with...
    # (2) TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B = Kick/Uppercut         0/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              3/10 - Overall
    Zangya kicks them up into the air, then uppercuts them.  Doesn't do that much
    damage, and let's face it, it's just not as impressive as Trunks rushing
    someone and beating them up.  This attack is slightly more useful than Zangya's
    first "meteo", though, due to the fact that you can just rush in and hit them,
    thus starting the "meteo".  Just as you would expect from someone as short as
    Zangya, she's got short limbs, and therefore actually connecting with this
    meteo requires your being in VERY close range (throw range, actually).  Also,
    the movement for this "meteo" is more difficult than the movement for her other
    "meteo", so you're less likely to pull it off when you need it to work.  Bleh!
    Zangya is nothing more than a poor clone of Trunks.  She has rushing combos,
    but they aren't very fast; she has his ki attacks (except for the homing shot);
    she even creates a Ball that is launched at her enemy (as a Super Blast). 
    Sure, she has 2 "meteos", but they probably shouldn't be considered meteos
    because they don't do NEAR as much damage as all the other ones.  Generally
    speaking, Zangya works well as an anti-short person, but even then she's rather
    weak.  Her offensive tactics are very lackluster, so I highly suggest you stick
    to the defensive with her.  She can zip underneath Ki attacks and hurt your
    opponent while in close, or simply nullify a Ki blast or two then retaliate
    with a Meteo.  At any rate, don't play all-out offense or you'll get burned.
    _________________~I~  Bojack___________________________________________________
    The head pirate gangster from deep in space, Bojack also hails from Movie 9.
    What's the deal with the giant green guy (other than Piccolo)?  Bojack (as well
    as Zangya and the other pirates) was beaten by the Kaioh-Shins and locked away
    in the deepest regions of space, but now he's returned te exact his vengence
    upon Earth!  This is where Earth's heroes come into play - there's a Boudokai
    going on, and a slightly-older Gohan is participating.  Guess what happens...
    Ok, movie chatter aside, here's the deal - Bojack is an evil, evil man - so
    evil that Kai-oh Sama claims this guy was more evil than Piccolo Daimou ever
    was (which is quite a feat, since Piccolo WAS the Devil and all).  Therefore,
    beating this guy will most likely be difficult.  In the game, he and Zangya
    have come to Earth to find the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality.  As a
    diversion (and to exact revenge againt Earth), they've also set up several
    "Devil's Towers" which will be very nasty it not removed (they're planning on
    showing nothing but "Star Trek V" 24 hours a day!  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!).  
    Bojack is the final person you face off against on any difficulty (unless, of
    course, you played well enough to go up against the mighty Buroli).  Bojack's
    character icon is that of a large blue man decked out in pirate regalia.  The
    sprite for when he is fighting is that of a large, shirtless, green warrior
    with long red hair.  Now, this brings up an interesting question...why is he
    green?  Zangya is blue.  Her fighting sprite is blue.  Bojack's character icon
    is blue...so why does he suddenly turn green?  Maybe some deep, unrequited love
    for Piccolo caused him to die it before the matchup?  Who knows what evil lurks
    in the hearts of Pirates...
    ----------Move list----------
    A = Turbo Hyper Wicked Awesome Concussion Ki (THWACK)     5/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              9/10 - Overall
    Unlike everyone else in the game, Bojack's regular Ki blast is extremely fast.
    Sure, it does the same amount of damage as everyone else's, and doesn't grant
    any special hit properties (knockdown, stun, knockback, etc), but it IS
    extremely handy in how fast it moves.  Seriously, I think it'd be safe to say
    that this is the fastest Ki attack in the game (aside from Gohan's, Gokuu's,
    and Buroli's Telekinetic Slam).  The only thing that brings this attack down a
    notch is Bojack's height - because of it, the Ki bolt will past right over the
    heads of ducking players, and even completely miss Cell Junior!  Oh well...
    Can't win 'em all, now can we?
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Double Kick                  3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Bojack slides forward with a kick, then jumps and dives with another kick.
    This attack is quick to come out and does decent damage; however, because the
    second hit can be blocked or avoided    or even countered, the attack loses
    some points in effectiveness.  Also, the second hit, while looking nice, really
    doesn't have much of a use as an avoidance tactic.  Because of the initial
    sliding forward and the angle of return from the diving kick, this attack can't
    be used to avoid Ki attacks (unless you're REALLY good with your timing, and
    the perpetrator of the Ki attack is a short character).  All in all, the attack
    can get its licks in, but it isn't very effective against your more advanced
    DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Double Knee Smack                     4/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Bojack slides backward, like he was dashing away, but then suddenly slides
    forward again and hits with his knee, then again with his knee extended.  This
    isn't very effective against the computer because it will catch you off guard
    with a ki shot to snap you out of it.  However, it has its place against a
    human player, and can often work wonders in an anticipation-style match.  How
    can this move be used effectively?  Easy - mix up your game with the occasional
    dash backwards, faking your opponent into thinking you're doing this attack
    (when in actuality you're not).  You can also fool them by actually performing
    the move and hoping that they'll rush you, only to be kicked when you slide
    towards them.  While these tactics are fine and good, one does have to remember
    that both can be countered by a trigger-happy opponent.
    AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Finger Laser                          4/5  - Movement
                                                              1/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Geez, what's with all the finger lasers?  EVERYONE seems to have them in THIS
    game!  If there ever was ANYONE in the game who didn't need this attack, it
    would be Bojack.  Why?  For starters, the guy is incredibly large - so much so
    that this attack can fly over the head of many ducking players, and will only
    nullify Seeking Ki blasts (provided they are allowed to travel far enough to
    rise to his height) and Buroli's Ki blasts (as well as another Bojack).  The
    usual applications of this attack are lost - quick stopping of an opponent,
    destroying of a Ki blast - due to Bojack's size.  What's even worse is that
    this attack actually requires Ki to use, and has the same pitiful range as any
    other Ki Laser.  The thing that makes this attack most useless, though, is not
    due to Bojack's size - it's the fact that his Regular Ki Bolt (THWACK) can do
    everything this can, while not having a distance restraint (ok, not quite a
    short a restraint), nor does it require Ki to use.
    AWAY, DOWN + A = Energy Zan                               4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Bojack launches a ki blast that travels the ground.  Well, we've seen this
    attack twice before, so why not have someone with this exact move?  I can see
    the Programmers were getting lazy at this point, but what can we do (besides
    complain, that is)?  I guess all that's left to do is talk about the move.
    Well then - the attack travels along the ground (like Trunks' and Zangya's),
    and is fairly damaging upon collision.  This attack is actually very useful for
    Bojack, as it is the only Ki attack of his (aside from the Supers and the
    Tsuiseki Energy Dan) that can strike low enemies or enemies low.  If it did
    more damage, required less Ki, travelled faster, or had some other special
    property to it, I'd give it a 5 to the usefulness ranking.  Since it doesn't,
    then I'm afraid all I can do is give it a near-perfect 4/5.
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Tsuiseki Energy Dan                      4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Bojack releases an energy attack that homes in on it's target.  Ah, another
    good attack (that we've seen a LOT of in this game) to burden our large friend
    with.  Bojack, being the large character that he is, has difficulty dealing
    with the shorter characters.  What's a big lug to do?  Well, there's always the
    Ki attack that seeks out its target, right?  As usual, this attack is good for
    pressure, trapping, yadda yadda yadda.  Let's not ignore the fact that Bojack
    is big, and he pretty much needs attacks like this just so he can get close
    enough to do the REAL damage.
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Double-Hand Blast             3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Bojack grabs one arm with the other while charging up.  He then points his arm
    at his opponent and lets loose with a large blast at his opponent.  Now, for
    those of you who've already skipped ahead to my Rants section (VI.C), you'll
    know about my complaints about the disjoined Ki attacks vs. connected Ki
    attacks.  However, for Bojack this is not the case - both of his Super Ki
    blasts have him grabbing one arm and letting loose with a Ki blast at his
    opponent.  Since neither of them is a beam of energy, one could reasonably
    assume that the weaker Ki blast is just a ball of energy that he put less
    effort into making.  Thus, it still follows logic and physics.  Ranting aside,
    the attack has quick close-proximity start-up, low damage and low Ki required,
    and goes great with a side of Corn on the Cobb.  Munch. 
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Super Double-Hand Blast      2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Bojack charges up, then does exactly the samething as his weaker Super Ki blast
    - he grabs one arm and shoots a blast of energy at his opponent.  Variety is
    the spice of life, the old saying goes...and if that's true, then Bojack is
    about as spicy as rancid oatmeal.  Everything else is the standard - slow
    close-proximity start-up, high damage and high Ki required, Nachos would be
    really nice right now...
    ::goes to find something to snack on::
    ...and thus, having eating 2 sandwiches and a few bowls of cereal, I can safely
    say that this attack is the stronger of the 2 Super Ki Blasts.
    # DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B = Disappearing Bicycle Kick   2/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Bojack disappears, then reappears above where he was before, kicking.  This
    attack does a smaller amount of damage as the regular meteos, but it's very
    quick and easy to do.  Now, what makes the attack so good?  Sure, it does less
    damage than other meteos, but let's face it - if you've got your distance down,
    this attack is just about unavoidable and unblockable.  Yes, it IS avoidable
    and blockable, but the sudden disappearance and attacking can oftentimes
    surprise your opponent, giving you a free hit.  It's quick, it's got the best
    range out of any Meteo in the game, and while it's not the easiest thing to
    pull off or hit with, a little practice will do wonders for you.  The thing
    that makes this move extremely good is that you can use it to dodge attacks
    while remaining fairly safe yourself - since Bojack disappears and reappears
    above the ground, you can avoid Ki blasts (and Cell Jr. entirely).  It's great
    for avoidance, it's great for attacking, it's just great.  Get this move down
    # TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B = Kick Meteo                0/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              4/10 - Overall
    Bojack kicks low, then high, then back into the ground.  Ok, Bojack, what
    happened?  You had a nice, easy meteo that did decent damage and was extremely
    effective for both offensive and defensive purposes.  So how/why did THIS move
    come into play?  While it DOES do more damage than the Bicycle Kick meteo, you
    have to be in much closer to connect with it...however, Bojack's long legs
    should make this not too much of a problem.
    As I've said several times throughout Bojack's movelist, he is a LARGE person.
    Because of this, he might whiff attacks on the shorter characters all the time.
    Because of this, most of the time you'll be forced to stick with only a few of
    his moves to work effectively.  However, he can control a close-proximity match
    like nobody's business, being able to hold his own in the throw-range, half-
    screen, and full-screen ranges with ease.  The only difficulty he has, sadly,
    is due to his height (and the lack thereof other characters have).  Play Bojack
    defensively, and always try to keep your opponent within striking range.  If
    they get too far away, he can use the Energy Zan and Tsuiseki Energy Dan, but
    ultimately these moves should only be used to close the gap between him and his
    opponents.  Stick to being in their face, but remember that if you try to play
    too much to the offense you will get burned - Bojack's not the greatest when it
    comes to dodging attacks, but he sure can dish 'em out!
              ------- Hidden Characters (See Section VI.B to Unlock) -------
    Wannt to play as the hidden characters?  Go to section VI.B, silly!
    * _________________~J  Son Gokuu_______________________________________________
    Gokuu is the main character Dragon Ball.  The story revolves around his growing
    up, eventually becoming the ultimate fighting champion of the universe.  From
    the beginning, where Gokuu was a mere child (and a martial arts prodigy),
    Dragon Ball has watched him grow and mature into an adult.  He has dealt with
    powerful fighters, meglomaniacal shoguns, assassins, ace martial artists, and
    even the devil and his minions.  Throughout it all, Gokuu has grown in strength
    and fighting wisdom, eventually becoming the fighter he is today.
    Super Butoden 2's Story Mode begins right where Super Butoden 1's last fight
    was - against Perfect Cell.  You pick your character, and then you begin
    training for the Cell Games by training with either Gokuu or one of the 3 
    Z-Senshi you didn't pick.  However, this is about Gokuu, so let's talk about
    him.  Occasionally, upon arriving at the fight with Cell Gokuu will take off
    and fight him first (and promptly lose), then point out that YOU are the one
    to beat Cell.  Gee, thanks Gokuu...
    Gokuu is only available to play as in the Boudokai mode and the Multiplayer
    mode, and even then you can only use him if you've unlocked him.  Gokuu sports
    an Orange Gi (Uniform) styled after the kind Kamesennin had him wear while
    training with him (as a child), and has wild black hair with a flattened area
    (where he fell on his head as a child).  Upon entering battle, Gokuu
    automatically powers up to SSj form, causing his hair to turn upright and go
    blond (please refrain from the Benimaru jokes at this time).
    ----------Move list----------
    AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Spinning Kicks                  3/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Gokuu spins and spins, kicking all the while.  Now, what's the deal with this
    attack?  To be perfectly honest, this is the ONLY attack Gokuu needs to win
    with.  Seriously.  Gokuu spins and spins and spins, smacking over and over.
    There are brief moments when the other guy can break out of the kicking, but if
    they choose the wrong attack to counter with they'll only get hit again.  The
    chipping this attack does is insane - all told this attack can chip away as
    much damage as some attack can do unblocked!  The only problem with this
    attack, other than the fact that if you miss you'll be unguarded for a long
    time, is that certain characters (like Gohan, Trunks, Cell Jr., etc) can break
    out of it with a simple sliding kick.  Nevertheless, repeated use of this
    attack is highly suggested due to its extreme effectiveness.
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Flip Kick                    3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Gokuu performs a forward flip, hitting with his feet.  While not as effective
    as his Spinning Kicks, Gokuu can make good use of this attack as well.  It's
    very simple - this attack can, during its first could of frames of animation,
    shoot past certain attacks (mostly physical) and still bop your opponent in the
    face.  Also, the attack is quick enough to throw out there and not have to
    worry to terribly much about lag time or start-up.  If you need a quick
    diversion, throw this out and set up for something bigger!  
    CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Elbow to Kick Spin             1/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Swings with his elbow, then spins around and kicks.  Shorter than the Spinning
    Kicks, and leaves you slightly more vulnerable.  However, because you can
    easily switch between the Gokuu's 3 Kicking attacks (Spinning Kicks, Flip Kick,
    and Elbow to Kick Spin), this attack is FAR from useless.  Confusion tactics
    reign supreme, especially when you've got a series of moves that can be
    interchanged to keep your opponent guessing.  Because the largest flaw of
    Gokuu's Spinning Kicks is that it can be countered (provided you have the right
    timing), you can simply use this attack and, since it stops quicker than the
    Spinning Kicks, block the attempted counter as it comes out, then retaliate at
    your hearts desire.  Still, the attack on its own isn't THAT great, so don't
    expect it to be a suitable substitute for the Spinning Kicks.
    DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Seeking Ki Blast                      4/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Gokuu launches a smaller blast which seeks out the opponent, no matter where
    they are.  Once again, we see this attack being encorporated by someone.  You
    know, I really don't remember someone throwing out a small burst of energy that
    automatically followed its opponent in the Manga/Anime, do you?  I'm pretty
    sure every time an attack like this was done, the user had to consciously
    control the ball themselves.  Oh well...aside from the glaring lack of a basis
    for the attack, Gokuu can use this attack just as effectively as anyone else
    with it - throw it out, use it to get around your opponent, whatever.  In case
    you hadn't put 2 and 2 together yet, here's a helpful hint - use it and dodge
    around your opponent, then use Gokuu's Spinning Kicks to remove a nice portion
    of life.
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Telekinetic Slam             3/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Gokuu launches a quick telekinetic shot so fast, it knocks the enemy flying
    quite a distance away.  Heya Gohan, what's this attack?  Oh, it's yours?  Well,
    tough - I'm going to use it too, and there's not a darn thing you can do about
    it.  Nyah!  Seriously, if the going gets tough and you need to get your
    opponent away from you (or you just need to get away from your opponent), then
    this attack works great - it travels INCREDIBLY quickly (as fast as, if not
    faster, than Bojacks' THWACK attack), and utilizes the Knockback ability.
    So knock 'em back, Gokuu - you've earned it.
    DOWN, UP + A = Taiyo-Ken                                  3/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Gokuu draws in a great deal of energy, then releases it in a form of pure
    light, blinding anything within range.  This is where Perfect Cell learned this
    devastating attack - through his DNA and from Dr. Gero's programming, Cell
    knows of Gokuu's trickery.  However, Gokuu is just as good at this attack, so
    you can abuse it all you want.  By using it, ground-based enemies that aren't
    blocking (and are in range) are blinded and become temporarily stunned.  This
    makes an EXCELLENT setup for whatever you want to do against your opponents.
    Also, it can be used as an anti-air - if someone is jumping in at you, give
    'em a flash of light to make them come back to the ground!  The only problem
    is, when used as an anti-air they don't become stunned...but hey, it's a good
    attack nonetheless!  
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-Ha                   3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Gokuu charges up a ball of energy at his side, between his palms, then releases
    the energy in a beam of destructive goodness at his opponent.  Now, I've
    already been over whether or not I should say Gokuu gets Trademark Rights of
    this attack or not (Kamesennin won out), so I guess all that's left is to say.
    Isn't it funny how Gohan, who also uses this attack, uses it and it's his
    STRONGER Super Ki blast, while when Gokuu uses the Kamehame-Ha it's his WEAKER
    Super Ki blast?  Gosh, Gokuu, it looks like your son is doing more damage with
    an attack you're more familiar with!  That doesn't say much for you, now does
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Chou Kamehame-Ha             2/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Gokuu charges up an even MORE powerful Kamehame-Ha, then unleashes it at his
    enemy.  Gokuu first used this attack against Ma Junior (Piccolo) during the
    final rounds of the 23rd Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai.  Essentially, all it is is a 
    Kamehame-Ha with even more energy pumped into it.  I believe the mechanics of
    the original Kamehame-Ha is that the user draws in as much energy as they can,
    then releases it in a little ball from their hands.  The way this version works
    is that the user draws in an incredible amount of energy, so much so that it
    gathers AROUND the user and is funnelled into the blast.  Ok, now that THAT'S
    been taken care of...why is it Gokuu has to put more effort into an attack he
    knows so well just to make it as effective as someone else using the same
    attack (that isn't as familiar with the move)?  Gosh, Kakorotto, I think you're
    getting weaker in your old age...
    # TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B = Neo Meteo Juggle          0/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              4/10 - Overall
    Gokuu's meteo has him smacking the other guy up into the air, then back towards
    the ground, the straight ahead into some rocks (or ground, whatever he hits).
    Hey, I remember this meteo the first time I saw it - back in Super Butoden 1!
    Well, it's nice to see our old favorites coming back for another go, eh?  Just
    like SSj Gokuu's Quadruple Kicks from Super Butoden 1 (only upgraded), this
    attack is making a repeat appearance.  However, unlike the Quad Kicks, there's
    no difference with this attack from either game - Gokuu does the same thing in
    both (although in Butoden 1, there wasn't a giant rock to be knocked into).
    Aside from game differences (or the lack thereof), the attack does a nice 
    amount of damage, but is a little short of range. Also, the movement for it
    Let's hear it for Kakorotto, folks - the man can chip your life away, play
    keep-away with the best of 'em, and even stop you cold so he can meteo you in
    close or Super Ki blast you from afar.  Gokuu has what is probably the best mix
    of moves in the game...every one of his attacks has a useful purpose, although
    a couple of them really only serve a purpose when used as a setup for a larger
    attack.  Still, you can't keep the main character down, now can you?  Play
    Gokuu offensively and you'll do great.  Play Gokuu defensively and you'll do
    great.  Play a firm mix and you'll have a winning combination.  I, personally,
    suggest playing offensive (Spinning Kicks), then dashing back, using Taiyo-Ken,
    and either pulling out a meteo or using a Chou Kamehame-Ha.  Well, that's just
    _____________________~K~  Buroli_______________________________________________
    Buroli is the true Legendary Super Saiya-Jin, and first appeared in Movie #8.
    Buroli was born on the same day as Gokuu, and was put in the crib right next to
    his.  Because of Kakorotto's incessant crying, Buroli went insane (gee, thanks
    Gokuu - you've created a homicidal maniac).  King Vegita then decided that this
    ultra-powerful baby was too powerful to continue living.  He set the motion to
    dispose of the child and his father, Paragus, by throwing them out with the
    trash (literally).  However, they managed to survive the ordeal thanks to
    Buroli's incredible strength, and after years or brooding (and training)
    Paragus finally invited the Z-Senshi, with Gokuu included, to visit.  This
    started a massive fight, with Gokuu eventually winning out (with the help of
    the rest of us, of course).  Buroli, being an incredibly popular villain,
    returned in Movies #10 and #11.
    Buroli's character icon is that of a slender, shirtless man wearing white baggy
    pants and sporting long black hair.  Upon entering battle, Buroli powers up to
    his Legendary form, growing around 3 times in size and causing his black hair
    to turn blue, then into the traditional SSj blonde (and a mess of spikes, 
    too!).  Buroli can only be accessed by either doing exceedingly well in the
    Story Mode (see Section VI.B, and only if you wish to fight him rather than as
    him), or by unlocking him for play in the Boudokai Mode or Multiplayer (again,
    see section VI.B).
    Oh, and we don't really know if he is the TRUE Legendary Super Saiya-Jin.
    Paragus said he was, and Vegita certainly did believe it...but there really
    isn't anything past that for us to go on.  Let's just assume he is, for the
    sake of argument.
    ----------Move list----------
    CHARGE AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Super Clothesline, Version 1   1/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Buroli suddenly springs forward with a devastating clothesline, striking his
    opponent and flinging them away.  While getting this move to work is no easy
    feat, connecting with is always a painful moment.  The move utilizes the
    Knockback feature, sending hit opponents sprawling.  Also, the move just
    flat-out looks painful!
    DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Super Clothesline, Version 2          4/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              7/10 - Overall
    Buroli's second Clothesline is easier to pull off, yet does the same amount of
    damage and doesn't send opponents flying.  That's not very whippy...however,
    the move does have its uses - namely, you don't have to worry about charging
    away from your opponent to pull the move off, so you can use it on the spur-
    of-the-moment.  Unfortunately, the start-up does bring the move down a notch,
    as does the fact that Buroli doesn't move NEAR as far towards his opponent as
    he does with the S.C. v1.  Oh well...
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Machine Gun Kicks            3/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Buroli rushes forward, kicking high, medium, and low.  This attack is quite
    painful primarily because Buroli can hit up to 3 times without his opponent
    having an opportunity to block/avoid/retaliate.  If all 5 hits manage to
    connect, you're guaranteed to do a lot of damage.  However, it can be halted
    after a mere 1-2 hits, and after the last hit Buroli holds his leg up in the
    air (as if he's posing or something), so the move isn't quite as effective as
    it could be.  Still, for the damage those 2-3 unavoidable hits can do, it's a
    worthwhile attack.
    DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              6/10 - Overall
    Buroli launches 3 speedy ki shots from 1 hand.  Now, would you like to know why
    I rank this particular Renzoku Energy Dan lower than everyone else's?  It's
    simple - Buroli is so friggin' tall that the blasts shoot over the heads of
    most anyone he'll fight!  Vegita, Gokuu, Zangya, and Trunks can duck the
    blasts, while Cell Junior and Gohan can simply stand still and not be hit
    (Perfect Cell, Bojack, Piccolo, and another Buroli have to avoid the blasts).
    Simple put - that stinks.  When there are characters that, unless they're
    stupid enough to jump, can walk right up to you and beat you up for performing
    a certain move without any fear of retaliation, then the move is not what it's
    cracked up to be AT ALL.
    DOWN, UP + A = Bakuhatsu-Ha                               3/5  - Movement
                                                              1/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              4/10 - Overall
    Buroli, like Vegita, can create an energy flare from the ground.  It hurts
    dashing opponents, jumping opponents, or people who just happen to be in the
    wrong place at the wrong time.  The difference between the two attacks, though,
    is that Vegita will simply make the ground in front of him explode, while Buroli
    apparently "throws" his Ki onto the ground in front of him, making the attack
    look even more viscious.  Unfortunately, just like Vegita's, the attack has too
    much lag to be terribly effective, and for the damage it does you'll wish it
    took less Ki.  However, the fact that this attack can act as a shield against
    other Ki attacks does prevent it from being a total waste of time...
    TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Telekinetic Slam             3/5  - Movement
                                                              5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              8/10 - Overall
    Yup, Buroli has one of these, too.  Simply put, Buroli opens the palm of his
    hand and lets a blast of energy shoot out so quickly that you can't see it on
    the main screen, and only a fleeting dot appears on the radar.  What purpose
    does this serve?  Suppose Buroli is fighting someone who is particularly short.
    They can easily waltz up to him and start pummeling him, so his choice of
    attacks are limited.  Therefore, Buroli would have to pick certain attacks and
    carefully plan when to use them or else simply get away from his opponent.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ultimate enemy-keep-away-attack.  Of
    course, by now you should already know that, but still...
    % AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Super Energy Ball             3/5  - Movement
                                                              2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Buroli makes a large ki ball with one hand, then smashes it towards you with
    the other.  This is Buroli's weaker Super Ki Blast.  Now, what's the deal with
    my ranking this move 1 point lower than everyone else's super Ki blasts?  It's
    simple - Buroli is so large, this attack will shoot over the head of ducking
    opponents, much like his Renzoku Energy Dan.  Honestly, Buroli, what's the
    point in trying if you're just going to get beat up like this?  Couldn't you
    possibly AIM at who you're gunning for?
    %% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Super Energy Throw           2/5  - Movement
                                                              3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              5/10 - Overall
    Buroli charges up, makes a large ki ball with his opposing hand, then hurls it
    at you.  This attack is more painful than his Super Energy Ball, but it is also
    the slower of the 2 attacks.  Also, just like the Weaker Super Ki Blast, 
    Buroli's performing this move in close-proximity is not recommended - it will
    shoot over the heads of shorter players entirely, and a lot of other characters
    can simply duck the move.  All told, the attack has the damage, but I seriously
    recommended that you not use this move when in close.
    # TOWARDS, AWAY, DOWN, UP + B = Super Pile Driver         0/5  - Movement
                                                              4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                              4/10 - Overall
    Buroli kicks you up into the sky, then grabs you and drives you into the
    ground.  Now, as it is with everyone else, Buroli's Meteo has a simple move
    that must connect for the rest of the attack to follow through.  The problem
    is, with a guy this large you'd expect the starter to be a move with a lot of
    range, right?  Nope - his kick hits high, and sadly has little range compared
    to some (comparitively, Vegita has MUCH more range to his).  Also, because of
    the height he hits at, smaller characters can beat the attack out by simply
    performing a low punch/kick.  I've seen Gohan stop this attack cold on many
    occasions, despite the fact that we both hit each other (we both were knocked
    away, but the meteo didn't initiate).
    Buroli is a big man.  Because of this, he has some rather noticeable
    disadvantages - namely, he has trouble dodging attacks, and he has even more
    trouble hitting the shorter characters with some of his better moves.  His
    Renzoku Energy Dan is practically worthless in most situations, as is his
    close-proximity Super Ki blasts.  That narrows down his field of useful attacks
    to his physical ones, his Telekinetic Slam, his Meteo, and his Bakuhatsu-Ha
    (well, ok - his Bakuhatsu-Ha was never really useful).  Sadly, against the
    short characters his Meteo is often ousted, and his physical moves will either
    miss or take to long to connect with.  What are we left with?  A big lug who
    can't dodge with.  In the world of Dragon Ball, this type of fighter has
    another term - [Fill in the blank with your favorite move] Fodder.
    However, this is not to say that Buroli is a BAD character; on the contrary, if
    he manages to get on a role, there's little you can do to stop him.  He has 2
    moves that knock opponents away, and his large size (and high-hitting Meteo)
    can often lay-out jumping characters, small or not.  At a distance, he's just
    as effective as your regular characters (sans the Renzoku Energy Dan, but 
    that's ok).  The funny thing about him is that his regular Ki shot hits short
    characters just fine, while his other Special Ki blasts (excepting the
    Telekinetic Blast) will whiff opponents.  Don't forget about his full range of
    moves, and you'll do just fine in a fight.  You'll do even better if you're
    picking on someone your own size.
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
         -----------------------------VI: Various-----------------------------
    =============================== Super Butoden 2 ===============================
    Aside from part A, these are the sections that really don't fit in with any of
    the other parts of this guide.  Therefore, here are the various other parts of
    the FAQ, all ready for you to browse through and laugh at!
    _~A~  Special Move Ranks_______________________________________________________
    The reason I'm putting this section in is so I can list each move based off of
    their ranks, then discuss why they are where they are.  Now, keep in mind that
    I'm not saying these moves are impossible - I'm merely putting things in 
    perspective.  Compared to some other games these moves are incredibly easy, 
    while compared to others they may be quite difficult to pull off.  Therefore,
    for the sake of understanding I ranked the moves based off of all the moves in
    the game.  Got it?  Good.
    ---Movement Ranking---
    Rank     Reasoning
    5/5:     1 Button attacks (A, B, X, Y) or 1 Direction + 1 Button Attacks.
    Why:     All you have to do is either press a button or hold a direction 
             and press a button.  It really doesn't get much easier than that!  I 
             mean, honestly - the most basic way you can attack is by pressing a
             button.  When that attack has special properties that other attacks
             do not, or by pressing a direction and that attack can yield a new,
             effective attack, it has clearly gone above and beyond the norm.
             Thus, on a scale of 1-5, I give these attacks a perfect score in
    4/5:     Moves that require 2 short directions that are very likely to
             work and are very easy to do.  These moves are the Quarter-Circle
             rolls in any direction and the Back/Forth movements.
             [AWAY, TOWARDS]
    Why:     Ever since the fighting games of old, the "Quarter Circle" motion
             has become a staple for special moves.  It's simple to do and isn't
             difficult to remember, and the move can be used in a number of ways
             (rolling in either direction from the 4 points of a directional pad
             can yield 8 different moves, not counting which attack buttons you 
             use).  As for the Back/forth movements, one can simply waggle their 
             thumb across the directional pad and get this movement, and they 
             aren't prone to failing due to their movement.
    3/5:     Moves with 3 directional presses in a somewhat-easy fashion, as well
             as moves that only use 2 but are more difficult due to the 
             directions required. 
             [AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS] 
             [TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS]
             [DOWN, UP], [AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP]
    Why:     The Half-circle motions are slightly more difficult than the Quarter
             Circle motions due in part that the are, essentially, just 2 Quarter
             circle motions in sequential order.  The back/forth/back again 
             motions are included because there is that much more of a chance of
             you accidently hitting in another direction, causing the computer to
             think you were rolling instead of simply flipping back and forth.
             Finally, the DOWN, UP motion is included because, while it is only
             one back/forth movement, you are required to press up, which often
             times will cause your character to jump rather than use the attack.
    2/5:     Movements that combine the Quarter-Circle with the Back/Forth
             movement, as well as movements that requirs you to charge in a 
             direction, then press the opposite direction and a button.
             [DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS]
    Why:     The Quarter-Circle is easy enough, as is the back/forth motion.
             However, combining the two so you have to immediately follow a 
             Quarter-Circle with another direction entirely isn't easy.  As for 
             the charge moves, pulling them off never seems to happen when you 
             want it to!  However, you're more likely to pull one of these moves 
             off than most of the Meteos, since the Meteos will most likely cause 
             your character to jump, putting them in a VERY bad position.
    1/5:     Movements that require 4 or 5 directional presses (such as the 270º 
             moves), as well as those that have odd directional presses to start
    I seriously considered making a Usefulness list like I did with the movement 
    list, but that seemed a little redundant - after all, isn't that what I did for
    the individual character move list?
    ___~B~  Cheats_________________________________________________________________
    1)  Oh, so you wanted to play as Gokuu and Buroli?  It should be noted that 
        they can only be used in the VS. or Boudokai modes.  Now that THAT'S out of
        the way, here's all you have to do...dDuring the opening sequence, where it
        show Gohan's arms (or Gokuu's...no one really knows) as he flies towards 
        Kami's Lookout, press "UP, X, DOWN, B, L, Y, R, A."  You'll hear Buroli say
        the name of his most hated enemy - "Kakkorot...to!" and now you'll be able
        to play as them!  
    Oh yeah...in case you're wondering how you get this code, it's simple - beat
    the Story Mode on level 4 Difficulty with each one of the characters.  Every
    time you do, you get 2 of the commands (UP, X for one, DOWN, B for another,
    etc).  Beat it with all 4 and you get this password...but I've just saved you
    the trouble, haven't I?
    2)  Want to face off against Buroli?  First off, you can only take on the 
        Legendary Super Saiya-Jin if the difficulty setting is at 3 or 4.  That 
        being said, getting to him is a breeze - from Chapter 2 on, don't lose any
        fights.  By doing so, your character will take on the massive mound of 
        muscle.  Good luck to you!
    _____~C~  Rants________________________________________________________________
    Here are a couple of rants about the game (and about Dragon Ball in particular,
    but simply brought up by a point or two about the game).  Feel free to argue
    with me about them by e-mailing me.   VegitaBOD@aol.com
            ##### Disjoined Ki Attacks vs. Connected Ki Attacks #####
    Does it really make sense for certain characters' stronger Ki blast to be a
    disjoined attack instead of a connected energy beam?  Allow me to make an
    analogy so you can understand my reasoning - suppose you have the option of
    choosing between using a water hose to shoot water at someone, or to "charge
    up" a water balloon full of water and throw it.  Granted, when you throw the
    water balloon you'll have better accuracy since you won't have to worry about
    swinging the stream of water (energy) around, but there's no WAY it could 
    possibly dump out as much water, for the same amount of energy, as the stream
    of water from the hose.  Piccolo's Mankaksopoppo, as well as any other 
    "connected" ki attack, he can continue to dump energy into it, thus overriding
    any other attacks attempting to defeat it.  Because Piccolo is controlling the
    giant beam by, essentially, a ball at the end of a long string, he has less 
    control but more power to it.  The Gekitretsudokan is a giant ball that he has
    more control over, but unless he spent a LARGE amount of time dumping more 
    energy into the attack (which would take a lot of time and effort), it simply
    isn't going to be as powerful as the Mankaksopoppo.  I guess all I'm whining
    about is the fact that the programmers decided to make the wrong attack the
    more powerful one, thus showing that they didn't really understand the basics
    of physics or watch the show that much.
    Yes, I really AM so anal-retentive as to nit-pick something of this calibur.
    It may not bother some of you out there, but it sure does annoy me.
         ##### Which of Cell Junior's Supers is REALLY Stronger? #####
    Let's talk physics for a second - suppose someone (that someone probably being
    Cell Junior) put the same amount of effort into both the Mankaksopoppo and the
    Kamehame-Ha.  Who's to say which is going to be stronger?  Let's thing about
    The Kamehame-Ha is simply a beam of energy being shot at their opponent.  
    Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that the Kamehame-Ha can do as much
    damage as however much energy was put into it.  The Mankaksopoppo, however, is
    2 separate beams of energy.  This means that right from the start, a portion of
    energy and effort must be divided into making the two separate beams and having
    the 1 intertwine around it.  So we've lost a little of the overall power there.
    Next, it's 2 individual beams of energy, one of them aiding the larger of the
    2.  Therefore, whatever energy is left is split into 2 separate beams.  Now,
    the overall attack IS going to be weaker; however, unlike the Kamehame-Ha,
    which is just a big concussive beam, this attack works as a drill.  Therefore,
    the Kamehame-Ha can threaten to overcome stronger enemies by simply applying a
    lot of force upon them, while the Mankaksopoppo applies a smaller amount of
    force but in a more focused way.  The Kamehame-Ha wasn't devised so it could
    drill through its opponent, or even act as a puncturing-style of attack...the
    Mankaksopoppo, however, was.  
    I, personally, think the concentrated effort of the Mankaksopoppo on a smaller
    area would eventually yield more power, despite the fact that the Kamehame-Ha,
    being the larger attack, would be more likely to connect (and, thus, be able to
    do its damage).  Actually, this brings up another point - if you made the 
    Kamehame-Ha with a smaller point of impact, yet pumped the same amount of 
    energy into it, one could reason that the attack would have more power being
    it, yet because it was concentrated onto a smaller point it would force more
    upon the area of impact.  However, one would have to realize that there would
    be a certain amount of effort put into making an attack with that amount of
    energy smaller.  Therefore, one could reasonably assume that the attack would
    start out just as powerful as the Mankaksopoppo.  From there, it's a simple
    comparison of one attack vs. the other.  Obviously, since the Mankaksopoppo is
    2 separate beams it won't have the sheer power of the Kamehame-Ha, but it DOES
    have the "drilling" capability, thus giving it an added boost.
    Then, of course, you have to factor in the "exploding" factor.  Let's face it,
    the Kamehame-ha is simply a beam of energy that is meant to do a large amount
    of damage, usually by exploding upon whatever its target is.  Thus, following
    the water-balloon analogy, the Kamehame-ha's purpose is to be a vehicle for the
    water to get there, then to splash as much as possible upon its target.  The 
    Mankaksopoppo, on the other hand, would appear to be quite the antithesis of it
    - it does not seem to be an "explosive" attack at all.  Piccolo's usage of it
    on Raditz was not to blow up on him, but to punch a hole straight THROUGH him.
    This is not to say that the Mankaksopoppo cannot explode, nor do I say that the
    Kamehame-Ha cannot drill through its opponents; rather, my point is that the
    attacks seem to be varying in style of attack as well as the style of damage it
    inflicts.  The Kamehame-Ha is an Energy Attack that seeks to explode that 
    energy upon its target, while the Mankaksopoppo is an energy attack that 
    appears to be formed into a somewhat solid (physical) weapon.
    Ultimately, it's anyone's guess as to which is really the stronger attack.  The
    entire reason I brought up this point is the fact that Cell Junior's 2 Super Ki
    blasts are these two attacks, and the Mankaksopoppo is his "weaker" attack 
    while the Kamehame-Ha is his "stronger" attack.  If anything, they should be on
    a par - the Mankaksopoppo DEFINITELY requires more skill.
    _______~D~  Revision History___________________________________________________
    02-02-00:  Created this FAQ.
    08-08-01:  After VERY long period of time I have decided to update this FAQ.  
               Why?  Because I just did a FAQ for Super Butoden 1, and upon 
               finishing it, I realized just how much this one stinks.  Oh well.
               I've re-written most of this darn thing, I removed the horribly-
               biased and whole unnecessary Character Ranking section, and added
               more depth to pretty much every section of the FAQ.  I also added
               in the menu system, as it recently occured to me - not everyone
               out there can speak Japanese!  Well, now you know.  Finally, I 
               re-wrote the move-ranks, since it occured to me just how poorly
               I designed them the first time.  What kind of a ranking system IS
               it where nothing gets below a 3/5 ranking?  What am I basing these
               off of?  Therefore, I re-ranked each move based off of each other
               and their usefulness.  Yay!
    08-26-01:  I finished the update.  Well, that was fun.  Next time, I'll put 
               more than 1 or 2 hours' work into the FAQ at a time.  It'll 
               probably get done quicker.
    06-01-01:  Reformats and rewrites abound, 10 months after my LAST update.
    06-18-02:  Almost 3 weeks later, I finally sit down and finish those 
               formats I started on the 1st.
    03-18-03:  Format revisions!
    _________~E~ Thanks____________________________________________________________
    ~CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com, www.gamefaqs.com) for putting this FAQ up.   Your
     hard work as earned my respect.
    ~Al Amaloo (www.gamewinners.com) for being such a cool guy, and having a great
     site.  Your tenacity will live forever!
    ~That guy off of eBay (Sorry, I can't remember your name or e-mail address) who
     sold me this game.  It still runs great!
    ~To all those of you who have e-mailed me about moves forgotten (or listed 
     incorrectly), I thank you.  Without your aid, this FAQ would be far less than
     it is now.  However, to list the names of everyone who has aided me would be a
     waste of time - c'mon, I'm not about to spend my time writing out a list of 
     THAT many people's names!  You know who you are, and I thank you all for your
    ~Vertsk8pro@hotmail.com for giving me a heart attack with your childish "I 
     stole your FAQ and sold it with my name on it" antics.  Because of that, I now
     do dozens of things to make sure people don't steal my work.  If they do, I
     know exactly what to look for to see if they took MY work or not.
    ~Uh...I can't exactly thank God for the role he's taken in my life because that
     would seem like I'm trying to force my religious opinions on someone else 
     (which I'm not).  Therefore, I'd like to thank "Murray" for the role he's 
     taken in my life (Murray, you know who you are).
    ___________~F~  NO THANKS______________________________________________________
    If you write me asking for help with the game, I'll send you a link to my FAQ.
    If you ask for specific help, I'll try to aid you.  However, if you ask me 
    about something that is already covered in the FAQ, I will simply refer you to
    the FAQ again.  I wrote the FAQ so that your questions would be answered here,
    not so I could repeat that FAQ bit by bit through e-mail for the next few 
    years.  If you need clarification about something in the FAQ, ask about it - 
    but don't ask me to repeat anything.  
    If you're asking for help against a specific enemy, the only thing I have to
    suggest is to watch what the other guy does, then see if you can figure out how
    to get around it and/or counter it.  I don't know your fighting style, so I 
    can't make suggestions based off of assumptions.  Finally, do NOT e-mail me
    telling me your fighting style, then saying that I have to help you because
    "Now you know my fighting style" because I will ignore you altogether.  I do
    not appreciate people looking for a loophole in my work, so don't even bother.
                                        End FAQ
    The following are sites that can NOT use my work.  If you see these sites using
    ANY of my FAQs, please e-mail me ASAP.  Each of these websites are sites that
    have plagiarised myself or others in the past, or simply taken our work(s)
    without our prior permission.  Since they do not have enough respect for the
    authors (or an ignorance of the law), I am expressly forbidding them from using
    my work.  I will not promote such sites that partake in these actions.
       911 Codes                     http://911codes.com
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       Bean's PlayStation Dimension  http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm
       Cheat Code Central            http://www.cheatcc.com
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       Games Over                    http://www.gamesover.com/
       Mega Games                    http://www.megagames.com
       Square Haven                  http://www.square-haven.net
       Ultimate System               http://www.flatbedexpress.com
       VideoGaming.net               http://www.videogaming.net/
       Cheats.de                     http://www.cheats.de
    (Taken from Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin's FAQ Theft Guide, as well as added
    As I stated above, if you want to use one of my guides, I ask that you e-mail
    me to gain my permission first.  I like to keep track of which sites use my
    work, so I know where to send the updates, and it's a little difficult to keep
    you updated if you don't e-mail me.
    This FAQ Copyright Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, March 2003

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