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FAQ/Move List by Vegita

Version: 3.1415 | Updated: 03/19/03

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden
 Game by Bandai
 For the Super Famicom (SNES)

General Game FAQ
 Written by Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
 Version 3.1415


I    - Introduction/Copyright Info
II   - Game Story
III  - Basics
     A   - The Menu Screen/Modes of Play
     B   - Basic Controls
     C   - More Information
IV   - Super Ki Blast Defenses
V    - Character Analysis
     A   - Short Move List
          ----- Long Move List (By Character) -----      
     B   - Son Gokuu
     C   - Piccolo
     D   - Vegita
     E   - Furiza
     F   - Dr. Gero (Artificial Human # 20)
     G   - Artificial Human # 18
     H   - Imperfect Cell
     I   - Artificial Human # 16
          ----- Hidden/Special Characters -----
     J   - Mirai Trunks
     K   - Chibi Gohan
     L   - SSj Gokuu
     M   - SSj Vegita
     N   - Perfect Cell
     O   - Mr. Satan
VI   - Various
     A   - Special Move Ranking
     B   - Cheats
     C   - Revision History
     D   - Thanks
     E   - NO THANKS

================================ Super Butoden ================================
     ---------------------------I: Introduction---------------------------
================================ Super Butoden ================================

Welcome!  I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the 
Super Famicom game "Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden".  Well, you've come to the 
right place, because this game is my speciality.  I have owned it for quite 
some time now, and am quite proficient at it.  When I first started writing 
FAQs, I told myself that at one point I'd like to write a FAQ for every Dragon
Ball game in existance.  I am now making good on my work, as I have decided to
write a FAQ for this game.

First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try 
to write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best 
at everything).  Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this 
FAQ, ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little sentences like "First off, 
let's get one thing straight), I will destroy you.  I will rip you limb from 
limb like the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will sue you for
copyright infringment.  Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, 
the names of the characters in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership 
whatsoever of this game (except for the cartridge sitting in my room, that 
is).  Those are the property of their respective owners.

Hey folks, if you're going to write me about this game, I must insist that you
put, in the subject header of the e-mail, the name of game that you are writing
about.  I am tired of having people write me, asking about games that I've 
written for, but they never tell me WHAT game they need help with.  This will 
help me in identifying what game you are talking about, and will also help me 
weed your e-mails out from the Spam I constantly receive.  If you do not put
the name of the game in the Subject header, then I may not read your e-mail at
all; I get a lot of spam, and people like trying to send me viruses, so if you
don't do something that will actually help me in determining whether or not
your e-mail is legitimate, you can only blame yourself.

================================ Super Butoden ================================
     ---------------------------II:  Game Story---------------------------
================================ Super Butoden ================================

Dragon Ball was a Manga (Japanese cartoon or comic) created by Akira Toriyama,
an artist in Japan, in 1984.  The manga, which dealt with an absurdly strong 
little boy named Gokuu (off of the Japanese stories of a monkey god of the 
same name), became wildly successful, and a cartoon version was put on the air
in 1986.  It ran all through the course of the show until the main character, 
Gokuu, finally grew to adulthood.  This signified the end of Dragon Ball, but 
promised that something new would return next week in it's place.  This new 
show: Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z picked up right where Dragon Ball left off, with Gokuu as an 
adult.  He has a child now, and his arch-nemesis, Piccolo, was as bad and mean
as ever.  This series introduced an entirely new set of characters, mostly 
from outer space, and revealed Gokuu's origins (he's from another planet too).

Dragon Ball was such a large success, before and during it's "Z" stage, so it 
was obvious enough that there would be video games made about it.   There are 
RPGs, Fighting games, Strategy games, and even a few arcade games.  This is 
where Super Butoden comes in.

Super Butoden plot starts off at the climatic Final Round of the 23rd Tenkai-
Ichi Boudokai, where Gokuu faced off against his (then) Arch-Rival, Piccolo.
The game then progresses throughout most of the series, pitting you against 
key characters, leading up to the final battle against Perfect Cell.  Against
each character, you are given certain characters to fight as depending on whom
you have befriended in the story (thus far) and who is still alive.

================================ Super Butoden ================================
     -----------------------------III: Basics-----------------------------
================================ Super Butoden ================================

To begin the game, insert the cartridge into your Super Famicom (or modified 
Super NES) console, and press the power button.  If you're running it off of 
an emulator, you're a pansy, and should get the actual game (just kidding...
but I do highly suggest you get the actual game itself).  After the intro 
sequence (you can skip it if you want to), press start at the title screen to 
bring up the menu.  

_~A~  The Menu Screen/Modes of Play____________________________________________

From here you are given 4 selections:  

Story Mode     Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai Mode
Options        Multiplayer

----------Story Mode----------

The Story Mode is where you progress through the story.  You can only select 
characters that join the Z Team, and you automatically fight the next 
character in the storyline progression.

----------Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai----------

The Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai Mode is where you (and a 2nd player, if you wish) 
join in a Tournament Fight.  Your characters are put in brackets (8 fighters 
total) and duke it out.  The 4 Winners of the Quarter-Finals go into the Semi-
Finals, with the 2 Winners of the Semi-Finals fighting in the Final Round.  
The winner is crowned king (or queen) of the Boudokai.


There are 3 screens of Options to choose from.

#####Screen 1#####

Punch Button       - Select this if you wish to change which button 
                     causes your character to Punch (default = Y 
Kick Button        - Select this if you wish to change which button 
                     causes your character to Kick (default = B 
Switch Button      - Select this if you wish to change which button 
                     causes your character to Switch (default = X 
Ki Button          - Select this if you wish to change which button 
                     causes your character to fire Ki blasts (default = 
                     A BUTTON).
Left Dash Button   - Select this if you wish to change which button 
                     causes your character to Dash towards the Left 
                     (default = L BUTTON).
Right Dash Button  - Select this if you wish to change which button 
                     causes your character to Dash towards the Right 
                     (default = R BUTTON).

#####Screen 2#####

Continues          - This option allows you to change how many 
                     continues you get in the Story Mode.
Sound              - This option allows you to toggle the Sound mode 
                     between Stereo and Monoraul.
Slow Motion        - This option allows you to toggle Slow Motion on 
                     and off.
Visual Life/Ki     - This option allows you to toggle whether or not 
                     you can see the Life and Ki Bars at the top of the 
                     screen.  Personally, I can't see why you would 
                     turn them off, but that's just me...
Visual Radar       - Just like the Visual Life/Ki Option, this Option 
                     toggles whether or not you can see the Radar at 
                     the top of the screen.  Yeesh, man, if you can't 
                     see how much life they've got at LEAST be able to 
                     find them!

#####Screen 3#####

Difficulty         - This option allows you to switch the Difficulty 
                     Level from 1 to 4, 1 being the easiest and 4 being
                     the hardest.
Easy Ki Blast Mode - This option allows the you to switch your 
                     character from normal to "Easy Special Mode" (1 
                     for OFF, 2 for ON).  When this option is ON, your 
                     character will automatically use the strongest Ki 
                     attack they can based off of how much energy is in 
                     their Ki bar.  If there is enough (and they are at 
                     the proper range), they will even use Super Ki 
                     Blasts.  When this option is OFF, you have to 
                     manually perform each Ki attack.
Super Ki Defenses  - This option allows you to toggle whether or not 
                     you can defend against Super Ki blasts or not.  
                     When this is off, your character will always take 
                     the full amount of damage from each blast.  When 
                     it is on, you can attempt the usual defenses 
                     against Super Ki blasts.
Music Catalog      - This option allows you to scroll through all the 
                     music in the game and play them.
Sound Catalog      - This option allows you to scroll through all the 
                     various sounds in the game and listen to them.


The Multiplayer mode allows you (and a 2nd player, if you choose) to pick your
characters and fight.  After picking your characters, a menu screen is brought
up with various options you may pick from that affect the upcoming battle.

|                       |
|   [ ] 1      2 [ ]    |
| Player 1     Player 2 |
|                       |
|3           7  --- 8   |
|4           9  --- 10  |
|5           11 --- 12  |   <---  Look!  Bad Ascii art!
|6           13 --- 14  |
|                       |

1  = Player 1's character and character picture.
2  = Player 2's character and character picture.
3  = Difficulty.  If you opted to play versus a Computer opponent, this 
     will allow you to change the difficulty of the Computer-Controller 
     player.  As with in the Options Menu, there are 4 Difficulty 
     Settings, 1 being the Easiest and 4 being the Hardest.
4  = Level Select.  This option allows you to change the level you 
     fight in.
5  = Background Music.  This option allows you to change the Music 
     playing during your fight.
6  = Begin Match.  After picking all of your options, select this to
     being the match.
7  = Player 1's Life Bar Handicap.  The number next to this option 
     reflects Player 1's Life Handicap.  Change as you wish, giving 
     your player anywhere from 50% to 200% Life.
8  = Player 2's Life Bar Handicap.  See #7.
9  = Player 1's Ki Bar Handicap.  The Number next to this option 
     reflects Player 1's starting amount of Ki in their Ki Bar.  You 
     can start off with 0% or boost it all the way up to 100% right 
     from the start.
10 = Player 2's Ki Bar Handicap.  See #9.
11 = Player 1's Easy Ki Blast Mode.  This option allows you to turn
     Off/On Player 1's Easy Ki Blast Mode.
12 = Player 2's Easy Ki Blast Mode.  See #11.
13 = Player 1's Super Ki Defenses.  This option allows you to toggle
     whether or not Player 2 can defend against Super Ki blasts.
14 = Player 2's Super Ki Defenses.  See #13.

___~B~  Basic Controls_________________________________________________________

Here are the basic attacks and movements that every character can utilize.  If
you don't know how to do any of these, you should learn how immediately.

A BUTTON      = Ki blast.   This is your typical Ki attack.  Most 
                characters throw a small blast, while others launch 
                something different. 
B BUTTON      = Kick.  This button causes your character to throw a 
X BUTTON      = Switch.  This button causes your character to switch 
                from the ground, where you stand and fight, to the Sky
                Area, where you float and fight.  Keep in mind that 
                you can only move from the Sky Area to the Ground (and
                vice versa) when the 2 fighters are far enough away
                that the screen splits.  If you try to do so when
                there is no split, nothing will happen.
Y BUTTON      = Punch.  This button causes your character to throw a 
L/R BUTTONS   = Holding down either the L or R BUTTON will cause your 
                character to dash. 
START         = This pauses and unpauses the game.
SELECT        = Once the game is paused, pressing SELECT will take you
                to the menu screen, where you can browse through each
                characters' moves, reconfigure the buttons, etc.

UP            = Jump.  This causes your character to jump up in the 
                air.  Characters can also jump UP-TOWARDS and UP-AWAY. 
                NOTE - when in the Aerial Fighting Plane, your 
                characters don't really "jump", they float up and 
                down.  This is due to the fact that your characters
                are, through either the use of their Ki or repulsors
                jets, floating in the air, and in order to "jump"
                they have to temporarily increase the amount of energy
                devoted to "floating", so that they can quickly rise
                up and fall back to their original level.  See, physics
                DOES have its place in cheesy Japanese Fighting Series'!
DOWN (Ground) = Crouch.  This causes your character to duck.  While 
                this is seemingly useless, some of the shorter 
                characters can dodge quite a few attacks by ducking.  
                Every character only drops about 1 head in length, but
                for those smaller characters that 1 head of room is
                enough (Gohan, #18).
DOWN (Air)    = Quick Charge.  This is the only way to effectively
                charge Ki in this game (other than blocking attacks).
                When your character is in the air and you press down,
                you'll find that you are inable to duck.  Instead,
                your character will remain motionless, drawing in
                energy.  When doing so, their Ki bar will charge up
                twice as fast as the normal rate.  This is good if
                you're low on energy and need it for a power attack
                or barrage of lesser blasts.
TOWARDS/AWAY  = Press the directional pad LEFT or RIGHT, which ever
                direction is towards your opponent.  Since, thoughout 
                the course of the fight, your characters will (most 
                likely) switch sides, the direction you must press for 
                certain moves will switch from LEFT to RIGHT (and vice 
                versa).  Therefore, to save time and effort I simply 
                say TOWARDS and AWAY.
AWAY         =  BLOCK (usually).  If you hold AWAY from your opponent 
                while they are attacking, you will block at a mid 
                level.  If you hold DOWN-AWAY, your character will block 
                at a low level.  If you hold AWAY and your opponent is
                not attacking, you will walk (or float) in that 
                direction.  However, if you block Ki blasts or special
                attacks, you will still sustain minor damage.  Don't be
                a turtle - come out and attack once in a while!

-             = When I list certain directions that are hyphenated, 
                such as "DOWN-AWAY", that means you press both 
                directions at the same time.  This means that the move 
                is a diagonal.
+             = When I list directional movements with a +, that means
                that the button is pressed at the same time as the 
                direction indicated.  In other words, if you see "Away 
                + A Button" that means you would press AWAY and the A
                BUTTON at the same time.  I use the Hyphen (+) and the
                Plus (+) both for continuity - one is used for 
                directions, while the other is used for buttons.
,             = When I list commas in between moves, that means you 
                must press the direction and/or button, then press the 
                next direction/button, etc.  If you see "Away, Down, 
                Towards", that means you would press AWAY, then DOWN, 
                then TOWARDS.  

You don't have to press the Direction and/or button, then release, then press
the next command.  In fact, it often works better if you perform the movements
in one fluid motion.  This can be easily accomplished by rolling one's thumb 
across the Directional Pad.  This game allows some leeway in performing each 
move, so if you are required to press "AWAY, DOWN + A" but press "AWAY, AWAY-
DOWN, DOWN + A" through rolling of the thumb, the game will still register the 
move as "AWAY, DOWN + A".  I list the bare minimum you HAVE to press in order 
for the moves to work.  If you feel that you could perform the move better by 
rolling, then by all means do so.  Also, if you're having trouble getting an 
attack to work, trying jumping, then doing the motion right as you land.  Your
character will be more likely to do the attack.

_____~C~  More Information_____________________________________________________

How to play the game is rather simple.  After picking your character, you will
go into a 1 on 1 fight with your opponent (be it the computer or another 
player).  Both players have a Life Bar at the top of the screen, as well as a 
separate Ki Bar below it (used for individual Ki attacks, outlined in the 
Moves section).  Everyone can move around using the Directional Pad and attack
using the A, B, X, Y, L, and R Buttons (outlined in the Controls section).  
Every time you successfully hit your opponent with an attack, they lose a 
portion of their Life Bar.  In order to win, you must be the first person to 
drain the other player of all their Life Bar.  Certain moves do more damage 
than others, so learn which attacks are quickest, which attacks are do the 
most damage, and how you can use those effectively against your opponent.  
It's whoever does the most damage first, so make sure that's you!


You can win the game off of just the basic attacks, but if you want to 
actually win against an opponent with some skill, you should learn these 
attacks as well.

  ---Aerial Movement---
In the game, if you switch to the upper level, you will be flying around 
instead of standing.  This means that you cannot duck low attacks, but you are
able to slowly glide up and down over attacks by "jumping" (in the air, you're
not really jumping).  You can, however, throw Ki attacks (regular attacks, 
specials, supers), and they will automatically travel to the lower playing 
field to seek out your opponent (unless they're on the same level as you).  
When in the Sky Area, it can be very hard to dodge certain attacks, while 
other attacks are even easier to dodge and counter.  Learn to use whatever 
works best for your character.

  ---Regular Ki Blasts---
Unlike other fighting games, this one did not use several buttons for varying 
punch or kick attacks.  Instead, there is only 1 button for a kick, 1 button 
for a punch, 2 buttons for dashing Left/Right, 1 button for flight, and 1 
button for throwing a Ki blast.  That's right - each character has a 
projectile as a standard attack.  However, don't think this is the end-all 
solution to the game.  In fact, you'll find that a regular Ki blast won't do 
near as much damage as simply getting in close and slugging it out.  Also, if
you do nothing but throw Ki blasts, you'll notice that your character will 
stop and take a breather.  Don't go nuts with these, they're just another 
attack.  If you abuse it, you'll lose.  Note:  #16 and #18 cannot get tired 
from throwing Ki blasts.  THEY can go nuts with Ki blasts.

  ---Special Ki Blasts---
Each character has more than just the regular Ki blast.  Your more powerful Ki
attacks use segments of the Ki Bar - the more Ki required, the stronger the 
attack (and the more damage it does).  You can't perform a certain Ki attack 
unless you have enough Ki to use it, and the only way to charge up Ki is to 
either sit and wait for your Ki to charge up, or to block attacks.  Frankly, I
don't like the idea of gaining energy by allowing my enemy to pound on me, but
I didn't design the game...

Having trouble finding your opponent?  Well, that's ok - this game is equipped
with a radar system.  The system is based around the Dragon Ball ability to 
sense others by feeling their Ki.  This extrodinary ability translates into 
the game via a small cube representing each character, located directly below 
the Ki Bar.  With the radar, you can see where your character is in relation 
to the other character, as well as Ki blasts that might be thrown.  However, 
since #16, #18, and #20 do not have any Ki, they don't appear on the Radar*.  
Good luck dealing with these menaces.

  ---Stunned Opponents---
If you wail on your opponent enough, they may become stunned.  When this 
happens, the are rendered unable to move, attack, or defend - they are forced 
to catch their breath.  After a few seconds (or being hit), they will be 
knocked out of it.  However, until then they are open game to whatever you 
wish to hit them with unabated, including Super Ki Blasts!

* = they only appear on the Radar in Multiplayer and the Boudokai mode.

================================ Super Butoden ================================
     ---------------------IV: Super Ki Blast Defenses---------------------
================================ Super Butoden ================================

Well, Mr. Hot Shot, here's you think you're all that and a loaf of rye now 
that you've mastered the basics of the game, huh?  Well, let's see what 
happens when someone lets loose with an insanely-poweful Ki blast.  What are 
you going to do THEN, huh Mr. Smarty Pants?  I believe this is where I tell 
you what to do.

Most every character has 2 super Ki blasts: a weaker one (that takes roughly 
1/4th the Ki bar), and a stronger one (that takes 1/3-1/2 the Ki bar).  These 
can only be used if you are far enough away from your opponent for your 
character to initiate the attack - if you aren't far enough away, then the 
attack will not proceed.  When you DO perform the attack, your character will
go a through special animation of the movements prior to the attack, then the
standard throwing of said Ki blast.  At this point, the screen will switch 
over to the other character, who must attempt to block or dodge the attack 
(or take it full-on, but this isn't suggested).  You'll obviously want to 
know how The trick to performing each Defense is that you have to perform the
move right as your character "flinches", or slightly moves.  Once they do, 
input the move of your choice.  Here's how:

AWAY + A                = ARM BLOCK.  By pressing AWAY and A , your 
                          character will throw up their arms in 
                          defense, blocking the brunt of the attack.  
                          You take half the normal amount of damage 
                          this way.
UP, DOWN + A            = DODGE/LEAN.  Pressing UP, then DOWN and A 
                          will cause your character to lean to the side 
                          and allow the attack to shoot past, bearly 
                          brushing against them.  This will cause them 
                          to take only 1/4 the normal amount of damage.
                          and pressing A will make your character 
                          reflect the attack back at the attacker.  No 
                          damage is done to you, and the other guy can 
                          only attempt to block or dodge.  
AWAY, DOWN + A          = REFLECTION.  Rolling from AWAY to DOWN and 
                          pressing A will make your character bat draw 
                          in the attack, trying to control it enough to 
                          reflect it away.  If you succeed, your 
                          character will "throw" the attack away, 
                          taking no damage.  However, sometimes it will 
                          explode in your face, causing the full amount 
                          of damage.  In Piccolo's case, it will blow 
                          one of his arms off, forcing him to regrow it 
                          before continuing the battle!
AWAY, TOWARDS + A       = DISPERSION.  By pressing AWAY, then TOWARDS 
                          and A will cause your character to destroy 
                          the attack, with no damage done.  This is 
                          what'll usually happen when you attempt a 
                          Deflection, though.  However, this attack is 
                          actually fairly easy to do, and does no 
                          damage to use, so I suggest you abuse this 
                          whenever you come across a Blast-Happy 

Also, Artificial Humans 18 and 20 have special Ki Defenses of their own:

---Dr. Gero/Artificial Human # 20's Energy Drain - UP + A.  As seen in the 
   Manga (and the show), Dr. Gero/# 20 can absorb energy through small 
   recepticles in the palms of his hands.  If someone launches a Super Ki 
   Blast at him, I highly suggest you not even bother using any other 
   defenses, as this one takes no energy and absorbs the blast, turning it 
   into life for the Doctor.  Come on, it doesn't get much better than THAT!

---# 18's, Impenetrable Shield - UP + A.  # 18's defensive shield from the 
   manga/anime is in the game as well.  Upon launching of a Super Blast, # 18
   can erect a shield around her that completely protects her from the blast.
   This is the equivalent of the Dispersion defense, except for the fact that 
   instead of dispersing the attack, #18 simply smiles, flips her hair, and 
   watches as her opponent wastes their time (and energy) with a blast.

If your character is stunned and your opponent launches a Super Ki blast, you
CANNOT defend against it in any way.  That's right, they're forced to take the
hit.  If you can pull it off, stun your opponent!

================================ Super Butoden ================================
     ------------------------V: Character Analysis------------------------
================================ Super Butoden ================================

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for, right?  The special moves of each 
character.  Well, here ya go! 

_~A~  Special Move Quickie List________________________________________________

Heya folks, if you feel like printing out a section of my FAQ (yeah, right), I
highly suggest you go ahead and just cut this section out and print it.  I'm 
not waiving any rights to this section, I'm mere suggesting that rather than 
wasting a lot of paper and printing out the entire thing, you just print out 
this section.

* = Denotes characters that can only be accessed by a secret code.

% = Denotes Weaker Super Ki blasts.

%% = Denotes Stronger Super Ki blasts.

Dive Kick                            = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (while in air)
Arrow Knee                           = DOWN-AWAY, TOWARDS-UP + B
Backstep Elbow                       = DOWN, AWAY + Y
Kai-oh Ken                           = Charge DOWN for 2 seconds, UP + A
Seeking Genki Tama                   = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
Super Meteo Bashing                  = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS, UP + B
% Kamehame-Ha                        = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
%% Chou Genki Tama                   = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A

Dive Kick                            = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (while in air)
Sliding Retort Kick                  = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
Mystic Combo                         = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + B
Eyebeams                             = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
Seeking Ki Blast                     = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
% Mankaksopoppo                      = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
%% Gekiretsudokan                    = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A

Handspring Attack                    = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Sliding Kick                         = DOWN, TOWARDS + B
Crossing Combination                 = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
Backstep Headbutt                    = DOWN, AWAY + Y
Renzoku Energy Dan                   = DOWN, AWAY + A
% Big Bang Attack                    = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
%% Final Flash                       = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A

Vertical Tail Corkscrew              = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + Y
Horizontal Tail Corkscrew            = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B
Backstep Elbow                       = DOWN, AWAY + Y
Finger Laser                         = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
Kinetic Slam                         = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
% Chou KienZan                       = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A
%% Black Hole Death Ball             = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A 
Superior Dash                        = L/R

---Dr. Gero/Artificial Human #20---
Gokuu's Jumping "Headbutt"           = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + Y  
Modified Vegita "Surprise" Headbutt  = DOWN, AWAY + Y  
Artificial Human Uppercut Combo      = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
Backstab Punch                       = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
Piccolo's Eyebeams                   = AWAY, TOWARDS + A
Absorbing Attack                     = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A
% Energy Discharge Blast             = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A

---Artificial Human #18---
Gokuu's Jumping Knee                 = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Modified Jumping Knee - Jumping Drop = AWAY-DOWN, UP + B
Vegita's Sliding Kick                = DOWN, TOWARDS + B
Gokuu's Backstep Elbow               = DOWN, AWAY + Y
Artificial Human Uppercut Combo      = DOWN, TOWARDS + Y
Piccolo's Seeking Ki Blast           = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
Ground Shave Energy Blade            = AWAY, DOWN + A
% One-Handed Blast                   = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A

---Imperfect Cell---
Telekinetic Vaccuum Slam             = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + B
Tail Swipe                           = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Surprise Tail Slide                  = AWAY, DOWN + B
Ground Shave Energy Blade            = AWAY, DOWN + A
Tail Energy Absorb                   = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A
% Kamehame-Ha                        = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
%% Mankaksopoppo                     = AWAY, DOWN, DOWN-TOWARDS + A

---Artificial Human #16---
Machine Gun Kicks                    = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B
Gokuu's Arrow Knee                   = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Corkscrew Kick                       = DOWN, TOWARDS + B
Double Arm Slam                      = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
Piccolo's Eyebeams                   = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
Long Distance Jab                    = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
%% Hell Crusher                      = AWAY, D0WN, D0WN-T0WARDS + A

---* Mirai Trunks---
Dive Kick                            = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (while in air)
Flip & Knee                          = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Triple Flip Kick                     = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B
Backstep Elbow and Knee              = DOWN, AWAY + Y
Renzoku Energy Dan                   = DOWN, AWAY + A
% Finishing Buster                   = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
%% Burning Attack                    = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A

---* Chibi Gohan---
Dive Kick                            = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (while in Air)
Flip & Kick                          = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Sliding Kick                         = DOWN, TOWARDS + B
Renzoku Naguru-Ken                   = TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y
Renzoku Energy Dan                   = DOWN, AWAY + A
% Masenkou                           = AWAY, DOWN, DOWN-TOWARDS + A
%% Kamehame-Ha                       = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A

---* SSj Gokuu---
Dive Kick                            = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (while in air)
Arrow Knee                           = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Quadruple Kick Combo                 = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B
Backstep Elbow                       = DOWN, AWAY + Y
Seeking Ki Blast                     = DOWN, TOWARDS + A
Super Meteo Bashing                  = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS, UP + B
% Kamehame-ha                        = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
%% Chou Kamehame-Ha                  = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A

---* SSj Vegita---
Same as Non-SSj Vegita.  Look up if you want to see his moves.

---* Perfect Cell---
Dive Kick                            = TOWARDS, DOWN + B (While in air)
Cell Spin                            = DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B
Modified Sliding Trip                = AWAY, DOWN + B
Vaccuum Grab 'n Slam                 = TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + B
Renzoku Energy Dan                   = DOWN, AWAY + A
% Hyper Mankaksopoppo                = DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A
%%% Double-Handed Great Bomb         = AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A

          ---------- Long Move List (by Character) ----------

Each special attack is rated on a 1-10 scale, the first 5 (1-5) for how easy 
it is to get it to work, the second 5 (6-10) for effectiveness.  If an attack 
is really easy to do, and does very little damage or just plain misses a lot, 
then it'll rank a 6.  If it is impossible to pull off, yet is unblockable and 
does massive damage, it'll get a 6 for different reasons.  Also, some attacks 
go off of the scale, achieving a 6 in either effectiveness or difficulty.  
These moves go beyond my opinion of the "perfect attack", meaning that the 
particular attack is unbelieveably useful (usually because of several 
different factors/abilities the move has).

-All these attacks were taken from the attack list in the game, which is 
accessed during a fight by pressing start, then select.  If there is an attack
that does not appear on the move list but does appear on my list, it is 
probably a "secret" move for that character.  Relish in your extra ability!  
Oh yeah, and if you come across any moves I forgot, please e-mail me with it.  
I'll verify it and add it to the FAQ!

---Special Note/Question---

Now, does it really make sense for certain characters' stronger Ki blast to be
a disjoined attack instead of a connected energy beam?  Allow me to make an 
analogy so you can understand my reasoning - suppose you have the option of 
choosing between using a water hose to shoot water at someone, or to "charge 
up" a water balloon full of water and throw it.  Granted, when you throw the 
water balloon you'll have better accuracy since you won't have to worry about 
swinging the stream of water (energy) around, but there's no WAY it could 
possibly dump out as much water, for the same amount of energy, as the stream 
of water from the hose.  With Trunks' Finishing Buster (or Piccolo's 
Mankaksopoppo, as well as any other "connected" ki attack), he can continue to 
dump energy into it, thus overriding any other attacks attempting to defeat 
it.  Because Trunks is controlling the giant beam by, essentially, a ball at 
the end of a long string, he has less control but more power to it.  The 
Burning Attack is a giant ball that he has more control over, but unless he 
spent a LARGE amount of time dumping more energy into the attack (which would 
take a lot of time and effort), it simply isn't going to be as powerful as the
Connected Blast.  I guess all I'm whining about is the fact that the 
programmers decided to make the wrong attack the more powerful one, thus 
showing that they didn't really understand the basics of physics or watch the 
show that much.

___~B~  Son Gokuu______________________________________________________________

Gokuu is the main character Dragon Ball.  The story revolves around his 
growing up, eventually becoming the ultimate fighting champion of the 
universe.  From the beginning, where Gokuu was a mere child (and a martial 
arts prodigy), Dragon Ball has watched him grow and mature into an adult.  He
has dealt with powerful fighters, meglomaniacal shoguns, assassins, ace 
martial artists, and even the devil and his minions.  Throughout it all, Gokuu
has grown in strength and fighting wisdom, eventually becoming the fighter he 
is today.

Super Butoden begins with one of the major fights of Gokuu's life, during the 
final match of the 23 Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai against "Ma Junior", Piccolo 
Daimou's offspring.  Gokuu, 3 years prior, had killed the Devil in a massive 
battle, then went to train with Kami (God) to prepare for the fight against 
Piccolo Jr.  From there, the game chronicals the storyline through fights with
individual characters, culminating in the Gokuu's defeat by Cell and Gohan's 
rise to hero-dom.  Gokuu is the main person you will use throughout the game,
being the first person you use and one of the few that stays with you the 
entire time.  He is also the only person in the game (other than Mr. Satan) 
whom you don't fight in the Story mode.  He wears an Orange Gi (Uniform), and
has wild black hair with a flattened area (where he fell on his head as a 

----------Move list----------

DOWN, TOWARDS + B (while in air)  = Dive Kick             4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
By performing this motion while in air, Gokuu will dive downwards diagonally,
with his foot extended.  This makes for a good surprise attack, as you can hop
into the air and immediately use it.  It also makes for a good counter-tactic,
useful for countering Ki blasts and such.  However, I feel that its best use 
is when you're using it as an escape - jump up and dash over your opponent, 
clearing any attacks they might be throwing at you!  

AWAY-DOWN, UP-TOWARDS + B = Arrow Knee                    2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Gokuu flies diagonally upwards with his knee extended.  He will then fly 
forward a little, then touch back down on the ground.  This move is fast and 
does decent damage, so it's great as an Anti-Air.  However, if it is blocked 
or missed, you're wide open for all sorts of punishment, so be careful when 
using it.

DOWN, AWAY + Y = Backstep Elbow                           4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Gokuu slides backwards on the ground, then rushes forward with his elbow 
extended.  This is a good move when you want to throw off your enemies who 
come in for a quick combo.  Think of it as a defensive move more than an 
offensive move, as that's pretty much all you should use it for.  The main 
reason this attack should be used as a defensive move is because while Gokuu 
is sliding backwards, he is invulnerable to attacks - they'll just pass right 
through him.  While the attack itself isn't overly poweful, it is still a lot 
of fun to watch your opponent go sailing across the screen.  The reason for 
this is because the attack, instead of being a regular hit, is actually what 
is referred to as a "knockback" attack.  What this means is that the attack 
will send your opponent flying a good distance upon connecting.

DOWN (charge for 2 seconds), UP + A = Kai-oh Ken          0/5  - Movement
                                                          6/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Using the technique taught to him by Kai-oh Sama, Gokuu increases his power 
and speed through the use of Kai-oh Ken.  This technique is EXTREMELY useful,
making Gokuu jump higher, move faster, and hit harder.  The only problem with
the attack is that it IS rather difficult to pull off.  Charge up with Kai-oh
Ken and start smacking around the opposition!

DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Seeking Genki Tama                    4/5  - Movement
                                                          1/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Gokuu holds his hands above his head, charging up a small Genki Tama.  He then
releases it, which flies out and seeks its enemy.  This attack is useful in 
the fact that it seeks out its target, making it difficult to avoid the 
attack.  However, the attack itself has an incredibly-long start up, and the 
attack can be nullified by a regular ol' Ki blast.  Word of advice - unless 
you're being REALLY cocky (or really stupid), don't even bother with this 

AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS, UP + B = Super Meteo Bashing         1/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Gokuu kicks his enemy up into the air, hammers them back to the ground, then 
elbows them off to the side.  The damage this move does is phoenominal, but 
it's very difficult to pull off.  When you actually connect with this attack,
though, you'll find yourself doing more damage than Gokuu's Kamehame-ha!  Now
THAT'S powerful.

% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-ha                   2/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall
Gokuu charges up Kamesennin's trademark attack, the Kamehame-ha, then launches
it at his opponent.  This is Gokuu's weaker Super Ki Blast, meaning that it 
does a fair amount of damage (30%-50% of a single life bar) while only taking 
25% the Ki bar.  Nice, efficient damage.

%% TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A = Chou Genki Tama              3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Gokuu charges up a large Genki Tama (about as big as he is), then launches it 
at his enemy.  This is Gokuu's stronger Super Ki Blast, meaning that it does a
very good amount of damage (75% of a single life bar) while costing of his own
50% the Ki bar.  Sure, it takes twice as much Ki as a Kamehame-ha and does 
less than twice as much damage, but the odds are greater that, with the 2 
separate attacks, one of them will be dodged/blocked/reflected.  Therefore, 
the odds are in your favor with the one giant blast rather than several weaker
ones...of course, your odds are even greater that you could do just as much 
damage in less time with regular attacks, but never neglect these attacks.  
The could be the difference between a match won and a match lost.

Gokuu's strategies are varied - he can play a ground game, an air game, an 
anti-air game, whatever.  He really isn't that great a player until you 
realize the full potential of his Kai-oh Ken power up.  His abilities go up 
greatly, making every mistake your opponent creates that much more damaging.
Gokuu's keep-away isn't the best in the game, nor is his in-fighting, so mix 
up your strategies until you have a safe chance to power up and dish the 
damage out.

_____~C~  Piccolo______________________________________________________________

Piccolo is Gokuu's oldest rival (unless you count Kuririn or Yamcha).  His 
father was Piccolo Daimou, the evil incarnate that was released when Kami 
(Earth's God) ascended to Godhood - in order to do so, he had to purge his 
body of all evil.  When Gokuu finally killed Piccolo Daimou, he vowed his 
revenge, and spit out an egg with the present Piccolo in it.  This Piccolo has
fought alongside and against Gokuu, but has played an even more important role
in Gohan's life.  As Gohan's fighting trainer, he instilled a fighting sense 
into Gohan.  He even began to care for the little tyke.  After a while, 
Piccolo gave up on the whole rivalry.  Being a Namekian, Piccolo has the 
ability to regenerate lost limbs, extend body parts great distances, and use 
magical powers.  Piccolo is the first person you fight in Story Mode.  Piccolo
is a large Green Namekian, wearing a Purple Gi (uniform).  Since there aren't
many green people wearing purple uniforms in the game, I don't think I have
to give much more of a description for Piccolo.

----------Move list----------

TOWARDS, DOWN + B (while in air) = Dive Kick              4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
By performing this motion while in air, Piccolo (just like Gokuu) will dive 
downwards diagonally, with his foot extended.  This makes for a good surprise 
attack, as you can hop into the air and immediately use it, or even hop 
backwards and use it.  It also makes for a good counter-tactic, useful for 
countering Ki blasts and such.

TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Sliding Retort Kick          3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Piccolo quickly flies horizontally (about 1/2 a screen's length) with his foot
extended, then returns.  This is a nice, quick, 1-2 combo, which can be used 
as a finisher for a variety of combos.  A quick Jump Kick, Standing Kick, 
Retort Kick will easily devastate your opponent.

TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + B = Mystic Combo                    3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
[This move isn't listed in the Options menu, so don't expect to see it there.]
Piccolo, using his Namekian abilities, stretches his arm out to a decent-sized
length, grabs his opponent, drags them in, and kicks them across the screen.  
This move, while not terribly powerful, is fairly effective if you want to get
those pesky close-range fighters out of the way.  As you can probably guess, 
the attack has the Knockback feature rather than a regular hit (although the 
extended arm connecting does minor damage as well).

AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Eyebeams                              4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
We all remember how Piccolo trained Gohan to dodge attacks quickly (prior to 
the arrival of Nappa and Vegita), right?  Wel, here's that move, ready for you
to use!  Piccolo doesn't do any special motions or anything, he simply 
launches a quick laser blast from his eyes!  While the move is easy to do and 
easy to use, the range is pathetic (roughly 1 screen distance).  However, its'
speed can easily make it a counter-Ki maneuver.  If you see a Ki blast coming 
for you, Eyeblast it!

DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Seeking Ki Blast                      4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Just like Gokuu's Mini-Genki Tama, Piccolo can throw out a small, seeking Orb.
The difference between the two is that Piccolo's orb has practically no start 
up and no lag, so you can worry less about being caught off-guard when using 
it.  Abuse it, especially when you want to try and trap your opponent (throw 
out a Seeking Ki blast, switch to the Sky, dash past them, switch back down to
the ground, and rush them from the other side).

% AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Mankaksopoppo                 3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Piccolo's trademark attack in which he charges up energy by placing his 
fingers to his forehead, then releases that energy in a Screw-type blast, 
drilling through his enemies.  This is Piccolo's weaker Super Ki Blast, 
meaning that it does a fair amount of damage (30%-50% of a single life bar) 
while only taking 25% the Ki bar.  Nice, efficient damage.

%% TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A = Gekiretsudokan               3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Piccolo charges up so much energy into 1 arm that he has to use the other arm 
to steady it.  He then launches the massive blast from an open palm at his 
enemy.  This is Piccolo's stronger Super Ki Blast, meaning that it does a very
good amount of damage (75% of a single life bar) while taking 50% the Ki bar.

Piccolo is great when it comes to in-close fighting.  He has the moves to 
prevent an enemy from getting in, while attacking without putting himself in 
danger.  Sure, he as some token "range" moves, but I think these should only 
be used for preventing the enemy from getting in close while assuring an 
opening for yourself.  Remember - while Piccolo is great when it comes to 
fighting up-close, there are those that are better.  Don't give these people 
an opening!  If you have to, fake an opening and make them screw up, so you 
can punish them.

_______~D~ Vegita______________________________________________________________

My namesake!!!  WOOO!!!

Vegita is the archrival of Gokuu.  Gokuu, 4 years after being married and 
fathering Gohan, he had a rude awakening - he isn't an Earthling at all, but 
rather from a race of Space Mercenaries called "Saiya-Jins".  He was informed 
of this by his super-powerful brother, Raditz.  Gokuu and Piccolo teamed up 
against Raditz in an effort to save the Earth.  During the fight, Gokuu and 
Piccolo talked of the Dragon Balls, the mystic orbs that could grant a wish to
the person who collected them all.  Raditz, who had a communicator on him, was
able to transmit this information to the Prince of all Saiya-Jins, Vegita.  
Vegita, intrigued by these Wish-Giving objects, immediately headed to Earth.
Vegita and Nappa, the General of the Saiya-Jin army, engauged in a massive 
fight that resulted in Nappa's death, as well as several of the Z-Senshi.  
Vegita, however, was spared by Gokuu.  Vegita, who's pride couldn't allow this
thing to happen, created a rivalry against Gokuu.  Since then, they have 
clashed a few times, but a true winner has yet to be determined...

Vegita has fought along side Gokuu and his friends, and occasionally against.
He is both friend and foe, and one bad man all around.  He is also the 2nd 
person you fight in Story Mode.  Vegita is a Saiya-Jin with black hair going
up into a point, and sports the traditional Saiya-Jin Armor (minus the 
shoulder pads) over a blue outfit.

----------Move List----------

AWAY-DOWN, UP-TOWARDS + B = Handspring Attack             3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Vegita springs off of his hands into the air, hitting anything in his way.  
This attack is along the same style as Gokuu's Arrow Knee, as the movement is
the same and Vegita attacks in the same ilk.  To be perfectly honest, the only
difference between the attacks (aside from the character using it) is the way
each attack is done - Vegita does a handspring, while Gokuu simply jumps with
knee extended.

DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Sliding Kick                          4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Vegita slides forward with his foot extended, striking low and knocking down 
his opponent.  This attack comes out quickly and is easy to chain off of a 
jump-in, and if your timing is right you can slide underneath ki blasts 
(except for heat-seeking shots or certain specialty blasts).  This attack 
serves as a "knockdown" attack, meaning that instead of simply hitting your 
opponent you knock them down (don't confuse this with the "knockback" feature,
which sends your opponent sprawling).  Now you can stop an offensive enemy and
avoid attacks all at the same time  How convenient!

TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Crossing Combination         3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Vegita flies foward, punching and kicking.  The nice thing about this combo is
that, even if it's blocked, Vegita will fly through his opponent, making it 
very difficult to punish (you have to know exactly where he's going to be on 
the other side).  You can combo this off of a a jump-in, a missed attack, and
even catch an enemy across the screen before they can make a move!  However, 
there are gaps in between blows so that your opponent can escape or block the
attack.  Still, if you manage to connect with every hit, you'll lookin' at a 
LOT of damage and you'll be safely away before they can do anything.

DOWN, AWAY + Y = Backstep Headbutt                        4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Vegita quickly backflips, landing gracefully (somewhat) on his feet, then 
dashes forward with his forehead extended, looking to make a hit.  Just like 
Gokuu's Backstep Elbow, Vegita's move is most effective when you use it as a 
defensive measure due to the frames of invincibility and because of the 
Knockback feature.

DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Vegita can fire off 3 Ki blasts in rapid succession.  If the first one 
connects, you're pretty well assured that the following 2 will as well.  This 
move is easy to use, and has tons of possibilities attached to it.  If a pesky
opponent keeps throwing Ki blasts at you, retort.  If you see someone throwing
a seeking Ki blast, send it off - you'll either catch them while they're 
throwing it, or stop the blast AND hit them several times.  It's an attack 
that you should abuse every chance you get.

% AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Big Bang Attack               3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Vegita powers up, then launches a 1-handed blast at his opponent.  This move 
is one of Vegita's most commonly-used attacks from Dragon Ball, first used to
destroy Artificial Human # 19.  The Big Bang Attack is Vegita's weaker Super 
Ki Blast.  30%-50% of 1 bar, 25% Ki.

%% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Final Flash                  2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Vegita powers up, then launches a double-palm blast.  This is considered 
Vegita's trademark attack, despite the fact that he used it as much as the Big
Bang attack (this one's stronger, so I guess that's what clinched it).  The 
Final Flash is Vegita's stronger Super Ki blast.  75% of 1 bar, 50% Ki.

Vegita is a sort of combination of Piccolo and Gokuu.  While he lacks the 
Aerial Dive Kick, he has Gokuu's Backstep attack and Rising attack, as well as
Piccolo's sliding kick (sans the return kick).  Vegita also has the extremely 
useful Renzoku Energy Dan, which automatically gives him an edge in a fight 
over those that do not.  His style is geared more towards keeping enemies just
past arm's length.  If they try to get in too close, he can punish them.  If 
they try to run away, he can catch them while they're running.  Play Vegita 
just like that, and you'll do just fine.

_________~E~  Furiza___________________________________________________________

Furiza was the scourge of the Universe.  His presence was feared all around 
because of his phenominal strength, and the army of minions he commanded.  
When Gokuu and Piccolo had fought against Raditz', they discussed the use of 
the Dragon Balls to resurrect one another.  However, Raditz had a small 
communications device that was able to pick up the entire conversation.  
Furiza, as well as Vegita, had eavesdropped on the conversation via similar 
devices; Vegita immediately headed for Earth, while Furiza headed for the 
homeworld of the Namekians, called Namek.  Furiza reasoned that since Kami was
a Namekian, then any Namekian can create these Dragon Balls, and therefore 
heading to the Homeworld would be a wise idea.  Vegita, after being beaten on 
Earth, headed for Namek as well, and the remaining Z-Senshi followed after.  
Upon reaching Namek, there were a series of events culminating in the 
resurrection of Piccolo, the death of Vegita, and the defeat of Furiza by the 
hands of Super Saiya-Jin Gokuu.  Furiza, however, was not dead.  His father, 
King Cold, managed to save him and use the remaining parts of him to turn him 
into a Cyborg.  These two extremely powerful monsters then travelled to Earth 
to exact revenge upon Gokuu (and hopefully gain the Dragon Balls, probably for
the use of restoring Furiza to his original state).  However, the two and 
their entire crew were destroyed by Mirai Trunks, the strange Super Saiya-Jin 
boy from the future.  Furiza WAS the scourge of the Universe...

Furiza is the 3rd person you fight in the Story Mode, and never joins your 
group.  Furiza is best described as a bulky all-white being with clawed hands
and feet and a tail.  He has purple stripes on his head, shoulders, and legs.

----------Move List----------

AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + Y = Vertical Tail Corkscrew       2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Furiza spins diagonally upwards, using his tail as a weapon.  This attack is 
great for taking down a jumping opponent.  However, don't think this move is 
religated solely to anti-air functions.  Feel free to use it as, say, a quick 
escape (especially if your opponent is using a move that takes long enough for
you to remain safe from retaliation).

AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Horizontal Tail Corkscrew       3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Furiza spins horizontally, using his tail as a weapon.  This attack is perfect
for taking control of a fight in a hurry, as the damage it does (as well as 
the priority it has) are absolutely amazing.  Corner your opponent and go 
crazy!  7/10  (3/5, 4/5) 

DOWN, AWAY + Y = Backstep Elbow                           4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall 
Furiza jumps backwards, then lunges forward with his elbow extended.  This 
attack is just like Gokuu's Elbow and Vegita's Headbutt - Knockback feature 
and Backstep invulnerability.  Gosh, aren't these attacks nice?  Whenever 
you're being croweded and there's an opening, don't hesitate to send your 
enemy sprawling!  7/10  (4/5, 3/5) 

AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Finger Laser                          4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Furiza points his finger and shoots a quick beam of energy from it.  This move
is straight from the manga - it's the move Furiza used to kill Dende.  
However, in this game it has been significantly toned down, to the extent 
where it is equal to Piccolo's Eyebeam attack.  However, this doesn't mean the
move is useless; it can be used in a variety of situations.  Because of its 
speed, it can be used to quickly negate regular Ki blasts or stop a merciless 
rushdown-player.  The only downside is the range of the attack, which is - to 
put it bluntly - pathetic.

DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Kinetic Slam                          4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Furiza shoots a blast of energy from his palm, quickly travelling across the 
screen.  While this attack doesn't do that much damage, the real purpose of 
the blast is simple - Just like the Backstep series of attacks, this move 
features the Knockback style of hitting.  This move has such a little start-
up and travels so quickly that you could feasibly use it in close-proximity 
and still connect.  Also, it covers a VERY large range, so you can stop an 
attempt at launching a Super Ki Blast in no time.  The only detriments I can 
think of about this attack are the fact that if you miss with it Furiza will 
be open to attack until the projectile is gone, and regular Ki blasts will 
take it out.  Abuse this move as much as you can; it will save you from many a
bad situation!

% AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Chou KienZan                  3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Furiza charges up an Energy Attack in the form of a large disk, which explodes
on contact.  This move is Kuririn's trademark attack, which was quickly picked
up by Furiza.  This is Furiza's Weaker Super Ki blast.  30%-50% of 1 bar, 
25% Ki.

%% TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A = Black Hole Death Ball        3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Furiza charges up a ball of energy, then continues to force it into a denser 
ball until it collapses upon itself, creating a Black Hole.  He then throws 
this ball at his opponent.  This is as close to a trademark attack as Furiza 
ever got (aside from his Finger Laser).  It is Furiza's Stronger Ki blast.  
75% of 1 bar, 50% Ki.

---Special Dash---                                        6/5  - Movement
                                                          6/5  - Effectiveness
                                                         12/10 - Overall
Furiza is a very special individual indeed.  He is the ONLY character in the 
game to have a special ability with his dash - when you are dashing towards 
your opponent, you'll notice that Furiza flies forward, but when you stop 
Dashing (i.e., release the Dash Button), Furiza will pull a quick flip and 
land gracefully.  While this is fun to look at, it serves a duel purpose - 
when Furiza does this, he is impervious to attacks.  What does this mean?  Not
only does Furiza have ANOTHER attack that grants him a short spurt of 
Invincibility, but this one is extremely quick and allows him to pass THROUGH
attacks (including all Ki blasts, excepting the Super Ki blasts) on the whim 
of your character.  That's right - you have a 1-button attack that makes you
invincible and closes the gap between you and your opponent in an instant, 
allowing you to destroy them!  Rating this as an attack, it gets a 6/5 for use
(1 button invulnerability + speed), and also gets a 6/5 for usage (c'mon, in 
THIS game this is ALL you really need).  Just when you thought there couldn't
be a more perfect attack than the Renzoku Energy Dan, this comes along and 
makes it look like a waste of time!  12/10 (6/5 x 2)  

Furiza is a strange character.  He has some very nice close-range moves, but 
they tend to be useless (and even downright dangerous) when avoided.  The main
focus of his attacks seem to be that of stopping whatever might be coming at 
him - a quick Finger Laser to stop a Ki blast, a Backstep Elbow or Kinetic 
Slam to send a pesky opponent away, etc.  Going off of his moves, Furiza's 
specialty seems to be that of a keep-away artist.  Play defensive until your 
opponent is beaten down, but don't ignore his offensive capabilities - those 
Tail Spins do quite a nice amount of damage, provided the connect.  Above all,
abuse Furiza's Toward Dash to avoid attacks and set up for a counter-attack of
your own.  It's the absolute best ability Furiza has, and is probably the best
overall ability in the game.  That may be a gutsy thing to say this far into 
the FAQ, but I doubt if I'll be proven wrong.

___________~F~  Dr. Gero/Artificial Human #20__________________________________

Doctor Gero was a doctor working for the evil organization Red Ribbon, which 
sought to take over the world.  In an effort to do so, they tried to gather 
the Dragon Ball to wish for whatever they desired.  Gokuu, seeking the Dragon 
Balls as well, confronted the entire army and destroyed their leaders (and 
most of the fortress with it).  Gero, thus being put out of a job, began work
to exact his revenge upon the lad that ruined him.  His primary work for Red 
Ribbon was making Artificial Humans, one of which betraying him to join Gokuu
(#8).  Gero continued his work with Artificial Humans until he grew too old to
see his work completed.  

In an effort to continue his research indefinitely, he had his brain 
transplanted into a robotic body resembling his own.  This Gero had the brain 
of the previous, plus immense strength and the ability to absorb pure energy 
and add it to his own.  This is #20, aka the former Doctor Gero.  Dr. Gero is 
an old man (or, at least, was designed to look like one) with a long shock of 
white hair showing from underneath his black cap.  This cap has the Red Ribbon
symbol on it - 2 red R's.  Dr. Gero is the 4th person you fight in the Story 
Mode, and doesn't join your group afterwards (since, according to the 
manga and anime, Dr. Gero was destroyed shortly after this fight).

Special Note - Dr. Gero had a small bug tracking Gokuu, monitoring his fights
and training, so Gero would know exactly how Gokuu (and others) would fight.
Therefore, it's perfectly understandable for him and his creations to directly
copy certain attacks from other characters.  Therefore, one could say that the
programmers weren't being lazy, they were actually following the show and knew
exactly what they were doing!

----------Move List----------

DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + Y = Gokuu's Jumping "Headbutt"    2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Gero jumps diagonally upwards with his metallic cranium, hoping to score a 
hit.  Boy, a lot of characters have this style of attack, don't they?  This 
attack is (apparently) the standard anti-air move.  Use it to stop opponents 
jumping in, or use it to escape an attack of two.  It has the same style and
range as Gokuu's Jumping Knee; hence, I call it 'Gokuu's Jumping "Headbutt".'
Makes sense, eh?  Eh?

DOWN, AWAY + Y = Modified Vegita "Surprise" Headbutt      4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Gero appears to fall down on the ground, then suddenly springs up and dashes 
forward with his forehead, hoping to strike a hit.  This move is a modified
versoin of Vegita's Backstep Headbutt; however, Gero is actually invulnerable
while he's on the ground.  Attacks pass right through him, so this attack 
makes a VERY nice counter-attack.  However, he can be hit during the actual 
Headbutt, so don't think it's the end-all attack.

DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Artificial Human Uppercut Combo       4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Gero slides forward with an uppercut, then spins around and delivers and elbow
attack.  Gero's uppercut combo can be linked right into off of a jump in or a
quick Punch/Kick attack, while barely knocking his opponent very far away.  If
you want to, you can follow this move up with a Surprise Headbutt, thus adding
to the damage nicely (or, if you so chose, dash in and pull and Absorb 
Attack).  The only true problem with this move is that in between the uppercut
and the elbow, there is a lull long enough for your opponent to block the 
final hit, or even counter.  While it is a good move for chipping, I don't 
think it's that great a move to use, especially against your more advanced 

TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Backstab Punch               3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Gero quickly dashes forward (past his opponent, if they are in range), turns, 
and jabs directly behind him (in his opponents' back).  This attack is 
effective as long as you are close enough for Gero to travel to the other side
of his opponent; if not, he'll simply move forward, then turn around and 
attack air, leaving himself VERY wide open for an attack.

AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Piccolo's Eyebeam                     4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Gero fires a quick beam out of his eyes.  This move is directly copied from 
Piccolo.  Sadly, that means that any bad traits the attack had came along with
the good.  The attack has the same pitiful range as Piccolo's, and does just 
as much damage.  However, the fact that it can quickly be fired off to destroy
an incoming Ki blast (or opponent) makes it worthwhile to have.

TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A = Absorbing Attack                3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall  
Gero, using the small pads on his hands, can suck the energy out of someone 
simply by grabbing them.  That is exactly what this attack does - Gero grabs 
ahold of his opponent and draws energy out of them, reducing their life while
increasing his own.  This attack ALONE makes Gero a formidable opponent - at 
any moment he can turn the tide of the fight in his favor.  However, it 
requires a close-proximity in order to use it, so a good keepaway artist 
(Furiza) can prevent him from utilizing this attack.

% AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Energy Discharge Blast        3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall  
Gero can shoot blasts of energy out of the small pads on his hands just as 
well as he can absorb energy through them.  Long story short - Gero fires a 
blast out of his hands.  Sadly, Gero only has 1 Super Ki blast, and this is 
it.  Also, this is the equivalent of a Weaker Ki blast, so don't expect too 
much damage from it.

NOTE - Dr. Gero's Special Ki Defense (Ki Absorb) is located in section IV.

Dr. Gero is a close-range fighter through and through.  He has combo attacks, 
defensive-attacks, a draining attack, and a quick Ki attack used for stopping 
onslaughts.  His Ki Absorb defense makes the use of Super Ki blasts a waste of
time, so opponents will be forced to use regular attacks to combat him.  If 
they get in too close, Gero will absorb life from them.  His only weakness is
his inability to keep up with a good keepaway player (Vegita, Furiza, etc).
Try to keep Gero within 2 screens of the person he's fighting, or else you'll
start to have problems.  However, if they're naive enough to throw a Ki blast
at you, make sure they realize how futile it is! 

_____________~G~  Artificial Human #18_________________________________________

Dr. Gero, seeking to exact revenge on Gokuu, had been programming robots to do
his dirty work.  Gero found that strictly machine-based robots were too 
powerful to handle, so he decided to go back to Organic-Machine hybrids 
(Cyborgs for short).  In order to have more test subjects, he kidnapped the 
twins that would become #17 and #18 (and, eventually, made himself into one).
These two, even after Gero's programming, were too difficult to control, so he
was forced to shut them down.  After finding that the Earthlings were more 
powerful than he had expected, Gero was forced to retreat to his lab to 
reactivate #17 and #18.  They immediately rebelled against him, killing him 
and going off on their own.

#18 is the Blond-haired female twin.  While programmed by Gero, she still has 
her own free will (not to mention incredible strength).  Her stamina is 
derived from a power source Gero created, somehow linked to the infinite 
gravity pull of an energy well.  This gives her an unlimited supply of energy.
#18 eventually married Kuririn, and years later had a child with him named 
Marron (see, she's not ALL robot).  As I previously stated, she is a blond, 
and is dressed in a jean jacket and skirt over a black shirt and black pants,
with brown boots and white striped sleeves.  She is the 5th person you fight 
in the Story Mode, but does not join your group.

----------Move List----------

AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B = Gokuu's Jumping Knee          2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall  
#18 jumps diagonally upward with her knee extended.  As with everyone else, 
this move is a great anti-air, as well as a convenient escape from danger.  I
don't really have anything else to say about the move, so I'll just express an
affinity for nachos and press onward.

AWAY-DOWN, UP + B = Modified Jumping Knee - Jumping Drop  1/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall  
While not very lady-like, #18 can change her Jumping Knee attack.  How does 
she do it?  Instead of hitting on the upward movement, she flies up and drops
down, attacking with her behind as a weapon.  When she does this, she strikes
enemies as she descends.  Mixing this attack up with her regular Jumping Knee
is effective, as is using it to avoid an attack, then dropping down on your
unsuspecting opponent.

DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Vegita's Sliding Kick                 4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall  
#18, just like Vegita, slides forward with her foot extended, tripping her 
opponent upon connecting.  This attack is great for avoiding projectiles and 
attacking all at once.  You're not forced to take the hit, and you can easily
counter the attack if you're in close when performing.  This is one of those 
attacks that you just HAVE to abuse!

DOWN, AWAY + Y = Gokuu's Backstep Elbow                   4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall  
Mimicking Gokuu, #18 slides backwards, the rushes forward with her elbow 
extended.  This move acts the same and has the same effects as Gokuu and 
Furiza's elbow attacks.  Therefore, it should be used in the same way - a 
quick counter for a rushdown opponent, etc.

DOWN, TOWARDS + Y = Artificial Human Uppercut Combo       4/5  - Movement
                                                          2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall  
As programmed into her by Gero, #18 can slide perform his uppercut combo.  She
slides forward with an uppercut, then turns and hits with her elbow.  This 
attack is quick to connect upon using, so you can chain it off of a jumping 
attack or use it to punish a missed attempt by your opponent.  The only true 
problem with this move is that in between the uppercut and the elbow, there is
a lull long enough for your opponent to block the final hit, or even counter.
While it is a good move for chipping, I don't think it's that great a move to 
use, especially against your more advanced opponents.

DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Piccolo's Seeking Ki Blast            4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall  
Using a technique learned from watching Piccolo (and programmed into her by 
Gero), #18 can release a small orb of energy that tracks its target.  Also 
like Piccolo, #18 has no start-up when using this move, so you can abuse it 
all you want.  It takes little Ki to use and is very effective for hitting 
your opponent, so make sure this is a very important part of your arsenal.

AWAY, DOWN + A = Ground Shave Energy Blade                4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall  
#18 throws her arm up, releasing an energy blast that quickly shoots across 
the ground.  This move is very effective when it comes to irritating keepaway
players.  It travels quickly, takes little Ki to use, and takes off a VERY 
respectable amount of life (slightly less than the standard Weaker Super Ki 
blast).  Unfortunately, this can be negated by a regular Ki blast, so it can
easily be dispersed.  However, for the taller characters (Cell, #16, Perfect 
Cell) this attack passes right under their regular Ki blasts.

% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = One-Handed Blast              2/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall  
#18 holds up a single hand and lets loose with a powerful blast of energy from
her palm.  This is #18's only Super Ki blast, and (sadly) it is the equivalent
of a Weaker Super Ki blast.  30%-50% life, 25% Ki.

NOTE - #18's special Super Ki Defense (Impenetrable Shield) is listed in 
section IV.
In general, #18 is about as much of a counter-agent as you can get.  I mean 
this because she has a counter for just about anything your opponent can throw
at you!  Her lack of any truly damaging attacks brings her down a little, but 
don't ignore how much damage can be done when you relentlessly persue your 
opponent with the weaker stuff!

_______________~H~  Imperfect Cell_____________________________________________

Dr. Gero, after years of working with robots and artificial humans, finally 
found the perfect biological weapon - since he knew he couldn't defeat Gokuu 
and the others presently, he made a new fighter from their very DNA.  This 
fighter combined the best aspects from every person - Piccolo's healing, the 
Saiya-Jin's ability to gain great strength from fights, Furiza's ability to 
survive in any climate and setting, not to mention the attacks from each 
fighter.  However, this creature, named Cell, would take too long to come to 
fruition, and in order for it to reach its perfect state it required the 
energy sources linked to #17 and #18.  Since Gero had already used those 
energy sources for #17 and #18, he improvised - he gave Cell a tail with a 
Suction on the end, giving Cell the ability to drain people of their very 
energy and absorb people (specifically, #17 and #18).

Cell was finally born in the future, years after Gokuu had died from his heart
disease.  This Cell watched as Trunks battled the evil twins, and soon 
realized that he was far too weak to absorb them.  Cell knew that he could 
raise his power significantly by absorbing power from the locals, but soon 
found that #17 and #18 had disposed of most of the population.  Cell was at a
stalemate, until he discovered that Trunks had a time machine.  Cell plotted 
to kill Trunks and take his time machine into the past, where there were more
people for him to absorb.  Thus, Cell could become strong enough to take the
Artificial Humans and transform into his Perfect Form.  Cell, being too large
to fit into the Time Machine, was forced to shrink himself down to a much 
smaller form, costing him a great deal of strength.  Upon traveling back in 
time, Cell put himself into a form of stasis, allowing himself to regrow some
of his lost strength until he was strong enough to start absorbing people 
again.  A few years later, Cell had finished, and was ready to begin anew - 
until the Z-Senshi discovered him.  For Cell, it is now a race against time, 
against a new set of foes - not only are the Androids avoiding him, but the 
Z-Senshi are looking to destroy him!

Imperfect Cell is the 6th person you fight in the Story Mode.  He has the 
appearance of an overgrown bug of sorts, green with black flecks all over.  He
has clawed hands and feet, as well as a long tail with a metallic-looking 
stinger on the end.  Cell's head consists of a large greenish crest that 
resembled a strange hat, directly situated above 2 large eyes and a pale ridge
that serves as a mouth.

----------Move List----------

TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + B = Telekinetic Vaccuum Slam        3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall  
Imperfect Cell suddenly draws in his opponent, then smashes them away with a 
swipe from his clawed hand.  This attack, while not overly powerful, is great
for stopping enemies getting ready to attack you with a normal physical 
attack.  Provided they're in range (about a 1/2 screen distance), you can nab 
them out of anything as long as they're not blocking.  This attack works like 
the Backstep attacks, sending your opponent a VERY long distance.

AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B = Tail Swipe                    2/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall  
Cell swings his tail up in front of him, arcing upwards to deter any jumping 
opponents.  Because Cell isn't the most agile of aggressors, he lacks the 
ability to hop upwards at a moments' notice.  However, his extra appendage can
be used in leu of this ability, allowing Cell to stop any airborne attackers 
without having to move an inch.  This high-priority attack should serve as
your way of halting any/all airborne attacks (save Ki blasts, which will
still hurt this overgrown bug).

AWAY, DOWN + B = Surprise Tail Slide                      4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall  
Cell quickly slides forward with his tail slightly in front of him, striking 
his opponent in the knees and knocking them down.  This attack is useful in 
the fact that Cell doesn't make any extra movement to show that he's moving -
he just suddenly slides forward, knocking down his opponent and dealing a 
decent amount of damage.  However, this attack leaves Cell VERY vulnerable 
should it miss, and he can be knocked out of it with any attack hitting him.
Still, if you have the need to stop an irritating enemy so you can get away 
from them or simply stop them from attacking, knock 'em down!

AWAY, DOWN + A = Ground Shave Energy Blade                4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall  
Cell, using the same programming that #18 received, throws a blade of energy 
that travels across the ground.  This attack is great, considering how easy it
is and how much damage it does.  It travels quickly and does a very 
respectable amount of damage.  However, it is negated by regular Ki blasts, so
don't go wild with it - you could end up leaving yourself wide open.

TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A = Tail Energy Absorb              3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall  
Cell picks up his opponent with his tail and drains a small portion of their 
life, adding it to his own.  Just like Dr. Gero, if Cell is close enough he 
can pick up his opponent and restore lost health by adding it to his own.  The
only difference in the attacks is that Cell uses his tail instead of his 

% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-Ha                   2/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall  
Cell charges up a blast between his clawed hands, then releases it in a beam 
of energy towards his opponent.  That's right, it's Cell using Kamesennin's 
trademark attack!  Having this attack programmed into him by Gero, Cell is 
capable of launching Gokuu's favorite attack as his weaker Super Ki Blast. 
30-50% HP, 25% Ki.

%% AWAY, DOWN, DOWN-TOWARDS + A = Mankaksopoppo           3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall  
Cell points his fingers towards his head, charging up energy, then releases 
the attack in a powerful screw-beam of energy.  Cell, using Piccolo's 
trademark attack, can be quite devastating at a distance, as this is his 
stronger Super Ki Blast.  75% HP, 50% Ki.

Overall, Cell is a tank.  He's a big, lumbering guy who can jump high and dole
out a lot of damage.  The problem with him is he is unequipped to handle the 
faster, more maneuverable characters.  With Cell, your best bet is to stick 
close to your opponent and hope to wear them down with swipes and slides, and 
whenever you can try to absorb energy from your opponent - this can very 
quickly turn the tide of a fight.  However, if your opponent is playing a very
good keep-away game, use a Telekinetic Slam to send them away, then launch a 
Ki blast at 'em.

_________________~I~  Artificial Human #16_____________________________________

Dr. Gero, prior to creating the infamous Artificial Humans #17 and #18, toyed
around with machine-based fighters quite a bit.  He found that their strength
was only limited to how strong he made them, and since he could program them 
to do whatever he wanted they would be the ideal fighters/servants.  Upon 
creating #16, he made a fighter with a strength unheard of before.  Gero 
immediately programmed it with a single prime directive - destroy Gokuu.  
However, this programming interferred with anything else Gero wanted #16 to do
- all it would say is that it could not, for it was supposed to destroy Gokuu.
#16 was far too powerful to control, and he wouldn't listen to anything Gero 
told him to do.  Dejected, Gero shut down #16 and put him in stasis.  The 
Doctor then went back to Cybernetic/Human creations, hoping to have more 
control over his creations.  Unfortunately, #17 and #18 were too stubborn to 
listen to him either.  Because of this, he shut them down as well.  After 
creating one final robotic counterpart and transferring his mind into that of
a lookalike robot, Gero set out to destroy Gokuu himself.

Upon being beaten by the Z-Senshi, Gero retreated to his lab where he was 
forced to unleash #17 and #18.  He threatened them to aid him or he would 
detonate the bombs located inside of them.  Instead of obeying, they killed 
him and released #16.  The 3 Artificial Humans then trekked across the 
countryside, looking for Gokuu and causing mayhem all the while.  
Unfortunately, Cell soon became the major threat when he arose to absorb #17
and #18.  #16, seeking to not let that happen, went up against him, only to 
lose badly.  Bulma reprogrammed the giant robot to aid them, and showed up at
the Cell games for support.  However, he was destroyed before Gohan's very 
eyes, triggering Gohan's transformation into SSj 2.  Thus was the end of 

#16 is the incredibly powerful Android that you must face off against after 
defeating Imperfect Cell.  He is the 7th Contender in Story Mode.  He is 
wearing a green and black outfit, and has bright red hair.  When all else 
fails, you can tell which person this is by the fact that he detaches his 
hands throughout the fight to use them as weapons or shoot projectiles out
of them!

----------Move List----------

TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + B = Machine Gun Kicks            3/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall  
#16 flies forward, kicking rapidly with his foreleg.  Want to talk about an 
attack that does great damage hit AND blocked?  This is it; #16's legwork is 
fantastic, allowing him to strike multiple times.  Unlike other repeated-
strike attacks, once this one connects the rest of the hits are guaranteed.
Yes, you can be hit out of it, but I wouldn't want to get close enough for him
to hit me!

AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B = Gokuu's Arrow Knee            2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall  
Just like Gokuu (since it was programmed into him), #16 can jump upward with 
his knee extended and strike opponents as they're in the air.  This attack is 
good for stopping incoming opponents, as well as its use as a quick escape 
from an attack.

DOWN, TOWARDS + B =  Corkscrew Kick                       4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall  
#16 spins around and delivers a powerful kick.  This attack serves as #16's 
Backstep attack; when it connects it sends his opponent flying very far.  It's
fairly quick and powerful, so it can be used as a counter-attack.  However, if
you miss then you're going to be left open, so be careful when using this 

TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Double Arm Slam              3/5  - Movement
                                                          6/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall  
#16 throws his arms out in both directions, causing anything he hits to fly a
great distance.  This attack is THE end-all attack for #16 - it's powerful, 
it's fast, it's fairly easy to do, it gets rid of pesky enemies in a 
heartbeat, and (most of all) it gives #16 a brief moment of invulnerability.
 If you can time it right, you can have attacks simply pass through you, 
including Projectiles.  This is an incredibly nice attack, since at any moment
you can flat-out halt your opponent. 

TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Piccolo's Eyebeams           3/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall  
#16, using the programming put into him by Dr. Gero, can mimic Piccolo's 
ability to shoot beams of energy from his eyes.  This attack, while not very 
powerful, makes up its usefulness in the fact that it can be used to halt an 
enemy OR stop a regular projectile from hitting.  How nice is that - someone 
throws out a Seeking Ki blast, only to have it stopped mere feet from #16!

DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Long Distance Jab                     4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall  
#16, since he IS a machine, is capable of detaching his arms and using them as
projectiles.  That is the basis of this attack - #16 holds his arm out and 
shoots his arm off, striking up to a certain distance then drawing it back in.
This attack is not only easy to use, but is extremely useful since it can 
negate Ki blasts AND continue on to strike his opponent.  The only downside to
this attack is that if it misses, #16 has to wait for his arm to retract and 
reattach before he can continue on fighting - which means if your opponent 
somehow dodged the attack, they're free to wail on you.  However, given how 
fast and far this attack moves, the odds of your opponent being missed are 

%% AWAY, D0WN, D0WN-T0WARDS + A = Hell Crusher            4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall  
#16 removes his hands and launches a powerful energy blast from his arm 
sockets.  As with #20 and #18, #16 only has 1 Super Ki Blast.  The funny thing
is, unlike theirs #16's is the equivalent of a Strong Super Ki blast, meaning
it takes off abot 75% of someone's life and takes 50% of your Ki bar.  Go for
it, oversized Redhead Robot-Man!

Overall, #16 is a powerhouse to contend with.  He's got attacks that are good 
for chipping away at your life, attacks that are great for defending against 
Ki blasts, an attack that can rip through Ki blasts and hit you at the same 
time, and an attack that pretty much makes him impervious to all damage.  The
guy is a menace at a distance, since his only Super Ki Blast is a strong one
(and his long-distance Jab will stop any Ki blasts from getting to him), and 
he's even worse at close.  Playing as him means pressuring your opponent no 
matter what distance you're at, while playing against him means hoping he'll 
make a mistake and open himself up for a combo or quick special move.

              -----        --------        -----         
------- Hidden Characters (See Section VI-B to Unlock) -------
              -----        --------        -----         

* __________________~J~  Mirai Trunks__________________________________________

Mirai Trunks (Future Trunks) is the son of Vegita and Bulma.  His first 
appearance from the future was to deliver a special medicine that would 
prevent Gokuu from dying.  In his timeline, Gokuu died from the a heart 
disease, and because he hadn't been there the Artificial Humans #17 and #18 
destroyed most of the population of the Earth, including the Z-Senshi.  By 
saving Gokuu's life, Trunks created a seperate timeline than the one he came 
from - one that dealt with 3 different Artificial Humans, plus a more powerful
set of the 2 he was familiar with.  Trunks stayed with the Z-Senshi of the 
past, training and fighting the Artificial Humans and (eventually) Cell.  
Trunks finally got to meet his father, Vegita, but was bothered by the 
arrogant, uncaring person he saw.  He eventually came to realize how his 
father was, and respected the man - but that doesn't mean he necessarily 
LIKED him.  Trunks showed his support by showing up at the Cell games, ready 
to participate.  Unfortunately, his appearance was more bad than good, as he 
was killed by Perfect Cell.  This enraged Vegita enough to cause him to blast 
Cell, distracting him enough for Gohan to overpower him and kill him.  Trunks 
was wished back to life with the Dragon Balls, and then returned to his own 
timeline.  Because of his incredible growth in strength, Trunks was able to 
defeat the Artificial Humans and Cell in his own timeline, thus stopping the 
cycle from continuing.  

This Trunks is the Trunks from the future, not the lazy Trunks that fought 
during the Buu saga.  He is the 8th Contender in the Story Mode.  Trunks 
sports the same armor styling that Vegita wears, and has long Purple hair 
(which came from his mother, obviously).  When Trunks enters battle, he 
automatically powers up to SSj, making his purple hair fray out in every 
direction and turn blond.

----------Move List----------

DOWN, TOWARDS + B (while in air) = Dive Kick              4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall  
Trunks, just like the majority of the characters in this game, can jump in the
air and dive downwards with a kick, ki eminating from his foot.  Once again, I
really don't have much else to say about this attack, since anything of 
interest I've had to say about this attack I have already said for Gokuu, 
Piccolo, etc.

DOWN-AWAY, UP-TOWARDS + B = Flip & Knee                   2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall  
Trunks flips diagonally upwards, kicking, then lands and slides foward with 
his knee extended.  This attack seems to be an attempt at both an anti-air as
well as a ground-based attack.   The problem, however, is that it really isn't
either - it lacks a good vertical reach, and it doesn't travel very far 
horizontally.  However, the attack does good damage and has the Knockback 
feature, and Trunks is invincible the entire time he's performing the flip, so
it's not entirely bad...

AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Triple Flip Kick                3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Trunks flips foward 3 times, hitting the entire time.  Now THIS is an attack -
it covers good ground, comes out quickly and doesn't leave you very open, and 
does really good damage.  Trunks' triple flip can chip away a good portion of 
life, not to mention the damage it does when ALL of the hits connect.  
Needless to say, this is a corner attack through and through - chip, chip, 
chip, and they've got a problem!  The only setback with this attack is that 
you CAN retaliate in between kicks.

DOWN, AWAY + Y = Backstep Elbow and Knee                  4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
Trunks hops back, then lunges forward with his Elbow.  He then continues 
forward, striking with his knee as well.  This attack is your standard 
backstep attack - frames of invincibility and knockback - but this attack also
has an extra hit, so at least you'll chip that much more!

DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Trunks, just like everyone else who has this attack, can launch 3 bolts of Ki
at his opponent in a rapid fashion.  It's quick, it's effective, it's great 
for stopping incoming projectiles or rushing enemies, and it does good damage.
Use it today!  NOW!

% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Finishing Buster              2/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall
One of Trunks' trademark attacks, this attack is shown by Trunks performing a
myriad of arm movements, then holding his arms out.  His hands are together 
horizontally, with the palms facing his opponent.  His forefingers and thumbs 
are pressed together, as if making an OK sign.  He then lets loose with a 
blast, headed towards his opponent.  Ok, descriptions aside, this attack 
really isn't much to write home about.  It's Trunks' weaker Super Ki blast.

%% AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Burning Attack               3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
The "other" trademark attack of Trunks', this one depicts him charging up a 
massive ball of energy behind his head, then hurling it at his opponent.  As 
with the Finishing Buster, this attack didn't actually have a name until it 
was given one in the video games (I believe the first one these attacks were 
named in was "Hot Battle! the Androids!" for the NES/Famicom). This is Trunks'
stronger Super Ki blast, meaning it takes off 75% of his opponent's life, 
while costing 50% of the Ki bar.

Overall, Trunks is a great in-fighting character.  His triple-flip attack is 
wonderous for chipping or simply dealing out damage, and his Flip & Dash and 
Backstep attacks warrant him some frames of invincibility should the going get
rough.  The only ranged attack he truly has is his Renzoku Energy Dan (and his
2 Super Ki blasts, of course), so make sure you can keep close to your 
opponent if you want to win.  Don't think of him as the end-all close range 
fighter, though - think of him more as an evasive fighter; he may not be the 
best at it, but he can usually avoid hits just as well as taking them.  He has
invulnerability, Knockback, a Dive Kick, and projectiles to keep him safe.  Do
make sure you keep him safe, won't you?  It's awfully hard to win if you're 

* _____________________~K~  Chibi Gohan________________________________________

Shortly after the defeat of Piccolo Jr. at the finals of the 23rd Tenkai-Ichi 
Boudokai, Gokuu and Chi-Chi were married.  About 1 year later, their son Gohan
was born.  Gohan, because of his half-Saiya-Jin and half-Human blood, had 
enormous potential as a fighter.  He first showed this potential when he was 
kidnapped by Garlic Jr. and his minions, and later demonstrated it again when 
Raditz, Gokuu's evil brother, kidnapped him.  Gohan was trained by Piccolo, 
and showed very strong signs of respect towards him afterward - he had a suit 
made that resembled Piccolo's, and stayed good friends with his former 
teacher.  Gohan participated in every major battle he was exposed to after his
introduction, from Raditz to Vegita to Furiza to the Artificial Humans.

In this game, Gohan's first appearance is inside the Room of Space and Time, 
training with Gokuu (or whoever you choose to fight him with).  This was 
shortly after Gohan learned to go SSj, thanks to his father's training.  Gohan
would eventually go on to defeat Cell twice and save the planet.  Gohan is the
9th person you square off against in the Story Mode.  He normally has black 
hair (in whatever hair style his mother has cooked up for him), but in battle 
he sports the blond SSj style.  He also wears a purple uniform that matches 

----------Move List----------

TOWARDS, DOWN + B (while in Air) = Dive Kick              4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
Just like everyone else with this move, Gohan can jump in the air and dive 
towards his enemy with a small cone of energy around his foot.  Standard uses 
- avoidance, counter-attack, and anything else you can think of.

AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B = Flip & Kick                   2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Almost like Mirai Trunks (which is weird, since Mirai Trunks trained with a 
different Gohan), Chibi Gohan can flip upwards (flipping AND turning around in
air, I might add), then land, spin, and kick his opponent.  This attack 
appears to cover more room Vertically and Horizontally than Trunks' version; 
however, you'll note that it IS the same distance (Gohan is shorter, and thus 
DOES move further - however, it's the same distance altogether).  Appearances 
aside, this attack acts the same as Trunks' - frames of invincibility and 
Knockback included.  And don't forget that extra kick!

DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Sliding Kick                          4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Just like Vegita and #18 (whom probably learned it when Dr. Gero studied them 
both and programmed her accordingly), Gohan can slide forward with his foot 
extended.  This attack features the Knockdown style of hitting, not to mention
the zero startup and zero lag.  All these, combined with Gohan's short 
stature, make this an attack EXTREMELY useful against larger characters. 
("Hey Perfect Cell, you just hit the pavement!  Next time don't try a regular 
Ki blast on me, you friggin' idiot!")

TOWARDS, AWAY, TOWARDS + Y = Renzoku Naguru-Ken           3/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
(I forgot the real name of this move, so I made one up)
This attack is simple - Gohan goes ballistic, moving forward while punching 
repeatedly.  After all the punching, he hops backward a short distance.  This
attack is much like #16's Machine Gun Kicks - repeated attacks that do a lot 
of damage, chipped or not.  The only difference (aside from one being punches 
and the other being kicks) is that Gohan's will hit more, but can be avoided/
blocked/countered after every punch.  Abuse this attack for all its work, 
folks - if you connect, your opponent's going to be whining for a while...

DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Gohan tosses out 3 blasts of Ki from alternating hands.  Just like all others 
that have this move, Gohan can let loose with the "Triple Threat" as my 
friends have dubbed it.  Practically no start-up, little Ki required, and it 
does a nice chunk of damage when it all connects.  Ain't life grand?

% AWAY, DOWN, DOWN-TOWARDS + A = Masenkou                 1/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          4/10 - Overall
Gohan holds his hands above his forehead, charging up energy.  He then points 
his arms towards his opponent, one hand behind each other with the palms 
facing out, and lets loose with a beam of energy.  This is Gohan's Trademark 
attack, which was taught to him by Piccolo during their training before the 
arrival of the Saiya-Jins.  However, this attack was soon abandoned in favor 
of the most commonly-used "special" attack of the series - the Kamehame-Ha.  
I don't know what the programmer(s) was/were thinking when he/they decided to
make the movement for this attack almost exactly the same as the Kamehame-ha,
as it's extremely frustrating.

%% AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-Ha                  2/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Gohan charges up energy between his hands, then releases it in a blast of 
energy towards his opponent.  As denoted by the dual percentage marks, this is
Gohan's more powerful Super Ki blast.  It's a good attack; however, the fact 
that it's almost exactly the same movement as the Masenkou is REALLY 
frustrating.  Someone needs a good thrashing for THAT mistake...

Overall, Gohan is a short fighter with a LOT of strength in his attacks.  His 
repeated punch combo is good for chipping or flat-out damage, although it can 
leave him a little open; however, creative use of his Flip Kick and Renzoku 
Energy Dan can easily correct this.  Overall, though, you should play Gohan as
he is - a short player who can avoid attacks and return fire extremely well.  
Don't underestimate his strength - he might not have the raw power of some 
others, but he can easily make it up in a few blows more (which, of course, he
could avoid but you can't).

* _______________________~L~ Super Saiya-Jin Gokuu_____________________________

The Z-Senshi had many challenges to face when they went up against Furiza.  
Ultimately, though, the only person left alive for them to deal with was 
Furiza himself.  The only person strong enough to take Furiza in his final 
form was Gokuu.  Even at his max, Gokuu couldn't defeat Furiza, so he was 
forced to have Piccolo distract him long enough to create a massive Genki 
Tama.  This attack somehow failed in killing Furiza, and left Gokuu and 
Piccolo too drained to do anything when Furiza resurfaced.  Furiza then shot 
Piccolo with a near-fatal blow, infuriating Gokuu.  Then he telekinetically 
picked up Kuririn, Gokuu's best friend, and made him explode before Gokuu's 
very eyes.  This drove Gokuu over the edge, causing his rage to trigger a 
genetic "power-up" in a Saiya-Jin, causing them to gain awesome amounts of 
strength and change their hair color to Blonde.  This is Super Saiya-Jin 
Gokuu, who looks just like regular ol' Gokuu (but has blond hair now).  You 
never actually fight SSj Gokuu in the Story Mode; instead, Gokuu automatically
becomes SSj Gokuu when you reach Furiza.

Note:  Once in the SSj state, a Saiya-Jin can no longer use Kai-oh Sama's 
techniques (Kai-oh Ken or the Genki Tama).  This was found out when Gokuu 
attempted to power up a Genki Tama in SSj form while fighting Buu, only to 
completely lose the energy he was drawing in!  Therefore, Gokuu can no longer
use Kai-oh Ken or the Genki Tama attacks.  However, the mini Genki Tama has 
been replaced by a similar seeking blast, so you shouldn't worry 'bout that - 
it does the same damage and comes out instantly, so you can consider it an 

----------Move List----------

DOWN, TOWARDS + B (while in air) = Dive Kick              4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
By performing this motion while in air, Gokuu will dive downwards diagonally, 
with his foot extended.  If you need anything further, check out Regular 
Gokuu's movelist.

AWAY-DOWN, UP-TOWARDS + B = Arrow Knee                    3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Gokuu flies diagonally upwards with his knee extended.  Yup, the same once 

AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + B = Quadruple Kick Combo            3/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          6/10 - Overall
Yay, something NEW for Gokuu!  Upon going SSj, Gokuu loses the ability to use 
Kai-oh Ken (party because SSj and Kai-oh Ken aren't compatible, and partly 
because the highest level of Kai-oh Ken was far weaker than Gokuu when he 
initially went Super Saiya-Jin).  However, in its stead he gains this potent 
kicking combination.  When executed, Gokuu will kick 4 times with alternating
legs.  While this attack is extremely powerful (if all of the hits connect),
the problem with it is that there is incredible lag after every hit.  You 
don't have to have that good reflexes to be able to counter after one or two 
hits.  Therefore, the effectiveness of this attack drops a lot...however, for
your run-of-the-mill player, it can still be an effective weapon.

DOWN, AWAY + Y = Backstep Elbow                           4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Gokuu slides backwards on the ground, then rushes forward with his elbow 
extended.  Yeah...more info = Regular Gokuu section. 

DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Seeking Ki Blast                      4/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          9/10 - Overall
Gokuu quickly throws out a small ball of energy that will seek out its target.
This attack looks and acts like Piccolo's Seeking Ki blast; in fact, you could
pretty much say they're the same thing.  Gone is Gokuu's Seeking mini-Genki 
Tama, which took forever to throw.  This one is instanteous and just as 

AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS, UP + B = Super Meteo Bashing         1/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall
Gokuu kicks his enemy up into the air, hammers them back to the ground, then 
elbows them off to the side.  As if SSj Gokuu wasn't overpowered enough, he 
still retains his Meteo!  How do you like THEM apples?

% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Kamehame-ha                   2/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall
Gokuu charges up Kamesennin's trademark attack, the Kamehame-ha, then launches
it at his opponent.  This is Gokuu's weaker Super Ki Blast.  Need to know 
more?  You know where to look.

%% TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + A = Chou Kamehame-Ha             3/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Gokuu charges up an even MORE powerful Kamehame-Ha, then unleashes it at his 
enemy.  Gokuu first used this attack against Ma Junior (Piccolo) during the 
final rounds of the 23rd Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai, which is (coincedently) where 
this game starts.  Essentially, all it is is a Kamehame-Ha with even more 
energy pumped into it.  I believe the mechanics of the original Kamehame-Ha is
that the user draws in as much energy as they can, then releases it in a 
little ball from their hands.  The way this version works is that the user 
draws in an incredible amount of energy, so much so that it gathers AROUND the
user and is funnelled into the blast.  This allows more effort to be put into
the attack itself, since there does not require much Ki to be stored within
the body itself - there is a ready supply being contained in the field around
the body as well, fueling the already-powerful blast.  But I digress...

SSj Gokuu, in transforming, loses one of the best abilities in the game 
(Kai-oh Ken) in favor of a quicker seeking Ki blast and a kicking combo.  
While the Kicking Combo is pretty much useless against more advanced enemies,
the Ki blast is very effective nonetheless.  Your playing style with this 
Gokuu should be geared more towards trapping than the out-and-out offense you
might have used with Non-SSj Gokuu.  Since Gokuu lacks the ability to power 
up drastically, you should spend your time making sure that all of the hits 
you're making count.  Heh...does anyone else find it funny how Non-SSj Gokuu 
has the potential to, in a round, do more damage than SSj Gokuu?  I do...

  ---Fun Fact---
Non-Super Saiya-Jin Gokuu can do more damage, blow for blow, than SSj Gokuu
if he uses Kai-oh Ken.  Great, here come the debates of Kai-oh Ken vs. SSj
as to which gives the greater power-up...

* _________________________~M~  Super Saiya-Jin Vegita_________________________

Vegita, after 3 years of intensive training in a 300 Gs training room, had 
still never accomplished that which Gokuu had - turning Super Saiya-Jin.  This
only enfuriated the Saiya-Jin prince even further; how is it that this lower-
class fighter could accomplish something the Price of all Saiya-Jins could 
not?  This burned inside of Vegita, until his frustration at himself and his 
anger towards his hated rival caused him to reach new levels of anger.  This 
extreme anger triggered the transformation, and Vegita finally acquired the 
ability to turn into a Super Saiya-Jin.  This Vegita has blond hair instead of
his usual jet-black.  You never fight SSj Vegita in the Story Mode - instead, 
Vegita automatically becomes SSj Vegita when you reach the Androids, and 
remains so for the duration of the game.

----------Move List----------

Surprise, surprise!  SSj Vegita has NO different moves than that of Non-SSj 
Vegita.  Sorry...

Look at what I suggested for regular Vegita (V-C).

* ___________________________~N~  Perfect Cell_________________________________

Cell was created to absorb Artificial Humans #17 and #18 in order to achieve 
his "perfect" form.  he managed to surprise #17, and due to Kuririn's desire 
to NOT blow up #18, Cell managed to absorb her as well.  This Cell was 
incredibly powerful.  Thus having reached his perfect state, Cell had a 
quandry - what should he do now?  He'd accomplished what his programming 
stipulated, so what should he do now?  Cell decided - he took over the 
Boudokai and changed it to the "Cell Games", a new fighting contest.  The 
rules were simple - everyone who showed up would fight Cell.  If they lost, 
the next person would fight him.  If Cell defeated everyone, then he would 
blow up the world.  If Cell lost, then he lost.  

Perfect Cell, in a fairly close match, defeated Gokuu.  The next contender was
Gohan, whom wouldn't fight all out.  Cell, interested in finding out what kind
of "hidden powers" the boy had, released several Cell Juniors to beat up on 
his friends (Vegita held his own, but everyone else got beat around).  Cell, 
seeking to infuriate the boy, proceeded to step on #16's head, silencing the 
Robot forever.  This drove Gohan to the edge, causing him to transform to SSj 
level 2.  This Gohan bet the ever-lovin' tar out of Cell, hitting him so hard 
he puked up #18 (whom Kuririn promptly rescued).  Cell, whom had dropped back 
to an imperfect form (from the lost of #18) and bewildered at the sudden change
of tide in the fight, decided to commit suicide and blow up the world.  Gokuu, 
sacrificing himself, grabbed Cell and teleported him to Kai-oh Sama's planet 
(sacrificing him too).  Unfortunately, the explosion didn't kill Cell - it only
made him stronger, restoring him to his Perfect Form.  Gohan, with a little 
help from Vegita, managed to overpower Cell again, this time atomizing him in a
massive Kamehame-ha.

Perfect Cell is the last person you fight in the Story Mode.  He has an all-
white face with black stripes, and sports a sort of "upgraded" version of 
Imperfect Cell's suit.  His crest has become a hat, his skin has become an 
armor of sorts, and his stinger tail is now concealed by the "wing flaps" on 
his back.

----------Move List----------

TOWARDS, DOWN + B (While in air) = Dive Kick              4/5  - Movement
                                                          4/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
Cell, just like most everyone else in the game (it seems), can do a diving 
kick.  Same old, same old - good priority, nice speed, good for dodging or 
countering attacks, yadda yadda yadda.

AWAY-DOWN, TOWARDS-UP + B = Cell Spin                     2/5  - Movement
                                                          6/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
Cell flips upward towards his opponent, does an elbow drop as he returns to 
the ground (or aerial level), then kicks again.  My goodness, look at the 
power behind this attack!  Cell, during his flip, strikes many times, each hit
doing incredible damage WHEN CHIPPED.  This is the "Gill's Ascension" move of
the game, folks - blocked or not, you're going to take a pounding when Cell 
does it.  That, combined with the invincibility during the flip, make Cell an
friggin' GOD with 1 move alone!

AWAY, DOWN + B = Modified Sliding Trip                    4/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          7/10 - Overall
Cell slides forward, hitting low with his front foot.  This attack is, 
essentially, a modified version of Imperfect Cell's sliding Tail strike; the 
modification comes in due to the fact that Cell no longer has a long tail to 
strike with.  Therefore, he uses the next best thing - his foot.  Knockdown 
ability, decend damage, and it comes out quickly.

TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + B = Vaccuum Grab 'n Slam            3/5  - Movement
                                                          2/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall
Cell grabs his opponent using a brief bout of telekinesis (up-close), then 
boots them away.  This attack has minor Vaccuuming abilities, sucking in 
enemies from a brief distance away (about 1/4th of a screen).  The kick itself
has Knockback to it.  Decent damage, but horrible priority - I got beat out by
Dr. Gero's Absorbing Attack while using this!

DOWN, AWAY + A = Renzoku Energy Dan                       4/5  - Movement
                                                          6/5  - Effectiveness
                                                         10/10 - Overall
Cell lets loose with 3 powerful bolts of energy.  Man, you want to talk about 
NICE?  Try this on for size - Cell's bolts travel just as fast and far as 
everyone else's, except his do a TON more damage!  In all seriousness, having 
all 3 blasts connect takes off 100% of 1 bar.  That's not just unfair, that's
flat-out broken.  With 2 special moves, Perfect Cell has effectively reduced
the rest of the games' line-up to a bunch of panty-waists whom can't hope to

% DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS + A = Hyper Mankaksopoppo           2/5  - Movement
                                                          3/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          5/10 - Overall
Cell charges up with one hand, then fires off a Modified Mankaksopoppo - this
one has repeated bursts of energy travelling up the corkscrew beam!  This 
attack, for as damaging as it looks, is just a regular ol' Weak Super Ki Blast
(lots of adjectives there...regular, old, weak, super, Ki, whew!).  Something
else I'd like to add - for some odd reason, I can NEVER seem to pull this move
off!  The in-game movelist says that it's DOWN, DOWN-AWAY, AWAY, TOWARDS + A, 
but that NEVER seems to work for me - I always throw the Renzoku Energy Dan.  
Is it just my game?

%%% AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + A = Double-Handed Great Bomb    3/5  - Movement
                                                          5/5  - Effectiveness
                                                          8/10 - Overall
Cell charges up energy in both hands, then continues to charge it up over his
shoulder as if he were holding a bag on his back.  He then lets loose with an
extremely powerful ball of energy at his opponent.  The reason this attack 
gets 3 Percentages is because, unlike other Strong Super Ki blasts, this one 
takes off a full 1 and 1/2 bars of life (that's friggin' HUGE!) for the same 
cost as a regular ol' Strong Super Ki blast (AGAIN with the adjectives!).  Do
what you can to avoid having this hit you, folks, or you're done for - this 
attack pretty much guarantees the match (unless you're Dr. Gero, in which 
you're just wasting your time and helping him out).

Perfect Cell is an overpowered monster of a character.  His attacks do an 
absurd amount of damage, he's quick for being a large character, and he has a
few attacks that allow him to avoid you or get rid of you extremely well.  I'm
sorry, but to so thoroughly unbalance the game by making one character (this 
one) this overpowered is - I'll say it - cheap.  Come on, that is SO unfair...
I mean, SSj 2 Gohan was able to beat him, so why isn't he on a par with Cell?
Huh?  Goodness, next time don't unravel all of your work just to make the 
character more difficult to beat, just give him a new move or two!  Stupid 

_____________________________~O~  Mister Satan_________________________________

During the lull in between the defeat of Cyborg Furiza and the arrival of the 
Artificial Humans, there had been a Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai that none of the 
Z-Senshi competed in.  Because of the lack of competition, practically anyone 
with some fighting skill could have won.  Sadly, this was the case, as the 
winner of the competition was a man named Mr. Satan.  Promoting a strange 
style of wrestling, Mr. Satan so thoroughly trounced his advarsaries that the
rest of the world proclaimed him their savior.  3 years later, when the next 
Scheduled Boudokai was to be held, Perfect Cell took over and proclaimed that
instead of a Boudokai, there would be the Cell games - all competitors would 
face off against him in a 1-on-1 match until there were no more competitors, 
or Cell had been beaten.  All of the Z-Senshi showed up for this game, as well
as Mr. Satan.

Mr. Satan is a hairy, afro-sporting gent with a large handlebar mustache.  He
wears a brownish tunic with white trim, sleeves rolled up to show off his 
"muscular" arms, shirt unbuttoned to show off his "manly" (AKA "hairy") chest.

----------Move List----------

PICK MR. SATAN                                            8/5  - Movement
                                                          0/5  - Effectiveness
                                                         32/10 - Overall
By Picking Mr. Satan, you will see the mighty one attack Cell without even 
hurt him, then get smacked away with the mere flick of Cell's hand.

PICK MR. SATAN AGAIN                                      A/5  - Movement
                                                         23/5  - Effectiveness
                                                 3.14159.../10 - Overall
By Picking Mr. Satan after he's been hit away, he'll complain of a stomach 
ache and avoid the match.

Overall, Mr. Satan is good for a quick laugh.  Let's hear it for Mr. Satan!

================================ Super Butoden ================================
     -----------------------------VI: Various-----------------------------
================================ Super Butoden ================================

Aside from part A, these are the sections that really don't fit in with any of
the other parts of this guide.  Therefore, here are the various other parts of
the FAQ, all ready for you to browse through and laugh at!

_~A~  Special Move Ranks_______________________________________________________

The reason I'm putting this section in is so I can list each move based off of
their ranks, then discuss why they are where they are.  Now, keep in mind that
I'm not saying these moves are impossible - I'm merely putting things in 
perspective.  Compared to some other games these moves are incredibly easy, 
while compared to others they may be quite difficult to pull off.  Therefore, 
for the sake of understanding I ranked the moves based off of all the moves in
the game.  Got it?  Good.

----------Movement Ranking----------

Rank     Reasoning

5/5:     1 Button attacks (A, B, X, Y) or 1 Direction + 1 Button Attacks.
Why:     All you have to do is either press a button or hold a direction 
         and press a button.  It really doesn't get much easier than that!  I 
         mean, honestly - the most basic way you can attack is by pressing a
         button.  When that attack has special properties that other attacks
         do not, or by pressing a direction and that attack can yield a new,
         effective attack, it has clearly gone above and beyond the norm.
         Thus, on a scale of 1-5, I give these attacks a perfect score in

4/5:     Moves that require 2 short directions that are very likely to
         work and are very easy to do.  These moves are the Quarter-Circle
         rolls in any direction and the back/forth movements.
Why:     Ever since the fighting games of old, the "Quarter Circle" motion
         has become a staple for special moves.  It's simple to do and isn't
         difficult to remember, and the move can be used in a number of ways
         (rolling in either direction from the 4 points of a directional pad
         can yield 8 different moves, not counting the addition of attack
         buttons).  As for the Back/forth movements, one can simply waggle
         their thumb across the directional pad and get this movement, and 
         they aren't prone to failing due to their movement.

3/5:     Moves with 3 directional presses in a somewhat-easy fashion, such as
         Semi-Circle moves and moves that require 3 back/forth movements.
Why:     The Half-circle motions are slightly more difficult than the Quarter
         Circle motions due in part that the are, essentially, just 2 Quarter
         circle motions in sequential order.  The back/forth/back again 
         motions are included because there is that much more of a chance of
         you accidently hitting in another direction, causing the computer to
         think you were rolling instead of simply flipping back and forth.
         Finally, the DOWN, UP motion is included because, while it is only
         one back/forth movement, you are required to press up, which often
         times will cause your character to jump rather than use the attack.

2/5:     Movements that combine the Quarter-Circle with the Back/Forth
         movement, as well as movements that require an odd back/forth
         style that often propell the user into the air rather than 
         performing the preferred move.
         [DOWN, AWAY, TOWARDS]
Why:     The Quarter-Circle is easy enough, as is the back/forth motion.
         However, combining the two so you have to immediately follow a 
         Quarter-Circle with another direction entirely isn't easy.  As
         for the diagonals, these are difficult partly because they aren't 
         flat-out directions (technically, they're a combination of 2), and
         you are forced to press UP for the final command, which will often
         cause your character to jump.

1/5:     Moves that require 3 quarter-circle motions, encompassing all 4 
         points of the directional pad, as well as moves that require are
         too close to similar moves by the same character, and thus are more
         difficult to accurately pull off.
         [AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS, UP]
         [AWAY-DOWN, UP]
         [AWAY, DOWN, DOWN-TOWARDS] (Gohan Only)
Why:     Gokuu's meteo attack requires 3 quarter circles, which in itself 
         SHOULD be easy...however, since the last part of the movement is
         a quarter-circle up, you are extremely unlikely to pull the move 
         off.  Why?  Well, whenever a move requires you to press UP, it is
         usually played off of an opposite direction - therefore the game
         ignores the "Jump" command usually issued by the pressing of UP
         and instead performs the move.  In this case, you have to roll
         from TOWARDS to UP, meaning that you are technically pressing UP
         twice (diagonally UP-TOWARDS and UP).  You are twice as likely to
         jump rather than perform the move you are attempting.  As for the 
         other 2 moves listed, they are difficult only because they VERY
         closely resemble other moves by their respective characters.  So
         in essense, it's not the move that's at fault, it's the character.
         However, for the sake of simplicity, I've marked the move as faulty
         rather than go on a tirade about the character.

0/5:     Attacks that required charging in one direction, then another,
         as well as attacks that [charge DOWN for 2 seconds, UP]
Why:     No question here...Gokuu's Kai-oh Ken attack hardly ever works 
         simply because the charging time for this game is spotty.  You 
         might think you've got it, only to discover that the game thinks
         you don't.  Bleh...


I seriously considered making a Usefulness list like I did with the movement 
list, but that seemed a little redundant - after all, isn't that what I did 
for the individual character move list?
___~B~  Cheats_________________________________________________________________

1 - Mirror Matches:  Want to be able to play as 2 of the same player in 
    Multiplayer Mode?  Great!  During the introduction sequence (that starts 
    off with Gokuu talking), hold down L and R on the control pad.  Got that 
    much?  Ok, now start rotating your thumb on the Directional Pad Clockwise
    while you rotate you thumb across the A, B, X, Y buttons in a Counter-
    Clockwise motion.  You MUST be holding down L and R the entire time or 
    else it won't work.  Simply keep this up until you hear a sound.  This 
    means you've initiated Mirror-Matches.

2 - The 5 Hidden Characters:  So, you're tired of the usual 8 players, and 
    want to get your groove on with the 5 hidden characters?  That's simple: 
    look directly above at the Mirror Matches code.  Now, after you hear the 
    sound, keep rotating the directional pad and the buttons (while holding 
    down L and R).  Do this until you hear Gokuu yell.  When he does, that 
    means you've unlocked the 5 remaining characters - SSj Gokuu, SSj Vegita,
    Mirai Trunks, Chibi Gohan, and Perfect Cell!

3 - Unlocking Mr. Satan:  Ok, so you don't really get to play as Mr. Satan.  
    You can still view the overblown Arrogant Wrestler getting beat up by 
    Cell!  In order to do so, you must first have the game's difficulty 
    setting at 4.  Now, you must progress through the story mode of the game, 
    winning each battle with a certain character.  The correct order is this:

    Stage 1  Versus Piccolo        = Gokuu
    Stage 2  Versus Vegita         = Gokuu
    Stage 3  Versus Furiza         = SSj Gokuu
    Stage 4  Versus Dr. Gero       = Piccolo
    Stage 5  Versus #18            = SSj Vegita
    Stage 6  Versus Imperfect Cell = Piccolo
    Stage 7  Versus #16            = SSj Gokuu
    Stage 8  Versus Mirai Trunks   = SSj Vegita
    Stage 9  Versus Chibi Gohan    = SSj Gokuu
    Stage 10 Versus Perfect Cell   = Chibi Gohan

    At this point, there will be a screen that says "The End".  Wait for a 
    bit, then the "Final Battle" will appear.  Here you have the option of 
    choosing from SSj Gokuu, Chibi Gohan, or the almighty Mr. Satan!  No need 
    to worry about continuing; as long as you defeat each person with the 
    corresponding player, you'll see Mr. Satan in all his Satan-like glory!

_____~C~  Revision History_____________________________________________________

07-16-01:  Started this FAQ.
08-08-01:  After much deliberation (and many, MANY foul-ups), I finished this 
           FAQ.  'bout friggin' time, too!  I hope this is the last time I 
           have to write/update this thing...
08-09-01:  Quick update/revamping.  Once again, I hope this will be the last 
           update I have to make on this.
08-11-01:  Ok, so I made another quick update. Upon retrospect, the idea of 
           ranking moves as "6/5" is a little ridiculous, especially  
           considering the fact that I was ranking the moves against each
           other.  Logically speaking, that's impossible, so I have rectified
           the error.
05-28-02:  Ok, so I'm finally sending in the updated version to GameFAQs.
03-18-03:  Format revisions!

_______~D~  Thanks_____________________________________________________________

~CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com, www.gamefaqs.com) for putting this FAQ up.  Your 
 hard work as earned my respect.
~Al Amaloo (www.gamewinners.com) for being such a cool guy, and having a great
 site.  Your tenacity will live forever!
~Vertsk8pro@hotmail.com for giving me a heart attack with your childish "I 
 stole your FAQ and sold it with my name on it" antics.  Because of that, I now
 do dozens of things to make sure people don't steal my work.  If they do, I 
 know exactly what to look for to see if they took MY work or not.
~Uh...I can't exactly thank God for the role he's taken in my life, because 
 that would seem like I'm trying to force my religious opinions on someone 
 else (which I'm not).  Therefore, I'd like to thank "Murray" for the role 
 he's taken in my life (Murray, you know who you are).

_________~E~  NO THANKS________________________________________________________

If you write me asking for help with the game, I'll send you a link to my FAQ.
If you ask for specific help, I'll try to aid you.  However, if you ask me 
about something that is already covered in the FAQ, I will simply refer you to
the FAQ again.  I wrote the FAQ so that your questions would be answered here,
not so I could repeat that FAQ bit by bit through e-mail for the next few 
years.  If you need clarification about something in the FAQ, ask about it - 
but don't ask me to repeat anything.  

If you're asking for help against a specific enemy, the only thing I have to 
suggest is to watch what the other guy does, then see if you can figure out 
how to get around it and/or counter it.  I don't know your fighting style, so
I can't make suggestions based off of assumptions.  Finally, do NOT e-mail me
telling me your fighting style, then saying that I have to help you because 
"Now you know my fighting style" because I will ignore you altogether.  I do 
not appreciate people looking for a loophole in my work, so don't even bother.

                                    End FAQ

The following are sites that can NOT use my work.  If you see these sites using
ANY of my FAQs, please e-mail me ASAP.  Each of these websites are sites that
have plagiarised myself or others in the past, or simply taken our work(s)
without our prior permission.  Since they do not have enough respect for the
authors (or an ignorance of the law), I am expressly forbidding them from using
my work.  I will not promote such sites that partake in these actions.

   911 Codes                     http://911codes.com
   9 Lives                       http://www.9lives.ru/eng/
   Bean's PlayStation Dimension  http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm
   Cheat Code Central            http://www.cheatcc.com
   Cheat Index                   http://cheatindex.com
   Cheat Matrix                  http://cheatmatrix.com
   Cheat Search                  http://cheatsearch.com
   Cheatstop                     http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop/
   CNET Gamecenter               http://games.netscape.com/Faqs/
   Console Domain                http://www.consoledomain.co.uk
   Dirty Little Helper           http://dlh.net
   Dark Station                  http://www.darkstation.com/
   Dreamland                     http://kirby.pokep.net
   Games Domain                  http://www.gamesdomain.com
   Game Express                  http://www.gameexpress.com
   Games Over                    http://www.gamesover.com/
   Mega Games                    http://www.megagames.com
   Square Haven                  http://www.square-haven.net
   Ultimate System               http://www.flatbedexpress.com
   VideoGaming.net               http://www.videogaming.net/
   Cheats.de                     http://www.cheats.de

(Taken from Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin's FAQ Theft Guide, as well as added

As I stated above, if you want to use one of my guides, I ask that you e-mail
me to gain my permission first.  I like to keep track of which sites use my
work, so I know where to send the updates, and it's a little difficult to keep
you updated if you don't e-mail me.

This FAQ Copyright Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, March 2003

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