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FAQ/Move List by Vegita

Version: 3.1415 | Updated: 05/23/01

Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

General Game FAQ
Written by Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
Version 3.14159


I    - Introduction
II   - Game Story
III  - Basics
     A   - Basic Attacks/Movements
     B   - More Complex Attacks/Movements
     C   - Fighting Areas
IV   - Advanced Tactics
     A   - Counter Attacking
     B   - Combos/Juggling
     C   - Collisions
     D   - Desperations
V    - Character Analysis
     A   - Son Gokuu
     B   - Vegita
     C   - Gotenks
     D   - Son Gohan
     E   - Vegitto
     F   - Piccolo Junior
     G   - Mr. Buu
     H   - Kid/Majin Buu
     I   - Furiza
     J   - Cell
VI   - Character Rankings
     A   - Strongest
     B   - Most Maneuverable
     C   - Best Looking Desperation
VII  - Various
     A   - Revision History
     B   - Thanks
     C   - NO THANKS

----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------
     -----------------------I: Introduction-----------------------
----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------

Welcome!  I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the
Super Famicom game "Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension".  Well, you've come to the
right place, because this game is my specialty.  I have owned it for 4 years
now, and am quite proficient at it.  So much so, in fact, that as soon as I
discovered someone has finally uploaded it as a ROM so everyone could play it
(you illegal freaks, you), I decided to write a FAQ so everyone would know how
to play it.

First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try to
write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best at
everything).  Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this FAQ,
ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little sentences like "First off, let's get
one thing straight), I will destroy you.  I will rip you limb from limb like
the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will sue you for copyright
infringement.  Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, the names of
the characters in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership whatsoever of this
game (except for the cartridge sitting in my room, that is).  Those are the
property of their respective owners.  If I find a website with this FAQ on it,
and it has been changed in any way, does not give me proper credit, or is
selling it without my knowledge and consent, then I WILL have my lawyers
contact that site.  Are we clear?

----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------
     ------------------------II: Game Story-----------------------
----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------

Dragon Ball was a Manga (Japanese cartoon or comic) created by Akira Toriyama,
an artist in Japan, in 1982.  The manga, which dealt with an absurdly strong
little boy named Gokuu (based off of the Chinese folk tale), became wildly
successful, and a cartoon version was put on the air in 1984.  It ran all
through the course of the show until the main character, Gokuu, finally grew to
adulthood.  This signified the end of Dragon Ball, but promised that something
new would return next week in it's place.  This new show: Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z picked up right where Dragon Ball left off, with Gokuu as an
adult.  He has a child now, and his arch-nemesis, Piccolo, was as bad and mean
as ever.  This series introduced an entirely new set of characters, mostly from
outer space, and revealed Gokuu's origins (he's from another planet too).

Dragon Ball was such a large success, before and during it's "Z" stage, so it
was obvious enough that there would be video games made about it.   There are
RPGs, Fighting games, Strategy games, and even a few arcade games.  This is
where Hyper Dimension comes in.

Hyper Dimension's plot is the majority of the latter half of Dragon Ball Z.  It
takes place right after Gokuu has reached the planet Namek to stop the evil
Furiza from collecting the 7 mystical Dragon Balls and wishing for immortality.
 The story mode begins with Piccolo fighting Furiza in order to give Gokuu
enough time to charge up a superior attack, the Genki Tama.  The attack fails
to kill Furiza...but the rest is for you to find out, right?

The game starts at that point, and goes all the way through the battles with
Cell, the creation of the DNA of several heroes and villains, and Buu, a
creation of mass destruction from a time long ago.  That's the story for you,

----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------
     -------------------------III: Basics-------------------------
----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------

To begin the game, insert the cartridge into your Super Famicom (or modified
Super NES) console, and press the power button.  If you're running it off of an
emulator, you're a pansy, and should get the actual game.  After the intro
sequence (you can skip it if you want to), press start at the title screen to
bring up the menu:

---The first selection is the story mode, where you have no choice as to which
character you're going to fight with or against.
---The next choice is the regular fighting, where you can decide if you're
going to fight against a second player or a computer-controlled player.
---The third choice is the Tenkai-Ichi Boudokai mode, where you select your
character (and more, if others are playing), and battle it out in an
elimination contest.
---The fourth choice is the practice mode, where you select your character, the
opponent, and the fighting area, and practice your moves without fear of
retaliation.  Exit by pressing select.
---The final selection is the Options menu, where you can change whether you
want music, if you want the background to be day, night, random, etc, and other

##########III-A: Basic Attacks/Movements##########

Here are the basic attacks and movements that every character can utilize.  If
you don't know how to do any of these, you should learn how immediately.

A = KI-   This is your typical Ki attack.  Most characters throw a small blast,
while others launch something different.
B = Kick.  This button causes your character to throw a kick.
X = Deflection.  If you can time this right, then your character can deflect
regular Ki blasts back at your opponent.  You can even deflect First-Level
Super Blasts with this (note - it doesn't work with Buu's or Furiza's Super
Y = Punch.  This button causes your character to throw a punch.
L/R = Holding in one of these buttons while moving causes your character to
UP = Jump.  This causes your character to jump up in the air.  Can also jump
up-towards and up-away.
DOWN = Crouch.  This causes your character to duck.  While this is seemingly
useless, some of the shorter characters can dodge quite a few attacks by
LEFT = Move left.
RIGHT = Move right.

Direction Pad Away = Block.  If you hold away from your opponent while they are
attacking, you will block at a mid level.  If you hold down and away, then your
character will block at a low level.  However, if you block Ki blasts, you will
still sustain some Damage.

This game also uses "3-D" attacks, where your character hops into the
background, rushes the other player, and attacks.  These are different for each
character, but each use the L and R buttons along with a punch or kick. 
Whether you use L or R is determined by which side of your opponent you're on
(L = Left side, R = right side).

##########III-B: More Complex Attacks/Movements##########

You can win the game off of just the basic attacks, but if you want to actually
win against another opponent or a harder computer setting, you should learn
these attacks as well.

Y + B = Charge Ki.  In this game, your character has 1 life bar, with a number
rating next to it.  This is your health, but it also doubles as the bar from
which your larger Ki attacks come from.  Whenever you use (or lose) a certain
amount, you can regain it by holding Y and B at the same time.

Away, Down, Towards + A =  Diagonal Ki blast.  This is a shot that is fired at
a 45 degree angle upwards.  Good for countering enemies that are jumping at
you.  If there's something special about someone's 45 degree Ki blast, I'll go
ahead and list it (if it's something other than the traditional Kamehame-ha or
Ki blast).

Down, Back, Towards + A = Super blast.  Each character has their own Ki attack.
  These attacks can be charged up to 3 different levels, depending on how long
you hold the A button in.  Furiza and Buu, sadly, only have 1 level of power.

Towards x 2 = Hop towards.  This trick causes your character to hop up and
towards your opponent slightly.  Good for dodging smaller Ki blasts.

Away x 2 = Hop away.  This trick causes your character to hop up and away from
your opponent.  Good for dodging the faster Ki blasts that you think you might
not clear in time.

Towards, Away, Towards + X = Horizontal Screen Smash.  This attack causes your
character to bash your opponent into the next playing field, to the left or
right (where ever you hit them).

Down, Towards + X = Upper Screen Smash.  This attack causes your character to
bash your opponent into the upper playing field, if it is allowed (not on Namek
or during certain fights).

Down, Away + X = Lower Screen Smash.  This attack causes your character to bash
your opponent into the lower playing field, if it is allowed (not on Namek and
during certain fights).

Towards + X = Throw.  When in close, this attack causes your character to grab
the other player and throw them, bash them, kick them, etc.

##########III-C:  Fighting Areas##########

There are various different places you can fight at (Earth, Namek, Kami's
Lookout, etc.), and different times of day (or night) to fight during.  There
are two types of fighting areas, though: Normal and Flying, each with their own

-During the Normal areas, you:
--Can use all your special attacks
--Can use all your normal moves
--Have the ability to duck and jump
--Can dodge into the background with a 3-D attack

-During the Flying areas, you:
--Cannot duck, jump, throw, or use 3-D attacks
--Move around as if weightless
--(you're) Regular punches and kicks change to dashing attacks
--(your) character will attack straight up if you press Up + Punch
--(your) character will attack downwards if you press Down + Kick
--Have 3 different directions you can throw a regular Ki attack
--Can use special moves that required you to jump anytime
--Have a different winning pose than if you were on the ground

----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------
     ---------------------IV: Advanced Tactics--------------------
----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------

Well, Mr. Hot Shot, here's you think you're all that and a loaf of rye now that
you've mastered the basics, huh?  Well, here's the more advanced workings of
the game:

##########IV-A: Counter Attacks##########

When you block an attack, there is a spark where the attack connected.  While
that spark is still there, if you can pull off a special move (anything that
isn't a regular attack like punches or kicks) then you'll counter attack with
that attack.  So if Piccolo tried to hit with his High Mystic Attack, and you
blocked it and immediately used a Renzoku Energy Dan attack, not only will you
catch him off guard (he still has to retract his arm), but you'll pound the
crap out of him!  The only problem with counter attacks is, if you try to pull
off one that is too slow (Super Ki Blasts, mostly), then you're more likely to
miss with it, since it still takes too long.  Your best bet is to stick with a
good combo attack (Gokuu's Quad kicks, Vegita's Sliding Kick combo, etc.).

##########IV-B: Combos##########

The better players of this game can use an attack right after another attack,
making the second attack unblockable.  If you can link several of these attacks
together, then you've come up with a combo.  Some special moves are combos by
themselves, while others can simply lead into combos.  Some end them by
knocking the opponent flat, or hitting them up into the air.  If an attack
knocks them up into the air, then you can juggle them (hit them back up into
the air) up to 3 times before they have to come back down (otherwise you could
keep them up forever with Ki blasts).  Some good examples of combos/juggling
are Gokuu and Vegita's Knee Uppercut (3 aerial hits), Gotenks' Spinning
Uppercut (several hits, on and above the ground), and Gohan and Cell's rushing
Punches (several ground hits).  Sometimes, you can pull off a combo so
devastating the other guy has to catch their breath, and is unable to attack or
defend for a brief second.

##########IV-C: When Attacks Collide##########

If two character's punches (or kicks) collide at the same time, the two will
suddenly engage in a short, no-holds-barred fight (straight out of a good
Jackie Chan movie).  After the fight, the two will jump apart and crouch. 
During this crouch, the first person to press an attack button (not a direction
button), that character will throw a regular Ki blast, and then a Super Ki
blast (the size depends on how long you hold in the attack button).  This will
happen, though, only if the limbs collide.  This won't work if they are too
close (the two fighters will both take a hit).

If the two character's punches (or kicks) collide in a flying stage, the two
characters will fly away from each other, one into the background and one into
the foreground.  The person in the foreground then gets to attack while the
fighter in the background has to defend.  The attacker throws different Ki
attacks by pressing either the A button or the B button.  The A button throws 3
small Ki blasts (Renzoku Energy Dan), while the B button throws a super Ki

The defender has to defend the Renzoku Energy Dan by pressing the X button, and
can avoid the Super Ki Blast by pressing Y.  If the attack doesn't connect with
a Super Ki blast in two turns of attacking, then the two switch place, and the
defender becomes the attacker.  The duel ends when someone successfully
connects with a Super Ki blast.  The Renzoku Energy Dan attacks do little
Damage, and count as 1 turn (you can throw all you want, but if you don't try
with a Super Ki blast, you'll be forced to defend).

##########IV-D: Desperations##########

Each character has at least 1 desperation.  A desperation is a super-strong
attack that can take more than 100 HP off of your opponent!  The downside to
these is that you must connect with it (without the computer blocking, that
is), and your own HP must be so low it is flashing red.  Once it is that low,
your character can attempt the desperation.  If your life is NOT low enough,
then nothing will happen.  Remember, though - you MUST connect with it!  You
can't just do the attack and expect to destroy your opponent.

Now, some people have been complaining that they can't get any desperations to
work.  You HAVE to have your life flashing red, folks.  The only place you
DON'T have to meet this criteria is when you are in practice mode.  If you DO
have your life low enough that it's flashing, then it's the motion that's
tripping you up; there are a couple of things you can do at this point.

If the desperation requires you to press Up any time, then what you can do is
try jumping, then doing the motion right as you land.  If it doesn't, then you
can "cancel" into the desperation - in other words, perform a regular attack
like a punch or kick, then do the motion while your character is still doing
the kick (or punch, or whatever it is you did).  When all else fails, just
control pad in a circular motion, while jamming on the attack button required
for the desperation (A, B, Y).

----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------
     --------------------V: Character Analysis--------------------
----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for, right?  The special moves of each
character.  Well, here ya go!  (Note: the attacks are rated on a 1-10 scale,
the first 5 (1-5) for how easy it is to get it to work, the second 5 (6-10) for
effectiveness.  If an attack is really easy to do, and does very little Damage
or just plain misses a lot, then it'll rank a 6.  If it is impossible to pull
off, yet is unblockable and does massive Damage, it'll get a 6 for different

* = Denotes Diagonal Super Blast
**= Denotes Horizontal Super Blast
% = Denotes Desperation Attack

##########V-A: Son Gokuu##########

Gokuu is the main character Dragon Ball.  The story revolves around his growing
up, eventually becoming the ultimate fighting champion of the universe.  During
the story mode of the game, Gokuu fights Furiza, Cell, Vegita, Buu, and Majin

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + B = Side Slash (3-D Attack).  Gokuu hops into the background,
rushes his opponent, and kicks them.  As with all the 3-D attacks, this one has
a very good use and is easy to pull off.  9/10

Towards + B = Double kick.  Hold towards and press the kick button, and Gokuu
will kick twice.  Although a little slow, if you hit with one, you're sure to
hit with the second.  Good combo Damage.  7/10

Down, Towards + Y = Double Punch.  Roll your thumb from down to towards and
press the Y button to make Gokuu rush forward with two punches.  If you connect
with the first, the second one is sure to hit, but it knocks them up into the
air!  It's not very good unless you're ending a combo with it.  5/10

Towards, Down, Down-Towards + B = Jump Knee Lift.  Press Towards, then roll
from down to down-towards and press B to make Gokuu jump diagonally upward with
his knee extended, dealing several hits.  THIS is a combo ender.  If you're
close enough, you'll do massive Damage, knocking the enemy up into the air. 

Away, Down, Towards + B = Quadruple Kick.  Roll your thumb from away to down to
towards and press the B button to make Gokuu kick 4 times.  Good combo attack. 
It hits more than the Double Kick, but isn't as easy to pull off.  If you hit
with it, though, then you're assured good Damage.  7/10

Down, Away + B = Abiseh Geri (Spinning kick).  Roll from down to away and press
B to make Gokuu leap at his opponent, swinging his legs.  Great move.  If your
reflexes are good, you won't need to rely hopping or dodging into the
background around Ki blasts, 'cause this one does even more Damage!  9/10

(While in the air) Towards, Down + B = Slash Down Kick.  Press towards, down,
and the B button to make Gokuu dive diagonally towards the ground with a kick. 
Not bad, but it can't lead into combos.  It's more used to catch the enemy off
guard.  6/10

Away, Down, Down-Away + B = Mukau Shunkan-Idou (Instant Movement Towards). 
This nifty little trick makes Gokuu teleport towards his opponent.  If his
opponent is close enough, Gokuu will teleport to the other side of them!  When
it comes to dodging attacks, getting out of the way of a Desperation, etc.,
then this is the thing to use!  8/10

Away, Down, Down-Away + Y = Sakini Shunkan-Idou (Instant Movement Away).  This
nifty little trick makes Gokuu teleport away from his opponent.  Since most
attacks travel towards you, though, this is just moving you back into the line
of fire.  4/10

Towards, Away, Towards + A = Kantsu Energy Dan (Larger Ki blast).  This larger
blast can overtake regular Ki blasts, but not a super blast.  Since it
overpowers regular blasts (including Renzoku Energy Dan attacks), this is a
good, time-saving attack.  8/10

*Away, Down, Towards + A = Kamehame-ha.  Gokuu throws a quick Kamehame-ha up at
a 45 degree angle.  If it hits, it does massive Damage.  Very nice.  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Chou Kamehame-ha.  Gokuu's specialty attack.  This
attack has three levels of Damage and size, depending on how long you hold in
the A button.  This is a mainstay for many players.  7/10

%Away, Down, Towards, Up + Y = Desperation attack (Meteo Smash).  A completely
unblockable desperation attack, if it actually works.  Man, does this one hurt.
 Not only does he whoop on the enemy, but Gokuu even goes SSJ3, uppercuts them,
and finishes them off with a Genki Tama.  7/10


Gokuu's attacks tend to make him more of an defensive guy.  Stick to his
combos, and link them together to really devastate your enemies.  If you have
to play defensive, though, don't forget about his Spinning Kick and Teleports. 
Besides, that's his style in this game, defensive.

##########V-B: Vegita##########

Vegita is the archrival of Gokuu, the main character of Dragon Ball.  He first
arrived in the series attempting to gather the Dragon Balls to wish for eternal
life.  Instead, he died by the hands of Furiza, but was later brought back by
the Dragon Balls.  He has fought along side Gokuu and his friends, and
occasionally against.  He is friend and foe, and one bad man all around. 
Through the story mode, Vegita fights Cell, Gokuu, Buu, and Majin Buu.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + Y:  Driving Elbow (3-D attack).  Vegita hops into the
background and rushes the enemy with an elbow.  As with all the 3-D attacks, it
has its uses, and isn't hard to pull off.  9/10

Down, Towards + B:  Sliding Kick (Super Dash 1).  When this is executed, Vegita
runs at the enemy and slides on the ground.  Knocks the enemy on their duff. 

Down, Towards + B (x2):  Sliding Kick, Rushing Knee (Super Dash 2).  This is
the same as the Sliding kick, but you immediately do the movement again to
perform the rushing knee.  After the second blow, it knocks the enemy down. 

Down, Towards + B (x3):  Sliding Kick, Rushing Knee, Cross Punch, Jump Kick
(Super Dash 3).  This is the max this attack will go.  Very nice Damage is not
blocked.  I don't know why it won't let you do just 3 of them...suppose you
wanted to?  9/10

Towards, Down, Down-Towards + B:  Needle Block.  Vegita jumps upwards and a
little forward with his knee extended.  This will hit several times, juggling
your opponent.  If you use it right, it's great.  8/10

Away-Down, Towards-Up + Y:  Jumping Bomb.  Vegita hops up and towards the
opponent, then performs a quick blasting punch.  Great if you time it over a Ki
blast.  Due to it's difficulty to actually pull off, though, it's not as useful
as you'd think.  5/10

Down, Up + Y:  Bakuhatsu-Ha (Ground Flare).  Vegita raises his hand and a
geyser of energy erupts before him.  If the opponent is standing there, watch
out!  Very easy to accomplish, and very easy to devastate with.  8/10

Down, Towards + A:  Renzoku Energy Dan.  Vegita fires off 3 Ki blasts in rapid
secession.  Keeps the enemy at bay, stops another's Ki blasts and returns with
even more, and is generally a great attack!  8/10

Down, Away + Y:  Vegita Final Blast Bomb (Energy Field).  Vegita envelops his
body in a small energy bubble.  Can be done in the air.  Note: it does NOT
repel blasts and attacks.  It only works if the enemy is in range.  Because of
it's severe lack of range, though, it's not very good.  4/10

(While in air) Down, Away + A:  Vertical blasts.  Vegita, when in air, quickly
fires 2 Ki shots down at the ground.  These keep him up in the air a bit
longer, and are good for popping enemies in the head.  It keeps you away from
anything you might be headed for.  7/10

Away, Down, Towards + Y = Energy Dash.  Vegita powers up, then dashes almost
the full length of the screen to deliver a double-palm smack.  Does a fair
amount of Damage, but has a bit of lag time before and after the attack.  6/10

*Away, Down, Towards + A:  Big Bang attack.  This is the standard 45 degree Ki
attack, but since it's the Big Bang attack, so it's even cooler.  If it
connects, it does massive Damage, and knocks the enemy down.  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A:  Final Flash.  Vegita's 3-level Ki attack.  Very
nice.  Smaller than Gokuu's Kamehame-ha, though.  8/10

%Up, Down + Y:  Desperation attack (Galactic Gunfire).  Vegita Grabs his
opponent, throws them on the ground, and proceeds to blast the utter crap out
of them from above.  Very painful looking.  Unfortunately, it's freakin' hard
to get to work!  5/10


Vegita can do it all.  He can get in there and whack the utter crap out of his
opponent with chain-hits and combo attacks.  He can also play defensively,
throwing Renzoku Energy Dans to stop any super blasts or rushing attacks, or
hopping Ki blasts to perform a Flash Punch.  He's very maneuverable, hanging in
the air or what-not.  The only problem with him is his slight lag time on some
of his attacks.  He could be caught by a 3-D attack easily if you play too
straight forward.

##########V-C: Gotenks##########

Gotenks is the warrior created when Goten, Gokuu's second son, and Trunks,
Vegita's son, fuse together.  They were taught how to fuse by Gokuu to combat
the then-evil Buu.  Later, with enough training, Gotenks was able to go SSJ 3,
and devised many ingenious attacks, along with several very stupid ones.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + Y = Ultra Headbutt (3-D Attack).  Gotenks hops into the
background, rushes his opponent, and kicks them.  As with all the 3-D attacks,
this one has it's uses (dodging heat-seeking attacks, Super Ki Blasts, etc). 

Down-Towards + Y = Head Sliding.  Gotenks slides on the ground, smashing into
the enemy with his thick cranium.  A good attack, since it leaves you right in
position to start a combo.  8/10

Down-Towards + Y, Then (after contact) Towards, Down, Away + Y = Sliding
Headbutt, Flying Tackle (Omaenanka The End!).  Gotenks smashes with his head,
then tackles the enemy.  Good Damage, and a decent combo by itself.  7/10

Away, Down, Towards + Y = Rolling Thunder Uppercut.  Gotenks spins his arm
around and around, then jumps up with an uppercut.  If all the hits connect,
then the other guy's in for a lot of pain.  If you miss, though, you're in a
really bad spot.  7/10

Down, Towards + Y = Wild Boar Attack.  Gotenks sure uses his head (heads?) a
lot.  He runs and jumps, landing with his head.  Taken straight from the manga,
this attack knocks 'em flat.  Not too good for combo's though.  6/10

(In Air) Towards, Away, Towards + A = Ki blast.  Gotenks, while in the air, can
shoot a horizontal Ki blast.  A great way to catch a jumping foe offguard. 

Down, Towards + A = Renzoku Energy Dan.  Gotenks fires off 3 rapid ki blasts. 
A nice, quick attack to catch the enemy if they're trying to do a super or
desperation.  7/10

Down, Towards, Down, Towards + A = Renzoku Shine! Shine! Missile (Super Multi
Renzoku Energy Dan).  Gotenks goes ballistic, firing off a whopping 11 ki
blasts.  Even if they block, it's massive Damage.  If you miss, though, you're
wide open for a long time.  7/10

*Away, Down, Towards + A = Kiko-Ha.  Gotenks' 45 degree Ki blast is, well, your
run of the mill blast.  It's good in its own right.  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.  Gotenks' 3 level
super blast is actually 3 Kamikaze ghosts.  For every level, he spits out
another ghost.  These ghosts are heat seeking, and can juggle the enemy.  These
also cancel regular Ki blasts, special Ki blasts, and weaker supers.  10/10

%Towards, Away, Down, Towards + Y = Desperation attack: Galactic
Donuts/Volleyball smash (Gekitotsu Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball).  Gotenks'
desperation has him firing 3 of his galactic donuts, which, if they hit, will
encase the enemy in a volleyball.  Very nice, since this one is just like a Ki
blast, and will actually beat a larger Ki blast (Kamehame-ha, Final Flash,
etc.)  It's also quick, so you don't leave yourself open for long periods of
time.  10/10


Gotenks is good at catching you off guard.  He can rush you with a headbutt,
surprise you with a Kamikaze Ghost, or just throw Ki blasts until you puke. 
The trick is, go all offensive with him.  His short stature make him hard to
hit, especially when he ducks, so you can dodge attacks left and right, and
come back, fists a' flyin'.  His special attacks aren't that great, just like
they were in the manga (and the show), but a couple of them are really
devastating (Ghosts, Desperation).

##########V-D: Son Gohan##########

Gohan is the first son of Gokuu and Chi-chI-  Because his father, Gokuu, is a
Saiya-Jin, Gohan has lots of potential to be a great fighter.  Because of his
mother, a fussy human, he prefers to study instead of train.  After Gokuu died
fighting Cell, Gohan killed Cell and took over the storyline (however briefly).
 In the story mode, Gohan fights Gotenks, Gokuu and Vegitto.

Move list:

Hold L (Or R) + B = Triangle Illusion (3-D Attack).  Gohan appears in the
background and flies at the enemy.  As with all the 3-D attacks, this one has
its uses in offensive and defensive play.  8/10

Towards + Y = Rushing Uppercut.  Gohan runs at the enemy with an uppercut.  If
it connects, it knocks them on their duff.  If it misses, it leaves you open
for a barrage of attacks.  5/10

Hold Away (for 1 second), Towards + B = Knee Slasher.  Gohan slides forward and
kicks twice.  A rather quick attack that can catch you offguard.  Too bad it is
a charge attack...  6/10

Hold Down (for 1 second), Up + B = Zankuu Kyaku (Kick Uppercut).  Unlike
Vegita's and Gokuu's, Gohan's kicking uppercut only hits once, using his foot,
although his does more Damage.  His is more vertical than Gokuu's or Vegita's,
though.  7/10

Hold Away (for 1 second), Towards + Y = Bakuretsu Punch (Punch Rush).  Gohan
rushes forward, punching.  A good combo attack, if they all hit.  If it misses,
though, you're pretty open for an attack or combo.  6/10

(While In the Air) Towards, Down + B = Bukuuh Kyaku (Diving Kick Flurry).  A
technique taught to him by Piccolo, Gohan dives out of the air and kicks
furiously at his opponent.  Looks painful, and is painful.  7/10

Down, Towards + A = Renzoku Energy Dan.  Gohan quickly throws 3 Ki blasts.  He
even does it with one hand.  Show off...  7/10

*Away, Down, Towards + A = MasenKou.  Gohan's standard 45 degree angle attack
is his trademark attack, the MasenKou.  If you catch the guy jumping at you
with this attack, then they'll be in a lot of pain.  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Kamehame-ha.  Taking a cue from his dad, Gohan's 3
level blast is a Kamahame-ha.  Nothing special about it, it's just painful. 

%Towards, Down, Away, Towards + B = Desperation attack: Super Punch Rush
(Bakuretsu Rush).  Gohan rushes the enemy, punching over and over, then ending
it with an uppercut.  Even if they block the hits, it still does nice Damage. 
An easy desperation that can be done over and over with very little wait time,
and a good deal of Damage all around.  9/10


Gohan needs to be played like your traditional charge characters.  Whenever you
pull off a move, you should be charging either away or down so you can follow
it up with another attack.  Generally, you should play defensively with him,
because that's his big strong point.  Wait for them to screw up, and you can
take them down with flair.

##########V-E: Vegitto##########

Vegitto was the fighter created with Gokuu and Vegita used the Potara earrings.
 Vegitto was easily the strongest person in DBZ, beating up Super Buu even
after he absorbed Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks.  After Buu absorbed Vegitto,
though, Gokuu and Vegita somehow de-fused.  Vegita then crushed his earring,
not wanting to ever fuse with Gokuu again, thus ending the possibilities of
seeing Vegitto.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + B = Shooting Kick (3-D Attack).  As with all the 3-D attacks,
they have their uses in dodging and attacking.  8/10

Towards, Down, Away + B = Vegitto Combination (Kick Combo).  Vegitto grabs them
and hits them repeatedly, ending the combo with a Guile-type Flash kick.  If
this connects, then they're in for a lot of pain.  8/10

Down, Towards + Y = Dash Elbow.  Vegitto rushes forward with an extended elbow.
 Quick and easy to pull off.  A great combo breaker/starter.  8/10

(While in the Air) Towards, Down + B = Double Slashdown Kick.  Vegitto kicks
diagonally down, then flies back up and kicks again.  Great for catching them
off guard!  This is even better than Piccolo's, Gohan's, and Gokuu's diving
kicks because he hits twice, even if blocked.  If they forget about the second
kick, then they'll get clobbered.  9/10

Down, Away + A = Kakusan Energy Dan (Ki Blast Volley).  Vegitto throws 3 Ki
blasts at once, in an almost-vertical line.  Hard to block.  A regular Ki blast
won't neutralize this attack.  8/10

Away-Down, Towards-Up + B = Kicking Uppercut.  Vegitto jumps upwards, kicking. 
a good combo ender.  If you connect with it, then you're going to inflict some
pain with it.  6/10

*Away, Down, Towards + A = Big Bang Attack.  Vegitto throws a Big Bang Attack
at a 45 degree angle upwards, stopping any jumping enemies with a very painful
attack.  If you're lucky enough to pull this off before getting hit, then the
other guy's going to feel the ground really quick.  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Final Kamehame-ha.  Vegitto's 3 level Ki blast is a
combination of Vegita's Final Flash and Gokuu's Kamehame-ha.  These attacks are
always good.  8/10

%Down, Away, Down, Towards +  Y = Desperation Attack:  Super Juggling.  Vegitto
smacks them around, then just won't let them hit the ground!  Very painful
looking.  Unfortunately, if you miss with it, then Vegitto just stands there,
glowing, then he bends over and takes a quick breather.  5/10


Vegitto is a super strong fighter, and he shows it.  When throwing a Ki blast,
he just raises his hand and shoots it instead of actually throwing it.  He
shows the slightest sign of effort when he fights.  Because he's such an
offensive (no pun intended) guy, that's how you need to fight: offensive.  Jump
in with a kick or punch and pull a Kick combo, or stop their attacks with a
kicking uppercut or Ki Volley.

##########V-F: Piccolo##########

Piccolo is Gokuu's oldest rival (unless you count Kuririn or Yamcha).  His
father was Piccolo Daimou, the evil incarnate that was released from Kami -
Kami had to get rid of all the evil in his body to become God, and Piccolo was
that evil.  When Gokuu killed Piccolo Daimou, Piccolo vowed his revenge, and
spit out an egg with this Piccolo in it.

This Piccolo has fought alongside and against Gokuu, but has played an even
more important role in Gohan's life.  As Gohan's fighting trainer, he instilled
a fighting sense into Gohan.  He even began to care for the little tyke.  After
a while, Piccolo gave up on the whole rivalry.  Being a Namekian, Piccolo has
the ability to regenerate lost limbs, extend body parts great distances, and
use magical powers.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + B = Sonic Kick (3-D attack).  As with all the 3-D attacks, they
have their uses in dodging and attacking.  8/10

Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Y = High Mystic Attack.  Piccolo extends his arm
a great length.  A nice, quick smack in the face.  Can catch the unprepared off
guard.   7/10

Towards, Down, Down-Towards + B = Low Mystic Attack.  Piccolo ducks and extends
his arm a great length.  A nice, quick smack to the knee.  Most people expect a
high attack, so this one is good.  8/10

(After connecting witha Mystic Attack) Towards, Down, Away + B = Mystic Throw. 
Piccolo, upon hitting with his Mystic attack, grabs his opponent and chucks
them across the screen for added damage!  Good damage, and is a combo within
itself.  9/10

Away, Down, Towards + Y = Physical Counter/Mystic Blow.  If an enemy tries to
use a physical attack on you, Piccolo retaliates with a painful attack.  If you
have the reflexes, then Piccolo's the man.  9/10

(While in the air) Towards, Down + B = Bukuuh Kyaku (Diving Kick Flurry). 
While in the air, Piccolo dives downward and kicks like a mad man...er, mad
Namekian.  If it connects, it really looks painful!  And it is!  6/10

Away, Down + A = Shocking Stunner.  Piccolo uses his amazing mental powers to
freeze the enemy in his tracks, rendering them stunned for a brief moment.  Too
hard to hit them with it, though.  5/10

Towards, Down, Down-Towards + A = Yuudoh Energy Dan (Seeking Ki blast). 
Piccolo launches a small orb that seeks out the enemy and smacks them.  Good
for enemies that like to hop around a lot.  Does a fair amount of Damage, too. 

*Away, Down, Towards + A = Gekiretsudokan.  Piccolo's massive 1-arm shot is his
45 degree blast.  This attack is considered by some to be his most powerful
attack, while the next attack is what the rest of use think his is.  9/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Mankaksopoppo.  Piccolo's "Screw Beam" attack. 
This attack differs from most of the Super Shots because it doesn't explode
once hitting the enemy, it drills through them, hitting several times.  Even if
they block it, it'll still travel through them, hitting several times for
blocked Damage.  9/10

%Towards, Away, Down, Up + Y = Desperation Attack:  Aerial Assault (Chou
Bakuretsu Ken).  Piccolo uppercuts them, beats them around, then launches 5
blasts that explode on the enemy.  It must hurt being you.  8/10


Piccolo is a surprisingly good character.  His Mankaksopoppo hits more than
once, and leaves them reeling.  He can hit you at a distance, he can counter
attacks, he can freeze you and attack you, and he can do several other things
that just make you cry out in pain.  Mix it up between offensive and defensive
with him.  Throw them off, then throw them even further.

##########V-G: Mr. Buu##########

  Mister Buu (a.k.a. Buu, Fat Buu, Mr. Satan's friend, Yogi Bear and Buu Buu,
etc.) is a creation of the late Bibi-DI-  He created him to destroy the world,
which he nearly did.  In a large battle a long time ago, Buu managed to absorb
2 of the ancient Kai-oh-Shins, including the God of all Gods of all Gods of all
Gods (I think that's the right amount).  By complete luck, the Dai Kai-oh-Shin
(the God of Gods etc.), after being absorbed, caused Buu to be more tame and
easily controlled.  Buu was then contained and sent far, far away, never to be
found again...  Buu was found and resurrected by Babi-Di, Bibi-di's son, to
destroy the world.  Buu eventually killed Babi-di because he doesn't like
taking orders.  Buu loves candy and playing, and kills only because he thinks
it's fun.  Too bad his best friend is Mr. Satan (whether Mr. Satan realizes it
or not).  In the story mode, you fight as Mr. Buu against Kid Buu.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + B = Flying Bomber (3-D attack).  As with all the 3-D attacks,
they have their uses in dodging and attacking.  Attacks by hopping into the
background and rushing the enemy with his overly-large marshmallow behind. 

Charge Away (1 sec.), Towards + Y = Planet Attack.  Buu slides forward in his
stomach, then, after headbutting, rolls to safety.  A little slow to use, and a
little slow one the recovery.  6/10

Charge Away (for 1 second), Towards + Y, Away, Down, Towards + Y (during
headbutt) = Rolling Headbutt, tackle.  Buu slams them with his head, then
tackles them.  A little hard to get the timing right, though.  5/10

Charge Down (for 1 second), Up + Y = Powersault.  Buu smacks the with both
hands.  Nice way to pop your ears...or your jaw and your neck.  A good start
for a juggle combo.  6/10

Charge Away (for 1 second), Towards + B = Tornado Hip.  Buu spins into the
enemy, pirouetting all the while.  Hits several times, and just looks funny. 
Even if they block, they take some Damage.  8/10

Charge Down (for 1 second), Up + B = Oyatsu Kosen (Shock Attack/Candy Munch). 
Buu shocks the enemy, turns them into candy, eats them, then spits them back
out.  Funny to watch, and really painful if it connects.  It can be blocked,
but if you pull it off, they're in for a lot of pain.  8/10

Down, Away + A = Kakusan Energy Dan (3-Way Ki blast).  Buu creates a Ki blast,
then bounces it off his gut in 3 directions.  If you're close enough, all three
hitting do a nice amount of Damage.  Good at stopping enemies from any angle in
the sky areas.  8/10

Away, Down, Towards + A = Buu Bomb.  Instead of a 45 degree angle Ki blast,
Buu, using a technique used on him by Vegita, charges up and releases a bunch
of energy in a big ball all around him.  Once Buu does it, no regular Ki blasts
can penetrate it, and neither can the enemy.  If the enemy is close when Buu
does this, they get hit several times.  8/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Mightiness Bomber.  Buu makes a ball and throws it.
 Not very spectacular, but then again, neither is Buu.  It does, though, act as
a shield for any incoming attacks or enemies.  7/10

%Down, Towards + Y + B = Desperation Move:  Buu Breath.  Buu shocks the enemy,
then jumps up and causes everything to explode!  Man, that's gotta hurt.  Easy
to do, easy to hit with, and deals out the pain nicely.  9/10


Buu, like Gohan, needs to be played like a traditional charge player.  Charge a
move up, use it, and immediately begin charging again.  Defense is the key for
Buu, because he's really not that great at offense.  His attacks, while funny,
aren't really that effective, except for his desperation, his explosion, and
his candy munch.  These just mean that as a Buu player, you'll have to be very
careful with which moves you use and when.

##########V-H: Majin Buu##########

Kid Buu (AKA Little Buu, Final Buu, Majin Buu, etc.) is what was formed when
Gokuu and Vegita ripped out everyone he had absorbed, including the original
Buu (technically, Dai Kai-oh-Shin).  With this Buu removed, Kid Buu got
stronger and stronger, having nothing holding him back.  In the story mode, you
must fight against him with Gokuu, Vegita, and Fat Buu.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + Y = Matamol Buu Attack (3-D attack).  Buu turns into a glob of
goo and bounces into the background, then flies into the enemy.  Funny to
watch, and as effective as everyone else's 3-D attacks.  8/10

Towards + Y = Sliding Punch.  Buu slides forward with an extended punch.  Quite
good at catching them off guard because it extends a little further than you'd
think.  7/10

(While in the air)Towards, Away, Down + Y = Buu Floater.  In the air, Buu can
flatten himself and float endlessly, until you press a button.  A nice way to
get out of the way of an attack.  Talk about maneuverability!  8/10  (Would be
a 10/10, but it IS useless in the flying areas.)

(While in the air)Towards, Down + Y = Horizontal Ki blasts.  Buu, in mid-air,
can spit 3 Ki blasts straight ahead.  That'll teach 'em to mess with him in the
air!  This attack also keeps him slightly suspended, so he can use it dodge
attacks below.  8/10

(While in the air)Towards, Down + B = Diagonal Ki Blasts.  Buu, in mid-air, can
spit 3 Ki blasts downwards at an angle.  That'll teach 'em to stand in one spot
too long!  This attack will also suspend him in the air, but since it is also
attacking, he not only dodges the attack but retaliates as well.  9/10

Down, Towards + Y = Whip Attack.  Buu whips his head around, flicking his
tassel out.  Catches 'em off guard nicely.  7/10

Away, Down, Towards + Y = Rolling Tackle (Buu's Tron Attack).  Ok, that's
probably not what it's really called, but he flies across the screen, looking
like one of those disks from Tron.  A little harder to pull off (I always seem
to do the tassel whip instead), and it's not that effective.  3/10

Down, Away + Y = Close Earth Shot.  Buu sticks his leg into the ground and
kicks straight out of the ground a short distance away.  At that distance,
though, shouldn't you be doing something like the tassel whip instead?  5/10

Down, Away + B = Medium Earth Shot.  Buu sticks his leg into the ground and
kicks straight out of the ground some distance away.  A good distance to work
with.  7/10

Down, Away + A = Far Earth Shot.  Buu sticks his leg into the ground and kicks
straight out of the ground a good distance away.  If you can get the distance
just right, then they hate you.  8/10

Towards, Away, Towards + A = Kantsu Energy Dan (Larger Ki blast).  Buu throws a
larger Ki blast, just like Gokuu's and Cell's.  This'll cancel regular Ki
blasts.  7/10

*Away, Down, Towards + A = Buu Burn.  Buu's 45 degree attack is a 1-handed Ki
blast.  Not much to say here, except it's good for incoming enemies...  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Power Ball.  Buu's 3-level Ki blast is a large ball
he creates above his head, then throws.  Not very fast, but if an enemy is
jumping at you, they'll smack into the ball above his head.  8/10

%Away, Towards, Down, Up + Y = Desperation Move:  Explosive Putty Arm.  Buu
picks them up, swings his arm around and around, and slams it into them so hard
that his arm actually comes off.  Funny to watch...his arm crawls back and
reattaches itself.  Has a good range of contact to work, too.  8/10


Kid Buu is the undisputed master of the air.  He can fly for long periods of
time, drop you as you're jumping, or drop you when you're on the ground.  He
can pop up when you're on the ground, he can get in close and pound on you, and
he can look really weird while doing all of that.  He's a fun guy to play as,
but not as fun to watch as Gotenks and Mister Buu.  Because of his extremely
short stature, he can duck under just about everything, making him all the more
frustrating to fight against.  His range attacks can keep them at bay while he
charges up, and then he can wallop them with a kick from the ground, an aerial
assault, or a stretching attack.

##########V-I: Furiza##########

Furiza was the scourge of the universe.  He was a super strong force that used
polite talk to get what he wanted.  If that didn't work, then he'd utterly
destroy whatever was stopping him.  Furiza was killed once on Namek by Gokuu
when Gokuu first went Super Saiya-Jin, and again when Trunks came to Earth from
the future to give Gokuu the heart medication.  Furiza has 4 different forms he
goes through to reach his maximum power, as seen by his intro sequence.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) +  B = Double Leg Kick (3-D attack).  Furiza's 3-D attack.  He
rushes them with is foot extended from the background.  As useful as all the
other 3-D attacks.  8/10

Towards, Down, Down-Towards + A = KienZan.  Furiza creates a KienZan, Kuririn's
trademark attack, and throws it.  This is a heat-seeking attack, so it's very
nice against those pesky opponents that like to jump a lot.  7/10

(While in the air) Down, Away + B = Black Hole Death Ball/Evil Energy.  Furiza,
while in the air, can create a mini black hole that does some nice Damage if it
connects.  It is thrown downward at a 45 degree angle.  If it hits the ground,
the electric sparks can also do Damage.  Because it keeps Furiza up in the air
a tad longer, it's also good for dodging attacks.  8/10

Down, Towards + Y = Furiza Cutter.  Furiza uses his mighty claws to slash at
the enemy.  Very painful.  8/10

Towards, Down, Away + Y = Explosive Grab.  Furiza grabs them, lifts them up,
and throws them with an explosion.  Geez, that's gotta hurt!  7/10

(While in the air) Towards, Down + B = Jasenkoh (Double Diving Kick).  Furiza,
just like Vegitto, has a diving kick that, if the first one misses (or hits,
for that matter), is immediately followed by a second diving kick.  9/10

Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Y = Kishin-Ha (Flare Punch).  Furiza punches and
a good-sized energy flare flies from his hand.  It's range is just slightly
longer than people assume, so they frequently get hit by it. 7/10

Away, Down + A = Wave Shock.  Furiza shoots a small laser onto the ground,
which then travels along at a high speed.  Great for catching them off guard. 
Even better in the sky areas because of its speed and power.  8/10

*Away, Down, Towards + A = Deathball.  Furiza's 45 degree blast.  Well, it
certainly has a cool name...  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Jubaku-Ha.  Furiza has only 1 level to his super Ki
blast, and it takes forever.  If it hits, though, they're in for a LOT of pain.
 Plus, it's unblockable, and will take out any other super blast (it will
negate a level 3 super blast, though).  8/10

%Down, Away + Y + B = Desperation move:  Super Flaming Furiza headbutt.  Furiza
glows red and flies straight ahead into the enemy.  It's only 1 hit, and it's
really quick to do over and over again, so it's a great attack.  However, if
your opponent sees you starting this up, then you're wide open.  9/10


Furiza is a lot like Piccolo.  He's a jack of all trades; he can fight well in
the air, on the ground, up close, far away, in the flying areas, whatever. 
He's not as good at up close fighting as Piccolo, but he's got him beat on
distance abilities.  Too bad his Super Ki blast takes too long, but for the
Damage it does, it's still a good attack.

##########V-J: Cell##########

A long time ago, in Dragon Ball, Gokuu destroyed the evil organization known as
'Red Ribbon.'  One person who worked there, Dr. Gero, decided to get his
revenge on Gokuu.  He took DNA samples from Gokuu, Piccolo, Vegita, Furiza, and
King Cold, and then used them to create the perfect warrior:  Cell.  Cell, once
he absorbed Androids 17 and 18, became his 'Perfect Form', which is what he is
in this game.  In the story mode, Cell fights Gokuu and Vegita.

Move list:

Hold L (or R) + Y = Giga Shoulder (3-D attack).  Cell rushes the enemy with his
shoulder.  This has the same effectiveness as all the other 3-D attacks.  8/10

*Away, Down, Towards + Y = Diagonal Ki Burst.  Cell raises his hand, and flames
shoot out.  Good for keepin' those pesky jumpin' baddies away.  8/10

Towards, Down, Away + B = Energy Burst.  Cell raises his arms and shoots Ki out
in every direction.  Good for stupid people jumping in.  8/10

Towards, Down, Away + Y = Psychic Lift.  Cell lifts them up from anywhere on
the screen (except in the air) and causes them to fly off with an explosion.

Towards, Away, Towards + B = Cell Junior Attack.  Cell creates a Cell Junior,
who hops across the ground.  If you touch 'em, he'll explode.  Funny to see,
funny to do, funny until someone gets hurt.  7/10

(While in the air) Towards, Down + Y = Negative Arrow.  Cell, in the air, can
shoot a Ki blast downwards.  It's really fast, too.  8/10

Towards, Away, Towards + A = Kantsu Energy Dan (Larger Ki blast).  Cell, like
Kid Buu and Gokuu, can shoot a larger Ki blast.  Good for taking out a regular
shot.  7/10

Down, Towards + Y = Cell Combination.  Much like Gohan's Cell rushes forward,
punching.  A good combo by itself, even if they don't all hit.  7/10

*Away, Down, Towards  + A = Kamehame-ha.  Cell's 45 degree ki attack.  Not much
to write home about here...  7/10

**Down, Away, Towards + A = Chou Kamehame-ha.  Cell uses Gokuu's favorite
attack as his 3-level charge attack.  7/10

%Towards, Down, Away, Down, Towards + Y = Desperation Attack # 1:  Chou
Bakuhatsu-Ha.  Cell powers up to his massively powerful form (the one Trunks
said was too powerful for Cell to control), and punches the ground, causing 3
explosions to rise from it.  Very painful, even if blocked.  A little too easy
to miss with, though.  6/10

%Towards, Away, Towards, Away, Towards + Y = Desperation Attack # 2: Bakuretsu
Rush.  Cell powers up to his massively power form again, and punches like a
madman (much like Gohan's desperation).  Very painful, even if blocked.  Now
THIS is a desperation!  9/10


Cell is like Gohan in his attacks, but his are easier to pull off.  He has 2
desperations, both of which REALLY hurt.  His special moves aren't that
special, but they are effective.  His large size, though, makes it hard to deal
with some of the characters in the game (Gotenks, Vegita, Kid Buu, and Furiza).
 He's really strong, though, so try not to make mistakes around him - he'll
punish you in a heartbeat!.

----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------
     --------------------VI: Character Rankings-------------------
----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------

Yeah, I'm going to be really biased about the characters now, and tell you my
picks for best and worst at certain things.  I'm not going to an overall pick,
though, because if you're playing against another player, you can be the
greatest fighter in the world.

##########VI-A:  Most Damage##########

This is where I tell you who has the moves that deal out the most Damage, and
who can pull off the most devastating attacks.

1:  Cell.  The fact alone that he has 2 desperations should tell you something,
but since he also has Cell Junior and the Psychic lift, he's just number 1
through and through.

2:  Furiza.  His Super Ki blast utterly destroys whatever it hits, and his
desperation does massive Damage, not to mention his Black Hole attack.

3:  Mr. Buu.  He can turn you into candy and eat you, or smack you with his
rubbery behind, or just make a really big Ki blast, or even explode on you. 
Very painful.

4:  Vegitto.  His kick flurry, his tri-ki blast, and his desperation make you
want to scream.

5:  Piccolo.  The Mankaksopoppo, because it hits twice, does even more Damage,
even if it's blocked.  That and his physical counter, his mystic attacks, and
diving kick flurry make him quite a painful guy.

6:  Gotenks.  A lot of his attacks are used to hit more than once, but they
still do a heck of a lot to you.  That and his Kamikaze Ghosts do quite a bit
of Damage by themselves.  And if all 3 connect...

7:  Majin Buu.  His attacks are used more to catch you off guard, not to do
massive Damage.

8:  Gohan.  He's used more for combo attacks, but he has a couple of nice,
Damaging attacks.

9:  Vegita. He has, like, a couple of attacks that'll do a good amount of
Damage, but the majority of his attacks are thrown in volleys, and don't count
as a lot of Damage unless all the attacks hit.

10:  Gokuu.  He knows how to get out of the way, but all of his attacks (except
his desperation and super ki blasts) are combos!  Well, what're ya gonna do? 
He's the star...

##########VI-B: Most Maneuverable##########

This is where I tell you which characters can get out of the way the fastest,
who can dodge the best, and who just rules when it comes to bounding around.

1:  Majin Buu.  He can hang in the air endlessly, can duck under just about
anything, and is just a pain to hit.

2:  Gotenks.  He can hang around in the air, rush forward under things, and
duck under everything Majin Buu can.

3:  Vegita.  He can hang around in the air with a multitude of attacks, or he
can slide kick under attacks, or he can duck and dodge just about everything
(he's short).

4:  Gokuu.  He can dive out of the air to attack or dodge attacks, and his
teleports make it easy to get out of the way of several attacks.

5:  Furiza.  He can stop several attacks with his multitude of Ki blasts, or
get out of the way and stay up in the air by throwing a Ki blast.  He's also
short enough to duck under stuff.

6:  Gohan.  He has a diving attack, which'll get him out of the air, and he as
the knee uppercut, which'll get him back into the air.

7:  Piccolo.  He's just like Gohan, except he doesn't have a knee uppercut.

8:  Vegitto.  His tri-Ki blast stops just about every special ki blast (save
the supers), and he can always jump out of the way, kick out of the way, or

9:  Mr. Buu.  Buu isn't good at dodging anything, but he does have the

10:  Cell.  Let's face it, he's a powerhouse.  He doesn't have to move far,
because if you get in range, he'll pound on you.

##########VI-C: Best Looking Desperation##########

Ok, so this one is really biased, but I just wanted to put it.

10:  Gohan/Cell (tie).  The both rush forward, punching.  Well, whoopty doo!

9:  Furiza.  He flames on, and bashes them.  Not too spectacular looking, but
for the Damage it does...

8:  Mr. Buu.  He acts like he's going to eat them, but then makes the
background explode.  You'd think it would look neat, but it really doesn't.

7:  Vegita.  It's disappointing to me, but it just doesn't look that good.  He
pounds the crap out of them with Renzoku Energy Dan, but it still doesn't look
THAT impressive.

6:  Cell.  He punches the ground, causing 3 energy geysers to erupt.  This
looks kinda impressive, but not that much.

5:  Gotenks.  He shoots them with the Galactic Donuts, then smashes the
volleyball around the screen while laughing and making two "Peace" signs. 
That's Gotenks for ya!

4:  Piccolo.  He uppercuts them, beats them up while they're still in the air,
then launches 5 blasts that hit them all at the same time.  Nice!

3:  Vegitto.  He (they?) smacks them around, never letting them touch the
ground.  I hate when that happens...

2:  Majin Buu.  Buu grabs them, holds them up, and spins his arm around until
it starts to catch fire.  Then he slams them, so hard that his arm comes off!

1:  Gokuu.  He smacks them around, then goes SSJ 3, uppercuts them, and drops
out of SSJ entirely while he makes a Genki Tama.  Gee, I wonder what he's going
to do with it.

----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------
     -------------------------VII: Various------------------------
----------------------------Hyper Dimension----------------------------

##########VII-A: Revision History##########

12-20-99: Created this FAQ
01-01-00: Revision of FAQ, general text errors and updates on moves.  Also
added the stage conditions.
01-09-00: Created the "banners" that set apart the different sections.  Also
centered all the individual headers and whatnot.
08-30-00: Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?  Added a couple of forgotten
moves, and general updates all around.  Yay!
12-15-00: Added a little to it, and fixed some grammatical errors.
05-16-01: Fixed some minor, clerical errors, and fixed the format.  Now it's
easier to read!

##########VII-B: Thanks##########

Ok, folks, here's the people who've helped me out with this FAQ:

~Vegeta187@yahoo.com.  Thanks for telling me the game was made, Romwise.

~SSj4Vegettp33@aol.com.  Thanks for all the corrections!  I really needed to
make those, didn't I?  Hope I didn't offend you...

~CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com, www.gamefaqs.com) for putting this FAQ up.

~Al Amaloo (www.gamewinners.com) for being such a cool guy, and having a great

~Vertsk8pro@hotmail.com for giving me a heart attack with your childish "I
stole your FAQ and sold it with my name on it" antics.  Because of that, I now
do dozens of things to make sure people don't steal my work.  If they do, I
know exactly what to look for to see if they took MY work or not.

~Uh...I can't exactly thank God for the role he's taken in my life, because
that would seem like I'm trying to force my religious opinions on someone else
(which I'm not).  Therefore, I'd like to thank "Murray" for the role he's taken
in my life (Murray, you know who you are).

##########VII-C:  NO THANKS##########

For the love of God, read the FAQ, folks!  I listed how to do the desperations
AND what conditions must be met to do 'em, and you STILL ignore it!  If anyone
writes me asking how to do certain desperations, or easier ways to do 'em that
I already know (and listed), then I will reply with "It's already in my FAQ". 
I hate gold-diggers, and there are a lot of 'em!  I HATE people who say "Uh,
you can do this easier if you do this.  Give me credit for it."  I refuse to,
simply because you weren't a help AND you were bossy, sending me 5 e-mails
complaining that I didn't add you.  Tough crap, you're not gettin' in for 1
measly piece of information that really isn't important!  That's like
submitting one single code for one single character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2,
then saying "List me 'cause I came up with it."  I can guarantee you DIDN'T
come up with it, since there are thousands of people who've played the game and
don't have e-mail.

If you happen upon this FAQ at sites other than these:

www.GameFAQ s.com
www.Gamewinner s.com

Then please tell me ASAP!  I like to keep track of which websites have
permission to run my work and which don't, and I'm still busy making a
compendium of who is and isn't using my FAQ legally.  Thanks!

Finally, if you are so bored you want to see a pathetically weak Dragon
Ball-related site, go here:




This FAQ Copyright Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, May 2001

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