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Compared to PC, Bad, but for SNES...GREAT!!! 01/10/07 AJComix
The SNES version of Doom Should have been an impossibility. 07/24/15 Aquasition
Some games have titles that are symbolic... this doesn't 09/03/10 Arcreium
And to say what ID Software was drinking when they made this game? 03/06/01 Billslates
It's DOOM! Well, Sorta... Well, If You Squint REALLY Hard, It KINDA Looks Like DOOM... 02/11/02 Bobo The Clown
Avoid at all costs! 12/07/03 Bootflap
Ironically, the game was "doomed" from the beginning 08/13/04 dGalloway
I would of liked it this game more if it had cheats. 09/04/01 DoomDan
If you've played it on PC, don't bother with the SNES version. 04/16/01 Faygo001
A Sucky Version of the Best Game Ever is Still Pretty Best... ish 07/27/06 FustigationAsid
A fun game that suffers from awful graphics. 09/29/08 gearsgreateryou
Though on the Super NES, it's still Doom, damn it! 12/19/07 goryman
Typical first person shooter. But it is better than some. 03/06/01 J Dawg007
A classic...with the classic problems 04/29/01 KasketDarkfyre
Many people thought this game was bad, I didn't! 11/10/03 peach freak
Not as bad as some people say. 02/25/02 Sasquatch 32
The forces of Hell did a number on this one 02/02/02 ShadowChaos
A fun, but flawed port of the original PC classic. 07/05/06 ShadowOfDeth
Doomed to an infernal Hell. 08/20/02 Skarr
"Hey, there's blood all over my Doom cartridge!" 08/27/15 StickFigures720
This should have never been brought to the SNES 12/21/01 Xi
PC to SNES = Bad idea 10/28/03 ZeonAce0079

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Classic Game Room HD - DOOM for SNES review from Lord Karnage

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