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by DWA

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FAQ/Walkthrough by DWA

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/02/16


(for Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

by Davy Jones (a.k.a. David Walter Anthony), copyright (c)2016


ALWAYS NOTE: In any level of the game (standard or boss), press Start to pause your game. If the level you're in is already conquered (Bonus Areas don't count either way), hit Select to get out and back into the submap. A very strategic way to save lives, if you ask me...



Dixie Kong: Finally, Dixie Kong, who happens to be Diddy's love interest and co-star of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, gets her own video game, with the most unlikely sidekick -- Kiddy Kong!

WALK: To get Dixie off her keister and walk, press Left or Right on the Control Pad.

RUN: While walking, hold down Y to run. Dixie, though she's smaller than Kiddy, is faster than him in the speed department.

DUCK: Press Down to duck down to avoid danger.

JUMP: Though she jumps higher and farther than Kiddy, Dixie's jump attack is much weaker. Whenever you want to jump, just press the B Button.

THROW: Release Y to sling the Barrel in Dixie's grip at your intended target.

SWIM: To swim upwards, press B, and hold Down to sink faster.

CLIMB: By far the greater climber, Dixie is faster and harder to hit on the ropes. Jump to a rope to grab it automatically and use the Control Pad to steer based on length or height. To jump off, press B. Wanna drop down? Hit B while holding Down on the Control Pad!

SHIELD: Dixie protects herself from above when she holds a Barrel.

HELICOPTER SPIN: When next to an enemy, press Y to spin into him (though Kiddy's Barrel Roll takes less time to start). A normal Helicopter Spin is achieved by jumping into the air and holding down Y for as long as you want to spin. To utilize the midair Helicopter Spin Jump, spin off a ledge, then jump.

TAG TEAM: When next to Kiddy, press Select to switch apes.

BODY SLAM: Press A to pick up Kiddy, then press Up as you throw while steering Kiddy's trajectory with the Left or Right Buttons on the Control Pad. This maneuver breaks through weak floors and exposes hidden items underground.

TEAM THROW ATTACK: As Kiddy is bigger than Dixie, he makes a whopper of a weapon against some minor enemies. Just put him on your shoulders with A, close in on your foe, and then lob Kiddy like a bowling ball at your enemy target. Don't do this from too far away, or you may lose Kiddy.

WILD RIDE: Hoist Kiddy onto your shoulders and throw him at a wall, just like a Steel Barrel. As he's rolling along, jump on top of him as quickly as you can to complete the move!

Kiddy Kong: This newcomer to the playable Kong ranks has great strength, but not like Donkey Kong...

WALK: Kiddy lumbers along when either Left or Right is pressed.

RUN: Even when you keep Y held down, Kiddy is a little slower than Dixie.

DUCK: Down on the Control Pad lowers Kiddy into a crouching position.

JUMP: Kiddy's jump attack can crush enemies Dixie can't stop, such as Krumple. Press B to spring into action!

THROW: Kiddy throws more accurately than Dixie, in my opinion. Let go of Y to throw whatever Barrel he's holding.

SWIM: The controls are the same as Dixie's, but Kiddy's body has trouble fitting through tight squeezes.

CLIMB: Due to his super-sized body, never climb with Kiddy unless he's all you have (or the ropes he must climb are clear of danger). His climbing mechanics are exactly the same as Dixie's.

SHIELD: As Kiddy grips a Barrel, he guards his body from the front.

BARREL ROLL: Yay! The Barrel Roll is back! Kiddy rolls when you keep pressing Y and hold Left or Right in the direction you want to go! A Roll Jump is executed by Barrel-Rolling off a ledge and jumping in midair.

WATER SKIP: Get a running start, Barrel Roll toward the water, then press B just prior to the point you hit the water to start a Water Skip (up to two in a row, the second being higher than the first) across the water!

TAG TEAM: If Dixie's with you, just walk over to her and hit Select to return control to her.

TEAM THROW: Use A to hold Dixie in position, using Up, Left, or Right to steer her once you launch her with the Y Button. If you miss and Dixie hits the ground, run through her to get her back before an enemy gets to her first! When you throw Dixie into the air, use Up and Left or Up and Right to go to the place she ended up landing on.

TEAM THROW ATTACK: The controls are the same as with Dixie, but as she's smaller in body size, don't throw her at a baddie unless you have no other choice.


Donkey Kong: No one knows where he is...

Diddy Kong: Missing just like DK...

Funky Kong: Totally far out, dudes! Funky Kong's back in "Funky's Rentals", where he creates these vehicles for you to use to explore the Northern Kremisphere:

MOTORBOAT: You get this (and Kiddy) for free! Press X to honk the horn!

HOVERCRAFT: Crush Arich underfoot, and you can use this to cross over big boulders! X sounds off the horn.

TURBO SKI: Get the Skis from Squirt and KAOS to unlock this speedy PWC (with its own horn to blow with X) and jump up small waterfalls.

GYROCOPTER: Every DK Coin in the game is required to make this high-flying helicopter!

When near a landing spot, press A or B to get out of the vehicle and onto dry ground (or in the case of the Gyrocopter, land).

Swanky Kong: ANNNND WE'RE BACK FOLKS!!! The fancy Swanky Kong has three new games for you to try out: Head to Head, Race to 25, and Endurance. You must pay two Bear Coins to play one of these minigames, in which you must hit the targets with the B Button, using Left and Right on the Control Pad to move around. In One-Player mode, you'll battle Cranky Kong, but with a second player, that player will compete against his/her human opponent instead.

HEAD TO HEAD: Hit three targets more than your opponent.

RACE TO 25: Bash 25 targets before time runs out or your opponent scores 25 before you do.

ENDURANCE: How long can you keep smacking targets without missing a single one?

Wrinkly Kong: Should you desire to either save your game at any time, check up on your items inventory, or visit the Banana Birds you've already freed, stop by the cavernous dwelling of Cranky Kong's wife, Wrinkly, who sometimes tries out a Nintendo 64 console if she's not sleeping, sitting in her chair, or working out (as if you can call standing and rocking your torso left and right a workout).

Cranky Kong: Beat this grumpy old ape, better known as the original arcade Donkey Kong of old, in "Swanky's Sideshow" to win prizes!


Bazaar (Bazaar's General Store): The first of the Brothers Bear to be encountered, Bazaar runs his own store, in which some valuable items can be found and purchased. To top it all off, Bazaar himself apparently has knowledge of the ways of the Northern Kremisphere, and will be more than happy to give you advice -- for a small fee.

Barnacle (Barnacle's Island): One of two Brothers Bear with a Banana Bird, this old sailor lives on Lake Orangatanga, where he also likes to collect shells, and needs only one more to complete his collection. If you buy this last Shell from Bazaar, you can trade with Barnacle: your Shell for his Banana Bird! What a deal!

Brash (Brash's Cabin): Arguably the most prideful and arrogant of the Brothers Bear, Brash is also the greatest athlete of the thirteen of them. He currently resides in Kremwood Forest, where he once personally set a hard-to-beat record in the level "Riverside Race", and is too full of himself to believe anyone can beat his time. Can you do it?

Blunder (Blunder's Booth): After blazing through Kremwood Forest, you can visit the bumbling Blunder Bear! Unlike Bazaar, you don't have to pay Blunder for whatever advice he has, as he keeps spouting it off uncontrollably. But from this... well, blundering, you will learn how to open up access to the Lost World of the Northern Kremisphere: the volatile volcano Krematoa!

Blue (Blue's Beach Hut): Why is Blue down in the dumps? Because even though it's his birthday when you find him, no one showed up with any presents! You might want to pay Blizzard Bear a visit to remedy that...

Bazooka (Bazooka's Barracks): At ease, this isn't the Bazuka Kremling in disguise -- notice the differently-spelled name? Bazooka Bear does have a cannon of his own, like the shrimpy Kremling, but he doesn't use it to hurt you. Rather, Big Bessie -- the name Bazooka gave to his artillery piece -- needs a suitable piece of ammunition to launch you high up to "Sky-High Secret"! Maybe a Bowling Ball would help...

Blizzard (Blizzard's Basecamp): From the outside, "Blizzard's Basecamp" seems to be inaccessible, but just press Up at "Lemguin Lunge" to get there. Get the Present from Blizzard and take it all the way back to Blue for a surprise...

Bramble (Bramble's Bungalow): Like Barnacle, Bramble has a Banana Bird in his possession, so if you find a Flower and give it to this eccentric botanist, that Banana Bird is as good as yours...

Benny (Benny's Chairlifts): Use Benny's free chairlift service to get around in Razor Ridge once you beat "Buzzer Barrage"!

Bjorn (Bjorn's Chairlifts): Benny's brother Bjorn can't get his own chairlifts working without his Wrench. When he does fix it (with the Wrench you got from Barter), you can access "Clifftop Cache", where another Banana Bird is imprisoned!

Barter (Barter's Swap Shop): The master of all things relating to trade (maybe), Barter is positioned to the left of K3. You must conquer K3 first in order to open the way to "Barter's Swap Shop". How many Bear Coins do you have?

Baffle (Baffle's Code Room): Talk about a code-cracker! You'll need a Mirror to help this guy out in Kaos Kore and expose "Sewer Stockpile"!

Boomer (Boomer's Bomb Shelter): Exiled to the Lost World of Krematoa due to his affinity for dangerous explosives, Boomer is nonetheless instrumental in helping you get around in the Lost World. Unfortunately for you, he accepts only Bonus Coins as payment for his level-opening demolition services, so you'd better find and win every Bonus Area to be able to completely open up Krematoa and the final battle in the game!



Ellie the Elephant: One of two new Animal Friends, Ellie is perhaps one of the most helpful, as she can pick up Barrels with her trunk and can use them as shields or projectiles! Also, you can hold Y to pull a nearby Barrel into your grip! Her final ability is storing water in her trunk to fire at enemies. Hold Down and A, L, or R to slurp up water and use A, L, or R to shoot the water drops one at a time until she runs out (what water she has left is indicated by the meter at the bottom-right corner of the screen). The Up button angles her water attack to reach hard-to-hit baddies. With all of these handy features, she does, however, have two huge drawbacks: (1) her water meter gets totally depleted upon entering or leaving a Bonus Area, and (2) she has a giant fear of Sneeks who run around in the light with her. Nothing a well-aimed Barrel can't fix...

Squitter the Spider: Springing and spinning his way out of DKC2, Squitter still has his patented platform and attack webs! Spit an attack web with Y, and a platform web with either A, L, or R. Angle either one of these webs with Up or Down on the Control Pad, but don't skitter like crazy trying to do it, especially on platform webs!

Parry the Parallel Bird: Newie Number Two is Parry the Parallel Bird, who, true to his name, only flies in a straight line above you. At this altitude, he gets items and beaks Booty Birds out of your reach, and only flies higher at the same height as every jump you make. When nearing a Buzz, watch Parry as you guide him up and over the evil bug with a careful jump. Getting him to the "No Parry" Sign is worth it, as he gives extra lives and even two of the game's Bonus Barrels (the final Bonus Barrels of "Ropey Rumpus" and "Stampede Sprint")!

Enguarde the Swordfish: In some watery levels, this three-time blue swordfish veteran is more than a match for most baddies he faces. Guide him with the Control Pad, and he'll use his sharp bill to automatically skewer incoming enemies, or you can do it yourself with B or Y. Hold down A to charge up a Super Dash, which will, when A is released, cause him to blitz forward until he hits a wall or the attack is interrupted by swimming in the opposite direction. Aside from Green Squawks, Enguarde is the only Animal Friend to appear in all three Donkey Kong Country games!

Squawks the Parrot (Green): Back to carry the Kongs yet again, Green Squawks returns to share yet another DKC adventure with you. Use the B button to flap his wings, the Control Pad to steer him, and Y to smack enemies with his eggs.

Squawks the Parrot (Purple): Finally, Purple Squawks is actually useful in this game, as he can grab Barrels (Normal, Steel, or TNT) in his talons and smash enemies with them. Like his kindred green spirit, use the Control Pad to direct his flight. AIR RAID!!!


Banana Birds: These fifteen mysterious birds are the real means by which you must complete 103% of the game. When inside one of their 13 caves (Barnacle and Bramble have the other two birds), you'll see four crystals, each with a button letter on it (Blue is X, Red is A, Green is B, Yellow is Y). Watch and listen for the tune they play (when its note is played, that crystal will light up), then copy the tune perfectly to rescue the Banana Bird trapped inside the dark crystal on the ceiling. Once you complete a cave, you can't play it again. Fail to complete it, and you'll have to retry, but the tune will be different each time you enter the cave. The more caves you complete, the longer and harder their next songs will be to duplicate.

Queen Banana Bird: Once you free every one of her Banana Bird hatchlings, go to Wrinkly's Save Cave, and you'll trigger the best ending.



Normal Barrel: This standard Barrel rolls when thrown with only a wall or a bottomless pit to stop it.

DK Barrel: If you've lost your partner, touch or break this Barrel to get him/her back. If you already have both monkeys, this Barrel breaks upon impact when thrown.

Steel Barrel: Very few things can stop this rolling keg from the original DKC game. If you land on it as it rolls, prepare for a Wild Ride!

TNT Barrel: Like DKC2, this Barrel wipes out any enemy, even Red Buzzes and Bazukas, who hits it or its explosion. No time bomb feature here...

Normal Barrel Cannon: Push the B Button on your controller to fire from inside one of these. Just watch where you're firing so you don't get into trouble!

Auto-Fire Barrel Cannon (Blast Barrel): Turns and fires on its own if you enter one.

Arrow Barrel: Fires you in the direction it points.

Continue (Star) Barrel: Serves as a checkpoint if you lose one of your lives. If you hit the Star Barrel in another level or complete said level, you'll lose your progress in the previous level whose Star Barrel you touched.

"!" Barrel: This rare Barrel gives you temporary invulnerability for several seconds, enabling even Red Buzzes to fall if you hit them.

Booster Barrel: When you jump inside this flaming, one-of-a-kind Arrow Barrel Cannon, you will be lifted into the air and then launched!

Tracker Barrel: Sail freely when fired from these exclusive Barrel Cannons, as they will follow your movements and catch you as you fall!

Switch Barrel: Touch this to change Bazuka's ammunition!

Animal Barrel: When jumped into, this transforms you into the Animal Friend pictured on it.

Barrel Shield: Hide behind these to shield you from the flying acorns of the malicious Minkeys!

Boo Barrel: As these Barrel Cannons appear and disappear, time your jumps into them so you don't get launched into trouble!

Bonus Barrel: Upon entering this Barrel Cannon, you'll be taken to a Bonus Area!

Warp Barrel: Once inside this, you'll warp to the Goal Flag! Only the first ten non-boss levels have these special Barrels.

Ignition Barrel: Sends the Rocket blazing upward in "Rocket Rush".


Banana: Scattered throughout the jungles of the Northern Kremisphere, 100 Bananas total equals one extra life when obtained.

Banana Bunch: Worth 10 Bananas by itself, collect ten of them for an extra life.

"K-O-N-G" Letters: Get them all together for an extra life!

Bear Coin: These silver coins are used as currency in this game, so get as many as you can, as you can save your total Bear Coin stockpile so you don't have to start over again when reloading the game!

DK Coin: Guarded by the krafty Koin, you must obtain all of these to get 103%!

Extra Life Balloon: Get the lead out and grab this when you see it, as it sometimes drifts away if you're not fast enough! Balloons colored Red award you with one life, Green Balloons give you two lives, and the hard-to-find Blue coloration is worth THREE extra lives!

Animal Crate: Once broken open, the Animal Friend inside will then be at your disposal until you pass a No Animal Sign!

No Animal Sign: The stopping point of the Animal Friend who touches this. Don't worry -- you'll be rewarded for bringing the Animal Friend through it!

Rail Car (Sled): Used to carry you through "Demolition Drain-pipe" and "Tearaway Toboggan", you can slow down this vehicle with the Left Button, but this is usually not a good idea.

Fuel Drum: Fuels the Rocket in "Rocket Rush".


Killer Bees: Don't touch them! They can't get you when you're submerged in the waters of "Riverside Race".

Ripsaw: It takes a "!" Barrel to be able to even stand on this sharp saw in "Ripsaw Rage"!

Krack-Shot Kroc: An evil sniper who tries to shoot Squitter with fireballs. When his crosshairs turn red, get out of the way before you get hit!

Konveyor Rope: Though you can grip it like a standard rope, this rope will sling you to the right or to the left for as long as you're on it!

Lightning: If you get struck by this in "Lightning Look-Out", you'll be electrocuted!

Rocket: Use this crazy contraption to beat "Rocket Rush", but don't hit the ground, or you'll break apart and lose a life. Bumping the Rocket also knocks out Fuel, which is collected in Fuel Drums scattered throughout the course. Its bottom jets can fry even Red Buzzes! Sadly, your Left and Right controls are reversed, so that'll be tough to get used to...



Sneek: The very first enemies in the game, Sneeks can be beaten with any attack, but Ellie's afraid of these rats, running away on sight of them. To help her out, grab a Barrel to use as a shield, then take Sneek out with it!

Knik-Knak: Any attack can squash these beetles, but watch yourself. The Red versions can fly, but the Yellow ones skitter around on the ground and can be used as weapons when flipped over with a jump attack.

Bristles: Roll or Spin into this red hedgehog from the front if he's not rolling, but a projectile (not a buddy) can also put him down for the count.

Nid: Spiders used as harmless springboards in "Springin' Spiders", but break your Barrels if you're not careful. Yellow Nids leap around in a given area, while a Pink Nid needs you to step on his platform before springing into action.

Lemguin: Out of icy holes jump the Lemguins of "Lemguin Lunge" as they try to knock you down. Use the penguins as platforms to get across.

Minkey: Only in "Barrel Shield Bust-Up", the indestructible Minkeys throw acorns at you as you climb the ropes. Duck behind Barrel Shields to block their shots.


Buzz: KAOS's robotic replacement for Zinger, Buzzes aren't as nasty as Zingers, but can still get in your way. A Green Buzz is susceptible to projectile attacks, but only a well-aimed TNT Barrel or the "Rocket Rush" rocket can disable a Red Buzz.

Swoopy: Either serve as ladder rungs or try to skewer you with their beaks. Use caution using Squawks against them!

Booty Bird: Beat him with any attack, and the item he was hiding before is ready for you to collect!

Karbine: Invincible owls with huge fireball guns. Once one of their fireballs bounces after landing on the ground, you can walk through it without getting hurt!


Koco: Like Bitesize, Koco is the basic underwater enemy of DKC3, and Enguarde can dispatch him in a hurry. Green Kocos swim in a straight line toward you, but their smarter Red cousins swim back and forth in a set area.

Lurchin: A spiky creature who can only be speared by Enguarde when he opens up and exposes his insides, as his spiny shell is impervious to Enguarde's bill.

Nibbla: Feed him Kocos to keep him happy, but too many Lurchins or going hungry will mean certain doom for you! Outside of "Fish Food Frenzy", Nibbla will show no compunction against eating you if you fall into his waters!

Bounty Bass: Like Booty Bird, there be treasure in this fat fish. Have Enguarde poke this guy to deflate him, then grab the item he hoarded.

Bazza: Yikes! These green barracuda-like enemies swim in straight lines through the vast coral network of "Bazza's Blockade" like underwater Swoopys. Attack them from the front with Enguarde to best deal with them.

Gleamin' Bream: Lights up "Floodlit Fish" when Enguarde prods him with his bill. You can't defeat him, but each time you stab him illuminates the level for a few seconds.


Kobble: For a basic foot soldier, he never appears in too many levels! All attacks can dispatch this green Kremling.

Re-koil: Bouncing around in a set area, Re-koil can sometimes be hard to hit with a jump attack, so other attacks might be a better idea to use against him if you don't need him to help you get a Bonus Area.

Knocka: Just like a Green Klobber in DKC2, Knocka tries to push you around unless you stun him with a jump or a projectile, and then throw him. He can't be used as a step in water, however...

Klasp: Moves around or chases you on a horizontal rope. If he hits you, you'll lose a partner when he self-destructs! KAMIKAZE!!!

Krimp: Big sharp teeth and scary smile all describe Krimp. But you can Roll or Spin into him from behind, as long as you're careful to be quick about it! I prefer a jump attack or a projectile, myself.

Krumple: This MASSIVE boss-sized Kremling can only be stopped by Kiddy's (also Ellie's) jump attack or a projectile! He just laughs off any other attack, just like Krusha from DKC!

Kopter: Though he can't be beaten, Kopter has a helmet that can be used as a springboard to get stuff out of your reach. Watch out for his blades!

Skidda: Skidda is vulnerable to any attack as long as you're careful! He slides around trying to hit you, making your jump attacks difficult.

Bazuka: You thought Kannon was annoying... Only a TNT Barrel can blow up Bazuka, but watch out -- he can fire Normal Barrels, TNT Barrels, or Steel Barrels! Use the Switch Barrel to change his ammo to another type. You can also stand on his cannon like a platform whilst he's shooting to the side, but don't get shot while mounting up!

Kuchuka: A purple bomb-throwing barrel, Kuchuka cannot be beaten at all, so just pass him by when you meet him.

Koin: Protector of the DK Coins, Koin totes a milk-pail helmet and a garbage-can lid for a shield, using both to block any frontal attacks. You must get a Steel Barrel to hit him in the back (or his front as well if you're standing atop his shield), but getting the Steel Barrel to hit him can sometimes be very tricky. Once he's knocked down, you can grab the DK Coin and move on to other matters.

Kuff 'n' Klout: Lest you have unlimited TNT Barrels or Squitter the Spider handy, use caution with this evil pair of muscular crocs. They can blitz toward you and/or play a deadly game of leapfrog to try to crush you. You can only find them in Krematoa.

Koindozer: Pink Koins who have no DK Coins for you to steal. Instead, they try to push you into gaps! As you can do with Koin, you can stand on a Koindozer's shield and use it like a platform.



A course with a black flag with a white "K" indicates an unbeaten level.

A pink flag says that Dixie conquered that level.

A blue flag proves Kiddy found that level's Goal Flag.

A yellow pennant with your pink or blue flag tells you that you have taken that level's DK Coin.

If your flag droops down without moving much, you didn't get all of that level's Bonus Coins.

If your flag is unfurled, that means that level's Bonus Coins have all been collected. Also, an "!" appears on the name of a level whose Bonus Areas are all completed.

There are no flags on a boss level, but sometimes you can sneak back to the overworld without backtracking by bypassing a completed boss stage.

A black, flickering circle points the way to a "Wrinkly's Save Cave".

A striped tent marks the grounds for a "Swanky's Sideshow".


I like to use these strategies when playing:

DON'T get the "K-O-N-G" Letters in "Rocket Rush" -- the letter "G" is missing from the set.

I like to use A with Ellie's water attack and for storing up water for later use.

Be on the lookout for obvious weak points in the ground. If you find one, use a Body Slam to unearth its contents, such as Bear Coins and extra lives!

To top the All Time Greats list, complete the whole game 103% in less than 5 hours and 15 minutes! Don't expect to succeed at this on your first run, though, so practice up for this monumental achievement! Remember: only gameplay in Banana Bird Caves and the levels in Sections 2-1 through 2-8 count for time, not side stuff like Brothers Bear, Kong Klan, the Northern Kremisphere map, or its eight submaps (Lake Orangatanga, Kremwood Forest, Cotton-Top Cove, Mekanos, K3, Razor Ridge, Kaos Kore, and Krematoa).


NOTE 1: When I say "Team Throw", "Team Toss", or related terms, I mean Kiddy throwing Dixie unless otherwise instructed.

NOTE 2: This guide spells out the location of every "K-O-N-G" Letter, Bonus Barrel, Warp Barrel, DK Coin, and Animal Crate/Barrel in the game. Lots more stuff can be discovered through exploration. Ready to start your epic journey through the jungle? Let's go!


A. "Lakeside Limbo".

WARP BARREL!: Dispose of the first four Sneeks, leap up to the upper boardwalk shortly afterward, and catapult Dixie up and left into the Warp Barrel with a jumping Team Throw.

"K": Impossible to miss.

"O". Right in Koin's area. Just follow the Bananas!

"N": Can't miss this either...

"G": Hoarded by a Booty Bird after Ellie's Crate.

ELLIE CRATE: In plain sight after Bonus Area 2.

DK COIN: At the letter "O", grab the Steel Barrel, then throw it up and over Koin so it hits the left wall and bounces back into him from behind. There's your first DK Coin!

BONUS AREA 1: Crush Kobble, then use a Body Slam to crack the dock directly above the Bonus Barrel.

TO COMPLETE: Slurp up all 50 Stars to win your first Bonus Coin. Collect it to end the level before the timer reaches zero.

BONUS AREA 2: Take out the first Kobble you meet after the Continue Barrel, then dive into the water behind his dock. Swim to the right, underneath the boardwalk, until you get to the Bonus Barrel.

TO COMPLETE: Eat up 15 Green Bananas in time! Green Bananas, unlike Yellow Bananas, disappear seconds after they appear, so be sure to snag every Green Banana before they fade away.

B. "Doorstop Dash".

WARP BARREL!: A jumping straight-up Team Toss from the first wooden platform is all you need if you use Kiddy to throw Dixie. For Dixie to throw Kiddy into the Warp Barrel, she must be standing on the floor just before the first trapdoor, on the edge of the boardwalk, and she needs to jump as she throws.

"K": Below the first pull handle.

"O": Above the first trapdoor.

"N": Finding this letter is inevitable.

"G": You cannot avoid seeing this last letter at all except if you don't pay enough attention!

DK COIN: At the giant pitfall leading to the end, hug the left wall (or follow the Bananas) to land in an easy-to-miss chamber with a pull handle, a metal door, and Koin. Pull the handle to fully open the door above Koin, snatch up the Steel Barrel, and hurl it left through the open doorway.

BONUS AREA 1: Go left of the first rope and have Dixie jump and pitch Kiddy up to the pull handle to open access to not only a Red Balloon, but also the first Bonus Barrel! Just Helicopter Spin left to them from the pull handle before the door closes completely.

TO COMPLETE: There are 60 Stars in a room with two pull handles, which operate the door in the center. Get every Star in 30 seconds and go back to the right side of the door for the Bonus Coin. Due to his size, Kiddy is essential here, as his giant body grabs more Stars with each pass.

BONUS AREA 2: Once you zip to the top of the first Buzz-reinforced rope, don't follow the curved Banana line to the left, but instead, watch the start of the right passage for a second Buzz to happen by. As he heads back to the right upon turning around, leap cautiously to the right, run over to the pull handle, and grip it after Buzz's bladed backside finishes passing through it as he bumbles over to the closed door. When the door is fully open, drop off the handle and scamper underneath Buzz through the briefly-opened doorway before you're shut out again and hop into the Bonus Barrel on the other side. If you want to play it safe and wait for better positioning prior to grabbing the pull handle, stay below the handle while waiting for the Buzz to fly by -- he won't hit you when you're standing on the floor here, not even if you don't duck. Just remember that you get less time to jump up to the handle if Buzz heads left. This is because the space between him and the pull handle in the left direction of his patrol is shorter than on the right route.

TO COMPLETE: If you have Dixie, get to the other side from the first handle with two well-executed Helicopter Spins without crashing into either Buzz roaming about. The Bonus Coin is on the other side of the abyss, and is much harder to get with Kiddy, as his body mass is now used against him, not to mention his poor agility. With Kiddy, vault over the twin Buzzes at just the right times. To pass the first Buzz unscathed, jump to his second handle as he heads to the right, then to his third as he returns to the left. Just wait for the last Buzz to drop down before gripping his handle. From there, jump to your Bonus Coin! Think you can manage, Kiddy?

C. "Tidal Trouble".

WARNING!!!:The waters of this level get a little turbulent, making swimming that much harder.

WARP BARREL!: Stand on the dock framework immediately after the first Green Koco and do a jumping Team Throw up and left. Ta-daaa!

"K": Easy to see, but your jumping will be frustrated a little by the current.

"O": Leap to it after splintering the second Knocka to pieces, then fall into the water and dart left for the Enguarde Barrel!

"N": When you find two Knik-Knaks, use them as steps up to a high dock with a Knocka and a Booty Bird hoarding the letter "N". Smash the birdie with the Knocka before the green barrel monster bumps you back into the water. To access the hard-to-reach second Bonus Barrel, you'll need a good Water Skip with Kiddy. Also, an extremely skilled Helicopter Spin upon springing right off the dock can get you there, too.

"G": To the right of the last Green Buzz and Green Koco just after you sneak past another Red Koco.

DK COIN: Team Throw Dixie up onto the starting shack, seize the Steel Barrel on its roof, get back down onto the dock, jump up while facing Koin, and bounce the Steel Barrel off the right wall behind the oblivious Koin to get your prize. Just don't stand too close to Koin! If you jump too high as you throw, the barrel will roll away to the right and miss.


BONUS AREA 1: As soon as you turn into Enguarde, Super Dash forward until you land in the Bonus Barrel! If you're more cautious, slowly swim forward and skewer every Green Koco who blocks your path. Without Enguarde, you can't safely access this Bonus Barrel, so be sure you morph into him first!

TO COMPLETE: Spear Lurchin with a Super Dash as his shell opens, then slurp up the remaining Stars with a second Super Dash. With all 30 Stars gone, one more Super Dash is enough to capture the Bonus Coin.

BONUS AREA 2: See "N".

TO COMPLETE: Squash all four Knik-Knaks, then drop off their rope into the waters at the end of the sequence to nab the Bonus Coin beneath the waves.

D. "Skidda's Row".

WARNING!!!: Watch out for slippery terrain!

WARP BARREL!: Wipe out the first Skidda on the rooftop of the first house, then take Kiddy to the left slope of the snowy roof and execute a jumping Team Throw up and left. It's much harder to do this with Dixie chucking Kiddy...

"K": Just off the right side of the first Skidda's rooftop.

"O": If you don't snatch it up because you took the Bonus Area 1 route, you'll be transported to its location upon leaving the Bonus Area itself.

"N": Dangerously positioned between two crevasses.

"G": Are you a good jumper in a winter wonderland?

DK COIN: Chuck the Steel Barrel into the snowbank behind Koin (right or left, depending on where you're standing) without throwing too high.

BONUS AREA 1: Stomp the second Krimp, then simply leap into the Bonus Barrel in plain sight.

TO COMPLETE: Pound four Skiddas before 10 seconds expire by carefully stomping them or Barrel Rolling into them as they slide down the hills toward you.

BONUS AREA 2: After ascending to the first house with two Skiddas slipping around on its roof, hurl Dixie into the pesky pair from below if you have both monkeys. Otherwise, you'll have to get on the left slope of the roof as the Skiddas move closer together and Barrel Roll or Spin into them before leaping into the last Bonus Barrel in the stage.

TO COMPLETE: Find the Bonus Coin in 15 seconds flat without sliding into the cracks of the crevasses. Bashing every Knik-Knak and Skidda is not recommended, but it never hurts to be careful...

E. "Murky Mill".

WARNING!!!: As Ellie, you'll have to crush the Sneeks under the bright yellow lights with Barrels except if they move out of the swaying light beams they generate.

WARP BARREL!: When the wooden platform at the start reaches the top, chuck Dixie up into the left corner of the roof. No jumping required unless Dixie is doing the throwing!

"K": Underneath the first swaying light.

"O": Bounce from Re-koil to this letter as he hops to the left and you'll be in great shape!

"N": Impossible to overlook.

"G": Spring from the last two Re-koils to reach this.

ELLIE BARREL: Can't avoid it, except by the Warp Barrel.

DK COIN: Don't ride the second wooden platform after the Star Barrel, but take the regenerating Steel Barrel nearby and run over to Koin's hiding place to the right of the elevating platform. Once you find Koin, have Ellie jump and throw the Steel Barrel up and over the wall above him, and let gravity take care of the rest.

BONUS AREA 1: Take the first regenerating Steel Barrel and mow down the first Green Buzz, who blocks a trapdoor. Fall through this device and into the Bonus Barrel hidden below it.

TO COMPLETE: You must pick up a regenerating Barrel and keep jumping up so each of the four Green Buzzes swirling above you hits the Barrels you're holding. After you eliminate the enemies, the Bonus Coin will appear.

BONUS AREA 2: After the Sneek is whacked away by the Barrel you sucked up, run off the edge, fall down, and bolt to the left until an Auto-Fire Barrel blasts you straight up. Use your momentum and land on the floor to the left, where double Green Buzzes protect the second Bonus Barrel in a deep shaft in front of you. With your suction powers, employ the regenerating Steel Barrel to shatter the mechanical monsters before you plunge down into the shaft (only the lower Buzz needs to be crushed). To do this, stop vacuuming when the first Steel Barrel is about to fall on the lower Buzz. Take out the second Buzz by positioning Ellie so her front feet are off the edge, then suck up the Steel Barrel so she grabs it, automatically defeating the remaining Buzz.

TO COMPLETE: Ouch, this is a tough one, if your footing is poor. Two pairs of swirling Green Buzzes block the path to the Bonus Coin. To get past them, hop over any Green Buzz who comes toward you. It takes practice, believe me...

F. BOSS LEVEL: "Belcha's Barn".

Belcha: Whoa. Look at the size of that thing! And he can't damage you if you touch him. All Belcha does is spit Barrels at you out of his mouth, moving forward a little whenever he does, until you run out of floor and plummet to your doom! Each Barrel contains a flightless Yellow Knik-Knak, which you must throw back into Belcha's mouth. This will make him lurch backwards. Throw enough bugs into his mouth, and he'll fall off the floor into a pit, sealing his defeat. Each monkey has his/her own throwing technique, so you'll have to adjust the way you attack Belcha as a result. I work best with Kiddy, largely due to the strength and relative straightness of his throws. Be careful breaking the Barrels Belcha vomits, as well as in disabling a Knik-Knak to pick up and toss into Belcha's massive maw. Stomp the bug once to stun it, but a second stomp will eliminate it. As few as two bugs will be sufficient to drive Belcha back if you're as fast as possible, but it takes skill to get him down that fast, though, and if you're not quick, he'll slowly move forward until you run out of room and footing and fall into the abyss behind you...


A. "Barrel Shield Bust-Up".

WARP BARREL!: This is the Warp Barrel that takes the longest amount of time to reach. When you pass the twin Green Buzzes swirling around a Banana Bunch, fall into the hole in the trunk floor ahead. If you land to the left of the invisible Auto-Fire Barrel which shoots you up to the next rope, you'll find the Warp Barrel (a barrel in the background left of the Auto-Fire Barrel's position marks the Warp Barrel's true location). It's best to access this special Warp Barrel with a Helicopter Spin, as this will help avoid touching the Auto-Fire Barrel on the way down. If you Team Throw up and right to the right of the Goal Flag after the warp is complete, you'll find a quick and easy way to the second Bonus Barrel! (See Bonus Area 2 for how to complete this Bonus Area and find it the standard, conventional way.) If you don't want to beat this Bonus Area yet, just press Left to drop down.

"K": Shortly before the first pack of Minkeys.

"O": Watch out for acorns when taking this letter.

"N": At the top of the second rope past the Star Barrel.

"G": Spring from the Pink Nid to get this.

DK COIN: It's SO easy to overlook Koin entirely while playing this hectic, challenging level. Right after the letter "N", execute a jumping upward Team Throw into the branches above the DK Barrel, then climb the next few branches to find Koin's hiding place inside the left tree trunk. Take the Steel Barrel and mow Koin down with it. Stand just in front of him to make sure he doesn't block your shot. When finished, blow open the right tree trunk's doorway with the TNT Barrel to continue on toward the Goal Flag.

BONUS AREA 1: Snatch up the first TNT Barrel and blast open the left side of the tree trunk, then hurry out and leap into the Bonus Barrel outside.

TO COMPLETE: Climb a Minkey-watched rope to the top of the tree trunk, get out of it, and plunge to the Bonus Coin. Without question, Dixie is best for this whole job, though you can complete it the hard way with Kiddy.

BONUS AREA 2: The conventional way to access this Bonus Area is very tricky. Should you survive the last Minkey assault, blow open the left wall with the third and final TNT Barrel for a secret obstacle course of short branches leading up to the level's fifth DK Barrel (no other level has more than four DK Barrels in it). Hit it if you lost your partner, switch to Dixie, and Helicopter Spin through every hole in the tree trunks right into the Bonus Barrel above and beyond the Goal Flag!

TO COMPLETE: Carefully dart up and down the rope to snag 15 Green Bananas and avoid the dastardly Minkeys who are throwing acorns at you. The Bonus Coin will appear where you started, so be careful climbing back down to it. Be sure to watch the timer!

B. "Riverside Race".

WARNING!!! 1: The swarm of tiny red killer bees chasing you will sting you if they touch you, so keep moving to save yourselves. Remember that the bees can't get you when you're swimming in the water.

WARNING!!! 2: Brash Bear has a course record of 1:15:00 (one minute and fifteen seconds) in this level. If you're trying to beat his time, don't stop for any Bonuses or the DK Coin -- JUST KEEP RUNNING!!!

WARP BARREL!: This Warp Barrel is the game's hardest to get to without losing a partner (in my opinion, this Warp Barrel is so hard to reach that it's not worth getting). Give Kiddy the reins from the very start before doing anything else. When you come to the first water pool, have Kiddy hoist Dixie on his shoulders and spring up and right off the edge of the land as he throws Dixie up and right -- all without being swarmed by killer bees. Don't think that this will count to beating Brash's record -- it won't. Not by a LONG shot...

"K": Use Re-koil as a step, but don't jump into his face!

"O": Watch out for bees!

"N": Right before a trio of Red Buzzes. After getting the letter, swim down to the "!" Barrel, then use its power to bounce from the triple Buzzes onto higher ground. Scamper over to the Bonus Barrel atop the summit, climb up to it, and jump on into the Bonus Barrel before your invincibility disappears!

"G": There is no way short of the Warp Barrel to avoid this underwater letter.

DK COIN: Go past the Goal Flag to escape the bees, then run left as Kiddy (hope there aren't any Sneeks to slow you down), keeping ahead of the bees as you Water Skip left and up to Koin's perch, then take him out with the Steel Barrel (you should be getting used to the up and over method unless instructed otherwise). If you're climbing the ledge to get to Koin and you lose a partner, just keep climbing until you reach Koin. NEVER GIVE UP!!

BONUS AREA 1: Water Skip across the second water pool after squishing the Sneek first and repeatedly mash the B Button to climb up to a high hill with the Bonus Barrel high up in the air. Jump into it!

TO COMPLETE: Gobble up the 15 Bananas in a water pool with a Green Koco before you run out of time. Don't touch the Koco if you know what's good for you!

BONUS AREA 2: See "N".

TO COMPLETE: Carefully Roll or Spin into the four Re-koils before time runs out for your Bonus Coin!

C. "Squeals on Wheels".

WARP BARREL!: Bash the first Sneek, scurry through the newly-opened doorway, and pitch Dixie straight up upon passing through it. If she jumps as she throws Kiddy upward, Dixie can reach this Warp Barrel too!

"K": Can't miss it!

"O": In the left-hand passage below the second rope. Watch out for Sneek!

"N": Just beyond the only two Green Buzzes in the stage.

"G": Use Parry to deflate the Booty Bird hanging on to this letter.

DK COIN: The only two Green Buzzes in the level guard the means to reach Koin: a Sneek-occupied dynamo wheel. Whack the three baddies with a Steel Barrel, then jump on top of the wheel. Have Kiddy jump and throw Dixie into the upper-right corner. Koin waits here. Take a nearby Steel Barrel and let him have it!

BONUS AREA 1: With the "O" collected, pick up the regenerating Steel Barrel nearby and ride the upcoming wooden platform until you have enough height to bash the Sneek in the dynamo wheel to your left. Now hop up onto the empty wheel and from there, jump to the upper-left passage and hop into the Bonus Barrel at the top.

TO COMPLETE: Use the twin dynamo wheels as platforms to nab 20 Stars. Don't fall off!

BONUS AREA 2: Not long after you hit the Continue Barrel, smack the twin Sneeks out of their dynamo wheels with the regenerating Steel Barrel. Go onward for the last DK Barrel (don't forget to dispatch the Re-koil and the Sneek guarding it), then backtrack to the empty dynamos. Get Kiddy onto the lower wheel and pitch Dixie up and right onto the upper wheel without jumping. Enter the upper path and there's your Bonus Barrel!

TO COMPLETE: Grab 15 Bananas without slipping off the dynamos or fully wearing down the timer, hopping to the right side of the chasm when the Bonus Coin appears there.

D. "Springin' Spiders".

WARP BARREL!: Below the first Bristles. Roll Jump or Spin Jump left to it from the shorter right platform. You could also jump and throw either Dixie or Kiddy straight up when you're to the left of the second Yellow Nid (the first inside a tree trunk)!

"K": Not hard to get...

"O": From where you come out of Bonus Area 1, bean the Green Buzz in the upper-left corner for a Banana Bunch, then proceed down the trunk with caution, sniping the next Green Buzz you come to (he's to your right and inside the tree). Get out of the trunk and swoop up to the upper-right corner of the outside of the trunk for the cleverly-concealed letter "O".

"N": There are TWO paths to this letter. Path One has you follow the Bananas past a Red Buzz and leave the tree trunk. Now step on the Knik-Knak! Path Two is trickier. Leap over the aforementioned Red Buzz (preferably with a Helicopter Spin, of course) and let the Pink Nid to his left launch you up to an upper passage leading outside, where the "N" is placed. A Red Balloon and a TNT Barrel are down lower. The TNT Barrel is for demolishing the right edge of the tree to open a secret hole shortcut!

"G": After escaping the final Green Buzz (who moves back and forth), use the level's only Swoopy to access this letter shortly before Bonus Area 2.

SQUAWKS (GREEN) BARREL: Instead of following the curved five-Banana line over the first outside gap after the "K", fall through the space to the Yellow Nid below. The Squawks Barrel is to the left of this Yellow Nid.

DK COIN: You need both apes with Kiddy in the lead before mounting the third Pink Nid after the Continue Barrel. Once on board, use Kiddy to jump and throw Dixie up and left at the apex of the springin' spider's jump, onto a small shelf jutting out of the left wall (don't fall on the Red Buzz!). Switch to Dixie, grab the Steel Barrel, and throw it left through the doorway on the upper left, and wait for the projectile to whack Koin away. Switch back to Kiddy, and hurl Dixie up and through the doorway. Now it's a simple matter of getting the DK Coin. Use the TNT Barrel to blast the left trunk open and continue on your way.

BONUS AREA 1: GET SQUAWKS FIRST! That way, you'll have no trouble finding this Bonus Area. From where you came out of the Squawks Barrel, fly upwards to an upper trunk hole leading to a huge stockpile of Bananas and a hidden pair of Bear Coins. After getting everything, fly through the hole in the right side of the tree trunk and go up to bonk a Green Buzz with an egg from inside the trunk (not even from inside the hole itself, as your egg will be deflected if you're not fully inside the trunk). Flap left out of the tree and up into the Bonus Barrel outside.

TO COMPLETE: You need to fly carefully around the stationary Red Buzz at the top of the trunk and nab 15 Bananas. To reach the Bonus Coin without getting cut down by the moving Red Buzz, wait for him to fly out of the way, then drop down.

BONUS AREA 2: When done grabbing the "G", drop back down, run to the right, past the Pink Nid, and fall directly into the Bonus Barrel far below!

TO COMPLETE: With the help of Nid, bag 30 Stars before all of the time runs off the clock. In as few as two passes, Kiddy's bigger body helps him grab Stars faster, but some might prefer using Dixie's trusty Helicopter Spin to slice through the Stars outside the trunk in one fell swoop as she descends. Who do you like to use?

E. "Bobbing Barrel Brawl".

WARP BARREL!: At the first Red Buzz (who has a Booty Bird flying right above him), use Kiddy to jump and hurl Dixie up and right, directly above the Booty Bird, to enter the final Warp Barrel in the game! If you wish to destroy the baddies before liftoff (or you came into the level without a buddy), here's how to make it all work. Heft the nearby DK Barrel, jump, and throw it up to this first Booty Bird to divebomb the Red Buzz with a TNT Barrel. Go get your letter "K" if you don't need the Warp Barrel!

"K": See Warp Barrel!.

"O": No difficulty grabbing this!

"N": You'll need to make a Steel Barrel platform first...

"G": Easy to find. Just grip a regenerating Normal Barrel to shield yourself from the incoming Krimp!

ELLIE BARREL: Can't get past this!

DK COIN: Use Ellie's suction to capture the regenerating Steel Barrel to the left of the moving Red Buzzes you vaulted over to get here and throw it right over Koin without hitting even one of the three Red Buzzes in any way, or you'll have to retrieve a new Steel Barrel and try again.

BONUS AREA 1: Use your water attack to wash away the Booty Bird above the Red Buzz blocking the Bonus Barrel. When the resulting TNT explosion incinerates the mecha-bug, leap into the Bonus Barrel!

TO COMPLETE: Use the Barrel provided to make two platforms by throwing them upwards so they land and bob in the water instead of sink to the bottom. To do this, grab the first Barrel and make a step out of it below the left end of the Banana trail. After this, snatch up the respawning Barrel, jump onto your new platform, and make a second step to your right, trying to follow the Banana line to its right end. Leap to this new platform and onto dry land, where your Bonus Coin will be waiting. Don't forget the timer!

BONUS AREA 2: When you get to this, you'll immediately see that Ellie floats in water and can't get this Bonus Barrel without help. Go right until you see a Knik-Knak skittering toward you. Now go back to the left and get out of his way as he and another of his kind crawl to the left. In seconds, the two bugs will position themselves in midair above you. Carefully go up and right without hitting the lower Knik-Knak. Once in position, use the Knik-Knaks to your left as a staircase for enough height to crash down through the waters and enter the Bonus Barrel.

TO COMPLETE: How fast can you get 10 Stars without running out of time or footing? The game is likely to slow down a bit here, so don't let that throw off your jumps.

F. BOSS LEVEL: "Arich's Ambush".

Arich: Don't be too hasty in trying to crush this super-sized spider, or you'll be done in. Smash four Barrels under his chin to silence him. The first Barrel is on top of him, then they start appearing on the upper-right branch (be quick in getting them or Arich will spit a Barrel-breaking blob of spider spit at you). Don't jump on top of him to get your Barrels until he lands on the ground first, as his claws will harm you and shatter your Barrels. Get the Barrel, carefully drop down, and break your barrel on his jaw as he pounces on you (his pounces get faster with each hit). After another hit, Arich changes his tactics.

Before dropping down, he'll spit three blobs of goo that bounce off the walls. When the blobs are gone, evade Arich's blitz and get the Barrel and hide from another shower of spitballs. When he descends, hit him in the jaw again. Dodge FIVE blobs, then climb up and snag your Barrel. Once the next five blobs have left the screen, stand by to deliver the final blow to Arich. This fourth hit will put him down for the count. Take the Patch he gives you to Funky's Rentals and get the Hovercraft and access Cotton-Top Cove and Mekanos!


A. "Bazza's Blockade".

"K": Above the first line of Bazzas. There's more than enough space to sneak up and get the letter without being devoured, but be careful!

"O": Right in your way.

"N": At the first two Red Kocos (one on the right, the other down lower), sink past the lower Koco to find the Enguarde Barrel, then charge right through a third Red Koco for the letter "N"!

"G": Enguarde gives this to you at the "No Enguarde" Sign.


DK COIN: Past the Goal Flag, Koin is lurking. Stand on his shield as you toss the Steel Barrel to the right, and that's curtains for Koin!

BONUS AREA 1: Instead of going onward at the Bazza line below the curved Banana line, wait for an opening between two Bazzas and dive down. Now swim to the right and enter the Bonus Barrel!

TO COMPLETE: Oh, boy, this one is tough... You'll have to squeeze between two Bazza lines and keep your distance from the Lurchins at the same time. Can you find the Coin before time runs out... for you?

BONUS AREA 2: After grabbing the "N" as Enguarde, fall back to the narrow upper passage blocked by Bazzas and head left, jabbing every Bazza in your way, until you can dive down to the left and access the Bonus Barrel nearby.

TO COMPLETE: Skewer 10 Red Kocos in 30 seconds time when each fish pokes out of the otherwise empty Bazza tubes. Don't get too aggressive! To claim the Bonus Coin, dart upwards to the top of the chamber.

B. "Rocket Barrel Ride".

"K": How's your aim?

"O": If you land in a Booster Barrel and see a Green Buzz and a Knik-Knak to your left, time your launch so you hurtle right over the next Booster Barrel and keep tumbling to the right so you fall through the letter.

"N": To the right of the narrow gap covered up by the Auto-Fire Barrel is the Parry Crate. Use Parry's high-flying abilities to reach the "N" high above the Auto-Fire Barrel.

"G": Easily gotten after exiting Bonus Area 2.


DK COIN: As you throw the Steel Barrel to the left, hop into the Auto-Fire Barrel above you, then watch as you land on Koin's left. Now wait as the rolling Steel Barrel bashes Koin in the back!

BONUS AREA 1: Once you get the "O", go back to the first Booster Barrel in the set and soar over the Green Buzz, bouncing off of three Knik-Knaks in succession to land in a well-hidden Bonus Barrel!

TO COMPLETE: Get all of the 20 Stars -- some of them are camouflaged by the cliff background, making them difficult to see. Don't run out of time as you use the Booster Barrels to scale the waterfall!

BONUS AREA 2: The standard way to reach this is by passing the "No Parry" Sign, hopping over the Booster Barrel behind the waterfall ahead, and dropping down to a lower ledge and scurrying into the Bonus Barrel further left. If you want to enter the Bonus Area with Parry in tow, here's how to do it. Find the level's only pair of Krumples and crumple them with Kiddy's jump attack. Jump and throw Dixie up and left from inside the right edge of the falls. If you play your cards right, you can bring Parry to the Goal Flag with you!

TO COMPLETE: Let the Stars guide you when you can't see the Booster Barrels -- there are 60 Stars to collect, and you only have 35 seconds to get them all!

C. "Kreeping Klasps".

"K": Above the first rope line.

"O": Drop down to it when Klasp moves away, then jump back onto the main line as soon as it's safe.

"N": Can't avoid it in the slightest!

"G": You'll have to jump over a Klasp to get this...

DK COIN: Take the Steel Barrel in the shack and deal with Koin. Simple enough...

BONUS AREA 1: Rapidly jump upwards twice when the first two Green Buzzes above you zoom out of your way temporarily.

TO COMPLETE: Grab 15 Bananas without becoming Nibbla's lunch! Be very wary on the twin ropes, and don't drop off the bottom one!

BONUS AREA 2: Without Dixie, this is going to be troublesome. Get directly above the Auto-Fire Barrel and rapidly drop down twice before you get blown up by the three Klasps. Alternatively, if you have Dixie, just Helicopter Spin to the Auto-Fire Barrel from between where the upper rope starts and the preceding lower rope ends. Dodge Klasp if you need to as you glide downward and to the right as best you can.

TO COMPLETE: Jump over four Klasps in time to find the Bonus Coin, but don't crash into the explosive enemies, or you'll lose!

D. "Tracker Barrel Trek".

"K": Need help? Leave it to the Tracker Barrel to get you there!

"O": A good Roll or Spin Jump will suffice when the Green Buzz flies out of your trajectory. Should you fall down the falls in the process, hug the right wall to land on solid ground and not lose a life in the abyss below.

"N": You'll inevitably grab this after the pair of Re-koils.

"G": You'll get this, trust me...

ELLIE BARREL: Easy enough to see.

DK COIN: You only get one shot at this, lest you want to try again from the Continue Barrel (or the start). Use the Steel Barrel Ellie gave you to take out Koin. To do this, stand just below the waterfall ledge you took to get here, and throw the Steel Barrel up and left. Keeping the Barrel in your sights, jump onto Koin's shield and wait on top of it for the grand finale.

BONUS AREA 1: Once you've sailed over the first Green Buzz, you'll be catapulted onto an upper ledge by an Arrow Barrel. Switch to Dixie and do a jumping Helicopter Spin to reach the Bonus Barrel on the far right.

TO COMPLETE: Make use of the Tracker Barrels and snare all 70 Stars before 25 seconds are burned away!

BONUS AREA 2: Turn into Ellie and stomp the twin Krumples ahead. Go behind the falls, fill your trunk with water, and load up inside a Tracker Barrel behind the mist. Spray the two Green Buzzes blocking the Bonus Barrel before blasting into it.

TO COMPLETE: Smash seven Knik-Knaks carefully. There are Tracker Barrels to help you, but don't faceplant the last Knik-Knak by mistake when you get to the end of the area!

E. "Fish Food Frenzy".

WARNING!!!: If Nibbla goes hungry or eats too many Lurchins, you'll be next on his menu! Keep feeding him Kocos to keep him under control. He has four shades of color that reflect his mood: Blue is calmest, Purple is a little hungry, Pink is somewhat hungry, and Red is bad news for you! Get close to an enemy for Nibbla to start chowing down. Since Nibbla likes to swim behind you, you need to get his mouth very close to the baddie to get him to eat him.

"K": In a huge chamber with two Lurchins. The "K" is above the upper Lurchin. Watch out -- Nibbla most likely will scarf down the spiny enemy if you grab this letter, so stand by to feed him Kocos to settle down.

"O": Don't eat Lurchin!

"N": Be really sneaky and chomp the Koco after obtaining this, or a recent Lurchin lunch may be your undoing!

"G": At the third DK Barrel, swim right over the moving Lurchin, snatch up the last letter, and slip underneath him again. If Nibbla happens to eat the Lurchin without your authorization, there are two Red Kocos for him to slurp up, but don't hit the Kocos while Nibbla's trying to eat them!

DK COIN: Inside the end cavern, get on the mainland, but leave the Goal Flag alone for now. From here, throw Dixie up and left to find Koin, and then... you know the drill.

BONUS AREA 1: Eventually, you'll see the first moving Lurchin to your right. Have Nibbla eat him up as you sneak under him and swim into the Bonus Barrel ahead.

TO COMPLETE: Snag 15 Bananas in 35 seconds. Simple as that if you're a good swimmer...

BONUS AREA 2: Before the final Lurchin-patrolled passageway, there are three Red Kocos -- one down below, and two above you. Have Nibbla snack on all three of them, as this next part will really get hectic. In the final passageway ahead of you, three Lurchins move out of very thin cavities. DON'T LET NIBBLA EAT THE FIRST TWO LURCHINS! On the other hand, the last Lurchin of the three is guarding the second Bonus Area, so munch him with Nibbla prior to racing up the spike monster's shaft and into the Bonus Barrel before Nibbla gets any nasty ideas. If she's quick, Dixie can also slip into the shaft leading to the Bonus Area without Nibbla's help after the Lurchin moves far enough downward!

TO COMPLETE: Eat 10 Kocos in 40 seconds! That sounds like plenty of time, but if you have trouble controlling Nibbla, this is not the case.

F. BOSS LEVEL: "Squirt's Showdown".

Squirt: Ellie the Elephant to the rescue -- again. When you meet Squirt, load your trunk fully with water before Squirt fires his sweeping spray, which rotates once. One of the game's strangest bosses, Squirt only attacks you with a rotating, sweeping jet of water which will wash you off the cliff if you're not quick at staying ahead of the spray. Whenever his eyes peek out from behind the falls, spray each eyeball twice with water. After the first blinding, the water attack swirls around twice, getting faster after the next blinding. Watch your footing, or you'll be washed into oblivion! Blind Squirt three times to win one of the Skis necessary to make the Turbo Ski at Funky's Rentals.