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Breathtaking masterpiece 11/26/18 2001mark
A good game, but lacks something...... 03/01/00 Aristotle
An Incredible Adventure About Two Monkeys Vs. Crocodile Pirates 06/30/03 Baradur
Pure Perfection! 09/19/01 Bat On
Simply one of the greatest games ever created by man. 03/26/02 Behonkiss
The best game in the DKC trilogy, and one of the best for the SNES! 07/05/01 Bowsa
The best game on the SNES...if not on ALL videogame systems!!! 12/02/01 brianchess
Diddy's Conquest Was A Successful Venture 07/11/12 ChronoCactaur
The best of the DK trilogy also the longest, hardest, and most inovative 01/17/01 Dark Templar
Little D is back, and better than ever! 07/23/00 Duke Nukem
Rare managed to outdo itself yet AGAIN! 02/22/00 EPoetker
Make one of the best decisions of your life - Read this. 08/10/07 ereadfan
Talk about getting bigger and better. 04/17/00 Funk Punk
Why is this my favorite SNES game? 09/30/08 Griffinoid
If you thought the first game was good....wait until you play this masterpiece! 11/01/99 Jdude84
The best 'Donkey Kong Country' game to date! 11/01/99 Jeff_
Now THIS is more like it!!! 04/17/00 khachik
A great game gets an even better sequel 03/12/10 King_Meteor
The best Platformer ever 04/08/01 Leetdude
Could this be Rare's most perfect game? 11/09/02 LegendaryFrog
Sequel or Upgrade? 11/01/99 LRayden
More Monkey Business! 08/16/01 MI4 REAL
All of the greatness of DKC is recreated even better in DKC2. 02/15/00 Myzery_Clown
SNES at it's best! 03/25/00 SCCAN85
The best Donkey Kong game ever. 08/17/09 sega31098
Improvements over the original make this game an easy classic. 05/19/03 Shinnokxz
The best Donkey Kong by far! 04/10/03 TBnumber81
This is my favorite game in the DKC series! 03/23/03 Tokyo Fusion
Diddy and Dixie goes to the Kroc's land. Brace for the pain... 03/29/13 Waver92
This Sequel Passes the Orginal and Leaves it in the Dust! 08/21/01 ZeldaGuy

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