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Guide and Walkthrough by VGW Man

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 02/28/2002

------Written by VGW Man (vgw100@hotmail.com)------------------------
------Presented by NickWhiz1 (NickWhiz1@buckeye-express.com)---------
------Version 1.7----------------------------------------------------
Last Updated: February 28, 2002

In Conclusion

*Not completed


Version 1.7 (2/28/02): I am very truly sorry, but I don't feel right working on
another person's guide or taking credit for it, so I am going to leave it in
this incomplete state.  If anyone else wants to have this guide to finish,
e-mail me at NickWhiz1@buckeye-express.com and I will gladly give it to you to
finish (provided you give original credit to VGW Man, the original author).  If
you want to reformat it, fine.


*GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
 Hosting this and my other FAQs

*VGW Man (vgw100@hotmail.com)
 Co-author of the FAQ, actually, he was the original author

*NickWhiz1 (NickWhiz1@buckeye-express.com)
 I co-worked on it/am presenting it

*You (yourmail@yourmail.com)
 Who do you think is reading this? :P


	We both have different views on the DKC2 story.  Here is NickWhiz1's version.

Donkey Kong gulped down the last of his banana milkshake and sighed happily,
his old beach chair creaking as he wriggled his toes in the sand.
"This is the life," he thought to himself.  "The sun beating down on a clear
blue sea, and no pesky banana-thieving Kremlings to worry about."  Lazily he
raised a hand to wave at Funky, who was showing off his surfing expertise out
on the waves with the squawking seagulls.

	Donkey Kong settled back and closed his eyes, thinking he'd have a little
doze, when he heard the sound of shuffling feet.  Before he knew what was
happening, Cranky Kong bopped him on the head with his cane.

	"Yowch!" he exclaimed, glaring at the snickering old ape standing in front of
	"Well, well..." said Cranky, "what do you think you're doing sitting around
all day?  They won't get much of a game out of this, will they?  I thought you
were supposed to be a big star!"
	"Even stars get time off," muttered Donkey Kong, rubbing his head.
	"I never did," said Cranky proudly.  "Whisking off maidens and throwing
barrels around the place seven days a week, I was.  That's how I got where I am
today, you know.  Hard work.  None of this lazing around the beach."
	"Why don't you go off and pester Diddy or something?" complained Donkey Kong.
"Let me have a bit of piece for once!"
	Cranky snorted.  "Ha!  He's off somewhere with that girlfriend of his.  But
still, I can see when I'm not wanted..."
	Grumbling to himself, Cranky shambled off down the beach, leaving Donkey Kong
to pull his hat over his eyes, sink down into his beach chair and slowly drift
to sleep.

	When night fell and their big buddy still hadn't returned, Diddy and Dixie
Kong got worried and went to look for him.  As they reached the beach, they saw
hundreds of strange looking footprints that led from the sea to form a big
circle around the spot where Donkey Kong's chair lay, smashed to pieces.

	"Kremlings!" Diddy gasped in horror.

	On top of the bits of chair they found a note:
	  |To the yellow bellied, land-lubing Kong   |
	  |Family:                                   |
        |                                          |
	  |Har-arrrrh!  We got the big monkey!       |
        |                                          |
	  |If you want him back, you scurvy dogs,    |
	  |you'll have to hand over the banana hoard!|
        |                                          |
	  |		  Kaptain K. Rool                |

	"I thought we'd seen the last of that old rascal for a while," sighed Wrinkly
Kong, Cranky's good-natured, old wife, when the rest of the family had read the
ransom note.

	"Well," grunted Cranky.  "I suppose we'd better give him the bananas, hadn't
	Diddy was shocked.  "After all we did to get them back last time?  Donkey Kong
would go crazy if he lost his bananas again!"
	"Got any better ideas, you young whippersnapper?" demanded the old ape.
	"We've got to rescue him, of course!" said Diddy and Dixie together.
	But Cranky just laughed.  "Oh really?  And who exactly is 'we', hmmm?"
	"Count me out, dudes," said Funky quickly, backing away from the group.  "I
hate adventures."
	"I think I'm a bit old for that sort of thing," said Wrinkly
	"And I'm sure as spit not gonna do it," snapped Cranky.  "Not that I'm past my
prime, mind you-I could still do a better job than the rest of you put
together-but I wouldn't be seen dead in a game that scrolls and has bonus
levels and end bosses!"
	"What about me?!" asked Diddy, stamping his foot.  "I went with Donkey on his
last adventure!  Why can't I do it?!"
	"You?" laughed Cranky.  "You've only been in one game, and you didn't even get
your name in the title!  You think that makes you a hero?"
	Diddy looked discouraged, but Dixie was quick to stand up for him.  "Give him
a chance-he could be a better hero than you ever were," she challenged.
	Cranky scowled.  "You think so, do you?  You think he can make his way through
all those Kremlings and all those traps, all by himself?"
	"He won't be by himself," she replied.  "I'm going with him."
	Diddy stared at her and she stared defiantly back.
	"But it's dangerous!" he protested.
	"You're not scared, are you?"
	"Of course I'm not!"
	"Well, neither am I.  Don't try to argue-if you're going, I'm going with you."

	Diddy sighed.  He knew a hopeless argument when he saw one.  But still, he was
Donkey's only hope!  Of course, if he managed to rescue his big buddy, he'd
become a real video game hero, too!  Could he ask for a better chance to prove

	Cranky was looking them over shrewdly.  "All right," he said.  "If you somehow
get back safely from this and bring back that good-for-nothing Donkey with you,
I'll admit that maybe you have what it takes after all.  But if you don't,
there will never be more that cheap cameo roles for you in the future, my boy."
	Diddy stood straight and proud, ready for his new quest.  "I'll bring him
back, you'll see!" he declared.
	The others offered him encouragement.  Wrinkly gave him a warm smile, while
Funky offered his hand for a high-five.  "Go for it, little dude!"

	And as soon as the sun rose again, the brave young pair set out.	

	My version of the story is below.  It covers a bit of the DKC TV show and
Donkey Kong Land 1 for Gameboy.

Donkey & Diddy Kong were celebrating on Kongo Bongo (the place where they live;
I'm following the TV show here).  It was a happy time.  Cranky got a new wife
who is in schooling (that's Wrinkly), Diddy has a new girlfriend (Dixie), Candy
got a new job somewhere else in the world (she only appears in DKC1 for some
reason), & King K. Rool has been beaten TWICE (DKC1 & DKL1).
	However, Cranky doubts that Diddy was a hero from the past two adventures.
	"It was Donkey Kong who did all of the work, shrimp," Cranky said, well,
	"I found some of those bonus areas you mentioned in your cryptic clues,
Cranky," Diddy interrupted.
	"Well, to prove you are a real hero, I have a challenge for you," Cranky
continued.  "There is some island where K. Rool's Gangplank Galleon went.  I
have hidden 40 DK coins there.  Find them all & I'll consider you a hero."
	"I don't need to get your coins to prove I'm a hero," Diddy said.
	"He's right," Donkey put in.  "I'm going for a walk.  See ya later."
	When Donkey left, Dixie blurted out; "He's probably seeing Candy, his
	"Again," Cranky said.

	Speaking of K. Rool, where is he?  He is hidden in the Lost World, a secret
spot on the exact same island as the one with the DK coins.  The Kremling King
had some words to say.
	"Attention, my repulsive reptilians.  Donkey Kong is right now alone, out in
the open, defenseless.  We'll ambush him, capture him, & keep him until those
maniac monkeys give me the entire banana hoard.  Then I can make my invincible
potion I have been trying to make (the potion is in the DKC1 story)."

	It all works too well.  Donkey Kong was taken to the island.  When Cranky &
crew heard of it, they formulated a plan.  Cranky would try to setup a couple
of monkey museums in case Diddy gets stuck.  Wrinkly would set up some Kong
Colleges so Diddy can save their status and learn a thing or two.  Funky would
bring his Funky's Flights service over at the island so Diddy could travel to
other worlds-for a one-time down payment, of course.  And Bluster (TV show
reference; works at barrel factory) will watch over the banana hoard while
everyone was gone.  Everything was set, except for one thing.  Dixie.
	"I want to go with you, Diddy," she said without embarrassment.
	"In my day, the girls were the damsels in distress, not some bumbling
heroines," Cranky continued to mouth off.
	"You underestimate her too much, Old Timer," Funky finally says something.
"Let here hang 10 with Diddy Dude and find Donkey Dude."
	"Oh, all right," Cranky gave in.  "But if you want to head back home while you
are helping Diddy, that's fine."
	"I'm not scared at all," Dixie told Cranky.  "Come on, Diddy.  We have the
future ruler of Kongo Bongo to save."

	As you can see, we both have different views on the DKC2 story.  If you have
any questions about either story, please email the author of the story.

 _____L____             ____R____
/          \___________/         \
|     ^                        X |
|     |          Start    Y      |
|     |                          |
|  <--0-->   Select             A|
|     |     ___________    B     |
 \    |    /           \        /
  \   V   /             \      /
   \_____/               \____/

That ASCII art above this text is mine.  I know, it doesn't look like much of
an actual SNES controller, but it is close.  The descriptions below are

General Controls:

Select-Change characters when you have both, switch between players in
Two-Player Team mode.
Control Pad-Move player

As Kongs:

A Button: Team up with both characters, split up when teamed up
B Button: Jump
X Button: Jump off animal buddy
Y Button: Cartwheel as Diddy, helicopter spin as Dixie, pick up/throw barrel,
throw other character when teamed up.

Riding/Playing as Rambi:

A Button: Activate Rambi's Supercharge
B Button: Jump
Y Button: Normal charge

Riding/Playing as Enguarde:

A Button: Activate Enguarde's Superstab
Y Button: Normal stab

Riding/Playing as Rattly:

A Button: Activate Rattly's Super jump
B Button: Jump

Riding/Playing as Squawks:

B Button: Flap wings
Y Button: Shoot eggs

Riding/Playing as Squitter:

A Button: Spin platform web
B Button: Jump
Y Button: Shoot web shot
L Button: Spin platform web
R Button: Spin platform web

Special Move: *Longer Jump

As Diddy, cartwheel off the edge of a platform and jump in the middle of it.
As Dixie, helicopter spin off the edge of a platform and jump in the middle of
it.  (For extra distance, use the floating helicopter spin after you jump.)


	No, this section doesn't cover barrels.  They have a section of their own.
These are the non-barrel items that are around the area.  Again, I arranged
them alphabetically.

Animal Crates: Release and ride the animal buddy on the crate.

Balloons: Extra lives.  The red one is one life, the green one is two lives,
and the blue ones are three lives.  Blue balloons are rare and tough to get...

Bananas: Collect 100 for an extra life.

Banana Bunches: Each bunch is worth ten bananas.  Get 10 for an extra life.

Banana Coin: Found in different numbers.  Use them at any of the Kong Family
establishments.  Very useful, especially when you have to pay them to save your

Cannons and Cannonballs: Find the cannonball, then take it to a cannon to blast
away to a bonus stage.

Crates: Use them like a normal barrel.

Goal Target: If you jump high enough on the target, you'll get the displayed
prize.  Same items as in a treasure chest, except no Kremkoins.

Hero/DK Coin: Hidden one per stage by Cranky Kong (40 in all).  Collect them to
prove to Cranky that Diddy is a true video game hero.  Be careful: Some are
hidden in bonus levels......

Hot Air Balloon: Found only in Red-Hot Ride.  Use the hot air steam to keep it

KONG Letters: Hidden in each stage.  Collect all 4 in a stage for an extra

Kremcoin: One per bonus stage and boss (except Lost World).  Collect 15 to
access one of the Lost World stages via Klubba's Kiosk.  Each one leads to a
different level.  Collect all 75 to access all of the Lost World stages and
open up the final boss.

No Animal Sign: Go past it and the animal will disappear, but it will leave
behind an item, from bananas to even a DK Coin!

Treasure Chests: Contain bananas, banana coins, extra lives, letters Kremkoins,
and even a DK Coin in one case.

Now, the barrels:

*Animal Barrel: You will turn into the animal shown.
*Barrel Cannons:  There are three kinds.  Find out about them below.
   Arrow: These will send you in the direction the arrow is pointing.
   Blast: These have some kind of mark on them.  Land in them and you will be
sent in a predetermined direction.
   Normal: Sometimes these spin around.  You choose when you are shot out, so
aim carefully.
*Bonus Barrel: Enter it to be blasted to a bonus stage.
*Check and X Barrels: These are found in Target Terror.  Check opens the gates,
X closes them.
*Continue (Star) Barrel: This is the continue point in the level.
*Diddy and Dixie Barrels: These only shoot when the appropriate character
enters it.
*DK Barrel: Break this to releases your partner if you lost him/her.
*Exclamation Mark (!) Barrel: Gives you temporary invincibility.
*KrockHead Barrel: These are found in KrockHead Klamber.  Touch it to activate
the KrockHeads for a limited time.
*Normal Barrel: Just throw it around.
*Plane Barrel: You borrow this from Funky.  Go to any level you've already
beaten, or go between worlds.
*Plus and Minus Barrels: Found in Haunted Hall.  Plus adds time, minus takes it
*Rotating Barrel: Rotate it in any one of the eight directions. Shoot out when
you want or you will automatically shoot out if you run out of time.
*Steer-able Barrel: Maneuver it any way you want. Use the same shooting
procedure with the rotating barrel.
*TNT Barrel: These explode when they contact a wall or enemy.  The explosion
can take out others nearby as well.


I will only cover the main characters in this game, not the minor enemies you
find around (that's a later section).  Here they are in alphabetical order.

Cranky-The Old Timer has set up Monkey Museums around the island and for a
price will give you a cryptic hint.

Diddy-The returning hero from the past two adventures has the know-how to stop
the opposition.

Dixie-The heroine of the game can use her ponytail to glide past obstacles,
making her a valuable asset of the team.

Donkey-He has been captured by K. Rool, & you must rescue him.  I think Cranky
wants Dixie & Donkey to trade places so that Dixie is the damsel in distress.

Funky-Most arguably the coolest Kong in Kongo Bongo, Funky can get you to where
you want in his plane.  Just pay the down payment of two banana coins and you
are set.

King K. Rool-The Kremling King is holding DK ransom and wants every single
banana in the world.  If anyone disobeys him, they must meet his blunderbuss.

Klubba-Arrg!  He guards thee entrance to thee Lost World.  Only those who
pickup enough booty can see the big treasure.  Those who are short must walk
the plank and be sent to Davy Jones's locker.

Wrinkly-Cranky's wife is a lot quieter than Cranky, & has set up Kong Colleges
around the area.  She will teach you techniques for a small price.  Some things
are for free.


Q: Do you have info on the establishments of Cranky, Wrinkly, and Swanky Kong?

A: Cranky, Wrinkly, & Swanky Kong all have set up temporary residence on the
island.  While doing so, they have set up businesses for Diddy & Dixie.  For
the sake of saving you guys banana coins, NickWhiz1 has got all of the
information on what they will tell you when you do pay.  We'll start with

Cranky Kong:

	Cranky Kong is the Mr. Know-It-All guy around here (much like my sister, but I
won't get into that).  For a few coins, he will give you cryptic clues on where
important items are in the game.  He won't always tell you where bonus barrels
are, but maybe just where a banana coin is.  You have been warned.  Now, what
does he tell you?


*Pirate Panic-Free: Try using your team throw at the start.
*Lockjaw's Locker-Free: Below the letter K, you'll find a reward if you avoid
the danger.
*Mainbrace Mayhem-Free: Jump for joy when crossing the longest horizontal rope.
*Pirate Panic-1 coin: I reckon the door at the bottom of the tall wall looks
flimsy to me.
*Gangplank Galley-2 coins: Those big blue goons ain't guarding that huge stack
of barrels for nothin'!  Knock them off and get up there.
*Topsail Trouble-3 coins: A hook, step, and jump is all you need to look for
near the two dragonflies above you.


*Lava Lagoon-Free: Below the first seal, you'll find something worth getting
your fur burnt for.
*Hot-Head Hop-Free: Is it my eyes, or is there just one chest at the start?
*Red-Hot Ride-Free: Take it easy, let the rhino use his head to get you through
the first half.
*Hot-Head Hop-1 coin: A trek toward the Klobber with the spider is worth
looking up.
*Kannon's Klaim-2 coins: Right is right, right at the start.
*Squawks's Shaft-3 coins: Those two hook throwing villains opposite each other
are protecting something.  I'm sure of it!


*Barrel Bayou-Free: Find the only KrocHead stepping stone and you'll find your
buddy Rambi.
*Bramble Blast-Free: With only the dragonflies left, I'm sure you'll be
*Slime Climb-Free: When nearing the top, the ability to walk on water reveals
*Glimmer's Galleon-1 coin: It might be dark and spooky, but don't let it get
you down immediately.
*Rattle Battle-2 coins: Are you up to it at the start?
*Bramble Blast-3 coins: After four spinning barrels, all that's left is left


*Hornet Hole-Free: An eight-legged friend would go halfway to helping you here.
*Rambi Rumble-Free: Don't be in a hurry to enter Rambi's room.  Think things
*Bramble Scramble-Free: The fruit is always fresher on the other side of the
thorns.  Jump to it!
*Target Terror-1 coin: It's his track, so watch the Kremling car carefully.  He
might be down, but he's on his way out.
*Rambi Rumble-2 coins: A charge down the last straight with Rambi will ensure a
crushing victory.
*Hornet Hole-3 coins: Start with a hook, stick, and jumps, and you're bonus


*Ghostly Grove-Free: Things are starting to look up on this level.
*Parrot Chute Panic-Free: Here's a tip that I think is great, the door is by
the Klampon and so is the crate.
*Web Woods-Free: Finishing this level is cause for celebration.  By all means
go over the top.
*Haunted Hall-1 coin: Where you find one, you may find two.
*Parrot Chute Panic-2 coins: To the left of the letter 'O' is where you should
*Ghostly Grove-3 coins: K. Rool is no fool.  He has got two big blue goons
watching his horde near halfway.


*Arctic Abyss-Free: After the start, a long jump and then a high jump will win
you more than just a gold medal.
*Chain Link Chamber-Free: Brave an early attack of barrels and their hidden
treasure is yours.
*Toxic Tower-Free: Watch very carefully at the end.  There's something going
down that could give new a new life.
*Clapper's Cavern-1 coin: I ain't helping you on this one.  It's up to you to
start looking yourself.
*Castle Crush-2 coins: I've left a couple of animal buddies for you in here,
but it's left for you to find them.
*Chain Link Chamber-3 coins: When cannon balls are raining down on you, I
suggest you look for a way past who's responsible.


*Jungle Jinx-2 coins: Just before halfway, take time to look back at what
you've done.
*Black Ice Battle-2 coins: After the slope with the letter 'N', press right as
you fall and you'll have a ball.
*Klobber Karnage-2 coins: Down may be out, but right picks you up.
*Fiery Furnace-2 coins: The bananas point the way.
*Animal Antics-2 coins: The end is not the end.

Wrinkly Kong:

Here, Wrinkly Kong will charge you for general hints and boss tips, as well as
to save your game (the first time in each world is free except The Flying
Krock).  Here are all those hints:


*Kong Family Coins-Free: A gold coin with a bunch of bananas on it, collect
these and spend them in the various Kong Family locations found throughout the
*Swimming-Free: Press the 'B' button to swim.  Pressing Up or Down on the
directional keypad while swimming or floating will affect the speed that you
sink or swim.
*End of Level Target-Free: Jump on the target to finish the level.  If you jump
from a sufficient height, you will win the displayed prize.
*Rambi's Supercharge-1 coin: Press and hold the 'A' button to power him up,
then release it for his Supercharge.  Use this to destroy enemies and break
open hidden doors!
*Character Team-up-1 coin: When you have both characters, press the 'A' button
to team up.  You can throw your partner to defeat enemies and reach
inaccessible features.  Press A again to split up.
*Area Guardian-2 coins: Throw Krow's eggs back at him.  He won't like it!


*Rattly the Snake-Free: To make your snake buddy jump in mid-air, walk off an
edge and press the jump button as he falls.
*Rope Climbing-Free: Press and hold the 'Y' button when you are on the ropes
and you will climb up and down them faster than normal!
*KONG Letters-Free: Collect all four of these in a level to earn an extra life!
*Squitter's Web Platform-1 coin: To create a web platform, press the 'A' button
or either of the top 'L' or 'R' buttons.  Press the button again to stop the
web and form a platform in the desired position.
*Kremcoins-1 coin: For every bonus level you complete, you will get one of
these.  Collect a lot and you can use them at Klubba's Kiosk.
*Area Guardian-2 coins: When you hit Kleever, quickly get across to the other
side before he gets angry.


*Animal Barrels-Free: Jump in these to transform into the animal shown on the
side of the barrel.
*Jumping on Enemies-Free: If you hold the jump button down while jumping on an
enemy, you will bounce higher and further than normal.
*Extra Lives Balloons-Free: There are three types.  Red is worth 1 life, Green
is worth 2 lives, and the rare Blue balloon is worth 3 lives!
*Rattly's Superjump-1 coin: Press the 'A' button to power him up, then release
it to activate his Superjump.  Use this to access normally unreachable areas.
*Cranky's 'Video Game Hero' Coins-1 coin: A very large coin with 'DK' on it,
each level has one, cunningly hidden by Cranky.  Collect these to increase your
status as a video game hero.
*Area Guardian-2 coins: When Kudgel lands, he'll shake the screen and
immobilize you!  Be careful!


*Secret Doors-Free: Doors are hidden on the sides of walls and can be broken
into by throwing objects at them or using your animal buddies.
*Roll Jump-1 coin: Press 'Y' to roll off an edge, then press 'B' as you fall.
You can increase your jumping distance this way.
*Area Guardian-2 coins: Destroy the small Zinger and his drones quickly, or
they'll reappear after a while.

*Secret Passages-Free: Walls that look solid could contain secret passages that
you can use to access hidden areas or shortcuts.
*Bonus Levels-Free: Each level has between one and three of these.  Complete
all the bonuses on a level to gain 1%.
*Area Guardian-Free: Jump on the different colored Mini-Neckys to gain the
necessary objects to fight the ghost of Krow.


*Invisible Items-Free: Finding these aren't necessary, but they will be useful
if you can.  Items become visible when you touch them.
*Enguarde's Superstab-1 coin: Press the 'A' button to power him up, then
release it for his Superstab.  Use this to break open hidden doors.


*Wrinkly Kong-Free: All but one of my lessons are useful in your quest.
*Kaptain K. Rool-3 coins: Make sure you have plenty of lives!

Swanky Kong:

This is the treasure trove for extra lives.  Pay a couple banana coins, answer
three questions correctly, and you get 1, 2, or 3 extra lives.  Here are all of
the questions and answers.

*Answer* The correct one.


Swanky's Swag-Free:

What is my name?

*A. Swanky*
B. Wanky
C. Stinky

What is the first enemy that you see in the game?

*A. A furry rat*
B. A scaly crocodile
C. An ugly earthworm

What is the name of this area on the island?

A. Gangway Garbage
B. Gangland Galleon
*C. Gangplank Galleon*

Prize: Red Balloon

Pirate Puzzler-1 coin:

What button do you press to run?

A. Button 'B'
*B. Button 'Y'*
C. Start Button

What is the name of the first level in the game?

A. Pirate Picnic
*B. Pirate Panic*
C. Pirate Punch-up

What is the name of the enemy boss who has kidnapped Donkey Kong?

A. Kaptain K. Rapp
B. Korporal K. Reep
*C. Kaptain K. Rool*

Prize: Green Balloon

Chimp Challenge-2 coins:

In the first level of the game, how many windows did the Kaptain's Kabin have?

A. 2
*B. 4*
C. 6

What is the name of the first rigging level?

*A. Mainbrace Mayhem*
B. Rigging Riot
C. Ropey Rubbish

In the first level of the game, which of these is NOT a background object in
the Kaptain's Kabin?

A. A sword
B. A map
*C. A gun*

Prize: Blue Balloon


Cranky Challenge-1 coin:

What is the name of the first lava level on this area of the island?

A. Boiler Curfew
*B. Hot-Head Hop*
C. Meltdown Mayhem

What is the name of this area of the island?

*A. Crocodile Cauldron*
B. Alligator Alley
C. Crocodile Cove

How many times did you have to hit the end of area giant bird to kill him?

*A. 4*
B. 6
C. 10

Prize: Red Balloon

Lucky Lava-2 coins:

What colors were the crocodile heads you jumped on in the first lava level?

A. Red and Blue
B. Blue and Green
*C. Green and Brown*

What is an extra lives balloon colored red worth?

A. 2 lives
*B. 1 life*
C. 5 lives

Excluding the end of area boss, how many levels were there on the first area of
the island?

*A. 5*
B. 6
C. 4

Prize: Green Balloon

Gorilla Game-3 coins:

How many banana bunches would you have to collect to get an extra life?

A. 5
*B. 10*
C. 20

Where did the beetle first appear during the first area of the island?

A. Level 1
B. Level 5
*C. Level 2*

What is the name of Diddy's pony-tailed girlfriend?

A. Diddette
B. Trixie
*C. Dixie*

Prize: Blue Balloon


Funky's Fun-1 coin:

What can your snake buddy do that is special?

*A. Jumps very high*
B. Runs very fast
C. Spits eggs

What is the name of the level with the angler fish who helps you with his
underwater light?

A. Torch Tragedy
*B. Glimmer's Galleon*
C. Gloomy Galley

What is the name of the big muscle-bound crocodile who guards the toll bridge?

A. Klaggy
B. Klunga
*C. Klubba*

Prize: Red Balloon

Swampy Swag-2 coins:

How many lives do you start the game with?

A. 3
*B. 5*
C. 17

What button do you press to team up?

A. Button 'X'
B. Button 'B'
*C. Button 'A'

What is your rhino buddy's name?

A. Bambam
*B. Rambi*
C. Rambus

Prize: Green Balloon

Primate Prize-3 coins:

What is the name of this area of the island?

A. Don Quay
*B. Krem Quay*
C. Crocodile Cove

What is your parrot buddy's name?

*A. Squawks*
B. Squeaks
C. Flapper

How many airplanes hang from the roof in Kong Kollege?

A. 1
B. 4
*C. 2*

Prize: Blue Balloon


Wrinkly's Winner-1 coin:

What is the name of this area of the island?

A. Loopy Goonland
B. Creepy Crocland
*C. Krazy Kremland*

What color is your parrot buddy?

*A. Red, green, and yellow*
B. Red, black, and purple
C. Brown, black, and white

What is the name of the two companies that produced this game and Donkey Kong

A. Rave/Crocodile Games
B. Kremsoft/Krool Inc.
*C. Rare/Nintendo*

Prize: Red Balloon

Krazy Kwiz-2 coins:

What is the name of the first wasp hive level on this area of the island?

A. Wasp Hive Horror
*B. Hornet Hole*
C. Horrible Hive

What is the name of the old lady kong, who runs Kong Kollege?

A. Cranky
*B. Wrinkly*
C. Crinkly

Which of these items can NOT be found at Klubba's Kiosk?

*A. Picture of K. Rool*
B. Oil drum
C. Boxing gloves and punchbag

Prize: Green Balloon

Baboon Booty-3 coins:

What is your snake buddy's name?

A. Hisser
B. Slithers
*C. Rattly*

What color waistcoat does old man Cranky Kong wear in Monkey Museum?

A. Red
*B. Green*
C. Yellow

Which of these enemies have you not seen yet during this area of the island?

A. Kutlass the swordsman
B. Zinger the wasp
*C. Cat o' 9 tails*

Prize: Blue Balloon


Lockjaw's Loot-1 coin:

What is the name of this area of the island?

*A. Gloomy Gulch*
B. Fearsome Forest
C. Spooky Heights

How many little wasps did the end of area giant wasp break up into?

A. 3
*B. 5*
C. 7

What is the name of the trendy, surfing kong, who operates his barrel flights?

A. Cranky
B. Chunky
*C. Funky*

Prize: Red Balloon

Haunted Haul-2 coins:

What is the name of the forest level with the blowing wind in it?

A. Breezy Battle
B. Windy Woods
*C. Gusty Glade*

On the Kremling island map, how many small wasp hover around the wasp hives?

A. 2
*B. 3*
C. 4

What is the name of the Kremling island that you are on?

A. Crocodile Dump
*B. Crocodile Isle*
C. Crocodile Country

Prize: Green Balloon

Gibbon Game-3 coins

Which of these is NOT the name of an area of the island you have played?

A. Crocodile Cauldron
B. Krazy Kremland
*C. Crocodile Canyon*

What is your swordfish buddy's name?

*A. Enguarde*
B. Swordy
C. Stabber

How many world map globes are there on the shelves in Kong Kollege?

*A. 2*
B. 1
C. 0

Prize: Blue Balloon


K. Rool's Kwiz-1 coin:

What is the name of this area of the island?

A. K. Rool's Castle
*B. K. Rool's Keep*
C. K. Rappy Keep

What is the name of old man Kong, who lives in a Monkey Museum?

A. Creaky
B. Beardy
*C. Cranky*

Which of these enemies also appeared in Donkey Kong Country?

A. Neek the rat
*B. Zinger the wasp*
C. Kannon the crocodile

Prize: Red Balloon

Castle Challenge-2 coins:

What is the name of the castle level with the rising floor?

*A. Castle Crush*
B. Tragic Tower
C. K. Rool's Krush

How many animal buddies can you ride in the game?

A. 4
B. 6
*C. 5*

What is the name of the flying ghost coat Kremling who throws objects at you?

A. Flapper
*B. Kloak*
C. Black Jacket

Prize: Green Balloon

Big Ape Bounty-3 coins:

What is your spider buddy's name?

A. Spinner
*B. Squitter*
C. Eight Eyes

How many desks are there in Kong Kollege?

*A. 5*
B. 3
C. 6

How many different baddies do you think are in the game?

A. 40
*B. 30*
C. 20

Prize: Blue Balloon


Note: Like DKC3, I have played both the EMU and the home version.  Mostly
everything is the same, but on the EMU version, sometimes the background comes
to the foreground and such.  I will tell you which background toggle button to
press in that kind of situation (either 1, 2, or 3; NOT the keypad).  Now that
we got that out of the way, enter the first world.

World 1: Gangplank Galleon

I should let you guys know right now that sometimes I might start each stage
like a mission briefing on Goldeneye for N64.  Now, for your first mission,
Secret Agents D (Dixie) & B (Diddy: he's a boy), head into the first stage and
practice your new moves.

Stage 1: Pirate Panic

Enemies: Klobber, Klomp, Neek

Animal Buddies: Rambi (Ride)

	This is a relatively easy stage.  First of all, move to the right and enter
the cabin for an extra life (or do the Kremcoin trick; see in the Tricks
section).  When you leave, practice your rolling ability on the Neeks that you
see.  Practice your jumping ability on the Klomps you see and on the big
barrels that you can stand on.  Don't forget to pick up the barrels you can
pick up and throw them accurately.  When you see the bananas form the letter A,
press it.  Your partner will ride piggyback style on you (you do have your
partner, right?).  Release him/her with Y and a direction (say, Y and up).  Get
the banana coin with this method.
	Past the continue barrel you will find Rambi in a crate.  While he can still
dish out punishment, you must now activate his super-charge move to bust open
some walls.  Very soon you will see a No Rambi sign.  Trying to bring him past
the sign will make him go away-but you get a green balloon for doing so, so
bring him over there.
	The end targets work a little bit differently than DKC1 & DKC3.  There is an
item above the target that changes into another item every second or so.  To
get an item, you must jump from a high ledge so that when you hit the target,
the little cylinder thing will be propelled towards the item (it's like the
test your strength games at fairs).  In this case, the high ledge is a barrel
you can stand on.  The "prizes" this time are a red balloon, a banana bunch, a
banana coin, and a banana bunch in that order.  If you get a prize, you see
either Diddy jamming with a boom box or Dixie playing the electric guitar.
Good luck!

Bonus Areas:

1. Past the halfway barrel is a hole in the ship.  Fall in it and move to the
right.  You will be blasted upwards off of the screen, but will get the N.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	The "Find the Token" stages are some of the most varied bonus stages in this
game.  There are different kinds of Find the Token games, and this one is the
very basic one.  All you have to do is jump on the barrels to the Kremcoin.
Since you have SO much time, go to the right first for an extra banana coin.
	NickWhiz1 has done some ASCII for this bonus stage and others.  In this one,
"S" is where you start, "B" is where the banana coin is, and "K" is where the
Kremcoin is.  Note that his (or my) ASCII drawings will NOT be to scale, so I
hope you understand.

       ___        B

2. Past the Rambi crate you will soon find a crate.  If you have Rambi, go left
and super-charge the wall in front.  If you are Rambi-less, bring the crate
over to the left wall.

Kind: Bash
Time: 20

	I will not (I repeat-NOT) call these stages "Destroy them All" because I think
"Bash the Baddies" sounds better (but NickWhiz1 does call them DtA).  Remember
that Bash = Destroy.  Anyway, Rambi is here in this stage in case you lost him.
 Just run into the enemies to kill them.  If you hit an enemy's underside, you
will be sent out of the stage. However, you can access it again (In DKC1, one
attempt per life is all you got).
	For NickWhiz1's ASCII (edited a bit), "S" is the starting position, "R" is
where you can find Rambi if you enter the stage without him, "N" shows a Neek,
"K" shows a Klomp, and "C" is the Kremcoin.

                                      __K_   _N_
         __N__   _N_          ___K__              ___K__


DK Coin: From the crate, jump on the barrel stack to the right, and from there,
jump to the coin.  This is an easy one.

Warp Barrel: At the beginning of the stage are four big barrels you can stand
on.  Get on the first one, team-up, and throw your partner upwards.
	In between stages, I put my comments in.  If you got through that stage, you
have learned some basics and have used them properly.  If you got a game over
in that stage, maybe you should consider playing Pong or Pac-Man.
	The next stage will make you learn the ropes (literally), so the next stage is
perfect for practicing your climbing skills.  EMU users, though, must press key
# 3 so that the black clouds go away.

Stage 2: Mainbrace Mayhem

Enemies: Click-Clack, Klinger, Klomp, Neek

	Ah, the outdoors!  While there is a nice starboard wind, you will end up being
blown away if you can't master climbing.  However, other Kremlings are
practicing climbing as well, but they can hurt you, so don't run into them.
Click-Clacks are all around the area, but they take two hits to defeat.  You
can also use them as a barrel after they took one hit, but be careful, for they
can quickly come to their senses and knock out yours (in other words, don't
hold them too long).  Also, the Klingers can be jumped on, but it's very
difficult to do so.  In the worlds of Teddy Roosevelt, speak softly and
carry...forget about the phrase.  Just move slowly, and you will go far.

Bonus Areas:

1. At the start, roll-jump under the upper mast and grab on to the rope (to
roll-jump, press Y to roll, and while you are in midair, press B to jump).
Jump to the bonus barrel from here.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	As long as you don't fall off the ropes, you should be fine.  ASCII-wise, "S"
is the start, "K" is the Kremcoin this time, and "b" is a banana.  If we missed
a banana, let us know.

                        _     __K__			
                     b |_|
                  _ b  |_|
                 |_|   |_|
                 |_|   | |
               b |_|
            _ b  |_|
           |_|   |_|
           |_|   | |
   __S__   | |

2. Past the halfway barrel is a cannon ball.  Bring it left to the cannon.
Load the cannon and jump in.

Kind: Bash
Time: 35

	Five Klingers are climbing ropes above you.  You have three options (two if
you are short a Kong).  You can either use the cannon ball right next to you,
the crates on top of the masts, or (only if you have both Kongs) launch your
partner from below them.  However, if they hit you and you did NOT launch your
partner, it's over.
	In the ASCII below, "S" is where you start, "K" shows a Klinger, "C" is the
Kremcoin, "c" is the crate, "B" is the barrel, and "b" is the cannonball.

	      | | | | |
	      K K K K K
__c_        | | | | |      _B__
            | | | | |
____        | | | | |      ____

_____                     _____

3. The ASCII below shows my (NOT NickWhiz1's) [in]famous ASCII art.  I'm trying
to show you where the third bonus stage is.  This is NOT drawn to scale (none
of them are), but I'll try my best.  In the diagram below, the dashes (like "|"
& "-") are used for the ropes.  "G" is the ground above the ropes.  "b" is a
lone banana, while "B" is the bonus barrel.  Any plus signs indicate a border
in the diagram (not the stage itself).  Note, though, that you must use Dixie
to get to the ground, and you need both Kongs to enter because it's too high
for one to jump up there (aren't you glad that Rare has incorporated this
team-up feature?).

B                 +
          b       +
GGGGGGG      | | |+
             | | |+
| | |             +
|-|-|             +

Kind: Stars
Time: 35
How many stars: 75

	These "Collect the Stars" bonus stages have a simple goal: collect the stars.
However, they don't tell you how many stars you need (Nick & I went through the
trouble to do that).  You might think that getting 75 stars in 35 seconds is
not easy, so here is a little hint.  Hold Y while on the ropes so you move
faster.  In the ASCII below, the horizontal ropes couldn't be put up because
there wasn't room.  "S" is the start, "K" is the Kremcoin, & "*" is a star.

             |*|       ___K__
           | | | | |


DK Coin: You will land to the left of the coin if you came from either Bonus
Stage # 3 or the warp barrel (see below).  Head right and jump the gap to get
it.  When you fall down the gap, you will get an extra life balloon cause
that's the one shown on the end-of-level target.

Warp barrel: At the start, glide under the platform you are on (you need Dixie
for this).
	Think of a Disney movie.  (Wait a minute)  Okay, now.  Did any of you pick
Peter Pan?  Do you remember that the bad guy was Captain James Hook?  Well, you
are about to enter a stage that would make Oh Mighty Clock-O-Dile happy.

Stage 3: Gangplank Galley

Enemies: Kaboing, Klomp, Kruncha, Neek, Zinger

	Hooks are galore in this stage.  In order to grab one, just touch one.  While
you can't hold on to barrels while you are on a hook, they are still useful
enough so that you won't slip off them and fall into a bottomless pit.
	This is also the first stage that house invincibility barrels and treasure
chests.  Treasure chests break when an enemy runs into one (or you throw one at
them).  Sometimes it takes many enemies to crack open the chest.  Invincibility
barrels, well, make you invincible.  It lasts about 20-30 seconds, so run into
as many foes as you can, mainly the Krunchas.  If you can't, throw a barrel, a
chest, or even your partner at him.

Bonus Areas:

1. The first bonus barrel is at the start.  Jump on the big barrels to reach

Kind: Find
Time: 10

	This is a different kind of "Find" stage.  One chest has a coin, but there are
four chests in all, and one Zinger.  You think it's either a hit or miss
situation, right?  WRONG!  The Zinger is red, so it can take the pounding of
even more than four treasure chest hits.  Just throw them at him like crazy,
but aim correctly.
	In Nick's ASCII below, "S" is where you start, "Z" is the Zinger, "C" is a
chest, & "K" is where the Kremcoin will appear if you throw the right chest at
the Zinger.



2. In the similar words of the Not-So-Great Cranky (He kidnapped Mario's old
girlfriend, Pauline, in New York, but that's another story):  "Those big blue
baboons ain't guarding that stack of barrels for nothin'.  Knock them out and
get up there!"  You either need the invincibility barrel, or the team-up
attack.  The location is past the G (in a chest).

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	Keep on moving, but don't fall off the hooks.  The ASCII below shows where the
hooks are (they are the letter "H").  "S" & "K" are still the same.


                H    _______S_

DK Coin: Like Bonus Area # 1, it's at the beginning.  Stand under the first
Bonus Barrel and look at the upper-right hand corner of your screen.  It's a
hook.  Either roll-jump your way their or try to team-up to the hook.  Once you
grab it, it's one or two more hooks away.

Warp Barrel: This is also at the beginning of the stage.  While on the middle
barrel stack, team-up and throw your partner upwards.
Swimming stages have become like a tradition in most action games, and DKC2
keeps up that tradition.  However, the creatures here won't get along with
you...swimmingly (laughs).

Stage 4: Lockjaw's Locker

Enemies: Flotsam, Klomp, Lockjaw, Shuri

Animal Buddies: Enguarde (ride)

	DO NOT ask us who Lockjaw is.  He is covered in the K. Rool's Kronies section.
 In case you did skip that section, he is an orange/reddish piranha with a mean
bite.  Once he sees you, he will chomp three or four times before charging
towards the spot you were at.  When you see him chomp, MOVE IT!  The water in
this stage also rises and falls, so some parts of the stage will be on land.
	Enguarde is also in this level-twice!  Lockjaws guard both of the crates
closely, and if you want the special stuff in this stage, you should find
Enguarde's crates.  Take it easy.

Bonus Area: After the "K", stay close to the bottom of the screen.  Find a
Lockjaw that's guarding a hole.  Distract him and enter the hole to find
Enguarde.  Now, take a secret passage in the upper-right hand part of this room
to head back in the main field.  When you enter the main field, continue to
move up.  You will soon see bananas in the shape of the letter A, so hold A to
supercharge Enguarde & let go to bust open the right wall (where the banana

Kind: Find
Time: 40

	There are many dead ends that lead to bananas, a few dead ends that lead
nowhere, and even fewer paths that lead to the Kremcoin.  The path I recommend
is right, up, right, right, up, right, up, up, right.  The ASCII below isn't
fully accurate, but it should give you a general idea about the stage.

       ________       __    ____________________
      |__    __|     |  |  |   _____    ______K_
         |  |        |  |  |  |     |  |
 ________|  |________|  |  |  |     |  |
|________    ________   |  |  |     |  |
         |  |        |  |  |  |  ___|  |________
         |  |        |  |  |  | |   _________   |
 __      |  |_____   |__|  |  | |__|         |  |
|  |     |   __   |________|  |       __     |  |
|  |     |  |  |___________   |      |  |    |  |
|  |     |  |              |  |      |  |    |  |
|  |_____|  |________      |  |______|  |    |  |
|   ___________    __|     |___    __   |    |  |
|  |           |  |            |  |  |  |    |  |
|  |      __   |  |         __ |  |  |  |____|  |
|  |     |  |  |  |        |  ||  |  |   _______|
|  |     |  |  |  |        |  ||  |  |  |
|  |_____|  |__|  |        |  ||__|  |  |_______
|   _____    __   |        |  |      |   ____   |
|  |     |  |  |  |________|  |______|  |    |  |
|__|     |  |  |   ________    _________|    |  |
         |  |  |  |        |  |              |  |
         |  |  |  |        |  |_________     |__|
         |  |  |  |        |_________   |
_________|  |__|  |_____             |  |
_S___________________   |            |__|

DK Coin: I thought that ASCII is needed here, so I went through the trouble.
"E" is you (as Enguarde), "b" are bananas, "w" is the water level at first, &
"W" is the water level after trying to cross the gap.  If you get across (hint:
try super stabbing), you will reach the coin.  This ASCII also introduces X's.
They stand for "X-Tra space".  X-Tra space will be used often in interior
stages like this one.

+ |__________________|
+E                   +
+ ___   b b b b b b b+
+-|X|             ---+
XX|X|             |XXX
XX|X|             |XXX
XX|X|             |XXX
XX|X|             |XXX

Warp Barrel: When the water level rises, swim up and left until you reach the
	Storms can kill people.  We all know that.  While there is a storm in the next
stage, it won't attack you like DKC3's Lightning Lookout stage.

Stage 5: Topsail Trouble

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Neek, Kaboing, Klinger, Klomp, Kruncha, Zinger

Animal Friends: Rattly (ride)

	Rattly the snake is in a crate at the beginning of the stage.  He has amazing
jumping abilities, including a super jump.  He can even jump in midair (no
double jump).  Ah, if only you could keep him throughout the whole level.  Even
if you brought him through the warp barrel, he will still go away when you
leave (BOO!).
	My storm comment is for the rain in this stage.  While it doesn't effect game
play at all, EMU-users who don't want to see rain can turn off sprite 3.

Bonus Areas:

1. The bonus barrel is close to the area in my ASCII picture below.  "E" is an
enemy Kremling, while "B" is a bonus barrel.  Again, in case you forgot, plus
signs mark the boundaries for the ASCII.  Also, there are no plus signs on the
right side of the screen because that is a true stage boundary.  Note that if
you don't have Rattly at this point, you need both Kongs.

+             B
+           ___
+          \
+           \
+            \
+             \

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

	In case you lost Rattly, he is in this bonus stage.  Just jump on the six
Flitters with Rattly and you have done it.  In the ASCII itself, "S" is the
start, "K" is the Kremcoin, "F" is a Flitter, & "R" is where you can find
Rattly if you came here without him.

               F          F
___       F         F             F  __K_

2. Past the halfway barrel are two Flitters.  Next to the right Flitter is an
invisible hook.  Grab on to it and jump on the Flitters to the left.  You'll
land in the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	It's the same arena as Mainbrace Mayhem's "Collect the Stars" stage, except
there are four Flitters around.  In the ASCII below, "S" & "K" are still the
same.  "F" is a Flitter, & <  F  > shows each Flitter's path.

             |_|       ___K__
        < _|_|F|_|_ >
           | | | | |


DK Coin: My ASCII comes to the rescue again.  The dashes are rope pieces, while
"Z" is the Zinger's path.  "G" is the ground you will land on, and "D" is the
coin.  Like MY previous ASCII, the right side of it is an actual stage

+              D
+  |-|
+  |-|      GGGGGG
+  |-|
+  |-|     Z
+  |-|     Z
+  |-|-----Z------
+  | |     Z   | |
+  |       Z   | |

Warp Barrel: It's below you when you start.  This time, though, you can roll
jump into it.
	Before you head to the Boss, go see Swanky Kong.  He gives you a trivia quiz
for a few banana coins, and if you get all three right, you get an extra life.
IF you get even one question wrong, then you must start all over from the
beginning and pay the correct amount of coins.  You can find the answers to his
questions in the "Kong Family Establishments" section.
	Now it's time to take on Krow.  If you have some difficulties with him, check
the Boss section.  Once Krow is gone, head to the next world, Crocodile

World 2: Crocodile Cauldron

As you know, we should never go into volcanoes.  They are too hot!  However,
Secret Agents D & B must infiltrate the island from Kremlings everywhere, and
that includes volcanoes.

Stage 1: Hot-Head Hop

Enemies: Neek, Klampon, Klobber, KrockHead, Kruncha, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Squitter (ride)

	For a volcano stage, this is a basic one, so perfect some of your skills some
more.  In the words of Cranky, "Is it just me, or is there one chest at the
start?"  There are two chests, but you must team-up and throw your partner up
above the start for the other one.  Inside it is a green balloon, so make sure
you get it.  Also, KrockHeads start to appear.  Green ones are like stepping
stones, but brown ones send you up high in the air.  It's pretty basic until
the halfway point.
	This is also the first stage where you meet Squitter the spider.  Like most
other spiders, he can "build" webs and fire "silky thread" at his enemies.
Bananas shaped in letters will help you remember what key is what.

Bonus Areas:

1. Under the letter "O" is a chest containing a cannonball.  Break the chest
and carry the cannonball to the cannon further to the right.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 60

	Remember that these are brown KrockHeads, so you will bounce on them.  In
Nick's ASCII below, "S" is the start, "C" is the Kremcoin, "*" is a star, & "K"
is a brown KrocHead.  Below the KrockHeads is a death pit, so be careful.

_S___                ___C_
       *   *  *   *
       K   K  K   K

2. You will reach an area close to the ASCII below.  "b" stands for banana
while "B" is the bonus barrel.  Note that you need Squitter because the bonus
barrel is higher than even the Kongs' team-up move can reach.

+                  B+
+                   +
+             bb    +
+                   +
+        bb         +
+                   +
+    bb             +
+                   +

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	This stage was meant to see how well you can build web bridges upwards.  The
ASCII below is SO basic, we'll let you try to figure out what each letter is.



3. Two Klaptons guard the final bonus barrel before the No Squitter sign.
Either use Squitter's web bridges, or team-up to reach it.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	This is like Bonus Stage # 2, except it's a horizontal stage, not vertical.
"S" & "C" are the same, but this time, "b"ananas are added in the picture.

                     bb      __C_
               bb    bb     /
         bb    bb          /
_S____   bb               /
      \                  /

DK Coin: From where you find Squitter, build web bridges upwards to find it.
	All of you trivia buffs out there, listen up.  What did the original Donkey
Kong throw at Mario?  Barrels.  What item had the most varied uses in DKC1?
Barrels.  What is the name of the next stage?  No, it's not Barrel Blast.
There is another name for this stage, but the name stars an enemy instead.

Stage 2: Kannon's Klaim

Enemies: Flitter, Klomp, Klump/Kannon, Kruncha, Mini-Necky, Neek, Zinger

	So, who is Kannon?  Well, he is Klump (from DKC1) who holds a cannon that
fires all sorts of stuff.  He'll be referred to me as Klump, not Kannon.  Glad
we got that settled.
	The reason why I suggested Barrel Blast as a stage is because there are so
many barrels here.  And there are A LOT.  Since the entire stage is mainly
vertical, you can easily fall back down to the beginning of the stage (& we
don't want that, now do we?).  Use Dixie's glide move a lot so you fall a bit
slower (it doesn't always work, though).  Again, take your time.  EMU users,
while you don't have any background problems, I suggest that you save your
state each time you land on land.  Then, if you fall down, you can load the
state and continue onward.

Bonus Areas:

1. Change to Dixie and glide over the right pit at the start.

Kind: Find
Time: 30

	This is the first time in the game where you see character barrels.  You must
constantly change characters in order to go in some of the barrels (after all,
Diddy can't go in Dixie's barrel).  Or, you can keep the same character, and
just throw your partner into the barrel.  The result is the same.
	Nick's ASCII below is BIG.  "S" is the start, "C" is the Kremcoin, "B" is the
Diddy barrel, "D" is the Dixie barrel, "b" is the DK barrel, & "c" is the DK











          D    B





         B      D               D
_S_______________          ___c___

2. When you reach the second DK barrel past the continue barrel, switch to
Dixie.  Jump off the left-hand side of the platform and glide to the barrel.
If you have jumped high enough and glide at the apex of the jump, you'll make

Kind: Find
Time: 25

	The bananas will point you towards the wrong way, so just head from one arrow
barrel to another.  While bananas aren't shown in Nick's ASCII below, the
barrels are.  "U" means that the banana will blast you upwards.  "UR" will
blast you upright.  "S" & "C" are self-explanatory.

           UR      ________











3. When you reach the chest that has the "G" inside of it, fall down the right
side of the platform.  If you land on Klump, you won't lose a Kong on the way
to the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 10

	The only way to get the coin is to hop on the Flitters, so don't mess up.  The
ASCII below shows where each Flitter is located.

                                       F  ____C_
                F           F
                      F          F
_S____     F

DK Coin: It's in Bonus Stage # 1.  While playing as Dixie, roll jump off the
right-hand side of the platform you are on at the start to reach it.
	Since Crocodile Cauldron is a volcano, it has lava in it.  However, some ended
up in another sunken ship.  Since you don't have lava suits, you must make do
with your wits.

Stage 3: Lava Lagoon

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flotsam, Kaboing, Klampon, Klobber, Lockjaw, Neek, Puftup

Animal Buddies: Clapper, Enguarde (Ride)

As I said, some lava ended up in a sunken ship.  Fortunately, Clapper the seal
hangs around here.  Jump on him and his freezing breath will make the water
more manageable-for a limited time.  When the water starts to change colors,
GET OUT OF THERE!  A burnt monkey is as good as a dead monkey, so always get to
shore whenever possible.  Think of this stage like DKC3's Riverside Race:
Unlike the other stages, MOVE IT!  EMU users should save their state before
jumping on a Clapper.

Bonus Area: Past the No Enguarde sign is a barrel.  Use it on the big crate

Kind: Bash
Time: 35

	You should be lucky that this bonus room doesn't have lava, so wail away at
the enemies as Enguarde.  In the ASCII below, "S" & "C" speak for themselves.
"E" is where you pick up Enguarde, "F" is a Flotsam, "P" is a Puffer, & "N" is
the No Enguarde Sign.

            |   ______ F |
____________|  |      |  |________________
_S____E___P____|      |_____P_______  F __|
         ___                        |  |
        |   |_____________    ______|  |
________|    _P__         |  |   _P____|
__    P_____|    |__N___C_|  |  |
  |  |     ___      _________|  |
  |  |____|   |    |   _P_      |
  |____F__    |____|  |   |_____|

DK Coin: At the third Clapper after the continue barrel, hold downright to
access a secret alcove.  Hit the invincibility barrel and swim up to the coin.
Quickly swim up and left to get out of the water before the invincibility wears
There have been many balloonists over the years.  Gases have powered most of
the balloons.  The balloons in the next stage, though, are powered by something

Stage 4: Red-Hot Ride

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Klobber, Kruncha, Neek, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Rambi (Ride)

	At first, the stage seems like Hot-Head Hop.  However, when you reach the
balloons, it becomes a whole other adventure.  You can control which direction
it goes, but not the speed.  These balloons are powered by steam from the
volcano, so try to steer the balloon towards it whenever you can.  There is one
major exception, though.  At the end, there are three Zingers over three steam
vents.  What you must do is enter the first steam vent as low as you can.
	EMU users will have a little bit of trouble here.  While on land, it's okay,
but on the balloons, you must turn off sprite 2 so you can see the bottoms of
the vents.  EMU users can (& should) also turn off sprite 1 if they wish while
riding so they can see the tops of some vents, but that is optional.  However,
sprite 2 is a must on balloons.

Bonus Areas:

1. Free Rambi early in the level and ride the balloon to the right of him.  If
you haven't lost him when you reach shore, supercharge the right wall.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

	My advice this time is to move it.  While on Rambi, you can't really get hurt
unless you hit an enemy's underside, but that's almost impossible in this
stage, so just get through to the other side.
	I split up Nick's ASCII into two parts.  The first part will be up top, the
second will be on the bottom.  Plus signs will separate the two parts, so you
will know when each part begins and ends.  "K" is a Klomp & "F" is a Flitter,
while "S" & "C" you can guess at.

              __K__                +
_S___R____K_________________       +

+       __K___K____        F  ___C_
+__   F               F

2. This one is below the continue barrel.  Either you can use Dixie and glide
down, or use the balloon to the right of the continue barrel and move it left.

Kind: Stars
Time: 30
How many stars: 40

	EMU users must turn off sprite 2 again.  If you have both Kongs, you can try
throwing your buddy to the stars.  If Diddy/Dixie doesn't land on solid ground,
he/she will come back to you.  Use that technique if you wish for the stars.
You can also get the top ones by jumping.
	Speaking of the stars, where are they?  Look at Nick's ASCII below.  "B" is
the balloon, "H" is the hot steam from the lava below, and "*" is a star.

            H      H
_S____  B   H      H     _____C_
        H   H      H  H
        H   H      H  H

DK Coin: This is easier said than done.  On the balloon next to the continue
barrel is a DK barrel.  DON'T THROW IT YET!  Heck, don't even pick it up yet.
Move the balloon past the two Flitters that come your way and you will see two
Zingers.  NOW throw the barrel at the top Zinger and land on the balloon he was
guarding.  Team-up to get the coin.
	Often, everyone must try new things.  I have tried pizza before, & I hate it
(don't email me about that).  However, in the next stage there is something new
you can use...and something new that you DON'T want to mess with.

Stage 5: Squawk's Shaft

Enemies: Klampon, Klomp, Klump, Krook, Mini-Necky, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Squawks (Ride)

	The new thing that is harmful is a Kremling called Krook.  He throws hooks at
you, and they return boomerang style, so you can get hit by it on the way back.
 The new thing that is harmless is Squawks the parrot.  He no longer carries a
flashlight like in DKC1, but instead will fly both Kongs.  Note that even
though you are riding on Squawks, the game treats it as if you didn't have an
animal buddy at all.  In other words, lose both Kongs to lose a life, no matter
whether Squawks got hit as well.  This is a good stage to practice on your
flying and egg shooting, for you will need to be accurate later on.

Bonus Areas:

1. This will be my first full-sized ASCII ever, length-wise.  The ASCII shows
two ways to get to the barrel.  "B" is the bonus barrel, "Z" is a Zinger, "K"
is Krook, "C" is a chest, & "b" is a barrel.  Note that if you want to take the
bottom path to the bonus barrel, you must roll-jump to another barrel from the
ground.  This ASCII is definitely NOT drawn to scale.




                                                             Z    Z

_________________________________           b     Z      b            B



Kind: Find
Time: 20

	You have seven chests, one Zinger, and 20 seconds.  The solution?  Throw them
quickly.  Where are they?  Nick has the ASCII solution.  "Z" is a red Zinger,
"C" is a chest, "S" is the start, & "K" is where the Kremcoin will end up if
you hit the right chest.

_C____           ____C_

_C____     Z     ____C_

_C____           ____C_


2. About halfway through the level (but before you reach Squawks) is a blast
barrel up to the left.  Team-up and throw your partner in it to be shot into
the bonus barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 25

	While you can follow the diagonal paths via barrels, blasting yourself upwards
actually saves time.  The only thing you need to know in the ASCII below is
that "B" stands for barrel.

       B     ___C_










DK Coin & 3.  While riding Squawks, you will pass a couple of Neckies.
    Past them are two Krooks facing each other.  Knock out the right
    one and follow the path to the DK Coin and bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 30

	Since you must stop every enemy, use Nick's ASCII below to find where the
Zingers are.  Remember, they stand for "Z".

                            Z               Z
Z                                   Z
        Z           Z                       Z


	Check out Swanky's in case you didn't already.  Once you have gotten some
lives, take out Kleaver.  Check out the Bosses section if you have trouble.
Once Kleaver has been in the soup for the final time, check out Krem Quay.

World 3: Krem Quay

	The setting in this world is a swamp.  Most of the stages will have some slime
in one form or another.  This is also the first world where EMU users are going
to have more trouble than they bargained for.  Remember, save your state before
and after each difficult part.  Now, it's time to head to Barrel Bayou.

Stage 1: Barrel Bayou

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Neek, Kloak, Klobber, Klomp, KrockHead, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Rambi (Ride)

	Kutlass makes his first appearance in this stage (unless you chose to see
Jungle Jinx first: check the Lost World section when it comes up).  He usually
walks around, but when he sees you, jump out of the way so you don't hit his
swords.  As you can guess, you can't roll into him.
	Rotating barrels also come into play here.  While the Super Nintendo guys can
rotate them at their own will (under a time limit of course), EMU users can
only choose which way to rotate them (they turn automatically).  If you can't
seem to aim correctly in the EMU version, there is nothing you can do except
try again.  Oh, if emulators could emulate EVERYTHING on the Super Nintendo,
the whole world would be better.  Oh well, we can't get everything we want.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the No Rambi sign there is a Kloak.  Stand under him, and when he
moves left, you move left.  When he throws a treasure chest, use it against him
and out comes a cannonball.  Bring it left to the cannon.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

	There are two Flitters and a Zinger in between them.  Use the cannonball on
the Zinger, and if you have both Kongs, use team-up tactics on the Flitters.
If you don't have both, then use the cannonball again.  In the ASCII below, "F"
is Flitter, "Z" is Zinger, "C" is cannonball, "S" is start, & "K" is Kremcoin.

 F       Z       F


2. After the ride in the moving arrow barrel is a bonus barrel high in the air
right by a Kloak.  Team-up to reach the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	EMU users should save before entering, because rotating barrels are present
again.  Just shoot from one barrel to another and everything should be A-OK.
	Now, where are the barrels?  Look at Nick's ASCII below to find out.  "B" is a
rotating barrel, "b" is a banana, "S" is the start, & "C" is the Kremcoin.

                                   B        B

                    B       B                      B
                B                                  b
_S________  B

DK Coin: You need Rambi for this.  To get him, use my ASCII diagram below.  "S"
is you, "R" is a rotating barrel, "C" is the Rambi crate, "Z" is a Zinger, "K"
is a KrockHead, & "W" is the watery slime that will kill you if you fall in
(like a death pit).  You can either use the KrocHead as a stepping stone, or
blast out of the northeastern barrel in a southwestern direction.  Just see

+     R                     R       +
+                                   +
+  R                                +
+                                   +
+_S___Z           _C_ R        Z ---+

	Now that you have him, just bring him to the No Rambi sign.  Ha!  Easier said
than done.  The No Rambi sign is past the continue barrel, so if you lose Rambi
past the continue barrel and you touched it, you're out of luck.  Move slowly,
especially on the rotating barrels that move up and down.
	Now, Secret Agents D & B, you must penetrate the water defenses inside a
sunken ship. (Just how the ship ended up there I want to know.)  You will
probably run into a friend of ours while you are there.  Now, get going!

Stage 2: Glimmer's Galleon

Enemies: Flotsam, Klomp, Lockjaw, Puftup, Spiny, Shuri

Animal Buddies: Glimmer

	This stage has its ups and downs for both SNES & EMU players.  While EMU users
won't need the help of Glimmer because this stage was programmed to use some
special lighting mechanism or something like that, they must turn off sprite #
3 so his light won't get in the way.  SNES users, though, will be glad when
they run into Glimmer, for his light works just fine.  I guess that ZSNES (or
any other SNES emulator for this matter) can't handle transparency effects.
Anyway, this water stage is your swimming test.  You must survive the sunken
ship before you are shaken, not stirred, by sea creatures.  Do you think you
can do that?

Bonus Areas:

1. The ASCII below covers the general area of where the Bonus Stage & DK Coin
are located.  From the start, you must swim upwards to the area with the bonus
stage and DK Coin.  SNES players might want to get Glimmer first.  In the ASCII
diagram below, "S" is where you start the stage, "F" is a fake wall, "C" is a
banana coin, "B" is a banana bunch, "K" is the DK Coin, & "D" is the door which
you must swim into to reach the bonus level.  There are also numbers in the
rooms as well, & I'll put them in the center of each room.

|X|C    C||K      |
|X|      ||       |
|X|  2   ||   4   |
|X|      ||       |
|X|      FF       |
|X|      ||       |
|X|  1   D|   3   |
|X|      ||B     B|
|X| ---------------
|X| |
|X| |
|-- -
|S  +

Kind: Find
Time: 40

	Glimmer's Galleon will probably the only stage where I do the bonus stage
ASCII art.  Then again, I have played both SNES and EMU versions, so I have an
advantage.  This stage is simple.  Just go through the path to the end.  "S" &
"K" are still start & Kremcoin, respectively.

           +-+                     +----
+----------+ |                     |   K
|            |             +-------+ +--
| +--------+ |             |         |
| |        | |             | +-------+
| |        | |             | |
| |        | |             | |
| +-------+| |    +--------+ |
|         || |    |          |
| +-----+ || |    | +--------+
+-+     | || |    | |
        | || |    | |
--------+ || +----+ |
S         ||        |

2. Somewhere before the G will be a Puffer blocking a path to the right.  When
you notice him, start swimming downwards.  If you can avoid the Lockjaw, you
can get to the bonus stage.

Kind: Find
Time: 35

	I am REALLY starting to hate my job (just kidding).  I had to enter this bonus
stage five times so I could map it out entirely.  "S" & "K" are still the same,
but I chose not to put the bananas on-at least not in this version anyway.

 +-+     +--------+     +---------+      +--------
 | |     |        |     |         |      |     K
 | |     | +----+ |     | +-------+      | +------
 | |     | |    | |     | |              | |
 | |     | |    | |     | |              | |   +-+
 | +-----+ +----+ +-----+ |              | |   | |
 |                        |              | |   | |
 +--+ +-------------+ +---+          +---+ +---+ |
    | |             | |              |           |
    | |             | |              | +-------+ |
 +--+ +------+      | +---+     +----+ |       | |
 |           |      |     |     |      |       | |
 | +---------+      +---+ |     | +----+       +-+
 | |                    | |     | |
 | +---------+    +-+   | +-----+ |
 |           |    | |   |         |
 | +-------+ |    | |   | +-------+
 | |       | |    | |   | |           Not bad at all, don't you think?
 | |       | +----+ |   | |
 | |       |        |   | +-------+
 | |       | +------+   |         |
 | |       | |          | +-----+ |
 | |       | |          | |     | |
 | |       | |          | |     | |
-+ +-------+ |          | |     | |
S            |          | |     | |
-----------+ |   +------+ |     | |
           | |   |        |     | |
           | +---+ +----+ +-----+ +----+
           |       |    |              |
           +-------+    +--------------+

DK Coin: In the room with the first bonus stage (room 1 in the ASCII by the
description), swim over the door and to the right to access room 3.  Swim
up-right to access room 4, which houses the DK Coin.
	If you have beaten the previous stage, you can handle DKC2's future stages.
The next one brings you back to the swamp, but this time, the alligators have
come back to play.

Stage 3: KrockHead Klamber

Enemies: Flitter, Kaboing, Klinger, KrockHead, Kutlass, Zinger

	This swamp level has nothing interesting this time, except that Klinger
sometimes hangs on the ropes.  When you find the KrockHead barrels, hit them
and move to the right quickly.  You will find that this is a simple stage.

Bonus Area: At the No Squitter sign, team-up and throw your partner upwards.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

	Squitter comes back again, and this time he's here to take out the four
Zingers.  Remember that you can control the direction of your shots (both the
Web Bridge and attacking web piece) by pressing up or down as you shoot.
	You wanted ASCII for this stage, so you got it.  "B" is the beginning, "S" is
Squitter, "Z" is Zinger, "z" is a Zinger going in a circle, and "C" is the

  Z                  z


DK Coin: This is a long description.  At the start, move left and team-up.
Throw your buddy over the Zingers and land on the other side.  Roll under the
next two Zingers and jump afterwards.  Land on the Flitter and you will find
four more Zingers, a banana coin in between them, and a chest to the left of
them.  Throw the chest at all four Zingers to break open the chest and get the
	You have already ridden on Rattly.  Now, how would you feel about _becoming_
him?  Find out in the next stage.

Stage 4: Rattle Battle

Enemies: Flitter, Kaboing, Klump, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Rattly (Transform)

	There is nothing much to do at the beginning except to go in the cabin.  When
you do, you will see the Rattly barrel.  You MUST jump into it in order to
continue the stage.  Rattly's controls are still the same, but note that you
can only take two hits before dying.  You can jump on every enemy, including
the Zingers, so this should be an easy stage.  Watch out, though, for some of
the Kaboings like to jump very, _very_ high.

Bonus Areas:

1. At the start, jump to the left to land in a hidden blast barrel.  When you
land on solid ground, team-up to reach the bonus barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 25

	The coin is at the top, but you must land on the barrel stacks correctly.  If
you need to, use the roll-jump to jump farther.
	The ASCII isn't fully accurate, but it'll do.  The flat lands in mid-air are
the tops of barrel stacks.  Again, "S" is start, "C" is coin, and "b" are

     bb      bb      bb          C
 bb  __      __      __       _____
   __    bb
         __     bb
                __     bb

2. Before the continue barrel are a couple of Kaboings.  There is a little pit
after three bananas in this area.  Fall in the pit and move left.

Kind: Find
Time: 10

	My advice?  Land on the Zingers correctly.  But where are they?  There are
"Z's" in the ASCII diagram below.  "S" and "C" should be self-explanatory.

                              Z      Z
 _S____    Z             Z        Z
                                           Z __C_

3. When you reach some bananas in the shape of an arrow, jump up at that time.
If you still can't reach it, super jump up there.

Kind: Stars
Time: 40
How many stars: 75

	Most of the stars are easy to grab.  To get the ones in the middle area, I
recommend using the super jump.  The ASCII diagram shows where they are.  You
can guess what each symbol is for.

 ___   ***   _C_
    ___   ___

DK Coin: My ASCII diagram should help here.  "Z" is the Zinger and "F" is the
fake wall.  Jump into the fake wall and you will find the coin very shortly.
If you miss the wall, you will fall to your death.

+              |---
+_________     |XXX
+              |---
+              F  +
+_________     F__+

	The next stage will force you to remember the ropes (literally) of the game.
Only this time, you are being "timed", somewhat.

Stage 5: Slime Climb

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Klinger, Klobber, Klomp, Klump, Kruncha, Neek,

	Look below you at the start.  That is not water, that's slime, & Snapjaw
guards it closely.  Snapjaw will bite anyone who even sets foot in it, so the
best advice is to stay out of the slime.  However, while you are going up, the
slime sometimes rises as well.  Here is where the "time limit" comes in.  If
you can't make it to the top, the slime will cover you and Snapjaw will get his
supper.  The faster you get through this stage, the better.

Bonus Areas:

1. Klump lingers around after the continue barrel.  Get the invincibility
barrel he was guarding and swim down into the slime.  Follow the bananas to
reach the barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How many stars: 70

	There are a couple of ways to finish this stage.  If you have Dixie, you can
climb up the center rope and glide down to the stars.  If you have both Kongs,
you can team-up and throw your partner into the stars.  If you are stuck with
Diddy, then time the jumps right.  Also, I should point out that there are
hooks on both ends of the stage.  If you are falling, try to grab on to these.
In the ASCII diagram below, "*" is star, "H" is hook, the vertical lines above
"C" are rope pieces (as are the horizontal lines), "S" is start, & "C" is coin.



2. There is a cannonball at plain sight.  Bring it left to the cannon.

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

	Again, you can be a bit creative in stopping the enemies here.  Since there is
a DK barrel here, you can do this technique while in this stage.  Team-up and
jump towards the bottom-most Flitter.  Before you land, throw your partner up
towards the higher Flitter, bounce on the lower one, and if you time it right,
throw your partner at the peak of the jump to hit another Flitter.  For the
rest of the bad guys, use the cannonballs.
	If that doesn't help (or you are detail illiterate), look at the ASCII diagram
below.  "B" is cannonball, "D" is the DK barrel, "F" is Flitter, & the "Z's"
next to each other shows the Zinger's paths.

 ____        Z
 _B__        Z
 ____        Z
 ____    ZZZZZZZZZ
 ____        F
 ____        F
 _S____D___  F

DK Coin: After Bonus Stage # 2 is another invincibility barrel.  Team-up to
	This is probably the only DKC game in the trilogy that can (and does) have
more than five normal stages and a boss.  However, DKC2 breaks that tradition,
starting with this barrel-filled thorn maze.

Stage 6: Bramble Blast

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Klampon, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Squawks (Ride)

	The name of this stage is Bramble Blast, not Kannon's Klaim.  However, they
are both similar in that they both have too many barrels.  This time, though,
most (if not all) of them rotate, and you must time when you get fired from the
barrel.  This is a very easy stage to get lost a bit, so if you do get lost,
try to retrace your steps.  Follow the bananas when you get the chance.  EMU
users should save their state before and after each part.  Again, take your

Bonus Areas:

1. Before the halfway barrel are four spinning barrels that spin completely
(not the clock-like ones you have already been in).  After you get through that
section and into the next open area, make your way to the left side.  You
should encounter a bonus barrel soon enough.

Kind: Find
Time: 40

	This is a big barrel maze.  I happen to have a hint for this stage, & it
doesn't cost you a coin (unlike Cranky's advice).  Head to the bottom of the
stage first, then work your way up and right.
	I know what you're thinking: ASCII would do better.  Don't worry, for it's
below.  "S" is start, "C" is coin, "b" are bananas, "^" is bramble, and "/" and
"\" show the right path out of the maze.

                         ^^     ^^
                       ^^ B     B ^^
                     ^^             ^^
                   ^^  B     B     B  ^^
                 ^^              /   \  ^^  ^^^^^^^
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   B     B     B     B   ^^       ^^^
           b b                /     /
       b b       B    B     B     B    BB

 _S____            \          \     \  /   _________C_
       ^^^^^^^^^^   B     B     B     B   ^
                 ^^   \          \      ^^
                   ^^  B     B     B  ^^
                     ^^  \        / ^^
                       ^^ B     B ^^
                         ^^ \ / ^^

DK Coin & 2.  Near the very end of this stage is a Flitter.  Bounce on it and
land in the barrel.  When you land on the next Flitter, hold left and you will
be shot into Squawks.  Take this Squawks only path, picking up the DK Coin
along the way (it's guarded by a yellow Zinger).  Get the coin, and follow the
main path to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 25

	While the Kongs are on Squawks, you can land on floor spikes.  However, side
and ceiling spikes will still kill you.  Remember this advice in this
navigation stage.  In the stage, "S" is start, "C" is coin, "^" is bramble, and
"N" is the No Squawks Sign.

 _S____              ^
       ^^^^^^^^^     ^
               ^     ^
               ^     ^               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
       ^^^^^^^^^     ^               ^                     ^
       ^             ^               ^                     ^^^^^^^^
       ^             ^               ^           ___N____C_________
       ^             ^         ^^^^^^^      ^^^^^
       ^     ^^^^^^^^^         ^            ^
       ^     ^              ^^^^            ^
       ^     ^              ^               ^
       ^     ^^^^^^^^^^     ^     ^^^^^^^^^^^
       ^              ^     ^     ^
       ^              ^     ^     ^
       ^              ^     ^     ^
       ^^^^^^^^^      ^^^^^^^     ^
               ^                  ^
               ^                  ^
               ^                  ^
	Make sure you have saved your game and tried your luck at Swanky's, because
the boss is up next.  If you have some difficulties, then head to the Boss
section.  Finish the boss to access an amusement park-based world, Krazy

World 4: Krazy Kremland

	Hold it for a second!  You can't enter the amusement park yet!  In order to
pay your fees, you must get past a beehive that is SO big, it would make Banjo
the bear & Winnie the Pooh come here (in case you forgot, bees make honey).

Stage 1: Hornet Hole

Enemies: Click-Clack, Krook, Spiny, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Squitter (Ride)

	EMU users must turn off sprite 1 because the honey overflows all over the
foreground (another transparency bug I think).  The honey that isn't covering
the foreground is covering the floors and walls.  Landing on it will make you
stuck, unable to move left or right.  However, you can still jump.  That is
very important for some of the vertical stretches, where you must jump very
fast or risk being stung by a Zinger.

Bonus Areas:

1. At the start, team-up towards the hook.  Jump to the left and climb up to
the top.  You will see three hooks to your right.  Jump across them to reach
the bonus stage.

Kind: Find
Time: 25

	This could easily be a "Bash the Baddies" stage, since you MUST destroy the
Zingers here with the treasure chest.  Stop all of the Zingers for the

2. When you have completed #1, drop down to the ground to find #2.

Kind: Find
Time: 10

	I only have two words in this small, vertical stage: MOVE IT!

3. In order to find the 3rd bonus stage or the DK Coin, you need Squitter.  My
ASCII diagram covers where he is, which is before the continue barrel.  You
need to team-up towards the hook and climb the honey wall to get your spider.
In the ASCII diagram below, "H" is the hook, "h" shows where the honey is, "S"
is Squitter, & "B" are the bananas.

|                 +
|                 +
|        S        +
|  b   +---+      +
|  b   |XXX|h     +
|  b   |XXX|h     +
|      |XXX|h     +
|  b   |XXX|h     +
|  b   |XXX|h     +
|  b   +---+h     +
+                 +
+             H   +
+                 +
+                 +
+                 +
+                 +
+     ____________+
+    /
+   /

	Now that you have him, travel a bit until you come to the ASCII diagram below.
 The same key is used, but "Z" shows where a Zinger lies, and it's guarding the
bonus "D"oor.  To reach the door, use Squitter's web bridges.

+                           D
+                       Z   D
+                    bb     D
+                       +---+
+               bb      |
+                       |
+          bb           |
+                       |
+                       |

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	It's another vertical climb, except you must use Squitter's abilities.

DK Coin: First of all, get Squitter.  Then, before Bonus Area #3, you will
travel down some "honey steps" with a Spiny on each one.  In between the last
step and some more land is a Zinger guarding a hole.  Shoot it and fall down.
Next, go to the left, shoot two more Zingers, and build web bridges to the DK
Coin.  To get out of here, move right and go in the barrel that's there.
	I am probably one of the few people in the universe who hates roller coasters.
 However, the next stage is based on the coasters you find along this tricky
track.  Also, I will do the stage description a bit differently.  Don't worry,
because it describes what you must do.

Stage 2: Target Terror

Enemies: Flitter, Klank, Zinger

	Ladies and gentlemen, Kremlings of all ages, may I have your attention please.
 Step in the roller coaster and fasten your seat belts.  Please make sure you
keep your arms, legs, and head inside the vehicle-with one exception.  If you
want to ride as long as you can, make sure you hit the Check Barrels.  If you
want to get off (and thereby lose a life as well), then hit the X Barrels.
When the ride comes to a complete stop, please take off your seat belts and
step outside of the coaster.  Thank you, and enjoy your day here at Krazy

I told you the description would be a bit different.

Bonus Areas:

1. After you pass the first X Barrel, you will ride downward very fast, then
quickly come up.  Before you head down again, jump up and you should land in
the bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 30

	Use Squawk's nuts to keep the Zingers at bay.  Remember that if you go past
the No Squawks sign and you haven't stopped all of the Zingers, then you lose.

2. When the second Klank comes in front of you and falls down, follow it.  Jump
the following pit and you will reach the bonus stage.  This is the ONLY way to
get the G.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	As long as you don't glide (Dixie), and as long as you land on the coasters,
you will make it with a second or two to spare.

DK Coin: Before the second Klank comes around, you will pass a "house".  Jump
while inside the "house" to get it.  I know I'm not making much sense, so maybe
ASCII will help.  The various lines (like "-", "/", "\", & "|") will represent
the coaster path.  "K" is the DK Coin, "E" is the entrance to this "house", &
"e" is the exit.

+        E     e  \    +
+        E     e   \   +
+__      E  K  e    \  +
+  \     E     e     --+
+   \    E     e       +
+    ------------------+

	You have ridden on Squawks before.  Now, I am giving you a flight test.  In
order to pass it, you must complete the stage.  However, the stage is tough!

Stage 3: Bramble Scramble

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Kloak, Klump, Krook, Mini-Necky, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Squitter (transform), Squawks (Ride)

	Things start off with a Krook and a couple of Zingers.  Very shortly, you will
encounter part one of the test.  You will reach the halfway point once you
complete part one.  Part two is much harder, as you can get killed quickly.
The Zingers have killed me myself about 10 times in various parts of the test.
I lost 20 lives at the end where the Kloaks are.  I'm willing to give you a
hint on that part, but it's more of a cryptic clue.  "Sink yourself SO low so
that you can live to see another day."

Bonus Area: When you land on solid ground after you climb some vines, team-up
and throw your partner upwards.  You will hit an invincibility barrel.  Once
hit, quickly fall down to the right and hurry to the normal barrel cannon.
Shoot yourself upward to reach the bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 40
How many stars: 40

	This could easily be a "Bash the Baddies" stage because you must shoot the
bees that are guarding the stars.  This stage is pretty basic.

DK Coin: At the continue barrel, jump THROUGH the bramble wall to the right.
Then, roll jump over the bramble pit to reach the Squitter barrel.  Now, build
upwards until you reach the banana coins.  When you do, build web bridges to
your left and go through the bramble to reach the DK Coin.

	NASCAR and the next stage have something in common.  They are both races.
Both races have the cars in fixed positions.  However, NASCAR has a
commentator, while DKC2 doesn't.  Now, the race must begin.  Kremlings, start
your engines!

Stage 4: Rickety Race

Enemy: Klank

`	Wouldn't you know it?  Since you are not a Kremling, you must start in last
place in this roller coaster race.  Now, in order to get a first place finish,
you must either jump on or over the Klanks to get ahead.  If you get at least
third place, you will get the N, so it is possible to get the G before the N (I
have once).  Getting second place will net you a banana coin, while a first
place finish gets you the DK Coin!  Since this is a race from "worst to first",
so to speak, there are no rest stops, so if you fall in the pit, you must start

Bonus Area: At the start, team-up and get on the left platform.  Then, do that
again for the platform above (jump if needed).  Finally, glide to the right and
enter the door.

Kind: Bash
Time: 10

	This stage is like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, where you choose how
the story ends.  Choosing the correct paths will get you a Kremcoin.  If you
hit too few by the time you reach the end, you can always enter the stage
	You have infiltrated Krazy Kremland successfully, Secret Agents B & D.
However, you have landed in the swamp.  Your mission is to get out of there

Stage 5: Mud Hole Marsh

Enemies: Cat-O-9-Tails, Click-Clack, Flitter, Klump, KrocHead, Mini-Necky,

	A new enemy comes in play here, called the Cat-O-9-Tails.  These cats start
off sitting on the job, but when you come close, they will start to come after
you by spinning.  Running into them is fatal, but if you jump on them while
they are spinning, you might be caught in the nine tails.  At that point, you
will be spun in the air & have limited control over where you go.  The rest of
the stage has obstacles you know, so I won't go into detail on those.

Bonus Areas:

1. Above the second Cat is a bonus barrel.  Either team-up to reach it or time
your jump in the Cat so you will be flung to the barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 30
How many stars: 30

	In order to get some of the high ones, team-up and throw your partner up
there.  I will do some ASCII for this bonus stage.  "S" is the start, "K" is
the Kremcoin, "D" is the DK Barrel in case you came here by the Cat, & "*" is a
star.  In case you were wondering, down below is the swamp.

         ***  ***  ***
         ***  ***  ***
         ***  ***  ***
          *    *    *
 _S___                   ___K__
         ___  ___  ___

2. Past the halfway barrel is a cannonball.  Bring it right to the cannon.

Kind: Bash
Time: 20

	Use the cannonballs that are in this stage to stop the Zingers and Flitters.

DK Coin: This time, it is one of the prizes on the end-of-level target.  In
order to get this coin, jump over the Klump that is shooting barrels to the
right.  Then, jump at the right time so that when you land, you get the coin.
If you need to, watch the order on what items you can get first.
	Now you are getting good at this game.  The next stage has you return to the
hive, but this time, you will transform into an animal buddy instead of riding
on one.  EMU users, remember to turn off sprite 1 if you want to play.

Stage 6: Rambi Rumble

Enemies: Klampon, Klump, Kutlass, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Rambi (Transform)

	This bee hive stage gets tough in a hurry.  It starts off with a Kutlass that
can get you killed if you aren't fast.  That is followed by five Zingers flying
in a circle, a circle that you must go through.  Tough climbing follows that,
and if you are lucky (or talented), you will reach the continue barrel.
	At the continue barrel you will be able to change into Rambi if you get to the
right.  Rambi is not affected by honey, so you won't have to do much jumping.
Near the end, King Zing will chase you!  Rambi can't hurt King Zing, so move it
to the right, towards the exit.  When you see the blast barrel, you made it.
Now, jump on the target and get out of here.

Bonus Areas:

1. This is tough to explain, even in ASCII, but I'll try.  You will reach a
point somewhere close to the ASCII diagram below.  What you must do is jump
towards the hook (disguised as a banana).  Then, jump on the honey wall.  Keep
on going back and forth to get to the door.  In the ASCII diagram below, "H" is
the honey, "D" is the bonus door, "h" is the hook, "B" is a banana coin, & "Z"
is the Zinger guarding the coin.

D               +
D           Z   +
------+         +
|XXXXX|H    h   +
|XXXXX|H    B   +
|XXXX/          +
|XXX|H          +
|XXX|H          +
|XXX|H          +
+--/            +
|      h        +
|H              +
|H              +
|H              +
|H              +
|               +
|   h           +
|               +
|               +
|      +--------+
|H    H|
|H    H|

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	This is yet another vertical climbing stage.  Go fast and you will win.

2.  When you see the blast barrel during the chase sequence, get under it & use
Rambi's supercharge to bust open the right wall.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

All you have to do is plow right on through.

DK Coin: Before you enter the door to Rambi's room, jump up and you should land
on a hook.  Jump again and you will land on another hook.  Now, jump over
Rambi's area and climb the honey on the right wall to get the DK Coin.
	Make sure you have plenty of lives because King Zing is in the next hive.  If
you can't beat him (& get a game over in the process), turn to the boss section
on the FAQ.  If you kill the King, head over to Gloomy Gulch.

World 5: Gloomy Gulch

	We often ask each other whether we believe in ghosts or not.  While I don't,
the Kongs WILL once they get through this next stage.

Stage 1: Ghostly Grove

Enemies: Kaboom, Klampon, Kloak, Klobber, Klomp, Kruncha, Spiny, Zinger

	The main feature in this stage is the ghost ropes.  They appear for a few
seconds, then "blink" their eyes.  When they do that, they will disappear for a
moment, then come back.  Most of the ropes will disappear once you grab the
rope next to you, so you can take it easy.  Just beware of Kaboom-he's like
Klobber, but if Kaboom "Klobbers" you, you lose a Kong, and possibly a life as

Bonus Areas:

1. You will reach an area close to the ASCII below, which is before the
continue barrel.  In it, "K" is Kruncha, "D" is the wall you must break down,
"T" is Kaboom in the TNT barrel, & "k" is the Klobber.

+                          +
+                          +
+     T  k            +----+
+----------+  K       DXXXXX

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	Hit the Zinger five times with the chest to win.

2. This ASCII is after the continue barrel, but before the G.  "B" is the bonus
barrel, "b" is a banana, "K" is a Klampon, & "G" is a ghost rope.  Note,
though, that these ghost ropes appear & disappear very fast, so you must jump
on the first rope to the second rope to the barrel.

+                        G     B+
+       b            G   G      +
+     b   b          G   G      +
+                    G          +
+---+                           +
XXXX|     +----+     K    K     +
XXXX|     |XXXX+----------------+

Kind: Find
Time: 10

	To win here, get across those ropes, FAST!

DK Coin: When you reach the O, switch to Dixie.  Jump and glide under the cliff
to the blast barrel that will blast you to the DK Coin.
	A hybrid is a combination of two things.  Ridge Racer Type 4 for the
Playstation has some simulation & arcade qualities in it (or at least that's
what I heard).  The next stage has a hybrid that is _a lot_ stranger.

Stage 2: Haunted Hall

Enemies: Kackle, Zinger

	Here is a simple equation for everyone: Roller Coaster + Haunted House = loads
of trouble.  Kackle is in charge here, & he doesn't like it when people come
in.  When you pass the gates, Kackle will start to come & a timer appears on
screen.  Now you must get to the end by hitting the correct barrels.
	The first section has a lot of plus barrels, and a minus barrel or two in the
end.  This one is easy.
	The second section has only plus barrels, but some of them only add one second
to the clock.  This is also easy.
	The third section is tough.  You have 35 seconds to avoid all of the minus
barrels.  Sorry but there are no plus barrels.
	The fourth section has plus and minus barrels side by side (most of the time).
 This is as tough as the third section.
	When you get through the fourth section, that's the end.  And trust me, you
will be glad when you reach it.

Bonus Areas:

1. After section one, jump on the upper track, then jump on the door you see to
enter another door.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

You will pass the coin, which is up high in the air.
You are wondering how do you get there?
A plus barrel is at the end,
But this one acts differently, my friend.
It will send you the other way,
For the coin is back a ways.
Time your jumps towards the coin,
And hope you do before you crush your groin.

By VGW Man

2. Do the same thing as number 1, but this time, don't jump over the door.
Also, if you came out of number 1, you will be sent to number 2 if you don't

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 120

You might think that this is an impossible ordeal,
But it's easier than when an orange you peel.
There are more stars above the track than you think,
So jump a lot, & don't blink.

By VGW Man

3. After the third section, two tracks will be in front of you.  You want the
lower track, but you have to jump a bit early to get on.

Kind: Find
Time: 10-15

In this stage where no one goes "Bump",
The timer starts right by the first jump.
Jump across with style & grace,
And a Kremcoin will be shown across your face.

By VGW Man

DK Coin:  When you reach the end, go on the ground, and go left inside the
	The above stage description contained another hybrid, though this one is more
funny if anything else: A wild ride + a rhyme or two = poetry in motion (please
email me if you want me to do more of those).  The next stage has some motion,
but Mother Nature controls the motion...

Stage 3: Gusty Glade

Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Klampon, Klump, Kutlass, Neek, Spiny, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Rattly (Ride)

	For the weather forecast today, Hurricane Rool is coming over to these woods.
Stay in your homes and barrels, even if they are over pits!  If you must be
outside, find Rattly over the cliff on the west side (at the start; you need to
team up).  If you have long hair, tie it up in a ponytail (like Dixie) and
glide with the hurricane, not against it, for easier traveling than on foot.
This is the weather for today in the Gusty Glade area.  Now, we have some fog
in the Web Woods area, which won't be affected by Hurricane Rool...

	Remind me not to act like a weatherman again, folks.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you reach the No Rattly sign, a barrel will be above you and a bit to
the left.  Either use Rattly's normal jump, or team-up to reach it.

Kind: Find
Time: 10

	If you came here WITHOUT Rattly, you won't find him here this time.  However,
this stage is easy enough without him, so don't worry.  All you have to do is
jump across the Flitters.

2. After the halfway barrel are two treasure chests.  Break the upper chest for
a cannonball, & bring it right towards the cannon.

DK Coin: Near the continue barrel (I forgot if it was before or after), you
will have to go to a high cliff to the right by three barrels.  When you get at
the top cliff, glide to the right with Dixie (be careful of the wind) and you
will hopefully land on the DK Coin.  It might be possible with Diddy if you are
with the wind, but I have never tried that yet.
I know that that description seems vague, so I'll put up some ASCII for it.
"B" is barrel, "K" is coin, "P" is pit, & the row of "S's" is stuff below the
cliff that I haven't explored (somehow, I _always_ make it to this point with

+                                                                     +
+                                            _____                    +
+                                                 \SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSK+
+                                                  \                  +
+                                 B                |                  +
+                                                  |                  +
+                                                   \                 +
+                      B                             \                +
+                                                     \               +
+                                                      |              +
+          B                                           |              +

	As you know, it takes a mom and a dad to make a baby.  The "son" in this case
is a purple Squawks that you will see throughout this vertical stage.

Stage 4: Parrot Chute Panic

Enemies: Click-Clack, Klampon, Spiny, Zinger

Animal Buddies: Purple Squawks (Ride)

	The purple Squawks is a lot heavier than the green kind, so if the purple
Squawks is carrying any passengers, he can only take them down, not up.
However, the purple Squawks can control his fall better than the green kind
(hold up or down for speed control).  With that in mind, just avoid all of the
Zingers while flying (falling, actually) and the rest of the foes while
walking.  Oh yes, before I forget-this stage is in a hive, so EMU users must
turn off sprite 1.

Bonus Areas:

1. Look at the ASCII below for this one.  What you must do is avoid the Zingers
and hold left and up in order to come close to the door, and dismount Squawks
to get inside (press X to dismount).  In the ASCII, "D" is door, "Z" is Zinger,
"O" is the letter O that's on the floor below (you have to choose what you want
this time), & "S" stands for Spiny.  I forgot if the floor the Spiny walks on
is honey-filled, though.

|XXXXXXXXXXXXX/            \|
+------------+    Z    Z    +
|                           |
D   +--+                    |
D   |XX|                    |
+---+XX|                    |
|XXXXXX|      S     S      O|
|XXXXXX|  +-----------------+

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	You will be using the green Squawks for this easy vertical stage.

2. After the second Squawks ride after the continue barrel, you will be close
to the ASCII diagram below.  You must team-up and throw your partner over the
Zingers to the honey wall to the left.  You can get the "N" first and team-up
to get to the Zinger's platform.  In other ASCII news, "H" is honey, "D" is
door, "Z" is Zinger, & "b" is banana.

|        D|      |
|        D|      |
|H    +---+      |
|H    |XXX|      |
|    H|XXX|      |
|    H|XXX|      |
|H    +---+      |
|H               |
|H               |
|H               |
|           +----+
|           |XXXX|
|Z       b  |XXXX|
|Z       b  |XXXX|
+-----+  b  +----+
XXXXXX|  b       +
XXXXXX|  b       +
XXXXXX|N         +

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

	Again, you will use the green Squawks.  Shoot straight and you'll be okay.

DK Coin: At the first fall (there is a DK barrel over the fall), glide left
with Dixie and you will get the DK Coin.

	The next stage returns you to the woods, but Squitter owns this part of the
forest.  I will resume the role of the weatherman to describe the main part of
the stage.  The bonus stage section is done a bit differently as well, but you
guys don't have to worry.

Stage 5: Web Woods

Enemies: Kaboing, Kaboom, Klump, Kruncha, Krook, Kutlass, Mini-Necky, Neek,

Animal Buddies: Squitter (Transform)

...we have some fog in the Web Woods area, which won't be affected by Hurricane
Rool.  However, the EMU tribe will have to shut off their 1st seeing sense to
get through.  If you must go outside, or you can't find your way back home,
find Squitter and use his eyes to get through.  Be careful, though, because the
Kremlings and Zingers are traveling here at this moment.  Now back to the

That _should_ be the last time I'm the weatherman.

Bonus Areas: Both bonus areas are opened the same way.  After the "N" (but
before the No Squitter Sign) you will find banana arrows pointing left, towards
a wall.  Hold your fire (but build web bridges if you need to) until you find a
Klump.  When he fires a cannonball, follow it towards the wall.  For the first
Klump, follow a slow cannonball, but for the second one, you can run with a
fast one.
	The first bonus area requires you to navigate a horizontal bramble area with
three Zingers in the middle and a 30-second time limit.  EMU users MUST turn
sprite 1 back on to see the land and bramble.
	The second bonus area has 30 stars arranged to form Rare's logo.
You have 20 seconds to get them, but remember that there is a pit below the

DK Coin: I will guarantee that this is _the_ hardest DK Coin to get.  While it
is a prize on the end of level goal, the coin doesn't appear as long as the
other prizes.  It took me 10-15 tries to get the timing, so here it is.  In
order, the prizes are a banana bunch, a banana coin, a banana, and a DK Coin.
Second wise, it's somewhat like the following: Banana Bunch 1, 2, 3, 4 (at four
change to B. Coin) 1, 2, 3, 4 (change to banana) 1, 2, 3, 4 (change to DK Coin)
1, 2 (change to B. Bunch).  At the third or fourth second, shoot from the
barrel to get the DK Coin.
	Okay, so it's not really "seconds" until the items change, but it's more like
a beat, like bump, bump, bump, bump.  At the fourth bump, the item changes
(except for the DK Coin, which changes on the second bump).  When you get the
beat, on the banana, fire between the third and fourth bump to get the DK Coin.

	Some say that when you die, your spirit lives on.  Krow's spirit did live, and
you must send it back to the grave.  Look at the bosses section of you need
help.  If you do beat up the ghost, K. Rool's Keep is open for business.


	K. Rool's Keep and the rest will be done in the future.	


	NickWhiz1 got the names and the descriptions of them, but I'll arrange them by
category, and then by alphabetical order to make it easier for you.  The only
thing I took out were the bosses, but you can find them in the Boss section.

Kruel Kremlings:

Kaboing: The Kremling that bounces around.
Kaboom: The Kremling inside the TNT barrels.
Kackle: The Kremling ghost in Haunted Hall.
Kannon: The Kremling with the cannon.*
Klampon: The Kremling that chomps.
Klank: The Kremling on the roller coaster areas.
Klinger: The Kremling who hangs around on ropes and chains.
Kloak: The coated Kremling ghost.
Klobber: The Kremling inside the barrels.
Klomp: The Kremling with the wooden leg.
Klubba: The big, green Kremling guarding the passage to the Lost World.
Krook: The Kremling with the hooks for hands.
Kruncha: The big, blue Kremling.
Kutlass: The Kremling with two swords.

Creepy Crawlies:

Cat-O'-9-Tails: The spinning cat with 9 tails (should be 9 lives)
Click-Clack: The beetle.
Flitter: The dragonfly.
KrocHead: The crocodile heads in the water/lava.
Neek: The rat.
Spiny: The porcupine.
Zinger: The wasp/bee.

Aquatic Attackers:

Flotsam: The stingray.
Lockjaw: The red piranha.
Puftup: The puffer fish.
Shuri: The starfish.
Snapjaw: The purple piranha.

*: The Kremling holding the cannon is actually Klump from DKC1.  Just so I
won't confuse the harmless cannon and the harmful "Kannon", I'll call the
former "Cannon" and the latter "Klump".


Krow: EMU users must turn off sprite 3 because of the black clouds again. The
boss of Gangplank Galleon takes only four hits.  When he sends an egg down to
the ground, bounce on it and throw it at Krow.  After hitting him two times,
he'll change tactics.  He will ram into the nest, and eggs will keep on
falling.  When one egg stays on the ground, pick it up and wham him.  Two more
hits and he will be dead.

Kleaver: Crocodile Cauldron's boss takes six hits instead of four.  Avoid his
three fireballs and throw a cannonball at him.  He will temporarily sink back
into the lava, and hooks will pop down.  Climb them to the other side and throw
the cannonball on the platform at him.  If it touches a fireball, you will have
to wait a moment for another one to appear.  After the third hit, you might
think that he's dead, but he's not.  Stay on the left side, and when he is
about to spear you, JUMP OUT OF THE WAY!  Head back across to the other side
and attack him with the cannonball.  He still throws fireballs and will
occasionally try to spear you.  Hit him six times and he'll sink for good.

Kudgel: Klubba's bouncing relative is the boss of Krem Quay.  When he goes high
in the air, move around the arena.  When he is about to land, JUMP!  If you
don't, you'll be stuck for a few seconds.  While you can escape early on, it
will be fatal if you suffer later in the battle.  After he makes a TNT barrel
appear, pick it up, but don't throw it yet.  Wait until Kudgel lands again,
then throw the TNT barrel.  About six hits should do him in.

King Zing: Rambi was chased away by the boss of Krazy Kremland.  Now Squawks
has a chance to get even.  That's right-this battle will be between Squawks and
King Zing.  While the king is flying around, shoot him in the red tail.  He
will be mad when you do, and will speed up gradually.  After 2 hits, he will
fly slowly and fire off eight spikes three times.  Dodge the spikes.  If you
hit him four times, he will do that again.  After six hits, he will become a
regular sized Zinger, but will have four guards.  Stop all of the guards, and
hit the shrunken king three more times to finish him off.

Krow's Ghost: The boss of the Gloomy Gulch is definitely evil, and has learned
his lesson from his "living" defeat.  He will send out some ghost Neckys of
his, with a real Necky at the end.  Land on the real one (you can jump on the
others if you want) and a barrel will appear.  Hold the barrel and jump towards
Krow to hit him.  Hooks will now appear.  Climb them and the ropes towards the
next section, and avoid the eggs.  A DK barrel is along this stretch and this
stretch if you need it.  Now repeat what you did to Krow earlier (jump on the
real Necky and bring the barrel to Krow) and climb up again (eggs come from the
side as well this time).  For the final hit, the Neckys fly faster, so you must
be fast as well.  One more hit and Krow will enter the grave...again.  EMU
users, sprite 1 must be off (it probably is off since you just played Web
Woods, right?).



	I have mentioned about this trick since the first version of my original DKC2
FAQ (not the joint one), but I forgot to put it up...until now.  Ladies and
gentlemen, presenting the Kremcoin Trick!
	To get this trick, you must do the following:
1. Enter Pirate Panic.
2. In there, enter the cabin without getting the two bananas in front.
3. Leave immediately.
4. Now, avoid those two bananas and get the banana bunch.
5. Return to the cabin while avoiding the two bananas.
6. Get the 1-up balloon (DON'T TOUCH THE LETTER).
7. Repeat steps 3-5.
8. There should be a Kremcoin above the letter.  Touch the Kremcoin to get 75


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