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Guide and Walkthrough by marshmallow

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/09/1999

Same nice artwork from, you know, that guy...Adam...Cooley 

    ____              __                 __ __                 
   / __ \____  ____  / /_____  __  __   / //_/___  ____  ____ _
  / / / / __ \/ __ \/ //_/ _ \/ / / /  / ,< / __ \/ __ \/ __ `/
 / /_/ / /_/ / / / / ,< /  __/ /_/ /  / /| / /_/ / / / / /_/ / 
/_____/\____/_/ /_/_/|_|\___/\__, /  /_/ |_\____/_/ /_/\__, /  
                            /____/                    /____/   
   	           ______                  __            
	          / ____/___  __  ______  / /________  __
 	         / /   / __ \/ / / / __ \/ __/ ___/ / / /
 	        / /___/ /_/ / /_/ / / / / /_/ /  / /_/ / 
 	        \____/\____/\__,_/_/ /_/\__/_/   \__, /  

                         DIDDY KONG'S QUEST 

                            Author: marshmallow
                    E-mail Address: m_mallow@hotmail.com
                             Version 1.0

     "Why the Heck are you wasting your precious time writing a guide 
for an old game when no one will even take a GLANCE at it?" you ask. 
Well, I would like to be able to answer that, but I can't. I dunno, for 
some reason, I am having a HUGE nostalgic trip (i.e. just did a Mario 
RPG FAQ). Besides, I haven't seen any REALLY detailed guides on this 

And besides, I love the DKC series! They are so challenging and have so 
many secrets, it makes Mario blush. Rare makes the most unique levels 
and takes the puzzles to the extreme, making it even harder, something 
Nintendo doesn't always do (i.e. make a cool puzzle, but never develop 
it to the best). For example, in "Red-Hot Ride", you have to cross lava 
pits while on a hot-air balloon. Easy at first, but near the end you 
have to carefully balance yourself over the steam jets WHILE dodging 
many Zingers. Know what I mean?

And another reason...I have to practice for the guide for Donkey Kong 
Country 64 (or whatever it will be called when it comes out). Yes, the 
guide for that will be about 100 times as detailed as this rubbish, but 
that's OK...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
Version 1.0

Revision History:

May 9th, 1999 -  Initial release. Wha-hay!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
1)  Items
2)  Friendly Freaks
3)  The Painful Walkthrough
4)  Devilish Foes
5)  Credits
6)  Legal Patooie
7)  Fin

1) Items

K-O-N-G Letters:
These letters are scattered about the level, if you can collect them all 
you will get an extra life when you beat the level. You can usually 
gauge your progress through the area as the `G' is usually found near 
the end...usually.

1-Up Balloons:
Red is one life, green is two, and the rare blue is three!

Bananas/Banana Bunches:
A Banana is worth one, a Banana Bunch is worth ten. When you get 100 
bananas you get a free life! 

Animal Crate:
Open these up and you can find a friendly animal! Beware, though, 
because if it is hurt by an enemy it will run off. You can get back on 
if you're quick, but the chances of that are low.

"No Animal" Sign:
When you cross these while riding an animal, it will disappear. That's 
good, though, because an item will shoot out from the cloud that was 
once the animal. The item depends on how difficult it was to keep the 
animal up until that point.

Banana Coins:
All of the Kongs will perform some kind of function when you hand over 
some of these!

DK Barrel:
If you are missing your other Kong, touch these and they will break 

Bonus Barrel:
These are well hidden and lead to a bonus area!

When you finish a bonus area, you get one of these as your reward. If 
you want to fully complete this game, you're gonna have to find all of 

TNT Barrel:
These barrels are tightly packed with explosives. Handle with care!

Pick `em up and throw them at an enemy, it will break open and reveal a 
prize. Some, however, need to be busted over something several times.

Wooden Barrel:
Toss these at foes!

Star Barrel:
This appears at the mid-way point of the level. If you die later in the 
level, you will return here.

Character Barrel:
Only the character on the side of the barrel can enter! 

Arrow Barrel:
When you jump in these, they will automatically launch you in the 
direction the arrow is pointing (the arrow is painted on the side).

Blast Barrel:
These barrels have an explosion on the side, they will automatically 
point you in the proper direction and fire you.

Croc Barrel:
Makes Croc Heads appear...er...for a limited time.

Controlled Barrels:
In these, you can control which direction you fire out of. Be careful, 
however, as some have a timer, when it reaches 0 it will fire 

Animal Barrel:
When you jump in, you become the animal on the side.

Drifting Barrels:
When inside these, you can make them go anywhere you want. However, you 
can change the direction you are fired out.

+ Barrel/ - Barrel:
When you touch a + Barrel, time is added to the timer. When you touch a 
- Barrel, time is subtracted. When the timer ticks down to zero, Kackle 
will hurt you!

Check Barrel/X Barrel:
On the rollercoaster level, the Check Barrel will open a door, while an 
X Barrel will shit it (naughty naughty!).

Plane Barrel:
Owned by Funky Kong.

DK Hero Coin:
In each level, there is one of these cleverly hidden by Cranky himself! 
The more of these collect, the more of a hero you are in Cranky's eyes. 
If you can collect all 40, you will stand atop the # 1 podium in 
Cranky's screen (above Mario and Yoshi!).

Exit Game:
If you jump on the target, you end the level. Also, if you are high 
enough, you get the prize displayed.

Golden Barrel:
Klubba will allow you to use it if you pay 15 Kremkoins...it allows you 
to go to one level of the Lost World, and you'll need to collect ll 75 
Kremkoins if you wish to complete the game properly!

2) Friendly Freaks

- - - KONGS - - -

Funky Kong:
Hand over two Banana Coins and he'll allow you to ride in his Plane 
Barrel, which will enable you to visit any level you've been to before.

Wrinkly Kong:
Since most people don't read the manual (I did though, it was 
hilarious!), Rare has set up Wrinkly Kong, which will teach you a lot of 
things. However, since she is a private tutor, you have to pay her 
Banana Coins. Even if you know everything, you have to visit her, this 
is the only way you can save your game!

Swanky Kong:
Wearing a shiny tux and even shinier teeth, Swanky is your average 
gameshow host. Answer his questions and you can get 1-ups (the amount 
depending on the category you choose). 

Cranky Kong:
Like last time, Cranky Kong will give you hints and tips, of course, it 
costs Banana Coins, and this time you can ask for specific level tips! 
Don't worry though, his tongue-in-cheek humor/insults are free (which is 
reason enough to visit him).

                           - - - ANIMALS - - -

Rambi the Rhino:
A veteran from the last game, Rambi returns with his giant horn which 
can impale anything. Hold the `A' button to charge his special attack, 
which will send him rocketing. Anything foolish enough to get in his way 
will be destroyed! And that includes breakable walls...

Enguarde the Swordfish:
Almost like having Rambi underwater, Enguarde has the same basic moves 
(including the charge move).

Squawks the Parrot:
A cool looking bird, Squawks will lift you above and allow you to fly in 
awesome aerial levels. Note, however, that there are two varieties of 
Squawks. The purple type can only go left and right, it cannot fly, and 
it slowly goes down. The green kind, on the otherhand, can fly anywhere 
it wants to and can shoot seeds at his enemies!

Squitter the Spider:
Probably the coolest new animal buddy, Squitter can kill enemies with 
his webbing. But that's not all! By pressing `R' (Or `A'...Or `L'...I 
prefer `R' myself) he will shoot a thick clot of webbing, press `R' 
again and it will change into a web platform that you can jump to. Rare 
has made some pretty insane levels by taking that fact into account...

Rattly the Rattlesnake:
Another awesome animal buddy, Rattly can jump very high and very fast 
thanks to his coiled tail. Hold `A' to charge him up, then let go, and 
he will go REALLY high! 

Glimmer the Anglerfish:
Found in only one level, Glimmer will come and allow you to see in a 
very dark underwater level. 

Clapper the Seal:
When touched, will change boiling hot water into normal water and water 
into ice (depending on the level)...for a limited time!

3) The Painful Walkthrough

This is  not going to be humorous in any way shape or form. It's going 
to be very boring, the kind of boring that only helps people when they 
are stuck. Well, that's not TOTALLY true, but still.

Also, remember that you can check to see if you've done everything in a 
level by checking the name. If no more Kremkoins can be found, there 
will be an exclamation mark after the name.

For example:

"Lockjaw's Locker" still has secrets, but "Lockjaw's Locker!" doesn't. 
And if you've found the DK Coin, there will be a DK following the name. 
"Lockjaw's Locker (DK)"

This is one of those rare times when buying a $10 stragedy guide with 
full-color maps that point out everything is actually much better than 
reading a FAQ off the Internet! If something seems strange or doesn't 
make sense, that's why. Get the official one if you are forced to buy 

                         GANGPLANK GALLEON

                  G A N G P L A N K    G A L L E O N 

///////////////////////STAGE 1: PIRATE PANIC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship Deck

This level is pretty basic...if you have any trouble at all, just stop 
playing the game, it will save you A LOT of frustration :) So, I won't 
give any major hints or tips. Except, at the beginning of the game, get 
Dixie and then return to where you start. Use the Team Toss above and 
you will find a secret barrel that will net you some items.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

The first Bonus Barrel of the game can be found after the Star Barrel 
and before the N...there is a large crack in the ship, fall down it and 
you will live! It's to the right.

Find: In the game, you will have to jump over many barrels to get the 
Kremkoin. You "only" have 20 seconds...

Bonus Barrel # 2 :

After you appear from the last game, get Rambi from the crate and go 
forward a bit. You will find a large stack of barrels above a large 
banana arrow pointing to the left...use his charge on the wall!

Kill: Kill all the enemies using Rambi's horn.

DK Hero Coin:

After you appear from the second game, you are in behind two barrels. 
Jump up them and lookie there!

///////////////////////STAGE 2: MAINBRACE  MAYHEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship Rigging

Again, this level is rather straightforward...There is a secret balloon, 
though, shortly after the Star Barrel. You will climb a horizontal rope, 
there will be a banana in the air...collect it and an invisible barrel 
will shoot you to the balloon! 

Bonus Barrel # 1:

As soon as you begin the course, use Dixie's helicopter move to move to 
the right, you will find some rigging and a Bonus Barrel.

Find: Climb up the ropes, collecting the bananas, and get the coin at 
the top.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

This is the first cannon, but I call it a Bonus Barrel anyways. Take the 
cannonball shortly after the Star Barrel and connect it to the cannon, 
then jump in!

Kill: Use the crates and cannonballs to take all of the critters out!

Bonus Barrel # 3:

Almost immediately after coming from the second barrel, you will find a 
ledge to the left, jump from the rope to there and use the team throw to 
reach it.

Stars: Collect all of the easy stars in less than 35 seconds to earn the 

DK Hero Coin:

As you exit from the last Bonus Barrel, you will be in an area you can't 
get to otherwise. The DK Coin is there, and even better, when you jump 
down, you automatically get a 1-up from the exit!

//////////////////////STAGE 3: GANGPLANK GALLEY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship Deck

This level is pretty easy, but then again, what do you expect from the 
very first world?

Bonus Barrel # 1:

As soon as you enter the level, jump up the barrels behind you. Ta da!

Find: Smash all of the chests into the Red Zinger, one of the, holds the 

Bonus Barrel # 2:

A bit after the Star Barrel and two gaps, you will find an Invincibility 
Barrel. Get it and keep going, climb the crates and kill the big, buff 
baddies, and at the top will be the Barrel.

Find: Go up the hooks you dunce!

DK Hero Coin:

When you come back from the first Bonus Barrel, look above and you can 
see some hooks in the sky. Use a long Diddy jump or Dixie's helicopter 
move to get there, and the coin is yours!

//////////////////////STAGE 4: LOCKJAW'S LOCKER\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship's Cargo Hold

As you fall down the stage at the start, hold right to find a secret 
area with some BC's (Banana Coins). Also, below the letter `K' is a 
secret passage with many BC's. Also, after you lose Enguarde to the No 
Animal Sign, you can find him below another Lockjaw, which is after your 
first encounter with Shuries (starfish).

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Below the first Lockjaw (red piranhas with fat lips) is a secret area 
with a crate, inside is Enguarde! Use him and go just a bit in front of 
Lockjaw, you will see a DK Barrel. Above that is a string of bananas 
going into the wall, there is a invisible path up there. Use Enguarde's 
charge attack on the obvious wall and...

Find: Make your way through the easy maze and this coin is yours!

DK Hero Coin:

After the letter `N' is a hall with many Shuri (spinning starfish), use 
his charge and you will go into a secret area as the water drains. You 
don't need Enguarde, but it's a bit easier. 

//////////////////////STAGE 5: TOPSAIL TROUBLE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Rigging

Again, pretty easy stuff. This is the first time you get to use Rattly, 
your scaly friend. Remember that he can do a super jump if you hold A! 
Also, after the Star Barrel, there is a secret stash of loot if you jump 
to your right (when going up). Don't be too anxious to exit the 
level...behind the machine is a Blue Balloon! You'll need to team up to 
get it, though.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

As you get Rattly, you will go left, up, right, and up again -- as you 
go up, do a super jump and you will find it (hint: on the right side of 
the screen).

Kill: Jump on all of the Flitters (dragonflies) and well...easy.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

Shortly after the Star Barrel, you will be going right on a horizontal 
rope, and you will see two Flitters above you. Jump to the right of the 
rightmost one and you will find an invisible hook...use it to jump to 
the Flitters, then to the Barrel in mid-air.

Find: You have to climb up some rigging, but there many Flitters hogging 
up space, so watch it.

DK Hero Coin:

After the second game, go up and you will find a platform to the right, 
it is out of view. Jump to it!

//////////////////////////BOSS STAGE: KROW'S NEST\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship Deck

Phase 1:
Krow, the giant and well dressed Vulture, will get his eggs and drop 
them on you! Land on the egg from above and throw it back at the avian 
foe. After two hits we move on to...

Phase 2:
Krow will violently knock into the nest, causing many, many eggs to 
spill out. Carefully dodge them all, then pick up the one that doesn't 
fly off screen. Throw it back! After two hits the Krow will collapse...

Banana Coins:
If you team throw (or bounce off an egg) up to the nest, Two banana 
Coins are yours!

When Krow is defeated, you automatically receive a Kremkoin.

                        CROCODILE CAULDRON 

                 C R O C O D I L E    C A U L D R O N

////////////////////////////STAGE 6: HOT-HEAD HOP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Boiling Lava

This level introduces lava, which obviously means death. Man, they did a 
good job on those bubble noises! :) Anyways, at the very start, use the 
team throw (or the nearby Klobber) to get above the entrance, you will 
find a chest with a Green Balloon inside. You will also find green croc 
heads, these serve as platforms to get across the lava. And another type 
of croc head, the brown colored ones, will automatically spring-board 
you tot he next location. Of course, the location totally depends on 
your fingers...

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Under the letter `O' are two nasty Klampons, use the nearby barrel to 
take care of the lower one, then take the chest he was guarding and bust 
it open on the above one, now you have a cannonball! Carefully tote it 
to the right, past some more lava, and the cannon is in plain sight.

Stars: Use the brown springboard croc heads to read all the stars! Just 
be careful of the lava, and watch your time! Only 20 seconds, and you 
have to get 60 stars!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

After getting Squitter and the DK Coin, keep going. Past the brown 
krocs, you will spot a series of twin-bananas going higher and 
higher...use your web platforms to get up there!

Find: The Kremkoin is right above you, just need to build some platforms 
up to it.

Bonus Barrel # 3:

keep going and you will find two Klampons under a Bonus Barrel. Duh! Use 
your webs...

Find: Again, use your webs to cross the sea of fire. 

DK Hero Coin:

After appearing from the first game, you will find Squitter in a crate! 
Immediately use his web platforms to go straight up, it will be up 
there, along with about a million bananas.

//////////////////////////STAGE 7: KANNON'S KLAIM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Mine

You will meet a wide variety of barrels here as you make your way 
through this great level (gotta love the music). At one point, you will 
find a Zinger circling a Flitter. Time your jump right and hit the 
Flitter and go right, you will find a blast barrel that will blast you 
to a lot of BC's, etc...

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At the very start of the stage, head right and use Dixie's helicopter 
move. Notice the banana arrow...

Find: Use the Character Barrels to go up, up, and away!!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

A short bit after the Star Barrel, you will find two Neckies coming 
straight at you. Use them (i.e. jump off) to reach the Barrel that is to 
the left. Or you could use the team throw...

Find: Use the many, many barrels to go up!!

Bonus Barrel # 3: 

After the Diddy Kong Character Barrel which will nab you the letter `N', 
go up, and to the right is a Kannon who will shoot at you (you'll see 
him if you used the Diddy Barrel). Now, bounce across his barrels and go 
into the Barrel!

Find: Bounce across the chasm using the Flitters and you're all set.

DK Hero Coin:

Oooh! What a dirty trick! This is the weirdest location in the game, as 
it is inside a Bonus Game, but is NOT the prize. In Bonus # 1, at the 
start, go to your immediate right to discover it on a platform.

//////////////////////STAGE 8: LAVA LAGOON\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship's Cargo Hold

This level introduces Clapper the Seal, which can turn boiling hot water 
into normal water! Of course, you can't ride it, you can only jump on 
his back and watch `em do his work. Below the first Clapper is a secret 
passage worth looking into. And, when you hit the first barrel (after 
the letter `K') and the water is right behind you, hold left for some 
extra goodies. And, an Invincibility Barrel can be found right after 
that, in the next water section, just look up. Also, right after the 
Star Barrel, you can find Enguarde in the lower right hand corner. 
Weehee! The Clapper after that, keep going straight up, and you'll find 
even more goodies. If anyone is actually reading this, you have no life, 
you low, pathetic worm. Joke! :)

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After the No Animal Sign, use the Barrel on the wall with a banana in 
front of it.

Kill: Use Enguarde to spear the competition. 

DK Hero Coin:

At the last stretch of the level, things start to get difficult as you 
need to avoid many enemies will keeping in mind that the water will turn 
into boiling any second. The last clapper in the level, the wall he is 
facing, there is a secret passage there -- just swim down it, you will 
receive an Invincibility Barrel to help you stay alive longer. And...in 
the next chamber is...yes! The DK Coin.

////////////////////////////STAGE 9: RED-HOT RIDE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Boiling Lava

In this hot level, you're going to have to carefully make your way 
across lava pits using hot-air balloons. However, they only stay afloat 
when over the steam jets, and slowly descend when not on them. On 
another note, at the start, use the team throw over the entrance to get 
two BC's.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

When you get Rambi, use his deadly horn to smash through all of the 
Zingers patrolling the steam jets. Before the No Animal Sign is a wall, 
use his charge to go through it (the one before the buff Kremlings that 

Kill: Fun for the entire family! Well, except the Kremling one. bang `em 
up good!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

It's right before the Star Barrel, believe it or not. To get there, use 
Dixie's helicopter move to get below the land you're standing on. You 
should be able to see it...

Star: Use your partner to get them all. In other words...throw that 

DK Hero Coin:

Right after the second Bonus Barrel is a balloon with a DK Barrel on it. 
Carefully pick it up (with Diddy, because it's easier to avoid the 
Flitters). Carefully make your way to the right, you will find two 
Zingers above and below a balloon, and the letter `N' is in sight. Kill 
the upper Zinger with the DK Barrel and get up there, use the team toss 
to get the DK Coin, which is right above your furry little head.

/////////////////////////STAGE 10: SQUAWK'S SHAFT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Mine

It will start out like the last Mine level, Kannon's Klaim, (except with 
much more difficult barrel blasting) but near the middle you will meet 
Squawks, and ride your way to freedom! be on the lookout for the Dixie 
Barrel, too, it will make you some cash, if you use it at least.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Near the start of the level is a group of three Klomps. Well, the second 
group of three, jump right and you'll find a barrel, go right some more 
(using the barrel of course) to find the bonus.

Find: Again, bust the chests over the Red Zinger.

Bonus Barrel # 2: 

To the very left of the Star Barrel is a blast barrel, but it is just 
out of range. Use the team throw!

Find: Use the rotating barrels to get to the top, then the Kremkoin is 
all yours.

Bonus Barrel # 3:

After finding Squawks, keep going up and you will find two Krooks 
looking at each other from two platforms (after the shaft of 
Neckies)...well, kill them, then check out the passages behind them! The 
right one leads to a Barrel. 

Kill: Destroy the bees using the seeds from your feathery friend.

DK Hero Coin:

Believe it or not, it's right next to the third Bonus Barrel.

///////////////////////BOSS STAGE: KLEEVER'S KILN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Boiling Lava

Phase 1:
Who's supposed to be holding that giant sword anyways? Well, avoid his 
flaming fireballs and then take the cannonball and throw it at him. He 
will be damaged, and many hooks will come down. Take them across to the 
other side (being careful of Kleever's fire) and you will find another 
cannonball on the ground. Repeat three times!

Phase 2:
Now he's really mad and is flying around! You basically repeat the same 
process, except he follows you everywhere and you must dodge him before 
getting the cannonball.

Banana Coins:
In the upper-right hand side of the arena are some coins in the air. Use 
Dixie's helicopter move!

When Kleever is defeated, you automatically get a Kremkoin.

                            KREM QUAY

                        K R E M   Q U A Y 

////////////////////////STAGE 11: BARREL BAYOU\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Swamp

As the name implies, this slimy swamp is full of many different types of 
barrels. You may want to watch those Kloak enemies, some of them throw 
useful items after a few seconds!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After getting the DK Coin, go forwards a bit and say hi to Kloak. Don't 
kill him, just watch him wall his barrels, noting the banana arrow 
pointing behind you. Now, when he's done he will rocket off in the 
direction of the arrow...follow him, obviously! He'll stop in front of 
the cannon you passed earlier and drop off a chest. Bash him with it to 
get the cannonball. 1 + 1 = Bonus Game!

Kill: You have 15 seconds to kill two Flitters and a Zinger with a 
cannonball, and they are right overhead...EASY! 

Bonus Barrel # 2:

You should see this barrel easily, it's in plan sight, right above a 
Kloak. Use the team-throw or his barrels.

Find: Use the many controllable barrels (and timed) to get to the other 
side. <yawn>

DK Hero Coin:

After the first Kloak in the game, there are a few barrels and a Zinger. 
Either use Dixie's Helicopter jump or the croc head behind you to get to 
the secret island that has...a Rambi Crate. You'll need to carry Rambi 
all the way to the No Animal Sign, and believe me, that can be pretty 
tough! Your prize for going over is a DK Coin.

/////////////////////STAGE 12: GLIMMER'S GALLEON\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship's Cargo Hold

This is the first, and only, level where you will use Glimmer's special 
light to help you see in the dark water.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At the very start, head straight up and you'll find the hole...

Find: Go through the easy passageways (easier with Glimmer) and you'll 
find the Kremkoin you seek at the end.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

At the area after the very long series of Shuri attacks, you'll find a 
banana arrow...go down to it, and you'll find a Lockjaw guarding a 
tunnel -- it leads to a hole in the wall!

Find: Make your way through the simple underwater maze and the booty is 

DK Hero Coin:

Before entering the first Bonus Game, look above the hole, there is a 
small aclove above it, to the right...go in there to find a secret 
passage with a giant "3" made out of bananas. Go along the ceiling to 
find another secret area, it has the DK Coin! There is also another of 
these, but above the first game, at the ceiling. Er...I'll shut up now.

////////////////////STAGE 13: KROCKHEAD KLAMBER\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Swamp

This swamp is all about Croc-heads and vines, as you'll be climbing the 
entire lot! I need my insanity pills, where have I left them...? Oh 
yeah, and near the middle of the level you will find Croc Barrels, these 
will make Crocs appear...for a limited time. Hurry up!

Bonus Barrel # :

You will find a No Animal Sign along with an arrow of bananas pointing 
up...use the team throw!

Kill: Use Squitter to clear out the entire stage of Zingers! When you 
return, you get an item for going over the sign...that's why it's there.

DK Hero Coin:

At the very start, head straight and pick up the DK Barrel, then go back 
and bash the Zinger behind you so you can go left. You will find two 
pillars of Zingers, each pillar have two of the insects. Use the team 
throw to get over to the chest. Blast the chest on all of the bees to 
get the Coin!

////////////////////////STAGE 14: RATTLE BATTLE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Ship Deck

In this stage it's all up to you, Rattly! Yep, that's right, you get to 
become Rattly for the entire stage! What fun!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At the very start (how many times have I said that? Don't answer), jump 
to find an invisible barrel where the banana is. Going up?

Find: You have 25 seconds to climb many barrels...

Bonus Barrel # 2:

There will be another crack in the ship,  much like in the very first 

Find: Bounce across the exciting Flitters to get to the other side.

Bonus Barrel # 3:

Pretty obvious...a giant arrow of bananas pointing straight up! Use your 
awesome jumping power to get up there.

Stars: Use your super jump along with the regular jump to collect the 
tricky stars.

DK Hero Coin:

Before the Star Barrel and after where you appear from Barrel # 2, there 
is a stack of barrels with many Kaboings and a Zinger. In the pit, look 
across at the torn part of the ship. That's funny, I see something 
shining! Jump over there to receive your coin. Don't worry, a barrel 
will blast you to safety.

////////////////////////STAGE 15: SLIME CLIMB\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Rigging

Well, you have to quickly climb the rigging of this awesome stage 
because the water is rising with you! That wouldn't be so bad if there 
wasn't a Snapjaw in the water...if you touch the water for more than a 
few seconds, he will chew you up!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After the Star Barrel you will find a Kannon enemy, kill him to discover 
he was hoarding an Invincibility Barrel! Use it and swim under the 
platform he is on, follow the trail of bananas right down into the Bonus 

Stars: Using Dixie Kong for this bonus game is a bit easier (and faster) 
than Diddy because she can use the helicopter spin...

Bonus Barrel # 2:

You will find a cannonball, and there will be a cannon later. No awesome 
puzzles are feats of brawn...just pick it up and toss it in!

Kill: Kill everything using the cannonballs! It can be difficult, 
though, because if you miss one you're kinda screwed because the time 
limit is rather low.

DK Hero Coin:

When you reappear from the second game, you will be at an Invincibility 
Barrel. Use the team throw to get it, then vault to the exit. Underneath 
it, swim to the DK Coin!

////////////////////////STAGE 16: BRAMBLE BLAST\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Bramble Vines

All this place really is, is a giant, titanic maze of blasting barrels! 
Add in a few Zingers and hey, there `ya go.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Around the fourth or fifth "area" is a barrel that will point to a side-
area with a single banana. Take it! 

Find: Make your way through this evil, evil maze of barrels to the end. 
Only one path is true!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

Near the very end, you will bounce off of one Flitter, land in a blast 
barrel and...HOLD ONE! When you come out of the blast barrel you will 
see a banana in the lower area, so when you hit the second Flitter, arc 
off and go down there, an arrow barrel will bounce you straight up, 
landing in Squawk's talons. Explore for the last barrel in the level.

DK Hero Coin:

When you are looking for the last Bonus Barrel...it's guarded by a 
lonely Zinger.

//////////////////////BOSS STAGE: KUDGEL'S KONTEST\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Swamp

Phase 1:
Hmmm...Kudgel looks a lot like Klubba! Except he's gray, of course. 
Anyways, watch out for his giant, spiked club and just run around to 
avoid his jumps. After each jump you will get a TNT Barrel, when he's 
wide open, make him eat it! After three times...

Phase 2:
Now he is jumping up, down, and all around! Watch out, because if you 
are standing on the ground when he lands, you will be stunned for 
several seconds! Again, get past him and take the TNT Barrel and shove 
it up his...you know...after three times he will be thrown into his own 
sticky mess (for some reason, that didn't quite sound right...).

You automatically receive a Kremkoin for beating Kudgel.

                            KRAZY KREMLAND

                       K R A Z Y   K R E M L A N D 

//////////////////////////STAGE 17: HORNET HOLE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Hornet's Nest

Damn those Brits, they are too creative for me! Anyways, you will learn 
to stick and climb to the walls of honey as you make your way through a 
maze of Hornets and other insectoids!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At the very start there is a hook at the top, use the team throw (there 
is a DK Barrel nearby) to get up there. Climb all the way up the honey 
walls and you will find three hooks, cross them and go into the hole.

Find: Use the treasure chest to kill all of the hornets, when they are 
all dead the chest will beak open, revealing the coin.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

When you exit from the first game, jump down and go right. Another hole 
in the wall!

Find: Just climb the walls using the honey. Easy!

Bonus Barrel # 3:

A bit later in the level, you will heading left. After finding another 
DK Barrel (I believe the second -- it's before the Star Barrel), go 
forward a bit and keep your eye focused on the upper part of the 
screen...look, a hook! Use the team throw to get there and reach a 
Squitter crate! A bit later in the level, shortly after getting the DK 
Hero Coin, you will see some pairs of bananas forming a staircase going 
to the upper-right. Well, use your webs to get up there. Hole!

Find: Use your web platforms to go straight up. You only have 15 

DK Hero Coin:

After getting Squitter you will go left, then up, then right again. 
While going right you will find three Spinies on three stairs, and then 
a Zinger over a hole. Kill him then go down the hole it was over, kill 
the two Zingers there and use your web platforms to go straight up into 
the mess of bananas.

///////////////////////////STAGE 18: TARGET TERROR\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Type: Roller Coaster

You have to jump out of your skull roller coaster to hit the green 
"Check Barrels", these will open the nearest gate. If you miss them and 
hit the gate, you get hurt. There are also red "X" Barrels, these will 
shut the gate, so be careful! Things get pretty insane near the end, the 
jumps are rather difficult to hit...And watch out for Kremlings, they 
have an eye on you...

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After the first Kremling tries to toss barrels at you, look up, the 
Barrel will be in the air after a hill. You simply need to jump!

Kill: Get a lift from Squawk's and get ready to pulverize some Zingers 
in a bramble maze!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

After getting the DK Hero Coin, a second Kremling will drop down from 
above and toss barrels at you. When he falls off the track, instead of 
jumping to the next skull, go down with him, you'll find a secret hole.

Find: Jump from skull to skull, you will collect the Kremkoin at the 
last possible second.

DK Hero Coin:

Before the second Kremling (which is after the Star Barrel), you will 
pass through a shack-type place. Jump up, you can't see it, but you will 
collect the Hero Coin!

///////////////////////////STAGE 19: BRAMBLE SCRAMBLE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Bramble Vines

This maze of bramble vines will leave you scratching your head in 
confusion, and maybe your butt (to get those pesky thorns out. Oh ah!) 
Squawks will also lend a wing before the Star Barrel, making things even 
more interesting!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

It is of utmost importance that you do not lose a King at the start! Use 
Dixie's helicopter move to get past all the dangers, then climb the vine 
up, and you will see an Invincibility Barrel above a Click-Clack 
(beetle). Use the team throw to reach it, then fall down the gap to the 
right. Follow the path and you will find the barrel.

Stars: Kill the Zingers, then grab their cache of stars. Resembles the 
first Barrel Game in the previous level.

DK Hero Coin:

Where the Star Barrel is, the wall to the right looks solid but it's 
not. Just jump through and you will find another passageway. Use the 
flying-jump (That's where you cartwheel into the pit, then jump in mid-
air to go a lot farther). get into the Squitter Barrel and make your way 
upwards, using your web platforms of course. In the middle of the many 
bananas you will find two BC's, look on the left wall to see a single 
banana in the wall. If you couldn't tell by now, you can go through 
there, so do so. Ta da! DK Hero Coin, right there, before your 
eyes...Don't worry, though, you'll get back to Squawks soon.

Odd Tip:

Near the exit, avoiding the Kloaks is very hard. Well, here, if you 
brush against the floor, it doesn't damage you! This way you can just 
hold right on the control pad and get through without getting hit once! 
You can do this in a few other areas using Squawks as well.

/////////////////////////STAGE 20: RICKETY RACE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Roller Coaster

You will need to race many Kremlings to the end! Taking them out is a 
simple matter of either passing them, throwing them off the course, or 
the easy way, stomping them! You can finish the level no matter what 
place you get in, but if you get first....


This stage is the fastest side scrolling level I have ever seen in a 
videogame (including "Stampede Sprint" in DKC3), and it really can make 
your eyes ache from keeping up with all the action. So, if you keep 
playing this level over and over, I do suggest you take a break. I'm not 
joking, you should take this warning seriously!

Oh, and a little tip, if you keep falling off because you don't know 
where the pits are, remember that a hole will appear shortly after the 
bright white "!" signs.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Before you hop into your hot rod skull, use the team throw at the start 
to find some platforms, then use Dixie's helicopter move to glide over 
to the hole.

Kill: You only have to kill a few of the Kremlings...easy!

DK Hero Coin:

Everytime you beat a racer you automatically get an item...beat the one 
in first place and you get the DK Coin! You won't need to finish the 
stage, just as long as you kill the leader. It will be a lot easier if 
you use the speed booster at the start...when the lights are changing to 
green, hold back on the control pad instead of right, you will drift 
back into a barrel which will make you get a big head start.

///////////////////////STAGE 21: MUDHOLE MARSH\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Swamp

This stage is pretty long and is filled with many nasty creatures, 
including the new Cat O' 9 tails! On another note, an Invincibility
Barrel can be found near the second set of Neckies, it is invisible 
though, and represented by a single banana up in the air. 

Bonus Barrel # 1:

You will see it pretty easily...either use the team throw or the Cat O' 
9 Tails to reach it. Remember that when in the Cat's tails, pressing 
left will make him toss you right, and holding right will make him toss 
you left. 

Stars: You'll need to use the team-throw to reach all the stars. Don't 
worry, there's a single DK Barrel at the start of the bonus game.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

You'll grab the cannonball, run a few screens right and then toss it 
into the cannon. Does it get much easier than this?

Kill: You'll need to carefully throw cannonballs at the Zingers and 
Flitters to take them all down. You need a good eye!

DK Hero Coin:

Getting this Coin is a bit more difficult, as it requires precise timing 
and a bit of patient. The DK Coin is one of the prizes you can receive 
at the end goal...you'll need to bounce off the nearby Kannon's barrels, 
into the air, and land on the target as the DK Coin is displayed. If you 
mess up, you'll have to begin the level again! ARGH!!

////////////////////////STAGE 22: RAMBI RUMBLE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Hornet's Nest

It will be similar to the other Hornet Nest level until the middle where 
you will become Rambi. You'll also have a little visit from the queen 
herself (with awesome music)! 

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At one point near the start, you will fall down and then start going up 
again, avoiding two Zingers at once. At the top, you will see a single 
banana, jump there to find an invisible hook. Keep climbing, carefully 
placing your jumps, and you will find a hole at the top.

Find: Stick to the walls and use them to climb to the top. Pretty easy! 
In fact, it's so easy that this is a waste of space...

Bonus Barrel # 2:

At the very end, instead of ending the level, use Rambi's charge to 
enter the wall before the exit platform.

Kill: Go through the narrow tunnels, piercing anything foolish enough to 
get in your path.

DK Hero Coin:

Before going into Rambi's chamber (where you become Rambi, of course), 
jump up to find an invisible hook. Use it to leap over, then run over to 

/////////////////////BOSS STAGE: KING ZING STING\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Hornet's Nest

Phase 1:
Hop I into the Squawk's Chest and then break out into the main chamber! 
Queenie won't do much, just fly around. Position yourself so you can 
fire an egg at her stinger, if it hits she will be damaged. After two 
hits she will turn red and shoot stingers in all directions, move away 
and hide!

Phase 2:
It's the same as Phase One, except she's a lot faster and more difficult 
to hit (and she usually hits you in the process!). After two hits, she 
turns red and does the stinger thing.

Phase 3:
Again, the same as one, except she's REALLY fast. After two hits she 
will not turn red, instead...

Phase 4: 
She has now morphed down into a small yellow Zinger, but there are four 
normal Zingers flying around here. She'll chase you around, so when you 
get the chance, turn around and kill her guardians!

Phase 5:
OK, final phase! She will now chase you around very quickly, just turn 
around and spit an egg at her. She will then turn red and go even 
quicker, just ignore her. Three more bops and it's over!

You automatically receive a Kremkoin for defeating Queen Zinger.

                            GLOOMY GULCH

                       G L O O M Y   G U L C H 

//////////////////////////STAGE 23: GHOSTLY GROVE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Haunted Forest

Besides the strange noises, the ghastly light, and the many Kloaks, the 
main feature of this level is the Phantom Ropes, which will disappear 
after a set amount of time. Hurry up! Also note, that some of the Kloaks 
will start throwing helpful items if you watch them for awhile.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After getting the DK Coin, you will find yet another group of Krunchas, 
plus a Klobber. Kill the Klobber, then kill the Krunchas using the team 
throw. Next, note the banana next to the wall...use a barrel, you dope!

Find: Bash the Red Zinger with the chest until it pops out!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

After the Save Barrel, you will find two Klaptraps and two Phantom 
Ropes. The ropes will disappear very quickly, so you'll need to time it 
so you jump in the air just as the first one appears, then to the 
second, and right into the Bonus Barrel.

Find: Fly across the gorge using the ropes...again.

DK Hero Coin:

About 2/3 of the way to the Star Barrel, you will see some Krunchas 
going back and fourth. You will then see a Spiny going back and fourth 
on an odd shaped piece of land. At the next gap, use Dixie's helicopter 
spin to get under there and find the gold. Don't worry, though, a blast 
barrel will shoot you to safety!

////////////////////////STAGE 24: HAUNTED HALL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Roller Coaster

Er...a Roller coaster inside a haunted shack? Well, OK...You'll need to 
keep Kackle, the evil Kremling ghost, off your back. The timer at the 
top -- when it reaches 0 Kackle will kill you. What do you do about it? 
Well, the green "+" barrels will add time, while the red "-" ones will 
take off time. HAHA! And don't you just LOVE that music?!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After the first Kackle area, jump up to the higher railroad. Then you 
will see the entrance to game # 2, so jump again and you will go over 
it, landing into the first game.

Find: Go forward and pass the Kremkoin. At the top of the next hill, 
which you will barely make, the "+" barrel will send you rocketing 
BACKWARDS. Jump over the gaps and you will get the coin.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

As you exit the first game, you will still be going backwards. When you 
hit the track you will go forwards again, automatically going into the 
entrance of the second game.

Star: Jump to collect the MANY stars...you don't have to collect them 
all, just the number at the upper-left hand corner. EASY!

Bonus Barrel # 3:

A bit later in the level, after the Star Barrel, you will find a lower 
track and an upper track. There's a hole before the lower track, and if 
you try to jump over it you will land on the upper track. What to do? 
Jump before you see the hole, you'll just barely make it!

Find: This is as fast as the Rickety Race stage, so watch out! The jumps 
are every more insane (hard to believe, but it's true).

DK Hero Coin:

Don't feel so excited when you reach the exit platform, you have one 
more thing to collect. Be on the same level as the target and head into 
the aclove to the left, you will collect the DK Coin and a Blast Barrel 
will blast you out.

///////////////////////////STAGE 25: GUSTY GLADE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Haunted Forest

Where does Rare get all of these cool ideas? In THIS stage, the wind 
will blow violently, changing the way you go about beating this level 
dramatically. You can tell what direction the wind is about to blow by 
checking out all of the floating leaves...I think they're leaves, at 

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At the entrance to this level, use the team throw to get behind it and 
then get Rattly from the crate. Besides making this level easier, he 
will allow you to get into the Bonus Barrel which is just before the No 
Animal Sign. Or, if you wish, you could use the team throw...

Find: Bounce violently across the Flitters as the wind is blowing...

Bonus Barrel # 2:

Very shortly after the Star Barrel, you will see two Kutlasses 
(Kremlings with double swords) guarding two chests. The above chest 
contains a cannonball if you take your time to chuck it at something, 
and the cannon is pretty nearby, so it's easy to get there...

Stars: Get in the Horizontal Moving Arrow Barrel (what a mouthful!) and 
collect all the stars. Don't worry, you have plenty of time.

DK Hero Coin:

Near the end, it will be high in the air. Either a) Use Dixie's 
helicopter move from the nearby pillar or b) Bounce off of Kannon's 
barrels. That can be hard, though, because the wind is blowing in your 

//////////////////////STAGE 26: PARROT CHUTE PANIC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Hornet's nest

Honestly...where do they GET these wild names? Anyways, you will have 
your first (and last) encounter with the Purple Squawk's here. He can 
not fly anywhere you want and cannot spit eggs! Instead, he slowly goes 
down, left, and right. You can slow your descent by pressing up, though, 
this will greatly assist you in moving through the mazes created by the 
dozens of Zingers. You can use Dixie's helicopter spin if you think 
taking the Purple Squawk's is too difficult...Also, at the end, there is 
an invisible hook where the single banana is, it will allow you to get 
the prize on the exit platform. These Barrel descriptions might get 
pretty confusing...but oh well, that's OK, no one is really reading 

Small Detour:

After the first Purple Squawk's, you will find a crate and a Klampon. 
Take the barrel and smash it against the bare wall, it will create a 
small shortcut for you.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After taking the detour, get the first Purple Squawk's and head down. At 
the very end, hold up to slow your descent and hold left HARD. You will 
find a hole in the wall, and a small "shelf" that will allow you to get 

Find: Hop on the regular Squawk's and go through the twisting 
passageways, the coin is at the end.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

You will soon find the Star Barrel, then a Squawks, then another. After 
the second one, you will land on a floor with a Spiny going back and 
fourth. Instead of falling down the tunnel, jump up and over the Zingers 
to land on a honey wall, then jump up to the hole in the wall.

Kill: Take the regular Squawks and kill all the Zingers. As you pass 
through the No Animal Sign, you will receive a TNT Barrel, which will 
help you kill the last Zinger.

DK Hero Coin:

At the very start, use Dixie's helicopter move when going down the first 
drop. Head left and it will be in a small aclove.

/////////////////////////STAGE 27: WEB WOODS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Haunted Forest

Ooooh...this is my least favorite level in the entire game! It's just 
so...difficult, and yet, easy at the same time. Weird, isn't it?

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At the point when you're going down a hill and then across a pit with a 
lot of Neckies coming at you, go across to find a Kannon shooting. Wait 
a bit, and he will shoot an EXTRMELY slow cannonball. Follow it all the 
way to the left and, when it hits the wall, will create a hole. 

Find: In a very narrow bramble vine area, the coin is on the other side. 
What is a monkey to do? If you jump to the next web platform, you will 
surely hit the ceiling...so, instead, make a web bridge, meaning that 
you won't have to jump at all!

Bonus Barrel # 2: 

You will find an area where green Kaboings will drop down from above, 
and you should also spot a wall with an arrow of bananas next to it! 
Another Kannon is near here, do the same as before.

Stars: Collect the stars over the pit, which form the Rareware symbol.

DK Hero Coin:

Hmmm...this might be why I despise this level so much! The DK Coin is 
one of the prizes at the end of the level, but it appears for only a 
very short time, so you'll need to blast when the small banana has been 
on the screen for a few seconds. If you mess up, you'll have to start 
the stage ALL OVER!!! NO!!!! 

//////////////////////BOSS STAGE: KREEPY KROW\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Rigging

Phase 1:
Krow's spirit wants a little vengeance, so I think you should be 
careful. In each stage he won't do much, just kinda sit back. Then, many 
spirit Neckies will come at you. The last one will be solid, kill it, 
and a barrel will come out of no where. Use that to bean the bird!

Phase 2:
Climb the hooks that appear and follow Krow up, but watch out, many eggs 
will drop from above, so time it so you move out of the way when one is 
coming down. A DK Barrel is on the left side. At the top, do the same as 
before, except this time a spirit Necky will come at the end after the 
solid Necky.

Phase 3:
Again, climb the hooks. Except this time, eggs will not only come from 
above, from left and right! Be very careful, it's easy to lose a Kong 
here. At the top, the spirit Neckies will come fast and furious, with 
two spirit Neckies coming after the solid one. Bean that bird!

You automatically collect a Kremkoin for defeating Krow's Spirit.

                            K. ROOL'S KEEP

                       K.  R O O L ` S   K E E P 

///////////////////////////STAGE 28: ARCTIC ABYSS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Underground Ice Cavern

These underground ice caverns are pretty sweet! In your first 
exploration of them, you will find plenty of water, baddies, and yes, 

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After becoming Enguarde, you will go forward and the ice will go down, 
then you will see a Lockjaw and it will come up again. Go up and you 
will see a wall with a banana near it, use your charge to break into it!

Stars: You do not have to collect them all, just 100. use your charge 
move to quickly go back and fourth!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

Near the end of the level, you will see a Red Balloon over some water. 
Go to your right when the water goes down and you will see a No Animal 
Sign, you can through the wall here! After the sign is a hole...

Find: Smash the chest against all of the Zingers and the coin will come 

DK Hero Coin:

After the Star Barrel you will go down and kill some Puft-ups, then go 
up again. As you go right the water will go down dramatically...use your 
charge and you will fly by, getting the DK Coin just in time!

/////////////////////////////STAGE 29: WINDY WELL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Mine

This level is almost TOO creative. The wind will blow from below, and on 
your way to the top you must guide your monkey through mazes of Zingers! 
This can be very difficult, so don't get frustrated.

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Shortly after the letter `O' you will find a Krook on a ledge, then go 
above. here, go left, the screen will scroll. Fall down and let the wind 
carry you under the Zinger and into the waiting arms of a Bonus Barrel!

Kill: Jump to get up to the hook (the wind will carry you), then bounce 
off all of the Flitters.

Bonus Barrel # 2:

The last Bonus Barrel is under the exit pad, you should be able to see 
it rather easily. However, there is a Klobber and a Kutlass down 
there...so, activate the Klobber and run to the left as fast as you can, 
when he's about to go over the edge, jump up and bean him! Use the 
barrel to kill Kutlass, then enter the barrel. Don't worry, if Klobber 
goes over the edge, just go left and then come back, he will have re-

Stars: Hop on the Squawk's and collect all the Stars! Pretty simple, 
even if you only have 20 seconds...

DK Hero Coin:

After the letter `N' you will go left to a Kutlass, then up, avoiding 
some Krooks. Then, jump to the right and hold down and right on the 
control pad, you will carefully go under three Zingers and collect the 
DK Coin!

//////////////////////////STAGE 30: CASTLE CRUSH\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Insane Castle Mortar

This castle's floor is steadily rising up, and along the way there are 
literally thousands of ways to get killed. Hmmm...

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Nice music, huh? Well, anyways, as you rise up near the start you will 
find a DK Barrel, pick it up and don't throw it. Soon, on the left, will 
be a Kutlass. Kill him with it, then go to the passage he was guarding 
to find a Rambi Barrel! Once transformed, go along the level, soon you 
will see a wall with a giant arrow made of bananas pointing at it. Does 
it get much more obvious?

Kill: As the floor goes up you will have to kill many Zingers...easy!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

After getting the DK Coin (see below), go across the No Animal Sign, you 
will receive a TNT Barrel if you were Squawks. Use it on the wall (see 
the arrow of bananas?) and go inside the hole.

Find: You must get through the small holes as the floor below you goes 
faster and faster! The coin is at the very top, obviously.

DK Hero Coin:

Right after the Star Barrel, you will find a DK Barrel. To the left, 
inside the wall, is a banana...hop to it! You'll find a Squawk's Barrel. 
Once transformed, quickly go up. Once you the see the No Animal Sign, go 
down instead of up, you will find a hidden (not really, it's just easily 
missed) chamber containing the coin!

///////////////////////STAGE 31: CLAPPER'S CAVERN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Underground Ice Cavern

Throughout this level you'll need to have Clapper turn the water into 
ice, then quickly run across before it melts. Of course, there will be 
many hazards along the ice. But why can't you swim across? There's a 
nasty Snapjaw in there! Oh, BTW, near the end, before the letter `G', 
there is an Invincibility Barrel where the single banana is. Once 
gotten, go into the water to the left and go down, many BC's you shall 

Bonus Barrel # 1:

At the start, use the team throw to find an invisible hook. Ta da!

Find: Cross the thin, icy platforms to get to the other side of the 

Bonus Barrel # 2:

Once you are Enguarde, go right, up, then left, you will find a Puft-up 
and a wall with a single banana in front of it. Charge, soldiers!

Find: Use your dash to quickly clear before all of the water goes down! 
This should be your 69th coin...not that it means anything...

DK Hero Coin:

When you exit from the first game, use the team throw to collect the 
letter `K'...you'll also snatch an invisible hook! What, the giant `A' 
of bananas didn't tip you off? BTW, this is the only way to get the DK 

/////////////////////////STAGE 32: CHAIN LINK CHAMBER\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Insane Castle Mortar

Chains, chains, chains...the insanity, I tell you, the insanity!!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

Near the start of the level, as you climb, you will find three Krooks 
together. Kill the top most one and get the cannonball from behind him 
(watch out for Klobber), the kill the middle one (while carrying the 
cannonball) and go behind him to find a cannon!

Find: You'll need to cross chains as Zingers and buzzing around. If I 
were you I would use Dixie because she is a lot more precise when it 
comes to landing!

Bonus Barrel # 2:

In one part of the level, you will climb up as two Kannons shoot 
cannonballs at you. After getting the DK Coin (see below), go right from 
the top and jump into the path that leads to the Kannons...go in `da 

Find: Jump in the barrels and go up, up, and away!!

DK Hero Coin:

When climbing the chains at the part where two Kannons are firing 
cannonballs at you, there will be a single banana near the right wall. 
Jump! It's an invisible path, it leads to the golden DK Coin...

/////////////////////////////STAGE 33: TOXIC TOWER\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Insane Castle Mortar

You have to make your climb upwards as the green, toxic slime steadily 
rises below you. Best of all, you get to be Rattly the Snake, Squitter 
the Spider, and Squawk's the Parrot! At the very end, go behind the exit 
platform and the toxic liquid will go down. Go into the lower aclove and 
you will get a Green Balloon!

Bonus Barrel # 1:

After becoming Squitter, use your web platforms to go up and to the 
right, you will spot a Zinger in front of a banana. Kill it, then go 
into the secret passage that is behind it.

Find: use your web platforms to go up, then left, then up again. You 
only have 30 seconds, so make it snappy!

DK Hero Coin:

When you are Rattly, the first time you are forced to use your super 
jump, keep going right and you will see that one of the pits is covered 
by a Zinger...kill it, then fall down the pit, a DK Coin is yours! Don't 
worry, a barrel will blast you to safety.

//////////////////BOSS STAGE: STRONGHOLD SHOWDOWN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Insane Castle Mortar

As you go in, you see Donkey Kong held in a rope! As you are about to 
rescue him, R. Rool comes and takes him away, and a giant ship comes, 
and he escapes into it...

You automatically receive a Kremkoin for beating this boss...er...if you 
can call it that.

                          THE FLYING KROCK

                    T H E   F L Y I N G   K R O C K 

///////////////////////STAGE 34: SCREECH'S SPRINT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Bramble Vines

It's pretty generic at first, but quickly turns into a race against 
Screech in your bird form, and Screech is quite fast! You'll have to 
duck in and out, and even look for a few invisible barrels to assist 
you...if you can cross the finish line before him, you win! If not, 
well, you don't...

Bonus Barrel # 1:

You're going to have to get to the area before you meet Screech with out 
losing a single Kong! Once there, use your team throw to reach the 
cannonball above (pretty much out in the open, the main challenge is 
getting there with both of your monkies intact). Then, use it on the 
nearby cannon...

Find: Just use Dixie's helicopter move to slowly go down the maze. Don't 
worry, there's a DK Barrel near the start, just incase you lost Dixie 
before the entrance.

DK Hero Coin:

Near the 1/3 mark of the race, you will see an arrow of bananas pointing 
down. To the right is a passage, carefully maneuver yourself down there, 
get the DK Barrel, and get the coin! Some barrels will help you back 
into the race...

//////////////////////BOSS STAGE: K. ROOL DUEL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Advanced Aerodynamics...er...maybe not

Here it is, Kaptain K. Rool himself! Wearing a pirate hat, a thick coat, 
and sporting a rather large gun, K. Rool makes the perfect end boss. In 
each phase you will have to throw a cannonball into his gun barrel when 
he does the "hoover maneuver", as I like t call it. In other words, when 
he tries to suck you in, throw the cannonball! Also, each phase is 
divided into a few sub-phases (marked by a "-"). Note: After each phase, 
a DK Barrel will appear. But after the first area of the phase, it will 

Can't...get...music...out of...HEAD!!

Phase 1:
- The cannonball is right there, so pick it up and jump over K. Rool as 
he uses his gun to go by you. Throw it in!

- Now he will throw down a cannonball, but spikes will grow from it. He 
will rocket back and fourth, so quickly jump up to avoid him. When he's 
done the spikes will retract...do your stuff!

- He will do the same as above, except with two cannonballs. Beware! 
Only one will retract its spikes, the other will remain spiny.

Phase 2: 
- He will shoot streams of spiked cannonballs, so quickly jump over and 
over to avoid. At the end he will shoot a barrel, jump on it to reveal a 

- The spiked balls are now bouncing, but each one goes a different 
height, which makes things very interesting. If it's nearly touching the 
ceiling, go under. If it's going up and down real fast, jump over it. 
After a bit, a bouncing barrel will come. Inside is a cannonball, of 

- Now the spiked balls will spiral through the air. At first it's just a 
single one, then it comes in pairs. Sometimes one ball will go faster 
than the other, which makes things very hairy indeed! If you survive all 
of that, another barrel will come.

Phase 3:
- K. Rool will shoot three slow moving clouds of blue gas (right after 
another). You must jump over it, if not, it will freeze you in place and 
K. Rool will slowly hit you. Do'h! Then, somehow, he makes himself 
invisible and goes across the entire field. The only way to tell where 
he is, is by the skid marks he leaves. Cannonball at the end...

- Now it's three medium moving red clouds, these will slow down your 
movements a lot! He will then shoot three very easy to avoid balls...oh! 
Wait, your action is delayed, isn't it? Hehe! Well, if you avoided the 
clouds then there won't be anything to worry about...Cannonball into 

- The final phase will see K. Rool dishing out three fast moving, 
spiraling purple clouds. What do purple clouds do? Why, they reverse 
your controls -- thanks for asking! Then he gets out his gun and tries 
to suck you up, but this time there's no cannonball, so you're at his 
mercy. He will teleport from end to the other, totally randomly, so move 
back and fourth as much as you can to avoid being sucked up. At the end, 
a cannonball will appear, use it on him! When K. Rool is about to get up 
again, Donkey Kong breaks loose and gives him the pimp slap of a 

<Ooooh...that beyatch got p'yonked in `da house!>

Note: After receiving the Kremkoin for beating Kaptain K. Rool, sit back 
and watch the rather long ending...


        T H E   L O S T    W O R L D   O F   C R O C O D I L E   I S L E 

What's this you ask? Why, it's the Lost World, the secret Eden hidden 
deep within the island. You may have noticed "Klubba's Kiosk" in many of 
the worlds (Except for first and the last one)...he says that if you pay 
up 15 Kremkoins (coins for beating bosses and bonus games) that he will 
allow you to jump into his golden barrel. If you do pay up, you will be 
transported to one of the Lost World's stages. In each stage is a single 
Bonus Barrel, but the prize is simply a DK Coin. Like Cranky Kong says, 
"...if you want to finish this silly game properly, you're going to have 
to get to that giant crocodile head in the center. But to get there, 
you'll need to beat Kaptain K. Rool and collect all the Kremkoins, a 
task that is well beyond a young whipper-snapper like you!" 

For your information, there are 75 Kremkoins to collect, and you must 
collect them ALL to see every level in the game. These levels are 
challenging to the extreme, so prepare to be frustrated!

////////////////////////STAGE 35: JUNGLE JINX\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Jumbled-up Jungle

This is perhaps the easiest of the lost-world levels, but oh well, it's 
still hard! Bounce across the rolling tires while avoiding Zingers, 
Kutlasses, and all of that other good stuff.

Bonus Barrel # 1/DK Hero Coin:

When you hit the Star Barrel, turn left and jump over the spikes and 
look into the foreground, you should see a trail of bananas. Do a flying 
leap and land in the Bonus Barrel!

Kill: Grab the DK Barrel to get your buddy (if you lost them)...now you 
have to use the team toss to defeat the Flitters. Trouble is, they all 
have Zingers going around them! This requires a lot of practice. 

//////////////////////STAGE 36: BLACK ICE BATTLE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Underground Ice Cavern

Why they call this Black Ice Battle is well beyond me, as the ice is not 
black and there are no real battles. But, putting that aside, this is an 
extremely long ice level with almost every enemy in the game, and the 
thankfully, the Bonus Barrel is after the Star Barrel! 

Bonus Barrel # 1/DK Hero Coin:

Shortly after the Star Barrel, you will find a hill with the letter `N' 
on it. Fall down the next tunnel to find yourself jumping off a Flitter, 
quickly bounce to the right and you'll find a hidden entrance (well, not 
really, you can see it). Kill the Klobber, then jump over the Zingers. 
Bust the treasure chest on them to receive the cannonball! Carefully 
carry it down a few more levels, you will soon find another side tunnel 
(after four Klampons), where the cannon itself is.

Find: Jump over the bees, jump over the bees, gotta go get me some 
trees! Oh, I'm drunk, please excuse me.

(Not really, but it's funny).

////////////////////////STAGE 37: KLOBBER KARNAGE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Jumbled-up Jungle

This place has every Klobber in the game, which is bad for you if you're 
wondering. Near the end you will also experience some impossible barrel 

Bonus Barrel # 1/DK Hero Coin:

Before jumping on the exit pad, go behind it and look up, you'll see a 
single banana up there. Use the team toss and you will be awarded with 
this game!

Kill: Grab the Invincibility Barrel and bolt down the spikes, jumping on 
the Zingers. When they are all dead a DK Coin shall be yours...again.

/////////////////////STAGE 38: FIERY FURNACE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Boiling Lava

This stage is probably the most frustrating and annoying in the Lost 
World (or maybe the next one is). Mainly because, if you mess up the 
Bonus Game you automatically end the level (you re-appear in a non-
moveable barrel that is aimed at the exit-pad). The level itself is 
mainly "A Trillion and One Ways To Scorch Yourself 101." It mostly 
consists of controllable barrels...alas.

Bonus Barrel # 1/DK Hero Coin:

Near the very end there is a Cat O' 9 Tails under a barrel, either use 
him or a team toss to get up there. Once inside, follow the banana trail 
to find the easy Bonus Barrel.

Find: You have to control this big barrel though very narrow hallways 
in...<gasp>...a Bramble Vine area! And to top it all off, there will be 
a few Zingers to make your life even more happy.

/////////////////////STAGE 39: ANIMAL ANTICS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Messed Up (Jungle, Ice, Jungle, Bramble, Jungle)

Yes, every animal buddy except Glimmer will make an appearance here! In 
the first part Rambi makes a short, then Enguarde in an ice level, then 
Squitter goes back outdoors, then possibly the hardest situation in the 
game, controlling Squawk's through a maze of Bramble Vines with Zingers 
with wind effects as seen in Gusty Glade...eek! Then the last stretch is 
all Rattly.

Bonus Barrel # 1/DK Hero Coin:

Before going into the barrel that will make you go to the Bramble Vine 
area, place a web platform over the Arrow Barrel and jump to your right.

Kill: You will destroy a few Zingers in a Bramble Area as Squitter, then 
switch over to Squawks, then back to Squitter to collect the DK 

////////////////////FINAL STAGE: KROCODILE KORE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Type: Cool...

Kaptain K. Rool is back from his last beating, and he is seriously 
PO'ed. To reach this stage you would have had to find all 39 DK Coins 
and all 75 Kremkoins...that's no easy feat! To award you, you will fight 
one final, grueling time...

Phase 1:
Sorry, I won't be able to walk you through it this time, you should have 
all the skills you need. But, well, basically, K. Rool will stay in the 
same spot and toss attack after attack after difficult to avoid attack. 
From the slow-to-fast shooting to the diagonal rumpus, those shots will 
leave your thumbs sore! :) After nearly a decade of avoiding attacks, a 
barrel will come out. Cannonball + gun = K. Rool flying into the well-
made volcano in the middle. Besides awarding you the final DK Hero Coin 
of the game, you receive an awesome ending of Crocodile Isle blowing up, 
thanks to the volcano being stuffed up!

                          T H E  E ND 

4) Devilish Foes

# 1 - Neek
A cute rat, Neek is your basic fodder. They are common in the early 
levels, but become more of a rarity the deeper you get into the game.

# 2 - Click-Clack
Another rare one, Click-Clack is a purple beetle. When jumped on, you 
can pick him up and use him as a weapon. Beware, however, if you do not 
pick him up he can turn himself back over! Jump on him while he's turned 
over to destroy him.

# 3 - Spiny
A spiny Porcupine, this pin-cushion is only vulnerable from the front 
(it's head, that is).

# 4 - Cat O' 9 Tails
Appearing in groups, these whirling dervishes will pick you up with 
their many tails and sweep you away! You do have some control over which 
direction you are tossed, though.

# 5 - Flitter
A common blue dragonfly, you mainly use Flitter to jump over gorges, 
since everytime you jump on him you bounce away.

# 6 - Necky
I didn't want to put the proper name of "Mini-Necky" because the other 
type, the Necky, is not present in this game. Necky will sit there for a 
few seconds before swooping down. 

# 7 - Zinger
Returning from DKC, these yellow hornets are perhaps the most frequent 
enemy in the game (as they were in the last). Blocking your path and 
generally making trouble for you, Zingers are a forced to be reckoned 

# 8 - Screech
Only appearing in one level, Screech will race you to the end of his 

# 9 - Flotsam
This manta-ray goes back and fourth, back and fourth...zzzzz

# 10 - Shuri 
No it's not Chinese food, it's a starfish! Wait, don't they eat that? 
Er...anyways, these guys will stay stationary until you come, then they 
will go rocketing off towards you. Some even form beautiful patterns, 
protecting a hoard of items... 

# 11 - Puft-up
These blowup fish will go back and fourth or up and down, and when you 
get near, puff up, revealing their spines, hogging up precious space. 
Some even explode, sending out spikes in all directions!

# 12 - Lockjaw
This red, fat-lipped piranha isn't too smart, but it has a big set of 
teeth! It can only attack forward, so you're safe if you go behind it. 
Of course, it can turn around...

# 13 - Snapjaw
This is a purple version of the Lockjaw, it will follow you everywhere 
and snap the second you fall in the water. IT CAN NOT BE KILLED.

# 14 - Klomp
The Kremling foot-soldier, Klomp sports a peg leg, and goes back and 
fourth....back and fourth...

# 15 - Klinger
Awesome looking orange with black stripes, this Kremlings climbs around 
rigging, ropes, and chains, making an easy task more difficult!

# 16 - Kaboing
Both of it's legs have been replaced with spring-loaded pegs, so watch 
out, because it can sky high!

# 17 - Klampon
Klaptrap's bigger brother, Klampon has a big set of choppers and a great 
sound effect. My favorite baddy!

# 18 - Klobber
These guys spend their time in barrels, and when you get near one, it 
will pop out and chase you all around! The green ones will just bounce 
you around, the yellow ones will steal bananas from you (jump to collect 
them back), and the black ones with glowing red eyes will steal Red 
Balloons (they float away, so quickly jump to get them back...if you 

# 19 - Krook
Wearing what appears to be a fur coat, these bad boys will send their 
crook hands out like boomerangs!

# 20 - Kutlass
Small. yellow Kremlings wearing a pirate hat, they sport two giant 
blades! Jumping over them is out of the question unless their swords get 
stuck in the ground.

# 21 - Kloak
Floating coats with glowing eyes where the head would be, they throw 
barrels and enemies at you. However, if you wait awhile, some will throw 
out useful items like Banana Bunches and Balloons!

# 22 - Kannon
Remember Klump from the last game? Imagine him with a cannon, firing off 
barrels and cannonballs! Unlike the last game, you can bounce off the 
barrels to get closer and closer to where you need to go.

# 23 - Kruncha
It looks like this guy took too much steroids, he has more muscle in his 
head than brain! A jump will not hurt him, it will only make him mad, 
causing him to walk back and fourth much faster. Only a barrel can take 
him out...

# 24 - Klank
Riding in roller coaster kars, Klanks come in many colors and all throw 
barrels at you (except in Rickety Race).

# 25 - Kackle
In Haunted Hall, when the timer runs out this guy will hurt you! If you 
didn't notice, he's the big skeleton with glowing eyes. 

5) Credits

= = = = = = = = 

Nintendo: Their machine, so I have to give them some credit.

Rareware: My God, giving credit to the developer?! Who would've thought?

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo Power <www.nintendo.com>: The official Nintendo site.

Rareware <www.rareware.com>: Ah, yes, the best official company site 
ever created! This place is just downright hilarious. I love them 
British folk...

Gamefaqs <www.gamefaqs.com>: Besides all of my FAQs being there (Check 
`em out, there's about 30 or so), it is the largest collection of FAQs 
on the Internet.

= = = = = = = 

Adam Cooley <bills@hsonline.net>: Awesome artwork at top o' page.

6) Legal Patooie

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 

1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
2)  You give me credit
3)  It is shown in it's full version
4)  This fine print is included
5)  You worship a spoon of jello under a full moon
6)  It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
7)  You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, 
I'm too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, pictures, links, or whatever, but that's 
not changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow - All Rights Reserved  

7) Fin

Don't e-mail me and hey, I won't slaughter you in your sleep! ;)

                        - marshmallow - 

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