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Game Script by VinnyVideo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/28/2008

---Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES) Text Dump---

Come and say hello to your old
grandpappy Cranky. I'm back by
popular demand to offer you my
wealth of gameplaying wisdom
for this unnecessary sequel.

After my starring role in DKC,
I thought I'd be the main
character this time, not stuck
in this gloomy shed!

What sort of name is Dixie
anyway? In my day, you were
lucky to have a name at all!

Girl heroes in video games,
pah. I can't believe it! The
main character should be
really muscle-bound and carry
a gun, not twirl their
hair round!

Try all you like, this game
will never be as good as DKC,
which was rubbish anyway!

Just 'cos DKC sold a few lousy
copies, I have to be included
in another ludicrous
adventure! It's the last time,
I tell you!

I'd have never been kidnapped
in my day, not like that fat
fool Donkey!

I don't even get two screens
to stand in! I'm sure K. Rool
will have two, so why can't I?

Give up now before the kids
realize you're not as popular
as Donkey Kong was!

Where's Expresso? A clumsy
spider and a fat parrot, is
that the best they can think

Look at all this junk in here!
Treat my home like a trash can
they do! No respect for their
elders, that's the trouble...

I hate being stuck in this
shabby barrel. I want to sit
outside like last time!

K.Rool is gonna whup
your hides this time,
whippersnappers! I'd better
take over before you embarrass

Team up? I've never heard such
rubbish in my life! When I
played, I was on my own. I had
no fancy backup!

Shouldn't Dixie just be a
token female princess waiting
to be rescued, instead of a
main character?

I was hoping for more frames
this time, but no! Don't let
old Cranky do anything. Just
give him some third rate stand

I don't know why I help you so
much. You don't appreciate me!

I bet this here Killer
Instinct game is rubbish too!
It hasn't got me in it, so it
must be!

I'd have collected far more
tokens than that by now!
What's wrong, got holes in
your pockets?

I hope you bought "Cranky Kong
Country" last year. I was the
one who made it so successful,
not that lumbering Donkey!

Diddy, I thought you were a
cheap character in DKC, but
Dixie is even worse! It
should be me on my own, that
it should!

You must be really desperate
to read all this! Having
trouble on your miserable,
boring quest are we?

You're looking a bit fat
there, kid! Look at me, I'm
at my physical peak. I could
show you a thing or two!

You think your fancy graphics
and sound will work again! I
think not. You'll be lucky to
sell 10 copies this time!

Did you notice in DKC that my
tune sounded like the title
tune? How dare they! I'm worth
two different tunes at least!

I'd sort out old K.Rool for
you real quick, but I'd be
spoiling the limited fun
you're trying to get out of
this shoddy product!

Look! They've even taken my
chair from me. It's disgusting
how they treat old video game
heroes these days...

Haven't sold a single thing in
weeks! If this junk was out of
one of my games, the customers
would be begging to get in!

I knew it! You've come to beg
for my help again, haven't
you! Well, I'm not going to
tell you anything this time!

Have you been to see the other
members of the Kong family?
They're not as useful as me of
course, but they might be able
to help.

For just five bucks, you can
buy my memoirs! What a dynamic
and exciting life I've led.
You'll be lucky to be in half
as many games as I've been!

I knew you'd be back. Can't
finish this ridiculous quest
without my help, can you?

Howdy, young 'uns! Gather
round and I'll give you some
much needed advice!

I'll box your ears if you
don't listen this time!

Need more help do we? Pah! If
I tell you much more, I might
as well play the game for you!

Back so soon? I thought you'd
complete at least another
level before you came crying
to me!

Is that nasty fat crocodile
beating you? Listen up, and
I'll share my amazing

Oh, it's you again. I thought
it might be a real video game

Surprise, surprise. Well if it
isn't the so called video game
heroes! I hope I'm getting
paid for all my help!

Come on in! Have yourselves a
look 'round and buy some of
this trash, why don't you?

You spend as much time in here
as I do!

See, you're back again!
Everybody likes old Cranky. I
bet my ugly, old wife doesn't
get half as many visits!

Don't you ever knock? I know
you're desperate for help, but
remember your manners next

What do you want this time?

Go ahead, test my amazing

Here's what I've got to offer.

Feast yer eyes on my menu!

Take a look at this lot!

Enough talk, let's see your

I reckon you should spend all
your tokens here.

Here's a fraction of my
enviable knowledge!

This stuff is cheap at half
the price!

Gaze in awe, as you appreciate
my knowledge!

O.K, which of these would you

Pick a subject! I know
everything about this game!

I can recommend the really
expensive ones, actually.

I'm not giving this stuff away
you know!

You must be joking! You'll
never have enough for that!

You'll have to play better to
buy that, sonny!

My knowledge doesn't come that

You'd better stick to the free
ones, whippersnapper.

Hey! If you ain't got any
tokens, you can buzz off!

Keep yer grubby hands off if
you can't afford it!

Find some more tokens, you
useless monkey!

You ain't got enough tokens
for that, cheapskate!

Not enough? Well, get
lost then.

It's not a charity! I want
more tokens for this!

That's not enough. I've got
new frames to pay for y'know!

That one is too good for you.

That's enough help for now. I
need some rest.

Now, go and sort out those
stupid crocodiles!

Yawn! I'm getting tired. Go
away and don't disturb me

It should be real easy for
you now!

Even you can finish this silly
game now!

I'm off to spend my tokens!

Time for a couple of games on
this here Killer Instinct.

I don't want to help you
too much.

Guess I'd better tidy this
miserable dump up a bit.

When you need more advice,
which you will, I might help
again, if you're lucky.

Now, buzz off and let me work
on my new game design.

Don't come back without a
sackful of tokens!

I gotta go now, my wife is
visiting any moment!

Remember, I'm the most useful
of the Kongs, and the

Don't be surprised if I'm gone
next time. I'll be in a real

Try using your team throw at
the start.

Below the letter K, you'll
find a reward if you avoid
the danger.

Jump for joy when crossing the
longest horizontal rope.

I reckon the door at the
bottom of the tall wall looks
flimsy to me.

Those big blue goons ain't
guarding that huge stack of
barrels for nuthin'! Knock 'em
off and get up there!

A hook, step and jump is all
you need to look for near the
two dragonflies above you.

Below the first seal, you'll
find something worth getting
your fur burnt for.

Is it my eyes, or is there
just one chest at the start?

Take it easy, let the rhino
use his head to get you
through the first half.

A trek towards the Klobber
with the spider is worth
looking up.

Right is right, right at the

Those two hook throwing
villains opposite each other
are protecting something. I'm
sure of it!

Find the only Krockhead
stepping stone and you'll find
your buddy Rambi.
With only the dragonflies
left, I'm sure you'll be

When nearing the top, the
ability to walk on water
reveals all.

It might be dark and spooky,
but don't let it get you down

Are you up to it at the start?

After four spinning barrels,
all that's left is left

An eight-legged friend would
go halfway to helping you

Don't be in a hurry to enter
Rambi's room. Think things

The fruit is always fresher on
the other side of the thorns.
Jump to it!

It's his track, so watch the
Kremling car carefully. He
might be down, but he's on his
way out.

A charge down the last
straight with Rambi will
ensure a crushing victory.

Start with a hook, stick and
jumps, and you're bonus bound!

Things are starting to look up
on this level.

Here's a tip that I think's
great, the door is by the
Klampon and so is the crate.

Finishing this level is cause
for celebration. By all means
go over the top.

Where you find one, there may
be two.

To the left of the letter 'O'
is where you should go.

K. Rool is no fool. He has got
two big blue goons watching
his horde near half-way.

After the start, a long jump
and then a high jump will win
you more than just a gold

Brave an early attack of
barrels and their hidden
treasure is yours.

Watch very carefully at the
end. There's something going
down that could give you a new

I ain't helping you with this
one. It's up to you to start
looking yourself.

I've left a couple of animal
buddies for you in here, but
it's left for you to find.

When cannon balls are raining
down on you, I suggest you
look for a way past who's

Just before halfway, take
time to look back at what
you've done.

After the slope with the
letter 'N', press right as you
fall and you'll have a ball.

Down may be out, but right
picks you up.

The bananas point the way.

The end is not the end.

Well, well, well, if it isn't
our trainee hero! I didn't
expect you to find this place,
sonny. You must have got
lucky. Now that you're here,
I'd better tell you about it.
This here's the Kremling's
'LOST WORLD', and that big
crocodile head in the middle
is where you need to get to if
you're going to finish this
silly game properly.
But to get there, you have to
beat Kaptain K. Rool and
complete all the bonus levels
as well, a task I'm sure is
well beyond a whippersnapper
like you!

I don't know why I'm doing
this, but here are some
ridiculously cheap hints for
this world, which I'm sure
you'll be needing as well.

I knew you'd do it, Diddy
m'boy, but how could you fail
having learned all you know
from old Cranky here?

You've rescued that lazy
grandson of mine, and dumped
K.Rool in his own filthy
swamp. Not bad for a novice!

Of course, if I'd been playing,
I'd have made sure that K.Rool
never tries a cheap trick like
this again!

I reckon I'd have found all
the Kremkoins and completed
the so called 'Lost World'.
Oh well, can't expect
everything from your first
game, can we?
One more thing, how many of
my special Video Game Hero
Coins did you find? A real
player, such as myself, would
have found plenty, I'm sure.

Let's see how well you
did, eh?

Well, I've got a second
screen, and about time too.
Now, shut up everyone while I
read the eagerly awaited
results of my prestigious
Video Game Hero Awards.....

Hmmm... not too good at
finding my coins, are you
sonny? You might be a hero,
but you've got some catching
up to do, yes siree!

Well, at least you're on the
podium. Who knows? If you
keep on looking, you could be
an even bigger hero!

Hey, not bad for a young 'un!
'course, you're going to have
to find a few more if you want
to be as big a hero as I was!

I'm not afraid to admit it,
Diddy m'boy. Even I'm wrong
occasionally. You're as
big a hero as they come. You
must take after me and Donkey.

Well Done!
If you want to look at your
limited progress on this
screen, press the top left
and right buttons while you
are on any of the map screens.

Now buzz off and see if you
can find some more of my
coins, which I very much
doubt you will.

Back to see me again, eh,
sonny? Let's see if you've
improved your hero status,
shall we?

Nope! You ain't improved any
since your last visit. Stop
wasting time here, and find
my coins, you useless bums!

Hey! What are you waiting for?
There ain't no secret stuff
hidden here, sonny!

There is, however, a couple of
special features on the game
selection page, though I'm
sure they're of little use.

To find these silly options,
press down lots of times, but
if I were you, I wouldn't

Now switch this cartridge off
and let me get some sleep. I
reckon I've earned it!

N-n-nice going k-kid! I-I
reckon only a t-t-true video
g-game hero would h-have
f-f-finished it all!

L-let's get out of t-this
miserable d-dump, and g-get
back t-t-to D-Donkey K-K-Kong

Give them a big hand folks!
Good evening, I'm Swanky Kong
and you're tonight's
contestants on my Bonanza!
It's easy to play! Just pick
a game and you're away!

What do you do for a living?
Video game heroes you say?
Well, that's great! Hit the
button and let's play!

Step right up! It's your lucky
day, here on my Bonus Bonanza!
I know you're gonna win the
Big One!

Don't be nervous. We all want
you to win, don't we folks?
That's right, they're all
behind you!

Right this way! I've got three
wonderful games just for you!
Take your time and make your

Hi there, Kongs! I've got some
amazing star prizes just
waiting to be won!

Welcome back! You've joined us
as the Kongs are about to
choose their game. No help
from the audience, please.

Come on, let's have a round of
applause for them!

It's great to see you back! I
wish you could win everything.
I really do!

Hard luck folks, you haven't
got enough to play that game.

Too bad, I really wanted you
to play that game.

I'm really sorry, but you need
more tokens.

Awww, that's a real shame. You
must collect some more.

Not enough I'm afraid. Y'know
what tokens make? Prizes!

Go and fetch some more tokens
and come back next week.

See you next week!

You've been great contestants!

Didn't they do well!

I hope we'll see you back
next week!

Until the next time, here on
Swanky's Bonus Bonanza!

Everyone is a winner here!

I'll have even better prizes
next time!

If you fancy a game, you know
my name!

Awww...I'm afraid that's not

Sorry, that's not what I'm
looking for.

Good try, but that's wrong.

Oh no....I thought you'd know

That's not quite right. Better
luck next time!

I'm sorry, but that's not the
answer I've got here.

Close, but not close enough
I'm afraid.

I can't believe how stupid
you...er, I mean, hard luck.

Well done! You got them all

We have a winner here tonight!

Nice going guys. Here's your

I knew you'd win this time!

All correct, folks! Didn't
they do well?

Well played! Here, you deserve

Alllll-right! The little
monkey is a winner!

Three out of three, you're
pretty good at this!

That's correct! Here's the
next one...

O.K., try this one...

Well done! Let's have

You clever little monkey! Now,
listen carefully...

Good answer! Here we go

Yessss! Let's play on...

That's what I'm looking for!
Next one please...

Alright! Onto the next

What is my name?
A. Swanky
B. Wonky
C. Stinky

What is the first enemy that
you see in the game?
A. A furry rat
B. A scaly crocodile
C. An ugly earthworm

What is the name of this area
of the island?
A. Gangway Garbage
B. Gangland Galleon
C. Gangplank Galleon

What button do you press
to run?
A. Button 'B'
B. Button 'Y'
C. 'Start' button

What is the name of the first
level in the game?
A. Pirate Picnic
B. Pirate Panic
C. Pirate Punch-up

What is the name of the
enemy boss who has kidnapped
Donkey Kong?
A. Kaptain K. Rapp
B. Korporal K. Reep
C. Kaptain K. Rool

In the first level of the
game, how many windows did the
Kaptain's Kabin have?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6

What is the name of the first
rigging level?
A. Mainbrace Mayhem
B. Rigging Riot
C. Ropey Rubbish

In the first level of the
game, which of these is NOT a
background object in the
Kaptain's Kabin?
A. A sword
B. A map
C. A gun

What is the name of the first
lava level on this area of the
A. Boiler Curfew
B. Hot-Head Hop
C. Meltdown Mayhem

What is the name of this area
of the island?
A. Crocodile Cauldron
B. Alligator Alley
C. Crocodile Cove

How many times did you have to
hit the end of area giant bird
to kill him?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 10

What colors were the
crocodile heads you jumped on
in the first lava level?
A. Red and Blue
B. Blue and Green
C. Green and Brown

What is an extra lives balloon
colored red worth?
A. 2 lives
B. 1 life
C. 5 lives

Excluding the end of area
boss, how many levels were
there on the first area of
the island?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 4

How many banana bunches would
you have to collect to get an
extra life?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 20

Where did the beetle first
appear during the first area
of the island?
A. Level 1
B. Level 5
C. Level 2

What is the name of Diddy's
pony-tailed girlfriend?
A. Diddette
B. Trixie
C. Dixie

What can your snake buddy do
that is special?
A. Jumps very high
B. Runs very fast
C. Spits eggs

What is the name of the level
with the angler fish who helps
you with his underwater light?
A. Torch Tragedy
B. Glimmer's Galleon
C. Gloomy Galley

What is the name of the big
muscle-bound crocodile who
guards the toll bridge?
A. Klaggy
B. Klunga
C. Klubba

How many lives do you start
the game with?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 17

What button do you press to
team up?
A. Button 'X'
B. Button 'B'
C. Button 'A'

What is your rhino buddy's
A. Bambam
B. Rambi
C. Rambus

What is the name of this area
of the island?
A. Don Quay
B. Krem Quay
C. Crocodile Cove

What is your parrot buddy's
A. Squawks
B. Squeaks
C. Flapper

How many airplanes hang from
the roof in Kong Kollege?
A. 1
B. 4
C. 2 

What is the name of this area
of the island?
A. Loony Goonland
B. Creepy Crocland
C. Krazy Kremland

What color is your parrot
A. Red, green and yellow
B. Red, black and purple
C. Brown, black and white

What is the name of the two
companies that produced this
game and Donkey Kong Country?
A. Rave / Crocodile Games
B. Kremsoft / Krool Inc.
C. Rare / Nintendo

What is the name of the first
wasp hive level on this area
of the island?
A. Wasp Hive Horror
B. Hornet Hole
C. Horrible Hive

What is the name of the old
lady Kong, who runs Kong
A. Crocky
B. Wrinkly
C. Crinkly

Which of these items can NOT
be found at Klubba's Kiosk?
A. Picture of K.Rool
B. Oil drum
C. Boxing gloves and

What is your snake buddy's
A. Hisser
B. Slithers
C. Rattly

What color waistcoat does old
man Cranky Kong wear in Monkey
A. Red
B. Green
C. Yellow

Which of these enemies have
you not seen yet during this
area of the island?
A. Kutlass the swordsman
B. Zinger the wasp
C. Cat o' 9 tails

What is the name of this area
of the island?
A. Gloomy Gulch
B. Fearsome Forest
C. Spooky Heights

How many little wasps did the
end of area giant wasp break
up into?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 7

What is the name of the trendy,
surfing Kong, who operates his
barrel flights?
A. Cranky
B. Chunky
C. Funky

What is the name of the forest
level with the blowing wind
in it?
A. Breezy Battle
B. Windy Woods
C. Gusty Glade

On the Kremling island map,
how many small wasps hover
around the wasp hives?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4

What is the name of the
Kremling island that you
are on?
A. Crocodile Dump
B. Crocodile Isle
C. Crocodile Country

Which of these is NOT the name
of an area of the island you
have played?
A. Crocodile Cauldron
B. Krazy Kremland
C. Crocodile Canyon

What is your swordfish buddy's
A. Enguarde
B. Swordy
C. Stabber

How many world map globes are
there on the shelves in Kong
A. 2
B. 1
C. 0

What is the name of this area
of the island?
A. K. Rool's Castle
B. K. Rool's Keep
C. K. Rappy Keep

What is the name of old man
Kong, who lives in a Monkey
A. Creaky
B. Beardy
C. Cranky

Which of these enemies also
appeared in Donkey Kong
A. Neek the rat
B. Zinger the wasp
C. Kannon the crocodile

What is the name of the castle
level with the rising floor?
A. Castle Crush
B. Tragic Tower
C. K. Rool's Krush

How many animal buddies can
you ride in the game?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 5

What is the name of the flying
ghost coat Kremling who throws
objects at you?
A. Flapper
B. Kloak
C. Black Jacket

What is your spider buddy's
A. Spinner
B. Squitter
C. Eight Eyes

How many desks are there in
Kong Kollege?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 6

How many different baddies do
you think are in the game?
A. 40
B. 30
C. 20

Lookin' good, dudes! I'm Funky
the main monkey, and my new
Funky's Flights can take you
anywhere on Crocodile Isle,
provided you've already
checked it out of course!

Cruise on over to the barrel
man, and ride the skies!

Everything is cool guys.
You're lookin' ready to ride
and catch some clouds!

All flights cleared, dudes.
Choose and cruise!

Jump in my jet n' jive

Awesome playing, Kongs! Go get
that K. Rool. He just ain't

Wicked! She's all tuned up
and ready to go!

Pick it and kick it, Kongs!
You're A-Okay!

Drop in on the other Kongs,
dudes. We're all here to help
you guys!

Way cool! Pick a flight and
you're outta sight!

Sorry, dudes. That one costs
more to run than you've got!

Uncool! That's costly cruisin'
and you ain't in the picture

Tough break, Kongs. She's too
cool for your pocket!

What a bummer, eh? Try to find
a few more tokens, y'know!

Aw no! Looks like you're gonna
need to score some more
to tour!

Not enough, man! I got a new
surfboard to pay for!

Catch y' later, dudes!

Take it easy, Kongs!

Stay loose, guys!

Check me out again, huh?

Remember, Funky's the Monkey!

Call again, good buddies!

I fly 24 hours y'know!

I think I'll catch some
rays now!

Cool! She's all yours dudes.
Catch y'later!

Hello, dearies. I'm Mrs.
Wrinkly Kong, Headmistress
here at Kong Kollege.

I'm available to teach courses
on how to play this game, or
you can just pop in when you
want to save your little old
game. Now then, how can I
help you?

When you see Kaptain K.Rool,
can you ask him if he has done
his homework?

Hurry along! School is nearly
finished! You need to study a
little more if you're going to
beat the Kremlings!

Those naughty crocodiles! All
they want to learn is how to
fight and squash monkeys, Tsk!

Have you been to see my
husband Cranky? He complains
a little, but he does know
everything about this island.

Come on in and sit down,
children. I'm sure all that
running around has made you

Well! Just look at those sums
those Kremlings have done.

You're looking a little weary
dear. Would you like to save
your game?

I hope you're better behaved
than those reptiles. Why, I
even caught one sharpening his
sword in class yesterday!

Oh dearie me! That's not quite
enough, is it?

My, that is a lot isn't it?
Try to find some more tokens.

Sorry dear, but I've got to
pay for a new blackboard.

Oh dear, I'm afraid you'll
need a few more for that.

Education is not cheap these
days. I'm sure you'll find a
few more tokens if you look!

Those nasty Kremlings must
have all the tokens! Go and
grab some and come back later.

Goodbye, dearies.

Don't be a stranger now.

I'll be here if you need me.

Be careful now, Kongs.

Take care, dearies.

Try to make it to my
next class.

Good luck, children.

Come back if you've got any
problems now.

A gold coin with a bunch of
bananas on it, collect these
and spend them in the various
Kong Family locations found
throughout the island.

Press the 'B' Button to swim.
Pressing Up or Down on the
directional keypad while
swimming or floating will
affect the speed that you
sink or swim.

Jump on the target to finish
the level. If you jump from a
sufficient height, you will
win the displayed prize.

Throw Krow's eggs back at him.
He won't like it!

Press and hold the 'A' button
to power him up, then release
it for his Supercharge. Use
this to destroy enemies and
break open hidden doors!

When you have both characters,
press the 'A' button to team 
up. You can throw your partner
to defeat enemies and
reach inaccessible features.
Press A again to split up.

To make your snake buddy jump
in mid air, walk off an edge
and press the jump button as
he falls.

Press and hold the 'Y' button
when you are on the ropes and
you will climb up and down
them faster than normal.

Collect all four of these on a
level to earn an extra life!

When you hit Kleever, quickly
get across to the other side
before he gets angry.

To create a web platform,
press the 'A' button or either
of the top 'L' and 'R' buttons.
Press the button again to stop
the web and form a platform
in the desired position.

For every bonus level you
complete, you will get one of
these. Collect a lot and you
can use them at Klubba's

Jump in these to transform
into the animal shown on the
side of the barrel.

If you hold the jump button
down while jumping on an
enemy, you will bounce higher
and further than normal.

There are three types. Red is
worth 1 life, Green is worth
2 lives and the rare Blue
balloon is worth 3 lives!

When Kudgel lands, he'll shake
the screen and immobilize you!
Be careful!

Press the 'A' button to power
him up, then release it to
activate his Superjump. Use
this to access normally
unreachable areas.

A very large coin with 'DK' on
it, each level has one,
cunningly hidden by Cranky.
Collect these to increase your
status as a video game hero.

Doors are hidden on the sides
of walls and can be broken
into by throwing objects at
them or using your animal

Destroy the small Zinger and
his drones quickly, or they'll
reappear after a while.

Press 'Y' to roll off an edge,
then press 'B' to jump as you
fall. You can increase your
jumping distance this way.

Walls that look solid could
contain secret passages that
you can use to access hidden
areas or shortcuts.

Jump on the different colored
Mini-Neckys to gain the
necessary objects to fight the
ghost of Krow.

Each level has between one and
three of these. Complete all
the bonuses on a level to
gain 1%.

Finding these aren't necessary
but they will be useful if you
can. Items become visible when
you touch them.

Press the 'A' button to power
him up, then release it for
his Superstab. Use this to
break open hidden doors!

All but one of my lessons are
useful in your quest.

Make sure you have plenty of

Now 'ear this, landlubbers! Me
name is Klubba an' to cross me
bridge is gonna cost yer many
pieces o' eight!

An' if yers don't pay up, I'll
run yer through like the
scurvy dogs ye are, A-harrr!
It costs 15 Kremkoins to cross
over, mateys.

Splice me mainbrace, it's the
monkeys! I hope yers got
enough booty this time, or
ye'll walk the plank!

Shiver me timbers! Where's me
loot? Cos if I don't get none,
ye don't cross over, mateys!

Scurvy chimps ahoy! C'mon ye
yellowbellies. Try an' cross
Klubba's bridge without payin.
I dare ye!

Let's see yer dubloons, ye
mangy apes!

A-harrrr! 'Tis the flea ridden
gorillas again! Pay the toll,
or ye'll suffer a plenty, I
promise ye!

Avast there! Touch me horde o'
gold 'ere, an' I'll slice ye
in two!

Stop right there ye scummy
swabs! Step on me toll bridge
an' I'll throw ye overboard!

It's twenty lashes wi' the cat
o' nine tails for ye if I
don't get me booty this time,
y' filthy apes!

Ye'll 'ave t' find me more n'
that to pass!

That's not enough, y' banana-
scoffing, scummy landlubbers!

Ye'll taste me club if ye
don't get some more!

Try that again an' it's Davy
Jones's locker f' ye! A-harrh!

What's wrong with ye? Our
bonus rooms must be too hard 
for y' flea bitten chimps
t' find.

Har! Har! Har! Y'must be jokin
if I'm gonna let ye across fer
that lousy loot!

Get lost and fetch me lots
more treasure, y' scurvy dogs!

I'll wrap me club around yer
moth eaten heads if yer don't
pay every last one!

Beat it, y' mangy apes!

Don't come back, y' scurvy

Get lost, landlubbers!

Come back when you want a
beating. Har! Har!

Come back and face me, yellow
bellied dogs!

You'll never beat us Kremlings
this time!

I'll be waiting right 'ere, y'
flea bitten monkeys!

I hope I never see you again!

Step this way, friends! I've
polished the bridge just
for ye!

Ahoy there me monkey mateys!
Fare ye well on this fine day!

Kap'n K.Rool treats us rotten.
I hope yer scupper his plans!

'Tis me ape mates! The
barrel is all yours!

If yers get into any trouble,
Klubba 'ere will 'elp ye out!

Thanks for the booty. Yer me
best mateys now!

Over here, Kongs! The Kremling
'Lost World' awaits ye!

Feel free t' use me barrel
when ye like, mateys!

Game Text: (c) 1995 Nintendo/Rare
Document: (c) 2008 Vinny Hamilton (VHamilton002@gmail.com)

Version History:
Version 1.0 (8/21/08)

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