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Guide and Walkthrough by WWalker

Updated: 04/17/2001

for Super NES (SNES)

This document is copyrighted by William Walker and any alteration, copying, selling for a profit
or otherwise infringing on my copyright without my notification and permission is strictly
prohibited and will result in suing.

Violence: None

Credits: Nintendo made a tipbook for this game and I'd like to thank them. Before I got it I used
tips by Nickwhizl and VGW man for the first five worlds, complete with ASCII art for the bonus
rooms. I'd like to thank them very much. For the rest of the game I used tips from an author
whose nickname is Marshmellow. Thank you very much!!!

My e-mail address: j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net .


Welcome to DKC2! This time, the evil king of reptiles Kaptain. K. Rool has kidnaped Donkey
Kong and for ransom, he wants the entire banana hoard. Diddy and his girlfriend need to rescue
him. This guide covers totally everything and will take you from Pirate Panic to Krocodile Kore.

To control yourself in a level either Kong in a level, press:

A - When playing with both Kongs, makes them team up or split up when teamed up. When
playing with one Kong, does nothing.

B - Jump.

Y - Makes either Kong run, if you press it when in the air and playing as Dixie makes her
helicopter spin (usually referred to as gliding). When on the ground the first time it is pressed it
makes you cartwheel (if Diddy) or ponytail whip (if Dixie). Also can be used to pick something
up. If you hold it down you can carry a barrel, crate, stunned Click-Clack, stunned Klobber,
treasure chest or cannonball. Release to throw it, and hold up to throw it up. Throw your partner
the same way.

X - Does nothing unless you're on an animal's back other than green Squawks, when it makes
you dismount. You must dismount to climb, enter a door or pick something up.

Start - Pauses.

Select - When you have both Kongs makes you switch.


Funky's Flights II - One in every world, it lets you go to another world. The first time you use
one, it costs two Banana Coins.

Kong Kollege - Wrinkly Kong tells you techniques and boss tips, as well as saves you game.
repeated saves in the same place cost two Banana Coins.

Monkey Museum - Cranky Kong gives you tips for bonus rooms and DK coins for a price.

Swanky's Bonus Bonanza - For some Banana Coins, you can answer three trivia questions about
DCK2. Each place has three games, and the harder they are the more lives you get.

Klubba's Kiosk - Klubba is a green musclebound Kremling, appointed by K. Rool to guard the
Lost World. To get by and enter his Golden Barrel, bribe him with 15 Kremkoins. You must
collect all 75 to pass each of the five ones (there isn't one in Gangplank Galleon) see all five lost
world stages, and beat the game 101%.



KONG letters - four in each level, collect them all in the same level for a 1-UP.

Balloons - red is worth 1 life, green 2 and blue 3.

Bananas - collect 100 for a bonus life, banana bunches are worth ten bananas.

No animal sign - bring the animal on the sign across it for an item, but you'll lose the animal.

Chest - something is inside, throw it at an enemy to break it. Some require multiple hits.

Crate - like a barrel, but it cannot roll.

Cannonball - touch a cannon with it and you'll go to a bonus room.

Barrel Cannons

Barrel cannon - usually spinning, time your blast out of it by hitting B.

Autoblast barrel - jump in and you'll automatically be fired in the correct direction.

Arrow barrel - usually pointing up, it shoots you in the direction of the arrow.

Bonus barrel - sends you to a bonus room.

Diddy/Dixie barrel - only the character on the side can use it, usually leading to bonus stuff.

Rotating barrel - you can shoot off in any direction, rarely seen, usually with a timer. Should the
timer run out, you'll fire automatically.

Steerable barrel - found only in Fiery Furnace, it can be moved anywhere until the timer runs out,
then it shoots and disappears. You can't control the direction you blast in.

Other Barrels

Normal barrel - use this to beat enemies or open bonus room doors.

DK barrel - gives you back the other Kong if you're playing with only one Kong. If it's on the
ground you can use it like a normal barrel.

TNT barrel - explodes upon contact, the explosion can take multiple enemies out.

Animal barrel - morphs you into the animal on the side.

Midway barrel - saves your place, one in every level except Rickety Race.

! Barrel - grants temporary invincibility.

+ and - barrels - in Haunted Hall, + adds time, - takes time. Each barrel gives or takes a different
amount of time.

  and   barrels - in Target Terror,   opens the next gate,   closes it. Be sure to hit each  
barrel and avoid each   barrel.

Krockhead barrels - only in Krockhead Klamber, make Krockheads appear for a while.

More things

Invisible items - invisible until collected.

Exit target - jump on it to end the stage. If you land from high enough you'll get the displayed
prize - they change, so time it well.


Banana Coins - In every level, little coins with bananas, give them to a Kong helper for help.

Kremcoin: One in each bonus room and boss, 75 total. Collect them all to beat the game 101%.

DK coin - One per level, collect them all to beat the game 101%.


Note * * means you morph into that animal.

Rambi the Rhino - Anything he hits will die unless you hit its underside, and by pressing A he
can do a super fast charge that plows through baddies and is the only way to bust doors open
leading to bonus rooms. Levels: Pirate Panic, Red-Hot Ride, Barrel Bayou, *Rambi Rumble*,
*Castle Crush*, *Animal Antics*.

Enguarde the Swordfish - Press Y to charge and beat any underwater enemy, and A to do a super
fast charge. If the water drains away and you're riding him you can only move very slowly by
charging, but if you're morphed he can move slowly on his own. Levels: Lockjaw's Locker, Lava
Lagoon, *Arctic Abyss*, *Animal Antics*.

Rattly the Rattlesnake - Can jump really high and beat Zingers, and by holding A for a while he
can do a super jump even higher. Levels: Topsail Trouble, *Rattle Battle*, Gusty Glade, *Toxic
Tower*, *Animal Antics*.

Squawks the Parrot - The green kind can fly wherever you want, and more efficiently when
morphed (passengers weight him down). Also press Y to make him shoot a nut at an enemy. You
can't "lose" him like all the other enemies but can only take two hits when riding him. Purple
Squawks cannot go up or shoot eggs, but he can fall slower by holding up (and faster by holding
down). Levels, Purple Squawks: Parrot Chute Panic. Levels, Green Squawks: Squawk's Shaft,
Bramble Blast (not in a crate in Bramble Blast), Bramble Scramble, *King Zing Sting* (Boss),
*Castle Crush*, *Toxic Tower*, *Screech's Sprint* (Race), *Animal Antics*.

Squitter the Spider - By pressing Y he can shoot a sticky web that can beat enemies and by
pressing A he can shoot a web ball. Then hit A again and the ball will stop moving and become a
platform. Use it to climb up. By holding up or down as you fire either a web ball or a sticky web
you can make it go up or down. He cannot beat enemies by jumping. Probably the toughest one
to control, but is more aerially flexible than any of the others except green Squawks. Web
platforms disappear quickly, so make the next one fast. Levels: Hot Head Hop, Hornet Hole,
*Bramble Scramble*, *Web Woods*, *Toxic Tower*, *Animal Antics*.

Clapper the Seal - His freezing breath can turn lava into water or water into ice (depending on the
level) for a while. Jump on him, but you can't ride him. Levels: Lava Lagoon, Clapper's Cavern.

Glimmer the Angler Fish - Carries a light to help you see. Unridable. Levels: Glimmer's Galleon.



Floatsam - A stingray that goes back and forth. Either stab him or avoid him. Levels: Lockjaw's
Locker, Lava Lagoon, Glimmer's Galleon, Arctic Abyss, Animal Antics.

Puftup - A puffer fish that inflates itself and blocks the way, or sometimes explodes and sends
spikes in four directions. Use a stab. Levels: Same as Floatsam.

Shuri - A starfish. Orange moves in a pattern, pink flies at you in a straight line. Stab it if
possible. Levels: Same as Floatsam.

Lockjaw - A red piranha that swims back and forth. When it sees you it chomps, then charges at
you, so move when it chomps. Use a stab but time it right. Levels: Same as Floatsam.

Snapjaw - A purple and invincible Lockjaw, stay out of the water to avoid getting bitten. Levels:
Slime Climb, Clapper's Cavern.


Neek - A rat, jump on it. Levels: Common early on, rarer later.

Flitter - A blue dragonfly, usually stationary, use them as stepping stones. Levels: Many.

Cat of 9 Tails - a blue cat, jump on it when it stops spinning and sits, if you jump on it when it is
spinning its nine tails it'll shoot you in the air. Use the D-pad to aim for any barrels you see.
Levels: Mud Hole Marsh, Screech's Sprint, Fiery Furnace.

Click-Clack - A beetle, jump on it to stun it and then use it as a barrel. It can revive though and
then it goes faster. Jump on it twice to kill it. Levels: Mainbrace Mayhem, Topsail Trouble, Lava
Lagoon, Slime Climb, Hornet Hole, Bramble Blast, Bramble Scramble, Parrot Chute Panic,
Windy Well.

Mini-Necky - Swoops at you, climb or fly past it quickly or jump on it. Levels: Kannon's Klaim,
Squawk's Shaft, Bramble Scramble, Mud Hole Marsh, Web Woods, Kreepy Krow (Boss), Chain
Link Chamber, Screech's Sprint.

Spiny - A porcupine, you can't jump on it, instead, roll attack the head. Levels: Common after
Hornet Hole.

Zinger - A bee, cannot be beaten except by an animal or tossed object. Red ones are totally
invincible, and some move. Levels: Very common.

Screech - Can't hurt you, but if he crosses the finish line first, you'll know why they call it 'dead
last.' Levels: Screech's Sprint.


Klomp - Walks back and forth, jump him. Levels: Common early, never seen after Slime Climb.

Kaboing - Jumps a lot, some higher than others. Levels: Many.

Klampon - A large blue alligator, jump on it but don't roll. Levels: Many.

Klobber - When you come near, he runs at you. Green ones try to knock you around, yellow ones
steal bananas (you can get them back if you're fast and can't go below zero) black steals lives
(you can grab them back if you're fast) and red ones hurt you. They all hide in barrels (red in
TNT barrels) and by jumping on them (difficult because they're fast) you can use them like
normal barrels. Levels: Many.

Klinger - Climbs up and down ropes, jump on him but be careful not to grab the rope he's on.
Levels: Mainbrace Mayhem, Topsail Trouble, Krockhead Klamber, Slime Climb, Chain Link

Kruncha - A blue guy, jump or roll and he'll turn red and go even faster, and when he's red he's
invincible. Throw something at them, including your partner, but brownish ones can't be beaten
with a team throw. Levels: Gangplank Galley, Topsail Trouble, Kannon's Klaim, Red-Hot Ride, 
Slime Climb, Ghostly Grove, Web Woods, Castle Crush, Clapper's Cavern.

Kannon - Carries a cannon that fires barrels and cannonballs. Barrels can be jumped on to bounce
higher. Jump. Levels: Many.

Krook - A guy with hooks for hands, he fires hooks at you and they return boomerang style.
Climb or fly by after he fires, and if you're forced to go up, aim for the spot where the hook is so
that it'll be gone when you're gone. Can be a real pain. Levels: Squawk's Shaft, Hornet Hole,
Bramble Scramble, Web Woods, Windy Well, Castle Crush, Chain Link Chamber, Black Ice
Battle, Fiery Furnace.

Kutlass - A guy with two swords, when he sees you he'll charge. Get out of the way and jump on
him when his swords are stuck in the ground. Or, jump over him and move on (can be difficult).
Green ones don't get their swords stuck, so jump on them very fast. If you can, use a barrel.
Levels: Common later in the game.

Kloak - A floating coat that throws things at you, use an animal or an object. Some throw good
items. Levels: Barrel Bayou, Bramble Scramble, Ghostly Grove.

Klank - Inside roller coaster cars, there are two varieties. The ones in Target Terror throw barrels
at you - jump over them. The ones in Rickety Race don't do anything to hurt you but must be
beaten to move up a place. You can't beat the ones in Target Terror but they'll eventually fall off
the track. The ones in Rickety Race never fall off the track but can be beaten by jumping on or
over them, and the early ones can also be plowed into. Levels: Target Terror, Rickety Race.

Kackle - This ghost is bad to the bone (he's a skeleton, so all you can see is the bones). He'll
eerily follow you and hurt you when time runs out. You can't beat him but can escape. Levels:
Haunted Hall.


Before I start this walkthrough, I'd like to give a few basic hints:

-To get Banana Coins inside a pit, either team throw or roll jump.

-Use team throws to beat strong enemies like krunchas or hard to hit enemies but remember to be
careful not to throw your partner into something dangerous as you'll lose them.

-If a simple team throw doesn't get you high enough, jump and team throw in mid-air.

-You can exit a stage you're already beaten by pressing start and then select.

-If a bonus room looks hard to reach, I suggest beating the stage first, then coming back to beat
the bonus room as if you fail, you can press start-select instead of killing yourself.

-My bonus room descriptions are a little vague, as most are easy to find and complete. If you
can't get into or complete one, experiment and read what I said carefully before e-mailing me. I
hate e-mails about things you should know.

-All the stages of Crocodile Cauldron and Gangplank Galleon have invisible warp barrels that
warp you to the end of the stage, usually near the start.

-When you load a game you'll only have five lives, so play a stage repeatedly to get enough lives.
Never enter a new world without many lives, and save often.

-Perfect team throwing, climbing, roll jumping and jumping techniques early, as later in the game
you'll need them.



There's not much to say, except to practice rolling through the Neeks and Klomps and... well, if
you have any trouble, throw out the game and play Pong. Also if you can bring Rambi through
the No Rambi sign, you'll get a green balloon. There's also a red balloon here, in K. Rool's
cabin. This level also allows you to build up Banana Coins fast - at the start, team throw and
you'll land in an invisible barrel.

Bonus room 1: Drop into the first and last hole in the ship and walk right.

Inside: This stage is simple: Collect the Kremcoin before time runs out. Just jump up the stacks
of barrels. The coin is in the upper right corner. Also you can go right to find a Banana Coin.

Bonus room 2: When you get Rambi (who is in plain sight) go right and when you find a large
wall with a single banana at the bottom, face the wall, hold A to supercharge, release to go in.

Inside: Beat all the Neeks and Klomps on barrel stacks, being careful not to hit one's underside
as if you get hit you'll leave the stage (but you can reenter it). Kill all the enemies and the coin

DK coin: Called a Hero coin by Cranky, but I call it a DK coin. To the right of bonus room 2 is a
crate (which can be used to open the door if you've lost Rambi) on a barrel. Jump to it, then jump
to the barrels to the right, then jump to grab it. Easy.


You'll do some climbing here, so learn rope skills which you'll need to perfect later on. Click-
Clacks are everywhere, and can be used to beat other enemies. Be very careful when jumping on
Klingers. There's also a green balloon here - after the midway barrel is a horizontal rope, jump
and grab the lone banana and an invisible barrel shoots you to it.

Bonus room 1: Use Dixie and glide right at the start, under the rigging with the barrel. Grab the
rope and jump into the bonus barrel.

Inside: Climb the three ropes quickly and hold Y to climb faster. If you miss a jump you'll fall
off the screen, but won't die.

Bonus room 2: The cannonball is in plain sight. Bring it left, killing enemies with it (you can't
lose it like a barrel) until you find a cannon. Touch it with the ball and off you go.

Inside: Beat five Klingers above you with the cannonball or preferably your partner. Just be
careful not to bodily hit any.

Bonus room 3: When you see the exit target go back to the left across the rope, then jump off and
glide left. Then, team throw into the barrel. You need both Kongs for this and many other barrels.

Inside: Climb the ropes collecting the stars, collect them all to make a coin appear at the top.
Hold Y to climb faster and climb up, like a plow getting each of the five columns of stars.

DK coin: After bonus room 3 just go right and jump to get it. Jump straight down for a red
balloon (on the exit target).


There's some Kaboings here, and chests. One has a red balloon, so smash them all. Jump and
grab hooks to cross pits. Hint: at the first pit, drop down and hold left for a shortcut and Banana
Coin. Also use team throws to beat Krunchas, or avoid them if you're short a Kong.

Bonus room 1: Climb up the barrels at the start and there it is.

Inside: Some luck is required here. There are four chests, pick one up, stand under the red Zinger
and hold up to throw it up - it's easier. One chest has the coin.

Bonus room 2: When you grab the ! barrel (in plain sight) charge right to the several barrel
stacks, and climb up beating each Kruncha. There's a chest with a red balloon too. At the top is
the bonus barrel. If you're not invincible you need both Kongs.

Inside: Climb up on eight hooks.

DK coin: At the start, stand under the bonus barrel and switch to Diddy. Then roll right off the
barrel stack, and before you stop rolling jump right to the hook. You can also team throw. Then
jump right two hooks to find it.


Like many water levels this place is full of Banana Coins. First, hold right when you fall down at
the very start for two Banana Coins. Then, under the K swim by the Floatsam through a fake wall
for two more. There's another one above the K - get it when the water rises. After the second
Enguarde crate (guarded by a Lockjaw after the N) kill the lockjaw and go left and down for two
more coins. Use Enguarde to beat all the enemies, and don't lose him.

Bonus room 1: After the K and the two Banana Coins under it you'll find a Lockjaw guarding a
hole. Lure him away then go down. Get Enguarde, then go right through a fake wall to a banana
bunch. Then go up through the DK barrel through another fake wall, and supercharge the right
wall with a banana.

Inside: This is a maze. Use basics stabs to go faster, and go toward the upper right corner for the
Kremcoin. Don't worry - you have a lot of time.

DK coin: At the second No Enguarde sign team up, jump and when in midair throw your partner
up and left by holding those buttons.


The first part of this rainy rigging stage involves Rattly. Beat all the enemies with him. When you
reach the No Rattly sign you'll have to make it to the end by climbing ropes avoiding Zingers.
The second part is pretty hard. There's several lives here - at the first DK barrel, charge Rattly for
a super jump with A then jump up/left to find a red balloon. Also the first and only chest contains
a red balloon - dismount Rattly to use it, and throw it up to the next platform before beating the
Kruncha. At the end, if you have both Kongs jump OVER the exit target and team throw up to a

Bonus room 1: At the second DK barrel go back left and when you're at the far left rigging do a
Rattly super jump up to the bonus barrel, above a mast. You can also team throw.

Inside: Really easy, just jump on the six Flitters with Rattly.

Bonus room 2: Oooh... this is a tough one. When you find a crate after the midway barrel kill the
next Zinger with it to get a Banana Coin, then climb the rope. There's two Flitters above you.
Jump up to the right of the right one and you'll grab an invisible hook. Then bounce on both
Flitters and into the barrel.

Inside: Climb to the top, but watch out for Flitters. Use Y to climb faster.

DK coin: After bonus room 2 go right, jumping over the Zingers, then up, left, and up again.
Instead of going left jump right to some rigging with the coin.


Wrinkly Kong calls this boss a he, but I think it's a she because she has a nest. She'll drop an egg
and it bounces - jump on it, then hit Krow with it. You can team throw up to the nest for two
Banana Coins, but watch out for Krow. After two hits she'll slam into the nest, causing eggs to
fall out. Dodge them and when one doesn't fall off the screen, pick it up and whack Krow with it.
Two more hits and she's headed for the grave.



This is a pretty simple lava level, just use the Krockheads to cross the lava pits, and remember
that brown ones spring you up. You'll meet Squitter midway through. Also, at the start team
throw above the start for a dark chest with a green balloon! Also after the G, if you have Squitter
don't jump in the barrel cannon - cross the pit using web platforms and get two Banana Coins.

Bonus room 1: Break the chest guarded by Klampons to get a cannonball, and carry it right to the
cannon. Be careful not to fall in the lava or drop the ball.

Inside: Use the Krockheads to spring up to the stars. Get them all.

Bonus room 2: After the first Zinger you'll find two bananas in the air. You must use Squitter,
use web platforms to get up to the barrel. Follow the bananas.

Inside: Use webs to quickly go up to the coin.

Bonus room 3: Use webs or team up, just before the No Squitter sign.

Inside: Cross the lava pit using webs (Squitter's here if you don't have him).

DK coin: Use web platforms to get it, right above the Squitter crate. Surrounded by bananas.


Lots of Kannons and arrow barrels in this vertical stage. It might be a little hard.

Bonus room 1: Glide right at the start.

Inside: Use the character barrels to climb up. You can either switch characters every time or use
team throws.

Bonus room 2: Glide left at the second DK barrel after the midway barrel. It may take a few tries.

Inside: Use the arrow barrels to go up. Ignore the bananas.

Bonus room 3: When you reach the chest with the G, run right off the platform. Go far enough so
you land on a lower platform with a Kannon and bonus barrel.

Inside: Bounce across the Flitters.

DK coin: Glide right in bonus room 1. One of the hardest to get.


This level has a lot of Clappers. Hit each one, then reach the next one before the water turns to
lava. After the midway barrel go down into the water, then left through the wall to find Enguarde.
Also, after the first Clapper go left through the wall for two invisible Banana Coins. When you
get in the arrow barrel hold left for another one. After that go through an alcove in the ceiling to
get a ! barrel. This makes it easier to get the goodies guarded by Lockjaws. After the second
Clapper after the midway barrel go up on the left, and keep going up through the wall for the N
and two more Banana Coins.

Bonus room 1: After the No Enguarde sign take the barrel and walk into the crate below it. The
barrel breaks it open.

Inside: Use Enguarde to beat all the Floatsams and Puftups. There's no lava.

DK coin: At the last Clapper go down/right through the wall. Grab the ! barrel, swim up to the
coin, and get in the barrel cannon on the left quickly.


Tough stage. You'll be riding balloons, but the balloons sink unless over steam, so push each
balloon up as far as possible at each vent, and be patient. Rambi's in plain sight, and above the
start are two invisible Banana Coins (use a team throw). BTW, avoid Zingers.

Bonus room 1: If you haven't lost Rambi by the time you reach the next land, supercharge the
wall before the Krunchas.

Inside: Go fast and beat all the enemies.

Bonus room 2: Under the midway barrel - glide.

Inside: Ride the balloon and jump to get the stars. Use team throws. You have plenty of time.

DK coin: Easy if you remember what to do. Do not pick up the DK barrel on the balloon after the
midway barrel until you find two Zingers. Kill the top one, get on the balloon, and team throw to
the coin.


The first part is hard - blast between the spinning barrels and avoid Zingers and Krooks. There's
a red balloon in a chest behind a Krook. Nearby it is a Dixie barrel - team throw in for two
Banana Coins. Once you get Squawks it's easier - get behind each Krook and shoot an nut at it
from behind, and fly fast to escape the Mini-Neckies.

Bonus room 1: After collecting the red balloon behind a Krook jump right as far as you can
preferably with a glide to reach it, guarded by Zingers.

Inside: There's seven chests, one has a Kremcoin, one a Banana Coin, the others bananas. I
recommend using Dixie and throwing each chest from the middle ledge.

Bonus room 2: You have to get to the midway barrel without losing a Kong! Once you get there,
team throw up/left into the barrel that takes you to the bonus barrel. It may take several tries.

Inside: Blast straight up in each spinning barrel.

Bonus room 3 & DK coin: When you find two Krooks facing each other, kill them and go right
along the route the right one was guarding. Get the Banana Coin, and fly up to the DK coin and
bonus barrel.

Inside: Kill all the Zingers with nuts.


This is one of the toughest bosses I've ever seen in a platform game. First, Kleever shoots three
fireballs at you. Jump over them, pick up the cannonball with Dixie, and throw it at him. Then
cross the lava pit via the hooks, going very fast to avoid being scorched by a fireball. Then throw
the cannonball at him. After three hits he'll sink into the lava and then come out, flying (For
some reason, that reminds me of The Road to El Dorado) and he'll try to spear you. Time you
jump right (glide if possible) and he'll miss. Then cross the hooks again and grab the cannonball
with Dixie, then jump and hit him from below, and cross the lava again. After three more hits
he's toast. There's two Banana Coins in the upper right corner - use a glide.



Lots of rotatable barrels here. Really easy. To get by the arrow barrels, hold right. If you don't
have Rambi or an object, run past the Kloaks. The Kloak with the N behind it will toss a chest
with a green balloon if followed. Also, use Dixie and glide over the second pit and you'll find a
Rambi crate.

Bonus room 1: After the No Rambi sign follow the Kloak left and kill him with the chest he
throws for a cannonball - jump left to the cannon.

Inside: Beat the moving Zinger and Flitters with cannonballs or team throws with the Flitters.

Bonus room 2: After the moving arrow barrel use a team throw.

Inside: Blast through the rotating barrels.

DK coin: Bring Rambi over the No Rambi sign. Be careful not to touch the midway barrel.


Glimmer will help you see in the dark water. There's so many Banana Coins here telling you
about them would make this file go to New Zealand. A few things: Lockjaws charge faster here,
some Puftups explode and near the start, go up into an alcove with a banana and an invisible red
balloon where it is. A tough level.

Bonus room 1 & DK coin: At the start, swim up, then through the ceiling to find two Banana
Coins. To the right is an open door. Swim through a fake wall above it and collect three banana
bunches. Finally go through the ceiling again to find the coin. Then go back and through the

Inside: Swim through this dark maze quickly.

Bonus room 2: After the second DK barrel after the midway barrel go right past some flying
Shuries. When you see a banana arrow pointing right, swim down, right, and down again
following the bananas to find it.

Inside: Another maze, this one larger and more complex.


Lots of ropes, krockhead barrels and krockheads here. After you hit a krockhead barrel hurry
before the heads disappear. Be careful when jumping on Klingers. This level is pretty hard.

Bonus room 1: When you find a No Squitter sign and banana arrow team throw up.

Inside: Get on Squitter and beat four Zingers. Jump and shoot upward by holding up to shoot
high enough.

DK coin: Long description. At the start kill the Kutlass, then kill the bottom Zinger with the DK
barrel. Glide through the opening and kill a Zinger with the chest for a red balloon. Switch to
Diddy and roll off the edge, then jump in mid-air before you stop rolling and jump on the Flitter.
Now you'll find four Zingers and a Banana Coin. Switch to the Kong you do NOT want to use in
the rest of the level and walk into a Zinger. While your other Kong is flashing, run past the
Zingers and pick up the chest. Kill them all with it to get the coin. Then get in the blast barrel to
go back to the start.


You'll morph into Rattly for this stage. Some Kaboings jump really high, so time your jumps
right. Also don't forget you can bounce on Kannon's barrels. Also you can jump on Zingers.
Some enemies have Banana Coins behind them.

Bonus room 1: Jump at the start to go into an invisible barrel, then team throw.

Inside: Climb to the top by using roll jumps or glides to go between the barrel stacks.

Bonus room 2: After the second DK barrel jump over the pit, then drop into the next one and go
through the left wall.

Inside: Bounce across a chasm via six Zingers.

Bonus room 3: When you see a banana arrow pointing up do a super jump.

Inside: Collect as many stars as you can, then get the ones in the top center with super jumps.

DK coin: After the O jump into the next pit and hold right. There's a fake wall near the bottom, if
you jumped far enough you'll go through and get it. If you miss, you're history.


This is a rigging stage, only there's slime that rises as you climb the ropes, and a Snapjaw is in it,

Bonus room 1: After the midway barrel kill the Kannon quickly before the slime rises and get the
! barrel. Then go down into the slime and follow the bananas to reach it. Hurry.

Inside: Climb to the top, then jump down onto the hooks on each side collecting stars. It's
actually pretty easy.

Bonus room 2: The cannonball and cannon are both in plain sight.

Inside: Beat all the enemies with cannonballs or team throws with the Flitters.

DK coin: There's a ! barrel in plain sight near the end. Team throw to reach it the go right
through the slime. The coin is under the exit target. Hurry up.


Weird stage. You'll be among a ton of barrels and must time your blasts out. There's bramble
and thorns that serve as punishment for those who miss each blast. Most barrels can only blast in
2, 3 or 4 directions and are in large areas where you must find the exit to the next area. Also, in
the area with the O, go down to the bottom and blast down/right for two Banana Coins. In the
parts with the spinning barrels time your blasts just right. At one point, if you blast really quickly
you can get a red balloon.

Bonus room 1: In the fifth barrel area (with lots of arrow barrels) you need to get into the arrow
barrel in the center. Before doing that, go to the left side - from one barrel you'll see a banana
down/left of you. That's your cue - blast down there.

Inside: Go through this big maze of barrels to the end. Here's the guide (DR means to blast
down/right) DR, DR, DR, DR, UR, UR, UL, UL, UR, UR, DR, DL, DR, UR. Whew!

Bonus room 2 & DK coin: Near the end, you'll find a Flitter. Bounce off him into the barrel and
when you bounce off the next Flitter, instead of bouncing across them hold left and go down the
shaft to the arrow barrel and you'll land in Squawk's talons. The take obvious path, picking up
the DK coin on the way (guarded by a Zinger) until you find the bonus barrel.

Inside: You can touch floor spikes while on Squawks and not get hurt, so put that fact to use in
this bramble maze.


This boss is simple... and very hard. Kudgel will jump high, run around the arena so he won't
land on you and when he lands, JUMP! If you're not in the air when he lands you'll be
immobilized (like Roy Koopa in Super Mario 3) and he can hit you. You can escape early on but
you'll die if you get stunned later. After three jumps he'll swing his spiked club - stay away from
him. Then he'll make a TNT barrel appear. When he next lands, stay away from him - if you're
too close, he'll smash the TNT barrel with his club. Then hit him with the TNT barrel (preferably
with Dixie). After three hits he'll start making low jumps - run under him, and he also gets faster
with each hit. After six hits he's in the soup for good.



This stage is in a beehive and you'll face a lot of (surprise!) Zingers. You'll also deal with honey,
which can be on walls or floors. It makes you stick at the only way to escape is to jump. When
it's on walls jump and land higher on the wall to climb up. This is crucial to beating this stage.
Also after the first honey climb, grab the hook and climb up the honey above it to a chest with a
green balloon. Also you can get Squitter here - he makes the level much easier and is crucial
when talking about bonus rooms. After the second DK barrel team throw to the hook, then climb
the honey wall. Remember to hold outward when jumping off honey walls, especially when you
must jump very fast or get stung. Finally, you can fall off the screen here even if there is
technically ground below you, like in Slipslide Ride in DKC1.

Bonus rooms 1 & 2: At the start, team throw to the hook, then go left and climb the honey. Climb
all the way to the top, then cross the hooks and jump right to 1. After 1, drop down to find 2.

Inside 1: Pick up the chest with Dixie and kill all the Zingers with it. It's easier with Dixie
because she holds it over her head and doesn't have to throw it.

Inside 2: Climb up that honey fast.

Bonus room 3: After the DK coin get in the arrow barrel. Then instead of going left, go up and
right following the bananas using web platforms at the top, shoot the Zinger and enter.

Inside: Climb up the shaft using web platforms.

DK coin: After the honey steps with Spinys shoot the Zinger and drop down. Use the arrow
barrel to get back up. Shoot two more Zingers, then use web platforms to climb up to the coin.


Easy. Just ride in the skull roller coaster, and jump out to the next car when the track ends or to
hit the   barrels to open gates. If you hit a closed gate you'll lose a Kong, and some check
barrels are guarded by Zingers or must be bounced up to by Flitters. Also avoid or jump over  
barrels as they shut gates. When Klanks throw barrels at you, just jump. There's an invisible red
balloon over the last   barrel, but only go for it if you have both Kongs as you usually hit the
barrel too.

Bonus room 1: After the first   barrel you'll go down a hill, shortly after this jump into it. Easy.

Inside: Get on Squawks and beat all the Zingers in a bramble area. It may be hard, and if you
mess up you can't go back unless you kill yourself.

Bonus room 2: Follow the second Klank off the track - you'll land on a lower track leading to it.

Inside: Jump from car to car, as they are on very short track pieces and go very fast. Don't worry
about the time.

DK coin: Jump when inside the second shack (just before the second Klank) to get it.


This is a hard level. A word of advice: take each move slowly! In the first part you'll be climbing
on vines past Zingers and Krooks. Then get on Squawks and fly by Zingers and Krooks. You
can't kill red ones, though. The last Krook has two Banana Coins above it. After the midway
barrel you'll climb some vines past Mini-Neckies and a Kannon, then fly on squawks past a lot of
red Zingers and at the end, Kloaks. Remember that you can't be hurt from floor spikes when on
Squawks, so to get by the Kloaks, just glide across the floor. Made it? Whew, I feel MUCH

Bonus room 1: When you find a ! barrel, team throw to reach it then go down through the
bramble until you find a barrel that shoots you in. Hurry up there.

Inside: Get on Squawks and beat each Zinger, then grab the stars he was holding. You have
plenty of time, and you'll need most of it.

DK coin, blue balloon and shortcut: Wow! Okay, at the midway barrel jump right through the
bramble and do a roll jump (roll and jump in midair) to reach the Squitter barrel. Go up via web
platforms to the two Banana Coins. There's a banana in the left wall - use webs to go through,
building each web right next to the one you're on so you won't need to jump and risk a hit. Grab
the DK coin, then build webs down into the alcove below it - there's an invisible blue balloon in
there. Then, go back through the wall and up to the No Squitter sign. Get in the arrow barrel and
you'll be very close to the Squawks crate.


In this you can't jump out of your hot rod skull, and must reach the end of this grueling race by
jumping over pits. There's a ! sign before each, but I lost 25 lives here anyway the first time. You
don't have to win the race to finish, but you'll get a prize each time you beat a Klank by jumping
or ramming - they can't fall off the track, so you must jump on them or over them, and the early
ones can also be rammed into. It becomes much easier if you use the speed booster at the start -
hold left when the lights become green to go left to a barrel that sends you flying ahead. The first
four Klanks give bananas, the next two banana bunches, then the letter N, a Banana Coin and the
last one a DK coin. Each one is harder to beat than the last.

Bonus room 1: Team throw at the start to get onto a platform above the start, then team throw up
again and glide right to the door.

Inside: You'll have a choice at the end of each track of whether or not to jump. Usually only one
of the tracks has a Klank, and you must beat enough by the end, so pause at the end of each track
to see which one has the Klank.


Errr... a swamp? It's got a lot of Cat Of 9 Tails, avoid them as their shooting patterns are
unpredictable. At the end, bounce off Kannon's barrels to cross the pit. There's a ! barrel here,
after a chest - it's invisible, represented by a single banana - team throw.

Bonus room 1: In plain sight, team throw or use the cat (preferably team throw).

Inside: Collect as many stars as you can, then team throw to get the rest.

Bonus room 2: The cannonball and cannon are in plain sight.

Inside: Use the cannonballs to beat all the Zingers and Flitters. You need a good aim.

DK coin. At the very end, you'll find a Kannon firing right. Instead of beating him jump OVER
him with the hook. Bounce off one of his barrels to get a prize on the exit target - one's the coin.


This stage is really hard. It is a beehive with a lot more difficult honey climbing and jumping. If
you make it to the midway barrel, you'll soon become Rambi. He can't be hurt unless you're very
reckless, so bounce across the pits. Then King Zing shows up, and a groovy music starts. Now
you're got to get to the end very quickly, because he'll chase you.

Bonus room 1: When you get out of the second spinning barrel grab the hook, then climb the
walls via the honey, timing your jumps carefully. At the top, just walk in.

Inside: Climb up the honey.

Bonus room 2: When you see the barrel at the end of the chase, instead of jumping in
supercharge the wall below it - hurry, before King Zing kills you.

Inside: Plow through, killing everything.

DK coin: Don't enter Rambi's chamber when you see it, instead climb above it via two invisible
hooks. Then jump over the chamber and climb the honey to get it. If you enter the chamber by
accident, you must kill yourself.


Eeee, stimpy! A nice, easy to beat boss, just what we needed after some tough ones in the
previous two worlds. First, jump to collect two invisible Banana Coins. Then enter the Squawks
barrel and enter the main area. King Zing flies around slowly in a simple pattern. Go to the very
bottom, about 1/3 from the left and when he flies above you, quickly fly up and shoot a nut at his
stinger. If it hits him before he turns around, he'll turn red and fly around for a while. After two
hits he'll turn red and fly slowly, firing off eight spikes three times. After this he'll fly faster. Do
what you did before, go to the bottom and hit him twice in the stinger, and he'll fire off spikes
again. Do this one more time and he'll become a normal red Zinger surrounded by four yellow
ones. Kill them all with nuts quickly for they reappear after a while and then hit him, as he'll turn
yellow. He then becomes red and flies around. Wait until he becomes yellow again to hit him
again, and after three hits he'll bite it.



Easy stage. Besides the many Kloaks are the ghost ropes that appear and disappear - they're
usually over pits, so time your jumps and hurry.

Bonus room 1: When you cross the rope with a Zinger to the right, hit the Klobber and throw him
while holding up. This makes the barrel roll more slowly and takes out the Krunchas. Follow it
until it smashes open a wall.

Inside: Throw the chest up and hit the Zinger five times.

Bonus room 2: Two ghost ropes that appear and disappear guard it, time your jump just right and
you'll barely make it.

Inside: Cross four ghost ropes very fast.

DK coin - Under the O, glide with Dixie down and you'll find it along with two barrels.


Another roller coaster, this time with four areas. In each one, you'll be chased by Kackle and
must avoid running out of time by hitting + barrels and avoiding/jumping over - barrels. Each
section is harder than the last. When you see the gates, you made it. If you run out of time you
lose a Kong, and if you don't do something fast a life. Nifty music, huh?

Bonus rooms 1 & 2: After the first area jump to the higher track and then jump p to the wooden
platform above to go into 1. When you come out, press no buttons to enter 2.

Inside 1: Ride the track until the end, where a plus barrel sends you backwards. As you go down
the hill jump to get on the higher tracks and keep jumping until you get the coin.

Inside 2: Jump to get the stars - you don't need them all just enough. Easy.

Bonus room 3: After the third area you'll see two tracks ahead, jump at just the right time to land
on the lower one. Your timing must be perfect, so this is a tough one.

Inside: Going super fast, jump across the gaps. Strangely the timer starts when you first jump, so
don't jump until the first gap or you won't make it.

DK coin - Easier than the end, just walk through the wall left of the exit target and it's yours.


Egads! This stage has wind that changes directions every few seconds or where yo reach a certain
place. Also, team throw above the start to find Rattly - he makes the stage easier, and if you make
it to the No Rattly sign you'll get a blue balloon! The level itself is pretty insane, with huge pits
you must jump with the wind and barrels and hooks where you must time your jumps/blast just

Bonus room 1: Either use Rattly or team throw, just before the No Rattly sign.

Inside: Bounce across the Flitters in the wind.

Bonus room 2: When you find two Kutlasses guarding two chests, kill the upper one and use his
chest to kill the lower one. Take the cannonball right past two pits to the cannon.

Inside: Get in the barrel and blast up to the stars - easier than you think.

DK coin: After three barrels use Dixie and helicopter spin right off the hill with the wind.


You'll ride many purple Squawks here down through mazes of Zingers. Very straightforward.

Bonus room 1: After the three Zingers in a row just before the O hold up and left hard and you'll
just barely make it. Dismount Squawks and go in.

Inside: Ride the green Squawks through some narrow passages.

Bonus room 2: At the N, jump back up to the highest platform and jump right to some honey
above two Zingers. Climb the honey and in you go.

Inside: Kill all the Zingers with Squawks, then go past the no animal sign and use the TNT barrel
you get to kill the last one.

DK coin: At the start, glide down as Dixie and hold left.


This is a hard level. One of the toughest in the game. You'll be in Squitter morph for most of it
and have to cross large pits while avoiding Zingers, Mini-Neckies, and all that other stuff. And to
top it all off, if you miss the DK coin you must start the level ALL OVER. On the other note,
before entering Squitter's chamber team throw over it - you'll land in a barrel that blasts you to a
chest containing a green balloon. When on Squitter, remember to use your attack webs to beat all
the baddies except Zingers. Also try to go to the very top of each area - there may be less baddies
there. Also at the end go past the exit for an invisible green balloon!!!

Bonus room 1: After the N cross the pit and don't kill the Kannon on the other side. When he
fires a very slow ball, follow it back left via webs until it smashes open a door.

Inside: This is a bramble area, and if you jump to your next web platform, you'll hit the ceiling.
Instead, build each platform so it overlaps the one you're on, so you don't have to jump at all.
Make it snappy, though.

Bonus room 2: When you find the second Kannon (near the end) follow a cannonball left until it
breaks open a door.

Inside: Use webs to get all the stars, in a Rare logo.

DK coin: A prize at the end goal, it only appears for a fraction of a second, so you must time your
blast just right. Should you fail, you've got to start all over.


Krow is back, and she's seriously unhappy. She'll attack with four Mini-Neckies. The first three
are ghosts and it doesn't matter whether you kill them, but the last one is alive - kill it and a
barrel appears, hit Krow with it. Climb the hooks and then climb the ropes. Eggs fall from above,
so when an egg is about to fall, switch ropes and it misses. There's a DK barrel on the left. At the
top get in the barrel cannon and to do the same as before, only the Mini-Neckies go faster and
there are more of them, with one after the living one. Hit her again with the barrel that appears
and climb the hooks again, only this time eggs come from the side. When you make it to the top,
do what you did before one more time and Krow is toast.



A little hint: At the start, glide right, avoid the Klobber and team throw up to get a Banana Coin
and shortcut. Then morph into Enguarde, and complete the rest of this ice cave stage while
avoiding/stabbing Shuries, Lockjaws and all that other stuff. One more thing: After becoming
Enguarde go right, down, then left through the wall for three Banana Coins!

Bonus room 1: After the three Banana Coins go right and up. There's a banana on the ceiling...
supercharge that spot!

Inside: Use normal stabs to quickly go back and forth, getting stars as the water goes down. This
is one of the toughest to get.

Bonus room 2: When you see a red balloon above the water near the end (supercharge to get it)
go left through the wall to a No Enguarde sign. Not only will you get a bonus room you'll get a
red balloon for crossing the sign!

Inside: Kill all the Zingers with the chest.

DK coin: After the midway barrel you'll go down, right and up. Then supercharge right to get it
before the water goes down.


Ohhh... this level is evil. In most parts, when you jump the wind will blow you up through mazes
of Zingers. In other parts the wind will move you up and down and you must fly through
Zingers... try it and you'll see why it's so hard. There's a red balloon in plain sight... but to grab it
you'll be caught by the wind and must dive under three Zingers. Besides Zingers there's tons of
other baddies, including those darned green Kutlasses. The trick when going by the moving
Zingers is to slow down (by holding down) and aiming for the spot they are at because they'll
move away before you get there, and you should speed up. For the Krooks, slow down and when
they fire their hooks, go between the hook and them. Goos luck. You are gonna need it.

Bonus room 1: Just after the O instead of dropping down the gap... hard to explain, but if you
mess up you'll die. Once the wind has caught you and is moving you up and down, dive under
the Zinger and run left into the barrel.

Inside: Ride the wind up to the hook on the left, then kill the Flitters.

Bonus room 2: Under the exit target. There's two ways to go in:

Easy way: Let the Klobber fall off the ledge, then hit Kutlass and run by while your other Kong is

Hard way: If you're short a Kong (as you probably are) lure Klobber out, and at the edge jump on
him (if you miss, run left and he'll reappear) and once he's stunned, kill Kutlass with him.

Inside: Get on Squawks and fly up to all the stars.

DK coin: After the second DK barrel after the continue barrel instead of riding up, jump and ride
the wind all the way right under the Zingers to get it. Hold down to fly slower.


The floor is rising and you'll face a wide variety of enemies as you ride it up. Fairly hard,
especially in the Krook parts. Enemies die if crushed by the floor, and so will you if you're not

Bonus room 1: Take the first DK barrel and kill the first Kutlass with it, then follow the path
behind him to reach a Rambi barrel. Besides making the next part of the level much easier he can
get into the second bonus room - supercharge the wall with the banana arrow, but hurry before
the floor covers it.

Inside: Ride the floor up and kill all the Zingers.

Bonus room 2: After the midway barrel jump right through the left wall where the banana is to
find a Squawks barrel. Besides making the level much easier if he reaches the No Squawks sign
he'll become a TNT barrel. Blow up the wall with the banana arrow pointing at it.

Inside: Ride the floor dashing through the narrow holes.

DK coin: Morph into Squawks (see bonus room 2) and fly up very fast. When you see the No
Squawks sign go down and get the coin before the floor covers it.


Hit each Clapper and race across the ice before it melts to avoid the Snapjaw in there. Since you
can slide on ice try sliding under the Zingers for goodies, and avoid all the enemies. Just hurry.
Also, after the first Clapper after the midway barrel team throw to the banana - there's a ! barrel
there, and three Banana Coins are in the next underwater passage.

Bonus room 1: Team throw above the start to the hook, then run right past the Spinies.

Inside: Cross over some slanted and thin ice platforms... eek!

Bonus room 2: When riding Enguarde, go left when possible, then charge into the wall right of
the Banana Coin.

DK coin: Returning from bonus room 1 team throw to an invisible hook, then jump to the coin.


I voted this level as the toughest to get all the KONG letters in, so if you can, you've done
something amazing. You'll be climbing on a ton of chains avoiding Zingers, Krooks and
Klingers. Also a ! barrel is inside the left wall just after the O. Don't go up ASAP though - after
the big criss-cross area go left on the rope to find the midway barrel!

Bonus room 1: When you pass the first three Krooks, stomp on the last one and walk into the
passage behind him. Lure Klobber out, and jump so he'll fall off the edge. Then grab the
cannonball and jump down to the middle Krook. The cannon is behind him.

Inside: This is doubtless the toughest Kremcoin to get. Cross three chains jumping over Zingers.
Sound easy? Try it.

Bonus room 2: After getting past the part where you must climb up two ropes dodging
cannonballs go right, up, and jump through the left wall. Roll through the Kannons and enter.

Inside: Another toughy, blast quickly through the moving rotatable barrels.

DK coin: Where cannonballs are raining down on you jump through the right wall to find the N
and it.


In each of the three sections you'll morph into an animal and must reach the top before the rising
green goo catches you. IOW, HURRY UP! You'll first play as Rattly, then Squawks and
Squitter. At the very end, go behind the exit target and the green goo goes down... then enter the
lower alcove. Voila! Green balloon!

Bonus room 1: After becoming Squitter kill the right Zinger and jump into the wall behind him.

Inside: If you mess up this you'll have to kill yourself and play the entire Squawks area again, so
this is the toughest Kremcoin to get. Climb up through a bramble area using webs - FAST!

DK coin: In the Rattly area the first time you have to super jump, cross the thin platforms, kill the
Zinger, and drop down the hole he was guarding to find it.

K. ROOL'S KEEP BOSS: There is no boss, but you'll get a Kremcoin.


There is only one stage in this world.


The first part of this stage is a lot like Bramble Scramble. The second part is a race against
Screech in Squawks morph. He's really fast, and unlike you can fly through Zingers which you
must knock out with eggs and never hits bramble. If he beats you, you'll die, so HURRY!!!!! If
you dare go through the tiny bramble area you can take shortcuts, and after the thin shaft going
up go into the bottom right corner to an invisible barrel that gives you a head start. Objects like
KONG letters will be placed in detours... you choose, but I strongly advise against it.

Bonus room 1: The main problem here is getting to it with both monkeys. Anyway after the
Mini-Neckies jump left over the bramble, then jump again, then team throw up to a high area.
The cannonball and cannon are in plain sight up there but you won't see your head.

DK coin: Easy to get, after the two Zingers go right instead of down through a thin area with a
DK barrel and the coin at the end. You'll be hard pressed to win the race after this, so maybe kill


Well, you've made it. You've gotten to the giant krokplane where DK is held prisoner, but none
of that will matter if you can't beat K. Rool himself. Anyway this boss is made up of nine phases,
in each of which you must take the cannonballs (sometimes it's in a barrel - jump on it) and when
K. Rool tries to suck you into his gun, throw the cannonball at him and if it hits the gun, he'll
take damage and fire the ball back out - jump over it. If you miss, he'll do the attack again, you
only have a few seconds to do it, and if you get too close to his gun you're history. This boss cost
me 15 lives the first time I played it. After every 3 hits a DK barrel appears, but with the next hit
it shatters. When you must throw the cannonball in I'll put an *. Use Dixie for this boss - she has
an easier time throwing cannonballs and can use her glide to go over some attacks.

1. K. Rool uses his gun as a rocket to blast himself over to the other side. Glide over him.*
2. K. Rool fires a cannonball with spikes, and then rockets across twice - jump over him both
times. Then the cannonball turns normal.*
3. K. Rool fires out two spiked cannonballs and rockets across three times. Then one ball
becomes normal (random which one).*

4. K. Rool fires out spiked cannonballs - jump over them.*
5. K. Rool fires bouncing cannonballs - jump over or run under them.*
6. K. Rool fires out swirling cannonballs, some faster than others and sometimes two at a time.*

7. K. Rool fires out three blue clouds that freeze you in place - jump over them or you'll be hit.
Use a glide. Then he'll rocket across the room twice, the first time transparent, the second
8. K. Rool fires out three bouncing red clouds that make you move in slow motion, then three
spiked cannonballs. Glide over the clouds and jump over the cannonballs (much harder if you've
been slowed).*
9. K. Rool fires three swirling purple clouds. You can't glide over them, instead jump
BETWEEN the first two, then glide over the rest. If you get hit your controls reverse - left makes
you go right and vice versa, which makes it very hairy indeed! Then he'll suck you up... oops, no
cannonball! Instead run away from him. He'll teleport randomly around, and the moment he
appears run away to avoid being sucked up (much harder if you're been reversed). He'll do this
three or four times.*

Now you can watch a grossly understated ending sequence... enjoy it. You'll also receive the
final Kremcoin. If you collected every single one, you can now enter every lost world stage.


These stages all hove one bonus room with a DK coin at the end. They are also super hard.


The main feature of this stage are the rolling tires which you can bounce on, but be careful - they
can crush you or push you into pits. Use them to cross spikes and other stuff.

Bonus room: Once you hit the midway barrel go back across the spikes with a glide. Then glide
left into the pit, right into the bonus barrel.

Inside: Use team throws to beat all the Flitters, and time each one so you won't hit a Zinger.


Go down the ice avoiding Zingers, Klampons and that other stuff.

Bonus room: After the midway barrel and the ice platform area go down on the right and hold
right as you hit the Flitter. Go right, hit a Zinger and while your other Kong is flashing run past,
grab the chest (or team throw) and bust it against the Zingers and enough other enemies for a
cannonball. Soon you'll go down a slope. Then use the ball to kill the Zingers to the right to get
to the cannon and G.

Inside: Go down, jumping over Zingers.


Tons of Klobbers here. Also at the end you'll have to do some barrel blasting dealing with
moving rotating barrels... just the thought of it makes me shiver. Team throw to get the red
balloon near the end (the main challenge is getting there with both Kongs!)

Bonus room: Two ways to reach it. It's past the exit target, invisible.

1. Team throw.
2. Get in the Diddy barrel, and instead of blasting onto the exit target blast right.

Inside: Grab the ! barrel and charge across the spikes, killing all the Zingers.


At the start, team throw above the start for three banana bunches. The rest of the stage has
steerable barrels... move each one in line with the next, fast because of the timer. Also, there will
be some Zingers in each area to make your life even more miserable.

Bonus room: At the end, team throw to the steerable barrel and then blast to the bonus barrel.
Good luck getting both monkeys there.

Inside: Guide the steerable barrel through bramble and Zingers. You seem to have plenty of time,
but I always wind up finishing in the last five seconds... or go too fast and get stung. If you mess
up, you've got to start the stage ALL OVER!!!


This stage has five sections, each one with you a different animal.

1. Charge through as Rambi, impaling anything in your way and cross spikes via red Zingers.
2. Beat a Kannon as Rambi, then become Enguarde and beat a stage similar to Arctic Abyss.
3. Beat a Web Woods like place as Squitter.
4. Climb up a shaft and beat some Mini-Neckies as Squitter, then morph into Squawks and go
through a bramble area avoiding Zingers while the wind is blowing like Gusty Glade, changing
every few seconds... UGH! At the end, go into the left alcove for a red balloon.
5. Cross some spikes via red Zingers as Rattly.

Bonus room: At the end of the Squitter area, instead of going to the arrow barrel climb up above
it and go right via web platforms to the bonus barrel.

Inside: Climb up a shaft as Squitter beating all the Zingers, then become Squawks and fly up,
beating all the Zingers, then become Squitter again and grab your prize.


This boss is only accessible if you collect all 75 Kremcoins, and 39 DK coins.

Now, at the very core of Crocodile Isle inside a giant crocodile head and with a giant weird
volcano thingy in the background is the absolutely final showdown. K. Rool is back... and what a
pushover he is! He'll stay in one place and shoot a combination of purple clouds and spiked
cannonballs. Again, use Dixie and glide over everything... you should have no trouble beating
this, so I won't walk you through. After a long time a barrel comes out - jump on it to get a
cannonball, then throw it into his gun when he tries to suck you up. You'll get the 40th DK coin.
Sit back and watch the bonus ending - you've earned it.


Well, nice job. You saved Donkey Kong and got K. Rool off your back... until Donkey Kong 3.
Good luck!!! Again, do not alter, copy or sell this without my permission. Have fun!

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